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tv   Small Business Commission 112816  SFGTV  November 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:31pm PST

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the small business commission thanks media service and s fgovtv staff viewed on sf tv 2, channel 78. please take the opportunity to silence phone squz other electronic devices. public comment is limited to 3 m mchbts unless establish bide the aufser the meeting. speakers are requested but not required to state names mpt completion of a speak er cars helps insure names. place speaker cars in the basket to the right the leck turn. speakers are called at the order cards are receivered. s frks fgovtv can you please show our slide? >> good afternoon, it is our custom to begin and end each small business commission meeting with reminder the aufs of small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco and the best place to
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get answers about doing business in san francisco. theophilus of small business should be your first stop when you vaquestion what to do next. the small business commission meeting is the official forum where you can voice your concerns regarding policies and projoket squz issues that effect the economic vitality oaf of small business in san francisco. welcome to our meeting. >> alright. item 1, call to order and roll call. commissioner stephen adams, here. kathleen dooley, here. mark dwight, here. william ortiz-cartagena, here. paul tour-sarkissian, here. irene yee riley, not present. commissioner miriam zu zuns, not present. you have quorum. >> excellent. item 2, >> general public comment. allows members to comment on matters within the small business commission
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jurisdiction but not on todays calendar and suggest new agenda item fwrz the commission future consideration. >> any member s like to comment on anything not on our agenda today? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> item number 3, discussion and action on legacy business registry application and resolution. discussion and action to approve the following application tooz the legacy business registry. discussion a action item. bay area video coalition inc. blew bare school of music. bo's flower stand. cafe du nord. cafy triste. cartoon art museum. castro country club. cole hardware. galeria de la raza. golden bear sports sportswear. sam's grill and seafood. san francisco heritage. the stud bar. the presenter is
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richard kurylo. >> good afternoon. before you today are 13 application for your consideration for the businesses to be included on the legacy business registry. i have a powerpoint presentation and not sure if sf f guv tv is able to show that. >> sfgtv can you please key the powerpoint? >> there we go. the applications were review said by my for completion and submitted to planning department staff october 3 mpt the historic preservation heard on the 2. each applicant contains a staff report from the legacy business program manager, a draft resolution, the application, a case report from planning department staff and resolution from
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historic preservation commission. there are copies on the table for had public. iletm 3 a is bay area video coalition inc. the business is a non-profit organization founded in 1977 that has become amunity hub sfr media makers in the bay area and across the country serving many low income unemployed and under employed teens and adults. bay area video coalition serves frelancers filmmakers job seekers activist and artist by providing story telling workshop jz diverse communities of makers producers services and resources. 3 b is blue bear school of music. founding in 1971. blue
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bear provides onsight program jz class and offers 20 offsite programs and scholarship programs which offer scholarship to the neediest students. item 3 c, bo's flower stand. the business is a independently owned flawer shop that opened in 1986 and serves downtown civic neighborhood. bo's flower stand is supportive of organizations, institutions and groups helping those living with hiv/aids donating flower tooz thoseantties and been a supporter of same sex marriage being so close in proximity to city hall. 3 d is cafe du nord. opened in 1908 making it one of the oldest operating bars in san francisco
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and wrun one of the few that survived prohibition. located on castro has a rich history of hosting events and group jz organizations and individuals. item 3 e is caf e cafe fè trieste. credited with igniting the espresso movement and known as the meeting place for the peat movement during the 1950's and 1960's as well as high quality coffee, italian snacks and hosting performance for opera, original music and orld world italian. ope chbed a retail store with glass glass
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and italian candies are sold. 3 f is cartoon art museum. non-profit museum founded in 1984 that preserves and exhibitss the history oof cartoon art and related art works. cartoon art museum hosts editorials, comics and weekend cartoons and the longest running museum of original cartoon art in the united states committed to preservation of this art form. 3 g is castro kuntly club. the business is non-profit clean and sober coffee house fonded in 1983 who was mission is provide a clean and sober gathering place in the castro neighborhood and help foster a . operates 5
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programs including meetings, unstructured peer couns lsh, job training and skills building, social support and fellowsheps and fine and performance art. item 3 h, cole hardware. local hardware established in 1961. began as a one man operation and became one of the busiest hardware stores in the city spanning to multiple locations to san francisco and oakland. the business is known for their dedicated and personalized customer services as well as generous donations an nually to local schools through community partners and business programs. item 3 i is galeria de la raza. the business is a non-profit community based organization founded in 1970 in the mission district that promoteds, create jz preserves chicano and latino
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art throughout the decades and creates a new space where these pieces exist and be experience d outside a traditional art galery. the mission is foster public awareness and appreciate and explore contemporary eshis in art and advance interculture dialogue. item 3 j is golden bare sport sportswears. local outer way company established . golden bear sports started manufacturing dock wurbers jackets worn by longshoreman and letter or varsity jackets and band members oef the jait graitful dead, jefferson airplane in the 60's. the company made jackets for
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political luminaries throughout history and continues to make motorcycle jacket frz the san francisco police department. item 3 k is sam's grill and seafood restaurant. the business is one of san francisco's oldest seafood restaurants serving since 1957. one of only a few restaurants that thrived in san francisco since the end of the gold rush. sam's grill supportss chairable causes every first tuesday of the month in which a percentage of dinner saleerize donated to non-profit organizations. item 3 l is san francisco heritage. the business is a non-profit organization located in pacific heights founded in 1971 and who's mission is prurfb and
