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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 111416  SFGTV  November 26, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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stand this committee can act on this item until we hear the course one in general plan amendment did therefore i'm going to ask for a motion to continue this item for november 28 meeting >> i'm sorry >> i like to make a motion for you to make a motion to this item continue to our november 28 meeting >> so moved >> thank you be without. >>[gavel] >> item 5 please >> item 5 is a ordinance and many the house go to her by that definition of development projects in large and small residential objects subject to the water >> thank you clerk. again to present as i'm >> afternoon. this ordinance before you is a cleanup amendment two original ordinance that supervisor weiner author back in 2005. that ordinance requires that new
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buildings greater than 250,000 ft.2 also include facilities for water recycling. in this era of unbridled climate change and what will likely be continued in systemic drought in california we need to be smarter about how we use water and not treat it as a precious resource it really is good today ordinance clarifies that project with zero months but of multiple buildings. that those multiple billings count towards the 250,000 square foot prussia did this with the original intent of our ordinance back when we authored it in 2005 but there's been a little bit of disagreement and that language. today we are here to clarify that. we-basically that's good i'm happy to have your support. the puc is here if you'd like a quick primer on water recycling but that is that you were
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leisure >> i think will go to public comment. any public comment on item 5? mr.:, welcome back. >> thank you supervisor tim: we have of housing action coalition we stand in strong support with this legislation is going. about half dozen of our members are going to be working on projects that are going to overly deliver recycled water. it's inescapable how we come to terms with climate change and the possibility of systemic drought and completely new different future that we start to move in this direction it is going to give us the tools we need to stop flushing toilets and watering our meetings with a catchy water. so that said, were walking a few last details. we think were very close. there's things that have to do with implementation. we've had conversations with the supervisor's office. i
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think this is eminently sensible legislation and should move forward and looking for to just getting the last couple of tweaks on implementation. so it has our support >> thanks. that's good to know. any other members of the public that would like to talk speak on item 5? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> thank you. supervisor peskin have a we get a motion on this item >> i move this item to the full board with a recommendation >> without objection that motion passes >>[gavel] >> thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] any other items before us today >> know that concludes our business today. >> thank you. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> b was >> welcome everybody it is
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great to have so many people here for the launch of the sf can iron initiative you'll hear from other people momentarily by my first duty to introduce the mayor of the city and county of san francisco the honorable mayor edwin lee that will make a few remarks. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, very much. we are in san francisco. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and today it is another
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opportunity to announce in my lifetime one of the most exciting things we do and if we could just put our imagination active hearts and minds together and say to ourselves that we can actually cure cancer in san francisco with the partnerships that we have we're going to do that the best we can beginning today. >> (clapping.) >> i've always, always cherished this relationship that our general has with uc san francisco it's research abilities our ability to spoke to our communities for this together to say we can answer the call and the distribution of cancer for all our communities i'm here today to join dr hyatt
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and my good buddy arnold who is been in the community in the east bay for so many years working and all counties and he and all the doctors truly understand with barbara garcia and on her behalf to really forge f this partner in on old way and to say to all of our communities that if we do the right things we can actually cure this cancer that's why sf can is a very positive phrase this is one i really am happy to announce to be a part of years from now just like we've done with aids we're seeing the future the ability to stop new
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diseases ability to screen earlier particularly for our disadvantaged community members if we can get them in prescreening earlier to identify earlier that is half if not three quarters of southern california of the can do if this effort so i i sound enthusiastic i truly believe that science and doctors and communities efforts focused in the right way together put together we create in my opinion a bigger heart for san francisco the minds is the research but when we put it together the big heart of san francisco that will win out i want to say congratulations to this incredible start i know at the heart of that as well is the kickoff with a
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fantastic donation of someone who says we'll make a big effort here i know we're excited about it because quite frankly that's how things get started and navigation centers started with a big few moments ago from someone that's how big doomthsz come through and maybe san francisco general or zuckerberg san francisco general hospital or usf that has a bev i didn't have donors to be part of this and sf can attache case 5 historically problem death can you see cancers and then having people from the community identify and getting early care and attention and screening and predictions and people in to take care of this early many of the members of the community has not had the opportunity to be
