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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 24, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> supervisor elliott, director of the office of cannabis. i want to a fluiinger for our website and on that website is a meeting page that gives every member of the public a sense of when we will be holding task force meetings. and we encourage members of the public to attend and participate in those meetings. as the recommendations of the task force are advised by members of the public as well. thank you. thank you for sharing that. any other comments or questions? >> i don't have anything else. >> all right. well thank you again. i know that this is ongoing conversation that we're all going to have and monitor pretty closely. for today's purposes, we're going to close this hearing that was again called by supervisor cohen. i think we'll try to make a motion to file this hearing. ok. all right. we'll do that without objection. thank you. mr. clerk, are there any other items before us today?
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>> that completes the agenda for today. >> thank you. this meeting is adjourne laura thomas sitting in for our president bryant tan. so welcome, it looks like we're up and running. first of all, please make sure any cell phones, pagers noise making devices are set to silent and thank you to sfgov tv for
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broadcasti broadcasting this to the community. we wanted to start with expressing condolences to bryant tan, the commission president on behalf of the commissioners and staff for the loss of his partner nick, we know that he and his partner really love the entertainment industry and night life and celebration, so we are very sad to hear this news and hope that bryant is back with us soon. we will let people know about donations and memorial services and stuff like that. our condolences. can we have a roll call? (roll call ( >> vice president thomas: the first item of business is
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general public comment. members of the public may address the commission on items not on our agenda today. is there anyone who would like to make public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. the second item, approval of meeting minutes, approving the minutes of the january 16th meeting. are there any corrections or edits, comments from commissioners? >> i love to approve. >> vice president thomas: is there a second? >> second. >> vice president thomas: the motion is made and seconded. can we have a vote, please? >> clerk: voting. >> vice president thomas: the minutes are approved. item three report from the acting director.
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>> thank you. hello commissioners, good evening. we have a very similar acting director update for this week as we had at our previous meeting. just wanted to touch back on our summit, which is coming up quickly now. that's going to be february 26th. i just wanted to give a big thank you to commissioner perez who has been dedicating his free time helping us put together our web site for the event, collateral and literally pulling up a chair at the office for hours at a time. thank you so much for that. we're getting really excited about the event. the programming is -- it's great. there are three main presentations happening. again, we'll be having a presentation on security planning around catastrophic events, specifically active shooter training led by the sfpd
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tactical unit and we'll hear from the head of the department of emergency management and chief of police. we'll have a brief discussion from the director of the newly created office of cannibis nicole elliot, who will be speaking about some of the cross sections between entertainment and cannibis, permitting and regulation in san francisco as we are seeing a lot of our spaces trying to activate with cannibis at this time and she'll speak to some of those limitations and allowances. we'll hear from senator wiener's office in regard to 4 am. it won't be him specifically but one of the senior staff and commissioner thomas is hoping to spearhead a conversation around harm reduction and dylan has
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been working closely with burning man on a presentation on outdoor events and creating social space. so it's going to be kind of lengthy, a little different than normal. it's at the independent, we'll start at 12:30, programming starts at 1:00 and going through to 4:30 and a happy hour afterward. it will be a good networking experience for all of us. and we are exciting to announce we finally rolled out our web site changes and our permit applications to reflect the legislative changes we had around permitting outdoor amplification. i'll let dylan show you the web site. things make more sense to the public now than they ever had.
