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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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[ ♪ ] (drumming) >> thank you, everyone for coming out to city hall tonight. let's give another round of applause for the lion dance performance sponsored x the chinese consolidated association and thank you for all the family association representatives for being here tonight. thank you very much. [ applause ] (speaking mandarin)
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good evening. lane. first let me introduce myself tonight. i'm so honoured to be the miss stress of ceremony nor this celebration tonight and this is the official lunar new year celebration hosted by march y mark officer real. and together with
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have visser president brenda lee and fehr and supervisor james kim and supervisor cawty tim and norman yee and recorder carmen schue. (speaking mandarin)
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first i would like to introduce our dignitary tonight. we also have the consular general of canada. ying chan. and california state assembly man david schue. i think they're not here yet so maybe first -- maybe let me talk a little bit about the year of the dog first. so everybody knows this year is the year of dog. do you know what are the characteristics of dog? anybody have dog at home? okay. so the dog symbolizes character trait such as loyalty,
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combattability, kindness. dogs also frequently offer kind word and useful advice. always listening and lending a shoulder when necessary. dogs are determined individuals, also wanting to mast area new subject before moving on and always finishing what they start. dogs value friendships. they are loyal, honest, trustworthy, reliable and have strong morals and ethics. (speaking han mandarin) so this event would not happen without our sponsors. so here i would like to also thank our sponsors for tonight. first we have apa heritage
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your support. (speaking mandarin) also we would like to thank the community so please give a round of applause to our sponsors and committee. and also we have performers here. so now i our mayor has been waiting for a long time. it's my honour to introduce to you the 44th mayor of the city and county of san francisco. mayor mark pharaoh.
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mayor ferrell represents disstrict number b 2. (speaking mandarin) please welcome mayor mark farrell. >> thank you. (speaking mandarin.) [ applause ] i want to wish everybody a very happy lunar new year. it is an honour to be here and to welcome everybody to start the lunar new year here in city hall. welcome to the people's palace, everyone. i want to say what an honour it
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has been as mayor to be a part of the lunar new year's fest activities alread festivities throughout san francisco, whether it be kicking off weeks ago visiting the merchants last week and certainly i think with everybody in this room celebrating ouriachi niec chinese new year parade. and i want everyone to know that ouriachi niec our di chinese community is part of our dna here in san francisco. it is who we are all about. and we so proud to celebrate our chinese community. it is part of our heritage and something we will always celebrate. no matter what you see, from enrichment to chinatown to bayview we see so many asian
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american families setting up roots and raising their families here in san francisco and it is amazing to see that growth continue and i hope we will all continue to celebrate it for years to come. i do want to thank a number of people that have helped celebrate this lunar new year. first of all to our ambassador. and kipman chan is here. thank you, kipman for all your hard work and to all the members of the community to help with our chinese parade. thank you all for all your incredible work in that parade.
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everyone who is here today and thank you for the community groups and the community leaders and to the companies and thank you for being a part f ouriachi niece new year's celebration today. thank you. >> lastly i would be remis tonight without mentioning -- as we sit here celebrating our lunar new year that san francisco continues to be under assault from washington, d.c. but the one thing we will stand for is we will continue to be a sanctuary for our immigrant communities and as we continue to fight day after day with our president, san francisco will never back down from our support of our immigrant communities. and ouriachi niece community in particular has been a big part of that for generations here in san francisco. we will never back down. san francisco always has been and always will be a sanctuary city and we want to make sure every one of our immigrant
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communities knows that and knows they have a place to stay here in san francisco and they will always have a place to call home here in san francisco. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> thank you. thank you, mayor farrell. now it's my great pleasure to introduce president of the board of supervis super superviseors which includes japan town. so supe supervise other reid. >> thank you and i want to ask my colleagues to also join me on this platform tonight. all the supervise sores -- all
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the supervisors. and senator scott wiener am i know everyone isn't on the program. i see the senior college and community board members thank you both for being here today am i know that everyone isn't on the program but i wanted to make sure that you all know that the elected family is here today in celebration of lunar new year. i want to rec nice this is the first time we are without our mayor, mayor ed lee. so i want to take a moment of silence in his honour because he loved this time of year. he would have been right here celebrating every single moment with each and every one of us. and so if we can just take a moment of silence.
