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tv   Planning Commission 111716  SFGTV  November 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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make them comfortable make them desirable and that's what my intention was with this project as well. as ms.---said we've altered the proposal to rebuild the existing two units, plus, add a third units in the structure that is currently the garage building. we look forward to adding the units good i'm very familiar with the neighborhood. i live just a 10 min. walk away. i spend every morning at corona heights park with a group of neighbors who have become friends could i talk to a lot of neighbors. i have not heard any opposition to the project. as a matter of fact one neighbor was here earlier and asked me to present a letter to the commission from
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him supporting the project. i have been in the city many years. i don't property since 1977, renovated my own homes and other properties in the city, and hope to do that again this time. certainly available for any questions and i want to turn it over to william-of the pelosi [inaudible] >> good evening just want to be real quick. closing law group representing the project sponsor and just want to say we have revised the application and with this revision we took the project does meet the standards the criteria for the demolition and city housing
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policies and freeways. one, were adding a third unit and storing the existing two and journaling the same location at the project doesn't displace any temp. was vacant when purchase is been owner occupied for 40 years prior and the second unit had been as far as we know not rented for at least 10 years. finally it's doing its infill location that's consistent with the neighborhood and in general same massing and adding a third unit. with that i hope you would approve it. i give a little information a letter i sent you and i like to turnover to our architect to talk about the design a bit. >> good evening commissioners director rahaim,-we worked about eight years on several projects and i will quickly refresh her memory of this current project. looking down on the lot from above you can see the two buildings existing
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bottom left. it is the two units residential structure upper right is the garage structure. the blue nine represents the setback line and upper left in the drawing is that rise. [inaudible] as it exists. that's two off street parking spaces that we intend to maintain two off street spaces will be one of them into the two units dwelling which is at the bottom of this diagram. over all, are extensions of the buildings are modest. the front two unit building generally within the setback fall within the setback, they windows, light well and filled in this is an existing photo did well it was existing a while ago. looking at the property from a crossroads the garage building bottom left of residential upper right and superimposed on
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top of that are the expansions to the garage building to mimic the overall language of the existing two unit building. the one parking space will remain in the garage building and one parking space will be moved to the two unit dwelling. this is the garage and its immediate context and the addition of the glowing unit on top same thing with the two unit building on roosevelt and the addition minor additions and rearrangement of t façade elements. >> thank you. opening up to public comment. any speakers for this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> commissioner moore >> it's a rather large site because it has to frontages. it almost look at it it's intentional. if the law were
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subdivided would've one building on 15th i think is the address and the other one would be on was about. given the constraints on the side of the rear yard their hands while the variance i don't use consequential because the building itself holds itself way within that of dividing line of you joining why not 15th should get i think it's a good project. and i'm in full support of its tiered >> i led the charge way back when i think i can either member on this project because of the demolition some alteration permits. working on be defining what demolition is so that's really crystal clear. if all the architects come in and talk like that going into departments with members of the planning department trading one set of definitions for both organizations so that it even simpler. i think a valuable lesson learned here is if
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there's a doubt on what it is ask. i support this. rate cuts of occasion were reducing the parking ratio. it's contextual. it's great. so good job. think good commissioner hillis >> moved to approve width seconds the was on a motion, to approve this matter with conditions from hillis aye johnson aye moore aye richard's aye so moved that motion passes unanimously 4-0. sony administrator, would save >> i will close the variance hearing and [inaudible] >> thank you. commissioners that are placed on the item 21 per case number 2015-011529 2525 16th st. this is an office development allocation. >> good evening commissioners kimberly-planning department
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staff. you have before you a request for an office development authorization and 2525 16th st. located on the southern side of 16th st. between florida and alabama street. within the production and distribution and repair one general zoning district. n/a 68 height and bulk district. authorization for allocation of office space is required pursuant to planning code section 179.1 221 and 322. the project proposes to allow the legal conversion of 43,569 gross square feet of industrial or pdr used to office. the proposal is utilizing planning code 179.1 which is the legitimization of uses which was a time-limited program offered to property owners who were affected by the user neighborhood zoning control in 2008. the program provided
