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tv   LIVE BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  February 7, 2017 2:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon everyone and welcome to the board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, february 7, 2017, madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you, madam president supervisor president breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor fewer no present supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai
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supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee madam president we have quorum thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> all right. madam clerk will you please read the consent agenda we're joined by supervisor fewer tema 1 through 8 is the consent agenda at this point, the public may comment up to 2 minutes on matters within the jurisdiction of the board pursuant separately. >> supervisor yee and i'd like to remove item number 3. >> all right. seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk on items one through 8 excluding
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item 3 madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 11 items. >> those items are passed unanimously madam clerk item 3. >> an ordinance to amend the administratively tax regulations and police code for the fees imposed by the city and supervisor yee. >> so i just wanted to make a slight non-substantive amendment to this i was notified by the
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police department they wanted to make a slight change so it is on page 15 addition of line 17 include the line this says second dealer license fees we have limited it but want it to be included back in there. >> okay supervisor yee has made a motion to amend supervisor peskin. >> can supervisor yee restate the amendment. >> it is on page 15 i don't know if - you have it in front of you. >> i have it in front of the me. >> it is on line 17 to reinstate the second dealer license fees. >> the auto assessorsries. >> line 16 second-hand dealer.
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>> line 16. >> line 17 basically 17 was the oriental we eliminated it and they want us to put it back in a you for clarity supervisor peskin supervisor yee's legislatively was to eliminate specific items that basically were not being used this one is in fact, being used it is the request to add this one back and that means on this particular item it will not finally pass but this is the first reading and madam president. >> i totally understand it is actually at line 16 just maybe the deputy city attorney there are 3 versions and second-hand dealer on line 17. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney.
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the ordinance on 16 desolates the zero there's license fee for second-hand dealers at the police department supervisor yee is requesting we add that back in so the document i believe that supervisor yee has provided to the clerk adds the new line 17 that adds the delegated line back in. >> got it. >> okay so - >> supervisor yee. >> i'm sorry the the president deputy city attorney gibner is that subsequent we wait until next week or pass is this week. >> not substantive amendment under the charter anytime it needs a second reading after you make the amendment have a first reading and technique. >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor peskin
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second. >> so supervisor yee was made a motion to amend and seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection the amendment passes unanimously on the item as amended colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? this pass first reading. >> madam clerk next item 9 an ordinance to have the development agreement with a ground lease with a 95 option to the regents for a new research building with a base rent to be paid by usf of one and $80,000 per year to accept a parking reimbursement contribution of the ground lease to usf and make the appropriate vshtdz. >> supervisor sheehy. >> the university of california is a party to the agreement before i took office
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as a supervisor i was employed by the statute this didn't directly affect the department but i get retirement benefits he must make that disclosure. >> seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? item 9? without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously madam clerk call items 10 and 11 together >> an ordinance to theories the settlement of that lawsuit against the city for seven hundred and 50 thousand in san francisco 13r0ushg9 involving a medical malpractice practice and a settlement of the regents of university of california for $474,000 filed in 2015 or 2015 in san francisco superior court
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with a refund for over billing. >> supervisor sheehy per item 11 the university of california is a party to the agreement about before i took office as a supervisor i was employed at the research institute this didn't involve the department of university of california but i got preparation and benefits i must make that on the record before i vote. >> thank you supervisor sheehy and just for clarity both items 10 and 11 have been called already colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection those ordinances are finally passed unanimously next item, please auto an ordinance for the planning code to establish and citywide that the commission does not tolerate outbursts of any kind program to require the development to incorporate design feature incentives and tools that support the sustainable forms of
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transportation to create new administratively fees and various sections affirming the ceqa making other appropriate vntdz. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance finally passed unanimously item number 13 and item 13 an ordinance to amend the administrative code chapter four 1 for the hotel conversion ordinance adding or refining the tourist and compatible units and low income household rising the procedures to convert the unit and penalties with the code to eliminate the short-term rental for the hotels that have violated the ordinance to authorize the department of building inspection to issue administrative subpoenas and a date with the ceqa determination and supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president colleagues thank you for your unanimous support last week and
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note the coronation of a number of sro hotel owners and want to represent that i'll continue to work with the community and make revisions if necessary over time. >> thank you supervisor peskin and madam clerk i had requested that i be added at a co-sponsor to this legislation. >> thank you, madam president. >> thank you colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance finally passes unanimously next item. >> >> an ordinance to amend the administrative code to set the functions terms and administrative support for the department of health as the section adopted as part of section i general municipal election same house, same call? objection the ordinance passes anonymously on the first reading next item, please. >> item 15 a resolution for
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the nominations of dorian united states air force as a county officer supervisor peskin i was interested in knowing in sergeant carr with here we can see him and congratulate him on his impending nomination. >> i don't think that he is here all right. thank you supervisor safai. >> just to supervisor peskin sergeant carr attended the rules committee hearing and presented on his behalf we were unanimous in his support he was present for that hearing. >> thank you colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution are adopted unanimously all right. madam clerk please read items 16 and 19 together
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item to appoint supervisor yee to the association oath laura executive board and item 19 to appoint supervisor yee to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district board of directors for a two year term. >> colleagues may i have a motion to excuse supervisor peskin and without objection supervisor yee is excused all over the place the item madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> on item 16 and 19 our supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang sdmed supervisor breed f p supervisor breed
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supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 10 i's. >> those motions are approved unanimously madam clerk please call items 7 and 18. >> item 17 appointing hillary ronen to the air quality board of directors for a 3 year terms and supervisor hillary ronen to the local agency formation commission for a 4-year term colleagues can i entertain a motion to excuse supervisor ronen moved by supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor kim colleagues the motion without objection without objection supervisor ronen is excused. >> on the item 17 and 18 supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor safai
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supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 10 i's. >> those motions are approved unanimously all right. please next item. >> item 20. >> a motion to appoint supervisor aaron peskin to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation board of directors for a 2 year term. >> a motion to excuse supervisor peskin moved by - without objection supervisor cowen is excused on the item madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee
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supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 10 i's. >> the motion it approved unanimously next item. >> a motion to appoint scomplooepd to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district board of directors for a 2 year term. >> is there a motion to excuse supervisor president london breed without objection supervisor breed is excused roll call. >> supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 10 i's. >> motion is adopted. >> item 22 mr. chair.
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>> implementing a motion to appoint jeff sheehy to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district for a term of two years. >> one second supervisor is there a motion to excuse moved by supervisor fewer and seconded by supervisor yee colleagues without objection, without objection supervisor sheehy is excused all right. madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> on item 22 supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor president breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are tennessee i's. >> the motion that approved unanimously please call item 23
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a motion to appoint supervisor jane kim to the municipal transportation commission for a one year term motion to excuse supervisor kim colleagues without objection, without objection supervisor kim is excused madam clerk please call the roll. >> on the item. >> on item 23 supervisor fewer supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 10 i's. >> the motion that approved unanimously next item, please. >> item 24 a motion to appoint supervisor sandra fewer to the re-entry council for a 2 year
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term seconded by supervisor safai colleagues without objection, without objection supervisor fewer is excused madam clerk on the motion madam clerk, please call the roll. >> on item 24 supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 10 i's. >> okay. the motion is approved unanimously next item, please. >> item 25 a motion to appoint katherine for the rec and park advisory committee for a portion
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of a two year term madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> the motion that approved unanimously all right. madam clerk special order 2:30 p.m. - we're not other 2:30 we can't take a 2:30 recognition of commendations. the first supervisor to introduce new business. >> thank you i'm calling a hearing on litter
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and waste today colleagues i'm calling for a hearing as well as the city passed with the issuance i've heard from many constituents that trash and litter is a concern in any neighborhood many discussed have raised a series of questions that will be addressed at the hearing we hope to work with dpw and the department of the environment for the street cleaning the quantity and placement of trash cans and funding for regular communicated effort and the comprehensive education program as resident we have an individual responsibility in keeping our city clean and beautiful my office has heard concerns of spike and concerns as a result of amazon and other online companies the door to door e xherps commerce race over
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overwhelmed a system is quite overwhelming to our city with the goal of zero waste we need to get beyond that into color proper benefits it is important to understand the trash left left on the curves and with this new marketplace with e commerce i hope it is a communication how tour city is handling the growing and evolving issue of littering. >> supervisor peskin thank you, madam clerk colleagues i'd like to adjourn today's meeting in the memory of the oldest of 11 children raised in the hills of kentucky
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she worked in silicon valley assembling semi con director prototypes and she loved antiques and fashion up through her 85 birthday didn't go anymore without matching her sear religious we reject to susan the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor ronen. >> today, i'm excite to introduce together with the mayor the first piece of legislation to come out of mix action plan 2020 process that my office has been involved in together with the planning commission and the mayor's office for quite some. started under former supervisor campos that piece of legislation aimed at preserving the limit pdr production, distribution and repair space in the mission the
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space is being eliminated at a alarming levels and very important to the mission given that it tends to provide much higher pga jobs in the district this legislation would remove the massage establishments in june from pdr spaces to allow the uses in the pdr spaces and also remove the retail special use district and looking forward this is many pieces of legislation out of map 2020 process thank you supervisor ronen supervisor safai. >> can you skip me and come back. >> thank you absolutely. >> supervisor sheehy submit. >> commissioner yee. >> yes, thank you madam clerk
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i just wanted to introduce a resolution that is basically asking the planning commission to adopt general plan amendments in the findings family-friendly housing it is something that i've been working on for several years now and realizing that san francisco independent have a formal definition and the city planning department staff has been working on a paper that talks about the family-friendly housing and some of the localities necessary to make that friendly and that we actually had a hearing at the planning commission to talk about the paper and which role generated a lot of pretty robust discussion with the planning commissioners and several people can do from the planning commission that we should do formalize this piece so this
