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tv   Port Commission 8916  SFGTV  August 26, 2016 4:00am-6:36am PDT

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the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> madam secretary, call the roll, and commissioner willie adams, here. brandon, here. katz, here; approval of minutes for july 12, 2016 meeting. >> all in favor say aye. next item. >> pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> announcement of prohibition of sound producing electronic devices during the meeting: please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any personnss responsible for the ringing of or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic device. announcement of time allotment for public comments: please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period on any item. item 5, public comment on items not listed on thugenda. >> i don't have cards. is there public comment on anything not on the agenda? >> 6 a, executive directors report >> good afternoon president
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adams and prez dependent adams. i'm elaine forbes. my 1st report is a innovative project under development being spearheaded by tom esher of the red and white fleet. in terms the big picture, climate change and alternative energy, the connection between fossil fuel and climate change is very well understood. truly clean energy means finding alternative fuels that don't produce green house gas. solar and wind power are increasingly common. in san francisco we are benefit from hydro eelectric power from hetch hetchy. today we have electric cars powered by batterys. many recall former
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governor schwarzeneggers hummer. this brings utto mr. eshers innovative idea. a hydroren fuel cell passenger ferry. mr. esher approached the port to tell us about this idea. they had a project that would explore the feasibility of rinic a passenger ferry with a hydrogen powered fuel cell. if feasible this means zero emission ferry on the san francisco bay. this is a very major accomplishment for the environment because like hev aduty land side vehicles, water side vehicles are heavy fossil fuel based. of course, such ferry presuposes a need for a
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fueling station. in support of this idea port staff primarily rich burrman have been work wg mr. usher and his feem from [inaudible] labs where we can site a maritime fueling staishz. we looked at 90, 96, peer 54. pier 54 seems to have the most promise but needs more background. i would like to invite up mr. esher to tell about the project. we will keep the commission and public informed as we move forward. mr. esher thank you for your energy and enthusiasm for the environment. >> commissioners, about 15 months ago sandy national labs received half-million dollar grant for department of transportation and maritime administration to determine the
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feasibility of a 35 knot high-speed hydrogen fuel cell ferry for use sthon san francisco bay and the rest of the united states mpt sandy national lab is a lab providing unbias assessment to the fraul government on projects of national interest. sandy was selected by dot because sandia has the most experience dealing with hydrogen of any company in the united states. this study is all most complete and released to the public soon. the results will show the project is feasible. the vessel design was done by elliott bay out ofciateal with engineering from bae hydrogenics. additional support is provided by [inaudible] air products, lindy, united states coast guard, american bureau of shipping, department of defense, eta, u.s. navy, the
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white house, governor browns office, governor nusems office, port and city of san francisco. about 50 of organizations and over 200 people are involved in the project chblt let me tell you about the vessel briefly. her name is sf breeze. that stands for san francisco bay renewable energy electric vessel with zero eimations. i have to read that, it is a mouth fuel. we are using proven catamaran design. the power is from a electric moting with electricity generated from hydrogen fuel cells. the san francisco breeze has a fuel cell about the size oof a is suitcase. tide hydrogen is from natural gas. we work with libdy air products to source hydrogen using clean source energy such as wind and solar.
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this will create a zero emissions life cycle from fuel to propeller. not just zero pollutions, but zero pollution throughout the entire system. hydrogen and fuel cells are a proven technology used for over 50 wreers in submarines, power backup, space vehicles. most people are excited and thankful when we mention a zero pollution vessel but when we mention hide wroegen because they do not understand the characteristics of hydrogen. sthais natural human reaction. similar to the reception received by the wright brothers claiming one could fly. the nasa scientist tell us hannling hydrogen is safer that gasoline. status of the project today, we received
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great support from the port on this project as they understand the importance of zero pollution. we have the support of the california fuel cell partnerships, those are all the automobile industry cars making hydrogen fuel cells because they want a place to fuel their cars in san francisco and the state will subsidize part of that station. we have been work wg the port of san francisco to identify a lowication, pier 54 holds hope of that. our interest is to reduce vessel pollution to zero and this project is a powerful step to achieve that. when the breeze is launched she will be a seed. it is 30 meter boat to 40 meter tug boat to 70 meeting supply boat to [inaudible] trading between here and the
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hawaii islands. we have the support of hawaii supporting a zero pollution ship. we are meeting with pasha this friday to discuss with them about their involvement in this because they are very interested in the environment and doing something about it. in summary, this is basically a stew. we don't use potatoes or meat or carrots but use a catamaran designed by elliott bay. it is proven. we are moving using fuel cell technology using hydrogenics you can buy off the shelf today. we use a power train by eae industry which is sth shipyard in san francisco and have proven technology. the proven hydrogen is supplied by air products or lindy or air leak heed. they are the largest producer of hide
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ydrogen in the wrurld. with the support of dot and maritime administration and coast guard, department of defense recollect u.s. navy, i go on and on, the sea breeze will be built. thank you. i did leave a little model of the boat there and the one admission i center to make, if you put it in your bath tub, willie, it will sink. >> thank you mr. esher. thought you were going to say it may get powered by hot air up here. [laughter] we will continue to keep the port commission in the public updated on the project as we move asqulaung thank you again mr. esher. my second item is very happy news and like to congratulate the san francisco giants named espn 4th humanitarian team of the year at the sports humanitarian
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awards ceremony in los angeles july 12. this honors leagues, teams and individuals and member thofz supporting community using the power of supports to make a positive impact on society. this benefited the stewart scott research fund and v foundation. the award represents a sports team that demonstrates how team work can create measurable impacts on a community or cause. the giants were recognized for all the community effort they made including the junior giants which is free non competitive innovative baseball program. over the years this program serviceed more than 275,000 children arounds california, nevada and oregon. they focus
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on cfsds. integrity, leadership and teamwork. the program offers education, health and violence prevention. the jieants will be able to direct $100 thousand grant from espn to the giants community fund t. is with huge congratulations our world champion san francisco giants you have this award. i like to invite jack bear and christine pelosi to come up and say a few words. >> thank you elaine and thanks to the port for being such a great partner. with us over all the year jz making it possible for us to be successful on and off the field. over the last several years, we reached the pentacle of sports. we won 3 world series en2010, 12 and 14 and won best sports team. today we are celebrated what happened off the field. we want a
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[inaudible] for our community echts and that is especially meaningful for us in the giants world and encouraged to-all our players are encouraged to be involved and have 100 percent participation program where all the players identify a commune tee group they have a special interest in and involved helping the community group while with the giants. we are proud our achievements. you touched on the juneian giants program. we have 25,000 kids each year participating in the program. it isn't just a free basebalm program for kids that wouldn't have the opportunity to play, but it is character development program. it goes much beyond baseball itself. we have a program in terms of helthdy living and healthy eating, anti-bullying program. we use the form of baseball to
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teach the kids life lessons and make them persons of character. in san francisco, we have 1500 kids participating with community partners such as the bayview wad and mission y and boys and girls club and rec and park departments. we also try to teach the junior giants about being good to your fellow person. your colleague or classmate and parent and so forth. we try to have lessons about humanity. we have a anti-bullying program beyond the vunier giants and have a strike out violence day at the ball park that talks about bullying on the school yard and playground but also domestic violence at home and how we need to raise bchb these thing jz be leaders in the community to spot problem jz deal with problems and not ignore them.
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we are also groundbreaking in various ways. we were the first sport team involved in the, it gets better program to inspire hope for young lesbian, gay and transgender youth for harassment. we had our player involved and involving sparts and having messages sent out to young people are powerful. we also involved in education. a lot of our programs are all about youth as you are hearing. we have a submarine program and innovative scholarship program where we give scholarships to 8th graders from disand vantages communities and backgrounds and if they complete high school and admitted into college we will give them a scholarship so we have counseling and support systems as a 8th grader mubing
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up through high school so the kids have incentive and role models and support. now we have hundreds of kids that have received scholarships and gone on to college. so, we are really proud of our efforts many are not commonly known that we do but as a organization it gives great pride to be part of a organization that is so involved in the community. with me here is christine pelosi who many may know but also a board member of the giants community fund and for the last 8 years is a great volunteer for us. >> thank you jack and commissioners and members of the public. san francisco baseball is passed from generation to generation from my dads [inaudible] potrero to candlestick generation where my
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sibling got the candle stick on the chilly nights to by childrens generation growing up at the park on garlic fries and [inaudible] not one but 3 world championship series. everybody is lined by the love of baseball qu community. i encountered the spirit when willie [inaudible] volunteered to give a autograph to every child that participated in a read a thon. i don't think as many kids read as many books in that week in san francisco. a generation later now sunchs on the board under the visionary stewardship of ceo larry bear and giants family we have players from the san francisco giants and players from the
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junior jieants getting the willie mac award and raised over 2 million dollars for the program. seeing the continuity of the children being treated as the players are treated and honored a as the players are honored. it is critically important. it begins to spring training and hopefully lasts through the [inaudible] the sams come out and the sams givement they give their time and beloveered baseball mitts giving them one last hug before they put them in the donation bid to make sure all the children can have a glove to play baseball. they give their donations, $10 or $5 at a time to get a pin or raffle ticket and every day we see the positive impact on the program of children learning character development and learning to live in a world of peace and non violence which is so
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critical today. every season someone tells us a story how the program wasn't just life changing but life saving for a player or coach or commissioner. of cords who take the peace pledge in the ginning they work out to a surgeio loamo come to the ball park and parade where the fans celebrate them. when they hit the field they know the community cares about them and when they come to our ball park to see commissioner [inaudible] and the team in action and see the reaction from the fans they know the sit believes and invests in them. this award belongs to the junior giants and each volunteer on their own time who coach or serve as commissioner or help bring the water for the no soda pledge to make sure the kids are eating
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and drijing right and all you who give donations and support of us so on belandfall of the volunteer board members we thank you for letting us share what we do. >> thank you so much jack and christine. the next item i have a announce an event we will be having to celebrate pasha automotive. we will welcome the first automobile at pier 80, monday august 22, twept 16 from 2016, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. we are coming together to celebrate the transformative promise pasha afford to the city and community in terms of economic development. if our
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partnership is successful or when the partnership is successful pier 80 is transformed creating significant economic opportunities for jobs in our community. will employ 5 olong shorman and up to additional 150 jobs. the port and pasha with economic and workforce development to insure the joberize focused on the bayview, dogpatch and putraree or district 10. please help celebrate this partnership. i understand there will be food and music and rena martin is putting together a great celebration for us. finally and a sad note, i would like to recognize the passing of june
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oster berg. she was a reported and grass root activist and community leader and participant in all san francisco counter culture movements and passed july 31. she attended many port commission meetings and reporting on waterfront issue was a real passion for june. many of us had the opportunity to work with her and she was just delightful. she was born june 8, 1928 in north dakota. she studied journalism and had a job at life magazine and came to visit san francisco and liked what she saw and never left. she works for the san francisco examiner and [inaudible] news letter. there will be a grand memorial in north beach after labor day and with the commissioners permission port staff request we adjourn in honor of her today. that is all i got. >> is there public comment on
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the executive directors report? >> i have one card, doctor joseph pratt. you want to talk on 6 a? if anybody else wants to speak after dr. pratt, go ahead. >> commissioners joe pratt from [inaudible] national lab tores in livermore to give the perspective on the sf breeze project. a quick introduction, we are department of energies largest national lab and among many missions we have a large energy and climate program which is where i work. sandia provides unbias expertise in the case of hydrogen and fuel cells. tom esh er approached [inaudible] with marine emission. he said everyone is talking about reducing emissions with 20 or 40 percent
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why not do away all together. the u.s. national of science and international maritime organization have realized we need to have emissions reductions approaching 80 percent or more in order to counter act the constant growth in the world. the imo concluded this cannot be done with continued use of fossil fuels which include bunker fuel, diesel and lm kbrks. the u.s. mar time administration funded sandsia for the sf breeze project. tom introduced the basics so let me skip to the results. we look if a ferry can be built and safely fueled and economically viable. the architect found a ferry design. tom mentioned the major ones. 35 knots and 150 passengers and zero emissions.
