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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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meeting for the transbay joint powers authority for thursday, december 14th, 2017. >> clerk: we'll have roll call. director harper. and director kim is expected. and director reiskin. and director sartipi. and chair nuru. >> present. >> clerk: mr. chairman, you have a quorum. go ahead and call your next item. item 3 is communications and i understand that the chair has something -- >> chair mohammed nuru: so i think that everyone is mourning the passing of the mayor in the last few days and i know that
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for me it's been difficult because he was not only a boss but a close friend of mine, but more importantly he was a champion of this project. when i joined the board there were a lot of financial needs and concerns and trying to make sure that we got the project to the way that it is now and we were able to finish it and through his leadership, really stepped up and did everything on behalf of the city. to make sure that the city could do its part. of recent, i mean, we've had closed discussions about the asidelinement and what should -- alignment and what would happen with phase two and i think that we should take a moment of silence to mourn him. thank you.
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>> clerk: we'll move into the next item on the agenda. board of directors new business. seeing none, next item is item 5, the executive director's report. >> good morning, directors and i'd like to talk to the board today and by offering deep condolences on behalf of the tjpa staff for the city family of san francisco. the mayor was a great leader and he was also a champion of the transbay joint powers authority program. he will be missed. and next i'd like to welcome the new director, director tripousis and i'm looking forward to working with you in a new capacity. welcome to the board. in regards to the tenant improvements, they had a committee to allow the city
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financing to fund improvements and the cost review committee and its november 17th meeting was agreeable in concept to using $25 million of the city financing for building improvement and 10ant allowances and the committee will consider whether to use city financing for all or a portion of the remaining $10 million that we need for improvements at the next meeting in february. and to fa-- excuse me -- to facilitate this funding we have an item on the agenda to allocate $25 million from the program reserves to our budget in order to be able to budget the base building improvements and allowances. and moving on to the sale of bonds. the city's first community bonds for this transit center closed in november. resulting in the proceeds of
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$149 million for tjpa which is higher than anticipated. it had a double-a plus rating, one of the highest rating for any c.f.d. in california and green bond certified by the climate bonds initiative under their low-carbon transport criteria. i would like to thank our chief financial officer, sara debord and the city of san francisco controls office for their hard work to make this happen and it took a lot of work and effort and it was a success. and the c.f.d. bond is the final piece for phase one funding. and next is bus testing and bus testing for transit took place december 6th and 7th. on december 6th, using three different coaches that included 40-foot bus length and a 60-foot
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bus length to have clea clearans for the different lanes that we have in the municipal plaza. and the test runs went well and indicated that there was no clearance issues and the community is expected to begin regular service of the number 5 fulton line from the bus plaza on december 26th. and on december 7th, they tested their buses on the bus, and a.j. transit asked to enhance the bus maneuverability. and the next tests are covered in the agenda later on today but it was a good success. and as part of our ongoing effort for operation readiness, we have been working with the department of homelessness and supportive housing, san francisco police department, and the benefit district on a comprehensive plan to best manage homelessness in san
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francisco -- sorry, in the sales force transit center as well as the neighborhoods. this effort is a work in progress. at this month advisory's committee, our chief security officer had a panel discussion on the coordinated response to quality of life issues in the neighborhood that included the director of the department of homelessness and supportive housing, mr. jeff gazispki, and mr. andrew robinson, and several members of the san francisco police department, including the commander of community engagement david lazar and the division commander, dan peria, and the commanding officer of the southern station. each participant discussed their organization's priorities and the coordination with other agencies and organizations in san francisco to help the city's homeless population to access services and to minimize the impact of homelessness within
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the community. tjpa works with other agencies and we'll have more detailed discussion with the departments of homelessness and supportive housing and tjpa and the district and the neighborhood buildings to ensure that homelessness is managed in the district. and moving on to phase two, as i shared with the board last month we're preparing our application for the transit and the intercity rail capital program currently. applications are due on january 12th. and we have received letters of support from the assembly member kim and we expect a letter of support from some of the members, david chu. and also from our stakeholders with the city and county of san francisco, and high-speed rail. and in regards to the status of the supplemental and environmental document, as you