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invited early to have this discussion early and by the way, we'll do that dooebs so congratulations, everyone and with that, i think we will have public health coming. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much for those inspirational words we're here because cancer is a problem worldwide and in our city that is the number one cause of death in san francisco it outweighs everything else but people are astonished we know how to prevent half of cancer but not how to implement we need of a to figure out and that's why this program is so exciting we cannot just figure it out as researchers and can't figure out as public health organizations or community we need to do this
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together it is very important that everyone understands this is a troy pinching a city that is the department of health it is the communities and the people of san francisco and it is usf providing the research felt facilities and the backbone of sf asking can coming together at an incredibly diverse way that's why san francisco is the right place to do this is the center of innovation when you come up with a new ideas people don't tell you to go away they embrace new ideas and have is a strong sense of social justice in doing what's right putting that together i can't think of that better place in the world to do this san francisco is a
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lightning laboratory we figured out things how to help people improve their own heartache in terms of cancer and teach others and good around the bay area and california it is for us to take up this challenge he know in the past we're incredibly proud of really san francisco playground in the aids crisis i building we can play a similar roll in cancer and making that huge impact i need to thank all the partners organization and now i'll put on my glasses to read the list of the partners the city and county of san francisco, san francisco department of health san francisco consortium the eastern cancer society and the medical society and northern california hospital council kaiser permanente and sf health
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and chinese hospital and the projects and lastly ucsf this is trying to bring as many people pot center this is to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote executive list we'll partner with anyone where we think this is value who think they can benefit and contribute to sf can having said that, i know move on to introduce tom of the san francisco that department of health. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good morning how are you doing one thing to recognize all of us are personally touched by cancer every single one of us my sister died of breast cancer when she was only 48 years old
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she had an uncommon - form of cancer that is more prevalence in latino woman and what is the diagnosed it is very aggressive and tends to effect latino women my mom died of lung cancer her on exposure was second-hand smoke okay. so for me this is very personal while we may not have been able to save may sissy know we could have prevents the lung cancer my mom had this is very important i've been with the health department since 1988 i was here at the peek of the
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hiv epidemic we want to commend ucsf at ucsf came together with the city and we worked with the city and we impacted the whole world okay and that's what i see ♪ initiative it that not just phone call focusing on doing research that adds to the general knowledge felt world but using san francisco as a laboratory to really fourth how to do this right this is a win-win san francisco wins the world wins we've produce amazing research that will be helpful the way we are addressing those complex problems no off the shelf solution none of us individually or as agencies have the specific answer to pull off the shelf we have to come
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together to put our best minds and experiment and the rat problem southern california how to do this together people bring to the table things they aspire to do when we align our efforts and communicate and coordinate we can really make a big difference this is what we call collective impact i believe for us this is a future avenue public health department but i think that is the future how we get things done a lot of health ordinances have social deternlts we say to work together and so i have a huge amount of gratitude with ucsf i get all my clinic training and born and raised in san francisco i'm proud that ucsf is doing this and we know
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they'll take a holistic approach with that, we want to introduce dr robert hostility who's the chair of the epidemiology will continue the conversation thank you >> thank you on exciting moment for me i'm a physician and taken care of of physicians most of my life and an epidemiologist and concerned about the population that led me working with allen and others which is other people have said really a unique initiative in the acceptance that that is bringing together all aspects of health interested parties in san francisco to do something that is really hard and complex and only done if we
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have a collective impact on the process cancer is the number one killer in san francisco as allen said by car more important as a public health medical on or about than other problems might maybe 13 hundred san franciscans die every year from some sort of cancer and 4 thousand plus new cases every year so in one sense it is is manageable number and a big number we shouldn't have a tolerant in a city with the kind of resources and expertise and willingness to work together and willingness to build something with a collective impact this is something where we are starting with cancers which effect the most people in the city their may not be one and 40
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types of cancers but a small amount of cancer 50 percent of the dedicates overall we know how to prevent them and what to do there are individual efforts across the city and across the country to do that the most effective thing is patrolling tobacco use excellent expertise here to further our work with tobacco control for many other types of cancer we have expertise in the city for many teaches screening early detention for colin and breast cancer and prostate skrg secretary of interior and expertise in programs to detect and do something that hip it's and sustain our efforts over time we can make a huge impact sustaining the efforts over time
