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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  March 15, 2016 2:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the board of supervisors occurring tuesday-march 15, 2016 will begin shortly.
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>>[gavel] >> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of march 15 >>[gavel] >> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of march 15, 2016. mdm. clerk please call little >> supervisor avalos aye,, here. president breed, here., campos, present.,, cohen, present. farrell, present. kim speak not present mar, present. peskin, present. tang not present wiener, present. yee, present. madame president you have a quorum >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance]
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>> thank you. mdm. clerk any communications? >> yes that were in receipt of the communication by mayor ed wu lee march 11 26 in communicating his beat out of file number 15 1257 the transportation sustainability fee for nonresidential projects. supervisor john avalos has requested the scheduling of the veto override at the next possible date so supervisor avalos they'll be on march 22 agenda. peter thank you. colleagues, either any changes to the feathery 9th 2016 regular board meeting minutes? seeing none,, is their motion to approve those minutes? moved and seconded. collies can we take those
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meeting minutes without objection? without objection those minutes will pass after public comments. >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, please read the consent agenda >> items one through 7 are on consent is considered routine. whenever the object server and item that considered separately >> seen no names on the roster, adam clark please call the roll >> on items 1-7 supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, the camp absent among mar aye, the peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye there are 10 aye >> these items are fat pass
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any adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> madam clerk, please will to item number 8 >> item 8 resolution to approve the agreement doing business as san francisco auto return for towing storage and disposal of abandon and illegally parked vehicles burn amount not to exceed 65.4 million to march 31, 2021 with the option to extend for up to 5 additional years. to approve a license proportion of the premises at 2650 bayshore blvd. and long-term vehicle storage and auction facility for five-year term in a five-year option. >> supervisor avalos >> thank you. colleagues, i'm still waiting to hear back from the mta whether they went down this or not get a believe we can actually be referred this to later in the agenda. that week we can do things sequentially. >> supervisor avalos, for clarification, i'm not certain we can make amendment to this particular contract so what
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are we expecting to happen? >> i would like to make our vote in sequence the mta board needs to approve the new administrative fee and then we can go pick on it after that get under heavy changes to make. i want to actually do it in the sequence of what would be expected of us in city government >> thank you. we will move to our next item and return to this later in our agenda. mdm. clerk please call item 9 >> item 9, 81 look so many ministries of code to update the definition of compensation for purposes of retirement benefits under the san francisco employees retirement system and to include condensation carnival in that definition under the judges retirement system and judges retirement system 2. >> rollcall vote because item 9, supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim, absent mar
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aye, peskin nay became aye, wiener aye, yee aye, there yee aye, there are 9i. >> the ordinance is finally past speak >>[gavel] bedecked item 10 is earth resolution to provide the financing of animal contractor control shelter with the execution delivery of certificates of participation rather forms of indebtedness in accordance with capital plans general fund that kroger. >> supervisor tang >> him and to keep this short because i know you heard me talk about this a lot i just want to say thank you to my colleagues for supporting the rebuild of a new animal shelter in san francisco. >> bt see no other names on the roster can you please call the roll >> on item 10, supervisor avalos, aye, breed aye, campos
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aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, because can aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye.there are 11 aye >> the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> please go to the next item >> item 11 referred without recognition from the budget and finance subcommittee resolution to authorize immiscible transportation agency to execute a lease agreement with industrial park for approximately 7.3 acres of space located at 30 avenue in south san francisco to be used for bus operator training courses for nine-year and five-month term through every 28 2026 with initial annual base rent of approximately $2.5 million and annual 2% rent increases. >> supervisor cohen. i like to
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make a motion to continue this item for 3 weeks >> that is to the meeting of april 5. moved and seconded. collies, take this continuance without objection can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. it passes this item will be continued to the meeting of april 5, 2016 >>[gavel] >> next item >> item 12 is a ordinance to suspend administering code section 21.1 the competitive solicitation process require meant for a contract for electronic health record system that apartment of public health san francisco health network and to approve the selection of the regents of the university of california as the preferred contractor. >> colleagues, see no names on the roster can we take this item-oh, can we have a rollcall
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vote for item number 12 >> item 12, supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen nay, farrell aye, kim aye nay mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye. there are 9 i would to nay. >> this ordinance is passed on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 13, a resolution to approve the issuance of tax-exempt obligations by the california say white community development authority in an amount not to exceed $60 million to finance and refinance various capital
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facilities to be owned and/or operated by the california college of the arts or its affiliates >> will call both. >> item 13 supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, >>[adjournment] aye, fear farrell aye, kim [inaudible] aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye yee aye. there are 11 [inaudible] >> the resolution is dotted unanimously >>[gavel] >> please call item 14 and 15 together >> item 14 resolution to retroactively authorize that apartment in the status of women to accept and expend a $750,000 grant from the nicest upon the justices office of violence against women for the multidisciplinary investing balance i the saudi risking pilot project program period of through september 30, 2018. item 15 is a resolution to
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authorize the general manager of the public utilities commission to accept it $535,000 award from the alameda county waste management authority or implementation of the regional water conservation program. >> colleagues, take these items same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the resolutions are adopted unanimously to gavel >> let's go to item 16 >> item 16 was considered a regular meeting of the rules committee on thursday, march 10 and was forwarded as a committee reports item 16 is a motion to appoint christine nelson and a straight up right to the appeals board number 3 terms ending september 3, 2018 bedecked colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call with can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> let's go to rollcall for introductions. >> supervisor avalos you're the first supervisor to introduce new business >> today i'll be asking the city attorney to draft a new version of the transportation sustainability feed. more than
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one thing to raise the funds for the fee i want to have a fee that, revenue, there will actually arrive flexibly for the mta to be able to do budgeting they are doing with a structural deficit, especially affecting the operations and want to craft a new version of the tsf without raising any other fees that would allow some flexibility to move funds for operations. the rest i will submit bedecked thank you. supervisor campos >> submit >> supervisor cohen >> thank you. i'm so excited because today i'm introducing a resolution urging the california state assembly to adopt senate bill 1286% of bill is a push for transparency and law enforcement and something that we collectively as the
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body have been advocating for here in san francisco for some time now. a few weeks ago supervisor breed resident breed, and supervisor peskin and i stood with a center as he announced important piece of legislation that's answering greater conspiracy and accountability within our statewide law enforcement agencies. senate bill 1236 will do a couple things. it will allow the public access records of charges of misconduct including use of force, sexual assault, racial or identity profiling. it would also allow people who have files complaint access to basic information related to their complaint. it also allows localities to decide if they will hold public hearings based on officer misconduct. senate bill 1286 does a few more things. provides access to data, exposing racial inequalities and gender were identity basis ices in california. in
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california police top searches as well as arrested because of access to data we know african-american are more likely to be stopped by police officers and a also because of access to data we know african-americans and latinos are general are pulled over and searched 3 times more than whites, but please only recovered drugs and rate of half that of what they find one caucasian individuals. so, if you're refutable with the data has tells us. it's actually not anecdotal. great benchmark from which we can improve. which is why earlier last year i was able to pass legislation requires the san francisco police department to collect, analyze and also to make payable to the public data on demographics of individuals they stop detain in or question research. i think it's
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important that if we first note you for not collecting and analyzing data we cannot take advantage the opportunities to identify areas law enforcement agencies can try new ways to intervene in approved public safety. if we don't count we cannot make the necessary improvements to move forward and to continue better our law enforcement agencies to the residence in san francisco and all across the state have a paramount interest in transparency and accountability in law-enforcement. in the interest will be perfected in paul's. i hope colleagues to join me today in supporting this policy next week when it comes to us for a vote. i like to think my cosponsor resident breed, became, avalos and peskin also want to recognize and applaud sen. landover's leadership and effort to meet a climate of transparency in our government in our law-enforcement agency cross the entire state.
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>> thank you. supervisor same house, same call peter colleagues, today of 2 hearing requests get the first has to do with as a follow-up tool report i requested from a budget and legislative analyst little over 9 months ago that they actually released just this morning. regarding options for municipal fiber-optic network here in san francisco. as we all know is more than anything else the internet in recent memory completely revolutionized the way we communicate or commit our everyday lives and access to fast and affordable internet is no longer a luxury. it is an absolute necessity in our world today. over time it shifted them useful amenity which he viewed as a court utility necessary to everyday life just like water and power. just lake water and power are essential infrastructure for our communities internet is a new essential and valuable infrastructure and asset for communities we have to fight to expand and enhance. i firmly believe it should be an economic
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and social right especially here in san francisco and it should not cost an arm and a leg. we have over 40% of our public school students, over 100,000 san francisco residence that do not have internet access at home another 50,000 san francisco residence was sluggish dial-up speeds. the human cost and the toll of the digital divide in san francisco is real and damaging. without knowledge supervisor mar in this area for his work as well another and how to work with them in these related areas over the past year and more. residence and needy internet the most especially in the city are being sold short and left behind in the century.. as we cause of the innovation capital of the world for my perspective is simply acceptable. a little over 9 months ago i asked our pla to create a report to publicly analyze different options including financial estimates to develop a citywide gigabit speed that will connect every single san francisco resident to the internet every
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single business in our city. if any city can tackle the digital divide and bring gigabit speed to everybody it's san francisco. we have a chance and the ability to embrace the opportunity to read create a replicable model that other cities and municipalities run our country can follow. the report was released earlier today and represents the first time in our history the estimates and costs associated with constructing owning and operating a network will provide low-cost gigabyte speed and internet for everybody. i also announced the beginnings of a municipal fiber working group that is going to be towheaded i need el camino whose our city chief information officer and head of our dept. of technology as well as jane at our chief innovation officer. i'll be working on the committee along the supervisor mar and today i'm introducing a hearing request on the reports we got substantive discussion
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about the reports that details the next apps. it is a vision. it is my vision. and the goal to provide low-cost gigabyte speed to internet to every single san francisco resident i look for to discussion moving forward. the 2nd hearing request comes out of a recent meeting i had in my office regarding sea level rise. how it affects the city of san francisco. climate change is happening all over our globe and is very real and the implications are very real for our city as we sit on the pencil of san francisco. especially san francisco 3 sides by water we need to start looking at how we prepare for the changes locally. the effects of climate change and many of our beloved shoreline and recreational areas in district 2 in particular, from aquatic park all it to crissy field, the landscape is going to allow different 100 years from now. there has been a sea level rise correlating committee convenes originally by mayor lee was a broad range of each of the mental effort to rectify strategies and plan for how we as a city can leave with
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water and sea level rise that is coming. today i'm card for hearing on this committee to sea level rise action plan to open up the public dialogue. this affects not only the northern part of san francisco but all along the coast district 6 and 3 and down to 10 as well. something that everybody in san francisco should be concerned about and all so as you think about the pacific ocean districts of district 1 and 4, 7 and 11 as well. we need to understand all of the risks both of you in action as well as the costs of action going forward. we been remarkably resilient to disasters here in san francisco. whether the earthquakes or otherwise we can avoid a disaster moving forward with forward thinking and action planning but we simply can't be still get nothing only option that's not acceptable. i look forward to this discussion without communities in developing solutions together as all of us in city hall to get the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor kim >> today i am introducing with
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supervisor peskin and yee a ordinance that clarifies how the charter amendment ballot measure which is on about june 7, 2016 will reshape projects that have already filed environmental evaluation application and begun the planning process prior to the introduction of our charter ballot measure. i first went to recognize and thank our city attorney's office who has worked diligently and many long nights and weekend hours to help us draft this legislation. along with april-from both my office and supervisor aaron peskin's office. in a big tent of developers such as community housing organization. the mayor's office, to work with us to ensure that we are maximizing the number of
