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tv   Police Commission 2817  SFGTV  February 15, 2017 4:00am-6:16am PST

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>> ladies and gentlemen the chairman has called the meeting to order. please turn off your
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electronic devices as they tend to interfere with the equipment in the room and please rise for the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> commissioner turman i like to call roll call president turman here, vp mazzucco present, marshall present, dejesus present, melara present hing, here.. just the members of the audience the-this is live on tv. however the screens in the room are not working. they're sending someone up.
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>> thank you secretary kill shot. i want to welcome the members of the public to the wednesday, february 8, 2017 san francisco police commission meeting. let's start off first with wishing joyce hicks the executive director of the department of police accountability a happy birthday. happy birthday. >>[applause] >> thank you so much >> so, gail marshall will be eating cupcakes while we are-now you understand why. secretary kill shot these call the first item >> item 1 reports of the commission she's report. report on recent police department activity is including major
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events weekly crime trends and announcements at present patient regarding a safe place initiative >> good evening commissioner turman. good evening vp mazzucco and board. this week i'm going to get started with some good news with our crimes. i'm going to start with violent crimes. we got off to a really rough start with homicides this year. we had six in the month of january. last week we had no homicides and no major violent crime issues. so year to date, we are still at six compared to two last year, this time last year. year to date, last year we had 58 total homicides in 2015 we had 52. so we plan to try to hold steady as much as we can to keep those numbers going down. but we had a good week this week. nonfatal shooting victims, thousands of
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the year to date we've had nine. this year, this time last year 2016 we had 14. a total of 189 nonfatal shooting victims for 2016. oregon violence is down. 2000 something year to date we are at 13. that was composed of 12 incidents and 2016 year to date sometime we were at 15 with a total 17 incidents. in 2016 the totals for gun violence work 228 that were made about 189 incidents. firearms read 92, year to date and in 2016 we ended up with 1216 compared to 1085 in 2015 should we are on pace to basically get about the same number of guns off the street as we did in 2016. in terms of
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--in terms of homicides again i said or done during the week. i do have an update on the shooting that occurred at 1001 potrero ave. in the mission district and we had a victim arrested or suspect arrested in a once on that case. this was from february 1 at approximately nine o'clock-9:05 am in the morning when our officers responded to a walking gunshot wound victim to his left side. he was uncooperative and initial investigation and according to the victim knew shot in the city of san francisco and took the muni to san francisco general hospital. he refused to answer any further questions at that time. it luminaries investigation
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revealed that our victim is on parole and is an active parole warrants. he was treated for gunshot wound but he ended being transported and booked at san francisco county jail for the wants. our mission as it unit is investigating. so i misspoke the victim was arrested and the suspect is still outstanding. so hope we will get some cooperation to solve a crime. traffic report for this week, we had the most serious of our traffic incidents was at 4175 mission st. and a private parking lot. on sunday, february 5 at zero 9:30 am hours and 86-year-old female victim got up and i victim back in again she subsequently had the driver the driver subsequently hit to particle cars remained at the scene i was cooperative. the victim's condition is critical but she showing sign of improvement. the other traffic significant traffic incident report occurred on 30th st. and mission street in the angle side district on friday, february 3 at 2:40 am. the mail
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just left a nightclub when he was struck by a vehicle i suspect fled the scene after dropping the victim dropping off the victims girlfriend was a passenger in the vague hope. he remains unclear as to the motive. maven assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle but that still has to be investigated. the victims girlfriend was not able to identify the suspect. the victims is currently at san francisco general hospital and has internal injuries but is in stable condition. in terms of our enforcement, traffic safety enforcement operation plan, for san francisco as part of an ots grant, we will conduct traffic safety enforcement operations on ip we did on february 7 which was yesterday. 16, 24th and 27th. we have identified several locations over the past three years were pedestrian and
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bike collisions have occurred. special attention be directed towards our focus on violations which are driver speeding, making illegal turns, failing to stop or stop signs and signals, failing to yield to pedestrians and crosswalks and other dangerous violations. we are committed to eliminating traffic deaths as a part of our vision 0 x 20 24. and vision zero czar city's commitment to prioritize safe streets for everyone. today there was a press conference at san francisco general hospital put on by assembly member two and he's can introduce legislation with the city supports on basically electronic monitoring of speed in order to reduce speed related traffic
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fatalities. so that legislation will be per put forward and we hope, if passed, will enhance our efforts to reduce traffic related fatalities due to speeding in the city of san francisco. in terms of major events, last week there were two major events i'd like to discuss. the first was a no man know while san francisco in the northern and tenderloin district that occurred on saturday february forth from 4 pm-7 pm at the civic center and united nations plaza. door possibly 2500 people better. we had no issues reported no injuries no arrests. second event was kaiser san francisco half marathon that occurred in a richmond taraval district on february 5 at 7:30 am until 3 pm. there were location was
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handle and the great highway. 10,000 people participated we had no issues. it was a safe event with no arrests and no injuries in terms of crowd issues. upcoming events of note, the chinese new year parade will occur on february 11 and it will include a street fair on the 11th and the 12th good we expect approximately 750,000 during the duration of this event. it will be held in the central police district of chinatown area. just so bright the chinese new year of 2017. the year of the rooster. the chinese chamber of commerce is housing a new year parade on february 11 and then the communities street there is quickly on the 11th and 12th and the fair street there will be located on grand avenue from california to broadway street and washington to jackson and
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pacific between stockton and journey. members of the department including the command staff and our family will be attending the festivities along with our mayor mayor ed lee. second event is the ssa as to our annual conference. now we thursday, february 7. through i'm sorry tuesday, february 7 through thursday february 7 am-7 pm daily. location will be at the bill graham auditorium and 99th grove in the northern district. expect about 5000 participants for this conference. is the emergency-no [inaudible] pipeline action. this will be actually was today from 8 am until 6 pm this afternoon. location is 95 7th st. at the san francisco federal building in the tenderloin district. the us army corps of engineers is expected to grant financial easement for the dakota pipeline. no issues are anticipated. facebook party. today from five until 3 aa.m. in the pierce
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pier 70 in the bayview district we expect 4000 people to participate. we don't expect any issues there. justice for animal [inaudible] we don't know the time. it's going to be an inside the district and this is in relation to the animal [inaudible] officer involved shooting we shot and killed by san francisco police department on february 26, 2016 in the mission district. [inaudible] will be held in front of a private residence and we will monitor that situation. the last event is the demand uber support this will be tomorrow february 9 from 3 pm ivan i mean 1 pm-2 pm at 455 markets right in the tenderloin district. [inaudible] protest at uber headquarters demand
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publicly support the right of saudi arabian women to drive uber vehicles. one other event of note is the trump must go now protest. that'll be saturday the 30 11th from 10:30 am-12:30 pm location will be ocean beach across from the beach la in the richmond district. this event is expected to be a peaceful family-friendly rally open to all who would like to see the president out of the white house. there were 12,000 folks interested in attending, with about 1000 that confirmed they would attend this event. those are the major events for the upcoming week. the concludes this portion of my report. >> thank you, chief.
