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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 28, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> we have a great relationship with them dating back to the ballpark construction and working with the p.l.a. for this project as well. this really has been a great experience and one that i think we all feel good about being involved in. it's not always the case when you deal with a complex, difficult negotiation. it takes a goodwill from both sides and we really enjoyed that and enjoyed working with with you and your staff. thank you. >> we turn it over to you. >> thank you. mike? [laughter] >> there is an almost celebratory aspect to this particular hearing and for good reason. you know, just as of a few weeks ago when i came to
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compliment you on your staff work, i'm going to do the same with regard to the giants here today. we had, as jack has noted, a very good relationship with them that began at the ballpark and is moving across the creek. the -- the -- i've always viewed this particular project as a commission that began with mission bay. this is when willie cut the deals back in 2003 to get that project to move forward. this is plot of land that functioned under different requirements and restrictions as you are well aware and those required a different sort of work that your staff has put in to overcome. i think in some ways it will represent an improvement as well as a completion upon what has gone before it in mission bay. and we look forward to it going forward. thank you. >> thank you, mike. >> diana parsons. thank you. maybe i didn't pronounce your name right. hello. >> from spur.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is susan a na parsons from spur. purchase is a member-supported nonprofit working to make the city a better place and the reason a better place through research, education and advocacy. i'm here on behalf of spur to support approval of the mission rock project. mission rock will create a special place for san francisco residents, workers and visitors on a site of city-wide importance that is currently underutilized. the giants have worked closely with the neighborhood, various stakeholders and a broader city because of 2015's prop d. as a result, the project includes numerous community benefits that address affordability, livability and quality of life for those who will live and work here as well as for the broader community. those include 40% affordable housing for a variety of people with a range of incomes. eight acres of parks and open space, including improved
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public access to the waterfront and connections to the bay trail. a renovated, historic pier 48 and neighborhoods serving retail. this info project is also doing the right things on the environmental project. it is located on major transit, the team is planning ahead for sea level rise and the project has bold environmental targets, including zero water waste and 100% energy use from renewable sources. and this project will generate revenue for the port and the city and county of san francisco. we think mission rock is a transformational mixed use and mixed income development that has gone through a decade of community planning process. spur urges you to approve this project. we look forward to the completed development and all the opportunities it will bring. thank you. >> thank you. corinne?
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>> hi. commissioners, my name is corinne woods. i'm a merry christmas of sea wag. i'm no longer co-chair. that is alice rogers. because i dropped being co-chair in order to get on to the waterfront land use plan update working group. which is why i'm up here. we worked on this project for a very long time and it's wonderful to see it so close. i do have a couple of minute quibbles under the transportation plan. giving muni the option to move money out of the neighborhood. and the other thing i'm concerned about is pier 48. obviously we have a long way to go on that.
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i do think it is important to think about pier 48 in the context of the r.f.i. proposals that you will be hearing about later this afternoon. and the work that the waterfront plan working group has been doing. about all of the historic piers. pier 48 isn't really included in our work because when we started, we really thought anchor was going to be there. and we didn't have to think about it. but i think that we have to be consistent in the treatment of long-term planning for pier 48 as we are with the rest of the historic piers. otherwise, i'm really looking forward to having new neighbors. thank you. >> i think this is bruce. >> rosatti. >> ok. thank you, bruce. >> good afternoon.
