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tv   BOS Rules Committee 101316  SFGTV  October 16, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> all right, good morning,
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everyone and welcome to our rules committee meeting of thursday, october 13th, 2016, i am tang, chairing this committee today, and to my left is supervisor cohen and we will entertain a motion to ex-excuse mar later. and we would like to thank mark and jim from stgtv. are there any announcements? >> yes, silence all cell phones and electronic device and completer speaker cards and documents included to the files, should be submitted to the clerk and the items today will appear on the oblth, 25th board of supervisors agenda, could you call number one? >> ordinance amending in the stafgs code to change the membership requirements for the pedestrian safety advisory committee, and to establish a sunset date. >> could we get a motion to excuse, supervisor mar. >> let's make a motion to excuse him. >> we will do that without objection. >> and now we are back to item one, which has been called.
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and i think that we have a representative back here. >> good morning, i am the chair. and now what you have before you today, is something that we have worked on hard, and unfortunately this year, we have only had one meeting with the quorum. because of what the administrative rules have, we have to have 18, we have to have at least, 12 people. when there is only, is 4 people appointed, at any particular time, it means that everyone has to be there basically. and we know that is not possible. and so we as a committee sat down and we went through and we looked at what we thought were things that had not been filled in years, and one seats that
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were duplicates. and what we came up with. we are really hoping that, you know, second is so important, and we can't get anything done. and we have resolutions and we want to pass, but without a quorum, we can't do that. you know, based and a lot of stuff that we wanted to do this year. and i have feel really good and i think that i have gotten all of the district seats filled which has not happened in a long time. so i worked really hard as the chair to get the seats filled. but we need your help to make it easier for have a quorum. >> on average, how many people are attending these meetings? >> we usually get, nine to eleven. >> but that is not a quorum. >> no, we sit there and count the people, you know, and door opens and is it another member? you know? and that is so frustrating when you have a committee as important as psac is. >> how are they interacting with
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vision zero. >> we are active in that. and we are always at vision zero and active with that. >> okay. and then i also see that another requirement in addition to kind of reducing the number of seats is that any member who misses three regular meetings, within a six month period without express approval of the committee will or shall be deemed resigned from the committee. >> you know, with he have some and a couple of people that we don't see, and it is kind of frustrating when it is like where are they? that is why we wanted to put that in there also. >> all right, thank you for your presentation. i think that is, obviously we want these advisory committees to really serve their purposes, if you are not able to meet more than once a year, i think that these changes are fine. >> i have had to cancel the last two meetings because we were not going to have a quorum, the next meeting, our november meeting is on election day, we are not sure what we are going to do about
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that one yet. >> here today, and the chair, kevin and one of the members, howard, and so, we hope that you will pass this along to the board so that we can actually do something. >> all right. >> you know, when i became th, r i had a lot of things that we wanted to do, but we have not been able to do them, because we have not been able to meet officially. >> thank you. >> thank you for your presentation. >> do you have any questions or comments on this item? >> okay, so seeing none, again, i think that it is straight forward but we will open it up to the public comment. >> if you want to comment on item one? come on up. >> hello, and high name is kevin, and i am the vice chair of the psac and as becky just stated, we have not been able to have an official meeting for a very long time because of the number of seats on our committee is 23. but we need to have 12 people to show up to have a quorum.
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and because a lot of other people have other commitments and other jobs that are not able to meet at this, and at the certain time on the second tuesday of each month, we are not able to pass any resolutions or have any important talks or meetings about pedestrian safety, and vision zero, which is what this committee was pretty much formed to deal with. and going, and as becky stated we need to reduce these number of seats, some of which are -- we have two seats for the bicycle committee, or whatever. and two for school, or is that right? some of these are redundant and we don't need the double seats that one person can fill and be able to commit to meeting once a month. so we need to make sure that all of the people who are where the seats are filled with, are committed to vision zero and able to meet once a month.