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affordable housing units being constructed here in the city of making sure that about his continues to be economically feasible. we are standing together to push for more affordable housing in the city and while most changes to our housing and land use programs typically means legislation is perspective and impacting the pipeline, we are working with developers to ensure that even projects that have already begun the planning process are pushing the envelope and building more affordable housing than was legally intended when they applied to the other housing projects. we are making good on our commitment to the voters in 2014 proposition k to build 33% of all new housing to the be affordable and low and middle income households an additional 70% for middle income as well. our inclusionary affordable housing program is one strategy for increasing afford housing here in san francisco. it is critical in an era of declining state and federal funds for affordable housing. the reason why this program is so
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important is that it does not require public funds. to build affordable housing. and yet provide working families an opportunity to live in mixed income developments. we know that working families are increasingly facing and vulnerable to eviction and they are the fastest growing demographic in our homeless in san francisco and cities across the nation. we all need to do more to build more affordable housing. so, the city and our private developers who continue to deliver record number of housing units here in san francisco today get the legislation being introduced with provide a level of balance and fairness to projects that have current applications pending. its forward-looking allows the board to act to make changes on our inclusionary requirement as is appropriate for the legislative branch of the city and county of san francisco. we also are working to make up for and solve the roughly 200 units of housing that would have been bills is affordable if proposition c the
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housing trust fund and not passed in 2012. i just want to appreciate of development committee for working with us and being proactive in creating creative and figuring out how we can build more affordable housing in the pipeline that currently exists and how to push the numbers upwards and also for some of the creative ideas that our colleagues will see that is in the legislation being introduced today. one of which is to allow developers to purchase offsites rent-controlled units honorable to evictions and other types of addictions and taking that off of the market and putting it as part of their inclusionary housing requirements prior to certificate or prior to building occupancy. this legislation is a combination of a commitment that supervisor peskin made with the mayor's office and the board of supervisors to make sure that we are maximizing again the number of affordable units we can be building both in the
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future and also in the pipeline is currently arty begun this planning prosecute all balancing what is economically feasible. the rest i submit >> thank you. supervisor mar >> colleagues, one of things supervisor farrell for his ongoing efforts to really create a giga city for here in san francisco to address the digital divide and inclusion in terms of high-speed internet for everyone from students and families to seniors. i want to also thank him for shining a light on the accountability of the technology system in our city as well. i want to also acknowledge that number of local community activists from marie jopling on the people lists disabilities to bruce wilson looking at the issue of
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digital inclusion over the years. david worked with my office and my hope to tie them into the efforts going on on the city level as well. i supervisor farrell mentioned, the divide of people who don't have access to high-speed internet is huge as we found out from a budget analyst report from last year. digital inclusion task force need in the city involves parents and families and seniors and people with disabilities as well. i look forward to the ongoing efforts to create a true fiber -2 on fiber to all businesses network and are secured not just looking at the private sector but also invisible fiber network inner-city like chattanooga tennessee some other cities have developed over time. also today cawley's, i majored using a hearing today employees from fine arts museum in san francisco have been raising concerns over operations and management over the years. that's the young museum in golden gate park and
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the legion of honor in lincoln park. these institution received direct and indirect support from the city through the use of our general fund hotel tax revenues and also in-kind support as well. the city's oversight is critical in maintaining our obligation to the administrative and fiscal commitments it makes as well as the public's benefit. the city owns the museum sites and facilities as well as pays for the museum security and maintenance. i'm concerned that a number of issues. number one, fine arts using them security guard staffing and also issues of the asian art using them as well. the fine arts museums have a unique situation in terms of security staff work hours. there are what seems to be 2 tiers of hours for the guards,, a 35 hour workgroup and a full-time for your workgroup week iv has created concerns about security and safety of the art collection sure extremely bible especially the asian art museum and also is created and apparent
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two-tier system within the workforce that negatively impacts their compensation of the support staff members of the museums. number 2, fine arts staff abuses. routers have been raising issues over the years. i'll just say that the fine arts museum staff from the dm and the legion of honor are within my district, but the workers have complained over the years and they are under-there where this nonprofit corporation of fine arts museums are under an umbrella that so doing work at city workers used to do. those remaining tenant city workers are now under the supervision and not under the cities management supervision and the management tactic of is also a huge concern and numerous training obligations apparently have not been met or been allegations that training obligations of not been met by the fine arts museums. lastly, safety issues at the asian art museum have been raised to my
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office. i think there's a limit to the role security guards in the need for law-enforcement at that particular site the line is blurry according to the reports at this location it is reasonable to monitor to watch in the ground and force low-level issues. however, the issues at the asian art museum become increasingly hard to manage and seems to be wanting some special attention to ensure their safety art and security at the site. the city has an obligation to address the governance and oversight of the workers at all of our museums on city property. also, look at the use of funds and management approaches to these sites. i'm confident hearing on these various issues. the rest i will submit >> thank you. supervisor peskin >> colleagues, today i'm going to introduce the citywide accessory dwelling unit ordinance announced we were drafting last week. i'm also calling for a hearing with regard to the disposition of surplus parts by the public
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utilities commission, which i'm concerned about relative to the cities auxiliary water supply system and finally, colleagues, i'd like to adjourn today's meeting in the memory of one of my constituents who was tragically killed in a hit and run accident friday morning at 5:50 am in the morning on the corner of broadway and how wall street's. a gentleman named mr. -who passed away at the age of 63 leaving behind his wife now widow, adult daughter, and son. our hearts go out to them and today the transportation authority commission at its plans and programs committee for to the full funding to do pedestrian safety improvements ironically on that parts of broadway so we look forward to those improvements coming too
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late for mr. law, and also i been in touch with the mta about daylighting backwater which needs to be delighted and hopefully the sfpd which has an active investigation will apprehend the driver of that vehicle. finally, thank you to the many people who responded to our goal fund me campaign 2 okay for mr. abbas burial expenses. that concludes my rollcall >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> submit >> supervisor yee >> on thursday i held a hearing to i like the serious issue of chronic as an season at our schools. chronic absenteeism, when schools miss more than 10% of their school year, with regardless whether
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it's excuse or not excused, is really impacting our students and going down to the preschool level at this point. right now, currently, when you look at it this 40% of our own metro schools and 67% of high schools have issues with chronic absenteeism to the point where over 10% of the student body are identified as chronically absent. it's something that is an issue that's been important to me for a long time. in 2010, when actually found out about this issue and looked at the numbers, why was on the school board, i realized that princess, one school alone has 40% of their students that were labeled as chronically absent. that means the students were missing at least a month or 2 months of school every year.
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when you look at the schools identified to have high numbers of chronically absent students, they were actually the schools that were failing. so, when i have a hearing on thursday, i realize that we've had some improvements, but not good enough. in his 6 years, we have not seen much of an improvement in the nice thing is that at least with the school district has developed a database so we can actually really pinpoint specifically which students are chronically absent on real-time. now, the children and students missing more than 10% of the school impacts their ability to be on grade level and increases the chance of dropping out by fourfold. the data from the san francisco unified school district also illustrated that are african-american pacific islanders and latino children are disproportionately impacted.
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reducing the rates of chronic absenteeism aye priority and chronic absenteeism can only be addressed with a wraparound approach, meaning we have to work together. there are some good work done by the san francisco unified school district could first 5 and hope sf in attendance works. but we need to work together because what is happening we are working in silos. city promised need to work with the school district family organizations serving children to reduce the rate of chronic absenteeism. that we are seeing. reducing the rate of chronic absenteeism requires systematic coordinated approach to support services including education system the legal system, communities, parents and social services. for this reason, today i'm introducing a resolution urging the-our children, our families counsel to form a working group to sign to online efforts across the
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city and county, the school district, the community, with the aim of improving outcomes for children and reducing the rate of chronic absenteeism at our public schools. i am calling on the working group to develop a conference of plan, of strategies and policy recommendations to the city and san francisco unified school district to reduce this issue. in public schools and to report back to the board 6 months from their recommendation. i also want to make a comment about supervisor kim and supervisor depressants ordinance run the issue of inclusionary housing. i am really happy that when we pass a resolution a few weeks ago i realized that the timeline mentioned in the resolution to get these things done was very aggressive. i was
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keeping my fingers crossed that it could be done. it looks like it's getting done so it's really important as we move forward we the board of supervisors with the mayor's office, work together a strong front to get the ordinance past mean get the charter amendment passed and the rest i submit >> thank you. better president that concludes the introduction of new business >> thank you. can you please call-read public comment >> at this time the public address the entire board of supervisors for up to 2 min. on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the minutes and items on the without reference to committee calendar items 19-24. public comment is not allowed when an item is been previous been subject to a public comment at a board committee pursuant to rules director mark remarks to the board as a whole not to individual supervisors were to the audience. speakers
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using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time and if you would like to display a document on the overhead projector fees clearly states such then remove the document when you would like the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> first speaker, please. >> the great career of [inaudible] of a new of achieving the perfect wellness [inaudible] should rain gauge success in understanding of the true way and maintain people with public virtues. this influence of wellness for the true way of heaven. it will establish [inaudible] holiness personal elevation with good teachers by the people. our people shall enjoy [inaudible]
2:39 pm
engage in actualizing true principles of absolute oneness combining political economics technology and religious education in terms of spiritual principles as well as the natural coloration of creative nourishment in the true way. [inaudible] for the future of all our people. our prosperity or to passion of true wisdom and of having a destiny for all. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is sally stevens good i'm the chair of sf.did we wholeheartedly support item 19 enters you to do so. the--was
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to protect land from development was now done and to establish a new national urban recreation area which will concentrate on serving the outdoor recreation needs of the people the metropolitan area. it was never intended to be managed like a remote wilderness or traditional national park. this draft rules is the result of a highly flawed public process that was rigged from the start. per 10,000 comments were submitted in 2011 and 2013 on the proposed dog plan. most overwhelmingly opposed to it. get the park service made no significant changes to the original version of the plan. it insisted on cutting taxes for people with dogs by 90%. they don't stay, this plan is about restricting access for people not just dogs. people enjoy walking the dog from 99.6% of the land. that is not a balanced plan. in 2011 you the board as the park service to radically study the impacts of thousands of people with dogs
2:41 pm
move into city park. 5 years later they've not done the only thing you asked of them. if you think a dog plan should be based on actual scientific site specific evidence of impacts and notches anecdotes and prejudice support this resolution. they've not done any of those. if you think this urban recreation area should not be managed but remote wilderness of people can have a experience and test their outdoor skills which is what the park service once for most of the area even those located when the city of 800,000 people. support recreation and please vote yes on item 19. i also urge you to sport item 20. so dogs have become therapy dogs to visit sick children in hospital. they were definitely not listed please vote yes on items 19 and 20 >> bt want to let this next speaker come up and speak that after the next speaker i will be interrupting public comment to do a 2:30 pm commendation. next her, please and will resume the public after the
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2:30 pm commendation. >> my name is-a must in the supervisors to support 19th, tech entrepreneur and 20 year resident of san francisco command district a good i chose that over the world i chose san francisco is the only us city i want to live in large part because it's forward thinking and no small part around animals and dogs. i would ask it's true that 50% of the households of dogs and san francisco know that of course those that don't does a lot of dog lovers. arrest the supervisors not treat this as a political opportunity to really consider the short and long-term impacts if his current plan were to go forward. in short term, a dog owners are than to get rid of their dogs he becomes inconvenienced. psychotropic that won't happen. city parks will get overrun. rules perhaps will be broken.
