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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 30, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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we are ready to begin. good morning. today is wednesday, december 20, 2017. this is the regular meeting of the building inspection commission. i would like to remind everyone to turn off electronic devices. the first item on the agenda is roll call. [roll call being taken]
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we have a quorum. and the next item is item two, president's announcements. >> good morning, everybody. obviously i would like to open the meeting on wednesday, december 20, 2017 in honor and close the meeting also in honor of our late mayor lee who passed and left us last week tragically. and i know i just wanted to just talk a little bit about him. and it's not too much we can say more than what's been said in the last week. i think i went down on friday with my family and stood in line with many other people, which was around the block, and at that point it really hit me.
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what this man really meant to the city. i always knew it, but sometimes it takes a passing to really understand how powerful and a person he was to the city and to the citizens of san francisco and to the city family who worked for the city and how the leadership ran so deep. my thoughts and comments in what i wanted to say this morning were so varied and it still hasn't resonated what a huge loss we have. but that said, life is what it
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is. and the good guys always remain good. he was a good man. that is the simplest way of putting it. from the other side, i got to know him from the immigration debate and the whole roots came from that and he was very quiet and when he said something, it was profound and matter of fact and always en pointe. i have shared some photographs here. what we used to call in the irish community when we invited the mayor is the seshun is a
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gathering of irish people of dancing, singing, and music and the poor man would be brought into the house and have to dance with us and did this every time with this other one and the years where he had just become may mayor. and the city was in a lot of trouble. the economy was in a lot of trouble. he was probably one of the best men to take us through that period because he was a very powerful, neutralizing person and leader we needed at the time. so i think history will remember
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him for that. when we had the dance parties, so many people would come, and what was so great around the guy is a lot of neighbors would make the decision not to be involved in politic, but they call came to the parties to meet the man and see him in a different light. they saw him as a great san francisco resident. with that, sleep well, my friend, and gone, but not forgotten. thank you. >> commissioner walker. >> thank you very much for that. i know you were very close. i, too, want to speak in honor
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of our mayor ed lee. i often find myself in disagreement with our mayors, especially around tenant issues, but in this case this mayor really made huge steps to advance and strengthen our tenant protections and work across the line on so many issue, affordable housing, transitional housing, things that matter to our department a lot. i know all of our city family grieves. i give prayers and thoughts to ed's family, anita and the girls. this is a huge loss for us all, but i also know our city family and we are pulling together and doing the work for all of you out in the city.
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so thank you for serving, mayor lee, and thank you for filling the shoes, mayor breed. it's a challenging time we all need to come together and do the city's work. >> thank you. >> a commissioner lee. >> i expect mayor lee very much. i am one of the few persons on the commission that worked directly for months. i substituted for our communications director at public works when she was on leave. and i ended up working directly with ed lee for those months. i must tell you that he is as good as everyone say he is. i respected the man and is very supportive of his staff.
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and i have one story to share that maybe afterwards you will say, yeah, that's just like the mayor. we ended up having -- i don't recall, but we public works was criticized for something. some of our workers did something that was perceived wrong and the reporters were jumping all over it. being the communications director, i had to respond to the reporters. so we were meeting and saying, oh, what should we do? mayor lee -- or he was the director at that time. he was very supportive and said, frank, frank, frank. it was simply a mistake. and tell him it was a bonehead move. he said, use the word bonehead. i said, okay, i will. and the reporter printed that exact quote and used the word bonehead. after that he read that in "the
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chronic chronicle" and he was so giddy and said, i gave him that quote, i gave him that quote. and he is supportive and looked out everyone and was very good boss. and i miss him. >> and thank you, commissioner lee. i will finish the president's announcements if there is no comments from commissioners. congratulations to dbi permit technician evelyn cartz. i want to apologize in advance if i mispronounce anybody's name who was praised in a letter stating the customer service is the best i have seen in 43 years in the building trade. she went out of the way to ensure the application was processed quickly and efficiently. we thank mrs. kratz for her outstanding customer service. a big thank you to deputy director inspector sweet and inspection services ed sweeney who received a letter of appreciation after he helped a customer to obtain the permit.