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>> thank you. if you can hear me -- okay. good evening commissioners, dylan rice senior analyst and web master and copyrighter. i just wanted to walk you through some of the changes, these enhancements to our web site. with the objective of increasing clarity and proving some of the streamlining and really communicating the new rules and permits surrounding amplified sound and one time events. so, i'm just going to hit some of the key pages. instead of having a permits application page, we switched it to get a permit page. you can either use the drop-down
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to get to these subpages or go to the landing page here. we wanted to organize it in the sense -- first we wanted people to know how we're defining entertainment in the code. that determines how you're regulated essentially. and types of permits with consumer friendly descriptions, the applications and then some faq's to help people understand what the changes have been. so i'll jump to the permit types. this took some time to get all of these descriptions sort of written and finalized, but we separate it into brick and mortar. and then events, and so you'll see the one time outdoor entertainment event permit, the one most relevant to street fairs and other events outdoor
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with entertainment that will likely replace the old loud speaker permit for many events. you'll see the other permit for outdoor amplified sound with no permit. sound check is still there. and the one time event permit is morphed into the one time indoor event permit. it's just a name change. you can click on the name of the permit and it takes you to the applications page. and you can apply using fillble pdf, in some cases you can use the smart pdf which is more streamlined online sort of form. we added the extra things like if people aren't sure what the permit is, you can click on that and it will take you to the
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page. at least it should. slow, there we go. another thing to highlight, we consolidated the fees and pay online information into one place. before it was buried in the permanent applications page. if you want to look at the fees, you can click on the matrix or if you want to pay, you can go to this link here and we clarified what the different fee waivers are for the one-time events. so community based organization or individual declaring financial hardship. and then lastly, the biggest enhancement has been finally the addition of an outdoor events page. yay! that's my area. so this will grow. the outdoor event guide will live on it eventually but we're still trying to get that approved by all the stakeholder
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agencies but there's about the program statement, talking about the economic impact of events. and the mission of the program, then it links to some of the programs, initiatives i'm working on. the outdoor events network is here. up coming events, we're going to coincide that with the summit and then where am i -- i'm not used to this. arrow back here. and then i took the outdoor event industry bulletins and archived them to look at past topics on this page as well as the most recent bulletin. and then some reports and data, so as new reports get written about outdoor events we can publish them on the reports page.
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those are the basic enhancements, if anyone wants to look on the home page to see the latest news and look at the memo that has all of the new permits that we talk about, the first thing you click on, on the front page and it's -- which i believe you already have. so it just talks about legislation that was passed, what the changes are and then clicks to the faq's. so those are the basic changes. if you have questions let me or maggie know. >> vice president thomas: any questions? congratulations, it looks like a lot of work and it's nice to see it all in one place like that. >> we are so excited. we think we're going to receive less phone calls and e-mails from confused folks now. so --
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>> vice president thomas: any questions before i move on to the final thing? >> so finally, i wanted to give one more update of our good neighbor policy working group did meet a second time and this time we included commissioner lee in our group. we are continuing to move changes with our good neighbor policies forward with really inspector burke at the helm. and next step here is myself and inspector burke are planning on meeting with our city attorney in the next few days to go over all of the conditions within the good neighbor policy that we're proposing to change and really drawing on specific parts of the code that we can link that back to in supporting the enforcement of those conditions in sean's actual work.
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do any of the members of the working group or inspector burke have anything to add? we're meeting again next week. very exciting stuff. >> i'll just say thank you for your involvement and input. it's been going really well. >> okay. that's it. >> vice president thomas: comments? questions? >> i wanted to piggy back on the summit, first, thank you maggie for the work you have done so far. i just wanted to encourage the rest of the commissioners to please help promote the event. we have a flyer ready. i will come up with a marketing tool kit that will have in one kind of link, you'll have an event description, logo and flyer and head shots of the speakers and stuff like that, that you can copy and paste to your own marketing platforms and forward to other stakeholders to
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help us amplify the message. that's coming up this week hopefully. and i think the thing we want to emphasize, it's a new venue, it's our ninth annual, so people might be tempted to go back to the library. we want to emphasize it's a different place this year. >> vice president thomas: any other comments? reports from the sound inspector. inspector burke. >> thank you commissioner thomas. sean burke, inspector. recent very confused excel user and please excuse my formatting issues in this week's report. hopefully i'll have that cleared up by next week, next hearing. a nice long list of new complaints since last time we
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met. i can go into detail on any of those that you would like and -- i'm just noticing additional errors that i didn't catch in the rush to get this out to you. the main points i wanted to mention, a couple of things that didn't make it on here and i wanted to make sure i filled in the blanks for you, this is on the reverse of the page. we had one complaint since last hearing on february 3rd about hassian, no complaints about double dutch, which is a stark difference between last time we met and this hearing. one complaint from benders. i'm just kind of going on the ongoing complaint list and one complaint from a neighbor of hue on january 25th and in the e-mail string i was cced on, the
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operator lowered the volume and satisfied the neighbor. a couple of updates, things that didn't make it on the list. february 4th, a complaint about the grand nightclub in regard to their let out and patrons disturbing people and early morning street cleaning. this is something that acting director wiland and myself have talked to operators and neighbors about and are seeking solution. the chapel has undergone some sound testing since we last spoke. i'm looking forward to getting a report from them. and we have a complaint about the village that has just
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cropped up on market. that's something we have had some complaints about in the past. they're under new management and i'm looking forward to meeting them and going over the rules. on your list on the front of the sheet, there is a complainant claiming they turnoff the music at 2:00 and comes back on at 4:00 and plays throughout the night, quote. i will be investigating that. we have 2450 suter, three complaints since we last met and i have yet to have an opportunity to visit that location to further investigate. happy to answer any questions you might have, especially about new complaints that i didn't go over.
