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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 27, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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for properties that are warehoused and 3.5 increase, gross receipt increase for commercial rent. i've highlighted different exemptions so if properties let's just say, retail sales and services, small business, and that section of the property would not be subject to the
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commercial rent increase. the other one is one that will be put on by the board of supervisors and that one is covering housing and homelessness in terms of the -- what the increase in gross revenue and that is projecting 1.7% gross receipt increase for commercial rent. again, that chart highlights what is subject to the commercial rent increase and what is exempt. so just want to highlight. that one does require a super majority. so -- and then at our next meeting, the march 12th meeting, you will be receiving presentation and i'll be sending materials out. they did analysis on commercial
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rents and vacancies, so you will be receiving that presentation on march 12th. >> great thank you. >> that concludes my report unless you have questions. >> any commissioner questions? ok, seeing none. do we have public comment on item number 6? seeing none, public comment is closed. i'm only going to make a thing, item number 2, with these two taxes. i've never had as many small businesses concerned with this probably since i've lived here. a lot of them are saying, they're done. they can't afford it here anymore. so it will be really interesting to see what happens here. so, ok, any other questions?
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seeing none, next comment. next item. >> commissioner's report, allows president, vice president and commissioners to report on recent small business activities and make announcements ta are of interest to the small business community. discussion item. >> i have two things, i attended the nun awards on january 29th and i want to give a shoutout to daniel homesy for what he's done with the network. this year is probably the most diverse awards i've been to in their ten years. it wasn't just certain neighborhoods, he had representation from all over the city, so i want to say congratulations to daniel on that. and then my second item, we all have new boards in front of us today, folks. so it would help me out, please use your request to speak button
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now, i know half of them didn't work, we were like, ahh, that would help me out a lot. that's all i have? any other comments? commissioner reilly? >> i just wanted to let you know i attended a walk in chinatown. the highlight of the walk was mayor farrell. we visited the golden gate cookie factory and the mayor make a message and special fortune cookie for his wife and wished a lot of happy lunar new year of the dog. i worked with the mayor and welcomed in the new year in the chinese new year parade on saturday. busy week. >> i attended our regular market business association meetings and our samba is going to be
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joining with the south beach business association, and also i attended an event, cosponsored by the arab american grocer association around ice raids in a time when businesses are being visited by ice in the city. >> great. >> so your two local business groups are merging? >> south beach and south -- >> and what was the reason for doing that? >> south beach had some infrastructure issues and we just decided to merge forces. >> share expenses and what not? >> yes. >> do we have public comment on item number 7? seeing none, closed. >> item 8, news business, new
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items for future consideration by the commission. >> i want to suggest we revisit an actually spend time researching the concept of helping small businesses purchase their store fronts. a number of business i know have done this and i feel like this is really the ultimate way to protect a small business from being evicted, is if they own their store front. some folks are doing it through a tic and i think with the crisis we're in right now, we really need to look at this seriously. >> i'm glad you brought that up, i agree with you 110%. this is probably before mark's time and yours, but we did this 6-7 years ago and we had success
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with this. you're right, now the is the time, because some of the people we helped own their store front now and they're here and doing good. >> i know some would be happy to come and speak and tell us what their process was and you know, go through the department and move something like this forward. >> excellent idea. >> is that program, the t.i.c. -- >> that's if you have a commercial building and apartment on top, the landlord wants, he could sell you the scare footage, so what you're renting he could buy the square footage. >> what is the other part, the small side acquisition? >> that's for residential. we have bought mixed use commercial, but it's primarily 4-6 unit apartment buildings to
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keep rent protected people in their homes. >> is there a way to inquire about a program like that? >> i think we can -- i mean, rick and i have been discussing this in terms of looking at it as one of the components to develop with the legacy business program. so there is -- we can look at what programs there are for residential, where we do have a first-time homebuyer program, assistance with a loan with that. we have the small site acquisition. we can take a look at that and take a look at some of the programs that we currently have and draw parallels of what can work, might work, develop it slightly differently for commercial space. and we might still -- i think another thing on the agenda is also on that list, would be to sort of take a way to modify
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back the legislation that prevents condos and allow commercial condoization. so that it's easier to get 504 loans. >> ok, any other new business items? do we have public comment on new business? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, number 9 adjournment. >> before that, please show the office of small business slide. and remember the office of small business should be your first stop when you have any questions about what to do next. you can find us online or in person here at city hall. best of all, all of the services are free of charge. the small business commission is the official public forum to voice your opinions and concerns
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about policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco. please, we want to hear from you, come to our meetings. the 2nd and 4th monday of the month, we want to hear from you. if you need assistance with any small business manners, start here at the office of small business. >> item 9, adjournment. >> moved, seconded. >> all in favor, aye? meeting adjourned.