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it will differ with less noise and vieration and no diesel or exhaust fumes. [inaudible] portf red wood city and port of san francisco. to insure the final design is safe and anticipateable from a regulatory point of view rsh we work throughout the project with the american bureau of shipping and united states coast card including in san francisco. we founds the ferry has a cost premium compared to the diesel ferry however mass production of fuel cells will reduce sf breeze cost to a diesel ferry. it is our opinion it is possible to build and operate 150 passenger high-speed zero emission hydrogen powered ferry in the san francisco bay. the port of san francisco is fantastic in the support of the project.
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thank you director forbes and her predecessor mr. moyer and especially mr. rich burrman and his significant effort over the last 2 years giving a us all the information we needs. i can't imagine a better group of people or location than the port of san francisco to [inaudible] clean maritime transportation. thank you. >> anymore comment on the executive director report? seeing none rsh public comment is closed. >> item 6 port commissioner report. >> nothing to report, thank you. >> commissioner katz. >> nothing to report, but i do want to express excitement about the breeze project and thank you mr. esha for bringing that forward and sandia labs for taking the lead on that. in particular i want to congratulate the giants on their humanitarian award. i
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don't think it can be overstated enough how important the work that you do on behalf of so many-the kinds of impact it is has. so, we want to thank you. my guess is you will never know how many lives you so positively impacted from the, it gets better video coming young people most admire and see as haveic such a huge role in shaping lives and having them come out and participating in that had undoubted impact on so many people. the junior giants, what an amazing organization. i heard so many kids that have gone through and been positively impacted and we see what you do. i'm entertaining a 16 year old from france and littery by the second day in the united states he was captivated by the giants. sure it had nothing do with my
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influence. he recognized there is something special about the speem and think it really is demonstrated by you winning the award so concratuless and thank you jack and christina for speaking. thank you for being active and dedicate #d member of our san francisco fabric. >> commissioner brandon >> i concur can commissioner katz. i want to thank tom for the zero admissions vessel that we will hopefully see on the bay soon and congratulate the giants for doing such a wonderful job all around. thank you. >> thanks tom. this is very innovative what you come out of the box. very progressive and glad maybe we will be the first in san francisco. we have always been on the cutting
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edge. jack, i like to say to your organization, it is more than a business what the giants have done. you guys have a culture and it is the core and soul of the community and you guys are on the world stage. i believe powers should be used for two reasons, for immediate good or evil and you have used it for so much good to have such a influence in the community and i got to know you jack. i really sat down. you are all in like a hands on type of guy. it isn't like a realty show with you, you totally believe. i'm just being honest. you are the real deal and i really like that. i also want to say when you talk about the lgbt you are taking a stand because in charlotte they moved the all star game because the
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bathroom issue and north carolina lost over wn$00 million because of a governor that was ignoreant and racist and didsant have the vision to see who they are. the mayor of charlotte came out and said the guy didn't get it and trying to decide. the giant, you guys get it and it is good to see it isn't what you say, you are leading from the front. i also want to thank mike nurny. mike gave me a tour of pier 27 recently and it is good when you go down as a commissioner. they like to see us come down and like to think you are more than just ribbon cutting and showing up for a photo op. mike gave a tour and went on the shipped and talked to the brothers and sisters and the passengers coming off the ship. you need to keep it real with the community because we know
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tourism is the biggest profit we have in the city. that being said, i would like to have a moment of silence for june osterberg reporter for the bob bob neighborhood association news. she came to our meetings and will clearly be missed. rest in peace. madam secretary. >> 6 c, status report of the 2016, 2021 strategic plan. >> good afternoon commissioners. elaine forbes interim port director. on february of this year the port commission reviewed the first strategic plan. outgoing
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executive director [inaudible] promised a update 6 months from that time so i'm here to give a update. i represent the port exective team and port staff and we accomplished a lot since february. the first strategic plan is a great value to the organization. it is formally recognizes what we are trying to accomplish so we are growing in the same direction. it allows the vision staff to see the contributions and how their contribution fit into the larger plan. encouraging more division collaboration. given our organization size compared to what we are trying to accomplish, it is very important we are intentional how we deploy our resources and a strategic plan gives us a tool to be very intentional. this is a new plan and it will mature over time as we mobilize our resources to meet our goals. i'm sure we worked in
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organizations with strategic plans and there are two kinds. the one sits own the shelf and other is used and dog eared and everyone knows about and utilizing for the work program and trying to make our plan the second kind. in this update i will describe how the plan relate tooz the 10 year capital plan and waterfront plan, go over key accomplishments since february and discuss areas where we fell short and how we are addressing those areas and describe next steps. i like to thank dan [inaudible] senior waterfront planner and planning interm sarah [inaudible] they did incredible work. i like to [inaudible] put together the plan at the port commission for expressing your goals and setting the policy framework and outgoing moneek moyer for
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her parting gift to the organization. the strategic plan is a organizational work program to achieve the port commissions vision for a vibrant and diverse waterfront. the plan works alongside the 10 year capital plan which provides assessment of capital needs and available resources and the water front land use plan provides goal squz policy frz the long term use and improvement of port property. together the capital plan and the waterfront land use plan provide a framework for the strategic plan. the plan sets projects, programs, partnerships, stewardships over the next 5 years to achieve the policy objective frz the waterfront. i like to point out these plans have different time horizons. the waterfront lands use plan is somewhat timeless, very long. the capital plan is 10 year plan, that is updated every 2 years and strategic plan is 5 year
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plan updated at least annually but for managers working the plarn updated continually. to guide the board the plan provides the mission and vision. the mission, the port of san francisco manages the waterfront as a gateway and provides maritime recreational and economic opportunities to serve the city, the bay area region and california. the vision is to deliver vibrant and diverse waterfront experience that enrich the city and san francisco bay. the port will realize its mission and vision through 7 goals. renewal, engagement, visibility, reziziancy, sustainability, economic vitality and stability. each of these goals has several initiatives underlying that wim help achieve them. since
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february of 2016 we made significant progress across the 7 goals. staff identified 35 initiatives thatd have been fully completed or reached significant milestones. you have an attachment that shows progress to each of our goals and describes them in detail but i will cover the notable examples right now. in the renewal, waterfront plan staff has completed part 1 orientation of the plan update july 2016 and work program going forward for part 2 and 3 will be presented today. you will hear from staff and members the waterfront lands use plan how the process is going. i attended many meetings and staff did a incredible jobs preparing materials the conversation was rich and community was engaged. a very good effort for part 1. we advoatized the contract for
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crane cove park. major improvement at pier 70. we produced the maritime echo industrial strategy report in march and this is a excellent guide for how the port will infuse more economic vitality in the southern waterfront. we reached business terms with national perk servicearve quite a long negotiating progress. alcatraz and moved [inaudible] sea wall lot 324. we have been very busy in accomplishing our goals to achieve the renewal objective. in terms of engagement, the port has expanded the marketing and social network while not in the plan but something important to do, we established and commission approved relief
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program for crab boaters and fisherman to keep the fisherman here and provide the economic relief we could. we also got remarkable press coverage on the sea wall study. we were covered on all the local news stations and local papers, kqed and john [inaudible] is doing a series in the chronicle so we are educated about the sea wall vulnerabilities. we also added a new objective 4 to engage strategic partnership tooz include maritime security committee and training and planning for emergency responsiveness and added 6 and 7 which is keep the port commission engaged for setting policy for financial goals and public informed about our
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financial situation. liveability, we have notable accomplishments. we work with sfmta and south beach area on pedestrian safety programen embarcadero. there are complaints about pedestrian bicycle conflicts and we are working on a pilot to make it safer for all. we spearheaded design work for the mission bay ferry landsing which is a very important for the mission bay community. we selected a developing for pier 29 and working tirelessly to address the homeless issue in the city that is impacting port property. with reziziancy we completed that vulnerability study on the sea wall in marp which you heard from stephen real and spoke about the press coverage and remarkbly we secured $8 million for the
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planning budget for the work. we educated the tenant about flood risk and coordination with fema and the budget that was just approved includes 16 new position frz the concrete repair work to address the detearierated super structure. where we are watching the progress in this area we are to prepare prioritized improvement plan for the sea wall by december 17 and staffing up the project team now and we are all hands down on that project. sustainability, we achieved very important successs and adopted the water quality best management practices, updated city wide storm water requirements for construction and implemented zero waste goals. our sustainability goals are forward looking and
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certainly embraced and perhaps go beyaunds the city's standards for achieving environmental stewardship goals. in economic vitality, we completed a 25 year terminal agreement with pasha automotive for pier 80 which is transformative afor us with the first ship arriving august 22. completed a lease with the fire department for pier 26. executed 35 new leases that generate 1.8 million of revenue for the port. we are looking to accomplish the golets related to the-finding a new operator and expanded to pier 96 and finding maritime priorities. in the area of sustainability, the economy has drawn our financial situation is strong and we increased capital investment to actually
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$67 million over 2 years which is a absolute record breaking investment for us. we are well exceeding the ports set aside policy if capital, which is at 25 percent. we are at 47 and 34 percent for the two years. megan wallace will do a budget report and will learn more about the sustainability goals, but we are on track in that area. so, we invite the port commission and public to make comments about the plan. it is a newly adopted plan and expect it to perfect over time as we utilize the tool. i recommend we return to the commission every year to tell how we are doing. aupg is a excellent time to do so because it is the same time we do employee reviews and here to answer questions along with port staff. thank you. >> is there any public comment on 6 c? i don't have cards, if