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the customer wasn't satisfied after the initial talking to staff, but by partially listening to the owner and the commercial tenants frustration, things were resolved and the knowledge cannot be overvalued. and thanks to jack hardy for assisting a customer to obtain architectural drawings for a building from 1914. the later stated that i found jack and other personnel cooperative and helpful. and the important project on schedule to begin construction in january of 2018. and thank you to donald duffy of inspection service who is received a special compliments for his outstanding customer service and work with customer. another record management division honoree is joann wong who received a letter thanking
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her for helping obtain building plans for the home and provide thoughtful and prompt service and went the extra distance in helping me near closing time. kudos to director hugh and members of the dbi staff who hosted the state department delegation of 20 from china on december 7. the china communications construction group which were members of beijing and shanghai were particularly interested in the classifications and types of buildings in san francisco as well as dub dib's role in facilitating major construction projects and congratulations to dbi's mis staffer mark langon who recently produced a report on the turn around time lines to review issue permits covering the construction of single father and mother lu homes, mixed used developments -- single family homes, and kitchen
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remodels, part of a new survey being conducted by the building department of portland, oregon. in addition to data from the dbi survey will include data from boston, charlotte, austin, denver, seattle, and washington, d.c. dbi requested a copy of survey when it is completed. i am pleased to have from our dbi employee of quarter three and four. and they are mr. cary mcillroy for quarter three. and election plan review and engineer for quarter four. nominated by the senior engineer and the outstanding work on the warrior stating project and with the initiative liability and complete deduction for the project's demanding timeline. and nominated by james zahn and
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dbi supervisor mechanical planning engineer who noted they had been twice as productive as other engineers in turning around electrical plan reviews required on major construction projects in quarter four and is exceeding the department's strategic goal target. and the commission extends the enthusiastic congratulations on the outstanding performance in quarter three and four. with that, we have one more. finally, the employee recognition committee has select ed kevin edwards as dbi's employee of the year for 2017. well done, kevin. kevin was the winner of the employee of the quart er and meeting staff and customer staff request for data and reporting. in short, kevin is the go-to guy with dbi mis group which sun
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suddenly requires an accurate statistic on dbi programs and permits. when the committee considered the quarterly winners this year, they selected kevin's performance as the most outstanding. congratulations and thank you for an outstanding support from 2017. that, madam secretary, concludes my president's announcements. >> that -- thank you. would all the members come forward and the members that nominated them.would all the me forward and the members that nominated them. you have the certificates and everyone can come forward.
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>> thank you to james zahn for having me at dbi and thank you to my teammates who made it a wonderful experience for working at dbi and continues to do so. i would like to thank the electrical inspection division for welcoming me since my arrival in 2015. and that i can to the bic -- and thank you to the bic.nk you to . >> i am usually not a public speaker, but i would like to also thank my team members who have helped me work on the warriors project. steven and joseph, and also my former supervisor mark walz who initially entrusted me with that
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project and it's quite an honor to be recognized for as employee of the quarter. thank you very much. [applause] obviously, part of congratulations and congratulations to all the no, ma'am niece and well done. the -- congratulations to all the nominees and the department appreciates thenominees and the appreciates the work you do. the department of rec director has given us how many tickets?
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six ice skating rinks for two different ice rink tickets. >> so we want pictures. on top of that, so thank you to park and rec for giving us that. well done, again, and congratulations. [applause] >> thank you. congratulations, again, to all the employee quarter winners. is there any public comment on the president's announcements? si seeing none, item 3, general public comment. the bic will take public comment on matters within the commission's jurisdiction that are not part of the agenda.
