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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 2, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> without any further discussii have a research document that wn forward on to the city attorneye there is quite a bit of researcn this already. do the commissioners have any other comments on this? >> i would like to echo the conf our president regarding the thr. i find that first of all, it's o impose such a requirement on one industry compared to the other . it's a non-starter for a lot of businesses. it is -- it's going to be immeny difficult to monitor this requit for small business employees. a lot of employees change, movee their address, move out of of ty and that is an immensely diffict challenge for businesses to maid
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to comply. i don't see the reason to requis unless there is a reason, whicht been set forth in any of the dos i've read, why would the cannabs business or this new industry be burdened by this requirement onm the get-go they may not be ableo qualify. we're creating a business that t qualify or maintain the legalits existence by not being able to d employees. it is counter -- it does not sem logical to me and would like ths commission to inquire with the y attorney as to its enforceabili, enforceability of this provisio. and i'm completely surprised ths been maintained at this high le.
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>> yes. i mean you can construct all kif easy. mental arguments against this. imagine a business with 12 empld six live in the city and six lif city. one of the six who lives in they decides to move out of the city. do i have to fire somebody and a local hire in order to stay in compliance? now am i going to deprive my eme who has a right to move, deprivf the employment because of the requirement the city has put ony business. there are other mental construcu can come up with that makes it impractical for a business to c. >> if it was the rule that if ye
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more than 50% residents of san francisco, you may qualify for t of an exemption. that is that may exist, that's n incentive to hire locally, but t penalize a business that is stag that can not find employees loc. that's the reverse is logical, t penalizing, imposing such a high threshold, 50% of the workforcen the city appointments county ofn francisco has not been able to e threshold, the bar is too high d should not be in this legislati. >> i argue there shouldn't be at all. the county should not be slg it. >> i agree. i believe we should send sometho
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the city attorney and see if ths enforceable. i run a bank and i love hiring . i can give people -- the peoplee now are living in the east bay r peninsula. >> and your wage scale is highe. >> trust me, it's high. and i just find this, you know,e trying to -- it seems like theye trying to thil industry before s started -- kill this industry bt gets started. i know for a fact there are mcdn the city that are having problet hiring right now. let alone hire from within san francisco. so i want to echo what both of e said. >> thank you. commissioner. >> again, just to push the point just makes no sense. i'm not going to beat it any fu.
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and also within the 600-foot win businesses, that's two football. you can have a dispensary here i want to open a cupcake store tws down, i can't do it. that is two football fields. that's two 49er fields to the lh that you can't have an existing business. only restaurants will be able te cannabis-infused products. we're only 7 feet by 7 or 8. we're talking football fields h. >> a comment on the local hire. i think it's with good intentiot it's not practical. i think we should take a look a. >> commissioner dwight: all rig. any other comments, questions. do we have any members of the pc that would like to comment on t? seeing none, public comment is .
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next item, please. >> clerk: item 9, updated repore office of small business and thl business assistance center. department programs, policies ad matters, announcement from the , announcements regarding small bs activity. >> thank you. so first, before i get started,t want to wish commissioner adamsy belated birthday. he had his hitter day this weeki believe. >> happy birthday. shall we sing? >> no. >> before you is just reiteratie number of legacy businesses thad for the business assistance gra. we have can completed the firstf review for all 73 grants. and so there are a number of grh follow-ups.
