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tv   Ethics Commission 52316  SFGTV  June 2, 2016 5:00am-7:16am PDT

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we're asking for the contract. >> good morning project manager. >> oh, any question is you are it in house computer person you know take care of the other senior centers and inputs and why is this necessary to have this extra contract. >> so we've hired a nonprofit firm to provide the technical support for the computers in the computer lab prior to the 09 contract i ran around and can do it for all 55 computer we hired a contractor what is going on we were given money to replace the computers a project to replace
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some of the internet we're giving money to deploy to take out the old ones and that's what's happening and how many facilities do we serve computers for senior. >> about 55. >> that many. >> yes, sir. >> i thought we had 10 you know it is news to me, you say more than 200 computers. >> over 200 and 50. >> so this is a small contract. >> yes. >> how many - in the office besides yourself. >> you myself and another analysts. >> yes, sir. >> after you contract out what did you do roughly. >> (laughter). we still run the rest of the program we monitor the contractors and help with the training >> thank you very much you
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answered all my questions. >> thank you, commissioner. >> yes. i'll move to accept this program. >> okay been moved we approve the consent >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. so that motion carries thank you. >> approval of the commission minutes meeting minutes. >> motion to discuss. >> can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> there's a correction commissioner president james was not here last month. >> thank you. any other corrections hearing none a motion to approve the minutes of may 4th with the >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. that motion carries employee recognitions
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the department agent will honor daniel from the public conservatives office . >> (clapping.) >> come on up don't be shy. >> good morning. >> so congratulations dan and before we talk about a dan and what people peers have written about him, i want to partnership webinar people from the conservatives office stand not often. >> (clapping.) >> not often to recognize them in this room it is great so the commission can see you and know
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what you do is really hard work i think tha guys know you work with some of the people in san francisco who were probably most difficult to work with and needs the city's services people that are greatly disabled because of mental health disabilities and people sometimes misunderstood you guys have a lot of strength had you come into the community and do know why you're not picking up people off the street and people have certain civil rights i know i've heard from a lot of you a lot of compassionate and create strong relationships with them and care about that and obviously the one person in their lives who is this year to make sure they're getting adequate treatment and care a so i want to say that is what the public conservatives office does
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and great for dan to be here to recognize the team i want to say that one of the things that daniel brought in along what silva both of them have brought a sense of order to the office, i know that the staff around you, you guys people count on you to make sure that things are filed and where they should be and also know you're trying to bring technology to the public conservative and sometimor and s a challenge- your not just about the public conservativors's -
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joined as a tip i thought this is obsolete and manages the main phone line and presents guarantees with a warm voice and arrived with cheer and a sense of humor and brings in energy and enthusiasm one year he's transformed our files from a dinosaur age to the electronic age and undertaken soichlts with reforming all the court documents and is a valuable member of the conservators's office thank you, dan. >> (clapping.) >> on behalf of the department of aging & adult services my pleasure to present you with the award of employee of the month for june 2016. >> (clapping.) >> next item will be the
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report the directors report. >> good morning commissioners so i guess the big news this week the budget the mayor released his budget and submitted to the board of
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supervisors and a lot of great things for the department of aging & adult services so i want to quickly go over those items and unfortunately, i'm reading that off any phone small prinlt you know that you approved a budget we submitting to the mayor's office in february and has items that basically no cuts in the addition with positions for adult prospective services and other stray positions but not a lot of extra things in the budget lying enhancements for community services we were hoping that there will be a way to get those into our budget as well and the mayor certainly wanted to get some of those in one of the things the first thing i think that the community members have been asking for on our 5 year plan to include this this did portfolio that is the
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senior disabilities program he serve that has gotten transaction on the east coast i think and it is kind of a work subsidy program for older adults in our says adult disabilities (2) 005-0000 a great start for us to wade into that world and try a pilot there so that's exciting and case management enhancements people in the community you've heard the case management in dos has been kind of not that funding has not kept up with the need for increases in salaries and the mayor recognized this is a program that has really not kept up even at the level of the some of the programs kept us u up to the case management programs have continued to lose staff and a
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decrease in quality the challenge of hiring people that you are bilingual has been greater than in the past so when we look at the workers we have in internally in department of aging & adult services or in the city and the salaries in the community obviously don't keep up near where they should so people leave etc. so the mayor has put one hundred and 75 thousand so we can start the process of raising the salaries and hopefully with worker retention in the case management program the conservatory the department of health and the department of aging & adult services has started thinking how to streamline the conservatorship is he people are significantly in emergency and needs
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conservativelyship and people are living in the community and need the corn certificateship services we're trying to make that happy with dpw and others so people slipping through the crack on the street and the recidivism pattern before and after within between the street and facilities we'll help them better there is positions in there and also upgrades for the current staff to be at the same level of the adult prospective services we're looking a clarification change there we also looking at a supported home pilot we're calling 2 that is something that supervisor eric mar and a number of advocates in the community and our
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community-based providers are trying out behaving because we know there is a need for in-home care for people that don't qualify for the - so there's obviously people with a lot of money can a pay for their own home care but the middle-income or others in san francisco that can't afford it the budget and the legislative 234569 estimated first year thousand people to stay at home safely we're try a polite from the mayor's office put one million dollar in annually for the next two years to try this out and we're going to have some issues around prioritization who gets to serve but really to see if we can change some of the outcomes for people if they get
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that home care they'll go to a hospital fewer times and end up in nursing services and that's exciting to get to try that out for the different populations the dignity fund the mayor's office has put a plug in for the dignity fund at a place for $6 million in year two which is 2016-2017 and year one prelims we need to staff up a little bit in the dignity fund passes we're lucky positions and consultant to get off the ground the mayor's office put in $6 million for 2017-2018 and the dignity fund legislation was introduced by supervisor cowen last week at 2 percent the property that will
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be more library $33 million in the firefighter to malia cohen's office the dignity fund coalition and i will be meeting to figure out a way to get closer so the mayor's office and the coalition and the board are more in agreement about startup amounts and nutrition so one of the things you may remember that last year the board of supervisors had quite a bit of money into nutrition one time only money and generally speaking when the board does things one time the mayor didn't pickup and maybe not the way it was intended and in this case the mayor really wanted to put money into nutrition so $1.2 million - that's about
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half; right? so the mayor put in 1. $2 million of the 2. $4.01 time back into his budget and so that maintenance a lot of the services we started this year and enhanced this year and in addition to that, the mayor has put in an ad back for the one time only housing subsidy amount we got last year that was $700,050,000 so that again was a one time add back with the board and the mayor elected to backfill that completely it is now in the baseline budget and i think just to give you detail about the nutrition so what that $1.2 million that the mayor has elected to backfill 9 lunch program with the chance
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program the routine i restaurant voucher program and home delivered groceries and home delivered meals yeah. those 3 things so it will help because we won't have to cut back on the services but not getting us quite there i guess the last thing i wanted to mention the scattered site housing contract that was with with the department of health will be moving to the department of aging & adult services and the contract is now with the nonprofit provider called brilliant corners it is great we'll have if that and actually sit in the community fund and it is something that the community living fund is able to assess for a long time it is great so it seems like it is in effect i think that about it in terms
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of the enhancements from the mayor as you may know now the board has the budget and the board will be looking at other things we want to commend fund and maybe things they don't want to fund and asking us for a lot of details for the positions we got into the budget and president some justification on those but looking at our vacant and all those things obviously they have interests in they're own district and interests in terms of the program oh, one other thing i didn't i neglected to mention the mayor put in a second deputy director for our department i'm personally excited but it is become really grown a lot a lot of work for one permanent to analyze so that's in our budget as well >> i think - the only thing i want to say two things one i was at the california's association
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of agencies our aging one of the things they're talking about this year is trying to enhance kind of the face of angling in california and there - we're going to be doing a media campaign california wide to put a positive face on angling and everywhere i go i'm conscious and i'm sure you are as well we see so many negative images of aging how bad it is to get odd old and great reasons we should be paying attention to aging this year a number of us that are aging in this country and going to need services and going to have to support each i'm excited we're b be working and actually i'll be chairing the education committee it will be interesting to see what other people's takes and promoting the
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best practices if every community in california and get that out into the public and have a much stronger public presence i guess so that's exciting and then the last thing i wanted to mention on june 8th and i think all of you gotten an invitation on june 8th we'll be celebrating world elderly abuse day in san francisco and our celebration will be at the herbst theater it starts at 4 and goes to 7 and paul henderson and from the mayor's office will be the master of the ceremonies and he's running for supreme court judge and very entertaining 0 it should be fun and then dave jones commissioner will be coming to speak in the beginning and talking about