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enhance san francisco mfs unique heritage and cultural identity. redevelopment in the name of urban renewal in the 5 o's and 60's letd to san francisco heritage and became a icon of san francisco historic preserve movement. in 2013 san francisco heritage launched legacy bar squz restaurants, a ground breaking online guide of 100 restaurants and bars each 40 years old or older with distinth architecture or interior design and contribute today the neighborhood. item 3 m is the stud bar. the business is a iconic gay bar established in 1966 in the southd of market neighborhood. the stud hosted performances by musicians and performers and developed
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the reputation as san francisco, it spot for celebrities to experience queer culture. in 1994 the stud introduced a weekly party and drag show, trany shack that rose out of the aids crisis and brought together the san francisco night life scene. the stud bar is a crucial, supportive and welcome, asset to the gay community and anchor of gay bars along and near folsom street. all 13 businesses received a positive recommendation from the historic preserve commission mpt after reviewing the applications and recommendations from had historic preservation commission, stafffides the businesses met the three criteria to qualify for listing on had legacy business registry. there are 13 draft resolutions for consideration by the small business commission, one for each of the legacy business registry applicants. note that emotion and support of the businesses
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should be motion in favor of the resolution. this concludes my presentation and happy to answer questions and there are a number of representatives here today that would like to speak on behalf of the business >> what a fantastic and eclectic list we have this time. commissioners, any comments before we open to public comment? none, so let's start public comment. >> our first speaker- >> public comment is limited to two minutes and by the way, we don't mean to be rude but at 30 seconds you will hear a beep that means you have 30 seconds to go and when your two minutes is up we have >> to give you the hook because of rule jz regulation. however, we are thrilled to hear your stor ez. if you prepared something written, just read it. nobody is watching to give
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style points so really the mission here is to get things into the record and entertain ourselves. we have a grood crowd today and think we'll be entertained. >> i will read the first five speakers and then i'll do the same for the next five. mindy air nauf, billie lemon, honey mahogany, summer lee cushar, peter [inaudible] >> hello, thank you so much for letting us be here. i'm mindy from bay area coalition. i think one of inreasons we lasted for 40 years is because we think entrepreneur but we probably can't spell it. we sell class tooz the community, some people get them for free, . for example we sought
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sfgtv and the crew came and learned video production and post production. we do this all over the city and have for all most 40 years. we also sell time in our post production facility so if somebody needs to make a project and dont have the equipment at home they can come to bay vac. we run san francisco's public access television channel and so as a result of that we sell membership to make sure the people are in san francisco and we also help youth, age 14 to 18 and transitional youth as well . we are a high bread of criblted and earned income and we really appreciate the opportunity. >> awesome, thank you. i will giver you a proper shout out when we give our emmy nomination. >> good afternoon. billie
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lemon, i'm the executive director of castz row country club mpt since 1983 we are a non-profit and serve the lgbtq community folks looking to get sober. we started a a oasis for people struggling to sur vive and deal with the effects of hiv/and aids. now we serve about 40,000 people a year. we have about 40 meetings a week that cover the entire spectrum of is so brity and recovery. everything from crystal methto alcoholism to food adam squz oveater jz even have a buddhism based group. i am one of those people who's life was changed. i was addicted for 10 year jz started as a volunteer and became a manager and
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through hard work and diligence and support from a community that knows what it is like to recover, i was named executive director so absolutely blessed to be able to be here today and i think my time is running up so thank you very much. >> awesome, thank you very much and congratulations. [applause]. next up. >> hi, my name is kimberley [inaudible] executive director of the cartoon art mew soom. want to thank you for having the hearing for the small businesses here. um, we have been exhibiting original cartoon art for 32 years and started here, a group of collectors got together and started doing traveling exhibition before we found our first location in 1987 and that was the help of charles schultz who gave money for a endowment and sense we have
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exhibited cartoon art. this is something very few places can see these original drawings. we know cartoon art but seeing the art and creation and how animation or comic strips or your favorite comic book is created really gives insight to the artistry and historic meritoffs the form. we had lots of artist, very professional artist such as chuck jones on display. we had dr. seuss but reached out to the artistmunity in the bay-air area and have artist that can share their work. we have a a spot lithe to give emerging artist a chance to show they work and have lectures and presentation squz do classes for youth and after school programs that teach kids how to use technology and we love to sfai in
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san francisco and with this program it has been really a great help to us to be able to do that. thank you. >> great. thank you for all your hard work. >> honey mahog aef, i don't know if you are here. >> hello. thanks for having us today. want to tell you about why we [inaudible] thank you. in the after math oaf the mass shooting in orlando president obama made a statement about the profound importance. pulse was more than just a night club, he called it a place of solidarity and empowerment. for over 50 years the stud is our place of solidarity and empowerment. a place where creativity and innovation. a gathering spot for queers in the gayest city in america and beak to tourist traveller
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jz translants. the stud opened 1956. at the time many of somas bars the stud stood out as a place for patronoffs all stripes. men, women and every person of every gender and between met and danced together on the dance floor. this continues today and evidenced by the words painted above the iconic front door, everyone is welcome. the stud has always served as a place where queer squz artists could come let their hair down and express themselves. it was a post night right where citizens angry dan white got a slap on the wrist for the murder oaf harvey mellic and george moscone went to release their frustration and cement the bonds through dance. at a time when so many queer people and people of color see
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the places demolished and priced out the stud remains a place where all is welcome. it is a place where everyone can dance, everyone can perform and all get a chance finding love. thank you. >> awesome. great speech. [applause]. well done. >> hi. thank you very much commissioners. peter [inaudible] from sam's grill and seafood rest raubt. we have been here all most 150 yires in the city so think feeling established at this point. but-first of all i'm so happy with this group. it is a fantastic group of businesses and we all share i think when one thing our love of the city and love of people and what we hope to provide to your community and hope to provide to the people who work with us to make the establishments that we have something that we are all very proud of so thauchck for the opportunity.
