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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 4, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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♪ serving on the commission for the environment of san francisco and the executive director of bright line defense, an organization dedicated to empowering communities and sustainable environments. creating sustainable environments, that is the theme today as we hear from a coalition of stakeholders, ranging from environmental advocates to community leaders to business leaders to elected officials, who have come here
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today to protest the repeal of the clean power plan just across the street that is happening at the main library. in sacramento, we've had diverse leadership come together and talk about how it's essential to our community and the nation. we've heard from the california air resources board, the public utilities commission, the environmental protection agency as well as our very own state legislature david chu who will be speaking later on. this brings up governor brown's global climate summit that will happen later this year, that shows the effect of climate change and shows that grassroots are just as important as state-level leadership itself. [cheers and applause] but there will be plenty of
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action later on in september when the global climate action summit is happening. let's talk about now. today's scheduled hearing. so originally the background was there was one scheduled hearing in west virginia. and fortunately, there was an effort that started here in san francisco with our late mayor ed lee and his senior environmental advisor, tyrone, who sent the letter advocating for there to be more hearings. they agreed. letters were sent from all over the bay area and cities demanding this hearing. we're seeing enormous outcry over the repeal of the clean power plan. our voices are heard today. [applause] we've seen momentum build for this across multiple state and different communities.
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in the grassroots, bright line submitted a letter, environmental justice, social justice, from bayview hunter point, one of the most polluted neighborhoods in san francisco. and the commissioner who is here today was a big advocate of that as well. a delegation from washington and oregon have given their official comments and we have mom's clean air force all the way from nevada and 200 east bay youth speaking out. we hope from the speakers we'll hear why climate leadership is not just a moral imperative, economic, health, but it's imperative for the survival of our very communities. i want to bring up the first speaker, another champion on the environment with over 200 city mayors and 47 states opposed a federal administration attack on
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the environment. in the past she's been dedicated to creating jobs in the green workforce for solar, energy efficiency and beyond. representing the city and county of san francisco, mayor mark farrell. >> thank you, eddie. first of all, how about a round of applause for the youth that are marching for us. [applause] you know, i would like to invite each of you to come up here with, come sit up here. come on the stage, we're doing this for you. there you go.
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can you squeeze in? we're going to keep rolling. i want to thank everybody for coming out today to this press conference, to stand with us. we are here today because we are letting the nation know that despite whatever comes out of washington d.c., no matter what topic, on this topic on the environment in particular, no matter what they try to do in epa, washington d.c., san francisco will always be an environmental leader for our residents and the residents of our people across the entire globe. [applause] we in san francisco will fight for clean energy programs that create great jobs here in san francisco. we will fight to make sure that
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dirty fossil fuels remain in the ground. we will fight to defend our scientists and researchers that know that climate change is real. we will fight for our residents to breathe clean air, to drink clean water in san francisco. we will fight to protect our families and right in front of us, we'll fight to protect our children right here in san francisco. [applause] we are going to fight for our nation's clean power plan. in san francisco, we're not going to back down from the climate commitments no matter what happens. here in san francisco we know that this works. thanks to our city's clean power sf program run by harlan kelly right behind us and the utilities commission, round of applause. thank you to harlan. [applause] we are going to reach our goal
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of 50% renewable energy and will reach the goal of 100% by 2030 right here in san francisco. and everyone needs to take note, that over the last few years, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 28%. and at the same time, our economy grew by 78% and our population increased by 19%. we can do this all together. we have erased the myth that a strong economy and a clean environment cannot go together. we in san francisco are proving everybody wrong and we want the entire nation to follow our lead. so today, let us send a message to scott pruitt and to the ep and the trump administration, we will continue in san francisco
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to fight against any proposal that threatens american families, that threatens our children, and that threatens our environment. san francisco stands as eddie mentioned with more than 240 mayors across the united states. representing 48 different states and territories. and over 52 million americans who are calling on the epa to reject the proposal to repeal the clean power plan. let us save our clean power plan here in america. thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause] thank you, mayor. at this point the next speaker almost needs no introduction, his work in philanthropy and
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climate change has been felt across the united states. he's a business leader, a philanthropist who believes we have a responsibility to give back to our families on the benefit of economic opportunity, healthy climate. is tom stier. >> hey, guys, i want to make sure this lady is ok. is she ok? so, i was testifying at this epa listening session this morning. and i was listening to the other people testifying. the people from california came forward and they were smart and they were reasonable and they were science driven and data driven and from all different parts of the community. and i was very proud of what they had to say. but i was under no illusion that anyone in washington d.c. was listening to the facts or the arguments that they presented which were basically a lay-down.