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general agreement we should move forward with that i'm making this a formal request you mean as you may know with the population growing by 2000 with the low percentages of children population an additional 27 thousand children from the ages from zero to 18 if we don't get ready real soon, we'll loss a bigger percentage of children in san francisco i want to thank the co-sponsors of this resolution supervisor ronen and supervisor safai and supervisor sheehy and supervisor kim and supervisor farrell and supervisor fewer and supervisor peskin and supervisor breed the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor breed. >> did you say supervisor breed. >> yes, ma'am. >> oh, okay
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thank you, colleagues two items in 2013, the city of transportation identified $10 billion in critical needs for our transportation infrastructure for the following year the city asked voter approval to sell $500,000 in general obligation bonds to meet the transportation needs the bonds became prop a in 2014 i voted to place it on the ballot and every one of my colleagues did as well all 11 along with the mayor signed the argument to support it the measure promised to invest half a billion dollars on promotions to improve the accessibility improve the conditions the streets and make roads safer for pedestrian and cyclists and motorists based on those promises and the trusts in the mta to make them happen san
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franciscans passed prop a with an overwhelminging voted of 72 percent to 28 almost 2 and a half years later i'm concerned that the mta is misusing our trust almost 2 and a half years later do you know that how much of that $500 million has actually been spent to improve our transportation infrastructure 12 12 of $500 million 2 seven months later mta has spent 2 percent the bonds we said we urgently needed to use each psa day were paying interest on bonds we're not using and the interest of the money goes down and construction goes up mta can't deliver the same quantity and qualify of the transportation improvements that
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the bonds money would have done in the mta sits on the transportation money the federal government what impose the fees and penalties for they're in action today with mile-an-hour co-sponsor supervisor peskin i'm calling for a hearing before the government and oversight to explain the explanation for the details in using ero approved funds what's the plan for resolving the classes and the timeline for delivering those promotions what if my project feature will have to be cut because of details and the corresponding decrease of money how is the mta board and general obligation bond oversight and advisory committee engaged on this issue the scheduling of bond sales of the detailed bond funded everyone in san francisco has a stake ♪ wore one thing i take it our
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money the bonds where paid back by taxpayers and passed on to attendants we're paying the bills we should know what we're getting we're getting as much as we possibly can and need the transportation improvements yesterday how many people will get hurt because of critical street safety projects that have been detailed and how long will muni riders hear be patient we depend on the transportation whether on muni or car or foot or bilk we need to improve and in faster than to the mta one contributor to all of this we have to confront it takes too long to get the projects xoufd we can't let the people block those that benefits thousands of people not fair and democratic and the fact we do it it a big reason the
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transit is not better and faster and the streets are not safer sooner outreach is important but we have to make decisions and accept we'll not mrs. wench we can't let the transportation system die from one thousand or in this case 5 hundred million of them, and, secondly, colleagues today, i'm introducing a request for the city attorney to draft legislation that will create a safe injunction task force nation wide the substance abuse is taking too many lives san francisco is no exemption you can walk outside the doors of city hall and see people shooting up on the sidewalks and the steps of the library orange syringe caps litter our
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evacuations that is unsafe and unhealthy we have an obligation to do better for years sfta san francisco has grappled would how to face the drug addiction the department of health estimates the city is home to 22 thousand iv drug users the syringe program have been remarkable hench overview helpful 2, 3, 4 reducing the public health san francisco must find effective ways to connect a.d. directed to resources like primary care prosecution and mental health and case management work harm reduction programs and many other critical wrap up around services that provide hope for opportunities
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for rehabilitation i don't know if the save site is the answer i have serious reservations and not easy for people to use drugs i don't want to see the neighborhoods gifted they'll draw illegal activity into the community but this is the harm for us to rule out possible solutions without at least studying it first one thing we have existing in the middle service facilities that what over save injections and turning our eyes are getting frustrated won't stop people from using drugs this could prevent over dozens and reduce the i v users by helping users into rehabilitation that's why i'll introduce legislation to
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create a task force of public health and an >> disconnection expert to make sure we make careful decisions around that the task force will report back to the board of supervisors and the mayor on downsized obstacles and opportunities associated with the safe injections the task force will sunset after 12 months unless we extend that i know the pain of drug abuse all too well, i lost my he it's to a drug overdose and my brother suffers from addiction that impacts anyone and it is painful to get better he can't is a safe injection is the answer might not be we can't be silent and hope the trouble goes away have to research and work and be important had you main i want to thank my co-sponsor in this
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effort supervisor jeff sheehy thank you as well to the populated alliance and former supervisor beven duffey and cable car for your years of brave advocacy and scott wiener who is work to address the obstacles i'll be working closely with the dushlt community-based organizations and public health experts to create this save injection task force and this safety initiative madam clerk it is past 2:30 brown-bag we move to the commendations i want to recognize supervisor sheehy and i want to applaud supervisor breed for putting this forward this has been an contention
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issue but guiding by sound data public health intervene if you look at the change it set an impact on the spread of hiv and other strategies they've been successful so i'm proud to co-sponsor this with supervisor president breed. >> thank you supervisor sheehy with that, it is past 2:30 and now time for the special order 2:30 p.m. - we have 3 of them and gun with supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president, colleagues friday morning one and 3 hours ago i got the call that none of us want to get a two alarm fire in chinatown i know that these fires have happened around the city particularly in the tenderloin and in the mission and friday morning i got that call 7 small businesses were
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displaced a chinese seniors at the corner of stockton in chinatown i wanted to rides to say this was san francisco at its best the first responders from san francisco planning commission 2, 28, 41 and 13 thank you, captain. >> thank you battalion nicole if i said that correctly you guys were incredible i saw you again later that night responding to another alarm an columbia avenue that was a tough fire to put out you guys knocked it down and got into the basement i can't thank you all enough central station and captain lazare and his officers secured the perimeter in minutes and continued to help the tenants in the days and hours
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ahead thank you american red cross and the slarment in taking in the tenants it's been a side. >> thank you john mcknight and eleanor if i pronounce your name right i've met you 3 times and i additionally want to thank many members of the city family i have to say in the 10 years i've been on the board of supervisors i've never seen the entire city family and i hated using the word city family working from the mayor's office to the human services to the department of building inspection and tom hui you and your staff were not only determined the building didn't need to be demolished one offer
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our started i was not there i didn't come back to friday evening or evening by heard you reaching into our waltz and pelosi cash money out to give the attendants the stuff they needed to return to the building that was soaked with water i wanted to shout out victor there the mayor's office who was there doing translation services and dealing with everything that needed to be done thank you victor and france if the office of economic workforce development you were truly an unsink hero and the chinatown development center that looking at for every single one of the those 19 individuals who's lives have been turned upside down and thank you chinatown community center for starting a go fund
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all the individual worldly positions they don't have that much have been go damaged whether mattresses and let me give a passing that is go to go fund slash chinatown fire victim fund and give our donations or send a check to the chinatown community development center as my wife and i as 25 grant avenue 94133 thank you to the sheriff's department that showed up on saturday with twoeldz for folks so they could dry themselves off after showers and thank you may there was no showers and (calling names) you guys were unbelievable not
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once or twice but 3 times i always understood the value of lava may seeing that truck pull up to the salvation army for people to get showers brings tears to any icy can't thank you enough i'll convince my colleagues not only do we have to have them in golden gate bridge but expand our operations in san francisco as our homeless crisis gets worst of the worst self-help for the elderly thank you to benefiting adams working with the mayor's office and my office to find housing while the building is being fixed and the landlord and property owner and the project manager have been extremely coordinate if you have a tragedy like this happen this is the best way to have one the tragedies i can't tell you how proud is to be a san franciscan this was our proudest moment
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with that let me come and give all of you from lava may to self-help for the elderly to our first responders from the fire department and police department to the department of emergency management and all of i can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart it makes me proud to be a member of the board of supervisors god bless you all come on up. >> (clapping.) >> (inaudible). >> you can take it outside if you need to commissioner peskin thank you all for your service we truly appreciate and
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congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> good to see you victor. >> thank you all again. >> all right. the next commendation would be supervisor cohen. >> thank you thank you so colleagues i'd like to honor a number of leaders on the occasion if you don't know national parent leadership month this month celebrates and recognizes parent who lead in their families at school and today, i'm proud to honor 6 parents from two organizations one from a better way and two from homeless prenatal program and recognize and call up
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(calling names) these parents are participate in the human services and peer advocates program which provides peer praernt to families that have children in the child welfare and the juvenile are parents involvement in the community is critical to the children's success as advocates for community issues the parent leaders breakdown the invisible barriers often parent contribute expertise and knowledge and insight in school programs not available for administrators parent bring a perspective to the officials that benefit their families most importantly through those parent advocate efforts relationships build trust and cooperation in the community i want to take a moment and recognize the outstanding leaders and thank you and wish
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you a hardy congratulations and from hsa has a few remarks. >> thank you. i'll be brief i want to say on not parent leadership month you know it is critical we recognize all parents being leader in the community but the parents behind me who are all either involved in the juvenile justice over and over the children welfare system have step forward to play roles for families that are currently involved in the system nothing harder for the agency to remove a child from his or her birth participants we want to reunify their child as quickly as possible and the some is r system is to complex and interest is such trauma for the
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parents when they experience this parents involved in the nine out of ten and such a great relationship to honor the folks behind me i appreciate supervisor cohen and it is well deferred in february being the parent license plateadership mo
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you. congratulations thank you for your service. >> (clapping.) >> our final commendation for today will be given by supervisor jane kim. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'd like to bring up the members of 2121 the san francisco labor council and jobs for justice to the podium . >> (clapping.) >> i kind of want to do a dance instead of giving us the
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commendations so just to be clear you're all here ladies and gentlemen, we on behalf of the board of supervisors want to honor the amazing leadership policy initiatives and just unwaveringing relentlessness of labor council and jobs for justice in making city college free-for-all san francisco residents yeah, baby. >> (clapping.) >> this is a truly momentous announcement and i think that there are very few days on the job i get do be part of something i think will have a momentous impact not only for san francisco but our country i think i've tell the story over and over again, when 2121 labor approaches us with that crazy
2:52 pm
idea to make city college free i thought this was amazing but i mean how will we do this it sounds to big and impossible over the course of a year we worked and worked and worked and we came up with a funding source and came up with the data and the numbers and numbers and you know almost a little bit over a year later we announced yesterday with the support from the mayor this city through projection w realtime tax funding will be making city college free for all resident and wouldn't have been possible without the leadership of you and your unwaiving relentlessness and asking the voters to support us on this important initiative we know that city college as helped our
2:53 pm
residents to climb into the middle-income and a times article on longitudeal study to examine hundreds of universities to see their impact on helping the students achieve higher in case bracket that was not the ivy league but colleges that help working-class and low income families and households rise to the middle-class so making that opportunity free here in san francisco one of the most expensive cities in the world and this is our commitment to tackling on the wealth gap in san francisco i hope this is the beginning where the domino the rest of california will follow and the rest of the nation it is the right step so thank you to 2121 and i know the the