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are aware for phase two, as you are aware for the past month we have been working closely with the san francisco department of planning on their concerns on the supplemental and environmental impact study, impact reports. we have recently reached consensus on how to address these comments and in the environmental document and we have submitted the impact study with the various comments incorporated to the federal transportation administration for approval. and if f.t.a. approval is granted in time we may bible to present the final document to the board in january for consideration. and after the final document approval by the board in january, we will best position this project to receive the funding that we'll be submitting in january as well. at this time i would like to ask the presentation of the updates. >> the facility manager, good
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morning, directors. this is the -- i want to make sure that you can hear me. this is the progress report that colliers has just started producing and presenting to the tjpa on a weekly basis. it is intended to show all of the cumulative interest in the pipeline at various stages and since this is the first time that you are seeing this, i'm going to review each category and erica with colliers is here to help me to answer any questions. the stages are noted on the horizontal bar with the business type noted on the vertical bar. and when colliers first showed this to me i thought that this report was like a funnel where the journey of a deal could be traced from left to right. that is not the case. each of these is a distinct business in the specific stage shown. note that there is some flexibility in how the information in the legal lease
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out categories is maintained and i have not asked colliers to further refine pending your feedback. to start, there's 37 spaces available for lease in the center, and as you can see there is interest from approximately 130 different businesses. and to go down to where the key is, from left to right, across the top, prospects -- so these are businesses that colliers has directly reached out to to see if interested. then move over to inquiry and these are businesses that have registered on the website. in the preview column there's discussions about a specific location within the center. in the touring column these are businesses that have been to the center. at the proposal stage you can see that there are none noted in
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this category and at this stage the interest is serious. the prospective tenant has done their homework, has preliminarily designed the space, and figured out the finances, and the prospective tenant or broker submits a proposal to the tjpa. and the preliminary terms and conditions are being discussed and agreed to, and then that moves into legal. that means that the lease template has been reviewed and there's comment on the lease template itself and then we go to lease out which is active negotiations. and then you can see the -- the idle column is where there's initially expressed interest but there's no movement and colliers continues to regularly contact them and we need to discuss with this column at what point to
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stop pursuing. then we have the -- the deal columns. not the best description, but it's the dead deal column. these are the ones not moving forward. the reasons for a dead deal are noted at the horizontal bar just above the key. this particular category, the numbers may shift a little bit because we're still in discussion with colliers about when a deal should truly be considered dead. and we definitely want to make sure that we're talking about it before they're in this column. but the various explanations are noted underneath and so if it's a chain, you can see that there's one -- these are -- it's maybe a big box organization, not conducive to the local flavor that we talked about in the merchandising plan. the next item is opted out, that's self-explanatory and it's a prospective tenant that expressed interest but they decided not to pursue. proximity.
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one of the things that we have talked about is whether or not - if the business is just a block away because we want there to be variety in the neighborhood. and the merch plan, this might be a prospective tenant that is completely outside of the vision of the merchandising plan. and the asset management agreement has a list of prohibited uses so a tenant -- a prospective tenant may fall into that category and would be noted here. and then there's a column or i should say an amount for not qualified. these are individuals that are vague about their concept or do not have a specific enterprise in mind. this would be very different from a potential incubator business that has a unique process to sell. and a pop-up, it was moved over to p.r.i. to manage it. and so that's the -- that's the report. again, you're going to see this on a monthly basis but colliers
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produce this is on a weekly basis and the numbers are changing every day. any questions? >> i have a quick question and i wanted to make sure that i'm understanding this correctly and if i'm using the first line, restaurant quick services, for example. >> yes. >> so there were 22 in the prospect touring columns and then you said that there are 10 that are idle or dead? this is in 10 of the 22, right? these are 10 separate -- >> yes. >> they have been taken off that list? >> yes, completely separate. yes. >> what would be helpful for me, providing this information is fine but i guess that what would be helpful more is the narrative. how are we doing relative to how we think that we should be doing at any given point in time? it's fine to have the -- we don't need to walk through these numbers in detail each month and
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it's great to provide them for us and the public, but more general kind of qualit qualitate sense of interest is good, weaker than we thought, stronger than we thought and the pace is better or worse than we thought, that would be probably more relevant. the numbers themselves don't tell the story. >> i understand. >> we can speak to that -- >> you want to chime in? >> we have 153 people that are interested in one point or another and our committee can speak to which was your expectation at the time when we -- which is what we received right now and how do you see us moving forward, i think that maybe that would be -- >> director erica, colliers. excuse me. before we even started any of this process 85 inquiries had come to us from very resourceful individuals trying to seek us out not knowing who we are, who to talk to or anything like that.
