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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 14, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> hi, i'm ryan a prlth letting project manager with the sfpuc working at the sfpuc is a fast-paced environment the puc is american people eye person so breath and depth allows us to work on allows me to move across my career path. >> fill the roadway. >> our unique projects is the heritage puc water treatment long-term improvement plant it's one of the largest projects i've managed and supervised to be successful as a project manager you have to be hard working and self-motivated and
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being adaptable is important because the construction it is very fabulous that get me up in the morning you're going to be project solving and seeing the project go to me that's fun, i like coming to >> the annual celebration of hardly strictly bluegrass is always a hit now completing itself 12 year of music in the incredible golden gate park. >> this is just the best park
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to come to. it's safe. it's wonderful and such a fun time of the year. there is every kind of music you can imagine and can wander around and go from one stage to another and just have fun. >> 81 bands and six stages and no admission. this is hardly strictly bluegrass. >> i love music and peace. >> i think it represents what is great about the bay area. >> everyone is here for the music and the experience. this is why i live here. >> the culture out here is amazing. it's san francisco. >> this is a legacy of the old warren hel ment and receive necessary funding for ten years after his death. >> there is a legacy that started and it's cool and he's
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done something wonderful for the city and we're all grateful. hopefully we will keep this thing going on for years and years to come. the board of education. the board of education, unified school district for february 19th. 2018 is now called to order. thank you. >> mr. kirk.
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>> dr. morsi. >> thank you. >> mr. sanchez? >> here. >> mr. walters. miss min. thank you. >> the section a is accessible information for the public. open items. we have five tonight. number one, approval of board
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minutes. as announced. as it has been announced the past two meetings. the members of the public are reminded that if they wish to address the board of education, an individual can complete a speaker card for the item b column. and present it to the executive assistant. importantly, according to board rules and procedures, the speaker cards will not be expected for an item already before the board. superintendent mr. reid tonight. >> thank you, vice president. and everyone has gathered by now. standing in for dr. matthews on one of the rare occasions he is out of town for an educational conference. with the vice president and myself. good evening, everyone. i would like to begin this
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evening by acknowledging that it is february, which is black history month. during this month, we celebrate the rich history of african americans in the city and in the country. this month, the students will participate in meeting challenges, they will read as many books by african-american authors as they can. they will create art and host events at their school to honour historical african-american figures. although, we celebrate this month with a host of events and activities, our students don't just learn about the history and contributions of african americans in february. as you may have read in dr. matthews' column, he stated that teachers incorporate african-american history into curriculum all year around and at all grade levels. all of the high schools are for ethnic study. the educators work to include
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all historical narratives in the course work. i would like to announce a highlight to black history month events. first, on tuesday, february 20th, next tuesday, from the 6 to 8 p.m. is the 23rd annual african-american honour roll ceremony. it will be at the cathedral at 111 goth street in san francisco. the educators and the african community request the honour of your presence at our honour roll academic roll ceremony and reception. we will honour 3-12 grade students who achieved a 3.0 or higher in the academic year. the commissioner received invitations to the event. it is open to all. there is a $10 request for guests.
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february 24th, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the 37th annual musical contest. it will take place at the middle school at 2055 silver avenue here in san francisco. and this will be a phenomenal day where we celebrate our students as they showcase the musical and cultural skills. the other good news, the center for disease control has identified the -- created a program in the national story of success. groups are presently in process at 8 high schools reaching 308 young men of colour. cdc called the project a practice in reaching young men of colour specifically black and latino students with information
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regarding healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, access to sexual health and group participants show connectedness and be consumers of their own health. the model working closely with community based organizations with high school wellness staff. the success led to having the group curriculum used in los angeles and florida. further, the implementation success has led us to rewrite and implement groups in middle schools as well. two additional announcements, one is schools will be closed february 16th in the observance of new year. sf u.f.c. office will remain open. finally, all the schools and offices will be closed on
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monday, february 19th. in observance of that day. thank you. >> thank you deputy superintendent. we have resolutions for commendation. mr. lee. >> tonight, we have our national, our annual national board certified teachers recognition ceremony. [applause] >> the wonderful national board of teachers. and i would like to begin by calling on our chief academic officers brett stevens to make opening remarks. mr. stevens. >> good afternoon. members of the public. this is a special moment in every academic year when we are able to welcome our certified national board teachers for
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commendation. it is the pinnacle in the teaching profession. the equivalent of earning a masters degree. it is that much work. they are recertifying. they have been through the process two times successfully. and typically the case that each year, we invite a large group of folks who are earning certifications for the first time. a year ago, i described to you because of changes to the board certification process, that we will be acknowledging our recertified teachers. we had a smaller number last year. this year again, we are acknowledging the recertifying teachers in front of the year and will host a separate ceremony for the larger number of first time certified teachers this year. we have 47 teachers in the district who have earned national board certification.
