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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 10, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> item one call to order. director tsen, director richardson. director samaha. director moss. director giusti. present. we have a quorum. >> good. before we start the next item, which is the general public meeting, i would like to actually open this meeting with is the first public meeting in 2018 of tida to have a moment of reflection about mayor ed lee and all of us were shocked by
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his passing. i was actually travelling in the south of china in the region where his parents had come from. it's also the area where my husband was born. so we were travelling in that area when we heard about his passing. we were so shocked and so grieved because he was a friend of mine for many years. over three decades. he actually officiated at my daughter's wedding and so he is greatly missed. i think that in this era of time when there is so much political grand standing, it's really rare to encounter a man who was as humble as we was and dedicated the notion of public service. that was his whole being in his
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career was to serve the city that he loved, san francisco. and he never forgot his simple roots from an immigrant family with a single mother who raised her family in subsidized housing and he never forgot where he came from. and i think that he did so much for the site. some of it will come. the fruit of which will come later on. he was criticized for not doing enough for affordable house. i know as a developer in the private and non-private sectors, he did more than almost any other mayor in terms of housing finance in terms of his dedication to people who didn't have house, who didn't have a voice in this society. he did more than any other mayor
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to increase the role of minorities and women on boards like this one and on commissions. we need to be grateful to him for leading us in that direction. so it's in his memory that we start the first meeting of 2018 and may he rest in peace. i'd like to open it up to commissioners and members of the public who may want to speak as well. yes. >> thank you. i thank you that. that was very heartfelt. mayor lee appointed us onto the commission and grateful to giving me and all of us a voice and his encouragement of young
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minorities to take on civic roles has been very empowering. him with his background in civil service. he started off as staff and was always a reluctant politician and set a good example for the city to work collaboratively across all sectors. i hope we continue to honor his legacy through our decision making and to reflect his passion for creating quality house and vibrant communities for the work we are embarking on in treasure island and he was implemental on moving the development forward and it would be great if we opportunities to dedicate a special feature on the island in his memory and i'd like for us to evaluate that. thank you.
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>> thank you, commissioners. mayor lee was a great friend of mine. i can say i've known him for decades. even when he was the city administrator and before that was a regular guy on the human rights commission. i was there when he died with the city hall director and the director of his mayor's office and you can imagine hours later when i got the call i thought i had a nightmare and i took it
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hard and served on many organizations and this is on record about nine months ago i was doing a groundbreaking of one of senior housing and mayor brown was there and congressman pelosi and dignitaries and the statement in which in which i had spoken with others on several occasions, it is true, more than any other mayor we do respect and most i've had the privilege of serving under them, mayor lee has eclipsed all the mayors in terms of housing. i spoke of that during the groundbreaking. i said, mayor lee, you know, i invite you and we're doing the groundbreaking and i see you where ever.
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how are we going to quantify the house you have speiarheaded andi wanted it make it known to the public because he made a concerted effort to make sure that the seniors have housing. and in all areas of san francisco and if you go to the bay view and the sun set direct, mayor lee made an effort. i was there and he said let's get it done. i pushed it once. what's it going to stake for your staff and to compile all the glorious accomplishment you made. i remember saying mayor, i will volunteer.
