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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 29, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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[ pledge of allegiance ] >> before we start the meeting, i just wanted to -- [ inaudible ] -- we are all saddened by the untimely death of mayor ed lee.
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[ inaudible ] -- our love and our prayers go out to his family during their time of need.
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[ inaudible ] >> as has been announced the past few meetings, members of the public are advised if they wish to address the board of education, they can fill out a speaker card and present it to the assistant. speaker cards will not be accepted for an item already before the board. item 2, recognitions and resolutions of commendations. superintendent matthews. >> tonight, we are recognizing the lincoln high school girls volleyball team. [ applause ] tonight, i'm excited and proud
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to recognize lincoln high's school girls volleyball team. this year, they took third in the division iii state title match. they are the first san francisco section team to reach the state volleyball championship, first ever. [ applause ] in fact, they became the first san francisco public school team to even win a norcal match, and they won four. this is quite an accomplishment and something to truly be proud of. they closed their season with a record of 36 wins and only nine losses. congratulations to all of the players and to coach tang. let's give them a big round of
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applause. [ applause ] we have certificates for the entire team, and we'd love for the team to come forward and stand over here so the board president and any board members can get a picture with them, and coach tang, would you like to see aay any words. you would. >> i wasn't really appropriated to make a speech, but i would just like to thank everyone for their support. we got a lot of recognition throughout this entire state playoff which was really a cool experience for us being a small san francisco school, playing some top-notch competition, so thanks to everyone who supported us throughout this entire process.
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[ applause ] [ applause ] >> as we take our seats again, i just want to reinforce our congratulations to this volleyball team. again, going to the state meet is a big deal. we should not take it lightly, and give them another hand.
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[ applause ] >> and now, we will hear our subje superintendent's report. dr. matthews? >> thank you. tonight, we mourn the untimely loss of mayor edwinly. his leadership helped build the relationship between our district and sales force which provided $26 million in funding to the mayor's middle grades leadership initiative over the past five years. his office partners with my brother's and sister's keeper program, and finally, you put had moti -- he put in plans to
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thank nickly fergman for presenting to us. next week, the scc will be presenting a powerpoint and given advice for our understanding of improvement to synergy. we would like to thank dr. matthews and sarah ashton for giving us the opportunity. >> lastly, the scc also held a hearing on student achievements, and the sac wants
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to continue supporting african american students emotionally and academically, and today we received from their representatives and peers proved to address a lot of the issues in our community, and we hope to continue helping out our students and peers. >> our next meeting before on december 15th in the board of ed room. if you would like a copy of our upcoming fac addendum, please contact our supervisor, mr. sala salvador lopez barr. thank you. >> thank you, and study hard and get ready for finals. now, we have advisory committee report by the parent pac.
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>> good evening. >> good evening, commissioners, superintendent, and president walton. on back of the pac, we'd like to extend our condolences to the lee family and the city of san francisco. we're really sorry for their loss. we all acknowledge the works of the mayor, and he will be truly missed in our hearts. the role of the parent advisory council is to empower parent role and perspectives. this report provides an update on the pac's areas. in november and december, pac member rebecca page and
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elsie -- and program coordinator georgia williams bradford met with the ucsf coordinators fellow to gather feedback from the various stakeholders will school transportation opportunities and challenges to address. there in our initial meeting, the pac had the opportunity to share the concerns of families raised during our community conversations over the past two years about transportation and its impact on school choice tardiness, chronic absenteeism, as well as students and family engagement, and the ability to participate in after school programs and school events. it's important to raise these issues again, particularly since the conversation about student assignment has started for the year with the ad hoc committee meetings on this topic.
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these two systems are intricately linked in identifying problems to solve with one requires consideration of the other. additionally, we shared considerations and ideas that pac heard from the community which we brought before the board and district leaders last february regarding transportation, urging actions to address the limited transportation options for family living on treasure island and its impact on school choice, truancy, student and family participation in after school programs, activities and school events. we also want to urge the actions to consider creating central pick up and drop off zones that align with existing sf -- with existing district school bus routes to maximize service and increase ridership, particularly for families living on treasure island.
