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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 9, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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in 2012, the planning department and afmta prepared the glen park community plan. in its summary is attached to the documents. the community plan specifically calls for making short-term parking available for businesses in the village. therefore, i request that the board respectfully request that the board find the zoning administrator made an error, in his september 1st, 2017 letter of determination and allow the operation and improvement of the parking lot as contained in exhibit 9 of the appeal. and thank you very much for your consideration of my views, and again, thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. i do have a question, supervisor. >> sure. >> as a city lejs legislator, currently in the books, there's no temporary designation, right, and so how would you suggest -- 'cause once they get the designation, they may not
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be able to develop? >> you know, from being in the neighborhood, my experiences is that i think people almost universally in the neighborhood would like to see that developed as housing. i mean, we have a housing crisis in this city. and the parking lot itself, you know, in the long run, isn't what the community, i think, is going to want or need. the community's becoming more tech focused. i think we'll see a decline in cars. unless something's done with the traffic situation there, i mean -- >> but tigers will be there forever. >> tigers and glen park station, and la corneta, i think, will never go away. >> you know, this is a dilemma that i'm probably going to ask the department to explain, but you know, my auntie rosa owned the dry cleaner on the corner for years that had all the police uniforms on it. >> yeah, that's my dry cleaner.
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>> yeah. >> yeah, i really think -- and to the degree that the five years i'm here, this is something i would push aggressively to see housing develop, because we do have a crisis, and for me personally, the more we can fill around the glen park b.a.r.t. station, these are units that don't need cars. >> maybe you can help your fellow comrads -- help the planning department write some legislation that would help us do this. >> yeah, i'll do that. >> thank you. >> okay. is there any other public comment on this item? >> come on up. don't be shy. good evening. welcome. >> hi. my name is joel campos, jr., and i'm -- i wrote my speech on the phone, if it's okay. i'm the manager of the la corneta restaurant in the glen park neighborhood.
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we have been open for a little bit over 22 years, and our restaurant and other small businesses depend on the existence of that parking lot, whether it's the market down the street or the hardware store on the corner, or other small businesses. the parking lot definitely needs improvements. the changes that the hayes family wants to implement, i think it would help the whole area significantly, because it's not just customers, and you know businesses and employees that park in that area. it's residents. many residents, they use it to stop by their housing and stuff, and i'm the one that operates security cameras that are aimed at that parking lot, and we have a lot of break-ins. there's certain permits that need to make lighting and all the other stuff that they don't give you because it's just
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basically a grofl lot. and the sfpd officers are constantly calling me because there's always break-ins in that area. and we believe that making that area more professional with asphalt and better lighting, it would help defer those individuals that are coming. just like two weeks ago, in five minutes, three cars were broken into. police cars were broken into. it's an ongoing thing in that parking lot, and i think it would help. the gravel is a problem. with the cars going in and out, it goes into the street, and there's ae all these dump trucks going in constantly, and there's potholes when it rains, and i think just putting concrete asphalt there -- i'm not asking for much. just a temporary thing until they do their housing project. and having said that, i think if they do decide to turn it
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into housing in the future, i think the neighborhood would welcome it. that area -- i'm not sure if you guys are from the neighborhood. >> yeah. i remember olympic savings. >> there's some houses that are being renovated across from it. and with the traffic, there can be temporary parking on diamond street to alleviate parking for the merchants, people just trying to make a quick stop. so if they do want to build a how's in the future, it's fine. it's not going to be affected, and i would implore you to please take into account there's no negative kops consequences in the area putting it into a parking lot. it's already a parking lot. just let them put some asphalt, paint some lines, and some lighting. i don't think that's an issue. >> your question, if they're entitled to build a parking
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lot, and your customers love it, and then, seven years down the road, they want to build a unit, aren't you going to be mad about that. >> i think there's several options that can be taken into consideration. >> i think you said you're supportive -- >> but i think there's options. right now, they need the money to obviously develop it. once they do that, i think there's some options for us merchants in the area that we can do. other areas, they have this temporary parking. >> that's fine. >> or you know, the meters, instead of putting it for two hours, you can put it for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, well the bulk of the -- >> all right. thank you sir. >> any other public comment? no other public comment, we can take -- you look like -- no, no, you have rebuttal, so if no one else wants to speak under
