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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. i want to welcome you back to the regularly scheduled budget and finance committee meeting. i'm supervisor malia cohen and to my right is supervisor chang and our vice chair yee will not
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be here and so we'll take that without objection. thank you. okay, moving on i want to recognize also sfgov-tv, the assist with the broadcast and recognize the clerk of the board today is miss linda clark. any announcements? >> clerk: please silence all cellphones and devices. and files should be submitted to the clerk. >> i think that i said linda clark and i meant that our clerk is miss linda wong. okay, so first we've got several items on the agenda today and this is the second to last committee meeting of the year. and we've got some administrative items that we'll take care of today and first i'd like to call item 13, and item 13 out of order. and the sponsor is supervisor,
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and please call item 13. >> clerk: to establish the tenant assistant fund for housing. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. so the clerk, along with the sponsor, has identified that this item needs to be rereferred and heard at the land-use committee so i'd like to make a motion to send this to -- to the rules committee, excuse me, so that we can make a motion to refer this to the committee item. to the rules committee, yes, thank you. >> so moved. >> supervisor cohen: i appreciate that. >> clerk: can we please have public comment on this item? >> supervisor cohen: anyone to comment on item 13 and we'll move it to the rules committee. mistakenly put on our agenda. all right, seeing none. item 13, public comment is closed. supervisor tang made a motion and we will take that without objection. thank you.
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madam clerk. >the next item on the agenda is item 1. >> clerk: item number 1 resolution authorizing the option to expand the term of a lease for san francisco law library from 1145 market street for five years and a monthly base rental of approximately their 98,000 for a baseline of $1.2 million in the initial term, initial year with annual increases. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. and let's check in to see if there's additional remarks they have on this item. >> good morning, supervisor cohen and supervisor tang, and, no, we have not made any changes to our report from the prior. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. i don't know if there's anything to opine on? no, okay. okay, miss marcia bell come up to the podium and we have amendments to discuss with you and supervisor tang will lead the discussion. >> thank you. i was wondering if the director
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could speak to the memo that she sent to us yesterday about our previous inquiry on moving the books out of brooks hall? >> i'm happy to do that, good morning, and i'd like to introduce our assistant director diana rodriguez with us here today as well. and what you can see from the materials that we did provide you that we worked very hard to set out for you what the steps that are necessary in order to redistribute the materials that are in brooks hall and what that process would be, and what the timeline would be like and what resources would be involved. there's two key elements of this plan and those are the first -- is the first is the materials that are salvageable and can be used again and brought to the law library. and the second are those that are no longer salvageable and will have to be disposed of otherwise. which will be the vast majority of the materials that are there.
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the process involves us reviewing all of the boxes that are there to satisfy those that are salvageable and that those that will be moved and those that need to be disposed of. this requires skilled library workers to perform the, val creations and we also have identified that there's ways that the city can help us with respect to resources such as physical laborers to help to move the boxes and move things around so that we can get to them in the space. provide the workspace at the brooks hall in order to be able to accomplish the work. the technical works such as cleaning and move of this saved material will require outside cleaning specialists such as balfor and city-approved movers and the public library is using the balfor company for some of the materials that they're moving out of brooks hall.
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so we have identified the pieces of the project and we have been talking with john how to move forward on putting the parts into place that his department would be able to handle and that the law library would be able to handle but primarily the skilled workers aspect and the evaluation would be all on the library end of things, it's just that we need additional staffing in order to be able to do that. >> is that it for your presentation? >> i'm assuming that you saw the pages that i sent that i put out in great detail and i could go through this if you like but i was trying to get to the high points of what the purpose is of the proposal. >> okay, sorry. >> may i -- one of the things that i noticed was missing in the proposal is a budget. >> well, we have identified what the budget areas are but the fact of the matter is that at this stage of the game we don't really know how long it's going to take for people to be in
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there going through the materials and so -- which is why we're proposing that we have to start off with a test period to see how much can be accomplished and what period of time. we have an estimate that we're going to need a certain amount of skilled library workers, we have -- we would be obtaining their services through library agencies and we're estimating how much time a week we would need these people and estimating what the hourly rates would be and we have to continue to work with this along with mr. updike to narrow this down because we -- we only have this limited amount of time in the last week to be able to do that. >> you kind of made my point, you're making all of these estimations but this is the budget of finance committee and there's no budget, and there's no finance -- >> well, you asked for the project, the plan, and that's what this is. and we're happy to go forward to get the other pieces, but it takes some time to be able to
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analyze what your length of time is going to take to be going through 166,000 volumes of books. for example, i went through 536 boxes of books of 11,000 items. that was a 536 of just 11,000 and there's 166,000 in there. we know what the process is and we know what we need to do and we know what the staffing is, but we have to go out to the community to find out what the -- what the availability is and the hourly rates for the people that will be helping us with the technical work. this is something that takes more than a week to be able to accomplish. so i understood that this was going to be part of our budget submission for this year. >> thank you. so i see in your timeline that in the next 60 days you have potentially this testing period it looks like. so after the 60 days you would be able to have a better sense of the budget? >> absolutely.