2:54 pm
president tim will be accepting on the unions on behalf of, of course, to the semester the vice president and political decoration for sitting in our office and joining our legislative team we'll miss you although the work is not done and making sure we were on point and committed to every level making city college free-for-all but providing additional support for our city college to get a little bit of grant funding for books and other costs knowing those are not the only buyers to attend city college and to hear our voice thank you, thank you for seeing us through and being there every step of the day san francisco labor council thank you for your deep priority of 2016 and putting our muscle and resources human power to making
2:55 pm
sure that prop w passes with the majority of san franciscan calling for the vice president and, of course, the job to just the guy who was here and james i don't see thank you for organizing our community because it was important this is not an initiative we have a true grootsz on the ground and to encourage folks to fight for the college and enroll in august 2017 so thank you so much the board of supervisors wanted to commend you this is to inspiring thank you, thank you, thank you and i see that i'm not the only one that want to speak i'm going to turn it over to and hand over the certificate. >> we have a few members of the board before we bring you up
2:56 pm
for your commendation. >> starting with supervisor cohen. >> thank you it is feels so good independent it before we acknowledge the labor leader i want to acknowledge supervisor kim a true embodiment of grass under pressure thank you for work together point mayor's office and coming to an agreed upon figure not easy and your tenacity i think alicia you've transformed both an incredible inhibit i'm sure you were born incredible but your leadership on that one item not just city college but city college if start to finish over the last 5 years has been absolutely crazy thank you for your leadership with 2121 my highest compliments
2:57 pm
and did the second interfacing with connie i saw you at farmer's market and get text message in all times of the day and night thank you connie that means something you're a public school parent you believe in the system i'm a product through your leadership and vocalcy from my parents from jill wynn's from a long been incredible to watch you have an incredible amount of leadership ability and don't horde it you share it whether your teaching classes and license as your climbing it is notable i want you to know that this is a fantastic legacy you
2:58 pm
and the team have inspired some people and other municipalities will be cooking up next. >> thank you supervisor ronen. >> i also want to begin by congratulating my colleagues supervisor kim. >> thank you. fighting so hard and for winning with that incredible team you're on inspiration and this is truly one of those rare piece of legislation that inspires us and makes our city one of the best in the world so thank you and to you all afp 2121 what a few years you had you've been on the forefront of figuring it out to regain accreditation of the college and contract for fair wages and faculty and everyone at the city college and then to
2:59 pm
launching and taking the leadership for once again one of the most inspiring pieces of legislation or effort in san francisco wow. just wow. your tireless and incredible and inspiring and that presents the best of unions and the labor moment that fight not just for individual interests of workers but for social justice generally your some of my favorite people connie i also want to echo malia cohen everything you do for san francisco but also for those of us and women in leadership positions touch i hear it is fighting for justice and bringing labors together thank you all for everything and congratulations >> thank you supervisor ronen supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor
3:00 pm
president london breed by i want to echo what everyone else has said when this issue came up a year ago one of the things i hear a lot things in this chamber or at city hall about the things we can is a and should do and everything and many times i really my eyes this was one where i rolled my eyes and said okay sure but you know you folks and everybody that supports this effort there were a lot of people i've never seen an issue being able to enthusiastically supported by so many people in the city but you as leaders represent the super heroes and heroines i think your symbolic of is to say that it can be done you made that happen and it
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makes other issues for us to have hope and trying to get things done for instance, if i ever love to have infant universal in san francisco and with our inspiration we'll get it done with our leadership you'll bring back the lunar new years for city staffers thank you very much. >> (laughter). >> thank you supervisor yee. >> supervisor fewer. >> i'd like to add my huge thank you also for all the work to get this passed, of course, my jane kim and love it till when after a site there's a really good outcome thank you and as you may know i'm a graduate of city college my father died when was 14 and city
3:02 pm
college as the only option for myself and my husband we're proud graduates of city college as his father and also my children attended the early education programs under owe everyone in my family benefits from city college we went to continental when it was free and it was the only opportunity we had for higher education and quite frankly i wouldn't be here today without city college people may not be liking that i want to say on a positive note it was always a window door to opportunity for all of my friends that you could go to city college and my mother in retirement took classes and city college with all age groups if young infants as my children to college to older adults always been a great place of learning
3:03 pm
and lifelong learners and for those who are looking for changes and further educate themselves i think this is why public education is under attack by the modification because public education is so powerful that is the great equal legislator of our society or should be and when we see attack on a national level with great pride that once again we lead the state and city and lead the nation and we - this idea that people who don't have money can actually be educated and actually pursue a higher level of the education and wouldn't have opportunity of everything else to participate in the government and also employment
3:04 pm
that actually can give them living wage salary i really wanted to thank you myself and for my family but more than that for the thousands of students we spend every year to city college from the san francisco unified school district this idea of free city college for every san francisco resident will open the doors to the high school redesign which is the hope that every one of our seniors from the san francisco unified school district would have a couple of college classes under in their belt to give them the confidence they too can be college students to thank you san francisco for the hundreds of thousands of people this will help not just help in the future but also as supervisor kim said also that we lead the way we show them how it is done if
3:05 pm
history repeats itself they follow thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor fewer supervisor peskin thank you, madam president as you know i like to rise to this is something that is worst revising for supervisor kim has said repeatedly is a city of firs that ranks up there with our health care ordinance this ranks up with with our first in the country local minimum wage, this makes us proud to be san franciscans i can't thank supervisor kim and labor enough and as supervisor ronen said it goes far beyond the conditions of your faculty it is really about a rising tide truly rising all posts that is what makes labor great and it town for the
3:06 pm
second time proud to be a san franciscan. >> supervisor safai supervisor tang are you ready supervisor safai. >> you didn't know supervisor peskin was going to finish so quickly laura just kidding. >> i'm notoriety everything but commend supervisor kim for your her leadership and on these are some of the things that were said over the last few days i want to add to the thanks untilness - i want to commend 2121 for your leadership and doing something that benefits
3:07 pm
everyone in the city for generations to come that's the history. >> what the city was founded on that's why we have the sro conversation thank you supervisor peskin for your leadership and why is evolved this is another piece in the activity history and why doing those types of things benefits not only just those on the front line but everyone from the middle-income and upper market middle-income i want to say that was really, really important in the debate another way we lead in terms of setting the trends we'll make that should go something that will benefit everyone i know this benefits a lot of time but thank you 2121 and supervisor kim and everyone for holding the line on this being a benefit to everyone regardless of income but the
3:08 pm
first people had will be cut out is working families so for the folks i represent thank you and thank you for your leadership. >> thank you supervisor safai supervisor tang i want to echo everyone's gratitude for not only supervisor kim, of course, and 2121 but shout out to ivy we have difficult xhfkdz when it came up during the course and see how to solve this funding issue and i i didn't was probably you know thank you thank you for all your hard work. >> thank you supervisor tang and i'll be brief first of all, i want to start by thanking supervisor kim for her leadership this was definitely no easy task to get done and she basically saw that there was a real possibility came up with
3:09 pm
the funding source and working with many communities stakeholders to make something happen this is a wonderful day in san francisco what is so great about this we all know that education is the equal legislator making sure that people have access to education is a key to changing lives and doing better in our lives it happened to me, i'm grateful to every single one of you to make sure that none was left behind and free city college was made possible for every sentence of this so thank you to the labor council and 2121 and all the organizers but a special thank you to the people connie ford an amazing
3:10 pm
advocate for the community and amazing for all that is right in making do everything she can to support the family in the city especially those who oftentimes start at a disadvantage thank you every single one of you for your advocacy that is an amazing day in san francisco you all will community-based down in san francisco history thank you to supervisor kim on your work. >> thank you supervisor president breed and, yes we will also allow you to speak as well but i was requirement and embarrassed thank you for acknowledging my staff ivy and contrary from the acknowledgements by hydra mendosa-mcdonnell i offered her a bottle of scotch you get commendations we'll celebrate
3:11 pm
together i also really want to thank the board of supervisors for supporting this from the get-go asking hard questions and making sure that we were getting the program right but committed to making san francisco another first and bringing back city college free when supervisor fewer and i attended this great institution and, of course, i'm sure you'll state looking forward to seeing everyone enroll in a class in september for free so i give the floor to you auxiliary. >> thank you it was overwhelming by really beautiful and something so like to hear if everyone i think it speaks not just to the work we've done but the value of continental what we've done together and thank
3:12 pm
you we've expanded the access it is universal for san franciscans that is profound i love san francisco that is my city i grew up here if you talk to me, you know i love my colleague and love the students i work with and it's been a hard several years for city college as you may know and nothing more profound or more beautiful that we could have down with the suffering and hardships and trials this is really so many bigger our accreditation crisis but a way that ma i do that possible because it was this entire city coming together behind the college in terms of the
3:13 pm
accreditation country that made it possible i've been proud to be involved and so thankful to all of you for gambling and especially to supervisor kim and her staff and especially ivy league for digging in with just a wonder woman model and being tenacious and want to say our students are not here they are in their classes but for the students this is huge in making this support and built a much broader than 2121 or the labor council or jobs for justice a very large labor community, state coalition i'm proud to have been involved with and unfortunately, it is perhaps the easiest organizing we'll ever get to do because people were left behind so thank you for
3:14 pm
being part of that with all of us together and doing this for your college and city. >> supervisors on behalf of the labor council i'm so proud to say i'm here and speak to you on such a united issue that was a year ago some of the struggle within the council e council because everyone knows that the labor council and union are divided and fight we're not exactly always aligned but on this issue we were aligned and last january we declared that was the number one issue that we wanted to work in and every single union step forward and in some way and how to make that event possible that was obviously the leadership of a f d 2121 obviously the community groups but it was so
3:15 pm
exciting to see labor for one of the first in a long time to stand up and roar reroared together i was proud to be part of that leadership and come to this conclusion toy thank you, supervisor kim and thank you, supervisors supervisor breed and supervisor cohen for calling me out on my harassment thank you ivy i'm so touched to be here today as one of those things supervisor peskin mentioned all the other things we've passed throughout our history in the last 10 years minimum wage, health care all of those things this one feels profoundly profoundly like we're making a change for the city and making it so people have been pushed out and don't feel cared for having access to make that somehow and somewhere it is
3:16 pm
awesome to get my 5-year-old grandson thank you so much. >> good afternoon. supervisors my name is - i'm here on behalf of the jobs for justice thank you, supervisor kim and ivy we serve at the h f p over - thank you for never having them make the choice of achieving between education and housing you made that possible they can do both and so, so appreciated. >> i wanted to reiterate what everyone has said before on the issues this is an incredible day for san francisco and i'm incredibly not been prouder to represent the people that i do at afp 2121 and worked together in coccyx and brought so many
3:17 pm
people together i'm so proud to live here in san francisco and see the support that we've gotten around this and it is just overwhelming to say i want to thank the leadership of supervisor kim without your you being a champion or work with ivy this wouldn't have happened and the other champions in the local really led the fight on this and everybody hsa who has been involved the work and commitment (calling names) incredible work i'm so proud of everyone thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> supervisor kim it you can bring them in the well, we'll
3:18 pm
take pictures to resume our business thank you. >> okay. we'll recess for one minute thank you, everyone for your patience. >> all right.