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we look forward to being here another 150 years and the support is greatly appreciated. >> great, congratulations. [applause] >> okay. the next five. idea jubey, renee richardson, david carp, joyce mcmen and matte ellen. >> good afternoon. edea joby and a owner and general manager at cafe treeest and like to introduce my mom sonya [inaudible] it is a honor to be a legacy business. [inaudible] he would be so proud to be a part of the program. want to thank you for developing a legacy business program that helps small business
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thrive in a rapidly changes city and vitedal to preserving the hitry of san francisco and again, thank you very much. >> thank you. [applause]. >> renee richardson, formally from k fog radio in san francisco, now the development director at blue bear school of music. wnt from one community to another. people look around like are you the bill collector or why do i know that voice? i came to blue bear very happily and blue bear has been in san francisco since the 70's and started by a group of musition who thought it would be nice >> student make music and also teach music and live their life in san francisco and be able to afford it so they start thd school in the 70's and continues on today and in the last 10 years we have grown so we are not just a school at fort masonment we
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brought our instructors into school that lost music programming around the city so in public schools, private school squz community centers around san francisco in the hope of bringing music to people and allowing anybody any age to play the music they love so happy to be considered a legacy business and i thank you. >> thank you, fantastic. [applause] >> hi. good afternoon. joyce mcmen and here on behalf of goldsen bear leather. ime a founder of gate way high school, a charter school in san francisco and have a after school study club entitled burl tuler scholars designed to encourage student to stay and finish their homework before they go home and one way we keep them is offer them a academic letter jacket so gateway student are been fishiaries of letter jackets created by
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goltden bear leathers so here speaking on behalf of that. thank you. >> fantastic. [applause]. >> david carp. >> my name is david carp, here today speaking on behalf of cole hardware. got started in 1961 when my grand father purchased the first store on cole street in cole valley and he and my grandmother ran it together, it was a two person operation and developed a close bond with the community. that continued with my father rick coming into the business in 1970's and he grew the business to what it is today with three stores in san francisco, one in oakland and in the process of opening two more stores and my sister are proud to continue the tradition and the legacy that cole hardware has
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and we are honored to be considered for the legacy business program and thank you very much for considering our application. >> thank you, david. [applause] >> and m att allen. am i pronouncing your name? >> general manager of golden bear sports sportswear been around since 1922 making jackets in all style squz tradition squz been a part of san francisco fashion tradition since our founding. one of the cool things that happened over the last few yearicize a lot of emerging retailers that are local and cool and hip have discovered our old brand and in the past few years have collaborated with them and creating new cool fashion which we hope in the future will become part of san francisco's rich tradition of
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style as well. so, i wanted to that thank you for supporting us because i think one of the things about manufacturing in the city with rising cost of labor, rising cost of rent and the specific nature of the sort of thing we do which require as lot of-it is very labor intensive so t is difficult so the recognition you have given is really helpful. thank you. >> thank you. [applause]. do we have more? no. anyone else want to speak? okay. >> david white with cafe du nord and a partner and operator in the building and most of you probably know cafe du nord it has been arounds over 100 years. 1907. it was completed in theprieve ysh of swedish american hall. we are on market street and
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surrounded by a lot of new buildings. it is a unique piece of architecture with history and speaks to what san francisco was like in the late 1800s and lot of immigrants. i'm a immigrant myself. as some of the other speakers have mentioned it is a difficult time to do business in san francisco. we greatly appreciate this initiative by the city and we are very grateful for your consideration and we believe strongly it is a very important part of the neighborhood and of the city at large and sincerely like to say thank you for considering our application to be part of this. >> thank you. [applause] we have any other speakers? >> good afternoon. matthew [inaudible] i was not going to speak but looked at my shoes while i was listening to other folks give testimony and saw the candle wax on my shoes from last
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nights harvey milks march. i was to support the legacy business designation of the stud. i have been going since i was 22 years and met my first partner and it was the it place. in 1989 it was a different kind of it place for those that terrifyed and needed community and solidarity. no one here wants to stop development or in-fill in san francisco. these are very important and just very pleased this commission is acknowledgeic we can hold on to the original delicious fruit filling and still add to the beautiful pie we have so thank you for this. >> i love your metaphor. [applause]. thank you very much. do we have any other poets that could like to speak? that was fantastic and want to
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thank you for going through the time and effort to fill out your application and ent to be here today. we appreciate it, this is the best part of our job here is the legacy business section of our agenda and we are just delighted every time we get a new cohort of companies and organization through here to remeend ourselves what a fabulous city we live in and how important these legacy businesses are to the character of our city. thank you for keeping on with the good fight. i'm a business owner myself in manufacturing and so i understand how difficult it is, but we got to keep on keeping on, right? so, anyway that ends public comment and commissioners you have any comments? commissioner adams. >> yes, first i want to congratulate all the businesses who are up for your recognition today. everyone of
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you is deserving and you are all awesome. i want to give a couple special shout outs to both cafe du nord as a member of the castro merchants. cafe do nord is a long time member. what they have done with the renovation of swedish american hall and cafe du nord and cafe down stairs is great so thank you. i want to congratulate billie from the castro country club because you have been involved there for a long time and what you provide for your community is exceptional. i can't say. you go by there, the steperize always full, it is part of our community and having you now executive director is awesome so congrat ulations and thank you for everything you do. peter at sam's grill and seafood. that is my lunch
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time place. your waiters are awesome. you do a laugh lot for the community and i just got to thank you for everything that you have done for the community. the last, the stud. i mean trany shack. for years and years i know they moved to another location, but my god that is where trany shackz home was for year jz where it all began. what can i say, they are the best. that is my community so congrat ulations and it is awesome. >> alright. commissioner dooley. >> once again, we have another amazing group of people that show that things that are already here need to stay. we need to keep our heritage together. special shout out to caffè trieste which is like our club house in north beach. everyone will end up eventually
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in the norlth beach area to stop by and say hi or see what is new. a special thaj thanks to cole hardware who is finally open a hardware store in north beach. [applause]. >> alright. commissioners, any other comments? alright. do we have a motion? >> i will go ahead and motion the 13 businesses for the legacy business resolution. >> we accept the resolutions? >> yep. >> second. >> we have a motion by commissioner adams and second by commissioner dooley. roll call vote. commissioner adams, yes. dooley, yes. dwight, yes, of course. ortiz-cartagena, yes. tour-sarkissian, yes. yee riley and zu zoons is absent. that motion passes 5-0 and that motion passes.