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>> vice president thomas: questions commissioners? >> my apologies not giving you a lot of time to puruse this. >> on the unknown, three different nights or what? >> correct. >> has anybody made contact with the complainant, police or anybody. >> anonymous, unknown location, i don't -- i haven't seen anything in progress there. unfortunately i don't have information about the complainant to go on. >> thanks. >> vice president thomas: that is hard to track down.
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>> carmen lounge, i know they have i-pod, is it a janitor cleaning -- how do you contact, they're not really on our perview if you don't have a permit, right? >> this is something that has come up in the past. maintenance crews, clean-up folks after a bar closing generally how we handle it, i'll reach out to the operator and stop by and double check to make sure they know what is going on after they close the doors to the public. that's something i have yet to do in this case. and we'll get on that asap. >> vice president thomas: and despite not having a permit, they did at one point. we're in communication to ensure they do not have entertainment. >> commissioner lee: so places that don't have a permit for
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those people out watching is as a courtesy, you follow up, but how do you, you know, if they don't have a permit under our jurisdiction, who is going to handle that, usually the police handle -- >> it depends. if it's a place that doesn't have a permit because they're operating in a legal operation, it's always reallocated or deferred to the police department. depending on however we receive it, we can reallocate within 3-11 or directly forward a complaint if it's received via e-mail or phone. if it's a place that is a restaurant or bar or what have you, that is a legitimate operation in other ways, they're having entertainment, sean always communicates with that premise about the rules of obtaining a permit and usually
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bring them into compliance and you usually meet them here. >> commissioner lee: but if they're just playing the i-pod blasting it and no entertainment and they continue doing that, in our jurisdiction, we keep going out there or we don't? >> we will work with sfpd to address it. generally speaking -- especially in this case, an operator like this with a permit revoked, it's in his best interest, his or her best interest to be on the right side of this and be in compliance with a neighbor desire because i think they would be seeking a reissue of a permit in the future. very rarely do we come across a situation with a complaint by a neighbor and the operator is unwilling to work with us. if we do get resistance, that's when we involve the police and
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basically say this is under your purview, i happen to be out while these places are in operation and sometimes have more free time or most of my work doesn't pertain to life safety. if you have a hard time putting eyes on this thing, we can work together and come up with evidence, video, whatever we need to address it to get it to stop. >> commissioner lee: so the future -- i think we know which has a permit. if you want a note, you can say unpermitted and -- >> yes. >> commissioner lee: so it's on record anyway. >> that's something i look forward to putting on my list on suggestion of commissioner bleiman but haven't had a chance to. >> vice president thomas: any other questions, comments? all right. we will move on to the next agenda item.
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police department [indiscernible] any comments from our police? nope. so then moving on to item six. hearing and possible application regarding the consent application. >> all of our permit applications are on the consent calendar this evening, all limited live performance applications. none of them had neighbor complaints, and they all passed through both police department and planning department with no issues. just to give a little background, there's two breweries on here and one is a place called the magic patio in the mission. so you can take a look in your materials and if you have specific questions, you can ask me and the owners are all here
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if you want to pull anything off of consent on to regular. >> vice president thomas: commissioner perez. >> commissioner perez: two of the applicants have community outreach kind of in progress. is there a way to know if they're completed or not -- >> i have spoken with all three owners and operators and i know for a fact that they all conducted neighborhood outreach. and didn't receive any negative feedback. magic patio did a mailer to their neighbors. and barebottle brewing company hosted an event and had all their neighbors invited and apparently 20 neighbors came and they all got a free pint of beer and were able to hear about fun plans for entertainment. and then san francisco brewing company, that's in the square,
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fairmont hotel has longer term rentals i believe that are right there. you'll see in the packet there's a letter of support from the group. so, yeah, not concerned. i think they all did it. >> commissioner perez: thank you. >> vice president thomas: any other comments? >> commissioner lee: just on the one in the garedelhi. they'll have music outside until 8:00. >> yes, this is a guinea pig here. this was approved by police and fire department planning. you could set specific conditions in terms of outdoor if you like. >> commissioner lee: is the applicant here. >> we need to vote to pull it off consent if we want to hear from them. >> commissioner lee: yeah, i -- >> in order to talk about it we have to pull it off consent.