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property owners to legalize existing uses that would no longer be allowed such as office but were previously permitted and had been operating without the benefit of a permits. the zoning administrator determine the propose office space of 43,569 screws square feet to be eligible for legalize nation under this program in january of 2016. the project also includes installation of 10 class i and two class to bicycle parking spaces, showers, lockers will be located on the fourth floor. no exterior alterations are proposed in all work will be done as tenant improvements. during that the public the department has received approximately for inquiries regarding the proposal. the department recommends approval for the following reasons. the project maintains existing pdr uses within the building. preserves historic resource. complies with applicable
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planning code requirements. represents an allocation of 4% of the small-cap office currently available for allocation. it also authorizes -sorry - excuse me - the requested authorization will require the least office spaces to continue their economic activity and the project will to generate fees that will benefit the city. and it is consistent with the planning code missionary plan and the general planted that concludes my presentation thank you i am available for questions >> thank you very much. project sponsor. >> good evening commissioners
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rick gladstone rubbers in the building owners. this legitimization program you just heard about was actually a concept from one of the building owners, victor-many years ago when she asked me to get involved in and which was then brought to the commission and the board and unanimously approved as part of the eastern neighborhoods. esther veblen proposes legislation because he learned the planning department would not recognize the validity of many of the alteration permits for office that he and his business partners had obtained starting in the 1950s for conversion of the warehouse suite by suite two office. what is being converted is only about a third of the building into thirds of the building will remain what it is today as pdr. as you know, when he received those permits office was allowed as a
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matter right as was industrial. no longer true today. one example of his concerns was because some building permits and shown you one of them, this is the talk page-but the most important is the back of the page where you see the box commonly signed off by planning -there you go-this box from planning has initials of a planner that i don't know who it is, but the upper boxes approved, but not all permits were this clear, my new but this is one of the clear ones that it was approved but the zoning administrator is taken the position that because there was an further language in here indicating it had we been thoroughly looked at, that the zoning administrator chose not to recognize that is about permits and hence because permits like this we have the
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legitimize it should program for this particular building. anyway my client was concerned about that. he asked me to draft legislation that after much compromise and meeting with the eastern neighborhoods concerned about pdr we worked out a gym i stationed legislation. which is what we have in the code today. of course, this program allows owners who thought they were getting the right permits before the zoning change to allow pdr too now actually have those permits finally at knowledge by the planning department and by your commission. like all the
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legitimize nation buildings this produces a good deal of fees for the city. this particular building as you can see in the overhead produces over 525,000 in fees of which 87,000 crossley goes to transit in that. about 370,000 goes to the job housing linkage feet and about 68,000 goes to the childcare fee. because many of these office uses a been in the neighborhood for decades and because of that he program it's been nice to see that the community has generally not opposed these office which in my stations. to our knowledge no letters of opposition or cause the coming just up as up-to-date just several in. it's important to know your client - excuse me - your staff did two conference of site visits this year with photographs and they confirmed there is no planned conversion of any existing pdr in the building to office as a result of this approval. as stated in
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your staff report the office uses have existed in this building without complaint from either pdr tenants in the building were neighbors. your staff check that with the planning department enforcement division and staff correctly has told you today that it feels the office legitimization program shows no incompatibility with existing pdr tenants or with existing uses including pdr surrounding the building. we agree with the staff report statement that the approval would quote augment public service through the payment of the various development and pack fees. as you see your it's about $525,000. i was one point out there's a great need for office space users of the kind that exist in this building today. 7500 ft.2-15,000 ft.2. should
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the approval not be granted those office tenants there today would have to vacate of course and the good news is when these office tenants may vacate on their own accord it brings back into the market some much needed smaller office space. outside downtown. this kind of space given the configuration and the floor plans attract the kind of office tenants that we don't see downtown. you will not find here insurance companies, law firms, commercial brokers, out-of-town corporate office. mainly small business starting out and businesses with the needs for smaller square footage. again the existing office tenants who spaces would be legalized by you tonight are small business who been displaced otherwise and one example and a good example of
