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tv   LIVE Historic Preservation Commission  SFGTV  February 15, 2017 12:30pm-5:06pm PST

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>> the regular meeting for wednesday, february, 15th, 2017, i would like to remind the members of the p you believe that we do not tolerate any disruption and please silence your mobile devices and when speaking before the commission, state your name for the record. i would like to take the roll at this time. first on the agenda, it is general public comment, within the subject matter description, with respect to agenda items it will be afforded when it is reached, each member may address the commission for up to three minutes,vy no speaker cards. >> does any member like to speak on a non-agenda items. seeing and hearing none we will close comment. >> that will place us under the
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department matters, director's announcements. >> mr. fry is not here at the moment, so maybe we will reopen that later. >> sure. we will move on to commission matters. >> yes. >> very good, commission matters item three, president's report and announcements. >> item four, consider of adoption for the minutes arc july, 20, and the draft minutes of hpc february first, 2017 hearing. >> commissioners anything for comments? all that i have to dredge my memory. we transscribed the comment letter from the staff on to here and we are probably waiting for that. >> i thought that was mine. >> okay. >> does any member of the public wish to comment on the draft meeting minutes on wednesday, july twenth for the review committee or february first, for
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regular hearing? do i have a motion to adopt the minutes? >> motion to adopt? >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to adopt the minutes to the july, 20th, and the regular hearing for february first, 2017. commissioner haus? yes, johns, yes. >> matsuda, yes. >> highland. >> yes. >> and we move the commissioners passes seven to zero. xh is that will place us under item five, commission members and questions. i received an e-mail regarding item eleven, and just a couple of announcements, i made this announcement at a cultural heritage committee meeting a few
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minutes ago. in the february 4th, chronicle, there was an article entitled preservation falls flat, and he made a suggestion about possibly creating plagues to talk about the outside of the building to talk about the stories inside the sense of place and i thought that that was a really good idea. and possibly food for thought, for this commission to take up further with the planning department staff to see if we can somehow encourage that. second thing is that there was an e-mail that was forwarded to me today about the california arts council creating the cultural cultural district, asking for a letter of interest from various organizations as well as local businesses to become part of their pilot
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program to further acknowledge diverse and cultural resources, to identify high concentration of cultural resources and activities thought that it would be a great idea if the city and county looked into that and possibly would apply because one of the prerequisites is that the entity already have passed a survey. so i thought that it would be a good opportunity for us to highlight all of the good things that we do here and then third is an article that appeared in the new fillmore and i believe this is, and this is the february 2017, addition, and it is called flash back. and it is just located on the last page, and it it is called the local hang out and it talks about the businesses that have been around for a while and i thought that that would be an
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example or a good way to recognize the legacy businesses that we have approved. >> thank you, and could you forward, perhaps that e-mail to mr. fry and mr. ionan and they fox ward it to the rest of the commission in >> yes. >> mr. highland? >> i too was contacted and e-mail communications with ruben and rose, item agenda item eleven. and commissioner? >> i was contacted through e-mail as well. >> pearlman? >> i was as well and i ran into him at the planning department the other day and he gave me a preview of project that we are going to see. >> okay, why don't we go back to item b. so commissioners back to the department matters, item one director's announcements. commissioners a formal report from the director, however,
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happy to answer any questions should you have them. >> seeing none, item two, review of passed events of the planning commission and staff report and announcements. >> tim fry, the department staff, and no formal report from the planning commission, and however just one small announcement, one and two make you aware that the next lgbtq cultural heritage straggy working meeting will occur on february 22nd, in the city hall. in room, 278. and we will forward you some information if you are interested in attending and then the following meeting will be on march 22nd, in the same room at city hall from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. >> both at 6:00? the 22nd. >> yes, both are at the same time and at the next meeting we will have a variety of speakers that are working on exist iing
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initiatives such as the harvey milk plaza improvements and the valley, improvements eagle plaza elts. and in the next meeting in march we are going to have the representatives from all of the existing cultural heritage districts or strategies present. including jay chess, and some existing i am sorry i am blanking on the third one right now. but representatives from each of those groups will present and give the groups some broader ideas of what they can implement in their own strategy. and that concludes my comments, unless you have any questions? >> thank you. >> we can move on to i guess item d. >> commissioners that will place us under items proposed for continuance, item 6, 2013.0975 coa, proposed for continuance, to april, 19, item seven, for
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case 2013.0384 u. the african american hert i can context proposed for continue aus august, 27th. >> does anyone wish to comment? >> hearing none, we will close public comment, commissioner hylan. what is driving the august, 16th date for the african american? >> commissioners and miss xhith from our office can give you an up date on what we have been accomplished so far. >> right. good afternoon, commissioners. and so, since the may 4th, 2016 hearing where we last heard the african american, historical context statement, the african american historical and cultural society and broader community have requested additional community out reach be done
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around the project and since then we have been working on the historical society to develop he goals and a plan around the out reach and we are very close to solidifying that program. and we anticipate the out reach to begin this spring. so it is by the time that we are done with the out reach and we have the feedback and we are able to make the revisions. the summer we are thinking that august is realistic date for us. >> thank you. >> do we have a motion to continue these items? >> i move to continue these items. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners. on that motion, then to continue items as proposed, commissioner haws. >> yes, junk. >> yes. johns. >> yes. matsuda. >> yes, pearl man. >> yes. >> hillis. >> yes. >> wolfram. >> yes. >> that passes 7 to 0, and places us under your regular
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calendar for item 8, (d. landis: (415) 575-9118) fy 2017-2019 proposed department budget and work program . this is your final review, commissioners. >> good afternoon commissioners, deb bra with the planning department. i am back again to go over our proposed budget for fiscal years, 2017, 2018 sxh for the rolling 2018, 2019. as you recall we were here two weeks ago and gave an overview of both the current year, which was the basis of creating the budget for next year, as well as the proposal for next year. so, today, i am going to go over the revenue and expenditures that we discussed last time as well as the changes that have taken place since then. so i am happy to report that we expect to get some grant fund
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and some impact fee funding, for projects that we were not aware of receiving that money the last time that it got presented to you. excuse me. >> and then, i also i am going to go into a lilt bit about the work program of physicians and remind you have the resources dedicated specifically to historic preservation in the department and there are no changes in those areas. but i thought that you might want to refresher and if you do have any questions, of course, about the general budget, or about historic press certify vaguses we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. the last time that i was here, the over all number was decreasing and as you can see today, we are looking at an increase from 51.2 million, to 52.1 million next year. and again that is because of this one time funding that we identified within the last few
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days. and i can go into more detail about that, but you can see that there is an extra 300,000 dollars in the grants line which is now 1.875 and last time it was 1.575. and then, if you go down a few rows to the development impact fees, that is now at 4.9. and then we are going to use that money as you can see from this slide, nothing is really changed except for the project line, which is where we will be budgeting the expenditures for these. so we have three major changes. the first one actually the first two are with the impact fees and the transit center district. and those will be funding 1 year's worth of work and the rail alignment and the benefit
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study also known as rab, this is work related to aligning cal train and high speed rail, getting trained through the city to the transit center, and so the planning around that. and then we have 100,000 dollars for street scraping. and also with the impact fees. and we are hopeful that we will be able to get an award for resiliency grant from the noaa to fund sea level rise and resiliency work. those are the charges just a few of them. but fairly sizeable numbers and so we wanted to make sure you were aware of those. that has changed since the last time that we were here, this is a recap of the positions we do not have any new positions we do have a new repurposed vacant positions one will be used for the pick, and two for
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development agreements. and one thing that i do want to point out is that one fte has changed from the last presentation. and that is because one of the development agreements positions had not been up loaded in the budget system yet. so it had been noted as a deleting when in fact we are going to keep it and so there is a change of one fte and the plan has not changed at all. and that is just the number that the budget system spit out. and then the right-hand side of your slide you will see the numbers comparing the current year and the next fiscal years proposed budget fte and then as a reminder, the fte in the budget does have a little bit of a negative number associated with it, due to attrition assumptions. we count the full human beings. the budget says that we are not convinced that everyone is going to be here for the full year and so the funding is taken out.
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assuming that we will have a little bit of vacancy throughout the year so he you will see the difference between the budgeted fte and the work program, fte. and so one of the things that we do like to make sure to review with you every year is the work program because of the fte being more than 70 percent of our budget. this is staff right, and this is here where the staff are allocated and this is what the staff do. we ko do try to make sure that you understand how everybody is allocated throughout the department and as you can see, the vast majority are in current planning, and environmental planning and the zoning and administration equalling, 75 percent of all of our planner work and that is in all of the processing and review of the permits and applications.
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>> getting into a little bit more detail, current planning is where the historic preservation is located in our department and you will, you will see it's number two on the slide. and i will again, review with you in a little bit more detail in just a few slides, what historic preservation staff resources we have in the department. although not as large in terms of staff, the city wide division has a wide variety of project and activities that they cover, and so they actually have two slides dedicated to them. one of their core functions and the general ongoing work, which you see detailed here, and the second, excuse me. of the work, and the 5 year plan project.
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so, everything from the city of neighborhoods to connect sf relating to transportation. the environmental planning group i am sure that you are aware, they have the environmental review work for the planning department that they are responsible for. and zoning and compliance, the compliance part is the enforcement and we do also call out three people for short term rentals within this group. so getting more specifically into historic preservation, this should look familiar to you. and we presented again two weeks ago that the commission was supportive at that time of continuing with this plan moving into this proposed budget. that we have not made any changes based on the feedback from our last presentation.
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and then in addition to the staff resources we also have some consultants and the education component which the public education which does include the plague program and the survey, and the grapts in the resources that are specifically dedicated to the historic preservation and again this has not changed since our last presentation. >> and so that sums it up. we are here two weeks ago and we are here again today to ask for your recommendation to the planning commission of our proposed budget. we did have a draft resolution in the packet and i would like to point out that there are two changes to that since we sent the packet and one is that it is an increase of 2.42 fte instead
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of 1.42, fte and that is as i mentioned earlier because there has been one in the budget system we had deleted it. we are keeping it to repurpose it. and when this was published, that change had not come through yet. and then there was a technical entry that had caused our general fund support number to change. which is an automatic adjustment by the budget system as well. so we will send an updated resolution with our current general fund support number. but, that, again, is not a change in our plan. and everything that we discussed last time with the exception of the new projects with our special funding sources is as weed presented it. so, we are hoping that you will recommend this to the planning commission, and hoping that the planning commission recommends
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it to the mayor's office. and the mayor's office and the board of supervisors think this is a wonderful plan and maybe in fact we should get more support and more money for projects we will see if that actually happens. and in the meantime, we have a few months of back and forth and negotiating before the budget for the entire city is finalized in july and if you have any questions today i would be ha py to answer them. >> yes, thank you. commissioner matsuda? >> yeah, i have one question. earlier in our cultural heritage meet mrg fry told us when we thought was great news that there was going to be a full time position available to help with legacy businesses. and so i am assuming this is one of those repurposed vacant positions that are noted here at 0.49, and to go up to 0.60 and
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is that going to change to 1.40, and can you, can you give me further information about that? >> sure, and commissioner, and the staff, and the reason that it is budgeted the 0.49 and with a slight increase as well. and it is a solid fte and we were not sure exactly how much time this position would need to devote to the program. and so the full fte and so it is there and at least right now in the fiscal year and in the next two fiscal years, we have broken down the remaining fte and it is related to work, and so it exists in the case work, up above but it is split now just because of is that the reason why under the work planning under the historic preservation, and that will reflect the fte
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that is going to be working with legacy business? >> correct, there is no change to that position. so that is maintained over the next several years. >> commissioner? >> yes, i would like to go back and maybe i missed this last time on the budget change from the prior presentations and maybe i didn't. and that is the, noah grant for resiliency. and the 300,000 so what my comments are related to the relationship between this program, the resiliency program and our historic preservation work program. and you may remember maybe, erica chime in here, the other parts of my life i am a member of the working group of the port of san francisco water front land use plan. which is doing an up date of the 1997 plan. and it is one of our major topics is the concern over the
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crumbling sea wall. and what would be an appropriate and remedy for rehabilitation of that. and of course, the topic of preservation, and design, and how it will feed into that and the engineering solution. so i recommended that the as a way for the historic preservation commission to be involved in that discussion that a representative of the commission, and to be nominated to sit on the climate change panel. and i presume that the resiliency grant program is directed to that panel. that climate change panel and also the resiliency by design, which is another program that is incorporated into that. so what i am trying to get at here, i didn't get much headway
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on getting recognition that the historic preservation commission should have a seat on that panel. i still am interested in that, and but i would like for you know, tim, if somehow, there would be some staff time dedicated at the appropriate time two recommendations on preservation design criteria in that, and that for when we get to that piece both in the climate and in the city's change, panel, and as well as of course, in the port's planning process. so it is a little bit premature at the moment, but i just wanted to say heads up on that. just heads up that i would like to see it in if there is some wording that at some point that i need to bring forward i will do that. >> if you don't have any further comments on that, on the money,
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for the program, that is the entire. >> sure, so the grant from the noa, from my understanding they have historically like to fund regional multi jurisdictional efforts. there are already groups even just within the city working on a number of related projects that fall under the resiliency umbrella. >> all right. >> if that grant is not successful it does not effect the work program; is that correct? ? >> correct. >> the grant funding is not funding for staff time. >> any other comments or questions? >> we will take public comment and then we will come back and give the recommendations. >> thank you. >> we will take the public
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comment on the department budget for 2017, 18, any member of the public that wish to comment on this item, come forward. seeing and hearing none, we will close public comment and bring it back to the commission. >> do you have a final comment or a motion to recommend approval? >> sure i move to approve the proposed budget for the planning department and our work program. >> second smchlt >> if there is nothing further there is a motion to adopt the recommendation for approval on that motion, hasz. >> yes. >> as amended by staff. >> yes, as amended by this as a revised resolution. >> and that is okay to the maker. >> yes. >> on that motion, hasz. >> yes. >> junk. >> yes. >> johns. >> yes. >> matsuda. >> yes. pearlman. >> yes. >> hylan.
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>> yes. it passes seven to zero. >> commissioners item nine, (d. smith: (415) 575-9093) pier 40 the embarcadero legacy business. >> good afternoon, commissioners xhith, the department staff. and the item before you today is one legacy business, combination and application, for the restaurant which was submitted to the planning department on january, 17th and is ready for rour recommendation, the application was previously reviewed for the office of small business, pioneer to the planning department. sb 40 and, outlining the physical features and the traditions associated with the success of the business, founded in 1957, by 17-year-old
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immigrant, carmen has served the fair to the san francisco for 60 years. it is currently located in south beach on the embarcader where it has operated for 15 years, while the locations that changed, carmen's has consistently been situated near the water front, it is one of the long stanning filipino businesses with food in the city and plays a role in the community, pro-he vieding space for the space for the civic groups to meet, after the review of the application, the restaurant has met the criteria to request of for listing on the legacy business registry. we have representatives to speak during the public comment and conclude my presentation and i am happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, commissioners any questions? >> no. >> i just made this comment
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earlier during our heritage that this is a great application, and hoping that in the future when we can start to create some type of a template that seems like a menu or seems to give us more of a field of the restaurant and how important it is, and the history is good here in the photos but the actual food, i don't know taking pictures of food but it needs a menu to show the diversity of food that this restaurant offers would be something that i think would be welcome and interesting to the public. >> we will take public comment, or the a mri can't wish to speak. >> if so please come forward. >> you don't have to. >> no, no. >> okay seeing that there is no public comment, we will close it and bring it back to the commission. >> commissioners
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>> i have the one question, is this the same carmen on the pier in mission bay. >> yes. >> numerous locations. >> yes. ? edo i have a motion to recommend approval for this? >> i so move. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners and they are on that motion to adopt that recommendation for approval, commissioner hasz, junk, yes. jones, yes. >> matsuda, >> yes, pearlman, hylan. yes. >> and wolfram, that motion passes 7 to 0. and the commissioners it will place us on item ten, legacy business program. this is for your review and
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comments. >> before i begin the presentation, i just have some packets with some information outlining what i will be or we will be presenting this afternoon. thank you. >> >> good afternoon commissioners, i am stephanie, and the planning department staff and my colleague smith and i will be providing an up date on the legacy business program.