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and have this quorum, so that we can pass the important resolutions and help you guys deal with vision zero, which is one of the most important things in the city. so, please pass this resolution, legislation and thank you for all of your hard work. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, i have been on the committee since it was official in 2003, and first i want to thank supervisor weiner for carrying the ordinance through to get the changes, the changes are simple, they really, by getting down to about 6 non-supervisors these are 6 that are typically always filled, my seat, as for the transportation and the school and one school seat and obviously we need a bicycle seat and a pedestrian safety seat and the other two, but they are typically filled and eleven supervisors do a better job of filling their seats. and so then we have a quorum and
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that shows but we typically have 9 or 10, or 11 people out of the 14 appointees, that is good and we will go on and do the business and advice you and the mta and get the city safer and better for pedestrians thank you very much. >> all right, any other members of the public who wish to comment on item one. >> see none, closed. if we can get a motion to send this forward to the full board. supervisor cohen? >> i will make that motion with a positive recommendation. >> and we will do that without objection. >> item two. >> hearing to consider appointing one member to the cannabis state task force. >> we have one seat and one applicant here and that is jennifer, i believe that she is not able to make it here today, is anyone here to speak on her behalf? >> okay. so anything, none why don't we open this up to public comment. >> no i was going to actually, i thought that there was no one to speak on her behalf. i thought that i was going to make a motion.
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>> we will go to public comment. seeing none, closed. >> and i would just say that this particular seat has a requirement that it is a representative of a labor union that represents employees working the cannabis industry from looking at her application, miss garcia does satisfy that requirement and i believe that she had originally wanted to app apply last time around, i would be fine be supporting her. >> xurp cohen? >> i would like to make a motion to move to the full board a positive recommendation to appoint jennifer to seat one. >> and we will do that. >> madam chair, that is also with the residence waiver. >> yes, with the residency waiver. >> i didn't realize that. >> we will do that without objection. >> thank you. >> item three? >> it is the hearing to consider the term, ending november, 19, 2018, or the tenure of the nominating supervisor, whichever is shorter to the committee and
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one seat and one applicant. and we have charles. i am mark's a pointment to the district two seat and i have lived in district two my whole life and i was born at california pacific on california street, and i grew up playing at the park and i attended the university high school and i continue to live in district two to this day, growing up i would ride my bake through the neighborhood. and i will be going to college, when i realized that i could influence the change on the streets that i was riding on. when i did arrive in la, i became fed up with the transportation options and the poor bicycle infrastructure, and back when the city was horrendous and that was for me, as an experienced biker, and other students would not touch a
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bike and would not want to go downtown or wherever, and it was difficult, so this really sparked something in me and by the end of my four years, i had created a fully funded and student staffed bicycle share program which exists to this day, and close with advocates to influence the important street projects for the people walking and biking in the neighborhood. >> now that i am back in stowers, i have been working pe san francisco for year and a half and in this job, i work with the city agencies to organize the project and push them to completing. and it has given me a sense of how they come to fruition and how to mobilize the residents, to meet their needs, bike and walk, and people in cars. it is also, for the diverse residents of san francisco. and their unique per pespectivp.
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and this has shown me that there is still much to be done to make the streets safer for all, and while i may feel okay riding on the streets that is not the case for many if not most. my little sister, for example, now she is in high school and wants to ride to become more independent and she is nervous, sharing the traffic lines and riding around in the cars, i think that the streets need to be safe and accessible. and whether that is my 14-year-old sister or my neighbor with your nomination i will strive to the goal for making the street safer for all users in district two. >> thank you for the thorough presentation and for your work while you are in college. i am happy to make a motion after public comment. >> so we will go to public comment then on item three. any members of the public who wish to speak? >> thank you. >> and seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor cohen? >> thank you, i would like to make a motion that we move with the positive recommendation to
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appoint charles for seat two. >> and we will do that without objection. >> thank you. >> all right, item four please? >> a hearing to consider appointing two members terms sending january 15, 201 #, to the health authority. there are two seats and two after mri can'ts. >> we have eddie and maria luz. torre. if you are here come up and make a present welcome mr. kim. >> good morning, supervisors tang and cohen, good to see you, my name is eddie and i am the current president and ceo of northwest medical service and taking care of 65,000 patients here in san francisco, and 75 percent of them are at or near poverty. and have been working with them since i have been a ceo for eight years now. and we are really happy to be able to say that we have been able to put a majority of the
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visions in health homes and i think that when i first arrived, we had 50,000 patients and i think that we are up to close to 150,000 now. and i am proud of that and they are getting excellent here in san francisco. >> i know that this is the reappointment and the same as seat ten as well. if you could describe what you would like to work on if you were able to be reappointed. >> sure. right now, i think that the baby boomers are really growing. and hopefully, we can do something with the health plan, in helping with the seniors. i think that the growth pattern, that we see for the baby boomers, are going to be ex-potential and so we have to figure out ways of providing that same type of affordable care for our senior population as well. >> all right. good to see you eddie. supervisor cohen. >> it is good to see eddie before us. >> okay.