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public comment. we'll give you rebuttal after public comment, okay? >> trying to be shy with us? don't be coy. welcome. >> my name is 4 oy campos. i've known this hayes family for over 20 years. i came to the united states, and know this family since. you cannot find better lenders than them. they help you, they listen to you, and we are -- we are very happy if you succeed by allowing you to work with the property. for me, the parking lot is crucial. they stated already, patty stated already, and i just
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imagine that if i -- if they took the same thought that i was going to take with my property years ago, if the planning commission didn't allow me to put what we needed for that site, i was going to close it, and leave it there for my children or my grandchildren to develop it. finally, they were sensitive. they agreed. i remember those great commissioners, like mike antonini, and all of them that allowed me to do it, and now, that building is going to be finished in a couple of months. i know the planning department takes forever to grant you a permit, but why not take the chance and allow this family to use it, to improve it. and later on, we will see. and finally, in other cases that i hear, the previous cases, one side was going to hurt if the other situation was
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going to be taken. in this case, in this particular case, the hayes family is hurting nobody. so if they decided to close it, it's going to be less sales, less taxes, and probably less employees. so take the chance. give them the chance. we are here to help them and you are supposed to help them, too. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> any other public comment? seeing no public comment, we can take rebuttal with the appellant first. >> yeah. i just wanted to comment on when we mentioned the longer term development plans, that certainly, as we talked with the community and planning, that we would -- there's options here. we could incorporate parking within whatever development plan that is, whether there would be some parking aside, that we could continue to
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support the community and the businesses. and as supervisor sheehy said, a lot of the feedback that i've gotten is from glen park community is that they do want to see housing there. it's a transit rich area, right across from b.a.r.t., but with some parking. and so we do think they would be supportive of down the line of a development plan for residential and commercial. any other...and we're only talking about 20 parking spaces. we're not talking about, you know, a double or triple structure. it's, you know, a reasonable number, 19. and the ones we've talked to have said yeah, it would be great to clean it up, make it look nice. we've got that green path that's right alongside it, parallel, and you know, put a sunset date on it, if you can, or a commitment that after so many years, we'll give you time
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to work on a longer term plan that incorporates parking and housing and commercial. we just wanted to make those comments. >> thank you. >> anybody else? >> i guess, just to follow up on the process that you -- >> your name, sir. >> i'm sorry? >> your name. >> i'm sorry. i'm dan hayes. just to follow up on the process taking as long as it would if there is no, you know code or sentence or paragraph that you can lean on, can you create it? is there something you can do so that if you kind of have some empathy for this situation, is there something that could be legislated in a decent amount of time that would allow that window, or to answer that question, if the process takes that long, that's a legitimate -- the legitimate thing to bring up.
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and -- but if something could be legislated in the meantime, instead of just sitting there, in the time it takes to develop. >> i have a question, whoever would like to answer. have you charged for parking there before? i'm sorry? >> no. in the -- over time, with the -- you know, my father and the breefs busineprevious busi there we there were periods of time where they did private parking, 12, 15, but once we took ownership, there was no paid. >> that was a while back. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> okay. mr. teague, rebuttal. >> boy, scott leaves you the
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easy night, huh? >> oh, sure, sure. you know, all the talk of process and timelines and current events, i think it is worth pointing out that one of the major initiatives mayor lee was working on was asking our departments and oc departments to develop plans for additional process improvements on top of what we've done in the past, and we worked really hard on that and actually submitted a plan to the mayor's office december 1st, so hopefully in the future, the process times will go down even more. i know that is a big deal to him. we appreciated that. specifically to this case, i would just provide one request, which is if you do decide to move towards overturning the letter, i would -- i would advise to think about whether or not you want to use the rationale of well, it's been there for a certain amount of time, so it should be considered legal.