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>> commissioner lee: pull it off for a couple of questions. >> vice president thomas: i'm hearing a motion to remove this item from the consent calendar. is there a second? >> i'll second. >> vice president thomas: can we just do a voice vote? everyone in support say aye. okay. there we go. all right, so we have pulled the san francisco brewing company item off of the consent agenda. we'll discuss that separately. is there a motion to approve the rest of the consent agenda? >> commissioner perez: i would like to make a motion to approve it. >> vice president thomas: okay. (voting)
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>> vice president thomas: thank you. those items are approved and now let's have the conversation about the san francisco brewing company. >> sorry josh, come on up. >> how you guys doing? >> vice president thomas: thank you for being here. >> by the way, it's beer week, this a big deal that he's here. >> vice president thomas: thank you. >> commissioner lee: just real quick, since it's outdoor and it's good facing the water, there's a lot of sensitive marina people behind on bay street behind -- so sometimes music will travel. what do you plan to have in the patio? >> really just local artists with acoustic guitars and one amplifier they bring.
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no kind of stage set up. do i need to step closer? just like octoberfest, polka artist. nothing extraffic gant. it's really just for the outdoor beer garden for the guests and tourists that come there. and, you know, we don't plan on putting deejays or anything out there. we're in communication with the fairmont and the gm and residents of there and they had no opposition to our beer garden during the summer that was there and then we ran that for three months, just having our patio out there and now we want to have live music out there and the general manager of the fairmont gave us his okay and blessing to do that. really everything faces toward the water. whenever there is amplified music, it goes toward the water. and we're in the west plaza
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confined by big buildings. >> commissioner lee: it's always never a problem for the first one. i know you've had a few. i'll give you an example, one outdoor permit on the balcony and halloween, next to a hotel and everything was cool, you know, before, until the music started going and it was complaints all night. again, you know, they've had other events outside that balcony, too, but never anything like that. so of course the permit itself is kind of -- you don't know until it happens. we just -- just see what you're up to. >> definitely. and most of our restaurant and bar and brewery are all inside. there's no public facing windows to north point or polk street. after that cut-off time we want to play outside, obviously there are residents at the fairmont,
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that's why we take it inside. bring it back inside, watch sports and play i-pod music. >> commissioner lee: that's what i want to hear. >> commissioner perez: thank you for coming in. what would be your policy and procedure if there's a complaint from any of the neighbors, in the rare occurrence. >> definitely. the fairmont, we have 24/7 security at the square who is licensed by jamestown. we have noise control parameters in the lease and for that, the security and jamestown ownership property managers would approach us and tell us the cut the music or the general manager has direct line of communication with me and the agm of the fairmont to communicate the issues. we have communication with the owners and the largest
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residential. >> thank you. >> vice president thomas: any other questions? thank you. >> thank you. >> vice president thomas: any discussion? questions answered? >> commissioner lee: i make a motion to approve the permit. >> commissioner perez: i second. >> vice president thomas: made and seconded. (voting) congratulations, thank you for being here during beer week. enjoy the rest of your week. and now moving forward with item seven. our regular agenda. and our review of proposed residential projects. director. >> okay. so this evening on rdr we have two items. the first is 2630-2632 mission
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street. this is proposed residential project that is going in within 300 feet of the makeout room, revolution cafe, gray area and all places of entertainment. we would like to hear from the project sponsor and i think we have phil lesser here this evening. >> commissioners good evening. phil lesser and we have the owner of the property here and we have the architect of the project and the acoustic engineer mr. david walsh here. this is really a dream team. we're very fortunate that francisco is here. the reason this building is being built, this is one of the buildings that had a horrible fire in the last couple of years, around 2015, francisco, his mother, his uncle got out
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with their lives. when you pass the site today basically you'll just see dirt, luckily they got out. kudos to the san francisco fire department, they put the fire out without it catching the wood structures immediately next to it. so what we're basically going to be saying is a new construction. we're 21st century and have a horrific housing crisis. this is right between the bart station. there's no other neighborhood in the whole area that has the two bart stations other than the mission district and this is right between it. i'm president of the mission merchant association, i'm extremely sensitive to places of entertainment. as a kid i went to the grand movie theater, going to date