4:43 am
anyone would like to speak on the issue, hit the mic. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner katz. >> thank you director forbes and to all the staff. the work that is done and to this is really phenomenal. i think you said it best that there are two types of strategic plans and see this is it type that won't sit on a shelf. it is heartening to see what we hit since you had the plan and what is fitting into that. i think significantly it demonstrates we are putting strategy into action and this will serve as a blue print for so many of us as we go forward. um, one of the things i think is significant too is that this really is something that is sfr the
4:44 am
future of san francisco and as we try to figure out the direction we want to go, we are leaving a blue print that will allow to figure what fits into that and really guide our actions and i think you and the team have really come up with a great way of both short term and long term actions. it is very clear, it allows for the flexibility that we want and need. i have to say, i'm always amazed at the breath and depth of the areas that are under the ports per view. i don't think people realize how much is involved and this really a time where we see how much the port oversees and that it will be a living document. i think that is also significant and that in conjunction with the work done with the waterfront land use plan update, it really is a
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remarkable set of tools that will guide for future generations. so pleased we are being proactive. we had i think many years where for a variety of reasons we had to be reactive and it is a treat to be able to think about being proactive and what we would like to leave for future generations and i think the document also or strategic plan really emphasizes too that we have to be able to address climate change and sea level rise and be thoughtful how we do it. again, that is something that will have such a significant impact on what we are doing and we have the no punt intended, fluidity in this to address issues as they arise. i think this is something that will be helpful not only for the staff and commissioners and volunteers on the various different advisory
4:46 am
committees and group but also the rest of the city to see what is happening at the port and where the city fits in. i hope we will put this plan front and center oorn the website and as it goes out. [inaudible] gives folk a opportunity to weigh in on these issues. we have seen the impact that prior planning had on the city, both good and bad and this givers a opportunity to be thoughtful where we are going. want to thank everyone for the work. >> thank you i have been a long term supporter having a strategic plan and remember work wg moneek to get to the point where we did have a plan and very pleased where w the plan itself because i think it really connects the capital
4:47 am
plan, waterfront land use plan and also i think i agree with commissioner katz mentioned, but i think it connects the commission to what the work the staff does every day because our mission and our role is to be at the overview level and need a framework how to prioritize and agree what the important things are strategically to the port and it is a wito all talk to you as well within the goals and initiatives and agree upon priorities. i think we have moved away from i guess years when the commission was transaction approval, and we need this vision and strategic framework to understand what these actions really mean. i won't repeat everything commissioner katz said but think it is very important and the connective tissue and now we'll see the capital plan. it was there for a whime. anxious to see how the waterfront land
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use plan and how we connect these. they do serve a purchase and think the categories we have come up with are terrific in terms of really trying to balance because there are so many different objectives that we have as a port. it isn't like one is more important than the other recollect but it is balance because in some cases there will be conflicts. there will be issues between rezigiancy and economic vitality and we have >> student figure how to resolve those and that is the job and challenge. obviously we want to win on every front but can't. i think it is well done. it is a blue print and have to mark progress and it is a living document because circumstances change in the economy and city and have to
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adjust even though there are some things we know like sea level rise, there are things we have to address and there will be things we have to modify as we go and get input as we change. i think it is a great progress report and applaud you and staff for doing this and very happy to see it is one thing that i have been very anxious from the commissioner standpoint to see the document in place. thank you. >> commissioner brandon. >> thank you very much for this report. a lot has been accomplished in the last 6 months and think it is a great report and just want to commend everyone who had a hachbd in the document because it is great document. i love the way the plan is used in every staff report and that is keeps us focus said on the goals and objectives and does bring the commission and staff closer in
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understanding what our goals and objectives are. i won't repeat everything commissioner katz and woo ho said but want to thank you very much for this wonderful document. >> thank you director forbes and staff. clearly due diligence is done here and not only is the commission and staff close, but bringing the community along with us because the port belongs to the citizens of san francisco and can't forget that. it is very daring. when i look at the port and remember when i came on the commission 4 years ago, the city in san francisco changed forever and will never be like it used to be and we are moving in the future and i really like it. i know sometime people don't like change but change is good. my grandmother would say you need to do one thing a day that makes you afraid and the only way to grow. i look forward
4:51 am
when you come back and appreciate the bold spirit, courage that came with this and know as we know along and bring the community with us and commission and staff we will fiped out things about the port as we go through another phase the renaissance period like the phase of the gold rush in san francisco and i'm excited about it. these are great times. this is bebusy year in the port and excited and positive. it is energetic and upbeat so thank you. >> thank you very much. >> item 7 recollect request approval to execute amendment to the contract with ae com technical surfckss ink to increase the contract amount by $700 thousand and extend term fl master planning preliminary and final design and construction support for the phase 1 of the pier 70 crane cove park project. b, request approval of am memerandsm
4:52 am
understanding with the san francisco fire department of use of water apron shed and office space of pier 26 for birther and sunchss of the boats and ancillary office use for period of 5 years. >> any comment on 7 a and b? public comment is closed. colleagues all in favor resolution of 1632 and 1633,? >> update to the material operating and biannual operating budget for fy 2016-17 and 2017-18 >> megan wallace from port finance here to provide a update on outcomes of 2016, 17
4:53 am
and 17-18 budget. port 1256 brought the budget to you in february 2016 and after that time staff submitted the budget to the mayors office and went into review. the budgetert nfs deuced with the mayors budget in may with the board of supervisors. went through review with budget and finance committee and as of july 26, 20s 16 the board passed the city wide budget including the port budget for the two fiscal years. today i want to highlight the major changes that occurred within the budget. between the two fiscal years the budget changed by 5.8
4:54 am
million in 16-17 and 10.8 in 17-18. as the table highlights the majority of the change is driven by capital funding. you can see 4.1 million in the first year driven by the reflection of 2.1 million of grants that the port commission had previously approved. one was a grant that is going to support crane cove park for pedestrian and bike access along the park. approximately 1 million of security grant funding. these were reflected in the budget. typically we go through a separate legislation process. and then very notebly as previous noted, the port received general fund support in both fiscal years. first for $1 million and for $6.5 million and also received $1
4:55 am
million each fiscal year from other city departments, the mta and planning department. each contributed $500 thousand per year for the sea wall resiliency project. additional chaipgs to revenue and can note that the only change was to cargo so this is linked to the pasha automotive agreement. additionally, we added fund balance to our budget to correspond with the required increase to the the 15 percent operating reserve. this table really just emphasizes where the money went on the use side oof the budget. for capital spending we have 2 million in grants, thrie.5 for mission bay ferry landing for the second year and sea wall project the fundsing was allocated over the two fiscal years, 2 million and 4 million. on the operating side we have operating expenses
4:56 am
as well as revenues add today the budget in relation to the pasha agreement and additionally, the mayors office through the general adjustments related to work order agreements and staffing costs, there were increases in each fiscal year to our operating budget which will offset through the board phase of the process where we are asked to find reductions to the budget. the positive side of that is when we cut our operating expenses we are able to reallocate those funds to our designation to capital. this line item, the designation and reserve indicates the xhuny money put into the designation and as well as the reserve. the sea wall resiliency project as director forbes mentioned has a total budget of $8
4:57 am
million. the port commission approvaled 2 million and through the mayors phase we received additional $6 million. can't underscore how important this was to the port to get the city wide effort behind us to put funding in place and to kick off the next two years of public outreach, financial planning, environmental permitting and the like over the next two years which you will hear more about. the mission bay ferry landing, you heard about this previous submission with the $7 million of total funding it will fund the initial phase for design and permitting, the landing. there is $35.7 million to identify how to fully fund the
4:58 am
project. overall this is personally as the port budget manager i'm excited about the budget. each year we achieve more than $100 million in revenue so we have other sources in the budget but these are the core operating income sources exceeded $100 million each year and project that to be a ongoing state. the capital budget is $67 million over the two fiscal years. divide that by 2 over $30 million each your not in a supplemental but the original budget is the largest in the ports history. this is largely achieved through contributions through the mayors office, finding additional funding for us. we are implementing critical infrastructure repairs and strategic enhancements and for as far as the balance
4:59 am
between operating revenues and ongoing operating expenses, i want to highlight we are putting away all most $30 million to the degingination to capital so feeding the ongoing sources of capital and think this is a exciting thing, development in the budget over the past few years. lastly, i want to highlight we are have a significant number of positions to the budget in part to adding operating positions that will help support our critical operating needs in the department, but additionally we have 25 positions of project funded to work on the substructure projects and have important it projects underway and seems a good strategic way to implement the capital work. that's it for now, but happy to answer any questions you may
5:00 am
have. >> thanks megan. is there public comment on 8 a? any public comment on 8 a? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner woo ho >> thank you megan for the report t. is very positive news and great to see we have been able to add funding from the mayors office and our own generation of capitalism . in the staff report you mentioned you talk about the new positions we added, you said we also are keeping the head count, our personnel expense or there was a reduction as a rument of negotiation. i'm confused. we are adding people and have more funding but spending less on personnel. >> the majority of the personnel growth is through
5:01 am
capital funded positions >> so you have don't put them in operating personnel expense? >> that is right. we charge the salary to the capital project. rather than investing the fund to hire consultants we pay our own staff. that allows us if necessary as capital funding ebbs and flows if we need to adjust the staffing. >> maybe at some point it is useful the commission and thought with the strategic plan as we talk about the various asspect if we can say how many staff is dedicated to each pillar on th strategic plan. there are initiatives under the plan but i also given you make a separation between the capital funning and operating funning and add people and looking at the sea wall resiliency project how much of that is-glad you said not too