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all right then, and i guess that without any further questions and then we will move on to the next applicant? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is maria luz. torre i am the co-chair of the san francisco health plan and there are two of us as co-chairs and co-chairs are appointed by the governing board in the health authority. and i have co-chaired the committee with three different people. and i am still doing it. my children were on medical when i start and when i started working, they were on healthy families because our income was up a little bit and then when the income went up, they were on the healthy san francisco and now i am an ics provider and so for the first time, i am a member of the san francisco plan before, it was my children. >> and i am also the organizer of the parent voices of san francisco, and we served the low income family and we advocate
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for the children and their families and i know the struggles that the families go he through because i have been one myself. i feel one myself. and, we represent the consumers in the governing board. or the health authority. and i think you are probably asking the same question that you asked eddie. and so, as a consumer representative, it is our obligation, me and ireen, who i co-chair to represent the voices of the members of the health plan. like one of the biggest issues that we have is access. and san francisco and having universal coverage, and i think that the access is very important. we have many families who work three jobs, or work during the day or go to school, and may not be able to access healthcare for the children and so it is important that we provide the
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special care, and extended care up to 5:00 or on saturday and stuff like that. >> maybe you can just talk more about some of the issues that you have been able to address, while serving in that role. all right. >> yes, so as, and the committee chair, we facilitate the issues that the members bring to the gro group. it is not provided by the plan itself, and make sure that we bring in the resources and that the health plan provides the connection to the members. and so that they are able to access the dental care, because not a lot of providers want to do them in medical and the paperwork is just crazy. and one other thing, is that brings in the family and usually
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complain that going to the hospital or to the appointment is very difficult and they get like, and they are late for like ten minutes and then their appointments cancelled. but sometimes they are waiting for an hour. it is like they can wait for an hour but when they are late, their appointments cancelled and it is another three months before you can get an appointment and so we are bringing it up to the governing board and to our quality improvement people. my co-chairs, in that committee. and so we want to make sure that these are addressed. and then, also we for instance, with regard to the formula, like sometimes a doctor prescribes a medicine and it is not in the formula, and so the access to the prescription will be instant, and sometimes members of the health plan were just like get frustrated and so we bring this up to the governing board. and sometimes, also the staff, because to coc comes to our
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advisory committee and here hears from the members directly, and so we facilitate that. >> and i have been on the co-chair of the committee for so many years and i believe that my being there with the three different co-chairs to provide the community. and it is an elected position by the member of the advisory committee and so i am honored to serve, and it is a volunteer position and i am honored to serve. >> thank you so much for your service, supervisor cohen? >> thank you, i just want to make a minute, to compliment you and i think that you have been an outstanding community leader and incredible coming from the community, and the pacific islander community and at times you are under represented in the last six years that i have been on the board you have been around and active. whether in the volunteer capacity. or in an appointed position and so i am happy to support you again today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, thank you so much for
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your presentation, and now we are going to go to the public comment to item four. thank you, supervisors, my name is sumi from the san francisco health plan and i just want to briefly say, that the san francisco health authority is absolutely supportive of the reappointment of eddie and maria you have been outstanding board members and it was interesting to hear the pedestrian's safety, advisory commission, issues because we have not had that problem, it is a volunteer board, and it is 19 members. but eddie and maria are among the most faithful members who really take the time, and the volunteers from a lot of time. to really help us in our duty and in our responsibility and in our passion, to take care of the low and moderate income people to make sure that they have access and, be sure that we hear the providers that take care of them and as wells the members that we serve and that will be
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like maria and they have done a fantastic job and we hope that you will support their reappointment. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> any other members who wish to comment? >> seeing none, comment is closed. >> i would love to make a motion to reappoint eddie for seat six with a residency waiver. >> also to appoint, maria to seat ten. >> and we will do that without objection, congratulations. item five? >> hearing to consider appointing four members for a two-year term to the workforce community advisory committee. there are four seats and three applicants as one has withdrawn. >> as the clerk stated dalila ahumada has withdrawn their application and so we have elizabeth simpson and debra mann