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elderly abuse awareness i believe that still will be lit up in purple in awareness of elder abuse there is a lot going on and the senior at the adult and protective serves will be there and people will come back by thank you that concludes my report. thank you. >> any questions. >> yes. >> wait. >> go ahead. >> commissioner sims. >> thank you the additional budget that was provided by the mayor's office this is one time only or ongoing is that will be ongoing funding. >> those are baseline items. >> okay. >> concerning the dignity fund do we have 6 supervisors. >> signed in? >> you know i'm actually not sure about that part this is a
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question for the dignity fund coalition i believe. >> so from the dignity fund passed the $32 million will be affected; right? in cases that it didn't pass the mayor will put in the one million dollars. >> well, no i think what will happen the mayor's office and the coalition and the board are all working together to find a way to come to agreement about the legislation ultimately looks like we don't know it would be that it goes in that way and a different way. >> the 2 percent is in the subsidy. >> correct. >> okay commissioners did you have questions. >> anyone else? >> yeah. >> sherren you were talking about it in home support for the
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middle-income and one million dollars for two years. >> it is one million dollars for each of two years. >> for each of two years. >> right. >> a pilot project. >> right. >> what's the plan for dos to get this program off the ground that's a great question we didn't found out until this week that will be in the mayor's office budget we have to look at setting it up to study it so we need to know the outcomes we will have what we'll do a subsidy program so is it not going to be you know we did try a piloted for people to qualify for in-home care services but had to pay something we didn't need to study is that will be a subsidy important people who
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either don't qualify or want to pay for one we'll bring back the stakeholder that kind of helped to put this together and work with the community living fund probably a mechanism we have in place and decide how to prioritize people that is hard we'll not have enough money for 14 thousand people and don't know this is quite the right number we can probably serve to 50 people in a year and so we have to think carefully how what populations we want to look at it and learn and it will be something that will start as soon as we know that is getting to the budget and how much money we'll start those discussions soon. >> it's right around the corner. >> i'm aware we need to get going on that.
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>> thank you. >> any other questions commissioners you had a question from - >> come forward. >> good morning commissioner president james and commissioners congratulations director ma fasten and welcome i appreciate this egypt for the recreation of the one time board of supervisors funding for your information commissioners when it came to that one time funding cuts we were notified in the senior center we'll be kit $77,000 that notification of cuts and again, we're grateful
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for this board of supervisors submitting that one time monies to support us but when you get notified $7,000 cuts that effects your nutrition program basically a cut for me this morning i wanted clarification are in terms of the mayors budget i'm grateful that the mayor's office of budget will restore out of the 2. $4 million a one time money cuts to a 1.2 that means it, it is a partial funding and commissioners respective this is still a cut for us in the senior network as the executive director who is responsibly for that in terms of advocacy for the seniors we're talking about less meals so for us we're needing your support and the departments in terms of
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the recess central station we need full restored funding it talks to the need and programs for seniors in san francisco is a lot of dialogue going on and a lot of advocacy for different things in terms of for the seniors in san francisco the dignity fund is one of the alternative transportation that is positive it is still far apart and needs to be negotiated i wanted everyone to please pay attention to that commissioner president james i know i have one minute and 31 seconds left i wanted to thank you for that emphasis and it is hard san francisco everybody knows it is going far we know about that but we need to participation to the seniors that built san francisco and we need san francisco need to respective our seniors in
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aging give them the dignity they deserve thank you very much. >> you wanted to comment on that. >> thanks steve yes. i think that all of the letters that went out about the nutrition cuts we should had to send out the letters we didn't know about the budget looks like until the process is over we know the partial reiteration i neglected to 30i9 one of the things in the mayors budget the increase for the nonprofit for cost of doing business in addition to the 2. 5 percent last year, i wanted to make sure i said r added that to the report. >> i appreciate that becoming we're appreciative we're appreciative my job to advocate
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for the seniors. >> thank you. >> so i want to thank executive director sherren for the update other than the dignity fund but take a minute to fill in details as you may know strong legislation was entered a week ago we know from the mayors budget he's on board for the support of dignity fund we're very, very far apart be in terms of the proposal we have the legislation we have and what the mayor is proposing at this point for us we'll be meeting with supervisors many of them have a asked for a ram up a reasonable way to get the money and plan and spend it we are talking about proposals with them but the mayor's office is $6 million is the biggest we've ever see in the forgive first
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year that is less than we've been getting through the community advocacy we've got a lot more work to do we have meeting with the mayor's office and plan for the future we have to plan for people with aging hiv and the people with disabilities and 25 percent of the population thirty percent in 2030 we need to plan for veterans many fall out in terms of the services they get and agency the home care pilot a lot of seminars and people with disabilities that need help at home and barely holding on paying their bills when it comes time to stay in their home they need assistance but the dignity fund needs to continue after that. >> now we need to move on interrupted with the public comment but anyway, advisory
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council report. >> good morning commissioner president james and commissioners executive director mcfadden the advisory council meet on may 18th and the executive director came and shared information which the growth felt department and the funding with dos one of our advisory council members shared his experience with from the field on terms on things that issues that are take place with seniors was great to see the director was interest to help direct this particular individual in the right direction and work with dos and be harmonious with the service and also i can say we have 16 members on the advisory council
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short 6 those 6 we're short comes in the supervisors so we are actively i guess we'll talk with the supervisors to make sure they holed up their end of the bargain and get people on board with the advisory council we have a discussion about the site visits and how we must do ramp up and came to the exclusion in we had 22 members on board we could do the site visits and to the commission and what needs to be done in terms of the site and one council person shared her site visit to the jewish community i said this in a previous meeting but shared
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her insight and visit on the weekend she got to see what goes on on the weekends and the education committee we will have our next training will be on july 22nd and dos and apple bee the liaison with the department set up a presentation with usf and meeting for the first time at the usf mission bay campus on june 22nd at 1:30 and the presentation will be aging and mental health. >> we had council person went to the senior rally in sacramento and report back an effective rally the seniors talked with the legislators and
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got out the message we're not going may place and seniors are here not going any place and a lot more behind us so that's the end of my report. >> thank you. >> any questions. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> joint legislative community report ms. lawrence. >> good morning i want to give you a report from our may 18 meeting two pieces of old business we discussed the ended up of life bill in that 2, 3, 4 effect june 9th and then the letters of support were sent in support of ab 1584 by assembly person brown that reverses the cost of living for the state security income and
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payment policeman's and then also for ab 1654 by assembly person dodd that will are increase the person care allowance from 35 to dollars a month noticed that no increase in that funding since 1984 and while inflation has gown up one and 80 percent we have new business we discussed the fact that revenues are coming in slower than expected the amount of funding from the state level for programs making less than expected by combrsh is interested in a bundle of legislation what those delays we didn't discuss but keep on tracking this is the end of the two year at the beginning the
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session a brand new set of legislation to look at and there is discussion at the state level about allowing people that are on citizens advisory committee to have access to cal works and funding - to nutrition services currently they don't that's what we're continuing to monitor a new piece of legislation that we discussed and that was disabled plaque card reform a piece of legislation by assembly person god ab 2602 currently the disabled placards allow for free parking meters throughout the state that was kind of gone pursuant to intentionally intended the city and county are losing money and concern over where their properly used or not so this bill will based the two tier solution a report from
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donald and others from 2015 their public policy analysts and bill will do away with free that concludes my remarks for people with placards and monitor the way that placards are issued the cities and counties loss millions annually and no reimbursement and michigan and illinois have to r a two tier solution weigh look at that and san francisco advisory committee is supporting this bill and dos participated in that the advisory committee and looking at 6 recommendations would be for the city and increasing blue zones and improving the
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enrollment of that will be the order. issued and placard approvals and removing the exemption and establish reasonable time limits for the parking i wanted to give you an updated on two other bills obviously did placard and many of the bills we've been monitoring such is ab 1584 on increases in the supplemental they've been in committee and in suspense that's the way the appropriations committee looks at they bundle them together and look like how to divvy up the funds. and there's one that is the senator louis sb 447 that is the
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aging and long term court reporting council referred to the committee on aging and long term care and the update on the dignity fund and at the federal level the credit for care act 2016 is in the was and means committee that allows up to 3 thousand per year deduction for long term care and then the bills on autism legislation senate bill there is no action on >> are there any questions. >> i know i talked fast. >> yes. i'm very much interested in the placard because it does allow for definition yeah. very much and getting around in san francisco. >> their not do away with the placards but. >> the two two tier.