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>> okay, great, so we could follow-up -- i'm happy to follow-up offline on what that budget would look like and maybe we could defer to the mayor's budget office trying to speak to the fact that was not asked for in the last budget or the previous one or the previous one before that, so we're at a point where i think that we're trying to hold you to, you know, removing the books out of brooks hall and so although typically this should be done during the budget cycle my understanding is that the mayor's budget office and, again, i'll defer to them, to try to figure out how to make this work. >> great. >> i'm the budget director and supervisor tang said that we're happy to work with the department to figure out what they need within the current year of the budget related to this. >> okay. >> so the other interesting points from the memo, and i'm glad that finally we do get to see some sort of a plan, that the reality is that, you know, the law library has been in this space since 2013 over at 1145
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market street and we are now in 2017. so, honestly, this plan -- we said this last time as well -- should have been developed years ago and asked for during the budget season. and it always says that a large percentage of the 166,000 volume brooks hall collection will have to be discarded and other portions of it are no longer needed and so that was due to the damaging storage conditions. so that to me is, you know, also speaks to why this should have been addressed earlier on in possible. >> i'd love to respond to that. we did not have any space at all for any of this collection until we moved in late 2013 to our current location. our focus when we moved to that location immediately was bringing the rare books back and bringing the books in storage, and integrating the books that we have at the veterans building. we just completed that. we have been making plans over and over during the 20-something years that the books have been
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in brooks hall and there's been -- first there was the potential that we might be in x building and then y building and we'd redo the calculations to determine what could go where and what could go here, and i take full responsibility for the fact that we weren't able to simultaneously do this since we moved here with respect to this project but we also knew that we'd need to go forward in a way, asking assistance with the city to do this. and we're ready and happy to do it. we understand that the public library is still down there moving things out and that there's other materials that are down there that aren't just the law library and we're welcoming the opportunity to move forward now that those parts of our collection that were critical that are in there, we are prepared to do this. >> okay, great. so what i have today then are some amendments to reflect to this plan and so i have passed a copy to our chair here and our clerk. so basically in the whereas clauses, it says that the board urges the law library to commit to execute a plan to relocate as many of the acceptable materials
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from brooks hall as can be accommodated in the remaining unused shelving on the second floor of 1145 market street and shall commence the plan by no later than february 1, 2018, and complete the plan by no later than december 31, 2018. and then the other whereas clause, should the law library not be able to do so by the date indicated the director of real estate intercepts to populate unused portions of the second floor of 1145 market street with office uses from other departments consistent with the terms and the conditions of the lease. so, again, i think that this reflects the plan that you have before us today and so after public comment i'd like to adopt these amendments into the resolution. >> i think that that timeline is realistic. >> all right, thank you. we're going to go to public comment. if there's any member of the public that would like to come and to comment on item 1, please come up.
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seeing none, public comment is closed. all right, supervisor tang. >> a motion to amend the legislation, the resolution as i previously stated. >> supervisor cohen: we'll take the amendments without objection, thank you. and then -- >> as amended i'd like to send forth the item to the full board with full recommendation. >> supervisor cohen: i'd like to send to the board without recommendation. >> all right. >> supervisor cohen: so we'll send this to the full board. thank you. okay. madam clerk, next item. >> clerk: authorizing the department of public health to submit an application to continue to receive funding for the white act aids emergency relief program -- >> supervisor cohen: pardon me, i want to go back to item one and reflect that we are sending this -- sending item one as a committee report to the full board. >> clerk: item one, you would like to send as committee
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report? it's not scheduled to be heard as committee report but we can still do so prior to 11:00. >> supervisor cohen: okay. i was under the impression that we were supposed to send it to -- as a committee report. i don't know, does it make a difference? probably not. okay. well then we'll look to john updike, item number 1. forgive me, we'll come back to item 2. we need to deal with this. >> my apologies, john updike. we were hoping that this could get through the board so we could provide the ownership with the fully executed amendment prior to the new year. to meet the renewal process but i refer what is available to you whether it goes as a committee report or not. >> supervisor cohen: it wasn't noted as a committee report so we'll look to the deputy city
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attorney john givener to offer an opinion. >> city attorney john givener. this is to board rules and whether the chair has submitted or can submit a writing by the deadline which i believe is this morning by 11:00. >> that's correct. >> supervisor cohen: okay, well, we have enough time and we'll submit it to honor the deadline and the request of the real estate department and we submit this request for item 1 to be sent to the full board as a committee report. >> can we please, supervisor tang has made a motion that was adopted and can we rescind that motion. >> making a motion to rescind that motion and then i'll make a motion to send forth item 1 as amended, as a committee report without recommendation to the full board. >> supervisor cohen: and we'll take that motion without objection. thank you. okay, sorry, for the confusion. and item 2. >> clerk: resolution