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and 30 of those grants, we are o have to get on the vendor, we ke city has now changed the defini. we no longer call a business a registered vendor but a certifid supplier. it will be easier now that busio not have to meet the 12-d compl. the logo on branding, the contrs now being circulated for final e with the city attorney. with the holidays and anticipatt probably it will be january 1, y sooner but january 1 we'll be ao start the logo branding program. we have some rules and regs to e and one of the key ones that wie
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coming up in january for you wie making the determination of what risk for displacement should tht be any funds in the rent stabiln grant. we have to develop some criteriu to be able to determine what stn ll qualify for a business to bet forward to you for that conside. the business portal beginning jy 2018, the content management foe business portal is moving over e office ever small business and l chang will be managing that. also will be the release of the auto-fill permits and on line sl long with payments. this is necessarily all dppts, a number of departments -- all departments, but a number of departments. one of the meetings jason emmerl
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be here to provide a demonstratr you for that. i mention identify couple of tit i have listed as 1550 mission, d goodwill site where we'll have a permitting center. but a new building is being buio house the department of public , planning and building departmen. their offices will all be in thd ago long with other ---buildingg with other city agencies. on the second floor will be a fr where all the permitting -- the permitting sections for each oe departments will sit. we'll have police, we'll have ae different elements of dbi, plan, p.u.c., public works. tax and treasurers office.
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department of public health ande of small business has a small sn there as well. we're looking at the opening das sometime in 2020. so this is really exciting to bo have all these permitting agencr one roof. so now for any business that hal with the police department, theo go down to third street so now t have is going to be contained is one building. and on the second floor. i'll send you a layout that have following this meeting. also i remind that are the heale security ordinance rates are gop this january. so for businesses with over 100 employees, it's $238 an hour. for businesses between 20 and 9s
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$1.89 and hour. we have seen an uptick of busins contacting our office due to dry lawsuits for the ada. i am -- the only thing i can sus that because of the mandatory ey ordinance, there might be a more concerted effort for these indis to do their lawsuits while they. so, i'll be notifying the merch' association to give them a heado make sure they notify their memd provide some recommendations ont they should do. but the mandatory entryway ordis going into effect in may of 201g with department of building insn
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with department of building insn it's the property owners only gt there are nuances based on how e is written and if the property s requiring them to do the upgradw that may need to be handled if y can't afford to pay for the upg. that's when the upgrade is paidp front as opposed to having to -e property owner pays for it and s the business later. as marianne mentioned, we had te kickoff for small business satud shop small for the holidays las. in your director's report is a f state legislation that the gover
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signed in october that are mosty employee-related. can ab-11008 was the discriminat meeting. the city is updating the fair ce ordinance in relationship it th. then ab-168 is the salary inforn again, very similar to our requs that you cannot ask an employeer their salary. sb-63 is california new paid pal lealeave act for employees with0 employees to provide 12 weeks ob protection for employees that wt least a thousand 250 hours.
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that's essentially part time ho. that is including -- so that iso ensure multiple locations. >> okay. also added is now the gender --g with gerund identity is mandatoe added to any harassment trainint employers provide their employe. and then ab-1379 has -- is reing right now when you pay your buss registration fee, there is an al dollar that is added on. this has been helping to fund or
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certified -- our su subsidized d cast program. 70 cents of the dollar stays hee local level. technically it was to go to dbip ensure that inspectors got certd access training but they didn'tt so they referred it back to oure and we created the subsidized ct program. with this bill, that was going t and expire at the end of 2018. and so this now is continuing tt they've increased the dollar amo $4 an hour -- excuse me, $4 pers permit. so i will need to reconvene the different agencies to discuss wl do with the additional funds.