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so 85 over you know a year and a half of this project being actively publicized in the press. so 85 in a year and a half, shall we say and so now we've practically doubled that in three weeks. so in my 25 years of leasing i would say that is excellent, especially since it's over the holidays when most retailers are hunkering down and not looking to expand. this is where almost 75% of their income comes in this holiday season of six weeks. so to have this many retailers reach out during their busiest time in three weeks of beginning our marketing campaign, i would say excellent. >> thank you. >> thank you. and i would agree with director
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reiskin's comments and the great thing about the report and the construction update and having them in front of us and we can kind of see where things are at and i cheated and looked ahead at the construction date, and so having a qualitative conversation of where we are and where we should be, where we're headed, is very important, because on the facility readiness it does show that the bar is starting the first of december. and so i think that it's important to track where we are, where we're headed, so we're not falling behind or that the market isn't changing on us and so i understand, it is the peak time and it's the holiday season, and it's where many retailers, most of their income comes in, but if we're still in this place where there's no proposal or l.o.i. in january we're not -- i mean, it's going to be catch-up mode at some point. >> so i'm going to talk a little bit more about that in the facility readiness.
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>> okay, thank you. >> thank you. next my final item, directors, you have before you the quarterly financial reports and this concludes my reports. next item. >> clerk: no questions on that report? go ahead and move to your next item. the item six, citizens' advisory committee update and we have bruce. >> good morning chairman nuru and directors and executive directors. i'm the chair of the tjpa citizens' advisory committee and before i make any comments regarding the project, on behalf of myself and the c.a.c., and with all due respect, director nuru, we are also deeply saddened by the passing of mayor ed lear.
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lee. and our thoughts and prayer goes out to his family and to so many of his close friends. we and i am truly grateful for his leadership. my comments today are focused in the following areas -- first, with the staffing report. focused on the d.t.x. and the r.a.b. study. it was our understanding that we would see a recommendation on the ark linement of the d.t.x. by mid-to-late october, with the decision still possible by year end. and several weeks ago we heard from the r.a.b. project team that a decision was delayed and that would be made some time after the first of the year. although we appreciate this communications and we want a well-informed decision made on this alignment that will serve usopt male fous optimally, for t hundred years this is
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disappointing. first, losing momentum towards phase two and the cost of ramping down and ramping up a project team, along with the potential loss of institutional knowledge. and, secondly, without a decision on the alignment, it is difficult to set expectations on going forward, timelines, milestones, and a forecast of when trains will bring passengers to the center. third, difficulty taking advantage of funding opportunities when it's generally known that the full project scope is in flux. fourth, all additional delays, increase the extent of future o.n.m. funding challenges for the sales force transit center which ultimately are anticipated to be resolved when the trains get to the center. and, last, delays increase the project costs due to overall escalation over time. and next on our agenda we had a
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presentation at the c.a.c. on the integrative plan to address issues associated with the potential homeless population which could be attracted to the center. there was significant interest from the future neighboring building tenants as well as leaders from adjacent neighborhoods. representatives from the south beach mission bay neighborhood association, from riking hill and the barbree coast neighborhood association and sales force attended the meeting. we want to thank the department of homelessness and supportive housing, commander lazar and his associates from the s spd, and andrew robinson from the c.b.d., and cindy sampson from the project team for presenting. with that said, the presentation fell somewhat short. protocol inside of the center was and is developed and funded for the various levels of
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security associated internally. what is of concern is the specific protocol in funding for outside resources which does not appear to be fully flushed out. outside of the center, the plan appears to be more reactive. if the neighbors see problems or have issues, call the c.b.d. emergency line, call 311, or the sfpd and they will respond. what we have also heard were concerns of inadequate funding to address any increases in needs for response and service. this was a challenge heard across the various organizations. as a c.a.c. did not have time to formally debrief after the presentation, i'll ask that this item be added to the january c.a.c. agenda, and we can discuss there in further detail and i'll be happy to come back in the january board meeting and
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report out on the results of that discussion. third, i will move on to the construction update. of course, the c.a.c. was disappointed to see that the schedule slipped a month with the substantial completion date now targeted for april 23rd, mainly as a result of the scheduling issues with sfpud water. and it's our understanding and we were pleased to hear that this can be resolved. with that said, the complexity of the remaining work across the various work streams leaves the -- leaves the level of risk very high. to provide additional transparency and opportunity for feedback we would recommend for the highest risk areas that an additional level of detail in the schedule along with forecasted improvements resulting from implementation of mitigation measures to be added for review. and, last, we made a few requests for future agenda items
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which we believe are extremely important as we close in on the finish line as we'd like to have a presentation to be able to preview the p.r. and communication strategy for the opening of the center. a presentation from a.c. transit on cutover readiness and as you mentioned several directors mentioned, around the retail activation and our focus targeted towards the pop-up retail activation status. and so thank you for the opportunity to provide this update and i'm happy to discuss any of these items with you. >> chair mohammed nuru: thank you, any board members have any questions? director harper. >> supervisor harper: it's a very good report and it's great that the citizens' community is as active as it is and that's wonderful to hear. >> thank you, director harper.