5:02 am
many consultant. i want to know consultant versus staff, versus-on the mission bay ferry terminal it seemed like we have specific money ear marked towards design and have to figure out construction espence. on the sea wall resiliency i where is the money going. internal people, external people. i understand we are studying a lot of things. no question i understand the rational and reason for doing it but trying to understand where the money is going. >> we have ongoing operating staff helping facilitate the projecktd but not billing their timet to the project. we could try to identify the costs on the operating side that help to support the capital. >> maybe under the strategic plan-so we know-whether you call them operating our capital that is your designation but we
5:03 am
are trying to understand where are the resources going so we have a sense where the resources are allocated within the port staff. it gives a sense of the balance going on also as well. that would be i think helpful to have a sense of that as well. >> i can add a little bit. we have the ability to track time to projects and do so especially for capital projects and the staff that are capital are capitalizable and that is the way we account for their time on the balance sheet and we also have project funds positions which expect to go after the project ends and in this budget we added a lot of those positions knowing the economy might decline and we want to flex back our staffing so we are hiring new people with the expectation it is time certain for the project. with the sea wall we have 5 new
5:04 am
internal positions for the project and dont know where all that mun #5e will go yet because we are structuring the project and figuring out the balance but starting with a internal team to man age the project from today going forward which may be a decades long. >> once the people are hired it is permanent people so it isn't saying you are here x amount of time >> they are hired as project people not permanent. they are put on a type of classification that says you come for 3 or 4 years or 6 years, however long the project is. >> the gap statements are personnel expense? >> they are capitalized. >> capitalized on the balance sheet? jx that is correct. if they work on a capital project, that is right >> maybe the way we have to understand this is know how
5:05 am
many people you have on various things. >> i think that is something we can prepare a report. >> that is a epipifany today. been on the commission 4 years and never realized that. >> commissioner katz. >> thank you megan and thank you mrs. clar and dont think i can add anything so thank you. >> commissioner brandon. >> thank you megan for such a wonderful report and congratulations on the largest budget in port history. this is absolutely wonderful and the fact we have actually met the $100 million mark and exceeding. have we had general funds before in this significance? >> we had a 4.9 million to the cruise ship terminal. this is
5:06 am
definitely the largest contribution we have seen from the generalfund in the history of the port of san francisco. >> to have two projects designated for capital support is definitely unique and think it helps highlight how our projects through the waterfront is valued beyond the property. >> exactly. i want to thank mayor lee and board of supervisors for allocating the funds to us because this is history. the fact we have so much going toward our future capital needs that is absolutely wonderful also. within the new positions, do we have any gardeners? >> we do have one new gardener. >> yeah! we have all these new open spaces coming on board and want to make sure we can maintain them. this is absolutely wonderful. thank you. >> great work today and think my fellow commissioners said it. i want to say great
5:07 am
presentation. thank you. >> item 9 a request authorization to award contract number 2740p quibt street lead reconstruction project to stase a and and witbeck. in the amount of 3, 209, 00 and authorization for the contract contiskancy funds of 10 percent. >> good afternoon president adams, commissioners director forbes, port staff and members of the public. my name is stephen real a project manager in the engineering division capital funded project manager. [laughter] the presentation isn't up, could we get the-there we go. there is a
5:08 am
correction. this item is request authorization toward construction contracts 2764 not 2740. quint street lead reconstruction project to stacy and wit back incorporated the lowest responsible bidder in amount of 3, 209,000. contract contingency fund 10 percent of the contract amounts 320, 900 for total authorization not to exceed 3, 529, 900. quint street lead connects the cal train main line with the ports cargo terminal at pier 8, 94, 96 and rail yard. it is the only way for freight to access the port. the lead is owned and operated by uniynl pacific
5:09 am
which brings freight to and from the port and san francisco bay railroad. the lead condition and type of construction limits the type and length of trains services the port to improve the service the port applied was awarded $3 million federal railroads administration rail line relocation and improvement grant. the commission accepted the grant october twen 13 and will pay for the majority of the project. the lead extend 9/10 from oakdale to third street where it enters the project. the project reconstructs the lead to moden class one standards that aallows to operate 6 loco motives to the port. [inaudible] source of potential delay for the cal train commuter rail. this is where the lead leaves the main line and comes through the tunnel
5:10 am
and crosses under oakdale avenue and there is the switch. the lead traverses a right of way crossing quints and gerled avenue. there is a construction project going on to replace the main line bridge with a berm and close quint street. that is one reason we are not reconstructing this portion of the quint street lead with this contract. the lead enters ranken street which is a deadened street where it runs down the street. then crosses evans avenue, the southeast treatments plants enters between evans and davidson. runs quint for two blocks and crosses arthur and third street where it enters the port at our new bayview gateway open space. the
5:11 am
project will reconstruct the track from gerled, replace at evans and reconstruct the pavings on two blocks of quint. because of the fra grant federal procurement rules apply and carry out the design and construction. the port negotiated construction lease with union pacific and executed design using consultant. we coordinateed with sf bay rail to insure construction restrictions or included in the contract to minimize impact to rail operations during construction. for bidding the port established a disadvantaged business enterprise program and with the assistance of cmd, contract monitoring division we established 20 percent small business enterprise goal for the construction contract. staff advertised the project june 3, held a pree bid meeting june 22 and received 4 bids
5:12 am
july 8. engineer estimate is 4, million 60. the low bidder is stacy witbeck at 3, 209, oo. this is very unusual scope of work for freight rail going down the streets and within city streets so we were actually quite nervous at the bid and very excited at the quality of bidders we received. stacy and witbeck is a heavy civil construction firm founded in san francisco in 1981. today they are a national presence with the corporate office in alameda. completed
5:13 am
prior work at the work including [inaudible] cmd found compliant with the goal and engineer staff found bid responsive and leading the minimum requirementsism no bid protest. staff recommends to award the construction contract to stacy and witbeck. not to exceed 3, 529, 900. it is fully funded by the grant and port capital funds budgeted for the project. if approved, staff anticipates noits to proceed in mid-september with physical construction in november and completed 6 months later in march 2017. contract closeout is expected may 2017 and this concludes my presentation. available for questions.
5:14 am
>> so moved. >> second. >> any public comment on 9 a? >> good afternoon commissioners, eric smith with the san francisco bay railroad. we are extremely supportive and excited about this renovation. it is long time coming and stephen has been amazing as has been all the port staff and port itself work wg us out there. we have been having a banner year and these improvements couldn't come at a better time. as you know, we do a lot of stuff out there. we got more projects coming and excited about pasha coming in there. it will be wonderful. i think some of the commissioners have been out and ridden this track, seen what we are looking at out there and like i say, we urge your
5:15 am
support. we do a lot of things out there with the goats and everything else. i think we have jars of honey from the bee hives out there so we are very proud of what we do. we love the gateway and everything else and really supportive and excited. the 6 axle thing is huge. we can bring in more work and more things from south san francisco and work with union pacific as well so we appreciate it. thank you. >> anymore public comment on 9 a? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner katz. >> stephen, thank you and congratulation, the grant is outstanding and think the work planned will be very significant as pointed out especially with all happening is a sign of what has been going on out there and the need for demonstrates that we are
5:16 am
the right track in terms of growing opportunities particularly with pasha coming in. i'm please today see that the responsible bidder came in at an amount that was within our budget even with the contingency on it so that is also very exciting so thank you. >> commissioner woo ho. >> thank you, stephen. great. i have seen-what do they call them the live lawn mowers the goats. it was the first time to understand that they serve a good purpose so a while since i have seen the rail back there. it is great to see this connection because i remember speaking at that time that was a piece missing and taken a while to get to this stage so very exciting to hear that. i had a couple questions, one, i want to understand what we mean
5:17 am
by disadvantaged government >> this is federal government rules >> just explain. >> it breaks down the small business below a certain dollar threshold. >> the second question, it is great to see the bid come in low and substantially much lower than our own engineering estimates. in terms of the contract and just to be concerned and weary, how will we protect ourselves we don't find change orders or things don't come in to bring it back up again? just asking how to protect ourselves? >> this is the low bid contracting and so the bar is low to get in and be responsive and it is often a strategy that contractors use to bid low and look for change orders or sometimes we get a contractor that isn't qualified but meet the low bar. in this case we have a very good contractor on board. the construction
5:18 am
documents need to be high quality in order to prevent frivolous change orders and rf 5's and protect against unfoseen conditions but the realty is things come up during the construction that is unanticipated. every construction project is its own adventure. these are not-we are not looking at version 8.6. every construction project will have changes. what we can do to minimize the costs of those changes and time impacts is be proactive and partnership with our contractor. we have partnering requirement, it is city wide requirement and wonderful requirement where there is a facilitated partnering where you set up a
5:19 am
resolution ladder. everyone gets together, they learn to trust each other, and set time periods for issues to be resolved and they move up the ladder up to the chain up to director forbes. and stacy and witbeck. the idea is resolve the issue quickly during construction and don't become problems. when you are in construction dollars are spent every day. there is labor, materials and equipment out there and so things need to get resolved quickly whether they come up. that is the best approach and what we plan to use. >> i just want to be-we be cautious and that in looking at our own estimates and looking at things they looked at, if there is anything they ovlooked and come up later and causes-so just because it seems like 30 percent difference is huge. >> it is huge but if you look at the spread, the top two
5:20 am
bidders were above the estimate and the second place bidder was close to stacy witbeck bids so had two very close bids >> i trust you will watch this very carefully? >> of course >> it is great to have them come in loy but you get nervous two too. >> if they were the only bidder that low i would be nervous but there were two. this is highly unusual project and freight rail replacement projects in a kedicated right of way is ballasted track and one track replacement train through the area and start-by the time the track train comes out there is new track at the end. >> how long is this construction period st. ? >> 6 months. >> maybe we will get a report at the end of 6 months. great to be on budget on time. look forward to that report.