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and then there is the series ofl ordinances that have been refero the small business commission ao those will be getting scheduledn a remind that are the commissios not have a commission meeting on december 25th. which would be the last meetinge month if it was not december 25. that concludes my report, unlesu have questions with. >> commissioner dwight: commiss? any questions? tour-sarkissian. >> it's more of a suggestion ona drive-by lawsuits and outreach o businesses. i wonder whether the reminder ta small business -- office of smal business sends to businesses for
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permits and taxes whether similr outreach could be designed to wn businesses and to help them com. to avoid and prevent the lawsuits r especially in the corridors. often a lot of businesses get se same corridor, because the samen files the action against similan against a lot of businesses. located in that corridor. it would be nice to inform the businesses and help them comply. >> yes. and we don'tfje send out the nr the license and permits with tte can work with them to get the lr outreach. >> since the list exists, it woe
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nice to kind of send that to all businesses for compliance. thank you. >> commissioner dwight: any othr comments or questions? do we have any members of the po comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is . >> clerk: to report on recent sl business activities and make announcements of interest to thl business commission. >> i have only one thing to repi attended the launch event at thm of ice cream, it was fun. so -- and it was great to have r there and pitching for small bu. all good. anyone else? >> yes, go ahead -- >> weereither way. >> i wanted to bring up i recend an article in a business magazit discusses that whole noodz has -
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whole foods has made a major chn in how they stock their stores t could have a bad effect on small businesses. before this change, they courte, local suppliers and played a bin helping promote them locally ang on to nationally and it was a -a huge benefit for small food manufacturers. now they've change changed thatt will be all foods will be recatd as national brands, the decision what to stock in the whole foods going to be made at the head qun austin, texas. so that's dined of distressing e previously whole foods has had d
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reputation for, you know, startt with small food manufacturers, g them and eventually having themn into a nice, medium, or even lar businesses. so hoping this is not a disturbg trend. >> commissioner dwight: duly nod because we have a number of locl businesses that have developed r business based on whole foods gg them shelf space. news russ businesses. >> -- numerous businesses. >> there are people that have bt of whole foods program that havn bounced out dwt dwt. >> commissioner dwight: and whos accounting for 50% of their bus. imagine losing 50% of your busis overnight. if you're a manufacturing, whict are, that's devastating becauseu can't just say i guess i'll cuty
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capital equipment in half and fr the employees and still be in b. >> this is something we need ton eye on. if it's going to develop in oth, we don't generally think of thet of small businesss that are in e inside of a formula retail or ah larger business. and how these things can impactr manufacturers and discourage st. >> commissioner dwight: commiss- commissioner adams. >> nobody is doing anything this evening. we're having a holiday tree-ligg ceremony on the corner of 18th d castro street starting at 6:00. from 6:00 to 6:20. wwe have dan na sashay and the q
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choir singing and santa and an l make an appearance. we expect a big crowd tonight. >> and dogpatch will have the hy tree sale and lighting ceremonys saturday december 2nd. any other commission arse annou? no? okay. do we have any members of the po comment on this item? seeing none, next item, please. >> clerk: 11, new business, alls commissioners to introduce new a items for future consideration e commission. discussion item. >> commissioner dwight: any news items? >> yes. i know we talked about this in . again, i heard it over the weeki heard it the previous week.
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that is businesses affected by e earthquake mitigation, i mean, s nothing we can do about it becas required by city law that the st storey retrofits need to happen. but i hear horror stories from businesses. they've asked to bring this up a hearing where things have changn businesses were supposed to go o the previous space and things at what they were. it's something i'd like to brina future meeting. >> so, may i -- i'd like to have on e on one conversation so we t figure out how to form late the. >> commissioner dwight: any othw business suggestions? all right. any members of the public to con this item? seeing none, next item please.
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>> clerk: sfgovtv, could you ple show our slide. >> commissioner dwight: while ts coming up, it's our custom to bg and end each business as a remit small business is the only way t your new business in san franci. the best place to get answers tr questions on doing business in n francisco. the office of small business she your first stop when you have an on what to do next. you can find us on line or in pn here at city hall and all our ss are free of charge. it's the official public forum e your opinions and certains on p. if you need assistance, start ht the office of small business. thank you. >> clerk: item 12. adjournment action item. >> commissioner dwight: motion? >> i move. >> commissioner dwight: second? >> i second. >> clerk: all those in favor. that motion passes, the meetings adjourned at 3:27 p.m.
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>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call
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4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique
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tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle
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blower protections please seek www. >> everybody, welcome to the regularly scheduled meeting of the ethics commission for november 27th, 2017. i'll now call the roll. vice mayor -- vice mayor. >> i've been elevated. >> actually been demoted. vice chair chiu. >> here. >> commissioner renne? >> commissioner kopp, we expect him at any moment. commissioner lee? so we'll start with matters appearing or not appearing on the public agenda. go ahead, just...yeah.