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executive director forbes, president adams, commissioners. my name is bruce agate and i'm speaking in support of the mission rock development. i'm involved in the community serving on the board and as transportation rep of the south beach mission hill neighborhood association. in the recent pass as an officer of the democratic club. however, my comment today is provided as an eight-year resident of mission bay. over the past six years, i've had the opportunity, along with my neighbors, some for up to 10 years as you heard, to be involved in the planning process for the mission rock development. this includeded providing feedback on a variety of public documents and numerous community outreach meetings and workshops. in addition to current residents and local businesses, those community leaders involved in the planning of mission bay from the beginning were also involved in the process. we discussed building heights,
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transportation, quality of life, open space and so much more. together we shared our insights and provided input on this project which will help transform this part of the eastern waterfront into a vibrant and complete community. good for us as neighbors, good for us as community and our city. as i mentioned, this community in greater stakeholder engagement, helped us shape the project we see today. striking a delicate balance on the amount of parks, waterfront access, housing, neighborhoods serving retail and restaurants, preparation for sea level rise and office space. i'm not an expert in the financial aspects of development, but this project brought together an amazing group of stakeholders experts to find the optimal mix of land uses while providing some flexibility to enensure successes and delivery of the project. even with this collaboration and consensus building there
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were dramatic last-minute discussions to gain agreement that this project could raise a percentage of affordable housing from 33 to 40%. with this said, today we have a parking lot and community desert along this section of the waterfront. at the appropriate time, please approve this project as presented, allowing the mission rock development to move forward. thank you. >> thank you, bruce. chad houston from local 261. come on up, chad. >> good afternoon. my name is chad houston. with local 261. first i want to commend everyone on really the long-time coming it has been for this project. 261 likes this project for quite a few reasons. one of them is we've had a long-standing relationship that's great with the giants and we're really just excited for that to move forward as well as it's providing blue
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collar jobs that really are dwindling from this city, the working class individuals aren't able to stay in san francisco. local 261 has about 50 to 100 members crossing three counties with about 35% of that workforce being san franciscoans and keeping individuals in san francisco with blue collar jobs always a plus for us. we also have a component, a workforce plan that is identified to train and employ local workers. so, we have preapprenticeship programs and apprenticeship programs and we work with city build. i'm sure josh will be speaking at this hearing add well. those programs provide jobs for individuals who live in san francisco and provide training for those individuals in career pathways for them to stay in san francisco, keep jobs, have a union job with benefits to
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stay here so we really do appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. i don't have anymore cards. is there anyone else that would like to speak on 12-a. please hit the mic, please. being none, thank you. public comment is closed. commissioner katz. >> not sure where to begin. first off, fran, i'm a little disappointed. you let out the secret about our amazing staff here at the port. i used to make comments about how fantastic our staff is and then i realized i better not say too much because we don't want them to get poached. but now that you said it, thank you for acknowledging the tremendous people that are here at the port. we really do think -- certainly i know that we have some of the best people in city government working here at the port. so, fran, i think you cede it really well in terms of what everyone has offered. but thank you for acknowledging our team and thank you for your team and everyone at the giants.
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it is really a treat to have a project where we have the support of a development partner that looks at the city as a true partner and has the best interests of the city and the community in mind as we move forward and really sense that in this project, all of us have seen what this project can do for the future of san francisco. and it brings together labor, the port, the giants, but really provides a benefit to all of san francisco and creating a community that will really be additive to our city. i think we've got an opportunity, as we look at sort of the changing landscape and this is also a project where it's taken into account the need for affordable housing and not just met the minimum but rose above that. think that really needs to be highlighted again that this project goes above and beyond sort of minimum requirements
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for affordable housing and i want to just thank everybody for figuring out a way to make that happen. i'm not going to thank everyone on our team. fran, you say it well. but just everyone that has been involved in this. you've really been stellar. many of you sitting in the first few rows here. thank you for the work that has been done. this brings out in the true sense of the word, a team effort. we look forward to another world series victory from the part of the team. by think this is really a world series -- world-class opportunity and project for all of us. very excited to see it coming to fruition. commissioner brandon, think you are one of the few people in the room that was really here at literally ground zero. so thank you. thank you for your vision. [laughter]
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corinne and toby, it is a community effort and community opportunity and i think all of the input that so many leaders from the community have put in, it's made it that much better project. i've seen the shaping of the parks and the open space and extra acreage there and i know corinne and toby, you were really key in raising that issue. so, it really is, i guess, a little bit of a love fest. but this is the kind of project that deserves it. so, excited to see this moving forward and was pleased to get to this point today. so, thank you. >> commissioner katz has told it well in terms of the sentiments of which i share about the giants and their tremendous effort and working with the city and the community as well as our own team and i won't work through the details of what commissioner katz just went through and echo with our