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>> welcome to the legacy business registry. [applause] you are welcome to stay for the rest of the meeting, but i'm sure you want to party elsewhere so thank you so much for coming. >> these are becoming like a big deal. i like it. >> yeah. >> nice meeting you. remember we are all filling. >> thank you very much, especially my father passed away in june, poppy johnny and he would be so happy for this day. >> he is watching us now.
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>> caffè trieste. thank you. >> thank you. bye. alright. next item. that is a tough act to follow. way to t it up. >> we go from drag queens to-honey mahogany to jocelyn and conor. >> alright. item number 4, discussion and possible action to make recommendation on board of supervisors file number 1610764, administrative code new hotel and motels near places of entertain. amending the code to authorize the entertainment commission to hold a hearing on noise issues for projects for construction, new hotel squz motels or conversions of existing structures to hotel or motel uses to be located within 300 feet of place of
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entertainment and provide recommendation to planning department and/or department of building inspection regarding such project and require the planning department and commission to consider noise issue reviewing proposed hotel and motel project. determining the california environmental quality act and making findings of consistency with general plan and 8 priorities policy of planning section 101.1. >> good froong, conor johnston, staff to board president london breed and i'll speak briefly off the cuff. you had so much fun on the last item i thought i would bing this down to government speed so that is what i'll do. so, last year this commission
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unanimously supported and the board of supported passed board president london breeds night life preserve vision which is protecting san francisco's music venue jz preventing conflicts with neighbors. the legislation fundamentally i like to think as a three legged stool. first prevents venues being sued if they operate within the terms of city permit. second, it requires landlored and realster tooz disclose to new resident before they move in there is a venue near by and may be noisy. third, the law empowers the entertainment commission to hold a hearing with both the developer and the music venue when a residential development is proposed within 300 feet of a music venue and it requires the planning commission to consider any recommendations the entertainment commission provides about how those two uses can co-exist. that last one, fundamentally is the
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most important of the law. we created a structure to help the different land uses coexist in dense mixed use neighborhoods by working toord on the fronts ends rather than against each other after the fact when people are unhappy and changing things is more difficult. the law is as far as we know and like to brag about this, the first of the kind in the country and the amendments today will strengthen it further. we established the entertainment commission authority to work on residential development near music venues but realize the commission should be vaubed with hotel development near music venues as well. the entertainment commission is dealing with conflict between campten place hotel in union scare and love and propaganda night life venue. likewise ish use with new hampton end on jessie street and the neighbor the mezzanine. hotels are complaining to the nrtd tainment commission and having to
8:39 pm
refunds guess rooms and upset because ratings are going down. the commission is having to manage the problems and testing to make sure in compliance with the permit and work wg management with the hotel but force today do this after the fact when we could have had these conversations and done the diligence on the front end. empower the entertainment commission to exist coxishance concern with night life and proposed hotels before those hotels are approved. according to jocelyn kane who sits behind me and here to answer question you may have, there are a dozen hotels in the pipeline and most have night life venues near by. there are 3 hotels within 300 feet of at&t park and infusion lounge in union scare. most hotels have night life nearby because the neighborhoods are
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more mixed use and denser but also because hotels by nature want to be near the action. the we have oo make sure both parties are good neighbors. noithd life and good music wring over $1 billion to the local economy and support thousands of jobs they help define who we are as a city. ben blieman the cochair oaf california music and cochair association and small business owner himself, said of the 20phony 2015 no single piece of legislation helped sf night life more than this in decades. it was landmark. thank you commissioner frz being a part of that and with these amendments today we can make it stronger. the legislation before you is supported by sf trachbl and jocelyn and i also made sure to reach out to the building owner squzmanagement association and the hotel council before bringing this to you today and happy to answer question as is director kane. >> just curious, hampton place
8:41 pm
has been around a long time so is that a situation that applies here? i think we are-a lot of this deals with new construction, correct or new establishments? so, how do you negotiate when the hotem and club are araund a long time and it changed in such a way or cline tell changed in a way they complain? >> we can only fix the thing weez have the capacity we can fix and should work on new use whether it is construction and conversion and establish a process for that. the ones that are having the issues frankly fall into more a management role with the entertainment commission but like to legislate a process fl those we can catch on the front end. >> commissioner adams. >> this is common sense legislation. i
8:42 pm