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>> good morning. i was told that dbi's policies to treat every permit applicant equally and enforce the code equally and fairly. it turned out to be untrue because dbi has repeatedly paid favor to owner of 2650-52 high street. and not enforce the code on his project. dbi approved his most recent permit ending 0940, but did not require him the permit applicant to describe the scope of all work to be performed and allow him not to disclose that. we will construct a large dormer and remove soil from rear yard which is adjacent to our property, etc. dbi placed mhe in that application and told me that this is due to the applicant's response of no, stating that
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there is no disturbance of at least 50 cubic yard of soil. he is neither architect nor engineer and without calculation, he does not know how many cubic yard he is removing from an excavated area. dbi did not require him to produce any supporting documents. dbi has full knowledge that greenwood has submitted an inaccurate application repeatedly in the past when he did not have a garage, he claims that he has one and used big machine to remove soil without calculation that caused our building to shift. he also state he would not remove soil, but it turned out he removed 296 cubic yards of soil which is not including the amount he is now removing. dbi know this subject is four-story building and the basement as a story, but dbi allowed him to continue to claim it is a basement as a three-story building. and complying with the earthquake retrofit to help him
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to save thousands in that area and dbi issued the architectural plan and which requires him to have written responses and clearly, concisely and comprehensively toed a just the comments and enforced the project anyway. with the written responses and costs and he and his team have claimed they have a connection with dbi officials and that turn out to be the case again. if you allowed -- when you allow dbi to proof of permit, and you are subject. and i ask the dbi issue the same extent of practices to each and every other permit applicant that do not have a connection with dbi. the code is the law. the code should not be used to
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play favoritism to certain property owner. thank you very much. >> can you submit it to us? can we get copies? >> copies, but we can't comment. >> that is fine. >> i don't have a copy -- >> you can leave it at the department and i will get it to the commission. thank you. >> thank you. >> i have a document, too. do you want that? >> everything. >> give it to the secretary and she will get it to them. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, i item four -- >> madam secretary, before we go on to four, point of order. item five, if there is no objection, which we would like to continue this to the january calendar again. and if there is no objection -- >> and commissioners, are all commissioners in favor of that? okay. that is fine. >> okay. then item four.
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four. 4a is inquiries to staff. at this time commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding various documents, policies, practices, and procedures, which are of interest to the commission. >> commissioner walker, please? >> a yes, i would like to put on the agenda for a future meet in just an update about the housing inspector hiring and possible discussion about what we look for and what the requirements are, that type of thing. it's been brought to our attention this might be some changes. i think that we have enough issues around tenants and these type of projects that we heard earlier that it helps to know where we're at. just as an agenda item for an update. >> just a point of clarification. kind of our policy and procedures on hiring and what the qualifications have have been changed and updated, is there new policies, that kind of
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thing. >> exactly. >> who would give a presentation? would that be human resources? >> director of housing or somebody. >> perfect. >> an any other commissioners have items? inquiries? item 4b, future meeting and agendas. at this time, the commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a special meeting and/or determine those items that could be placed on the agenda of the next meeting and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. the january meeting will be on january 17, 2017. >> is that okay with everybody? okay. thank you. that is all for items 4a and b. is there any public comment on items 4a and b? seeing none, we go to item six.
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discussion regard iing accessib business entrance program. >> good morning, commissioners. bill strong. i am speaking on behalf of deputy director sweeney who unfortunately is not able to be here today, but essentially deputy director has been chairing an interdepartmental group at the director's direction that includes dbi as well as planning and its historic review, the public works department. the mayor's office of disability and the mayor's office of small business. and this all is part of what is called the accessible business entrance program that i think we have mentioned here, but we -- before a few months ago we brought up the fact that supervisor tang had passed an
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ordinance actually in 2016 that essentially calls for making commercial spaces more available for accessibility purposes and also if unable to modify the building for accessibility, then possibly finding ways to provide those goods and services so that, again, we would be meeting both the spirit and letter of the local, state, and federal jurisdictions. so we have had a number of meetings internally about that. we have developed the flyer that i believe i have passed out to you before. and this is essentially a mailer that went to 12,400 --
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>> that's okay. >> may not be over -- at any rate, i can make copies of this available to all of you again. it went out to about 12,400 property owners and it essentially covers what our mis folks were able to identify as 27,000 property owners and may present as part of this program. and director sweeney is estimating up to 1/3 are already exempt because they have made modifications for the business entrances. however, that still leaves a program that's significantly larger than our existing mandatory soft story program
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which as you may wall with 5,000 property owners. this is a program set up in four different phases and with different timelines and supervisor tang in consultation with us and the other departments recognized that we needed a little more time to fully present this program and make people aware of it to start the process. so we have now until may 23 of 2018 before the first compliance documents are due. and between may 23, 2018, and november 23, 2019. and also in the process of
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setting up the series of workshop briefings and hoped to have one about a week ago and given the crazy nature of the holidays to say nothing about the shock we have had from the past week with the mayor's passing. we didn't get responses for that, so we are now putting this initial presentation workshop about the program until january 24. and that will be held at dbi in our 2001 conference room. we hope to attract 30 or 35 property owners with whom we can walk through and give and understanding and the detailed information and already on the website and the initial mailer that i just showed you.