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community partners with corinne and toby and the waterfront and katie and all other people that work with us from that. i think this is a project that illustrates how it was a long journey. a lot of collaboration and interaction and voices were heard. i think what we hear today, there are a couple of things that were brought up that i know that we still want to hear and we're almost to the goal line here in terms of getting over that one-yard line. i would echo the same things that we are interested in at the commission and we hope that, elaine, when it comes back to full action that we do hear about the transportation plan and i know it is something that has been on our minds and i know that is important for mission rock as well as the
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whole waterfront area and how we hear about how the transportation issues are going to be addressed. secondly, i think that the commission has already echoed that we need to hear about pier 48 and hope it is not something that's left to languish for too long, given some of the other fate of some of our other piers. i think that is something that we're interested in hearing in the next rendition. it's been a long journey. it's great to be here today. and we look fortoward to getting this across the goal line. thank you. >> commissioner brandon. >> thank you, rebecca anfield for the presentation. this is just so wonderful. it feels like at this point we're all family. that we've all put so much into this and all worked on this and put a lot of time and energy and thought into this project. and i just have to say in my 20
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years of being here and working with the giants, they have always been great partners and great neighbors. you know, it may take a little while or we may have to negotiate here and there. but in the end, what they really want is to do something very good for san francisco and all the communities within san francisco. they have been great partners and i'm not going to go through and thank everybody that everybody has already thanked. but thank everybody. because it took a village and a true partnership. and i would like to hear from romulus and josh about the l.b.e. utilization and the work first development. because i think the giants have just gone above and beyond so i would like to hear from those departments. heads.
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[laughter] >> commissioners -- director. i'm a relative newbie to the collaboration here. i only started in 2008 with the folks. the way i gauge it, my son was 2. he is 11, roughly 12 now. that's how long i gauge we've been working with the giants. but more importantly, like everybody else, it's been a thrill to work with the giants. they were -- they have always been enthusiastic about working with the city on crafting a voluntary l.b.e. commission program and thank you for their collaboration. in terms of specifics, there is a overall l.b.e. go for the
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entire project of 20%. a little short. through which they're going to do this through working with us on good faith effort. they also agreed to work with c.m.d. to engage l.b.e.s for tenant improvements and commercial spaces above 15,000 square feet. as well as trying to engage l.b.e.s for follow-on services such as janitorial services, security, etc.. and finally whenever practical, they would work with us to seek contracting teams that meet diversity of the city and seek to include businesses and residents from our most disadvantaged communities. so that is in a nutshell the program. >> thank you. i really appreciate that. and it just shows that the giants have gone above and beyond what others have done and so we really appreciate that. and now, if we could hear about the workforce development piece.
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>> sure. thank you, commissioner brandon. i'm the director of the city build program. started in here two months ago after being appointed by mayor lee to become our fourth director of this agency. and what i can say actually draws upon experience with the giants and their team around this proposalle going back a number of years, including work i did with the civil rights nonprofit and working with the labors union. it really is an honor to be able to work with the team at city build, our community partners and to president adam's point, the labor partners that we're so thankful to have in terms of advancing in workforce. development goals here. but it is an honor to implement a path that the giants set long ago that is above and beyond what they had to do i don't want what anybody has done in
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this town and that is reflective of the fact that we talk about the housing crisis and affordablability crisis and the issue of the day was jobs as we were in double-digit unemployment at that time. they made a commitment that was one of the first ever instances we ever heard of a developer and builders talking about not only doing mandatory local hiring with respect to the horizontal infrastructure, voluntarily agreeing to make local hiring a requirement of all their general contractors on these different components and the subs that come on, making local hiring a requirement as they go vertical. so to see a 30% overall local hire requirement on all these projects and 50% local apprentices, i think is really unique and gives us a lot of opportunities that we can work with the leadership of the giants and we work directly with jack baer at the time of that agreement, which is really important that the commission also knows that not only as we
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work to make sure that local residents are getting involved and into these opportunity and the jointly managed state registered apprenticeship programs with our labor partners to start a construction career and the commitment long ago helped to make a city policy that is the law of the land in san francisco. there's a couple of other components to lay out is that each parcel is going to have its own developer and there will be different parties involved. the fact that the parties have entered into a commitment to have a project labor agreement for this project is very powerful. i understand the parties are very close to completing that document. it helps do a number of things. it helps grant labor peace. it helps make sure that contractors are working with the hiring hauls and the apprenticeship programs that we work with at city build and
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city build academy and advance the equity goals in terms of the impacted area and city-wide so they really like that as a tool. it is an important tool for us to advance to local hire objectives. i spoke to the requirements. i gives a lot of opportunity. there is a labor shortage you might have heard about in this town.