2:43 pm
will they leave sf long-term? will not come here potentially what are the impacts about?.parents are good people. i would argue there empathetic, good stewards of the parks. i would suggest that the process is suspect and they're not necessarily able, unwilling, and perhaps too easily influenced to be good stewards of a national recreational area. so please ask you to do what you can and what you can't to influence and stop this support 19. >> thank you. for the members of the public, if you want to sit down you can come back to line in your same order there will be about 5 min. for a commendation and at this time i like to turn the meeting over to supervisor yee from district 7 >> thank you. today i am
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introducing a special commendation for the garden for the environment. would you please come up? a special gem in district 7. father did in 1990 garden for the environment began on the san francisco pc empty undeveloped half-acre lot on 7th avenue. i remember going by there all the time wishing something would happen there during the 80s and 70s and so forth. magically, something happened. now this empty lot is transformed into the incredible vibrant garden it is today that is the only site that is solely dedicated to offering education on sustainable urban gardening and composting. in fact, we
2:45 pm
have an in-house supervisor aid, janet lowe, whose a certified composter. if you need help with composting you can ask her. the guardian the environment is a teaching garden that serves over 500 adults and 900 use each year. to its training and programs. when i was on the school board and particularly when i went to many of the schools we had gardens, they are all in your district, the schools, almost every sickle person i spoke to cut the training through this organization. they provide hands-on activities for youth and classrooms across the san francisco allowing them to have access to fresh food and encouraging them to become better stewards of the environment. in sustainable agriculture. the guardian is also open to the public and offers free resources for residents that want to learn more about drought resistant plants. edibles that grow in
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our climate and how to create their own compost. this work is so appreciated especially given our cities dedication to sustainability. the work of the guardian is truly inspirational. either several times now and it sounds like, where am i. you're in the middle of a garden in the middle of an urban area and you would never know you are in the urban area. i want to extend this commendation to the board members, staff, and countless volunteers who are dedicated to the mission and the message of guardian for the environment. we wish you a very happy 25th anniversary and hope that your legacy continues. so, this is mr. blair randall, executive director and maggie barrera am a program manager.. i would love to give you a few moments to say a few words do a
2:47 pm
presentation. >> before they speak could i say a couple of? >> supervisor avalos >> just good to see you, where, here and it's great to see gardens from the environment celebrating its 25th anniversary. i just want to say that you guys than just instrumental being an incubator for agriculture in san francisco. if 2 projects in my district that are moving forward and getting the committee supports for 2 urban agriculture and we came and visited karting in the moments we still see it as an important resource for community members, for schoolchildren, it's really great we work together to make sure that consistent project the public utilities commission it so i want to thank you for your great service and for keeping it going in its grant incredible asset we have here in san francisco. >> thank you very much. good
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afternoon board of supervisors. i have a video and i like to take you to district 7 just for a minute so you can get a sense of what it is we do there. in case you have not been yet. >>[video]
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>> thank you very much
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supervisors for permitting me to take you to the garden for the environment. my name is blair randall on the 2nd director. i like to share a few words thanking you in so maggie grayer our program director. on behalf of of thousands of san
2:52 pm
franciscans young and old who find the garden environment to be an invaluable resource there honored to receive this commendation from the board of supervisors. in our work we need adults every week who don't know how to garden but knew in 2016 on to learn how to garden. they want to learn how to garden because they want to teach their children how to garden. they want to learn because they want to grow some of their own food. because they want to begin composting at home or start saving rainwater. they are compelled to make individual choices to better their health and the health of the environment but we find they often need help making that choice their reality. that's our job. helping san franciscans become stewards of the environment with successful workshops teaching practical hands-on skills. who among us does not harbor a long-standing gratitude from that one teacher
2:53 pm
who taught us the lessons that we needed to learn. this is as true in the classroom as it is in the garden. we are honored to accept this commendation on behalf of our many talented instructors who have inspired and taught to many. 25 years ago we were founded with a question. how much change can you make if you teach residents to make change themselves? today we know the answer. a lot. today you'll find our students at a majority of urban agriculture sites and san francisco. accepting this commendation i would like to thank the board of supervisors and supervisor yee for recognizing the simple and life-changing practice of gardening and for recognizing that the betterment of the environment rests with all of us in our own 2 hands. thank you. a program director maggie grayer >> good afternoon. thank you
2:54 pm
so much supervisor yee for honoring garden for the environment today. another 25 years of sustainable gardening in education. when he was maggie marx, the garden program director. for our quarter-century garden for the environment has trained the leaders of a sustainable and urban average voter movement return to change the bay area. in the last 2 years have graduated over 500 students from our award-winning program. education outside our farm and san francisco urban agriculture alliance are organizational leaders inner-city youth under skies rated from our program. people walk through our open gates daily innovation at future for our city retains our limited water and were plumes in foliage line our sidewalks from our window boxes, and fill
2:55 pm
our backyards. at a weekly public workshops adults explore consulting rainwater systems to irrigate dry summer gardens and on how to remove wasteful bond. the 900 the 904th and 5th grade at the visit annually are exposed to the national world within their very own city. we hope that the all of once correct the site of a hot, big flower in full bloom lead to a lifetime of love and respect for the environment. everyone on saturday on sears was together together a box for the homeless shelters. guys for the moment connects people to the urban natural world and creates local advocates see nature and urban faces living symbiotically. citizens who believe that not only can these are bugs and beings live amongst us but that our city is better when they do. we thank you for honoring the volunteers from the use, the teachers, the students and the staff that stewarded this garden for the last 25 years.
2:56 pm
>> thank you. give them a hand. >>[applause] >> thank you for your work and again, congratulations. we will resume public comment and can we also respect the previous order of individuals who were in line for public comment good in the same order that was before we went to our commendation. thank you. thank you for your patience. >> i martha walters cofounder of the chairman creasy feel dr. the has been working to attain and protect recreation including dog walking in the for the past 15 years. i was created this is an
2:57 pm
urban recreation area not as a national park or national monument displays for people to recreate a growing metropolitan area since the 1970s. this is a quality-of-life issue. not dogs vs. the environment issue. we need to protect recreation as a core resource and value a fundamental guiding principle that has been lost in this land use process. the national park service gallipoli made a decision general pension plan process that recreation is not subject to protect as a legal matter and that error is distorting his dog management process. dispersion of recreational use and city manager parts will be a direct consequence of the post-restrictions from the proposed rule. for example, closing east beach at crissy field will impact thousands of
2:58 pm
users on a weekly and monthly basis. people with her dogs will naturally gravitate to the already overcrowded city parks. over the past several years, the gg and array has issued to incremental review documents and actually right now the proposed rule is much stricter than those documents. more poorly, did not take your comments nor the thousands public comments seriously today about this issue and that's reflected in this proposed rule. get a big concern about the proposed rule is the monitoring program. it's clearly punitive. it allows the superintendent to unilaterally decide to further reduce or limit 8 dog walking space in the future without public input. the few remaining dog walking areas should not be subject to being closed down based on the action of a few. we've offered a number of solutions such as incorporating the city of patent >> thank you, ma'am. next
2:59 pm
speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i name is carol arnold speaking in support of item 19 which opposes the gg and array.plan. i'm a third-generation san franciscan and a frequent user of the park city and gg and array. i work as 20 years is obama the planning for state conversation organization since my retirement support numerous environment so causes and also working as a freelance writer focusing primarily on environmental issues. one thing i've learned is both environmentalists is that environmental protection and dog walking do not have to be
3:00 pm
at odds. the densely packed urban area like the bay area, all human activity impacts little open space wildlife remain. people need traces to live, work, move around, and recreate and in the bay area, those things are all done very close together. as an environmentalist, i strongly believe this is a good thing that most human activity should take place in urban areas like ours leading west populated baskets in place where nature and wildlife contrive the types of projects i manage my job have habitat acquisition and restoration and enhancement committee undertake about the threats of unsustainable human disturbance in the future. the dog management plan before you today should support the creation for bay area urban residents. the prime reason for which the it this was created.
3:01 pm
for years the recreation area about dog walking within about 1% of its 80,000 acres. under the current plan dog walking will be restricted even more an estimated 9% about 1% will be off-limits leaving only slivers of land for people to walk their dogs. this will for dog owners already without objection 2.minnie mouse and negative environmental impact itself. the places where relatively >> thank you very much. you can also summit your written statement as well to the board. thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is nancy started on codirector of the san francisco rational dog walkers association est. in 1998. we support item 19. they do not study the impacts on city parks even though the supervisors asked him to 5 years ago. their own laws require them to do so. the city est. permits for professional dog walkers could
3:02 pm
the nra followed suit because of concerns of dispersion onto their land. when the city asked them to match the number of dogs per walker which is age, they refused and est. 6. so i'll easily they do not care about dispersion into city parks, we have re: happened in stern grove and leclair in. there's only 20 off leash areas for the spca's estimated $178,000 and hundreds of professional dog walkers serving these family dogs. this plan is an insult to san franciscans. our small businesses are in jeopardy and endangers the ability of our profession to properly serve our working clients. comments by the public oppose this plan by 80%. your own previous resolution opposing this.
3:03 pm
please continue opposing this draconian augmenter and plan. i support item 20. biting dogs are not inherently vicious. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is sylvia johnson. distraction of areas in golden gate park [inaudible] this is an issue about citizen [inaudible]. this ordinance and
3:04 pm
[inaudible] they don't know what they are doing. this goes to [inaudible] as this is an issue that's been going on. [inaudible]
3:05 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon board of supervisors meetings this cumin and garlic me today my dog. i am here to support item 20 on the agenda. >> sir please speak into the microphone >> the last 8 years johnny have i served this community as volunteers in the public library, and literacy programs and also visiting until children and their families. he is johnny was confiscated in virginia he was giving us a 2nd
3:06 pm
chance. if he was confiscated here in california he would not admit given her. he would've been labeled vicious dog even though he was just a puppy. today about johnny and to see living proof of how a abe-1820 would save dog slots. this is johnny and we urge you to vote on his behalf and other dogs just like him on their behalf. i'm a little emotional. this is kind of a subject very dear to me. if you could support item 20 would be much appreciated. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i didn't bring a speech again today, but it's interesting that today at swan lake i have a dog incident could the birds and a people, a people try to attack one of the swans but i call swan lake.