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with the detailed guidelines and property owners and the dedicated staff at window eight on the ground floor of 1616 mission is already prepared to deal with questions. and waiting from public works for a compliance and checklist and we hope to have that by this january 24 workshop. there is a hotline number that is part of the notification announcement. that people are using at 415-558-6128. to date we have had about 11 calls asking some questions in our actually cast certified staff are going to be getting back to those folks to see if we can clarify the kinds of questions that they have.
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so i would say that we are off and running. the director has two san francisco county conference and one to an organization to provide briefings on how this program is going to go. and our communications plan we have a communications plan that we have put together for this. and it will be to have these types of workshops for property owners and especially small businesses about every month or every second month depending, again, on how much interest and response that we receive from the public. yes, ma'am? >> commissioner walker, please go ahead. >> you might do a little outreach to the business organizations. there is a lot of local neighborhood business organizations because i know there is a lot of businesses in my area who always worry about
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accessibility, making sure they are or what is the monthly meetings and that might be helpful to go to those. >> i'll do that. thank you very much. >> following up on that, there is also an organization called san francisco council district merchants association. and i know they would be very happy to hear a presentation. >> we indeed will be contacting them. thank you. >> so sorry, mr. strong. basically, though, i think the fairest thing would be you said on the 24th you are having a gathering of small businesses. >> offering a brown bag presentation to have people come in to answer questions and walk through the basics of the program. >> i mean, i remember when this was presented back -- early last year, was it, by supervisor kitty tang's office. and we were all very supportive of it and i think really at the
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end of the day it was somebody stepping forward to kind of help out with these drive-by losses that the small businesses were going through. it was a solution. but with that solution, what does it mean to implement and i think we're at that door right now. so i think it's probably fair and if i could request another presentation on this, and i jotted stuff to ask of staff to get clarification on. one of the things that i think we need to -- because it's such a robust program here, right, and crosses over so many lines, and i guess the outreach in regard to the abe and so now what you have is you have to hire an abe. you have to hire -- help me out here, commissioner. certified access, casp.
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is that what you call them? >> and architect or engineer. it doesn't have to be necessarily only a casp certified because we recognize there is a limited number of casp certified in the immediate bay area. given the volume of this program, it could be having access to a regular engineer and architect will broaden the availability of expertise for the public. >> so does that mean everybody has to come into the department then and kind of individually -- and take a day off the business to come in and do that? how are we addressing that? >> there is as part of the program that's already posted on the website, there is a way to see if you may be exempt. and you can self-certify and send in an affidavit saying that
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the property is exempt. and that form is already on the website and can be filled out and sent to us and would not require coming in. there will be many cases where there are unknowns that having consultation with an engineer or architect and our staff going through our screening form process and will be necessary. >> and it just strikes me as a lot of responsibility for a mom and pop outfit to come in and do that. was there a more simpler process to offer particularly when they are >> first of all, i was thinking about what is emerging around the neighborhood before trying to talk to the mayor, trying to
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go around each district. the major district i am concerned is with chinatown because they have more sloping area. but to answer your question, they are exempt, and they can start with the form right away. and we will be certified and then they are okay. except we have one stamp that will be first and target bay on them and second stamp and some invisible to review, and then go through the appeal process. but we trying to do both ways. and for talk and also reach out to the neighborhood ourselves. and a few of the times i walked with the mayor and supervisor and in different districts.