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>> chair mohammed nuru: thank you for the report and i'm sure that mark will get some of those updates at the next meeting? >> supervisor zabaneh: absolutely. yoim item 7, public comment and opportunity to address matters not on today's calendar and we have not received any indication that a member of the public wants to address on that item so we can move to consent calendar. for all matters considered to be routine and acted upon on single vote there's no discussion, and the board and public requests that an item to be removed from the consent calendar and considered separately but we have not received any indication that a member of the board or the public wishes to have any items considered separately and it's 8.1, approving minutes of the, and item 8.2 to execute amendments to extend the agreement with the artist julie alcott, and artist james carpenter, and item 8.3 to have
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the amendment to send the agreement for labor complaints... through june 30, 2018, for no additional compensation with the option remaining to extend the agreement for an additional six months. and the members of the public wanting to comment on the item. director harper. director kim. director reiskin, and director tripousis. and director zabaneh, and director gonzalez. move into the regular calendar. item 9 is a presentation of the audit financial report for the fiscal year ending june 2017 and the report to the board of directors. >> chair mohammed nuru: directors, the chief financial officer will introduce this it item. >> good morning, directors, sir, the board, and you have before you the audit familiar statement for fiscal year 2017 and i am
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pleased to report that we have once again received unqualified opinion which is the highest opinion that we can receive. i definitely want to thank other tjpa finance staff, this wouldn't be possible without their work and observing internal controls and making sure that everything is done on time and accurately and correctly. our auditor is here and he can go into more detail on the audit and either one of us can answer any questions. >> chair mohammed nuru: thank you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. this is the annual financial report for the transbay j.p.a. and to ensure that the financial statements earlier stated will issue an opinion on the financial statements to tell you whether these numbers are reported here are fairly stated and all material respected. and so this is one of the
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opinions that we issued and also transbay is a recipient of federal grants so they have to undergo a single audit, a federal compliance audit, and we issue an opinion on the federal compliance of transbay with granting requirements that are stipulated by the feds. so, again, we confirm these balances and we confirm your cash and we confirm various amounts reported in the financial statements and i'm pleased to let you know that we should have an opinion on these financial statements, meaning they are fairly stated and with respect to the federal compliance we noted no exceptions or no weaknesses in the internal control related to the federal compliance. and i'm required to tell you whether we had any findings or any audit adjustments with respect to the financial statements. we do take a look at your controls and we take a look at the manner which you process receipts and the manner that you process disbursements and the manner that you have payroll and
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if we have any exceptions we note it, but we did not note any exceptions with respect to the internal controls, adjusts. i want to thank the finance department and helping us out and making sure that we attain all of the documents that we need to complete the audit and, again, it's a clean opinion. and with that i'll be more than happy to take any questions. >> chair mohammed nuru: any questions? thank you. >> all right, thank you. >> clerk: no comments on that and no members of the public to comment we move to your next item. item 10, the construction update. >> good morning, directors. ron and i will give our monthly construction update and then during the scheduling we'll have martha and sydney assist with the scheduling slides and then web corps, steve humphries, will talk to our highest risk schedule at the end. as you can see in this picture as we continue to progress through you can see in the park
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that the east end is coming along well. and in the graphic itself that we usually show here you can really tell that the east end of the park is starting to fill in really well and the weather has been cooperative in that as well, and as you move down to the bus deck level, there's a significant amount of overhead work from m.e.p. to the ceilings to the fans themselves which we saw some pictures of previously and as you move on to the second level there are areas that are getting ready for turnover. areas such as amtrak and greyhound and specific areas for intended improvements and getting the process ready for that is happening by the end of the month. and then at the ground level a lot of activity with the big flurry at the east end where the bus plaza is readying for the end of the month. moving below ground there's a lot of areas that are just continuing to show interiors built out, paint, drywall and
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such. and then final some concrete punch list items that are shown all in the colors are in the train box level. and as we continue with all of the items that we just noted here, in addition to that the restaurant is continuing to be worked on in the west end, and there's landscaping throughout, the gondola construction. at the bus deck level and other items are the elevators and escalators but then ultimately it's really electrical throughout the entire facility is our most important activity throughout the project. and in keeping with our slide we chose the east end at the bus plaza. the awning is coming along, it looks beautiful, as they fill in the rest of the bus plaza soon here, the lighting is -- we can't get that lighting anymore now with park tower in place so we won't get that sunshine but, still, it still looks real nice.