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>> usf donates 100-120 pounds of food a night. for the four semesters we have been running here, usf has donated about 18,000 pounds of food to the food recovery network. ♪ ♪ >> i'm maggie. >> i'm nick. >> we're coe-chairs of the national led organization. what food recovery does is recover and redistribute food that would go wasted and
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redistributing to people in the community. >> the moment that i became really engaged in the cause of fighting food waste was when i had just taken the food from the usf cafeteria and i saw four pans full size full of food perfectly fine to be eaten and made the day before and that would have gone into the trash that night if we didn't recover it the next day. i want to fight food waste because it hurts the economy, it's one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world. if it was a nation, it would be the third largest nation behind china and the united states. america wastes about 40% of the food we create every year, $160 billion worth and that's made up in the higher cost of
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food for consumers. no matter where you view the line, you should be engaged with the issue of food waste. ♪ ♪ >> access edible food that we have throughout our lunch program in our center, i go ahead and collect it and i'll cool it down and every night i prep it up and the next day i'll heat it and ready for delivery. it's really natural for me, i love it, i'm passionate about it and it's just been great. i believe it's such a blessing to have the opportunity to actually feed people every day. no food should go wasted.
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there's someone who wants to eat, we have food, it's definitely hand in hand and it shouldn't be looked at as work or a task, we're feeding people and it really means so much to me. i come to work and they're like nora do you want this, do you want that? and it's so great and everyone is truly involved. every day, every night after every period of food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, i mean, people just throw it away. they don't even think twice about it and i think as a whole, as a community, as any community, if people just put a little effort, we could really help each other out. that's how it should be. that's what food is about basically. >> an organization that meets is the san francisco knight ministry we work with tuesday and thursday's.
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♪ ♪ by the power ♪ of your name >> i have faith to move mountains because i believe in jesus. >> i believe it's helpful to offer food to people because as you know, there's so much homelessness in san francisco and california and the united states. i really believe that food is important as well as our faith. >> the san francisco knight ministry has been around for 54
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years. the core of the ministry, a group of ordain ministers, we go out in the middle of the night every single night of the year, so for 54 years we have never missed a night. i know it's difficult to believe maybe in the united states but a lot of our people will say this is the first meal they've had in two days. i really believe it is a time between life or death because i mean, we could be here and have church, but, you know, i don't know how much we could feed or how many we could feed and this way over 100 people get fed every single thursday out here. it's not solely the food, i tell you, believe me. they're extremely grateful. >> it's super awesome how
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welcoming they are. after one or two times they're like i recognize you. how are you doing, how is school? i have never been in the city, it's overwhelming. you get to know people and through the music and the food, you get to know people. >> we never know what impact we're going to have on folks. if you just practice love and kindness, it's a labor of love and that's what the food recovery network is and this is a huge -- i believe they salvage our mission. >> to me the most important part is it's about food waste and feeding people. the food recovery network national slogan is finding ways to feed people. it's property to bring the
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scientific and human element into the situation. . >> the meting will come to ord order. this is the february 23rd, 2018 special meeting of the san francisco local agency formation commission. i am sandra leigh fewer, chair of the commission. i am joined by commissioner cynthia pollock on my left and hillary rope then on my right. i would also like to thank the staff at sfgovtv, for recording today's meetings. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> madam clerk, can you please read item number two. >> item 2 is the approval of
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the lafco meeting minutes of november 30, 2017 workshop, and the november 30, 2017 regular meeting. >> thank you. do any of the commissioners have any changes to the november 30, 2017 minutes? >> yes, i do. >> under opening remarks and proposals presented by the commission, i recall it says rise chair pollock provided the following two proposals, broad band and revisiting an affordable housing study. i believe there was also a third, an expansion of clean power sf. >> supervisor fewer: okay. are there any other changes to the november 30, 2017 minutes? all right. seeing none, i will open this up to public comment. are there any members of the