5:21 am
>> commissioner brandon. >> stephen, thank you for the report and congratulations on securing the grant for this much needed work. happy that the bid came under the engineer estimate and hopefully it will come in under budget and happy we have a little cushion left even after the contingency so good luck on this project. >> thank you. >> good job, stephen. i always like when you present. you are kind of shy and quiet and i like that. you present very well and i also want to say thank you. i think this is going to be a good project. i appreciate speak toog the issue and think it will only help especially with pasha and other things, so i'm in support of this. just want to thank you. colleagues, there is no comment on that. all in favor of
5:22 am
resolution 1634 aye. opposed. resolution 1634 passed. madam scaert >> 10 a informational presentation on completion of the outams of the part 1 waterfront land use plan update public process and iniication part 2 >> good afternoon. diane [inaudible] with planning development division leading the waterfront landuse plan update project, which-thank you. so, we are at a very good segue here and i'm going to quickly try and give you the highlights and summary of the work that is accomplished so far in the project. the staff report hopefully provides an understanding of the grain of
5:23 am
detail and we will not be able to cover all those but i will hit the highlights on what part 1, which was a orientation of the port covered, how the discussions among the waterfront plan working group keyed up topics and issues that will be addressed in the next portion of the planning process, part 2 andite rr plain what i'll explain what that process is about and next steps. you may recall last october we kicked off the process by have agworkshop open to the public. it allowed us as staff get the initial insight and discussions about what aspirations people have for improvements and get educate today the port policy structure was under the waterfruchbt lapd use plan. we followed up in november with
5:24 am
public boat tour, 150 people joined the tour. weeta is a key important partners provided free service to take us along that journey and blue and gold pilots did a masterful job giving people, the land lovers a water side eye full what the port likes like from the waterside and the condition the facility and the capital need we have. in the staff report, we tried to break out clearly the 10 very detailed orientation sessions on the full plethora of topics trying to equipt the working group and advisory teams and public with the key information necessary to cont plate what type of policy updates and recommendation should go into the waterfront plan. from my
5:25 am
perspective being at the port for a long time it was the greatest [inaudible] on waterfront issues where the collaboration across this port organization, port staff from every division involved in the preparation and presentation, partnership with bcdc and staff to impart key nrfgz to the working group. i want to pause for a moment to call out the core waterfront land use team that was necessary to support this part 1 process. david [inaudible] brad benison, ann cook, carry kill strm, norma [inaudible] byron have met every week to staff up for the meetings and it has been a testament to strong team
5:26 am
effort. the discussions among the working group members and the public have been strong, proactive, forward thinking. it is very aguest group of people that are genuinely engaged trying to make improvements to help the port and upgrade our policies in the plan. for those of the working group members and advisory team that survived all the meetings, we took them on a bus and bike tour of the southern waterfront last muchckt so they can see draucktly what the maritime industries and blue green way, what the echo industrial strategy actually looks like for the portion och the waterfront san franciscans are really least familiar with. it was a lot of fun but hopefully educational too. the tiny barge was in the dry dock at pier 70 and people walked under it and that was cool so it was a great day on the waterfront.
5:27 am
in terms of the issue, i will hit upon the highlights of some of the topics that will continue to flow into the part 2 portion of the plan update process. categorized by waterfront resilience and sustainability. as you heard in the strategic plan presentation and budget presentation, sea level rise and port sea wall resiliency project are front and center new issues that i think the working group and general public are well aware of in termoffs the implication frz the interim kind of decision the port needs to cover for improving the water front and long term. the focus for the waterfront plan will not be to solve for those solutions of long term sea level wall but to establish a policy framework that describes the value squz the jump off point that will
5:28 am
help define the sea wall solutions and sea level rise adaptation strategies for the waterfront. our historic piers and embarcadero district and sea wall, there needs to be a statement from the public about what those values are and retaining the piers and whether that is a driver for the design solutions addressed in the sea wall project. as reflected in the strategic plan, there are a lot och environmental initiatives and protections that are already underway and we are looking for the working group to advise the port further how the policies and waterfront plan need to address the new sustainability imperatives and objectives. this requires ongoing strong collaborative partnership with agency partners and the public.
5:29 am
we expect historic resource stewardship. again, the port is a plethora of historic resources. they are magnif sent and amazing for redevelopment opportunity and establish a cultural framework for san francisco as well as the port. we invested a lot with the development partners to date so the question really for the working group and public is, how do we try and maintain those facilities in the face of growing costs associated with just row teen repairs and maintenance and upgrades? seismic [inaudible] the working group is presented with information about how projects have to carefully manage the building code requirements and so sthra understanding about the capital requirements associated with that and the need for more revenue generation out of the ports asset management operation and development. so,
5:30 am
again the sea wall is front and center. we have to look how to respect the historic resources with respect to sea wall improvements. maritime and public access, two core pub lb trust missions of the port shared with state lands and bcdc. the general public doesabout nes saerm have a understanding the variety of maritime industry and hopefully now they have a sense of that. for the most part the port try tooz madgeage and balance the maritime birthing and public access needs best as possible about sometimes it isn't possible to meet both so we are looking for policy direction how you measure and balance and under what circumstances one takes precedents over the other. on the water side, kayaking, water reriation is a
5:31 am
new activity that wasn't recognized in the waterfront so looking for policies to manage the water and maritime and business side of operations in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. all the open space along the blue green way and embarcadero there is a call looking what kind of additional activities some the open spaces can support so looking for direction from the public and workic group as to how we might be able to reflect that in policies up on the waterfront plan. transportation, major concern of anybody that you talk to. the congestion and ovscription of the transportation service is a big consideration. the collaboration and partnerships with sfmta and city and
5:32 am
regional transportation agency is fundamental because the port doesn't control the land side operations and yet there are many different transportation improvements unkerway that have benefit for the waterfront. one thing we want to do is make sure the waterfront plan transportation policies are updated to align with the city's current transportation policy framework to continue thpartnerships to identify and prioritize waterfront transportation improvements here at the port. on the water side however, the port commission, the port, we still have r the lead trying to griv direction and clarity how water born transportation services can be a part of the transportation solution. in addition to the growing ferry and water taxis there are room to improve the policy framework
5:33 am
how the operations and facilities can be aqualmidatedment in the quint street lead project, maritime industrial transportations are still important. they are overlooked by the general public, but there are those needs too and we got to find a way to coexist with growing demand for urban transportation systems and bike and other modes along the waterfront. land use and governance, that is core to the land use plan. the plan does promote a variety of land uses now along the waterfront and it tends-the policy structure is broken between long term development land use policy and shorter term interim leasing policy to differentiate between what real estate done and planning and development done as the port. what we are finding is because of the rising cost of repair,
5:34 am
row teen leases and interim leasing is taking longer lease term for amortization and the line between what is interim lease and what is a long term development is starting to get blurred. that combine would the fact there is desire to look how the port can generate more revenue to carry the capital cost of the waterfront is going to be requiring some very thoughtful discussions with the partnership of bcdc and state land as well because we will be looking at under what circumstances more non trust revenue generating uses can be considered along the waterfront and how that is addressed in the plan. underlying all this are the port finances. i think through the strateg ic plan, the capital plan and capital budget process that megan just reviewed for us, the public has
5:35 am
much better awareness about the financial underpinning how the port is organized and makes its decisions. the waterfront plan really preidated all that so the policies need to catch up to show how those dots are connected between the waterfront plan, capital plan and strategic plan. there is a understanding and desire now for the public to find more public and private funding resources and financing tools because they now understand what the capital requirements are, which don't count the sea wall and sea level rise adaptation cost which is a larger scale effort on the part of the city. so, that was sort of a quick overview of the scope of the issues that we'll look at for part 2 of the planning process which is
5:36 am
generate recommendations for port wide policy updates that should be considered in the land use plan to sponsor those discussions we are proposing 3 subcommittees of the working group so we can break it down into smaller group discussions oriented around land use, transportation and resilience. those topics are titles of the subcommittees, the discussion in each subcommittee must be interdisciplinary for the implication and cross furtization of different trade issues are discussed. the proposal is seek out the preferences and like to incorporate advisory team participation as well and start off the meetings in september 15th and october 5th setting ground rules and guiding principles for the subcommittee
5:37 am
meetings and once the subcommittees have run the meetings which we expect to be 2 to 4 meetings a piece dependent how the discussions go they report to the working group to ultimately develop recommendations on the part 2 process, which we will bring back to the port commission for a similar type of briefing. following part 2, there will be part 3, which is the last piece of the planning process, which will dive into the south beach and northeast waterfront neighborhoods to do site specific planning with the benefit of the backdrop of the port wide policy recommendations that had been produced prior. all together the information and recommendations coming on the subarea planning and port wide will be the basis upon which the port staff would propose draft amendments to the waterfront lan use plan which