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>> the two tier time limits of how this you can park for free or if they look at the meters and the sergeant of the meters so far payment some are not assessable for easy of payment so that's what their looking at and establishing circumstances under which some whether that is on the placard itself with the presentation where some disabled and elderly would have access to free parking but not a broad free parking across the board two reports and i can send them to bridget to include in your minutes. >> yes. and because getting independence. >> it calls on the dpvm to
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track the placards and there is the the devil is in the details but all i'll send this to bridget. >> for the details okay. thank you. >> one comment it is shown a program they limit the plan for 4 hours for medical. >> that's what their looking like. >> a lot of things we know about but i think for our it is quite - >> that's the timeframe they're talking about part of two tier solution. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> next is the long term care coordinating council. >> good morning, commissioners i'm ship a member of the long-term care council we met on may 12th the first presentation a needs sergeant that recommends 5 years for expanding the areas
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of service and strengthening existing programs and improving awareness and serving adult disabilities and in coalition with other departments and a presentation for the middle-income study which the director's report contained as well i have nothing to add a discussion on meetings with supervisors and i believe that most of those meetings have occurred in the month of may we'll get a report back at the next meeting thursday june 9th and that's about it from my report any questions. >> you mentioned you study and recommend 5 areas for senior services okay name those 5 areas.
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>> i named them but i'll go over them more slowly the first expanding new areas of services this is for seniors and adult disabilities the second is strengthening the existing programs, the third is improving awareness and messaging of task services the figure out serve adult disabilities more effectively and the first time is collaboration with other departments. >> would you put a dollar amount for those. >> no we have not this is mark farrell an assessment no budget analysis. >> you'll follow-up with those improvements. >> that's on the directors plate. >> any other questions. >> well we'd like to wait for the directors answer. >> thank you so sir, is really reporting on
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the long term kr0r7bd council so he basically heard the same presentation on the needs assessment in the area plan the specifically needs ascertainment we've heard from you commissioner ow so some of the same recommendations when rose and i did the presentation is what he's referring to we'll devolve into those areas just pointing out things that are important for the department as we move forward and you know one of the things we hope to do is that in the future we will be able to attach dollars signs to various recommendations when we do the needs assessments and hopefully, we'll look at gaps we're not there yet but those are the recommendations he had when i was thinking about when i wanted to pay attention to going forward. >> imagine.
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>> staff report. >> well, i guess you can judge. >> we're all here. >> but what do you expect we have a big rally a senior rally and in sacramento thousands of seniors and a model and chant was seniors count and they were here they'll have you all chanting that when you get a huge group of gray haired voter they are their associates saying seniors count they pay attention in sacramento so that's one good thing one thing that was nutrition georgia again was part of it throughout the last year when we
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had different representatives from state programs and departments talk to us come out nutrition was right up there on the top of their concerns and it came out ♪ good the concerns about nutrition and programming for nutrition and amongst other things we'll keep the seniors healthy and independent what was covering all of this was that all over the state including us seen the percentage of seniors in the population has been increasing every year and will continue to increase in the future and that must be considered in the meantime when you look at the budget programs for seniors
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have been frozen and cut back and a few have been cut out so that financial backing is going down while the number of seniors is increasing so that is something we need to consider as we look at things, of course, if we keep on increasing we might take over that was an interesting program and one thing that change you know working with the staff the state staff for the commission has been good i've enjoyed it their bright and kevin about us they organ well and follow-up on what they say but what i saw at that meeting the respective they have from the members of the government from people from
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different businesses and programs that were there you can, see they'll respective them and worked with them we're asking their advice and wanted to go together with them so what it means is if we're trying to develop a program to get something through we have a fantastic resource in the staff from the state commission their generous and they care they really care about what we do and knowledgeable so seeing them interacting at the rally and let me see what a fantastic right away that concluded my report. >> thank you
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case. >> good morning, commissioners valerie i'm a board member of case and also the director of the senior center this time of year is busy for case our budget and advisory committee work hard to make sure the mayor and board of supervisors are aware of our podium and at the same time, we're supporting the budgetus coalition podium as well as different security task force to today is news from director mcfadden what guarantee good news not over until the final budget is approved and continuing to meet with the board of supervisors which meetings have been set up during the senior rally we had in conjunction with the senior disabilities folks we
5:49 am
hand-carried over 2 thousand pot cards to respective supervisors and mayor they're very aware of what we're asking for we also want to invite you all we're excited one of our member agencies institute on angling has offered a continuing ed course at the next membership meeting i have handouts flyers i didn't get them out but one of the things that are happening at the senior centers the phenomena of bowling and it is something that we've seen over the years but it has become more acute and so we started looking for somebody to help us begin the conversation how to handle to preserve the safe and friendly environmentalist for everyone but handle those kind of
5:50 am
individuals challenging to the senior centers we don't say a mental health component we may need to look at that in the future we 79 the senior center services is to be available for all people at times the acuteness is beyond our staffing level abilities so this presentation and course that patrick from the harbor called how to identify and respond to challenging and bullying behaviors we're offering continuing ed for many progressives if you want i'll leave the flyers and free to our members and if our members are bringing other folks we'll to get a sense how many more foams o people might be there we'll be prepared we're excited it is the beginning of the conversation i'm getting more calls from my
5:51 am
colleagues from the same issues and some of the people we're having problems with radio bouncing around from one senior center to another and we will to do the right thing but know what your limits are and other maybe partners can do to help us what that that's the beginning and i think that our next membership meeting is june 13th at the groceries center and we're going to get started right on time so the people that are asking for continuing ed can meet their requirements but it operationally is an interesting session. >> any questions. >> yes. >> emily. >> yes. >> i'm just wondering where you folks nonprofit organizations have been tapping
5:52 am
into the management services by the public health department and started to come you know once a week or month whatever and educate our staff also. >> we're looking at that commissioner i think that traditionally the older adult individual is not open too much to going to clinics but we have a referral to the mental health services amend as you may know older adults have the right to fail and we make appropriate referrals refuse the services and go to the next center we're looking at training so we can handle situations more carefully and more mind fully. >> i'm just saying that you know has been come to your center center. >> we've tried if that and
5:53 am
probably have to do a more official invite and get the higher-ups to support that but the department of health didn't send their professionals out to our centers we'll look at that. >> it will be for the seniors it will be a non-threatening environment and maybe someone from the department of health. >> we'll look at that thank you. >> next this is we have some public comment but item t is there any general public comment at this time? hearing none, old business >> none new business okay. all i's require a vote item a supervise