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we want to work with the city officials to explore increasing the number of schools and students served by the city bus school trippers, expanding the service of the ten most popular city bus lines during school hours, as well as increase the number of city bus lines that augment their bus services during the city school hours beyond the ten that are already identified. in turn, she shared some basic goals established to measure transportation outcomes and ideas to increase green sustainablity options for district families. she also noted emerging things gather from her research and her views in data collection. miss via corta will use this to draft district transportation plans and will seek community feedback on the proposal in
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march and april 2018. once revised to reflect community input, the plan will be presented to the board of education for approval later this spring. misvia corte is also overseeing the design of a transportation website specifically designed for principlals. the pac would like to see a similar resource created for families and made available in multiple languages. as one of our areas of focus this year, the pac is committed to collaborating with her and is willing to support her work in the following ways. we'd like to connect her with families on treasure island to gather these questions, ideas and concerns about the very limited transportation options
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and its impact. we want to participate in a community review process in the spring of 2018 to inform the transportation plan and help spread the word about opportunities, parents, families and other community members will have to provide feedback. we also want to help modify the content from the principal designated website to make it family friendly, usable and accessible and ensure it is available in multiple languages, as well. >> so another area of our work this year focuses the aalignment of supporting pre-k third grade and supporting early education out comes. to support this, we're also supporting early education in the school office to look at how to improve the enrollment process. we'll be facilitating two conversations to focus groups, one in the bayview and one in
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the mission in january -february to gather input from families, to how to reduce the process, including options for office hours that accommodate working families, as well as looking at how to improve the overall experience. we'll have more of that information after we conduct those focus groups. >> on december 1st of this year, five pac members participated on a parent panel for the san francisco teacher residency program. pac members share varying perspectives regarding their experiences with home school communication and forming strong partnerships with their children's teachers. they also addressed questions from the cohort of 21 residents, teacher residents, who are working as apprentices
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in several of our districts. this year marks the he have beenth year that pac has collaborated with the teacher residency programs to explore strategies that foster successful home and school partnerships. the pac values the teacher reside residen -- -- sorry. over the next two weeks, pac members will be participating in skype interviews for the san francisco used school district's website redesign project. it is reassuring to know that the designers made it a priority to seek diverse user perspectives, including non-english speaking users and
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participants who may have a disability. we look forward to seeing the result when the project is completed. our next pac meeting is 5:30, tomorrow, and we will be meeting in this building, on the fifth floor. >> thank you so much. are there any questions for parent pac? once again, we thank you for your work and your continued commitment. we know this takes you away from family, so we truly appreciate you being here and doing the work with the rest of the district, so thank you. any appointments to committees from board members? seeing none, section c, consent calendar, can i get a motion and second on the consent calendar? >> so moved. >> second. >> no public comment on consent ite items?
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any items corrected or withdrawn by superintendent? >> none. >> any items removed for first reading by the board? none severed by board and superintendent. role call vote, please, miss casco. >> clerk: [ roll call. ] sticks ayes. >> thank you. section d, no items. section e, as announced by the superintendent, this was withdrawn -- i'm sorry. section e, 17523a1 was withdrawn. 1703 a, offered by commissioners mark sanchez and stevon cook, this was moved and
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seconded october 7th, 2017. reports have already been given. commissioner sanchez and commissioner cook, it's on you. >> all right. victor, do you want me to read half of it? all right. i'll do the first half. this is a -- this is a resolution that's down to some iterations that curriculum committee. it's been modified, and this is actually a substitute resolution, and it was changed enough that we just substituted the resolution before us tonight and that made it through correct you lurriculum and through this body.
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>> -- assessments. and whereas these assessments included but are not limited to, the reading inventory, the benchmark assessments and performance tasks as well as prekindergarten assessments, and whereas due to ongoing feedback from critical sites, the school's number of assessments have been interim d
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by formal classroom teachers, and whereas the united educators of san francisco have determined that district mandated assessments are a major concern in that they fail to ensure that the teachers meet five of the standard stp's for the following reasons. the assessments are inadequately aligned -- to review, administer a score and post the entire program of assessments required by the district does not allow
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educators the adequate time to reflect thoughtfully on the outcomes and subsequently form instruction. students lose other valuable school resources which become dedicated to standardized testing, including computer lab or computer use, lab resources or teachers who are dedicated to ensuring adequate following of the test, and where educators have been wary that assessment out come data can be us evaluated -- >> should not be directly or indirectly utilized by sfusd to evaluate educator performance, and be further resolved that the -- and the union and the district shall form a committee of equal
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representation of the district union and parents and guardians to explore the use of formativd
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until the end of the 2017-18 school year, and be it further resolved -- all board and administrative policy on the matter of term assessments. >> thank you, commissioner sanchez and commissioner cook. we do have one speaker signed up for this item.