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this is a fairly feel-good use. the community likes it. i've been tangential review of the planning department's use of this over time. the owners seem like good people. they're good people. this is kind of a good scenario for that type of event, but there are other scenarios with other uses and other people where that -- you know, that principle does not exist in the planning code. there's no statute of limitations for how long you go operating without permits that you automatically become a legal use, so i would just maybe advise that if you go that route, that maybe if there's another rationale, whether -- >> give us some guidance. >> i mean, there's other things in there -- in -- in the public documents for this site. i mean, it was a parking -- it was basically being used as unauthorized parking when the city owned it, and they sold it to the private -- to a private member of the public, so that
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doesn't -- for the code to really convey that land use legality there, but the statute -- the statute of limitations kind of concept would be a little concerning, so if you do go that route, i would just advise to maybe consider another rationale if you can. >> what do you mean -- what do you mean, the statute of limitations. >> i'm saying there's no statute of limitations in the code for how long a parking lot can operate without permits, and then be considered for legal use for a period of time. the statute is clear, public use has to be legally permitted. there was the argument it's been here for 40 years, so it should just be considered legal, and i was making the point in this situation, this is a feel good situation -- >> but your point is -- [ inaudible ] >> -- that would not always feel at good in other situations, and so that's the
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only advice that i would give. >> that it would create a dangerous precedent. >> yeah. >> sure. >> can i get further clarification on this. so -- so if we were to find for the letter of determination, we could find it based on the -- that the -- that the letter of determination was issued in error or if -- and what you're saying is that if we, again, found for the appellant on the -- on the basis that because the city historically had -- had authorized and/or had used this space as parking, therefore, it should be authorized for that use in -- in the future, is that the slippery slope that you're referring to? >> well, actually, first of all, i mean, i don't want to recommend a specific basis, obviously, to overturn the zoning administrator's decision, but the slippery
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slope was the other, which is if you overturned it on the basis that it's been operating for 40 years, so might as well call it legal, that would be more of a precedent issue, and slippery slope, so to speak. >> so i'm still confused about what's the hook? there's no statutory provision. you can't just makeup a statutory provision. that's the legislative responsibility. >> sure, and that is -- and that gets to the basis of it's been here a long time. if you go on another basis. that's not a relevant issue. >> it's been there before b.a.r.t. i remember when the glen park station opened. it was so cool. i was like in the fourth grade. awesome. >> except the danger there is there are other situations and other contexts where we've said and others have said that just because it's been there a long time, does that make it legal, and so i worry about us doing
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something like that without some -- >> right, and that's my recommendation, is to not have that be the sole basis, if you make that decision, because there's -- >> so what other recommendation for a basis -- >> he said he didn't want to. >> not really. >> pretend you're on michael. give it up. >> i want something. >> mr. teague. >> yes. >> the literature has certain references of potential master plan referrals back in the early 70's. did that -- that never occurred, then. >> i'm not sure i understand what you mean. the general plan referrals, the one that's specifically cited in the letter of determination is the one that was cited for the sale of the property. >> but they're referencing not so specific, but they were alluding to there were other referrals that are forth
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coming, but i'm not seeing anything else. >> i'm sorry. >> not specifically in your search. >> not specifically to referrals, and that was the general plan at the time of the sale of the property. >> okay. >> actually, i have a supervisor question. you look like you have a solution or a request from the public. >> yeah. i think what we're talking about is the city established the use. that's the reason. they didn't establish the use, so the city established the use years ago, so we're not really talking about the city being, you know -- that gets to i think his question of having a -- having the nonconforming use, but now having to conform. it's really like the city, years ago, established the use solely to the property owners having established the use, and then, you know, that's why we're here today. >> okay. >> so just to acknowledge that the city established the use, and reject the letter of