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public who wish to comment on item 2. seeing none, item 2 is now closed. is there a motion to approve the minutes? >> so moved. >> second. >> moved by commissioner pollock and seconded by commissioner rhenown, those minutes are approved. madam clerk, can you call item number three. >> item three is lafco regular meeting schedule. >> i believe we have a message from angela calvillo, interim chair officer. >> thank you. i wanted to introduce item three. for the first few months lafco meetings were on an as-needed basis. now lafco is suggesting that we set the next couple of meetings, particular, march 16, 2018; april 20th, may 18, june 15th, july 20th, september 21, october 19, and november 16,
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we have the room space available for the lafco, and this will also assist us in aligning our meetings with the regular board meetings. >> thank you very much. colleagues, any comments? seeing none, let's open this up for public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to comment on item number three? seeing no public speakers, public comment is now closed. colleagues, can we have a motion to approve the regular meeting schedule for 2018? >> great. moved by commissioner ropenen, seconded by commissioner pollock, the item is proved. madam clerk, can you please call item four. >> item four is nominating two members to the board, ending.
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>> i understand we have not received any applications for either of these seats, is that correct? >> that is correct, madam chair. >> commissioner pollock did submit her application right prior to the meeting but it did not make it into the packet. >> so seeing that, with that understanding, i'd like to continue this item, but let's first open this up for public comment, are there any members of the public who wish to comment on item number four? seeing none, public comment is now closed. to allow more time for applications to be submitted, i would like to continue this item for the next regular meeting on march 16th. colleagues, is there a motion to continue? >> so moved. >> thank you move. >> seconded. >> moved by commissioner ronen and seconded by commissioner pollock, without objections, item number four will be continued to the next regular meeting on march 16th. madam clerk, can you please call item number five. >> item five is a community
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aggregate report and a community report. >> good afternoon, commissioners. michael himes, director of clean power sf for the sfpc. it's a pleasure to be with you this afternoon. i've got some remarks to update you on the status of program growth, work we've been doing since we last met. first and foremost, though, cleanpowersf continues to serve about 81,000 accounts within the city and county, and to date, our cumulative program opt out rate is 3.2%. it's been at that level for a while. probably the last time we reported it, it was there, as well. i guess another way of looking at this is we have a 98.6%
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participation rate. 4 4.1% of our accounts have opted up to our renewable energy, super green, and that is the highest of any cca operating in california. and as -- well, we're also preparing a quarterly enrollment for customers that have signed up for the program since january , and that enrollment is coming up in april. that's a small enrollment of about 250 accounts that have signed up over the past few months. you might recall that in addition to the large enrollment fees is we've been inviting sign ups on an ongoing basis and then conducting these quarterly enrollments to bring those customers into the program on a timely basis. since we last presented to the lafco in late november , a number of things have happened with respect to our program development work. first, on january 23rd, the
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puc approved some new rates for cleanpowersf. this is a limited rate action focused on two things. first, at reducing our super green premium for participating customers so effective march 1, next month, our residential super green rates will be 1.5 cents perhour on top of our green kilowith the hour, down from two cents. this reduction will allow the program to remain competitive with comparable offerings by pg&e. the other major actions we took were some modifications to our net energy metering. that's a program that supports customers that have roof top solar. it's a billing credit mechanism that allows customers that own solar to get credits on their
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bills for any energy they produce and deliver to the grid. that's tracked every month. net credits that accumulate in a given month are carried forward for application to a following billing period. and then, every year, we look at whether the customer was a net producer of energy or a net consumer, and they were a net producer, we compensate them for that energy. so we made changes based on our experience to date in managing this program. after about a year and a half in operations, the changes were really to improve is simplify the customer experience, so those changes were first to -- we eliminated two net surplus compensation rates that we were using. that's the rates we pay the customer fore additional energy produced over the course of the year. we're now just compensating the customers at the higher of