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just get started just to give a little background on the program the registry was passed by the board of 2015, and it was established to recognize the long standing community business services as valuable assets to the city, currently the legislation allows for review and approval of up to 300 applications per year, and in november, 2015, proposition j was passed to establish the legacy business, historic preservation funds which offers grants to owners and property owners leasing spaces to these businesses. the office of small business has hired a full time business manager. and additionally the planning department has budgeted for a
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full time staff position dedicated to the planning and the review of these applications. the program has been referenced and incorporated into various new legislation, such as the special youth district, which is approved by the planning commission on february 9th of this year and now awaiting review by the board of supervisors. a requirement for any new, non-residential use, where the immediate prior use was a legacy business, and where the property has been vacant for less than three years. similarly the lgbt cultural heritage strategy that is under way is also looking for ways to utilize the legacy business program as part of their program. and we are anticipating that the future legislation and the city wide efforts will also look to
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for ways to incorporate this program into their language as well. just to give a few numbers. these are the most up to date numbers that we have been provided by the office of small business, ranging from the initial round of applications in july of 2016, until february of 2017. and there have been a total of 159 businesses that have been nominated for listing on the registry. and or have submitted applications to the office of small business. and of the 159 businesses 73 have submitted applications and been heard and recommended for approval by hpc. 67 of those have been approved and designated by the small business commission with the
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remainder to be heard at the small business commission in the near future. >> 51 of the designated legacy businesses have applied for and received business assistance grants through the legacy business, historic preservation if und and this amount has approximated to about $400,000, dribltded among the 51 businesses. >> 70 of the 159 have yet to be submitted to the planning department. ten applications are currently under review. and 6 of the 159 have provided applications but have not received nominations letters from a member of the board of supervisors, or the mayor. which is a requirement before these applications can be forwarded to the planning department. and so on the next side i will
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have a map showing the distribution of these approved designated legacy businesses. and in the packets that i distributed there should be additional maps showing the break down by planning quadrant and then again by the supervisor's district and then if you look at the over all geographic distribution map, the supervisor's districts should have numbers in front of these summarizing how many designated businesses are within that corresponding supervisor's district. >> okay. so this is just to give kind of an overview of distribution of businesses. the top three districts with the most disedesignate businesses ae district three which is coming in at 12, designated businesses
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which is the china town, north beach area. district nine which is the mission district, neighborhood which has about 14. and then, district five which is the western addition area which has about ten on the opposite side of that, the districts with the lowest numbers of designated businesses include districts eleven, which is the outer mission area which has none. and then the district 7 which is the inner sunset, and district four which is the outer which both have two each. >> and then just to give an overview of the process for how businesses get nominated and designated. the mayor or a member of the board of supervisors has to
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submit a letter of nomination to the office of small business. the legacy business manager at the office of small business will then reach out to the nominated business to send an application, ask if they are interested in applying, help to facilitate filling out the application. >> the applicant will then submit their completed application and any materials to the office of small business. along with the $50 filing fee. and on the office of small business, we will review the application for completeness and will sometimes work with the applicant to bring their application to a more complete level if the manager feels like it is not to that level quite yet. and then the application will be forwarded to be schedule for a hearing before the hpc. the planning department has 30 days to review these applications. prepared for the case report and, then a draft resolution,
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and schedule it before the hpc hpc will review the business applications along with the case report and draft resolutions and it will provide advisory recommendations to the small business commission for approval or disapproval. and a final hearing to determine whether or not the business meet the criteria for listing in the registry, and the small business commission will make the final decision. >> at this point in the prepttation, we would like to review what we have learned so far about the legacy business program and the implementation since it launched last july and the following two slides outline items that we have heard from the hpc and others from the office of small business as well
1:23 pm
as the star working on the program. >> first we think that the application should be simplified, the number of businesses nominated, have required, significant amount of assistance from the office of small business or the third party solution to complete their applications the planning staff believes that there are ways to maybe, edit down the application or change it so that they can complete more on their own. >> for those who will need the technical assistance, the department has the capacity to add to it. and currently we are just reviewing the application itself. to work with the applicants to get it at each hearing.
1:24 pm
we have also heard of the history and significant should be collect and recorded. the next set of items relate to the nominations at the office of small business and this is information that we have learned from the office of small business and i am sure that you are don't have additional questions, we understand that the office has some of the nominations awaiting application and so these are businesses that have been nominated by the mayor or the board of supervisors and but have not had an application submitted so far and there is a number of reasons as to why that may happen. >> the office of small business says that it can submit three applications each hearing, in 2017, given the rate of submissions, and the ability of the mayor and board of supervisors to nominate up to 300 applications per year, we
1:25 pm
estimate that the work load may continue to increase as the number of nominations and applications are passed to the number of those coming before the commission. >> and relating to the program out reach, and identity. you would like to see those including those businesses that might be lesser known, and representing other represented groups or neighborhoods or those that may not have as much resores or may not be connected to the local elected officials who which are required to nominate the legacy business. also that you would like to see more avenues opened for such business to access the program and for increased out reach efforts and recognition surrounding the legacy program.
1:26 pm
and supporting the program or being involved in how, the history and any other historical documentation that we might be able to collect, whether it is what the commissioner opened or the oral history interviews that we have been in discussion with the library and u.s. professors at the university of san francisco, about getting some of their students involved with the program. to do some oral history collections. >> to sum up the solutions that we have identified around addressing some of these issues, first includes that the department has secured funding
1:27 pm
to hire a full time legacy business planner who will be designated to the program to better be able to work with the office of small business to simplify the application and to work closely and directly with the businesses to help to develop the applications themselves and doing so would enable the planning department to bring more than 3 applications per hearing to the hpc and increase the capacity over all of the city to process a higher number of these nominations. tla will be coming forward. and in response to commissioner's desire to include more to direct them to include the transcripts of the public testimony in the record, and we have been in discussions with it and getting the university students involved with an oral history collection program and the library has offered to be a repose tory for that
1:28 pm
information. promotional issues, and include the department could maintain a list of the potential legacy businesses and, so we already have some starting points with could be a way to gather that information. and then, secondly, we could
1:29 pm
then reach out to those directly throughout the out reach of the office of small business, or we could create a tool kit for the board of supervisors and the mayor's office. to consider for them to consider nominating some of those businesses to the registry. and the tool kit could also provide you know, supporting documentation to help them do that. so it could include an faq and the merchants and neighborhood groups in the district and information about where to get help in completing amply indications. >> for the solutions include organizing legacy business application workshops for potential applicants and offering educational programs to help raise the visibility of the program such as tours of legacy businesses or commercial quarters at the high concentration of businesses. >> finally the planning department communication staff is willing to help to promote the legacy business program to
1:30 pm
the media to help to pitch the stories about some of these designated businesses and also to support the office of small business in the effort to create a brand and identity and that is a local map or other collateral. commissioners we were just at the cultural heritage asset subcommittee meeting where we had a discussion about this legacy business registry, and i wanted to summarize some of their comments and recommendations here. they could chime in if i missed anything. san francisco is the first to pass this legislation and we can amplify the program and maybe other cities will be more interested increase the funding
1:31 pm
in the future to show that it is successful and bring more attention to it. and there is a discussion of fund-raising even in the private sector to perhaps suppliment the funding, the city funding. changes that were proposed include perhaps, the nominations being opened to more than the supervisors or the mayors, or if there is a way to the public or the businesses themselves or the historical organizations or other interested bodies in nominating the business themself, and you know, practice pz there is another way to gauge, the community, and the significant of the letters of support or something like that. just to open up the process more, and it does not have to go through just the supervisor or a mayor. >> and suggesting or the suggestions make us to stream line the process, and there is a wish to see that hpc and
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planning could play a lead role on the registry itself. if there there was some way to revise the process. so it was more in the domain of planning and hpc and the rest of the business, the grants and the business assistance remains with the office of small business. the increased amount of applications the committee would like to see that more than 3 to 5 applications coming for ward. so we want to be aible to maximize the potentially, 300 applications moving for ward each year. and the what i to advance the agenda quicker, and the small business commission and rather than having the lab and having the application in multiple languages to keep them in the languages that they were filled out that way to provide more
1:33 pm
people, the opportunity to apply and to learn about the history. and there is a need for increased acknowledgment of the legacy businesses that have been designated and so whether it is a plague sticker and the information on the website, just promoting and highlighting those businesses. so that anyone from the public should be able to find legacy businesses or tourist visitors can visit them. and highlighting the stories of those places, as well whether it is through the media or other programs. i think that is all i have in my notes. that concludes my presentation. where we are to be hearing any additional comments that you would like to add or if you have any questions. >> thank you, actually, a couple
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of questions. so right now, is on the planning website are the legacy businesses listed? or how would you find out about what legacy businesses are ready have been registered? >> we do have a legacy business website, but i don't believe that the average businesses are listed on the website and i am not sure about the office of small business's website, they can probably but they are. >> yes, they are listed on the office of small business website. >> so they are listed but is there any of the in frgs that is in the package there or is this just a list? >> can you come and speak to the mic? >> sorry. >> richard crow, business manager. we have it on the website, the small business a web page that has all of the registry but, the legacy business is on the registry, which is now 70. and it includes the name of the business, telephone number,
1:35 pm
address, and website. and we for most of them have copies of the resolution that got the business on the registry. and we have the da it that date that they added to the registry and we have a link not only on the website address, but to the website, but really it is just a very basic list. and what we would like to do is to have a map like you showed, here, and be able to click on the map and have information come up from them and from that information be things that are, you know, from the application. so that is something that we would like to work on. >> okay. thank you. >> i have another question you. on if i was to just say, that i was an architect hired to work on a project that was legacy business and i went to the planning information map, would it show there under the historic, and under the historic tab that this is a legacy business? >> yes. >> we certainly have that in our
1:36 pm
system. >> so actually, as the application comes in, it is already, entered. >> it is entered in the planning information map. >> right, and upon resieval of the application. >> and i guess that the other question is that we are not tracking it in any way, and like the legacy business goes out of business or it changes its business or not tracking that though? >> right. >> we are not tracking that. >> okay. >> commissioners any other questions or comments? >> and commissioner johns? >> yes, and i think that this is a question for mr. crow. as if i understood correctly, you are the one who reviews the application or someone who works for you does. and then decides whether or not it needs for want of a better work to be beefed up? >> that is correct. yes, all applications come through me, and basically it is a one person team, you know, do
1:37 pm
i work really closely with rigina who is the office of small business, but all applications come to me and i will review them and work closely with the applicant and it takes two to three weeks for a very active applicant, in getting the marrive up to speed and a passive applicant and maybe not enthusiastic about it or maybe is too busy, that can take months to get through the applications and again there is a lot of back and forth and we also have a non-profit organization called working solutions and they have a new program called business retention and part of that is to help the businesses get through the city programs including the legacy program and so we have been really working with them where it is necessary to get the assistance for the applicants and help them with their narrative and take photograph and they help them get their packets together and pretty much everything has to go through
1:38 pm
here me. if i have a completed application and i have time i have been sending it to the planning staff and they have been doing a preliminary review to give me feedback that is a bonus things that we have done, five percent of the time but that is helpful as well. and that makes the applications a little bit better. that is not official, but anywhere that i can get feedback is helpful. >> everything goes through me and by the time that it gets to the planning staff, it is usually, much higher quality than what i originally received it. >> well, to assist you, do you have a fem plate or a list of criteria or a list of things that you consider to be desirable in, and application? that you use when you are reviewing these? >> there is definitely some criteria that they need to meet, they need to be 30 years or older, with no break in
1:39 pm
operations. >> that is not what i meant. >> that is all staff. >> yeah. >> so the stuff, that goes without saying. they have to answer all of the questions in the narrative, and if you look at the application, there is three criteria and the different questions that we have been lifted in the application, they really need to meet and answer all of those questions or most of them, so we work really closely on that part of the application and then we try to make sure there is significant photographs and then where possible articles and letters of recommendation and things like that. and yeah, a lot of it goes into the narrative and that is the heart of the application. >> do you have something that you can give to ap mri can'ts to assist them in writing their narrative? >> so we created the template and we followed the questions in
1:40 pm
there and i, if you don't have to use this it is not required. if received the communication, and i never had communication with that person, and often times i will take their just to see how they answered the questions and see if i will go back to them and say that these are all of the blanks that you need to answer. make sure that everything else fits in. and i would very much like to see your template. is there some way that you can get that to me through the secretary? >> sure. >> thank you. >> public comment?
1:41 pm
>> yeah, seeing none, i will bring it back, i have commissioner matsuda first. >> i had a few questions for mr. crow. glad to hear that you have assistance to help you, and is that the name of the organization in do they have buy lingual help to help those who are not native accomplish speakers? i know that the organization as a whole they have staff that speak 15, 20 different languages. >> good. and word is getting out so that they can help >> yes, anybody who needs so i kind of judged the application. and i try to work with them one
1:42 pm
on one, but sometimes i can tell right off the bat they might need extra assist aness and i will connect them with the working solutions if i feel they could use that. and definitely if there are any language issues, then we can connect them with the workers. >> and so looking at the map that staff has provided it looks good that there are a lot of businesses that are represented in the china town area. but that historically has been a community with people speak chinese. and then in the mission, where not recently, but i would say, over the past 30, 40, years there were a number of people who spoke spanish and so it is good to know that there are bi lingual staff people to help and hopefully increase. and so working solutions can be more and more of an asset to you, so that you are not standing alone going through
1:43 pm
these applications. i had a question about the applicants who have gone there and we understand that 400,000 has been distributed is that information available on the website to tell us what the minimum and the maximum cap is per business? and how these businesses are using that utilizing those funds? >> it is not on the website. but the grant itself, the grant application, for the rules and the instructions and the application is on the website, the office of the small business website. we are still distributing the funds. so the 400,000 has not been distributed? >> not entirely. so what happened is that we have 51 applications two we are still working on because they don't have the and they did not provide us with the fte and now in the future, when the money is
1:44 pm
tighter, we will have to all of the applications finalized before we start to distribute the money, but in this case, we had enough money to cover them. >> and so we, 49 of them are down to or still kind of working on but we know that it is going to come out to 400,000, and the minimum is 500, which is one fte and the maximum is 50,000, which is 100. fte and that is the range of grants. >> of what they can apply for? >> what they can apply for and what we can get. >> and we are distributing the funds in groups, we have to set up all 51 vendors as sorry, all 51 as vendors with the city and county of san francisco, which is a complex process and it takes us a couple of months, as it gets set up as a vendor, we are doing them in groups, once a week and so we have done two groups which is 15 payments and they are in the process right now. >> could you when that is available forward it to the
1:45 pm
staff because i think that the commission would really like to see how those moneys are being distributed and seeing how it can create a positive effect on retaining legacy businesses? >> yes, and we have got some intend to spend the money on. into 12 groups. >> they must choose between one of twoefl things. >> no they can use the money, for anything that would grow their business but it fell into 12 different categories frment >> and how are you monitoring that? >> so we are going to be asking in the future grant how they spent the money. are they given a time limit, they must spend it in a year? >> we haven't said that necessarily, but we are going to
1:46 pm
ask them about it and we are going to monitor it and those who don't apply next year we are going to ask them separately what they spent the funds on and then we have indicated that they need to make sure that they are counting and you know, some of these small businesses they don't have accounting some of the larger ones do, and so we said that you need to make sure that this grant money gets added into your accounting. and goes out of your accounting and we can check that so we will be able to check how they are spending the moneyy. >> so it is not only for tangible things. it could be to hire another person to continue to keep the business going? >> that is correct. >> it could be very general, because the proposition j was general, so it could be for rent it could be for improvements and exterior building improvements and we had some it in there. and anything like that. >> great. and just the final question, i don't know if you had a dhans to look through what the staff the
1:47 pm
planning department staff has provided as possible suggestions and what the commission has suggested. but if you have any thoughts on that, i mean that we would welcome your input and your recommendations as well. because we want to make sure that this legacy business program is successful, and can be further enhanced. and hopefully, all of our legacy business can be a part of this. >> i think that there were great suggestions and we very much enjoy working with the planning staff and look forward to a person coming on board. and you know the thing with. we also have been making sure that the structure of the program has been set in place,
1:48 pm
so that we have to get make it through the backlog of all of the applications of when we got hired in july, we had to so a lot of what we have been doing is structural to get that in order, but we have not been able to do the fun stuff, which is the marketing and promotion and, so we want to put in an rfp no later than april and do some of the things to recognize these businesses and make it more spectacular for the businesses and for the public i want to
1:49 pm
recognize peskin and make sure that he is nominating a lot from the china town area. >> thank you very much, i had one question for miss smith is that okay? >> sure. >> thank you for including the legacy bars and restaurants and i know that you helped to work on this in your past life, when you put this list together, about you go through a vetting process, ie, did you have to go to each of these restaurants and bars and asked the similar questions that you have provided us here. >> we didn't go through that intensive of a vetting process. to come up with the list, we had a committee heritage who had an education, what we called the education out reach committee many historians and the people who are very familiar with the
1:50 pm
city have put initial with it together, and then we could have public out reach, campaigns and through the social media where we invited anybody to nominate legacy businesses so that is how we got two over 100. >> do you have some documentation on had each of these. >> yeah and, after the list or the list was created then we will do research and then we had interns assist in doing the research. and some of them were interviewed, and some, you know, went and some went and collected it, and things like that and scanned it, and heritage actually has an interactive map of the legacy bars and restaurants. that have been certificated. and so i only note a few of the legacy businesses that we have come to our attention that are on this list. so it would be great if you already have this information to
1:51 pm
somehow funnel it through the mayor's office so that they can then go to these businesses or visa versa to make sure that we can include this list of 140, plus the legends in the making. yes? that is a great idea. ? ethank you, commissioner pearlman? >> thank you. i just want to say i just think that it has been amazing that at the beginning around last summer, when we were all lamenting when things were not moving well that from july to today, you have done a lot of work and when you say a team of one, it is not a team of one it is you. it has to be more than one person and so i really want to acknowledge what you have been doing so far, i think that it is really very impressive most of my thoughts about this are you know, just sort of the expansion of this. i was thinking about there are legacy businesses that are big
1:52 pm
businesses like levi, or wells fargo. and there are legacy graphic design and branding firms and it might be worth when you are are he haddy to do that, to see if there is a way to get some volunteers, you know, a graphic designer a volunteer to come up with the branding imagery, and for this program. and also you talked about the funding and what better than the levi, foundation to support the legacy businesses of san francisco. you know, there would be nothing better than for those businesses to support these businesses. so, there is -- and you probably thought of these things, and i think that is, you know, a way to really get some funding outside of the sources we have to really push this, because i think that you know, the notion of the information about a legacy business that is on their
1:53 pm
door, it is on yelp when you go to yelp and it pops up because there was an icon and because it is a legacy business and there are a lot of ways to create the linkages that are not just, and the tourist are not going to go on the office of small business or the planning website to find these businesses you know, linking it to local web sites and you have know tourist web sites and yelp and some of these other types and thing like stories at sf gate. you know, if you get chronicle on-line, you know, there are stories that they do that are, you know, stay on their page foz months and months and months, so that you can and so that it is there, every day as i scroll down, i read that story, but it is here. >> so you know, getting, you know, maybe it is john king, orp someone to do some stories about the program interviewing you know we have had a lot of enthusiastic applicants and some
1:54 pm
amazing stories. so to get those in to you know local news, sf gate, and then also preservation magazines and travel magazines and you know, obviously these are not things that will happen today, but i think that there is a lot of ways to you know, make this program as you said, just much more inspiring and exciting and that is the point of it all to keep these and that is the spirit of the city, so i want to congratulate you personally and the staff as well. >> thank you. >> commissioner? >> i would also like to congratulate richard. i have just heard, fantastic things from many of the businesses that we have already approved it is great that we are
1:55 pm
going to get an fte and this for marketing and i think that is good and when i say, and i mean that i would be happy to ask the chamber, why don't you do a program, and this is all bridges. why don't you do a program on this? and invite, and that something that i would do to be on your own and the idea if there is a stock press released someone has picked that up and we have a press release that goes out when we nominate these businesses?
1:56 pm
>> no. i mean that would maybe be something that we could create. so, maybe that is part of our rfp. so just whenever we make a decision, that announcement comes, and it is a shoot out. you know, a press release that goes right to the wire. >> yeah. >> and it is the story in the line last week about the international cafe that came through the local wire. >> yeah. >> so that is another idea. but any way, i think that we can do stuff. >> yeah. >> thank you commissioners. any other further comments? >> this was just the informational item and so thank you very much for your presentation. thank you. >> if there is nothing further we can move on to item 11 (m. boudreaux: (415) 575-9140) 40/50/62/78/88 1st street, 512/516/526 mission street "oceanwide center" present takes. >> thank you, good afternoon, department staff, before you is an informational item, returning
1:57 pm
athe your request, version two of the historic display for the ocean wide center project. which is part of the practice m for historical resources. on june, 16th of 2016, this item was before you for reviewing the comments on the original version. to provide the background on this for you, to provide, the display and the connection to the over all project. and the packets from the planning commission, submittal from last may, and this includes a site plan and rendering, i want to briefly orient you to some of the renders that i have provided if i could get the projector please? >> the project introduces public open spaces. can you turn it on? >> yeah. >> thank you.
1:58 pm
and introduces new or enhanced connections throughout the downtown site, which is located one block from the transbay transit center. this site plan was included in your case packet. and this area along elm alley is the place, here again. and it is the general location that the project sponsor is proposing for the version, for the interpretive display, and it helps to visualize, the connections around the alley. which is at the base of the first street tower and accessible from many different points in the site, and off of first street. the second and this is a pocket
1:59 pm
park, which is off of mission street. and lastly, this is the street pedestrian way which is a public way in which will be improved in the
2:00 pm
>> the project team is here along with architects signage consultants in historic resource consultants but they have a more detailed presentation for you and we are all available for questions. that concludes my presentation should >> thank you ready for the project sponsor to come forward. if you could maybe do the whole presentation in 10 min.? >> i will try to i will go as fast as i can. so good afternoon commissioners. i'm presenting on behalf of a broad team and i think you can see the presentation just as a little introduction, of myself, i'm keith- >> can we get the overhead, to? >> we kind of specialize in this area of historic
2:01 pm
interpretation. on the left you see a project we did for heritage trails in manhattan that is now in the 9/11 museum. that's from the world trade however an exhibit on the star-spangled banner. website on iconic architecture and in some of the exhibits that we have done at griffith absorb the tory which the landmark building. so the agenda is up here and i will go through it. in june as was mentioned this scheme was presented to you. it's a single pylon with three parts. since that time as a design team we stepped back good we looked at a variety of different ideas. we went out and looked in san francisco particularly, at the embarcadero history walk which we like components of a good it's an outdoor walk. we also looked at wink on center which
2:02 pm
has a series of historic displays about that building and we liked aspects of that as well. there was a project that we saw on the guardian that kind of compared san francisco then and now with a series of historic photographs that actually morphed into to connect contemporary ones. so the idea that we had for elam alley history walk was basically to combine all the great things from those three projects and pull them together in a single place. as was presented earlier by fanning department, it runs all the way home for street to akers street along elam alley and it does so
2:03 pm
with 17 components. those will be looked at a little bit as we go forward in design development but that's what we are presenting. we are going from just one item to many and i will walk you through each of those elements one by one so that you can see it. this is the site as we are looking at it from first street looking towards elam alley. one of the entrances. as you get closer you get to see the beginning of that alley which is quite narrow at the beginning but then widens out. one of the things you asked for before in summer presentation is that we identify this project and we are proposing to do it in three locations. the first is at first admission. i have a sample here of one of the bronzes. there are a series of ron's castings in the painting. they will identify elam alley history walk and they will do it at the entrance to first
2:04 pm
admission.. they will also do it at the urban room at the threshold to elam alley that is right at the base of the escalator there and actually you could probably see this in your packet close-up, you will be able to as you descend from the escalators coming down from the office tower you will be able to see one of those markers in the distance. then the third location is at eckerd street. so these three what i call thresholds are the identifiers for signage that directs people to this destination. the elements that comprise elam alley history walk are numerous. there's a display case at first admission and that-we have some
2:05 pm
incredible content. this is gathered from the marley hopeful, and we are sure some artifacts, we have great photographs the weekend recount the history of 78 first and the company in that display case that basically sits right off of for street at the entrance to the history walk. further down the walk we have a second display case. this one will talk about 62 for street and also the [inaudible] company that made the boss of the road genes and we have some wonderful posters and maybe even some artifacts as well. this is a slightly different display case that we are envisioning. we will be able to be seen from the urban room from the outside and this is a depiction of that. it's a
2:06 pm
transparent window that you actually be able to see through the artifacts and we are looking at possibly, if the kitchen layout and so forth will allow, that you will be able to see it from the inside of the café looking out. again a very transparent almost a fish tank like display case of these two stories. one of a business and one of a building. further down the way we have some terrific maps and the maps obviously they are very strong in the 1800s antenna moving forward into the 1900s and even today. these maps are best looked at and plan and we are envisioning doing what we call a maps medallion, which is to please those maps in the ground
2:07 pm
skate again in this kind of bronze configuration and identifying some of the typical stories that can be told with maps. again, the fires, the ships that resided here and again an example on the lower right of such a map at union square quite near our studio. joining some of these displays we are talking about a series of breadcrumbs and these breadcrumbs are scavenger hunt if you will. again, linking this long alley and we are talking about two different components. the first would be quote and these quote harken back all the way to kind of the first sighting of san francisco date in 1776 and then reach on to today as well and they talk about native american themes
2:08 pm
and so forth and so on. so we have begun to select some of those quotes and organize them and they would be hydro cut and placed into the granite hard scape that courses through elam alley. we are also talking about doing five trade person release these would be of artistic renditions and actually do some boy held up earlier is probably the best rendition of that. you can see some examples of trades and elements in it. again, we looked at a series of different folk who have worked in this region. again, harkening back to native americans and shipwrights and even up on to today. so again a kind of mixture of different historic elements that are embedded into
2:09 pm
this alley that kind of stretches from first to akers street. as depicted here. the last element is perhaps the most complex or the overarching element. it's talked about the south of market, eastern section , and the history of that region. it's a complex story and it has a lot of chapters and i will show you some of that content right now. this first page starts in 1769 and goes up to 1860. it talks about this area when it was called, here. about when a cold and some of the beautiful maps and post rations that go along with it. moving forward to when this area was called happy valley, again some of the photographs is that the advent of black and white photograph and you're
2:10 pm
starting to see some great historic panoramic photographs and detailed photographs as well. then, moving forward all the way up short of the earthquake, again, this region change names again. the tire flat and again some wonderful photography showing his misses and commerce in this region. in 1906 obviously the transformation of this area with the earthquake and its rebirth which is still going on today and again terrific photography to support that story as well. on to the 1920s and 30s, and again all this research we have done together with page and turn ball in kind of a broad team and it's assembled and kind of ready to
2:11 pm
go to the next stage. here, again 1930s to the present and up into the 21st century could again great photography starting to see color photography as well. our proposition here is to use media, bright superbright exterior monitors and again to kind of role through the six chapters of history in an animated fashion, a little bit like flipping through on a rolodex. that's what this rendering shows here. so in kind of summary we have a very different thing than we show you in the summer. it's a broader gesture. it's more consolidated into a place. i think it is a destination now. one that will hopefully draw forests to this place and also the one that has people as people coming and going to businesses here will be we discover every day. so we are
2:12 pm
very excited about it and we are hoping this is a must see. >> thank you that's a great presentation. i think what we'll do is take public comment at this time than we may have questions or comments for you. at this time will take public comment on the subject does any member of the public wish to speak on this item queen if so come for seeing none, and hearing none, people public comment is closed. very impressed by this as an patient. i get up one comment just to caution you on the use of the word, the present. you've got for example some of them about how the market from the 1970s to the present or the techie being there from the 1990s to the present. you might want to use exact dates for that because this is a long lifespan. 20 years people, what is this techie and why do they save the present thing when it doesn't exist anymore. just one comment. commissioner pearlman >> yes. thank you very much that this has come an incredibly long way and i think
2:13 pm
this is a really good-could be used as a model in the future. i mean clearly this project that's a lot of money relative to the cost of building these buildings i'm a but this is what we've often talked about as a way to engage-i think the tourist trade is an important one but this engages the people there every day. if people are working their everyday work and to learn about what happened on the site where they're walking over it every day. i think that's one of the most important pieces of something like this. i appreciated that it's spread out and it gives you multiple times to go there one day you're walking in and of your cuppa coffee and you got a little stunned so you subject other days you just see a quote on the sidewalk whatever it is. i think this is extremely successful and i for one will certainly be as a
2:14 pm
must-see to go see it. so thank you very much but i really appreciate that you've gone back and taken something that was had a nice design case pose a rather ordinary historical display and now it is something that like the freedom trail in boston, like some of these other places, it is something that is truly how we tell the story of our history in a very wonderful way. so thank you be thank you. commissioner matsuda >> thank you i think is a great improvement from what we can before. just a couple of questions in a couple of comments. i appreciate that you is going this elam alley's comedic historical street but how are people going to know about that clique you have good stubble was when the draw people to actually go down that alley? you talk about seeing something from afar from the elevator but what's going to attract him queen that's just one question i had just in general and then, i am of the
2:15 pm
understanding that the content of what will take place will start from page 15 about right? on the handout, just a few questions and comments. is this going to the actual wording, the content of easier okay? >> it's easier to answer the question- >> one by one queen >> yes. one by one >> about the history -historical main street did i think that's a great concept and a happy that it's went to be spread throughout but what can a be my draw to go there? is a tourist, as somebody was got my cuppa coffee and walking to work, what is my jaw to go there? >> well, i'm not sure what kinds of promotion might do for this but again i can only speak to what is physically there and
2:16 pm
it didn't show up super well on the slides. it probably was better under handouts but the thresholds i think are really quite dramatic because they are literally welcome mats that sit almost in first street and mission. they literally kind of moved out onto the site as they do at ecker street as well. i think that the urban room, which is a large public space that third threshold that sits at the kind of border of elam alley is also quite substantial. these are big big panels. 4 feet, 5 feet wide. i think they're pretty substantial welcome mats if you will. >> so the visuals will just after we catch my eye. okay. second come on the content the wording of the contents, as commissioner wolfram said looking in the future to kind of make sure that we are clear
2:17 pm
about language, i also say to look back your if you are a tourist you don't know what happened in 1906. so just to put a little bit more context about how dramatic that was to change the face of the city. i think it's important. so that was my first comments on i think the first thing to then, on page 37, you talk about the different periods of our history in san francisco and you talk about pre-1776. i don't know if it should be categorized as a hunter gatherer or not. the native american community has been in san francisco for a long time. the long time before any of us they have many very rich traditions and customs were maybe different from what we do today but nonetheless, it was a strong community. so i would just maybe we think that categorized categorization you
2:18 pm
have there.then just to talk about populations, to put some context when you talk about going from 1769 to 1860 as a there's a typo on yerba buena so we can merely see the impact. as you know we don't spend a lot of time staring at things even though we should be. so i want to know right away what does it mean in terms of people? comedy people did aid increase so we can immediately get that affect. i guess kind of on the same line as commissioner wolfram, looking that we want to make sure that people walk away with some good strong history. >> let me step back. i think first of all this is a concept
2:19 pm
design. so what you are seeing before you is just that. it's not final tax. it's not finally bedded. it will go through a vetting process and some discussion about working with the archivists here. every project that we do would undergo that kind of vetting. the concept design were really just talked about putting down some of the stories to get that convey to you. all of these comments that you've given us we will take under consideration as we advance to design development and further. >> right. >> commissioner johnck >> my main, and i think this is all very great. you really did [inaudible] identically am attracted to the scale, the very large scale and him looking at the last page where you had said the 1860s be about [inaudible] you did say 4-5 feet wide and then [inaudible]
2:20 pm
>> the large niche >> the large niche which is super and a 3-d kind of affect. i really like that. anyway i want to thank you. wonderful. >> thank you. the measures any other final comments? >> 51, and a funny comment. back in the 1950s were from post-world war ii up into the 1980s every architect used to draw the people and draw people in their bead mothers with baby carriages and little balloons. now look at these digital renderings i notice there's one over 35. in any of these. >> in the hand sketched ryan's >> yes in the hand sketched drawings. but it's actually sort of a common similar to what commissioner wolfram said about the techies. for the techies are there today and 20 years from now. it just the funny thing i noticed good is that the people in them using these buildings these big high-rise buildings? 55 and
2:21 pm
under. >> mishna hyland >> i agree >> commissioner hyland >> i agree with the other commissioners. the product is, wait a long way in a truly wonderful. just for the record on a follow-up on the conversation i had with the attorneys the connectivity on that visual display. will that have any feature capabilities of tapping into that if this notion of the city archivist being able to curate any kind of living histories or more transformative digital collateral? >> it's a digital portal. so it has full flexibility to do what ever anybody wishes it to do as long as the resources to do it. >> it'll be connected to the internet? >> yes. >> crates. that includes our comments. thank you very much for your presentation. i
2:22 pm
believe that is our final item so the hearing is adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
2:23 pm
>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen
2:24 pm
by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including
2:25 pm
submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www.
2:26 pm
2:27 pm
2:28 pm
>> good afternoon everyone. we went outside >>[foreign language my name is >>[foreign language] and >>[applause] thank you. i'm the proud president of [inaudible] janitors union here in san francisco. >>[cheerring] secretary-treasurer of san francisco labor council good i-m before we start want to be able to acknowledge the electives here present and if i miss any of you, please do not take it personally when we are lousy >>[laughing] were when we are working our butts out on the streets of san francisco. if i can go down the list, there's a list that can be provided for me but i'll start
2:29 pm
to my left to my right. i want to first acknowledge the folks that have kept this man standing up every time that he assembled his family safai and taylor family. >>[applause] our former mayor and, if you went with her left eye and you twist your head to the right, future governor of the state of california gavin newsom. >>[cheerring] we were doing turnout for you for sure. >>[laughing] and to his hiking going down the list, though current mayor of san francisco ,, the guy who makes the magic happen here in the city, our mayor, ed lee. >>[applause] our president of our president
2:30 pm
of our board of supervisors, a sister who comes out of fighting and strong for the community that she represents, london breed. >>[applause] someone that i know are janitors and a lot of people in this room helped get elected assembly member david chiu. >>[applause] and it still caught up in sacramento >>[laughing] for ms. ray's, our current and brand-new sen. scott weiner. >>[applause] now as far as politicians come in all sizes, but there's none more feisty or an errant 10 past. supervisor aaron peskin. >>[applause] and our sen., mark leno. if you could please, stand. >>[applause] supervisor mark farrell
2:31 pm
>>[applause] and the relentless and strong melia cohen, can you please stand. >>[applause] [inaudible] alex randolph. >>[applause] and former supervisor [inaudible] >>[inaudible] [off mic] assessor,, thank you. >>[applause] carmen chu. our sheriff hennessey. >>[applause] i would also like to recognize my brothers and sisters and labor that are here present, kim paulsen executive dr. of san francisco labor council. >>[applause] mike carey oh, building trades. >>[applause] and i saw lisa from the teachers union. >>[applause] and the other two
2:32 pm
brothers, >>[inaudible] [off mic] please, stand up, from the trades can you be please stand, brothers hear from the trades. >>[applause] i know-all right a big round of applause. >>[applause] if you guys have heard of the hash tag got your back in either the firefighters please dan john buford, where are you? all right. >>[applause], o'connor, where are you? john buford and sam o'connor i know you're somewhere in the room but thank you very very much. thank you very very much for joining us this morning. the police officers, let's see-marty, there you are in the back. >>[laughing] >>[applause] from the police officers association, thank you for joining us. before we begin
2:33 pm
with the program i want to be able to tell all of you that this has been an incredible last eight years of campaigning can some people thought it was only two years. it's actually been eight years but when i think about oshawa safai i think about the word consensus and unity and say my mom teresa floors re: tommy is never judge a book by its cover. and what he has been able to do is capture all of us to rally behind him and help him get here. a lot of people haven't had any on the back and are still on the back and i want to tell you this isn't-this wasn't a victory that we did alone. it took all of you, all of the volunteers and the countless hours that all of you put in to what those saturday mornings and sunday mornings. but i'm incredibly proud to be standing up here and being able to say that today, it could be storming outside, but as we tell other folks, the rain brings great things to come. what better way than to do it
2:34 pm
as a summary and all this bearing witness to that for an incredible next four years and eight years for supervisor elect, oshawa safai. oshawa safai. >>[applause] please forgive me. i just noticed >>[laughing] he needs no huge introduction but with respect he's earned from all our communities. attorney george gascon district attorney, george gascon. and supervisor katie tang. >>[applause] can i have augmented- >>[foreign language] please, stand. [inaudible] from local 87. thank you. >>[applause] the new supervisor, jeff sheehy.
2:35 pm
there he goes. >>[applause] please forgiving is like a spot right like my face. jeff [inaudible] >>[inaudible] [off mic] wow. jeff adoptee. >>[applause] it's a great day today. i have the incredible sensibility of making sure it all runs smoothly. so i'm going to the rev. dr. james mcrae from the tabernacle community development corporation. >>[applause] >> it is an incredible honor for me to stand here to be
2:36 pm
invited by brother safai who many many years ago when my own daughter was growing up, things were happening here it at city hall that really will he be kennedy was supervisor. i met this young man and i am extremely happy that after years and years of preparing and putting himself forward we, the community of san francisco, has seen fit to bestow upon him this responsibility at this critical time in our city. so i would like with all of you stand with me? strong god, we gather here at city hall on
2:37 pm
epiphany sunday and we are mindful that there is like breaking forth. that there is power entering the world. and that your grace and enabling are available. so we come with brother safai to embrace your light and to ask that you would activate in him and in each one of us a power to lift our city. we thank you for your presence with us now and ask that you would bless the proceedings with your grace and with your glory. and this we asked in the name of the one we call christ and others you're in for with
2:38 pm
the word justice. amen. >>[applause] >> i am going to ask all of you to please figure would be having the presentation of the colors. likely able to thank col. doug bullard was done an incredible job with our children in these high schools in maintaining jr to jr tc a lot. i like to be at able to ask all of you, the colors by the balboa high school jr otc colors are commanded by emerson district and members gordon so, just to lie, and alastair lane. [inaudible].
2:39 pm
>>[presentation of colors.] >> >>[pleage of allegiance] >>[presentation of colors.] >> >>[applause] >> i want to remind everybody
2:40 pm
these are high school kids. high school kids. they deserve a stronger louder round of applause. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] thank you. you may sit down. thank you. so much like rainy days and it time wherein in about a week our country is going to be changing. in that it requires a lot of unity and solidarity and sometimes words that we are unable to be able to, those who thought they were unwilling to compromise and to work together because of our different points of views, our city needs to come together to unite. who better than to lead that charge their mayor, edwin m sleight. >>[applause]we
2:41 pm
>> thank you, olga. good afternoon everybody. welcome and thank you for wading through wind and rain to come here and to celebrate and to witness this incredible honor that we have to welcome in oshawa safai to our board of supervisor could i've known-yes, please. >>[applause] i've had the privilege of knowing oshawa in many other ways and when i was in dpw or city administrator, we had a chance to work together in the district that very district, cleaning up talking about parks, about families, about housing them up about open
2:42 pm
space and from that years ago, i knew that oshawa had already formed a loving heart for this district the most of the people in it. he has demonstrated that by now coming forward and taking up the important position is a member of the board of supervisors did i want to say thank you to all of our board members, our elected officials for being here today. but you also know oshawa in many other roles. as a labor leader and i want to say thank you to all of the labor representatives are today. >>[applause] you are the heart of the city. in my discussions particularly, in the last few years, and even most recently as the housing crisis has been on on us as families have by both data and stories, have begun disappearing, coming under tremendous pressures, as
2:43 pm
we look to all of our districts to step up and step out on these challenges come out we find leaders. leaders who are going to amass incredible years working with the labor, with people, with residences and particular, with families. ashok has given the-his story. i am enthusiastic about it. i'm excited about it because he's going to lend a very strong voice for families in san francisco. that is absolutely needed. i know that begins with issues like housing but it will extend, everything from job creation to open space, to childcare, universal childcare for everybody-yes. >>[applause] i know that i will have it within him a strong ally and a
2:44 pm
leader not just for district 11 but for all of our city. i'm excited about this because when he speaks he is going to be speaking to those and he is going to do it every day, every time. it isn't working on saturdays and sundays anymore. ashok. it is monday through monday, 24-7 and if you want to, i will write unique with you to make sure our families are getting the best service that they can and he's cared about everybody. but in particular, i know oshawa has his heart working with families. >>[applause] i know that he will bring dignity. he will struggle he will we go
2:45 pm
fight. he will unite with all of us to make sure voices have not been heard will be heard and he will make sure that district 11 is never ever referred to as the forgotten district of people. >>[applause] i am excited. i will be excited when we walk those corridor and outer mission , when we observe either the vacancies were the storefronts that ought to have better visibility, when we get to mission and geneva we are committed to an even better job in making sure that is the safest vision zero intersection and all of our city. >>[applause] when we speak to families, i want all those families to know, that universal childcare objective, that is going to be real in san francisco is a bosch's leadership and people like
2:46 pm
those that are working in our buildings, as maintenance worker, you are can have a proud leader that you can depend on it will bring dignity to your jobs every single day. yes, and to all the generations. >>[applause] so this is exciting for me as the mayor of the city and the privilege may. i want to thank the tenant governor for giving me a shot at this job and >>[applause] taking a risk in a deeply. buried bureaucrat to come out to make sure we're doing all the right things but also want to say to oshawa, who i think is going to represent the new generation of supervisors along with jeff and of course, our other elected supervisors, we are going to do great things in here and if washington wants to take us on, okay. bring it on. bring it on. >>[applause] so, ashok, congratulations to you, to our family, to what you stand for and i will stand with you and we will do great things together with all of the people
2:47 pm
in district 11 and the people of san francisco. congratulations. >>[applause] >> i would like to acknowledge folks that just came in. not to let everybody know that you came in late but i just want to be able to acknowledge the laughing that you came. a similar number still paying. >>[applause] chemung walton from the school board. >>[applause] all right. bad decker from labor. >>[applause] susan solomon.. >>[applause] thank you. sarah's alley. all right, [inaudible] from mh w been squarely from labor 6x1.
2:48 pm
>>[applause] so we would like to be able to now have the oath of office and i'm going to ask her lieut. gov. by the hon. gavin newsom and his head in our justice, [[inaudible] and i can have daddy up here, to plead >>[applause] gabby safai. >> are you ready quee are you sure?all right. are we all set? you guys ready? >>[inaudible]
2:49 pm
[off mic] i feel like i should be swearing you in as well. >>[laughing] i'm just saying. big round of applause. width don't say that. >> >>[laughing] >> all right, auster. you know the drill. i'm going to say, aye, and this is i, like this even be forced to repeat after me. >>[laughing] but the only thing you can do on your own is state your name. i'm going to say, you state your name. the rest we will see how it goes. all right? are you ready? >> yes. >> i, do solemnly swear, that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california and that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same good that i take this obligation freely without any mental
2:50 pm
reservation or purpose of evasion and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter. during such time as i hold the position as a member of the transportation authority >>[laughing] >>[cheerring] and a member of the county board of supervisors, for the city and county of san francisco . well done mr. supervisor. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] >> ashok, after lieut. gov.,
2:51 pm
here you thought you were done just with swearing in. >>[laughing] we are going to ask you to-say a few remarks before mr. safai >>[laughing] supervisor safai. another big round of applause. >>[applause] >> all right. i will do my best to get out of the way of the main event, but it's the spirit of the times we talked about in safai swearing itself evident to everybody in this room the headwinds coming our way here in san francisco, in
2:52 pm
particular, and in the state of california quite notably. it requires the spirit of what mayor lee was saying, the spirit of what jeff was saying when he was sworn into the spirit of imagine what usher is going to say. unity. right? going back together the that old african proverb, the member clique if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. i think it is >>[applause] it is in that spirit of unity and reconciling, you know, all those interesting differences that define san francisco politics, and has plenty of it in this room, trust me i have not forgotten- >>[laughing] but at the end of the day there is something that i know unites every single person in this room at the same time and so i will just say this. as a resident, or former resident, i can believe i left this damn
2:53 pm
time i can afford it supervisor alioto >>[laughing] but as a proud this generation speaking with six generation kids, we count on you. we count on you, o we count on you the board of supervisors could be count on you mayor lee. become on all of you in this room at this remarkably significant moment in our history to do exactly what ed lee. said. step in, stepping, be authentic, be bold at the problem and challenges will be big. don't be ideological in terms of our approach could be open to argument could be interested and evidence but step up to this extraordinary moment and challenge that defines, i think, our time. i could not be more proud of this guy. i've seen him-it has been 10 damages and even running for this office. it is unbelievable. >>[applause] i will close with this. you know, from the
2:54 pm
housing authority to the work is done at the ecw, the work is done it on lcd, there are few people that are more compared to truly hit the ground running to represent this extraordinary district. you've got a great fighter in oshawa safai. congratulations district 11. >>[applause] >> okay. i guess i've got to say something. >>[laughing] well, you know first of all, the moment is kind of surreal because usually on the outside looking in. i'm usually the person that was behind the scenes working with her were a whole bunch of you to elect all bunch of you. >>[laughing] i keep on thinking, and i was thinking this because of the subject close race, i cannot
2:55 pm
figure out score to get a phone call saying, we actually found another 500 votes. the laughing sorry, you lost by 73 vote. >>[laughing] but that cannot happen because i actually they certify the election. >>[applause] >>[cheerring]. so you know, today is the day that i think you give thanks first, first and foremost, your blessings and my mind a storm is assigned as others have referenced my to sign of what is to come. that there is going to be some change and i think that with our new board and a lot of the folks that are sitting here, there is going to be change. mr. mayor and i think we are ready to do this collectively. but i truly believe that the people that we meet in our lives are often ones that help to shape our destiny and 19 years ago-i try not to get emotional-but 19-year-old zero met this young woman on the first day of graduate school and we talked about our funny names, strange things, whatever you want to call them we talked about
2:56 pm
football. here we are, 19 years later in the woman is my wife >>[cheerring] >>[applause]. and the reason that i'm standing here today-let's not be let's not question that at all. be glad when she is my best friend. my partner. and what i like to call my in-house counsel. >>[laughing] because she is an attorney, by the way. >>[laughing] you know, truly married some of that smarter than me and someone that is a strong woman in her own right. so, there you go. >>[applause] because from my perspective, the voters of district 11 did not just elect me. elected our family. i am a husband and a father, first and i will carry that with me every day that i
2:57 pm
do my duties and act as a supervisor good i'm a father to soul and roomy and a husband >>[applause] i told him he could come on stage once though. >>[laughing] you had that opportunity, we meet. but that i am a husband to yet zero and i believe our family truly represents and reflects the image of district 11 working families. a lot of times people asking what i think working families means and everyone has their own definition. but martin knows what i'm talking about. working families means deciding who's the top of the kids in the morning. who is going to pick them up after school. was there to do the grocery shopping. who is going to make dinner. i get a call every day at 4:55 pm. what are we having for dinner tonight? i said, i better get on it. >>[laughing] who is going to
2:58 pm
stay home with the kids are sick? who is going on there filtered squeak who is doing their homework? who is putting them to bed? and the way that i acted on the campaign is the way i'm going to be a supervisor. there was never a night that i do not say, sorry i have to go home is time to put my kids to bed. all most every morning i dropped him off on my way to work in on their way to school. my wife's looking at me like, don't exaggerate, now. >>[laughing] i see that look on her face. but you have my kids afterwards if i'm telling the truth. >>[laughing] but oftentimes, working families also are the working men and women and a lot of the working labor leaders are in this room today and i'm so proud from the bottom of my heart that i so much support from labor so can we give it up for all the labor in the house today please? >>[applause]
2:59 pm
and you know, referencing back to the campaign, the campaign is what really sets the tone of how you're going to be a supervisor. how you conduct yourself on the campaign it has run your campaign is how you will be as supervisor. if you sit back and let other people dictate to you that was can happen when you're on the board. but if you set the tone and you fight and you fight hard, right ms. breed, if you fight hard people note your benefit when you get to the board. i was very very fortunate. we had 04 11,000 votes, with the most number of votes in the history of district 11 did so i'm very very proud of that. >>[applause] over 28,000 people cast their ballots for us and in the end we bond one by 413 votes. at the end of the day it was a hard-fought campaign that
3:00 pm
started on the doorstep of mr. roberto mendes could i started october 2 2015 we do not stop until 8 pm, november 8. right ms. colleen olsen. we do not stop. we went all the way to the end. >>[applause] i feel like i talk to my friend scott weiner and he taught me you go all way to the finish line don't stop short knock on every single door and that's what we did. we knocked on 7000-i knocked on 7000 words per sums up my campaign not on a lot more than that but at the end of the day people set and they've referenced it. this wasn't a one-year campaign were a two-year campaign. they said you've been running for the last eight or 10 years according to the lieutenant governor in what i would say to that is, you are right. >>[laughing] you are absolutely right. that's why i'm standing here in front of you today. >>[applause] but i learned from my mistakes in
3:01 pm
2008 and was hard work, perseverance, and listening that at the end of the day propelled us to victory. i listen to 7000 people personally on their doorstep. it's one the most humbling experiences of my life to sit on someone's door one on one, and listen to their concerns, their frustrations, their dreams and their vision for the neighborhood. at the end of the day, no one knows better what they want than their neighbor. that's how you really get the heartbeat of the campaign get that you really get the heartbeat of your distant. because at the end of the day people want to come and tell you, this is what your voters want. this is what your district wants. at consultants and surveys and polls, i have my own call. my pole was 7000 households door to door. so let me tell you what the folks in district 11 are asking for. and i listen to those working families could they want better parking. they want slower
3:02 pm
traffic. i told the sea i only met with the mta mr. medved i said, they were talking about purchasing new vehicles and i said, how many times at the board of supervisors rejected one of your contracts? and there was 15 of them i do not know his meeting with 15 people. they all looked at one another and said, never. i said, okay great. electric about what i want to talk about. i said, i want to talk about parking good i want to talk about slowing traffic down. i want to talk about what it means to have service on time and reliable treat this guys name i think his name was henry or chuck it i can't a member but i have his e-mail and all the-i said you were not targeted investments because the head of parking. that's what the folks at district 11 are asking for. i do know my friend muhamed dooley is in the room but i want to give a special thanks to mr. nuru. >>[applause] i had a lot of
3:03 pm
jobs and work for a bridge under mayor ed lee when he was city head of dpw award for mayor newsom worked at the housing authority did i work for a lot of people but also work for muhamed nuru. that was the best job that i ever had in the city and county of san francisco get it was the hardest job. we were the hardest working people and if i could clone that man make him run 7-8 permit this to be running on also. let's give it up for muhamed nuru. >>[applause] that's my way of saying, we want a little bit more attention from dpw. >>[laughing] we want them cleaner and greener streets. >>[laughing] i made a pledge and i'm going to talk to the mayor and already talk to muhamed about this. we want eight to plant a minimum of 500 trees a year every year that him in office. >>[applause] we want to see our neighborhood be cleaner. but still cleaner
3:04 pm
and greener more updated parks and rec and at the end of the day there's a few other things. you know we have the highest rate of empty storefronts and vacancies in the entire's. we want to attract more businesses. we want to go storefronts built that means working with some of the artists around the city,) michelson get we want to get them to come occupy those storefronts, create space and get some activity and foot traffic on the corridor. lastly, i will say universal childcare, the mayor, definitely mention that that something we campaigned on and we campaigned on affordable housing for working people. workforce housing. >>[applause] you know him i've had a lot of the folks in the trades come up to me and they're saying, we are getting to the point where they say, if we can't live in it were not going to build it. if we can't live in it we are not going to build it. because
3:05 pm
it's not right that they are building housing that they can't even living in this circuit we have to have workforce housing did we have to housing for the working families. because if you took district 11 out of san francisco, we really would be a tale of two cities. we really would be the wealthy and the extremely poor. the reason our district is what it is is because we have the highest rate of owner occupied homes. we have the most diverse city did we have the most children under the age of 18 people aging in place. we are a very different but yet similar part of san francisco. we need to re-create that. the only way you can do that is if you're building housing for working people. so that is good to be one of my biggest agendas when i'm on the board of supervisors and i will fight for that every single day. >>[applause] there with make a good i wait a long time for this moment so i have quite a bit to say today but i promise i will wrap it up in the next 5 min. >>[laughing] so these are my marching
3:06 pm
orders. this is my agenda. it's very clear. you know i think it's clean what we are going to and fight for every single day. but given our new reality at the national level, with our new president, we must all come together as a city and put aside our differences to ensure san francisco remains a refuge for immigrants and people of all stripes and colors. this is not a time to back away but yet it's a time to lean in and lead on the national level. president reed and i were at the reception for our new sen.,, harris and she said better than anyone can say. people around the country are looking to us to be a model for the nation. they are looking and waiting to hear what we have to say. we have to lead on this issue. we have to fight for immigrants could we have to fight for people of color. we have to fight for folks that
3:07 pm
don't have a voice. so while the rest of the nation is watching us, we have to lead on the issues that are important. but i would like to reflect on something that what i would say what of our great presidents had to say and was a true leader and knows president john f. kennedy. he said that at a graduation at american university commanded so true to this day. if we cannot and our differences, at least we can make the world safer for diverse city. for in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. we all breathe the same air. we all cherish our children's future. and we are all mortal. could you know what, that is absolutely put those words matter more today than they ever have and we are pessimistic, we are in as president reed said, we are going to fight and we are going to stand up to the national agenda that's one that's going to attack us at all different levels. while these leaders here today that i've worked
3:08 pm
with them proud to say that this report i pledged to work with you to fight this because we do need to be a true leader in this regard. >>[applause] you know, all the elected officials and other folks that are in this room, i'm not going to go through every single one of you and thank you all over. i asked olga to recognize you and every single one of you supported me one way or another and i truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. i would like to call out in particular, just a couple because i think that it helps to shape and as i said the people that you need an open the door for you and being the ones that hope to shape your future. i started at the housing authority good i started either great fortune with my friend, i think, the city and london, with doing open-door day with mayor willie brown and no one wanted to do
3:09 pm
that because he would have meetings at 7 am. so i was like, i will go. >>[laughing] quite often, 6-7 of the people were members of the housing authority and so to sit in that room and to watch one of the great politicians, probably of the last century, that is not only probably when the most intelligent but when the most savvy leaders that we have and often times, they don't the two don't come together in one person. a lot of time someone is smart to a lot of times someone is savvy but never the same together. i had the great fortune of learning from him. it was after that time that i went to go work on supervisor newsom's campaign for mayor and then had the great fortune of working for him and it is from the lieutenant governor that i learned the value in idea and what it means to be focused on numbers and numbers matter. numbers dictate the ultimate outcome. and importantly, this is very important-policy ideas
3:10 pm
can come from anywhere if you listen. it's not the smartest person in the room or the person that thinks they are the smartest person in the room were the most educated but if you listen, you will get ideas. when i was doorknocking one of the women said to me, she was just in there and she said in a wide we have all these empty storefronts ice and him are sweet but you allowed to come in for free init. we will clean them up and we will activate-now that might be someone might've done it other places but was awake in the passion she said it could i said you know what that's a great idea we will do that. that's an example of what it means to listen and i learned that from our lieut. gov.,, mayor newsom at the time and i appreciate him taking a shot on the giving my first shot in city hall in the 31-year-old that thought he knew a lot. didn't list and is vastly good idea that he may be the deputy
3:11 pm
director of community development. so i'll never forget that and appreciate that. >>[applause] then, also, mayor lee at the time who was the head of the apartment of public works, and then went on to become our city administrator and our mayor, thank you for giving me were endorsing and supporting me and supporting me during the campaign and embracing our ideas and i waiting for me to be supervisor to take on childcare, to take on affordable housing, to take on the things that the people of district 11 care about. i believe i was the only non-income and that you endorse so i appreciate that and i really look forward to working with you. >>[applause] as i said, not going to thank every single one of you all over again, but i will say sen. leno, in particular, is always
3:12 pm
endorse me every time i've run for office. so everyone i've been involved in is always endorsing sort, some not going ask you for an endorsement for another four years. the laughing so thank you, stood thank you for standing with me and always being there for me. i appreciate that. the clap in dist. atty. gascon beginning early outdoorsman. i appreciate that. assemblyman david chiu, assemblyman phil ting. again from his another one like sen. leno was there with me from the beginning. i think i was running for [inaudible] he was there with me whenever this phil ting has been there with me and i appreciate that. >>[applause] assessor recorder carmen chu, are sharp, hennessy, outs and of community college board member. then two in particular that a longtime friendship with, >>[inaudible] [off mic] a longtime
3:13 pm
friendship with melia cohen supervisor janet thank you for your support supervisor farrell and the one i think i know the longest, my friend london breed president breed, sorry. president breed. >>[applause] thank you for taking my calls all throughout the campaign and thank you for helping me get atty. gen. at the time and now state sen., harris's endorsement. i really appreciate that. >>[applause] supervisor katie tang thank you for your support. so many people i could go on and on but i want to end up with this. you know, we have tremendous energy in our district. we have tremendous folks that have amazing ideas get their neighborhood leaders could they remain part of my campaign. i'm not to call you all out because i miss somebody good to hear about it later on just want to say thank you to all the different neighborhood
3:14 pm
associations. edi eight, cayuga improvement association, new mission-absolutely let me finish, mentioned i'm just kidding dr. >>[laughing] i miss when i'm going to get the new mission terrace improvement association. the district 11 council. my brothers from united players even though they're not in district 11. >>[applause] thanks. out her mission merchants and residents association. so many i could keep going. candy alley leaders. >>[laughing] but thank you for your tremendous support and your ideas and i really look forward to working with you every day. my piecing captains my house party does my volunteers, no campaign can operate without a great team. i would like to thank my consultants from clifford, tom
3:15 pm
clifford and megan smith and my friend david letterman for providing us numbers did i campaign manager i've already recognize him and assayed again, colleen olsen thank you for putting up with me. >>[applause] and the rest of my team, dixon lee, aaron lu, sue sandoval sicilia-rockstar volunteers like ada and justin. then a special thanks goes to my childhood friend, beth live from boston and damage to run my geo tv london hardy, kenny korea, thomas gonzales. >>[applause] by other childhood friends that actually moved here and now live here, sam berenson and todd kiger. >>[laughing] i also would like to thank in particular, the person community for believing in me from day one. by dear friends see it and sammy, soft as in peabody already reckon it. baja, [inaudible] and the entire [inaudible] let's give it up for them. >>[applause]
3:16 pm
like to also recognize community tenants association and all the chinese community leaders that copy honey. i really from the bottom of my heart, standing there with me translating documents come a doing everything amazing amazing work for the leadership and support from the chinese community i appreciate that. >>[applause] i would like to also give finally a special thanks to a couple of lifelong mentors get gov. michael dukakis who could not be here today could he married my wife and i in a guiding light for us and our family. i have to tell you, i'm not kidding you the best advice in the world i'm a better than a political consultant worth everybody,-no, wait it was free. he gave it to me for free. he said, go knock on every door. and he just
3:17 pm
saying it go knock on every door. he would hear that and use 800 and knock on the door. like mark farrell on a knock on every door and offered him there will go knock on every door. because it's a burden and it's time-consuming and put some on your family and but we did we not done 7000 doors and have to think on that him for being there for me. my godmother loretto vdot for believing in me and providing guidance. every step of the way and almost a daily basis, i met loretto when i was start off as an intern in the white house. in our president bill clinton. i have to say, one of the smartest political minds, smartest people i've ever had the great fortune of knowing and i color my godmother now. she is my godmother and her family britney and bryant and john always been there for me every step of the way. never last book not least, please everybody i know we can a lot to labor but give one more big big round of applause to our janitors were taking me under their wing for the past eight years. >>[applause] and for
3:18 pm
my sister, and friends, olga miranda, for bringing me into the labor movement and about morale is, a special thanks to the teamsters and all the different locals of the joint council 350, 665, 826 2785, and is olga said the firefighters are fighting for me the police officers for fighting for me and all my brothers and sisters in the building trades for being there with me every step of the way. ilwu and uh w, i could keep going on and object of cw i mean it's amazing the kind of support that we had in every little bit helps. i'm just going to end with this. a couple people that shape my life that are not here today i like to end in their honor. the soto, boys godfather. open somebody doors for me before people even knew who i was in the city. my grandmother and grandfather, ed and state, jerk
3:19 pm
were not with us but she did me and my mother who made me a man that i am today, thank you so much for always being there with me every step of the way. >>[applause] and all my family members my brothers and sisters you know there's a lot of people today to honestly, instead they got the flu and their home of throwing up and i believe in 10-15 times over and over again people are not line but my brother could not be here today that he is sick at home and my brother-in-law growl and agnes and all my family, everyone that has helped to make this reality, i just went to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i'm honored to be your supervisor. i am now i'm committed to begin and let's make this district 11 shone. thank you so much. >>[applause] >> one more person is one more
3:20 pm
person i want to thank you for he leaves is-and i mean this from the bottom of my heart but supervisor aaron peskin could thank you for keeping your word. thank you for saying neutral and i look forward to working with you, brother. >>[applause] >> >> >>
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>> what if you could make a memorial that is more about information and you are never fixed and it can go wherever it wants to go? everyone who has donated to it could use it, host it, share it. >> for quite a great deal of team she was hired in 2005, she struggled with finding the correct and appropriate visual expression. >> it was a bench at one point. it was a darkened room at another point. but the theme always was a theme of how do we call people's attention to the issue of speci species extinction. >> many exhibits do make long detailed explanations about species decline and biology of
3:39 pm
birds and that is very useful for lots of purposes. but i think it is also important to try to pull at the strings inside people. >> missing is not just about specific extinct or endangered species. it is about absence and a more fundamental level of not knowing what we are losing and we need to link species loss to habitat loss and really focuses much on the habitat. >> of course the overall mission of the academy has to do with two really fundamental and important questions. one of which is the nature of life. how did we get here? the second is the challenge of sustainability. if we are here how are we going to find a way to stay? these questions resonated very strongly with maya. >> on average a species
3:40 pm
disappears every 20 minutes. this is the only media work that i have done. i might never do another one because i'm not a media artist per se but i have used the medium because it seemed to be the one that could allow me to convey the sounds and images here. memorials to me are different from artworks. they are artistic, but memorials have a function. >> it is a beautiful scupltural objective made with bronze and lined with red wood from water tanks in clear lake. that is the scupltural form that gives expression to maya's project. if you think about a cone or a bull horn, they are used to get the attention of the crowd, often to communicate an
3:41 pm
important message. this project has a very important message and it is about our earth and what we are losing and what we are missing and what we don't even know is gone. >> so, what is missing is starting with an idea of loss, but in a funny way the shape of this cone is, whether you want to call it like the r.c.a. victor dog, it is listen to the earth and what if we could create a portal that could look at the past, the present and the future? >> you can change what is then missing by changing the software, by changing what is projected and missing. so, missing isn't a static installation. it is an installation that is going to grow and change over time. and she has worked to bring all of this information together from laboratory after laboratory including, fortunately, our great fwroup of researche e-- g researchers at the california academy. >> this couldn't have been more site specific to this place and
3:42 pm
we think just visually in terms of its scupltural form it really holds its own against the architectural largest and grandeur of the building. it is an unusual compelling object. we think it will draw people out on the terrace, they will see the big cone and say what is that. then as they approach the cone tell hear these very unusual sounds that were obtained from the cornell orinthology lab. >> we have the largest recording of birds, mammals, frogs and insects and a huge library of videos. so this is an absolutely perfect opportunity for us to team up with a world renown, very creative inspirational artist and put the sounds and sights of the animals that we study into a brand-new context, a context that really allows people to appreciate an esthetic way of
3:43 pm
the idea that we might live in the world without these sounds or sites. >> in the scientific realm it is shifting baselines. we get used to less and less, diminished expectations of what it was. >> when i came along lobsters six feet long and oysters 12 inches within they days all the oyster beds in new york, manhattan, the harbor would clean the water. so, just getting people to wake up to what was just literally there 200 years ago, 150 years ago. you see the object and say what is that. you come out and hear these intriguing sounds, sounds like i have never heard in my life. and then you step closer and you almost have a very intimate experience. >> we could link to different institutions around the globe, maybe one per continent, maybe two or three in this country, then once they are all
3:44 pm
networked, they begin to communicate with one another and share information. in 2010 the website will launch, but it will be what you would call an informational website and then we are going to try to, by 2011, invite people to add a memory. so in a funny way the member rely grows and there is something organic about how this memorial begins to have legs so to speak. so we don't know quite where it will go but i promise to keep on it 10 years. my goal is to raise awareness and then either protect forests from being cut down or reforest in ways that promote biodiversity. >> biodiverse city often argued to be important for the world's human populations because all of the medicinal plants and uses that we can put to it and fiber that it gives us and food that it gives us. while these are vital and important and worth literally
3:45 pm
hundreds of billions of dollars, the part that we also have to be able to communicate is the more spiritual sense of how important it is that we get to live side by side with all of these forms that have three billion years of history behind them and how tragic it would be not commercially and not in a utilitarian way but an emotio l emotional, psychological, spiritual way if we watch them one by one disappear. >> this is sort of a merger between art and science and advocacy in a funny way getting people to wake unand realize what is going on -- wake up and realize what is going on. so it is a memborial trying to get us to interpret history and look to the past. they have always been about lacking at the past so we proceed forward and maybe don't commit the same mistakes.
3:46 pm
>> i want to thank dr. ehrlich. i also want to thank san francisco general hospital for hosting this event and for start by saying we are here because at this facility one out of two patients is the victim of a traffic crash. as we often do at gatherings of survivors and families of crash victims, i asked that we begin by observing a moment of silence in memory of the 88 people who lost their lives to traffic incidents on the streets of san francisco and san jose this past year. and the hundreds who died in recent years. a moment of silence. >>[moment of silence] >> every 18 hours a child, a
3:47 pm
parent, a grandparent, a husband, a wife, or a friend is severely injured or killed on our city streets. these are tragedies that are completely preventable candidate you will hear from family members of these victims. now we are here because san francisco has the highest number of collisions per capita in california. speed is the leading cause of fatal and serious traffic crashes. speed kills. if you are hit by a car at 20 miles an hour, 1190% chance of surviving. if that car is going 40 mi./h were chance drops to 10%. san francisco and san jose have both adopted a policy of vision zero. which i strongly
3:48 pm
supported was on the board of supervisors. a policy that reflects our collective commitment to bringing traffic fidelity's down to exactly 0. not 20, not 10, but zero. the work is not done. for years we've known about one solution that is proven. automatic-automated speed enforcement or ase. automated speed enforcement is given city to pluto to magically reduce speeding and fatal traffic incident in over 140 communities around our country the facts are the facts the numbers are the numbers. portland, new york, denver, a 30% drop in speeding. maryland, it 59% drop. in washington dc, a city with similar density as ours, an 82% drop in speeding. a 70% reduction in fatalities per but despite these dramatic results california has not yet allowed ase. today, i am announcing with our community
3:49 pm
the introduction of the safe streets act of 2017, 80 342. to them, and a five-year pilot program for the two cities of san francisco and san jose. to bring proven safety improvements to our streets, to address drivers who disregard safety, by driving over 10 mi./h above a speed limits. speed grotto [inaudible] due to speeding since the data shows that 70% of fatal and severe traffic collisions occur on the handle of streets often in neighborhoods with many low income senior disabled and minority residents. i want to take a moment and think everyone who is here today of public officials, or pedestrian advocates, transportation experts, law enforcement and public health advocates, community members and families. for helping us to get here.
3:50 pm
working with us to address privacy, equity, and due process concerns and for the future work we must do together. i also want to thank our bills first co-authors, state sen. scott weiner, san jose state sen. jim built and that some women are filled think it is one take a moment and first thank nicole frerotte from wok san francisco and were incredible leadership over many years. brian we matter of the san francisco by coalition. and the over 40 member organizations of the vision zero coalition who are here. that may just end my remarks by saying that this legislation will not be easy. it will not be easy. we've a long road to go. but we don't have a choice. we over to the families of victims for those kids who are going to school. those cyclists were heading to work, those seniors who are going home. we over to them until the vision of zero victims is actually a reality. thank you.
3:51 pm
>>[applause] >> our first speaker today is someone who is been committed to vision zero here in san francisco from the beginning. who has been willing to put our cities dollars where we need to. someone who is been fighting to get these numbers down to zero, the 43rd mayor of the city of san francisco aer edwin lee. >>[applause] >> thank you. some women david chiu and thank you for your leadership because as you have said, we've got to do the right thing. it's never easy to do the right thing for the right reason. all of the people standing here beside me have been in hours and hours of deliberation around how to best fill our toolbox with things that would make our streets safer. and the vision zero is not just about automated
3:52 pm
enforcement systems. they are part of invaluable tools. in san francisco, with the vision zero, we are-as you can see readily, even right outside, redesigning our streets to make them safer, slow down traffic. we are working with all of our communities particularly with a very strong education program, and in partnership with her educational leaders to slow down traffic, to make sure that people using cars are understanding the consequences could the consequences that literally end up right here at zuckerberg general hospital costing the city some $35 million a year to respond to car crashes and victims of them. we are working very intentionally with our police officers and i want to note and thank the police officers from
3:53 pm
the san francisco police department, as well as the san jose police department because they know what happens on the street has in large part to do with speed. and enforcing our laws are police department has been focused on the five top things that cause pedestrian safety to be less safe. so we're doing a lot of enforcement but they need help. they certainly need the help of technology tools that this legislation will offer the cities like san jose and san francisco. i'm going to have a special thanks to a mayor who is cosponsoring this with me, mayor sam ricardo for not only coming up here from being a stalwart transportation in general and for also being a stalwart on making sure his streets, my street, and our streets are safer for pedestrians i want to thank our board of supervisors and i know norman yee are not getting any younger. were faster in our
3:54 pm
walking of our streets but we do do a lot of walking and we have personal experiences that we do see speed is going to be of great help in this toolbox. but enforcement and education redesigning our streets are all about the collaboration that mta and the county transit authority along with all of our partners in the community and community advocates, work with our police department's our large enforcement officers, traffic experts, to make sure we do our best to vision zero is about all of those things but it's also about adding new tools but it's also about educating ourselves to make sure anyone who is driving, whether they are big rigs, or muni buses were cars of every sort, slow down. we need to enforce that make it a big deal. this will help. as a some
3:55 pm
women chiu has quoted, it is held in other cities did in fact 142 other cities have automated speed enforcement and it is working to reduce collisions, particularly, pedestrians by very serious percentages. i've-we need to have those percentages down to zero in san francisco. so we are going to commit to supporting this. we will work with other colleagues brought the state. we will have that dialogue, that is difficult in the face of opposition but again, it is always going to be hard to do the right thing for the right reason and having automated speed enforcement is the right thing to do especially with the speeds that we are experiencing good so thank you to everybody for continuing to work hard on this and to also continue to make
3:56 pm
that toolbox as large as it is because that's how we are going to eventually get to vision zero. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you mayor lee for your leadership. i'm honored to introduce our next speaker in the following way. i'm going to out him very briefly. about 20 years ago he was a former resident of san francisco and he bike and walk in our cities. he knows the challenges of our city. but in more recent years he has been leading efforts in his hometown of san jose on transportation issues as well as in particularly, but it comes to safety on our streets. the mayor of the largest city in the bay area, mayor of san jose, sam ricardo. >>[applause] >> thank you some remember chiu. he did mention that the reason why he knows that i used to live in san francisco is that he's a former housemate of mine. so don't get me started about outing anybody with
3:57 pm
stories. >>[laughing] here in san francisco and in san jose and throughout silicon valley we know too well the expression that the future is already here. it is simply not well distributed. unfortunately, as we know the future of keeping our pedestrians safe on the streets of our cities necessarily involves automated speed enforcement and other critical technologies. we have the future distributor to 142 cities throughout this country but not the cities of san jose were san francisco. how ironic here in the heart of silicon valley, because the laws of the state of california do not allow us to utilize this very vertical technology to keep more pedestrians from having to enter the doors of this hospital. i want to acknowledge
3:58 pm
our team from san jose who came out to join us. we are all in on this pic is critically important to us is a chance provisioned jim--lieut. steve payne from san jose police department as well as capt. kings were the good we have got our whole time managing laura wells from the department of transportation because we know how critically important this legislation is and we know how courageous the something number two is for leading this effort. there are powerful forces aligned against this bill. we can only hope that the voices of the families of all too many victims will be heard by the rest of the assembly and the senate as they consider this critical legislation for keeping our residents safe. between 40 and 60 fatalities occur every year in the city of san jose and so many unnecessarily because of our inability to regulate the speed on the roads. as assembly member chu indicated, that
3:59 pm
speed is the critical predictive indicator for whether or not individual will survive or not. we can do far more. and we look forward to partnering with that san francisco on this and many other important innovations and improvements in our test rotation infrastructure. i feel very blessed to have an extraordinary colleague in mayor lee who has been both innovative and collaborative and we look forward to many more partnerships like this. i certainly want to thank assembly member to his leadership as well send her belt and so many others who jumped on top of this bill yet this is important. we need to bring it home. thank you. >>[applause] >> now that i saw the microphone to start sharing some stories about sam ricardo. we have with us the most important boys is in this discussion that is the family members of the victims and
4:00 pm
survivors of traffic crashes. i would like to actually-because i know they're walking about here a little late if you could these, join us at the podium. like to invite up to introduce the bay area news for safe streets organization julie mitchell. >>[applause] >> hi. my name is julie mitchell and i'm here because on may 23 2013, my families life was changed forever when a garbage truck ran over and killed my 21-year-old son, dylan. while he was riding his bike to work. his death has devastated our lives. dylan was the oldest of my four sons and such a ray of sunshine and positive role model to his younger brothers and so many friends that knew him. he was just starting out his adult life as an electrician, apprentice for ibew could do is
4:01 pm
making everyone proud following in his father's footsteps and four generations of electricians in our family. he was deeply loved by so many. it's a daily struggle knowing i'll never see my precious son again. no parent should have to bury their child. all hopes and dreams for his future were destroyed because of a crash that could have been prevented. this is why i decided that i would do whatever i possibly could to prevent any other family from having to face the same devastation. i know i needed to do something positive in my son's memory and i wanted to make-i want to help change the culture of driving so our roads don't just move traffic as fast as possible without consideration of the safety of everyone on those roads. so i turned my grief into action and
4:02 pm
together with other people have faced similar tragedies, we started the san francisco bay area chapter of families for safe streets. we are part of a growing national movement of families affected by traffic violence who are want to put an end to these needless deaths. we will share our stories and fight for policy changes to prevent future families from suffering as we do. since the launch of our group, the number one thing that we've committed to as a group is getting speed ab - past. that's why being sold being here today so important to me and i'd like to thank assembly member chu for introducing the legislation for automated speed enforcement. i like to also thank everyone from the families that took the time to be her date to show their support for asc. thank you. >>[applause]
4:03 pm
>> julie, thank you for your voice. and your courage and we we hearing from other family members shortly. our next speaker is someone who's been an advocate in her days during the board of supervisors and in the state legislature now with the chairwoman of our state board of equalizers and fiona monk. >>[applause] >> thank you very much. when i first got elected to the board of supervisors representing the sunset district, we have a number of fatalities along 19th ave. that will be prompted our need to do something along the state highways especially. the senator and i worked on a number of pieces of legislation. one was the double fine zone along 19th ave. a second was working with caltrans and chp officers to install 35 countdown signals along the most dangerous intersection, along 19th ave. and it worked. fatalities have
4:04 pm
decreased. but, as we all know, they have not increased in other parts of the city. we need to do our part to be vigilant to slow down, to look around, to work with the advocate groups were here, were raising the awareness and to support legislators and good legislation like a summary member david chiu. it is not easy being in the legislature as i know. on these important life-saving legislation but it impacts all of us. impacts all of us standing here in the room, everybody who is on the streets. i do want to commend our law enforcement officers by the men and women were out there everyday protecting our lives, saving our lives, and this will give them an additional tool to help them do
4:05 pm
their business better. for the community. sauna thank everyone for being here did thank you assembly member chu for your leadership in the two matters as always for doing the best that you can to protect our citizens. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you fiona. those of you from san francisco know that our san francisco board of supervisors has unanimously not always supported vision zero but the idea of moving forward automatic speed enforcement did i want to invite up representative from the board of supervisors, someone said not just a personal experience in this issue has been the leading voice on the board on this issue. norman yee. >>[applause] >> thank you a summary member assembly manchu. and thank you mayor ricardo and mayor lee for being here and being not only supportive but our champions on this issue. i am norman yee supervisor in san francisco and this issue of traffic
4:06 pm
fatalities and collisions is a real important issue to me. i was one of the co-authors of vision zero policy in san francisco. i am the chairman of the vision zero committee in san francisco and, you know we are going to throw-i'll give you data and galore about why we should do this but what you need to do is listen to these family members who have been impacted by these coalitions. i am one of those victims. a little over 10 years ago i was hit by a car that i was in the middle of an intersection. i looked down the street and was no vehicles for almost a block. so the car that rammed into me must've been fine down the
4:07 pm
street because by the time you need to turn breaking and everything, it's recorded that he had hit me at 25 miles an hour. on a turn. so i'm actually one of those lucky people, lucky victims, that i'm not on the data that says i am dead. so if you were not for this hospital, i probably would be dead. so i think it's important that-and am very supportive of families for safe streets. i know that there are stories that will convince others that assemblyman chu is trying to convince to pass this very important piece of legislation. we know it works. we don't know why we don't have it in california. we need to have it. lives are important and it's really up to us to shout out loud enough to say, get this thing passed so that we can be one under 43 and one
4:08 pm
or 44 cities that will have this. i want to also thank our partners in the city. we are united on this effort. so we have the department heads, ed reiskin from mta. chief scott from the police department and also to leachate from our key eight transportation authority, good we have partnered to make these things happen. engineering, education, and enforcement. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you norman for your leadership and yes, it is about the voices of our family members. her recent resident of the bayview and not too long ago in the bayview at the corner of third and cargo, stood armand leser. here to speak about him is his father alvin leser. >>[applause] >> thanks for everyone coming out could i appreciate your
4:09 pm
concern on this issue. it's a grave issue. it's about saving lives and i don't think there's nothing else that is higher, a higher calling especially for me. about my son, he was eight-my son, to go right into my son with him on was my only child. he was a child i thought it would never would have. he became dear to me when i discovered that his mother was pregnant. at his birth i witnessed his first breath into the world. the doctors allowed me to cut his umbilical cord right before he was weighed. kaman had the most wavy curly silky jet black hair. when he-when he turned one eyewitnesses for steps. as he stumbled towards me, as he grew into a young man, i was
4:10 pm
overjoyed with many of his first. i'm on change my life and i learned how to sacrifice for him as a father. by thinking about among the first. he taught me how to provide as a father could kaman tommy how to love as a father. he gave me a future to look forward to. as a father, had to learn to take care of my-of a life other than my own could kaman came to live with me at the age of eight and up until he graduated from skyline high school in oakland. he began his adulthood. amongst personality was jubilant. he was my little warrior. when the situation was tough, he never quits. he worked hard until the problem was solved and he got the results he wanted. my son was very respectful to others. willing to up anyone he came across his back. kaman loves his family, his friends, and his gigantic smile from ear to ear was pleasant to see. all the time i spent teaching him on how to become a man and how
4:11 pm
to navigate through life as a productive adult. he took the responsibility working hard seriously he held three jobs, one full-time job, two-part times, along with being a part-time student at san francisco city college. up until his death among future was bright. i was excited for him as a father. since my son's death i have vowed to dedicate my life in honor of oman no parent or loved one feels the pain and suffering that i and my family have to endure daily. every year in san francisco about 30 people lose their lives in over 500 people are seriously injured while traveling on the city streets. on november 1 2014 my son among leser was one of those killed. that's why i'm committed to putting a stop to preventable crashes. we are a car culture
4:12 pm
nation with more than 30,000 deaths a year have been accepted far too long. but i know-but i along with the other families, were part of the san francisco families for safe streets don't accept this. cities have to be shared and have to be safe for everyone. one of the best tools to slow cars down and put an end to the deaths of people walking and biking skateboarding and driving is automated speed enforcement asc. there are numerous states around the country that already have ase programs in effect and have proven that safety cameras work. ase saves lives. they can help change the culture of speeding in san francisco across the state and the nation. in the mons-in a month memory, and as a member of the san francisco bay area family for safe streets, i'm proud to
4:13 pm
stand with assembly member chu, mayor lee mayor ricardo. and so many others who support ase legislation to save lives. i invite you,-i invite you in ending this carnage on our streets by signing a petition today or online at sf be a families for safe to demand that our state leaders adopt ase legislation. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you, allen and we are doing this or kaman. automatic automated speed enforcement is obviously a public safety approach. i very much
4:14 pm
appreciate the work we've done with law enforcement here in san francisco and in san jose and sacramento to really ensure that this is a policy that will work. i'm also proud that we have had a strong line of police in the city and county of san francisco who have been 1% behind ase and with that i like to introduce the newest police chief of san francisco chief liam scott. >>[applause] >> good morning and thank you a summary number two for your leadership on this important legislation and thank you mayor sweet and mayor regard up for your leadership in making this happen. in october of 2016 the san francisco police department in partnership with the san francisco metro transportation agency and the department of public health wants a citywide effort to reduce speeding in support of vision zero. on
4:15 pm
sunset speed is one the leading cause of the spirit and david traffic collisions in san francisco. as a component of the san francisco safe speeds campaign, we have implemented regular high visibility enforcement on high-end corridor and all 10 of our police district. our officers are equipped with lidar and honor streets to change on safe driving habits. automated speed enforcement were ase will be another tool we as a city can use to help reduce speed in san francisco and save lives. ase has been a success-has been successful in other cities across the country such as chicago, denver and new york city look for to working with a summary number two and mayor lee to bring that hereto san francisco. this new tool will build on the san francisco police department's focus on the five campaign to issue half of our citations for the five most common causes of injury collisions and those five are speeding, violating a pedestrians right away, running red lights, running stop signs, and failing to yield while turning. let's be clear.
4:16 pm
speeding is going over the posted speed limits. this new enforcement campaign is an effort to simply save lives good our goal is not to write tickets as a police department. it is to get drivers to slow down. that's why we are talking about it now and we will keep the public informed as these tools are installed in san francisco. we hope that the public knowing more enforcement will happen. speeding change behaviors under most collision prone streets. if our drivers [inaudible] opposite across every police district will enforce the law. so these, join me and him and women of the san francisco police department to make our city safe for all users of the road by slowing down. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you, ticket i just want to thank you and him and women of the law-enforcement or
4:17 pm
your support on this as we move forward. to speak about another facet of why we are here today in a hospital, to talk about the tremendous impact on medical and economic costs of crashes on our streets that are preventable if dr. lucy kornbluth from the san francisco general hospital trauma center. >>[applause] >> thank you. i am dr. lucy kornbluth. i may trauma surgery and critical care fellow here at zuckerberg san francisco general and additionally i completed my seven years of general surgery training in the ucsf system where i spent a significant amount of time on the trauma team at zuckerberg san francisco general. from this experience i can really speak firsthand to the impact traffic collision has on patients and families and the community overall. we are the city's only level i trauma ctr.
4:18 pm
which means that all the most seriously injured people are transported directly here for the highest level of care by the team of specialty trauma providers. we treat approximately 4000 patients a year here solely for trauma and nearly half of those people are injured in a traffic collision. that that over the course of your that means that the pager of the trauma surgeon on call goes off approximately five times a day, every day, to respond assess and treat a person who was injured in a traffic collision. the trauma surgeons here truly understand an attitude of this public health crisis. we are seeing on our streets as a witness it every day. particularly, tragic to be the head and neck injuries which are spirits by a third of people walking and biking. we see the friends and families mourn the promising futures of young patients whose
4:19 pm
lives are often asked extended but not fully recovered, and on a frequent basis we have to inform loved ones of the inability to save their family member were their friend despite extraordinary efforts. a recent analysis estimated the medical costs of traffic injuries treated at zsfg to be $35 million in direct costs. a year. and these are solely the medical cost. this does not come close to even capturing the immeasurable cost two people were injured or killed or to their families and friends who we have heard from today and we will hear from some more. this is why zuckerberg san francisco general, surgeons and staff having actively and very centrally involved in the vision zero initiative since it began providing both expertise
4:20 pm
and collaborating with public health epidemiologist to better understand both the problem as well as solution. as you have heard, we know that vehicle speeds are a main factor in predicting whether someone survives a crash and how injured they are in a crash. that there is very strong scientific evidence that policy that slows speed does save lives and it keeps patients out of our operating room. that is why we all stand here today with our elected officials, our city partners including sfmta eight and the sfpd, and the families of the victims to support this very important moments. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you dr. we have a few final speakers could i would like to invite up jenny you was a daughter of jenny-who was seriously injured in san
4:21 pm
francisco at the corner of hands-on park presidio. >> hello. my name is jenny you and i'm here today because of the not only my mom was severely injured by a driver who was speeding. i am also we are representing by family members, friends and the people around us both impacted by the responsible action by a driver in one of the city's most dangerous intersections. this reckless action cause my mom to suffer many physical injuries. including a fractured spleen waves and the damage for brain severely. my mom's brain is missing many pieces and parts and she is of your cognitive impairments. this crash took away my mom's ability to live a life. she no longer has ability to do what she has loved and has no real purpose in life. my
4:22 pm
mom now is a person who goes from multiple different personalities within her within a given our. sometimes she is someone with a severe all timers disease that sometimes she someone with a severe suicidal depression. sometimes she is someone was like an eight-year-old and sometimes she suffers from severe posttraumatic stress disorder. my siblings lots of altered since our day on february 22, 2011. the past six years we still wake up every day wishing this crash speed was just a portal nightmare. but we are reminded and face a daily struggle of not knowing who my mom will be that day. and how she will be throughout the day day in and day out. emotional pain and frustration are indescribable. we physically adjust our schedules monthly, weekly, daily sometimes even hourly, to see how we can do what we think is best and do what we can do to try to take care of our mom. things haven't given up to our health has taken a toll. the list is and was. but why i stand in front of all you guys today and relive this painful story is to
4:23 pm
urge our leaders to support families like mine with what is needed to stop these preventable crashes from happening. our streets should not be dissuaded and we have to take an action to to stop it. we also need to share our stories as families and individuals will experience such a tragedy so policymakers realize the impact on us when they don't take action to improve safety. the tragedy of the tornado [inaudible] how overwhelming frustrating painful and stressful days can be. san francisco bay area families for safe streets is here to put an end to these preventable tragedies by advocating for policy that save lives. on behalf of my family, i want to trust my gratitude to assembly member to and mayor lee and mayor ricardo and many others for taking a critical step towards achieving the vision zero by introducing automated speed enforcement
4:24 pm
legislation today. if afc had been in place my mother might not have been hit or her injuries may not been as severe with a reduction in the speed of the driver was going at. we cannot allow these preventable crashes to continue. ase is proven to tackle that speed of the and save lives. i urge everyone was listening today to take a step towards saving lives and stopping these crashes. we all need to play her part to change it. you can take that step by signing the ase petition here today were going on on sf va families for safe >>[applause] >> >>[non-english speaker] >> sign the petition.
4:25 pm
4:26 pm
>>[non-english speaker] >>[applause]
4:27 pm
>> thank you jenny. our second and final speaker is representing the san francisco missile transportation agency that is in leading our citywide efforts in this area and if we were to receive state approval will be responsible for carrying out ase. the chairman of the board shall bring them. >>[applause] >> thank you all very much. thank you for coming out to support this joint effort for automated speed enforcement. one particularly thank our director of transportation edit reiskin and are sfmta board of directors for their unwavering support for this. this feels like it's been a long road to get here advocates and agencies
4:28 pm
in san francisco have been talking about this for over 10 years to be here at this point is a big milestone. but we've all heard the numbers. we've all heard the emotions and we felt the emotions and we know what an impact speed has on safety under city streets. so i just want to talk for a brief moment about how we are going to get this bill passed and who's going to sport this bill. if you ask any parent in the bay area, any parent in the state what it is that are most frightened for their children when the kids leave the house by themselves those parents are going to tell you it is traffic violence. i talk to coworkers live out in the lovely suburbs of the bay area don't let the children bike or walk alone because they are so worried about the idea of traffic violence nurse so worried becoming a member of that club that none of us want to belong to. they are so worried about having to see the effects on their family of traffic violence. safely we have a way to change this. thank you so much assembly member to berkeley this-dissolution in
4:29 pm
front of us did so now i just want to make sure we all know were going to work very hard to get this bill passed but i think listening to all this today we understand what the benefits are good so we know that we can do this and if we all work very hard together we are actually quite to make our streets so much safer than when we make the streets of san jose and san francisco sabre other cities in the state are going to look at us and say, we want that. we want to stop the senseless loss of life that comes from cars and drivers speeding to our streets. so we are ready for this and we are going to go ahead and work very hard to pass this i thank you all so much for your support on this. >>[applause] >> thank you cheryl and i also want to thank a moment and thank director reiskin giggling paul rosen katie mccarty the team it sfmta eight been working on this for years. our final speaker is the mother of her daughter and she will tell the story of what happened at school crosswalk in san jose could elizabeth chavez. >> hello everyone. i will
4:30 pm
begin by introducing myself. my name is elizabeth and i represent [inaudible] who would've thought on may 14, 2013 our lives would've changed? on the afternoon of may 14 received a phone call from my oldest daughter. despite her innocence in a weak voice, she tells me, mommy, my sister is on the floor. she is dead. write them before she said coolly it was, i don't know if there was a mother's instinct i close my eyes and the first image that popped into my mind was eileen. i don't know how i got to the scene of the crash but once i arrived, i could see from a couple feet away her
4:31 pm
favorite pink converse sneakers and my daughter's body laying on the floor covered with yellow sheets. my five-year-old daughter was cut short. an inattentive driver struck my sister-in-law and two youngest daughters. eileen was pronounced dead at the time of the crash. despite the laws here in california, if you have a clean driving record you can get away with almost anything. as for the young gentleman he was only sentenced for 30 days in county jail and three years probation. i have no examined against this young gentleman. on the contrary. i thank you for calling 911. someone else in his use of hit and run. but it is that young gentleman was not speeding maybe my daughter would still be here. there is not a day that goes by and doesn't bring me back to that afternoon when i receive that phone call. i'm here today sharing my story pain that no other family goes through this
4:32 pm
when my family and i have gone through. if i could have-if we had automated speed enforcement in 2013 my daughter eileen could have been spared. she would have been in school today like every other child and i would have been working. i'm here to fight for ase that will prevent people from reckless speeding in our streets. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. that concludes today's press conference that i want to thank the members of the media were here good i think rather than taking questions i like to give all you view an opportunity to individual interviews with all of the many voices who are here
4:33 pm
and what effect are two great mayors. why think all the community and elected officials who are here vertically think our families and just and with one thought. from numbers of the public were wondering if this is the right policy, think about your family members. think about what you would do if you came home and one of them wasn't home. and that was something we could do to prevent it. we are here for alvin son, for julie sun, for jenny's mother, and for elizabeth's daughter. we have to get this done. thank you. >>[applause] >> >> gentlemen, i want to welcome you to the transportation authority finance commission good morning i am not your regular chair our
4:34 pm
chair is here she's ill i'll be stepping in and supervisor cohen i think i'm the vice chair of this committee (laughter) to my left is supervisor ronen and to my right is supervisor yee want to recognize sfgovtv charles kremenak and jennifer lowe for broadcasting this committee meeting happy valentine's day to you all my valentine's day gift to you will be a swift yet thorough and efficient meeting let's start with roll call. >> item one supervisor cohen commissioner fewer commissioner kim is present commissioner ronen commissioner yee. >> we have quorum. >> excellent thank you very much please next item, please. >> items 2 through 3 comprise
4:35 pm
the consent calendar their countered route not prepared e prepared to present but if unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> colleagues is a approval for the minutes. >> i'll move. >> motion by supervisor yee and without objection. >> public comment. oh, you're absolutely right ladies and gentlemen, time for public comment please step up two minutes to in the center seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you. >> roll call vote. >> commissioner cohen commissioner fewer commissioner ronen commissioner yee consent calendar is approved. >> thank you next item. >> federal, state, and local an update. >> welcome back back with the deputy city attorney in the
4:36 pm
program division sitting in for mark who was o who is usually talking about what is going on in 1590 sacramento street this is the recommended slate of positions and a matrix of the bills for tracking this is the first of the section but in the spirit of it it is short compared to normal, however, mark is expecting thousands of bills to be introduced by the end of the period on friday so probable are a robust packet for you next month so the bills we're recommending e recommending positions on the main one is are ab one and the transportation funding bill you've probably heard about $6 billion and passages being negotiated the governor has indicated his own passage that is $4 billion a year and that he expects it to be resolved by
4:37 pm
april 6th i think is what was said so expect to be taken up on that soon were r we're recommending a support position on ab 28 the urgent bills for the corrections to reinstate caltrans authorization to be signing on behalf of the permit holder highway administration for the documents that is critically important for the construction projects especially in southern california so near the top of people's priority lists and finally a core position on the bill 342 that is celebrated earlier this week with the automated enforcement legislation and then ear recommending one position on ab 65 there is one
4:38 pm
bill that one bill trying to kill high speed rail we'll have a dozen topics to talk about as well so there are already a number of bills on the horizon we anticipate discussing the one that got announced was supervisor scott wiener constitutional amendments for the transportation bonds 65 percent so that's the case of things to come we're excited to work with the delegation and mark watts in sacramento i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i have a question has to do with with assemblyman chiu's ab 42 the police department didn't support this because of job loss what you explain. >> i'll have to check with mta that's what we heard as well. >> in what y way will there be
4:39 pm
job loss. >> speaking in speculation that likely has to do with with the autotion and there is concerns about who reviews the camera footage that's a question how the labor is distributed. >> i think item 4 we're expected to vote on this is that right? to vote in support. >> to remedy the position of support yes. >> but we don't have all the answers. >> i'll be happy to if you want to continue that i'll get you the information. >> commissioner yee. >> yeah. well the in particular ab 342 i fully support some as we know there is one
4:40 pm
hundred and 402 locations using this. >> technology. >> mechanism. >> and unfortunately california doesn't allow for local jurisdiction to implement those types of programs that's why we're having this and we know that the - when vocations the percentage of casualties have gone down thirty to 40 in some cases depending on how you use it the question i have is it says the bill would authors no longer than january 2014 what is the what would be the general
4:41 pm
procure that was introduced at the state level and goes to where? >> how currently can we pass this. >> yeah. so it would go to the committee my understanding not i'm not sure if they've fourthed i'm sorry the assembly committee and full assembly and to the senate referred to committee and back to the senate if there is an amendment back to the assembly and then to the governors desk too tall approved this year combaktdz january 1st, 2018, but an interest in discussing with the stockholders before the bill was introduced a longer than timeframe to allow for additional xhfbsz before it is presented. >> is this considered to be
4:42 pm
part of the bill. >> probably if it didn't get through this year. >> hopefully yes. >> okay can we have a fuller discussion of this at the full board. >> yes. >> because i think there is questions as supervisor i mean commissioner cohen brought up. >> okay. thank you i think we have a question from commissioner fewer. >> thank you another concern i had about this was whether i understand that it is through the enforcement of feed a camera for the vehicle itself and not the driver in a violation is to look at it occurred and the car owner will be the one that is issued the
4:43 pm
citation; is that correct. >> my understanding that's correct i think that is how the enforcement cameras and the like also operate. >> and then so we can't be sure that is the driver and themselves that are actually being fined that is the owner the vehicle arrest person that is the registered person and also i understand there is a fine that represents any sort of you know point sort of system you know isn't a point off you're driving record. >> that's correct. >> i also wanted to respond to commissioner cohen's about the loss of jobs as my husband was a traffic cop in the last 9 years and 35 year career he understand
4:44 pm
why they might perceive right now we rely heavy an law enforcement to be trained professionals to administer the citation we rely 100 percent and till when tickets are issued by police officers that it does have a deterrent effect one the rare things that actually decline is actually because not about the fine it is really about the points so i understand bodies but this could be seen as a loss of jobs because frankly police officers are the ones trained to do this type of enforcement with the discretion and then also even sometimes shooting radar; right? a mechanism that determines if
4:45 pm
their speeding or not and also am concerned that if it is just a fine that how much of a determinant will be so maybe at the full board meeting that's one of my concerns. >> i'll defer to sfmta's much greater experience moindz that making it a fine and instead of a point allows local involvement in the enforcement rather than having a more rigorous point basis that requires different agencies to get involved with that. >> one point i want to jimgz in before commissioner fewer and commissioner ronen were on the body i was reminded we took up on item the ta taken a resolution of support for a f c the automated speed enforcement
4:46 pm
this is not new before this body but for edification had is new is the job loss that was not discussed are teased out before we get to ms. hang but give supervisor ronen an opportunity. >> i appreciate and want to echo my colleagues concerns about this item and happy we'll have a robust discussion at the full board meeting i wanted to understand what are the mechanics how it works and the treasurer is trying to remove fines against you know individuals that are having a hard time making it in san francisco this runs counter to it having a new type of fine that makes it often hard for people to live in the most expensive city in the country so i really you know have concerns of job loss and concerns about
4:47 pm
privacy issues and about the person actually doing the speeding that is ticketed out of concerns of additional fines impact our residents hearing much the thought pedestrian safety and make sure that we said all the implications of this bill before we recommend moving forward. >> right? just to we did adopt support positions in general in 2015 that was included that the state legislative program supporting the sfmta i'm sure they'll be more than happy to have a longer discussion i know the program is not flow flushed out in the legislation and know there is a acute awareness of the equity those types of infractions and penalties so i think there was a full hearted understanding to trying to
4:48 pm
figure out a way to acknowledge that in the actual enforcement of the bill so i think that is on everyone's mind. >> great thanks. >> well commissioner tang. >> i'll make a comment. >> okay. commissioner. >> i think that is a fair question to ask whether or not the one and 42 places you can use this they've lost jobs because of this i think that is fair i speculate that there has not been impact especially, when i know san francisco for instance, everyone is asking for not enough traffic control officers out there as today i mean, if we could put them all over the place as a program whether a
4:49 pm
moving target one not stable you know which seems to have the most impact. >> which again you're not putting it in the street corner in my mind better than traffic officers just one thing i i'm not sure the argument that the - some of the stating statewide organizations are making yes. >> yes. my understanding as coming from the state level i know that sfmta is working with the local departments but i will let them speak to the organizers. >> i'll let executive director. >> thank you for the questions we'll definitely prepare a briefly on the proposal as it is
4:50 pm
from assembly member chu and wanted to mention when mayor ed lee and commissioners then supervisor yee was present at the event discussing the legislation the police captain or capita scott from the sfpd was there and captain ali working with vision zero and the sfmta police department this is a really comprehensively o comprehensive proposal and the families that also spoke at the events would be important to hear from and certainly to arrange that may not be not for this board meeting hopefully in march to prepare a proper comprehensive just want for you all. >> a quick question what is the timeline on this particular piece of legislation. >> right? we have a whole
4:51 pm
session i think that was introduced the idea to solicit this type of engagement inform urgency. >> thank you commissioner yee. >> i wanted to add that i'm going to be introducing a resolution today well - can i say that at the board to support this particular legislation hoping to ask for a couple of days to have the families talk about it. >> okay. thank you. >> that's good to know all right. let's take public comment i'm sorry is your presentation complete okay public comment. ladies and gentlemen, one card ms. eileen there you are come forward. >> district 4 and form cac member i'm here to support ab 342 i'm also here to support an
4:52 pm
amendment to ab 3423 expands the enforcement cameras the sfmta vehicles including violations the moving violations include the california vehicle code which is a violation that relates to pga a transit vehicle in an unsafe manner that was followed on the successes of 1287 and hancock for the presentation of photo enforcement cameras on the contra costa to ticket the vehicles stopped in transit only and the taraval meeting director reiskin stated the support for the use of photo enrollment cameras an transit vehicles to ticket the cac 2156 at yesterday a capitals planning meeting on vision zero and other tops they requested the director
4:53 pm
reiskin to submit a letter of support to this community for today's meeting for the proposed amendment the community requested that director reiskin submit a letter of support directly to assembly member chu to support this amendment prior to the first meeting on march 10 we're requesting that the ct and submit a letter of support to assembly member chiu, i understand from the lady a concern this may impact the bill as stated we'll support a separate bill if this was the case thank you. >> thank you very much for your comments any other any public comment? >> public comment is closed. this year this is an action tell me how would you like to handle this. >> any discussion we could
4:54 pm
continue we could take a vote, we could - >> yes. commissioner. >> maybe i'm bias i would recommend we accept those recommendations and the position and move it to the i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> all right. i, support this in the meantime get the answers to the questions particularly with the jobs once it is to the full board how are you with that? >> okay wait sorry we'll for the entire item with the recommendations not remove the particular bill is there any way to remove that bill. >> there's a way we can do that as well if you want to do that. >> i prefer to do that. >> may i make a suggestion why
4:55 pm
not make a motion to amend and remove the assembly bill 342 for further study and the rest four other suggestions >> so moved. >> (laughter). >> okay all right. mr. clerk did you get that >> was there a second. >> does this require and roll call vote. >> there is a vote on the amendment to withdraw assembly bill 34245 please call the roll. >> same house, same call? >> all right. same house, same call? roll call. >> roll call. >> all right. on the amendment to remove assembly bill 342 in support commissioner cohen
4:56 pm
can you refer. >> basically changing the position from a support to a wash position on the assembly bill 342. >> (inaudible). >> okay. just sever assembly bill the recommends. >> commissioner fewer commissioner ronen commissioner yee. >> okay that item passes. >> okay. thank you very much on the underlying items commissioners. >> i'm go ahead and remove the rest with a with a positive recommendation. >> colleagues, can we take that without objection? same house, same call? thank you. >> all right. thank you very much call the next item, please. >> item 5 a application. >> now we served it do we need to take a vote on it. >> no. we'll take a vote on
4:57 pm
next month at the full board and i get it thank you. >> so we have - that will sync of nicely with what you're doing. >> item 5 recommending on call oversight for the general engineering for the executive director to execute the contract for 3 years to extend with two, one year period and in the amount not to exceed $26 million and authors the executive director to have non-material concerns this is an action item. >> good morning deputy director happy to present item 5 the one call management oversight and general engineering services contract i want to start with on overview of the capital projects division in terms of what we do and the
4:58 pm
assistance in particular we need moving forward and then through the procurement details and talk about how in essence we do business working with the consultants in this regard. >> let's start with the major capital projects that the c p division has direct interaction with all the staff that goes ahead and a.d. minors those the list frankly up to $10 million of improvements we have been an active part with all the city departments inform those and seeing over the fiduciary for the prop k funds i want you to get an understand it is critical we have consultants in the critical areas in that regard now i want to talk about reels
4:59 pm
instead of oversight but projects we're managing we're in essence the sponsor and lead agency with the construction for example, the first is the west off and on ramps off john burton high school we're moving forward with another approximately $200 million of improvements so we looked to this list for us to use in terms of project management and other technical expertise what is new the new hat as the transportation authority to all improvements associated with the treasure island management program and working in partnership with the treasure island development authority for the tolls on and off the i'd like and significant ferry improvements another 3 years of work before we turn on the tolling system but look to
5:00 pm
systems for help other projects on the city that is highway 101 managed lanes we're finishing and planned some in the near future with an update open progress with the san mateo and caltrans and others on the 20dz corridor other projects in the specific districts 280 and after off-ramp our team and consultant team a preparing the environmental documents for that and we're close to obtaining approval for that in the spring there are other prolongs for example, i mentioned pedestrian improvements that be complete in the studies we're ready in terms of that project forward
5:01 pm
just to be clear scombrooif vision zero improvements and other infrastructure encroachments we've used the consultants to prepare the documents on we're completing that environmental document in anticipation by the summer and lombard vision zero we're helping the department of public works in terms of other vision zero improvements in into boo of those involve caltrans for the support of caltrans and that project also is at a point to move into construction later this year and other projects we're prepared to move forward with that project and work with sf dpw once the real estate documents are as i understand by the railroad we're waiting to start our due diligence in that regard and some of the other major projects the brt started
5:02 pm
the $300 million of work we were the community working with sfmta for the approvals for the state of california through the brt and just president elect the ceqa documentation that that and ready to assist in terms of design as that project move forward the vision zero ramps we're not clear sure you're clear port of planning and the project development the areas with the freeways touch on the city streets are the areas we're focusing on in the planning staple for it that and also listed the central subway that is phase three and prepared to assist us at the mta as we moved in the development let's talk about the procurement details we issued an r f q, 43
5:03 pm
qualification statements we did something different than in the past the unbundled types of expertise we need i'll show you a slide that shows up up to many major categories there it is a list of a lot of types of expertise in particular the areas that are new for example, public-private partnerships and asking for expertise to help the city moved on some of the major capital projects moving forward within a laundry list of consultants we can use on on call basis for the program let's talk about the task orders process we basically will go issue the task orders for a given project or given assignment we'll go ahead and establish a goal for
5:04 pm
each of those typically between 10 and 25 happy to report over the last 4 years we've been reaching close to 50 percent for the lbe and we'll move to be as aggressive as possible part of ununbelievably thought process we can go ahead and get more support for the soliciting and working with the small business community the list of is expansive we have to make sure we look at availability for performance and one thing the conflict of interests a lot of the consultants are working under the contracts with different departments or developers and want to make sure there is no conflict of interest we can negotiate the best cost fees. >> we don't duo have been an
5:05 pm
expansive list and short listed various firms under the categories and basically 65 percent of diaphragms or dbe or lbe several given the expertise i'm here to ask for in the amount not to exceed $6 million with two one year options at the boards discretion that concludes my presentation. >> thank you for your presentation. >> two things i want to bring to your attention. >> sure. >> so consultants will be organizing large projects; right? we established that talking about yerba buena island and i think a $98 million the project i'm interested in that we established from the connection i've been ine