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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 62116  SFGTV  June 29, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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themselves counseling no known way to slow alzheimer's and everyone's brain is at risk a wide variety of free or loss cost education and services to families facing alzheimer's through the san francisco at 100 pine street san franciscans effected by or relayed dementia all your twenty-four hour help line anytime are talk with a care professional and get support during alzheimer's and brain awareness month share the facts to raise awareness and end the stigma i have brochures and posters with me here and grateful if you'll share them and electronic resources and an article that we'll be happy to share and i'll be rim to not talk about this morning i woke up and saw pta submit passed
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away diseased in 59 with dementia. >> thank you for your support. >> (clapping.) >> thank you all for the work you do thank you very much and congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> times up. >> all right. supervisor kim you have accommodation.
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>> i do thank you supervisor breed i'm presenting a certificate of honor today in memory of corporal one of our world war ii veterans the philippines and u.s. army and the first and on filipino to receive the silver stairway award the highest for valor with the u.s. ahbp she passed away ton june 16, 2016, at the ripe old age of 95 years we have the general council of the philippines who will come up to accept the accommodation on her and her family's on behalf of samgsz earlier the u.s. solicited star metal it the third highest honor for valor
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warranted to the members of air force and the only asian woman the four other women in world war ii served as nurses in the country of eyewitness the next woman was not until 2005 and again in 2008, we need to do a little bit of work but someone we continue to remember in her life and valor her certification stated an intelligence operative in the philippines on february in 1944 quote repeating risked heir life to carry the radio and medical supplies to heavy i didn't enemy held territory she was arrested 3 times and that accident happen all 3 times harm
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free she was have had the opportunity enlisted in the pennies and a member of the usa f i p in 1945 cornell the man that offered her a position recommended that she be awarded the silver star and last night she was awarded the philippines the resistance movement metal the world war ii metal and the philippines equivalence she moved to california in 1969 she later in her second stage of life worked at pack bell and owned a home and explicit talk about her war experience she's survived by her sons and daughter of waiving her husband and adopted son - corporal one
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of the 200 plus filipinos that fought on behalf of the united states it is trowel any honor to recognize ms. fiona's and equally important we remember her story and encourage and valor it is also important that we educate our students and young people about the work of many filipino veterans but who defied all war concerns to fight on behalf of country's would interpretation 2k3wr50u8d i attended her memorial and heard the stories from her son and daughter and grandchildren she
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was truly a remarkable woman and the stories were urban imaginable for her intelligence and bravery and a form person that introduced a bill calling for the inclusion of world war ii in the pennies for grades 10 and 11 we must continue to remember our filipino world war ii veterans and this is a huge feat colleagues, i want to thank all of you for passing the legislation during the filipino and house resolution 2337 of the speaker the house of representatives to make the predicament arrangement for a single gold metal to the filipino veterans in recognition of their service in this war and again, i want to recognize the many communities members that
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are keeping her story alive who are here and organizations like veterans equality and alyssa and recognize the general council hymie and reggie and mention an author that will be writing a book about corporal and here in london to interview family members and others that know here to insure that her life and story is recorded in time corporal led a remarkable life we're lucky she lived a century with us in this community and inspiration for many particularly as a female to have her leadership in advance is so important for opening the doors thank you general council to accept the accommodation for her and on her behalf. >> thank you supervisor jane
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kim on behalf of the family of her and the filipino general council here in san francisco and the entire bay area and on behalf of the filipino american veterans those who desired and still leaving fromz express our appreciation's to you supervisor jane kim and the supervisors of the city of san francisco what was so difficult to get that recognition from washington, d.c. it was good to have that here in this city of san francisco and we owe this to you jane and the entire board of supervisors and again on behalf of the family we would like to accept this with gratitude thank you
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very much . >> (clapping.) >> thank you for your family service and congratulations again, thank you . >> (clapping.) >> and our finally
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accommodation will come from our supervisor from district one supervisor eric mar thank you supervisor president breed and colleagues i'd like to ask if laurel can come forward and any other staff or family members to join her if you can it is my honor to acknowledge before our board of supervisors the champion for young children a tremendous leader involving early education and special education integrated with children and champion for free school for all laurel is retiring from the commissioner, i know all the different teachers and educators and parent that you touched through the years laurel has larkined
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over 35 years i think you came here in the- your parents were 35-year-old and your lifelong focus to approve the outcomes for the youngest children for social justice and growth i know that supervisor yee was on one of the first 5 commission i served for 5 years and supervisor cohen as well but many of us know that laurel has been the executive director of the first 5 for 10 years she's improved the likelihood of children to be school ready and access to all resources during the 10 year at the first 5 i might add has overseen this investment of 200 and
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$70 million in comprehensive programs for early childhood and the model of evaluation system for different education centers to the preschool for all is look at because of your leadership and laurel was the regional director of the judiciously family and children's services for over 10 years responsible for development development and operation of the agencies four family research centers in mental health programs yeah. i forgot to mention did connections with mental health and young children and the developments of many parents from your leadership and directed the judiciously family the high-risk federal and special ed legislation for children to 5 earlier a teacher and a leader in special ed the coordinator
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for agencies in san francisco that was covert every intervention kids with special needs and families and championing the inclusionary model i want to say your staff quoted talking about i loved working with you laurel i i know you'll be a leader your staff says laurel generously cares and provided a calm that on comes with true integrity let's honor laurel colleagues. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> and before we give a chance to speak supervisor yee would like to make a few comments. >> laurel. >> yeah. >> really does seem like yesterday when we first started
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in this view to be a little bit earlier in terms of earlier education but i think it was no 80s. >> it was yeah. >> we met and in charge of her work and the organization that was working for her also was involved that special needs for the kids and so it was a real great partnership at the time and okay. now you're leaving that organization never cross paths again and every 10 years we keep on crossing paths a great, great work relationship experience for me to be able to work with you on all the issues that impacted very young so tremendously what you've done with the supervisor program is made into a national model and
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you remember the secretary of education came to san francisco several times from washington, d.c. to say how do you do it in san francisco we want to do this in the united states they haven't done it at least they're looking at the right model so laurel the joke i guess not a joke today it seems for the last ten years you're going to retire it is hard for me to believe you've actually retire we'll miss you i'm sure in the next few years we'll cross pathways in san francisco endeavor that will approve the lives of young children and congratulations. >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much laurel i want to say thank you it is a tremendous pleasure to work with you even for a brief stance for the couple of years i served with our board you've been a tremendous champion and a great job of educating me on the
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importance of good quality solid committee early childhood education and on behalf of the many thousands of children that have benefited from our love and your great work i just want to say thank you. >> thank you very much thank you. >> thank you laurel first 5 is a great program and a great program because it a credible leadership we're so grateful fewer service and commitment to making sure that all of our children in the city and county of san francisco have an equal opportunity to really good childcare the workshops and the organizations the work with the community and providing outreach it is a great inspirations you'll definitely be missed in the city and county of san francisco whoops members of the board i thought we were
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done supervisor avalos. >> hi yeah. >> just want to say thank you for your great service and your item as you guys really have raised childcare and earlier child education to the highest quality in the country and part of our dedicated service and your staff as well and wish you all the best. >> thank you so much thank you pursue thank you so much i think that the stars were lined when i came to the first 56 a roller-coaster ride as you may know i remember that the first board of supervisors meetings i had like two minutes to speak and someone said thanks for doing god work governor brown governor brown governor brown and the next person spoke for 35 minutes knowing they were in front of the television the next time i'll come and speak more and board of supervisors
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meeting i feel like i've been blessed with an amazing group of people not only any staff but in the unified school district and in philanthropy and the other departments we're we should be celebrating that we have a high quality universal preschool system in san francisco we have family research centers in every neighborhood and mental health consultation i think that it has been a real honor to see if the universal preschool high quality is one of the kindergarten readiness maybe like mr. earl i'll retiring but hopefully, you'll see sighting of me so you thank you very much. thank you, thank you. >> wait i do want to say that i'm really exist and happy and honored to pass my baton to ingrid the next executive
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director so. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, again for your service and congratulation ladies and gentlemen, that's our final accommodation for today, we'll be resuming our regularly scheduled board agenda and we actually have a 3:00 p.m. special order 106 of market street madam clerk call those items. >> item numbers 25 to 28