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authorizing the department of public health to submit an application to continue receiving funding for the ryan white act, h.i.v./aids emergency relief grant program. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. supervisor sheehy is the sponsor and we have dean goodwin to make a short presentation. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors cohen and tang. my name is dean, and i'm the administrator of the h.i.v./aids health services section of the department of public health. this is for the annual application for their 16,610. >> 150 for our grant application and in fiscal year 2017-2018, the total award was $15,811,000 and the amount of this year's application request represents the maximum amount for which we could apply which is the current year's award plus the potential maximum increase of 5%. the trend of ryan white grant
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award amounts has been decreasing by a small amount. the current year's award is decreased by about $26,000 from the previous year or less than one-quarter of 1%. the year plier to that the amount was a decrease of nearly $68,000 or a little less than one half of 1%. and it represents about 40% of the h.i.v. health services program attic funding and it's a payer to provide services such as primary care and case management and dental, hospice, outreach, psycho socioreport and other support services for h.i.v.-positive san francisco residents living with low income. last year they funded programs and provided services to nearly 7,000 residents in san francisco and i'm here to answer any questions that you might have. thank you for your past and continued support of our ryan
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white grant applications. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for the continued fight. and i wish you the best of luck on pursuing and acquiring this grant. >> thank you. >> supervisor cohen: we'll take public comment at this time. any member of the public that would like to speak on item 2, please come up. none. public comment is closed. supervisor tang. >> all right, i would like to send forth item 2 to the full board with positive recommendation from the committee. cloip. >> supervisor cohen: we'll do that without objection. >> clerk: authorizing the department of public health to submit a one-year application for calendar year 2018 to continue to receive funding for the h.i.v. surveillance and prevention program for health department and grants from the control and prevention. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. the floor is yours. >> good morning, supervisors, my name is tracy packer, with the health equity and promotion
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branch of the population health division of the health department. and we oversee h.i.v. prevention and community-based settings as well as hepatitis c in addition. and i asked susan scheer to step in with me today because this grant for the first time is an integrated grant between h.i.v. prevention and h.i.v. surveillance. so we're here to ask for your approval of this grant and i'll have susan describe the surveillance activities and the h.i.v. activities include h.i.v. testing and linkage of people who are newly positive to care as soon as possible and supporting people to stay in care, and we also are able to do s.t.d. outreach with this contract and integrative services, including hepatitis c. we have a focus on -- in the jails, the city clinic or the municipal s.t.d. clinic and also board 86 which supports the vhg
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generally. our focus in this grant, we have done a great job in san francisco as you know and needle exchange or syringe access and disposing programs and testing and prevention with positive programs, with many populations, but we have some gaps. so this grant is really going to help us to focus more effectively reaching african americans, latinos, trans-women, and especially homeless people who are experiencing homelessness. so i'll ask susan to describe the surveillance part of the project. >> thank you, supervisors. this is the first time that c.d.c. has combined this with prevention and surveillance. so what surveillance data does, we are the people who are sort of behind the scenes and collecting information on cases and the demographics and who is infected and not infected and who is in care and we can use
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that information to project trends and also to really focus on where the disparities are. so we're very glad that we're -- this grant is combined together and the other thing that happened in surveillance is -- those sort of traditional surveillance activities that i described you are probably familiar with, when you read in the newspaper that this particular treatment is working or survival is improving, that's really surveillance data that is forming that. but in recent years in addition to the traditional surveillance activities we have been asked to consider what we consider more public health activities. so it's using the data in an active way. for example, data of care is one thing that c.d.c. is asking us to continue to do that we have been doing for a number of years, and that's where we look at the surveillance data and identify the people who are not getting adequate care and then provide that information to our prevention partners so they can go out and really focus on the
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people who are being left behind. and so with surveillance data we can provide a data-driven approach to see what's working and what's not working and then really target our resources in an effective manner. >> is that it? >> supervisor cohen: colleagues, i don't know if you have questions and let's go to public comment. any members of the public that would like to speak on item 3? comment is open. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you. all right, we can get a motion, this is a request made to send this as a committee report. >> i'll make the motion to send item 3 to the full board with positive recommendation as a committee report. >> supervisor cohen: we take that without objection and i recognize that the house has changed and supervisor yee is with us. thank you. item 4. >> clerk: item 4, accepting a gift to the city from alton a la gonea and constructing the public open space and community improvement at 55 laguna street.