5:38 am
will have to undergo public review process as well. it is a quick overview. i think you have a flavor for how many voices and perspectives we are trying to embrace with your direction with this working group and advisory teams. i really must call out just our gratitude to cochairs, rudey [inaudible] and janis lee. they have led the working group and pushed the staff to be as clear as possibly about the issues and given strategic direction for this whole process. all of the members have been very dedicated, it is very insightful group as well as our city and agency partners who have supported us along the way and members of the public. i want to call out rudey and
5:39 am
janis in the front row and if i can have them step up and share some of their insights, that would be great and happy to take questions. >> thank you diane and my partner janis will join me up here. i won't take a lot of your time and get into any substance tiv issues covered by diane. i want to quickly thank the commissioners for their interest in the process. most have come to some of the meetings and always appreciate seeing you there. i think i can speak for janis saying thanks too elaine who is this with us and [inaudible] lived the life on this for the last 8 months or so and has
5:40 am
done a wonderful job keeping us on track. we hope and again [inaudible] we hope that at the end of this long process that we will produce something that will be a genuine benefit to you and the port and city as a whole. we recognize the port is part of the city. we hope to emphasize that in everything we do and we hope at the end of it, something useful will come to you. we are i think very well aware the fact we are not decision makers, we have no jurisdiction in this. we are not decision makers. we are thanks to you a very divergent group. there are many interests on inworking group and advisory committee. some are necessarily and properly [inaudible] with each other. we will in our deliberations as we get to phase 3 try to reach
5:41 am
consensus among all us on recommendations we may be making to you and to the staff. it is not impossible, it is very likely that there will be issues in which we will not be able to reach consensus and what we hope is provide you the very best thoughts that come from within our group that present you with options which we'll go to staff and you will have the chance to dispose of and some of this will go to the board for disposition at the board level. we are in the process and look forward to phase 2 for janis and i hopefully not too far in the distant future to phase 3 so we can come back to you and say here is what we produced and here is what you have to look at and in order to utilize the
5:42 am
work we have done. i ask janis to add to that and here if you have any questions. >> hi all. the only thing i'll add is i know in particular in the creation of a 33 member working group, let me just say it isn't easy to have 33 people in a room and actually have dialogue, but we have been able to through a lot of direction from port staff. i know the genesis having a 33 member working group is have very robust conversation and be able to have perspective representing very wide range of issues and expert from all fields and feel that has been adequately accomplished and really look forward after the informational session moving to policy recommendation phase which and know will be difficult but gibbon the start i am glad there is such diverse opinions on the working group thus far and thank you so much
5:43 am
for all your support and port staff. they are very well attended so it isn't the working group or advisory team but members the public who like to engage in the process. >> i several members of the working group are here today and members the advisory group are here as well so thank you for coming and we'll see you in a couple months. any questions? >> we will open up to public comment. ellen johnck. anyone else that wants to speak can speak. i don't have any other cards other than ellen so if you want to speak come up after-ellen. >> thank you. i'm ellen johnck and i have been a member of the waterfront land use committee and attended every meeting. i was there representing cochair
5:44 am
maritime advisory committee, but i felt like i was there representing multiple interest because i'm also representing the mayor and the citizens of san francisco on the historic preservation commission and a resident of the city for many years, close to 50 and involved in many public projects so i feel if i have a great perspective on this process. at the risk of being a little repetitive i do want to say the staff as rudey and janis said, diane the report that was in writing and as presented to you today is just great. the sessions have been terrific. i just want to give you a couple point about my experience as a member and that was how impressive it was for me to see
5:45 am
the evolving relationship between the port and city. how much thaz has evolved and strengthened since 1997. i think this has got to be continually emphasized. i think in every aspect of our study ofern the last 9 months or so, we have seen this relationship being strengthened and of course today you saw the increase in general fund and there is strong support from the city and mayors office in financial support and for the port. i think going forward what i hope to see and what i would like to see coming out of the plan as rudey said, we want to produce something that is of benefit to you and that is, what really needs to be hit hard is the city's capital
5:46 am
plan. i was looking at this and there needs to be more support in the capital plan 2014 to 2023. yes, the pier 70 is there, crane cove park, the sea wall, but we need more support particularly in the assets of the city and of course the sea wall you heard is really very key. i want to emphasize i think there should be very bold statements, recommendations on the value of the ports historic assets. the port as you know is the only port in the nation that has the single most intact historic resources that are in operation as a port and i think the city 92 needs to know this and need emphasis in the capital plan and hope you see that coming
5:47 am
out in the land use plan next phase. thank you. >> thank you ellen. next speaker. >> good afternoon. ellis rogers and also lucky enough to be able to serve on the land use update committee. i really am just here to thank you so much for the investing so much resources. yours and your staffs time. the last year has been incredibly phenomenal learning experience and so glad it is taped for others to be able to use it as a resource and reference going forward. it. it is so rich with material. i want to thank the tenant being involved as well. it was a valuable learning experience for all of us to have so many tenants give tours of the operations but come to the meetings and speak first hand about what it is like
5:48 am
doing business as mostly maritime industries here in the midst of increasingly dense city so thank you very much. >> good afternoon president [inaudible] and commissioners and elaine forbes. i am honored to be a part of the waterfront planning group. i came by way of expertise serving the treasure island and india basin waterfront and had years and years of planning within the city and count y of san francisco. first and for emost, having mr. rudey nortonburg chair the committee is very significant because when you look at the diverse expertise, this is a fine group
5:49 am
of individuals, engineer, environmental technicians, attorneys, i mean we have aerfck. the caliber of the conversation of this group and all the ecos there, i think you will see how [inaudible] i want to give him a [inaudible] stand out and johnny lee and know a young woman is learning from being a part of that working group how to conduct in a bigger meetings. at the end of the day i remember, mr. adams, i think your first instruction to the group is think outside the box. you are going to be impressed by the caliber of the content of the instructions that we bring back and the policies. yes, there are restrictions where we can [inaudible] but i think at the end of the day, you will know that san francisco ought to
5:50 am
realize the foremost assets is san francisco waterfront so all the policies i hope will lead to capital improvements. i served on san francisco utility commission capital plan and were able to propose policy and recommendation to the city. elaine forbes and diane and the rest of staff you have done a great job and byron ret and the cal bell caliber of the presenters were phenomenal. again, thank you for the opportunity. >> thank you. >> stewart morton. i was graanted a opportunity as being a member of nu agfrom the
5:51 am
inception and i want to say how impressed i am with the 33 members plus the various advisory committees. it isn't the same group. 50 percent same group and 50 percent new people that have very adventurous ideas. that will give us a good report so i'm impressed with this and will get a good result and there is a lot of good time spent on here. thank you. >> christopher christensen, [inaudible] also sit on the waterfront working group. i think going last is not too great as everybody said everything that needs to be said. i just want to thank the port and everybody for putting this responsibility in our hands of 33 people to create this policy for such a wonderful port. i have said it
5:52 am
before i am born here and family was and this port has a special place in my heart. it isn't just about creating policy but a all around great experience for all of san francisco and all san franciscans and everybody kind of already said anything so will end with saying thank you to all the staff. looking forward to phase 2 because phase 1 was amazing. thank you to rudey and janis and diane and everybody. >> anymore more public comment on 10 a? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner woo ho >> thank you diane so much. wanted to hear this update for some time and i think that this sound like a terrific really amazing progress report and i think we had fears and
5:53 am
apprehensions putting such a diverse group of people together what will happen and think we have two very strong leaders with rudey and janis so thank you for guiding the group because it isn't easy. we knew we had people with very different points of view and very different interests and hear to group is getting along well and obviously it is also i think as you once described to me drinking from a fire hose because the port is a complex and diversem there are some people in the group working with the port for a long time but glad to hear about the 50 percent new people so for them it is like drinking from the fire hose. there are so many maybe 99 other aspects you didn't know about the port so that is probably a positive for the people. i think the passion and care that the sound like the group met many times and all showing up which was
5:54 am
another concern. people lose interest but sounds like that hasn't happened and terrific. just really thrilled to hear this is happening and phase 1 is coming to conclusion. i see the new plan going forward, so i think that is great. in reading the staff report you focused on financing for capital project and preservation which is extremely important to us, the only one area to say the subtone of prapsh the economic vitality portion and you mention that do we need to question are there more non trust uses of the port assets we can bring. it isn't just finding different financing but economic fatality which means development some don't want it hear about but those are some things we have to address because vitality and
5:55 am