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we would like you to keep in mind, we will keep the teachers to the cultural center down the street and we will kick up our heels to acknowledge their good and hard work. i would love to point out people who are instrumental to the process. they are a program coordinator. would you please stand. and further behind, our executive director for the office of professional learning and leadership. he is here. doctor. so my congratulations to everyone of you. you worked so hard, not once but twice. i am not sure the incentive that drives you to do this. thank you very much for your service for children.
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>> so i am happy to share some of the key facts, and history and some statistics about our program. the proud track record of so many of the educators being involved and bestowed with the honour. it is hard work. let me start by saying our first certified teachers, were certified in 1999. a little less than 20 years ago. the district began to support the program in the year 2000. we had hundreds of our educators. in terms of staff, 8% of our certified staff currently -- and that compares to 3% nationally. we are more than twice, almost three times the national
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average. candidates have to partake in a test and participate deep analysis of student work, video recordings and analysis on video recording. and then each candidate articulates the choices and rationale of choices. we have the highest number of board certified teachers per capita in the state. current candidates, we have 188 candidates and 280nbct. this is a potential increase, represents a potential increase,
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15% of all educators in the district becoming nbct over the next two years. we are only getting more and more of our teachers becoming national board certified. in terms of impact, one-third to 1-half of our national board certified teachers are in leadership positions in the district. the students of nbct make two months -- than students of non-nbct. at this point, i will hand it to the national board certified teacher -- certified teacher and program coordinator for the program. >> thank you very much. it is great to be back here. the educators we honour tonight as you heard, the original
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certification. and since the original certification, some have moved into different roles within the site or the district. one of those tonight is matthew. he is going to share his thoughts on his thoughts of national board certification and then we will present to the honourees. >> good evening. it is a great honour to be here tonight. i am grateful to speak on behalf of the national board certification. i am proud i was able to achieve this honour. it was in collaboration with a lot of people and support. it is not something everybody would want to take on. i encourage you to think about it. certified 11 years ago. one of the most rewarding
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experiences i have gone through as a teacher. the process required open eyed critical self reflection. analysis of student outcomes. which i have never been asked to do as part of a scripted curriculum i was trained in previously. one of the most important components of the process was the peer learning that happened on account of collaboration with stanford and the national support that we went through. it gave us support with the writing. moving forward, across the district, in the support network, i went on to become district leader in various curriculums. even later, i supported co-worker of teachers to take the national boards.
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i encourage the board to consider any way possible to support the process. thank you very much. >> good evening. board coordinator. we have 10nbct that have renewed certification and showed their ongoing commitment to the students. and to the professional. with the vigorous renewal process. the nbct, when i call you, please stand. when i read all the names, please come forward to receive your pin. and then move to the center for the group photo with the
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commissioners. names being read... [cheers and applause] please come forward and receive your pin.
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>> again congratulations. >> the 2018 and 2019 school year have been released. the candidates must attend the training session. and come on march 17th to give a short speech. for a meeting opportunity. 5:30 p.m. >> on the topic of 6145, extra curriculum and pro curricular activities.
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administrative regulation that provides opportunities for all students to participate in and attend extracurricular and co-curricular activities without compromising programs in place. we know the show must go on. the objective is to produce a system that has goals from both side in the best interest of the students. and because our commitment conducted research and gathered student imput, the student groups will weigh on it and vote on a regulation and hopefully input it. >> our campaign has raised money to help students. we provide them with emotional support. this year, they managed to use the funds to purchase toys, arts and crafts and donate money to shelters and families.
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while maintaining this toy for tots efforts, they would like to sponsor the need of the younger kids by organizing more efforts. next week, we will meet with our family department head. may richards, to collaborate on how we can continue to serve the kids. thank you to all who generously donated to our campaign and it would not have been successfully launched... >> quickly approaching, is the summit held on march 16th at fort mason centre. we want to cultivate youth leaders for workshops and you can attend march 16th, 2018 at fort mason centre. and the next meeting will be on february 26th at 5 p.m.
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again, if you would like to attend or make a presentation or like a copy of the agenda, please contact us. thank you. >> thank you. number 5. advisory committee reports and appointments. we have a report from the chair and advisory council. >> good evening to all. this report is an update on the path, the support alignment across the district advisory, in collaboration with the education department and plans for stakeholder engagement. the past saturday on
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february 10th, the apparent leaders, from the education department came together to learn about the diverse needs. the african-american peer advisor council, the advisor committee for education and the advisor committee in collaboration of family partnership welcomed over 70 participants to the first advisory summit ever hosted at the site. building stronger partnerships with families. collaborating with the education department to gather feedback from family and staff how they will improve the enrollment process. in january, we facilitated a
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focus group. there will be a focus groups. one at the childrens centre and another with program staff. the pack will share decisions in the march pack report. this is the fifth year of engaging families in conversations about the budget and the plans score card process. general support for the budget for the accountability plan. what we are following in the discussion, to engage -- population, including families and [indiscernible] participate in the site planning of the
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process to inform. last week, members of the task force highlighted, and shared our report. and shared what information will be helpful in the budget. >> one focus i want to bring was the multidimensional needs of students. 80% of students in foster care are african-american and latino and qualify for [indiscernible]
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we hope we work across the district departments. there are a number of students in the school that are homeless, we hope to increase organizations to work with them. gathering information from the community that will will be part of the decision-making process to implement action service and support for our schools. the pack is recruiting members for the new school year, 2018, 2019. applications are available at
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the website. and are due by friday, april 20th. the next meeting is scheduled for wednesday, march 14th, from 5:45 to 8 p.m. [indiscernible] >> thank you. comments from colleagues? >> thank you so much for the presentation. i still have one question and i don't know if you could answer it tonight. it would be good know if there will be increased participation of homeless families coming to the meetings as well? >> i have not seen it. we are trying to encourage -- we have been working on it. at the meetings, we are
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targeting the schools that have a homeless population. we will engage them there and encourage them to come to the meeting. >> thank you. thank you very much for the report. i just want to reiterate that the deadline for the applications is friday april 20th. and the application is in spanish as well. i had a wonderful experience at the meeting. from across the district. i want to thank you for your service and encouraged interested families to apply. >> thank you. >> thank you for the report. do we have board appointments to advisory committees? none.