3:07 pm
that happened and it scared me to death. i was right in the middle of it. i saved this one. i think that's a good thing. but see, the person didn't understand about birds and she said, all have that bird killed. now that really infuriated but i escorted them off the property because i was the one in the middle-i have some windchimes i distracted the bird had something for the dog, the pit bull because lemay sure they were running around having a good time. now there are leash laws in the city of san francisco, especially where there are huge birds and lots of tourists. there were lots of taurus other. then no idea what was going on. there were kids there and this pit bull was attacking a swan and i kept it apart barely. that scared me to death but i do love dogs. there's canines i do not know homeland security has canines. those are dogs, 2. they san
3:08 pm
francisco canine they are dogs. that's all they are. they are trained to be protectors. see, ones that are just abused they become vicious. if the owner is liable. i told them they would be responsible for killing birds if they did. my name is red hawk and i good luck and i love you guys to do. have a good day >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> before we begin, can we take a survey how many of you heard the interview on 319 can we see a show of hands please raise them very high? thank you very much. how many of you chose not to participate in the survey? we see a show of hands? thank you. today i like to talk about david killing
3:09 pm
goliath and the bible says prophetically was no sword in david's hand there's a reason for that because what happened at thousand years later was the real battle of david and goliath. do you know if david means in hebrew.. it means beloved and that jesus christ is the true beloved of god. the real battle was when jesus christ went to the cross for our sins and he went to the cross in due time in due time as it says on my shirt. christ died for the ungodly. the bible is the only book that gives us actual progress. it really is. it's the only book that gives us prophecy. i was reading the book of daniel last night in the same year the prophet daniel was given by 2 different angels, 2 different messages but the arrival of the messiah. one said in the beginning of the year the messiah would come in 490 years and then sometime later in the same year another angel said, behold the whole world was going to end in 3.5
3:10 pm
years. i heard that i understood not. it's understandable why he was here but understand not because angels speak the truth. there from the almighty. you know, the bible says that once we arrive at the time of the end the wise will understand the interpretation of the 3.5 years that are closed and see. otherwise don't have time to address it 14 seconds left, i would swear to god almighty that 9/11 was the 6th trumpet and a month before it happens i told people it would happen on that day could based on the baptism of christ. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervise. my name is neil desai i'm with a national park conservation association. muslim residents of district for a here in san
3:11 pm
francisco. national park conservation association advocates on behalf of all national parks, across our national park system including the golden gate national recreation area. we represent over 1 million members and supporters that supports the proposed role they put forward that had experiences that spoke a couple before seen wildlife and other visitor activities being negatively impacted and not having an actual equity and balance in user space. we continue to be confused and i just disappointed that the san francisco board of supervisors continues to oppose it 14 year process and a program that for the first time exactly and balance to all users of this national park, not just one user. so we remain confused. while this is occurring, at the same time were not sure why san francisco is not addressing issues within its own purview for example animal care control says that $120,000 are within
3:12 pm
the san francisco. only 20,000 licenses. that's presenting a serious public health and safety issue on our public lands. yet we never hear about this but there's obstruction. for example, crissy field. 40% of the beech hill is set aside for off niche dog walking. a small percentage of that for families, educators and conservation and environmental programs. another recreational users to enjoy. a small portion for a while it. 40% will be set aside for off leash dog walking. the other use for hang gliding. in the context of san francisco, itself, self imposing a moratorium 10 years ago in 2006 on creating the off leash area the same exact reason that they been working to do this under national-- >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> it's hard to follow jonny
3:13 pm
justice and has been. this is jennifer but i am-general counsel the san francisco spca and that our organization am here to let you know we strongly support items 19 and 20 and we urge you to do the same. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> daniel kaplan among 2546-avenue. i try to make it quick. i guess my first point would be up into a lot of meetings like this recently and i look speaking has not been as easy yet so i want to say thanks that i get to use the microphone today. i just got 2 things i want to were 3 things on the board of supervisors to think about. i know this might not be on the agenda but things have like you to have on your head as my public servants. one is, what dying to get the
3:14 pm
definition of what affordable housing is. that's one. we really are because i've asked this question before and i just get it [inaudible] another one that, dog city i've got a dog. i love dogs. i like what i saw around mission street where there's kind of a park type thing that i think they should be throughout the city. i don't know how you deal with baby people on the street having trouble with it or whatever. but that would be great in the outer sunset group i've seen the other little park onto their. it would be great for dogs. the other thing is i like for you to keep out a walk through the city today and keep your eye on the that displacement went from underneath the bridge. i guess i'm done there. let's not
3:15 pm
donald trump do anything bad to us. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is william shepherd. i recited 51 21st ave. in district 2. i'm opposed to the ordinance that you are considering on off leash dogs and i support the nra's proposed dog rule. the-much has been made of this 1% of the gg-nra to dog. it's a very small part of the gg-nra is accessible to people. because it's a rugged area. it has protected habitat. so, it's really misleading to say that only 1% of this wonderful federal land, that is
3:16 pm
significant i think you should look at it relative to the axis people have and we are not successful getting access to those areas. for good reason. it's dangerous. does that go off leash sometimes go over the edge and sometimes get killed. it happened this year. so this could safety reasons. i've been wanting to on baker beach with off leash dogs when their owners are throwing a tennis ball. i took just to the presidio last weekend before last was an enormous dogfight in the dog area in the presidio. so, there is good reason to have restrictions on off leash dogs in san francisco in the gg-and right. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, i like to ask
3:17 pm
you to investigate and evaluate the property managers that you have in san francisco. the jon stewart company. mercy housing. which developers, we need to look into amco, which is an apartment and asset management company. we need to look into the property managers because they control a lot of the units. as some people have stated today, we have over 10,000 homeless. among them, many families who are living on our streets could i know some of you supervisors, are interested in the issue. it's not a very pleasant issue among but some of you that's like going with
3:18 pm
the flow. of course, our mayor has given an opportunity to say something could have said something positive, but he chose to attack one of our supervisors. who participated, right in the beginning, in trying to help our homeless people. more in district 9. so, this city was named after st. francis of a sissy. he loved animals. some people are talking about animals. but i am sure he loved human beings, too. as human beings, we have to speak up. i know some of you supervise. i know you do well. i've got a rap sheet on the others were not doing their jobs and we will take care of them
3:19 pm
when the time comes to vote. but have some mercy on our homeless. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is gary fergus. among the board of crissy field dog.. thank you for hearing our public comments. what has happened since the supervisors last voted on a resolution encouraging the golden gate national reparation to listen, to cooperate and to find a solution? nothing. there's been silence. instead, what is happened there implementing what they suggested a long time ago. the city is better for having the dog walker area section existed for 40-50 years under the 1979 that policy which came during that time which specifically authorized that there be off leash dog
3:20 pm
walking and was careful consideration at the time where it should be. now, if this were simply a private land owner it might be a different issue, but this is the federal government with the federal government is supposed to do is to take a hard look to consider existing conditions and look at the impacts for their proposed change. they did not do that. the reason they did not do that is they said, we don't have to consider the purpose for which the spark was created. so, if for no other reason and message that needs to go to the national park service is you do need to listen, you do need to take these values which are important for both humans and
3:21 pm
the dogs they recreate with, because that is what makes part of the city great. part of what we heard earlier in terms of an urban area where you can grow vegetables. here you can get peace and solitude and recreate. the park service has ignore that hard look. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> speak into the microphone, please. >> my messages today ladies and gentlemen is to basically announced to the city and county the self appointed fillmore corridor ambassador. i'm also going to change over from an activist to an entertainer which i was born and raised to be a fight got into this business to years ago. when my great artists as martin gay. i'm going to try to attempt something here to give you a little bit about what i'm been
3:22 pm
a name this program with mark antigay the additions it is called troubled man. me as an activist in this community it i been a troubled man. this olympus of sample to show you what's happening. as i strolled down fillmore over the west side, they go something like this.[singing]
3:23 pm
>> thank you, mr. washington. next speaker, please. take it outside. >>, gilbert t. perspective. we
3:24 pm
can all agree right here right now that ed lee was handpicked for this mayor's position. from that all probably diverge and be my perception. i just consider him a year, a called, and a political machine and the purpose of a political machine is to stay in power.. we are already handing off to a conroy.. this election year to opponents. one was the rank of choice and the other was something happening online. nothing quite happens to change and we have basically what i consider a glorified cheerleader for corporate desires in this city. the
3:25 pm
mayor's office. this is from my perspective, but we have on van ness, a hospital, they want to close st. luke's. he said, okay, sure. we have that twitter tax breaks. the 10,000 figure island units that he wanted to take to china so they could develop it. 8 washington with the new direction for our city. nba on the wharf to my neighborhood crown for the neighborhood. corporate shuttle buses, stopping breaking the law in the city. no problem. uber left, $5 million to the nfl. you want to build a big building we can change the codes. they change. he's associated with pay to play and better than the mafia. it's a
3:26 pm
tough tough place to be right here with that leadership. all pause in a new direction we still needed. >> thank you. either any of the members of the public would like to provide public comment at this time? ma'am, please come forward. >> i'm not giving my name because i'm waiting for the protection that's coming up before the board and should include a wider variety of people and simply officers and employees of the city in my view. i would like to comment in anticipation of your item
3:27 pm
calling for state of emergency in san francisco. just mention that within the time limit, a couple of things that are not been explored by the city to fix this situation without calling it emergency. one is the homeless reports of the civil grand jury. in 2001-2002 specifically on the homeless situation. the grand jury did in my view do an excellent job to respond to the serious concern to respect the requirements of law that the city and the affected agencies of the city sponsored in certain ways either within 60 days, such as human resources, human services, or the board
3:28 pm
of supervisors within 90 days. neither of those requirements of the penal code were responded to in the best i can find out from what was happening there was that it was sent to a committee estimate killed it in the committee by 3 members said was not in the public interest the board of supervisors to deal with it. seriously as required by law. i think you have a requirement by law to do that and i see things that can be done without building new shelters, huge shelters for all the people. >> mdm. pres. dr. goods is because time. >> thank you, ma'am. we hear you. thank you so much. either any other members of the public would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, the comment
3:29 pm
>>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk klees read the items for adoption without committee reference >> items 19-24 consider for adoption without reference to committee. a single rollcall vote may enact these items. >> supervisor tang >> i like to sever 19 and 22. >> supervisor mar >> sever item 23, please >> supervisor farrell >> 21, please >> supervisor kim >> i believe it's been severed, 22 >> anybody else? okay, well i guess we will start by calling each item.
