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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 26, 2016 12:35pm-1:01pm PST

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items. i've no speak regards. >> any member of the public wish to speak on i know on agenda item. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> very good. that places under department matters to item 1 directors announcements. width commissioners, department stuff i don't really have a directors report this week in your packet. happy to forward any questions you have to the director should you have them. >> item 2, review past events at the planning commission staff report announcements >> again department staff of you items to share with you. no formal report from the planning commission. however, a few comments on some outstanding items at the board of supervisors and other hearings. first of all, i want to mention that the department staff joined shane watson and donna grays in accepting a gov.'s award for the lgbtq the stored ccontext
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damon on november 10 this held that the clooney community center up and say, don't have a copy of the program which also outlines the other recipients but we were happy to share the experience with the consultants on as you know a wonderful document that's right useful for the department. and the city . i will pass that along to also, at the government audit and oversight committee three contracts were considered recently. 1338: the covert street cottages, 1036 vallejo st. and 101-105 steiner. the vallejo and steiner applications went forward with positive recommendation to the full board. however, susan vance holly and mike mueller
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were in attendance at the hearing and voiced concern during public comment four 1338 gilbert st. a couple of the items that concerned them are issues that concern them were, one, they felt that because he cottages which are city landmark had to be substantially rebuilt and as part of that project there is a very large addition and a very large bulk of your addition or on ground or below grade expansion to the property. they were concerned about a building of this size being eligible for the program. secondly susan brandt holly unclear about who exactly she was representing at that hearing. voiced concern about the fact that the four units had been removed from the site as part of the conditional use authorization which as you know happened a number of years ago.
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the discussion that moved more towards the removal of those units rather than historic preservation issues and the committee voted to table the item. so, right now department staff and the supervisor's office for that district is working with the applicant and the committee to see if there's anything that can be addressed so that the contact can be moved forward through the process to the full board. also, tomorrow the final bill zack contract that you reviewed and approved for 361 oak st. will be considered we don't anticipate any issues with that hearing. certainly keep you posted on that. finally, i want to make you aware that tomorrow also on the cdc is meeting and they are going to consider the expansion of the water transit facilities located next to the ferry terminal. this is a
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project that this commission reviewed and provided comments on two separate times and they will take up the item at their hearing tomorrow. we will certainly check back in with them and let you know what the outcome of that hearing is. that concludes my comments unless you have questions. >> no. i think we can move on >> very good that a places on commission matters for item 3 presidents report and announcements he was no report or announcements >> item for consideration of adoption of draft minutes of november 2, 2016 regular hearing. >> commissioners, any comments on the minutes? at this time will take public comment on the draft minutes for november 2 of 2016. anybody wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to adopt the minutes? >> so moved >> second >> on a motion to adopt the minutes for november 2, 2016 commissioner johns aye jong johnck aye pearlman aye hyland
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aye wolfram aye that motion passes unanimously 5-0. commissioners item 5 commission, send questions. >> commissioner johnck >> i tended the california preservation foundation workshop on november 7 those a day long workshop held at the port of san francisco. assessing safety and resiliency in buildings and what was interesting is that they had some excellent expert at the whole morning session was dedicated to this question the fact that resiliency is different from safety and the term of art now is local governments around the united states with the assistance of several nonprofit organizations and building councils, etc., are recommending some ratings systems for how fast buildings with the cover in the face of a disaster. flooding, seismic and
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earthquake and that kind of thing. the afternoon was discussing well, what about historic preservation. how are they-how are local governments around the united states look at historic preservation factors into resiliency? in fact the building speakers representing the national building organization in oh historic preservation is going backwards. we are worried that there's going to be a lot of rating systems are going to encourage local governments to do better job in saying seismic safety standards for building materials and rehab but in the middle of it we will have a historic buildings at when mark that become kind of a resiliency i live. they showed some pictures of a possibility that i think is more on the east coast where the there's one little the whole area
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around this one little building was demolished with this one building actually still standing up which was an interesting reflection on this topic. but, i think what we encourage the attendees and the historic preservation foundation encourages more discussion about looking at how our secretary of interior standards for design, how we are approaching it. we, meaning the public, and whether historic preservation guidelines are keeping up with a recovery standard with the recovery time kind of factor into design. so this just a something for us to consider in the future. the port of san francisco the work along the seawall and discussed the vulnerability and how the assessment is going on. discussed some of the building issues on the pier's, etc. so
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it's a big topic and it was edifying. i encourage us to consider it further at some point >> thank you. any other comets or questions bequest no. we can move on >> commissioners before we move onto the next item, i would like to bring to your attention this year's hearing schedule. you have a hearing scheduled for december 21 and staff was curious to confirm whether or not we were going to hold that as it is very close to the holidays? >> we don't really have an agenda were no agenda items that need to be held at that hearing? >> there's one on the advanced count. it's not a mustard authority spoken to the planner and a recognizes a bit of a gamble putting it on the 21st up it's entirely up to you. if
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you decide to keep it on your hearing schedule or cancel it. >> what about the first hearing in january were also talked about canceling out one? >> without the propose 2710 hearing on your agenda >> i see. do we need a motion to cancel the 21st >> we should memorials that >> i move that we cancel that >> moved and seconded. >> thank you. on a motion to cancel the december 21 regular hearing johnck aye johns aye pearlman aye hyland aye wolfram aye so moved that commissioners that motion passes unanimously. commissioners, item 6 is your proposed twentysomething hearing schedule. you should have received in your packets a proposed schedule. they are simply again the first and third wednesdays of every month. january 4 is close to the holidays again could i don't know if you want to take up that matter of keeping it on or canceling it? >> we can wait until the first hearing in december >> you could.
