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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 7, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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to make sure that there are independent investigations when there is an officer-involved shooting, and so with that, i would like to introduce supervisor malia cohen. >> good morning. i know this is a heavy topic that we have come to talk about, but i just want to affirm that we all in this room come together to stand collectively for peace and justice. particularly paying attention to those members that we have lost in the community that no longer have a voice, that is, the spirit that i bring to this body of work that i'm really proud of. it's been difficult. today we stand before you
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patting ourses on the back -- patting ourselves for the work that we have got over the line in 2018, but this work has been going on, and quite frankly, it's been going on for generations and going on unnoticed. there have been people in the community that i represent and president breed represents thaefb crying out for generations for -- that have been crying out for justice and transparency. today feels good because it is a culmination of the tears and the blood that has been spilled that we stand before you recognizing that finally policies are stepping up and catching up. i started this work really in 2015 when mario woods was shot and killed. it was through a series of conversations with mothers that were grieving, with community members that wanted to do more and couldn't understand what was going on and why things were happening. so we introduce and got passed the series of legislation that created a department, department of police accountability, that's
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head by paul henderson, formally head by joyce hix who is part of the initial conversation. but the one thing that's been consistent through all of this is as a result of that pivotal moment in 2015, i had a conversation with ed lee. and ed lee listened. and he helped me and he rolled up his sleeves and we went to work. we didn't do it alone. we could never do anything alone. susie loftus was the president of the police commission at the time and she was instrumental in helping get through policies that had not been touched for 20 years. and fortunately, we started laying the ground work and we started doing the work which allows us to be here today. which allows mayor farrell to step in and in the death of ed lee to celebrate,. which allows javier, our
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attorney general, to step in, and into the very big keels that caramella harris occupied. it's the mothers that eare mind us that we must get the murders solved. it's the mother that reminds us of why we do what we do. and with the memorandum of understanding is it brings it unstep closer to truth and tr s transparency to heal the rifts that we have been experiencing for generations. i know that ever officer in this room, every law enforcement officer in the department always wants to do what's right and what's best. i don't have any question in
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that. that is why you see a decrease in officer-involved shootings because we stop getting complacent and we got serious. we created policies and said we are not tolerating this anymore. that is the movement that we're here to celebrate, to talk about. and this memorandum of understanding means that we are continuing to do the work that we set out to do years ago, when nobody was paying attention. when sometimes it felt nobody cared. so gentlemen, thank you. chief scott has stepped in and stepped up, but it was greg that started this process and that came to the table. thank you for picking up that mantle, chief, and making sure these 272 recommendations and a couple hundred more if you include d.a. gascon and his recommendations. all of these efforts are all to make sure that law enforcement
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are safe when they are policing, and that there's trust when we call the police into the community that there will be fairness. chief mentioned some legislation that i passed also a few years ago about counting. if we don't keep track, we don't count.
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>> would you outline some of the works. it does not include a agreement with the county attorney's office. >> we are in the process right now of meeting to confer on that mou, officer-involved shooting. i have been here a year. we have been in that process, the first part was negotiating language to get us to confer. we have to sit down with the police officer association by rule and meet and confer on this process. it impacts the membership of police department. we have to go through that. as i said what i think we want is fairness. they are the best recommendations in the world
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done fairly. we are doing that. we will see how that comes out. it is our intention to do everything we can to implement the recommendation. to what remains done? th lot of work to be done. accountabilities is one of the five findings that we have to work on. there is over half those recommendations that need implemented. the finding we have done the worst or the best t to this poit is use of force. we are pleased with that. each category has significant recommendations. one is to what supervisor cohen mentioned. revising our policies. there is going to be a schedule to revise the policy in a timely
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manner. that is huge. that is an improvement in the department. we will be here all day if i list everything that needs done. we have a lot of work to do. the point we are trying to make here is that the attorney general made it, the mayor and both supervisors made it that we are committed to doing this work and we won't stop until it is done. >> october when the d.o.j. announced the end of their collaboration. they want to work with the police department on 14 areas, target gangs and drug and gun violence. you know the list better than i. have they been doing that? we are clear that was the focus and there is a protest about that as well. if it is funding we have to apply for funding. we have at this point have not
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gotten any funding for violent crimes. that is one of the areas they want to focus on. we are committed to addressing those issues. there is a lot going on there and the question you asked. bottom line we are commits, we will use every resource available that is appropriate and keep pushing forward. >> how would you say the interaction with the pd since you took over? thanks for clarifying. >> we have a relationship with the d.o.j. they are in the same business we are. their goal is a safe country, our goal is a safe city. there are a lot of parallels. they concluded the work. we were disappointed in terms of the reform for this purpose we are working with them just fine. they concluded the work.
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we found a way to continue it. that is what is important. >> you might as well tell the truth. your top administration, jeff sessions, have rolled back all of the initiatives of mr. obama. we have mile to go and promises to go before we sleep. let me say since we are given this situation here that it was on ferguson that we had a come to jesus meeting and turned back the church. and to our former chiefs he was
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humble, he listened, and i presented to him 21st century document that came from the washington bureau for the advancement of colored people. we cannot leave this gathering today without again repeating we owe a lot to our late ma late mo met and listened and was committed and he was the one who looked down to los angeles and brought this guy here. that is the truth and nothing but the truth. now we have come to this day.
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nacp was the agitator to make sure we stirred up the coffee with a spoon to be able to say as a maxwell house slogan. it was good to the last drop. that is the way it is going to be. good to the last drop. thank you, chief, for stirring it up on this day. [applause.] >> is there funding here involved that you will assure the city so that these policies? >> i thank the chief as well for this. the police department made a
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commitment to move forward with the reform this is the absence of federal cop's programs to oversee the reforms. the city and police department never dropped the ball and continued forward. they are doing these things. on my side this is too important not to do. i am not going to wait some sacramento until the legislature gives me resources. we are going to do it because the city, chief, mayor, supervisors, leadership wants a independent review to continue. they are committed. we will be there with them and find the resources to make it happen on their end as they find the resources on their end to make it happen. it should not be an excuse that you can't find the money to do right. we will do right. [applause.] is one of the
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oldest chinatown in the state we need to be able allergies the people and that's the reason chinatown is showing more of the people will the traditional
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thepg. >> north beach is i know one of the last little italian community. >> one of the last neighborhood that hadn't changed a whole lot and san francisco community so strong and the sense of partnership with businesses as well and i just love north beach community old school italian comfort and love that is what italians are all about we need people to come here and shop here so we can keep this going not only us but, of course, everything else in the community i think local businesses the small ones and coffee shops are unique in their own way that is the characteristic of the neighborhood i peace officer prefer it is local character you
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have to support them. >> really notice the port this community we really need to kind of really shop locally and support the communityly live in it is more economic for people to survive here. >> i came down to treasure island to look for a we've got a long ways to go. ring i just got married and didn't want something on line i've met artists and local business owners they need money to go out and shop this is important to short them i think you get better things. >> definitely supporting the local community always good is it interesting to find things i
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never knew existed or see that that way. >> i think that is really great that san francisco seize the vails of small business and creates the shop & dine in the 49 to support businesses make people all the residents and visitors realize had cool things are made and produced in san
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