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the awning is looking beautiful. on the bus deck, this was our -- as mark referenced, the aisles were cleared and the drive aisles, you know, a lot of material was stored on the drive aisles but it was a very successful activity with muni and a.c. transit cuing up there in this particular picture and it was a very good outing, some 30 to 40 different groups were in attendance. there's a safety meeting in the upper right there, a.c. transit bus in the upper left, and then the photo that i took of the very first one is at the bottom one. so it was -- it was very -- after almost 10 years of planning and the test runs over, you know, in the east bay and the construction, we got to the moment of that very first bus on the bus deck and it was really cool. that's really what we've been shooting for for a while now and
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that was what december 7th looked like to me and we captured -- i captured that personally. and then the same thing was happening down on the bus plaza, on december 6th. that is the first -- the arctic bus and that was the very first one that came through on the bus plaza that morning and he made it fine. we were all standing right there and he made that turn. so that was -- that continues to build out. getting ready -- the northern portion of the plaza -- for operations for the five fulton on december 26th. and other items that we are working on, there's turnover items being prepared, the mail room, greyhound packaging, which is on the lower -- or on the ground level but also up on the ticketing on level 2 for greyhound and amtrak is being readied for turnover in the very, very near future. work continues. utility construction, it's electrical and m.e.p. is our critical path, electrical -- electrical especially now is
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ramping. we have almost 250 electricians now. we've had permanent power since august from the south end and the redundant feed -- is working its way in and should be in the building here within a few weeks. and other items of note up on the park, which is this construction is by our neighbor by car construction, the sales force tower project is installing their gondola as they are readied and they have achieved their t.c.l. and they are building out their site and they have those also up in the park and installed in the last month also as well too. and the bus ramp, and the area under the cable stay bridge in the bus ramp viaduct was paved out in readiness and moved out, the web corps utilized some of that area in the short term and long-term looking at options for the fulsom project to the second street improvement project and keeping it active. it's a lot of real estate under
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those ramps that we want to keep active. and then moving over to the bus storage facility. and that project is moving along very well and this is a photo of before and during the stem and soffit pour which is the underside of the bridges that go over second street and allow for the buses to come down from the transit center, down to the bus storage facility. the and the soffit pour was last week and we have our deck pour so that means that our bridges will be poured out by the end of the month on the bus storage as they continue to be on schedule there with the summer depletion. and then -- completion. and then an update on the bus on-ramp merge and we have a meeting with parsons and a.c. transit and caltrans and myself as an update and they are the designer that is readying a package to submit to caltrans for review here still in a
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couple weeks and we're still looking to get a long lead equipment items such as the electrical items. we need in order to expedite any kind of installation period. and a follow-up to a comment that was made last month by director harper, i added a graphic here that basically just depicts what is out there, what was, what is, and you see this is at that lower deck level that includes the first and essex street on-ramps and where the buses in red is where it was in 2010, and on the west side of that substation they were coming in and the blue is where they are at today. and the red today is part of the recirculation back to the transit center but i did identify that over 300 feet -- and i did note that on-ramp area is about 500 feet so the podium speculation was almost exactly right. and 375 feet of that is on the
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exact alignment as it was in 2010, with the different alignment at that y so i wanted to note that so we know what is out there and what's changed. >> that 375 feet, the bus is already on the freeway? >> they are joining -- they're starting to join -- they're parallel to the main line. they're parallel. >> thank you for doing this because finally i'm able to see what the drivers were talking about. >> with that i have my last slide, we did have two recordables in the month of november and they were two up on the park sprains, an ankle and a knee and we surpassed 4 4.3 million craft hours last month and i'll turn over to the budget and beyond to rob. thank you. >> good morning, directors. and thanks, dennis, it's always exciting to see the photos and the progress as challenged as we are and we're trying to maneuver
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through the obstacles and advance all elements as much as we can. with respect to the budget, no real sea change. the only thing they would note is that the rate of expenditures kind of flattened out, kind of reflected some of the constraints that we've had with progressing, in particular the m.a.p. and specifically the electrical. and so our program expenditure in the last month was just under $16 million. and i'm short of what is needed to keep our timeline going, committed, was just over $11 million uptick. so budget is holding, but we need to progress work and spend a little faster and get work in place a little faster.