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myself, i spent $0.25 and got a candy bar and saw a movie. that's now gray theater. cabbett 22, been my neighbor for the past 35 years. we know all these people and not only do we, francisco's mother and nephew know all the people because they did business there 25 years, embedded in the community. they are the community. they have been selling to the community. it was called big house, the discount store that was theirs. so moving forward to 2018 there matter is going to go before the planning commission and be a mixed project, there will be commercial on the ground level and some commercial in the basement. the street will get activated once again and then there's going to be four floors of residential above it, four units
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per floor, two two bedrooms and two singles and i'll let the architect talk about the architecture. from your perspective, you want the building where sound is not going to go in. this gentleman is not going to have to say complaints were lodged by 2632 mission street. i'm going to let francisco tell you how he's going to inform his tenants or owners as to the nature of the building and where it's located. francisco. >> hey everyone. so, you know, we're excited that we can get this project moving and we are excited to be here today. so, we are also aware of the sensitivity of sound in the area. we understand that it's in the mission, and everybody -- there's a lot of things going on and we would let tenants and
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potential buyers if it happens know that it's an area we would go according to dbi says we need to do to prevent more sound leaking into the building and we'll be open and concise with tenants and with people we deal with to let them know this is the mission and this will be some sounds here and there and talk to operators and deal with issues, try to mitigate complaints and hopefully ease your job and that's what we're hoping for as we get the project rolling along. >> jeremy shaw, can i get the --
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so as phil said this is a proposed 16 unit commercial mixed use. a special interest in the image is the property line walls. we've had feedback from planning and neighbors they wanted to see the property line walls activated. that is the area that is closest to some of the places of entertainment. so we want to actually keep those just as solid soundproof walls at this point. here's the site plan with unit areas if you're interested in that. i can provide more detail maybe during question time later. in the middle, sorry the font is a little small. in the middle we have proposed roof deck as open space, 60 feet in the air and pulled back from
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both of the property lines facing the place of entertainment. there's a roof deck -- sorry common deck at the rear of the building which would be near the makeout room, however, the original building had a height of about 20 feet tall and our building at that level is going to be shorter, so we're going to reuse the concrete wall back there, which is going to be acoustical barrier of some nature. here's our vicinity map showing places of entertainment. our site is in the middle. apologies for the font sizes here. but it's about -- let me grab this one. about 260 to revolution cafe and
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140 to the gray area grand theater. move through the plans kind of quickly, reusing the original basement, large commercial retail area which we're anticipating at this point as a restaurant. who knows, they might be back in front of you in a year or two. here in the back is showing the common roof deck as well as indoor social space which would be common to all the residential units. this is a typical floor plan, all the floors are going to look like this with two one bedrooms and two two bedrooms, giving special interest to the back of the building, it does have two bedrooms facing the rear and one facing a light well on the north side. we have shape, the rear bays, so that all the required windows are facing more or less away of
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the places of entertainment or at least an oblique angle to it. so the fade projection will be a north wall. here's the roof deck. and front of the building. 60 feet tall with elevation and here's the north elevation, also relatively blank. the windows you do see are into the common hallway in the middle of the building and billing sections and material board -- i don't know that you're worried about that. if you have questions i'll be available. and now for our acoustical consultants.
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>> good evening and thank you. i'm dave walsh. we did a series of measurements on the project, primarily because of the makeout room which is from the front of it, it's almost 200 feet away from the project site. our standard procedure for exterior measurements is a minimum of three complete days and mostly three days minimum, five days on the other hand. we make measurements here starting thursday through tuesday, so we have data, we always measure weekdays and weekend days. so we have the data, the report -- in our report.