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because i know that in washington d.c., the people are listening to something else, the money. they're listening to the money of the corporate contributors who are telling this president to keep going with fossil fuels. when i think about where we are as a country, what the clean power plan means, it really has amazing resonance in terms of the protection of the american people, in terms of the protection of our democracy and in terms of telling the truth. if you listen to those people today and look at these young people, we know that if we don't clean up our air and clean our environment and stop polluting, we're going to have fires and hurricanes and we're going to have floods. wow. and we also know that the dirty air that has over 3 million
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californians with asthma are going to be located in the poorest neighborhoods, full of black and brown people, and that is completely unjust and unfair. we also know that if we do the right thing, we can create millions of good-paying jobs for the people in the community. that we can have lower cost fuel. that it's smart, it's health giving, it will make us richer. but there is something else going on in what happened today. intellectual honesty is a crime in any totalitarian regime. that means the truth itself is not acceptable in washington
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d.c. unless it makes sense for them politically. what that means is, if we can't tell the truth, if we can't look at the science and be objective and do the right thing, that means that's pretty much the end of our democracy. and we have a president who has refused to stand up for kids in terms of the shooting in schools, refused to stand up against the russians when they hack our elections and really, when he refuses to do the right thing on climate and energy, he's saying i'm more interested in campaign contributions for my fossil fuel donors than i am in the health, safety and prosperity of american citizens like the kids sitting here right now. that is a terrible threat to everything we stand for. it is an absolutely right at the heart of our democracy, our health and prosperity. that is why we're going. thank you very much. we need to get rid of this man.
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we need to change the regime. we need to make a difference and bring san francisco values and san francisco brains to the forefront of america. [cheers and applause] >> at this point, it's my pleasure to introduce the assembly member from the east side of san francisco, david chu, an environmental champion from everything from infrastructure, energy storage and electric bikes. >> good morning, california. are we ready to protect our planet? i'm david chu i'm honored to represent san francisco and the california state legislature. let me repeat something that eddie said, the trump administration did not want to come here today. they originally planned only one hearing as they destroy our planet, in west virginia, in the heart of coal country as they
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sell our country to oil interests and to coal interests. because of environmentalists and because of citizen activists we were successful at pushing for three hearings in wyoming, missouri and in one coastal location, the city and county of san francisco. so it is important today that we stand up and that we be loud. are we ready to be loud? [cheers and applause] i am proud to represent the california state legislature. our legislature has led the country when it comes to the environment. every single democrat and a handful of courageous republicans have ensured that we have put in place the cap-and-trade system that is leading the world in how we reduce o2 emissions. that we have put in place an economy that is proving what does it mean to be less
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dependent on fossil fuel. we're building a state that does not have to rely on oil. for me, though, this is as personal as it is for all of us. my son turns two years old today. i have read that if this plan is not put into place by 2030, his classmates by the time he's in high school, will suffer that year, 90,000 asthma attacks. there will be 300,000 school days and work days missed because of the pollution in our air. and we think about what is going to happen in a few years. how many feet of sea level rise are we going to see in our bay? how many fires and droughts and extreme storms and mudslides are we going to experience? is it going to be every month, every week or every day? we're here because these kids deserve a planet that is better than the planet we have right
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now. and we're here to say, we're ready to defend our planet, we're ready to defend our country and we're ready to defend california. are you ready? [cheers and applause] thank you so much. it is my honor to introduce the next speaker, someone leading the fight for the environment here in the city and county of san francisco who has been standing up for the voiceless, help to put together a clean power plan in the city, who worked to tell pharmaceutical companies you can't put unused medication in our toilets. none other than london breed! >> thank you. hello, environmental leaders! [cheers and applause] we are standing here for one reason and one reason only. to fight for our planet and to
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fight for the future generations. these young people sitting right here today. we have to do everything we can on a local level to make it clear to everyone in washington d.c., everyone who is trying to turn back the hands of time, to destroy our planet, that we are not going to take it. we are here to stand strong and proud. to say that we support moving clean power forward all over this country. we will not allow bear the brunt of the decision put here in the first place. we have led on environmental issues as assembly member david chu has said. we move forward with clean power sf. the single most important thing we can do to ban climate change.