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>> next we have the report on this safe place initiative. good evening >> good evening commissioners present turman and commissioners chief scott. dir. hicks, happy birthday. numbers of the public, my name is greg mceachern i'm the commander of the investigations division of the san francisco police department. i am pleased tonight to have a couple other members that work with me specifically one sergeant that is designed for special investigations division. that sgt. pete shields why will bring up in a minute. that will speed you about the safe place program that is currently in place in seattle and some meetings he attended where the particulars of that program
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were presented to our department. i just want so you will about sgt. shields. as i mentioned to me would permit the special investigations division. he is the lead investigator for all hate crimes within the san francisco police department. so he is responsible for investigating need-based crimes whether they are against individuals or groups as well as hate-based graffiti and those are for hate-based acts such as almonds religion, color, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender and disability. so earlier this year i know that sgt. shields was able to go to a presentation. i know commissioner melara >> last year >> i'm sorry last year. it's been a while. from seattle and member the seattle police department called safe place. the program just briefly all those sgt. shields) it's you was designed to reduce hate crimes and harassment in the lgbt community. so they give a presentation and at the time commissioner melara that is
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appropriate for us to look at it as a department and wanted to put it on the calendar for you to hear the commission is first with the presentation was. so sgt. shields is here tonight to talk to you about that. you also add in some information about what we currently are doing in san francisco police department regarding a similar program that is called safe zone. it was initiated back in 2000 1300 and chief cancer and will discuss some of the similarities and differences between the two of them. once he is done all be available to answer any questions or specifics that you have on it as well as any opportunities the commission believes that apartment may be interested in in exploring the program that they have in seattle. with that i more than happy to bring up sgt. kee gels from our special investigations division. >> good evening, sgt. >> good evening commissioners good evening, to get my name is sgt. pete shields am the lead investigator with a crimes division or san francisco police department. last summer to mr. melara and i had the
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opportunity to attend a meeting was held by an officer from the seattle police department and the officer wanted to give a presentation regarding a program that they have in place in this seattle area. in very simple basic terms, the officer made an analogy. he asked us if we remembered back in the 70s the yellow hand in the window. when your kid walking home from school if you felt you were in danger, if you saw a yellow hand in the window you knew that was a safe place to go to where the people within house would call the police and make sure that the child was safe. so the concept he developed world over to say place for seattle and that was the seattle police department partnering with businesses in the seattle area where if there is a victim of an lgbt hate crime, that individual can go
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to that business where they see a symbol, and i believe you all received packets with that symbol-that business had been trained by the seattle police department to call the police and keep that victim within that business, safe. they developed this program in 2015 and they been rolling it out asking various police department to be on board with this program. we also have a very similar program in the san francisco police department back in 2012 and in 2013 it was developed called safe zone. the safe zone was for people within the lgbt community to go to a police station and feel accepted and comfortable to talk with police about a crime, any crime that happened. i did
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bring a picture. every police station the 10 districts station have a laminated poster that is in every station which is very similar to the seattle. so the seattle-based project went beyond businesses where san francisco is within police departments. in addition, we had a resource guide the was also printed up to be placed in every district station with resources to the lgbt community, and that's available for anyone-anyone in the general public and is everything from support groups to resources and the like. that was basically the presentation that was given from the officer from the seattle police
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department. >> so i'm so glad we got to this point actually because we've been trying to come here for many months. i got so excited about this because i think that when you involve businesses, when you involve the private sector, you take it outside the police department. you put it into the community, and anything that has to do with safety cannot be just within the police department. it has to be put out into the community. i was really excited that it really was involves the business community because everybody uses businesses. so-but one of the pieces that really-i really liked was the fact that the whole program in seattle has extended to other communities. so it is open. it actually appeals to the victims
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of crime. in seattle, i remember-i did not see it in this list-but one of the things they talked about was that bank of america became collaborated in this effort and they have all of their branches have these decals. so,-this could be a real great thing not only for our community relations, community policing, just it could really-you know it could work on various levels. right after we met i did talk to the bank of america foundation and they were interested in participating. at that time i was thinking well, they could possibly fund some of this. so i would like for us to really explore the possibility and look at how our
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officers and every station could carry this message through the communities where they serve. so, i am really excited about it, but the one piece that you didn't say is that, one of the things that needs to happen with a program like this is there has to be one person that is assigned to this task in that it's available full-time to be able to implement this project. so, that would be something that i would like chief, to look into the possibility of doing this. i certainly would love to work on it with you. >> if i could just add them i did have a discussion earlier with deputy chief redman and i think commissioner melara brings up a great point. it gives us a chance to kind of embrace the opportunity to build on the public trust especially at times when we have so many things that are
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going on in the community they're concerned about. so we did talk about some individuals within the department that we could utilize in this specific thing and it would be embracing it and expanding it beyond just the lgbt community, but all the communities that seem to be at risk at times and marginalized it so that is something that chief redman and i will work on a present thing to chief scott 40. >> thank you. we will look further into it and report back >> okay. >> thank you. commissioner mazzucco >> the san francisco police department has been ahead of the curve on a lot of these developed and sgt. pete shields may not know this but it was an individual in my law firm was a victim of a hate crime about two months ago. i walked into the process and he talked about sgt. pete shields would call them, talked to him about the process. explain to him that
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the victim witness assistance program. explain to them about counseling. made him comfortable be entire process and you may not know that but i was monitoring the situation and i was very proud of the work you did and made its way around to our office about the above and beyond you went. probably not knowing he works with me. that something this police 11 is a good job with. i can talk more about her off-line good i kept my distance but he was very impressed by what you did and was a very difficult time for him should he said he came to the city to feel safe and instead he got assaulted on a muni bus. so thank you for what you did. >> commissioner hing >> i do not respond. >> i'm sorry. >> all of a sudden item/ideological being called on. >> that's me. >> commissioner dejesus spews i think it's a good program it so when you're going forward exponent one of the things i noticed they have a buy-in from
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the business granted lgbt community in terms of having it explained in branding and helping it designed it and also talks about student bowling so i assume they work with the school districts as well. so if you are exploring it you might want to explore also with some representatives from the lgbt community and the businesses or however you want to do but i think they should be included from the ground level instead of introducing a plan to them saying, this is what we've come up with. i know you're going to do that i just want .2 that out to get i think that's important. >> one of the positive things as many large that have come out of the doj's reform was our understanding of having to have collaboration with the community and having the involvement of whether it's a youth or faith-based or businesses, or others. so we've embrace that. so that will be individuals that we brought into the discussion to not only give a some good ideas but help
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us pushing a message out for what we do. so it's a great point. >> okay., thanks. >> yes >> that concludes my report. >> thank you, chief. next item mdm. sec.. >> item one-b dpa directors report it report on recent epa activities and announcements. hesitation on dpa's statistical reports from january 2017 summary of cases received in january 2017. mediation of complaints in 2017 discipline proposed by the chief of police in january 2017 and complaints sustained by the occ and comparative statistical reports for january 2016.
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>> good evening president turman. members of the commission chief scott, members of the public. this evening i will be the reason activities that i will report to the dpa will be brief. on march 1, i will provide this commission the dpa's third-quarter 2016 report as well as the dpa's budget that i'm under discussion with the mayor's office at this point. now, moving on to the statistical report for january 2017 as well as the comparative report from 2016, you have those reports in your packet. just as a highlight, the occ mediated one case in january of 2017
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compared to nine in january of 2016. the number of complaints that have been filed with the dpa both in 2016 and in 2017 are lower than prior years, as the complaints are coming into our office may looks like there will be at least based on the very limited current trends, about the same number this year as last year and that is 600. so we are down in complaints considerably from back in 2007. so that would also mean there would be that complaints to mediate. the other issue right now for the dpa is that our mediation and outreach coordinator has been out on
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unexpected leave for three weeks now. however, there were additional mediation scheduled in january and two instances the complainants withdrew from the mediation at the last minute. they just chose not to go forward. but i will as i do every month, keep you advised of our mediation program. while the mediation outreach coordinator is out, dpa attorney ms. vargas frankel is filling in that gap. moving on to the chiefs proposed discipline on dpa sustained complaints in january 2017, thanks lincoln report, there is an overlap between former acting chief tony chaplin and our current chief of police william scott. i've not had an
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opportunity to discuss the disciplinary disposition that i have provided to you. but, just as a highlight, nine occ cases were decided on-in january by the chief of police and four of them were neglect of duty for failure to collect traffic stop data. in one of the cases, a written reprimand was issued to the officer and any other three, as has been the practice for first violation, the chief imposed no discipline but admonished the officers. then, moving on to the remaining disciplinary cases, one of them in part is before this
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commission involving one of the officers. the other two officers were given written reprimand's, as was recommended by me. in the next case, involving neglect of duty, this was an lgt case where i recommended a one-day suspension for the officer because there were multiple violations, but not just the lep violation. also, a violation around collecting evidence for narcotics testing and so in that instance, although the discipline recommended in the disciplinary schedule or first offense was a written reprimand i recommended the