3:19 pm
>> we're back all right. thank you each and everyone and congratulations again thank you for all your hard work now i'd like to recognize supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president
3:20 pm
for acknowledging me again on roll call. >> actually that is commendations. >> commendations excuse me - let me say that last weekend the ms. chinatown pageant happened as it does every year in chinatown the first year that ms. pack was not residing i'm delighted to announce you can avail yourselves of free city college but more importantly as you see in the political arena all of us are winners but some of us actually get to be board president i'd like to acknowledge ms. karen yang who received the title and all of the rest of the housed here that has joined us at the board of supervisors congratulations thank you all for participating and may 2017 bring you my new
3:21 pm
year's and spring banquet i look forward to seeing you all over san francisco and thank you for your joining us. >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor peskin acknowledging that we have royalty in the building. >> at a time a true fact many yang might want to say a few words. >> ms. yang would you like to come up and speak. >> my former chief of staff rose was the recipient of that exact title many, many years ago. >> i'm not going that. >> don't go there. >> i've got our back rose. >> good afternoon my name is karen and i'm not from san francisco i'm from houston, texas but currently studying as a freshmen another harvard math and economics i
3:22 pm
want to thank you guys hearing about the bill that was passed that strikes a chord with me growing up i valued my education and my parents are immigrant if china and living in the village they had to work through studying hard to come to america so something that really is like powerful in my family i really saw offhand i want to applaud you, your making a difference in people's lives and many of my classmates wouldn't be able to come to a school like that without financial support and also just this entire experience has been amazing i've met incredible people and learned about my heritage and so cool to see my what a great country how accepting we are of people and
3:23 pm
how diverse thank you for having us happen chinese new year. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't know what we said but okay. >> thank you, again. >> now we will go back to our regularly business on the board of supervisors madam clerk we were at roll call for introduction and we are on the next supervisor. >> thank you, madam president supervisor cohen you were submitting. >> yes. madam clerk i'd like to submit. >> supervisor farrell supervisor farrell submits supervisor safai want to be referred. >> thank you colleagues i'd like to end this meeting in memoriam of ms. albert an amazing woman known for having a big heart and warm smile her generous spirit endeared her to friends and
3:24 pm
strangers this sense of public duty led her to be a licensed nurse for home of haven for children and great took her matriarch job best and made a great pie will lead on to the history and the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor safai madam president seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business and mcto our special order 3:00 p.m. please. yes item 26 the board of supervisors will common in a board of supervisors sitting as a committee of the whole. pursuant to motion m 16 danish 164 approved in 2016 for a public hearing to receive the update on the final findings the
3:25 pm
blue ribbon panel on transparent, accountability and fairness in law enforcement thank you supervisor cohen would you, you like to make a motion to continue this item. >> yes. excuse me - and make a few remarks. >> thou commissioner breed i'll make a motion to continue this to march 7 but give an explanation given we have a new police chief sworn in recent and the department of justice i believe that is prudent and in our best interests to continue this taking the time of chief scott will give him a chance to be prepared about the recommendations from the federal government most noteworthy the updated use of force policy that has
3:26 pm
recently been implemented i own unifying you'll continue this item until march 7 thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen supervisor cohen has made a motion to continue this to march 72017 seconded by supervisor peskin is there my public comment on the continuance seeing none, public comment is closed. and madam clerk on the motion to continue madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> okay. this item will be
3:27 pm
continued to the meeting of march 7, 2017 madam clerk let's go to the networks item. >> at this time the the jurisdiction of the board pursuant as a whole and not to individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. speakers using translation services get up to twice the time. and if you need to put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished. >> first speaker please. >> good afternoon. my name is gisele represent the sro hotel coalition and i wanted to be
3:28 pm
heard with the brown act and with the. >> i'm pawing your. ma'am, that item has already had it's public comment at committee. >> right. i wanted to speak during the general public comment under the brown act. >> unfortunately you will not be able to specifically speak on that particular item since it's been heard in committee you can talk about the the subject property in general. >> okay. so but - in general speaking are with respect to i had problems with a notice that was given and the supervisor in the manner of giving their notice because of that we feel their would be a need to open up an additional comment period we
3:29 pm
smeptd a letter part of record on the amendments to the hotel conversion ordinance we hope you'll consider and also i did want to raise an issue a substantive change to the ordinance pertaining to the. >> i'm sorry we can't allow you to specifically speak on an item that was heard here and had public comment in committee unfortunately so you're getting into details and if you want we can have someone talk with you on the side to completely explain why we can't do that unfortunately but not allow you to make specific public comment about that particular item unfortunately. >> okay. >> i understand that i just wanted to come up here and raise our objection. >> we'll have someone talk with you thank you next speaker,
3:30 pm
please. >> madam president for the record i'm talked with council and indicated we're in receipt of millers letter and has been submitted to the deputy city attorney present here. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> the mother of yolanda who was murdered with the quadrant homicide i'm coming here in 2015 a and coming here in regards to me approaching one the board of supervisors to liberalism know i've lived in bayview hunters point for 12 years and seen have been nothing but joel stapes tapes i gave a suggestion it would be nice to have beautiful african poles put up to acknowledge all the black children and boys and girls that
3:31 pm
has been murdered in san francisco to acknowledge their family members and from that the 200 poles have begun in bayview hunters point but i received a phone call this morning there was a new newsletter that my name was not acknowledged i received phone calls myself have not been allocated as the instrument of making those poles happen in bayview hunters point so i'm here to bring it to the table the community is asking that myself be acknowledged i'm acknowledging all of the young boys and girls that have been murdered in san francisco and also the flags that will be going up and in memory 4 obesity and acknowledge the beauty of our cultural as oomentsd in america reilly we were taken part of the slave trade this is a celebration time but i'd like it to be acknowledged in the community that i believe
3:32 pm
acknowledged for the contribution of those poles thank you very kindly. >> thank you for your comments >> next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone i was kind of puzzled i sang songs but new supervisors i want to welcome you to city hall you may call it city hall i call it silly hall. i welcomed the city to put things together but addressing here for blaement i'm appalled of the city and county didn't make necessary that i'm speaking to you individually but collectively i'm appalled at the city and county asia why are you appalled
3:33 pm
i'm the discharge if you for those of you who don't know mayor back then enthusiasm and london queen bee on the committee a study was put together recommendations put together but nothing was implement back then a deficit of one hundred million dollars now ed lee i know for 20 something years way i want to the budget nothing mentions nothing mentioned about out migration and black folks it is a shame but as long as embody gives me breath we're going to be telling the city by the bay everyone need to hear what i do got to see i'll go internet one day one of my stories might go viral and
3:34 pm
someone might ask ace play to play all of that ace know all about that and the individual my name is ace and i'm on the case. and happy black history month. >> my members of the public want to address the board during general public comment. >> my other members of the public want to provide public comment at this time seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk to the next item >> item 29 a considered for denounces without reference to committee to support california state bill offered by the senator to limit the law enforcement with the exhibition enforcement. >> supervisor ronen colleagues i've circulated some
3:35 pm
amendments technical changes that add clarity and further describe the value and important of the policies i wanted to also thank all of my co-sponsors of the resolution supervisor fewer supervisor kim and supervisor peskin and supervisor safai supervisor breed and supervisor tang pr commissioner coppel please add supervisor cohen as to the sponsorship with that, i'd like to make a motion to amend the resolution with the changes and the documented i circulated thank you supervisor ronen has a maid a motion to amend with the amendment that right hand been calculated seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection were without objection the amendment passed unanimously and on the item as amended colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection this item as
3:36 pm
amended passes unanimously all right. madam clerk next item. >> in memoriam madam president. >> oh, hey please read the in terms of today's meeting will be adjoined on behalf of the supervisor sheehy for the late ms. megan powers on behalf of supervisor peskin for mildred barker and on behalf of supervisor safai for rose albert apologizes. >> colleagues that brings us to the end of our agenda no further business before the commission. that concludes our business for today thank you we're adjourned
3:37 pm
3:38 pm
>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint
3:39 pm
point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional
3:40 pm
information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www.
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the city of san francisco, sfgtv meeting of the municipal transportation agency of january 17, 2017 will begin shortly. >> borden is anticipated. director heinicke, present. director hsu, present. nolan, present. romose, present. rubke, present. you have a quorum. announcement of sound producing devices. ringing of and use of cell, phone pagers and
4:18 pm
devices are prohibited. any person responsible for the ringing and use of cell phone and pager or any other device may be removed from the meeting. cell phones on vibrate cause micro phone interference. approval of minutes for january 3 regular meeting. >> motion to approve. >> second. >> all in favor say aye. >> the ayes have it. >> item 5, communication. i know of none. item 6, introduction of new or unfinished business. >> i like to [inaudible] >> i nominate malcolm heinicke. >> for chair? >> i thought we were doing both at the same time. >> we are just doing the chair.
4:19 pm
any members care to address the board? seeing none-nominating cheryl to do it this she is dedicated and knowledgeable person. the agency and staff and colleagueerize very fortunate to have sheryl step in. she is knowledgeable about mta and transit agencies around the country and world. she is very artechulate advocate for the goals of the agency and spend many community meetings during the year so will be a outstanding member of the board. all in favor of cheryl brickman say aye? opposed? thank you. [applause]. call for election of the vice chair. we have a nomination? >> i know this is surprising but like to nominate malcolm heinicke. >> any other nominations? members of the public have comments? seeing none. i like to say we are very
4:20 pm
fortunate malcolm stepping into the position. so knowledgeable and dedicated and thoughtful and not afraid to take on hard issues. that is the bft benefit of the agency and city. if no other comments i will call the question. all in favor of malcolm heinicke for vice chair? opposed? . here it is-i can't believe i'm giving this up. i was just getting the hang of this thing. >> thank you. i want to thank tom nol frn nolan for his service for 8 years. he led through change jz been a calm and thoughtful voice and honored to work with him and call him a friend. his leadership shaped my time as vice chair and will continue to shape and inform my time as chair. our city and transit system will be a unfinished
4:21 pm
project and changing. helping to create a transportation worthy the great city woompt regoing in the right direction even though bumps and challenges occur but always towards our goal, which is a great city with slnt transportation choices. i think our current and past boards i thank the current and past bord for the work they have done and continue to do. we bring unique speerns and dedication to create a collegeial board and proud to serve along said all och you as well as mr. reiskin and team and thank you to roberta boomer and i look forward being your 7th chairperson. [inaudible] [laughter] >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let me just-thank you very
4:22 pm
much. i'll echo comments and thank tom for his services and leadership and i will also say that one of the reason i am taking the position as i enjoy work wg all you so much and particularly ed and roberta and other staff members and susan, and while you received plenty accolades and echo them. i respect you a great deal. let me talk about somebody. i am the second more senior person on the board after tom so normally in the order of things especially with a ambitious person by my slf i would be in the seat but you don't get it by being the longest you get it by being knowledgeable and dedicated and passionate and cheryl is all those things so i look forward supporting you in the position which you deserve. >> thank you very much, malcolm. i have the gavel so we will move on. >> directors report.
4:23 pm
>> mr. reiskin. members of the board and public and staff. i will thank the outgoing chair for many years of great service including the dubiate leading the bubious decision to hire me as director, hopefully the new chair will consider that appropriately but do want to thank tom for his many years of serviceess to the board not just while i was here but long before that and decades service transportation and other public interests then bay area. it will be a different board after in the wake of your service, so thank you for that and madam chair and mr. vice chair, welcome. congratulations, look forward working with you. not to turn on a down note, but in termoffs my report i had a bad week last week on oo
4:24 pm
few different fronts. within the muni system we had two fatalities the causes of which in both caseerize still under investigation but disturbing. the first was last tuesday at the end of the line in dally city on a 14 mission bus. a woman was found unresponsive. the woman is on the bus unresponsive. it was 911 was called and corner came and she was determined to have passed at some point on the vehicle. there were many news stories circulating about this over the weekend and discussion about men ingitis as a possible cause of deaths. we understand as of this morning the san mateo corners office ruled out minen jites as a cause of death. we
4:25 pm
will wait for the final determination and don't think it was muni related but it did happen on a muni bus and thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. the next day there was a 57 year old man found dead around castro street station. there is a robust investigation underway which we are providing a lot of support to in terms of video and anything else that we have will help us all understand what happened, but tragic none the less and for him our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family as well. then, shifting gears, last week we also had two bad collision in the city. pedestrians sthin street. the first-these are both on the same day. the first was a 67 year old man crossing the street at 19th and judah. he had a green light around 8 p.m. and struck by a car and sustained
4:26 pm
life threatening injuries. this is a intersection that has history of collision. it is also one where there had been improvements such as signal upgrade in 2009 as well as added leading nrtdivals in 2014. this will be subject to significant upgrade and working with caltrans and going into construction the next couple years but tragic and wish him and his family the best. the same day a scith 6078 60 year old woman was struck at buchanan and was struck and kimed by a truck towing a trailer. unlike 19th avenue this is not a area with a high collision history and along the
4:27 pm
union street corridor no real trends in terms of collisions there. none the less, will be following up on that and seeing what there is to be done but tragic all 4 of events happened in the last week. just a reminder, the importance not all f othese were street safety related but the importance of our commitment to vision zero so since we are at the end of the year and have updated numbers for 2016 i like to ask tom mcguire sustainable streets director to come forward and give a update related to vision phreero. >> good afternoon directors. we received from the department of public health the preliminary year end numbers for traffic fatalities in the city in 2016 and before i give a overview of those i want to make a couple
4:28 pm