sustainability will bring us forward. i think the combination of this waterfront land use plan developed many years ago as you know, as well as the strategic plan and something elnor said which is very very true is that i think that where the city has come and citizens of the city have come, it is a int rugle part but we are catching up to put that into action. we had the conversations with moneek where we connected after the 1989 when we tore down the freeway the main thing was connect the ports to the neighborhoods. it is good oo hear integrating with the whole city. it is huge difference integrate thoog neighborhood next to you versus being truly a city wide assets and what the waterfronts means
5:56 am
for everybody and that undertone is important. great to hear that is part of the thought process and because i think in the strategic plan there was a lot of discussion with staff and i think among commissioners to get the message across that we reached a new milestone what we represent for the city. we are really sort of a iconic-nost just iconic for physical beauty and what we provide but the vibrancy and vitamty we bring to the city and experiences in many ways. i'm very encouraged and this is a great progress report and looking forward hearing about phase 2 and guess the work won't get easier but probably more challenging but think we have the people both on the staff level and want to thank diane and everybody else and elaine and clearly all the people on the working team because i think it is going toget more and more interesting
5:57 am
going forward so thank you. >> commissioner katz. >> i want to thank the working group and staff and particularly rudey and janis from the working group. it is no mean feat. i saw the selection process that went into putting together this stellar group of people. i'm sure it was a time like herding cat so thank you for your stewardship on that. i think in san francisco i do think one the best parts of the city is the kind of participation, activism and expertise that comes forward from our broad city community and can't think of a better group that demonstrates that really than this working group. i saw the people that were accepted and that was a stellar group so
5:58 am
speaks volumes of those that were participating as members. i think this really is what makes san francisco a great place, people care passionately about the city, about the waterfront and about the future and recognize that we all can and do have a significant impact by participating in these kind of programs and groups. i think the involvement demonstrated by the group and know there will be quite a bit more demonstrates what i think it is the best of san francisco, our diversity, our public participation and the passion that comes through. if i can take a moment and ask those members that did serve on the working group if you can please stand so we can thank you. [applause] your work is
5:59 am
absolutely invaluable to us and think as elnor was pointing out how far we have come since the late 90's when the plan was put in place i think it also demonstrates this type of participation does have a impact. it is not a document or something that gets filed away but does have a huge impact on the direction that we will all be taking, the commission, the staff, others and so i think no more than that comment showing we were successful in what we tried to accomplish initially and now it is time to update and think of the future generations. diane, thank you. putting this together and putting together the programming and substantive has incredible time and effort
6:00 am
put in by the members the working group and staff as well so thank you all you have done and thank you to the port staff for all of the work that has gone into this. i won't kick through the 10 public meetings but i have watched many of them on tape and want to reiterate for those here and watching our commission meeting, if you have a chance please take a look at these 10 public meetings that are taped and on the website and such a educational experience. i learned from watching them. they are broken down into different topics so if there is something of interest i encourage people to see that because they demonstrate what we face at the port. many people say, the port is around the world is the same but san francisco is unique. we have so much we are
6:01 am
addressing to sea level rise and boating and biking and land use and seismic safety and maritime to sustaining the sea wall, so there is so much of interest and so much work to do and i'm very pleased to hear this is recognition of the importance of the capital improvements and the working group focused and helps guide the thinking in that. i think all of the work and all of the efforts both today and going forward it shows that we are going to have a better city and port for it. i think i said earlier i'm always amazed and proud of the incredible breath of and depth of the areas we have along it waterfront and don't think there isgy port that has quite like what we have. i want to thank the
6:02 am
original group that helped put together the plan. we have seen the effect of the long term actions and think this effort we will see the impact in generations to come. again, this-we are not reactive but proactive to insure we have a vibrant dynamic waterfront going forward. again, i think done right as it was done here we see the best of san francisco and the incredsable talent we have so want to thank you and look ing forward to the next phases. thank you very much. >> commissioner brandon. >> thank you very much. when you go last there isn't a lot to say but i just want to say that i just love seeing how this is all come together and how when i look at diane and say she is the waterfront plan. i don't know where we would be
6:03 am
without diane in 1997 or now. i want to thank you and thank elaine and all the staff that has given so much to this process. i really like to thank the working group and advisory teams for volunteering your time, your talent and expertise. you guys are just invalable. we would not be this far along and so much changed since 1997 and i just really want to thank you for giving up so much to help us move forward and help put policies that will be long term and leaving such a legacy at the port. i also want to say that one of the reasons we had such a large group is because we wanted representation from all of san francisco, from every district in san francisco to make sure someone from everything area in san francisco was involved in the process and still want that so
6:04 am
now is the time to get involved to help shape the future the waterfront so hope you all bring your friends and families to the meetings because this is what we really to get all the input we can to make sure this planning process is successful as it can be. thank you very much. >> you heard from my fellow commissioners, diane, byron, brad, elaine to the working group and advisory group rkss rudey and janis thank you. [inaudible] the reason i say that, i want to thank you very much. it is very hard and i couldn't imagine because who you deal with a group of people we all know as we are human beings everybody has their own ajnda and to try to heard cats
6:05 am
together and try to make it work for san francisco thank you and to listen to everybody because i think we have tough discussions ahead of us and think you are ready for that. rudey and janis you are hitting the tough questions. at the oned thf day how do we pay for everything? we have to talk about that i sometime when you talk about paying people are uneasy because we know we have less money flaum the federal and state level. would that mean a bond issue to deal with infrastruck chur and sea level rise. people get nervous. we have bond measures this fall but these are the questions we have to ask because what we are trying to do is try to find san francisco something down here that fits everybody whether it is maritime or the giants or dog park. we try to juggle
6:06 am
this and sometimes you can't please everybody and know there will be tough conversations and glad you are chairing this because we need to have those discussion uzand do what is best chblt i think it will be good as we move forward and we need that debate. we need people with different point of view. this is san francisco. nobody alwaysa grees. we can't get the people in dc to agree and see what happens but hopefully people will have a voice of reason that we can find something that makes this work for san francisco. i like to put a challenge out to the community. now is the time to get involved. please come down and get your voice heard, engage in the process. we want the transparency. we don't always have to agree but one thing i notice about san francisco it seems we are able to come to resolve to get things done and never abouti or
6:07 am
we but about us. sometimes you have to bring people along. in saying that. i'm very happy with the group and think it reflects the best of our community and i would like to show up to more meetings to hear what is going on and support you and everyone that is involved. i think you are a reflection and a conscious of the port commission. we can't be everywhere or hear everything but you are the heart beats and conscious to help understand how we move forward as we create this new waterfront and think it will be great so i want to say thank you to the staff and chairs and thank you to everybody on the committee and new people at home watching or sitting there, please come be a part of the committee, get involved, your feedback is wanted. >> please let us know when
6:08 am
future dates are planned so we can try to attend. >> 10 b, informational presentation on development proposal and team selected by san francisco mayors office of housing and community development after competitive request for proposals process for the development of affordable housing on sea wall lot 322-1. >> good evening. president adams and commissioners. my name is [inaudible] development project manager with planning and development division of the port. i will be brief with this presentation since this is progress report. we are not asking you to take any action. with that, i will provide a short background on the item, the property involved and how
6:09 am
we got here and then i will turn it over to housing office representative [inaudible] to provide a brief report on the rfp process and outcome of the process. the background. based on state and city legislations, the port [inaudible] mou with the mayor's office of housejug community development i will refer to as housing office. [inaudible] development of affordable housing on sea wall 322-1 and subject to a number of conditions including the state land condition we need to lift the [inaudible] before the development could move forward. now, briefly on the location of the site, the site is at the
6:10 am
corner of front and broadway. sea wall 322-1. the site next to it is dpw site that isn't part of the mou, however, as the community review evolved that parcel was included in the rfp issued. the sites used as a parking lot and it is currentsly used as a parking lot. i will go into the terms of the mou because the purpose is guide the port and mayor's office of houses to review and see if the project is feasible. it is 3 year term with 12 year extension to allow the entitlement process. the
6:11 am
housing office will pay for all cost accept forpublic backing cost as well as transaction cost that the state legislation wanted us to pay for. the port in the mou delegated developer [inaudible] to the housing office meaning we led and take the lead in issuing the rfp and coming up with criteria including the rfp conducting community outreach what to include in the rfp and finally selecting the developer. as a rument the port isn't putting money into the project and funded by the mayor's office of housing. last year [inaudible] you endorsed the rfp and gave the go ahead of mayor's offense of housing. they
6:12 am
issued the rfp and selected a developer in april. i will turn over to [inaudible] to go over the selection process they went through and the completion of that and acknowledgment of the development team members that are here for this item. >> thanks ricky. hi. thank you port commissioners for having us here. as ricky mentioned [inaudible] project manager from mayor's office of housing. we came in september with the rfp so we will update where we have been since then. we issued the rfp in december and had interviews around march and made selection in april.