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determination as being in error, i think that could be a way to cut the knot. >> okay. thank you. >> okay. now, the matter's been submitted. >> so i'd like -- i'd like to make that motion, that we -- >> would you like to talk about it before you make the motion? >> well, i think that's the answer that we just heard, is -- is that the city established the use of this parking -- the use of this parking lot. the city authorized and the use of this space as a parking lot and operated it as a parking lot, and that sets the precedent. not the ongoing use over the last 30 or 40 years or whatever, but the city itself authorized the use and then operated it as a parking lot historically. so that -- that's a -- i don't -- i don't find that a
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slippery slope, and that would be the -- the intent of my motion if i were able to make it or anybody else. >> i would concur with that. i'm in the neighborhood quite frequently. that's a pretty dark, dark space, to be honest. like i said, just if we could get to a space where we're not setting huge precedent here, right? >> i would add an amendment, if i may. >> i have made the motion. >> you can make the motion. >> yeah, you can make the motion. >> can i say something first? >> yes. >> since we're about to make a motion. i am completely sympathetic, empathetic, whatever term you wish to use. i would very much like to see this happen. i have not been persuaded that there are problems with the letter of determination, so i'm a little stuck on that. i totally can envision what it is you're trying to do, but i don't know if i can get there.
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>> okay. well, hopefully, frank will have some problem solving skills. >> well, if you have a motion, go ahead. >> no. i'm going to let you make the motion. i'd just like to respond to commissioner lazarus. i think the problem with the letter of determination is that it does not recognize the city's authorization of this space as -- and use as a parking lot, and therefore, it's denying that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck, because they saw it as a duck historically. so that's the problem in the letter of determination is that they didn't recognize that it was an authorized use, it was a practiced use, and therefore, the practice of using it as a parking lot in the future should be authorized. >> well, it's already established already.
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>> it's already established. that's, i think my response to yours. since we're all on the same side. >> well, i'm not -- i think the language is a little bit different than that in the sense that, you know, the basis in terms of what the city authorized is one thing. but the continued usage of it as a paid parking lot created a legal nonconforming use. >> that makes sense. >> i would also add that to -- if we were to overturn the lod that -- on that basis, i would add to -- oh, what's the right word? not necessarily confirm, but to substantiate that legal
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nonconforming use, i would submit a time frame of five years for them to permit that substantiate that legal nonconforming use. >> commissioners, i would recommend that's outside the scope of the letter of determinations before you, putting conditions on what can happen here in the future. you're just here determining if the zoning administrator abused or reached his conclusions based on the letter. >> you're saying only -- only that? >> i don't -- what's before you is not whether there could be a time limit placed on the future. it's whether the za has found correctly that the use that they've -- have asked about is
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a legal nonconforming use, and has found that it's not a legal nonconforming use. >> do you have a comment, mr. teague? >> just to reinforce the city attorney, i mean, all of our -- all of our letters of determination that specifically state that, you know, this is just an interpretation of the use of the code. it's not a permit, it's not anything else to comply. we don't apply conditions to letters of determination. it's simply a question, is this a legal nonconforming public parking lot or is it not, and the zoning administrator said it's not. so the real -- the decision. >> but he's not here. >> i'm sorry? >> i'm going to leave it with no condition. >> so was that a motion? >> that's my motion. >> i would need you to please restate your motion, to grant
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the appeal and overturn the letter of determination that the zoning administrator erred. >> because one that the city zoning preempted its use as a parking lot prior to the sale of the lot. and secondly, the usage of the lot after the sale as a paid public parking lot established the legal nonconform is use. >> -- nonconforming use. >> yeah, i agree. just because they didn't establish and continue it doesn't mean it hasn't been established already. >> it was a parking lot. >> so the basis is because the city authorized the use of the property for parking before it was sold by the city and that the use of the lot after the sale has continued as a paid public parking lot. is that right? >> to establish the legal
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nonconforming clause. >> okay. on that motion, commissioner lazarus. >> commissioner lazarus: no. >> president honda: aye. >> >> commissioner wilson: e [ inaudible ] >> okay. and commissioner. >> commissioner swig: no. >> okay. >> i'm going to move to continue this case. >> oh, good. >> so that additional information related to the city's authorized use can be