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we banned styrofoam, the largest ban in the country. and we pushed forward legislation that kept over 40 tons out of the bay and landfill. but we are not done. we are not done. there is more work to do. and i'm proud that yesterday the legislation i introduced to make it clear that we don't support what this administration is trying to do to turn back the hands of time, that we unanimously at the board of supervisors passed legislation to ask this administration to uphold the clean power plan introduced by the obama administration. [cheers and applause] we won't back down, we will stand strong here in san francisco. 47 other states throughout this country have said we want this
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plan to continue and we won't stop fighting until it does. we won't stop fighting until the decisions that are made in our city and across the country reflect our values. and that is think being the future and the future generations. we don't want our kids to basically inherit a country that is not environmentally safe. when they walk out the door, they deserve to breathe clean air. when they walk out the door, they should not be afraid to contract asthma because of the environment. we here in san francisco are committed to leading the fight and doing everything we can to stop this administration from doing something destructive to our planet. thank you all so much for being here today. [cheers and applause] >> now the army, the soul of
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this rally. oakland youth have come today to protest the repeal of the clean power plan. it's my honor to introduce two speakers. come on up. >> hi, i'm a young activist of urban academy and victim of asthma attacks. this word is more than you think. we are the next generation of the adults today. and to create a future for the next. but how are we going to live in this environment if coal is around? we might possibly be dead when it's passed or more asthma attacks. at least we have cpp, the city power plan, the clean power plan, the law that can stop asthma attacks and death. the law that can help continue
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the generation. why repeal the law? the law that is going to save so many lives of children. children. i bet having these kids in the crowd will have asthma and an attack. it's a decision, trump, i don't want your excuse of science is not a real thing. where is your evidence to support your claim? or for children and the earth you live in. what a pal, wanting coal and saying he cares about children and the environment. right. oh, wait a minute, how can you prove it when you want coal, a toxic rock. drop it. if you care about the children and the kids on the earth. [cheers and applause] money is not important right now. this is considered life or death. you should say why should you
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listen to a kid? hello, are you listening? you burn coal, we inherit it. and before i go i want to say -- wait, what? we don't want no dirty coal, he have oakland soul. >> we haven't done an honest evaluation of the role efficiency can play. until we do that, we think it would be a bad policy. quote by unknown. >> this coal has no life. people could die because of coal. we could be effected. wake up, just because your ok now, doesn't mean you'll be ok
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later. if you haven't, let me tell you why you need to wake up. >> think about us kids, we have a life to live. do you want us to die? do you have kids? if you don't, i don't care, listen up. you're probably older than me and i probably think more about your kids' future than you do. i want kids to be happy, i want them to have kids, i want their kids to have grandkids, if we don't stop this, they won't have that. if you won't wake up for your kid or family, wake up yourself. do you want to live or die? the choice is yours. >> this world we live in at this very moment is all we have. it breaks us kids' heart to know that the people who are supposed to protect our environment is destroying it. children like us have to fear the government because of what they're doing. is the world supposed to be like
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that? should we fear the people that should protect us? why is the epa doing this? shouldn't they protect the environment? all these questions form when we think of this crisis. children and people in parts of the world have to where a mask when they're outside. our leaders are putting our health at risk for what? money. coal will bring wealth to them and death to us. i would like to share mine and others' opinions so i can say something to make a difference. we're trying to reduce the amount of pollution polluting our clean air. coal is a cheap form of fuel, full profits for the rich the toxins for the poor. it causes cancer, asthma attacks. so many animals are going extinct because of us humans. we should protect them. we should be protecting them not harming these animals.
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climate change like this takes a while to be noticeable. maybe 30-40 years. it shouldn't have been so hot in oakland last september, but it was. us children have to speak up. we don't want our earth to die. we don't want to die knowing epa wanted money so they put our lives at risk. this is happening across the world, but if we stop the excessive pollution, it can make a positive difference. us kids start off little, but look at us now, standing up for what is right. >> we are here to make a difference, we want to live. we want our children to be safe and happy. i want to know my grandchildren will lead healthy lives. our future generation is at stake. many of you have children, right? don't you want them and their
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family to be safe? don't you care about their health? if we keep this up, we will be at stake. if we increase global warming we are putting everything and everyone we love down. everything we do now is leading to something big. outcomes will form, different paths to be taken. they all depend on now. just because we're humans does not negate the fact that we can go extinct, because we can, just like any other species. and i cannot believe anyone would want their bloodline to die. this is why we must start now. by not letting coal destroy us. because as i said, big things start little. huge changes were once just a group of people wanting to make a difference. a future change is us kids wanting a better forth coming.