6:13 am
[inaudible] convened a panel that had community stakeholders as well as city stakeholders. the 6 are listed up there and we missed one which is the construction management staff so we had a architect from our staff also on this committee. the selection criteria from the rfp was in 4 major selections. the development team experience and capacity given 40 points. also given 40 points was the development concept and preliminary site plan. 10 points is financing plan and last 10 points is servicess plan. we received two qualified responses. the development teams were listed there, thicame with the developer and actect, services provider and property manager. bridge housing and john stewart company was the lead on one of the responses and chinatown
6:14 am
community development center and self help for the elderly was the other. the scoring fwhie panel was 86 points for bridge housing and john stewart company team and 72 points for chinatown community development center out of 100 points. most responses were strong and hards decision but leaned one way at the end of the day. here i'll show a briefly about what the development concept was. we are now calling the port sea wall lot site 88 broadway. dpw site is adjacent to it, smaller site and the rfp for senior housing. you'll see here overall-i'll highlight the colors so you understand the concepts. here. we will have commercial use in the light
6:15 am
blue. light yellow are community services use for resident. the darker yellow is resident units. the pink is childcare and all the green is open spaces for the public. it is very active ground floor, which was one of the rfp required and thought this was proposal was very responsive to that. this is just a conceptual rendering. this is front looking down toward the water so you see the full view of the family site and then the smaller building in the back is the senior site. the affordable housing is 150 unit for families. 20 percent for families are formally homeless. 15 percent is middle income. the remaining 65 percent is for our traditional low income affordable. that same
6:16 am
percentage breakdown occurs on the senior site which is 52 units. our next steps are to go through our loan committee at the mayor's office of housing to award the developer predevelopment financing so they move through design process, outreach the the community, doing environmental due diligence. the port staff is going to analyze whether or not to move forward with public parking. that is a option they can elect to move forward with on the family site. then we come back to this commission when we have a ground lease ready as we get closer to construction, financing hopefully in the spring of 2017. that is all i have. the development team is here and the people in the back if you have questions for them as well. thaupg. >> thank you is there any public comment on 10 b? i don't have cards. anyone that
6:17 am
likes to speak after him get in line. >> hello president and commissioners. my name is bob [inaudible] representing the brbry coast neighborhood association and been along with my association we have been involved in the project for 3 years since it came first to nu agand proceeded through the various work phases. i will say that it has been certainly a long process and it had some difficult moments, difficult discussions, but in the end i think we have or the project is a much better project than what was in the very original plan. i have been a member of the working group that participated in the discussions to develop the rfp and also a member of
6:18 am
the selection committee and i would like to say that i believe in looking at the proposals that the final decision was one that reflected a clear and strong consensus among the selection committee members that this proposal was the better proposal, definitely the best proposal of the two. i was heartened to find this proposal there is a good amount moderate income housing units made available. i think that is something new and broadens the range for diverse to reflect our diverse housing needs. it has a very robust retail approach on the ground floor and i think that is something that will benefit the neighborhood. it also features a number of measures to reduce the mass and bulk of the
6:19 am
building and utilizes something like the pedestrian walkway to kind of break up the appearance of bulk. finally, i think it is interesting concept to note presuming [inaudible] occupies the neighborhooding lot, we will really see something i think that will-can begin to develop a gateway to the city and can provides beginning of a pedestrian corridor that would compliment the activity on the embarcadero. in summary, it is a excellent proposal. we always have a few items that might be improved and so we look forward to the outreach so the project developer will be pursuing in the future as we like to participate in that outreach. i also point out i think there is one major
6:20 am
learning from that in that i think the key point is early engagement with the community and the community had a opportunity to discuss and work through that process. i think that is very much a benefit and precedent in the future for projects that have a major impact on the community. i'm going to depart slightly if you bear with me. i worked several years with june osterburg on a number of articles for her -barbary coast neighborhood association news letter and i found her just exceedingly delightful woman. she was clearly a outstanding journalist and reporter and at the same time she had a feisty spirit to her but it was a great spirit and she had strong
6:21 am
principles and she let anyhow know what the principles were but didn't effect the objectivity what is going on at the port and other parts of the neighborhood. she will be missed. >> public comment? >> stewart morton once again. remember this project is in the northeast waterfront historic district. the architects are acknowledging that, but there was a lot of community disapproval of the approach. along with the [inaudible] hotel project adjacent, we are losing our historic district to two very large projects that need to be somewhat refined, so there is community activity
6:22 am
going on on this. they are meeting with the [inaudible] planning and zoning on the 15th. that will be helpful. i also want-just keep your eye on the fact this is a historic district and haven't had too many new projects and have to be very careful. hopefully they will give us what we need and you need and the city needs. regarding june osterburg, who would be very embarrassed what is happening today in her honor. she was a very selfless person that did want like to be the center oof attention but she was everywhere. i brought her the last couple years because she had ahard time getting around. on behalf of junes friends, thank you for what you have done in her honor because she was a part of the city and part
6:23 am
of this part of the city and if you read her obit and how far back she goes and lived [inaudible] she has real san francisco history and it is a huge loss for the city kw and all us that were good friends of hers but thank you on her behalf for the honors you bestowed today. >> thank you. anymore public comment on 10 b? being none recollect public comment is closed. commissioner katz. >> very pleased to see this. this thank you for shepherding it and thank you as well. i think it look like it should be a fabulous design and i know great folks part of the team that selected so very pleased
6:24 am
and i'm-i think it is a realistic plan and noted in the information here and think that is quite significant that having something that can be built as inventioned is ideal. i'm pleased to see the breath of services offereds a well and thought gone into thatism in particular i like the addition and recognition for some of the moderate income live work spaces. i thought was exciting and unique piece. i can't pick out one particular item, but very pleased to see that and think the diversity of the kinds of families and seniors that will be coming in is a highlight so very pleased. there is a lot of work that has gone into getting us to this point but it looks seemless and
6:25 am
exciting so thank you very much. >> commissioner woo ho. >> thank you for this update and was helpful and i think just want to commend the selection panel because i think the discrepgz in the staff report was detailed in terms of all the going through the process, the two bidders. it is exciting project in the sense we look forward to have something we can contribute to the housing issues of san francisco and in terms of also having a wider range of affordable housing. i guess my one question and just to be educated a little more, in terms of the i guess the tenant who qualify for this, is that handled by the developer or housing office and how does the process work and do they apply spingely specifically for the
6:26 am
project or on a list and told this development is aavailable to aplay? >> as part of our loan agreements we regulate the ami targets so i think i mentioned right now 20 percent of the total unit will be set aside for formally homeless. it also comes with a subsidy from the city, so the developer-then we have the other income tiers. we are still working on middle income to know the exact rate range but it is between 80 and 1 twnt. 120. >> how do you serve them? [inaudible] come to the nachbigation center? >> that is done through the city hsa and dph together, they have a coordinateed access point that is how we get the units filled but the rest are subject to a marketing plan
6:27 am
that the developer submits to our office, we review and then they do wide marketing across the city in order to get- >> okay, so the developer is responsible if finding the people that fit the targets >> typically most of the time the mayor's office of housing has a opening we get thousands for the units. a lot of work the developerto go through, all the applications and there is a lottery basically. >> so you are part the picture? okay. you are the one who gets the applications first and passes it on? >> no, we monitor and make sure they follow our fair housing requirements and ami's and do the lottery correctly, but we don't administer it, that is the developers that do that work. >> okay. >> that clear? >> yeah. thank you. >> commissioner brandon. >> thank you so much for the
6:28 am
presentation and i'm happy we have come so far and selected a great developer to add housing stock to san francisco. just have one question for ricky and that is the parking. when are we going to decide if we are doing parking? >> we are reviewing the feasibility of the parking because as you know in that location the water table is very very high so the cost is going to be very high so we have to look how that will be financed and how it will work. now that they have developer on board, now we can look at the layout of the parking and after reviewing it will make sense or not and hopefully will come back to you to let you know what the status is. whether it is feasible or not >> the parking will be underground? >> yes, it will have to be
6:29 am
underground >> when we first talked about the project was it underground? >> we have both options. as we went through the community design and need to have active ground level uses, there is so much you can put on the first level so in the end it has to be underground. >> okay. so, we are doing an analysis and make a decision- >> yes, now that the developer is on board what you saw is a conceptual drawing and take home from there having the reaction with them and look at the cost and verify the cost and talk to the consultant and make comparison to other garages roontly built and look on the financing side how much money can the revenue from the parking garage support. of
6:30 am
course we have to deal with the community because there was a discussion we need parking in this project so we have to manage the process getting community input while looking at the [inaudible] we get a meeting of the meend and consensus and know if we have a physical project or not. >> so, what do we do about the lost revenue sh ? >> remember we are getting the fair market value of this site, so the parking in a way is like a icing on the cake. it is based on the consent the available development the city will have housing and retail. the parking isn't factored into that "fair market value ". if we get parking in that is
6:31 am
addition. we won't lose moneyism we won't collect rent anymore because they pay the present value of the fair market value of that site. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good job ricky, great presentation. clearly due diligence is done and agree with my fellow commissioners and thank you for coming out today and explaining everything to us. thank you very much. madam secretary, next item, >> item 11, new business, >> during the conversation i heard we should come back and present how staff allocated port wide and specifically if we can tie it to areas in the strategic plan that will be helpful so we'll bring that to the commission. i also heard request for update on the quinn street lead project which we will do as we move in the project and hopefully it isn't for request for more funding. any other new business? >> i would like a update on the
6:32 am
maritime department on the expenses and budget and what they are working on and get back to the commission and then one other thing too. i think commissioner who requested-i know you are work wg david chew about the ferries and update so can we get more information on that? colleagues, if there is no other business, we will adjourn in the memory of june osterburg, all in favor say aye. opposed. 5: 55, we are adjourned. [meeting adjourne
6:33 am
>> well, good afternoon everyone welcome to our city hall i want to say thank you to members of our board of supervisors that are here today and thank you supervisor farrell, supervisor yee supervisor tang supervisor cowen thank you very much for being here to our department heads and the controller to our commissioners to many others who are serving the city gridlock here to do something that everyone looks forward to every single year and first of all, in the context just a few years ago we were all struggling with double digit unemployment a half a billion dollars to try to kind of gap the to finance that gap in the
6:34 am
budget and talking about layoff off a lot of people i'm glad we all worked together to make the city stronger i'm happy to say it is my opinion but particularly finance people that having worked hard on the way we do our budgets and the way we conduct ourselves at city hall financing we're in the strongest finest position in the history of the city. >> (clapping.) >> yeah, that's worth clapping for. >> (clapping.) >> and so today, we're going to move on that progress we've made by signing in a $9.6.23 year budget that is a budget that's been recently approved by the board of supervisors let me say a resist of that i've been talking with a lot of people and going to neighborhood meetings
6:35 am
asking the neighborhood leader and nonprofits as well as residents and activists to give us their opinion i've heard it all let me say this is not a surprise the issue of homelessness the issues of police relationships and police reform and the quality of life in the diverse neighborhoods are all at the first and foremost of what people think are important for the city we have reflected that in this budget homelessness definitely is on my mind and on the minds of a lot of san franciscans is he and that's why this creates a department open homelessness in support of housing whose mission to make homelessness perhaps once in a lifetime for anyone with the increase and coordination and new investments and clear and


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