3:30 pm
>> item 19 resolution to oppose the golden gate national recreation area proposed rule regulated on and off leash dog walking in urban parkland throughout san francisco marin and san mateo counties. >> supervisor tang >> thank you to my colleagues who cosponsored the resolution resolution and individuals working hard on this issue. one thing i did want to clarify is that there is nowhere in this resolution that says that our office or any of the other cosponsors are trying to propose that we are wanting to expand and encourage off leash dog walking. in fact, we actually have been asking for a balance plan from gg-and right. which is if they came to us and said that the plan wrote we can allow for more areas where they actually are required dogs to be walked on leash i think that something we can live with but here it is that years later they come back to us of the planet says no, you just can't have dogs anywhere. almost anywhere on our areas under gg
3:31 pm
-eric. that was in an urban setting like san francisco is unacceptable. so, i want to make a point very clear because i think there's been some comments made that again were trying to encourage all dogs to be off leash. that's not the message that tried to send today. the message of charges and to gg-an ra is please do listen to us, the public that our office has been following up with that agency for years and years that we've had a recurring miter on account only to check in on the dog management plan only to been contacted literally the day before the plan was released. so, were happy to continue the dialogue with them and to see if there can be any other adjustments made to the proposal, but we find with a of currently share with us is completely unacceptable. again i want to thank everyone who spoke and share your thoughts with us and thank you, colleagues >> thank you. supervisor mar >> i totally support the
3:32 pm
intent of the supervisor tang and the national park service to look into local committee to look into this issue. this is déjà vu from 5 years ago 2011 supervisor wiener proposed a similar resolution. i think a lot of change for me and i want to just explain a little bit of this could i am a dog person i grown up with dogs for my whole life and my whole family and i know that off leash but supervised by sight and voice is critical for the health of many dogs. the psychology of the people who have dogs and i understand that's really important for the health, mental health and physical health of dogs and people with dogs. i think after numerous discussions and meetings with superintendent chris leonards to her staff from the national park service and gg-an array to the so-called godmother of the golden gate national recreation area amy meyer, the author of
3:33 pm
new guardians for the golden gate come up with many others lead bites and movements to acquire land stretching from point a to san mateo county, including my district ocean beach and lands and in key areas where off leash in on leash dog walking has been a key part of our history could i also wanted to say on both sides from andre about to save our recreation to sally stevens barbara walters and many others i definitely understand the need for the estimated 120,000 dogs in the city only 20,000 of them registered supposedly, that they need off leash areas and on leash areas in the city. their recreational and parks apartment is challenged to improve different dog park area. so, i am working on improvements in golden gate park at the dog training area for example and number of other
3:34 pm
sites in my district but i did want to say that meetings with not only in nehemiah from the richmond district but also the sierra club and golden gate audubon society have also help me understand the importance of the balance that supervisor tang just mentioned but it's about the preservation of a national park area which we call the golden gate national recreation area as in 1973 we gave stewardship to the national park service. i also want to say, 2, this 14 year process that the national park service has been going through there have been a number of plans and times where we've given input and then got taken input. i totally support the local efforts to urge and demand national park service listen to oulocal communities but i think it's critical for me is the sensitive habitat and the endangered species could i forget to mention wild equity of the center for biological diversity being involved in convincing me that has to be
3:35 pm
balance and i think an amazing national park the golden gate national recreation area that there has to be this balance and we have to not just look at it as some said the happiness of dogs and dog owners and the need for exercise, but i think we have to preserve the sacred space as john muir called that as we develop our national park system. also want to say the balance of habitat preservation endangered species and other species with allowing the people to have off leash and on leash dogs is that balance. i think the rule that's been proposed by superintendent leonard national park service still is going through this comment period what we can give our input and i think even for me, i want to see more expansion of the off leash but boy since i control dog areas including on ocean beach which is limited from 21 to the clubhouse and kelly's cove area. i would like to see that expanded. also in communication with national park service to
3:36 pm
urge strongly the port funds in the area have much more off each areas did i know that's an ongoing issue that many from the port for are advocating as well. i think this is a resolution that i don't think supports the shared balance. it's more on the pro-dog owners cited promising to balance the preservation of the environment as well. one commentor was a longtime friend of mine mentioned an issue of diversity claiming that dog owners are the most diverse group for people he's worked with and national park service is being elitist. i guess, i don't see that in how those mentioned by my longtime colleague. also, semantics are calling what's happening draconian by the national park service. i don't see it as did tony and at all. i see it as balancing their important charge of preserving the environment, sensitive
3:37 pm
habitat and indentured species and allowing the sharing of space that we don't treasure as well and lastly, i think there's a semantic debate over when we gave the different parts of san francisco in san mateo county and the rain county daypart of their land as well to the national park service for the gg and already there's a debate whether it's an urban park vs. a wilderness. i don't think that is really what's at issue here either. i think it's both an urban urban national park but it's also an area that is like all national parks areas that need to be protected and preserved as john beard and the sierra club would've advocated for. so my goal is working with the national park service, to vote no on this measure on this time after 5 years of being educated and looking at issues a lot more carefully can i did want to say there's a danger of ocean beach from stairwell 21 to the clubhouse being overrun with too many off leash fight
3:38 pm
and vision control dogs but i think it's a one-mile area that's a very large one. i would actually like to see more activity within the area but i know is neil desai mentioned, in his comments, i reckon park parks and recreation has to work with us on the board of supervisors to increase access for more off off leash and dog activity within a reckon park system as well. so for developing a partnership with the national park service were also looking at san francisco parks and recreation similarly for our winter 20,000 dogs and the owners that come with them as well. so i want to thank supervisors predicted i'd read with the intent but i'm disagreeing with the language of the resolution and i'll be voting no. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >>, the supervisor tang for stepping up and taking leadership on this resolution. which am proud to cosponsor. i'll be voting for it today. first, i want to set say--i
3:39 pm
simple for public-key and i can't say it enough this is not about attacking the gg-nra. even though i think we have a very strong policy disagreement on this specific issue, i want to be clear i have a lot of respect for the gg and array in its management at work with them on various issues. i met with them. we never really hard job stewarding these very beautiful amazing and challenging properties in 3 different counties. so just to be clear on critical very critical of the agency on the dog policy but have a lot of spec for the agency and its work overall. there is a real disagreement here. this is not a new disagreement. the gg-nra archive for more broadly the national park service has been trying to import its philosophy, which really is
3:40 pm
pretty oppositional to dog access from around the country and import that into our urban recreation area here in san francisco marin and san mateo counties. san francisco has a long, decades long record of strongly opposing this efforts to dramatically reduce dog access in the gg-nra. going back to the late 90s early 2000 i read a transcript within supervisor leno and other supervisors and down to fort mason to give public testimony against the previous effort by the national park service to dramatically reduce dog access. my first year on this board, 2011 supervisor mar mentioned, i authored a resolution opposing a similar restriction on dog access at the time. which this board passed 10-1 vote within my good friend sean ellsberg voted i guess.
3:41 pm
together supervisors voted yesterday i care member last year without he went on record unanimously 11-0 to oppose a proposal that was basically identical almost identical to what is before us today. when we passed a resolution opposing this plan 11-0 our colleagues on the marin county board of supervisors passed an essentially identical opposition resolution 5-0 in our colleagues and matt san mateo county board of supervisors passed an essentially identical resolution 5-0. mayor lee sent a letter to the gg-nra also opposing the plan. jackie speer came out and opposed the plan and mark leno opposes the plan. i could keep going on and on the assembly number david chiu repeatedly voted for resolutions on this board opposing the plan. so, what does it take in terms of almost
3:42 pm
100% unified opposition from the local elected officials, elected to represent the 2 million residents of these these counties, which is bigger than national park service to actually listen to the elected representatives of the 2 million residents of these 3 counties? why are they ignoring us be sick they are ignoring us. they meet with us. they hear us out and then they move forward with what they want to do. frankly, i know, i believe this is been largely driven out of washington dc. i think it's an anti-dog bias in the national park system superimposed on what is it pristine backwoods national park which is an urban recreation area that is integrated into our city and into our 3 counties and on which many many residents this region rely in terms of all sorts of recreation, including dog walking. this restriction, which is dramatic, and i do not
3:43 pm
begrudge the national park service the ability to manage its land for reasonable restrictions in place. i want everyone to be able to use these lands. that is not the balance achieved by this proposed rule. this is not a balance proposal. this is dramatically and unreasonably restrict dog access. in addition to impacting many people it will also drive more and more dogs into our already overcrowded city parks. we see that every time there's a soon on the alert for some reason when ocean beach in port townsend have to be closed down for the day, we see very city dog play areas get overrun with dogs. these dogs are not going to disappear. they are still here. though just be walked disproportionally in our city parks. i know colleagues, were all in the same boat but we know the dog play areas in our city parks are already overcrowded. we already have
3:44 pm
conflicts and challenges in our parks. why is the federal government going to make it even more challenging for us? even though parks and recreation has publicly expressed concern about the impact on city but the federal government has never done more than paid lip service to the concern. there's never been a real valuation. this plan is just not appropriate for the bay area it should be rejected and we should send a strong signal that we stand opposed. >> thank you." please call the roll >> on item 19 supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar nay, peskin aye, tang
3:45 pm
aye, wiener aye, yee aye, then president of 10 i and one nay >> the resolution is adopted. >>[gavel] >>: it's item >> item number 20 resolution to support some lego 1825 introduced by someone member gordon to remove the outdated provision in california law that unfairly condemns puppies and dogs seized in connection with convicted animal fighting cases as vicious. >> colleagues, i introduce this resolution last week. i explained it then specifically that in these dogfighting rings oftentimes even those dogs that are not a part of the fighting are sometimes are in californ condemns just because they participated in this and we all deserve a 2nd chance and dogs
3:46 pm
do also good colleagues, hope you consider supporting this so we can get rid of this outdated law and send a message to sacramento that we want to make sure that all lives matter including our pets in the state of california. with that, madam clerk please call the roll >> on item 20, supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, we have 11 aye >> the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 21 >> item 21 evolution to declare it will 24th 2016 as
3:47 pm
1916 easter rising centenary day in the city. >> supervisor farrell >> colleagues all keep it short but this year is a very special occasion in irish history is a marked the 100th anniversary of the 1916 easter rising also known as the easter rebellion. but set and went to the stop sign of the independent irish republic. which we know today. these are important and then someone asked for your support for this resolution. the tech thank you. collies coming to this item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 22 >> item 22 a resolution to urge gov. jerry brown to declare a state of emergency on homelessness without ornate region is the white responses to the growing crisis and provide supplementary state assistance to cities and counties to write needed supportive services >> supervisor kim >> i want to make a motion to continue this for one week >> to the meeting of march 22 at supervisor kim has made a motion to continue the same one week to march 22. moved and seconded. collies coming take this be without it be without
3:48 pm
the item will be continued one week to the meeting on be without the item will be continued one week to the meeting on march 22, 2016. >>[gavel] >> item 23, please >> item 23 is a low resolution to encourage the california dept. of alcoholic beverage control tonight i'll call license applications of nontraditional alkyl we tell businesses in the city. supervisor mar. >> please continue to march 22 >> motion to continue this item one week. moved and seconded. colleagues, be without this item is continued for one week to the meter march 22, 2016. >>[gavel] >> item 24 >> item 24 of resolution to record as much as problem gambling awareness month in the city can we take this item same house, same call. can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. adopted you-did you want to talk on this? let's go back to item 8. we've all recall the
3:49 pm
item. supervisor kim we did actually owes asking to us in the boat on 1-9, not 8. show until after the vote on item 8 >> yes, please. supervisor peskin >> if i may rise to a point of information that sfmta ashley is voting on the joint contract right now sophie could actually go back to the previous item hopefully will get a text >> what previous supervisors item because we had not yet confirmation the mta has voted on number 8. >> supervisor cohen >> i guess my question to supervisor peskin. just remind me again why you're waiting to
3:50 pm
hear from mta board doing on this so we can make a decision here? >> supervisor peskin >> the instrument that is before us is an approval under charter section 9.118 to approve the contract as our present point out we do not have the ability to amend the contract and reduce the telling keep it there's an understanding that supervisor avalos negotiated with the mta staff and that contract change reduce the towing fee by $110 is about to be approved by the mpa commission, and once they approve that are 9.118 approval which contained that reduce the towing fee and at supervisor avalos indicated earlier, we want to do this sequentially so first mta commission and error sole and absolute authority
3:51 pm
under the charter acts and then we would act under section 9.118 of the charter to approve the contract that they disapproved with a revised lower towing fees. because i appreciate that expiration >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, i just need clarification because i was under the impression that-well, to check in with her city attorney. city attorney did not, from my understanding it would come to us and be and introduced to this and this in fact is not necessarily something we need to vote on anyway. so we should probably table it or get rid of it and when a new contract has amended his puppy force that's the one we would probably vote on?'s >> i understand with the mta board is voting on today is a
3:52 pm
change to the mta's administrative fee for towing. this amount of this contract will not change and i don't believe that terms of the contract would change as a result of the mta's action today. but my understanding from supervisor peskin and avalos they prefer to wait and see what the mta does so that the board of supervisors has a full view of the entire program before voting on up or down on this contract >> just to be clear, it was my understanding that information in this contract has the listed administrative fees. so, i guess i'm trying to understand how we are going to be able to make any changes to change. if they change the fee, what are we going to be able to do? we have someone from mta
3:53 pm
here as well. >> good afternoon, supervisors. steve lee with the sfmta. the administrative fee under the transportation code so any changes to the administrative fee has no impact on the agreement with auto return. the amounts that are set within the auto return agreement are the amounts that we reimburse our return for the services. >> okay. supervisor wiener did you have a question? >> are we-i don't understand what's being proposed right out >> i guess we're just going to wait. we are not there yet. so we may be taking a recess or supervisor peskin >> just to the comments of the city attorney and other members,
3:54 pm