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one of the office tenants that the city would not want to displace from here is called event management. his better known as the calls catering and if any of you been to any of the big events in city all but the one tonight you probably have to dump their being catered by the calls catering known as events management. the office in this building is office space and sample china, sample glassware that the customers take a look at the for they get put into the fancier events and the importance of that location for their office and their display is that their kitchen the pdr uses right across the street. of course, convenience. lastly, the site is in a special kind of pdr disappeared this is the only pdr district in the city which is called the special use
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retail pdr district and it was done to create more retail space on the street. this is important corridor 16th st. which will connect mission bay hospital and the mission and opposed? we value as an important transit line and the idea was encourage more retail in the pdr on the ground floor. we believe that the continuation of often space here will continue to encourage that retail to grow and expand on this special retail corridor pdr. this site has great location for transportation point of view. it's on the 16th st. bus line. with the city plans an enormous improvement to make transportation between mission bay and the mission much much better. with the strict prop m limits it you have for spaces of 50,000 and greaterthere is
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prediction in jobs may be concerned therefore jobs under 50,000 represents an important safety valve for the city that can allow job growth to continue notwithstanding the constraints that the large-cap prop m program has. thank you very much. if you have any questions please 11thank you very much mr. gladstone. any commenters on this item from the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> if commissioners can raise her hand because were having technical issues. commissioner moore >> from the last time. >> commissioner mar >> commissioner mar
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>> since his father comes in under the convention and everything is cleared when the department i personally do not have any objections because the program of legitimizing was set up a number of years ago and had particular timelines and for this project has followed all of those oh i would take staff's recommendation to approval with conditions >> second >> if there's nothing further commissioners, there is a motion seconded to approve this matter with conditions. on a motion hillis aye johnson aye koppel aye melgar aye more muscat richards got so moved that matches passes 6-0. commissioners that are places under your discretion or review calendars. per item 22 case number 2016-002784 at 301 place
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to get this is a mandatory discretionary review. >> good evening commissioners. the cost of department staff. this item before you is a mandatory discretionary review request to establish a new medical cannabis dispensary on mcd for short doing business as natural green relief located 301 clay st. suite 597 otherwise known as embargo ctr., #1. project site is located in that she 30 project visited as well as the height and bulk this. subject looking on the south side of clay street north side of segments oh between front and battery in the financial district the insidious delivery on. this means only off-site distribution or sale. therefore the city would not be able to the general public at the project site and only employs registered with the department of public health would be at the subject property on a day to day basis. no cannabis plants we cultivated on-site. additionally on-site medication
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medical cannabis would be permitted-- excuse me - meeting goal spoke in the late rising of consumption medical cannabis edibles would be permitted on. the project is not call for improvements in the existing office phase which measures only 66 ft.2 is a. no parking is required a new exterior improvements are part of this project. the closed hours of operation for the entity are seven days per week from 10 am-10 pm. project sponsor proposes using existing you security which is maintained 724-7 days a week of project funds are plans to hire three voice within the first year of operation. the medical cannabis act as approved by the board of supervisors and the mayor 20 but they're part of public health service at the lead agency for permitting and cities. generally the planning departments review is limited to location and physical character. [inaudible] which
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out consider exercise discretionary review powders with the building sparrow subsection 202 e: one. we receive only one letter to the project but i already passed that out. the department records the commission take discretion review and approve the project for the following region distribution of medical cannabis would be delivery only so no on-site distribution sales. no cannabis plants we cultivated on-site. and the site is well served by public transit in the insidious neighborhood serving that complies with all standards and requirements of the planning code in of dances the objectives of the general plan. that concludes my presentation and am available for questions. >> thank you. >> project sponsor. >> hello. my name is-owner of the collective. nonprofit llc
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as natural green relief and gr. i hold a small office in one of market are on the fifth floor is negligent or so smoking taking or on-site visits. i held a hearing brian invited the neighboring individuals as was the owners. i received nothing but positive remarks. from there i was and granted a letter of authorization from the building manager after sending him my business plan. again as nick mentioned there's on-site security patch and see card key cards given on the ground floor the security guard going prior to going all. is also security at the front desk with the secretary. on the couple people visit me by lawyer and my cpa. i collective is very small. only 20 people which were referred to by medical practitioners. nutritionists as well as chiropractors were also part of