heard some of the complaints from others around-something is too close or whatever. i think this will address your prm in the front instead of what you deal in the back so this is a very very good piece of legislation and it is common sense, so i like it. >> okay. commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i was curious, i agree with you commissioner adams but curious what the hotel council feedback was? >> what we got from the hotel council is a e-mail along the lines of have no objections. is that a accurate-- >> jocelyn kane. i met the with the committee and hotel council and are more supportive sthan just no objections. it was a while ago but the woman who i have been dealing
8:43 pm
with at hampton place hotel was there as well and understanding and supportive of this. had this she wouldn't be dealing with what she is dealing with. >> awesome. any other comments? >> thank you, i have a question about the disclosure that is required and i like to sort out what disclosure is required. could you just for the record explain that to us? >> that disclosure exists under the law pursuant to the it legislation in 2015 and effectively requires a written notification to the potential tenant or purchaser of a residential property there is a permitted place of entertainment within 300 feet the property. we have circumstances where people visit apartments or con doughs on a tuesday afternoon, sign on indotted line and come the first friday night when there is a concert they call the police or the venue or
8:44 pm
jocelyn and creating unfavorable living circumstances for them and unfavorable situation for the small business as well. >> it does not apply to hotels and motels? >> no, we didn't want to legislate a requirement every guest of the hotel be notified there is a venue nearby so that provision largely does not apply. that leg of the stool of the original legislation doesn't apply on the e hotel side. >> in a real estate transaction the seller has to disclose there is such a thing? it is part of the disclosure requirement in residential but also applies to commercial propertys? it applies only to residential? shaking her hands in the back. >> are you asking if a multi-unit property sells or if a hotel sells? >> let's make it clear for the record. say somebody is selling a
8:45 pm
residential property, this is part of the disclosure requirements, correct in the city? >> correct t is recorded as a restriction on the deed >> we are talking about residential property in the neighborhood t. why dont you clarify who is disclosing. >> in the circumstance you describe where a multi-unit residential building within 300 feet oof a plis of entertainment is being sold to a new purchaser, there would be a disclosure that they have a responsibility to tell perspective residents about that venue because that exists as what i believe is a notice of special restriction is what it is called on the titem. title. >> who's title? >> on the multi-unit building. >> if there is entertainment 300 feet from the property there is restriction on the deed? or recording that
8:46 pm
will eventually notify the public that in fact there is music and entertainment 300 feet from that property and has to be disclosed in any real estate transaction involving residential properties? >> correct. >> whether it is single family dwelling or multi-unit? >> yes. single family, yes i believe so. >> there are changes. proposed project for a residential use, so you added a new condition, is that what it is? i'm reading from 116.9. can i read it for yoi? >> sure. again, this is the original and then be are adding hotel motel use to this original year and a half old rej slaigz. b but you add a word at the time of proposed project and see
8:47 pm
additional termsism for residential use is approved and notice of special restriction must be recorded with the recorder that states-just trying to sort out what the change is. >> i think i can address that. i believe in the original legislation project was a defined term and would be specifically a residential project and the reason why that is now bifurcated is to make clear the distinction between a residential project under the now amened legislation and hotel project because a hotel project is subject to different requirements than a residential project. i think that is the distinction you are referencing there. if that makes sense. >> thank you. >> okay. >> commissioners, any other comments? alright. >> this seems like common sense and anything that makes thingz more clear is a good thing. >> great. we'll open up for
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public comment now and do we have any members that like to comment on the item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, dowy have a motion? >> i'll motion to approve. >> second. >> commissioner adams motion to approve? >> yes. >> and second by commissioner ortiz-cartagena. roll call vote. adams, yes. dooley, yes. dwight, yes. ortiz-cartagena, yes. tour-sarkissian, yes. yee riley and zouzounis are absent. that motion is approved 5-0, two absent. >> thank you both for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and thank you jocelyn because i want to say something about jocelyn. she gets a lot of the people who complain and stuff. she gets-her office gets that and got to tell you, you have
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nerves of steel and what you do is a thankless job. i have seen it first hand. everywhere in the city whether it is norktd beach, the castro, south of market. one of the venues especially in the new buildings where under cc and r it says you are living in a entertainment zone and people dont read the ccnr. jocelyn has to deal with that and you do a very very good job and i just got to say you do a remarkable job what you do there, so thank you. >> thank you very much. alright. you are a good guy too, conor. next up. >> item number 5. discussion and possible action to make recommendation on board of supervisor file number 161014 planning code exempen
8:50 pm
certain historic lands marks from november 2016 to replace production, distribution and retear interstugz community and arts actaveties. amending 202.8 included in the november 8, 2016 general election as proposition x to exempt certain historic land marks from obtains commissional use authdization to remove production, distribution and retear interstugzal community and art uses and providing replacement space affirming the planning department determination under the ceqa act and making findings of consistency with the general plan and the 8 priority policyoffs planning code section 101.1. discussion and possible action item and i need to make a correction to the listing here. the presenter is april ang, legislative aid at office of supervisor jane kim. please exkoos the error.