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>> yes. we could wait i mean i get some little reluctant to cancel this one because were the second one we are canceling. it is some critical item i think we should wait for the next hearing about suicide by january 4. it's like we will cancel that but we can still wait >> we will advise staff. very good. >> likewise, july 5 >>[inaudible] [off mic] we will wait. >> at this time we will take public comment on our hearing schedules. any member of the public was to comment on this seeing none, hearing none, public comment is closed. >> very good commissioners. is there a desire to adopt the hearing schedule as proposed then? moved and seconded. >> on that- >>[inaudible]
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[off mic] >> no. this is on the hearing schedule. related speak about the hearing schedule you can come up now. okay. >> on a motion to adopt the 2017 hearing schedule as proposed, commissioner johnck aye johns aye pearlman aye hyland aye wolfram aye so moved that motion passes unanimously 5-0. commissioners that places on consent calendar. all items listed here under constitute a consent other arvind considered to be retained by the historic preservation commission committee active on bicycle roll call vote. the we know separate discussion and less a matter of the commission of the core stuff so requested which event it should be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or future hearing. item 7 a-b 2015 at 35 5520 street
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good commissioners you consider this certificate of appropriateness and zoning administrator would consider the request for a variance. i have no speak regards. >> does anybody wish to discuss the consent calendar? does any member of the public was to have this removed from the consent calendar and put it on a regular calendar? seeing none, will bring it back to the commission. motion to approve the consent calendar i guess we have the zoning administrator. are you want to speak out? after we go. >> i moved to approve the consent calendar >> moved and seconded. >> on a motion to approve item 7 a on consent johnck aye johns aye pearlman aye hyland aye wolfram aye so moved that motion passes unanimously 5-0. zoning administrator, what say you >> i will close a public hearing for that we are variance and [inaudible] standard condition >> very good. commissioners
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that places on regular calendar. for items eight d, c, d, gh i jk. lmn o. m or 2016-014209 2395 21st ave. 146 geary st., 816 seconds oh street. 434 castro st., 3316 24th st. 56 ross alley, 800 clement st., 3470 mission st.,
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730 polk st., 2095 these st, 4004 3rd st., 330 divisadero st., 999 valencia st., 671 broadway, 1633 haight street respectively. >> good afternoon commission. planning department staff. the items before you today are 15
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legacy business nominations and applications which were submitted to the planning department on october 17 and ready for your recommendation. all applications were previously reviewed by the office of small business for completion prior to transmittal to the planning department. your commission packets containing a draft resolution reached this is outlined physical features and traditions associated with the success of the business. the first application before you today is for arrow and stamp quinn company 51-year-old family business in sunset district at buys sells appraises and consigned stamps and coins for collectors. the next application is for [inaudible] fabric since 1952 offers the countries largest selection of textiles with his buttons and trim. clariion music center a china town based business is a chinatown based business provided music lessons in western and chinese instruments as well as code to programming since 1982.:
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castro's own style diner serving traditional american fare since 1971 and is known for its support of aids and hiv survivors and promoting gay pride. the next application is for dance per gauge a local company that is presented socially relevant dance performances since 1986 and has managed the dance mission theater space in the mission district for 20 years. the next application is for golden gate fortune cookies a popular chinatown destination and the only local business that makes and sells handmade fortune cookies. hamburger haven is a 1960s breakfast and hamburger diner to serve the richmond district for 48 years. navarro's tempo karate studio is a multigenerational family business that is taught the art of self-defense to mission district of his residence for
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50 years. project open hand is a nonprofit organization based in the tenderloin district that provides free of the meals, groceries and nutrition counseling in education and social work services to senior citizens in critically ill members of the community. these sacred grounds café is a neighborhood coffee shop in the panhandle that has served as a creative hub for poets students and artist since 1972. sam jordan some part is a neighborhood gathering spot since 1959 that is served as a hub for the african-american community and-as a hub for african-american community building and organizing for over 50 years. it's building is designated as san francisco limerick number 263. the next application is for san francisco prostatic orthotic service located on divisadero street and manufactures and
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sells quality prostatic orthotic devices for patients to achieve their functional goals. the next application is for valencia whole foods neighborhood health food store in the mission that is provided fresh organic groceries to mission district residents since 1990. it recently reevaluated this coming year with a likely increase in rents. vip coffee and cake shop is a family business in hong kong style café that has served the chinatown and north beach communities since 1985. the last application is for sam sam long-standing cocktail lounge known for its classic cocktails and distinctive 1940s era persian art deco interior.