this gentleman from mta is correct. it's just that this is the only instrument that this party has to ensure that the towing fees are actually lower by the mta but i understand that is passed unanimously at the mta so it's all water under the bridge. >> okay. so can we take item 8 same house, same call p6 can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. resolution-supervisor kim >> sorry. i didn't realize we took supervisor wiener >> i be voting for the contract and as i stated when this came up before, unsupportive of reducing the towing fee and of course last year was able to prevail on mta to reduce the towing fees for owners of toad and stolen vehicles in terms of the storage fees and some of the other things costs that
3:55 pm
sometimes they were forced to. i do think towing fees are quite high and it's appropriate for this feed to be lowered and so i support that i'm glad the mta board has done that. at the request of the sport. but as i said last time, there is a cost to doing that. my understanding is that with the mta board has adopted at the request of my colleagues because of this board, amounts to about $3.5 million a year approximately of revenue reduction to the mta could we know that with the mta gets hit with a reduction in funding that would typically often come out of muni transit operations it is also come out of vision zero. there's a lot of things that could potentially come out of. it's not to be salary that's scott or any of the other items to which these fees were technically attributed it it's
3:56 pm
going to most likely impact transit operations and so if we want to reduce towing fees which i support, we should pay for it rather than having come out of the any operations or some other significant transportation operation and so today, i did introduce as i mentioned, at our last meeting, a supplemental appropriation to appropriate 3.5 million for the general funds to the mta to reimburse the mta for that lost income. for us to basically put our money where our mouth is and pay for that reduction. so it does not come out of transit operations. i of course if it turns out the amount is somewhat different we are happy to adjust supplemental amounts but we have been informed was
3:57 pm
approximately $3.5 million hit to the mta and so i did introduce that supplemental appropriation today. >> thank you. carlie silva take this item same house, same call-supervisor peskin >> can we get him the individual from the mta has actually indicated david.they lower the fees >> can you please confirm >> can you identify yourself >> my understanding is the mta board voted to kill fees related to administer fee for toes >> can you specify the amount? >> the amount reduced, i can show it to you here so, when the contract was approved by the mta board the current administrative fee was 266 and that is what it is today. what was approved by the mta board
3:58 pm
what was approved by the mta board on january 18 when the conduct was approved, was administrative fee of 261 and that he will know the reduced to $172 for all persons who get their car towed for the first time an additional $86 for people who get their car towed for the first time and are of low income. in addition to that, the mta board approved >> an additional $86 less than the 171? >> and 72, correct. >> thank you. >> on top of that the mta board approved a 40 hour waiver for storage fees for persons of low income who fit under this category. >> then in defining low income, it includes all of the categories? for example, those who receive any kind of subsidy
3:59 pm
or live in subsidized housing or anything that helps to identify them as that? and it's a broad range of what is qualified under low income. for instance if you qualify for muni lifeline, that would automatically qualify you for that. generally section 8 housing things of that nature. it's broad range. we want make it as easy as possible for folks to qualify for this low income fee. >> also, the storage fees is waived for 2 days and so no income? >> correct >> all right. seeing no other names on the roster, for item number 8, can we have a roll call vote >> on item number 8, supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener
4:00 pm
aye, yee aye, there are 11 skype >> the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> supervisor kim >> i just want to make a motion to rescind the vote on item 1 through 7 and item number 9. >> okay. supervisor kim has made a motion to rescind the vote is there a 2nd? moved and seconded. supervisor cohen >> i don't know any other way to address this and i don't want to make this personal attack but i just wanted knowledge that i think it's unfair for us to constantly yester rescind vote when the meeting starts at 2:00 pm. that's the time that we have responsibly to be on here and to rescind the votes because a member is not here just uncomfortable with that and i would ask that we all can start
4:01 pm
on time. i'm not kind to be mean or mean spirited but i believe i'm certainly seek "to self but there's another conversation i have had with other people that feel the same way that may not have the courage to speak up but specifically to supervisor kim if you be a live a more mindful of the folks on the body. it's happened more than once. i just want to bring it to your attention. >> thank you. colleagues, do we want to take the motion to rescind without objection or do i need to do a roll call? senior objection, the motion to rescind passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> on items 1-7, can we take those items same house, same call? can we take that without
4:02 pm
objection? without objection the motion passes. item 1-7 passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> is called the role on item number 9 >> on item number number 9 supervisor avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin nay, tang aye, wiener vi, yee aye,. >> the ordinance finally passes >>[gavel] >> please read the in the mornings >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individual mr.--on behalf of supervisor peskin bedecked is their colleagues list brings us to the end of our agenda. mdm. clerk is there any other business before us? didn't know, that includes our business board today. >> we are adjourned. >>[gavel]
4:03 pm
>>[adjournment] . >> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping
4:04 pm
and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop
4:05 pm
off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's >> ♪ ♪ ♪
4:06 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it looks at good and tastes good and it is good in my mouth pretty amazing. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am the executive chef i've been here as a chef at la concina since 2005 reason we do the festival and the reason we started to celebrate the spirit and talent and trivia and the hard work of the women in the la concina program if you walk up to my one on the block an owner operated routine
4:07 pm
i recipient it's a they're going to be doing the cooking from scratch where in the world can you find that >> i'm one of the owners we do rolls that are like suburbia that is crisp on the outside and this is rolled you up we don't this it has chinese sister-in-law and a little bit of entertain sprouts and we love it here. >> there are 6 grilled cheese grilled to the crisp on the outside outstanding salsa and a lot of things to dip it knocks you out and it's spicecy and delicious
4:08 pm
i was the first person that came here and we were not prepared for this every year we're prepared everybody thinks what they're doing and we can cookout of our home and so the festivals were part of the group we shove what we do and we w we tried to capture the spirit of xrifs. >> and there from there to sales and the hard part of the sales is 250 assess our market and creating a market opportunity giving limited risks and sales experience to our guys and
4:09 pm
4:10 pm
4:11 pm
4:12 pm
4:13 pm
4:14 pm
4:15 pm
4:16 pm
4:17 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> the san francisco playground's hitsvery dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the sen consider was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later,
4:18 pm
and we have got this beautiful, brand-new rec center completely accessible to the entire neighborhood. >> the new rec center houses multi-purpose rooms for all kinds of activities including basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong and arts can crafts. >> you can use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center, celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪.
4:19 pm
>> a lot of water heater in san francisco look like this may be yours doesn't too do you know it is the post earthquake problems we'll show you to brace our water heater hi, everybody i'm patrick director of quarter safety for the city and county of san francisco welcome to another episode of stay safe today, we'll talk about bracing water heaters water heater failure is a leading problem with earthquake fires you have a a single source you'll have in our home. >> how are you. >> so what are we looking here. >> this is a water heater 3
4:20 pm
weighs from 200 to nine hundred pound during an earthquake that weight will try to move sideways we need to secure is. >> we'll brace the water heater our model home in south of market we'll use a simple kit interest the hardware stores from $20 it the the clean up itself single thing to do what necessary look like. >> this is what you'll find in our kit a inch and a half wide strap to attach to the wall around the water heater and so you want to compare this in some garages around the city and state which is called plumbers tape innovate as strong and we need to brace the water heater
4:21 pm
if you find this you'll want to replace it with a streetscaping kit. >> we've put blocking so that way we streetscape the water heater a nice fit it is important and important probation officer mention you need to move our water heater to strap is it talk about to a license plumber they'll come out with a firm once we streetscape those obviously we want to follow the manufactures instructions. >> typically the instructions will require the strap one strap be installed to fit the top third of the water heater and the bottom on the bottom 1/3rd away from the controls if it is above a certain size 50 gallons a third train e streetscape in the middle of the water heater. >> a lot of time i see older
4:22 pm
water heaters on the ground obviously explain why this is required and the mr. chairman is required if you pa a water are hereto in the garage gas fumes can accommodate and the pilot light will ignite the fumes so you want to above the grouped level. >> so why not go ahead and he get started with the bracing. >> we're joined with peter from construction he'll help us
4:23 pm
>> there you have it for not a lot of 340e7b in a short time we were able to reduce the risks as you can see secure and even in a big rumble bell not going to come losses thank you for watching we'll give is one more big push as you can see withwel welcome to the welcome to the
4:24 pm
people's palace city hall for this wonderful event i want to welcome you all here today as we swear in some 28 citizens of san francisco we'll be serving on over 18 body and committees for our city and i want to begin by saying a big thank you to every single one of you because those are important bodies of government that we share robot and making sure that not only are those departments that you'll see run appropriating but you do your best to make sure the public is heard all the public u public is heeshd that's not simple an easy task these days there are lots of views how government should
4:25 pm
be doing things and how we are interacting with the public but one of the most important things as citizens to open up our government to make sure that all the people are heard and they have a way in which to tell us what the needs are what with we can do about it and share the responsibility this is an important 7, 8, 9 not only for our city but for our country that is why we want to vest invest in every single one of you to make sure our government is open and effective and always listening and responding to the communities needs these 28 bodies of government let me run through them i'll find reflected in them the diversity that we have our arts commission i have 3 members being appointed there today j.d. and roberta and simon you thank
4:26 pm
you very much our environment commission we have 3 members being postponed to this commission emily jackie o i think she has friends jackie because josh wanted to narrow i profound her last name correctly o ma holiday that says i'm on holiday okay jackie i'm on holiday and lisa thank you thank you very much to our film commission welcome in jim who is part of international association of theatre employees local 16 thank you, jim for serving on there our groed body?
4:27 pm
an important body is sounds bureaucratic but the body that makes sure our with grondz are spent correctly and jennifer and others thank you for thank you for agreeing to serve cecil chronically thank you, again four coming aborted and hemisphere o helping this is this so important our health commission and especially those living on our streets they get the health treatment they need and lindell on the hours authority thank you for stepping up on our housing authority as we reshape and to susan on the human rights commission susan thank you, again, for not only being a great commissioner but helping us with the bias training in our city thank you making sure we pay attention to
4:28 pm
that to james ma crepe thank you, again for your past and to help us again with all all the people that need our help not only on the streets but on the edge and needs the services our city needs thank you very much for serving often the human rights commission rebecca woods to our jury trial probation rebecca thank you for your service more and more we're finding answers to help the youth and need our help maneuvering that connection is there thank you, rebecca can to our local entries elliott thank you for being a great really diplomat 23u78 u, if you will, to our small businesses our long term care jeremy and berry
4:29 pm
detective and chip thank you very much being on the long term care we're having great conversations about the dignities fund and how we need to pay attention to the seniors and long term skewer is an incredible part and to the affirm before the hugger to the 4 commissioners, thank you very much for being here you've got a lot of friends here today family and friends >> (clapping.) >> thank you for september 11th up to be on the port commission you'll help us with the body we have and rebecca lee thank you very much for being on the public utilities commission your advisory committee the public utilities commission is doing a lot of work as the rain shows we have there's more work to do for the community to leslie to for the reentry
4:30 pm
that is so important as we want to make sure those that are reentering our society are not only treated with went they find success in our or their lives as well to one of the most 0 important bodies i call that on to make sure the property owners and tenants are talking with each other and mar they settle that's our residential rent stabilization board thank you for stepping up you and to the shelter monitoring comet thank you for stepping up again, i repeat that that we have a tremendous amount of work to do as we forge a new department thank you very much for stepping up there and we have the veterans affairs
4:31 pm
commission thank you, ann for your work i know you do great work with the salesforce 15i789 we need that innovation on the veterans affairs commission so thank you, ann for coming back again and they only to our memorial board trustees thank you very well have for your wonderful work and support to thomas horn thank you, again, for coming back and being part of this wonderful body and to the newest member former just for being part of this wonderful body i wanted to go through those names each of these bodies of government are so important to the city i know today not only are the members here to be sworn if in but a number i want to
4:32 pm
make sure i mention in stepping up to these government bodies people are here are creating a great sacrifice i want to say thank you to those running the government in different ways to kevin housing authority you're helping me make sure we built the affordable housing the city and stepping up on the bond oversight local 6 thank you, again. and to jim and i said earlier you know we're going to get a lot more films the city thanks to our leadership the film industry is process perry and exciting to see i made my own called to make sure that the films stay the city lecture i want to make sure you have is an active mayor to help with the film industry and ambassador you've got a lot of friends today here i want to make sure
4:33 pm
that i mentioned them because they came from all over our city to in prediction for that this appointment i know that we're going to have i know he's here already hisism in essence the metropolitan bishop of the greek orthodox church in san francisco your awesome if he's here thank you. being here and judges is here to show her appreciation and former jena thank you very much jena we'll continue having our peninsula dinners together to talk through what we should be doing as region and thank you to andrew the founder of urge america thank you for being here and roberta economies yes, the
4:34 pm
chair of the sister city and the sister city in egress i'll plan to, at the next hopefully within this summaries year mark is march here thank you, mark for showing up the president find our rec and park commission and the member of the retirement board the former president thank you victor for being here as well i also want to stay thank you to the environment commission el me a representative the secretary of labor wonderful and in helping us make sure we create the conditions for more jobs in the entire region thank you for stepping up to the environment
4:35 pm
commission conviction (clapping.) and i want to say a special thank you to leader pelosi, to the international union and to friend of mine former art that rode in on behalf of our ambassador for her appointment thank you for your contributions and awe lane thank you for her and her which were for coming out and judges i want to note i know your retired but it is continues to be a part of our history the city that you were the preceding justin judges over the trail of versus perry and found in our judgment to the benefit that proposition 8 was
4:36 pm
unconstitutional thank you, again, for that decision >> (clapping.) >> are we all ready? okay. well, i know all of you came from a wet weather we want to say thank you, again. and thank you to all the department heads that are here and the other commissioners that have joined here i think they take pride if i may ask all of the appointees new and returning to please stand and as i say i practical state each one of your names and the commission or body your postponed to say it allowed and proud because this is a your time to state your pride in going on those bodies
4:37 pm
and then we'll go through the swearing in please raise your right hand >> i. >> do solemnly swear. okay. go through this one by one i janey. >> i commissioner the environment i susan human right commission i cecelia health commission and dave crow rent board and war memorial day i port commission and i van memorial war board. >> i thomas war memorial board ambassador i lisa commission on the environment. >> i kevin housing authority gentle oversight committee.