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aaliyah fisher. >> good evening, commissioners. good evening, superintendent. at this time, i start my public comment by saying thank you very much to commissioners sanchez and cook for raising this issue and thank you very much for your continued dialogue. i appreciate that you've taken a lot of parent feedback into your changes and been willing to work with us to modify the resolution and so thank you for the assessment. the cac would like to see a few other additions. first, we're excited to be invited to the table as part of the committee that will review. a couple of clarifications we'd like to make. one, we hope that the committee will complete its work, regardless if it takes just a 'em enter, which will bring it to the end of the 2017-2018
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school year. we'd like to see that the assessments that are currently implemented at the district will continue to be implemented until the committee finishes its work. we also believe that one of the recommendations we'd like to add would be a fit criteria for determination, making sure that we meet state and federal law. we think that's an important criteria for the committee to consider, and also, at thesub committee meeting, we had discussed the fact that this is based on some previous verbiage. we'd still love to review that policy potentially as part of the committee, but thank you so much for this amended resolution. we appreciate it, and again, the parent feedback that was considered is -- is appreciated by more than just the cac, so thank you. >> nina blanc. >> good evening, commissioners, public, superintendent. i wanted to say how appreciative i am that this is coming before the board, that the board responded in a very
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thoughtful manner when it first came to the sub committee. there was -- knowing that there was very strong feelings, almost across the district from educators, with different nuances from different divisions and very strong opinions and feelings voiced by the parents, and rather than kick the can down the road, as often happens, i feel the board took on the challenge of finding a way of addressing the need that was being -- was incorporated into the initial resolution. and the usf looks forward to working hand in hand with the district and parents, and this is -- i think it's going to be a -- it's not the first time that this is happening, but it's perhaps the first time it's happening in a consistent way that deals directly with curriculum, and i agree that the work -- a piece of the work will be done in the spring and if there's more work to be done, we'll take that up as well.
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i think this is an important really good next step. it's all about increasing the quality of education for our students, increasing learning time, and giving educators the feedback they need so they can give -- they can inform their teaching and also keep parents informed of their students' progress, so thank you everybody for giving us your feedback, and once again, thank you for the board for moving this forward. thank you. >> thank you. any comments from colleagues? >> so i want to commend the authors on this resolution. i think, you know, when you -- when it was first introduced, i had a number of concerns. we talked about those in curriculum. you did some significant outreach to the community, and i think we ended up with -- with a result that, as miss
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blanc just said, really reflects both the concern on the part of educators around the amount of time in the classroom that's being devoted to assessments and the concern that we heard from parents about the need to really understand how their students are doing, so i just think, you know, it was a good process, thank you, and i am happy to support the resolution. >> commissioner haney? >> i also want to just thank the authors and the folks in the district and the usf parent leaders who gave input. i think it's a district. we have a responsibility to ensure that whatever we are doing is directly related to the success and the educational attainment of our students, and we're hearing again and again from the people who are in the classroom with the students every day, that the way we're
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doing it could be better, and that we could improve on how much assessing we're doing and what type of assessing, and that their ability to deliver what we need them to do for students is really challenged by the amount of assessments that we're doing. i think it becomes a matter of trust to listen to our educators, and i really appreciate the way you've done it. there is a lot that's required by state and federal laws, but if we can do it in a way that's most informed by the people who are doing the work with our students every day, i think we're going to get to a much better place and be able to serve them better and also meets the needs of our educators and parents. so i agree. i think we to a good compromise on this, and want to thank the parents and authors and everybody that worked on this. i'm very happy to support this. >> i want to thank the authors who brought this process.
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i was one of the board members who was skeptical, but i think we got a lot of information from staff about the level of testing and what's useful and what's not so useful, and so i think it was a really very good process for us to examine in granular detail what our testing regime had become. and so i really want to, again, thank the authors for bringing this forward and all the folks who contributed to the dialogue. it was a very rich dialogue in committee. and i just wanted to ask the authors if they would consider including all of the board members on the final resolution. >> commissioner cook? >> i'm happy to -- to do that. first, i just want to say i just was informed by a lot of his work in schools, and
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separately, the conversation about testing started for me in -- in discussion with principals and teachers about how they were using the results of the test, and based on the school site that looked really different, and in having conversations with the research department, there was a lot of -- there was a lot of good things that were coming to bear as a result of the test, but there was definitely a lot of improvements that could be made. i'm just -- i'm really proud that through this process for the first time ever in our district, we have a parent voice at the table. we haven't had that when it comes to district assessments. district assessments, they were created with our parents, and i think now that it's here, we have a lot to celebrate, and i'm looking forward to that continued partnership and continuing to empower parents to drive when it comes to looking at student out comes. just one look at the achievement gap, we've had it and it's persisted for far too
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long in our most under served communities, and with these tests, we weren't pushing the needle to the extent we needed to, and that's something we have to own and figure out what else we can be doing to really unlift student achievement, so testing is a part of that, but we definitely don't want to take people away from the actual work of educating students, so we saw that there was some issues around that with our current testing model, so i'm looking forward to the results of the committee's work and continuing to work with our research department and our parents and the union and the principals to -- to have a testing system that works best for all
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>> public: going to come into the school to move the contents of the six rooms to either upstairs to downstairs, downstairs to upstairs. that creates a situation whereby thursday, the 21st, end of the semester, teachers are going to have to have their classrooms packed up so the movers who come in on friday will be able to pick everything up and move it to other classrooms. this is a situation where it is significant destruction, the teachers, learning environment. teachers are forced to do one of a couple of things. they are either going to have to use classroom hours or after classroom hours, the pac will
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have to reassemble the new classroom and i think that the teachers deserve some form of compensation for that significant task they will be facing. it is also have very significant disruption to the learning environment for the children. there's going to be likely or possibly substitutes to help with them and posters coming off the wall to pack. and that is going to happen concurrent with these children's education. the impact of that upheaval is going to be difficult for their learning environment and their focus and i hope that's something that can be considered. thank you. >> public: hi. my daughter is in a class that is going to be moved into the out building. she's actually excited because she think it is going to be a
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lot like camping. [laughter] >> public: but for us we need to know our students will have services in place when they return to school in january. in the longer term, we ask that there be a permanent solution completed by august 2018, in time for the 2018-2019 school year. marshall serves many students with disadvantaged socioeconomic status. so, we ask for a commitment from the school district to equal educational opportunity and access for all of marshall students. we understand that there is a prop a bond funding in place for marshall in the coming years. and we ask that these funds be released immediately to help with this problem. thank you.