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we don't want coal in oakland or anywhere. we want clean air. we must have responsible and aware leaders if we want a better future. listen carefully to what we say, because it affects everyone, it affects wildlife, me, us, and you. and i am sure you would love to live past 80, maybe enough to meet your great grandchildren. i understand we all have different opinions and since i heard yours, i would like you to listen to mine. i hope you have, because that would make me extremely happy. this is the only earth there is, so we must protect it. we have to let earth breathe. >> right now we're going to lead a chant, a school chant.
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[chanting] an announcement for the oakland youth, your teachers would like you to move toward the sidewalk, the corner. so you can go back to school. sorry. [cheers and applause] there is a number of other folks here today in the crowd to recognize. we have representatives from
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scott weiner office, harris's office. we would like to recognize the san francisco public utilities commission, commissioner, as well as general manager for their strong work on the clean power efforts of san francisco itself. at this point, i'd like to introduce the next speaker in the program. the right reverend the bishop of grace cathedral, the episcopal church is an active manner of inner faith council. the right reverend mark andrews. >> as the light is leaving, i'd like to ask all of us to just stand for a moment in honor and
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in prayer. if you're give please to prayer. or intention for the woman who was the polar bear for us, who was taken away. let's have an intention for her health. and for her witness. and to understand that she was standing up for that which matters. and that's what you're doing. so she stands for you. and me and this planet. and if we don't stand up, we don't show up, there won't be something to show up for. so let's just take a moment of silence. for her health and safety and of that of everyone. amen. faith communities support the clean power plan because our
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sacred conditions teach us to support vulnerable people. children, mothers, poor people, people of color. vulnerable people are most at risk from a toxic and dirty environment. we need the clean power plan. i grew up in a community that suffered because of toxic waste. cancer rates in my hometown far, far exceed national averages. this is personal. my father, my college roommate, my best friend, both his parents, one of his siblings, all died of cancer. and in my father's case, his cancer was directly linked to toxins in the environment. i know for myself why our sacred conditions support the clean power plan to shield the most
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vulnerable people. sacred traditions teach to this everyone. it teaches us to give care to vulnerable people. there are stories, saving the lives of widows and or fans. jesus and his followers protected, cared for, healed foreigners, widows, orphans, and children. the cloon power plan is a way that faith communities can care for vulnerable people. we need the clean power plan. interfaith power and light represents 20,000 congregations across the united states. of many traditions. i lead the episcopal diocese of california which is 81 congregations, 24,000 people across the bay area. ipl and the episcopal church
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have supported policies for a cheen environment -- clean environment for over 30 years. we've the faith communities renew our support for the clean power plan to continue to support vulnerable people. when the governor summons us all to the summit this fall, the global climate summit here in san francisco, which is a world movement that he is leading, we're still in, it will start at grace cathedral with an interfaith service of every tradition from indigenous re-legionnaires's to all the -- religions to all the world religions. the communities support a clean earth and healthy earth for all the vulnerable people. join me. >> i like to recognize the commissioner for the commission
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on the environment as well as sierra club. our next speaker hails from nevada itself. she is a mom of five and organizer with mom clean force, moms and dads fighting pollution that causes climate change. thank you. hello, i'm jennifer ann and i'm here from carson city, nevada. i'm here representing mom's clean air force. we're a force of one million moms and dads across the nation and community of parents fighting climate change. i want to thank the city of san francisco from welcoming families from nevada to participate in the press conference today. and the opportunity to stand alongside california communities in demanding action on climate. i am also honored to stand here with lisa from the sierra club,