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37 it's going to put the leadership of the giants to inform future policy with reform
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that we're expecting to see in the new year to double down on our job beyond construction. as we work with our labor partners, community-based organizations and employers on the construction and nonconstruction side, the giants have made a $1 million commitment to workforce development and that is investment in our agency office of economic workforce development for $500,000 through the active implementation and compliance side working with the community at our staffing side, city build and sector partners, but also $500,000 equally to invest in partnerships with cbos. that is important because it helps with the outreach, recruitment, barrier removal, services that are required on the front end through training and replacement and training on the job site. it's not an exaggeration, go above and beyond what all of us
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are seeing. i'm here to answer any questions you have, these with commitments that makeç this project other things that are stated project very worthy of going forward. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone here from the mayor's office of housing? because the housing piece is not something we've seenç before ad include former foster use, homeless, the whole gamut. there are so many wonderfulç reasons for this project toç go forward. the one city department i'd lovç to hear from is the mayor's office of economic development. who has the southern bay front plan?çç
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>> i'm pleased that adam vander water is here. >> thank you commissioner brandon and president adams. i'm from the office of economic and workforce development. you heard from some of my colleagues, ken rich, lee, michael martin presented about the southern bay front strategy. this is our office's over the to create a sum greater than the individual parts and look at the nine projects. and looking at them att( the various categories, workforce development. sea level rise, affordable housing, open space, transportation. andç to look at them in a coordinated way so we not only design the development projects to accommodate those needs, but do it in a way that creates au! broader network from a
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transportation perspective and workforce perspective and resiliency perspective. i'm proud to say this projects meets and exceeds every one of those standards. we're looking at a southern bay front wide strategy to get at a minimum 30% affordable. you heard it's a 40% affordable at mixed income ranges. as corrine mentioned, it will be paying a transportation sustainability fee going to the mt aened i'm joined by carly pain. that will go to a list of eligible projects serving the neighborhood, enhancements to the 2-3 and rail cars and other things thatt(ñr are -- t-3-g seg the entire bay front and in combination both with pier 70 at the project at the power planteneplantand others.
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>> i would like for that transportation strategy because with all these parts coming on line, i think it's wonderful that everyone is funding it. what are we doing with the funds and how will that corridor, you know, stop the gridlock? >> i can channel carly for one second, that comes in a couple of forms, one is site design and making sure the design is bicycle and pedestrian friendly, which we can go through at our december 12th hearing. the other is transportation management and how do we encourage transit and getting multimodal activity to and from the site. the third is provincial of transit and traffic enforcement and how do we get people in and
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occupant without disrupting the t-3. we'll make it a point to give you a detailed presentation on the southern bay front and give carly a prominent role to dreals the session. >> thank you. my last thing is about pier 48. and just wanting to understand that mor more as far as we thout it was going to be developed and now use an interim use. and interim is changing and parking is changing. i wanted to understand a little more about that. >> thank you for the question. i think both parties have a lot of thoughts about what will happen at pier 48. right now, what we're able to both commit to is what will be
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in the interim and how do we get to the long term and we're neither of us have a set vision for the long term. first i want to note in the final e.i.r. that was certified, we have ceqa experience for mix of use and activation uses, industrial uses. there are uses that are ceqa cleared today. that's the path to the long term. not having an end user at this point that can pay the costs to rehab facility, the parties recommend that we go forward with this interim strategy where pier 48 is used sort of as it's used today for special events and parking uses partly for at&t park events and we work together towards what the long term is. division being that at any time during this initial 10 year period that we're recommending, if the port is able to identify some other space for the interim uses at pier 48, we would engage