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comprise the 3:00 p.m. that was continued from may 17th to hear under persons interested in the planning commission certification of a conditional use authorization dated march 17, 2016 for the proposed project on 1066 market street and item 26 through 28 comprise the motion to approval or disapproval for the conditional use authorization and to direct corps as the finding and okay looked like we have at sponsor has withdrawn the cu and we will need to take public comment since this hearing was scheduled are there any any public comment on this item? to commitment on it particular item seeing none, mr. washington you want to comment on 106 of market street there i like to comment on anything that is public comment in this
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city. >> would you call san francisco but i'll wait. >> thank you very much. >> a thanks mr. washington. >> all right. seeing no other members of the public public comment is closed. and this hearing has been held and filed is there a motion supervisor kim. >> thank you, colleagues as you may know we did vote on an amended version of this conditional use authorizations last week so i want to thank you for your support and make a motion to move items 26 to 28 to table those items. >> okay supervisor kim has made a motion seconded by supervisor cohen's and colleagues to table without objection without objection the motion to table those items passes unanimously all right. we have is another
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3:00 p.m. special order madam clerk read those items. >> items numbers 29 and thirty the com pissed special order the board of supervisors will convene that was approved on may 17, 2016, to consider objections to the assessment costs submitted by the public works the subject of item thirty to resolution the assessment costs so for sidewalk and curve repairs in the program. >> okay. colleagues today is committee to consider objections to a report of assessment costs submit by the director of the director of public works for work to be done through the sidewalk repair program and consider approved the underlying resolution so let's open this hearing we will first hear from the department and then we will open up for public comment to comment
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and i'd like to let members of the public know that if you have any questions or concerns you will have an opportunity once we finish with public comment to take your issues of concern outside of chamber and there will be a member of the department of public works who what help you revolve the issue then cack into the chamber with recommendations to adjust possibly adjust the report i wanted to let every member know that is our process and with that, i will ask department of public works to make any comments regarding this particular report. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is christen representing the repair sidewalk project it repairs sidewalks in poor condition making it easier for prudent person to comply with
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state and city codes for free of defects like large-scale sidewalk improvements and securing the permits and having the repairs done in a timing manner under the highway and planning code the fronting property owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the sidewalk fronting their property under this program that is notifying the property owner and upon notification by the city to repair the sidewalk go the property owner agreed to have the city perform the work or didn't make the needed raiders by the time as a result, the city repaired the sidewalk and emphasized the property owner and have the contractor perform the necessary work and placed on their property tax under the administrative code if the property owner fails to repair
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the sidewalk after being notified the city will perform the repair and invoice the property owner if they fail to pay the bill it going to board of supervisors for consideration for the next tax bill in the last year, we mailed 3 thousand plus invoices of those invoices two thousand plus were paid which is 88 percent paid as of day tuesday, june 28, 2016, one hundred one invoices totally $92,000 plus were removed from the original list through payments made in the recent creeks we're doing everything we can in 2, 3, 4 report we've submitting 200 invoices plus totally hunter's view including the 12 percent administrative fee the department requests the
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boards approval of the assessment of sidewalk repair program properties thank you. >> thank you, thank you very much and colleagues, any questions for the department and seeing no questions again, i'd like to let the public know i'm sorry can you please come back to the front i missed your name. >> christen low. >> ms. low and who is with you from the department of public works to assist the members of the public. >> judy and have some inspectors here. >> okay so with that, i'll open up for public comment and just want each of you to know someone will address your issue outside of the chamber in order to try and resolve your matter thank you very much first speaker. >> thank you i thought that would be
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important to you know how your program a working i got a bill of 3 and a half years of making folks to the department of public works people there was a problem with the bill all the measurements were wrongs because many papers were removed those were with the friends of the urban forestry and the process what so obstruct active give you a little bit of background i had worked for 3 months with neighbors and signed up over 22 people in my neighborhood and the process was to obstruct active every single person background out that aside when thai job we were left to deal diesel with 3 agencies every person working with difference
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agencies to get various things down when they so-called finished the job it was so horrific i sent pictures and more pictures and sent e-mails and revised number corrections over and over and over and widened my reach to the department of public works and the bureaucracy of urban forestry and various other people s i rp inspection, etc. >> may please show photographs. >> you can in the overhead projector. >> thank you. >> and your time is running too. >> i understand my final.
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>> thank you good afternoon, supervisors i'll take care of the details out in the ham i want to let you
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know on the same dated for the exact same substitutes sp disputes there were two items not done wisp charged we ask they be taken off the bill and did all the stiff stuff in the hallway nothing happened i'm back i'm confused as to why this is what i want you to know i'm doing it again, the work was fine they charged me foyer two things that weren't how done not every there. >> thank you >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> my name is more i live on the street the time they sent in the paper for the repair just the week or two i got injured
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and spent 4 days in the hospital as one month in rehab when i came back there was the work was really bad work done and then it was smelling and it was overflowing so i called the warrant department of emergency they broke the cement to flush it but they told me it still going to offer flow and still doing it today so three years ago when i came back i told the supervisor the problem but they never fixed it so, now i'm willing to pay for the repair but someone has a fix the damage they've done i can't live with this smell all i'm asking is thank you very much >> next speaker, please. >> >> (clapping.) >> and to the audience please refrain from clapping is no the
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allowed in the board chamber and well to wave our spirit fingers i guess we call it but please refrain from clapping thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is ahmed i live on the fifth avenue the work was performed i live in on corner the work was extensive the day they came i hired a contractor he was charging me less than half what the city was charging me i know what the city was charging me was the company you contract maybe but it is i'll tell you how much they charging i that's one thing and the second thing the work was poor quality and right now one of the work they did is already broken it has nothing to do with the use it is in the core and second
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complaint i did two years ago was that they left a lot of debris on the green area in the property and they never removed it i called second time and talked to supervisor offer of the company they never remove is another thing i academia was at that time, they were doing the work they damaged some of the work they were okay they were not damaged at that time, so i don't know have any problem paying what is fair but i think it will be pay all that amount our charging p me if i can get some how want somebody to come and see what that is and second to pay what is fair
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thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> - i'm paying under protest but
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here to honor my father since today is any birthday the thousands and thousands of people that showed up at his funeral to express their gratitude as his constituents will be cheering him in heaven. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> yes my name is tom, i live 2112 avenue we purchased our house in 1999 the city chinese elm - city sidewalk under the previous owner indicates their maintained it after 8 years the tree roots broke through the sewer pipes and cost us 5 thousand dollars and in 2013 public works said the tree damaged the sidewalk we were shocked we're responsible for
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the repair the tree root the city agreed to maintain we said the chinese elm trees had a i think value of root and in the hearing in 2013 and state any case the hearing officer hold me the clock stopped i didn't need to do anything until 9 received and written notice and an e-mail from public works stating i kept on saying i want to written rolling and at the time i asked i couldn't get one in 2014 i came to a hearing at the boarding and hearing i at the same request a written ruling in the neighborhood and never got a response and another hearing with the same request you know, i say the city can
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issue and levy but not a written ruling as well the damage to the sidewalk occurred from a tree that no longer is allowed to be planted anywhere because the tree is such an invasive root system i request ask you look at this it is unreasonable thank you. >> >> next speaker, please. >> i own the property on coal mine drive this is the second time i'm wasting it is ridiculous no damage to any sidewalk and adding the damage just because 33 the city wants to make money and i will not i refuse to pay the charges the city can't fix someone that is not required fixing i have to deal with that today, if i have to take this to washington i
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will but not charging me for something don't have the right to come to any property and charge me and bring the folks to fix what i brought this up to the folks and no response and not coming next week you're my time it is ridiculous. >> thank you thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hi good afternoon, board of supervisors i'm matthew live at barker and california got a notice to repair the sewer vent cover and i did repair it and i sent in the form to patrick the inspector and spoke to him on the phone i sent him a form and then in march i got
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another notice it is not repaired and i spoke to sarah and sent her an e-mail she sent this to the public works and sent her a photo of the - i got another notice you've not repaired it i'm wondering what can i do i've repaired the sewer cover and any future repairs even to the sidewalk if i have to do them how do i prove i've done the repairs is there someone i can speak to. >> you might have not been if the room but expressed there is someone outside to meet with you and talk to you how they can resolve our particular issue. >> thank you a nametag or