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this is it is a research project this is not something funded currently or anticipated to be funded by the national institute over a 3 or 5 year period and then over we intend for this to be sustained for 10, 15, 20 years to really see an impact over the period of time we need to have everyone's participation that's the idea of collective impact so not just ucsf or the department of health it is all the hospitals and the clinics and the community groups that all have an interest ♪ tomas has given a personal perspective that is important to remember if we look at it the community it is one of the biggest problems it should effect us personally the things we're
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focused on we see the slut numbers and reducing disparities tailor difference across the city and across the country with the groups and social groups and lgbt community members and geographic areas we have the data that allows us to describe cancer in san francisco very accurately in terms of numbers and disparities and trends, social status >> economic so those are the measures we want to impact over time and we have turn off all electronic devices. focused on every single one of those areas but many members in the audience currently working on this to focus what la be the steps to take to see progress down the line to join the collective efforts something we're esteeming excited people will heart of that effort and
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i'm just looking forward to next steps and really making a difference one of the key partners in this effort are community members and i'd like next to introduce arnold perkins a close friend of the current charger of our community advisory board and psa and arnold say a couple of words. >> (clapping.) >> mayor ed lee thank you for your partnership with the city ♪ effort it is good seeing you this is an important effort to be on the ground floor and sometimes getting in on the ground floor you have to have someone from the outside and say something is not right and allen
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came in if england and observed that cancer is not attacked as it should be within the community ambassador more importantly in the community that underserved so we talk about health it is equity that creates disparity and people have not been treated in an equitable fashion especially people of color within the last to be diagnosed and the first to die and this effort is an important effort to stop that one one-size-fits-all does not fit all this focuses on the cultural aspects of those communities and addresses where people sit and stand that is exciting we're building something new allen said be bold
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those words stuck with me my father used to say more said than is done i want to make sure with we do not just say this kickoff effort is a great feeling but a better feeling in time which i see the results of us serving the community that is underserved that year i've had - >> (clapping.) >> - 9 friends who have passed its from cancer 9 since thanksgiving and to me that is an outrage epidemic we have to stop and giving me to rest with all of us coming together we operate like this nothing will happen but to bring it together collectively we can do this and just like i've observed historically aids we've dealt with and controlled and people
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are obgyn with that we do the same thing with cancer but a commitment from all if we're committed to do this we can make and difference i invite and ask you all on behalf of my colleagues and the communities advisory board to pitch in to step in to put pettyness aside and take on the challenge and make a difference because every life counts thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you arnold for the wonderful words and did we have to do this together and 24 shouldn't be about talk but action don't judge us by what we did to set this up but judge us in 5 or 10 years thank you to everybody that contributes again getting
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this thing going and for attending there are excellent refresh times and look forward to chatting with you all thanks very one of the major tasks i
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was asked to do is water system improvement program and one thing i looked at is about the 4.8 billion dollars wurthd of work and a lot of the work was regional. we looked at how can we make sure that we provide
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opportunities for san franciscan's and people in the region and so we looked at ways we can expand our local san francisco lb program. so, we thought about it and worked with general manager at the time to form an advizry committee to talk about how to include local businesses in the region. >> i was on the first committee back about 10 years ago and the job changed over time. in the beginning, we just wanted people to know about it. we wanted to attract contractors to come into the system which is a bidding system and bid on some of these projects. our second job was to help the sfpuc to try to make themselves more user frndly. >> i like that they go out of their way, have contractors
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trying to teach and outreach to small businesses and lots of creative ways. help the community as well. there is so much infrastructure going on and repair, new construction that i think is helping to get construction back on its feet. >> my faiv rlt part of the committee has been that we have played a opportunity for many small businesses. [inaudible] women owned business to come in and [inaudible] sfpuc. it is a great opportunity because some are so small they have been able to grow their companies and move up and bid other projects with the sfpuc. >> everyone i was talking about with any contractor [inaudible]
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and super markets and things like that and i realize the transition was on the sfpuc. he got that first job and knows about the paperwork qu schedule and still works on this type of job, but he works with general contractors that also did other things. pretty soon it is like he did that one and that one. it completely changed his business. >> my name is nancy [inaudible] the office manager and bid coordinator for [inaudible] construction. worked on 10 plus puc, lbe contracts. today we are doing site maintenance on the [inaudible] chr site and currently the gentlemen behind me are working on