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>> supervisor cohen: all right, thank you. is there a member of the department here to present on this item? all right. is supervisor sheehy or a representative from sheehy's office here to present? and this is located at 55 laguna, and it's an in-kind agreement, part of the development from alta laguna l.l.c. which is the developer and the estimated costs are $552,676, which also includes permanent maintenance costs of the space. and also i want acknowledge that this is a affordable housing project that mercy and open house are partnering on and this was approved back in 2011. so let's go to see if there's any public comment for item 4. none, okay, public comment is
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closed. supervisor yee. >> i make a motion to have a positive recommendation to the full board as the committee report for december 12th. >> supervisor cohen: all right, thank you very much, we'll take that without objection. item 5. >> clerk: item 5, approving a fifth amendment and agreement between the department of public health and the san francisco ag foundation to have h.i.v. services to extend the contract by two years and to increase the agreement by $5.9 million, for a total of $26.2 million. >> supervisor cohen: we have michelle ruggels from the department of public health to present. >> yeah, michelle ruggels for the department of public health to request approval as the amendment to this contract at the san francisco aids foundation for the provision of h.i.v. services and we have contracted with the aids san francisco aids foundation since 1993. and so we depend a lot on the services provided.
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the purpose of today's amendment is to request the extension the current contract by two years, with the corresponding funding to support those two years. this extension exercises the remaining option for the term covered under the current solicitation authority. so within the next two years we'll conduct the next -- another solicitation which will continue the services after june 30, 2018. and as i had mentioned we really rely upon these services which include services such as h.i.v. testing and substance abuse counseling and other preventative services. and you just met the representatives from our department, if you have questions about the programming, and otherwise we are in full support of the budget analyst report and recommendation to approve the contract. >> supervisor cohen: all right, thank you, we're going to hear from the budget legislative analyst at this time.
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>> yes, good morning, as miss ruggel said this contract is extended to two years to june 2018, and the contract amount would decrease from $20 million to $26 million and increase $6 million and we did look at their spending on page 10 of the report and page 9 is the budget and page 10 is the spending plan and we found it reasonable and we recommend approval. >> supervisor cohen: thank you, colleagues, any discussion before we go to public comment? all right, public comment? supervisor yee. >> just a quick question -- it's pretty obvious that we're doing well in san francisco with this issue, but i'm just curious, there's been many extensions of the contract and do we have like a formal evaluation or how do you assess the -- >> the success?
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>> supervisor yee: yeah. >> so maybe tracy packard can speak to what the objectives are but we have program objectives inside of the contract which get monitored annually to see how the vendors are doing and all compliance with meeting their objectives as well as fiscal stability and other items that we measure so that happens annually, but if you want specifics about the objectives, then i'll defer. >> supervisor yee: maybe not detail specifics but sort of a high level -- >> supervisor cohen: thanlevel - >> thank you, so we work with all of our contracts on a regular basis, some monthly and some quarterly, to ensure that they're meeting their objectives in their contracts and that includes their deliverables and the number of people they're reaching and additional objectives such as for testing and the number of tests they're providing and to whom. we want to ensure that the tests are reaching those at greatest
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risk for h.i.v. we also ensure that, for example, with testing that people are linked to care as early as possible and maintained in care. so we work -- in addition to the annual monitoring that michelle described we -- our staff works closely with the agencies to make sure that they're reaching the populations that we have requested that they do. and so we're in an evaluation process and we do see as you know the number of new infections has been decreasing here in san francisco due to all of the efforts in san francisco and we believe that this contract contributes to that. >> supervisor yee: thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. now we will go to public comment on item 5. seeing none, comment is closed. colleagues do you have a motion for this item? >> i'll make a motion to send this item to the full board with
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positive recommendation. >> supervisor cohen: we'll take that without objection. item 6. >> clerk: the ordinance amending the tax regulations to file tax returns... >> supervisor cohen: thank you. let's move forward we have amanda fried from the treasurer's office here to discuss the ordinance to raise the minimum filing threshold for payroll expense tax as well as the gross receipt tax. >> thank you supervisors, amanda fried from the officer of the treasurer and the purpose of this legislation is to extremstreamline the tax filingr san francisco small businesses. we have about 5,000 businesses who are exempt from paying gross receipts in payroll taxes because they file under the small business exemption but under the current law they're still required to file. this decision would change the minimum filing threshold so that they're the same as the thresholds for the tax exemption
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under the small business exemption. quite simply, if you're a small business and you're exempt from paying gross receipts in payroll you would now also be exempt from filing. however, this does not apply to businesses taking advantage of other tax exclusions, thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. colleagues, any questions, and if not we go to public comment. public comment is open. ladies and gentlemen, for item six. public comment is closed. seeing nobody member of the public. okay, a recommendation for this item? >> supervisor yee: i make a motion to go ahead and pass this to committee with positive recommendation of the full board. >> supervisor cohen: thank you and we'll take that without objection. item 7. >> clerk: ordinance amending the tax regulations for the distributive tax. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. i'm the sponsor of this legislation and i invite miss fried from the tax collectors office to speak on it.