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what you do is it'll be at the -- the public comment will be at the microphone, so just after this gentleman, you come on up and have your say. sure. >> commissioners, i'd like to have the slide on the overhead up on the screen. the civil grand jury of the city and county of san francisco 2010-2011 issued a report entitled san francisco's ethics commission, the sleeping watching dog. the report included the following statement: because of the ethics commission's lack of enforcement, no city employee has been disciplined for failing to adhere to the sunshine ordinance. the commission has allowed some city officials to ignore some of the rules of the sunshine
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task force. the law hasn't changed. you also decide in favor of the city against the citizen. citizens are the complainants, the city are the respondents, and every single time you find for the city; in other words, the city committed no violation. i myself have 37 orders of determination from the task force saying in their opinion, the law had been violated, and every one of those that has been referred to you, you always find in the same manner. now, i don't know how due process works in your lawyerly minds, but to me, due process does not result in always coming up with the same decision against the same party and for the same party, and that's what you do every single time as regard sunshine. the kapuki theater piece, in your last meeting, which purported to be a meeting on a sunshine task force referral
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displays this body's blatant disregard for the rule of law. in the good government guide, there is a section that i would suggest you read. it's called roles of commissioners. the section mentions things like due process, and direct commissioners when acting in a quasi judicial capacity to, quote, base their decisions on the evidence and the governing law. as the civil grand jury reported in 2010, so it is now and so it shall continue. this body has a responsibility under the sunshine ordinance to enforce the ordinance. you never have. you're dishonest people. you hold hearings that are nothing but farces. that hearing that you held last month was a farce. you always intended to find what you found, which is no violation; and, the interesting thing is that commissioner kopp, who's the only one who
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tried to justify the decisions, actually picked out three things from miss calvillo's letter to this commission that were dishonest and misrepresented. she said that the advice of the task force had changed. there was never changed. there was simply a period where there were four empty seats on the task force, and they did not find a violation because they needed 6 out of 6 votes. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is audrey leong, a-u-d-r-e-y l-a-n-e-o-n-g. i have been here in san francisco for 26 years, and i
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spoke to you after witnessing my chinese co-worker who was harassed by a caucasian manager. after this, i started harassment and retaliation by the same caucasian male program manager. i'm here today to thank you all for having department of ethics commission contact me regarding my complaint. thank you. my current job class is 1630. i have been a union steward for more than ten years for seiu 21. i have exercised my responsibility and duty for the city of san francisco
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employees. my doctor asked me to take care of myself, reduce my stress and stay away from this program manager to avoid harassment. i was advised a year ago to stay away from harassment. now, this year, in june 2017, i was reassigned back to the same program manager. human service agency, hsa failed to apply fair treatment to me. i love my job. i want to come back to work, but i cannot under the same program manager who has a history of harassment -- of harassing and retaliating against me and my co-workers. please, you must investigate this matter. thank you. >> thank you. >> i have a doctor's slip.