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provided. >> takes three. >> okay. vice president, do you want to pick a date for that? >> one month? >> january 17th, commissioner swig. >> how's our schedule? >> well, commissioner swig won't be there that night. >> i'd like to be there. >> perhaps if you want to look at a later date. you could do the 31st. >> january 31st? >> and are you accepting submissions from both sides? >> yes. >> okay. do you want them at the same time or -- >> same time would be acceptable. >> okay. so the motion, then, from the vice president is to move this -- continue this item to allow additional information related to the city's
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authorized use and this would be to move it to january 31st, 2018. both sides would be allowed to submit additional submittals. do you want briefing or do you want to set a page limit? >> i think they should be able to do it within five pages. >> okay. with just five pages of additional briefing allowed, plus exhibit, both to be submitted the thursday prior to the hearing, okay? on that motion, commissioner lazarus. >> commissioner lazarus: aye. >> president honda: aye. >> commissioner wilson: aye. >> commissioner swig: aye. >> okay. that motion passes, and that moti matter is continued to that evening. next item is withdrawn, so commissioner honda, there's no further -- >> oh, you scared me for a second. [ gavel ]
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>> we'll start by having a roll call. >> prescott. >> present. >> vice president lin. >> present. >> commissioner breslin. >> here. >> commission. >> present. >> supervisor sheehy. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you. action item number 1. >> item 1 action item public employee appointment hiring hss executive district or position vote on whether to hold closed session for update discussion and possible action regarding board selection of h.s.s. executive director prescott. >> i'm now ready to entertain a motion to hold closed session for the purposes outlined in
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action item 1. >> i move we have closed session >> is there a second. >> second. >> properly moved and seconded that we have a closed session for the purposes outlined in action item 1. are there any questions or comments from the board? any public discussion hearing and seeing none we're now ready to vote. all those in favor signify
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>> let's move to action item 3. >> item 3 action item whether to disclose discussion held in closed ask. president scott. >> i'm ready to entertain a motion whether we will disclose our discussion held in closed sex. >> i move we do not discuss the discussion. >> it's moved and is there a
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second? >> second. >> and properly moved and second s that we not disclose any or all discussion held in closed session and any public comments? no public comment we're now ready to vote. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed. the ayes have it. action item 4. >> item 4 action item, possible report on action taken in closed session. president scott. >> i'm ready to entertain a motion on possible reporting on actions taken in closed session. >> i move we do not disclose the action taken -- report. >> yes. >> that we not report on the action taken in closed session is there a second. >> second. >> it's been properly moved and seconds we do not report on any actions taken during the closed session. is there any public comment? hearing and seeing no public comment we're now ready to vote. all those in favor saying aye.
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>> aye. >> all those opposed. without further business, we will now adjourn formally the closed session. we are now ready to take up our regular meeting. >> i'll invite everyone in. >> invite them all to come in.
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>> i call this meeting in order and i ask you to remain for the pledge of allegiance and stand and ok knowledge the passing of our mayor edwin lee. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under god, in divisible with liberty and justice for all. join me in a note of silence for the mayor and his family.
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thank you. well now i have roll call. >> prescott. >> present. >> vis president lin. >> commissioner follow. >> sheehy, we have a quorum. >> thank you. >> we're ready for action item 1 >> clerk: item 1 action item approval with modifications of the minutes of the meetings set fourth below and regular meeting of september 14th, 2017. special closed session of september 22nd, 2017. special meeting of october 12th, 2017, special meeting of november 9th, 2017. special closed session of november 16th, 2017. >> the documents have been provided and i'm seeking a motion foray approval or any
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etiquettes that anyone would provide to the minutes distributed. >> i move we approve the minutes as stated. >> it's been properly moved that the minutes of the pre seeding meetings of this board as outlined in this action item be accepted. is there a second. >> second. >> it's been properly moved and seconds we accept the minutes as outlined and distribute it. is there any public comment? hearing and seeing no public comment we're now ready to vote. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> all those opposed. it is carried. item 2. >> clerk: discussion item general public comment on manners within the board's jurisdiction, not appearing on today's agenda. >> is there any public comment on any matter that's within the board's jurisdiction that is not on the agenda today?