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obviously the noisiest night for the makeout room is saturday. and we have measurements from which we have broken down in our report starting at 10:00 p.m. and ending at 3:00 a.m. so we have all those data. what we did was the measurements at the makeout room were at street level on 22nd street right in front, which is pretty much the noisiest. as a conservative approach to this, we took those data and did not reduce them -- that may impact the building itself 90-100 feet away, nor did we take credit for shielding of the existing buildings. so, the sound transmission class rating for the windows on the back side are the same as facing
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mission street, which has continuous bus service. this is basically a conservative approach to -- because at 2:00 a.m., people leave and make a lot of noise on the street. this project is pretty much shielded from that and farther away. so i suspect that's -- you know, i'm just mumbling here. any questions on that? >> vice president thomas: i have a question. i appreciate that you measured in front of the makeout room and often that is the loudest place but sometimes sound travels differently out of windows and other things at the back of the venue -- >> sure. >> i know we had a previous rdr located closer to the makeout
12:45 pm
room and they were having concerns about the sound coming out of the back of the venue. were you able to measure any of that? >> we could not get back there. we actually have -- did probably the same project you're mentioning and there is no window in that building, there is a rear alley door on the back of the makeout room. but whether that's open or not, i don't know. >> i mean it certainly should be closed at all times per our regulations, but that doesn't necessarily mean -- >> that is correct. i'm sorry, we're still 90 feet away. we're going to get some ruck of that. >> vice president thomas: questions? commissioner perez. >> commissioner perez: for the architect.
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mr. schaub, hi. in the event that the bottom floor is entertainment later on, are you incorporating anything to mitigate sound and reduce the impacts potentially to the tenants above in the case of entertainment venue. >> one thing i skipped past the building section, wood frame construction over concrete, there will be a two hour building separation of the concrete lower commercial from the residential above which will also have apart from being solid concrete, it will have a resilience channel and all the fire proving requirements that would help reduce impact there. >> commissioner perez: thank you. >> vice president thomas: other questions? >> commissioner lee: am i obvious? how is your external lighting?
12:47 pm
can you explain the safety factors of your security lighting? >> we have no explicit design at this point, there's a street lamp pole directly outside the project, maybe 10 feet to the left. at this point nothing is formalized but we would expect a restaurant or other retail use would work with us to provide sound lighting at the taller canopy. they have an awning about 15 feet off the ground and then we'll have our own lighting around the residential and tree portion. that lighting will be on all the time. it's going to shine out through the glass doors of the building. >> commissioner lee: so in front of it there are no places people can, you know, sneak there where it's dark.
12:48 pm
you're going to light it up, i know there's going to be a restaurant. probably not during the time the restaurant is open and then when the restaurant is closed, there are automatic lights you have on all the time to light up the sidewalk. >> we have not specified that but i would be happy to do so. >> commissioner lee: i think most of the projects near clubs with so many people walking around and possible security issues, we have been asking to beef up lighting in the front. okay? >> that's a good idea. >> commissioner lee: i would like to see something for that. and then i don't have a floor plan but obviously some of the apartment windows are bedroom windows, correct? >> yes. >> commissioner lee: they'll probably hear a lot of the people noise. i would guess the windows will be the same throughout -- that's already taken into account that -- what was it, the highest i see is 79, 80 on
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the dbc level at midnight. what is usually the rating for windo windows on that? >> i'll let the engineer handle that. >> for this project we're recommending 36 window which is a fairly reasonable -- which would need to be a dual glazed. >> commissioner lee: it could handle people noise. >> yes. >> commissioner lee: especially by the bedroom. >> yes. >> commissioner lee: all right. >> commissioner perez: one more question, just curious, beside the windows that are going to be super thick, are you familiar with other architectural materials or techniques to help make these buildings more soundproof or are you familiar with anything like that? >> what portion of the building
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are you -- >> commissioner perez: the walls or -- are there any new techniques being developed to make buildings more soundproof in general, i don't know if that exists. >> not really. there are proprietary boards that can save a couple sct, but the best thing you can do is introduce air gaps between units which we're going between the exterior walls. >> as jeremy mentioned earlier -- >> vice president thomas: can you speak into the microphone? only this one i think is working. >> one of the most effective methods would be to incorporate a resillent mounting of the layers of dry wall. that will give you something like a 10 decibel improvement.
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>> commissioner perez: i guess that's kind of cost prohibited? is it expensive? >> no. material wise, no. it's a little more in stalllation cost, labor cost. but it's not significant. >> commissioner perez: okay, thank you. >> vice president thomas: thank you very much. so we don't have comments on that. moving forward, yes? all right. director, the next one -- >> public comment? >> vice president thomas: is there any public comment on that one? and then do i have a motion?
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>> commissioner lee: motion to approve the rdr with the caveat that they will at one point present to us a plan for lighting for outdoor lighting. present a plan for outdoor lighting. >> vice president thomas: or have one. >> commissioner lee: they don't have to present it. >> (voting) >> vice president thomas: congratulations. let's move on. >> so, thank you all. the next one is for 229 ellis street. so this one is going to be -- let's see i think i just had it in front of me.