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someone. >> ms. low in the back and outside already okay. >> next speaker, please. >> excuse me - i just live on 25 sanchez and my place needs repairs that's fine but scopes is a syrup thing area must have those sounds from the whole building because the sidewalk is kind of bad so all i'm asking is a simple request put in your budget for area must haear muff >> my name is herbert wiener i'm not a property owner but want clarification a hypothetical spokesman's you own property and say there is contractor doing work on our
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block they set up facilities a crack develops in the sidewalk and the owner i assume would be responsible for repair of that property now in my opinion the property owner is being punished for damages by the third party. >> what resource would that property owner have and sealed what resources do property owners have with grievance and public works i believe that public works didn't - so i would like clarification on that thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is louis my mother is the owner of the block 56567 nebraska street i'm the primary caregiver she had a
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stroke 11 years ago and in a fixed income and under a program and her income is just to pay her care and i don't know how she will pay for this. >> that's all my concerns. >> okay. thank you ma'am, and again there will be someone else outside of this chamber once we close the public comment to talk you with. >> next speaker >> thank you i know most of you here i grew up in louisiana with someone that had a green thumb this is throughout the city you need to learn to plant the right trees trees will are roots i think many is the choices of the trees it is beautiful to tree san francisco but release there are poem that want to live
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now who's custodialable for the damages that's - a hard, hard choice i walk all over the city sidewalks being uprooted by palm trees shouldn't be planted there if you want to nice after a keep smooth choose the proper trees i love the fact that san francisco time to be green like maybe you know beautiful city but it is not it is a place where people have to walk so i know that is a comment i'm commenting on the fact i love trees a lot but if you can't pick the right trees to plant who's fault is that. >> i mean how to solve that
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and sidewalks with destroyed by the wrongs kind of trees that's all i have to say i don't on the property owners have to pay for some people wanting to make the city for beautiful by the trees that's my comment have a good day. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors and listening audience and the government channel truly had a lot to do with the creation i'm here to parallel some of the things the people are talking about first of all, i want compliment congratulations to supervisor peskin whom is helping him with that issue on department heads i'm tended to pink i'm tickle pink we have some kind of ivy understand
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students i want to commend mr. brown down in the mayor's office of neighborhood putting in a new program called my understanding when you follow them it is called trying to think of what it is anyway, the promissory note program is going on real good shadow there it is shadow that program get stamp of approval a new earring it is almost like your department heads will be followed by students nauls what the hell is going on at city hall sometimes, it is silly hall anyway 40 second commend commissioner peskin and i'll be there thursday to testify i wrote three of those agencies and this agency we're talking about the public works what the hell is
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going on a lot of the departments in san francisco need to have some kind of an oversight board everything is going really crazy in city by the bay i thought i'll get to say what those property owners what is the department of public works doing you want to charge them more i think supervisor peskin you need to find out what is going on in your department too. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> some years ago right front of the of city hall the sidewalk we had cracks non-nobody bothered to fix the cracks until i bring to your attention of someone that seize that issue so a contractor did some work you saw that parking your cars and saw that work was not done properly so i had to go begin
7:47 am
and the job was fixed now we have this session and this shouldn't be an exercise 2, 3, 4 futility 4 of the people that came here they came here and took time to state their case only for nobody to get back to them now i know the heads of department and francisco you has nothing to do with yes. i do and i'll be here talking about another subject this is what happens the supervisors representative the constituents and one lady came here and said shows not going to pay and she said it 3 time 3 district supervisor instead of was looking at her funny and so i'm
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saying this if you have this experience don't make it an exercise in futility the people come here and state something that is exceptional and in adjudication and a respective if you don't have respective for the constituents you will not get respective and some of you all doesn't deserve respective thank you very much. >> thank you any public comment on this item? who'd like to speak on this particular item seeing none, public comment is closed. and this hearing has been held with that, i wanted to let members of the public know that members of public works is right
7:49 am
outside the chamber so if you have an issue please take our issue to the members of the public works they will then bring this boushgs and recommend the adjustments and we'll continue with the work of board if you're here for our sidewalk talk to the member of the department of public works right outside the chamber with that, let's go back to our agenda madam clerk we were. >> item 20. >> on item 80. >> item 23 an ordinance e-mailed the environment code for the service and oat specified products from styrofoam studying the operative dates and the ceqa consideration or determination. >> colleagues this styrofoam
7:50 am
policy stimuli band through large project many, many years ago by your former our current colleague but ohio this is good environmental legislative and during the hearing a lot of members that held pull this together we worked with the chamber of commerce and other industries and environmental organizations to try and broker the right compromise in order to not have a negative impact on small businesses and others companies that use public policy stimuli for other packing
7:51 am
supply-side that can't necessarily use other types of- there are not alternatives and uses at this point the industry is chained significantly and we doing everything we can if something is available as an alternative to protect the environment this is good policy and step in the right direction it is the right balance between small business and locking the environment and i colleagues would appreciate our support i think that supervisor peskin thank you for your co-sponsorship and with that, i'd like to thank my chief of staff for spaerpd this legislation and working with many of the parties involved to come to the conclusion of this legislation. >> with that, madam clerk on item number 20 can you call the roll. >> item 20. >> supervisor campos
7:52 am
supervisor campos? supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim >> supervisor mar supervisor cowen supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed there are 11 i's. >> that ordinance is passed anonymously on the first reading item 21. >> item 21 a resolution selecting the o'connell as independent auditor for an amount not to exceed $9.4 billion over a contract term to consensus july 1st, 2016, with one year 3 option to
7:53 am
renew same house, same call? the resolution is adopted unanimously item 22. >> to create a figured out performance or preference in addition to allocating the city affordable units and making the variance findings. >> supervisor wiener thank you, thank you madam president and thank you for the land use committee for unanimously forwarding this to the full board with a positive recommendation colleagues this legislation will put into the code frankly should have been there a long time providing the live work preferences to people that live and work in san francisco and your lottery more affordable housing we need to make sure our only residents and people that are living and working here have priorities in terms of assessing affordable
7:54 am
housing, however, colleagues today, i'm announces earlier i my intent to amend this legislation in committee so i'll make a motion we send this back to committee and to amend it with an affordable housing apprehensive for people that are burned out of their units by fire it is been in the news recently some guess horrific fires in the mission but unfortunately, our problems with fires in the city and our city of many old would do framed buildings with oil electrical systems is not limited to the mission we see it in a number of neighborhoods even though the mission is the hardest hit in the castro and the hate eye other parts of city and every time one of those foyers with the immediate passive prompt and the destruction of tenants a
7:55 am
larger number of people's lives that are pillow transformed in a very negative way losing their possessions and logan their housing for the lucky ones finding alternate housing or hold on until the building is fixed they monarch and other are not lucky because it takes a a long time to repair the building and cannot hold on our fire victims are they're in crisis they need all the help they can get in 2011, i authorized legislation the good samaritan this board amazing pass an avenue for landlords to provide affordable rents on a temporary basis this is the next step it is limited group of people low income tenants who are adapted by fire they the
7:56 am
receive a preference in our affordable housing lottery so colleagues it is - we're working with the city attorney to draft that amendment and i will be making that amendment in committee at this time i request this legislation be sent back to the land use and transportation for further procedures. >> okay. so is that a motion to send it back to committee is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor farrell colleagues without objection without objection this will be sent back to committee. >> item 23. >> an ordinance amending the planning code for the development of castro hill sf project by rising the mass to residential mixed use to rezone the operational from a 40 and 50 height limit and making the
7:57 am
variance finding and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is passed anonymously on the first reading. >> item 24. >> item 24 is think ordinance amending the transportation code to clarify the existing regulations revised passerby conduct violations, authorize the municipal transportation agency to establish separate fines and approving the ceqa determination. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, colleagues. i wanted to especially thank you to supervisor campos and along with the youth commission all many young activists in support the decryption for - the court system has placed young people into the court system i think
7:58 am
that children shouldn't have to fight in court for those fines and like for adults in 2012 dreaded as an administrative ticket this is aligned with the principles of free muni for youth that supervisor campos and many young activists and people lead years ago so decriminalizing promotes equality in the system it is consistent with the adult fair evasion i'll say this will help us keep young people out the criminal justice system and i urge support. >> thank you supervisor mar seeing no other names on the roster, and before we move on madam clerk colleagues, can we
7:59 am
take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading. >> all right. folks let's go to committee reports madam clerk please call items 31 and 32 together. >> items 31 and 32 are considered by the land use and transportation at the regular meeting on june 27th and referred without recommendation as committee reports and item 31 an ordinance accepting the offer of infrastructure collision facilitated located with want mission bay accepting an offer of dedication for real property for the city as open public right-of-way and deathly property for public use and amending an official sidewalk and accepting making appropriate findings and item 32 an
8:00 am