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>> thank you, supervisor and thank you for sponsoring. this amendment ties article 8, the sugary's drinks tax ordinance to article 6, and our provision for business taxes and fees. so it clarifies the filing and payment requirements under this new tax, taxpayers will be required to file and pay on a quarterly basis, their filing and payment is due on the last day of the month following the calendar quarter and the standard penalty provisions in the business and tax regulations code would now apply to this tax. and this legislation also makes it clear that taxpayers who pay the sugary drinks tax will not be required to get a certificate of authority. >> supervisor cohen: all right. thank you very much. let's see, any member of the public that would like to speak on item 7? all right, public comment is closed for item 7. thank you. colleagues any questions? entertain a motion?
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>> i'll make a motion to send forth item 7 to the full board with full recommendation. >> supervisor cohen: items 8 through 12, call all together. >> clerk: to authorize the recreation and parks department to accept specific grants from the california department of parks and recreation the amount of $3.5 million for the geneva powerhouse. and to have a services agreement for the renovation of the powerhouse building of the powerhouse and item 10, authorizing a funding agreement to finance the renovation of the powerhouse building and item number 11, resolution authorizing the 55-year lease for the powerhouse building of the geneva carborn and powerhouse and item 12, authorizing the ende indemnificn agreement of the powerhouse building. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much, this has been a wild
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topic for many years and i'm glad to see us moving forward on it. and i want to welcome nicole avarel from the department of rec and park. >> thank you very much, supervisors. i too am very pleased to be here today to hopefully move this project forward. and i do have a presentation if -- >> supervisor cohen: sure. sfgov-tv we need the overhead. there it is. >> super. just a brief history, it's designed by the reid brothers and known for the fairmont hotel and the cliff house in 1901 and 1903 respectively and it was a depot for the railway companies and is the last physical reminder of san francisco's first electric railway. in 1985 the building was declared a san francisco landmark but immediately following the 1989 earthquake, the building was vacated and left to deteriorate. in 1998, there were plans to demolish the structure and the friends of the powerhouse was
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formed to halt the demolition and they dropped the plan and in 1999 they initiated a stabilization project for the building. in 2004, the ownership of the building was transferred to the recs and parks department who created a program for adaptive reuse. the carbine is associated in san francisco's district 11 this is a culture rich low-income area. and the planning department has a village plan for the areas surrounding the balboa park station that includes the carbine and powerhouse and this was approved by the board of supervisors in 2009. based on extensive community input the plan states that the restoration of the carbine and powerhouse will be an anchor for the revitalization of the transit station neighborhood and states that the building will help to create a successful new town center and arts hub around the transthe station. and as was presented to the board of supervisors in 2015, given the high cost of developing the entire building,
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rec park in partnership with the department of economic and workforce development and the office of district 11 supervisors, and the san francisco arts commission is now pursuing a two-phased approach. and one is the appearance of the building only, and the other is for the office building and the completion of the improvements to the power house. we believe that a phased approach will speed up the activation of the building as well as generate renewed interest from funders in the larger project. the powerhouse is approximately 3100 square feet with 35-foot high ceilings and it will be a unique space for arts related programs and the space will also serve as a community meeting space. additionally it can be used for short-term arts events such as art exhibitions and to accommodate large art events. after trying to develop the project for over a decade, the department has sought to develop
6:36 am
a private/public partnership to develop the project. specifically to find a visionary partner to both fund the projected construction budget gap and to facilitate the creation and the management of the entity that will receive and administer tax credits, it's a critical funding source for the project. we are partnering with the trust whose mission is to create financially stable physical spaces for arts organizations in order to facilitate urban transformation and who has done so by using new market tax credits to activate the space we will have a tenant that will have arts programming for all ages and responsible for the areas in the underserved use. we will partner with the performing parks workshop, a 40-year-old organization with a long history in district 11 that brings arts instruction to 4200 preschoolers and youth and teens annually and whose mission is to help young people to develop creative expression and critical thinking and essential learning
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skills through arts programming that includes dance and music and spoken word and poetry and theatre. the project has received all of its regulatory agency approvals and in november 2017 the rec park commission awarded the construction contract. the estimated total project cost is $13 million. funding sources include $3 $3.5 million grant from the state of california which we hope for the board's approval to accept and expend, and $2.7 million in general funds, $3.8 million in tax credit and $1 million from cast and $60,000 from the community opportunity fund and $1.3 million in funds previously spent from a combination of 2000 bond funds and general funds. as noted previously in order to finance the construction of the powerhouse the city intends to use both new market tax credits and historic rehabilitation tax credits. the overall goal of the new