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those two rates, which is the average super green rate. we also adopted a credit carrie forward at the end of the period at our default mechanism. customers can also request a check rather than a carrie forward of the credit on their bills. and finally, we have adopted a policy of carrying forward credits for any customers that have been on the program less than ten months, and the intent of that is to avoid harming any customers that may be expected to get additional credits for the balance of the year. so that's a little bit in the weeds, but those are adjustments that have been made to, again, improve the customer experience, protect our koestner mers were any lost value, and also help improve the efficiency of administering the program. also on january 23rd, the
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board of supervisors authorized the puc to enter into power supply contracts to support the next phase of program enrollment. that legislation was signed by the mayor on january 26th. and then lastly, the puc commission affirmed that the conditions necessary to execute the contracts had been met, and authorized the general manager to move forward with all actions in esto complete citywide enrollment for cleanpowersf. so really a major milestone for cleanpowersf. the elements are really coming into place now for a july enrollment. and towards that end, staff is -- we are working to finalize our power supply contracts and bank credit agreement. we're targeting execution in early march of our first set of agreements to come out of the solicitations we issued. we are also working on our enrollment plan, taking into consideration the available
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renewable energy supply in 2018 to support our customer enrollment again while meeting our overall program content power objectives. we're providing updated program notices, program collateral and fine-tuning our outreach program for the next enrollment phase, and a lot of that is going to be centered around who we are going to be enrolling in the next phase, and that's something we're working on right now. and then, last but not least here, we're also evaluating a potential rate action for our green product. the reason why we've separated these rate actions is because we are waiting for pg&e to set its rates for this year, and pg&e had been delayed. normally, their rates go into effect on january 1. last year, pg&e issued its rates for 2018, and those will
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go into effect next month. and what we're seeing is -- you might recall the pcia of the exit fee that cca customers paid pg&e. we are seeing that go up by about 14%. the -- but we are also seeing pg&e's generation supply rates also go up by about 8%. so the net result is that cleanpowersf rates will continue to belower than pg&e after -- than pg&e's comparable rates by accounting for the pcia. to the extent we do take a rate action in april, it will maintain that beneficial rate differential, and it would go into effect on july 1. and that actually concludes my update. i'm happy to take questions. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. colleagues, any questions? yes, commissioner pollock?
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>> commissioner pollock: i just want to -- excuse me. first of all, congratulations -- >> yeah, thank you for your support through this effort. >> commissioner pollock: i know so many people are so excited to see how it moves forward. i just wonder if we can get a chart, again, of the new dates for the different parts of the roll out and just when we see the big launch and how that's moving along. >> absolutely. >> commissioner pollock: okay. great. thank you. >> yeah. be happy to do that. >> supervisor fewer: commissioner ronen, any questions? okay. seeing none. >> okay. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: let's open this up for public comment. are there any members of the public who wish to comment on item number five? hello. >> good afternoon. commissioners, eric brooks for california energy choice and san francisco clean energy advocates. in the entire 14 kbraerz thyea i've been coming before this
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commission, this is the most important thing that i've ever had to say to you. warren buffet and donald trump are trying to get ahold of the california electricity grid to bring coal back to california and undermine renewables. the trump administration has directed regional grid operators like this one would become under a bill in the state legislature and has directed federal agencies to subsidize coal electricity once this happens, so they will be able to make it cheaper than renewables even though it's not. there's a bill that's up last year that's coming up again this year, it's going to be rewritten so that it's easier to pass. the authors made mistakes last year and that's one of the reason they're going to be able to kill it. the result of this bill would be to make our california nonprofit electricity grid turn
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into part of a regional private grid of which the largest company acting, and it would be warren buffet's berkshire-hathaway, who has attacked companies in other states. once our grid is part of a private grid than state grid, our california electricity grid will be under the control of the trump administration. this could kill community choice aggregation, and it could kill renewables in general for a decade, possibly more. this is the biggest threat we've ever faced, and it's vital that you oppose it. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. >> hi, commissioners.