4:38 pm
>> i simon arts commission. >> i rebecca lee public utilities commission advisory committee. >> i rebecca one side juvenile probation commission i ann veterans affairs commission i jennifer grond oversight committee i jeremy long term care coordinating council. >> idealogical business enterprise/55. >> i chip long term coordinating council. >> i berry detective long term council i ken rent board. >> i arts commission i jacqueline holiday commission on the environment. >> i james human services as.
4:39 pm
>> i gary san francisco fire department monitoring. >> i housing authority commission by i leslie re-entry council. >> >> >> that i will support and defend. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. david's. >> (repeated.) >> against all enemies. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance. united states. >> (repeated.) >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> that i take this oath freely. >> (repeated.) >> without any mental reservation. >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.)
4:40 pm
>> or purpose of evasion. >> (repeated.) >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties. >> (repeated.) >> and during such time as i hold office of (multiple voices) for the city and county of san francisco congratulations, good monering
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
rule committee meeting of march 10, 2016. i'm katy tang and to the right is malia cohen and the right is eric mar. we would like to thank sf gov tv [inaudible] herb and [inaudible] josh
4:44 pm
alexander. any announcements? >> please silence all cell phones and electronic devices [inaudible] submit today the clerk. items will appear on the march 22, march [inaudible] >> thank you very much. will you please call item one, hearing appoint one mb tern to childcare planning and advisory council . there is one seat. >> thank you, if we can have mrs. candice wong. >> good morning, my name is candice wong. i'm currently the applying for reappointment to districtly advisory council . i have experience on [inaudible] business side and [inaudible] working at the low income investment fund of california
4:45 pm
director child development program. i have been there for 10 years so continue to serve the city in the capacity of early childhood education and proud the work we have done over the last 2 decades and love to continue to serve the city in that capacity. i brink both the perspective of running programs but business perspectives and how we support the minority owned businesses. i'm also a proud resident of district 4 and happy to answer questions you may have. >> sure can you tell a little about the things childcare planning advisory council has worked on in the past year and also what do you anticipate for the year coming up ahead? >> one the major things we are working on and supporting office of [inaudible] developing the 5 year plan for early education in the city. that is in process. i also sit on that
4:46 pm
council. the process with hopefully should be done in the next month or two, approved by the board of supervisors, within that planning we do a variety of things look from 0 to 5 and look on the [inaudible] of the programs and quality of the policeman and access ability for families. [inaudible] the next phase is how to look at the 0-5 continuum and how do we do that to make sure our kids are ready for kindergarten and continue to 0-24. i also sit on the council with the mayor and superintendent around the city wide planning for 0-24 in that plan and that is also a 5 year plan. [inaudible] office of ece on the advisory committee, so i think the few areas around quality and how we
4:47 pm
coordinate with the state and make sure the state is accessing all the federal and state resources we can, how do we use the local dollars to leverage. planning for the infrastructure so there is the business side of education and facility size as the city grows, how do we make sure we have adequate facilities to serve the kids in the growing population so we worked on a variety of issues, infant and toddler and pre-school. [inaudible] >> i know there is also a lot of talk in terms of salaries and really how it is we are supporting the providers in a lot of the childcare setting and making sure they are able to attract and recruit quality people and retain them as well and that is a challenge here in san francisco. is that something that--
4:48 pm
[inaudible] or through childcare planning advisory council that you will be tackling that issue? >> that is a major issue for our city. just like finding k-12 teachers we have a big issue around [inaudible] teachers so that will be a major issue. the wages and benefit issue is a whole package. i know supervisor you are away y aware of that how we attract the quality teachers we need in the city and especially in the area of early education so that is actually one of the highest priority issues we will tackle in the next few years. >> thank you. supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to thank candice, mrs. wong for years at work really helping to stabilize community based childcare and working on wages issues with sf cares to many other programs
4:49 pm
and with supervisor yee developing into a amazing organization that helps build capacity throughout the city. i want to say that think her involvement on the commission is critical given the budgetary experience how to support the capacity of smaller community based businesses and organizations as she stated. knowing directly how the low income investment fund helps smaller family run childcare centers and other places, stabilizing them whether in the sun set or richmond is critical work. : i want to ask at the city level and having adequate funding stream frz pre-school for all is a great example of your leadership over the years >> thank you supervisor. early education for all.
4:50 pm
>> thank you, it looks like that is all the questions and comment we have so at this time i'll open up itm 1 to public comment? anyone who wishes to speak on item one, please come up. >> good morning rules committee and supervisor tang and supervisor cohen and mar. [singing]. these dreams go on in the first five, every second you're alive, they're a good guide. >> thank you very much. alright, any other members of the public who wish to speak on item 1? seeing none public comment is closed. i think mrs. wong is a wonderful incredible represent on the counsel and glad district 3 ipointsed her and glad supervisor paskin is glad he would like her to
4:51 pm
continue the role so happy to support her. we vamotion and second by supervisor cohen and without objection congratulations mrs. wong is appointed to sheet 3 of of childcare advisory council. item 2 >> conforming the [inaudible] oversight board termseneding january 24, 2020 >> i see we have mrs. sesay and mr. lee so if you would like to come up and make a presentation. >> [inaudible] nadia sesay [inaudible] public finance and delighted and honored to be honored to the oversight board. i work frd the city over 17 years, kind of scary. i'm in my role as public finance director and
4:52 pm
manage the cities [inaudible] debt obligation is over 3 billion dollars in outstanding debt and work closely with capital planning and special projects directed by the mayor and board of supervisors. i have bij on the committee since tent 12 after the disillusion of the redevelopment agency and [inaudible] get all the successor agencies and [inaudible] we were also able to all the [inaudible] completed and [inaudible] all the funds back and got a state finding of completion. we are also successful receiving final and [inaudible] of 3 project areas, the ship yard and transbay and mission day. we also have been able to achieve [inaudible] on the long range property management plan. we moved from
4:53 pm
semi-annual approval and issues [inaudible] we also continue to maintain a oversight role as well as new obligation and the oversight board is also charged with reviewing and approving issuances as well as properties that are under the successor agencies jurisdiction. my expertise i bring to the table is debt issuance and [inaudible] so there is a huge level of debt issuance required to issue debt not to just deliver on the infrastructure but affordable housing. the housing isn't under the oversight
4:54 pm
board [inaudible] i am thrilled and honored and love to stay on the committee. >> great, thank you very much. maybe if you can tell us a little about-i understand a lot of the work is probably very much ongoing because they are long term projects but what do you anticipate to be some of the major issues or challenges for the upcoming year? >> i should acknowledge that we have been able to overcome a lot of the issues when disillusion came about we had a challenge of issuance of bonds for housing and we didn't have clarity on transbay for issuance of bonds in transbay. most preently recently the state approved legislation that allowed to issue that so in terms of going forward the challenge will be on [inaudible] with development or cost
4:55 pm
increases with infrastructure, the [inaudible] already executed so have the ability to issue that on their behalf. it could be [inaudible] we have a recession or not, but in terms of the project and develops we have partnerships with we don't anticipate there to be a issue. what could potentially be something we will have to observe in the long run is the timing of when development comes on line so there is enough [inaudible] with housing as needed. most importantly it is probably timing of when development comes on line but the [inaudible] is already pledged to the development and center a agreement from department of finances that have those allowable contracts. >> great, thank you. colleagues any questions, comments? okay,
4:56 pm
seeing none we'll move on to mr. olson lee. >> good morning supervisors. my name is olson lee and a current member of the oversight board and director of office of housing and commune tee development and work between the mayors office and redevelopment agency for dwix 26 years. prior to my position at the mayors office i was the depsty director at the redevelopment agency and assisted in many redevelopment plans that are implemented now through the office of community investment and infrasfruckture. i ran the affordable housing plan through the redevelopment agency. [inaudible] we received the completed housing projects of ocii so my role on the oversight board is to insure that process goes
4:57 pm
smoothly, that ocii is implementing the enforceable obligations appropriately and as one of the questions of the work for the futures, there is still a lot of work to be done. still a lot of affordable housing to be done. with the passage of sb 107, with the assistance of the state delegation, affordable housing received additional funds from prior redevelopment project areas to help complete many enforceable obligations in transbay and mission day and candle stick point and look forward to the opportunity to provide guidance on the implementation of the work of ocii. >> thank you and then just the same question but from your
4:58 pm
perspective, what do you see as the major challenges or issues you will work on the next year? >> i think the major issuers are figuring how to implement sb 107. [inaudible] i think the other major question will be some of the transfers of the former ocii property, one being yerba buena gardens and the governing structure for that in the future. >> thank you. seeing no questions or comments thank you very much and we'll open up item 2 to public comment. >> [single] [inaudible] i hope you have good oversight. maybe i'm a open book because i make the items right,
4:59 pm
but i sure hope that you pake a good board member this time. for your good look with the [inaudible] >> thank you very much. i didn't think you could come up with a song for that. colleagues i'll close public comment, there is no one else for item 2. supervisor mar. >> i like to move we reappoint two incredibly experienced people for our city to seats 1 nadia susay and seat 2 olson lee. >> thank you. second by supervisor cohen and we are lucky to have you in our city and family. with that, without objection that is confirmed. if we can call item 3. >> item number 3 is hearing to consider 22 members terms ending
5:00 pm
[inaudible] assessment appeal board 3. there are two applicants >> we have two applicants for seat 2 and seat 5. i believe mrs. nelson said she could not appear today. is mrs. bryant here? great, please come on up. >> good morning supervisors mar, tang and cohen. i have been in san francisco for 52 years [inaudible] and i have diversifyed experience in the [inaudible] for 15 years i was in the trust division with [inaudible] doing trust accounting and also real estate. [inaudible] for the individual
5:01 pm
banks. as a tax accountant i was doing the taxes foremost -in the tax department before [inaudible] for doing the trust division. [inaudible] i was doing the actual [inaudible] beginning from the application until the conveyance of the property. i also have experience [inaudible] taking classes with city college working [inaudible] i
5:02 pm
did an appraisal on a single family residents in mountain spring and [inaudible] which i had from the [inaudible] and i also have done the private trust with other conservativeship and also a conservative for the city listed here in san francisco but i didn't do the [inaudible] i would be happy to join this group and based on [inaudible] and based on the facts and do the research
5:03 pm
for it and hopefully this is [inaudible] and i hope to be with this board [inaudible] and thank you very much for your time. >> thank you for your presentation and think you answered the question i was going ask you which is how you would approach the role and i was looking for someone for this role and body on facts, making sure everything is done fairly, transparently in concert with all the other members with the assessment appeals board so glad you brought that up on your own. supervisor mar >> i want to thank you for meeting with my office and your long time neighborhood work in potrero hill and bruno heights. your volunteer with various neighborhood association. it says something about your professional work as a appraising which you