caveats. the first is at least one crash is still under investigation by the medical examiner for its cause and could potentially bree considered a traffic fatality. it is important when we talk about year end numbers there is a lot of year to year variation and a lot of statistical fluctuation so important not to direct too many conclusion. over the last year as many know there is a very alarming national trend towards increasing trafic fatalities. all most 9 percent nation wide in fatalities and that is trend we are working against in the vision zero cities. every year we luce about 30 libes on in san francisco and 200 serious injured. in 201529 traffic deaths and compared to 31
4:29 pm
deaths in 2015 and 14 so there was a slight decrease. looking to the numbers a little deeper thrfs a decline in pedestrian fatalities between 2015 and 16. 20 pedestrians in 2015 and 16, 15 pedestrians. a lot of the 9 percent nation wide is cons trailted in pedestrian deaths rchlt we had 3 cyclist in die in 2016 and one motrist die in 2015. thrfs a increase in the number of drivers killed this year. only one person was killed in 2015 and 5 in 2016. back in january there was a
4:30 pm
early morning hour collision south of market involving a california high way patrol chase where the driver and two passengers struck a taxi and accounted for deaths so that accounted for 3 of the 5 fatalities. at the end of the day i think we don't want to draw too many conclusion of this a long term trend. it is a year of data where it went down and up and that is good news going down than up especially given the national trend bullet have a long way to go. december 31, 2024 which is our end date for vision zero is less than 8 years away and still losing 29 people a year on the streets. this year and years to come it is ourjob to get those 57 high priority engineering
4:31 pm
enforcement education projects underway to change policy about automated speed enforcement and the culture of speeding in san francisco. the approval of traffic signals in south of market and tender line will make projgress and two year strategy will continue to chart the path to getting the number down from 31 to 29 to zero by 2024. that is my update on the vision zero statistics. >> thank you. >> a few other items that have some vision zero connection. one is that a couple days after your last board meeting, the san francisco county transportation authority commission approved the gearo brt environmental impact report. they certified the report and approved the hybrid
4:32 pm
design which is bus lanes in the center and van ness and richmond portion and side running brt on the eastern portion. there was two small changes made, which was the restoration of the rapid stop at laguna street and local stop at collins street. other than that, the project was generally approved as recommended so it is a pretty significant milestone for the gearo brt, which i mention in the realm of vision zero because the project we call it brt is really a corridor transformation plauject with significant amount of vision zero elements that are part of it. so, next steps are a lot of community outreach will be happening over the next 6 to 9 month jz continue to work with the federal government to get the federal environmental impact statement
4:33 pm
finalized and then we'll bring that with potential parking and traffic changes for the eastern portion of the project to this body some time in the summer hopefully. so, great progress there. one other item with vision zero connection is that i think it was last week or maybe the week before, the u.s. secretary of transportation, anthony fox was in san francisco to join mayor lee and our past and current chairs of the mta board to announce the federal government awarding san francisco with a $11 million grant to develop innovative transportation tech knowledge to address congestion, but also to make sure that the system is safer and more efficient and there are particular elements within the grant-there are 6 different projects and a couple are specifically aimed making the streets safer using
4:34 pm
technology to address safety issues. so, we will be implementing these in conjungz with the county transportation authority. there is research support from university california berkeley, pretty exciting stuff particularly anything we bring technology to try to make the streets safer so pleased to participate in that. a few other items, we have pretty significant storms last week and looks like we may have more coming this week and just wanted you know to there were lots of mta staff out and about trying to keep the city moving during that time. we had 31 signal outages over the course of the storms late last week and into early last week that our signal shop was able to quickly repair and get back into order. we had extra parking control officers to address things such as signal outages and lots of
4:35 pm
trees down i understand from public works. they had more than 300 trees down in the city over the course of the storms so having the folks out to direct traffic and redirect traffic was important. there was numerous muni operations and maintenance staff out supporting to keep the systems running. we had a lot of impacts to muni service as a result of the trees and a mud slide, but we didn't have a major flooding including in the subway where we had flooding before and i think that is thank tooz preventative work we did together with public works and pu c. just want to acknowledge, a lot of folks as we are inside trying to stay warm and dry the field staff are out sthr making sure the city will keep moving and will be ready for the next storm as well. i did want to just speak to the next bus ushue which is issue of great discussion of
4:36 pm
late. i'll start with the good news is most the next bus predictions are restored based on good work by folks inside and partners, the companies that help us deliver the next bus system. there has been a lot written and said about what happened and why it happened and i guess i would say this, i think there was a confluence of a number of different things from work that we were doing to work that others external to the agency were doing that collide said in a unfortunate storm that led to the outage. we worked very quickly to replace it and worked quickly to provide as much information to the public as we could but i recognize it was very significant inconvenience for a lot of folks so want to apologize for the rider jz anyone else impacted. it increensed a lot of folks and take responsibility for the outage.
4:37 pm
in hindsight i think there is more we could have done to mitigate it from happening but have it up and running for the most part. it was a lesson for me in how important the service is to our riders. the reactions we got was amazing. i don't mean in a good way amazing, but it spoke a lot to how valuable having arrival predictions are for the riders. we are just about past it now and don't expect anything like that to reoccur in the future but wanted to acknowledge that was not our finest day and want to accept responsibility for that. two more quick things. one is that mayor lee along with mayors from a number of different cities including los angeles, portlands and seattle made a joint request last week to automobile
4:38 pm
mrfer inviting to improve pricing and specifications of existing electric vehicles for use in all municipal fleets to help reduce fuel and maintenance costs. obviously most the transit fleet is electric so we know this but much of the non revenue and rest of city fleets and city fleets across the country are not. to the extent we can move those vehicles rks which are necessary to our performing city service so we can move those to the zero emission electric vehicles that have a impact on greenhouse kbas reduce reliance on fossil fuel, reduce air pollution and quality and reduce maintenance. a lot of folks look to san francisco as a leader because we have a mission free power from hetch hetchy that powers the majority of our muni system and city buildings so i think mayor lee was able to
4:39 pm
exempify great leadership but have this not just be san francisco's voice but bring together a coalition of cities to advance for this. there are plenty of products out there for passenger vehicles and sedans. there are increasingly a number of electric buses starting to come on the market. this push was to broaden the market to more municipal fleets. many of the heavy duty truck jz other equipment we use or agencies like public works departments or parks departments, there are not electric vehicles available for those fleets so this was a push from the mayor to the manufacturers to expand their repertoire. and finally, speaking of zero emission vehicles, i was pleased to be joined by former chair nolan, then chair nolan last friday with our director of
4:40 pm
transit john hailey and his team to welcome thest if of ow neurlight-rail vehicles to san francisco. it arrived over night in our metro east facility from sacramento. this produced by see mans and the first of 260 new light-rail vehicles we are in contract for. it was 2 and a half years in the making to get to this point from developing the first specification and request for pro posal and bringing the contract for your consideration and finally for the board of supervisors approval and exhaustive planning and design and quality assurance, public vetting to get to the point where we have our first vehicle here that is dollar irfbed, which is great. i remiped you the first two traunchs of 6 or 24 vehicles by the end of nest
4:41 pm
year and 40 after that are expansion vehicles so will be adding to the fleet and starting around 2121 the vehicles after that will replace the current fleet under the current schedule so we will have more light-rail vehicles in service starting later this year after the first vehicle goes through its paces and safety certifications, but very exciting moment and huge mile stone for the agency. i want to credit john hailey for his extraordinary effort to get the project to this point and look forward to more vehicles rolling in and hitting revenue service later this year. that conclude my report. >> thank you, thank you very much director reiskin. i know the new light-rail vehicles will do what the buses have with fewer break downs and more comfortable. thank you for highlighting the next bus issue. i
4:42 pm
completely can appreciate and empathize in the pain that caused riders. how reliant on the on time arrival can't be overstated so glad we will have that cleaned up. it reminded us again when you first came on board how a schedule if you have predictable reliable service and you got on time demand and arrival information a schedule becomes pointless and watching everybody trying to figure out the schedules on the buses i appreciated the fact the mta blog published the schedule so people had a idea of the headway. directors any questions or comments? seeing none, mrs. boomerpublic comment? >> yes, cathy deluca. a opportunity for members to address matters or presented by mr. reiskin. >> good afternoon chair brinkman and
4:43 pm
former chair nolan and directors and director reiskin. cathy deluca the policy and program director at walk san francisco and you might not be surprised to hear me today here to urge you all to be vision zero campions in 2017. that is my message to you today. 29 people were killed last year on the streets and only two fewer than the year before and not a big chaimpg. we need every tool in the arsenal and every leader in the public bodies. eerfben though the pedestrian numbers went down pedestrians make up over half of everyone killed so suffer disproportionate impacts. of the pedestrians we see a huge proportion of seniors. 75 percent of the pedestrians killed last year were 60 or older so still have a major goal to reach here. what i will ask you all today and every other time i come before you is this year to use this power that you
4:44 pm
have in the position to make sure that the projects that come before you save lives on our street. i urge you not tew proouv projects if they don't make the streets safer. i urge you not to approve projects with compromises to safety. i would urge you to push staff to bring projects before you that have the most robust safety treatments possible in a comprehensive way. you will see a lot of projects this year along high injury corridors so will have a lot of opportunity to flex your vision zero muscles. folsom, howard and 6th street and taraval so we need you. everyone who walks bike squz takes transit on the streets we need you. walk san francisco is here to support you in the work. the vision zero coalition is here to support you so with your leadership and commitment i look forward to 2017 being different. thank you.
4:45 pm
>> madam chair that is the last person who indicated interest to address you on topics presented by mr. reiskin. >> thank you. item 8, citizen advisory counsel report. madam chair and directors the cac chair isn't here so no report. item 9, public comment. opportunities to address within the jurisdiction and not on todays calendarment we will start with lawrence paul followed by robert [inaudible] >> madam chair and former chair nolan and directors, just disclose own a taxi medallion and my medallgen i know is at arrow and green and city wide over the years and i believe that a medallion owner or speak about this that
4:46 pm
i'm also speaking in the presence of at least economically of the tnc's that rubundant in our streets. and i wanted to first just mention that i'm aware that the city is trying everything it can do to cut back on costs and raise more revenue and the initial medallion sale and from what i was told a couple years ago by michael harris that several hundred medallions were sold and know this is a revenue stream-previous revenue stream for the mta. and, so what i'm appealing today for is the previous proposal that was
4:47 pm
brought to the board with respect to selling the medallions to companies. i know the initial medallion sale was done as a pilot study and turned out to be a very fine revenue stream and i think that with all of the market forces i respectfully request we revisit that at some point in the near future. and thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> robert [inaudible] followed by mark grewburg. >> good afternoon. it is funny how everything always collides. you have never done an environmental study on tnc's, but since there are approximately 45,000 tnc's that
4:48 pm
operate on a regular basis in the city and we get these figures from the airport so we are all in the same boat, i urge you to do a environmental study because nobody else is going to do it. and the next think you could do is then start putting pressure to reduce the numbers to a workable majority of maybe 5,000. which sound a enormous amount, but 5,000. but my main suggestion is this, you have to be proactive today and what is proactive is you have to look to all these tech companies and ask for bids for driverless taxis in this
4:49 pm
city. and the reason i'm saying that because actually they form a perfect partnership with taxis, with drivers in them. the supervisors last year said that the population of seniors is going to reach 40 percent in san francisco over the next 20 years and most of those people will not be able to use driverless taxis because they need somebody to help them get in, get out and actually understand where they want to go. so, they could bow a perfect partnership, but it is up to you to go and ask tech people. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> mark grewburg, mar cello [inaudible] followed by adam pav locka. >> thank you. congratulations
4:50 pm
to chair brinkman to vice chair heinicke, best wishes to former chair nolan. i want to speak on behalf the san francisco taxi workers alliance. i want to put forward some ideas that we will present in a more formal fashion but i wanted to start getting thise out there, ways of improving taxi driver income. this is something that is vital to the future and the existence of a taxi industry in san francisco. if we can't find ways for drivers to make more money, we are not going to have drivers. so, these are some ideas we have come up and maybe others but i wanted to put them out there. first significantly increase the number of taxi stands. we pulled our membership and have a long list and will be providing that to the mta taxi
4:51 pm
stands. take taxis out of circulation. row deuce congestion, reduce emissions and possibly improve safety. imlment the system for sharing taxi rides. this has been discussed and discussed and it can and should be done. establish a system of taxi vouchers or online accounts for city employees. cut down on the number of vehicles you need for city employees. develop a universal taxi voucher our own line paying system on all cabs. this is different than a app or e system. explore ways for taxis to compliment the muni services. this is a idea we brouched years ago and never wnt anywhere but the
4:52 pm
technology we have now it is very doable. >> thank you. >> mar chela [inaudible] adam pavlocka followed by carl [inaudible] who is the last person bhoo who turned in a speak er card. >> directors good afternoon. my name is marcelo [inaudible] long time member the taxi industry. this month is my 28 anniversary. the mockery and nudge of the taxi industry started right here at city hall when mayor lee took the position to support uber and lift. it is public knowledge in the state of the city address in 2013, mayor lee not only praised uber and lift, he proclaimed july 13, lift day. the only reason you don't have jurisdiction over tnc is because mayor lee gave
4:53 pm
it to [inaudible] declined your accommodations on insurance, the environment and unanimously adopted the definition of leased vehicles and perjury vehicles driven for tnc is one in the same. this is your city . there are 45 thousand tnc operating here and they are clogging your streets and destroying your infrastructure and the only thing they give back is foul air. it is so unfair for mayor lee and the mta to continue charging medallion renewal fees at the same time he promote jz facilitates competition. i urge you to wave all medallion fees to holdser jz urge you to tell mayor lee the only way for the san francisco taxi industry to sur vive is
4:54 pm
limit the numbers. the city must work with the mta. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> adam [inaudible] followed by carl [inaudible] those are the last two speakers. >> hello. i'm here to talk about the sfmta 4th speak project between 4th and zoe. wealth street was close td. hearing everyone speak about vision zero you sound hypocritical because the last 2 weeks the sfmta refused to enforce no parking and inaction made a one way street two way. there has been no mandate for having a flag man there to direct traffic while two way traffic goes down a one way street.