5:54 am
transfer of ownership the staff is melissa can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved and seconded. >> good morning commissioner president james and director mcfadden i'm the acting deputy director at the department of aging & adult services so this is referring to the rosa parks senior center and the human services agency will be taking over ownership of the rosa parks senior center in the next few months the final date is yet to be determined the property was offered to the city as a cost off $1 currently the office on the aging offers programs at the rosa parks senior self-center this acquisition allows the facilities are operating appropriately at the site no rent as we will the site will be
5:55 am
owned - we'll provide maintenance and janitorial services this has an inadequate but will be taken care of a sewer line it is needing work so the developer will be fixing that at no cost to us and so this problem has resulted in the assembly bathrooms for the clients for the clients using staff bathrooms this proposes sanctuary conditions and so that's a big issue in the center that will be corrected that the acquisition when the site is completed an additional one and 50 seniors in the complex of the rosa parks senior are supervise will serve three hundred clients at the rosa
5:56 am
parks center and we request your support in the acquisition of this property. >> are there any questions. >> what's the location. >> on the - >> commissioner ow. >> is it close to market street. >> it is golden gate and between golden gate and turk. >> so the senior housing; right? >> yes. currently and doubling they're building angle additional tower. >> how large is the tower going to be. >> an additional one hundred and 50 seniors we're just acquiring the property that did senior center is on. >> what about a new tower is it going to be the dos going to take over the tower. >> no, just the senior center
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and that building. >> thank you. >> okay. >> okay commissioners commissioner sims. >> is there a precedent for this has the city done this in the past. >> i don't know. >> the city has done this with certain buildings i think that the impetus the mayor's office of housing was really looking to make sure that the senior center is in good hands and the immigrant it oversees is the department it understand the adult disabilities as you may know the rental assistance demonstration project where new developers or new development management organizations are taking over the management of senior housing and not just senior housing but the senior sites that the authority has run
5:58 am
previously this is kind of an unusual situation in this case the tenderloin development corporation don't care over the housing and will manage the housing and it is attached as commissioner ow mentioned there is one tower there already and another tower of senior housing but the senior center is in the middle they don't have the expertise to run senior and dos has a nonprofit provider right now the orientation is bayview hunters point senior services they run the western edition senior center as well. >> bayview so is it make sense to oversee those services but we don't have the expertise to manage the building itself, however, human services agency
5:59 am
does because human services agency he manage a lot of those and has a history it make sense to that. >> is there a budget attached to this. >> so we're already bayview is operating the senior center and the main things will be an increase in janitorial services and purchase a sink and those sinks at all fall within the contingency so no additional request requests to modify the budget in any way. >> go ahead commissioner. >> that bother me those are front loaded expenses that you anticipate by the long term cost of maintaining the building there must be an anticipated cost for the maintenance of this
6:00 am
facility roofs and walls and paint and floor you know repair and replacement over time a burden cost somebody has to pay that. >> john correct me if i am wrong that falls into the facilities for the human services agency. >> ; correct? >> yeah. >> so social service is that social services run out of by bayview hunters point or will we provide associate or social services there separate. >> they currently operate at the bayview and encouraging operating the senior center. >> are we serving meals how many people are we serving. >> yes. we are serving measles and do you know how many on an
6:01 am
average daily and 50 people. >> the report indicates up to three hundred in captivity. >> right? >> are anticipated. >> and what the abilities to increase that capacity are we increahe capacity or maintaining the capacity. >> one of the things that they haven't tried to do they didn't know they've not tried to increase the capacity new we know that is the plan moving forward the senior center will be continuing to operate now they can work on increasing the capacity. >> so i wanted to separate this when you increase the capacity will that funding go to bayview hunters point to increase the capacity or will be a separate budget for the department to handle. >> so when we do any of the
6:02 am
senior centers or active seminars we contract with the you know there are no a procurement process and if a mr. starr organization we negotiate that them how many people they'll serve and what the dollars look like i believe right now we're in the middle of contract with them so if they were to minded toe increase we'll go through the rfp process and nail propose that and someone will propose that and see who wins the contract and negotiate about the number of people they're serving right now they have in the budget whatever they have we can't give them more money if they serve more people but certainly proposed that or other organization when we go out to rfp again i don't know when the contract ended we're in mid-contract. >> we're in the middle of a
6:03 am
contract only two years left on that contract. >> there were concerns about the food i've heard concerns about that. >> we're always i'm personally happy to hear the concerns and i'll be happy to look at it. >> one of the members of the advisory council said something. >> i'll be happy to look at that. >> any other questions. >> okay. >> could i have a motion. >> public comment. >> any public comment on this? >> any public comment? hearing none, call for the >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. that motion carries. >> thank you. >> review and approval the fiscal year 2016-2017 area plan and health insurance and the
6:04 am
high cap budget and state budget app one six and 7 and 2016-2017 dash those 6 and all subsequent motion. >> can i have a motion to discuss. >> good morning complains and commissioners and director mcfadden i work for the human services agency and what is here before you for approval is area plan and health insurance and advocacy or high cap budgets and contracts for fiscal year 2016-2017 and any intunth amendments this details a variety of federal and state allocation for the area plan and high cap program the net effective for the fiscal year 2015-2016 is an increase 200 and
6:05 am
$31,000 plus for a total of $300,000 plus and 5 hundred and 78 for the high cap budget for a total of three hundred and 64 thousand dollars plus the grid attached details the area plan fluctuations in federal and state funding by title and dos program staffs recommended actions the programs to be funded including the support services and congregate and disease prevention and obama buds man and as well as administration funding for that the programs the local support is not included the support services is allocated to transportation and information referrals and emergency temporary home care for seniors as mentioned in the commission memo the biggest driver for the
6:06 am
funding cycle is the nutrition with an increase of $41,000 plus in the congratulated meals and one and $26,000 plus for the home delivery programs the high cap is largely unchanged this year, the program assaults the public will medicare and long term care options medicare related health care and insurance topics the accompanying contracts app 1617 dash 06 and other one details the funding requirements related to the programs in each felt funding stream with the approval of 24 item the staff will make the modification please let me know if you have any questions. >> commissioner loo. >> yeah. i'm looking at the budget page 11
6:07 am
of 14 pages. >> okay. >> it is my observation okay. i'm just wondering for the congregate measles the income on donations is 11 want 83 percent all right. and the home deliver meal is 30 percent i'm wondering now not getting attractions okay. and the home dliefrp meal is more expensive panning than the congregate meals all right. so is it the staff not encouraging people to pay it is just an observation i was wondering why. >> so from what i understand
6:08 am
please corresponding i believe that is the volunteery contribution across the board for the programs i don't believe that the department has any we can suggest a documents but not in a position - >> i'm not talking about the department i'm talking about the agencies not encouraging - i don't know i'm just wondering becae their. >> they're not supported to encourage but we've had situation more than encouragement so we encourage them, no to the be overly encouraging that pressures people it is out there and we certainly hope that people donate to the extent but a suggested documents. >> the other question i have is well unfortunately linda is not here i just observed from the congregate meal no money funds