ordinance dedicating the property commonly known as c-26 as public right-of-way and mariposa park and for the facilities that comprise the facilities for open space and park purposes and accepting the work ordinances and making the appropriate understanding. >> okay supervisor kim no comment. >> this come out of committee with no recommendation madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> on items 31 and 32. >> supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar sxhoenlz supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee
8:01 am
supervisor avalos supervisor breed there are 11 i's. >> the ordinances is passed unanimously on the first reading all right. let's go to roll call for introductions. >> first on introduction is supervisor campos. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor farrell thank you colleagues i have one in memoriam to with a heavy heart for the former clerk of the board john l taylor that passed one the city's most respected clerk's office and worked for the supervisors for 16 years and brought experience to the board acting with the sense of humor and fairness and served many members on the board of supervisors and public are division and created a bulletin board for city employees to
8:02 am
interact and - he had a distinguished spanning criteria outside of san francisco serving on fresno and berkley and working with the stanford research institute and missed by all of us but his life he tirelessly worked to make us better and survived by waste wife and children the rest i submit. >> thank you, colleagues and bone on behalf of the entire members of the board of supervisors we will adjourn this meeting on behalf of the late john taylor without objection thank you. >> thank you supervisor farrell and supervisor kim. >> thank you today, i'm requesting a hearing to review the bike lane safety and enforcement for the last several years inform close to
8:03 am
thirty people are being killed and 200 or more injured awhile chrysler and last week two lost their lives on their bikes i live on the discredit where katherine lost her life i use it street and today, i bike down that bike lane to come to work at city hall from my own experience we've been working for the last two years with supervisor avalos and supervisor yee office to form and push for vision zero to get cultural design shifts to insure that zero individuals are dying on our streets due to those collisions we know that many of the agencies make the improvements throughout the neighborhood and in our high injury corridors increasing crosswalks and bike lanes and continue to be a bigger city
8:04 am
time to fast track for public safety and bicycle safety we see those fast track changes to insure the long term changes we need to see are all right. in the hoper and proud to work with sfmta to get our temporary bike lane on howard and fulsome more recently an golden gate but where and when we'll put in protected bike lanes to insure the growing city your for the growing number of cyclists including myself in calling for in hearing we like the constituents to hear about the protection of our bablz and nothing more frustrating than seeing a truck or car double parked for these -
8:05 am
with drivers - it also, of course, provides additional tensions has been well documented by streetcars and others bike with cameras they can video what they get to see on a detail basis on the streets i want to say thank my colleagues supervisor mar and commissioner peskin and me that concurred that has religion to a level we need a citywide discussion on this matter lastly i want to raise we must continue to think outside the box when it comes to this measure of the mta and the transportation authority have been pushing on safety throughout the city we have all seen the diagrams if you are hit by a car traveling at 40 mile-per-hour only one out of pen pedestrians will survive but at 20 mile-per-hour 9 out of 10
8:06 am
pedestrians are likely to survive speed is absolutely essential lowering speed is essential inform our city reaching negotiation and speed is ten times the injuries in san francisco and driving under the influence it appears it unsafe 1350ed was an issue at the golden gate park and at fulsome and 7 and follow the direction of standardized like chicago and new york and really exam and hopefully at the sate level have enforcement cameras in i look forward to work with walk sf and with the bike coalition to have a safer city for everyone and i submitted an in memoriam for co-sponsor popular earlier today
8:07 am
and like to - in memoriam on june 22nd earthquake was killed by and speeding driver that ran a red light on fulsome this is gross negligence this young woman as view point and lovely the beloved daughter of john and matter graduated from wisconsin with a degree per her in memoriam site she sought engineering to follow her dreams she loved children and as a growing professional woman continued to see through her eyes a possible - she was a shining light 94 of flowers donations made to the society of women engineers as a social of
8:08 am
engineers we will list this on on facebook page we have to insure that lives lost like those of katherine can't be in vain and we step up to create the design to make our streets less than in conflict and starve for all the cyclists and do doing everything we can around the issue of enforcement and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim and supervisor mar. >> thank you colleagues it is time for san francisco 5 years into the tech boom in the housing crisis to require big technology companies to pay their fair share to address the homeless impact on san francisco i tonight thank aaron peskin and supervisor campos in the broad coalition of organization that are
8:09 am
introducing this with us today, the rapid tech boom in our city and region effects our city's ability to drive and prosper by the growth of tech sector makes it difficult for working families and people to remain in their homes in san francisco to live no more where they work by making tech corporations may their fair share keep the small businesses running so people can afford to live here that's why i'm introducing the fair share homeless task that will have the 5 percent workforce an large tech corporations in san francisco to fund affordable housing and services that will reduce fees on small business owners so more independent merchant can remain in the city and cuts the register fees in half this ballot measures bring
8:10 am
one and $80 million in annual revenue to expand and preserve affordable housing requiring san francisco tech companies and corporations to pay their fair share low help with the rising rents and higher cost of living the city has ocean boulevard million dollars no tax breaks for tech corporations since 2011 in the past 5 years and eliminating a key source of revenue that helps to improve our city and lessen the tax burden for more mom and pop shops the tech boom as priced outs small merchant out of places to live and make a living in san francisco we can't afford to lose of our incredible diversity and unique character the special beauty and fabric of our beloved community san
8:11 am
francisco must remain home inform all walks of life the impact tax is an example of city stepping with solutions and fund for the homelessness crisis for the benefit of common good and change the rules with the housing impact tax to shifter the tax burdens watt from the mom and pop shops and hold the tech boom accountable i thank any co-sponsors supervisor cohen's and supervisor campos and the alliance of californian for homelessness coalition for their encourage in moving this forward i want to give a special thanks to my legislative that working closely with the our city attorney scott putting in many, many hours putting 2, 3, 4 it together additional hopefully this moves you forward i look forward to the dialogue that
8:12 am
follows and also following up on supervisor kim's hearing call for a hearing he will join in support of specific action plans and the vision zero coalition efforts to make sure that no more bicyclists are modern pedestrians are killed i think the tragedy that jane kim brought of of jan death by and hit a home run is not isolated from killing someone riding to gg park and end our meeting with an in memoriam in honor of ms. heather miller 41-year-old that was as supervisor kim mentioned tragically killed awhile bike through gg park on jfk on a
8:13 am
stretch of jfk drive not with a protected bike lane june 22nd both women perished in the evening shotgun remembered in san francisco dark history heather loved her dog and a good glass of wine her friends and family i expressed any condolences to the family of kate flatteningy as well as with the vision zero coalition and upcoming meetings coming up from the vision zero task force i look forward to what kinds of specific actions that will be developed i also want to say that the bike party will be having a vigil tonight from 7:30 to 8 point of privilege it is not to see these as isolated events but with the
8:14 am
biefl coalition so i looked forward to the hearing and the upcoming vision zero meeting the rest i submit thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam clerk colleagues aau as you know this body has lengthy conversation though to talk about the homelessness and easy the surviving of our fellow san franciscans that find themselves without a safe place to sleep and assess services or even use bathrooms when i was on the board of supervisors many discusses and those discussions continue our 2015 homeless count 70 percent of our homeless were previously housed 90 in san francisco at the they become homeless and the two tops were eviction and divorce there is one shelter bed for every 5 and
8:15 am
a half people we have 8 hundred people waiting for shelter will kevin did a study it talked about the homeless here in california starting from the fallout of vietnam war and the shameful treatment to the veterans to the gutting of our fellow social programs under 01980s reagan despite the memorial including the magical and mayor newsom carry not cash thousands suffer on the street earlier this month our legislative analyst we're spending over $20 million dollars to cite homeless for quality of life under the ordinance and yet ours own laws are not decreasing the number of homeless open our streets we all know those facts and figures not
8:16 am
a new resolution and not solved by creating more programs that attempt to solve homelessness i'm delighted we've come together today on the second reading to create a department of homelessness to stop this isolation between the departments and to fully implement a housing first policy that prioritize wrap around services and transitioning the residents into permanently affordable housing we need housing that is affordable and assessable today i'm asking for support to put people before politics in a compassionate and pro-active solution rather than divisive and more failed policies we've been working to get the department of homelessness off the ground i think that is critical that we enable and impervious our new director who brings his years of experience if the homeless and
8:17 am
chp we all know cares deeply aboute. homelessness we need to give him an opportunity to do his job we all work - we all agreed to delay supervisor campos legislation so the gentleman can work with him needed amendments made to speak with one voice and not turn homelessness into a applies issue we reserve money for the department of homelessness to the tune of over $11 million and over $47 million in the following fiscal year and the gentleman has given little hire process for staff and we just opened under mayor ed lee's leadership a new navigation center in the civically e civic center and povpt and his in the
8:18 am
long run agency has a host of recommendations how we should address homelessness encampments we don't meet a 24th allow alu in the piece of the san francisco examiner to try to brej that but work togethertology solve homelessness by commenting pro-active policies today i'm introducing a resolution this is a separate subject in response to the public works solicitation for public comment on criminal background checks for so-called transportation like uber and lyft and other companies the cpuc has attempted to look at the safety risks and make sure the safety of the public is not commodity and the resolution i'm
8:19 am
introducing support that call to public safety under the cutters regulatory regime the city and county of san francisco regulates the traditional taxicab but the cpuc asserts its jurisdiction over the tmcs this an uneven two teetered system to the detriment and indeed to the detriment of the public welfare we know a broad consensus among law enforcement that fingertip basis background checks are the gold standard and the background checks used by uber and lyft has missed serious conviction we here tmc drivers shouldn't be open the road in many instance those crimes could be presented by adequate background checks that is indicative of a two