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contingency costs. in the last month it was $8.4 million drawdown on contingency and actually $4.8 million was attributed to the temporary facilities, additional scope, that is basically general condition work that's been progressing as a kind of a time material as needed support and as opposed to second guessing and doing a lump-sum ahead of time. so $4.8 million is really replenishing support out there. and the remainder is a balance of credit and expenditures for various change orders that have been worked through in the last number of months. here's the new overall schedule slide. the first thing to note is that
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our substantial completion projection has slid out to apr april. with final completion looking at july. so we have work to do on the construction, to bringing it back in to where we need to be. with respect to transit readiness and facility readiness and security, it's advancing as planned and there's no real shift there. and if i get to our normal construction progress slide, you will see that substantial went from march 20th to april 23rd. it was initially attributed to forecasts from the san francisco p.u.c. in timing of water and permanent water service. i took that to be a bit of a red herring. i know that the electrical and others are kind of really dragging things down. i've been assured as of this coming monday that we'll have
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permanent power -- or permanent water on-site and it will be hot tapped. there's some preparation on sunday and hot tapped on monday. so that constraint will be as anticipated removed. and really the focus needs to be on advancing the pemet. >> ron, please don't take for granted that a.c. transit when they see a schedule slip of a month is thinking that it doesn't affect them. we really have to keep in touch because we can't have the drivers calling shots when it's too late. >> yeah. >> so you've really got to -- >> i'm stressing to everyone to keep the eye on march or better. and at the end of this presentation i have invited jes peterson to elaborate on our mitigation plan to keep the
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focus on reining it in. i know that it's a challenge. >> we want to keep on the june 3 30 date. >> absolutely and my focus on march is that i'm trying to create that time and space necessary between substantial completion up and operations, because they do need a bit of time and space to perfect that. >> yeah. >> director harper, my understanding is june 1st? >> june is good. june 1st, we want to make whatever the date was. >> i thought that it was june 1st. >> maybe that's the cutover date for us. >> just continuing on this slide, the roof park has been bobbling back and forth and we actually gained a little bit of time in the last month. it is a bit constrained and there's a lot of leave out with the e.2 pylons which is the high
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concentration of cameras and electrical provisions. so they're kind of hop scotching around those leave outs, affording to play catchup and i'll touch on that a bit more as we progress. bus storage facilities, steady state. it's doing well. as dan had indicated. really not much change or to speak to the bus operation readiness overall, as dennis mentioned we did get our bus testing at the plaza as well as at the deck. >> before -- could you go back, ron, to the construction details. >> oh, i'm sorry. i skipped over that one. yeah. >> so i got the -- you say that maybe some of this is scheduling assumption that is inappropriate with regard to the water hook-up
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but we have it looks like three or four different lines here, three or four streams of activity that in one month have lost a month of schedule which suggests that in simple terms that there's no progress in the last month. can you help us to understand what we're looking at here? >> yeah, and you will see that the three -- or two out of three are directly associated with m.e.p. and m.e.p. installation and systems and commissioning which all have a string of dependencies on getting permanent power. >> if we were to remove the wrong assumption about where the water hook-up is on the critical pact, would all of those shift back? >> that's my initial reaction and the word that i get this week is, no. because of -- again, state of readiness or state of completion with electrical rooms and main distribution rooms for the low voltage aren't quite where they
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ought to be. and they are applying more resources. there's 200 electricians out there, but, you know, without -- you know, without the appropriate pieces of equipment and the equipment being led up by the distribution of power and low voltage, systems commissioning is constrained. as well as to a certain degree exterior and enclosures and waterproof, not so much waterproof but exteriors and enclosures because there's some devices and what have you that are associated with that work as well. exterior and enclosures i think are a little bit impacted by a hanger oner in terms of the -- of the modular booths that are yet to come to that. it's been a bit of a drag point as well in terms of the timing of the arrival for the
10:46 pm
prefabricated booths. i understand that come january we'll see the first booth which is running a little late as well. rumor has it that since we're kind of a one-off, you know, with all of the hurricanes and what have you and when fema went looking for modular buildings those companies kind of paid more attention to the regular customers. so we're pushed and strained on a number of fronts, but principally, again, about getting wires in place and equipment led up. >> and i'm -- i'm sure that i can confirm over the many years that nothing gets drivers more upset than not having bathrooms. and i mean finished bathrooms. i mean, they go really on that one. so make sure that those bathrooms are -- >> yeah and some of them are