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one-day suspension for district attorney dismissed the charges. however, the chief did impose a wreck written reprimand and that is consistent with the disciplinary schedule. the disciplinary schedule does allow for greater discipline within the discretion of the chief. the next case, which was an neglect of duty case, i did not have an opportunity to discuss this with the chief. i recommended a written reprimand for failure to issue a certificate of relief. the department found this was a policy failure and we do not see it that way but the fax were interesting facts that this was a response to a possible suicide attempt and drug overdose. the officers arrived at the scene. they found the
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complainant nonresponsive at snoring. they aroused the complainant, got the complainant to his seat and started to escort him down to the ambulance and then he became combative. the officers did handcuff him and then turned him over to the paramedics, who were able to medically calm him down. the handcuffs were removed. no incident report was written, no certificate of release was issued at the department found to be a policy failure. so i just wanted opportunity to discuss that with the department. again, the facts are a little different. moving to neglect of duty for failure to do use of force reporting, the
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chief and i concurred that a written reprimand was appropriate and this is an instance where when the complainant was first detained the complainant did not complain of pain. later went to the station and the complaint about the incident but the sergeant refused to list that as a-or i should say not say refuse. it would be more accurate and just saying to report it as a use of force, reportable use of force. the sergeant believed because it came in later that the sergeant had no obligation to document it. then, finally, there was a use of profanity. i recommended a written reprimand and the chief concurred. that concludes my report. >> questions for the director
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for the department of police accountability ? >> you mentioned 600 [inaudible] >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> your number back in 2007? >> i do. commission all marshall it was over 1000. >> maybe not the reasons but the numbers are significant. >> yes. there could be a number of reasons. it could be increased improved training for the department or, how the department recruits. it could be
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a criticism of my office were people choosing not to file because of dissatisfaction but we don't know. >> thank you. >> i don't really have a question but i have a comment and i'm directing it to you, chief rather than you. director picks. chief, i'm concerned about this failure to report on the use of force. in making sure officers understand what is a reportable use of force per one of the instances the director just reported on could i know a written reprimand was issued that certainly should wake that an individual officer all. this is not the kind of thing we really want to see repeated. so i hope there's an opportunity to speak to that-that officers
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commanding officer, to make sure that there's a clear understanding what a reportable use of force is. >> okay. yes, sir. this opportunity it we can always learn from these incidents so make sure that happens. >> anything else for the director? >> so we have the letter the one you just talked about and then we have this list. these are the 45 new cases for all for 2017? >> yes. commissioner dejesus that is correct. >> okay that's what i want to know. >> thank you, commissioner. >> okay. thank you director hicks. >> thank you very much. >> commission secretary next item >> item one-seat commissioners
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reports. >> the commission president has no report. commissioners, anything to report? commissioner hing >> yes. i do one report that i had a meeting with the chief earlier this week, just to chat and get to know him and i enjoy that very much. thank you for taking the time, chief. also, i'm making rounds and i've asked the mission secretary to schedule appointments for me with all the captains and so i met this morning with capt. bailey of the special victims unit and also capt. -separately-capt. [inaudible] of the top of division i must say i came away from both those meetings quite impress. i enjoyed the conversation and they both went out of their way to invite me to call upon any member of their staff to speak with them privately if
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necessary, to get a feel for how they feel that their training has been and what their work is like. so i really appreciated that open attitude that they had. thank you. >> thank you for doing a kid i appreciate that. i know that's a great idea. also, it's impressive to know the transparency the captains are offering up to thank you for doing that. >> any other commission report? next item >> scheduling line item >> next item >> item one-date commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration for future commission meetings. the okay scheduling of future items in announcements. commissioner
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dejesus >> so i'm really sorry that our retreat was canceled and i think i understand why but i got a notice was canceled by was looking forward to document the use of force policy and going forward on its witty task each commissioner has to do but also to talk about some of the ways that apartment is going forward with that. so i just was wondering if we a timeline when we are going to reschedule that? overly selling sooner rather than later. >> i spoke to our [inaudible] and she and i are in the process of guzzling that and shall be getting notice shortly but i anticipate it in march. >> okay. that's good to know. then, i did notice though is a letter that from the civil grand jury that went to the chief of police was able to read that letter and i think one of the things they state clearly that i think i've been trying to say about the use of force policy. we are commented
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that but i was talking out scheduling. >>[inaudible] [off mic] blue-ribbon panel. i'm at the blue ribbon panel. letter from the blue ribbon panel the one i think i mentioned is when you're talking about the reforms which i think is really critical is to involve-i can't find my-to involve one of the models they talk about. what are you going to a valuate this model but i think it's a really good idea to implement the panels-the recommendations of the doj for either having some have community representatives as was your stakeholder representatives and potentially in any interagency committees you think are relevant but i think that's important in terms of looking at the reforms and getting everyone's input from the ground level and then moving forward and so that's my
4:42 am
biggest issue there is that we make sure we include the people should be included. i think that's a good recommendation from the blue ribbon panel. however if you want to proceed with that i think you should look at that. then things for scheduling. i think i sent an article around to the police commissioners. i think, regarding was an article from the paper about dozens of cases against several defendants were in federal court, a series of arrests at tenderloin staying in the cases were dismissed, and they've a finding by the federal court. i do want to argue about that but i would like to get more information on that because of the things in federal court allege-i'm not saying it's true-the alleged officers engage in bias policy of targeting african-americans in joint operation with drug enforcement agency under the city's attorneys attorneys office is going to respond and the case was domestic still block of cases dimmest that is something we should schedule privately if we need to do that or public 'we should talk about those particular allegations and how they were resolved or what was going on in that.
4:43 am
>> well, i will start out with the first of which we party take a shot contact the attorneys office to find out why those cases were dismissed. we don't have that information yet. the department does not have that information meet her. the district attorney's office as far as i know doesn't have that information either but it is something we do need to look into. it is alarming. i don't know what the cause was but i certainly would like to know if it's related to any kind of police accountability issue could be was if i could point out one of the things in the article talked about the judge had made a particular finding of this biased policing and i believe the city attorney's office was apparent response or thought to file a response. i think maybe the city attorney's office maybe has more information what that was about. >> are more than happy come back and report was probably on the agenda. >> that something we should
4:44 am
schedule and make some inquiries about. >> if i may just add i apologize if we do that when we do properly agendize this understand the deputy city attorney sean connelly worked on this matter and the matter was dismissed while he was preparing the response to the initial finding by the court by federal judge edward chin. so if we do calendar this will be important to you from sean connelly if that's possible. >> i understand. i was involved in it as well. >> so i will leave it to you to get in touch with the city attorney connelly and come back to the-communicate directly with sgt. with a day. >> absolutely. i make sure to >>[video] mischer o'shaughnessy. >> thank you. that's all i have. >> any other items for the commission calendar? commission secretary next item >> just for this item commissioner our next meeting was on february 15 will not be
4:45 am
here at city hall. that is our medal of valor ceremony good so the next regularly scheduled meeting here at city hall will be on march 1 2017 at 5:30 pm in this same room. next is public comments. >> before you go to bubblegum and could you give the information on where the medal of valor ceremony >> no. the medal of valor ceremony will be at the scottish rite building which is on 19th ave. and sloth. that was start at 6 pm. >> thank you. >> public comments on items one -eight through one-d. >> good evening commissioners this we sure. it's hard to hear some of you. because you not speaking to the microphones and especially when there's a crowd in the room began here at all but just want to let you know that. thank you good >> thank you mr. salivary. next member of the public please >>[inaudible] [off mic]
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>>[inaudible] [ >> i just an opportunity to review the safe place initiative just passed out today good parenthetically you be nice of these were passed out one meeting before the to be discussed before the commission. that way i could, or we and the public could make more intelligent and directed comments. the only comment i wish to make to the commission is that the overbreadth of the proposal. the ideal club providing a place for people to report crimes and to seek shelter pending arrival of the police is a good one. but this proposal very clearly invites people to report bias incidences
4:47 am
. i would like to call to your attention that the public square in california is contracting. it is difficult to contribute ideas to the public square that great american invention without being called names. whether it is racist, homophobic, whatever you want to call it. so the current concept of pints incidences overbroad because it invites one citizen to complain about the thought processes of another. while i am sure the intent behind this a place initiative is laudatory, quick to caution you that there's little more frightening in the american political experience than for the government to show up and say, it's there to help. thank you. >> good evening mr. spears i
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also want to comment on this a place initiative, two. i think it's a good thing because everyone needs to be safe. and it doesn't matter--nationality, created does not matter. the lgbt community has mothers and fathers, to end it were children to and understand that. as i've been bringing up before that our children that been murdered on the street, they don't have a place to run to. when they get shot and they run into a place they get put out. i watched some children being put out arrest warrants and being shot. so where is it for our children to run? i've been asking for a while for a venue for our children's pictures to be put up and a safe place. not only do we need a place for children to run to, but we need a place for these pictures to be put up and i want to thank
4:49 am
sgt.--i'm not sure he's given me this poster and it says, do not remove this crime bulletin. i thank him for that. but still, it's not in a safe place. someone can still tear it down. me, as a mother, coming on top of cars trying to put these posters up when they should be in restaurants and places just like you're going to put the stickers in for a safe place for the lgbt community. we all deserve to be safe. here in san francisco. i understand that they feel the same way as i do when our children are being murdered good we go through the grief. the seven stages of grief. the grief is there. it doesn't change. it doesn't discriminate against anybody. so i think that we all should have this safe place initiative for everyone, not just for the
4:50 am
lgbt community. that's nothing against them but i think we should all have it. especially, for our children. our children of color that don't have nowhere to run. for mothers to be standing on the street and hovering over their child's and be pushed away that they can't even go and protect their children. we want our children protected. put this on the initiative, to about our children. eating on this initiative. so, my next child won't get murdered. or my grandchildren get murdered. let them have a safe place to run, two. but the stickers up for everybody. that's all masking. >> thank you. >> thank you good commander, could you please have a conversation with ms. brown about expanding the scope suite thank you. >> make a more inclusive.