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>> we are talking about the outreach program. >> we do recognize that it takes a lot of repetitive outreach efforts to both make people aware that they're building may, in fact, be in the program, and therefore, they need to take some steps. so toward that end, we are going to do some paid advertising in the first quarter of the new year to try and increase that awareness level for people. and also to your point, we are definitely trying to simplify and put as much on the web so that people can get the forms, fill out, and take themselves out of this if, in fact, they are able to do that. and based on deputy director
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sweeney has said at our meetings, these are very much case by case situations. one size does not fit all. and working cooperatively and collaborativerily with the property owners as we can because we want everybody to succeed here. and finally to your initial point t supervisor's intent was clearly a way to try and slow down or prevent a lot of these drive-by shakedown lawsuit-like situations. and with the program like this, and enough of a formal structure and many judges looking at these kind of situations and may be more inclined to put aside the litigation aspect for people who think they can exploit the situation and instead give us and the property owners sufficient time to work through coherent plan. that is really the intent of the
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program is to do this as rationally as possible. no one says it is going to be an easy one because it does involve a lot of very diverse property. >> the small business owner, the small this is a cumbersome process. you can have a great facility at the department with all the right people, but the communicating part of that before they come in is a big part of it. and just go to commissioner lee here and with the small business department and shoulder to shoulder and is very much part of the planning and execution and we have the full cooperation from the small business commission and will continue to work with them, along with actually the mayor's office of disability as well. >> maybe they could come back when you're kind of closing the
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dots there. and commissioner lee, hope i didn't take too long there. >> okay. i don't have a store front or anything like that, but i also know that not all these merchants belong to merchants associations, but i seem to think that they would all indonesia permits and business license. those are renewed annually. and is there any way to do outreach to them through their renewal information and notices or something like that? >> yes, of course. we can certainly look into that database, of course. good idea. i will say in connection with that that i have been in conversation with scott hogue, who is a longtime small business person in san francisco. he actually has a grant from i they are the mayor's -- either
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the mayor's office or office of small business for doing outreach on particular programs, and he's already told me that more than 60 organizations, small business organizations, tied with his umbrella group will be supportive of our efforts and helping us to both make people aware and help educate them. >> just a few more. the program is about four to six years. and the prescreening form is the first step, right? >> right. >> the second step is a little bit more complicated, right? >> there are a series of steps of having the compliance checklist submitted which is may 23, 2018. then they are in the second category and steps and possibly some barriers.
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and may 23 of 2019. and one or more steps and other barriers. and with the actual years to obtain the permit and do the work to 2021. and like the next three-year period for people to come into this particular program's requirements. >> and the staffing to handle the volume? how will you and by the beginning of the year. and the prescreening and all those. >> commissioner lee. >> i got another question. just thought about this.
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and most of the businesses are probably tenant spaces. if somebody fails to comply and meaning they failed to submit a form or whatever, who do we send in? >> the property owner is always our responsible party, although we do recognize that it depends on how leases are drawn. there may be legal leases whereby the owner of the property made it clear that the tenant would be responsible for such things as accessibility. so again, that is a case by case situation. >> i'm sorry, so we would not just notify the property owners and not both we are the tenants? >> we would start with notification of the property owner. the property owner would have the responsibility to let us know if based on his legal leases --
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>> are you comfortable, bill, that we have a solid outreach plan for the tenant and the ownership and their responsibilities? and it clearly defines that. >> i am, yes. we have a communications plan that we are following. i do believe that like the soft story program, it will take multiple notifications to make people aware of this. right now i don't think it's on anybody's radar. and at least having received 11 voicemails on the mayor's hotline of dbi's and 20 email response responses and clear that the 12,400 initial mailers are being read by some people, albeit a tiny fraction. as most of us who have dealt with any direct mail know, if you get even a 1% response from such a mailing, you are doing very well. and it will take multiple outreach efforts in order to try
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and bring everybody into the program. but we are certainly prepared to do that. >> and so many different cultures and confident with the outreach program there? do you feel strongly that we are at good capacity? >> we do. we have the information that i have been talking about in chinese and spanish already. and we are certainly willing to deal with other languages on an as-needed basis in order to try to explain the parameters. >> i think this is fantastic program. it's going to be complicate and a lot of work for the president. but it is the kind of work if we are geared up and correctly in place, it will be difficult on property owners. there is no question about it. but i think it's a good answer to the cure of this harassment that these small businesses have been getting, particularly in our city. obviously i want to compliment
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the supervisor for having the courage and strength to take this on. it's difficult. and it's important we give her every help we can. >> we will certainly make every effort to do so, and i think our colleague wills also be helpful that way. >> thanks for all your work. and maybe in january -- the meeting is the 17th, so probably maybe the meeting in february would be good? >> sure. we could have an update in february. >> would you feel better about that? >> absolutely. >> and address some of the questions and by that time we'll have a little more interaction. >> and maybe the small business and dpw is a big part of this equation. and the colleagues at dpw are collaborative, and we are confident they will be supportive. >> would they be interested in
12:47 pm
coming? >> i hope so. we'll certainly invite them. >> they are a huge part to this equation. i know the planning department will work around their issues and a lot of policies in place. and that is probably another question that's probably going to be arising a lot, and how to get past the historic building aspect that planning is likely to be mostly involved in here. >> it is what it is and we have to do our best on this. all right. thanks, bill, for your work on this. >> certainly. >> is there any public comment on item six? seeing none, item seven. discussion on accela permit and project tracking system.