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we cannot for get the legacy. the takeaway is the clock is ticking. when we have the privilege and opportunity to do well to do good, we should seize on that and we should do that with integrity and we shoved do that with poise and we should continue to do that. so we had bearing for treasure island. all the milestones have been because of mayor lee. i can talk about all the projects downtown that i personally i know mayor lee spearheaded. his legacy will continue but it's left to all of us to compile all the records and when we speak, when we deliberate to evoke his memory so people out there and some in the city are critics because they don't know so when you're ignorant and you
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don't know you say he hasn't done anything but no, it's due respect to the mayors in the city, mayor lee stands alone as someone who has taken the ball to ensure the city's passionate and compassionate about people and all i wanted to say to his family may his sole rest in place and mayor lee's legacy will never never die. thank you nor opportunity. >> thank you, linda. >> i want to echo much of what has been said already. mayor lee will be missed. i first met ed lee he was doing
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visionary work then we had to push for transgender rights in san francisco. this is before the word mentioned the word transgender nationally and he a leader in that effort. and in the years we've seen him grow and be a visionary to the production of affordable housing in san francisco and in his honor we need to keep pushing forward on treasure island to implement his legacy. so thank you. >> i think it's a measure of a person's success in life that so many people worked with ed and for ed consider him also a friend. and my relationship with ed goes back to his days in public works
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and we had tough assignments around cleaning and greening the city and we have to be able to say he was my friend and i w benefit from knowing him. i think that is what most people would say. >> thank you, paul. bob. >> yes, thank you. i had the opportunity to work with ed when he was director of public works as well as assistant to the director. he came to dpw at a time when we need to improve our relationship with the departments we serve. from his role as purchaser coming into public works, he brought an outsider's perspective to the department
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and both building relationships with the contractors that contract with public works and also with the many agencies the department of public works serves and many people have mentioned the focus on housing. we too met with ed on the many before he passed. we emphasized the commitments he's asked for in the timely review and permitting of projects and the importance of delivery of these housing units to the public. again, i just wanted to express my gratitude in having worked
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with him and his commitment to this project and to the affordable housing in particular that were delivered. >> we'll look for opportunities as we develop treasure island to commemorate him. >> the clerk: item two, this item is to all members of the public to address matters in the subject matter jurisdiction that are not on the agenda and public comment will be held on each item. members of the public may address the board for up to three minutes. you'll hear a single chime and there are 30 seconds remaining. prior to mike the -- making your comments, state your name and the public comments you are making to any board director.
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[off mic] >> i want to thank you for opening the meeting in mayor lee's memory and his honor. i'll share just a brief very poignant experience that i had. so the plan took a long time to get to fruition. the development plan for treasure island and when it was finally passed with unanimous vote at the board of supervisors in 2011, there was a very big press conference in the mayor's office to do the public signing of the disposition and development agreement and there were numerous copies the mayor was signing and there was in different dignitaries there of course. at one point they said, cherry williams said for the homeless initiative he quite sincerely without batting an eye and it
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wasn't political rhetoric he said was the most important part of the project. it felt extremely sincere and his support for our efforts have proven that it wasn't just any kind of political posturing but it was who he was and the kind of values that he espoused. i just wanted to say that will always be my memory of him saying for an enormous project like this it will help those that have the least that's the most important. i think that's a strong part of his legacy and i want to make that mention. i had one more other thing i wanted to mention in public comment and that is we are going to be changing our name to have an inclusive aspirational vision for the island. i think our name will reflect that and we'll have a launch for
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that on february 2 at 10:00 a.m. on treasure island. we'll invite all the residents that live there and the commercial tenants and so form. we'd love to have you there and we'll be sending an e-mail with more specifics but i want to let you know that and thank you again for opening the meeting for to us have that moment to reflect and remember the amazing work that mayor lee did. thank you. >> good afternoon, directors. i'm with treasure island community development. i do echo all the sentiments expressed. ed lee was indeed a very great man. we found him on behalf of trid very approachable and steadfast in his vision and support of the project. up to the day he passed he was still working hard for the project and giving the department his direction to move the project forward. so we will always be very
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grateful to mr. lee for giving us direction and helping us move forward and i do endorse the idea of commemorating his memory with a feature on treasure island. we look forward to work the board to make something like that happen in the near future. thank you. >> thank you. hearing no other public comment, next item please. >> the clerk: item three, report by treasure island director. >> thank you, directors. the flea market will return after taking the month of december off. i'm happy to report after having given several updates, yesterday mercy got its finally permit approves and sign-off from the department of public health and they'll be training staff over the next couple of days with the intention to open next week.
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so that's the new container restaurant on the island. also the market in front of building one has closed. we're in the process of relocating it to its new space in the building of building one. as the geo technical work starts up they'll be demolishing the market location in front of building one. that's happening. as soon as they've stocked their location they'll be opening hopefully next week in the new location. last thursday's earthquake was felt on the island being in close proximity to berkeley than most of san francisco and we
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were able to conduct the damage assessment windshield survey to verify there were no damages result from the earthquake. we did have a power outage christmas eve on the island due to a goose flying into the power lines. despite that outage, last year was we had our fewest number of outages since the puc made the investment in the infrastructure six years ago. we'll have new electric vehicle charging stations are going to be installed at 9th and avenue b between now and april 1. these will be replacing the charging facilities that used to be in the parking lot at clipper cove. that parking lot also is going to be closing and demolished shortly.