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climate parents. who are incredible allies, organizing families for clean energy and climate solutions. today i'm here to use my voice to protect the clean power plan because my children and all children deserve to be protected from climate change. today, and in the future. as a mom this is so important to me. it's my job as a mom to nurture and protect my five children. that is why i oppose with all my heart the destruction of the american clean power plan. everyone who has a child or who cares for a child should be raising their voices against this reckless rollback. climate change is real, it's happening now and we need to take action as a nation to address this problem. where i live in nevada i can see impact every day. last year, three floods hit my valley within two months. that extreme weather and climate
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change makes it worse. warmer temperatures and more frequent droughts caused by climate change are making wildfires more dangerous and last longer. my middle son suffers with asthma, this is directly triggered by smoke. when the wildfires become worse, his asthma becomes triggered. i am constantly in fear of how well my son is breathing. if i don't stop and monitor his health and make sure i'm protecting him from this bad air, it could kill him. as his mom i do not accept doing nothing as a viable response to the climate pollution that is directly endangering his life. nothing is more precious to me than the health and safety of my children. the proposed rollback of the clean power plan. the american clean power plan can prevent 90,000 asthma attacks and 300,000 missed work
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days of school by 2030. it is the most significant action the u.s. has taken to address climate change. without it, my son and other children will face increased risk from air pollution heatwaves, extreme weather, rising sea level and much more. carson city moms, reno moms, american moms, we want solution to this problem. we want our children to be happy and healthy, to enjoy the healthiest of future. parents across the country are waking up to the urgency of this issue. we're demanding our leaders to take action now. we want to keep the clean power plan and our children are depending on it. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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>> there are four other groups to recognize, the center or climate change and health,, edf and nrdc for their strong action well. the next speaker i'm going to introduce hails from the san francisco department of public health. their work has been valuable for low-income communities, communities of color, dr. baba. >> good morning. thank you so much for coming out today to support this very important health issue. because this is in fact what this is. it's a health issue. i'm not here just as a person from the department of public health, but also as doctor who sees patients who have allergies and asthma. climate change is the greatest public health challenge in the 21st century. we know that climate change is real.
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we know that climate change is real. and it has health impact. we have experienced this in california on multiple occasions, from devastating wildfires, drought, and extreme weather events. i have personally seen the negative consequences of climate change with asthma attacks, uncontrolled allergies and heat stroke. we also know that climate change disproportionately impacts people of color and low-income communities. climate change worsens already health inequities. the clean power plan is a crucial tool. as people mentioned, we would have decreased asthma attacks, but we would decrease the number of early deaths. if the plan is implemented we
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would prevent deaths per year. we should be putting all our effort into implementing the plan. it's a smart policy for our economic future, four our climate and for our health. i am proud to say that san francisco is a climate leader and committed to clean power. as is the health care community. i am surrounded by leadership from the american lung association, from the american pediatric association and from multiple other partners including our california nurses association. we all believe that climate change is real and it's a major health issue. we need to redouble our efforts as a nation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. together, we can act. we can promote the health and sustainability of our communities and make everything equitable in moving forward.
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thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, dr. baba. the next speaker is shifting the program a bit, it shows another stakeholder that is incredibly important, representing the san francisco chamber of commerce, he works on energy policy and achievement in the chamber. >> thank you so much. what an honor to be included in this gathering. it's really encouraging to see so many people come together today for such an important issue. particularly the youth, because i think as we all know with a lot of the topics we're grappling as a nation. they're going to face the impacts for our inaction, so it's great to see their voices and i encourage the youth, any opportunity you have to share your voice and opinions.