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>> good morning, commissioners. this month has been an extremely busy month on the project. we've completed all of the walk throughs and prototypes that we wanted to complete in order to start defining what the new solution is going to look like. that included working very closely with all of the different divisions throughout dbi and going through all of the processes in quite a lot of detail. we are with the closing of the year and the beginning of next year, we are kind of start starting to pivot and moving past the 2b sessions in terms of defining what we are going to build, and we are starting to work on actual build types of processes. if you look at the key deliverables, we are able to on
12:49 pm
board click software which is a company that is going to help us with some of the workload balancing aspects of inspection scheduling and inspection workload management. we have brought some reporting resources on board and some of the reporting activities have started. and we have wrapped up a lot of the 2b sessions which is one of our big, big deadlines here. so if you look at the milestones in the upper right, we do expect to be done with all the activities by the end of this year. so the major activities for next month and over the course of the next week. intend to wrap up another couple of major phases that will go from green to blue here. we expect to get all the sign-offs. as a matter of fact, we expect all the sign-offs to be done this week, and we are on track to do that. and we are turning to a number
12:50 pm
of the build deliverables. a lot of what is working on early are the interfaces with other departments. for example, business tax, linked to gov for online payments through the citizens portal. and a number of other interfaces, all of those are underway at the moment at various stages. the business tax actually, the testing just wrapped up and is going to be completed in the next couple of weeks. we will be working on the specifications over the next couple of weeks. by the time i am here in january, we would expect all of that work to be completed. [please stand by]
12:51 pm
: -- >> excellent feedback from the departments, they are telling us that's what we need them to do. participation has been excellent and the turn around by accela, and they have to run around and fix things and come back, and doing a good job as well.
12:52 pm
so actually over the next few days, another major milestone in terms of the history of the project. next time when i come to you i expect stage 2 and 3 to be labelled as completed. any questions? >> go ahead. >> thank you so much. and i especially like that there are no new issues to report. that's always a good, a good thing to see. i was able to talk to a few employees as we have been having our holiday parties and everybody is excited. there was an expressed concern and it may be just the newness of the system and the actual condition of it now as we are making changes and rolling it out. do we expect that the process for issuing permits is going to be made a lot longer by our new process or is it a matter of just training and getting used to it?