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52 new group housing rooms. and it is a project that is going in 300 feet away from the following places of entertainment, hilton union square, union square sports bar, hotel nikko, new delhi restaurant and parc 55 hotel. here to tell you about the project is chloe anglouse. there we go. >> good evening commissioners. i'm one of the founders of star city properties, the project sponsor. chloe is here for support and if needed will help but hopefully between myself and our acoustical consultant we can answer all your questions. quickly, star city properties, we're a young company, only two
12:54 pm
years-old, founded in 2016 here in san francisco. we're developer and operator of middle income rental housing, we utilize a model that is called co-living. it is an approach that is affordable by design where individuals rent a private unit, that private unit comes with a private bathroom or comes with a shared bathroom with one other unit and then amongst 6-10 units, a large chef's kitchen is shared and dining and tv lounge is shared and then communial spaces such as bicycle storage, laundry, open space roof decks and other lounges for people to socialize and interact. 229 ellis street is a historic turkish bath house built in
12:55 pm
1910, utilized throughout the early 20th century into the 80s. it was shut down in the bath house battles and utilized as office space until 2007. in 2007 it was in bad condition and vacated and has since sat vacant. we will be in front of the planning commission on february 22nd for this project to entitle it as 52 group housing units, as mentioned earlier. group housing units are the legal terminology within the san francisco planning and building codes for this type of living. they are different than dwelling units where a kitchen is required in every dwelling unit. in group housing a kitchen is not required in every group housing unit and can be shared. so the plan is to bring 52 middle income housing units to
12:56 pm
market in early 2019, specifically regarding the places of entertainment near the project, as mentioned there are five places of entertainment. three of which are hotels. one is a restaurant and one is a bar. the outreach efforts we have conducted to date are as follows. we held a neighborhood meeting on december 12th which was an optional neighborhood meeting, all the places of entertainment and any residence within 300 feet of the project were invited. at that time, none of the places of entertainment showed up to the neighborhood meeting. we have since reached out to all the places of entertainment. the hilton hotel was the one we spoke to at length. we spoke to both steve cohen and jason tresh, they're excited to have us in the neighborhood and mentioned they have been
12:57 pm
cleaning the south side of ellis street for the last dozen years or so and they're excited to have a partner in the neighborhood who can help maintain that street with them. the hotel nikko, we spoke to them as well, i spoke to a lady by the name of cara, the assistant manager at the front office and they were supportive of us being in the neighborhood. i was unable to reach the new delhi restaurant but the new delhi restaurant is a restaurant that closes at 10:00 p.m. on every single night of the week and i believe at 11:00 p.m. on friday and saturday nights. i left a voice mail with john smith at the union square sports bar, did not receive a call back. also went into the bar to speak to some of the bartenders to see if i could get ahold of him and was unable to do so. and also spoke to the parc 55
12:58 pm
hotel and i wasn't able to reach anybody at the front office. with that, i'll pause and turn it over to our acoustic consultants unless you have direct questions for me at this time. >> so the units available for rent, are they -- it sounds like an sro model, are you -- is it basically monthly rates or similar to the model with biweekly rates. >> we do not do weekly or monthly. we offer six and 12-month terms. >> vice president thomas: great, thank you. >> hello. jordan roberts with sulter associates. i made a lot of measurements, one right in front of the union
12:59 pm
square sports bar, that was after 10:00 and the then other measurement was along ellis street but near the restaurant, that was across mason -- excuse me, the sports bar is on mason street and the restaurant is on ellis. so made the two measurements and calculated the noise level of the facades, the north facade is along ellis and the south is in the back of the building, facing other buildings and we calculated the ratings needed to meet the entertainment commission noise guides and we found that the rating should be 32. we chose worse case acoustically speaking worse case rooms, smaller rooms with more
1:00 pm
percentage of window. that about it. do you have questions? >> vice president thomas: questions? >> commissioner lee: i see your measurements, you stop around midnight. do you have any measurements around 2:00 in the morning or am i missing a page? >> we didn't make measurements around 2:00. we did the 10 minute measurement when it was busiest that night at the bar that we thought it was. it was a good representation, that sports bar is -- it may be open until 2:00 but i don't foresee them spilling out into the street all at 2:00 a.m. i thought it was a good representation, the music was playing -- >> vice president thomas: sorry, i'm looking at the day you tested, monday january 29th.