8:20 am
tiered regulatory between taxicabs and tmcs is any competitive and unfair and even though the regulations that we placed on taxi companies including maneuvered workers' compensation are truly common sense registrations but don't employ to tmcs the resolution i'm introducing supports putting tmcs on the same level the playing field with respect to background checks fingerprinting is the best method and the only way to hold tmcs like uber and lyft to the same standards as taxis the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, madam clerk
8:21 am
colleagues for the past several years grown toirdz of hearing about the care of trees so today i'll be submitting legislation to take back the trees i received calls on a daily basis if angry constituents that are meant by fines or to care for trees not previously responsible for everyone seems to love trees until thai they have to maintain them it is a camp for the university we have to agree on one thing we should take care of our street trees i want to acknowledge - the effort from friends of urban forest and supervisors that worked on creating an urban forestry plan for san francisco
8:22 am
while a number of tree measures are making their way to the november ballot i am being asked time and time again by constituents why can't this happen sooner why did it take an election to overturn the decisions to be changed at the board of supervisors today, i'm proposing a very simple ordinance to echo that very sentiment the city of san francisco should and low take back the responsibility of caring for strrz care for our street trees should be a basic city service during the recession the city reduces the funding in order to save on the critical services it was the right decision to make then but in retrofit it costs us we are now living through the negative consequences of tree
8:23 am
relinquishment program and in addition to the frustration of property owners we end up with a weakened urban forest with trees killed you think maintained and damage from poor care we can't reverse what is done but can take responsibility for what the public directed us to do what our taxpayers expects us to do i find it disappointing we're more and more riling on private citizens and every time we find ourselves with a difficult decision we're grown accustomed to have more taxed to cover what the city should be prioritizing we're not making it easy for working-class and middle-income families to stay in san francisco regardless on the ballot we can do this now if trees are a priority of constituents and the city let's
8:24 am
make it happen for now we can find solutions until a long term funding stream is determined the people have already spoken let's take back the trees so that's one item that i'm submitting and the second item i'm submitting i can't - i think we all agree that car break-ins and burglars are a problem and in my district the number one issue i hear at every community meanwhile e meeting we've held to hearings at the board of supervisors on this very topic there was many reports on auto break-ins in the city when was embarrassing featured in a national publication the in ability to curve property crimes and residents and tourists had enough for the past year working
8:25 am
with the community members local champions and sfpd short time and have long term strategies reduce property crime and invest in more resources to have prevention and the san francisco police department that's why i'm perplexed that an initiative ordinance was submitted for other november ballot to address property crimes through the units of the san francisco police department the residents of san francisco have all right spoken loud and clear will this issue we don't need to go to the ballot box to have a dedicated unit or to provide property crimes for focused attention the ballot proposal can't be amended or changed the proposals does not have time to be vetted or discussed this is a real disservice to the san franciscans i believe that having a
8:26 am
centralized units on property crimes with the san francisco police department is can be helpful but concerned with what that means to the local precincts i'm concerned about whether this will be the most efficient and effective medal method to address the property crimes nothing can be changed on this ballot we can push for something better here and now i'd like to propose a way for us to come together those are issues that what about made and board of supervisors not the ballot box ours protective process provides us with the opportunity to engage with stakeholders and community leaders and the san francisco police department to create something that can work the version i'm submit today is the
8:27 am
same version that was submitted to the department of the elections word for word this is a starting point to work on something we can all support i look forward to working with you to you think if any, to a sensible thoughtful solution the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> thank you, colleagues. i have 3 i'll stand up 3 items for introduction today since march of 2011 i've been serving on the air quality management district income august of 2012 august 6, 2012 the chevron in richmond had a fire and blew up and sent 15 thousand people seeking medical care at local hospitals since that time the staff of the air district have been working on rules to limit emissions from
8:28 am
refineri refineries carbon and oxygen gunmen addicted i'm submitting a resolution calling for the mix of - we include the new medic caps not circling proposed caps are refining below what was allowed by the epa and make sure that they don't increase their emissions to within the epa allows so extending the caps we'll not see more manages of carbon monoxide that is vice chair an impact on climatic change and toxic emissions on the bay area residents health i have to measure supported by
8:29 am
labor and community groups with the refinery groups as well as groups loss close to the fence lines of refineries to make sure in the mix of measures that the air district provide we're including the numeric more in the city of rofshlgd their emotionally the week fourth of july and expect more resolutions to be passed i'm also submit a hearing c request it is related to item 37 only our calendar item 37 urging our san francisco employees retirement system to the disingenuous vest from firearms mustards and item 37 was already
8:30 am
introduced and voted on unanimously by the board of supervisors two years ago closely after sandy newtown massacre and we've also that year introduced a measure to devest from fossil fuel companies i've been focused on making sure that sf first follows open their promises in particular around fossil fuel divestment and staff has been a huge impediment to make sure we make that divestment really real and happening since 2015 we passed the fossil fuel divestment at the portfolio with $15 billion it is notice $20 billion that was the portfolio they've lost $500 million that was 1r689d in fossil fuel companies despite our resolution exceeded gave them with them to make
8:31 am
divestment a reality so for no improvement and just another resolution not worthwhile so i'll calling for a hearing to have sf first come and report to the board of supervisors with their progress has been so for and also think we're missing the mark we talk about devest from guns and gun control and how mustards and other manufacturers are inseparately intertwined with the military complex we're talking about doing gun control we have to have control of our military mustards as well did you know that colleagues office of citizens complaints is requesting we just want our arsenal by a trillion dollars not to housing and education
8:32 am
that is our future being destroyed by the militarization of our planet and so i'm calling for a hearing as well that sf first report to us what is the city's investment in military contractors not just gun manufacturers. >> military contractors and come back after that report with a decision to devest from military contractors as well i'm waiting for the evidence we were promised 25 years ago and it seems is it so as perpetual war i had a quote from eisenhower i'll not use he talked about how the military he pointed out the last speech when he was leaving the presidency our our cultural spiritual life the country are placard and destroyed by the military industrial context i think that 50 or you wouldn't
8:33 am
years proven to be right lastly i have an in memoriam for joseph gi mentions him last week but now an official admonishment he was someone i had honored here during small business month about three years ago she was closing his business down creative music open ocean avenue and mission street he held shop for thirty years had a great business going music and records his passion was bylaws and jazz a great person to talk about music he had served as a signal man in the navy and worked as a peace officer if the city of prior to opening he passed away 1235 on june 13th in the company of his wife, niece earthquake
8:34 am
and his nephew and his memorial had been held monday july 11th at daily city and elba his wife said please donate to an organization that was dear to i don't have the mentor men's movement and donations to 5150 old redwood california that concludes any introduction thank you madam chair rosales that concludes our business and roll call for introduction. >> can you please read public comment. >> yes. >> yes. at this point, the public may comment up to 2 minutes on matters within the jurisdiction of the board pursuant to the board's rules. direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to matter.
8:35 am
speakers using translation services get up to twice the time. and if you need to put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished. as in the case with items on content new unfinished business or the reports items 1 through 32 director our remark to the board and speakers as a whole and not to individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. tshd document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished. thank you first speaker please. >> supervisors today, i'm going to speak about justice for mario woods coalition and on july the 22 you supervisors unanimously declared that day to remember him
8:36 am
so there's going to be to events one on the 22 july the 22 mark it on our calendar and the other one on july 23rd at martin luther king slash jc jones playground on third street and carol supervisors this man should not have been killed or murdered but he was and we do meet every thursday at 315 rhode island to discuss about what is happening on our streets of san francisco and how young men and women are being killed by the police who prefer to shoot first and ask questions
8:37 am
later but i'm here to brought to your attention that in this remembrance ordinance or resolution everybody was very pleased that day was set aside but i'm here to request some of you whose heart was touched by his death if you all can figure out. >> way how some money can be incorporated so this remembrance day can be held much like in the military i know you're not a federal organization but i do know and hope the mayor is hearing we have a budget of 9. $6 billion we know we spend a
8:38 am
quarter of a billion dollars for our homeless but one or two or three or four who can put your heads together this is justice for mario woods coalition so it includes alex, and the others thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> madam president and supervisors good afternoon my name is cecil i'm a manager in my free time i play the french home with the march bands our band was excluded in the japantown this year because of the interference from the chinese consulate pause members of the band follow the engine promises of compassionate and
8:39 am
tolerance in my opinion is an extension of the chinese communist prosecution the brutal of this prosecution is highlighted in health resolution 33 which it was passed unanimously by the u.s. house of representatives on june 13th condemning the practices in chienl foster on june 22nd a study by nobel peace prize david and david killing more as well as investigative journalist was released at the national press club the report revealed an astonishing daily that up to one .5 million prisons like those practitioners were killed for their organs by the chinese regime since the year 2000 the publication as well as the
8:40 am
prosecution has received wide media coverage in the u.s. i urge the san francisco board of supervisors and the community leaders to take action in stopping the chinese consulate from bullying and encourage everyone to join the chores and end to this brutal prohibition thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon i'm david gold a san francisco resident i say was arrested and put in labor camp in beijing and worked on the asian san francisco n go before i was arrested in m