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and tida and puc are continuing to placing street lights with-led lights by doing work in the residential area and between california and 9th street. also, the department of public health community clinic has entered into a pilot program with the island cove market to provide educational materials at the grocery store on healthy eating habits and also recipe cards for healthy recipes. and it reported all the recipe cards provided were used up so they have a new recipe they'll be providing the next quarter coming ahead.
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we'll have an update on the housing during regular agenda but i want to highlight we'll be having an open house saturday january 20th between 10:00 and 2:00 targeted to the residents of the villages. those sha that have benefits under the thr&rs and will be open to all residents. at the end of november we traveled with ticd to washington, d.c. to meet with the department of labor regarding access to easements to property that improved the communications we've been having with them and resulted in the agreement on the consent calendar today. we continue to work on temporary
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and permanent easements we'll need to improve construction of easements adjacent to job corp property. also discuss the department of labor their long-term planning effort with the improvement of their facilities. the bay bridge project oversight committee in december authorized the proposed retention of pier e2 we discussed at prior meetings. as outgrowth of that there's an m.o.u. on our consent calendar today that's an agreement to make an agreement. it's a precursor to demonstrate to the project oversight committee that there's support amongst partner agencies to negotiate the final agreements and anticipate bringing a more
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comprehensive agreement that will go through tida and the board of supervisors later this spring. we work to finalize the subdivision map and agreement for ybi and take them to the board of supervisors. and working on and work on the final map for the first subphase of treasure island to go to the board of supervisors later this spring. as i'll mention in the year ahead, we're also working on developing a schedule for the next subphase application coming in this summer. the public utilities commission has selected a design consultant for the waste water treatment plant and we are actively working with the commercial
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tenants within the footprint of the planned waste water site to relocate the tenants by the end of june. there'll be an on-island construction community meeting this evening as well as as we gear up for the geo technical work to begin, we're preparing notices to residents, building one tenants, the marina and others about the traffic changes that will be coming up around building one. just to highlight again the infrastructure and committee meeting will be moving to tuesdays beginning next week. we'll be meet at 9:30 a.m. and going forward the infrastructure and transportation committee meetings will be record and
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available via webcast as they occur. i also want to acknowledge kay loake who spoke earlier will be take leave of absence next year and alex galavic who has been a lengthy tenure on the project will be stepping into his shoes going forward but kay has been a great partner and very focussed in the commercial success for the public and the public benefits that come from it and he's been a great partner to work with over the last four years and i certainly will miss him while he's gone. so that concludes my report.
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>> thank you. commissioners, are there any questions or comments? >> yes. thank you. a couple questions. thank you for that great report. one, mayor lee's last act as you noted on your report, was on the treasure island development. i think you were alluding to the milestones. so now we have an obligation for what was discussed in those meetings to have a time line for the remaining milestones. i think last year we knew we wanted the mayor to help further the development and by calling the agencies together. so please, it would be great for us to take what was discussed in the meeting and transform them.
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i'm hoping by april this year we can get all the agencies still lagging behind and get them to commit to working over time to help with the time lines. that's my first comment. secondly, could you please -- can you put it in an e-mail to us so we can note the calendar. >> yeah, we'll send a calendar item. and a flyer. also at the february board meeting i was going have sherry come back and make a more formal presentation on the name change and for both the board members and -- >> and you guys keep shocking people. i hope you have been a great guy, very knowledgeable and
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spearheading this bigger project. i hope you will consider -- it's a huge project with decades in the making that you'll come back and take over more roles around we will surely miss you but you've been a key part of the fabric for this project and we hope you will find other means to continue to be the leadership and we welcome your new replacement. definitely too many shoes to fill. thank you, sir. >> thank you. sharon. >> one question. i was wondering whether or not the house open house on the 20th, perhaps the time, could be later so it doesn't conflict with the women's march which is from 11:30 to 3:30 on the same day.