4:51 am
>> that's what i said. actually that's what i call for any victim of crime. >> this is seattle's plan. that's their plan. we want to make it broader as you just said. >>[inaudible] [off mic] he was anymore public comment? public comment is closed. sec. kozol called the next item >> item to discussion of possible action to approved sfpd's this clear 2017-18 budget. action. >> all right. chief, we have to [inaudible] money, >> catherine will make the report >> >> thank you president turman
4:52 am
vp mazzucco numbers of the commission, chief, members of the command staff director hicks, thank you for having me this evening. my name is kathryn mcguire on the chief financial officer for the department. i'm going to launch my presentation here. so this evening i'm going to present the this clear 17-18 san francisco police department budget. we are--in doing that i will present budget overview, recap i can give you an update on the hiring plan and this lease car that program. i will also talk through police reforms, what we were funded for this year and what we expect was expected to be ongoing and then sort of the next steps for that as well. we will talk about the technology projects and vehicles that we cemented in the budget at the
4:53 am
advent that have been or will be submitted in the budget and then finally, just give you an update on our run six services division and traffic company facility. as you may recall, we have a source inside of our budget and uses out of our budget at this pie chart really represents the sources side of our budget. as you all know, we are primarily a general fund agency. we are funded by the general fund, which is just general tax revenue that the city collects in totality and then distribute out to general fund departments. our total funding represents about 70% of our sources for general fund sources. state revenues include -is 53 million or about 9% of our revenue and that is
4:54 am
primarily 52 million of that is primarily a public safety sales tax. then we have additional funding that our state allocations and grants for aquatic enforcement and alcohol licensing enforcement. we do collect a little bit as you can see about 1/10 of 1% of our budget doesn't even show up as a little piece of the pie because it's $744,000 in federal revenue and i have another slide to talk to that a little bit as well. we collect other revenue that represent $500,000 for the cadet program and a target grant at $10,000. we also collect fines and fees and charges for services that are including invisible code permits and licenses from the state legislative fees and fines, and are 10-b
4:55 am
administrative fee. police services for other departments 20 included in the subsequent slide. so i did want to talk a little bit about federal grants because there's a lot of concern among the public and among the media about federal revenue going away for san francisco. that is representative of the $2 billion problems citywide potentially. there's a lot unknown about what could be held back by the new administration and what could it be and what timeline. grants are probably the easiest thing to not fund. however, we don't have any grant funding that funds positions permanent positions, so all of our grant funding represents overtime. so,
4:56 am
-but that does total $744,000 across the departments. the vast majority of that really sits at the crime lab so that would impact operations around the overtime that we do to address dna backlog. then we could also be impacted through the jagged grants that we have had good narcotics and gang activity, gang enforcement activity and finally the traffic safety grant that the chief mentioned earlier today that that would also be an area that we want to keep an i on. again, operations that the chief referencing really are primarily funded through this grant or we have a sharing mechanism as well. so then on
4:57 am
the expenditure side of the equation we have-we spend approximately 80%-87 - i'm sorry - 80% of our total budget on salaries and benefits and when you factor in workman's comp that totals about 90% of our budget. professional services is approximately $13.6 million and those are things like $3.5 million for non-city-owned rent utilities and maintenance, litigation fees and judgment claims at about $3 million, additional item and an it software licensing and copying, that is about 2.1 million and we also of a training-a part of training meeting that is about 1.7 million. that's kind of our entire-there's other smattering
4:58 am
of other budget costs here like maintenance contracts and those sorts of things. then, materials and supplies totals about 5.5 million. those are the things you can imagine that we would spend most of our money on uniforms and safety claimant, crime lab supplies and testing kits, and then it hardware, office supplies, that sort of thing. the capital outlay line item really is about the things that are really expensive. there we expect to last a long time like cars and-cars and other types of equipment, fingerprinting equipment, projects that are specific to particular piece of technology such as crime data warehouse or body camera program. also includes our-any capital projects improvements were making to our facilities.
4:59 am
then, finally, the department charges-this is the services by other departments did we perform services first by the bombings and that is revenue and then we request services of other departments and that is about $46 million. 15 million is workers comp. 12 million is department of technology which includes telephone services and other types of technology needs. then, grant and utilities of 11 million and so on and vehicle maintenance and fuel of 5.6 million.just to recap the work we do at other departments is primarily a work release bureau that is 58-almost $59 million that we expect-that we are budgeting and 17-18. we also have $2.5 million the we are
5:00 am
-that the airport fund runs 20 recruits through our academy and pay for their the smartphones they are carrying. mta also has-they also asked for overtime and many response on including canines and then the overtime is for the [inaudible] taxi division at the port has two positions whether terminal and elaborate request overtime for this main vibrate security at the main library and human services agency requests overtime for the application site for food save benefits could we also [inaudible] muskogee convention center that funds our overtime for events that are related to
5:01 am
government. events paid for with government funds to other types of events are funded through usually through 10-b if they want please service. treasure island has a security guard and we also have a dpw graffiti abatement program in which any use that are abating graffiti they have requested an officer to accompany them at time. so you will recall that a chunk of our budget of 87% is salaries and benefits and so to give you a sense of what that means, we are looking at in this slide, all of our budgeted positions for the department in the current year and the two years that we are proposing in the budget process. the total
5:02 am
one ftes are 2419 and the civilian ftes are 574, split among the airport and the rest of the departments. the increase in civilian ftes is representative of two positions that were funded in 16-17 that then turned out to be full at the greater in 17-18. they were funded for half of the year last year and now they are-the increase is the other half of the year. so just to-you've seen this slide before and just as a reminder, our charter mandate for 1971 full duty staff
5:03 am
requires a much larger number on the budget because we need to have authority to hire people on live work we have recruits in the academy we have have those positions available to fill those people cannot respond at any time to needs the chief may have. so that is representative-so 50 ftes are academy recruits, 20 are airport funded academy recruits and we have 200 ftes that are representative of officers in some category that is not full duty. some mip on military leave for temporary modified duty or family leave or disability. all resulting in a total of 2241 ftes that we meet on budget in order to get us to the 1971 full duties one.
5:04 am
>> thank you okay got it that was my main question. >> am happy to answer any of questions might have. so you might be wondering how are we doing on that number. so we are on target to achieve the 1971 full duty by december 2017. what that means is that all of the people that we have on staff are the people that will get us there. in the academy, or an fto we have a number of bodies hired. what that does it mean is that we won't have retirements. so we will continue to have retirement. people come in and go out and so we need to have those maintenance classes and that is the status we are in now. we are running academy classes at a level that will maintain that
5:05 am
1971 level that we will have at the end of this year. so as a reminder, we started this one hiring plan about four years ago and in that time we fired 947 police recruits. you all can imagine that is an overwhelming number.. 561 officers retire during that time and prior to the sworn hiring plan initiation, 244 officers retired in the year prior. so we anticipate this year we will have 40 more officers retired and we assume 80 ongoing annually in the budget so that we can run the right number of classes to maintain that schedule. as of the end of january we had 1870 ,, about 1870 full duties one.