10:47 pm
associated with those portables, so, for instance, the stand-up come december, we've got the bathrooms in place, a temporary trailer which has been described to mow as kind of the wedding trailer. so they're hard -- you know, running water and the whole bit. so we're paying attention to those needs. moving through schedule a bit... i really don't have much to add. we're just tracking with the bus operations. again, we're excited to see the buses on the plaza as well as the deck. you know, i see the network and access control and all are going to show drag points as well if we don't get the low volt... nothing really sea change here. with that i will ask martha to come up and to show you some of
10:48 pm
the retail readiness and the facility readiness and i'll come back and speak to our risks. >> good morning again. so there's not much new to report on this particular slide, the focus has been staying on track to accommodate amtrak and greyhound for them to move in just at the beginning of april. so everything is on track there. and i'll discuss a little bit more -- in a little bit more detail, in the facility readiness report. the same is true here on the facility -- the facility maintenance. the r.f.p. submissions are on target as noted. i'll talk a little bit more about that in the facility readiness report. the commissioning and training lines are completely dependent on web corps. and again with b.r.v. in the
10:49 pm
roof park they are on schedule, and the focus is the refinement of their programs and solidifying the calendar. more detail on the facility readiness report. and with the media they remain on target per their schedule. at this juncture they shift from planning and designing to creating and testing and, again, the timeline at the bottom goes past march because they continue to test and refine. and colliers and p.r.i., i'm going to talk at length about the colliers schedule during the facility readiness report. p.r.i. will be on target to have pop-ups ready in march. >> good morning. so a quick update on the facility security.
10:50 pm
the contract for the security guards and ambassadors and the law enforcement m.o.u., we're wrapping up negotiations for those and we'll be bringing those to the board in january. and the security s.o.p.s, the preopen and security training, we will have those complete by public opening of the building and the code of conduct, we will bring that to you early next year, that's progressing well. and the psim ec s/mns are progressing. >> is there a reason that the first two are slipping every month? >> we're still in negotiations with the m.o.u. >> next month or do we really think that -- >> we're very close, moments away, i would say, so, moments, days, we're very close. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i think that we would have to move to the general meeting, so by january 1st we'll have an
10:51 pm
agreement with them? yeah. we're hoping to wrap things up this week, actually. >> thank you, i'll hand it back to ron now. >> okay, that takes us to our one and only real risk slide that we have been carrying and it's all about schedule. and, again, i can't overemphasize the need to progress to the electrical, normal and low voltage work. we are seeing progress. we have permanent power. we're progressing through, bringing the redundant power which, again, is an elective feature. p.u.c. is wrestling a bit on bringing some wires to their volt so they can actually read their meters and bill us, but all in all, i think that bringing power to the facility is there. and i know that web corps has been enlisting a bit more and
10:52 pm
more in advancing the distribution and i'm looking to web corps to speak to that a little bit after this slide. and i have been tracking also the column covers and the e2 pylons and the e2 pylons, a collection of low-voltage devices, that are scattered about the park and the good news is that they're finally in production and i understand that the first batch of 15 are going to arrive the day after christmas on the 26th. so we'll start advancing that. again, it's impacting the park to a certain measure because there's a lot of leave outs waiting for the arrival of this electrical device. you know, it provides the lighting, the cameras, alarms, what have you, they're all funneled through -- i think that there's 140 some odd pylons out on the park. so there's a bit of catch-up there but the good news is that they are in production and they
10:53 pm
are going to be streaming over the next 10 weeks i think to get them on-site. and likewise, the column covers, i think that they're starting to fill their pace and they're starting to come together and get in place in better fashion than they had been. so there's a little bit of good news there. again, underscoring that the bus plaza is a prime focus as well as the grand hall and the bus deck. and as you saw from the photos there's a lot of elements that have progressed, starting to take shape. but i'm concerned about how acutely constrained we are by some of the underperformance by fisc. and with that the next slide is the main bullet items of mitt aggression that we have been employing in the last number of
10:54 pm