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the collective and friends. the driver are also part of the collective so we are all communing we know each other. anyone entered as somebody new is then pre-much welcome and by the driver of the first transaction of the medicine. because i'm a delivery service i'm able to have my medicine be more affordable kit i don't have the overhead of brick-and-mortar in san francisco. i am able to provide edibles and concentrates more so than flowers. also provide an educational service on strains as forms of ingestion and applications. safety and operation so once the reference comes in - excuse me - was zero programs and the patient has been verified after providing a california id doctor's recommendation. since the driver and most likely the new member of the collective are first introduced to another this transaction is done at the convenience of their home. the
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drivers also quipped with a body camera came in a doctor's recommendation along with a copy of the nonprofit articles california ids federal tax id indolence licensure drivers also have good driving record, car insurance no medication while working. parking in legal research is a drive circuit we also don't have logos on the vehicle as was on their person. once the member of the collectives are introduced to one another no more than an ounce is part of the transaction. which is part of safety requirements. not having more than an ounce obviously would be seen as was trafficking so i like it keep it in small doses. so the drivers also of [inaudible] where they learn the safety and educational medicine that ata is provided once they been verified and then additionally
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is provided by the driver upon arriving to the new member of the collective. drivers are also try professional. carla richardson no hostile piercings good all donations are put back into the business to cover the overhead of the business which includes where fees cpa as well as the rent of the office one additional method will be rolling out is all on payments which also provides us to move away from a cash business and also allows the board of equalization to document properly. my main model is quality not quantity you want to keep this very small in a niche group of individual individuals so i can operate safely in a profound manager always be the two questions >> thank you very much. open it up to the public could i have no speaker cards. any of the speakers in support or against this item? >> good evening. my name is
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crystal gomez. i'm here to support and gr. a little brief history about my cell. i've had multiple surgeries and radiation which causes nerve damage and the rocky. so i've had to use traditional medicine for many years and unfortunately they've not help me at all actually and the side effects have been terrible. so i turned to and gr the last month or so and i have seen vast improvements and no side effects. i also feel that it's extremely convenience, the method of them come into my home. i'm actually busy with school and work so it just aches everything a lot easier for me in my very busy life. i feel it's a very safe way. the delivery people of arden always been very hospitable and had no
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issues with the service so i am just here to give my support and hopefully they can continue to provide services for me and other patients that are looking for alternative medication. thank you >> thank you. any additional speakers on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> commissioner moore >> i would like to ask mr. foster a question. the addition of 66 ft.2 with this application is is i assume a space within existing units? existing suites because the embarcadero itself the suites are actually not 66 ft.2. it's a contemporary building where the suites are basically mostly occupied by larger law firms.
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etc. etc. it's a concert of building is been around since late 60s, 70s good i like to understand the 66 ft.2 because if there's three people working you have to stand upright with 22 ft.2 a purse. that's a little bit unusual. could you explain how that works bequest >> sure. this is an incredibly small spot is a windowless interior office suite that is backing the elevator bank in the essential core of the building. so it's envisioned to be the headquarters for this operation and employees up to three in the first year of operation would come to the office suite. the on deck, as discussed with the department of public health, the product actually has to be maintained on-site otherwise is not really actually in ncd but beyond that the employees come and go. his distribution own. the project funds appeals that albeit 66 ft.2 is rather small, that's within their operating needs
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than we have no size limitation small or large. >> this is clearly unusual size. but this is an unusual floor plan. it's nothing but micro office. it's an unusual floor of the embarcadero market arrow center to start with >> i don't know habitable space for office use. you have to have windows? this 62 6 ft.2 is there a small and am wondering is whether not we've taken it also through those considerations which create workspace as a metric by which it's usable for that kind of thing. on all in support of the idea. i know the building is extremely conservative. i want to make sure that the space in self is not just the basement space where people have to be inside without access to light and air. i want the background this is indeed a good workspace.
2:31 am
>> i can speak to it the project sponsor view want me to opine a little more >> sure. it is almost a little bigger than a closet. >>[laughing] am able to open a sliding door. then there is a hallway. were obviously there's also neighboring offices as working premise like meeting ended. there is room up to two back-to-back office desks as well as simply my office and the beanbag behind me. that's pretty much it. the reason why i chose that location simply to keep costs low. on the overhead works within my budget and it's also a place where i'm able to facilitate and be private as well. since i'm able to take calls in his fund to e-mail. >> any other commissioners? >> moved to approve >> second >> not take er.