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hearing and seeing none we will now go to item 3. >> clerk: item 3 discussion item president's report. >> i wish to remind the board members that in the current climate it is critical that if you have not completed your sexual harassment prevention training, that you do so by the 31st of this month. it is a requirement to continue to sit on this commission and we all must do it even though there aren't points of pause in the course or book marks in the course but we're asking everyone to complete that. we have been working very diligently with the search firm and with the board and our meetings to move forward with the selection of an executive director and we think that we are within arm's reach to do
6:42 am
that so it would be my hope at the ensueing meeting in january we would be in a position to make a public announcement about the results of those efforts and that is all of my report for today on that topic. is there any public comment? any comment from the board? no. we'll proceed to discussion item 4. >> clerk: director's report acting executive director griggs >> thank you president scott and members of the board and i want today give the board today that will be concise and we have some really great presentations and i just want you to know i've spoken to every presenter and we've be efficient with time since we're starting late and it encompasses open enrollment and september and november so we've had a lot of work to do and to
6:43 am
say the least and i was just watching last year's meeting where we presented an open enrollment and catherine dodd said it was the busyest open enrollment ever and that was last year and this year i want to say that this is definitely the busyest open enrollment and it's good and it was complex and it was a heavy list but we made it through and we'll present a little bit later a summary of the metrics just to show you the volume of that work. before we get in to that i just want to talk about some open positions and positions we filled and are about to fill. we have filled a 1209 benefits technician position by jesse franklin who is in the audience with us today. >> would you please say the name again. >> jesse franklin. >> jesse franklin would you please stand up so we'll know exactly who you are. on behalf of the board we welcome you and hope that this stop will be a major contribute
6:44 am
or to your career growth and development. thank you for joining us. >> he definitely was a big contributeer to open enrollment and he took off running and we're appreciate of that and we've selected a candidate for the 5320 graphic designer and we're waiting for h.r. to do their veting and we'll write an offer. we filled the 1649 accounting intern position with todd cell who is also in the audience today. >> where are you? >> thank you for standing and welcome to the health services system we'rely delighted you joined us. >> so i'm going to continue with the report before the presentation but as operational ly for open enrollment this year the technology that we have put in place really helped if we didn't have that technology like the enterprise content management system which takes all of our paper and puts an electric form
6:45 am
and our data base to the specific members we would still be doing data entry and filing copies of enrollment forms so all of that have is complete and that was a huge help this year. and a lot of that was due to the add add minute services team and they took the forms that members were bringing them and scanning them and linking them in data base so i want to mention them on the report and their involve ment this year administratively. they did the set ups for all of our events and side events so everyone comes in and we have a little area that members can come in and speak to analists directly up and we have a vender week where our vendors come in and they're responsible for setting up and breaking that down and another big task they do is they keep inventory and keep supplies of all of our new planned materials ready for members when they come in that
6:46 am
it's right there for us to access so they're always a big help so the manager of that division. i also want to mention enterprise service system anna anna -- an a lit ticks and they do the plan year which say huge accomplishment and they also are responsible for implementing technology i mentioned earlier and they're also responsible for bringing the data in so when i give you numbers in a minute about the enrollment, they're the ones that were responsible for doing that and last but not least, brian rodriguez and marina coolridge is our project manager who has done an ex ex
6:47 am