5:06 am
that changes every day. every hour. so again just a reminder, using this slide as well. just a reminder that if we hadn't done anything to really implement a hiring plan we would've continued to see that drop in our staffing levels and so the purple line on this graphic represents what would he happen if we had not started a hiring plan and you'll see between june-13 and june-15 we are kind of making a certain level and then the mayor's office authorized and accelerated hiring plan, and so we were able to really start to make traction and headway on getting the staffing back up. so just want to give you a
5:07 am
quick update on a police cadet program. the police cadets were part of a public-private partnership in which we received $1.5 million over three years to fund this program and the city has matched that program. so the total funding for the program is 39 dollars over those three years. we have filled over 60 positions and there's continued an ongoing interest in the program and one of the goals of the program was really to also spur an interest among obese young men and women that they may want to become police officers and sure enough we have five cadets in the class, 256, that entered this past november that were cadets.. something we did not get to talk about last year was-we
5:08 am
were really discussing with the mayor's office as we went into the june one submission to the board of supervisors. we discussed with the mayor's office with the funding needs were for police reform at the time and so the mayor's office proposed were these-were these dollar figures here that you see. so, one-time current-in the current year we have $1.3 million in one-time expenses, one-time funds, that will provide digital simulators for fourth option training that are a little bit-upgrade from our current technology. it offered evaluation and coaching where you valuation and consulting for performance audit and were technical assistance to the tune of $100,000. then we also received funding to purchase defibrillators and it
5:09 am
investments.. the break down you can see there on the slide. in addition, there were ongoing about $1.5 million in ongoing funding that was designed to-about 700,000 for cip training and officer training surrounding procedural justice, bias training and implicit force. then another $800,000 intended for the outsourcing of investigations for officer involved shootings, and then, finally, from ongoing we will need some it investments and i think the doj collaborative review initiative indicated as much. so we will be submitting and i have a slide about the technology projects we submitted to the committee on information technology is next. >> any idea-[inaudible] any
5:10 am
idea how we are getting any kind of [inaudible] with those cost will be queen well this >> with the shows with the projects we are proposing. i have here in my back of documentation the actual request that's gone in to the budget doesn't get opposed or finalized to the mayor's office. the committee on information technology has to review all those proposals. so we don't know what would be funded, but we did submit it fairly large request to that committee in order to try to get some traction on some of the technology needs in the department. so the priority -sorry i'm just looking at my notes which are just organized a little bit differently. the priority projects were - i'm
5:11 am
sorry - we have five priority projects and their represented here get the crime data warehouse e citations enterprise content management foundational network systems and the website improvements. that totals about $5 million.. then the 10 additional project totals another $4.6 million. this is a very big ask. the department has only received about one-$1.5 million from the committee on information technology in any year. the need is very great, and so we are really-we really have to work with the mayor's office and how we are going to meet
5:12 am
this cap and this is just the first year in a multi-your plan that requires some technology investments. i do have more information about these projects. so the enterprise content management foundational network systems are really core functions that we can't really do anything else with our technology until those really get built out. so those are the foundation upon which we are building the house and right now work on a building the house on a sandy loam foundation. so we need to really build out those two items. e citations and crime data warehouse, of course, they are the bread and butter of everything that we need to be able to do the officers need to be able to do on a day in day out basis, and then last but certainly not least is our public facing-the public face
5:13 am
of the department which is our website. it needs to be more user-friendly. it needs to be-there's a lot of information on her website but i don't know that the public-i worry the public is not really been able to find it. so the website is a high priority for us. >> you can find anything on. >> i'm sorry? >> i can't find anything on. >> yes, it cannot be intuitive. it is there but it needs a little bit of help. which brings us to another gap in the department. i'm sure you all are aware of our cars and how they--they don't represent
5:14 am
the department very well sometimes. when you're looking at some of them are great because they're brand-new good others are not. so we have done an analysis. once in 2012 and update since then. in which we determined we need to be replacing 138 vehicles annually and that's just the base fleet, like what you would expect-how often you would expect to replace a vehicle. so patrol cars have a certain lifespan. unmarked cars have a lot of certain place. motorcycles of a certain lifespan. so based on our fleet you can conflict how many cars you need to replace every year to maintain that fleet at a good level. so that's 138 vehicles we are -17-18 base budget-that means budget has already been approved
5:15 am
-has funds for 31 vehicles and we will be requesting an additional in excess-an additional 100 vehicles were more in order to try and make the department said to make some traction on [inaudible] spews when you say vehicles, cars and motorcycles or just cars? >> cars and motorcycles, yes. then finally, just this chart shows you how are costs keep increasing for vehicle maintenance. you know, we have a budget of 2.8 million we had to increase that by over $1 million just to maintain the vehicles we have and often if the car gets wrecked, there's no replacing it. without the budget and the number-the equipment number and all these other technical things we have to have in place before we can
5:16 am
even replace it crashed vehicle. but in addition to that, central shop, who is the city's maintenance departments, they will take a vehicle out of service and not returned to service if they don't feel that it's worth repairing. that happens less with police cars but generally, that is a judgment call they can make. then for bit of good news, we have been working with dpw on a regular basis to design the forensic services and traffic company link which is that evans and fallen world will be at evans and toland. construction will start-is projected to start this work you were in the final design screen conversation with both the mayor's office then dpw on that project. with the building in operation date in the summer of of 2020. so, things are
5:17 am
coming along. okay. i will be happy to answer any questions you might have. >> questions for the director queen? >> i'll try to be quick. is it ms. mcguire >> yes. >> thank you. first of all, the overall budget of 583 million, how does that compare to years past? >> the 16-7 budget was $577 million. so the bulk of that growth really is percent expenditures. >> okay. so it hasn't decreased? well maybe in real dollars that has? >> yes. in real dollars, correct. the salaries and fringe that really is a calculation that is made by the
5:18 am
comptroller's office in the mayor's office and they-then this is the amount of money that it needs, that we need in order to fund the sustained operations in the continued operations is expected. >> okay. the-i am trying to understand the relationship between your chart that shows salaries fringe benefits professional service and materials, etc. good that up to the 583. in relationship to the -to the items listed under the police reform budget. is it the police reform budget part of the 583? >> yes., it is. the 583 million is everything and so
5:19 am
the police reforms is included in there in various places. so there is some nonpersonnel services money, the training and those things aren't that hot did the different relators are in the materials and supplies pot. the equipment is in the capital outlay pots. >> so if you put aside-and i know that for police reform,-if you put aside police reform, i was curious where in the budget is the money for regular everyday training that's necessary for regular officers? not the academy. >> yes. that fits in the professional services section. the names for these categories really are very broad, but the training item-the training line
5:20 am
we have 1.7 million and that does include the reform to get >> okay. that would include for example if there was a need for an outside trainer or outside consultants, that would be included in their? >> yes. >> that is correct. >> that is how the money is spent? >> yes. >> that is correct. >> with perform to the police reform budget, i might've misheard you but could you say those numbers came in consultation with the mayor's office? >> well,, yes but let me pause. an initial proposal be sent to the board of supervisors on june 1 is-we cover the mayor's office about what their policy priorities are and they determined that they will send to the board of supervisors member board of supervisors may adjust that in some way that the board of supervisors policy
5:21 am
priority >> for lack of a better word than negotiation over the amount for example in the police reform budget would be within apartment and the mayor's office, not with the board of supervisors? >> it's also the board of supervisors. so we propose-we work with the mayor's office on a number. the mayor's office will generally say we want to fund this thing and we work with them on what that-how much that cost. then they put it in the budget submitted to the board of supervisors did the board of supervisors sees the change in the budget and they ask is a bunch of questions to determine they want to fund at that level. >> i see. i suppose the answer to my next question is, no. so my question is, is this in the departments of you sufficient for police reform that are necessary?
5:22 am
>> this is a starting place. so this is what was conceptualized in 16-17 for the 16-17 budget the current year. the chief and i will again be talking with the mayor's office about whether or not they want to see additional needs >> whether it's a priority? >> yes. exactly. then we will talk with them about what that looks like. >> is the commission play a role in that were not? >> you all-i believe the-i'm at the speaking of turnover of it-you all can decide. you-i think it's an opportunity to talk with achieve about what you see as key things that need to be go into the budget. >> thank you i did not mean to put you on the spot. >> no. that's okay. so we can have a conversation with achieve about you all really want to see and then we would take that to the mayor's office and they would-
5:23 am
>> okay. i want to get tied up and appear but i do want to get back to the federal grants is a particularly interested in that. >> commissioner you need to- >> yes. you said that when it came to federal threats to the fund the city because of century policy that you felt-you stated that-i don't know if you felt was you made a statement the grants perhaps were more vulnerable. we did you get that from? >> that's really my opinion. i would say that >> you do not get that from the city attorney? >> no. absolutely not. just knowing the way the federal government works and they have the authority to determine in any year with a fund with grant funds >> as far as you know, none of the grants that we get have a clause in them that
5:24 am
specifically say that this grant is contingent on immigration cooperation? >> and think were going beyond our >> can adjust that the answer that i was question >> not to my knowledge. the grant agreements not we have existing that were not >> i want you to know i think that's a very relevant commission omission or melara to our purpose because part of what we do is to help enforce the century ordinance. think you're a much >> yes. that something i would feel more comfortable referring back to my grants-i grant agreements but, yes,. >> thank you >> commissioner dejesus >> i have a lot of questions, too good at is important for us to clarify for the public and commissioner i think it's our duty to ask these questions. >> asked him, then >> i'm going to look at the first slide the state revenues
5:25 am
the 53 million, right above-right above the federal revenues good i'm wondering the state revenues does that reflect federal money that's passed through the state? if you know queen >> the state allocation for an aquatic center enforcement-i would need to get back to on that >> okay. that's fine. i just wanted over the money we could lose. then i want to go to the slide >> i'm sorry if it does it's a very small-like i said the 51.9 million of that 53 million is state revenue is public safety sales tax revenue. it established by state law. >> okay., great, thanks. then i want to go to the police report budgeted i also some questions on that. we talked about it did digital simulator
5:26 am
were upgrading that's good. i'm wondering does the upgrade include any of this cit issues were slowing down-slowing down or is it just the one they have no people appear and you just know when to shoot or not to shoot. what is the upgrade? zoo i would defer to our training division on the specifics of the operation of that particular technology. my understanding there's an up movement in the number and the kinds of scenarios that you can have >> the scenarios can be practiced to include de-escalation >> perfect. that's really good. then on number two the evaluation performance auditing technical assistance, 100,000, does that include the experts were thinking about hiring to assist us in developing some of the steps we need and [inaudible] i think it was somebody from stamford we've been talking about. does that include that? >> the funding is in that area. yes >> is that enough, 100,000?