2:32 am
>> rashly moving to take yard and to oppose condition >> i moved to take er and approved with conditions >> did i hear seconds because seconds. on a motion to take er and approve this matter with conditions hillis got johnson aye koppel aye melgar aye moore aye richards got so moved that passes unanimously 6-0. places us on general the public for which i've no speak regards. >> other any speakers for general public, and? seeing none, the meeting is adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: b dreams and good grades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to
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>> good morning and welcome to the government audit & oversight for monday, november 14, 2016, i'm the chair of the committee supervisor cohen's joined by board member supervisor breed to my left is and by supervisor campos to supervisor breed's left our vice chair supervisor yee will not be here today and we will have a motion to excuse him but proush to that let me introduce any clerk mr. evans thank you
2:35 am
electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 29, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> and supervisor breed can we have a motion to excuse supervisor yee. >> moved without objection and mr. clerk one the. >> the conversion to the short-term rental arranged to no more than 60 units from filing a private right of action allow private action prior to the final determination by the planning director and shorten for the praifrpt parties to file a action. >> this is sponsored by supervisor breed and co-sponsored before i myself and supervisor campos and supervisor kim supervisor breed the floor is yours.
2:36 am
>> thank you last month supervisor peskin and i introduced this legislation inform place regulations on short-term rentals in the city the legislation informed by research from the school of hospitality at penn state university a cap on short-term rentals whether the host is present or not and grandfathered in hosts that have registered with the city at the existing 90 day cap for unhosted rent-controlled units for 36 hours cap for hosted reversals that styles the cost for department of emergency the violation of short-term rental law and empowers nonprofit that are dedicated to preserving the housing for enforcement of violated of short-term rentals law i've said we need robust effective regulations of short-term rentals and we need to make changes when something
2:37 am
is not working as well as we know that should be we have far too many hosts not registering with the city and people exceeding or just ignoring the annual rental caps this tack critical housing units off the market making them unavailable for those struggling to find an affordable place it shouldn't be for lucrative to offer a empty unit as a short-term rental than to rent that has permanent housing for a san francisco family or resident i want to support the many san franciscans listening on this hosting platform to make ends meet they deserve the fair regulations within the process the host who have played by the rules and registered did so with the insures with the city and she we should live up to our public
2:38 am
comments we need 0 protect the housing stock while allowing the residents to share their homes to insure the registrations are effective making nonprofit partners in the most egregious violators i want to thank supervisor peskin and our co-sponsors supervisor campos and supervisor kim i know we have a couple of small amendments i've defer to supervisor peskin thank you for everybody who expressed their support or concern that is a complex and viewing issue i'll always be ready to make changes had something is not working as it should thank you and i'm going to turn it over to you chair peskin. >> thank you madam president i was hastened albeit to see the
2:39 am
words made by airbnb and this morning's san francisco chronicle about their willingness to work with the city and look forward to working with airbnb and other short-term rental platforms to continue those discussions as we move forward with this issue in the months ahead as to a number of - as supervisor breed said small amendments to the legislation that is before us based on some comments in the members of the public i proposed we amend the item that is because on page 4 at lines 9 and 13 to make the date november 1st tomorrow as opposed to the introduction that's to deal with individuals
2:40 am
who had begun in and attempted to registration prior to the date of introduction to there were had how often of those individuals that will address them and on page 5 a clarification in subsection e on line 10 says the residential unit is an insert and the permanent person uses the preliminary residents registrations on the short-term rental registry are not transferable and only rae nude by the permanent folks not a property right it runs with the priest no, not with the property and deputy city attorney does it cover the amendments that -
2:41 am
>> the additional amendments? >> good morning deputy city attorney andrew one minor amendment is that i believe the office of short-term rentals wished to include a clarification that anyone who having 2k3wr5ir7b9d in will not lose the grandfathered status with the third amendment and all 3 amendments are not substantive and can move forward today. >> thank you counsel as to the third amendment we support where will that be no see it our intention to include that. >> i don't unfortunately have a copy but come back as we so forth. >> is kevin imply the person on the - and supervisor campos.