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jed holtzman from 350 bay area. i just want to say attending the sf meetings, we're ready to go full steam ahead. the one thing i would say for lafco's role, as going forward, as we discussed in the workshop, the role you could play in cleanpowersf, the puc staff has a tremendous amount of work to do to roll out the program, get everyone enrolled, make sure that they're happy, make sure that the city, the board is happy with the budgeting and contracting divisions. i think one role that the lafco can play going forward is as advocates, we get reports on -- and i hope mike doesn't get mad at me. we talk with him about this all the time. we get reports on what silicon valley is doing. now i'm getting reports on what east bay is looking like, and now i'm getting some reports on
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the north bay. what i'd like to do is transmit a lot of those best practices where possible from other cca and kind of just instead of growing at our own pace, not enrollment wise, but program development wise, that can he can kind of take the best pieces of the east bay, north bay, and south bay wherever possible, and we'd like to talk to lafco at some point in the future. thanks. >> supervisor fewer: all right. thank you. seeing no further comments, public comment is now closed. there's no action for the commission to take on this matter. madam clerk, can you please call item number six. >> item six is the interim administrative officer's report. >> supervisor fewer: miss calvillo, do you have anything to report? >> thank you, madam chair,
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members of the commission, angela calvillo, interim officer. i wanted to provide just a brief introduction to what i've done with the lafco's budget without permission from lafco, but i think it's a good thing. essentially because the budget process for lafco is not on the same timeline as the budget process for the board of supervisors and the city in general, what used to happen is the executive officer would provide me a ballpark figure from lafco that wouldn't be confirmed by lafco until june, so while we are, a city department, submitting our budgets to the mayor and controller as of yesterday, february -- yeah, thank you, 22nd, i asked the budget committee, and the committee has provided me permission to put in the statutory amount that lafco is entitled to, which is $297,342.
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so by the time lafco does determine its needs and actually comes up with a figure, if it's lower than that amount, then, we'll just adjust the department's budget by that amount. this will make things a little easier for us in our conversations with the mayor's and the controller's office, so with your permission, i appreciate your indulgence to do that today. the last thing i'll say is that i'm the interim officer, and all of the work that we have done over the last couple of months is all done with the great assistance of alisa, your clerk, especially the rfq for executive officer. i'm available for any questions. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. colleagues, any questions?
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no. seeing none, let's open this up for public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to speak on this item. >> yes. >> supervisor fewer: oh, i'm so sorry. [ inaudible ] >> so eric brooks again, san francisco green party, local grassroots organization, our city, californians for energy support, which is a statewide organization for community choice aggregation and clean choice energy advocates. i would just urge you real quickly to make sure -- in light of what happened last year, let's make sure lafco has full leverage on its own budget and can -- and so make sure you retain the power to not allow any shenanigans to go on in the
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future like we saw last year. >> supervisor fewer: okay. thank you very much. seeing no further public comment, public comment is now closed. there is no commission action to be taken on this matter. can you please call item seven. >> item seven is a discussion on lafco's strategic plan. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. we have discussed a range of things worth exploring, but until we have an executive director, i propose we suspend any further discussion until our march 16th meeting. colleagues, does that sound okay to you? great. now let's open this up to public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to comment on item seven. >> surprise, surprise. eric brooks, californians for energy choice and all the other groups that i mentioned before. so the -- we've heard from the interim executive officer that the bids that came in on the
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request for qualifications are proprietary, and they're not allowed to be released. the public, of course, really would like to see the applicants and who they are, and so that we can weigh in on who we think would be the best person, but we can't really do it without that information. this is a question for the attorney and for the executive -- interim executive officer, but if we can even get the names of applicants, then, we can look them up themselves and decide what we think and then maybe make comments before your next meeting. i don't know if that's possible, but anything you can give us so that we can, as the public, weigh in on the process, that would be great. thanks. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. any other public speakers? and do we have a response for mr. brooks? >> thank you, madam chair. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. >> in -- in -- in discussing this issue with mr. eng, who is working in conjunction
12:43 pm
closely with the office of the city attorneys on this, unfortunately, because we are still in the determination process about whether or not the named individuals that you were speaking about actually meet the minimum qualifications, we are not yet ready to present that information, but we will definitely provide the public that information relatively around the same time we provide that information to the commission. okay. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. seeing no other public speakers, public comment is now closed. i would like to continue this item until our next regular meeting on march 16th. colleagues, is there a motion to continue? thank you very much. great. moved by commissioner pollock and seconded by commissioner ronen, without objections, item number seven will be continued to the next regular meeting on march 16. madam clerk, can you please call item number eight. >> item number eight is an update on obtaining executive