8:41 am
may 2006 several folks came into any home i was put into a labor camp and after arrested my wife come from the uc to seek help in 2007, 8 congress people and congresswoman cosigned several letters to chinese officials with the help of u.s. government i came to the united states at the end of 2008 with my daughter soon after i was released i'm grateful to the u.s. government and other people that helped me and my family my wife and my daughter live in san francisco we enjoy the deciphered community here - just two weeks ago u.s. congress unanimously passed the
8:42 am
number 343 requesting the chinese government to stop their prosecution the u.s. governments taken a clear stands on this issue i hope you can help to keep the administrator of this new city and the core value of that nation thank you. >> thank you one more. >> this is a letter from the congress people. >> thanks. >> i can hear actually think that is worthy and very good request okay. so after the house resolution 343 that condemned the stand against the consulate a new report was released a week ago about the same topic that is mentioned by
8:43 am
the previous speaker i want to introduce a little bit of the authors two our reknown canada attorney the former canada secretary of state as the investigative reporter interviewed by many medias so this report has 8 hundred page and 1y0679 footnotes by the 200 plus hospitals in china and provided the details one and 60 of them and interviewed numerous people the conclusion is gruesome slow motion genocide over one million organs removed if unwillingly adorns so madam president and the members of the public i know that this is a little bit be beyond belief many people feel so including the author themselves around the world disclosed what happened to
8:44 am
6 million judiciously people in holocaust the certification voted never again, the perpetrator tried to cover up and the japantown prayed of san francisco become an unwillingly victim or an accomplice so the issue raised by the report and the resolution warranted - some are inviting investigators tidal ask our board of supervisors when necessary come would you be willing to invite them to take a stand share 0 how they did the findings and - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> game-changer madam president i'm a member of the divine marching bands that was
8:45 am
not allowed to play this is the crime against humanity in china and even investigative reporter was invite to the congressal hearing one .5 organize transport sometimes more than the chinese government is willing to admit and a piece of what he said last thursday asked and answered solve this problem we can't say verify some proclaimed by arranged visit in the words of doctor jabbing if the go ethics committee the son
8:46 am
of a holocaust survivor not repeat the dreadful mistake to the nazi complains camp a pleasant recreation camp in short the medical community can't solve this they need a house resolution 343 and need our research and now investigations and oversight against people going to china and the support of american people not a single israel went to china to take a stand against organize replacement and cutting off fund was not enough. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning president and the supervisors i'm tom i'm a
8:47 am
member of the divine marching band i came here to share the fact about the crime of organize - i'd like to introduce mr. david madison a reknown human rights attorney in canned and served as the canada presentation to stockholm from the holocaust following a short piece of what he said on organ harvesting. >> organ transports buys in china is a donor not a patient demand problem we can end this fwierl in organ transport china will continue yet we doing everything we can to avoid complicity and this calls to conduct a detailed analysis
8:48 am
apple state staungs from non-pefrnlz of conscious i'll suggest this analysis should be more than a presentation coupled with schien denials to fulfill the mandate should come to its own conclusions and a more direct connotation making organ transportation is a crime and conclusion let me say when it comes down to abuse of organ transportation not only the patient is in need of the organize but the u.s. must doing everything we can to stop that introduce happening thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors with the high technology we have in san francisco by the city by the bayer bay people that come
8:49 am
here express their concerns but now only a minute and a few seconds i'm here to speak on the black african-american with the out immigration i found out today, if director sparks of the commission is no longer there in the potrero and the department was talking about immigration speaking of the department heads being the czar of out immigration gives me the power invested in me to audit the departments i'm grateful supervisor peskin and the rest of them is getting ready to create a commission to oversee a lot of the department heads running rampant and affordability most of them don't know what the hell is going on
8:50 am
boy and girl spending big time money and out exhibition i'll ask our supervisors and some of the legislation to put money aside with the 8. $9 billion for out ma congratulations to the younger generation the department heads and set aside set aside you can't call it the 209 but set aside money now collectively supervisors you can do that so conflict resolution collective affordability trust and transparency must be in our communities and have conversations about legislations that's going to our generation more, more lip talk a new group i'm running out of time i try to
8:51 am
stick - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisor president london breed and all the folks my name is still christopher i live on 6 and howard less than 40 years from sea level rise rise to comment on san francisco g spot that's a google spot that is to say the bus stop a spot that you members don't want subject to a ceqa process well i mean, i'll give my christopher's environmental quality analysis if i can get the nvlsz analysis you might start my time this is not an underutilized
8:52 am
muni stop it is one of the most heavily traveled muni stops in the city that is one of the most heavily vehicular intersections in the city the transfer port for the central city bus stops this is the most heavily pedestrian pathway in one of the most in our beloved city and county that is also my regular path on the way to and from my give him every other day and this is a mess a design disaster a tragic consequence of apathy planning and inept planning that is an outrage and going to kill somebody eventually
8:53 am
thank you supervisor breed. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is silvia johnson. i've been looking at the it categories and - this was supposed to be done and was supposed to be talked to about the hearings and other things i went to one just the other day on 17 and they lied to me i was not supposed to be in there so someone is doing damage not passing and curing cancer on this resolution and it is all
8:54 am
over and jealousy i'm tired of telling everyone what we should be doing and nobody is doing anything abused they want - asked me this is awful some message they've been putting money on and nothing happened but killing and no - the ccc and everything else and this is psa has been monotonous visits for somebody that is trying to help the world in reality because of the airport flights and this is you know unreal because their suspected tupidit
8:55 am
they're telling me i don't need to be there in there i'm telling you. >> thank you, ms. johnson. >> next speaker, please. >> hi i've been here years july will be 56 like usually she wants to run out they say go to our supervisors i thought that was what you guys are here for we're telling you was going on in the community and last week your own areas i can't come to somebody for help that's one of you guys
8:56 am
colleagues but in any event i've been living here my mother died her and family died here my son died here on the chest and they're trying to putting push me out i'm protesting against the krooktd police and this mayor you know everybody is getting together and trying to push me out i'm trying to stay in my own community the sad thing i can't go to my supervisor for help you have showed you copies and every time owe show up and ask for help you only get 8 hundred and 88 protests they rewarding raised my rent to 8 hundred and 88 this is where i want to live and die this is my home there are good people put in court with their
8:57 am
children like i said this my home i'm a san franciscan this is my home you guys are pushing us out i'm not going no where i promise you guys i'm not leaving my home but i can't get nobody to help me find a home for two years i'm balanced because i protested the mayor and the police everybody is getting together and saying we're not going to help her malia we had an argument. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is sarah you know my son was murdered i thank everyone accept and expend out your prayers it's been a year and a half the case is not solved i'm growing and trying to deal with the reality of my son being murdered you know, i come here for various
8:58 am
issues today, i'm here in yards to puerto rico an activist in san francisco and bayview for over 15 or 20 years i've seen this young woman fight for the children we all have our issues so do you her son was murdered as my son was murdered you know i'm here to support the families of murdered children so i'm here to support puerto rico in asking london if you can help me in any way to find hours for her we will have to put all the issues aside if she got into an argument with malia this young woman brought truckloads of women to support malia cohen so i'm asking for anyone that has any type of power to be able to assist myself and helping this
8:59 am
puerto rico she's disabled in finding a home and thank you for your prayers and looking forward to coming and helping as many mothers and families that i can who are dealing with the murders of those babies be murder and their families are not acknowledged thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is a mistake i'd like to show this hello headline from the businessman that reads this alabama county wouldn't lower flags with the orlando massacre from the birmingham and politicians in alabama refuse to lower the killing of 49 gay people and straight people in orlando, florida and next, i want to show
9:00 am
hypothetically castro street flag remains added full flag over orlando attacks that is from a gay newspapers in san diego please come back to me that stories appeared in the to san diego press it is shameful that san francisco's harvey milk plaza lowered the flag for 3 hours while the political rally was on june 12th speak some see that has a political rally regardless san francisco unfortunately has something in common with a county in alabama as the only places in the world where flags were not lowered at the president requested from sunday's the 16 through june 16th what is it saying about san francisco that harvey milk plaza flag pole
9:01 am
privatized by the city and controlled by the castro merchants was one of just a handful of places around the world that explicit lover the flag as president obama requested i'm here to say it is time to have a discussion about the president's with the rainbow flag harry harvey would have lowered the flag. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> overhead please. okay tom gilbert a new housing
9:02 am
plan i usually don't get to this thirty percent open market resident register or condos open to the world and if so rentals thaig they're still rent-controlled 10 percent now if this is a half a hundred units in the tenderloin or one hundred unit in chinatown this is what we're getting thirty percent new people monarchy and 10 percent if you're a thirty year resident above 65 years old so we're moving seniors into around the neighborhood if you're 20-year resident in the local zip code we're moving you into the new homes
9:03 am
so if you're a 15 year - for 5 percent if you're a thirty year resident a senior have a shot at the 5 percent of housing the next 20 percent of those homes are for teachers and political and firemen we're not adjusting the price those units are for you and then the last 20 percent are for people the less fortunate we have a stipend in this city to take care of the people in the city fisherman's wharf everyone in the city and lack of people that have adequate housing we need to evaluate that the city cannot build it on its own the private sector need a new value system thank you.