6:38 am
market tax credit program is to stimulate the community development and economically distressed neighborhoods by creating jobs and providing services to low-income residents residents. as the ca carbine powerhouse is eligible for the tax credit and as part of this process the project has part one and part two approvals from the state historic preservation office and the parks service who administer the program. they will serve as the tax credit administer to finance the project, rec park cast and u.s. bank will provide funds to a controlled investment fund created for the project by u.s. bank and the tax credits are claimed by u.s. bank in return for its investment in the project. these funds will be invested in a special purpose entity created by the san francisco community investment fund or sif. and the sif will direct the funds to a special purpose legal entity created for the project
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that is a low-income business. and cast will create it, and rec park will lease for 50 years who then sub-lease it for 25 years for a for-profit entity and the master sub-tenant which is necessary to allow the u.s. bank to receive the historic tax credits in addition to the new master tax credits. they release to the performing arts workshop. we expect to receive the proceeds of the financing in february 2018 and a notice to proceed to not be issued until this happens. the department will be seeking an appropriation from the general fund for project costs and pay the costs out of this appropriation and if expenses are recurred to repay with e reimbursements, and with the taxes, and reimbursements from the state grant. we expect to introduce this
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appropriation next tuesday. the funding agreement outlines the rec park and cast participation in the tax credit financing and in particular the amounts that we'll each contribute towards the treatment of certain fees and expenses. key points include the following: cast agrees to contribute $1 million to the qali krrve b. and the city will contribute $6.2 to the qalicb. and this amount is an amendment to the resolution introduced on november 14th, which noted that the city contribution will be $6.8 million. and $6,000 of that $6.8 million was from the community opportunity fund which was created with 2012 bond funds and the city council has determined that tax exempt funds should not be grawnted to the qalicb, and we still will spend $6.8 million on the project. and any funds above the $6.2 million are for construction contingency and paid directly from the city to the contractor. and the use of funds for the
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project was aprawfed in 2017 by the rec park commission and has been appropriated by ordinance 195-15. and this does not require further board approval. additionally, cast will receive a consultation fee regarding project feasibility in a monthly developer fee. and they will receive an annual qalicb consultant fee for the new market tax credit seven-year compliance period to be paid out of reserve established with tax credit financing and, lastly, rec park and cast expect that cast will be reimbursed for its fees and expenses from the proceeds of tax credit financing. if in the very unlikely case that the tax credit financing does not occur, cast will look to directly to park to pay the costs incurred to date. and the tax credit programs treat the qalicb as the owner for tax credit purposes and the city as the developer. and they will enter into a agreement giving rec park and p.e.w. the authority and the
6:42 am
obligation to develop the project. including entering into all necessary contracts, monitoring and paying all contract amounts and monitoring the construction project. in addition, the agreement outlines the payment to the city of a development fee for construction management services and the reimbursement to the city for all costs incurred in developing the services, any amounts under construction contracts and the fact that qalicb cannot disburse funding without being authorized. it must be approved by sift and the u.s. bank. key terms of the 55-year powerhouse lease between ark and the qalicb has $1 million towards the phase one pr project and monthly rent of $5213 that increases annually by c.b.i. and in partnership with the master subtenant to program the powerhouse with arts focused programming including daily after-school and summer classes with youth and teens, weekly
6:43 am
evening and weekend classes for adults and families and childhood development classes and exhibitions and summer workforce development opportunities for high school students. with the master sub-tenant the requirement to oversee and to pay for day-to-day maintenance and after lease year 10, the exterior components of the powerhouse. and it includes a season-year option to lease the office building to cast that requires them to perform the phase 2 performances and to provide recreational and cultural programming and to pay fair market rent. and the negotiation of a new lease would be subject to the approval of the board of supervisors. because tax credit transactions require a significant upfront investment it's a normal business practice for the parties to seek certain endem em nittities from a guarantor, who in this case is the city. and they cannot proceed without the transactions and the
6:44 am
transactions cannot proceed without these ende indemnities d they will have agreements with u.s. bank and the sif to address unknown environmental conditions and costover runs and delays and defect claims, and operating deficits for five years from completion of the construction, and specified upfront costs in the event that the tax credit financing does not close and losses experienced by the investors in the event that the u.s. treasury recaptures the tax credit based on the failure to comply with the tax requirements. and it's limited to the reasonable control of the sif and the city staff and before the i.r.s. has a recapture event it has notice in a 12-month care period and it should be noted to the knowledge of our tax credit council and consultants there's never been a recapture event and the industry is small and close knit enough they are confident they would have heard from one.