6:09 am
for nutrition counseling and education but for the home delivered meals two line items. >> (inaudible). >> anybody know the answer. >> i don't. >> maybe linda can answer that next month. >> commissioners. >> denise chow on the aging what is the question when a we don't allocate. >> it is include in the meals program. >> home delivered meals with the nutrition agency by two agencies we we require the education for the meals. >> well, i'm sure that is in the nutrition congregate meal
6:10 am
budget for this is required i'm just wondering why not spelled out here this is the question that's all. >> we have ample funding as well. >> great. >> sorry about that this area plan budget is part of our budget so we get in the overlook budget. >> okay. >> commissioner sims. >> some of this was a black box for me on the grid for the area planned budget. >> uh-huh. >> it looks like there are a number of sort of ups and downs in those areas one that is a small dollar amount but the
6:11 am
sniff quality and accountability under the o buds man it is sensitive to the sniffs in san francisco i was wondering about rationals. >> so for the obama buds man the federal and state and each one as funding allocations it guide the way those funds are distributed so specifically for the sniff - >> the very last one on the obama bud ombudsmen. >> the decrease in money is not a decrease in services this is as martha noted various
6:12 am
source of income for the obama buds one oman it is funding that is corrected from the licensing and it maybe livelihood this is down because either less money was paid in or less beds in san francisco right now so it factors down the amount of money we need. >> any other questions. >> okay any public comment? harpooning i'll call for the vote >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. that motion carries. >> item c request and interrogation to are you new the grants with ed center for
6:13 am
children and families for the vision of family caregiver for 2016 and jungle 2018 in the amount of one and $8,000 plus not to exceed one and 9 thousand plus can i have a motion it discuss. >> so moved. >> seconded. >> good morning, commissioners and director analysis from the aging today, we seek our approval for the reauthorization for the family woods the 1915 (k) community first optionship program through the reauthorization of the older americans act the national family of support program was established that service called for two types of caregivers one of the types the family
6:14 am
caregiver and the caregiver called kinship through the kinship supports grandparents and others usually those children live with their caregivers inform variety of reasons a difficult process for the caregiver that is at their time of their life to help their children raise their grandchildren and they're the seniors are taking care of or raising their grand their including the information services, community education on caregiver and a variety of supportive services there are caregiver assessment services and caregiver support groups and caregiver training and case management services and respite care and finally i conducted a monitoring visit in january and found the program in full compliance and oakland since the
6:15 am
last time thankful built an internal database to track their services one of the staff members built the program on her own time and on the weekends and i'll like to say they've got a more accurate compiling the services of providing and the fact that someone internally did that was amazing i want to give note is that we ask fewer approve for the kinship program i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners. >> commissioner loo. >> telling me what the the special event. >> a variety throughout the year one of the special events they would cack the grandchildren to a movie and then a special event for the
6:16 am
senior grandparents so they have a support group which i've sown in action before it is great the folks know each other and support each other especially one program to get the kids ought to do activities for the kids so it gives respite to the grandparents to do a variety of activities brings fruits and vegas vegetables. >> like an operation monday through friday. >> we have 52 weeks okay. it is 5 days so 360 days of operation not 244. >> 255. >> i see what you're saying oh. >> so i'm sorry ask your
6:17 am
request again. >> 52 weeks in a requester 52 times 4 is 200 and 60 days and listed on mine. >> no, no, no my best guess that has to do with with holidays i guess maybe they've miss calculated i can follow-up and verify with the folks. >> commissioner sims. >> on page 46 it calls out in a couple of plaza commitment to digital communication with a telephone coverage online and our meetings are in person can you elaborate a little bit on the underlying digital support
6:18 am
this supports. >> it relatively new i didn't have a lot of detailed information i can get that but my understanding from the program director when i was out there some folks can't come in so they get the services through a digital. >> like a web x. >> i think that skype is another one. >> i was curious the age demographics it encourage to see the grandparents taking advantage of those kinds of platforms and keep in mind that the grand is assessing those a transfer of learning from grandkids to grandparents.
6:19 am
>> yeah. do you know the youngest and oldest grandparent age. >> whew i honestly do not know the - >> there's a some young people like in their 30s and 40s they maybe older grandparents and wondering if - >> right. >> how you there's a difference. >> yeah. yeah. >> in terms of needs. >> right so what i've seen the 3 times i've gone on site and done the monitoring reviews i see active seniors who are engaged in the program i mean when i walk in on the group people turn around and smile additional happy regardless of their age their engaged in the services they're provided so -
6:20 am
>> so you don't see gravrpts that may have been a disability and i can't comment. >> would that impose a different kind of services or require more respite. >> right. >> of younger entrant i'm looking for that. >> my guess it would that's why the services are varied and so many opportunities for kinds of services in the program you know there's the groups, there's the classes and the case management component so all those ways in which the services are provided to the seniors depending upon the age or disability. >> but you don't have that hearing none, other questions. >> any public comment? any public comment? >> human right can i have a
6:21 am
>> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. that motion carries d request an authorization to renew the contract agreement with- the associate for the block grant health and safety related time city mogul from july 2016 through june 2018 in the amount of $40,000 plus a 10 percent contingency for a total contract not to exceed $44,000 can you have a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> okay. >> good morning. i'm here seeking our approval for a 2 year renewal this company provides the hosting and management of our time study website and database times can be calibrate so i'll try to describe is it in three
6:22 am
or four members it sentences that is a website utilized by dos and ph o on the dos side your adrc community services and case management staff participate in the studies 4 months per year during the time study they go in daily and log in their time breaking down into 4 categories at the end of the month our fiscal staff runs that there formulas and has a report to leverage federal funding for reimbursement for the services we're providing through the programs we looked to generally incorporate and look to rely on this time study funding for 14 percent of our overall case management and 15 percent of
6:23 am
community services and 19 permeation of our adrc funding the big picture the annual value is $20,000 in fiscal year 2014-2015 it helps us leverage over 9 had and $50,000 in federal funding so it's a pretty good deal that's all i have but happy expounded on the position. >> any questions. >> yes. >> commissioner ow. >> you mentioned 4 area of study. >> yes. >> name those those four areas. >> the big one we want to solicit - isolate connecting people are medical decreasing or traipt a medical paper or
6:24 am
application or help them figure out and the other categories are other non-health related tasks to their position supervision and time and sick time and vacation time. >> any other questions. >> any public comment? any public comment? at this time? hearing none, i'll call for the >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. that motion carries thank you. >> last item request an authorization to renew the contract with m v transportation for the provision of transportation services for the mentally disabled to 2018
6:25 am
and angle amount of 60 thousand plus 10 percent contingency for a total not to exceed 66 thousands can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved and second. >> good morning commissioner president james and commissioners i'm mary ann on behalf of the public conservator this is a contract to bring the clients out of county back to stock that o san francisco for hearing dates and as we've discussed earlier housing is limited in san francisco most of our clients in the cover for office are out of county we need transportation to bring them back for court hearings. >> the 60 thousand contract we're asking for an extension of two years.