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>> we'll see what we can do about that. maybe the solution would be to start earlier. it's really intended to be a drop-in type of an open house. maybe by opening earlier will provide an opportunity for those leaving the island to attend the march to attend as well. >> great. >> then, bob, i have a question. in terms of the public utilities commit having the consultants for the waste water system for treasure island, who is that consultant and when will they come back to report in front of tida. the waste water treatment system has had so many incredible forward thinking technologies in how we deal with waste.
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i'm hoping that those types of forward thinking procedures will be incorporated into the system at treasure island. >> i believe it's a joint venture, crollo engineers was one part in the venture team. the name of the other is escaping me now. i'll coordinate with tom b birmingham and march may be a good time to update the board on their initial evaluations they'll be exploring. >> thank you. then also, kay, this say
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surprise you're take leave of absence. you've been a great liaison with tida and i hope it's only a leave and you'll be coming back. would you care to make a statement to the board. >> thank you for inviting me. i'm grateful and humbled by your acknowledgement. it has been a wonderful 12 years working on the project. time flies when you're having fun. it's been mostly fun on the project. i will acknowledge that but it has been 100% fulfilling working on the project. it's an amazing project we've all worked so hard on over the years. you should be proud of the vision that has led us into the project and i think it's a great project. great projects only happen with a great team so i'd like to acknowledge the people in in
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room being instrumental in the project getting it where it is today and the tida board has been supportive of the project and has been steadfast in providing the vision and direction to do better. i hope we have responded well. what we see in front of us is in support of tida. on the tida staff we've had nothing but great people all the way from michael cohen to jack sylvain and incredibly talented, dedicated directors who have steered us and helped me focus on the on-island issues helpful in the project as well. there's been many other staff, too many names to mention. very grateful to have worked with all these people. i think i speak for all of us in the room who are associated with the project. to work on a project like this
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makes it near and dear to your heart. it's a special project. it's a once in a life time project for all of us. i think the project will remain near and dear to me for a long time. i'm take break and seeing how things come but i would like to come back and work on the project. i'm just taking a break from work really. it's been 12 years. i think i should take a break and i like to tell people i'm thinking this is my 7th inning stretch and stretching my legs a little bit and coming back for a few more innings and see what happens when the sunset shows up. thank you for your support over the years and i wish you the best of luck. >> thank you.
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>> the clerk: any public comment? i just want to publicly acknowledge kay loake who has steadfastly helped develop the vision and the technical part -- every part of the plan for treasure island. he's one of those people that tends to be behind the scenes doesn't take a lot of acclaim but has really made the public/private non-public partnership real and puts his money where his mouth is and has gone above and beyond in terms of supporting tida's efforts. as soon as he joined the project he's been supportive of us in all various ways. again, he's not the type of
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person that stands up and says, hey, look what i've done but he's done a tremendous amount to make this project what it is today and he'll be sorely missed by us all. thank you very much, kay. >> >> the clerk: items four. there's been advisories and newsletters among others. >> an questions by directors on communication? hearing none, next item. >> the clerk: item five, ongoing business by board of directors. >> commissioner: are there any in hearing none, next item. >> the clerk: item six, consent agenda. all matters are considered to be routine by the authority board and acted on by a single vote of the authority board. there'll be no separate discussion unless a member so requests in which the matter will be removed from the consent agenda and considered a separate
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item. item 6a the special meeting. 6b the adjustment of rates on treasure island and 6c, resolution authorizing the director to enter into a memorandum of standing for the bay area toll authority and for retention of the sfobb peer e2. 6d, resolution authorizing the treasure island directors to enter into an agreement with the community development onto the job corps center to monitor construction. 6e, resolution for scheduled performance for the island development program. >> commissioner: the pleasure of the board. >> so moved. >> second. >> commissioner: moved and seconded. all those in favor say aye.