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do you want my doctor's slip, too? >> yes, why don't you give that to our staff and we'll make that part of the tifile on you complaint. >> good afternoon, ethics commissioners. thank you for serving our city. my name is ellen lee zhou. for the purpose of record, e-l-l-e-n l-e-e z-h-o-u. i am a bargaining team memorier for seiu 1021. we had approximately 7,000 seiu members city and county. i am here to support audioly leong who just spoke to you
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before me, and many public service employees. many of them are afraid of coming here to speak to you today. city and county employees afraid of being retaliated by city and county staff. as you learned, audrey today, her situation is many that we face today within different departments. audioly leong and both exercised our seiu shop store responsibilities and duties. we stood up and testified against harassment, discrimination, bullying and corruption. audrey, myself, and many other city employees from different departments spoke and testified in front of the civic services commission in december 2015, and many times in 2016, we report some of the people pay to get their jobs, while other people who passed the exam and
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more qualified and make it to the hiring list were never had a chance to be hired? the civic services commission was created to stop corruptions. the mission of ethics commission is to practice and promote the highest standards of ethic behavior in government and promote a work environment that is value health, well-beings, and diversity. the merit system, it's for fair employment and fair hiring practices. director of human services director mickey callahan and achie chief officer susan guard, they acknowledge the problem that we have brought in front of them, and they have said it to the commissioners for the last six years. they agree to change practices
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and make changes, but nothing happened. as you know, many people have been investigated by federal investigated, the fbi and the district attorney, since 2011 we have brought many complaints to you in different departments, and i have filed many complaints on behalf of many workers to ethics commission, so please investigate the complaints that we file with you, and i hope that you continue to serve our city, and thank you. >> thank you. >> for the purpose -- because the time does not allow me to say the whole thing. thank you. >> okay. >> hello. my name is vivian impuralli. the stronger the rules are to prevent undue influence, the better. let's face it. human beings are vulnerable, and can lose perspective when trying to advance their
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careers. they rationalize that they're doing nothing wrong. they think that they are the exception to the rule. they maintain they are not influenced by money. they think they cannot be manipulated, but they can be. we need donations to be open and not hidden under the guise of quickly formed committees pretending to be what they are not. we need to know who is supporting whom and what legislation is being pushed. money talks, and people listen. candidates and officials accepted to build a war chest, and war it is; a fight for political survival. big bucks influencing big decisions that have a big impact on all of us. we are here to remind you that in these david and goliath
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battles, there are many davids who are looking to you to advance reasonable requirements, providing limitations, and transparency. our voices must be heard, and to our credit, cannot be bought. >> thank you. any further public comment? okay. we'll then go to agenda item 3, discussion and possible action on draft minutes for the commission's october 23rd, 2017 regular meeting. it's the attachment -- has the draft minutes. are there any comments or suggestions by members -- members of the commission? >> on the -- i ask -- on the next to last -- page 5, at the
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top of the page, there's reference to a couple of proposed ordinances, and the last sentence states that chair keane advised that at its next meeting, which would have been the november meeting, that should have been the december meeting. >> that's correct. >> otherwise, with that amendment, i would move adoption of the minutes of the october 23, 2017 meeting on the record. >> and commissioner renne has some observations. >> this may be a silly question, but what is the purpose of the minutes? why are they required?
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[ inaudible ] >> but for what purpose? the reason i ask is, when i read these minutes, if i were a private citizen looking at these minutes, i would have no idea what the various speakers said. it'll just say -- you look at, for example, it'll say -- let's go to page 3, item 4. discussion and possible action regarding proposed amendments to the ethics commission bylaws to change the time of the commission's regular meeting. it goes down to ray hart, and david leehan all spoke on this agenda. the public had no idea what
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they said. now, is it that they can then go to the transcript to find out what was said? i'm just curious. i read the minutes, and i said, i would have no idea on any given item, when the speaker's identified, what he or she said. >> if -- if -- the question is whether these are legally sufficient. i think the answer is yes. whether -- but i think it's up to the commission whether to add more detail or to -- you know, to instruct, you know, the staff to put greater detail in the -- in the -- in the minutes. >> i mean, i hate to put a burden, but i assume there's someone who, when they prepare them, is listening to the record and could, if they -- if he or she wished, could