6:26 am
>> okay any questions coming from the - any questions. >> approximately, how many clients i know you probable have this you planning to serve. >> in - we serve about 8 hundred. >> 8 hundred and that are out of. >> total. >> oh, it's quite a bit, quite a few of the folks. >> any other questions. >> any comments from the public any questions from the public? commissioner ow >> i do have a question you said 8 hundred of fellows take care of those people 8 hundred is not residing in san francisco. >> oh, no. >> that's the total number. >> that's total number; right?
6:27 am
so how many are out of town. >> about half-and-half i think at any give time. >> we don't have that many folks to take care of our own people. >> a small town geographically and a lot of the clients are in ychiatric facilities. >> any other questions. >> hearing none, i'll call for the vote - >>. he's always any public comment hearing none, call for the vote >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. that motion carries now announcements? any announcements hearing none, any.
6:28 am
. hearing none, can i have a motion to adjourn >> so moved. >> there is a motion and a second that we adjourn the meeting >> good morning, everyone my name is supervisor president london breed of the board of supervisors and to my left is the button chair supervisor farrell and joined by supervisor wiener and supervisor tang to here the mayor's proposed balanced budget for fiscal year
6:29 am
2016-2017 we look forward to what is proposed a number of department heads and commissioners and others i look forward to a robust conversation about that fiscal year budget and we'd like to welcome you mr. mayor to present your budget thank you so much for being here. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, supervisors, good morning to the members of the public, thank you supervisor president london breed and budget chair farrell and board members your elected officials and commissioners and all of our department heads also thank you to labor and community leaders for joining us and welcome to everyone watching at home thank all of you for you're support as we deliver a balanced
6:30 am
two-year budget. every year the budget gives us an opportunity to address the issues our city cares about this year we have a $89.6 billion budget budget to loot and invest in ways that reflect our san francisco values my budget submissions and the boards deliberations in the coming weeks it city hall's way to menu our priorities our city is facing challenges we can't deny that neighborhood crime is up and homelessness is visible and preying concern, the need for reform in our police department is evident i hear from resident about those issues they want safe and clean
6:31 am
neighborhoods they want us to address homelessness they address it in a humane way 2 respect san francisco's values and want world-class city services well, this budget addresses those needs it invests in answers to homelessness and housing, that invests in police reforms and pedestrian safety and quality of life in our neighborhoods and the well-being of our people we're using this unique time to make the lives of all the residents and the city stronger homelessness is a top priority we all know that there are far too of people on the street in fact, in and around city hall
6:32 am
and across the neighborhood and telling the truth across the country and fortunately to as the initiative and compassionate programs to lift people out of homelessness and programs that are like care not cash and project homeless connect and direct assessed to housing the first lgbt in and of itself founded in san francisco and while we have make significant process progress in serving the homelessness veterans and families and youth we know we have to do better we're making investments to serve and house people experiencing homelessness through our navigation center model we'll helped 5 hundred people move off the streets were you we're set to open at a
6:33 am
navigation center with additional 93 beds but navigation centers are not enough they need permanent housing that's why in that budget i've included funding for three hundred units of supportive housing for expansion of housing empties for seniors and people with disabilities and this budget fulfills any promise to create a new department who's sole mission to end homelessness for an individual, a family and veteran this united strategy and delivery service delivery system insures we're working and highest sufficiency and help 98 thousand people exit homeless in
6:34 am
the years as you may know i appointed jeff the head of the homeless and supportive housing his official day is tomorrow i think he started last month and i'm confident under his leadership homelessness with will be rare and brief and a one time occurrence >> in addition to addressing the challenge of homelessness violence preservation and reforms to our public safety are at the top of shared priorities my budget includes comprehensive reform package and a $20 million have felt over the next two years to implement reforms alone are not enough to have an impact on community violation for the communities of color this budget combhudz new
6:35 am
funding for violence preservation programs that we know work for residence at risk of intraer into the criminal criminal justice system this includes funding for jobs programs and an african-american violence preservation collaborative and the strengthening of our crisis and outreach teams additionally the budget includes funding for policed rofrnlz to build trust between police officers with increased oversight arbitrates, and other we will insure that accompanied by the right training outline officers will have the equipment and tools they need to do their job and protect the public like the growing of the departments body camera program and i know those investments in our police
6:36 am
department must be accompanied by funding for office of office of citizens complaints my proposed budget a 25 percent increase in investigators and insuring a full response to every officer-involved shooting this budget also focuses on the quality of life in our neighborhoods this is an issue we all hair about it every community meeting the need for safe and clean neighborhoods that's why i created our new neighborhood based fix it teams which will but for city workers from evidently departments with the side it fix it strategy we also expanding our street cleaning and building on the successful pit stop for the improvements 6 quality of life in the neighborhoods as part of focus we need to get more
6:37 am
officers into your neighborhoods our 6 year public safety hiring program will continue over the next two years the city will reach one thousand nine hundred and 70 officers by the end of 2017 and it is vitally we make the investments that will pay off in the long run in this budget you will see full funding for the capital improvement plan and the information technology and our aide equipment program this includes strengthening our seawall and funding critical presented equipment go ladies and gentlemen, our strong economy allows us to make those investments and demonstrating our provided priorities to our residents i remember as sure as you do our city was cutting the budget and
6:38 am
not adding that's why wire committed to successful financial policies we put in place like two-year budget and longer o long-range planning times are good idea we can't get lazy this is important to self-confidence r safeguard our resources and strategic about the initiatives to bring the voters theirs affordable over the long run and it is important to bring in new revenue about when it is possible i'm proud to partner with many of you on the major revenues major initiatives i want to thank you for putting in the work to creativity this sales tax and thank you supervisor john avalos, supervisor wiener km and supervisor farrell for your leadership and most
6:39 am
importantly to community leaders and business strrmentdz or stakeholders stakeholders that are supporting this effort the revenue if the sales tax helps us to keep the promise to have a grammar transportation system and pave our roads and take care of our homeless residents as i said my budget priorities are homelessness, public safety reforms and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods what's no coins the top priorities from all of you in the past months as well i know that each of you have issues specific budget krsz that we've done our best to address as many as we can this includes the funding for navigation centers and pit stops and nonprofit displacement the implementation
6:40 am
of the legacy businesses and hiv and aids supervisors in 23 spirit of coordination for the great good idea of the city i present a two-year budget balanced budget for your careful consideration i respect this board r0eb9 to improve on the violate product i commit in collaboration with did you in the weeks to come thank you to our controllers mr. rosenfeld and his team for helping us keep in mind the biggest financial picture of the city and a preempt to harvey rose and melissa light house my acting budget director and the staff for their sole hard work in getting us ready for today and a final thank you to everyone ♪
6:41 am
chamber this morning for being part of this very important city process thank you, everyone >> (clapping.) >>
6:42 am
>> i want to thank our city
6:43 am
administrator and her public works director for being here with the dpw street paving crew. also, our neighborhood services as well. derek, thank you for being here this morning. we are here to go to work. i know it's a political year and everybody's talking about some big election that were going to have but, i think the real story is about the mostly the men today get where are the women? we have to deal with that get there we go. where are your hardhats? okay. well, i was there is a men and women. today is mostly men that are out here. at our neighborhood corridor and this is of coarse, one in many many neighborhoods across the city where we get a chance because our city is economically strong and thanks to our capital program that our city administrator is involved in. thanks to their mind or from a public works that they want to be out here paving all of our streets. you know, one of the great people that in a city that