exemplary job. we have 35 of these left remaining to be tested and so we're still that and this is for our when the report was written they've gotten through a few more by now but january 1st when we start sending files out, we have to have those, most of those complete. another important thing that marina and her team accomplished here is we had a self-service pilot so 165 members participated in that and everyone really enjoyed it and they enjoyed providing feedback and we're taking a survey they completed and when we start developing it more for a bigger roll out we'll use all those responses. even though we were really busy we had to get that in and it was well worth it. i do want to go back up a little bit to operations and talk about some of the outcomes of the enrollment. we had several big things that happened this year one of them as you know, the implementation of blue shield trio and we'll
6:48 am
get in to more details in the next presentation after the direct report with blue shield but again as we knew that would be a big task and that was a big enrollment movement. that was a big set up in july, august and september and in october when open enrollment is live and people make changes and as we move on after october and in to the first of the year, that is also a big -- a lot of work for us. any time we make plan changes and any time is expected we'll save money next year for it and it's going to cause work and so it's well worth that work. we have some occurrences back in august and september where we felt perhaps our abilities and communicating our plan choices appropriately and we took some pre-emptive and proactive action
6:49 am
with them and along with erik the city attorney's office we sent a letter to them making sure they knew that any communications to our members about our open enrollment or our board's decision could be run by us and it's a good thing we did they showed their hand they had prepared a communication that would have seriously confused members and especially if it got outside of the members they were referring to. that started a dialogue between me, them and the mayor's office as well because i contacted the mayor's office about our request not to communicate to these members so we were all to collaborate on the communication that where 80% ok with so we did mitigate some damage there. other than blue shield trio we'll get more in to it in just a bit i want to mention some of the other enrollment results we did we implemented the kaiser
6:50 am
multi region plan so we offered kaiser in hawaii in the northwest, oregon and washington so we had a total of 38 subscribers enrolled and it's good and that is not the total so i don't have those numbers yet. that message out got out there and i'm sure in the following years we will continue to get good membership with that. outside of trio, non medicare and blue shield decrease about 127 subscribers so they did lose some membership. kaiser active enrollment increases 406 subscribers and it tripled that number so that was a good addition for them and city plan members increased by about 31 subscribers. healthcare, medicine' care, vantage, ppo increases by 171 subscribers and cruger senior
6:51 am
advantage 150 were gained. so i just wanted to give you those numbers and just so you know how our communications work and what type of migration and activity is going on out there and there's just a -- i'll finish up here. vision premiere plan which was another very popular addition that we did this year we have many, many, many compliments from membership thanking us and the board forayeding this. we enrolled 10,123 members. that's huge. and 9,000 dependants so 19 lives all together. last year we introduced voluntary benefits, these are your pet insurance, supplemental life, accident insurance, those types of things. we put those out there foreign rollment again this year and we received another 1100 enrollment s were total of about
6:52 am
5,000 for the supplemental benefits. a move on to finance and accounting, so when we wrapped up open enrollment now it's budget time so we are preparing for the fiscal year 2018-2019 of this year and 19-20 budget season in january there will be a presentation on the budget and the budget instructions that were passed down from the mayor 's office just a week or so go. we have executed service agreement with a partner in our web design so we're looking forward to -- i'm certain by open enrollment but hopefully earlier have a brand new website so we're really looking forward to that work. finance and accounting always help us out a lot during open enrollment and sometimes we don't give them enough credit for that and they help us a lot
6:53 am
with their rates calculating our rates and going to the m.o.u.s and looking at the things and the differences between the m.o. u.s and how the employer contribution comes out and then when we get all that information and we start developing and writing our materials, they're key in reviewing those materials and make sure they're accuracy. so we have great participation in that from finance and accounting and communications always plays a big role. again i want to do a shout out to carole karimi who is our new communications manager she came in and got the materials all drafted and so she helped us get them together and she was a huge help and she really dug in and what this is especially now with our communications going out with our confirmation letter she was key in that process as well.