2:42 am
>> thank you mr. chair it's been a very interesting and difficult week for so many of us in san francisco and throughout the country with the location of donald trump i can't even say that as president of the united states and had a unity rally that supervisor president breed and mayor ed lee put together i was proud to be part of that it is important for san francisco to be o to be united against donald trump to stand together to be considered to be san francisco values we did that notwithstanding some differences we had with residents with mayor ed lee and one of those differences it that in the area of what we do
2:43 am
with airbnb as short-term rentals and the point here that i and many have been trying to make we know that short-term rentals have a place in san francisco. >> we're talking about is striking a balance for some responsibility and specifically looking to protect the very limited amount of housing stock we have in the city one of the kind differences we have the question of what is the responsibility of those corporate players when it comes to reducing our housing stock and that's why this issue is so important i want to thank supervisor president london breed and supervisor peskin for putting in measure forward i do think it is about striking that balance lou gehrig's disease short-term rentals and having clear rules
2:44 am
that limit how far people can use the limited housing stock we have this is what that is about and i'll is to airbnb that i welcome the comments from circling and others that said after many, many years they'll actually try to follow the refuges as someone said you know it is not what airbnb says that what they do pudding one of the big differences within the party we have is that you have corporate democrats that believe that recreation alisa miller airbnb don't have to follow the rules and the bernie sanders and elizabeth warner wing of the party building those corps need to be held accountability and follow the rules like everyone
2:45 am
maybe this is a change in san francisco at national level those corporate democrats that have control of the party that led away in the corporations maybe that is the start in san francisco the corporate democrats in that believe to do the same so i look forward to that and look forward to the hearing. >> thank you supervisor campos bill barns from the zoning administrator's on behalf of the office of short-term rentals. >> good morning members i'm bill barns on behalf of the ever zoning administrator and kevin guy will be out there the weather and i'm happy to answer basic questions and come back on questions. >> have you or the zoning administrator heard any responses to the letter that you wrote to all the short-term
2:46 am
rentals platforms at the beginning of this year. >> the zoning administrator and the manager of the short-term rentals sent a letter as a result some have taken action against platforms that have failed to meet the san francisco law and those are within resolved we've heard informally if various platforms but not had in writing and look forward to hearing from them. >> any other questions for mr. barns? >> and if i might on the third amendment briefly the way the permit process right now the permit is looked at every two years not like a renewable the office of short-term rentals building this is a minor process and . >> so right so we're all clear and the members of the public are clear that is the intent of this legislation that those
2:47 am
approximately no less than 17 hundred individual that have joined the last two years since the original law legalizing short-term rentals activities passed its in 2014 those registered will urban design grandfathered for the duration and so there was concern that mr. guy raised as to the way it was drafted which was to be 3w57b8d clear kw4 you renew our permit you'll remain in the grandfathered class we'll make sure that amendment is made before the end of this meeting. >> thank you, mr. barns in san francisco objection supervisor campos is at the behest of the supervisor president breed now a merry member of that panel a voting member of the government audit & oversight committee why not open up for public comment i have a huge stack of speakers so why want 2 minutes i'll start
2:48 am
with mike and (calling names). >> morning supervisors thanks for having the hearing and supervisor campos and supervisor breed and supervisor peskin thank you very much for leading ♪ legislation i'm speaking mike casey speaking on behalf of the labor council they have anonymously comboeshsz that says something not often we're all on the on the same page on every issue we're all on the on the same page and because not only this is about jobs certainly our union suffers the loss of jobs we estimate 5 or 6 hundred a year that's not our main focus but the housing
2:49 am
crisis and the airbnb unregulated as it is has contributed to many of the members forced out and unable to find housing here we welcome the - notation that airbnb wants to come to the table we understand that airbnb is here we welcome the fact that airbnb wants to participate it is a little bit late we think we should find solutions unfortunately, it is difficult to understand how heartfelt 24 commitment they have an outstanding lawsuit we'll encourage us to sit down and talk we expect airbnb to show goodwill and good faith by what are you their lawsuit the judge indicated they'll rule in favor of the legislation or in favor of upholding the large
2:50 am
project that is incumbent on airbnb to leveling the playing field we stand strong in favor of that legislation we think this is a balanced approach that people should be able to make money by representing out rooms we're not opposed to that >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning board members i'm a registered home sharing and opposed to any changes that have been voted by the people of san francisco in the prior election as a citizen i'd like to feel that my vote has been accounted and we've already voted on this this is why i'm here i'm all for regulations which that comes to enforcement the
2:51 am
laws that are being voted on. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm kevin the executive director of the hotel council our organization and board of directors fly support those amendments before you today we building r is a 60 day cap that show who is renting and not renting the united the 17 hundred people that legitimately are operating under the current registration we absolutely support the people and individual availability being able to do that we lived that is important to have those options for the visitors but we firmly believe that this- these amendment will help with that confusion that is going on right now and help with the enforcement we've heard from mike casey our union member and
2:52 am
we support the amendments before you today thank you for your support and encourage you to move forward thank you. >> thank you and after this speaker (calling names). >> supervisor peskin and supervisor breed and supervisor campos calvin share better san francisco of the coalition seeking solutions to the problems of short-term rentals the last two years strongly supports the legislation including the amendments made today you know that is important we understand what problem we're addressing and the best way to understand it to go back to california history and remember the don our party the don our party theory the theory that airbnb is adopting to address
2:53 am
the retention of the middle-income from the history that don our party uaw was made up of 19 sent from the east and west to traveled to california to make their fortune they didn't make it to the absorbing nevada and gaged inform short-term rentals in the don pass they eating each other can only blichl is a strategy of survival it is not elevated to a popping that's the problem we're trying to address how to survive the middle-income without choosing winners and losers and cannibalizing the housing stock for the middle-income people in san francisco this measure will do that thank you.