5:27 am
>> it remains to be seen. we would run an rfp process for scope it appropriately. >> okay. that's good point because your type of erp and we got about this may be off-line with achieve but i think there's only a few experts and i don't know if anybody can stop up to the plate and qualify an rfp but i thought it was a ample we are talking about some wondering if there's way to get an exception we can focus on those two, three people. i can remember that's not something the general fund >> yes. there still some work to be done. we've actually the chief and i have started talking about that. there's some work to be done on scoping. >> my understanding some of these actors are not on standard luster we have deputies approved vendors on this lesson i wonder if you think about having expedited emergency type of request to the controllers we can get access to these expertise from the ground level? okay. let's see. i have another question.
5:28 am
cit trainers. 100,000 and how many does that cover? >> the cit trainers are - i'm sorry - we have outside the department of public health - i'm sorry - community organizations staff to come in and do the training and they volunteered for a very long time. in the mayor's office agrees-felt we had tapped into that well just too much and so we wanted to, take them. so this represents that compensation good >> understand that. i guess that's enough. i skipped one. says number three is the less lethal equipment and defibrillators. >> less lethal? >> lest we forget are we putting tasers in this budget? >> that was for equipment to be piloted and the determination as to what that
5:29 am
equipment is not been made. >> is there any less lethal, and that you the department is considering the size tasers? >> there were some other ideas but again we really need the experts in our operations euros to assess what are the best options for deployment and test those good so that money really the bulk of them i was for different learners and our vehicles. really it was designed to allow our operations bureau to purchase various types of less lethal women to determine what are the best option. >> so re: the come back before us again i think there's also this is not the only time. i know you come back before us again i like some clarification whether there including tasers if that's what they're focusing on if possible. if they're making that determination you can put the actual sum in a like to know that. i think all
5:30 am
this would like to know that. now number some and outsource investigations of the ois. who are we outsourcing to? >> that funding was placed on reserve by the board of supervisors pending and mou and so we don't have access to that funding until we have an mou emplace so those discussions would be in the future. >> so are is where the attorney. we are talking up the attorney general's office at the district attorney's office? >> the attorney general's office is stepping and not the dist. atty.'s office >> okay. that's good to know them. i just want to get some clarification for number eight. it says it investments through funding and then they chose technology requested those two different technology issues? c-note they are not different. that's my segue into the discussion of technology. >> i have a couple questions on the it section. one of the
5:31 am
things we can talk about off-line if you want more information on the five areas that you put down here, the real-time data acquisition [inaudible] you can provide that information i would like more information on that. >> okay. >> so police reform budgeted for punk built on data acquisitions and [inaudible] these are the five areas you have concentrated on can i think i heard you say you actually have more information on these five it may be off-line i would like to know [inaudible] >> yes. i think our it technology director stephen merritt would be up for a good person to discuss that with. >> okay. i have another question here. yes, the data is really key to reform. every time we go in front of-you should know this-i've been on the commission for 10 years out
5:32 am
every time we go there its tooth and nail to get technology money than when we get it it's less than what we requested and half the time it's never allowed. it's never i forgot the word >> funded >> it's never funded. so we are still interested party deficit. so this is something we as commissioners need to go to bat for this year. we need that technology funded because the key to the reforms of the data information and all the data collecting in a way that we can have it analyzed by the experts and move forward with the reforms. so that something on the to stay on top of and if you think there's starting to back off we need to know. i think-than the last one the very last one you have about the forensic services and traffic company facility, 850 bryant has been in the news for all the sewer loving onto the area and stuff like that. we'll this building also include the
5:33 am
other department-all the other person up at 850 bryant or are we still didn't have southern stationer? >> no. southern station is no code located with the headquarters. the crime scene investigation and traffic company would move out of 850 bryant and co-locate with the crime lab. however investigation bureau, the investigation section of our department still resides at 850 bryant among other functions. >> so company personnel would be leaving 850 bryant? last question >> this film investigations that have to be placed somewhere. there are few other miscellaneous-investigations is the biggest chunk will remain there. >> okay. >> special victims unit. >> all right. >> we have to get back to on the numbers. >> thank you good >> commissioner melara >> several questions and asked already but i was just
5:34 am
curious what are some of the services in other departments? i know we pay the city attorney millions and possibly human resources. what other departments provide services for that 45 million, 45.9 million? >> so the department of human resources provides workers comp representation. the department of technology provides all of our telephones and cell phones services and contracting. sorry i'm just trying to pull up my little cheat sheet here. we paid the department of the real estate departments for rents at buildings that are city-owned-city-owned and operate not least apartment owned and operated prisons are district stations we are responsible for. the most part.
5:35 am
then with the police headquarters building is the-israel state building. so we pay rents and utilities for those builders. b-we also pay central shop for vehicle maintenance and fuel and then we also pay the medical examiner for their work in doing our toxicology analyses. those are the really- >> yes. okay, thanks. >> further questions for ms. mcguire? thank you ms. mcguire. public comment.
5:36 am
>> good evening commissioners again david-san franciscans for police accountability is difficult and especially 2 min. to go over this complex budget with any-with any intelligent analysis, but just a couple things on the lease reform said, wondering if the commissioner is thinking of requesting additional staff for itself. that something that has been talked about at a number of times did i think it's really necessary for you guys in order to have the kind of background information research etc. you need to help you will include that in your budget request when you ultimately do it. i would also just like to touch briefly on the technology stuff. i am totaling about $9 million in the five things plus the 10 additional projects when the budget person said that
5:37 am
only 1.5 million in any given year has been allocated by the it folks in the it committee. so that seems to be a big gap that really needs to be solved so that we can get to the kind of funding for it that is so necessary. so i'm hoping that somehow or another that can happen. i do know how it will happen. as far as the public face of the department in terms of the website, yes, that is a huge challenge. it's nice the information is there but if you can't get at it it's really effectively not there. i'm hoping that can happen quickly. then the-all the other things within the it department. just let you know i mentioned it at other times that other police department around the country have hired outside services, outside companies, that do nothing but look at the grand plan of the it and try to
5:38 am
figure out where a department needs to hack it especially in san francisco since we are the center of the tech world, i think we ought to have a world-class it department that sounds like we have something not even close to that. so i am hoping that maybe the idea of going out to outside consultants to get an idea of what's really necessary in terms of it and i'm not so sure that sfpd internally can even figure out what it needs and where it needs to have. so i am not-don't have a lot of confidence in myself person. i am hoping you would explore some of the other departments like los angeles, i believe, went out to an outside consultant-boston did as well. so i hope you will take that into account. the other thing is, just in terms of the budget for the technical assistance consulting etc. $1000 doesn't very low. thank you >> okay him and take my
5:39 am
discretion to briefly respond. he raised five broad points. all very good points. two of those five points is, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes it to be brief. >>[laughing] >> hello karen flushed in san francisco begins for police accountability and i'd like to but to think the commissioners for taking the role birds seriously and asking his polling questions about the budget. my main concern is about the rapid hiring and this is what i do for a living too, racial equity traders why work with companies trying to work on their culture so that it can become more diverse and inclusive and so that the new hires can really succeed. so my question for you is that before
5:40 am
you hire all these new folks, have you fired the bad apples who are contaminating the barrel we can train the okay apples in the barrel so that the new recruits are not contaminated by the overall culture? have you fixed the deficiencies in the hiring process that were identified by the blue ribbon panel in terms of that we have retired sergeants who are doing the background checks, there's no clear policy, there's no clear procedures, there is no transparency in the recruitment. so it's not producing high-quality recruits. i was also-have you changed the recruitment strategies to increase diversity ? i was
5:41 am
surprised to hear that you started to recruit hbcus in georgia. not that i don't think that's a great idea that we try and do targeted recruitment to increased adversity, but the bay area is the second most diverse region in the united states. we have the diversity right here and artworks that. sfpd salary sounds great to an hbcus student in georgia but when they come here and realize the cost of living here they may not stick around because it's really really hard to get by even on an officer's salary. also if you don't fix the cultural problems in the departments, especially lineal reclusive color, will not stick around. they have a very low tolerance for the kind of racial animus in the department that we've seen in the text messages and everything else. the united states department of justice recommended that the chief meet with the activist community and engage us in the training, engage the community in the transient we are here. we really want to help you but as president breed said yes a pd must fire the bad officers and take the first step towards us and then we will be happy to engage could we will be happy to work with these officers to