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those opposed? the ayes have it. item seven. >> the clerk: the tida program update. >> thank you. members of the board, i'll be giving a brief update primarily relate to the location advisory consultant and ohcd is here to give an update on our collaborations with the mayor's office of housing and community development. i wanted to start with the discussion of the advisor advis services contract. we'll have an open house next weekend where we had our november island board meeting. it's an in formal drop-in session to allow people to come
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and go as it meets their schedule with no normal presentation. we've been mailing invitations to those john stewart residents that per our records were residents prior to 2011 because that's the target population we're interested in communicating and we'll speak to their particular issues and we're posting also general announcements and invitations to the meeting as well. the objective here is really to provide basic information on the transition benefit options offered in the thr&rs and to schedule those residents entitle to to benefits and engage in a
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one-on-one interview with arws. the objectives of the one-on-one interviews are to provide information, to eligible households as recently as last august back to school night. i met a household that'd been here since 2009 and was not aware they had future housing benefits or options on the island. as much as we've had a very public process, we still have people to reach and we want to engage each of those households in a one-on-one interview to provide them with information. also to provide them information not just on their options under the thr&rs and the opportunities for affordable housing if they meet the criteria on the island. and then as a takeaway it's our
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intention to provide a one-page summary for the household of record of who were the household members we have on file in 2011 and their unit size based on the competition and what their options would be so they have a document specific to their headline. for our planning process it will help us verify and quantify the replacement units and the size in terms of three and four or two bedroom and plan how we integrate those into the upcoming buildings that we'll be constructing.
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as i mentioned we'll have the kick-off meeting next weekend. over the next five months between now and the end of may we schedule the one-on-one interviews beginning with signups of people at the meeting next weekend. but going door to door as we need to to sign people up for interviews. and anticipate providing initial summary of find at the may board meeting. with any outcomes or action items we need to address to fully fully implement the thr&rs and tida has been working to host a first-time home buyers program on the island in may.
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that will be part of our yet reach effort is to publicize that. the san francisco authority program provides information aside from the down payment available through the thr&rs and is necessary to qualify for the purchase of inclusionary units for people who want to pursue that opportunity. we have two parcels. the first is going to be
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approved for a predevelopment loan. and it will be set aside to start the transition of the villages residents with the first project. the next project we're planning to deliver is the project where we're still as we discussed before, assessing how large to make that building from a range of 130 to 140 total units.
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if we're able to finance it, there's economies to going with the larger size building and allows us to go towards our goal of transitioning larger households to new units. we'll transition all the existing households as well a number of market rate households and amongst the vimages households we have 30 section 8 households which would all be able to transition to the building and any other additional market rate household also qualify for affordable housing units would be able to transition to the unit building. this project will be two to three years behind the first project based on the availability of funding. and the finalside
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final size we end up selecting. completing the existing villages will require the completion of the first four, possibly five buildings and the target is to continue to construct an additional building every two to three years until we've completed the transition. again, since a lot of our funds for development of the affordable house are project generated a lot of this will be dependent on the timing of market rate development and the availability of outside funds from state or local measures. the third building we planned to be 110-unit community housing partnership building. that would be 100% transition of existing community housing
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partnership residents. community housing partnership is the largest of our providers on the island. that building would be 100% transition units for chp households. and then for the fourth and fifth we'll look for the lead developer and mix of units are yet to be determined. but they're intended to include replacement units for health right 360 units and the balance of the transition units. with that i'd like to turn it over to mara to talk about mohcd's program. >> while we're working on this, it's a good opportunity to introduce myself.
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i'm mara plitzer of the mayor's office of housing and community development. my presentation will take a step back and we all in the room can better understand how it's going to be supporting of the affordable housing development work at treasure island. some of the challenges and opportunities we face over the next few years with what has been happening at the federal and state level with respect to funding for affordable house in general and a chance to get to know our office a little bit better. we've been working behind the scenes. first time here in a while.