2:54 am
>> hello i'm glenn a castro resident and homeowner for the past seven years i started potting on airbnb a year ago because of a negative experience of alvarez to sprarnz strangers after laid off and to may i my mortgage if i'm only to share my home for 6 days of year i will be forced to sell my home i building we can work together on a compromise my feeling the hoefrm effected by the airbnb host is not fitting the inventory most people on airbnb will not be leasing out their places on a long term base because of families and friends that are currently staying in the unit and when the family and
2:55 am
france are no longer allowed have to leave the city while those rooms are staying vacant this is the one way the residents make a little bit of money thank you. >> jump in. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is reaping a nature the san francisco for 40 years to ask you to please rethink the short-term rentals this legislation will devastate others i started using home sharing to support myself after the death of my father been a software contractor but in an ever changing field i've helped to create ways for my family to stay here and continue toe work in a city i love you applied for
2:56 am
the business licenses and thought in doing so i did everything necessary when i found out there was additional steps for registering with the city i went and do that imagine my surprise because of my application the fair rules i've been 3w0id by will no longer be able to use a part of my home to allow visitors to support our local economy and 60 days a year is 5 days a month none can create enough income under those circumstances please ask ourselves how making that easier for private interest groups to encourage people to register it does the opposite and asks people not to register and 0 who does that registration help certain offices of our city
2:57 am
and definitely not me as an example - let's see. >> it feels to me that helps ousted corporations a lot more than individuals at the lease consider changing the cut off date like in february of 2017 i think that gives people more time to register. >> and for those who didn't hear the earlier comments if as i think you've aware you are amongst 17 hundred individuals that have gone to the effort of registering during the last two years with the home sharing became legal you're a grandfathered and in that date in the amendments he introduced will actually go all the way until tomorrow if you came in
2:58 am
october 25th you should be again go ahead. >> i'm kevin a host and my wife in the sunset district we are registered 272 first of all, thank you for grandfathered us until our grandfathers this is important we do in principle there's roof issues i have with that, i think in general like to remind us we're in san francisco and the values were expressed out in the hall earlier about unite and welcoming people to our city and the hospitality is the number one industry and technology in our city airbnb is kind of that the nexus of that i think that is important to remember not to escape goat airbnb or other classrooms home sharing i think as at the same time it is important to preserve the long term housing
2:59 am
and so on but a lot of people come to the city that stay with us from parts of the world and state we have trumpet supporters and had interesting cycle and left with our values of the city and learned about the recycling and a lot of things you know (laughter) until they meet people like us with that experience and it is about the money it helps to pay the bills i am a - i think my key message is appreciate the efforts you're making in the legislation and an important issue for all of us but that is important to remember we're the tech capital of the world and the let's innovative around that and not limit home sharing i appreciate your listening and
3:00 am
thank you very much. >> thank you after him (calling names). >> good morning, supervisors my name is a period of time coming down the pike with the democrat club a registered host in district 3 i want to make a point that supervisors supervisor breed and supervisor campos made at the beginning of today's hearing the importance of preserving housing stock i go agree that is a worthwhile and urgent call; however, last may san francisco controller's office of connective analysis issued a report i quote the percentage of available rental stock has remained relatively steady over the 2006 to 2013 a rapid increase in the rent since 2010 and th