6:45 am
and to keep the community informed the progress, regular community meetings have been held since 2009, including meetings and presentations at area high schools and libraries and community centers. at each of the events the status was prohibited and input and feedback gathered and the project is also been presented at neighborhood association district 11 council and balboa station and cac, and community meetings with youth service organizations as well. and the project has the support of the district 11 council and the friends of the geneva carbine powerhouse and the neighbors in action and the northern california community loan fund and, of course, the office of supervisors and workforce development and the san francisco arts commission. in sum, the powerhouse has sat empty at the lower income ethnically diverse area, in the
6:46 am
city and in a planned 100% affordable housing development and it's a graceful historic building with enormous flexibility and the potential to energize the community if successfully adapted for a new use. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for the thorough presentation. let's go to the budget and legislative analysts and i'm sure they have some thoughts and comments. >> the board of supervisors is being asked to approve five pieces of legislation for the powerhouse project. and the first is for the $3.5 million grant and the approval of the funding agreement with the project and approval of a development services agreement and 55-year lease and indemnity agreement. and there have been some changes since our report so i want to go through that. the budget for the project is on page 18 of our report and it's $13 million. the city's contribution is
6:47 am
$8.1 million and the tax credit and of the city's contribution their 3.5 million would come from the state grant which we recommend approval. and there has been some changes to my understanding in terms of the funding agreement. the agreement that we received was that the city would allocate $6.8 million, and the non-profit their 1 million and my understanding is that some of the funding that was to be allocated through the funding agreement is not eligible for that purpose so that the funding agreement would be $6.2 million. but, again, as i understand it that doesn't change the budget, and the community opportunity fund contribution of $600,000 which is actually part of the city's bond moneys would still be available on the project but not through the funding agreement. another change to the project from our report is that we at
6:48 am
the time of the report, we did not have a copy of the indemnity agreement and we do now have a copy of that agreement. our understanding is that this is required as part of the conditions of receiving the tax credit. so at this point we do actually change our recommendation from making that a policy matter and we do recommend the approval of the five pieces of legislation. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. and we appreciate that, so there's no amendments or any recommendations that you're making? no amendments? >> no. >> supervisor cohen: okay. thank you. i notice that supervisor has joined us and i want to give him an opportunity to speak. >> thank you. usually i'd come in a lot of side but we're in a lot of meetings today and thank you very much, and thank you for a moment to speak this project has been probably 20 years in the making and in its inception when we first did an analysis when i was a member of the board as a
6:49 am
community member, and the project was probably estimated to be around 11 million for a total renovation and here we are almost 15, 16 years later and the amount is around $30 million. this body as well as the entire board last year as you know through the process did a $3 $3.5 million allocation and then we were very fortunate to have an additional $3.5 million and i want to thank the general manager phil ginsburg and mayor ed lee and the department staff and the supervisor avalos as well as the friends of the geneva car barn and cast and the performing arts workshop. over the past year of being in office we have spent a significant amount of time working with nicole aoril and her team to put this project together. i think that it's ready and
6:50 am
fully baked and it's an important aspect of revitalizing and having an opportunity that both supervisor norman yee and my office and our district will share in having one of the preeminent performing arts and workspaces in the entire city. we believe that this project is going to be impactful and it's located in an area that will have full benefit for the entire district as i said, along with supervisor yee's district and many others, and serving a part of town, as you know supervisor cohen, that has one of the highest concentrations of children and families so it's extremely important so i appreciate this body's support for it. >> supervisor cohen: no problem, i think that we're on the way to approving this and we'll take public comment now. any member of the public that would like to speak on any of these items? come on up to the podium. good morning, sir. >> either one?
6:51 am
>> supervisor cohen: either one. >> good morning, my name is dan weaver and i'm the -- i should say appropriately i'll say that i'm the founder of the friends of geneva office building and powerhouse and also its current chair, friends of geneva is a neighborhood-based non-profit that has been pushing for this day for a long time. to be exact, since january of 1999 when then mayor willie brown directed the m.t.a. to stop its 10-year effort to demolish the building and work with the neighborhood to instead make it into a youth and community center. i'm very pleased that this is happening today. it's taken a long time to get to this day. i'll just leave that part alone and say that we support the efforts, the bringing in of
6:52 am
non-profit assistance and we support cast's involvement particularly and this is unique for them. and we applaud the efforts of the rec park department and nicole avoril in particular to bring for the first time to a city project new market and historic tax credits. so we appreciate this effort and urge that you support it. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you for all of your work. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm the executive director of the community arts stabilization trust and also known as cast. cast is a non-profit in the business of cultural placekeeping through acquiring, holding and managing below market rate space to keep arts and culture in san francisco. arts and culture plays a central role in our city's unique identity, history, and economy, yet artists are being displaced from the city due to spiked demand and prices for real
6:53 am
estate. according to the may 17 "forbes" article the bay area markets have had increased represents in the last six years with rent increases averaging 30%, keeping fordable space for arts and cultural organizations has become a significant challenge. and cast is working to mitigate this issue with a cohort of visionary funders and community and business leaders. we completed our first two projects involving -- both involving tax credit financing with the luggage store gallery and counter pulse, stabilizing two cultural centers and providing permanent, affordable space in central market and the tenderloin. our long-term plan is to develop more, including the rehabilitation and activation of the powerhouse, a rich asset of the city's rec and parks department that's been vacant for a long time.