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officer services for the commission and possible direction to staff. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. i want to invite our interim administrative officer to give an update on the rfq process. miss calvillo. >> thank you, chair. so at the direction of lafco our office issued an rfq for executive officer services. the deadline was extended to february 13th, 2018. the anticipated not to exceed contract raid is $75 an hour. the panel deliberation was scheduled for this morning, and we will issue a notice of intent to prequalify, we're hoping by february 27th. at this time, the details of the respondents are confidential in accordance with the administrative code chapter 67.24 for mr. brooks, but may be subject to disclosure once the panel scoring and the issue of the notice of intent to
12:45 pm
prequalify has completed. respondents are not gasuarante a contract if they meet the qualifications because it is on lafco for the qualification and certainly as the chair as she was authorized to conduct this r 23 q process, and the respondent's ability to complete the necessary administrative requirements in order to become an approved city vendor through the general services agency. respondents who are prequalified will remain eligible for consideration and contract negotiation on an as needed basis for five years from the prequalification notification date. we look forward to keeping you apprised on this issue, and i'm available for other questions. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> supervisor fewer: colleagues, any comments or questions? seeing none, let's open this up for public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to comment on item number eight? seeing none, public comment is
12:46 pm
now closed. do we have a motion to continue this item to our next regular item on march 16? >> so moved. >> thank you very much. moved by commissioner pollock and seconded by commissioner ronen. without objection, the panel will continue item eight to our next meeting on march 16. item nine. >> consideration to approve the agreement with renne sloan holtzman and safai. >> supervisor fewer: i wanted to allow teresa tristricker to present on this item. >> i am speaking here in my individual capacity and not as your legal advisor as the contracts before you pertains
12:47 pm
to the firm that i am currently affiliated with and the firm that i will be affiliated with starting next thursday. our firm that has been providing legal services to you is splitting. the firm will be splitting into two firms. a new firm is being created called renne public law firm, and that is the group that i will be affiliated with, starting on march 1. we will be located in the offices that are currently located in, and have a similar name, but it is a brand-new firm. in order to allow me to continue to provide legal services, we have made the request that the lafco agree to an assignment of the existing contract with the existing firm under the same terms and conditions without any additional extension from the old firm to the new firm for services beginning on march 1. any services that are provided between now and the end of february , including, for
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example, my attendance here today, will be provided on behalf of the current firm, and the current firm will eventually submit a bill for those services for anything between now and the end of february . and so with that, i'm going to go ahead and defer to your interim administrative officer for any additional questions, but if you have any questions about the split of the firm or how that is going to work or what this means for you, i'm happy to provide that information. but as far as from my perspective, you will not see any change. the only change will be the name of the firm that i'm affiliated with. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. yes, miss calvillo? >> yes, thank you, miss stricker. the other point that i wanted to make is we had the city attorney's office review the terms of the assignment agreement, and they have signed off on all of the language. we're happy to provide that to you, as well, members of the
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commission, and that beginning march 1st, the assignment agreement will take place, and we will have all of the files transferred from the hyde, miller, owen and troste to the new renne law group. >> supervisor fewer: okay. colleagues, any questions, comments? okay. let's open this up to members of the public. are there any members of the public wishing to comment on item nine snoo seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion to approve the contract for renne law group, llc. great. moved by commissioner ronen, seconded by commissioner pollock, so approve the contract for the renne law group, llc as our law group. madam clerk, can you please call item ten.
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>> item ten is public comment. >> supervisor fewer: this is the time for members of the public to address items on the panel's jurisdiction and not on the agenda. are there any members of the public that would like to speak. >> yes. eric brooks. this time i'll speak on behalf of our city, san francisco and the san francisco green party. as you move forward and start working on affordable housing, there's a desperate issue that's not being addressed in san francisco and that is small businesses, local small businesses. they are going out of business as if there's a wildfire going through the city. the costa hawkins repeal bill and ballot measures that are in planning are not going to solve the problem. in my neighborhood, we've lost
12:51 pm
micano's possibly the best greek restaurant in the united states. polk street produce went out of business because of increased rent. the gangway bar, one of the most historic bars in san francisco for the lgbt community is going to have to go out of business or move. in commissioner fewer's district, she knows there's a natural food business that's being driven out of the district because of the decision by the building owner. we are losing key businesses so fast in this city that san francisco's not going to be recognizable in the next decade if we don't do something about this. so as you move forward on supporting affordable housing and the homeless, we also need to think that some of those homeless may be small business owne owners that went out of business because no one can cap their rent.