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thank you, everyone. and with that, in his honour, we celebrate -- we did this city proud during the parade. thank you, kipman chan for all of the work for the chinese chamber of commerce and another spectacular parade full of life, full of hope, celebrating this year of the dog. thank you, ambassador for being here as well as we celebrate and thank you mayor mark farrell for continuing this wonderful tradition of o bringing our community together with amazing performances, fes festivities. the small businesses. the community. this is why san francisco is one of the greatest places anywhere. because we have not only amazing diversity. we celebrate our culture. we celebrate our history. and we are made better as a
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community and as a city because of it. thank you all so much for being here today. (speaking mandarin) i'm learning according to supervisor tang. thank you, everybody. [ applause ] >> thank you for president linda reid and i would say your chinese is very good and all the supervisors for being here. thank you so much again. and the next speaker is san
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francisco assessor carmen schue. the highest elected city-wide who is of chinese-american decent. prior to being elected car member was a supervisor representing district 4 and we are very proud that carmen is also the only asian american assessor elected to serve 58 tallies in the court of california. police car men schue. , [ applause ] (speaking ma mandarin)
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happy new year to everybody. my name is carmen schue. i serve as city recorder. what i said earlier, it's not just today we welcome you to city hall. we hope that every sippel day of the year, 365 days every year you feel just as welcome to come back to your city hall and with that we wish you a very happy lunar new year. thank you very much. [ applause ]
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>> thank you, carmen. >> and now we would like to invite on behalf of the committee, please welcome claudine chan. claudine helped launch the official celebration of heritage month in 2005 is currently the president of the heritage foundation. >> thank you, alina. (speaking mandarin)
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thank you so much, everyone. i'm claudine chang and today i'm
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representing the ata her tan foundation we are very thankful that the mayor's office invited us to come celebrate lunar new year every year. i was just talking about the fag that lunar new year was not just celebrated by chinese americans but it was also celebrated by korean americans. i know the committee chair is here. the vietnamese communities. the osaka friend. osaka community is here. thank you very much. it was really a big family coming back home together, to your home here in city hall. so thank you so much and we are very team to support this. i also mentioned this year is the important year for the asian pacific americans because it is the 40th anniversary celebration in this country. so we will be having a big
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celebration in may and we hope that everyone will come and celebrate with us. so celebrating new year is about all generations. we are very excited that today to help us celebrate we have the second great students from the elementary school. so we are very happy to see them. (speaking mandarin) the first dance from the student from the elementary school performing. the first dance is jasmine and the second dance is the mongolian horse dance. so let's welcome our students from the elementary school [ applause ]
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[ ♪ ] sprz sprz [ applause ] [ ♪ ]
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♪[ music ] [ applause ] >> what a great performance and let's give another round of applause to our cute students. they are the students from your lower elementary school. they are only second great. very good job. thank you.
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tonight we have so many dinners. please forgive me if i miss any of your names. before we take the group photo i would like to thank also a lot of other dignitaries and officials who are here. first we have california state senator scott wheeler. (speaking mandarin) san francisco police chief bill scott. (speaking mandarin) sheriff vicky hanney. (speaking mandarin)
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deputy chef paul mioto. (speaking mandarin) mr. kipman chan is the president of chinese commerce. chinese consolidated presiding president, mr. harry hewy. so now i would like all of our officials join our wonderful kid for the picture. we would like to have mark farrell for the supervisor and
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schuo, and also any other department heads. if i missed any of your flames... and after the group picture we would like to have the board of supervisors come out and say some word. please remain seated. after the group picture we do have a singing performance. (speaking mandarin) francis and victory li vick --
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victor lin please also come to the stage.
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may i ask the board of supervisors to remain on stage. so whoever -- we have jane kim here. good evening and happy new year. and also on behalf of the vietnamese american community i also represent. ) speaking vietnamese) happy new year in the city of san francisco. it is an honour to have represented the city in the last decade both on the schoolboard and here opt board of supervisor. one of the reasons why i love san francisco so much is because we have a very strong asian specific community with many leaders and community ors also
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in the chinese chamber of commercial, the chinese new year's parade which is one of the sources of pride here in the city. so i want to recognize again mr. kipman chan and the chinese chamber of commerce for all of your efforts and i also want to recognize your general council who pursues a strong relationship with the city and county of san francisco and make sure we continue to build those economic and personal friendships between our cities and those in china. and of course i want to rec noise the police labour association and the command organization to make sure everyone stays safe for the chinese lunar new year. but it's great to be representing this community we have so much to be proud of. fighting for our right in the community but also in fighting to keep this a stronger and
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safer community for all of us. thank you very much. >> hello, everyone. i'm the supervisor of disstrict 1. on behalf of my 80,000 residents, 40,000 of them of asian decent, i wish you all a very happy year of the dog and also much good luck and good health throughout the year. thank you very much. >> good evening my name is catherine stephanie. i'm the district supervisor and i want to say happy lunar new year to everyone and kipman i have a wonderful picture at the dinner. and it's an honour to be with everyone tonight. (speaking mandarin)
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(speaking mandarin) i'm scott wiener and i have the honour to represent our community in the state senate and i want to wish everyone a very, very happy new year, the year of the dog, a year in which i was born. and we have a lot of work to do in the new year to moving our work forward and i look forward to doing. that (speaking mandarin) thank you. >> thank you, scott wiener and our board of super supervisors. thank you so much. (speaking mandarin) so now for the if i flail i will o -- to the finale of this program, please give a welcome to he is le see selena.
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selena will precept a song. [ applause ] present a song. [ applause ] [ ♪ ] (singing in mandarin)
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♪[ music ]
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♪ (singing in mandarin) ♪ thank you, selena.
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(speaking mandarin)
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so to translate to english, the song she was singing is who represents my heart. so thank you so much for everyone coming to this great city hall lunar new year's celebration event tonight to celebrate the year of dog. and here is just one more department head and his director of department of beauty inspection, mr. tom hoy. (speaking mandarin (. in to(speak ing mandarin) tom hoy. >> good afternoon. it's my honour to be here tonight.
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i wish everybody a happy newe new year and we have a better year ahead. (speaking ma mandarin) [ applause ] >> thank you, director tom. and thank you mayor farrell and also chinese council general chan. (speaking mandarin) and also we would like to thank mark farrell for remaining here for the whole night. thank you so much and also i saw some of our board of supervisors are still here. catherine and sandra lee. and for tonight's event we will
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also -- and thank you so much for coming to tonight's event. and to celebrate the lunar new year. (speaking mandarin) so before you leave, make sure you enjoy your food which is presented by moon star buffet. (speaking mandarin) and also we have our choreographer, the artist who will be writing the new blessings. (speaking mandarin) so thank you so much for attending the city
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