5:42 am
bridge the gap between the community and the police department and as we bring on these new officers, make sure that they are really aligned with the values of san francisco and really protect the people of san francisco. >> other public comment we yes, ms. bryant? >> thank you. i'm a little confused out public comment and what's okay to talk about so i hope this is going to be in line and i'm going to read. so welcome to chief scott it's my first meeting with you as our police chief. thank you to all the commissioners. so basically a meters a longtime san franciscans who raised three children hiking to speak as a concerned citizen. two years ago some very violent >> you have to talk about it. >> not quite the was we are coming to general people that >> later, okay, thank you. >> yes. further public comment
5:43 am
queen hearing none, public comment on the budget is now closed. >>[gavel] >> commission secretary next item >> item 3 discussable discussion possible action regarding civil grand jury report and into the open opportunities of more timely and transparent investigations of fatal sfpd officer involved shootings june 2016 606 month possible report. action >> commissioners in your packet is the [inaudible] i believe commissioner mazzucco has taken the lead >> thank you very much president turman. commissioners this is our second update for the civil grand jury who did a report regarding the investigation and timely reporting of officer involved shootings. so the civil grand jury came together we heard from some of the members to
5:44 am
talk about increasing transparency to speed up the process essentially that's what it's about. so when they made numerous recommendations to the police department. they made recommendations to the police commission. what we have done is we've gone through the recommendations and this is just an update could you will see in your letter that the bulk of the recommendations we have already fulfilled. she can take work through. if some babe recommended we can implement because of charter code violations that are not necessarily within a real house or our jurisdiction but you can see that almost every recommendation has been implemented that we can do. there's some discussion about the townhall meetings within the time that should happen. so we have follow the recommendations in this is just an update letter that's in provided to terry jackson cooley is the presiding judge
5:45 am
of the san francisco superior court. it just a brief update could take a look at it. if you have any questions we work diligently and try to get this implement it along with a police department and we are there. were almost there with what we can actually do. >> any questions, commissioners? >> thank you. >> thank you and occurred to think what we have done [inaudible] and what we can do i think it's also important. this a lot of times we get asked to do things that are beyond the purview of the commission. so i think thank you for taking it on. giving clarity to each one of these. which ones may be done in the future also. >> commissioner dejesus >> that was the one may be done in the future [inaudible] publishing investigations. i'm fine with that. >> the reality is we are doing everything within our power to move forward we can move forward in a timely fashion but there's other factors involved
5:46 am
as we once discussed with the timing of investigations being closed, with the timing of medical center at ports. but with a reference to our recommendations, we've agreed to most everyone of them. >> thank you. >> any other questions commissioner? public comment. public comments-- i'm sorry - regarding the civil grand jury report. sorry. my fault. >> so the civil grand jury report, what is their main complaint that we had with chief suhr was the way she would handle the officer involved shooting press conferences and community meetings. so i moved to san francisco from new york city and i saw how the city of new york handled officer involved shootings in a very different manner where the mayor and the police chief would come to a
5:47 am
press conference and give a very neutral accounting of the facts of what had happened and so the matter is under investigation. whereas when i came to san francisco the subway chief suhr would handle these officer involved shootings who would be very much trying to exonerate the officers in these initial statements and that's what would really inflamed attention with the community because there wasn't a position of neutrality. so i urge that any implementation of the grand jury report that the press conference and the public meeting as well be very neutral and present the facts and as more facts are made available and that we have the adequate resources now to do these investigations in a timely manner, that those facts be released to the public. you know were coming up on two years since-lopez was shot six times in the back still don't have any facts. we don't know what's
5:48 am
going on with it. we don't know if were ever prissy and indictments. this is what causes the tension with the community to get worse and worse. while i realize you all can come to the community meetings because it will be a violation of the quorum requirement, i was surprised that none of you were at the sean more community shooting meeting, especially because he is the first sfpd victim post new use of force policy that was the de-escalation with [inaudible] people and the implementation of the cip policy. sean more was known to sfpd to be mentally ill and we really got to wonder why didn't the cip policy kick in? why didn't all time and distance de-escalation kick in, and why weren't you guys at the meeting? >> further public comment? >> yes. i want to second what
5:49 am
the other sfpd member karen just said. yes, there is the brownouts etc. and you all can attend the committee meetings afterwards but i think the losses that three of you can and i think you ought to attend these things on a priority basis that i also would like to say with regard to the-the way the initial public meeting happens and the associated press conferences, there is a very strong sense that these are used to for luminary set the public agenda the discourse etc. by both outgoing chief suhr and also enforce a outgoing interim chief tony chaplin. that really is a huge problem. i think we probably
5:50 am
will be something is very important. i would also say that the decision by chief tony chaplin leverett was in the media department to pick out -from the last-the last press conference, my soul also, to not allow karen fleischmann i think we are all community members and advocates. i think we have approved ourselves in front of the commission as far as our passionate interest in all these issues. so i am hoping that if supervisor peskin does do some for registration to change the parameters of how press badges are given out, that i don't personally want a press badge but i would be these press conferences can be as open as possible. i think that is what we important. thank you. >> thank you. any further public comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel]
5:51 am
>> general public comments. go ahead, rachel. >> before we move forward i want to make sure either-everyone has agreed vp mazzucco to send a letter. it's on her action item. >> yes. possible action item. >> i stand corrected possible action i'm >> so we can vote this by acclamation. any objection to this letter being submitted to in its current form to residing judge terry jackson? as the commissioner been handling this is there any objection to submitting this letter in its current form to presiding judge hon. t jackson? >> i move we send the letter.
5:52 am
all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. >> thank you. >> item 4 general public comment. speakers shall address the remarks to the commission as a whole not to individual commissioners or department or dpa personnel. under police commission wools of order during public comment neither police were dba personnel were commissioners required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police dpa personnel should refrain however mentoring to any debates or discussion with speakers during public comments. please limit your comes to 3 min. >> my name is richard hackett
5:53 am
i've been here a few times. it's been enlightened. i work with the city had a friend there who previously had a career as a police officer and union executive in a nearby city not san francisco. so he told me some things could he told me about the edged weapon as a 21 foot rule. he directed me to some sites for police training and technologies. i did some searches myself. he told me that he thinks martial arts are a pipe dream. it's not something that the police know as a rule and could use very easily. i found a site at a national institute of justice [inaudible] there are seven types of less lethal type technologies. some of them are pretty interesting to the first one is tasers good conductor of energy devices. maybe i'll return to that if i can get
5:54 am
directed energy devices like a heat rate or payment. my friend said that's not much use but chemicals like pepper sprays. people stop and technology i do not look at that good blunt force against a crowd. i do not look at that but distraction. he talked about a laser dazzler that produces temporary blindness. maybe that is dangerous. bright lights and noise. i did not get much into these technology good distraction get the other one, barriers. these include nuts, phones, and physical barriers. i asked him, we see police out there with shield sometimes why couldn't they against a knife wielding person rush with a larger shield or [inaudible] not the person down disabled him that way. next, phones and physical barriers did i keep thinking of machines that would cast out lines that would cling to someone that would coil around them. and i imagine their stuff [inaudible] a lot
5:55 am
of the stuff is probably then and then spit i found it on a subject i would imagine that the fishing industry has things to cast out lines. the movie industry that machines that do various types of things like that. the theater industry get a like to look into more of these things. that's, phones and physical barriers. this would prevent murders. killings. my friend says is tasers-if the sfpd had tasers i don't know why they don't-then mario would be alive today. but he said also if a person has say some hopped up on cocaine has a pulse rate of three and 50 imagine [inaudible] they would die from it. so that i think not just tasers but let's consider these barriers and nets and phones. what is in there and the distraction. >> thank you, sir.