12:53 pm
i know we have a lot more information we are gathering and all of that. >> i believe it's much more the latter. >> ok. >> i do think that the -- i know for absolute certain that the solution that we were looking at prior to this year, i do believe firmly it would have been extremely difficult and stretch things out. >> right. >> i believe this reassessment and revisit of these processes i think was necessary to build an application that would properly capture the information. so i believe it's largely more the latter. at the moment, you know, especially we are doing a lot, dealing a lot with screens. people can't even type in and use it yet. we are dealing with screens. >> yeah. >> and of course when you see the vendor do it, they can demonstrate it and plow right through there, and yes, i believe the proper exposure and training, everybody in the
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building will be able to do the same. >> great. thank you very much. and thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> see you next month. >> yes, thank you. >> any public comment on item seven? seeing none, item eight. director's report. 8a, update on d.b.i. finances. >> good morning, commissioners, tara madison. deputy director for buildings and inspection. before you november 2017, the first five months of the fiscal year and basically we are on track. november revenues are about $2.7 million lower than the same time last year but the reason i'm able to say that we are on
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track just because we are also meeting budget. so, once again last year we collected with a banner year, and we collected a lot of revenue and so even though we are lower than last year, we are still on track to reach our budget this year. so revenues seem to be holding steady. on the expenditure side, we are a little bit lower than the same time last year for expenditures, and for a variety of reasons. primarily due to work order billings. those are the billings we get from other departments that provide services for us, so those buildings have not come in like last year, so i fully expect once we start billing we have an new financial management system so all departments are working towards learning that system so we'll see those actual expenditures go up. overall we are on track. if you look at the projections on the first page, we have projections to budget, because it's very preliminary. just the first five months. that may be impacting a bit of our expenditure.
12:56 pm
so after we get six months under the belt, we'll try to make more accurate projections and you'll see the numbers fluctuate a bit. i'm happy to answer any questions on the revenue expenditures. >> commissioner walker, please. >> this is not about anything i necessarily see here, but at some point nice to have an update on the building that's getting built and the budget towards that. as an adjunct to the reporting. because i know it's happening right now. we go by, all of us go by the corner of mission and vanness and see what's going on with our new home. so -- >> so we have been participating with other departments going to the new permit center and that is something that we have been discussing with them, and i believe that we will start having those discussions so the money can be budgeted in the budget and so as soon as we get more details i will be able to give you information on that. but right now we don't have a firm grip on what furnishings
12:57 pm
will be or the new rent will be at this point. when we get that information we will share it with you. >> yeah, or we could maybe have real estate come and talk about it. i think there was some concerns about us having enough space and i would like to actually have the commission aware of what's going on so that we can make sure we get what we need. >> ok. >> yeah. >> ok. thank you. >> thank you. >> and then maybe -- any questions on -- yes. so in addition to the financial report, we just want to give you a highlight. we have actually implemented, did a soft launch of something called an e sign on, over-the-counter permit operations. so, basically it's, we launched it on december 15th, just on the fifth floor, and it's an electronic sign-in. from now on when people come in, they want to go to the fifth floor, instead of using the paper sign-in form we actually are going in to a computer kiosk, signing in, the clerks
12:58 pm
now, it will pop up all the clerks' computer, they can click on it and show it's their time and the screen behind the clerks you can see your name there. so, we -- once again, it's a soft launch. so far we have been getting good feedback from both the customers and from staff. and what we are doing is looking at it over the next month to see how it's working and then we'll be able to give you a little bit more information. >> is that like a better version of a cuematic? >> that is more numbering. this is electronic sign-in. so it's replacing it in some way. an example, and i talked to some of the clerks before i came in. and if you sign in and sometimes you are waiting around, you are a customer and you may go to the restroom and you would not know like oh, did they call me, now
12:59 pm
you can look up and see that you were called at 8:30 there, is a time, called at 8:35. you have to sign in again. a way of more accurately tracking, being a little more transparent, all the clerks seeing everything at the same time, it's actually on their computer screen instead of having to look over to see if someone is waiting or walking over to look at that one piece of paper. that's what it's used for. >> somebody that signed in is not there, then that -- same rule is applied before? >> same rule applies. when you come back, you have to sign in again. >> that was the big complaint, ok. good. you have to start all over again. that's fair. >> so, once we get a little bit more data we can give you a little bit more information and maybe even show you a little bit of what the customers are seeing and what the actual clerks are seeing, too. >> ok. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> okay. item 8b, update on proposed or recently enacted state or local legislation.
1:00 pm
>> commissioners, bill strong, legislative and public affairs. just hit a few highlights of some of the reports i've already distributed. supervis supervisor peskin a measure he introduced in 2007 or 2008. slope reduction act. some geo technical folks had been looking at a particular map from 1974, the blue map that was felt to be out of date. as this ordinance sponsored by supervisor peskin will rely on the state geologic hazards map in place and may have some other particulars our staff is working through, the draft that we now have. secondly, our housing


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