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[indiscernible] >> public: communications and dialogue that we are having with fire department and it was a shock when our principal give us the information that -- the notice that we were going to have to make these changes. we understand that the 30 days is mandated by the fire department, but we would just like to know that the board is aware of our concerns, that this is going to cause description with both our teachers and our students. and we would like to clarify a couple of things about the code. if we could have open dialogue with the fire department, that would be great. in addition, we would like to be added to the agenda for the committee's agenda for the 2018 hearing committee to talk about the interim or temporary solutions that we have addressed.
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and in addition to that, we would like, if possible, to be added to the agenda, the citizens bonds oversight committee. i know the hearing on november 2nd was canceled. if you happen to reschedule, we would like to be added to the agenda if we could talk about the permanent solution so that construction for the permanent solution can happen during the summer of 2018. that pretty much sums up our request. just a closing statement is part of the vision statement of this board is to provide access and equity to all. >> public: hello. good evening. my name is christina pappas. happy hanukkah to you all. i'm with a group of parents from roosevelt middle school and we would like to share with you some of our thoughts around the
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technology policy that was implemented back in 2010-2011. before we get started, we'd like to acknowledge and thanks chief technology officer melissa dodd about the positive aspects about technology and about this policy. we heard tonight in the spirit of encouraging a larger conversation and community. many parnltsds -- parents couldn't be here but a petition that was started three days ago has already amassed over 2,500 signatures. please take the time to read them and know that we as a community support families and the healthy use of technology. thank you. >> public: good evening. thank you for letting us speak tonight. i'm a parent of a seventh grade trojan at roosevelt middle school.
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one of a handful of san francisco middle schools that allow recreational use of personal and school devices on campus outside of class time. many students are on these devices daly. during their 45-minute lunch break, on various social media sites. we have been in communication with our principal and we applaud his many actions taken around technology, in particular his digital citizen program. and we agree it is a great tool for learning. many students are using technology in non-instructional activities and access to non-educational content. we fear they distract from learning. tonight we will share examples of both content accessed on and behavior around the devices that concern us. we feel this data must be acknowledged thoughtful when
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allowing unrestricted use on middle school campuses where children range in ages from 10-14. we share current scientific data connecting noninstructional activity to social and emotional health in children and teenagers. we ask you, what are the guiding principles behind your technology policy and how is it that the majority of san francisco middle schools interpret your guidelines to create policies restricting recreational use of devices and yet a handful of middle schools interpret the guidelines to allow it? please refer to 2a documenting that. we ask you to consider evolving policies to reflect the changing relationships our children have with it. we're here tonight in the spirit of encouraging future conversations and look forward to those interactions. thank you very much. >> public: i'll be brief as i know this conversation will continue throughout the year and many years to come as technology
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evolves and changes. but we just want to bring to the point our data shows that san francisco unified school district policy regarding electronic use on campus has not changed since 2010-2011 academic year. you can refer to item g in your packet. according to the research center, smartphone and tablet ownership crossed the 50% threshold in 2012. many psychologists and brian scientists began researching how screen time affects children, teens and young adults. without going into that data, you can also refer to 3a through 3f which covers those studies.
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we ask you to please acknowledge this recent data on how unregulated online activities are affecting our children's health and review seven-year-old policy to reflect this current data. thank you. >> public: good evening. my name is nicky shark. i have two students currently attending roosevelt middle school, and for that, i'm very proud. two years ago it was exciting to hear about the verizon one to one ipad program. they have been an amazing informational tool and i have seen some creative uses in the classroom. it was great to see my 6th grader use a caad program to create a model of a city. neither teacher or parent had to worry about buying lostly materials to make the model. it was free. this year, my children have been able to download audio book applications from our


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