6:54 am
we're fully prepared to serve as the qalicb entity and the partner with the performing workshop to activate the space and the activation of the powerhouse will significantly benefit the community by providing access to arts and culture, serving as a family oriented hub and event space and we're happy here to talk a bit about our vision and our excitement and to lend the geneva car barn project our enthusiastic support. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: another speaker? please come on up. >> good morning, my name is kate foss and i'm a capital analyst for the arts commission. we are very excited about rec and park's renovation and it will create an incredible cultural aspect for the city. and the plan was cast and the performing arts workshop will have resources in an area of san francisco that does not currently have an arts education facility. and we've had the privilege of
6:55 am
working with cast on several projects and have the utmost confidence in them as a city partner. the performing arts workshop is a long-time art guaranteee and they have been providing high quality programming to the city for over 50 years and their pioneering youth education programs are a great match for district 11. as the city, the workshop has been a sustainable nonprofit with a history of conservative fiscal management and we are confident that they will be a strong tenant for the space and they are very excited about this partnership and renovation. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank yo you. >> i'm amy cohen with the workforce development. thank you for inviting me today. we've had a long-standing relationship with the community stakeholders in the neighborhoods adjacent to the geneva car barn and have worked on it over the years as well. our role in the last couple years has been to include it in a portfolio of the buildings that we worked on with neighborhood stakeholders where
6:56 am
we tried to help to bring in some innovative approaches and private partners that were really necessary for buildings this challenging. and so we helped to bring in northern california community loan fund, who found a tenant and we also had experience working with cast in the buildings that moya mentioned in mid market and we're proud of what cast has been able to do to help to sustain non-profit arts groups, so i just wanted to endorse the approach. it's complicated, but we've done buildings like this before and we're really comfortable with it and excited to see the project move forward. >> supervisor cohen: thank you miss cohen. next speaker, philip? >> good morning, supervisors, i thought that i'd just say a -- sneak in a public comment and say a few quick words about this project which is extremely meaningful to our department, to me, and to our city. we had a big long presentation here yesterday about our
6:57 am
strategic plan with supervisor fewer and a core element of our strategic plan is to developing more open space and opportunity and high needs and emerging neighborhoods and another provision of our strategic plan is to celebrate our historic and cultural resources and this project does both and it's been a slog. this building was given to rec and park several general managers ago back under elizabeth goldstein and it was a fixer-upper to say the least and it has taken this long and numerous partners and i am very, very, very grateful to the parents, there's a lot of parents of this project, that has had a hand in its success. and i want to single out one person, however, in my thanks and that's nicole avoril. nicole, when this project began, was actually i think the first executive director of the friends of the geneva car barn. and she has driven this project from all sides and all
6:58 am
perspectives for well over a decade now and i can say with some great assurance that we would not be standing here today before you on the verge of executing this agreement to finally renovate this site without her leadership and talent. thank you. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. any other speakers that would like to speaking on these items? cool colleagues, anything that you would like to say? supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: sure. as supervisor mentioned that my district is a few blocks from there and i would say that i have been -- i guess in a car barn about five times now and every time that i go in there it gets more exciting as i realize that it might really happen and then we thank her for being here and continue to support that. i actually shine a light on this
6:59 am
particular project as being one of the -- not only exciting but because of the partnership between the community and the city, the different departments and so forth and even the state government with assemblymen bringing some resources to activate it a little faster, and i'm really looking forward to the day when the first part of it is going to be developed, hopefully before i leave office and so i'm very excited to make a motion on this if it's okay with you. >> supervisor cohen: not a problem, absolutely, you can make a motion. before you make that motion i wanted to say something. i have been on the board seven years and also a native of san francisco and so it's very exciting and growing up i wondered what that building was. and only come to learn exactly the history of the geneva car barn until i became a member of the board. and i know that supervisor avolo
7:00 am
spoke a lot about it for a very long time so i think it's fantastic that the supervisor is here today in the seat to help to get the vision that the neighborhood has had for this asset over -- or a little bit closer to crossing the finish line and we're almost there. so it's exciting and now i'm ready for the motion. >> supervisor yee: i want to say one more sentence -- which is that actually within a month of me being elected as a first time as a supervisor i was brought over to visit car barn and i thought it was my district and people said you will help to fix it and so forth and for several months i kept on talking about it as if it was in my district anden this i realized that it wasn't. oh, shucks. i would like to make a double positive recommendation, motion, to send this out of committee with a positive recommendation to thf