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that was little fuzzy. our job is to administer a whole range of programs of mostly long-term affordable housing in the city of san francisco. we do that through building new units and through preserving existing apartments and by acquiring small buildings to our new loan program and have been doing it through the first nation of renovations of the former public housing stock in the news and continued through our efforts through the program at protrero and it's
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predominantly whole family and mixed use and retail on the down floor and families on the upper floors and we look at home ownership to support programs as well as our rentals. we are providing housing for a huge range of folks the inclusive homeless people, seniors, transitional age and educators and first responders so we are covering the gamut of people in san francisco. do folks know what the average is for a one-bedroom apartment in san francisco right now? it's $3500 a month so there's
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great need. you may be able to relate we're talking about folks who have been homeless before and are in need of support. and because they are most needy, we'll also need the support of the state and federal government as well. i'll be talking with you in how we can get those other monies. how we work, we make loans. occasionally we make grants. we also typically into into agreements with owners and leasers and we have a local operating subsidy program some have had a big hand in creating and that is also administered
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out of our office. i brought with me pictures of affordable house and what it looks like when we see it. some pictures you'll see in the deck are existing buildings that are ocd or ocii financed in the past. they were completed in the last five and ten years. we want to provide housing that's livable, healthy, accessible, energy efficient, inspiring and beautiful and an asset to its community. we take those goals seriously in our work. that will be our operation in treasure island as well. this map shows where apartments that have been funded are located throughout the city. you can see a bunch of dots over on treasure island and
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throughout the city. i want to focus folks' attention when i walked in people were talking about mayor lee and housing is his legacy and his goal to build 30,000 units of apartments, homes by 2020 and within that 10,000 units a full third to be affordable and this chart gives you a sense of how we're doing on that goal and we are feeling pretty good we are making our way through that. we fully expect to achieve the 10,000 units of housing by 2020. you can see we got 6800 affordable units already. we expect to be able to report back in 2020 that will have well exceed that. the next few slides are realize
9:53 pm
are tech heavy. the text is about how many awards people run and about the design firms but i want to make sure when we talk about affordable housing you have these images in your head when you think about affordable housing. this is the richardson apartment around city hall and it's for homeless and comparable to some new buildings on treasure island. it's won design awards and has successful ground floor uses and has helped keep homeless housed. on ocean there's new housing for
9:54 pm
families and transitional for young people 18-25 who have been homeless or at risk of homelessness and have kids and this one's also won a bunch of awards and considered an asset this one is 120 units and on a former agency parcel. the last one was on an earlier slide but the pictures are so pretty i had to offer a few more and we have lots of experience with either building and housing 100% for the homeless or for homeless individuals are integrated into the rest of the building.
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if you'll indulge me and i want to make sure when we talk about affordable housing we're talking about the same thing. it's affordable. according to the government anyway for a person is paying about 30% of their gross income as rent. it costs a lot of money to build or maintain housing on a per unit basis than a person who had been homeless and earns less than the medium income could afford if the rent was to cover the full cost including debt you may need to get from the bank or profit a real estate developer or owner may expect to receive from an apartment. that's where the local
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government or we come in and the state and fed and for the past 30 years the biggest production program our country has had worth something like $7.6 billion a year in equivalent revenue. other folks would be paying taxes or the credit. though it's not scene as an outwardly expenditure, it's the federal government's way of supporting the development of affordable house. we rely on it for the development of low-income housing for folks who earn less than 60% of median income it's been around since the 1986 tax code. there's changes afoot relate to
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the tax credit. it will bring equity investment. you don't have to repay it back. if you meet the qualifications to get the equity you get it. in that process you get a partner in the form of an investment likely to be a bank. sometimes it's a nonprofit that represents banks. used to be insurance company but likely a bank looking to meet its community requirements and our local banks have a lot of that need. we have a lot of investors in the tax credit market in san francisco. our investments are considered top notch and we get top dollar for whatever's out there.
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you can understand the magnitude of the challenge we face upcoming. we also try to get the least expensive bank dots but we still get more money in the form of a loan. the cheapest money is tax-exempt debt and can be paired with the tax credit equity. it will come up a little bit later because there was a scare with the recent tax bill. those are two places where we rely on the federal government to support affordable housing in san francisco. there's a limited amount of federal capital still available not available for federal tax credit and the block grant
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program through hud still exist. they throw off little capital dollars. they're a few of the remaining discretionary program which means they're on the chopping block for reductions. these days we receive both home and when you look back across administrations and the graph of our federal coming in this form it's gone way down. is the state of california is really important to us and it will be really important to treasure island. some are the affordable housing and sustainable community program funded through proceeds from cap and trade auctions has
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been in the news the past few year. it hasn't generated that much money for san francisco. because the quirks of the program but we think there's other available and think the program, they finally figured out some quirks and there'll be more money going forward. the more in the pot the more likely we'll get some of that money. there's no place like home and the state is bonding against tax revenues from a few years ago. that's exciting money. we'll get our own in san francisco going for new units for the homeless. it could potentially go for future programs andt


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