12:52 pm
and that in turn is replacing all of our businesses with formula retail. it's just -- we're not going to have san francisco unless we solve this problem, so i'd urge you to put that on your future agenda. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. seeing no other public speakers, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, can you please call item number 11. >> item number 11 is future agenda items. >> supervisor fewer: are there any future agenda items that my colleagues would like to comment on or discussion. seeing none, let's open this up to members of the public. are there any members of the public who would like to comment on item number 11. seeing none, item 11 is now clerk. madam clerk, are there any other items of business before us today? >> that concludes your items of business for today. >> supervisor fewer: there being no further items of business, we are adjourned.
12:53 pm
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it looks at good and tastes good
12:54 pm
and it is good in my mouth pretty amazing. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am the executive chef i've been here as a chef at la concina since 2005 reason we do the festival and the reason we started to celebrate the spirit and talent and trivia and the hard work of the women in the la concina program if you walk up to my one on the block an owner operated routine i recipient it's a they're going to be doing the cooking from scratch where in the world can you find that >> i'm one of the owners we do
12:55 pm
rolls that are like suburbia that is crisp on the outside and this is rolled you up we don't this it has chinese sister-in-law and a little bit of entertain sprouts and we love it here. >> there are 6 grilled cheese grilled to the crisp on the outside outstanding salsa and a lot of things to dip it knocks you out and it's spicecy and delicious i was the first person that came here and we were not prepared for this every year we're prepared everybody thinks what they're doing and we can cookout
12:56 pm
of our home and so the festivals were part of the group we shove what we do and we w we tried to capture the spirit of xrifs. >> and there from there to sales and the hard part of the sales is 250 assess our market and creating a market opportunity giving limited risks and sales experience to our guys and >> when i open up the paper every day i'm just amazed at how many different environmental issues keep popping up. when i think about the planet i
12:57 pm
want to leave for my children and other generation, i think of what contribution i can make on a personal level to the environment. ♪ clean power sf is san francisco's key way of fighting climate change by renewable energy and offering it to san francisco customers. i'm from the san francisco public utilities commission. the program came about with state wide legislation in 2002 to enable people to take more control over supplies. i first heard of the program when the organization was advocating to launch clean power sf. what i'm most excited about, it's going to bring 100% renewable energy to my home and
12:58 pm
reinvest into renewable energy infrastructure and jobs. i had gone to a lot of street fairs and heard from the staff at the san francisco public utilities commission to sign up for clean power sf even before it launched. >> we learned about clean power sf because our sustainability team is always looking for clean operations. linkedin is the largest online network. there are about 530 million members using our site. in this san francisco office there's about 1400 employees working in roughly 400,000 square feet. >> after signing up for the program we heard about the san francisco program and learned they had commercial rates and signed up for that. i'm the co-owner of the new
12:59 pm
wheel electric bike shop. we opened this store in 2012 and the new wheel sells and services electric bikes. 11 people work here in san francisco and our store is about 2,000 square feet. electric bikes are fantastic for transportation in the city, they're clean and green and you get places faster than any other form of transportation. it amplifies the power, it doesn't replace it. it makes it easier to get places by bicycle and it's so enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to go and more convenient in san francisco. >> clean power sf requires two products, green, 40% renewable and competitively priced with pg and e. for those who want to fight climate change more, 100% renewable at $0.02 per kilawatt.
1:00 pm
>> i decided to go with the super greens, after finding it only to cost about $5 more a month to have super green, that's a no-brainer, i can do that. >> we were pleased that clean power sf offers the super green 100% for commercial entities like ours and residents for the city of san francisco. we were pleased with the package of services for linkedin and now encouraging our employees who have a residence in san francisco to sign on as well. >> clean power sf buys its power from renewable plants that feed the energy directly into the grid. >> there's a commitment to sustainability throughout the entire organization and this clean power opportunity