months, with some success, but some modest -- modest success in some areas. and with that i'm asking that jess peterson with web core to come up and start elaborating on how we might adjust and tweak this mitigation to better -- better get us towards completion where we need to be. so, thanks, jess, for coming. i know that your schedule is constrained. >> there's always something to do. lots of work going on in the city. good morning. and so i wish that it was easy and it's just talking through some of the bullet points. your question, ed, was around why did we slip a month in the last month? we have -- been told that
10:55 pm
permanent power and water would be received in november and we don't have it at this point in time and, yes, there's some concurrent issues going on with our electrician. we find -- i don't know -- well, maybe i'll back up, so at the beginning of the year i realized that there's been more attention needed at the job. i probably spend at least once a week out there. and we typically bring in the principals of the company to be able to talk to many of the issues that are out there. and, certainly, fisc is one that we have been talking with regularly. things are -- things are mixed and a little complicated and part of it has to do with just what it takes to get the buildings up and exercised once we do get power and water. we have 12, but we have three other vaults that we have both inspection and green tags and what we find, i think that it was yesterday afternoon or this
10:56 pm
morning, is that there's a dedicated sub 4p.u.c. that has advised us they need to get additional equipment before the transformers can be working. so it's probably giving more detail than needed but there's unknowns that come up and things that do happen. and the team has -- the entire team -- t.j.p.a., and turner and our group and our subs, have been working to keep mitigating those things time and time again. and we're getting down to the end so it's becoming much more known. and the physical work is going to get done and the physical -- you know, mechanical and electrical and plumbing will get in and a lot is getting it up and running and exercised. so hearing of that, we're already thinking how we mitigate those kind of things so we have some extra temporary power service that we'll start to bring on with some of the permanent so when we do get water over the weekend that we can start turning on some of the equipment rooms. and start exercising some things, probably by the end of next week, if we do do that. but we do need to get both
10:57 pm
temporary, water, power and even some final permits. i think that one of the things that was certainly with some wisdom aboard here, in making a leadership change a year and a half ago was their ability to go in and see what is left to do and there were still systems not designed and still needed to be done. so that being recognized, we have been in the process of working with tjpa to design those systems and the fire department and there's some communication systems they need that we still don't have a permit for. so it's hard to get done when you don't have water, power and permits, but the one thing that i can say is that the team, you know, has tried to stick to the original schedule as much as there's been the changes through the entire duringation of the job and it's work -- duration of the job and it's worked because they're trying to be as collaborative as possible and anytime that something comes up
10:58 pm
to try to work around it. and, unfortunately, it's a very complicated one-off job and it's not a hotel that we have done 10 times and we get to do again. and unique things do come up and the team is working heroically to do, that and 245eur staying active to get there and keeping their eye on it. so those are the kind of things that we're really working to mitigate at this point in time. >> can i just ask -- so with the current -- and the pr proposed mitigations and whatever the current expectations are with water and power and permits, what do you think -- what does that mean in terms of substantial completion? can it come back into march? >> no. >> so we've lost march at this point? >> yeah, i mean, we -- our original schedule showed 10 months after getting power we'd have the building on and the
10:59 pm
team narrowed that down to just around five months, 4 1/2, five months earlier this year. and, you know, we're continuing to window it but we're getting to a window where there are a lot of electrical rooms and n.d.f. rooms and rooms for distributing all of the data and we found out yesterday that the i.d.f. rooms designed five years ago for 208 power now need 120 so now we have to go through a change and that was just found this week. so some are going to be easy to come up with and others are not and so if we can focus on getting that permanent power, it's room-by-room, system-by-system that has to come up and has to be flushed and has to be commissioned and we're at that edge of being able to do that. there's not an acceleration path, unless somehow some of our subs stumble and fall and d dont get there and that's what we're keeping our eye on.
11:00 pm
>> supervisor reiskin: can we have a completion date, whenever it is, april? >> when will we have power? that's what we're working with with both the team. we need to get the vaults finalized so we can get power into the building. we aren't in a position to start turning anything on in sequence yet and we don't know when we'll be able to until we get the step-down 480 power from the three vaults. >> supervisor reiskin: all right. >> this board has said that there's any assistance that any one of us can provide -- >> we've had 12 power into the two extension vaults, yes, but not able to bring it into the main switch. >> i don't want to hear he said/she said -- >> can you speak into the mike? >> we're leaning together and trying to knock down the obstacles as they go and we definitely differ on kind of the driving forces as to when things were ready to be advanced, the permitting, versus when


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