6:44 am
is increasingly become very expensive for people is our own streets. if our streets can be paid everybody can use them whether you are a senior, whether you are a young person, whether a bicycle rider. when you take a ride share with you guide drive your own vehicle back and forth, everyone uses our streets. that's a great equalizer and when we fix it up than every single neighborhood of the city benefits from this. this is sometimes what we were for to as shared prosperity of the city. in years past, when we did not have the resources in our capital program suffered, then our parks and our streets suffered first. i want to say that we just concluded next two years our capital program over four lap $411 million from our capital
6:45 am
planning and he and our whole bunch of smart numbers people get in there and they crunch numbers and they say, hey, look, if we spend this amount than that apartment late dpw can say, you can get to that magic seven. is every window with the magic 70 is? this a pci index that engineers know about. i plot the others and the engineer department and they will tell you that's how street levels are graded in cities like san francisco. it's what they call a pci index. for over 30 years, we got close to this number 70 and now it's within eyesight. i think if we are disciplined in making sure that our capital money sources are spent in paving all of our streets were to get to this magic number 70, which is something we've not a published in over 30 years of investment. that every year it's been the streets come do we want to do
6:46 am
that or do we want to do trees. people voted for the trees did that was parks and people voted for parks. that was health institutions and people voted for the health institutions. so we never got a story out there about how streets are so important to us and how maintaining them is a great service to every single neighborhood in the syndicate were finally able to do that and this is important and it's part of our 10 year capital plan, but were funding the next two years at $411 million. that's a significant amount. i know that those that are involved in our capital planning have something to smile about because it's not just streets good streets is one of the key examples. that's why we are here today. we are going to do more of the streets for the benefit of all of our neighborhoods,, all across the city. over the next two years. but in addition to streets, infrastructure is about all the other aspects assets that we have. for example, they dpw horizon particularly for engineers is outrageous. third street grades. christmas
6:47 am
creek bridge. they have to be maintained and put in a good state repair. guess what? the largest population growth is happening in the southern part of our city and were needing to grant across those bridges a lot. those are bridges that are constantly used for mission bay, for all of the development in the dogpatch and in the hunters point area. there also going to be of course, a ballpark and eventually [inaudible]. so, that's going to happen in the next couple of years. those bridges will get repaired. in addition to that, there is something that we have not talked about in public a lot. something a little more hidden in our-underneath our streets, but something i've been dedicated to discussing with the port about and that's the infrastructure called rc wall. that seawall is goes all the way from the fisherman's wharf area all the way down to
6:48 am
the ballpark and onto your 50. that seawall is absolutely critical for everything that is from the water to the peers to the embarcadero roadway. if we don't keep that seawall up in good shape, the water eventually, will you road all the infrastructure underneath, which includes our wastewater, unclean water, all of the utilities, will all be subject to incredible incredible cost is not danger, in of course, the majority of our ports assets we lie on the seawall. it's about time we started talking about it because the seawall is over 100 years old and we have not made any very
6:49 am
significant investments in the seawall. that's another part of our infrastructure. there's another part of our infrastructure that we don't talk about until there's flooding in the city. that is places like telegraph hill. you know, that very steep hill where i kind of look up and i get nervous and all those condominiums up on top and how steep that hillside and every year, every two years or three years, when the heavy rains come, you see a little bit of a you rose and i called the city engineer or all call these private companies that dpw has oncology what's going on. they say, well, the earth is moving. it's sliding. we got to reinforce those cliff areas around the telegraph hill. otherwise, thousands of homes will be in jeopardy. this is all part of infrastructure, all part of capital planning. when we do capital planning at 10 year stretches, we want to take care of infrastructure like
6:50 am
these and we do it in a very land way. we do it in the way it does not shop the general fund every two years, and when we do this planning everything, all of our assets get touched. they get treated. in one year it'll be these kinds of things like our streets and our hillsides and are bridges,. another year it will be our parks. another year it will be our cultural institutions that need to get a touch. you talk about parks. again, that's an asset that everybody enjoys. particularly, if you're a senior or families with children, more and more of our parks are being used with to keep them clean. keep these assets not only clean but expanded, we-updated refreshed, and this is how i think our city is so successful with our residents. so, i want to say today, thank you dw for being out here. particularly, the mostly men and some women that are going to be picking this street the right way and it's going to last 50 years, right?
6:51 am
not to come up here for another 50 years. so when we do this, we do it right. yes. we've got to tell everybody when we do the streets, that the tell all the utilities were coming in because i don't than breaking into the street saying you do not tell us about it we notify everywhere. we have the residence and of course the residence of the happiest. they get to come out and drive on some smooth streets. they don't have to tell me at least this block, will be donated stories about how their transmissions not ruined and had to buy new tires. but we need this kind of treatment to get to this pci index we been longing for, where the grading of our streets by the federal highway administration, who funds part of this, by the state, will say that let's keep this kind of high-level streets smoothness in our capacity, and every neighborhood will benefit from it and all the neighborhoods will be better as a result. it
6:52 am
begins with good planning. we've got all the people that will execute all this. and the more you were out here in the neighborhoods of getting things done or fixing our streets, or fixing on herschel corridor, again, with public works leadership, were putting additional pit stops were people need them, they don't need them in this neighborhood, but in other neighborhoods, were going to keep a good relationship with our neighbors and i hope that the neighbors will want us to finish this quickly and go on to the next streets. but, thank you to the men and women of pablo's for your dedication,. keep working hard to get this stuff done and then go on to the next week. would you do all employee. by the way, the next two years of infrastructure work that i just talked about over 3400 jobs
6:53 am
keeps everybody employed. that, again, we have such a low unemployment rate but i never want to ever forget that when i started people were screaming at me for more jobs. now we get to employ more people. does that feel better? with a lot of jobs? yes. our dignity to move forward with these really good jobs. i get, what effect our city administrator, public works director, art and neighborhood services and capital planning group for everything they do and that's keep on working and that's what our neighborhoods. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you mr. made. naomi kelly city administrator and have the honor to chair the 10 year capital plan. it's a 1.6 $6,000,000,000.10 year plan that is transparent with a public process process. the plan that oversees our infrastructure over the next 10 years and helps us prioritize where to spend our money over the next 10 years and it's creating more jobs. as the mayor mention. our unemployment
6:54 am
rate is down to about 3.1%. thank you, mr. mayor are all the jobs you're creating in the city. one of the reasons that are capital planning process is so successful, started by the former former city administrator current mayor, ed lee 11 years ago and because of our long-range comprehensive planning where we are looking at projects, we've estimated how much the projects are going to be and when were going to complete it, then we make good on that promise. the voters and the residence of san francisco have appreciated. we delivered on a sf general hospital. we delivered on time and on budget a public safety building. we are keeping our promises and we are delivering our promises to the voters and the residence of the city. simply put, because of this good planning, arbitron ratings are high. they trust what we are doing in this 10
6:55 am
year long-range processor stopping fly-by-night ideas together. we are actually doing a lot of planning. so, i want to thank the department of public works in all the work they do. the clues behind us because as a resident in san francisco in i enjoyed writing over smooth streets and i look forward to driving down the street very soon. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you all for coming out. i am probably the most excited one of all. everybody out here today get me along with my cruise because of the commitment that the mayor and city administrator have made towards improving our city. you heard from the mayor stabilizing telegraph hill. fixing our bridges. fixing our playgrounds. our firehouses. all the things people want to the capital planning process, those are prioritized and does receive funding in the next two years. to see-you will see the big difference. i think since the last two years under the