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section c, i get a motion and second on the calendar? >> i move. . >> thank you. any items? >> there are not. >> any items removed from first reading by the board? >> there are none. >> a vote. >> mr. cooke,... (names being read) >> thank you. section b discussion.
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resolution. section d, proposal for action. board policy. use of school facilities. it was moved and seconded on january 9th. we have a report from those committees. >> the rules committee has moved -- regarding allowing -- which groups would be considered. >> some of the discussion, the proposals have four different
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tiers. the use of school security and one of these samples that was offered was to be exempt from permanency and discounted. 15% were groups that demonstrated -- more than 75%. and we had a discussion about our educator association. basically the teachers, the latin american teachers. the educators. the filipino educators. i know that when they plan -- or other events they are being charged by the district and there is something wrong with that picture. i would like to see that those teacher assistants that have a direct benefit to the students they move into tier one which is a district sponsored event.
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because they were considered to be in tier 2 which is the same as piano teacher. i just feel like -- including our partners, are benefiting our district directly. it was going to be made clear the criteria for district sponsored events so that the educators associations had known clearly how they can become -- how they can sponsor the events that put them in key with the lowest -- i would like to ask staff when we can see the criteria of how to become a sponsor of an event.
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>> thank you for the report. >> council. >> my recommended action is that approve use of school facilities. >> commissioner? i would like to hear the commissioner on that question. >> i can respond to that. we are working with the real estate office to draft administrative regulations for the policy. as soon as those are ready, we will share them back with the board so you can see how we capture the direction. >> and the proposed time line -- >> my hope is that because with the exception of commissioner's request, this is all answering status quo. we are not changing what we are doing. our hope will be that will be in
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the next few weeks. that is the basic time line. >> questions or comments? we do have public comment on this item. you have three minutes at the podium. >> commissioners. i am the secretary for the association of teachers. we are a non-profit group of teachers, retired teachers and community members. the past week, we held a professional drill, the direct
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result of an act. [indiscernible] taking the jobs away from other americans. despite the fact that they built the western section of the transcontinental railroad. before they were entered the country, they were subjected to questioning and were incarcerated.
6:54 am
on february 3rd, the commissioner took a tour and dropped by to see this. the power points teach about angel island and what fuelled it. different workshops have been offered of teachers that include asian americans in our district. there are few titles. many teachers may not be familiar with the history of asian americans. they may not know that we have the second largest number. they don't know that 40% of the housing is single room occupancy buildings. the families do not have kitchens. they cook on a hot plate. they have no tubs. they must share with one toilet.
6:55 am
they are under third world conditions. there are various workshops. in 2015, we paid $261, in 2016, $200 for the workshop. this may not sound like much, we 500 to $800 for the insurance. we have to pay for publicity. we are volunteers. we have no office. we are totally funded. the resolution would help bring the school district facilities for professional development.
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it will increase the number of resources to provide for teachers. if you are eager to share the experiences with other teachers in the district, thank you. >> good evening to all of you. the officials and members of the teachers federation. and the board members, i know some of you.
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talking about the dreams and goals for their district. teachers who are trained and supported. they are not just the words of our teachers an expert in the structure but experts in education. >> i want to follow that up with a little bit of history. it is nice to hear the talk. i know as an educator, 26 years ago, it was so active. something happened. our, you know, with the union
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executive board i felt so passionate about the reenergizing. we have educators [indiscernible] we are raising money. the educators in san francisco are in alignment with the vision. every year, we have a graduation of seniors in a ceremony. they is recognition of the studies through high school. >> our association also -- american teachers from our district and professional development conference.
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educators, association conferences. we have collaborated together. this is why we applaud and support the resolution. for professional development and education and sponsored by our association to receive our service teachers as family. it is an obligation that we share a common vision and that we are indeed together. thank you. >> i am a member of the latin
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american association. on behalf of my organization, we support what has been said here and the commissioners for this resolution and we hope that in addition to what has been said and the support around the resolution, we have more collaborative relationships in the district. >> thank you.