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after reviewing these applications staff finds the businesses have met the criteria to qualify for listing on the legacy business letter registered this concludes my presentation good i'm happy to answer any questions. we are a number of people who wish to speak today on behalf of the applications. >> thank you very much. what we are only do now is take public comment good i'm try to organize the speaker cards elizabeth so that the different people speaking about the different organizations, coming up together and i will call probably about three people at a time if you could line up and in each speaker will have 2 min. and you have a warning bell, 30 seconds before your time is up. pardon me if some of this not totally organize them try to get it organized. the first speakers are terrance faltered, dennis dorrington, claire sue and dennis plastered.
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karen's fault or, if you could come up. >>[calling public comment cards] the other speakers if you could line up against the wall. >>[calling public comment cards] >> my name is dennis nor intend. i'm the owner and sole proprietor of the arrow stamp and coin company. located at 2395 21st ave. i was founded by my father, john laurentian, in 1955. that makes it 61 years old. at the time it was located right around the corner from our current location at 1102 taraval st. it has a very extensive history and basically, when we opened i remember as a young boy when i immediately helped in the business, as a young boy, i remember the streetcars still had their
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catchers on. a few of them did and basically the postage rates we were talking that stands for collectors was three cents. it cost three cents to mail a first-class letter. the comedy was founded by my father and mother and they open their doors of the business in 1956. basically, it's been in continuous existence since that time and even though they are no longer around, i continue to run the business full-time and the owner is also prior as i stated first of all. the business has drawn on a very interesting history. it's drawn on a number of clients from the sunset parkside area. the nature of the copy of sparrow which is stamp collecting is as universal
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appeal that franklin donor wrote roosevelt was a stamp collector and their many many people in the sunset area. we've had over the years will been very loyal clients of ours. in addition because of the specialized nature of the business, we draw clients from not only other parts of the san francisco but all over the bay area and basically throughout the united states and even had some foreign climes at times >> thank you very much. sir, thank you. your time is up. >> thank you. i will finish. basically what i want to state was one of the things we do as with regard to the community and done so in the past, we have gone to numerous libraries and schools and set up displays did basically this teaches the children >> sir, your time-
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>> is not have the resources to communicate >> thank you very much. >>[applause] >> >>[calling public comment cards] >> when i first heard about this proposal, for heritage business am i talked to [inaudible] and said you're a star case could i walk in there about 1961 done as a stamp collector and he was always an expert on stamps. stamps and coin.. coins. all go through it very quickly. his [inaudible] is probably basic resource in the sunset district on stamps and coins. they handle a lot of estate cases and things like
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that looking at them and coming up with values. just by way of background is a huge area in which i could describe in a short time but stamp collecting has existed since 1840 with one penny black the first stamp ever issued and coin collecting goes back to ancient china. the -dynasty about 1100 bc and also ancient lydia. the electric coins going back to 650 bc. it's a vast area. this a lot of interest in the community and all you to do is take a look at the probate cases and you'll see many probate cases coins and stamps are in there. other than that that's the end of my sermon but he has a good business that's been around a long time. upon case >> thank you. >>[applause] >>[calling public comment cards] >> thank you. i actually submitted two cards. one for my
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own business and the other for sacred grounds café and shall i lump the two together interview one presentation? >> that is fine. or you can come back and do two. >> no. it makes sense to combine them. sacred rounds caéé started having poetry readings since 1972. i think it's one of the longest running poetry readings series in the city or maybe in the country. i was a-i'm still a beneficiary of that poetry reading series because when i was 44 i discovered poetry and then i discovered sacred grounds and i was able to go in and participate and work on my skills and to this day i'm still a regular attendee at the sacred