9:04 am
>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello this is the issue i really want to speak about now i've been coming up with this idea for storage lockers you can solve the homeless practice i swear to god if you make it a in time you form a nonprofit and you get fund from lots of other foundations which have billions of waiting to do stuff you won't have to use harder any of the city's money by using foundation money to do it as a nonprofit when you do that those storage lockers that can be stacked sky-high hesitant elizabeth those out for two or three hundred a month and use those in sub marches do that you-
9:05 am
manufactured and stack them and stairways and renter outing those out for $300 or less solve the homeless crisis this year if you get on the stick put me on a committee i answer to god i'll show you and put those things wherever you want their transfersable and put them in any district around the city just by manufacturing those beautiful little homes and put them open on lift - use storage lockers that is manufactureed and find do the property and start stacking them up and solve
9:06 am
the homeless crisis this year put me on one of the committees i'll show you how it is done that's how you solve the homeless crisis use storage lockers around the city have a good day. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> chinatown missionary over one needs to have footing for permanent elevation and less - this is our wellness of justice in principle we're having harmony and projecting once 20 true heart of mercy one can reason well in developing political solutions in true principle for all matters political leaders should perform the works of beauties with good circulation in unit of
9:07 am
politics and holiness and diverse properties list them for humanity and true encourage one takes an course of ones destiny in civilization in all aspects of their lives and true success of ones destiny one can have wellness of harmony and social orders in achievement of personal circumstances facing good or bad outcomes one should have an obvious in more good deeds to direct one lives on a course of action one may not see a way in did the but this guidelines is having mercy as well as humanity and justice one can develop diverse methodologies for solving
9:08 am
problems of matters for the full itself stent not loss hope for worldly rescue without bias. >> thank you. any other speakers. >> a certain man had a fig tree planned in his vineyard and came and so you get fruit and found nun then to the dresser behold those 3 years i seek congruity fruit on the tree cut it down he answering said onto him lord until i dunk if it that bear fruit well, then not after that cut it down when jesus gave that parable judgment day come
9:09 am
for the muslim in orlando and the homosexuals and they die today you center to come to jesus this is serious this guy mentioned the rainbow flag was not lowered president obama is bringing in the muslims god says in rome's 5 in due time christ died for the urban godly i only have two minutes not two hours i'm thrumming we are in the is an bath year we're definitely probably started in the no december 7th might have start in the strings not an rancho hashing jesus is coming back back i know you don't know the day and hour that is a fact he died for your sins he didn't
9:10 am
have any sins we all have sins he didn't have any he made payment he resurrected the third day what man in history ever appealed to the prophesies for crying out loud palms 52 the question listen - >> thank you madam president appears to be no more speakers. >> anyone wish to comment on item number seeing none, public comment is closed. let's go back to items 29 and thirty representative if dpw >> again, i want to reiterate
9:11 am
that the sidewalk inspection and repair program has issued over 30 thousand plus invoices and 2 thousand plus or 88 percent have been if the past year for the representatives that presented 3 were about invoiced we reevaluated the bills to the property owner one constituents didn't receive the invoice we will e-mail and advise them to pay by july 8th and four will be placed on payments insult will plans work with the property owner for an appropriate payment plan not on the property tax additional 9 were quality issues we'll have the inspector and contractor follow-up and correct in regards to 2179, 12 avenue requesting for the sidewalk inspection and repair original hearing ruling from the hearing officer he is
9:12 am
still disputing the damage that was caused by privately maintained tree on his property we investigate and research this matter in regards to coal mine street of the repair costs of 5 hundred plus placed on their property tax for the total including do 12 administrative fee under state highway and local public works code the fronting property owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the sidewalk fronting their property this is the second board of supervisors and still refusing board of supervisors vote no favor of adding the repair costs to the partitioning in the amount off 5 hundred plus.
9:13 am
>> can you can you talk a little bit about the quality of work and what is your procedure when the work is done it didn't net not up to standards do you go back? do you precipitate was the plan here. >> we do have a - our inspector does a walk with the contractor that is the first time the property repairs are looked at after that we don't go back to look it, it is kind of on the property owner to contact us if they're cracks or problems with the work that was done and . >> in some cases if thai may not have received a notice and the work gets done they receive a bill that is the first time or that they've been made aware how
9:14 am
does that work. >> well, we get our information if the assessors office if their address is not updated with the assessor then that's the address we send to so in terms of that we - excuse me - not only do we. >> judy can you identify the department. >> public works. >> okay san francisco public works. >> thanks. >> not only notify them through the tax assessors organized address but post into the building itself so they get two notifications. >> okay the other question i had was the issue around sidewalks and trees is a real problematic issue and how is that dealt with for
9:15 am
example, if it is a tree that is not necessarily located tree roots that are not on the property owners property but the sidewalks is damaged as a result of that tree it is still their responsibility to deal with the sidewalk damage? >> i believe that falls on the owner of the tree so if it is the neighboring unit that owns the tree that will be their responsibility to fix the damage. >> and what is your policy to deal with protecting residents. >> we have what we call the sidewalk nuisance assistance program it is we receive the invoice they can contact us protecting and they'll, mranls placed on a sorry planned on the property tax and paid over 5 years. >> okay. so for example, if
9:16 am
the case of someone that is elderly owns the property only gets searches and seizures and no income can barely take care of their property they pay their annual praushgs what we we talking about over the course of 5 years year potentially like an example this costs in education or additions to what they're paying in property tax. >> traditionally the average square footage or the cost is around maybe $500 to one thousand dollars that included that the 12 administrative fee and over time years that will amount to maybe like i would say $200 per property tax. >> per year.
9:17 am
>> for 5 years. >> yes. >> that's a lot more than potentially the $500 this is an additional couple of hundreds dollars that someone is protecting has to pay because over 5 years. >> a that's correct. >> it doesn't sounds like a good use hardship program for protecting that is a lot of extra money to pay i guessed i'm trying to understand what the why is it that someone low income has to pay more i get it you take out a loan but this is for hardship. >> and we also, we do try to work with the property owner and as christen alluded to 3 pertains that are going to pay in installment plan we can work
9:18 am
with the praurnz an insult plan with the administrative fee. >> no, if they'll pay installment plan not paying the administrative fee of 12 percent. >> but if they put it on the property tax over the course of 5 years have a pay an administrative fee. >> that's correct. >> what do you mean within a year time. >> keep that one a year not coming to the board of supervisors year after year. >> can you give me examples of type of persons we're talking about for example, the one woman that was here speaking on behalf of her mother that kind of situation i'm mostly concerned about. >> what we've done we'll actually talk to her and found out what she can pay off over the course of a year. >> the sidewalk in front of
9:19 am
her home. >> damaged by a tree or just damaged. >> i don't know. i i don't have the details of her particular property at this time. >> okay. and i think i'm going to led any colleagues ask a couple of questions and if i have some i'll come back to you. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you to the department you might not know this off the top of your head terms in terms of the sidewalk damage you do know what percentage tree relayed. >> i don't have that detailed but i do know for this fiscal year and over the next two years we are working on sidewalk
9:20 am
mentioning tree areas so i'm not sure of the percentage but can found out in terms of sidewalk damage in san francisco pretty high percentage is tree related. >> uh-huh. >> is that your understanding too. >> that is the correct understanding correct. >> would there be any reason for f this sidewalk damage different from the general proportion anything unique about this this will be different than the general i think facts that the bulk of sidewalk damage is tree related. >> this year one of of our goals to actually look at a lot of tree related areas around the city and county of san francisco so do you believe that the unbelievab
9:21 am
of those. >> i'll have to do research. >> it seems like what you're saying it is probable those locations of damage the sidewalk are probable consistent with the general fact the bulk of the sidewalk damage is tree related any reason to think this is different. >> i will concluded this is feasible. >> okay so colleagues, we - i want to use this opportunity to plug and fix this problem it is absurd the property owners have to pay for the sidewalk and the trees and pay for a property that is not theirs they may not have
9:22 am
planted the trees any financial or physical ability to take care of the tree or fix the sidewalk and there expected to do so i agree with supervisor yee introduced legislation before to go basically repeal and i'm supportive of that the challenge the cost of the city taking that back is almost $20 million a year and so you know, i know we'll be having discussions in the board about the measure that supervisor mar and i have put forward with the friends of urban forest to do a ballot measure to take back the tree and tree related sidewalk damage and pay for it and create dedicated funding otherwise if we take back the trees and the sidewalk and damage we're going
9:23 am
to have to find $20 million in the budget i'll bet my lunch will that will not happen they don't do well, in the budget over and over again so i would love to vote against this i philanthropical low don't agree but taking it back and putting your money where your mouth is we put out the budget and none pushed for the $20 million for dpw inform allow them to take back the trees and sidewalk so far as i know but once again trees and sidewalks were not you know even on the list let alone in the upper portion of list let's fix this problem let's fix it with the funding mechanism that is dedicated so we can move on and not have to deal with
9:24 am
those hearings it is ridiculous thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president there are any number of different lean and taxed that come to the body one procedural question why these sidewalk tax bills have been broke down over a couple of weeks is there a reason for that? >> this is the second hearing on this in a relatively short period of time. >> the first one is a separate program a accelerated abatement program how we describe it operationally is this one is a reactive problem and the sidewalk repair podium which we're talking about is more of the pro-active program. >> in terms of in the police radio active program the city inspects the program when people
9:25 am
complain correct. >> seems like they can be consolidated in one hearing that neither here more there but 200 on the paper percentage wise like a lot more complainant than we normally see in those kinds of hearing i appreciate the city is aggressive about fixing our sidewalks i understand that there are issues relative to cost of homeowners but i get e get disturbed when i hear the gentleman had been trying to prove repeated he accomplished the repairs relative to a sewer vent that the city had minded him to accomplish i assume that is one of the list but 200 this
9:26 am
number coming off with with all due respect that would be great if thanks can be taken place we can separate the cheat from the charge of this is my comment. >> i have follow-up questions the concern were the individuals that said they've come here before and talked to someone and throughout the issue was revolved can you explain what happened in those particular incidents. >> unfortunately, i'm thinking this is one a miscommunication issue we've put in mitigation measures we have been keeping a
9:27 am
log of communications with the constituents and with public works so i'm almost 100 percent sure that won't you know 99 percent sure that will noltdz happen next year i binge this up since i've been on the board i've never don't recall someone saying they've come here before and the issue was not revolved that was definitely a surprise to me i think that ultimately any biggest concern is the communication and making sure that there is a clear communication you know with those property owners and there is also i guess a little bit better outreach especially for some of our low income property owners especially our senior population i know that
9:28 am
oftentimes with more elderly people they don't do their paperwork or manage their stuff and a lot of this can be confusing and stressful i really would like the department to a better job how they communicate when in their accept and expend notices i don't know if it means home visits or somehow connecting with those particular individuals it didn't come to a point they feel the needs to send a family member or show up at one of the hearings i'd like to see those issues resolve with a little bit more compassion for those particular individuals. >> and is there anything else want to add or anything else anyone has any questions regarding these questions. >> supervisor yee.