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i'm here representing the san francisco chamber of commerce and chamber for innovation and clean energy, a national network of 1200 local chambers supportive of clean energy. the san francisco chamber has long been a supporter of clean energy and climate policy. we were one of the early business supporters of california's landmark global warming bill and we applauded the plan when it was introduced in 2015 by the obama administration. there were hundreds, as much as thousands of local chambers throughout the country that supported the clean power plan. this is a movement among local chambers as well. the clean power plan was the first real piece of policy that local chambers gathered to support and first time they supported the epa, which says a
11:43 am
lot about how important this is to the business community throughout the country. we did so because we know that investing in clean energy is good for the economy and good for local economies throughout the country. that is san francisco, the greater bay area and that is communities throughout the country. and from technology like electric vehicles to energy storage to renewable technology like offshore wind, we know that it's creating opportunities for business. that's why we see the private sector driving renewable energy. they're making it a criteria for where they invest their money. it's being driven a lot by the
11:44 am
private sector and the private sector finds it's a huge important issue. it's not just the apples, but the small and medium sized businesses that are looking to clean energy to cut their costs. it's really important. i think there is one important fact we shouldn't ignore, that clean energy is the fastest growing energy sector in america. the clean power plant could create over half a million jobs and add 52 billion to the american economy by 2030. so a rl threatens all of this promise. and it will also diminish america's position in the global clean energy race which we're seeing other countries invest more and make stronger commitment toward. an appeal runs counters to the nation's need for a healthy and competitive american economy. so if there is one thing i want you to take away from the remarks today, should be this. the san francisco chim ber and
11:45 am
chambers all over the country supported the clean power plan in 2015 and we support it now. we support it because we know that clean energy attracts investment, it creates jobs, supports healthy communities, and helps the u.s. remain a leader in the global clean energy innovation race. and let's not be fooled by the powers that be. we don't have to choose between a healthy economy and a healthy environment. we can and we must demand both. [cheers and applause] finally, i want to applaud the continued leadership of the san francisco business community. and businesses all over the country who support the clean power plan. let's show that america is indeed open for business and not repeal the clean power plan. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> the next business leader is representative, the head of sustainability from sales force, patrick flynn which employs over
11:46 am
30,000 employees and recognized as a technology leader. mr. flynn. >> how is everyoi out there? i'm patrick flynn, head of environmental sustainability for sales force. sales force is one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world and the largest tech employer in the city of san francisco. with that comes the responsibility and the opportunity to lead on climate action. as a cloud leader we believe the internet should be powered by renewable energy. and we know we can't reach quality for all until we have equal access to clean energy, clean water, clean air for all. that's why at sales force, we're
11:47 am
working toward 100 renewable energy. and we encourage others to do the same, to help the great city of san francisco meet its 100% recentlying goals. those why we deliver a carbon neutral cloud to our customers every day. transitioning our energy system to clean, reliable, abundant renewable energy is critical to mitigating the negative impact of climate change which disproportionately impact our most disadvantaged communities, amplifying inequality. we have to do this together.
11:48 am
and thankfully sales force stands alongside 125 other leading companies who join us through we mean business and re 100 with their own 100% renewable energy goals. the business community is calling clearly for clean energy and the clean power plan provides a clear path forward for cities and states and utilities to meet that demand. so let's give a big round of applause for the organizers, the great city of san francisco, everyone here today, together we can create a clean future for all. thank you. [cheers and applause] it wouldn't be complete without labor in the house, it's my pleasure to introduce the united health care workers representative, alan wong. >> hello, i'm alan wong with
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united health care workers. i'm here to share with you the dangerous health impacts of clean power plan repeal. we're a union of health professionals that represent caregivers that care for patients with asthma. as patient care and advocates, we demand a healthy community that is free of dangerous smog. according to the epa's own data, the clean power plan by 2030 prevents 3600 premature deaths, 90,000 asthma attacks in children, 1700 heart attacks and 1700 hospital admissions. this repeal puts interests of corporations looking to profit over children that will suffer from asthma attacks and retired seniors that cannot afford the high health care costs. dirty air and water benefits
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corporate c.e.o., they have less oversight, while harming americans living in polluted areas. disrupting the health of children is a crime. i don't know how scott pruitt sleeps at night knowing he is giving thousands of children asthma attacks. we need to continue the path of clean air and water for americans. the epa needs to continue the implementation of a clean power plan. thank you. >> right before i introduce the penultimate speaker, i would like to recognize carrie, coming out here today. the second to last speaker, dan cobb, he represents district 1, vice chair of the east bay community choice energy.