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summarize -- in fact one of the complaints that mr. hart has always made is that when we do summarize, we misstate, but i just was struck by this set of minutes that almost every time, when it said somebody spoke, i don't know if they spoke for or against. >> if i could commissioner renne, this is a good thing to provide feedback on and for the public to provide feedback on. as josh said, the minutes are legally sufficient, but we know we want them to be more than that, so the public can actually understand what the commission is doing. the balance i was trying to strike is we also have televised meetings that are available on an archive on the website, so over time, i think we're trying to find that balance of how much detail is
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necessary in the written minutes and how much are we assuming that people will be going to the audio or the video on-line. that said, i think, again, to the extent that your feedback is that these are not sufficient to really understand what the discussion was, we can certainly go back to adding a bit more, so if that's useful to you, we can certainly do that. we want to make sure that they are useful, but we also don't want to provide an exact transcription. we do have somebody literally listening to the audio the next day and can add more detail, if that's useful. >> i want to include on the minutes or something that for greater detail, go to whatever the website is, for them to -- if it piques their interest. >> we'll make sure to add that. >> okay. we have a motion by supervisor -- by commissioner kopp to -- i can't -- i can't
12:48 pm
figure out what -- where i'm sitting. >> i'll second the motion. >> the motion has been made and seconded. we have public comment in regard to the minutes. >> well, now, you see why i have spent the last ten years fighting to get the 150 word summaries into the minutes. it varies from board and commission. the clerk of the board of supervisors says all you need to do is meet the very minimum the law requires: the person's name, what they spoke about, and whether they were for or against. that's the minimum. other bodies make an honest effort because they want the public to participate and they want what the public's input is to actually be reflected in the official record, and that's what the minutes are: they are the official record. the videotape and any other form are not the official record. in the minutes before you are two 150 word summaries: one by
12:49 pm
dr. derek kerr, and one by myself. i would challenge any member of this commission to provide any evidence that the responsibility for record keeping minutes has been in some way compromised. for approximately five years, from 2011 to 2016, this body relegated my statements to the status of an addendum. then, in 2016, the summaries began to appear as they are now, quote, in the minutes, unquote. so the sunshine ordinance states, so the task force has for years both rule and direct it be done, and the wheels of government have yet to grind to a halt. i find it truly hypocritical that the only person who expressed any basis for exempting the board of
12:50 pm
supervisors from this requirement was commissioner kopp who was appointed by the board of supervisors. what was particularly interesting is he happened to pick out several examples which the clerk of the board put into her letter which were dishonest. she said the task force had given conflicting advice. now, there were several cases she mentioned where there was no violation found, not because there wasn't a violation but because the board of supervisors for two years left four seats on the task force empty, and you had to get six out of seven votes to prevail, or in some cases, to get a quorum, six out of six, and every case they failed to find a violation that miss calvillo presented that failed to find conflicting information was a case like this, where i got five out of six or six out of seven votes, so his calvillo
12:51 pm
was dishonest, and you took it just hook, link and sinker. now, i'm telling you every board has put these 150 word summaries in their minutes. last month, you gave her permission to not do that. based on what, i don't know. she's never discussed it before the board. >> any further public comment on the minutes? all right. we have a motion. it's been seconded. all in favor of approving the minutes, please say aye. the minutes are approved unanimously. what we're going to do next in deference of supervisor kim who has joined us is take a matter out of order, and that is we're going to go to agenda item 8, and we're going to take item
12:52 pm
8ha2 -- 2aii. >> i'm sorry, agenda item 2, ii, which is aagenda item 8, and it has to do with supervisor cohen -- excuse me, supervisor kim who is going to address us and present a substitute draft of her proposed campaign finance legislation and is requestingn of her proposed campaign finance legislation and is requesting that we meet to advance her proposals in this regard. supervisor kim, nice to have you with us. please proceed. >> thank you, chair keane, and thank you to the ethics commission. i will do my best to be brief because i likely know that you have a long meeting ahead of
12:53 pm