9:29 am
>> i'm just wondering why we are having hearings during the day when people have to take off from work really makes especially they're coming back twice but coming out once is a pickle and more difficult for in my mind in you're working in a low income job where you get fired because you want to come here to make their case is a real burden so almost feels like those are low income or have jobs they can't get off work to protest i'm wondering if any probability of shifting that you know when you have the hearings to be done in the evenings or
9:30 am
some other format. >> supervisor yee you make a really good point i think that what we should consider looking at is the possibility of we can check with the city attorney number one looking at who to hold some of the harley's in committee i'm not sure we can and potentially looking listing it for 5:30 and not 3:303 o'clock to sit here and wait and listen to all of what we're doing on the board when your you know taking off from work to come and testify and address our issue is unfortunate and i know we can do better than this thank you supervisor yee i'll work with the city attorney on what could be changed in order to
9:31 am
make this a better process. >> all right. with that, this hearing has been heard and is now filed and closed and would anyone like to make a proposal to amend the current resolution and adopt it. >> okay none. >> would like to amend. >> supervisor tang. >> i'll amendment based on what your public works states into the record and then vote on that recommended. >> okay. is there a second. >> seconded by - i saw supervisor peskin hand first sorry supervisor cowen with that, on the per diem item as
9:32 am
amended call the roll. >> on item thirty supervisor campos no supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed there are 10 i's and one no with supervisor campos in the dissents for the resolution is adopted all right. i think we've globulin most of agenda item 35 through 42 the adoption without reference to committee items items are being considered for immediate adoption a single roll call vote may impact and sever
9:33 am
an item and consider it separately. >> sdpooenz items 35 and 39. >> ms. short supervisor farrell. >> 37. >> all right. on the remaining items madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed there 11 i's. >> those items are approved amazing unanimously item 35 a resolution for the state legislator for the assembly bill public works regulation of taxicabs and recognition of negative impacts
9:34 am
on local transportation and consumer safety protection. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president the amendments to ab california have been relatively stephen and to that end i'd like to delete the second whereas on page 2 and like to make a motion to do so for those of you keeping with sacramento proposals to transfer regulatory authority from the cpuc to the state department of transportation nonetheless it is something we should take a position so first like to make a motion to delete the second whereas in on page two, that read ab amendments the
9:35 am
california vehicle code that provision and then i'd like to ask for waiver to send it to committee and foivenlg vote. >> commissioner peskin made a motion to amend seconded by commissioner chung can we take the amendment without objection without objection and send this to committee. >> no waiver it from committee and pass the item. >> okay. >> i don't know what that means but. >> if we could have an unanimous vote it means nothing colleagues, can we take this item okay reinforcement. >> only item 35 as amended supervisor campos supervisor cowen no. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim
9:36 am
supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor president london breed there are 9 use of force and two nos. >> this resolution is adopted item 37 item 37 a resolution urging the san francisco employees retirement system and roof deck to devest from firearm and ammunition manufacturers. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, colleagues and madam president i'll save my remarks and hope to have your support i know that supervisor avalos wants a different are hearing and looking talking what the rehabbed. >> like to did you want the file send the duplicated file to
9:37 am
committee with the - >> seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues reinforcement on this particular resolution madam clerk. >> on the original file 37 supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously item 39 please. item 39 a resolution urging the san francisco protective for the
9:38 am
senate bill regarding wireless telecommunication facilities going due to the preemption of land use and the lack of public assess to the wireless permit process supervisor peskin colleagues as seems like all we tale with state bills on local pretimes those days whether that is in the realm of housing whether it is in the realm of transportation or in this particular case in the realm of the wireless industry but we have good news on this in so for as the assembly bill has been withdrawn and the fcc has changed course but much we've likely not seen the end of this with respect to fast tracking and preempting i'd like to offer amendments that reflect the city's concerns over future
9:39 am
regulars for the exceptions and the intent of the ab 27788 and circulated modest amendments to strike the last whereas clause and replace with with a whereas after those and other concerns were presented to assembly member by a diversity of constituents he's withdrawn the assembly bill 2788 for the near term and then slightly change the first resolve and the first further resolve to nester that is the board to insert future legislation that will replicate we go on record in opposition to legislation of this sort so i will make a motion to adopt those amendments. >> okay supervisor cohen's has made a motion to adopt the amendments seconded by madam
9:40 am
chair rosales can we take the amendments without objection without objection the amendments pass and i see no names on the roster and as amended colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? all right. this resolution as amended is adopted anonymously. >> m will you please read the mirmdz. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory on behalf of the entire board for john l taylor and supervisor kim for the laid earthquake republican and the late corporal on behalf of the supervisor mar so for the late more like and joseph lambert. >> this brings us to the end
9:41 am
of the junked madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> great we're adjourned have l
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
give a warm welcome to mayor ed lee, san francisco unified school district [inaudible] and mayors 2016 teacher of the year award winners. mr. mayor. >> thank you runel! you are such a lead er in our community. thank you to the san francisco ginets and
9:48 am
all of you who support the teacher. i want to thank deputy superintendent gureeo, the supporters and principle of the year awardees joining me to honor this years winneroffs the mayors teacher of the year award! [applause] it is my pleasure to acknowledge and honor the dedication of our sue purb public school teacher ez in san francisco. the 5 teachers being honored tonight were nominated by parent, student, peers, and community members who understand the value of a excellent teacher. the teachers standing here have a exceeded all standards
9:49 am
and dedicated themselves to creating classroom environment that fosters learning, diversity and character building. these teachers are shaping this generation of youth into leaders who will create a better world. they have one of the most important jobs in america and this award is the symbol of our emanse gratitude for their work. in collaboration with san francisco education funds, thank you a teacher campaign, it is my privilege to present this years teacher of the award winners. >> thank you mr. mayor and fans join me in congraltulate our winners from presidio early education school, raundsa jefferson. monroe
9:50 am
elementary, mark rosenburke. argoney elementary school, cathy angs. from james lick middle school, hell nu[inaudible] george washington high school, [inaudible] congratulations to all of you. now, san francisco unified school district deputy superintendent quadloupea [inaudible] >> congrat ylshzs to mayors teacher of the year. these 5 teachers standing out here on the field are incredible educators. they are our mvp. they are dedicated, hard working and innovative and our student benefit from their talent in the classroom. to all our educators in the san francisco unified school
9:51 am
district, that is teacher, paraprofessionals school leaders and support staff, we thank you for your dedication to our young people of san francisco. we are very proud of and. because our teachers of the year are such team players zee a baseball cap for each of you to commemorate this very special night. i want to also thank on behamp the san francisco unified school district the giants oreg nation and wonderful supporters of the san francisco public schools. let's go teachers! let's go school principles! let's go giants. >> one last roundf of iapplausees to celebrate our teachers tonight. thank you and congratulations again.
9:52 am
>> power it's all around us in the sun and the winds and caves waves power that lights our
9:53 am
homes while protecting our natural resources clean power will provide power to san franciscans how about works right now our power is from pg&e from non-renewable systems that comes over pg&e maintained lines with clean power your energy about think generated by caesarean more renewable sources come to our home e.r. businesses to the pg&e lines
9:54 am
all right. on 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901,
9:55 am
a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their
9:56 am
registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball.
9:57 am
>> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll
9:58 am
play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy
9:59 am
bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log
10:00 am