4:55 pm
dpp has been called and been told and told us, we don't have any record of this and not going to enforce. various messages have been sent including up to last friday to am reiskin as well as his subordinates. we keep laering this will be taken care of, it isn't. this morning when i left for work at 9:30 there were 9 cars parked blocking one lane of traffic making it a one way streets. the contractors were there or supposed to be there at 7 a.m. and reports say work started at 3:30 so the contractors isn't enforcing and sfmta isn't if forcing. if this isn't a city project you would lead on the contractors to follow the blue book and
4:56 pm
have enforcement there. all i can do that is intention it be pushing two way traffic down a one way street with no protection, no signs, no enforcement and no flagman. what are you going to do about this? >> thank you. mr. reiskin could we have someone follow up with him and get contact information and see if we can address that situation? >> we will and got e-mail about this and have staff following up today as well. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> carlmic murdo is the last speaker. >> medallion renewal fee issuement our monthly lease income plummeted by 80 percent the last 4 years. many medallion holdererize going deep into debt and worse. at the last board meetsing there was a suggestion to advantage medallion holders over others. that is unfair, we are
4:57 pm
all suffering greatly. last thursday january 12 there was a article in the chronicle saying uber is crushing taxi but muni ridership is up 3 percent so the spokes person says tnc isn't - here is quhie i think you should regard the tnc as foes and not friends. they are public safety and traffic jam problems caused by tnc. the carpooling models and [inaudible] will cause problems going forward. finally, you could be selling 500 medallions a year andmericing $1.25 billion if you get 80 percent the tnc's off the road so costing you money. enforce the state law on the books for 85 years requiring transportation for vehicles to have commercial license plates and insurance. the vehicles with
4:58 pm
the tnc logo are committing insurance fraud. this is illegal practice and aids and abets drivers under pricing taxi by greatly reducing overhead. it is legal to enforce state law. if you are encouraged to do so you may get 80 percent of the vehicles ouf the road. fly wheel sued uber over antitrust violation. uber sells rides below cost and subsidize driver jz reports billions in losses. i note the sf bay guardian had a gument years ago against the sf [inaudible] to conclude-thank you very much. jerk anymore public comment on this item? seeing none, closed. can we move on. >> consent calendar, the considers are retune unless a board or member of the public serves or considered separately. i heard no requests that a member of the mublic wishes to have a
4:59 pm
item severed and not from the board. >> approval. >> second. all in favor aye. opposed? the ayes have it consent calendar is passed. ite >> itedm 11, the regular calendar. implement the dolores median pilot for 16 months and approve traffic modifications associated with the pilot. >> i think we have mr. nox white presenting. >> good afternoon. congratulations. john knox white and planning section program manager for sfmta and working on the project nearly two years we are here with a update and overview with proposed implementation for a pilot
5:00 pm
project that would authorize parking alongside the dolores street center medians between 14th and 18th streets on friday evening, saturday early morning to noon and sundays all day. this is the location and the time at which this practice has a historically occurred in the area but it will allow implementing this and signing it allow to provide daylighting and pulling the parking back from the ends of the medians that provide significant pedestrian and transportation safety impacts otaerointersections and also provide much better public safety and specifically fire access to the neighborhood, which is currently impacted when vehicles have shortened turn radius because people parking up to and into the intersection. when we
5:01 pm
were here in august we recommended a 12 month pilot and today we are recommending a 16th month duration which will be a 12 month pilot and allow us to see how the pilot rolls out over a entire year and provides 4 months and and allow evaluations. again, we have a map in the presentation that was in your package showing it is just the medians between 14th and 18th street. a quick overview where we have been. we had a 9 month committee work, which evolved over 7 meetings with community stakeholders from community organizations, resident and business and park users. we conducted a community survey
5:02 pm
that spoke to all people who traveled to that neighborhood, but focused heavily on the residents. the outcomes as you recall of the survey, was less than a majority of the residents of the neighborhood were opposed it formalizing or removing all the packing. in the end there is stronger support among residents to remove parking but heard from community organizations and small business community they prefer to allow it to happen so felt the pimet recommended in august and body approved moving forward represented a compromise that was supported by a majority of the stakeholders across the board. so, today we are here with request to legislate that pilot. there were two items this board highlighted. at that time one of which looked at parking management strategies as a part of the pilot. our parking group has
5:03 pm
already started to look at those and identified really the parking manager and strategies and regulations actually exist on all but one block of the area around that. have identified places in which those regulations could be expanded to different days or hours to have that impact and that will be something we will consider over the course of the pilot as well. and then the second item was insuring there was format for community input so we proposed as we did at the time a quarterly stakeholder committee to which we will report out and meetings will be public so anyone interested in the issue can hear how it is going and will be a place to hear from the community as to how they feel it is going and the impacts they feel this had. one of the issues we had through the process is finding business owners who are busy running the
5:04 pm
businesses who also want to participate. i knew it started with a p. participated in lots of meetings and so we will be going to the neighborhood on a quarterly basis to fiend out from the business squz other s how they feel this is going so we are not just hearing from 4 or 5 people but have a real sense of the area. so, as we talked about in august, the goals of the pilot which we believe this recommendation meets is to increase the clarity and understanding of when parking regulation allow for parking and when they don't. we believe that not only will this clarify a lot of conclusion whether you are allowed to park in the area by telling you can, it will bring about what we feel is the feeling of fairness in which it will be clear anybody who wants to use this parking
5:05 pm
during the parking hours is allowed to do so. again, as we daylight the intersections there are safety impacts that will make it safer at the intersections for all users whether walking biking or dribeing and by setting final hours it will clarify when you can expect to be towed and our cited for parking late at night and should help cut down and hopefully eliminate all of the-not all of the but occasional cars sitting in the dark in the middle of deloris street. so far we haven't had collisions related to that but a matter of time. with that we submit-sorry, we have worked with enforcement folks. if sl a concern to the community it is related to will you enforce this. it is obvious, historically we deprioritized enforcement arond
5:06 pm
the median jz have commitment of the enforcement staff for the first 2 to 3 month weez will be proactively on site enforcing the hours. the intention is give arfbd everybody a heads up that enforcement is about to begin so people are not surprised and dont have lots of complaints about citations but very quickly we want people to understand once the hours are done enforcement happens and to set a expectation there is no parking in places that are not signed during hours they are not signed. with that, that our report. >> i would like to thank juliet wilson who has done most the job on this i brian [inaudible] >> thank you very much. just a clarify ing question for me before i ask my fellow directors for any questions, this is reducing the amount of parking space and decreasing by 1 half a spot? >> yes. there will be
5:07 pm
effectively 50 percent decrease. >> the spots were people formally were parking and anticipating they would have no enforcement those curbs will be painted red? >> yes. >> people are not just demanding on the signs, the curbs are painting red? >> yes. >> directors questions or clarifying comments before we move to public chaument? >> thank you mr. knox white. >> two members of the public are here to address you [inaudible] >> thank you. madam chairperson and directors. my name is stefonlaser and lives on dolen street off delorss over 24 years. i prefer no [inaudible] parking i realize given all the factors a compromise is necessary. i think the proposed plan is reasonable but request you consider one change and
5:08 pm
that is that the sunday parking end at 4 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. i ask that for safety reasons. during part of the year it is dark before 6 pmp causing a hazard for drivers. i'm well aware of the parking and still all most hit cars in the dark. i met with john knox white in november and this is something we discussed. high did not specifically recommend the change he agreed my suggestion was reasonable given the safety issue. regarding the specific implementation i am glad to see there is a plan to do a 30 day, one month grace period because i was concerned what would happen there. the other thing i would request is that i would like sfmta to attempt to facilitate agreement between the archdiocese and synagogue that allows the two mission deloris parking
5:09 pm
lots. this can eliminate the parking and give the synagogue flexibility. there was discussion some time ago but agreement couldn't be reached. same applies to deloris park church and board of education. they used to be able to use the parking lot across the street and suddenly the fall the new principle decided they couldn't without warning. i ask the city try to facilitate some agreement there. i respectfully ask you consider my suggestions. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for your continued input. >> [inaudible] anyone else wishes to address the board if you can make your way to the front or turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon board members. congrat ylshzs chairman brinkman and thank you chairman nolan, outgoing.