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with the giants on a potential long term strategy and be provided the first option to negotiate with the port consistent with having wouldn't rfp and pier 48 we'd negotiate with them for long term vision that is complementary to what elseç is going on. if we're unable to come to terms, our goal is toç make sue pier 48 is rehabilitated just as we thought it would be. in that case, weed we'd then develop an rfp to go out for solicitation and the giants would be able to help us craft that to make sure it's meeting the complementary goals and vision for mission rock, or they would have the ability to step a quay from a solicitation and eventually respond to the solicitation if they didn't collaborate with us in developing it. we're trying to balance with the
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reality that today we don't have the long term use nailed down. but we envision through more information gathering particularly you'll hear later about the request for interests that the port is interested in issuing for any of our other piers. we feel we'll have more information in short order here, and we want to have the ability to pivot toward that information. i can see jack looming behind me. did you have something to add?ç >> sure. pier 48 is a big partç of the project. it's the only structure there now. it's historic in nature. we think it's an important component of what we're doing. we're interested in working as hard as we can work to find a use for the pier that puts in all of ipts flory. -- all of its glory. we'll gather information and ideasç and work diligently towards a long term plan at pier
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48.ç while we're doing that, we'll use it effectively to generate revenues for the port and park cars tea ballpark. we're committed to pier 48 in seeing that through to a slition for the long term. -- solution for the long term. >> thank you. you answered my questions. >> dr. feel. you're the plan that delivers. you're he the man that delivers. >> we can't get to game 7 like the gorgeous andmy let it slip away. it's been a long journey. i want to say to the port staff, a debt of gratitude, thank you to everybody and to the giant's staff. it's sad when you spend so long and to our community partners, thankxd you. saying that, you know, i think
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giants in my opinion are more than just a professional baseball team. i think you speak to the fiber and soul of san francisco. it shows whether we talk about labor, community, toby,q corrin, you have -- this is what a good corporate citizen does. you've included city hall an everybody. it's taken this long to get there. this is a model. i wish that more businesses and corporations would think about using because you guys are the real deal. some people is a business to them. you guys live, breathe and own san francisco. i tell you what, it reaps because i know even when you're losing, i see people -- the young people going to the games. theyç love the giants. that speaks to the culture, it speaks to san francisco. you're more than a business.
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you're real. i just want to say congratulations. thank you. really. i hope -- i know what you guys have done with all these disasters we've had. you guys live and breathe san francisco every day. i just want to say thank you and i'm proud to be on the commission with my fellow commissioners. i know my commissioners are tough. but they really care. and we all have something invested in this. so i think, you know, this is going to be something great for our community and for generations to come and something that struck me about what the young man said, he's young, and he says the jobs that the giants are providing, i want to be able to live in the city of my birth and be able to raise my family in the best city in america. that's the best that the young man said. the giants are working with us and commissioner brandon said about the housing, this is
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social-economic compact to that too. we can't just put it on the mayor. everybody here is involved in making this city better. that speaks to who san francisco is. and i can think we can continue to lead the nation. i ask the giants, please continue to keep leading like you're doing. because more teams, more people ought to be doing what the giants are doing and what we're doing in san francisco. i hope that we'll continue to get more business partners like the giants. thank you. >> item 13-a information pro foesed agreement with the city for installation and service of public toilets in various locations in exchange for advertisement in public service kiosks. >> i'm katie, the keefe financial officer at the port. i'm here this afternoon to brief
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you on a proposed update to the agreement between the department of public works acting on behalf of the city and casey for public service kiosks on city property including port property. the city's current agreement began in 1994 and covers 29 toilets and 114 advertising kiosks across the city. the proposed new agreement which will replace all of the existing kiosks and toilets has a 10-year term with the ability to add another 10 years to the contract. the contract provides for new toilet monitoring services, covers routine maintenance -- >> can i please close that door, i want katie -- i'm sorry katie. >> don't worry. thank you.