you. so i wanted to come and present an ordinance that i first have introduced in july of this year and have recently introduced the second this month, but first, i just want to take a moment to thank the ethics commission staff, both the director and also your public policy team, kyle and patrick, for really spending almost the entire year working with us on this ordinance, since january . my interest in helping to strengthen our disclosure and transparency requirements is really, i think what we are all seeing here, both nationally and locally, which is incredibly alarming which is the increased cloud over money that is being spent in electoral politics today, and also, the outside proportion that wealthy donors are having and who are representing members of our government, both on a national, state and local level. since citizens united decision,
12:54 pm
our country has witnessed an unprecedented infusion of money into our elections mostly funneled by large corporations and billianaires. we did also submit one page on our ordinance, and i apologize. we're going to continue to work on this, but even here in san francisco, we included a graphic on the proportion of third party spending just in supervisory raced frs from 200 2016. last year, in 2016, it made up 54% of all spending in supervisorial raced. so our goal is really, to the best of our abilities,
12:55 pm
increasing transparency and disclosure requirements, both for them and third party committees. it's a very difficult task because as you create more requirements, people find more loopholes, as well, so we're doing our best to continually update and strengthen the requirements that we have. and so the highlights of the legislation are this: one is to ensure campaign material will now include information on original source of funds, whether it's personal or business income for personal expenditures, and to ask that they list their top dope ors of more than $20,000. the second is they run their disclosure before the tv and radio aids, as well as requiring now a 14 point font for written communications instead of the current 12. third is to include notation in
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the voter information pamphlets on which campaigners agree to donor limitation. this is to clarify certain candidates, for example, that are publicly financed candidates can't accept the voluntary spending limit, so this would just clarify what can be written in the voter pamphlets. four is to mail voters a communication, and the way that it's written in our ordinance today is the week that the absentee ballots go out that list all the original source funders for third party spending in the previous election cycle. this is a way for us to inform voters that we do have a great degree of third party spending in san francisco in our elections and to get voters to think about how third party spending in our current election cycle. it will then point to a website that this ordinance is asking the ethics commission to
12:57 pm
maintain that will in -- as best as possible perform real-time updates on third party expenditures being spent on the current election cycle. five is to compel condid thes to attest that they are not coordinating with noncandidate controllers when they compare. the last is election year communications and member communications distributed through social media. and just want to add, we know the disclosed act has in many ways updated the social media advertising requirements, but we want to he enumeraenumerate our ordinance, as well, not just in television and the e-mailers, but in the social media aspect, as well.
12:58 pm
we also want to ask that the annual report that we're getting through the charter that included in that are recommendations to the board of supervisors and the mayor how we can continue to update or requirements on social media electioneering. we know this is a field that changes almost month to month and year to year, and what we are regulating today cannot anticipate what new innovations can come from emerging technology tomorrow, so just to ensure that this is something that the commission is always thinking about and advising the city on what we can do to strengthen those regulations. there are two additional pieces of the ordinance that did not actually make it into this second version that we introduced two weeks ago. most importantly is that we are working with ethics commission staff on reexamining our public financing program. san francisco was at the
12:59 pm
forefront with our public financing program in the early 2000's, and now we're seeing cities -- other cities increase their investment into public finances, cities like new york city and l.a. are now doing 6:1 matches. but interestingly, on a limited portion of a contribution, so perhaps the first $175 would get matched 6:1, and the rest of the contribution would still go forward to the candidate but would not not matched by public financing, there by, hopefully empowering small donors and hopefully increasing the number of unique donors to candidates, so we're currently working with a budget legislative analyst to figure out how much that would cost. we think that it is possible, given how little of our public financing pot we spend every year currently, so we think that we can increase public financing and really ensure that candidates are spending their time doing what they're
1:00 pm
supposed to do, going out and meeting voters, instead of spending their time calling their wealthiest donors, and so we'll be coming back to the ethics commission, but we didn't want to come until we had all of the data and the numbers to present to you. the second piece that was not included on this proposed ordinance but we would love your feedback on -- i'm sorry, two additional pieces -- is whether we want to limit fund raising windows or office holders. this was a suggestion that came from the commission, and second is whether we should require social media companies to archive all of their on-line advertisements, as well. i -- we wanted to come to the commission early, before you actually formally heard the item because we want to begin to get feedback from the commission now. are there ways to strengthen this ordinance? do you have