6:54 am
we did have a large website present as you can see, 58,000 website it's in october and 2017 and again responsible for producing all the member materials and just recently we created 75,000 confirmation letters mailed and most of those have been received by membership according to our call volume which goes up when we mail something. well-being will be presenting later the review of the well-being program, data and successes soy just want to mention that again we did 26 clinics, flu shot clinics in october and some in november as well and that is one of our big out reach during october the flu shot clinics along with providing either a help fair and open enrollment all at the same time and it's really bringing in members and we're there to answer questions so it's been definitely. it's a bit fanatic and we might want to work on that next year but we did the same as we did
6:55 am
last year with 4,131 flu shots between october and november. speaking of off sites, we are geting and i know shavon will mention this a bigger percentage of participation so we go to department of human resources and the p.u.c. building, we come to city hall, and those types of things and we saw about a 22% increase in participation this year and some of those i enjoy going that is ruccsf and we have a health fair with a flu shot and it's great talking to the retirees and they have great questions and i learn a lot as far as customer services and things that they rely on us on and then got an opportunity to say a few words at the beginning of that. kind of going over what is going to be new for 2018. one of my other favorite off site events is going up to mock sin and talk to the hedge employees up there and it's my
6:56 am
third year going up there and it's great because i lose cellphone coverage before i a arrive so they have cellphone coverage but not my carrier and it's nice and it's a nice little break talking to them again they have a lot of questions and they're very appreciative of us coming up there and going through these changes and answer ing their questions but there's a distance and a separation there. i also want to note too that we had opioid follow-up questions that i have included in the report. if you have any questions i can ask them and we're also going to do an opioid update in february which all this information will be include inside in part of the presentation including commissioner press lynn -- breslin regarding job classes and what types of jobs are accessing or needing opioids and a few other questions that were clinical which came from dr.
6:57 am
follansbee and do they have any non opioid pain management policies or in development and what type of provider training and dr. follansbee you saw the printed answers coming from the carrier. >> yes, i thought the responses were quite appropriate and encouraging. >> and we have had a couple utilization meetings just this week from two of the plans and looking at some of the pharmacy utilization you can see the results from their opioid management plans that we went over last month. so at this time, if you continue through and look i can leave this after page 13, it's right behind the director's report you will see the operations
6:58 am
management reports. it starts off with calls and person assistance in october 2017. the top. >> that's page 13. >> yes. >> ok. all right so i'm go to ask sha von conner our operations manager to come up and give a review of open enrollment metrics. >> can i ask questions about the director's report or do you want to wait for the presentations. >> is it something that's been covered? >> it's something that's been covered. >> please. >> flu vaccinations close to my heart so i appreciate it and i'm curious to know does the department see it mostly as a way to draw people in to get the flu vaccine but also to hear about other programs enrollments so that's really the sort of card to get them in not because our employees think they don't have access through their health
6:59 am
plans or other means? >> right. >> and stephanie, so one of the things when stephanie first started with h.s.s. and my discussions with her s. what can we do during open enrollment as far as not only increasing the participation in flu shots received but also it's open enrollment this is the time to have the plans to ask questions and time to have h.s.s. there to ask questions. so i think the combination of those things has really added to the value of the flu shot, it's encouraged more flu shot like i said there's 22% increase and that's just the people that are coming to us and asking questions and we're tallying those so every year we're doing this and including the flu shot it's i believe it's benefitting both divisions and stephanie would agree. >> questions of the board? >> i'm sorry to follow-up question. are the recipients given a card
7:00 am
that they've gotten the vaccine and what the vaccine was and the lot and all that stuff in case there's a recall problem or something that the department is now responsible for in terms of administration or something? >> we partner with kaiser who provides those flu shots and i'm not sure what they give. >> i can tell you. >> ok, good. >> sorry. >> they give you a piece of paper but they don't give the details information. >> it's more like what the flu, i don't think they give you the lot and batch number and if it's a recall it says a basic vaccine and who type of adverse reactions you may have. >> the fact they partner with a provider actually solves that problem. i think no member would want this with the lot and wait for f.d.a. announcements so that answers the questions and i think it's perfect. >> great. >> all right. >>