5:10 pm
[inaudible] associate pastor of cornerstone church and part the committee john knox white and team helped facilitate over two years and thank john and juliet and team facilitating a job for a challenges process. i do want to say i think fellow faith organization members are not able to make it today but i think without formally speaking on their behalf we are supportive of the pilot project and believe this is a compromise for the neighborhoods and faith communities and i think everyone just to communicate to the neighborhoods this will beope toon the general mublic whether going to the restaurants or shopping or faith organizations and i just want to reiterate that i believe it is communicate today the board that the small business administration san francisco has also supported
5:11 pm
this pilot project and legalization the median parking on dolores. i believe it was brought up at the last board meeting. one reason the data hasn't skewed too much is the gentrification that happened with the people of faith organizations who had to move out and drivering into the city is the only opportunity for them to attend their faith organizations. once again, i want to say thank you and hope you consider-also, my church actually is part that-parks on cuvaro and independent of the pilot decision so i was under the impression it is a same decision for dolores-thank you. >> thank you. mr. knox, white,
5:12 pm
a follow up question in light of mr. luzars comment. i see that the dates and times the parking is permitted-friday until 10 p.m. saturday at noon and sunday 6 p.m. do you want to to the twie lite dark dusk issue there? >> sure, it was something we talked about. as we wept through the conversation even with the committee even though we didn't come to a conclusion there, we looked at everything from adding full day saturday parking to really limiting things to sunday mornings and in that conversation i think what staff came to is the idea of trying to formalize a solution that honored the current and existing circumstances so parking hapbs past 6 o'clock we thought 6 o'clock represented in the hour a reasonable hour that isn't too dark and maybe one
5:13 pm
hour of darkness in the evening and couple months for a year. we couldn't find data that suggested people were running into the backs of the cars so a outcome evaluating this is whether at 6 o'clock there are no car thrz which suggests we should pull the hours sknack there isn't a damd for that. i think we felt the issue was single cars in the dark than it was a row of 10 cars parked there in the dark. >> good. thank you. directors, questions, discussion? >> i had a few. >> please. >> thank you very much, mr. knox white. this was a interest progress on this and just a couple follow up spots on the proposal for your consideration going forward and for the commitsy to consider going forward. it is my bet that this parking is going to
5:14 pm
fill up as quickly as it becomes available by workers or customers or residents who want to park extra vehicles they might own that they don't have parking for. once it becomes available to the public and the whole public knows it is available, i suspect like every other available parking space in the city it will be snatched up the moment it becomes permissible for vehicles to park there. i'm under the impression the only reason it doesn't happen now is the way it is unofficially managed gave the public the impression they were not allowed to park there because the parking was reserved for the institutions. so, i'm hoping that we have sort of a plan in place to respond to that once that happens and if it doesn't happen i'm happy. i suspect it
5:15 pm
will and encourage you toconsider the idea of putting hourly limitations like 4 hour limitations on that parking or two hour limitations to increase turn over and keep people who shouldn't park there from parking there so it remains available for the intended use of the space. if that doesn't work i encourage to start thinking what it will take to meter those spaces. again, from the persperktive of keeping the spaces available for those who need if and funding enforcement. that is probably something that i would encourage you to just think about as you are rolling the thing out, not necessarily to implement it or look at implementing right away. again, i hope i'm wrong. i love the idea of a parking pass. i suspect that the institutions are looking at
5:16 pm
this. i would hope that the folks from the synagogue would be very open to the idea of letting people park in their lots when they are not there and the other folks in the christian institutions on sundays will be happy to allow the muslims park on fridays or whatever it might be, but there are plenty of times when church lots are vacant-faith based institutions are vacant and it will be cool for the ecminicle council or any counsels that exist to put toorkt a parking pass for their members that would allow for parking to happen in each other lots. i hope you look into something like that because i suspect with the reduction of parking they will need something to that effect. again, really supportive of all this. i'm glad to see it has come this far. i know this was a divisive issue
5:17 pm
for a lot of folks in my conversations i had with people about this but think it is step in the right direction and appreciate all the engagement that members of the community provided in this and again, the leadership on the part of staff and everyone involved so thank you. >> thank you, director ramose. that brings up the question if the parking fills up and the faith based community no longer has the easier access they will want to consider some type of transportation demand management plan or managed parking in the area so that is interesting to watch. any other questions? motion to approve? second? all in favor aye. opposed? hearing none the item is passed. yes, i'm sorry. >> i hope that we use this opportunity in work wg this community on this issue to talk about the homeless issue, which is another issue that came up before where we have people in those
5:18 pm
vehicles living in their vehicles and no place for them to park and since we have a audience with the community at this point, i recognize it is primarily concentrated in that area, but if we can use that as a way to start that conversation too that will be great. >> thauchck very much director mord borden. and that conclude our meeting, we are adjourned. [meeting adjourned] -
5:19 pm
>> san francisco is known worldwide for its atmospheric waterfront where spectacular views are by piers and sight and sounds are xhanl changing we come to the here for exercise relax ball games entertainment, recreation market, exhilaration a wide variety of contributions easily enjoyed look up the bay the waterfront is boosting for activities boosting over 25 visitors every year the port of san francisco manages 7 may have million
5:20 pm
dollars of waterfront from hyde street and fisherman's wharf to the cargo terminals and name shoreline the architecture like pier 70 and the ferry building is here for the embarcadero and a national treasure the port also supports 10 different maritime industries alongside with the recreational attractions making san francisco one of the most viable working waterfronts in the world but did you think that our waterfront faces serious challenges if earthquake to damage the seawall and the embarcadero roadway rising seawalls will cause flooding at high tides and major repairs to a safe many of the piers the
5:21 pm
port is at a critically turnl point time to plan for the future of san francisco's waterfront this year the port is updating it's marts plan the plan working group to invite a wide variety of poichdz from the city and bayview and other advisory teams to share their expertise if intense and maritime operations the waterfront land use plan has guided the use and development of the lanes for the last 20 years major physical changes take place along the waterfront and now is the time to update the waterfront plan to continue improvements that will keep our waterfront vibrate, public and resilient the biggest challenges facing the waterfront are out the site
5:22 pm
an aging seawall along the embarcadero roadway and seawalls that will rise by 21 hundred to provide and productivity of tides seawall is built over weak soils and mud the next earthquake will cause it to settle several feet without the urgent repairs that will damage the promenade and other things we've been fortunate over the last hundred years less than one foot of seawall over the next hundred years scientists say we'll have 6 feet of seawall rise imagine the pier 30/32 will be floated, the embarcadero will be flooded our transportation system is fog to be heavy impacts unfortunately, the port didn't have the financial resources to
5:23 pm
repair all the deteriorating piers let alone the adaptations for sea level rise. >> it is clear that the port can't pay for the seawall reinforcement or deal with the sea level rise on its own needs to raise money to take care of the properties at take care of the maintenance on the properties no way absent anti funding the issues of sea level rise or the schematic conditions of seawall can be development. >> as studies talk about the seawall challenges the working group is look at the issues please come share our ideas about recreation, pier activities, shoreline habitat, historic preservation and transportation issues and viral protection. >> we know this planning
5:24 pm
process will not have one question and one answer we need the diversity of the opinions how people feel about san francisco waterfront and want to hear all the opinions. >> the challenges call for big decisions now is the time to explore now and creative ideas to protect and preserve san francisco waterfront. >> now is the time to get involved to help to shape the future of our waterfront. >> we need the debate please come forward and engage in the process. >> this is your waterfront and this is your opportunity to get involved be part of solution help san francisco create the waterfront we want for the future. >> this is really to dream big and i think about what our waterfront looked like for all san franciscans today and generations to come. >> get involved with the planning process that will set the fraction for what is coming
5:25 pm
at the port. >> find for in upgrading dates on the ports website. >> (ship blowing horn in distances)
5:26 pm
>> good afternoon everyone. the meeting will come to order. welcome to january 26, 2017 regular meeting the rules committee. i'm asha safai our clerk and derek evans and like to thank gym smith and jesa larsson at sfgtv for staffing the meeting. mr. clerk, do you have announcements? >> thank you, mr. chair. silence electronic devices, eating and drinking is not permitted. complete speaker cards and copies of documents submit today the clerk. items will appear on the february 7, 2017 board of supervisor uzgenda unless stated. >> item 1 is considering appointing member thofz board of supervisor tooz two year terms
5:27 pm
to association of bay area government executive board. >> great. supervisor yee would you like to make a statement on this first item? it is your appointment. >> i think i need to be recused. >> you do but if you want to make a statement. i will make a motion to excuse supervisor norman yee. can i get a second? >> >> yes. >> motion is approved. just wait a minute for supervisor yee. would anyone like to make public comment on the first item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. so, i think what we'll do is
5:28 pm
just seeing no names on the roster and so colleagues can we make a motion to approve the appointment of supervisor yee to the association of bay area government? >> absolutely. >> alright, great. seeing that is motioned and approved, the item is approved. is that right? thank you. congratulations, supervisor yee. [laughter] mr. clerk call the second item, >> hearing to answer appointing member thofz board of supervisors for 4 year term tooz bay area air quality management board of directors. >> any members of the public wish to otestify. anyone from the sfr visors office or a statement? colleagues i will make a motion to approve the item. seconded. okay. so approved. passes mr.
5:29 pm
clerk and supervisor hill row roanen is aopponent today the bay area quality management district. >> excuse me. is this a point of clarification, when they make the appointments do we announce the names 1st rather than after we vote? it seems we should announce the names first. >> yes, supervisor is there is in the board packet two memoes from the clerks office with poll of all the supervisors where the supervisors were acknowledged. >> we should read it into record. >> wealer we'll do that. through the chair, mr. gibbener. >> deputy city attorney john gibbener, just for clarification, when the committee votes on these items the vote will forward the
5:30 pm
items to full board of supervisors for another vote two tuesdays from new so you will do this dance again where different supervisors have to leave the room and be recused but these will be the recommendation thofz rules commitee the full board will vote on. >> great. i guess with the next ones when we introduce the item we'll say the name. can you do that when you read the item? >> yes, mr. chair. >> thank. mr. clerk would call the third item. >> item 3 is hearing to answer appointing members the board of supervisor frz 4 year terms to the local agency formation commission. we have supervise r hillary roanen would like to be recommend frd the seat. mr. chair, we also have staff from the local agency formation commission here , jason freed for any questions.