6:56 am
mayor's leadership, we have a better working relationship with city partners. the public utilities commission, the mta. together, were working really hard to deliver the projects that make a difference for the people of san francisco. we have some projects in the works and now and those are the result of some of the capital planning also. my cell street is being done. potrero right there thereby the new hospital that's being done right up to ocean avenue is being done and coming soon, we have a lot more. we have second street. second street is going to be an entire new design with nice bike pathways among nice sidewalks where people can walk, and really achieving the type of streetscape that offers twice the sky city like san francisco should have. today, were paving the street that was last week caved in 1989. the payment was given score was
6:57 am
1500 at the end of today this pavement score will be 100. 100. that's what were doing. were going all around the city and paving streets. this year, our goal was to pave 600 bucks and were already at 639. we've exceeded the number of blocks that were plan. so i'm very very >>[applause] >> from public works, were very very appreciative for giving us all this work. i think that that city people san francisco are appreciative, and let's go and do some painting and finish this block mayor. thank you. thank you very much and we have the hardhats? >>. >> working for the city and
6:58 am
county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries
6:59 am
but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc we will begin with the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you madam secretary. >> this is a reminder under the administrative code the ringing and use of cells and
7:00 am
pagers and similar sounding electronic devices is prohibited set all to vibrate or turn the device completely off now the regular meeting wednesday, may 25, 2016, and the time is 5:00 p.m. item one roll call. >> commissioner president covington commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner nakajo commissioner hardeman chief of the department chief joanne hayes-white and item 2 public comment members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction pooifkz
7:01 am
the speakers, the lack of a response does not remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individuals. >> thank you, madam secretary any members of the public who would like to speak at this time. >> thank you just come to the podium. >> game-changer commissioners and chief my name is dan (inaudible) i'm here to speak on the same topic as last week (inaudible). >> by all means that was taken off the agenda can you watch his the time it was taken off the
7:02 am
agenda there are ongoing discussions and deliberations regarding how best to solve that problem okay. so continue. >> in this case, i will just like to keep this at the first and foremost and (inaudible) currently we have 3 field supervisors covering the entire city and frankly (inaudible) the varsity (inaudible) and crews cost i wish my experience as a paramedic and acting sf r s d
7:03 am
(inaudible) to allow people that work for me to receive the best they possibly can (inaudible) if a supervisor can't make to out to (inaudible) make the difference in crew safety were we also have a responsibility to the public to provide safety if our crews are not able to work to the best of their ability, their not properly supervised and that's not fair and the interest interest of having supervisors in the field will be time we may have an mc i casualty and one of
7:04 am
the supervisors is dedicated to that he can have an example s d that is working on retaliation we have had one supervisor for the entire city . >> thank you any public comment on this item? at this time seeing none, public comment is closed. please call the next item >> item 3 approval of the minutes minutes from the regular meeting of april 13, 2016. >> thank you, madam secretary
7:05 am
just for my fellow commissioners before we vote on this item i have cared with our commission secretary and there were a couple of things in the minutes for our meeting in the mission that i would like to expand on page 4 under presentation item 7 - presentation from the bureau of fire investigation i am suggesting we have a little bit more information about our fire marshall comments regarding the fires in the mission and how the numbers and type of fires compare to other district in the city not here and included so
7:06 am
paragraph and visuals for that captain russel on page 5 go those are not changes but changes i'm proposing at this time. >> (inaudible). >> okay. thank you that is for the april 27th meeting second. >> seconded by commissioner hardeman > all in favor signify by i. > i. >> all right. april 27th and we have the minutes for april 13th signify by the if you
7:07 am
say okay special meeting from may 13, 2016. >> so moved thank you please signify by the. >> i. >> all 3 minutes have been approved item 4 certifies and acknowledgment of appreciation for the mta who took swift action on a member of the public that experienced an emergency thank you dmilg i'd like to ask the captain up to the podium and while doing so i want to acknowledge captain oftentimes we don't hear enough of the great work of the colleagues no the city and the
7:08 am
captain took the time to let us know i wouldn't have common about the great partners in the sfmta we appreciate you're adding to the agenda i thought since the captain was here and acknowledged and asked for the mta members you'll describe that. >> (inaudible). >> perfect. >> exactly. >> i'd like to take the opportunity to commend the actions of sfmta on february 19, 2016, engine one responded to (inaudible) the call came in at 613 and a slower response time the quick actions by bystander
7:09 am
cpr by folks were vitally no saifgs the patients life they assistant the patient and was not breathing through chest compressions got the candy and crew one was able to transfer that's a lot more sanitary than on scene an awful scene quite a period of time revealing the person definitely went above and beyond the call of duty and thank you to the officers for their action chief. >> thank you, captain and thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the coworkers and colleagues at this time, i'd like to join you and acknowledge the great work of the mta and the supervisors is here meg in
7:10 am
any if we can get the employees to come up. >> so i'll read from here each of i are receiving a certificate of merited communication they'll be the same to for our service and quick actions to a patient from a partial airway obstruction on february 2016 your quick initiative contributed to the outcome for 9 and to sheryl, karen smith and allen i understand just pled our
7:11 am
emt today at city college i'll present this to you and alleging you'll be speaking on behalf of the group so congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> sherman. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> thank you very much and i'd like to thank the fire department we did on february was i think a small inning with the fire department does all the time and i grew up in the city and born and raised and went to high school and a lot of my friends go to the fire department not
7:12 am
realizing the sxoep that the fire department does for the city i started taking the emt work with all the work i started doing invested with some of the crews and really was in shock the amount of effort, the amount of work that is put in by the fire department to support the city of san francisco and identify seen it amend when i was out there with the ambulance crews to see the miles. >> and the hope for the fire department sees for the whole city the heroes are with the fire department thank you >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you all very much please stay the commissioners would like to say a word or so to commissioner
7:13 am
nakajo. >> thank you madam president hopefully my microphone is on i just wanted to say a commissioner with this fire commission commission chief joanne hayes-white and command staff and members i'm just really move forward by your action this thought in my mind i'm glad you were there that day if it was me i would need your help and for you to take the time to go ahead and work with us i'd like the description you talked about the screen you said a good term that term kind of lead me to the
7:14 am
chaos that might have occurred if not for yourselves and chief joanne hayes-white i appreciate your partnership with the city. >> thank you so much for your services well >> thank you commissioner nakajo commissioner hardeman. >> thank you, madam chair naturally i appreciate san francisco appreciates the action for the duty you're not assigned to we were there in a pinch using your education and abilities to assist sounds like if without your actions the person would not to have survived so thank you very much congratulations and i agree with you entirely with our statement about you don't know much about the fire department until you get involved and as a
7:15 am
commissioner we learn the same thing the duties and how people go about their business each day is remarkable and lucky to have this great fire department in san francisco and back up from services like mta thank you very much. >> thank you commissioner hardeman commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> i'd like to say thank you for your heroic actions. >> i, of course, would like to echo that and want to thank the captain for taking the time and recommend those accommodations so good luck to all of you and thank you, again very much for helping to save a life that day any public comment on this item? anyone okay no thanks again