8:51 pm
>> hi april. >> good afternoon commissioners thank you for having me here. before you on the follow up to ballot measure that supervisor kim and the boardf supervisors put on the november 8 ballot. no rest for the weary. we did win by 60 percent. the voters have affirmed the measure to prerfb preserve space for pdr businesses specifically, arts and non-profit organizations, institutions that exist in developments where they may otherwise be demolsished. the legislative intent with the measure was to preserve these types of spaces. there was a concern sthees these types of business and organization could not complete in the market against particularly housing development and also office spaces and so the
8:52 pm
intent here is to preserve these types of spaces in those places where these spaces were being demolished and specifically in the south of market and mission neighborhoods in the eastern neighborhoods where this is allowed. the concern was there was about a million square feet in the pipeline of projects where this loss of space would occur and the ballot measure for those pipeline projects required a 40 percent replacement and also created a incentive for developers to provide below market rents to these spaces by reducing the requirements by 25 percent if the developer committed to providing rents at 50 percent or below of the current market rents. so, through the
8:53 pm
legislative process and through the drafting process, we had a allowed for the board to make changes in the future with a 2/3 vote and in the drafting process there was a option for an off-site replacement or in' lieu program but decided to hold that after the election should this legislation pass, which it did and so this is one of the first cases of making a amendment to the legislation. we didn't want to and don't want to incentvise the demolition of historic buildings, but we-for this piece of legislation we had a very high threshold so buildings part the historic-national historic register should be exism from the requirements if they agree to preserve 50 percent of their space as pdr arts or
8:54 pm
non-profit. they can convert 50 percent to other use, probably housing or office to help off-set the pdr use that generally comes at a lower rent, but in a way that will preserve the historic nature the building. i have-this legislation specifically speak tooz high flesh threshold national registered projects of which a few, the armory is one, the mint is another but asked the planning department to prepare a list of buildings that are contributing to historic district or locally locally historic to assess whether or not this sort of exemption should be expanded by a threshold of national register. this is going to be before the planning commission on december 8, so you are
8:55 pm
hearing this item prior to the hearing at the planning commission and so this is the intent of the legislation to allow historic buildings to not have to have the full replacement requirements if they can commit to 50 percent of their building to be pdr, production, distribution repair, non-profit or arts space. that's in short a summary of the legislation. >> so, in the case of the mint for example, there is no activity there presently, so does propersition proposition x require in the redevelopment of that site there is some accommodation for pdr? >> it would be pdr or arts or- >> even though there is no displacement of anything like that today? >> correct. >> that's a pretty ownerous
8:56 pm
requirement for a development that is currently vacant to require that it have some use other than what might be its best use. >> i understand that the meant also mint also has a museum plan through the california historic society which is within the current framework of the legislation. >> okay. commissioners, any comments? >> i just want to clarify for myself, so if someone doesn't agree to this amendment and doesn't want to convert 50 percent to pdr, is that allowed or is this saying under this designation that is the only way to go? >> no, it-if they don't want to change the current use they dont have to change it toophilus office or housing,
8:57 pm
but if they are interested in redwening the property for the purpose of something other than pdr, arts or non-profit use they have to preserve 50 percent of the space as such. >> if it is already pdr? >> or if that was their last allowable use, yes. >> okay. any other questions, commissioners? open up to public comment. to our gallery here. any members of the public that would like to comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners do we want to take any action? or have a motion? okay. >> i'll second. to support the legislation. >> okay. >> ortiz-cartagena made the motion and commissioner adams seconded
8:58 pm
adams, yes. dooley, yes. dwight, yes. ortiz-cartagena, yes. tour-sarkissian, yes. yee riley and zouzounis are absent. that mokez motion to support passes 5-o, two absent. >> thank you. have a good proon. afternoon. next item. >> item number 6, presentation and discussion regarding legalization of xhrmsh cannabis sales. discussion item. our two percenters tamar todd and khurshid khoja were unable to attend. >> since it is on the agenda we will take public comment. any members that like to comment? seeing none public comment is close said. we'll reschedule that one. >> do we have to dea motion to- >> no because it isn't a action item. >> okay. item number 7, directors report. update and report on the office of small business and
8:59 pm
small business assistance center, department programs, policy and legislative matters, announcements from the mayor and anounssment regarding small business activity. >> good afternoon, commissioners. so, i want to let you know last week-last monday mayor lee kicked off our bilocal initiative for the holidays, shop small, small business saturday and-shop small, shop small business saturday, shop and dine in the 49 at the assembly hall on the fillmore and the great thing about the assem blie hall is there are retail stores that retail all locally made products. it is a really good-it is an amazing place for clothing, non-food items made
9:00 pm
in san francisco and it is great to see the store like this if we didn't have our sf made initiative would not exist and so it is exciting. >> and a reminder november to remember for the council of district merchandiseant holiday initiative is in place and still encouraging individuals to shop at local businesses, take a photo of themselves and submit to the sweepsstakes. week before last after our last meeting supervisor tang and peskin held merchant walk in district 4 and 3 for ada outreach. we are having more-uptake in businesses receiving letters, so it was a opportunity to work with the supervisors to educate the businesses again on our
9:01 pm
subsidized cast program and get them engaged in it. and then at our next meeting we will fooinlize the rules and regs for the rent stabilization account. i will be presenting the final draft rules to you. legislatively, last week the board of supervisors did not meet and then-but the meeting prior to that on 11-15-16, two pieces of legislation that came out of the tax and treasurers office due to the small business leaders who meet with the mayor met with treasure sis narose and so these two business and tax regulation codes are working to make some adjustments to removing a hundred dollar minimum
9:02 pm
penalty fee and also working to make some changes to late fees unpaid in regards to administrative penalties, so that's a positive fine that has come out of the small business leaders taking the initiative to work directly with the reg yultory department. on your report had some additional pieces of legislation that i reported out last time on that will be coming before you. policy matters, i have work would department of building inspebz, the access appeals commission and planning department and public works on the implementitation of supervisor tang's legislation. again, just a reminder that this legislation has a 4 tier building-dwids buildings into 4 tier jz there is a 4 tier compliance
9:03 pm
schedule and starting january 1 we will conduct outreach meetings and workshop frz the business community so they understand their potential role in deal wg the entryway compliance and how this might effect them. the first properties that are to report are tier 1 properties in may 2017 and those are properties where the entryway is compliant. our office has been asked to participate in the aging and disabilities friendly taskforce again due to our work in leadership that we worked with with supervisor tang on the ada legislation. the crv and mentioned at the last meeting will schedule with the business community early december to put together a couple proposals before them
9:04 pm
of which then once we have that sort of solidified will take it to the state to work with cal recycle on. and then we have been participating with supervisor tang who is developing lactation accommodation policy in the businesses, so we have working with her on that. i just kept in the information arounds the helths care security to reminder january 1 the health care security ord inance is 100 pert irrev recable and new rates and applies to businesses with 50 or more employers and if there are businesses out there listening to this, i encourage you to go to office of labor standards and enforcement website to get full details. so, that is the core component of my
9:05 pm
drecktders report and happy to take questions. >> any questions? we have member thofz public that would like to comment on the e directors report? seeing none, public comment is close said. next item. >> iletm 8, commissioners report. allows president and vice prezderant to report on small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the community. >> i did atoned the mayors's kick-off press conference at assembly hall and had a great turn out. it was great and nice event so that was well done. this last weekend i attended the fc holiday fair at pier 70. they are taking space for events and community events and it was saturday and sunsomeday and seemed to be well attendsed despite the weather saturday. hopefully
9:06 pm
that is some up squ and coming new small business. all the etsy folks are generally doing arts and crafts products as side ventures and hoping they will be their own bosses one day. that is all i got. knee other commissioner reports? commissioner adams. >> if anybody want tooz do something this evening we are doing our annual castro christmas tree lighting on the corner of 18th and castro. i know director dick an dreezy will be there. we have santa and it is getting to be a big event. at 6 o'clock and last year we had over 500 attendees and we have a feeling it will be even bigger this year. >> awesome. anyone else? alright. do we have members of the public
9:07 pm
that would like to comment? seeing none closed. >> iletm 9, new business mpt ilows commissioner tooz introduce new agenda items. >> any new business proposals? no? any members like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> sfgtv ov tv could you please show our slide? >> just reminder that the office of small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco and the best place to get answers about doing business in san francisco. the office of small business should be your first stop when you have a question about what to do next. so, if you need assistance with small business matters, start here at the san francisco office of small business. >> item 10, adjournment.
9:08 pm
>> i move. >> commissioner dooley moves. >> second. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena, seconds. all in favor? >> aye >> opposed? >> that passes 5-0, two absent the meeting is adjourned at 510 p.m. >> [meeting adjourned] light fo
9:09 pm
9:10 pm
9:11 pm
streets illuminating our ideas and values starting in 2016 the san francisco public utilities commission is xhoefl that light with new led with the did i audits for better light for streets and pedestrian and they're even better for this vitally lasting longer and consuming up to 50 percent less energy upgrading takes thirty minutes remove the old street light and repeat 18 thousand 5 hundred times while our street lights
9:12 pm
will be improving the clean energy will remain the same every san francisco street light is powder by 100 percent godfathers hetch hetchy power in one simple word serious as day tur
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
(shouting.). >> more and more city's high san francisco is committing to dislocate to end all traffic death that means improving safety for people walking and driving and safety on our streets is everyone's responsibility people can make mistakes but not result in injury or death all traffic collisions are preventable as drivers you play a large role that will give you the tools to drive safely on streets a recent survey asks hundreds of drivers
9:15 pm
about save city introduce driving what did they say watch for distracted behavior and slow down and be patient and check for people before you turn the facts about city driving shows how important to be alert most collisions happen in good weather allowance even at 25 mile-per-hour it takes a vehicle 85 feet to stop this is almost 7 car lengths slowing down makes collisions less savior when a person is hit by a passerby vehicle 25 minor the chance of death is 25 percent 40 percent that increases inform 85 percent slowing down didn't cost much time driving behind a person
9:16 pm
takes 9 extra semiautomatic and stopping at the yellow light takes only 30 seconds by hitting someone costs you hours and weeks of our time and maybe a life take a deep breath and take you're time cities cross america are being safely for walking and driving some streets are confusing here's what you need to know all intersection kroukz of novelist marked some are marked to make them more visible other crosswalks and intersections are raised to the level of sidewalk to actress as speed bump and people are maybe crossing be cautious and watch for people when you approach any intersection advanced limit lines and pedestrian yield signs
9:17 pm