5:31 pm
>> seeing there is someone here from lafco mr. freed would you like to make a comment? any questions from my colleague snz any members the public that wish to testify on the item? seeing none- >> make a motion to forward the names to the full board with positive recommendation. >> second. >> great. so moved. that item is approved. alright. mr. clerk would you call the 4 item, and hearing to answer aopponenting member ofz the board of supervisors for two year terms for golden gate bridge highway and transportation district bourd of directors. we have heard back from several supervisor jz thatd is supervisor breed, peskin and yee and
5:32 pm
shehi. >> make a motion to >> make a motion to move those-i reuse you. >> make a motion to rekoos supervisor yee. so moved. any public comment on this item? yes, okay so--please approach-speakers have two minutes state your first and last name and speak into the micro phone. anyone with a prepared statement is encouraged to leave a copy with the clerk to include a official file so please begin. h >> as a current appointee of the golden gate bridge district and like to welcome the supervisors appointed. we only have 3 and need 4 and look forward to your appointment. >> would you state your name? >> burt hill. >> thank you. >> i'll see you in a few weeks
5:33 pm
or a few days. thank you. >> wonderful, thank you. anyone else like to testify before pub luck comment is closed? seeing none, we will close public comment. wait for supervisor yee to return. i don't think we need to. make a motion to approve. >> second. >> thank you. seeing it is unanimous, so approved. thanks, come on in. congratulations, you are getting appointed all over today. >> more work, great. >> thank you, mr. clerk please call the item number 5. >> item 5 ishering to answer
5:34 pm
appointing one member for 4 year term to metropolitan transportation commission. we heard from supervisor kim's office she expressed interest in the appointment. >> is there any departments or anyone in the public want to testify? anyone like to make public comment on the item? seeing none public comment is closed. i entertain a motion cht >> motion to pass this recommendation with positive recommendation to full board. >> second. >> great. so that is approved. mr. clerk item number 6. >> item number 6 is hearing to consider aponting one member of board of supervisors for two year term to reentry council. we have heard from supervisor-vice chair fewers office she would be interested in this appointment. >> make a motion to excuse supervisor sandy fewer. >> i like to make a motion to
5:35 pm
excuse supervisor fewer. >> great. before you like to make a comment? >> thank you very much. the reentry council is a council that can have great impact on the lives of our most marginalized residents, those incarcerated. as a former board of education members, i was shocked upon visits charter school and the county facility in san buno, the mens facility and learn 60 percent of the inmates attended san francisco public schools. this is a issue i'm deeply concerned about and very interested in. there is something terrible wrong when our educational system fails this amount of people and so many of them. i think that as a city we must work across departments and eeben with the school district to provide young people the opportunity and to end the school to prison pipeline. the reentry council can work to insure those who
5:36 pm
are already incarcerated are provided are economic and skill building opportunities upon their exist from prison or jail. i would be honored to serve on the committee and would be honored to have your support. thank you. >> thank you, vise chair. >> i like to make a comment as she is walking out. i think supervisor fewer would be a great great aopponentment for this council. there is a lot of good council members in there. >> thank you, supervisor yee. can we take this motion without objection-excuse me, anyone from the public like to comment on the item? seeing none, public comments closed. any department or staff like to say anything about this item? seeing none- >> make a motion to pass this item out with positive recommendation to full board. >> great. so mr. clerk the
5:37 pm
motion passes. congratulations supervisor fewer. >> thank you. >> quee bow you bring a lot of experience and perspective to this important body so we appreciate you putting your name forward. >> thank you, supervisor. >> mr. clerk call item number 7. >> item 7 is hearing to consider appointing one member of two year term to park recreation and open space advisory committee. there is one seat and one applicant, seat 19, which must be nominated by the district 5 supervisor. >> great. and see someone from supervisor breeds office. can you state your name for the record. >> good morning- >> sorry-i know that the author of this is supervisor cohen and
5:38 pm
see her staff here. >> this is item number 7, not 8. you would probably do a better job then me. >> good morning supervisor and chair. it is great to see you and congratulations supervisor fewer. supervisor breed's appointee cat men del joenz is unable to attend so will read statement. i'm unable to attend because i'm at the california climate change symposium in sacramento which i attend as a public grants manager at the trust for public land. at the trust for public land i seek public grants for creating parks and preserving open space throughout the bay-air eye and across california. i live in coal valley in district 5 with my husband, two young daurfts and a dog. our family spends time on suit row forest and playground in coal
5:39 pm
valley and golden gate park. i have ba frum duke and jdu c hasteings. i apologize she can't be her but on behalf of supervisor breed i ask for your support. >> thank you, mr. johnson. any members of the public that would like to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take this motion without objection? >> yes. >> great. seeing so mr. clerk this motion is passed. please call the next item, item aithd. >> item 8 is ord nrns amended the administrateb code to set structure function terms and administrative support for dignity fund oversight advisory committee as required by the charter section 16.128-11 adopted as part of proposition at the november 8,
5:40 pm
2016. >> i appreciate supervisor cohen for offering this item and see a member of her staff. >> good morning. i am you you chan legislative aid to malia cohen. as you know during the november 2016 election voters approve prop i which was a charter amendment offered by cohen yee and mar which created the dignity fund to fund programs for seniors and people can disability said. the ballot member created a 11 member oversight body commit tee a moniter and participate in the administration thf fund. aopinioning authorities and timing it also authorized the board to draft a follow up implement ordinance to outline details regarding membership, structure and terms and this st. the ordinance before you today. we consulted closely with the dignity fund coalition and department of aging and adult servicess to develop the details in the ordinance and
5:41 pm
have one amendment we like you toanswer. i bleechb you have the language before you. if you dont i have copies here. it simp ly clarify that who sit on the advisory committee are current and act rfb member so they would automatically lose their seat if they are not. the appointing bodies are aging and adults services, the [inaudible] long term care council. happy to answer additional question squz have melissa mu gee the program manager for the dignity fund available for questions today. thank you for supporting the amendment and item overall. >> great. thank you mrs. chan. any members of department staff who would like to speak oen behalf of the item? supervisor yee? >> i want to make a comment before we get into public
5:42 pm
comments. >> thank you, sir. >> first of all, this is really an important fund for us to implement moving forward. this is something that i'm glad supervisor cohen was involved with this and thatd i had a opportunity to work on it with supervisor mar at the time. as you-maybe not, the both of you are new so i have been working on these issues with seniors and popeal with disabilities for 4 years and made it a priority in particular in my district, which had very few services for them. i had also authored a study to be done of existing senior services that is already completed and was waiting for a opportunity to work with
5:43 pm
the dignity fund folk tooz have a hearing on that so that everything would be lined and timed correctly. i already made a request for hearing from this, so looking forward working with people that are involved with the dignity fund and seeing how this could be helpful for the way we implement the programs. >> thank you supervisor yee. i just say that as somebody who libs in the city and work with aging population and know supervisor fewer has as well i like to thank supervisor cohens office for putting this forward and staff ready to implement a important part of providing dignity and services to a aging population here in san francisco. any other comments from the public? or department staff? if not will call member thofz public who wish to
5:44 pm
testify. hold on one second. speakers have two minutes, please clearly state your first and last name and speak into the micro phone. if you have a written statement please submit to the clerk. thank you. >> my name is wade woods a member orphthe dignity fund coalition and i'm just here to ask for your support so we can make sure that we have a good advisory board and oversight committee to make sure the funding is distributed among the various aging populations in the city. thank you. i urge you to support this. >> thank you, mr. woods. any other members the public that wish to testify? >> good afternoon supervisors. ann [inaudible] with meals and wheels san francisco and member of dignity fund coalition and work so hard to see this pass with supervisor yee and staff and sfr visor cohen and staff. we are
5:45 pm
in support of this of course excite frd the oversight and advisory committee. it will insure accountability and transparency with the community and will really push us all forward so we recommend certainly that you support this. thank you. >> thank you, very much. any other members of the mublic wish to testify on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor yee. >> like to make a amendment as outlined by supervisor cohens aid, yoyo. to make a motion to make a amendment. the oversight advisory committee member amust be a active and current member on the body from which they are appointed and representing. that is the language i got. was there anything else?
5:46 pm
>> the city attorney john gibbener drafted more formal language which i have if you like it but it is essentially says the same thing you just read on the record. >> are you submitted that? >> adjust for the language but that is the intonet. >> thank you. >> submitted. is there a second oen that motion? >> yes, second. >> so the motion is approved. excuse me, the motion to approve the amendment is approved. >> go ahead and make a motion to move the item forward with positive recommendation with the amendments. >> okay. so the amendment is approved, now we make a motion to send it item with positive recommendation to full board. second. both motions pass and will send the item to full board. mr. clerk
5:47 pm
can you call item number 9. >> item 9 is resolution confirming the nomination of sergeant dorian j carr united states air force retires as county veterans services officer. >> wonderful. are there any members of-any department staff that would like to speak on this item? yes. >> good morning supervisors mpt serenemic spaden the department of aging adult services and the county veterans service office sits withinory department and this is really exciting for us because the county veteran service office position has not sat within our department for a long time and think it makes a lot of sense to have the officer oversee the office, work within the office and we really look to join car to help us expand our services to
5:48 pm
veterans. help coordinate with veteran serve services and it is really a big priority area for us. the county veteran services office serves older adults and adults with disabilities and what they do is work to make sure people with-veterans can access their benefits because it is really hard for them to accessthem on their own through the veterans administration so thank you in advance ce for your support of sergeant car r. >> supervisor yee. >> sergeant carr here? >> he is here. >> would you like to say anything? would you hike to knh up and say a few words? >> sure. >> you sound like a wonderful person >> good afternoon. my name is dorian carr. i appreciate my office
5:49 pm
and supporting me fl the nomination for county veteran service office. this is long time coming for me. i have been in the business doing county veteran services work for like 9 years. i moved over from contra costa county looking for this opportunity to become a county veteran service officer and so really looking forward to taking what i learned and how it is mentored in contra costa county and bringing it to the city so i appreciate any type of support. >> thank you, mr. carr. supervisor yee. >> thank you sergeant carr and thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. any other members of the department or staff that would like to comment on the item? seeing none. any members of the public that wish to testify? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues can we take
5:50 pm
this motion without objection? >> yes. >> thank you. mr. clerk this motion passes. >> mr. chair just for clarification that is motion to send to full board- >> motion to send to full board with positive recommendation. >> thank you. >> thank you. mr. clerk can you please call-no-that's it. okay. seeing no other items before us today, can i have a motion to adjourn? we are adjourned. thank you. [meeting adjourned]
5:51 pm
bayview. >> a lot discussion how residents in san francisco are displaced how businesses are displaced and there's not as much discussion how many nonprofits are displaced i think a general concern in the arts community is the testimony loss of performance spaces and venues no renderings for establishes when our lease is up you have to deal with what the market bears in terms of of rent. >> nonprofits can't afford to operate here. >> my name is bill henry the executive director of aids passage l lp provides services for people with hispanics and aids and 9 advertising that fight for the clients in housing insurance and migration in the
5:52 pm
last two years we negotiated a lease that saw 0 rent more than doubled. >> my name is ross the executive directors of current pulls for the last 10 years at 9 and mission we were known for the projection of sfwrath with taking art and moving both a experiment art our lease expired our rent went from 5 thousand dollars to $10,000 a most. >> and chad of the arts project pursue. >> the evolution of the orientation the focus on art education between children and patrol officer artist we offer a full range of rhythms and dance and theatre music theatre about in the last few years it is more and more difficult to find space for the program that we run.
5:53 pm
>> i'm the nonprofit manager for the mayor's office of economic workforce development one of the reasons why the mayor has invested in nonprofit displacement is because of the challenge and because nonprofits often commute technical assistance to understand the negotiate for a commercial lease. >> snooechlz is rob the executive director and co-founder of at the crossroads we want to reach the disconnected young people not streets of san francisco for young adults are kicked out of the services our building was sold no 2015 they let us know they'll not renew our lease the last year's the city with the nonprofit displacement litigation program held over 75 nonprofits financial sanction
5:54 pm
and technical assistance. >> fortunate the city hesitate set aside funds for businesses facing increased rent we believable to get some relief in the form of a grant that helped us to cover the increase in rent our rent had been around $40,000 a year now $87,000 taylor's dollars a year we got a grant that covered 22 thousands of that but and came to the minnesota street project in two people that development in the better streets plan project they saved us space for a nonprofit organization national anthem and turned out the northern california fund they accepted us into the real estate program to see if we could withstand the stress and after the program was
5:55 pm
in full swinging skinning they brought up the litigation fund and the grants were made we applied for that we received a one thousand dollars granted and that grant allowed us to move in to the space to finish the space as we needed it to furniture is for classes the building opened on schedule on march 18, 2016 and by july we were teaching classed here. >> which we found out we were going to have to leave it was overwhelm didn't know anything about commercial real estate we suggested to a bunch of people to look at the nonprofits displacement mitigation program you have access to commercial real estate either city owned or city leased and a city lease space become available there is a $946,000 grant that is
5:56 pm
provided through the mayor's office of economic workforce development and that's going to go towards boulder the space covers a little bit less than half the cost it is critical. >> the purpose of the organization trust to stabilize the arts in san francisco working with local agency i go like the northern california platoon fund that helped to establish documents of our long track record of stvent and working to find the right partner with the organization of our size and budget the opportunity with the purchase of property we're sitting in the former disposal house theatre that expired 5 to 10 years ago we get to operate under the old lease and not receive a rent increase for the next 5 to 7 years we'll renting $10,000 square feet for the next 5 to
5:57 pm
seven years we pay off the balance of the purpose of this and the cost of the renovation. >> the loophole will that is unfortunate fortunate we have buy out a reserve our organization not reduce the services found a way to send some of the reserves to be able to continue the serves we know our clients need them we were able to get relief when was needed the most as we were fortunate to arrive that he location at the time, we did in that regard the city has been - we've had tremendous support from the mayor's office of economic workforce development and apg and helped to roommate the facade of the building and complete the renovation inside of the building without the sport support. >> our lease is for 5 years
5:58 pm
with a 5 year onyx by the city has an 86 year lease that made that clear as long as we're doing the work we've been we should be able to stay there for decades and decades. >> the single most important thing we know that is that meaningful. >> it has been here 5 months and even better than that we could image. >> with the economic development have announced an initiative if ours is a nonprofit or know of a nonprofit looking for more resources they can go to the office of economic workforce development slashing nonprofit and found out about the mayors nonprofit mitigation program and the sustainability initiative and
5:59 pm
find their information through technical assistance as much as how to get started with more fundraising or the real estate assistance and they can find my contact and reach out to me through the circles of the city through the
6:00 pm
>> good afternoon everyone and welcome to the board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, february 7, 2017, madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you, madam president supervisor president breed supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor fewer no present supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy