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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 21417  SFGTV  February 19, 2017 5:00pm-9:21pm PST

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present. present. sheehy, present. tang, present. yee, present. madam prez dent members are present. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> alright. madam clerk do you have any communications? >> none to report. >> okay. please call our first item. >> special order at 2 pem p.m. is appearance by mayor edwin lee. no questions submitted from the dist rcktds, the mayor may address the board up to5 minutes. >> welcome mayor lee, the floor
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is euros mpt >> good afternoon for visor jz members of the public and wish a happy valentine's day to everybody. supervisors your chocolateerize on the way. but i am happy to be in the city that has all of our hearts compassion as strong as it is since there are no questions i wanted totalk about something on the minds of many of us and that is healthcare. yesterday we signed the legislation and thank you again to the entire board supported legislation for theu csf red search building ground lease. this agreement which was passed by you and just proves we'll continue to be a city at health research qu medical achievements. last year, we helped launchu c san francisco sf initiative which is a city wide collaboration to
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prevent and reduce cancer in san francisco and focuses obcountsing down helths inequities and another example of how we care for your resident. we also have the zuckerberg initiative, the bio hub that brings together the universities of the region that fight and cure diseases. we have world class hospital jz level one trauma sent squr a great network of clinics and providers dedicating to keeping all san franciscan's helthsy. now also have a free college tuition to insure the residents have the education and training for the jobs that are in it growing fields. we are a city dedicated to providing compassionate care in san francisco and led inway again and again and showed this by launching healthy san francisco, lead thg fight
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against hiv. effort to increase pedestrian safety and insuring everyone who works and lives in san francisco has access to healthcare. we must call upon these traits again as we move forward in a time of uncertainty and anxiety in the helths care world. we want people to be able to go to the doctors regardless of the immigration status and sexual orientation, gender identity or preexisting conditions. with womens helths, lgbt health, medicare and medicaid and american act are under attack alt the national level we as san francisco must lead the way. while it is too soon to go exactly what the changes will be we know we'll need partnership and trust deal wg the fall out. the aca and medicaid have real life impacts in the city and have 133,000
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people insured under the affordable care act plus another 100 thousand under medicaid. i worked with mayor's across the country to fight for the aca. the eliminating coverage expansions or reducing the protections has serious consequences for local government. we are all calling on congress to build up rathder than tear down the progress we made in recent years. next week i'll be joining the day of action on the affordable care act with mayor's across the state and country to fight for the health of our communities. we'll call on the state and federal law maker tooz do the right thing not only for the constituents but also for the sfait and country as a whole. here in san francisco we care about our residents and healthy city is a sit safer city and hope and can count on your support to work together as we face the challenges ahead. thank you very much.
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>> thank you mr. mayor. [applause] thank you for being here today. madam clerk let's get to the regular agenda. >> item 1 and 2 consent agena are considered routinefelt if a member objects a item may be removed and considered separately. >> seeing so name ozthen rostr. >> kim aye. peskin, aye. ronen, aye. saf yee aye. sheehy, aye. tang recollect aye. yee, aye. breed, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. fewer, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the ordinance finally passes unanimously. >> item 3 is resolution to
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authorize designated city officials to execute and file on behalf of the city actions necessary for the purpose of obtaining state and federal financial assistance under the various grant programs, the federal fiscal year 2017 urban area security initiative grant, the state home land security grant program, emergency management and local government oil spill contingency grant program. >> supervisor cohen. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. happy valentines day to each and every one of you. colleagues i want to touch base on item 3. we had a long and robust conversation about the item in committee and in the spirfckly the budget committee and as you can see we made several amendments to begin to peal back and address many of the concerns that not only committee members share but also community members have shared with us through public comment. the main concern regarding san francisco's
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ability-regarding san franciscos ability to withhold funding from other counties particularly those employing a program called urban shield. now, what i didn't know prior to this whole discussion was that san francisco is the fiscal agent responsible for a hand full of other counties relating to the funds associated with urban shield and overall mount of funds. by definition, and for your etfiication, urban shield is a intensive training program and exposition that simulates and uses military grade equipment to prepare low enforcement official tooz responds to variety of emergency scenarios. this is a very popular event. mostly around law enforcement, first respondsers and others.
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urban shield you should know is controversial program with seeing it as a example of the increasing militarization of local police forces. as someone who is outspoken with regards to community and police relations, i asked many questions as has my colleagues on the committee really to put myself in a better position to understand the role and the responsibility of a fiscal agent and most importantly what is the soapscope of our power as fiscal agent to impact programming that other counties use for this funding. and we were advised by the deputy city attorney john gibbener that it is not in the city scope of authority to tell any county to use their funds. we accept that. while it isn't our legal role to tell counties thew use
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the grant dollars, it is our responsibility to as a regional partner and frankly a national leader on police reform to begin to address this concern we heard loud and clear. and to this end we introduce a series of amendments last week that recognizes these concerns and more importantly urges the counties that use the bulk of the grant funding to prioritize preventative emergency management services to begin to focus on the things such as planning and risk management or medical or public health. we also included language to require that the department of emergency management come back to the board of supervisors when we do receive the funds for a more formal process so we can have another opportunity to review these very important dollars rchlt i'm fully
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supportive of many programs the grant funds including nert training as well as many the resiliency programs in the neighborhoods. there are several additional issues about the grant i believe still need to be addressed so this specifically includes our ability to amend it mou with awausau which lows san francisco to be the fiscal agent for the grant. additionally, it was brought to my attention in committee that we have members of our own san francisco city family who participate in the urban shield activities. what is most important is since the committee appearance i have been trying to do due diligence reaching out to legislative stakeholders who receive awausy grant funding and think it is important to be mindsful we are regional partners in this discussion and asking for a continuance orphone week to continue this due diligence. i
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have not- thank you supervisor peskin. i have not been able to fully contact everyone specifically i will reach out to to the sheriff of alameda county so houp hope you can support the continuance. it is modest and only asking for one week and hear the item again february 28 and thank you for the consideration. thank you madam president. >> supervisor cohen, you are asking to continue this item for two weeks? >> sorry, i think i said one week but the date is february 28 which is two weeks >> supervisor cohen made a motion to continue to february 28, 2017. seconded by supervisor kim. colleagues take the continuance without objection? without objection continued to the meeting of february 28, 2017. next item. >> item 4, resolution to
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authorize sublease through september 2025 with harrison llc for $3.6 million which increase annually each jm 1 beginning in 2018 by 20 percent and three options to extend for use of human service agencies. >> take this item? supervisor tang. >> i thought since this came out of budget committee without recommendation i would speak to it. some of the concerns in committee is the fact while we understand this is a very important function for human services agency, what gave pause in knhit committee was rart rarding the fact the school district is the landlord and there is actually a sub-or someone else that we went through for this. the last we left at budget committee we
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heard there want flexibility with the school district on this so today i am comfortable with moving forward on the item but i also want to give a chance with other members of the sporedboard to address the item. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you. colleagues, i was startled bide the expense of the item but have to say as the recent author of the chapter 23 amendments this was done pursuant to appraisal and appraisal was independently reviewed and the market data appears to be there to support it. it is painful to enter into such a lease. i spents a significant amount of time looking at it and decide while
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it is quite expensive, it is market rate and that was verified by a independent appraisal and subsquents independent review of said appraisal. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i too along with the colleagues raised concerns about the lease renewal. supervisor peskin thank you for honoring my request and taking a look at it. i had concern business that department of real estate negotiation process for the lease renewal and it is my hope we can get clarity on the issues today. i had some of the questions answered but like for the real estate to go on the record today. i think there is a representative here from real estate. thank you for being here and mr. updikes absence. the real issue for me, it is interesting who we are negotiating with. we are-this is school district
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property but negotiating with the tenant that is a long term tenant. i agree that the appraisal are accurate and that the-i think it is process question that leads me to be incredibly just uncomfortable. i got about 4 questions i believe for you. what we are seeing is a 194 percent increase in rent for this lease renewal. 194 percent. that is significant. so, my question to the department of real estate is can you explain how this is justified and how this amount of increase was developed? >> claudia gorem director assistant director. 194 percent is quite alarmer. in 2012 when the lease renewal came up back then, the same transaction agent did that lease renewal as did the negotiation for this one,
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however, the sublesser or tenant of the school district was different. in 2012, the tenant at that time wanted stability. they wanted one tenant and they wanted a long term tenant and get both those things with the city. at that time there was also negotiated of no percentage increases and it was a great deal. unfochinately for us now we are in 2017, we have a new sublesser or tenant of the school district and they want money. because it comes to the negotiation that was done in the original lease, which said in the particular time period we have to go back and look at fair market value and appraisal was done to determine that fair market value and where we are with $63 per square foot is 95 percent of that. that is where the market is. >> thank you. so, why are we not negotiating with the school district who owns the property?
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>> correct, the school district owns the property. they have a tenant they have a ground lease with. that tenant gets to do what it wants with the property. we did reach out to david golden at the school district to find where they are with negotiations with the current tenant and he basically indicated in 2015 the school district it self attempted to get out of the ground lease however the tenant did not want to do so and had to go arbitration and went against the scoom district to increase or actually-it went for the tenants in that the tenant didn't have to pay as murch as they normally would have. it backfire frd the school districts. we asked daichbed golden if he was interested talking about selling orrenegotiating the lease with the city and he basically states that if for some reason the school district ends up
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owning everything and doesn't have a a ground lease it is their inclination not >> student sell the property. >> curious why we are not exercising the 8 year option to extend when we have a 5 year straibl to us? >> the 8 year option coinsides with the tenant option in 2025 so we are at the same 2025 relook at the lease, which we are hoping at that time depending on the market maybe the school district and tenant may want to renegotiate their agreement or we can slip in and do something with the school dishricates. >> wouldn't this give the city a opportunities to renegotiate in 5 years under a different market? >> not only did the real estate look at theerant modeling but had the controllers office economic ted eagan look at that under different assumptions and
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ran it out 5 and 8 years using the 5 year square footage amount that the currents sublesser would agree to, which is $75 so have to do it under a higher square foot amount and under both scenarios of the controllers aufs and ourselves looking at 5 and 8 year we would be paying more under the 5 year if we have gotten the 5 year. >> okay, so perhaps you can explain the ez rooens why real estate didn't go through arbitration for the 5 year term? >> i think there are several. i think the first reez son we didn't want to take the risk having it be a even higher fair market value rate. if you go through the arbitration you can do several appraisals, which may or may not come oit in our favor and we were thinking
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perhaps rather than finding this part of soma the fringe they would find it in the highest rate in the city. and also we have a relationship with these long term landlords and both of those reasons we want to keep a good relationship and didn't want to take the risk having a higher fair market value found. led us to come to it conclusion arbitration was not in our best interest. >> thank you mrs. claudia, i appreciate your time and answers. the clarification is very helpful. colleagues when this deal was brought to us in the budget knhity the full picture wasn't present today the committee and grateful to have the answers >> student my questions today. real estate was able to do a very good job answering them. i also think though that this highlights some of the underlying issues about the san francisco unified school districts properties and the cities relationship and leases on these particular properties. now, i understand we are under
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a master lease agreement with this particular company and that ties our hands. i just really hope that through this discussion we can pursue reasonable opportunity when the lease is up to eliminate the currents lessee cutting out the middle man. so the city is deal wg the unified school district opposed to the middle person. it is a lukeative for that middle person to be in but counter intuitive to spend tax dollars in such a frivolous manner. thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor yee. >> thank you president breed. first of all, i want to thank the real estate folks for following up with my question in regards to the initial appraisal of the rents that
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were made as a comparison because i thought that maybe there was closer property to where this particular property was and many appraisals or examples were downtown which i thought would be more expensive. so, you did follow up and came to my office to tell me that. there was at least one more that was around the block in which the appraisal for that or the lease for that is a little higher than what we are getting so that was to my satisfaction that it was a fair market rate we are receiving. it looked like it was the lower part the market rate. i think supervisor cohen made good points in regards to what will happen 8 years from now. i think we should go on record to let the school district know
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we are interested and if they don't want to sell we are interested leasing directly to us and should probably a letter to that extent. just to say that they would never be able to say they didn't hear from us. i think that is really important because people always forget what is verbalized. if your department can draft a letter and let them know even though it is 8 years frame from now, i think it is worth doing. >> thank you sfr supervisor yee. supervisor fewer. >> thank you,prisedant prez dents breed. i ju wanted to mention i fsh on the board of education when this case came up and it was very up setting to the san francisco unified school district and also our hands were tie td. we looked at the services also that human
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services agency and know we serve the same people. it was heartbreaking to us. i think we heard testimony today that the san francisco unified school district was trying to get out of the contract too. we thought-it isn't normally how the san francisco unified school district operates in real estate but i believe in this instance that this district has learned a lesson around contracts and we were equally as upset so just wanted to assure people the school district if they had a opportunity to negotiate with the city aroundserant i can assure it would have been much more a generous offer. >> thank you, and i want to add this isn't the first time that we had to have a in depth discussion about a particular item out of committee to full board. these are the type of things that need to take place in committee and unfonchinately
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supervisor cohens questions she asked today should have been easily answered in committee last week and so in the future i would ask that the department of real estate do a better job as i asked in the past providing the appropriate answers to many questions especially around controversial leases. with that seeing no other names on the roster can we take this same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item: >> item 5 is resolution to authorize the mayor's oufs of housing and community development to accept a gift of appreciately 6 $6 million from rdf 75 hower lb. >> want to ask for your support on our first project that agreed to fee out at 33 percent affordable housing in our district 75 howard. without any type of height or density
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increase. this building and housing project is a example that our developers can and should give more in our neighborhoods and develops such as this. this gift they commit today the 20 percent offset inclusionary fee with additional $6 million that will make the gift equivalent to 33 percent of the offsite inlieu fee. want to thank the developer for working closely with our office to achieve this new standards and colleagues ask for your support in accepting the giftd that will go to the city wide affordable housing fund. >> thank you supervisor kim. the house is now changed. take this same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. it is now 2:30
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and we have for 2:30 commendations so will interrupt the regular business to honor amazing individuals today. we will start with supervisor sheehy who has-we are waiting still? okay. so, supervisor cohen. are you ready? thank you. >> pedro, are you here? my person isn't here either. >> we will move on to supervisor tang. >> alright. i know our person is here today. our honoree. it is my honor to bring up someone who has retired from the san francisco police department and i think at too young a age but hope he is enjoying his retirement. we
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are honoring garret tom in the last post at insan francisco police department was a deputy chief so with that i love for us to start with a roujd rounds of applause. [applause] i'm still getting comments, i can't believe this. gart tom had retired from the san francisco police department late last year and could not let him live without recognition from this board as someone who i believe has represented our police department just so well to the best of your abilities. and so gart tom joined the police department in 1982 but yet he has no gray hair. i don'ts know how that is possible. he was born in chinatown in chinese hospitals and some of his neighbors were former police chiefs, fred low and heather fong which our commander [inaudible] gart tom
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first encountered sfpd at 10 years old at garfield elementary school and had saw the san francisco police band and i didn't know this but you wanted to be a ing iser at that time but decided that instead you become a cop because you thought you couldn't sing. i haven't herd yet. since joining the police debarments in 1982, he has served all moesh every rank in the police department from patrol office,er sarjtsant, inspector, lieutenant, commander and deputy chief. he worked to teach drug enication and bringing down major gang members and murerers in chine taw town. to fight elder abruce and partner with district attorney fraud unit have implemented security units in public housing and those are just a few things he worked on
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with over 3 decades of service. as deputy chief the special operations burey he was responsible for tactical yunlts rblth traffic, home land security, apartment operation denter and hostage noxeation and prior to retiring am tom served of professional standsards and policing bureau to oversee proposed reforms. he also worked to restructure the criseing intervention team to provide additional skill squz tools to de-escalate situation. so, if you look back at garret toms career you have seen that he received countless awards and recognition locally at the state level from sfpd really because i think he goes above and beyond the call of duty as a police officer. and i remember i brought him to lincoln high school to chat
5:31 pm
with student there and shared with me a story. one of his most herring experiences he had in sfpd and this was when he was a patrol officer and was respond toog a domestic service call with two other officers when they heard screams inside a house and as they entered the rez dntd they were greeted by a angry individual waving a machete and as a first one in mr. tom nearlyo dodged a stab and slach and in doing so fell on biz r had izback but luckily the two officers behine charged and disarg armed and there were no casualties that day. it was probably the scariest incident and receivered the sfpd bronze med al of value. this weekend i thought it was fit frg the new years parade you were the grand marshal of that parade
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and know there are so many former colleagues who wish they could be here today but are in a doj meeting of some sort now. i see captor paul nob nub here but just want to thank you so much for all your service and i want to shout hout out to wife and sons who couldn't be here today but hopefully they are watching. thank you for representing the police department in the best way possible so congrat ylshzs on your retirement. [applause] >> i just want to say thank you very much. what a trumoneds honor this is. i worked in the police department 35 years but also had the opportunity to create a great professional relationship with all most taerfb one of the board of supervises here and not only a professional relationship but i feel a personal relationship. i can call most of you all most
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all of you, i think all of you my friend so thank you so much. katy, i like to do a shout out to supervisor peskin also because one of our officers who got shot in the head he was the first to arrive in the hospital. sandra, my neighbor, malia. mark. great great guy. norman, you know, all very supportive. jane and hillary congratulations and supervise r sheehy, i just met you at the parade and hope to see you again but thank you very much. and of course president breed. >> thank you chief tom and we have a lot of fans at the board of supervisors who want to say a few words about your service to the city of san francisco starting with supervisor kim. >> thank you deputy chief tom
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and i want to thank personally so much for your service and leadership. i got to know you as the capen of central station thatsoeversees a slirfb of the district i represent but have been impressed by your dedication for the community and our city and your leadership makingtia we have more officers waurking the beats and have officers that can speak the languages that our rez dchbts speak in san francisco. i first met you quh i just gotten elected to the boardf supervisors and you kindly drove me back to city hall after i got my first briefing with the san francisco police department. it is always just so amazing to meet officers born and raised in the city and decided they want to give back to their community by making our community safer. that was really showcase td your whole time while on sfpd.
5:35 pm
i was proud to see you rise to deputy chief level and prths your constant commitment to the service. you said community policing is not just walking a beat, it is about knowing whew lives works and frequent the beat. the beat officer has to be a fix whicher in the community and you were a fixture in the xhoo unty. i love walking around chinatown because so many know who you are. and want to thaupg thank you for your leadership targeting immigrant elderly women vulnerable to the scams. it was challenging we hadn't come up with suspects for many years but excited sfpd was able to make its first arrest in this arena. also just highlighting how important it for the community members to come out and actually witness
5:36 pm
these crimes because so many are so embarrassed they were victims of these scams so thank you, thank you, thank you. i was so sad about your retirement and welcome you back to come to-anymore service frs the city but also just great to see you active in our events. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor furor. >> deputy chief tom, as a fellow police family, my husband retired after 35 years of service, i just want to say thank you so much. i know the job isn't a easy one and not easy on families also and so as you retire and transition from the life of a officer to civilian life i wish you much much happiness. long life. a good life. good luck. good health and also a huge thank you to your family for also their service to the city and
5:37 pm
county of san francisco and the residents because i know all those canceled and emergency calls in the middle of the night, my household received them too. my husband retired in 2012 and the moment that he turned in his papers i turned around and kissed him and felt like i kissed a fee free man so hope it is with you. enjoy the rest of your life. you have done a great job and service for us. thank you so much. >> thank you supervisor fewer. supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president. hard to top supervisor fewers words so won't talk about kissing, but chief tom was truly a great central district captain and when we went to the command staff did a phenomenal job minuteering his successser. you did your job selflessly,
5:38 pm
humbling and in a way that brought you respect from all quarters and your service at the department will be missed. congratulations, go enjoy a few musical squz travel the world. >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor cohen. >> thank you, i just want to add my voice to the send off. i'm glad we are able to bring you to the chamber and recognize you because your service deserves all your recognition. you have a incredible human being and done a graiz great job serving our city and grateful i met you on the first day of my new life as a public servant and you gave slnt advise and told me take it one day at a time. >> thauchck thank you so much chief tom, we will miss you. thank you for your service and commitment to the sit e. at this time we want to ask supervisor tang and others to x up and join you for a photo.
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supervisor tang why don't you just bring him into the well, please. we'll take a quick 1 minute madam clerk please return from recess. we are back from recess. great, with that i like to recognize supervisor sheehy for his commendation today. >> thank you, madam president. on the 20th anniversary of medical cannabis it is my great honor to extend the board commendation to dennis perone. dennis is a particular hero of mine i think the entire community of people that lgbt
5:40 pm
community and people living with hiv. dennis is the father of medical cannabis. he started a movement that spread across the entire country. we have to go back really to the early 90's, 80's and early 90's when people with aids within my community were dying left and right and there wasn't much we could offer with wellm of medicine. dennis was a close friend of harvey mellic and a folk harvey milks contrary would not have succeeded mpt when harvey needed bodies dennis could produce people to walk prisinkts and show up at meetings and demonstrations, but it was really in caring for his lover, jonathan west that
5:41 pm
dennis discovered what had been ancient powers of cannabis to help patients. in this particular case many people with aids were doing of starvation. they didvent a appetite and wouldn't eat. we had aids wasting. in addition, the pain and some of the other side effects having hiv were so daunting and what dennis figured out was just a little cannabis could help people live and there are literally people alive today who would not be alive without dennis because they were able to eat and hang on and get some relief from the symptoms long enough to sur vive to 1996 when we finally had medication that worked in controlling h iv. dennis had
5:42 pm
this phenomenal space on market street where the dol end building is. dol end law firm is, 5 floors which i think was the premier hiv hospice in the country where people come every day hundreds if not thousands going through the building. a origami room and art and video room. various activities people could do and these are popeal waiting to die. waiting to die. i first met dennis i think in 1995, 1996 he laurched proposition 215, the first measure to legalize medical cannabis. attorney general lungrun shut down the building in the fall of 1996 and the impact of that was dramatic to the people who were staying there. i remember talk toog a individual in tears. he is like, i'm dying i know i'm dying but this was a place i
5:43 pm
could go and be with other folks like me. it was a place i could find relief and comrodty and now just sit at home alone waiting for that day i die. dennis tremendous hero. we won 215. this is 20 years of when 215 came into effect. had a nice run for governor. but i just want to say thank you. thank you from all of us you have ept alive for overtern ing the stigma that cannabis had for so long and for really creating a national health movement that is changed the world. >> [inaudible] i came to san francisco 30 years ago to find love and change the world.
5:44 pm
[inaudible] thank you very much. [inaudible] thank you very much. [inaudible] san francisco has been very kind to me. [inaudible] we changed the
5:45 pm
world. i couldn't have done it without you guys. [inaudible] jeff, thank you for sticking by me. [inaudible] thank you again. hope you all find your love like i did. and change the world. change the world. [applause]
5:46 pm
>> thank you and congratulations and thank you for your service and supervisor sheehy, since you have such a large group maybe you want to step outside so you can get everyone in the photo. let's give dennis another hand for his service, thank you. [applause] and thank you all so much for being here today to support him. thank you very much. and just hope you didn't
5:47 pm
sneak any of those cookies into city hall. [laughter] alright. thank you for being here. so, next up we have two more commendations and so at this time i like to recognize supervisor fewer. >> thank you president breed. as my first commendation, as a supervisor of district 1, i am honored to recognize victor lee, who is the facility director at the golden gate park seepier center in the richmond district. [applause] for nearly two decades he is
5:48 pm
worked tirelessly and dedicated his career in the rec and parks department to maintain this fabulous resource and space for our community. the center serves a diverse group of seniors ranging from 55 years young to sent nearians. my husband and i became member thofz senior center a few months ago joining the large diverse membership which surpasses 1 thousand paid members. over the last yaen years victor developed numerous programs that insure seniors live active healthy and vibrant lifestyles and remain connected to the community. it is thank tooz victors work that many members are able to age in place and thrive in the richmond. last weekend my husband and i had the pleasure joining victors line dance class and tfs a experience i will never forget and they probably wont forget it either. my husband and i were dancing
5:49 pm
along side active seniors and none of them missed a beat, but i was really taken away by the fondness the members had for victor because they know he genuinely cares about their wellbeing. they as i are appreciative of your work and to keep the senior center a place where senior cz gather, socialize, exercise and become life long learners. i hope you continue to serve and look forward joining future classes and herning new skills at the center. i would like to invite catherine hill, a colleague of victor lee at the rec and park city wide senior service program to say a few words about victor. catherine, are you here? >> what a perferkt day and opportunity to have my colleague victor lee shine. i
5:50 pm
currently work with victor lee providing the programs like for those 55 and better. victor has changed many peoples lifes for the better running one of the bust busiest senior scepters. open 7 day as week and keeping up with about 50 classes that need tending to. not to mention the hands full of parties yearly that take place inside the senior center sometimes so big with over 200 people attending it has to be outside the center. victor has found his calling in this life time. thank you for always going out of your way for us, ebeing the most patient, loyal, reliable and loving member of our team . since the senior population is continually
5:51 pm
growing vither is and will continue to be one of san francisco rec and parks greatest assets. maybe just maybe there is one thing that could be worked on and this is from some of the seniors request that at one of our holiday parties that you can dress a little longer in your santa suit. just because i guess that we might need to get something that is more breatheable, but i think we can work on that. anyway, a big thank you to supervisor fewer and staff for making this day possible. keep up the marfbalist work, victor. [applause] >> thank you, catherine. it is only fitting that a valentine's day we recognize the deep love the members the golden gate
5:52 pm
senior center have for victor and to express their appreciation. victor, thank you again for your service and leadership to supporting the seniors in the rich mnds. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you very much and happy valentine's day to the board of supervisors and friends and coworker squz family. i want to thank supervisor fewer for selecting me to be recognized today. i am honored, humble and grateful to accept the recognition. i also want to thank my past mentors, les homand elynne tom for contsbutions in developing me in beginic stage of the rec and park career. working more than 10 years at chinese playground, they both taught how to care for high risk youth and children in chinatown community during the 80's and 90 . carry on a legacy to build a community at chinese playground through sports
5:53 pm
actirfbties and provide a safe haven and sanctuary for youth and kids. glad much of the 80's 90 history is preserved through a mural in the playground located under the tennis court in the tiny top play area. chinese playground is a good experience to prepare to come to this journey to golden gate park senior center 17 years ago and it rfs my privileged to help develop programs and maintain facilities roughly about 200 to 500 seniors attend daily at the senior center and some of the more popular class said include line dancing, exercise, music making and we were just really glad and proud. first of all i want to thank the board of supervisors and supervisor fewer and want to thank god. i want to thank all this cannot
5:54 pm
have been accomplished without support and love. that is why i want to dedicate this award to my wife, betty who is out there. she is sitting right there and-[applause]-i think without her i think i wouldn't have accomplished what i have and thank you and i love you. i want to thank my coworker squz all my senior friends here, thank you for coming out. [applause] thank you again. >> thank you, victor. let's bring your wife up too.
5:55 pm
>> congratulations, mr. lee and thank you so much for your service. [applause] alright. our final commendation for the day will come from supervisor malia cohen. >> thank you vaer very much. today i like to honor pedro [inaudible] where are you? come on down. pedro is founder and owner orphpet row's moving and storage. pedro of is a
5:56 pm
native san franciscan who went to everett midt school graduated from mission high school and think important to note all 6 of his girls ateneded public school in san francisco. pedro foundedf had thank you, i agree. a uth faer of 6 girls, right? deserves an award, you earned it. i also want to recognize pedro founded his business bet 10 years ago in the bay view. started the company at a time when things were unsure but had faith in the neighborhood and god to support his business. pedro also believes the bayview would grow and thrive over time and i said he hedged his bets. the bayview is on the come back. pedro moving and storage is a main vendered for the relocation projecktd ichb san francisco particularly
5:57 pm
rebuilding public housing. he is prioritized gibbing job opportunities to people to women of color as well as ort communities members. some of his spare time pedro works with move for hunger that teams with the food bank to moving industry to provide unwanted non perishable food items to individuals relocating. he signed to partner with veteran affairs praiject and he can discuss his perjury connection to the vets in his remarks. there are a host of supporters here to celebrate the work he continues to do for the people all across the city and county of san francisco. would you stand if you are part of pedro's team stand up if you are here for med pedro. this is a incredble community leader
5:58 pm
who is loved. he has intellty and high level of service and he just cares. i also want to recognize a woman pedro's account manager robin boner who reached out to my office about a month ago and worked to coordinate this wonderful commendation and robin is one of city halls youth commissioner. former commissioner to supervisor bevan lesty. happy early birlthbay. i understand you are celebrating a birthday the 23 of next week and thank you for your continued service being a roll model to small business in san francisco and also wish you a happy 10 year anniversary. congratulations. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor. i want to thank all the supervisors here for-i'm a immigrant, been in san francisco over 30 years. thank
5:59 pm
you for having the [inaudible] city law. as you know we are right now it is hard times for the people who are here-whatever. but, yeah, thank you. we growing with the city of san francisco and doing our best. commit to work and do our best and thank you. [applause] >> thank and congratulations again pedro. that was our final commendation for today and at this time madam clerk i believe we have a 3 p.m.
6:00 pm
special order. let's go to item 23-26. >> iletm 23-36 comprise the public hearing of persons interested in proposed infill project at 1296 shotwell street to demaunsh the 1 story industrial building othen site and construct a 100 percent affordable senior housing project and determination of streamlined environmental review under the california environmental quality ath issued issued by the planning department. items 24 is the motion to affirm the planning departments proposal to streamline for environmental review. item 25 is reverse the departments determination that this project is eligible for streamlined review and item 26 is motion to direct the preparation of findings. >> thank you. colleagues we have before us the appeal of
6:01 pm
the infill project determination at 1296 shotwell in district 9 rchlt this hearing we will be considering the adequacy, accuracy and sufficiency and completeness orphthe proposed project at 1296 shotwell street. without objection we will proceed as follows up to 10 minutes for a presentation by the appellate or the appellate representative. up to 2 minutes per speaker in support of the appeal. up to 10 minute for presentation from the planning department. up to 10 minutes for project sponsor or their representative. unto 2 minutes for opposition and up to 3 minutes for rebuttal for the paement or appellate representative. colleagues any objections? seeing none we
6:02 pm
will move forward and supervisor ronen do you have comments now or like to reserve them for later? >> i'll rev them for later. >> okay. let's open this up. first we will have a presentation by the appellate or the appellate representative. you will have up to 10 minutes. >> thank you, madam president. moy name is craig weber a member of the inner mission neighborhood association. our attorney rose zoea had a family emergency. her dauther was injured at her school. she is unable to attend. i like per mission please to read her presentation during my 10 minute period. >> are you the appellate representative? >> yes, i am. >> so you can do whatever it is that you like to do within your 10 minutes. >> thank you. the mission
6:03 pm
neighborhood association was founded in 1991 by my mirther connie weber and many neighbors felt our voizs were not heard and formed the fiver 01 c 3 at the time to address neighborhood issues in the mission and many of those long time members still are involved with the nairbld neighborhood association. i want to talk about who i am and why i'm here. i am born and raised in shotwell street in the mission, second generation san franciscan. shotwell is a special place for me obviously. this is where my family grew up and where i raise ply family. the project will be located on it 1200 block on shotwell, a block from where i live. we will talk more about the specifics of the proposal and height of the structure and
6:04 pm
other issues related to this development when i get fl into the attorney statement. i wanted to make preliminary comments about the process and the history behind the development. this development was imposed upon us as a result of a very poor bad deal referred to as a veeta deal. veety is a development on mission streement next to the alamo theater, the new mission theater t. is a gement of luxury cond ominiums developed by houston group of realtors. these realtors donated land at 1296 shotwell for the purpose of avoiding having to put affording housing alt thait site. they made payment said close to $1296 shotwell for the purpose of avoiding having to put affording housing alt thait
6:05 pm
site. they made payment said close to a million dollar to various non-profit oergzs in the mission and are here as a result of that bad choice. i want to begin with a statement of our attorney. we want to make it very clear that this association is not opposed to low income senior housing on this site. it is opposed to ex. ing the project from review under ceqa. the lack is environmentmal review for the 9 story building on the site. the planning commission relied on ceqa exemption that says certain infill projects can forgo a review. however, the prior eir relied on here is a outidated program prepared 9 years ago for the eastern neighbors revoneing and area plan. as shown below and
6:06 pm
elsewhere much data used in the peir is out of date and superseded by events happening in the last 9 years thus the project should receive a project review eir. as you heard the proposed project is 9 story 69 thousand square foot with 94 units fronting on shotwell. the site is surrounded by a residential building across shotwell. the tallest build wg the rest being one, two story buildings. the planning commission found the project exempt fraump ceqa review based on pulic resource code and implementation regulation. ceqa guidelines section 1513.3. this is what known as a categorical exemption. this means that if the projeblth falls within the category here the category is
6:07 pm
certain infill projects. it is e exempt. many impacts are environmental impacts including transporition and circulation impacts including parking. land use. if a project creates impact it cannot be held exempt but under go ceqa review. the praublgect is not exempt if a project impact is not addressed as a sig cent effect in the prior eir or create a significant effect and there are no uniform policies or standards that apply and substantially mitigate that effect. the project impact was addressed as a significant effect in the prior eir and substantial new information shows it will be more significant than described in the prior eir. the e emption does not apply here. the most critical fact is the program
6:08 pm
eir is old prepared 9 years gow efor the eastern neighborhood plan. the program eir anal can no longer be relied on to support the project with respect in thaareas of cumulative, transpooritation, social economic impacts resulting in mandatory findsings of sig cnlss. the project may create cumulative impacts. housing had been exceeded when cumulative impacts are consider said that is past, presents and future projects. also, significant new development in the eastern neighborhoods not anticipated at the time the program eir was prepared include theu csf hospital buildous, pier 70, 5 m project, mission gay bay and armory. similarly the proposed project will eradicate 11,000
6:09 pm
square feetd and pdr use and includes no [inaudible] the program project description the plan is preserve new housing. generally light industry. the project plan is intended to permit housing development in areas zoned for industrial use while protecting land and building for billings and business. this may contribute to the impacts in a significant way not analyzed in the program eir. there are no performance that can reduce the impact to less than significant. appendix m of the ceqa guidelines does not address the impact. transportation circulation. there are also substantial traffic and transportation impacts not for seen in the program eir. didn't analyze
6:10 pm
the residential build wg no parking other than on street. under the existing planning code most new residential developments are required to provide a minimum of one parking space per unit thmpt program eir claims parking deficit are not a impact. ceqa does require analysis of environmental impacts forseeable resulting from a parking deaf isset such as congestion and safety hazard. the case law is dated february 13, 20s 17. the program rks ir did not persume increase in traffic. the 2015 congestion management program recognized evening commutes be in san francisco decrease 21 percent from 2013 to 2015. also, the 2015 traffic score card ranked san francisco commute the thirds worst in the country.
6:11 pm
this may contribute to transportation and transit impacts in a significant way not analyzed in the program eir. there are no performance standards that apply to reduce the impact to less than significant. social economic impacts resulting in physical impacts. a program eir did not anticipate or analyze the high concentration och low income housing in the mission. this is not about opposing low income housing, had is about overall impact in the mission. the program eir did not consider the potential physical impacts on the environment from over concentration of low income houseic in a particular neighborhood from increase [inaudible] blight and vandalism. within two blocks we have 329 units including burr nel, caultage park apartments and 1515 south van ness. may be used to determine the significance of a physical changes caused by the project.
6:12 pm
social economic effects result in physical changes that is impact on the environment. the social economic study was required by the board for the lunar project at 1515 south van ness buts no evaluation the social economic impacts. several studies analyzed the impact of low income housing with fining mixed income and finance development-- >> thank you, sir. thank you. supervisor ronen you had questions. >> i'll wait to the end. j >> thank you very much. now, i like to open this up to public comment specifically for those who are here to speak in support of the appeal. please come forward. you have up to two minutes. anyone like to
6:13 pm
speak in support of the appeal? please come forward. first speaker you have up to two minutes. >> hi. good afternoon. my name is eric [inaudible] and live on shotwell street raising our two young children. i'm here because i am not comfortable oa 9 story build wg no parking built on my street. i absolutely support affordable houdsing as i do market rate housing. our city needs both citywide not only in district 9. i'm opposed to the idea dodge adding affordable units in exchange for land bought for the city. i think people from all walks of life live toorlth we will all do better and learn more about ourselves and each other as we build a shared community. i think that all
6:14 pm
buildings seeking to deviate from the plan and code of the area should be required to go through eir so think one should be required here. three stories than what is allowed is a lot of stories. one day many here in san francisco will look and wonder why the city built so many large concrete buildings in this time. often the buildings are not keeping with their surroundings and my community and with my clients i already hear this so i like to add the architecture oof the building proposed is uninspired bunker like and not in keep wg it architecture of the area. the community made comment tooz this effect ignoreed and no modifications made. i hope you will choose to grant a continuous so this building may be more carefully scuteinized and many impacts can be looked at. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please.
6:15 pm
>> albert [inaudible] live at 1183 shotwell less than half a block from the proposed project. i lived here since 1994 but i appreciate the sentiment creating housing for low income residents and homeless people i breve the project failed to address the needs of my neighborhood and incorporates failed policies and miss guided attempts at social engineering. i also like to add i am a senior so have nothing against seniors. i take issue with bad planning policy that isolates low income people in high density towers. this scale of this building does not conform to the fabric of my neighborhood and that contusts of one and two builds wgz the exception of the 4 story apartment complex opposite the proposed project but that apartment complex has horizontal feel with cortyarbd
6:16 pm
yarbds and parking. the planners like to the show the building facing cesar [inaudible] only 60 feet wide and [inaudible] isn't much wider causing the building to have a mammoth appearance. the fact that no parking is a complete follow. this is not new york city. san francisco doesn't have the infrastructure of not needing a far. if there are no parking spaces these people will choose healthy lifestyle squz ride bikes or walk. bicycling and walking are not always a option especially for the vulnerable demo graphic. many of these people like most san franciscans pr going to have cars if they expect to accomplish chores. the planners have a utopian fantasy
6:17 pm
of all people on bikes which is a hooded way avoiding haveic ing to do had necessary to provide adequate parking. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is lucy [inaudible] and i only live half a block away fraument this proposed project. before i speak about my concern which i agree with the previous speakers, i would like to have the supervisors to please remove the segregation in the city of san francisco by mixing all income and live in the same building and other areas in the city of san francisco. not just in one location or two locations or only three districts in san francisco. [inaudible] best solution to improve peoples relationship especially now a days and
6:18 pm
remove social economic discrimination in the community. developers have to stop paying the ity by giving land to build 100 percent luxury development and because the city owns these projects, the city can break any rules, regulation and zoning laws and this is not fair to the people who live nearby. i am not opposed of having affordable senior building in my neighborhood, we do need affordable housing in the city or even market rate building. any housing in the city we need them, but my major concern is having the project is in a proposed [inaudible] architectural design conflictwise the latino cultural district building in
6:19 pm
the adjacent area. with the lack of parking space it will have a major impact in this little street. thank you for and among others that were spoken before so i just want to-- >> thank you. if there are any other members who like to speak please come forward or line up to your right. next speaker. >> hello, my name is jane perry and live on the 1100 block of shotwell street and lived there 68 year jz i am a senior citizen asia can see. i have no problem with that building going up, accept for the size of it. it is way too high, way too dense and going to put this on a personal level for the supervisors who probably all live in neighbors not high rises, if you do you are not part of this but if you live in
6:20 pm
a neighborhood imagine at the corner of your block someone coming in and wanting to build a 9 story building when all the rest of the residential there are 1 to 2 stories. there apartments and bernal developings when chrise up to 2, maybe 3 stories, but is the highest in the area. we do not want anything that dense. we have so many units there already. let them build their building, that's fine, but please do not go with the density, just remember putting a 9 story building on the corner of your block with no parking, no access or ambulance or bringing in oxygen tanks or any type of medical supplies other than a very small white zone in front of the building. these people do have friends, they have friends with cars, they need some place to put
6:21 pm
their cars rchlt this will impact the parking on our blocks, which is already a terrible density problem. thank you for listening and happy valentine's day. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> tom gill berty. i don't live there. if you were to put a 9 story building in the avenues you would get a idea of what they are talking about. um, i live on the 9th floor of a 14 story building 2 towns end apartments. i don't-like parking. i agree that they built a building across the street from me and it's higher, 10 store as over two stories of parking. they would have been better without the parking so there are differences of opinion here. but one of the
6:22 pm
gals and number of people spoke about this not whault we want to do here and the overhead, please. i agree we don't want to put everyone in one building and what i was liking was that we changed the process and that process is i think the problem here. not that there is building is here for seniors. i'm a senior and disabled and will be a refgue from the market rate corporate housing. what i'm thinking is the best is when we have a few brilding going up, this could have been 950 market street in the tenderloin with 20 percent community, low income affordable housing for veterans, for seniors, graduated to children, the homeless. the people that are part of our society. and that would be included in every
6:23 pm
building that is going up. next 20 percent for teachers, police, fire. people are that are part of us. the next 20 percent basically is if you rin the local zip code you can move into these units too and we can move the entire locale in sharing the wealth of moving. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is dou g and live on 1100 block of shotwell street and i attened a couple meetings and impressed with what the architects came up with but not impressed withs having not learned from our mistakes. height and density can lead to problems if we remember the bernal dwellings when are changed and section 8 housing right down the street. we had
6:24 pm
issue there. i'm concerned about the sheer density of this affordable housing. we talked about no parking. you know services will come in and to not have parking sounds ridiculous even if the tenants don'ts have parking. the building they have done the best they can with keeping it as dense and make tg work for a very difficult lot, but i think we need to stand back and look at this and see the lunar project and what is happening to our neighborhood. i think the process we are missing it, we are missing the boat. it isn't inclusive and capture the people that are local. if we look at signature ozen the different buildings that people signed off in favor of, i like the board of supervisors to look at the addresses on-i am changing the subject but the other lunar projject. 9
6:25 pm
stories is inappropriate. this is the beginning concerned and haven't tackled our tents. there is lot going on in the neighborhoods and think you are--it's too much right now. a lot changed in the recent years. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. if there are any other members of the public who like to speak in support of the appeal, please line up to your right. >> my name is emily sharky. my husband and i were so lucky to buy our house 10 years ago in the mission. we live on folsom and 26th and we will be about a block away from this. we are raising our three young kids and already there is a lot of traffic, a lault of crime going
6:26 pm
on and that is concerning. the building proposed is really ugly and the mission is a beautiful neighborhood. it has so many historic homes and it is gorgeous. we would like it to fit in better. and i just think that we need to slow down and take our time and consider what is going on. so, i hope you'll choose to grarnt continuance so the building can be more carefully scute inized and the impact of the neighborhood considered. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public who like to speak in support of the appeal? seeing none, public comment is now closed. and we will now have up to 10 minutes for a presentation of the planning department.
6:27 pm
>> i'm lisa gibson, the acting environmental review officer. the question you are considering today is whether the planning department properly issued the determination for the 1296 shotwell street projetin accordance with ceqa guidelines. i'll make the first half of the presentation before i turn over to my colleagues, a laina [inaudible] quhoo prepared the determination and joined by rick cooper who also prepared the document. i'll provide a over view of the ceqa provision for streamlined projects and address it issue of the validity of our continued reliance on the eastern neighborhoods eir which is a repeated issue that comes up. the proposed project is demolition of one story industrial building to construct a 9 story building for 1 00 percent affordable senior housing project. the
6:28 pm
building will provide 94 units 93 affordable including 20 for formally homeless senior. requires lead agencies to consider the adverse environmental effectoffs projects considersed for approval. green house gass effect the environment by contribute toog climate chaimpg recognizing the states environmental emission goals the reduction goals can't be met without land use and transportation policy, the state legislature has promoted infill development. consistent with ceqa's policy, that environmental review should be completed as expeditiously as possible. there are streamlining tools to promote review of infill projects. one of the tools is spelt out in 15183.3 adaumented in 2013. sb 226 created a streamlined
6:29 pm
environmental revee process for eligible infill projects. this project limits the process limits the topic subject to review at project level where infill twement are addressed in a environmental impact report for the planning level decision or applicable development policies. ceqa guide lines establishes eligibility requirement frz project tooz qual fifor infill streamline. to be eligibility the project must be a infill society, satisfy standards and consistants with sustainability community stat strat egy. the project clearly satisfies these criteria. accord toog the ceqa guide fp lines does not apply under two circumstances. first, ifae an effect was addressed as a environmental
6:30 pm
effect in the prior eir for the planning level decision the effect may not be analyzed again for the virmt infill project. second, effect need not be analyzed even if tfs not analyzed in the prior eir or more significant if development praulss or stanldards would mitigate that effect. outcomes unlder the streamlining section can range from exempttion for a need for narrow project specific document. as explained in great detail in the 65 page ceqa certificate of determination and supporting initial study checklist, the 1296 shotwell qualifys as a infill project and all the projections significant impacts were addressed or mitt gay tigated by by development
6:31 pm
policy. the praujsect sponsor is required to implement mitigation measure tooz address impacts. no further environmental review is required. finally, i like to address the question of the validity of the eastern neighborhood eir. this fsh raised on appeal of the 90116th street and 2000 bryant street heard at the board last year. the board denied both appeal said affirming the planning department reliance on the eastern nairbld eir for subsquents prawnect. ceqa guidelines clearly establish once a project is approved, no further ceqa review is needed unless further discretionary approval is required so we are not permitted to reopen the eastern neighborhoods eir in the absence of a change to the area plan. the plan eir was never challenged after the certification in 2008. nothing in ceqa or guidelines suggest a
6:32 pm
eir has a expiration gate date. if it were true conditions changed streamlining for infill project require a narrowed project specific environmental document not a whole sale disregard the prior eir. now i'll turn over to elana calying. >> thank you lisa. good afternoon president breed, board members. my name is alana calgy and planning department staff. the department submitted written response to appeal february 6 and like to address a few topics from the response now. first, the project is eligible for ceqa streamlines. meets ceqa section 15183.3 and therefore considered eligible for ceqa streamlines as a infill project. as addressed
6:33 pm
in the initial stud a, the project is in a 65 x height bulk district and the project spaunsher requested using the san francisco 100 percent affordable housing bonus program as codifyed in section 328 of the planning code. this allows a height of above 30 feet of 65 feet. in total the project proposes height up to 84 feet or additional 19 feet which is well within the maximum additional allowable height permit td by section 328. therefore the praunlect height is consistent with that permitted in the zoning district in combination with the density bonus requested by the sponsor. this allowable height adjustment does not invalidate for stream line ceqa review. secondly, the project is within the latino cultural
6:34 pm
district but the district is not considered a historic resource per ceqa. the initial study identifies the project is located within the latino cultural district but not a historic district adopt bead the san francisco historic preservation commission or listed on a national state or local register and as such, is not a historic resource. the latino cultural district is not considered historical for purpose of ceqa. the appellate doesn't provide substantial evidence to show the latino cultural district is a historic resource under ceqa and the project therefore need not be consist wchbt the latino cultural district. third, there is no substantial evidence that socioeconomic impact of the project will result in physical environmental impacts. under ceqa discussion of socioeconomic effects is not required accept for effects result in physical and
6:35 pm
environmental changes and social or economic effects shall not be treated as significant effects per the guidelines thmpt appellate does not provide substantial evidence in support of the contention that the potential socioeconomic effects will result in impact beyond those identified in the eastern neighborhoods eir. those relate to projects with market rate housing. 1296 shotwell creates low income housing without displacement of existing housing. that concludes the departments presentation. thank you. >> thank you. and now we will have up to 10 minutes for the project sponsor who is here to speak on behalf of the project sponsor? >> good afternoon. my name is elaine yee, senior project
6:36 pm
manager with mission economic development agency. the 1296 shotwell project sponsor meta and chinatown community center would like to thank you for aforeing the opportunity to respond to this development environmental review appeal filed on december 30, 2016. 1296 shot well is proposed 100 percent affordable housing comprising 94 rental for 62 and above perspective tenant are low income elders in our city of escalating cost. 20 percent of these units are earmarked for formally homeless seniors. meta is proud to be joined by a eexperienced development partner chinatown cdc with a track record developing and managing quality and affordable housing and providing residential service to 3 thousand units in san francisco. twebl 96 shot well is the first dwem that apply frd the city's local affordable housing program. the
6:37 pm
projethmeets all bonus program guidelines and use of the bonus program the allowable height can be increased from 65 feet to iget 85 feet consist wnt the city's general plan translate to 19 affordable unit of much needed housing in the mission. the perltage of homolog seniors increase in twechbt 13 and 15. homelessness in the age group of 51 to 60 increase from 14 percent to 22 percent and for ages 61 and up increase from 5 percent to 8 percent. to prevent furter displaceiment of seniors affordsal housing mus be immediately built. city agency squz community advocates have published a draft mission action plan 2020 which emphasize 1700 to 2400s in the mission within the next 5
6:38 pm
years. the project support the 2020 goals. the appeals stated that our project doesn't meet the streamlining exemption and have adverse impact. provided wind, shadow and noise studies to couner the appeals claim. the studies were reviewed by the planning department which determined the studies met the guidelines of infill streamlining. as for transit impacts. have a greater tendency to own cars and drive more miles per year. data from the 2001 national travel survey show people who earn more than $100,000 drive [inaudible] further, 1296 shot well is a senior affordable housing development and the likelihood for seniors who earn less than fiver 0 percent ami of having cars will be much lower than in
6:39 pm
a timical market rate development. to support san francisco's transit first policy and with no parking requirement the development does not incomplud on site parking, however, the dwemer offer car share parking on the street and shuttle service for residents for groceries and or medical appointment. 1296 shot well is a transit rich location blaurks away from the 24 street bart station and close to bus lines. these facts down play the appeals claim of a environmental impact on additional cars mpts as evidence by the letter of support concluding the praumgect meets their criteria for development in that dist rict. the residents of dwevl 96 shot well [inaudible] keep ing verchers viable. similar to plans the latino cultural district emphasize the need for
6:40 pm
unwithen had 100 percent affordable housing development. our development is located in the neighborhood commercial transit ntc zone with propose said development conforming to current zoning. the appeal mentioned displacement of the ist xing production distribution and repair use of the site with the pasening passage of the nrfb 20s 15 ballot measure proposition x replacement of pdr use isn't mandated in the zone. to show case support of pdr project sponsors hired a consultant to work with businesses aiming to are locate in the mission. in conclusion, without the application of affordable housing twenl 96 shot well will lose 20 percent of affordable units. 19 houses not build built for low income seasons and loss for the seniors.
6:41 pm
this will translate to loss of housing units and increase the cost of the development that will not contribute to housing but cars. mety a and chinatown cdc in secure safe quality housing these eldsers are part the mission bruno heights community. i asked the city to house people who need it the most. those families and seniors living on the streets are moving from room to room or passed around by namly members because they can't affords a place of their ownfelt we must builds these homes, all 94 homes for our senior jz the time is now mpts beth project sponsors and architect are available for any questions. thank you very much. >> thank you for your presentation. with that, we
6:42 pm
will open it up to public comment for members of the public who like to speak in opposition. please line up to your right and come forward. first speaker, please. >> thank you. charles minister, a resident orphsan francisco for 30 year jz a member of senior and disabilities action. i would qualify to live in this project if it is approved meeting the income requirements. my wife and i never know when the landlord will sem out the rent controlled place we live like many other seniors in the town. remind the supervisors this is a world class city. at least the prices and the salary of the bureaucracy makes it that
6:43 pm
and you go around other world class sit cities that are changing because they have to build-there is more people moving to the cities. hong kong, they are billing up. tokyo, building up. london, building up. if you can remain a world class city you have to build up. that is the realty. things change. the economy changes. i was a merchant sail r and shipyard irking up and down the east coast. there are more actors in the country there sailors. hell of a lot more soft ware programmer than shipyard workers. thinks change. the population in the foun is increasing as far as the seniors and if people are not prepared for the change you know what i to do? i had to leave the east coast to get a job. that is realty and we
6:44 pm
have to change. if the city will remain a vibrant and growing city, it will have to build up. we have to take care of the people that built this city and that is what this project is all about. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> my name is fran taylor and i'm a low income senior quhoo is about to bring doom and destruction to shot well. i'm also the cochair of [inaudible] community organization that worked for 10 years to change cesar chavez street from what was a freeway on the ground to much safer calmer neighborly street and don't remember the neighbors contributing to that effort but this is the time of develop that will enhance the imprubments we have already achieved on cesar chauvs
6:45 pm
street. it is dense and serves a population as the project sponsor said is must luss likely to own and use vehicles. the other study i mention shows people who drive expensive cars are much more likely to inconicide erant to pedestrians so when you deal with a low income population you bring safety and calm ness to the pedestrian environment and this is very important. be agsenior doesn't mean you are decrepeed and emobile and we are getting there but this is close to transit and close to two commercial strips on mission i 24th street. it is close to medical fustillties at saint lukes and offices neerk and park just creates depend. if you build park tg encourages people to drive so this is a totally [inaudible] that parking people are bringing up. it is replacing a car repair
6:46 pm
shop that now ubinstructs the sidewalk with parked cars and haven't heard objections coming from the neighbors about that so this will improve the situation as far as the environment. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker recollect please. >> good afternoon supervise visors. thank : sam moss the executive director a non-profit affordsal housing developer that has hundreds of low income seniors living throughout the mission. i like to speak to the appeals statement that adding more low income housing potentially can increase vacancy, blight and vandmism and crime. besides the fact that is just not true at all, the report that the quote points out that these issues might have existed in public
6:47 pm
housing areas that were not well run, that did want have resident and community service, didn't have a private non-profit and this project coming does have all that. i emplor anyone to take a tou r of valencia gardens. we can get a $5 cup of coffee and talk to it #2345irbd home owner association about the property vamues, i assure they have gone up. the reason i bring this up is because it is to someone dedicated his life to affordable housing to hear someone may think building more low income housing in the neighborhood that needs it, would increase blight and security issues. it is just sad to me that we would be contemplating it. on behalf of mission housing, we are gaens the appeal and we are without a doubt for the project. >> thank you. thank frz your comments. next speaker,
6:48 pm
please. >> [speaking spanish. >> good afternoon [inaudible] >> when you translate would you mind moving the micro phone so we can hear the translation? >> or you are welcome stand at the second podium. >> [speaking spanish brash. >> i have lived in sath van ness between 25 and 26 street for 25 years. and i'm a [inaudible] saint anthony chunch in cesar chavez street. all i want to say is 90 percent of our population in church is
6:49 pm
considered elderly. all these people are so hoping to get a place in this project that we are talking about. i think they all deserve to live their last days in a safe place- safe and with dignity. that's why i support this project. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish, waiting for translation] >> my name is jasmine and live in the bayview district. i'm
6:50 pm
here today in support of this project of housing for elders. because it is so hard for us that are younger to be able to find places to live and affords places to live. i can't imagine how hard it is for people that are just at the end of their lives. many ofia may not realize the situation until you get to that moment in desperate need. that's why i'm
6:51 pm
kindsly asking you that you please accept this project because it's to help people that are in great fleeds needs of the housing. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish] >> my name is blaunka [inaudible] i'm here supporting our--i'm here in support of the project that is planning to give housing to our grandparent because they worked to make the city move forward and our country as well. and these are
6:52 pm
all people that need to have a place to live, a place to live with dignity and a place they can afford to pay for. as you can imagine, for us that are younger it is so hard to find a place that we can afford because the rent is so high. and many of us are being evicted. that's why i want you to think about your or our grandparents because they deserve to be treat td with
6:53 pm
respect and dignity and deserve to have places to live. they are tired. they cannot have two jobs like we do, they can have object one job and whatever they can get from social security. thank you to you all and my blessing for your and your family. >> thank you vaer very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is-good afternoon. my name is [inaudible] i live [speaking spanish, waiting for translation] and live for the last 16 years in cesar shauvs
6:54 pm
and shot well and here for the support of the development project that is not approved and hope will be. i am retired already. i just want to ask you to accept this-pass this project because it is really hard for us to live in this situation. i have a disabled daughter and i have a part time and that is how i-- >> social security check is it. [waiting for translation] all
6:55 pm
i have to provide for my daughter is what the social security givs me and my part time job so hope you can pass the project and build this development either in the mission or whatever you choose to do it so we can keep libing living in the cuntsry and where dignity. thank you so much and my blessings. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish, waiting for translation] my name is andria [inaudible] i am coming
6:56 pm
in representation of the collaborative of hotels in the mission. this affordable housing project is urgent for us in the mission and i'm here in support of this project. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker , please. >> [speaking spanish, wait ing for translation] good afternoon, my name is maria [inaudible] coming in here in representation of [inaudible] so i am in support of all the
6:57 pm
women--i lived for 15 years in the mission, but because i'm sick now i can't afford to keep-living there so in support of all the women to see if i can get a little chair for myself. thank you so much. god bless you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> wait frg the time it change. perfect. good afternoon. [inaudible] born and raised here in the sucker free city and also with mission housing.
6:58 pm
i'm here to demands more than a vote against the appeal. we want to you to support the 9 story plauject but your vote won't suffice today. i want each and every one of you to speak out gaens this blatant disregard for the wellbeing of some of our most vulnerable resident. i want the chambers to echo multiple rebukes of not only the argument but the fifthy and despicableideology it extends. gent fiication decimated our people. families broken, dreams crushed, people killed because those such as the appellates conceal their hatred for the poor with dialects. we are not fooled , we know this is not about height or ceqa. this is a tantrum. a personal delima
6:59 pm
played out in the public which in the end only seek tooz deny housing to low income seniors. i will repeat that. the appellates are here to deny housing to low income seniors. deny this appeal and deny this veneer covering disgust for our elders. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. himey from the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation and here to voice my support for the 1296 shot well project and ask the board to oppose this appeal. you may ask what a person in theteneder loin cares about housing in the mission, the answer is simp, we need how housing all over the city and especially affordable housing for seniors. it shouldn't be the tenderloin as the only place in the city where people fibed housing and that part the
7:00 pm
city is jenifyed so this development will provide 94 unit for housing for seniors and that's what we need in the city. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. rob poll with housing action coalition. i'm not spoken before. we have not relieu vooued the plans for shot well. regard thg appeal absolutely not. reject it. the fact we are here discussing the merits in the middle of a aforeable crisis is diss heartening. we have a opportunity to enable low income seniors to live in a terrific neighborhood near a lot of great aminities and next to transit. this is the fipe of housing we should support. as you know, last year the affordable house bonus program fts vetted for 2 year jz came before you many many times and
7:01 pm
that is what is enable to create more homes for low income seniors today. reject the appeal. get this moving forward and hopefully we don't have to deal with this again. thank you mpts >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> irish [inaudible] i lived in the mission 40 years and nurse and seniors and these hearings are aging me. the staths about eviction homeless and seniors are grim but all i need to deis walk out my house to see the painful realty. someone mentioned people libing in tents, where are those people supposed to go? we need real affordable housing as peep ople said and need it now. the situation is dieer. we don't have the luckry of waiting. thanks to displacement in the past several years san francisco homeless population
7:02 pm
has gotten older and sicker. 30 percent of people homeless are seniors up from 17 percent in twenlts 13. mission shelters 2/3 of the people who spends the night are seniors. irish canada evicted last friday wasn't tolds the sharing changed the locks because the family was afraid causing so much emotional distress she may have a stroke. seniors are the cunares in the coal mine. the first to exhibit illness. a study atu csf showed people homeless were 25 years older in health status than their calendar years. housing is healthcare. that was our modmauto at the windsor hotel where i worked in the late 90's, it was supportive housing for people who are homeless. housing is healthcare. 1296 shot well lejust that.
7:03 pm
permanent and dignifyed housing in a community. any delay will lead to more suffering. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm deepa varma from san francisco tenant union and here to speak ooen behalf of the 19 units of senior housing. we never needed them more. we neerfb ever unit we can get. just the number of affordable units we lost in rent controlled housing seniors lived in in the mission is astounding and this is not going make up for those but that just means we need every unit we can get. in addition, we worked hard on geping a affordable housing bonus program that actually made it easier to build more affordable units and this is the test case, a case we can hopefully use in other paurts thof city. there isn't that much space and it is difficult to fifanc and
7:04 pm
build the united . the facts that worked out it is just a matter of approving-denying the appeal and need to make sure every units gets built and housing the people who need it the most. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is putresha curmen and a long time resident of the mission. more than 35 years. and i am a senior. i live on very low income and speaking for seniors. those of us who are now collectsing social security worked at wages much lower than people get today for their beginning jobs even, but we got more for the buck back then. now, our social security is based on what we earned back then when the value of the dollar was much higher.
7:05 pm
so, we are doublely being penalized by all this. and the term affordable housing i find a bit offensive because it isn't affordable usually for most people. i'm fighting my second ellis act eviction as my landlord is trying to flip the once rent controlled building fl to cando miniums i imagine, so i am under a lot of stress and understand all the seniors that i know are under a lot of stress. the mission is a great neighborhood. the transportation is slen. we need transportation. i have been using public transportation since i is been here in 1970 before bart. people who say there isn't good transportation there, just dont know the area or never have tried to public transportation.
7:06 pm
we are under threat for our lives because when we lose our homes, where can we go intry to find a place that has a listing open to get on a waitest list. they don't exist. i'm looking at a tent on the street. and i'm not alone. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. james tracy. speaking on behalf of community housing partnership in full support of this project. like to point out that the appellate made it sound like the american association oretired criminals vandals and taggers are mubing into the mission which is completely malarkey. we know that low income people and low income housing developments such as this do not contributes to crime or insecurity but they
7:07 pm
increase safety. this is the same rhetoric of division that we hear every single last time a project like this is propose said in a neighborhood that has changed a bit or neighborhood that has affluence. we herds ithis in hayes valley and marina and south beach. it needs to stop here because that is trumpian politic jz need to rise above. >> thank you for your comments. >> good afternoon, tony les with seenwer and disability action and manila town heritage foundation and support 1296 shot well. this development, the homes need toock built as soon as possible. seniors have no time for delay. they cannot afford it. in my own job and see seniors that lost their housing. it creates downward spiral. it is the equivalent
7:08 pm
the strongest earthquake. i have seen seniors lose their live jz end up homeless on the streets. it is very unacceptable. as a board member of manila town heritage we know what happened with the i hotel. this is the 4th anniversary of the eviction. it took thurtd years to build 102 units with a i hotel stands. let's not delay this. our seniors deserve much better. they can't wait. frankly, they need this housing and forget what the nimby's have to say about blight and the rhetoric. if is just not true. they just don't want to their view to be obstructed we have seniors we are wordied
7:09 pm
about. we have a hundred year olds woment evicted. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is peter cohen with with counsel of community housing oreg. both of the project developer team organizations are part of our coalition and i just want to first of all we oppose the appeal. but point out this is a model type of development and we are fortunate in san francisco to have this. we have community based developers who do affordable housing and that is a privilege most of the rest of the country does not have that. built into the way that our developers do affordable housing, is the type of community outreach, the top notch design by hermann callver and enriched approach and community connect rbs all that matter tooz make the promect the right fit and have affordable housing done right so if there is the type of project that fully qualifys for
7:10 pm
the exemption ceqa is designed for, this is the project. there is no question there is a need. we are dramatically undersupplied of affordable housing in the city sothere is no question this project is needed in this neighborhood and glad to see the cross section of organizations here to support this project and oppose the appeal who or thewise don'ts always agree on housing policy. we all agree, this is how we do affordable housing and look to you to move the project forward. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon. fwlad to be here. cechben burke recollect a soft sportswear engineer and district 3 resident. i think the appeal should be denied son theimators. the only significant reason to get a new environmental impact report is increase vacancy littering and crime from these senior sit citizens that will move in. i
7:11 pm
think that is cynical especially the alternative is homelessness which is worse if you are worried about vacancy and crime. we should strive for prickth in the housing process. the process has been through the planning commission and up to the vote of board of supervise jz appellates had their say and they lost and comments were in support of the project and the more bites that apple and more uncertainty we nrts deuce to the planning and construction process drives up the cost of building in san francisco. increased cost make it hardser to development and more expensive to develop and build in the city when the city is pitching in that means the city has to pay more to support affordable housing. i also point out the city is facing a billion dollar budget short fall in the next few years. finally, i like to point out we are in the midsal of the
7:12 pm
housing crisis and should give #2ce6erance to people trying to build in the city and try to reduce uncertainty in the process as much as wecan. thanks very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, [inaudible] with [inaudible] obviously this project shds go forward. i think that it is obvious that this project will go forward. i think the song and dance we all do where we pretend there is a world in which the project goes forwards is ridiculous. we waste the communities time and avenue wns time and inprojects get held up over and over and over again on dubious reason jz need to craetd a way so the projects get what they need so we dont have to be here wasting your and our time. these projects
7:13 pm
should be expedited through the process and shouldn't be a opportunities a 100 percent affordable project hosten. the time and lawyering that has gone into this is aurb surd. the city needs to find way tooz create way tooz make the projects? stantly permitted. there is no reason that this project shouldn't be another two stories higher. i heard people saying 9 stories gives them a case oof the vapors. i think we can hanldal it and handle more housing in every neighborhood and on the west side and south side and in all of our out lying neighborhoods, everybody neighborhood needs to see a project like this. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello. milo trous and like to touch on the componentf the project that includes housing for formally homeless. how
7:14 pm
important it is that we build this housing and find a way to build it quickly and efficiently without delays. so, we have a crisis. i think our most dier crisis now is everyone can't find housing and there are people suffering on the e street and the fact there are folks who would live in a city where there are people on the street rather than comfortbly housed in space that is empty 6 or 9 or 12 stories in the air is rephensible. any project that has a components for formally had you homeless we should find a way to build faster and streamlined without being vulnerable to these continual interruptions and delays. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors.
7:15 pm
[inaudible] here on behalf of [inaudible] in support of this project. all of us here have elders in the families and like to speak about one of mine. this year my pops who is 8 4 came to lib with me and my families. he fsh a immigrant and labored hard to support and provide for his family and trying to fine his way in life after losing his wife of 55 years who passed. his minds squl body is feeling the stress of olds age and no longer able to do all the things he once took for granted. i can't imagining have to worry about keeping or finding a home and that is the earealty around us in the city as we walk out the stepoffs city hall and every neighborhood thousands and thousands of low income seniors in san francisco. on my block a beautiful eldser is filled
7:16 pm
with life perspective and wisdom is being asked to leave the home of 10 years where the rent is affordsm. she will most likely be forced from the city. she said he she is tired of the struggle and hopes the next generation will keep up the struggle. how do we do that? one of the most powerful ways is make sthur we develop our city in the way that meets the needs of every day people. people here now. i stand at the board of superizvaers and when you pass a budget you make investments in the people here now. we should make land use decisions in the same way. we should supporting development that meeths the neetsds of people here now kwr spoken brf you today. 1296 shot well is exactly that. it is how we keep low income eldser from ending up only the street.
7:17 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. [inaudible] san francisco resident and i have a mother that has represented rentsed in the mission over twebt years mptd my sister was raised in the mission. she is a elder but she won't admit it since she is renting i'm concerned as to what will-where she will go next once she can no longer rent where she is at. if not for her at least we could house other seniors in need. we have become a ilwilled city where we are looked at as a welcoming city and think we could change that come it comes to thinking about our elds elders which i can't believe we need to have this discussion and think the
7:18 pm
transportation discussion is a mute point. so many san franciscanic like myself donot own a car, never owned one. just learned to drive last year and take muni and bart, which is filled with elders. my mom walks past the city every day. i know plenty of elders that don't have a problem walking all over the city. so, i am in support of the project as is. j thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is jorden daibs and in the leadership acadsomy and oppose the appeal and support 1296 shot well. there is no shadow impact. it is very unlikely low income seniors have cars especially in this sitsy. besides all this this is a very very very necessary project. we need to build as much
7:19 pm
affordable housing as possible and should pull out all the stopsment our seniors are homeless or libing in sro's with no private bathrooms, deplorable condition squz busted elevators. in conclusion, we not give into chimey trumpest cry babies appealing the project. give a valentine >> student the seniors and deny this hateful bigoted appeal. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is scott weaver, from the san francisco tenant union and cia venta quatro. lash week we learned of irish canada evicted. i'm sure our emotions ran a gamut from sadness to outd pm rage from embarrassment and shame. she
7:20 pm
was actually one of the more fortunate. a few mujts ago i learned of a 75 year old homeless man who died in the mission of exposure. or two 80 year old sisters who are kicked out of their apartment because of a illegal rent increase and are now sleeping on a couch. or a 79 year old man who was sleep ing on a kitchen floor for the price of $600 a month. the project at 1296 shot well is designed to house the people. the land was dedicated in 2011. this is 2017. in order to prevail on a ceqa appeal which is all this is, the appellates have to show that they can make a fair argument that this project will
7:21 pm
have a neg tchb impact on the physical environment. that is they have to show evident, they can't use speculation, they have to show evident and they are attempting to invoke ceqa by saying the project will cause blight or vagrancy or crime ear vandalism which does not pass the straight faced test. they have provided no evidence to support their appeal and it should be rejected. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker recollect please. >> my name is [inaudible] a disableed person. i have lived in shotwell for 25 years and here to support the housing
7:22 pm
for the homeless elderly people and i think this is the time to make the change because everybody has a human being have to have a place to live. at least they have to have a place to live because this planet is for everybody and we need to make [inaudible] like this for everybody who doesn't have a place to live. so, i'm begging you, all the supervisors in the name of god, to pass this project for the elderly people and open more other projects for other people to suffering in the street too. thank you very much. god bless you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is diana martinez from the mission
7:23 pm
sro collaborative, a program under deloris street community services. i am here because i am very much in support of 1296 shot well project and very much not in support of this appeal. we at the mission sro collaborative work with sro tenants all the time. just today i did out reach in a sro and needing a lot of seniors actually. in fact, a huge number of the people who live in sro's are seniors who deserve dignifyed housing. many of them have health issues that are greatly exacerbated by the poor conditions in the sro mpts no one should have to live in a crumbling building with mold, pests asbesto exposure and eviction threats bullet it
7:24 pm
deeply pains me knowing a huge number of people living in the conditionerize seniors, elders people we should be revering. the senior housing development must be built so the seniors in the sro have a chance to apply and live in dignifyed housing. we are in a crisis and cannot delay longer to build low income and affordable housing for many who qualify for the projects, their libe lives depend on your kishz oo builds the housing as soon as possible. i live in a neighborhood where all the buildings are one or two stories accept for one big 10 story senior development and it is still a beautiful building. it is still a neighborhood that we can pride on having integrity and for tear cheers and applausee iring for our community and if qu want to see the full sunset i'll walk 12 steps down the street and at least i can hold my head up high saying we treated our seniors in our community with
7:25 pm
respect. we are in support of the project because we first know what the need is in san francisco. we know that-we also know from demo graphic changes the elder population is increasing not just here but throughout the united states and we need to be conscious of that when we make decisions about housing. also, that location where this project is situated is close to
7:26 pm
transportation. i can see senior people walking to small businesses, buying grocery nearby. i can see this is a perfect location for a senior housing project and more than anything i can see these seniors contributing to the community and see the seniors not just like smiling at the neighbors, but also contributesing to the fact that they are part of the community and they can definitely like be elders to young people that live in the community. i think this will be good for them. this is also good for the mission because we need destrrsty in terms of age is important and we need to be for that and diversity in terms of housing has to match diversity in terms of demo graphics;
7:27 pm
7:28 pm
7:29 pm
7:30 pm
>> because apparently,the retired seniors are part of the
7:31 pm
petty most collected. this seems completely contrary to everything that we know about aging.and if you look at how off point the evidences for this and simply take a look at the study, you know, both the appeal and the supporting documentsappeal to all of the social animosities of the appellants. please do the right thing. please move this forward so we can get seniors off of the streets or keep them off the streets. thank you. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>good afternoon supervisors and staff, i commend your sticking with this. my name is sharon and i am with ace and i
7:32 pm
have been a resident of the submission district for over 35 years i have since found out that while there is no shortage there is a huge shortage for affordable housing but a huge shortage of affordable housing
7:33 pm
for seniors. i have looked at the senior housing left and i can't even see the place. the lift is closed and you can't even get on the left and i had friends that needed to relocate two places that they had a terrible time adjusting to [timer dings] anyway, this project is just one of many projects. we need affordable housing for seniors [timer dings] and i appreciate what you do. >>thank you for your comment. next speaker please. >>good afternoon. i am from the cultural district. we are not a historical district,
7:34 pm
historical district that someone mentioned in planning are tied to historical planning and we do not do that. i do also want to say that i am in support of the appeal and we work closely with the police chief and this crime that's been going on for years but another piece of this is even though crime is on the low we have seen hundreds and hundreds of market rate units go into the neighborhood so the correlation between affordable housing and crime i just want to mention that and please
7:35 pm
oppose this appeal. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>hello, my name is john mendoza and i'm one of the cofounders of the latino culture district. i want to speak in oppose of this appeal. i mean, as far as i know, there are 2000 market rate developments coming into the cultural district and because were having this argument they are coming online in the next couple of years. i can't believe we are even debating this. like the gentleman said, it is a fight we were fighting out in the public and it is ridiculous and people are paying with their lives. i lived a block away from this for the last 14 years and i got evicted when this was coming in and how can you say that seniors
7:36 pm
can go this way but not for 10 years but for 18 years. nothing has been affordable in this area for seniors since i can remember. please deny this appeal. thank you. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>mme. clerk, madam chair, and president,-- my name is i am an activist it over here in the north neighborhood market over here we have to maximize the developments and minimize the consequences. so i appreciate that and i appreciate that in our opposition today. so i was concerned with the concentration that i wrote it down so i could get it straight. most of the housing we are trying to get a higher
7:37 pm
concentration of lower income housing. lower income housing doesn't have to mean poverty and it doesn't have to mean these things. certainly in the northern market were trying to build a community that sensitive to these issues and get the best possible outcome as close to normal qualities of living. and so, i guess i'm opposing the appeal. thank you. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>good afternoon supervisors my name is fernando martinez with the council of community organizations in support of the project and opposed to the appeal in environmental review. we hear a lot about these pressures for affordable housing. we just got the 2020 draft proposal and it we have
7:38 pm
some interesting numbers in here. it seems in the historical district we have people lacking 50% of the median income and gained 50% more of people making more than the median. since 2000 san francisco has gained 8000 households that gained more than $200,000. this means a quarter of the rich in san francisco are honing in in this neighborhood as their new playground and we have a tremendous amount of people that are living here. the families , the seniors,and in
7:39 pm
short, the people that live in this community and have lived here for years. sowhat do we do about this. we need to develop affordable housing that is controlled and owned by a people that are concerned with this and this is how we solve our crisis. thank you. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>i am rick hall. i have actually worked on some of these appeals on the other side and i have actually worked on some of these phrases in the document. interesting. anyway, what i have found is that it is all twisted. i have complained about traffic but in conjunction with market rate projects, were in the mission we have seen between 2000-2012
7:40 pm
when the income went up from $51,000-$75,000 the cars doubled from 31% of the households to 73% of the households. i don't think this applies to the seniors. and also, i guess another thing, i'm also pushing the city to look at the socioeconomic impacts, and yet, i am astounded that you can deny this and that the physical change brought about by the project can be significant if it results in the standard, substantive, social and economic changes, negative changes. i don't think the seniors are going to degrade this neighborhood. lastly, the lcd themselves i am also part of the latino
7:41 pm
culture all neighborhood and i think that the seniors will enhance this neighborhood and the lcd will enhance the lives of the seniors. this project is completely compatible with the lcd. i would like to point out that a month ago today the appellant was next-door creating a fuss about should there be an lcd. interesting. yeah, thank you. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>good evening supervisors, peter papadopoulos, cultural activist and i would just like to pick through what we think that are significant differences between the appeal of an affordable housing project like this one and the appeal of the luxury housing
7:42 pm
projects that the appellant appealed here. the axis analysis that are wide to you guys voted on recently were does specifically focus on gender biased socioeconomic impacts and what we see is that we don't we see a neighborhood stabilization project. that's the net result of a project. this stabilizes our seniors and does not affect the ma and pa business is here are and this is not affecting the neighborhood business owners that say hey we can't afford to live here anymore. this will not affect that and the seniors
7:43 pm
will have to drive last and have access to public transportation. this is a senior project and i wonder that pdr replacement is important and however [timer dings]this is replaced saying lost pdr would gain social services for the clients that need them.thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is the marilyn gorin and i am a member ofthe community. i'm part of the team
7:44 pm
and went out to the community and spoke with a lot of residence in the community about their concerns and we have changed our design and try new scenarios and we have really had discussions with people and we've really been part in talking to the community and for all of the neighbors that were unable to be here today but speak in support of this really, really want this to be billed and i want you to know that they were present at the planning commission and had beautiful stories to share about how some of them are living in carsand someone who comes to our office regularly, fernando, something is wrong with his liver he has cirrhosis any of diabetes and the doctor said the only way
7:45 pm
that he can get better is with stabilized housing and we have an opportunity to help the neighbors in the community and my hearts really broken that the people opposing this do not see these faces that come to our office, that come here every day and they do not have a place to live and we could house the people that really need it [timer dings] and they cry every day because they don't have housing and these folks are living in their cars because they don't have enough money for housing but they would be willing to give it up to be in these places and that there is gonna be a shuttle and this is a transit-rich neighborhood to be in and i really want to support this project when people's lives depend on this housing. >>[applause] >>thank you. please use your
7:46 pm
fingers and do not make noise. noise is not allowed in the chambers. thank you. next speaker please. >> i can still remember that we had a foundation about this that and it took half a day to pour the foundation of that thing and it was all for the people and you know, i am for this. let's go ahead and move on this. this is going to take place i guess on 1296 shock well and i'm not sure where that's at but we disagree on a lot of things but we do agree on some things, and this is a good deed to do. thanks a lot. >>thank you. next speaker please..
7:47 pm
>>hello good afternoon my name is wendy and i am speaking today as a member of the public and an enthusiast of truly affordable housing. speaking about mixed income development of course is desirable but as you all know the reality is that this includes housing and market rate developments do not include this for low-income seniors and housing is not produced for those that make under $41,000 per year or 50% of the median income. san francisco has a 20% rate for seniors and according to my calculations this is about 160 or 170,000 seniors. presumably, most are on fixed incomes. shelter residents are now predominantly seniors. over the age of 50. this housing is
7:48 pm
desperately needed. and, i'm also going to speak about two of my friends. my friend sandie has retired with a social security and she is working part-time and she still spends 75% of her income or her rent. [timer dings] the other part of this is i have a friend jeff who started in 2017 on january 31 being homeless. he is now in a nursing facility soon to be discharged possibly into a shelter. his ongoing conditions include dialysis three times a week and copd and diabetes [timer dings
7:49 pm
>>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>good afternoon pres. members of the board. my name is iris mariam. i want to speak on behalf of my aunt who was evicted-- >>ma'am, i'm pausing your time. i am pausing your time this is a special hearing for 1296 shockwell this there will be general public comment at the end of this. >>this is not general public comment. this is in support of
7:50 pm
what has happened here is a travesty. please, do what you can, when you can for this population that is so vulnerable. in support of this project and support of my aunt that is not a tenant. she is an owner. if you look at the
7:51 pm
public records office she is an owner. she was defrauded and it is illegal. do something in support of this project. thank you. >>[timer dings] >>thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon my name is carolyn lange and i am in support of this why do we need this housing? one we fought for this housing five years or 10 years ago to be part of this market rate housing we needed this to come up immediately and to compensate for the 150
7:52 pm
luxury housing that came up in the last few years and we are really thank for for you supporting this and making sure that our seniors can actually stay in this community. the 94 units will compensate for all of the luxury housing that was built by vida and all of the housing that continues to get built in the housing and we encourage youto help with not just the environmental appeal but the environmental appeal that will help with this project and for all of the other luxury housing developments that are also trying to make sure that this happens. so thank you very much for supporting this project and i hope that we can support a future that this neighborhood are all serving working-class residents and improve the neighborhoods in the city thank you. >>[timer dings]
7:53 pm
>>thank you. are there any members of the public that word like to speak on this? seeing none, public comment is now closed. >>[gavel] >> there will now be three minutes for the appellant or the appellant representative. >>again, this is craig weber with intermission neighbors and thank you board of supervisors for your patience. i am a senior. i am a senior to discovered a deceased senior citizen last month. i am the senior who was next-door speaking on this tragedy and i am the citizen who spoke on the news about this last month. we do not oppose senior housing
7:54 pm
but we do oppose this on this environmental impact on the neighbors that will be immediately impacted that will immediately be within a two block radius of this development. we immediately talked about poverty and crime and the 26 street projects and in the last two weeks there were four shootings one man was shot outside of a childcare center one was outside of garfield playground with their parents there is a need to continue to build low income
7:55 pm
housing but to build this in such an area as this 1296 shotwell st. this is not a good idea. we are simply replicating the same ceqa appeal and asking you for a continuance. i do not think this can legally go forward as this was presented. thank you. >>thank you. this hearing has been now heard and is now closed. this is now in the hands of the supervisors. supervisor rohen. >>thank you pres. breed. i
7:56 pm
think everyone for coming out here and this is because you love seniors so much and you i don't know how you can do this. it is offensive. it's offensive to me and i do not understand your logic. me just say that there was one particular testimony today that really moved me and i don't know her name but she spoke in spanish and what she said was that seniors cannot work one or two jobs or three jobs like us
7:57 pm
younger people can. if you're a younger person you can work two or three jobs to live in a neighborhood but if you're a senior you can't necessarily work two or three jobs and you can't even work one job and get affordable housing. this is not a problem that is specific to san francisco but this is just an example of how we treat seniors in our society also as a new supervisor i just wanted
7:58 pm
to spend a little time talking about the lack of merit in the appeal. first of all i want to talk about the latino cultural district. yes it's true that the latino cultural district is not a historical district under ceqa but it is part of the cultural district. the appellate is missing the point of this district. especially the main reason that they are at risk in this district. the main families and business that are in trouble in the latino cultural district is because of these houses, and therefore
7:59 pm
affordable housing, [inaudible] and i wanted to make that point given that this legislation is currently upcoming the legislation process. i also want to talk about height and density.i will talk about this a little bit more in a minute but no news to anyone here but we have an acute housing crisis in san francisco. and acute housing crisis. we are dealing with the fact that teachers cannot afford to live here andthen we have a lack of teachers in our community. we need more affordable housing in any appropriate spot in san francisco and this is where we
8:00 pm
can't handle this and i find this entirely appropriate for this project. we found that senior residents do not own cars as long as there is alternative transportation provided. this project will provide shuttle services and transit services if a senior needs to get to the grocery store or if a senior needs to get to a doctors appointments. without a doubt these are one of the most transit rich neighborhoods in the city especially in 100% affordable housing units. they are very low income and the chances of
8:01 pm
them being able to afford a vehicle are so slim. and, i'm just gonna return one moment because i really, really, really found a census to equate affordable housing projects and people that are poor or low income-- this is the second time this is come out of appeal in the mission recently this could not be more accurately wrong and i think public comment touched on this more eloquently than i could hear today. as a supervisor here today i want to be incredibly clear, i do not believe affordable housing and soup kitchens and other services that enhance-- and that serve the poor and enhanced neighborhood problems like
8:02 pm
crime and homelessness that are real and that we are facing in the mission. they are absolutely the solutions to poverty. and, they are the solutions that i'm going to be fighting for during my entire four years in office. the seniors are not a nuisance. they are entitled to be part of our neighborhoods. they are being pushed out a neighborhoods by the wealthiest neighbors in our community. aging and adult services released its comprehensive need services in 2015 and they found that 25,000 individuals, 20% are living below the poverty
8:03 pm
level in san francisco. 20% of shelter occupants are 60 years old or older. sugar living in shelters or on the street. in 2016 but they are finding is every single homeless count each yearthat are sleeping and cars and a banded buildings are seniors and they need a safe place to live. this project is a solution to the most severe challenges were facing in san francisco. i will work with anyone on projects that create a large amount of affordable housing and when appropriate we must go dense and we must go affordable. so those complaining about tent camps, the best way that you can have a solution for poverty is to
8:04 pm
build affordable housing. that is exactly what this project is about and i think that this project is absolutely appropriate . thank you. >>thank you supervisor rohen. and with that seeing no other names on the roster, it appears that you would like you--i'm sorry, supervisor rohen /? >> i would like to make a motion to approve items 23, 24, 25 and 26. mme. city clerk, please call the roll.
8:05 pm
[roll call vote]>> there are 11 ayes. >> colleagues the project determination is finally affirmed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>[applause] >>mme. city clerk can we go back to our regular agenda items? >>item 6 airport professional
8:06 pm
services agreement modification no. 3 - operation and maintenance services for the airtrain system - not to exceed $115,444,968]resolution approving modification no. 3 to professional services agreement, airport contract no. 8838, between bombardier transportation (holdings) usa, inc., and the city and county of san francisco, acting by and through its airport commission, to exercise the first of two one-year options from march 1, 2017, through february 28, 2018, to provide operation and maintenance services for the airtrain system, and cover the replacement of obsolete airtrain parts and equipment, for a new not-to-exceed amount of $115,444,968 pursuant to charter, section 9.118(b) >>with that, can we please take a roll call? >>[roll call vote] >> we have 11 ayes. the item is passed unanimously. mme. city clerk please call the next item please. >>the next item will be item 7.
8:07 pm
public auction - tax-defaulted real property]resolution authorizing tax collector to sell at public auction certain parcels of tax-defaulted real property, as defined herein. >>[roll call vote] >> 11 ayes. the item passes unanimously. >> supervisors can we take this item same house same call? the item passes unanimously. mme. city clerk can you please call items 8-12.
8:08 pm
>>[reading items 8-11] colleagues, can we take the user items same house same call? >>the item passes unanimously >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk can you please read item 13. >>item 13 is resolution fixing prevailing wage rates for individuals engaged in loading or unloading on city property of materials, goods, or products into or from a
8:09 pm
commercial vehicle in connection with a show or special event, and individuals engaged in driving a commercial vehicle into or from which materials, goods, or products are loaded or unloaded on city property in connection with a show or special event. >>supervisorsafai. >>i will need to be recused from this item. >>supervisors, supervisor safai. needs to be recused from this item do i have a motion and a second? can i take this same house same call? this item passes unanimously. mme. city clerk can you please call item 14. >>item 14is an
8:10 pm
ordinancesponsor: breedordinance amending the administrative and planning codes to authorize the entertainment commission to hold a hearing on noise issues related to proposed projects for construction of new hotels and motels, or conversions of existing structures to hotel or motel uses, to be located within 300 feet of a place of entertainment, and to provide recommendations to the planning department and/or department of building inspection regarding such projects, and require the planning department and planning commission to consider noise issues when reviewing proposed hotel and motel projects; affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act; and making findings of consistency with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1 . >>can we take this item same house same call? >>[roll call vote] >>there are 11 ayes. >>the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. next item please. >>item 15is an ordinance amending the health code to prohibit pet stores from selling dogs or cats not obtained from animal rescue organizations or shelters, and prohibiting the sale of puppies or kittens under eight weeks old. supervisor tang>> i want to
8:11 pm
thank everyone in support of this item. today we did have this item in the office and we did have dogs from the spca and the spc and we did have adoption and some of these items. >>colleagues can we have this item same house, same call? without objection this passes unanimously on the first reading. mme. city clerk can you please read the next item please. >>item 16 isresolution determining that the transfer of a type 48 on-sale general public premises license to emporium sf, llc, dba emporium san francisco, located at 616 divisadero street (district 5), will serve the public convenience or necessity of city and county of san
8:12 pm
francisco in accordance with california business and professions code, section 23958.4, and recommending that the california department of alcoholic beverage control impose conditions on the issuance of the license. >>same house same call? without objection the item passes unanimously. >>[gavel] >> mme. city clerk read the next item please. >>item 17 is a motionamending the board of supervisors rules of order to set forth the process for administration of oaths to individuals testifying before the board, andto authorize the government audit and oversight committee to administer oaths. >>supervisor peskin.
8:13 pm
>>supervisor peskin has made and a motion to amend. collies, can we take this item the same housing call with the amendment. with the amendment, the motion passes unanimously >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk, --i'm sorry, supervisor sheehy. >>thank you supervisor sheehy.
8:14 pm
>>thank you. supervisor tang >> i do not think we should use our body as that type of committee. i think that we do have a way for supervisors to invoke something similar and i personally believe that when people are on a testifying in committee people are on record and there in public and it would be in their best interest to not lie in public so i do not think today that are be able to support the legislation. >>thank you supervisor tang..
8:15 pm
supervisor farrell. >>thank you. supervisor cohen. >>thank you. i would just like to ask supervisor peskin what provoked you to support this? >> there were some that refused to testify and during this investigation this board issued were the last board issued i believe this first subpoena i believe in 24 425 years and i think that mme. city clerk knows the exact
8:16 pm
amount of years with that but i think that we need to get to the bottom of this. this is not to be used lightly but i think particularly in a case of manifested public safety they need to understand the gravityand they need to understand that telling the truth and the whole truth is very, very important and they need to understand this public safety issue and get to the bottom of it. this is not something that i expect the committee or the full board to use this with any regularity but there is another individual coming before the committee another peer that i feel will be very helpful to our investigations to have that individual testify personally
8:17 pm
to an oath and i think it is an important tool to use in our tool chest for the board for many years. >>thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor cohen. >>thank you supervisor peskin for your explanation on that. i just want to make sure that i'm clear. the rules of wood this have applied to the gao committee. >>supervisor peskin. >> thank you mme. pres. to supervisor cohen through the
8:18 pm
president, this can be through any committee originally this was through the j a gao committee and this would be to testify at they are minimum capacity p . >> thank you supervisor cohen. >> thank you supervisor peskin. i just want to say that there are people in the audience that are not aware of this so i'm asking these questions so they can have answers that they have asked. so what i would like to ask now is will this motion passed through the committee?
8:19 pm
>>supervisor cohen i expect this will be a motion passed through the committee and this would be what we are issuing. >>thank you. what are the penalties that could be applied for not testifying honestly under oath? >>this could have penalties with both through the committee and civil and criminal but that would be hand all the on
8:20 pm
an individual case going forth. cases like the millennium are very important and very troubling. >>i agree that the case with the millennium is troubling. i think what i'm trying to figure out with my balance and my point is do we create a policy that is just targeting one particular issue the millennium or is this a policy that could conceivably be used for forever on multiple topics that come through the gao or on multiple issues through the board of supervisors. correct me if i'm wrong but i feel this is created to target the people that are associated with the millennium tower?
8:21 pm
>>through the president, supervisor cohen that was initially that impotence for this and over the years we have exercised this power and yes the millennium issue was the impetus for this but i think that there will be future committees that will want to reveal that for themselves. >>is there are an existing processfor taking an oath under testiony.
8:22 pm
>>there is a safeguard for this. it has to be a vote by the entire board or the entire committee. so that is a safeguard as well. one person cannot do this. >>thank you through mme.president to supervisor peskin. and i just have one other question for the city attorney. can someone be motion to testify administer
8:23 pm
an oath in order for the vote to be taken and >>good evening supervisors -- the board through an oath could administer this through
8:24 pm
the committee. >>thank you mme. city chair i appreciate the time you give me and thank you gentlemen for answering my questions. >>thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor sheehy. >>california penal code 118 says that perjury is a felony in california law and i just don't feel comfortable through this body putting people at such an onerous risk through this. we have one specific situation and it's never good
8:25 pm
to make a policy based on one situation and changing an entire policy. especially essentially when we are ready have a way to do this. and, i just think that investigatory power should be used lightly and deliberately and especially when the penalty is state prison. and, when you say this is rarely used, that is not a good defense in my mind because, along exist and usually when it is rarely used it is rarely used disproportionately on people at do not have power. because people that have power do not usually suffer the consequences of these sort of things. and we support civil liberties but what we are doing is making it relatively easy for two members of this body, it could be now, could be in the future, could be some point way down the road
8:26 pm
when the people who are under the gun or in the barrel, may not be people that we think have the same opinion of that we do with millennium towers. the only thing that i would note is there is an incredible amount of litigation going on about millennium towers. it's good for us to do i guess, understand what's going on so it doesn't happen again but essentially this has been collected under oath under several venues. so i guess with my colleagues i don't trust myself and one other colleague or two other colleagues to impose this. i think the members of the public should oppose this. we all want to do this and we think this is okay we do this already. >>thank you supervisor sheehy. supervisor peskin. >>thank you mme. pres. i would
8:27 pm
like to say that under our legislative government this would be under any number of realms especially the investigative case any number of realms people should testify truthfully. i cannot abide a notion where somebody who-- i mean, proving perjury is very difficult. seldomly ever done by this district attorney or any district attorney that proceeded our district attorney but the message that one ought not lie in the case of great gravity to this board with its unlimited powers of inquiry i think are manifestly important and with that let's see where the votes go. >>okay, seeing no other names on the roster, this does require an eight vote threshold
8:28 pm
since it is a change of board rules. mme. city clerk can you please call the roll. >>[roll call vote] >> there are 7 ayes and 4 no's with supervisors sheehey,
8:29 pm
rohan, tang and sajai in the dissent. >>mme. city clerk, please read item number 18. >>item number 18 is a motion appointing supervisor malia cohen, for a one-year term, to the california state association of counties. colleagues, can we take this same house same call?mme.
8:30 pm
city clerk please call the roll. >>[roll call vote] >>we have 11 ayes. >>the motion passes unanimous on the first reading. mme. city clerk please read the next item. >>item number 19 is amotion amending the rules of order of the board of supervisors by making clarifying amendments to rule 3.27 public safety and neighborhood services, and rule 3.28 land use and transportation committee; striking rule 3.31 to remove the joint city and school district select committee; and adding rule 3.33 to create a budget and finance select committee on federal policy changes. >>and colleagues we have some amendments can we take this item with the amendments >>[roll call vote] >>the amendments to this motion passed unanimously. and colleagues, can we take this
8:31 pm
sam how same call? >>[roll call vote] >> the item passes unanimously with the first reading. mme. city clerk pleasecall the next item >>item 20 is a motionappointing supervisor malia cohen, for a one-year term, to the california state association of counties. >> supervisors can we take this same house same call? without objection the motion passes unanimously. mme. city clerk can you read item 21. >>item 21 is a motion to appoint supervisor jeff sheehy, for a four-year term, to the bay area air quality management district board of directors.okay is there a motion to excuse supervisor sheehy. this is moved by supervisor yee and
8:32 pm
seconded by supervisor peskin, without objection the motion is moved. mme. city clerk can you please call the roll. >>[roll call vote] >>we have 10 ayes. >>the motion is approved unanimously. >>[gavel] >>next item please. >>item 22 is amotion appointing victor olivieri, kelsey campbell, david chasteen, and dorothy "dottie" guy, for the unexpired portion of four-year terms. [roll call vote]
8:33 pm
>>there are 11 ayes. >>the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >>okay mme. city clerk let's go to committee reports. >>item 27 is aboard of state and community corrections pursuant to california state
8:34 pm
senate bill 844 (2016) for $70,000,000 for a proposed project to renovate county jail no. 2; outlining the matching cash contribution of $8,200,000 and additional funds of $3,800,000. >>colleagues seeing no names on the roster, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. one second, madam city clerk, do i have to resend that vote? >>you did not count down. >>good afternoon supervisors. i just wanted to hear a little bit more. i thought we needed to renovate jill number two this is critical and i fully understand that. my concern is that sort of the plans that we have before us right now as to
8:35 pm
where inmates will be transferred when these renovations take place include a possibility that they will be transferred to county jail number three. and, i do not believe that we should reopen that jail under any circumstances. and so, i wanted to hear a little bit more from you about sort of, what are some alternative options during the renovation of county jail number two if we did not get this grant and accepted it ? >>sheriff can you please identify yourself. >>i'm sorry, vicki hennessey. their art a few things with this item in that water. we did look at renovating this jail and moving these people
8:36 pm
down without exception but there will be a cost for these people to do it this way. that means they will go in and come out there will be different trades going and do that work but it will be extremely, extremely expensive and also, there was a quality of life for the inmates that would not be appropriate. the second item would be moving out jail number three and this can be done quickly so people could still be in the city and get the services they need and have access to attorneys and things like that because were talking mostly about pretrial people. the third recommendation is to look at moving people to another county. to another county jail that might have room. and, the thing to think about at least for this purposes of this hearings i think is to approve the resolution so we can apply. i think that there will be things we need to improve as we go
8:37 pm
forward but i think that we need to really think about them. >>okay i have a question for deputy city attorney, mr. john gibner. >>deputy city attorney john gibner. the sheriff this will
8:38 pm
need to be approved i guess i need to ask the sheriff whether if this is accepted whether or not any work will be done on this at this point or not . >>i am looking forward to working with you and the community on strategy so that we can decrease our general population but i just wanted to put on the record that that is not an option that i am open to entertaining if and when this, you know, project comes before us again, through acceptance. >>we are talking 2019th we have to plan for this at a time if this were to occur and then, you know, the strategies that
8:39 pm
we envision through this project we will have available to us. >>thank you supervisor. supervisor kim. >>thank you. this is not necessarily a question for staff but i do want to express my concern of what the city will incur regarding debt. what i'm concerned with is if this is something that the city can pay out without increasing their debt and i also am concerned and less they can match the funds if-- i do not know if i can support this especially with the additional
8:40 pm
costs i don't know if we can pay that out right but i do share the concerns that supervisor rohan brought forth with what the sheriff said these renovations would look like with this particular her j all. >>thank you. and i'm glad to see is on the roster as someone who is intimately involved with this project. i appreciate the work of the sheriff as well as robert garcia and roma guy and many of the advocates that are working to find a solution to do exactly what we need to do and that is to close this without the alternative of
8:41 pm
owning the jail to lock people up and that is not the goal with this gel project. i do appreciate supervisor because i do want you to understand that if you do accept this you have to understand what work will be required with this jail what we will need to do throughout our city. i said this before in the past and unsupported applications for grants that you know, it's a yes today to apply but that may not be the same answer in the future of their other issues that are anticipated as a result of receiving the grant. we thank
8:42 pm
you for your efforts in trying to revitalize what we know is a challenging place to do so. and with that, on the item mme. clerk, can you please call the roll. >>[roll call vote] >>there are 11 ayes. >>the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> and with that mme. city clerk, can you please call the
8:43 pm
roll all for introductions. >>item 28 isroll call for introduction of ordinances, resolutions, charter amendments, requests for hearings, letters of inquiry, letters of request to the city attorney and board members' reports on their regional body activities. >> >>when i read this and initially it really upset me because i have a four-year-old daughter who will be starting kindergarten and this really upset me because one classroom has already had 13 teachers this year. a classroom that has had 13 teachers in one year, those children are not
8:44 pm
getting quality education and this is entirely unacceptable. the urgency for affordable housing for teachers and paraprofessionals is absolutely essential. i am here to ask the board of education, and the mayor's office of housing, and the teachers union, to come to the public safety neighborhood services committee. i will work with my colleagues in the afternoon and friends and family can be there to engage in this conversation and learn what the plan is and the urgency to a build affordable housing i am truly worried that when my child gets into public school which is next year that
8:45 pm
she will not be provided an acceptable education andwe are looking forward to working on this issue together. >>thank you supervisor ronan. supervisorsafai. >>i will be very brief this brings forth that need for workforce housing and i just want to say that i want to bring this meeting together to bring together the board of education and the mayor's
8:46 pm
committee on housing and that we can address this emergency situation that we are in. when teachers can not except job opportunities offered to them around $55,000 or $60,000 per year because there's not affordable housing, we really need to make this an issue that we address. so i think you supervisor ronan i'm glad you're on the same page as me. thank you supervisor safai. supervisor sheehy. >>thank you for bringing this
8:47 pm
issue up. we have a teacher that had to move from our neighborhood last year and it is really a concerning issue. we have legalize the recreational use of cannabis in california in january 2018 and those involved in adult use of cannabis they must receive state license and this will give local organizations to generate these processes. so this is only nine months away
8:48 pm
and i think we need to get these things in place in san francisco and i think we need to be ready. i'm asking that legislation be drafted so that we have a single point of contact for cannabis in san francisco to make sure that we have good quality operators and that we are preserving and protecting the quality of her neighborhoods and that there will be accountability. >>thank you supervisor sheehy. supervisor tang. >>today i am introducing a resolution and this is assuring that parents have affordable childcare options for them. and we are seeking that families often have to improve their income in various phases and they often get kicked out of state support. these word update when you can enter an
8:49 pm
accident and also some of the interim reporting through that 12 month period. so really were trying to offer stability for parents that may need to either approve a job that may pay more were glad we're addressing that. and also supervisor sheehy and supervisor peskin and i the am
8:50 pm
excitedto see us housing in san francisco. >>also, it is important that all of the decisions are vetted through the department's full leah and accurately through the city's department. with that, i submit. >>thank you supervisor tang. supervisor yee. >>i would also like to sponsor this motion as well.
8:51 pm
>>thank you. i will add you as a cosponsor. supervisor yee. >>when this discussion started years ago from new york from a vision zero conference this was probably the best we had in regard to reducing collisions that cause fatalities or deep injuries. i mean, when you look at it, when youlook at
8:52 pm
vehicle collisions, one factor looking at the severity of injury or chance of survival is speed. if a pedestrian is hit by a car traveling 20 mph, there is a 5% chance that the pedestrian will be killed. but if the driver is driving 40 mph and hits a pedestrian, there is an 85% chance they will be killed. 35 individuals were killed on our streets. 35 as a senior, a pedestrian, and a third generation san franciscan and a survival of a near fatal
8:53 pm
crash myself, this is unacceptable. last week when this was announced we heard this from the san francisco bay area families for pedestrians on the streets. we had 35 individuals that were killed injured or fatalities that occurred on our street. this is preventable. as policymakers we can do everything that we need to do to stop during this legislation. you've no idea the incredible burden these collisions cause the entire family. i am committed to this city and this is a very valuable tool to help us reach our goal. i can give you some examples of how effective this toy is. in washington dc, they had a
8:54 pm
70% reduction in fatalities when they started using the asc's. in new york city they said that fatalities lowered by 85% in four months alone. when we have 142 jurisdictions to pass these asc's this is not about filling our coffers as some people would say but after this all revenue will be used for roadway and safety improvements. this is why today i am using this resolution to support assembly bill 342 and i also want to support my
8:55 pm
cosponsors, supervisors kim,fewer ronen, cohen, and safai. we really need to help our allies at the staff level to help us pass this legislation. i really hope we have a hearing on this and that everyone can be convinced that this is what we need in san francisco. >>thank you supervisor yee. supervisor breed. and supervisor cohen, you indicated that you were submitting,
8:56 pm
correct? >>yes, that is correct. >>supervisor farrell. >>last week we had a few affordable housing deals coming through our ordinance and we all agreed there were too many questions for the developers to afford. i think supervisor kim for getting this together. in addition the planning department staff had paired our supervisors. our staff in this department provided a financial analysis of this but maybe i'm
8:57 pm
just used to the budget and finance committee but there is no process to verify these financial deals done for ordinance. i commend our staff to do their best to evaluate the ordinance for fiscal impact but i can't consciously make these land use decisions without more analysis of this. i suggest an independent financial analysis outside of our city. whenever we go off of a sound financial analysis
8:58 pm
it makes sense and it also assures that san francisco is getting the best deal possible but also being very transparent for city hall and what is best for our residents. i look forward to discussion of this ordinance when it comes about in the process. the second item is an obituary and unfortunately i have a few of them that i'll be doing in the next few weeks. this is for pete murphy from here in san francisco. he was a good friend of mine he was born and raised in san francisco in the lc district. he went to usf for law school. he spent his entire career at tobin and tobin law firm here in san francisco. he was a
8:59 pm
very involved several charities and here in san francisco and he received a outstanding award here from catholic charitiesalumni of the year from his school and this is the highest honor that school bestows on everyone. he was loyal to his children and grandchildren at ssi and he was an amazing, amazing person. it is hard to believe that he is gone but i know he's in a better place. he is survived by his wife joanne and their three sons and four grandchildren and his funeral services will be thursday morning at the church emmanuel episcopal church here in sf.
9:00 pm
>>supervisor fewer. >>i just want to close today mentioning that a sand filled lot will be changed into a gardening plot for kale and lettuce and more which will be harvested by neighbors. eon supporting a thriving garden edit really contributed to a movement for community gardens. this fall fosters a sense of pride and allows us to interact with our natural environment and in service to our community land. this dedicated these event to ed hills who
9:01 pm
contributed to the community gardens who have contributed so much to our neighborhoods. my children spent countless hours at the community garden and children of the urban garden still use it on a regular basis. mr. seagull will be greatly missed. >>thank you p where do and not i note that mr. seagull will be greatly missed. at this time mme. city clerk please read item 3129, public comment.
9:02 pm
>>item 29 isan opportunity for members of the public to directly address the board on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board, including items being considered today which have not been considered by a board committee and excluding items which have been considered by a board committee. members of the public may address the board for up to three minutes. each member of the public will be allotted the same number of minutes to speak, except that public speakers using translation assistance will be allowed to testify for twice the amount of the public testimony time limit. if simultaneous translation services are used, speakers will be governed by the public testimony time limit applied to speakers not requesting translation assistance. the president or the board may limit the total testimony to 30 minutes.members of the public who want a document placed on the overhead for display should clearly state such and subsequently remove the document when they want the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >>thank you. first speaker please. >>[indecipherable]one must follow the methodologies of understanding and establishment of supreme virtues and opinions.
9:03 pm
the origin of absolute wisdom applies the nature of absolute wisdom to spread the word of the principle of the corruption in the heart [inaudible] so they can make full recovery of this principle. [indecipherable] for all people of a new century. thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>thank you, my name is iris mary's and i'm here again to make a public comment. no one called to see how my honor was doing. let me just update you
9:04 pm
so you're clear. she was removed by her home by your sheriff in a safe manner.she was removed from her home without notice. i had to run and talk to a dispatch operator to find out where she had gone. this is what occurred. she's not home with me she has no home and she is homeless. i would like you to know that. her medication is still in her home and sex is not responded to a request. were still in court so i'm not sure why your share of mood pre-maturely but every time zacks get involved her cost increases. so not sure why the city's agencies advance the positions of peter allen's. again, someone needs
9:05 pm
to be held accountable. it seems like we're out here by ourselves and that you are trying tohelp us but that's not the case. the san francisco police department [timer dings] no one has been helpful in this and again, i am asking you for help with this. her services are tied to her home. it takes for 30 days to ramp these up. i don't know who your sheriff was keeping safe, herself, her staff, or her individual. i think it goes both ways. that was the direction that the judge said but she also did not talk to me and now my aunt is not living in her home. >>[timer dings] >>thank youl next speaker
9:06 pm
please. >>good afternoon jeff hackard, i have two items that i would like to speak about first is the library's amnesty. libraries amnesty is coming to a close this evening and you will hear reports of how great the results were. we agreed there should not be fees for late books just as it provides for its under age cardholders, that are under the age of 18 currently. this will obscure the harsh and ongoing damage
9:07 pm
that the routines finds cause to their patrons is an aggressive tax like when you have a fixed fine for a late return and these can add up to a considerable amount just for late return. is generally understood that libraries that if you need money charge finds that if you want the materials back, do not charge finds. and, this library is incredibly wealthy. [timer dings] >>not only are there monetary fines but there are consequences if you oh even a penny. if you know fines to one library you cannot borrow books from any other libraries within the library system and your library
9:08 pm
privileges are crippled. you cannot borrow books or other materials including laptops. >>[timer dings. thank you, next speaker please. >>the degree of fake news is almost total. when i think about the fact that to this day-- kim, what are you smiling about? do you disagree with that? when i think to this day most people have no idea that it was an inside job as alex jones said, and it leads me to the firm conclusion that it's almost total. and, i thank god that our president trump called out cnn as fake news. it really is fake news. it's
9:09 pm
absolutely incredible. it really is. and the audacity of democrats in particular you know, to slander alex jones as he was wrong in saying that oklahoma city was an inside job when it clearly was, it's just incredible. you have the testimony of officer done browning and craig and others that were threatened to be murdered by the fbi if they do not stop the investigation, okay, this is a fact. you know? but i will tell you what, even though there is a lot of fake news out there, when it comes to the christian faith it is not a fake religion. [timer dings] when we christians say we have evidence of our faith we are saying that we didn't even know each other because they lived hundreds a years from each other what they
9:10 pm
prophesied specific prophecies of christ this is why they said what they said. >>[timer dings] >>thank you, next speaker please. >>tom gilberti, 6° of separation. this is a government office of politicians and another government office of politicians. maybe it's only 5° here. last week i said
9:11 pm
maybe donald should help the american public to declare bankruptcy if your senior with medical bills or young graduate that's overloaded with that and your job is hopeless or not very good. the bankruptcy worked very well for donald and it could work very well for a lot of other americans. specialist and secreted new freedoms in the industry's. the supreme court. their questions i would like to ask the supreme court democracy did not win. the minority loser one. how does the house of representative across the land have more people voting for one group of people and yet, when they get to the house of majority they are in the
9:12 pm
minority? and what about the suppression of both and what about [timer dings] after 10 or eight years the people get to vote if we still want you as a supreme court justice. a little bit local we have the arville dam that was built to our level of excellence and the same thing we have treasure island built to our level of excellence. we don't know what was happening we should be doing better. thank you. >>[timer dings] >>thank you. next speaker please. are there any other members of the public thatwould like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none,
9:13 pm
public comment is closed. mme. city clerk please read the items for adoption without committee reference. >>referencethese measures were introduced for adoption without committee reference. a unanimous vote is required for adoption of these resolutions today. any supervisor may require any resolution to goto committee.questions on the for adoption without committee reference agenda are on for adoption, or approved, as indicated. >>all right let's call these individually. >>item 30 is aresolution urging the california state legislature to amend the revenue and taxation code to enable local california jurisdictions to levy personal and corporate income taxes, which the city and county of san francisco could utilize as a sustained source of funding for transportation and public health priorities. >>supervisor peskin. >> thank you mme. pres. i want to thank our staff i've circulated a number of amendments i would like to move them later this week.
9:14 pm
okay supervisor task peskin has offered up an amendment to see these items later this week and it seconded by supervisor yee. >>and supervisor peskin, you realize these will be continued to the next meeting february 28, 2017. >>yes ma'am >> and with that can we take this item without objection colleagues? the item passes
9:15 pm
without objection. >>mme. city clerk can you read the next item please >>item 31 isresolution urging the planning commission to initiate amendments to the general plan's housing and urban design elements regarding family-friendly housing. >> thank you mme. pres. because to me it we have to define that wide affordable housing is because were starting toeever since two or three years ago people are using family housing very loosely with no official definition and it would be nice once we push the legislation when were talking about family housing and make sure were talking at the same things i want to thank every single colleague for cosponsoring this. >>thank you supervisor yee. and on that item please call
9:16 pm
the roll. >>[roll call vote] >>there are 11 ayes. >>the resolution is adopted unanimously. mme. city clerk, please read today's miriam. >>this meeting that will be adjourned in remembranceof the following people. >> mme. city clerk does this
9:17 pm
include our agenda for today >>yes it back. >>that concludes our meetig. we are adjourned have a happy valentine's day everyone valentine's day everyone gentlemen,
9:18 pm
i want to welcome you to the transportation authority finance commission good morning i am not your regular chair our chair is here she's ill i'll be stepping in and supervisor cohen i think i'm the vice chair of this committee (laughter) to my left is supervisor ronen and to my right is supervisor yee want to recognize sfgovtv charles kremenak and jennifer lowe for broadcasting this committee meeting happy valentine's day to you all my valentine's day gift to you will be a swift yet thorough and
9:19 pm
efficient meeting let's start with roll call. >> item one supervisor cohen commissioner fewer commissioner kim is present commissioner ronen commissioner yee. >> we have quorum. >> excellent thank you very much please next item, please. >> items 2 through 3 comprise the consent calendar their countered route not prepared e prepared to present but if unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> colleagues is a approval for the minutes. >> i'll move. >> motion by supervisor yee and without objection. >> public comment. oh, you're absolutely right ladies and gentlemen, time for public comment please step up two minutes to in the center seeing none,
9:20 pm
public comment is closed. thank you. >> roll call vote. >> commissioner cohen commissioner fewer commissioner ronen commissioner yee consent calendar is approved. >> thank you next item. >> federal, state, and local an update. >> welcome back back with the deputy city attorney in the program division sitting in for mark who was o who is usually talking about what is going on in 1590 sacramento street this is the recommended slate of positions and a matrix of the bills for tracking this is the first of the section but in the spirit of it it is short compared to normal, however, mark is expecting thousands of bills to be introduced by the end of the period on friday so