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the contract covers retune maintenance of the toilets and kiosks and gives the city the option to purchase, install and maintain an additional 15 public toilets at the city's cost if we choose to do so. under the contract, the city would steve a minimum paymentçf $2.8 million. 20% of gross advertising rev revenues and 15% of leasing or licensing fees for street furniture. the proposed contract brings two substantial benefits to the port. s for, each of the toilets will increase from one stall to two doubling capacity. second it increases the amount of revenue that the port receives from advertising on the kiosks. after covering the costs of maintaining toilets, the port's share of revenue willç grow frm approximately $45,000 a year to $400,000 a year.
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there are currently 10 advertising kiosks on port property and four public toilets. two are at jefferson and powell. one is at pier 7 and one is at embark dare and harrison -- embarembark are droa. you know the old is a french design. the new design is quite different. it's been approved by pacific design review committee and is modern and unique to san francisco. it's intended to be visually simple and blend into the background. as a mentioned, this design has receive add approval from the pacific design review.xd next steps for contract approve include review by the historic preservation commission.
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public works expects that the board's budget and finance committee will hear the itemñr n january and that the full board will vote on the resolution in february. i should note that all the toilets and most of the kiosks currently on port property fall within the jurisdiction of bcdc and willt( choir their review before they can be replaced. -- require review before they can be replaced. next, once the board of supervisors approves the new contract between public works and the ko, it will enter into a public worksers for installation, maintenance and revenue-sharing. i'm happy to answer questions and i have julia daws whon is the chief -- julia dawson here
2:41 pm
to answer questions. >> is there any public comment on 13-a? any public comment on 123 ---13-a? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner woo ho. >> i'm familiar with the toilets because i remember doing advertising on them. i think they were quite eye-catching at the time. on toilets, which obviously are a tremendous public benefit, what is the track record of the toilets in san francisco and how well they've worked? i happened to be in france recently. two of their jc deco toilets did not work. i wonder what the track record is with the effectiveness of the toilets and given our situation3
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both with the tourists and homeless, it's important. do you have anyç information? >> i'm goingñr to refer that to jewels. >> you'll have to understand why that toilet didn't work for her. >> commissioners, i have a representative from jc deco with me. [laughter] >> i'm wondering because i think it's an important thing. it's great to have them, but then they have to work. what is the traffic record? >> overall the track recordç hs been good and deco keeps them in
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good condition.ç we've implemented and public works is overseeing the monitoring program which in areas that have more of a challenge in terms of the street population and perhaps a lack of public facilities of the usage of those has increased more than 10 times what they were used previously because people feel safer. in particular, u.n. plaza, civic center, there are areas where we see the increase in use go up in the monitoring. wimportant is ability for us to monitor. it doesn't mean we need to be there all the time. we can do more strategic deployment say as in a busy time period or times when there might be night events when there is concern about safety and use. a lot of the key part of maintaining the toilets is not just a maintenance piece, it's
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une[standing and working with community to make sure that they're safe. i can actually get a little mor. >> i would say i understand the original design not only in terms of issuance that i experienced in france but couldn't get access. >> at least you weren't locked in. >> but originally the concept was because obviously people are concerned about it high jen cli. is this self sanitizing? >> they're self-cleaning and i would say that the mechanism is better than the existing. the new ones are better. there are a lot of advances in terms of design that fra francos can speak to.