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and villy wang and if they could come up that would be wonderful. >> good morning, supervisors. i am with the san francisco conservation core. and i am a new executive director of the previous executive director has been there 25 years, and i have been the executive director since last april. i am not a resident, but i have worked both in the private sector, whereas with morgan stanley and i have been doing the business development here in san francisco for about 15 years, and switch to the academic side and i worked at stanford and the university of san francisco. and while serving in the university of san francisco i was on the committee, that created the streets. and under the previous under i am trying to think of the mayor. >> and until we took that from a very idea to the full issue and now we have the sunday streets,
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as well, the san francisco conservation core is the workforce development for the population, 18-26 and we also run a charter school for those who have dropped out of the unified school district and then we do the career placement and then we have the employer relations and an academic component where we worked with the cools and do workforce development and so my full resume, there, and i also full disclosu disclosure, my daughter is qunichlt ncy man and volunteerd for supervisor cohen and wanted me to share with both of you at lehi university and plays basketball and she was featured on the schedule. so any way, just so you know, loved her public experience and actually is studying political science and loved the grassroots building that she did this summer. >> i also want to speak on behalf of liz simpson. i am a new director here in san
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francisco and liz has been a mentor. and so liz serves as the executive director at the success center, since 2010, she has gone from $450,000 budget to $2.1 million. she is a resident of san francisco. and educated at san francisco state. and she began her work employment with the private investment, or the private industry council which was the predecessor of oewd and she is an expert in workforce development over the last 32 years and she was part of the grant that has secured 25 million for youth employment in san francisco and she also worked with the san francisco juvenile probation department for 16 years, creating job training, and programs at log cabin ranch we also were at the ranch when we are doing the workforce development with the ten to 12 youth that they send there and we work with the probation department. and after retiring from the juvenile probation department,
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liz took on the appointment at success center. and in her first year, she worked with the ymca, and program development and it is just been honored recently, for her community service. so thank you for the opportunity to speak and we look forward to serving. >> thank you so much. >> all right, and. >> hi, good morning, supervisors tang and cohen, i am a workforce analyst with the office, and i am here because i will be staffing the workforce community, advisory committee. and we are very excited to get this committee off of the ground. and it has taken a little bit of time. but we believe that the candidates that we have in place represent you know, a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the area of workforce development in the city of san francisco. so, we could not be happier,
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with the folks that we have proposed to be around the table to begin meeting hopefully in early november. and just to speak on behalf of billy wong. as a grantee of ours and the community based organization and on the sunset district, it is one of our highest performing grantees and i know that he has been there for many year and we rely on them for their expertise particularly in training and placement in the communications and information economtechnolog sectors which are growing and continue to grow in the city of san francisco and so she brings a wealth of knowledge in that space, and so --. >> i am sorry you said big hat sunset district. >> isn't that correct? >> no that is not correct. >> that is in dog patch. >> she lives in the sunset. >> i am sorry. >> that is a non-profit of phenomenal work that is happening on the south east. >> that is okay, that is what i
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am up for. >> but any way. high, performing grantee as our success center, and san francisco conservation core, and so we are very excited about these three nominees. and hopefully you are as well. >> great. thank you very much. >> i am sorry that miss wang could not be here, but we are very familiar with the work and you know, really happy to see that she has applied. and so at this point, then, again, we have three applicant and four seats. we will go to public comment, unless there is any other questions for applicants? okay. and i don't see any other members of the public here. so we will close public comment. and if we can get motion or several motions on this. >> sure, what i would like to do first of all, i have had the opportunity to work with liz and villy for years and worked with mrs. mann through the work of her daughter and as well as her
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taking the core, and these are phenomenal suggestions and we are in store for a really stal lar workforce committee, i would like to make a motion to appoint elizabeth jackson for seat two, mann for three, and wang to seat four. >> and for mann we would need a residency waiver as well. >> we will do that without objection, congratulations. >> all right, and so now, mr. clerk, are there any other items before us. >> there are no more items madam chair. >> all right, this meeting is adjourned thank our
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new director of the board, sam moss who's first meeting is today. welcome, sam. >> thank you. >> so, yes, this order calls to order, please. >> this is october 12, 2016 treasure island meeting. call to oorder. director mazzola, here. richardson, here. samaha, here. moss, here. supervisor kim-we have a quorum. >> thank you. next item, please. >> item number 2, general purblic comment. thisiteal item alloys members to addresse


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