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>> how is everybody doing? a year and a half -- many of us are activists in the present or past lives, marched on market street, around lake merritt on all sorts of issues. a year and a half ago who thought we would have to march for science. it's like we're living in ali"ae in wonderland", but we did. i was happy to be one of the speakers at that rally almost a year ago and we still have the most anti-environmental administration in washington this country has ever seen. what we're going to do in california, in san francisco, oakland, east bay cities, the entire state and many other states, we're not going to take that lying down. we're going to put forward -- we have policies already in place to push back, reduce air pollution, reduce heat trapped in greenhouse gases that cause global warming and we're going
11:52 am
to take that to a higher level. we have 50% requirement for clean energy in california. we need to up that to 100%. we have cleaner cars, but they're not clean enough. we need to push the transportation system to be as clean as possible in this state and every state in the country. local jurisdictions have climate action plan. oakland has a strong plan, san francisco does and many other cities and counts in california do. california has a statewide plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions which will reduce pollution in the impacted communities. but we have to do more. in oak land, the oakland city council decided that coal is not only a bad idea in california, it's a bad idea everywhere. so based on hearing and studies and the best science available,
11:53 am
the oakland city council banned the storage and handling of coal anywhere in oakland and that stopped a proposed coal terminal from being built. that would have exported 9 million tons of utah ton for ten years around the world. that is no longer happening and that coal is still in the ground. the clean power plan which went through extensive scientific analyses before adoption, absolutely should not be weakened or junked. each state by state plan required under the clean power plan could create hundreds if not thousands of jobs in each and every state for our communities, while putting us on a curb to reducing the harmful buildup of greenhouse gases. it is incumbent upon our political leaders in washington d.c. to make sure that the
11:54 am
political power they have is to make sure that our electric power comes from the cleanest sources possible. that's their job, my job, our job, our state, country and planet depends on it, thank you all for being here. >> thank you. our final speaker brings it back full circle. i'm pleased to introduce the communities for better environment organizer. >> thank you. thank you all for being here. and thanks for inviting a frontline community. i was raised and lived in richmond, raised my family in richmond. i describe it as a corporate, ruled by a corporation. one of the things we understood, chevron is a global corporation.
11:55 am
so even though the c.e.o. was born and raised in richmond, he was only interested in profits, not the people of richmond. so one of the things we had to do was look at ourselves and say, are we going to continue to try to influence the people who are making decisions about our health and safety? or are we going to be the people who will be making those decisions? and in richmond we chose the latter. in order to do that, we had to create a political organization, the richmond progressive alliance which one by one took down chevron stooges on the richmond city council. they spent more and more money and each election they kept on losing until 2016, when they decided -- well, 2014, they spent $3.5 million in local city council race and every one of
11:56 am
their candidates lost. the reasons for that are many issues, but the primary wedge issue was are you going to be supporting the oil companies, are you going to be supporting the people? and until all of us make that the primary criteria by which we elect people into office, or run for office ourselves to press that button, we're going to be stuck with the same old, same old. this clean air plan, that's great. that's a step, a baby step in the right direction. we know in richmond we're stuck with the largest refinery in california, the single recall largest greenhouse gas producing facility in the state of california and produces the most particulate matter that enters into our bodies and has created generations of disease. what we realize, we have to
11:57 am
start working on decommissioning refineries, just like we need to decommission the nuclear power plants. it's all part of the same puzzle. unfortunately, many of the rules are stacked against us. we have been fighting for four years, since the chevron fire with the bay area quality management district, they're supposed to be protecting our health, but they have been fighting a refinery emissions cap for four years and then finally we got the board, who represents all of us, to vote our way. but then in sacramento jerry brown cut a dirty deal with the oil industry and got ab 398 to extend cap-and-trade. he turned to the oil industry, said give me your wish list and they incorporated that into legislation. one of those pieces was to prohibit local districts from
11:58 am
recapping refinery emisses because they're a-- emissions because we at the local level control our own destiny. if we get out and vote and organize our communities. when we look at the global scale, we know trump is not going to be here forever and hopefully will see him leave before his term is up. but until then, we have to fight to save these little pieces of work like the clean power plan. it's not the panacea, but it's a step in the right direction. but then we have to start taking out people in sacramento who support the oil industry. assembly member chu spoke about the republicans who joined to vote fort extension of the cap-and-trade. it was three courageous democrats in l.a. who refused to go along with the leadership that caused jerry brown to cut a deal with republicans to screw
11:59 am
us in richmond. so we have to hold all of our people accountable and tell the truth, the power, because that's the only way we're going to win. so with that, i want to lead you in a chant. clean power is our right! clean power is our fight! clean power is our right! clean power is our fight! thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> that concludes our speaking program, but it does not end here. in fact, the environmental protection agency is taking public comment until 7:30 in the koret auditorium of the main library. thank you for your patience and attention. see you again in the future. [ ♪ ] puc.
12:00 pm
noe. noe. noe valley valley. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i'd like to call this meeting of the san francisco public utility commission to order. it's thursday, february 27th. madam secretary, will you please call the roll. [ roll call. ] >> clerk: and president kwon is excused today, and we have a quorum. thank you very much. the next item is the approval