2:45 pm
the way the mechanism moves in the older toilets is more of a maintenance challenge and the new design it's more seamless and works better and more consistently than the old design. we'll see an improvement there by replacing the equipment. >> like you can have two people inside at the same time, right? >> what deco has designed as part of thifer proposal is a two in one, one is the ada size, the other is a smaller stall. it will allow us to use the same sewer and power connections and a footprint that is only four feet longer than the current design. it doesn't take up that much more space on theç right-of-way but provides a double benefit. when speaking with stan and katie here at the port, one of the concerns is having enough facilities available for the public so when they're enjoying the waterfront, they don't have to look for a safe and clean facility. i know the port is interested in
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potentially pursuing additional sites in the future which will have the ability to do through this agreement. >> i know we're talking about the ones on our facilities. i guess the city has to go with the entire plan, then we'd be participating but w. it's not like we get to choose just for the port, i'mç confirming it's all or nothing kind of deal. >> it is a comprehensive program. the port was part of it originally, so was recreation and parks. so it's a three-department agreement because some are on parkland, some or portland and some or public works right-of-way. >> commissioner katz. >> thank you very much. i want some clarification, so currently port revenue is 45,000 a year in under the new terms it will be $400,000 a year? >> correct. >> and then will it be the same -- the same number of
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toilets or -- >> the same number of sites, but we'll have two stalls in each. >> and then how many do we currently have? >> four. >> four. and then in terms of sort of the ability to expand, so the city has the option to add 15 additional ones. and i suspect there may be some departmental vying for those opportunities. i noticed for example as we juss expanding our footprint even more as we move along to the southern waterfront. we have pier 70 as well coming further down and other opportunities along the waterfront. will there be an opportunity potentially for the port to develop their own relationship? or could there be a way of carving out any additional
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numbers for the port to be part of the agreement? >> on top of the 15? >> right. >> we haven't had that conversation. yeah. >> i guess what i'm guessing, 15 city-wide, we might need more with the influx of people with southern waterfront. is there a way there could be something added for the port if the port so desires to have an agreement for additional? >> i think that we would first need to see if that 15 was exhausted and if we have projections that we'll need more, we'd speak with dpw and contracts administrators and see if we could amend the contract to provide for additional facilities. first, i think we need to see what additional capacity we need. that would be the first -- that would be the first plan before doing our own rfp or rfq for our
2:49 pm
own agreement. >> that's what i was getting at. if the 15 is meant to cover rec and parks and the whole city so we don't have to do an rfp. >> you mean to do it now instead of thre through a contract amen? you get an additional three yiers and another three years we get an additional option for 15. >> we can discuss this with dpw as i understand the contract is following the rfp process. he'd we'd see what is necessary to add for future capacity. >> maybe a moot point with the 15, but i was trying to anticipate rather than having to come back and do everything all over again. can you talk a little bit about, as i understand it, there is going to be training and hiring, local hires to do the monitoring?
2:50 pm
>> yes, the monitoring is public works program that the port may opt into. i would like to note that on average, it's going to cost about $167,000 a year to monitor per p facility. so that would be -- per facility. that would be a substantial hit against our revenue. we haven't made a formal decision yet about whether or not to accept those services. but in terms of the character of program itself again, i'm afraid i would have to defer to julia on that one. >> what i'm getting is i like the idea of local hiring and job creation. >> it's a local grant. and in this case, we work with hunters point family through a grapt process. -- grant process. the idea is would be a coalition between hunters point and clean
2:51 pm
family we still have a mobile toilet program in public works and we'd retain the staffing of that through a community grant program. it's been a very successful partnership for us. we've been able to offer job training programs to a variety of community members including people who recently were released from prison looking for a second chance and a way of getting job training. we see it as a tremendously positive program both for us and for the community. >> in legal parlance, that was a leading question. thank you. thank you very much. >> commissioner brandon. >> thank you very much for the presentation. commissioner katz asked all of my questions regarding the financials and local hire. >> katie, great job. i'm not going to be like doreen and ask about two people at the same time.