5:56 am
>> hello commissioners again. david-san franciscans for police accountability. i ran an article in sf weekly i sent you guys an e-mail to let you know about that but i'm also passing out copies,, hard copies to you all. as well as the police incident report. which i've annotated. i was at the hearing on the bail, the judge after spending a two minus amount of time with the body cam video and considering the arguments of both the ada and the public defender. over the bill from 2 million to 105,000 and i think says a lot right there. one of the primary reasons he gave for lowering it was that there were some discrepancies on the official police report. first of all it's not clear why officer-given themselves either
5:57 am
part. perhaps because they were injured. another officer wrote it and in the report makes reference to more being armed with a weapon. war was never armed with a weapon. there was no question that was not armed with a weapon. if you watch the video you will see that both responding officers patino and shaw, were shined her flashlights on the cell phone were the-were at the house phone that he had in his hand at all times but at one point in the encounter, a piece of plastic from the phone and fell on the steps, etc. bit so that is i think a serious discrepancy within the reports good also the fact that both shaw and pitino called in the questionable object in his hand. it seems to me it might have been some kind of eight possibly even a set up as far as the shooting market that's an important issue good i hope you all will take a look at the police report and the article
5:58 am
that i wrote it i think this is an example of where we have a great new policy on cit but it just was not at all followed in this particular incident and the resulting shooting of sean moore is a very important issue. also the fact that the responding officers to the crime scene-i'm not even sure who was responsible-about mr. moore to bleed out for possibly 90 min. inside of his home. then, it looks to us like more voluntarily open the door although the police report seems to suggest that the officers on the tac team basically bank the way in etc. so all these facts need to come out and i was hoping the new chief will take a very close look at this incident as an example of how not to respond to a mentally ill individual so that we can move forward to the kind of cit paradigm that we
5:59 am
feel is so much needed in the future. thank you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, circular >> thank you, circular >> >> my name is john jones my might comment these the commission i was at the [inaudible] president trumps executive order. want to give you some feedback on the police performance if i may. the police from what i could see were highly professional, dignified in their comportment. however, th demonstrators had three places of demonstration i could locate the one immediately off the arrival at the airport, the demonstrators blocked the stairways in the escalators up one level and on one level now up one level got you to it are trained down one level i'm not sure. so airport
6:00 am
operations were interfered with. what i observed in this is the police department's generally exceed the public larger the demonstrators. they did that in san jose last february or january i believe. they did it in candidate trump came to-they did it in sacramento in june. it seems to me that's what police department do. now i know nothing about running a police department had no information to criticize or praising the decision by police hierarchy not to interfere with the demonstrators were to approach them physically. but i can tell you that the public square in california is contracting. my own feeling on the subject of demonstrations is
6:01 am
that there is no upside yelling insults at people who disagree with you. my theory of demonstrating is that you are counted that you approach the public with ideas. attempt to convince him as to what you believe. in california, and in san francisco, that is a physically dangerous thing to do. and the police and their behavior seem to be willing to go along with that. thank you for much. >> any further public? >> thank you for my patience with me. i've already-chief scott as a longtime speed can erase my three children here i was because a concerned citizen. two years ago some very vile reprehensible racist text messages to two officers were exposed and this was never resolved to my satisfaction at least i'm not alone. as a mother
6:02 am
about multiracial children raised by civil rights activists i cannot get past that's good enough one with the power to act on it is talking about it that will make it go away. the things that were said are unacceptable. whether on personal time [inaudible] is no place in the san francisco police department for this outrageous conduct that i've had many negative interactions with peers with various officers but for me these tax these racist text messages are symbolic of an unacceptable culture that is been part of the police department for too long it's my taxes pay these officers and on the stakeholder and actually the police officers work for me in the citizens of san francisco. so on that note i read the article about changes examiner article by changes in the command staff and i really want to commend you for the positive steps you're taking toward meaningful police reform but one person not mentioned in the article is sgt. yolanda williams. as a
6:03 am
longtime police officer, champion for the community was both a strong bond with the community she serves up she's at the top of the list in consideration for the command staff. in fact i hope you agree with me that i think she's perfect for the deputy chief position overseeing the professional standards and principles policing euro. i come her for you as an individual but i'm certain we meet with community leaders and activists you will find my high opinion of her is shared by the majority of san franciscans and got take a complete top to bottom change in personal and policy to implement meaningful reform again the community's trust could i also think it's a portrait of a woman in a command staff position and i believe the appointment of sgt. williams summer on your command staff would be a big step in the right direction so i hope you will consider her. thank you. >> any further public comment? >> i echo the special support of sgt. yolanda williams for
6:04 am
the commands that. she's an extraordinary woman of deep intellect and integrity and has the respect of the activist community and the community of san francisco. i think would serve you extremely well in that position. i want to speak, however, to the issue of tasers and the introduction of tasers in san francisco. a couple of meetings ago, i believe you commissioner mazzucco was talking about how 3000 of the calls every month for service are from people who are experiencing mental health distress. this is particularly why i'm concerned about the introduction of tasers in san francisco. i was neutral on tasers before i did my research about tasers and read the studies that show that actually tasers do not result in fewer police shootings. they rapidly escalate from the use of the taser to the shooting and it's like very intermediate step.
6:05 am
also that the tasers can be lethal particularly for people who are experiencing mental health crises or who was the other speaker alluded to, have drugs in their system, which how many folks eight in san francisco are in that situation. so i really hope that before we implement tasers we implement to de-escalation, true training and building a force that is mental health first responders could who can come in a situation like a shone more were at in a marry a woods contract with this person and he escalate and not engage in some kind of altercation at the resume i am so passionate about this is because before i was a racial equity trainer as a youth development worker and i often had to interact with
6:06 am
young people who were experiencing some type of crisis and i would have to de-escalate with them. ideas collated with them without any weapons, without any use of force ideas collated with them with my voice, with my reasoning with my compassion, with my understanding of them and that's what i like to see in the san francisco police department before a cultural shift to that kind of approach, before we start to add additional forms of violence and aggression. that i think will save a lot of san franciscans lives. >> any further public comment? >> hello i'm back again. i like to use the older. as usual. i'm here to talk about my son was murdered august 14 2006. he was shot [inaudible] with semi auto paragons and to this day his case is not solved. i'm on the
6:07 am
rampage about getting my sons case solved and just to bring up that again, i always say former gavin newsom mayor gavin newsom said i knew killed your son get the da know who killed your son. the police know who killed your son. i mean this is in the paper and again i say it's a slap in the face to me. those people that he said that we can name names, name addresses, and name all the places that these persons live, and here are the names of all the traders that were there that were involved in shooting my son. thomas hannibal, harris moffat, and do they do, jason thomas, anthony hunter, marcus carter. they have all these people get one of them is deceased. harris moffat is out it thomas annable is walking
6:08 am
the street. the 2 kg of how long the legalities people walk the street to kill someone else? as a mother, i should not have to go through this. not only that, there's all unsolved homicides. imagine what these mothers are going through besides me? imagine queen my birthday is coming up on february 14. of this month. my son was murdered on the 14th. so i'm not feeling really well about my birthday that's coming up. because this is what i have to remember and i showed this all the time. but this is the way-this is my therapy coming here. i can sit in a therapist office. i need to come here and let you see how i feel and let the sfgov tv see how i feel and hear how i feel. i know you've heard it several wednesdays. i know you have. but this is something i need to do. this is what i have to remember on
6:09 am
february 14. my son laying on a gurney lifeless, cut from the top out of his head to the bottom of the seat of 16-year-old boy just turned 17. so what do we do create these cases need to be solved some others like myself can heal because of the going through this through the rest my life with you solve it or not, but still i need it solved. give me some closure. i have no closure i come here every wednesday and every wednesday and every wednesday tired as i am, blaming [inaudible] this up. i just need help it i need justice did not just me but my whole family. >> if anyone has any information about the shooting of operator of the cost of the tip line is 415575 4444. that is an anonymous tip line. if you have any information these call that information number,
6:10 am
415-475-4444. please help his grieving mother at some closure on this issue. any further public comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> mdm. sec. >> item number five public comment on all matters pertaining to seven below close session including public, not but whether to hold item 7 in closed session. >> ladies and gentlemen and members of the public, we are about to go into closed session so does anyone have any people but about us going into closed session? >> good evening commissioners. again i said this before i was hope that as much of the proceedings involving the lawsuit as you can make public that you would make public. we
6:11 am
are following the court case. when not exactly sure right now when the next hearing is. we were at court to watch the proceedings there. we are hoping this is resolved successfully and favor of the commission and we can move on with our use of force policy. so whatever you can make public, please, do. thank you. >> thank you. any further public comment on us going into closed session? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> ladies and gentlemen thank you. we're about to go into closed session. >> we have to vote on that first. >> item 6 vote on whether to old item 6 in closed session including a boat on whether to assert the attorney-client privilege with regard to item 7-8b vent administered code section 7.10 action >> moved to go into closed session >> may i'm in that motion to
6:12 am
it assert the attorney-client privilege. all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. >> commissioner turman we are back on the record in open session you still have a quorum. the next item is item 8, voter left whether to disclose any or all discussion on items seven held in closed session in san francisco administrative code section 67.128 action. >> do i have a motion queen >> one for nondisclosure >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. motion carries. thank you >> item number nine a german action item >> anything else
6:13 am
>> moved to adjourn >> second. >> all those in favor say, aye. [chorus of ayes.] opposed, say nay. okay. we are adjourn. thank you ladies and gentlemen for another exciting wednesday night. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >>
6:14 am
>> good morning. all right. all right, party people, you guys ready to rock and roll? >> all right, that is what i like to hear, thank you. good morning, everyone. i would like to welcome you, this is the regular meeting of the budget and finance committee, i'm supervisor cohen chair of this committee, and to my right is supervisor tang no to my left is tang and to my right is yee and he is going to be joining us shortly, and our clerk is linda wong and i want to thank our friends at sfgtv. for broadcasting this committee meeting, do you have any announcements. >> yes, silence all phones, and cards to be included should be submitted and items acted tonight today will be on the february, 28th, board of supervisor's agenda, unless
6:15 am
otherwise stated. >> folks you heard that february 28leth, the matters that we are dealing with today will be at the board of supervisors that is important to know. we have madam clerk, could you call item one? resolution retroactively authorizing the office of the district attorney to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $982,348 from the california governor's office of emergency services for the victim witness assistance program for the grant period july 1, 2016, through june 30, 2017 >> all right, great. thank you we have got dr. gina r rodreguz. here. >> i have to apologize, she actually took a spill and boek her arm a few days ago, so i will be pitch hitting this morning. so she wanted me to let the board that she apologizes for missing this, what is your name. >> my name is