show drivers where people walk and stop behind the lines at stop signs and for people crossing bulb outs where the sidewalks extends into the street make that tease easy to see pedestrians and remember to slow down whether making reasons and watch for people on sidewalk estimations extensions that maybe closer than you expect and bicyclists may motive to the left to get around bulb outs this gives people a head start allowing pedestrians to enter the crosswalk before transfer starts moving makes them more visible pedestrian scrimmage and stop the vehicles in all directions allow people to cross
9:18 pm
including department of building inspection scrambles are paired with no light restriction and rapid beacons you turn bright whether the pedestrians are there or the center is activated precede slowly as you approach the beacons especially, if their activated a pedestrian crossing light turns yellow before turning sold red back to flash red procedure after making a full stop as long as the sidewalk is empty and, of course, stop whenever the light is red traffic circles reduce conflicts you must stop at the strewn and precede around the raise your right hand of the circle watch for people in crosswalks and people in bikes
9:19 pm
coming around the circle arrows indicate where people with bikes share the intersections and people have ride to people on bikes have the right to use the lane whether or not in the sharing bike lanes are for people protected by parks e.r. parked cars and stay out of separated bike lanes unless an emergency dashed bike lanes are a shared zone four for vehicles to change lanes slow bike lanes allow the circles their unusually sprayed before me from other traffic some bike lanes are built to the level higher than the street but lower than the sidewalk they provide a
9:20 pm
safe separated space sponsor cyclists are around vehicles the box areas are marked with the stencil at intersections act as advanced limit lines for people to garter at a red light this increases the 1r0ir7b9 to drivers people will ride past stopped vehicles at the fronltd of the intersection give them room and stop short of limit line behind the bike without objection and cross only after the green light and people cleared the bike box bicycle traffic lights allow people on bikes to proceed while vehicles are stopped be unaware aware of those bike san francisco general hospital but stay alert and only skrans when the vehicle is
9:21 pm
cleared the intersection let's take a quiz to see what all of learned here we go number one when do month collisions happen did you say in daytime you're correct question two if an intersection is not marched is it still a crosswalk yes did you get it right great job one more before we go on what's one of the best things to do to avoid collisions? you can it take a breath pay attention and slow down city streets are crowded and chaotic so seeing everyone every single everything is difficult here's a test how many times did the white team pass the ball?
9:22 pm
if you answered 11 you're correct but did you notice anything else also be aware ever you're surrounded and remember that is easy 0 miss something if you're not looking for it here's some basic principles driving near peep e people from you're driver's seat it is difficult address our mirrors to reduce blind spots people on bicycles maybe be in our blind spot give yourselves plenty of time to react look out stay on the road from building to building not just curve to curve
9:23 pm
check driveways and behind parked vehicles for people that enter our path turning vehicles are especially dangerous important people walking and collisions often occur when vehicles are making tunnels when you turn remember check for people using the crosswalk before starting you're turn watch for people on bikes traveling in the ongoing direction always check our mirrors and blind spots patience pays off take a moment to make sure you're clear while it might feel you'll save time by driving fast or turning without checking you won't save driving only adds a few semiautomatic to our trip a collision can cost you, your job or someone's live here's
9:24 pm
important things to remember all crosswalks are legal and pedestrian have the right-of-way people cross the street anywhere children and seniors and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable think city strits give buses and streetcars a lot of the space or people returning to catch a train don't block the box this creates dangerous situation for people walking how are forced into moving traffic and people bicycling out of the bike lane and people on bikes most city streets are legal for bicyclists even without signs people biking can fall in front of you provide a safe amount of space when passing someone on a bike a minimum of 3 feet is required by
9:25 pm
law in california and people on bikes prefer to be in the bike lane in for the this is often to avoid accidents give them room people on bikes will stay away from the traffic or watch out for open doors whoops that was a close one expect people to go to the front of the light and pass on the right a tap of the horn maybe useful to make you're preservation known but avoid using the horn it may saturday night be someone vehicles anybody right turns are especially dangerous important biking always approach right turns properly signal early and wait for people biking through the intersection move as far to
9:26 pm
the right to people on bikes can pass on the left let's try a few more questions who are the most vulnerable people on city streets? children? seniors, and people with disabilities why do people on bikes ride close to travel there to avoid car doors what is one of the most dangerous situations for people walking and riding bikes? turning vehicles and what can you do to make sure that everyone is safe in any situation? thartsz stay patient and alert and, of course, slow down
9:27 pm
parking and loading a vehicle on accredit city streets is a challenge weather parking and unloading always check for people in our mirrors and blind spots and on the driver's side with our right turn right hand this causes you to look 40 on your left for bicyclists when passersby exiting the vehicle make sure about opening the door know where loading zones are if not loading zones available use side streets never stop in bike lanes or traffic lanes. >> bad weathering and visible rain and fog or low lighting make it hard to see you're vehicle is likely to slide or
9:28 pm
loss control in eye i didn't controls and create issues for people walking and biking they tried try to avoid pulled and umbrellas and construction get slippery for people the safety thing to do in conditions whether wet or icy or dark slow down and drive more carefully remember going fast may on this save you a few semiautomatic but speeding may cause you a life or you're job people walking and biking are vulnerable people can be distracted or make unsafe decisions as a driver the responsibility for safety lies with you a collision could mean the loss of our life or you're job and dealing with the legal
9:29 pm
implementations could take years or an emotional toll if someone is killed in a crash help us achieve vision zero and everyone can use the streets safely. >> thank you for watch and following the important driving tests your remember we're counting on you
9:30 pm