2:52 pm
thank you. that's always good -- i don't see you much, but thank you very much. it's clear right here that says right here executive director will be entering into this. thank you for informing us on this. i'm sure anything comes up that you'll get back to the commission. thank you very much on that. i department know we'd have such a great conversation about toilets. thank you very much. we need to lighten it up a little bit. >> i want to let you no, when you have 4½-year-old grandson gn desperate for a toilet, it's an emergency. >> p information presentation for request for public an qualified developers for pier facilities embarcadero historic district. >> good evening, priz adams,
2:53 pm
vice president brandon and fellow port commissioners, elaine forbes. i'm dianne o'shea and i'm doing ap informational presentation for a proposal for request for interest and request forç qualifications in interest of stewarding the historicq pirs ad bulkhead facilities. -- piers and bulkhead facilities. as you have mired over many years looking at the opportunities, challenges that we face for our historic finger peers and bulkhead buildingses, we're trying to prioritize attention on improving the tools and opportunities for repairs and rehabilitation of the embarcadero historic facility. this map shows just a summary of the span three miles from pier
2:54 pm
45 all wait to pier 48 which we've talked about tonight. even though they were built in the early 1900s, they are utilitarian in being able to adapt to modern uses. the challenges of course are the deteriorating conditions. they're over a hup years old yet people love them. they're precious. what we find is that those costs and repairs and the triggers for seismic improvements are becoming more frequent and the expense associated with that challenges our ability to maintain an asset management plan for this portfolio. energy on trying to improve and identify what those opportunities are particularly in the context of the waterfront plan update. i think that it doesn't take much for the public to understand what those opportunities are for cultural
2:55 pm
and public-oriented uses but also from the changes in economic and technology industries within san francisco and their utilitarianism, the utility for use of the facilities. while we've done good job on some of the facilities in getting them rehanlted in the -- rehabilitated in last 20 years, there are 15 out of the 20 remaining that have remaining capital nied needs and rehabilin requirement. we did highlight this as a particular point of interest in the waterfront plan update process and i want to acknowledge that my stalwart members of the working group who are handing with us at the end of the evening, particularly alice rogers who led 14 meetings ever the working group through all our land use issues and a
2:56 pm
lot focused on the embarcadero resource groups. we broke it up into three subcommittees that allowed us to do more nimble discussions and recommendations. tonight i get to provide you on the recommendations coming out that lead to this opportunity to try to find partners for rehabilitation. in the course of doing the waterfront plan meetings, we hired eps as an economic consultant to do financial feasibility analysis and shared with the working group and puck liks the cost of pier conditions, historic preservation requirements were for our facilities and through that, the land use subcommittee and now the working group, waterfront plan working group are looking for a new public trust set of objectives that are
2:57 pm
specific to the embarcadero historic district. in the course of the the work we work with state land staff that help guide us on the values this recognize as being acceptable for new development and leasing in these historic piers. this a bullet list of the kinds of benefits and objectives recommended by the land use committee, working group, state land staff building the frame quork and criteria to allow us -- framework and criteria to allow us to get more tools and flexibility to build our piers and bulkhead buildings. rehabilitation scinlt with national -- consistent national standards and increasing the berthing locations because of all the ferries and excursion vessels we find a need for along
2:58 pm
with public access, and the need and interest from the public that we're getting through the public process on more and diverse public oriented uses a along the waterfront but particularly the embarcadero. in the context of development and leasing strategies that are financially feasible that have the bandwidth to pay for the capital repairs and anticipating what kind of flood retexts -- flood protection. one of the things that was a breakthrough in the recommendations was to allow for longer term leases to be able to amortize those capital investments that had not been formally recognized by state land or the general public. we're happy that there has been an understanding and support for
2:59 pm
allowing 15, 20-year lease terms if necessary that scale with the amortization. we hope this will expand the tool kit for maritime to make better use of our facilities and improve them over time. i mentioned that public-oriented uses were a big interest of the public. there are guiding principles that the working group has a adopted saying it's important to find ways to save and rehabilitate these facilities. but we think it's equally important to make as much space if the facilities available for public-oriented uses to expand diversity of the work done over the last 20 years. people love the giants. they love the explorer t explor.
3:00 pm
the working group has accepted relingses for give the port commission and staff more opportunity to seek some of these types ever uses listed in the slide that we can add to and clement the range activities and attractions that are along the waterfront. in the course of the financial feasibility nadges don analysisr the embarcadero historic district, the consultants found it was difficult to pinpoint how many different public oriented uses could fit within our piers. moreover, there was a finding that the revenues that could be generated by many of these types of businesses were limited and so there were financial feasibility concerns associated with


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