5:04 pm
meet the minimum qualifications but [inaudible] pg & e energy audits to open space work with open space committee and involvement with lots of different community organizations, i really find that tremendously commendable besides you meeting the minimum qualification. your expertise and work as a appraising makes you well qualified for this seat so i'm proud to support you. >> supervisor cohen. >> i'll be supporting mrs. bryant as well. >> just a question so you are able to make all the meetings for the assessment appeals board? >> [inaudible] i would like to be able to [inaudible] be able to work with people and i'm pretty good with
5:05 pm
that. i'm very good with the public and communicate and don't have no issue for [inaudible] >> i mean my question is, are you going to be able to atened all the meetings? are you going to be able to attend all the meetings? >> yes >> i know there are quorum issues so want to make sure-- >> i did have a question because i'm also involved with the commissioner [inaudible] also [inaudible] but that is one hour once a week. >> alright. okay, thank you very much for your presentation and interest in serving. at this time we'll open up item 3 to public comment. any members who wish to speak on item 3? >> [singing] [inaudible] hope
5:06 pm
you do good good with all your dealing [inaudible] in the sky keep on [inaudible] good luck and [inaudible] >> thank you very much. any other members of the public on item 3? seeing none public comment is closed. at this time we have a nomination? >> i would like it nake a nomination to move kristine nielsen to seat 2 and mrs. bryant to seat 5. >> second by supervisor mar, take that without objection. congratulations. can we resend that and send forward as a committee report. >> we take that without objection as a committee report. now item 4. >> item 4 is hearing to
5:07 pm
consider appointing to the food security task force, there is one seat and one applicant >> thank you, if we can-i apologize if i mispronounce your name [inaudible] >> good morning board of supervisors. i'm honored to be nominated for the food security task force. my name is [inaudible] and i'm the nutrition services director with the mu turnl child and adolescent helths program with department of public health. i have-as sth nutrition service director i oversee the supplemental nutrition program for women and children known as wic and oversee the work for snap ed program known as [inaudible] here in san francisco that provides nutrition
5:08 pm
education to cal fresh [inaudible] also in my career i have worked with vulnerable populations, specifically women infrant and children at most risk for nutrition issues and being a part of the task force i have attended several meetings so far. i think i bring a voice for our most [inaudible] folks within the community and really bring up not only food issues but also issues as they relate to nutrition and health, so you know, that is something that i passionately believe in and really have worked for my career. if you have any questions- >> you mentioned the focus you would like to bring to the task force
5:09 pm
if appointed particularly regarding nutrition and health, can you expand on that a bit? >> yes, currently there are a lot of projects involving nutrition, providing meals whether it is through cal fresh or delivered meals and there isn't a big focus on women infant and children. [inaudible] i do a lot of work related to breast feeding and there is a different dimension to food security piece because you really dont see it as a food security issue when it come tooz infants but it is a critical piece that first year and it is something i really feel that needs to be brought to the table and that is something i plan to work on. >> thank you. glad you mentioned that. i think that is incredibly
5:10 pm
important. supervisor mar. >> i want to say mrs. rein is extremely qualified and love the passion toened hunger and your work within the department of public health for food stamp education to maximize people qualifying for food assistance and the work with wic. you didn't mention [inaudible] >> that is how i connect with the folks that i have worked with. you know, i have a 8 year old son and he definitely inspires me and through that i can really see how difficult it can be. i mean, i have been blessed with [inaudible] in my life and the participants we are serving may
5:11 pm
not be there and still taking care of these children so yeah, the passion goes to a different level when the mother [inaudible] >> i know that with tarry oly and food task force members focused on seniors and people with disabilities, the children and families issue is really critical as well and know the school districts and [inaudible] are working but i think you bring a lot of valuable expertise. your work with immigrant communities and food and hunger is another great area, but i'm happy you will be joining the task force. >> thank you very much. so, i dont see any other questions or comments so at this time i'll open up item 4 to public comment. >> [singing] [inaudible] security food task. they are taking away
5:12 pm
your ham burger and i hope [inaudible] security, food, task, security, food, task, supervisor mar we are going to fix that big mac. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public, we are closing public comment for item 4. we have a motion and with a nob nub >> i move we epoint [inaudible] to seat 10 on the food security task force >> second by supervisor cohen. >> [inaudible] >> yes. >> alright, thank you. without objection, congratulations. item 5 >> item 5 hearing to consider the quarterly reports of the shelter monitoring committee. >> alright, thank you. i think that we have some representatives to present on this item today.
5:13 pm
>> good morning, my name is jonathan bunoto and chair the shelter monitoring committee appointed last year by the local homeless coordinating board and just became chair a couple mointh uzago so bear with me, not completely familiar with the quarterly report and this is my first time here. so, with regards to the quarterly report, and the-we did 20 site visits this first quarter of the year and what were looking for are issues such as the facilities cleaned, bathrooms stocked recollect adequate bedding, storage, adequate meals, signage and ada accommodation and reasonability information. there are 43 total complaints during the quarter
5:14 pm
and that is consistent with previous year where we were averaging around 40 complaints per quarter and a break down of the types of complaints, 81 percent were staff related issues, fallowed by facility and access issues, 9 percent. health and hygiene, 8 percent. ada, 1.8 percent. so that is a summary of the quarterly report. do you have any questions regarding the quarterly report? >> um, thank you. i just wanted to-i had a chance to read through it before hand so you mentioned the number of complaints for the quarter was consistent. it looked like a very high percentage in terms of complaints that are staff related, is that also across the board across the various
5:15 pm
reporting periods? >> i'll let howard answer because he has been doing the quarterly reports. >> good morning, supervisor, howard chen, policy analyst on the staff. what we have seen is typically there is a pattern of complaint about staff being the biggest issue with client complaint. >> and can you elberate a bit on what that entails? >> sure, the staff category is one of the broadest categories of complaints we take and that can range from staff not having id badges to potentially using disrespectful language while speaking to clients and it can be something as serious as non maintaining a safe environment. the staff category is very broad so as a result you receive a lot of complaint in that category. >> have there been anything
5:16 pm
done to address that issue then, especially such a overwhelming percentage of complaints are based on that category? >> when clients come in and file complaints with our office, what we do is we track the names of the staff being named and the complaint and if the new trend with specific staff receiving a unusual amounts of complaints, what we do is send that information over to the contract monitor, but from what we have seen so far, there haven't been that many individual staff that continuously we see complaint. it is different staff receiving complaints from different clients. >> okay. thank you. >> i had a question, mr. chin, it looks like next door is the site of 25 complaints and i'm wondering and looking at the narrative of-could you just explain-it seems like that
5:17 pm
is where some of the concentrated complaints are and how that was resolved? >> so, next door is one the largest shelters in the city system and so as a result we do see they typically receive a more complaints than some of the smaller sites. that would also be true for [inaudible] south and providence as those are some very large sites and typically they do receive more client complaints. >> one was no smoking sign not posted in spanish, how-are smoking complaints a common type of complaint at a number of the shelter? >> there isn't a complaint we receive a lot of. for that particular instance i can't recall the exact details of that complaint but that isn't something that typically comes up very often >> thank you. >> maybe that was from a site visit where we observed there want a
5:18 pm
no smoking sign in spanish because they are required to have all the signs in spanish and english. >> alright. thank you. any other questions from committee members? seeing none i just look forward to continue working with the shelter monering committee, human services agency and of course providers as well in term thofz policy regarding people involved in domestic violence incidence so thank hsa helping work on that in the past wreer changing that policy so hope we can continue making improvements on that. >> i also thank hsa for their support and assistance as well as you, supervisor tang and the board of supervisors for passing the resolution back in december. there is a additional item which i wanted to bring to your attention and that is the
5:19 pm
shelter monitoring committee has some legislation recommendations and one of them has to do with the standser of care number 12 which is there should be two clean sheets and some [inaudible] they don't have laundry facilities, so the recommendation that we are making is that they be aloud to substitute a clean blanket for a clean sheet and not get written up at violating a standard of care item. and the second recommendation we are making has to do with the board of supervisors seat 1. currently this seat has to be sfiled by someone who is homeless person or homeless 3 years prior to appointment living a homeless child or the
5:20 pm
recommendation is living a homeless child under the age of 18. it is issue for the committee to find candidates who are currently homeless with their homeless child, not to find but to keep them because if you a homeless and trying to care for a child it is very difficult to be going on all the shelter inspections we do each month and it is difficult to attend the committee meeting and any subcommittee meetings, so we would like to recommend that this be changed to somebody who has lived with a homeless child under the age of 18 at some point within the candidates life time. we believe it will make it easier to keep someone in this position. it is currently unfilled on the committee. and the third recommendation is that the terms of each committee officer, they
5:21 pm
are two years, but we ask that they be staggered so half rupointed on a even year and half are appointed on a odd year so we can have consistency in the committee with experience. thank you, if you have any questions- >> thank you. and so just in terms of the 3 recommendations sound good to me. i just wonder does department staff want to weigh in on this and let us know their thoughts? >> did you mean the staff from dph or hsa? >> either one >> we [inaudible] shelter monitoring officers quarterly so we work through these changes and agreement with all of them. >> great. just for the record [inaudible] >> sorry.
5:22 pm
>> great. [inaudible] >> howard chin, policy analyst. [inaudible] assistant to dweckter of health will coordinate with dpa and hsa. he is out of town but can forward questions or concerns over to him. >> thank you. colleagues any questions or comment? that thank you so much for your work and department staff. we'll open up item 5 to public comment. i think mr. walter left. no members of the public for item 5. this was a hearing so if we have a motion to file this hearing. >> so moved >> thank you. >> second by supervisor cohen. the hearing is filed mptd mr. clerk do we have any other items before us? >> no more items, madam chair. >> okay thank you. meeting is
5:23 pm
adjourned. [meeting adjourned] >> power it's all around us in the sun and the winds and caves waves power that lights our homes while protecting our natural resources clean power will provide power to san franciscans how about works right now our power is from pg&e
5:24 pm
from non-renewable systems that comes over pg&e maintained lines with clean power your energy about think generated by caesarean more renewable sources come to our home e.r. businesses to the pg&e lines at 62942 working with together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun.
5:25 pm
a lot of times parents say that valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular
5:26 pm
schooling. they get self-confidents and today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want to dance for the rest of their . >> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
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