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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 9, 2018 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> thank you also much for your presentation and your participation. before we ask for questions apdiscussions from the board, i want to bring up a few members from the public that asked to speak on this item. jeff more, julie fong, jeremiah jeffrey and sharife. you have two minutes.
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>> madam chairwoman. i am jeff morey, special assistant to the director of workforce development. that is my credential why i am here this evening. more importantly in the last century i was a graduate of george washington high school. i was to work three years ago my first duty was to assess the needs of the population transitional age youth and barriers to integrate them into the work force. what we found out through that and by the way included research on thega data collection -- the good data collection three years ago. it was an excellent document it spoke to the needs of the young
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people coming out of schools and why we couldn't get them in the work force. the population looked at what the once primarily residing in the lowest income neighborhoods in san francisco and the assault of jobs for young -- availability of jobs for young people who have not made the decision to go to college or universities. the ones that don't know how to access the work force immediately. i was also asked to look at the availability of jobs. as you know right now with baby boomers retiring, the opportunity for employment at entry level positions requiring a high school diploma, are tremendous in the private and public sector. whoever you speak to will tell you their needs may between 15 to 35% within the next three to
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five years. i am sorry to ask you for this at the last minute, but when we did identify the two major barriers one high school dropouts. of course, with a ged and high school diploma. we work closely with your chartered program through the five keys, which in excellent fashion offers opportunity to work both on your high school diploma and your ged at the same time. one more minute. >> your time is up. >> thank you. so the other problem we identified. >> your time is up. >> i'm sorry. >> we have sore speak -- other speakers. >> please ask me questions later. >> i am here to support the start of driver's training program in the unified school district. >> next speaker please. >> good evening i am judy
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roberts my son is in the vietnamese programs on saturday. i want the support the language pathways program, particularly vietnamese and air bib. we have a large population of arabic speaking students. i want to ask that we expand the allocation to actually implement those pathway programs. the first reading is for point 6fte administrative staff. we are looking for teachers in the school programs. i want to highlight how important this is right now as we talk about being a sanctuary city. we understand the immense pressure that our families are in the district right now.
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the administration offers change iin the administration law so many with refugee status are in danger of getting deported. this is to support the most vulnerable cities. i want to opt out a as opposed o opt-in. wesauk the african -- the way that black families don't get information about language programs and don't get outreach. it would be interesting to start in an opt out fashion so parents don't have to find out about them. they can find themselves in them. if they want to they can opt out. it might provide interesting data about what happens when we provide those opportunities to our families. thank you. good night.
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[applause.] >> sherif and jeremiah jeffrey. >> commissioners questions and comments. commissioner moffitt. >> thank you very much for that very strong presentation. i want to thank all of the members of the peace for hard work and my appointees. the documentation that is presented tonight is so amazing. it is really fantastic. very accessible. i remember the first year i was on the board, and there was a lot of feedback from my colleagues about the need for impact statement, how do we make this information accessible to the voters who have past peef?
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i am pleased with the updated documents. on the annual report which i appreciate the format. if you could put the dollar amounts allocated in each section. i know you have it in the table of contents, but i think it is more accessible if you have the dollar amounts by the categories. why don't you expand on jeff more re's identifying one of the barriers for the low income students as they graduate and college is not readily available to them. is that when they go to the workplace they find that the lack of a driver's license is a huge barrier. whether it is package delivery or something else, in the past when i was in fsusd there were driver training classes, and we
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all took advantage of that and were able to have that when we graduated. i understand from staff there are no more credential driver training instructors in the state of california. i want to find a solution within the peef funding to pilot a program that targets continuation school students. reallynaryly focused on -- narrowly focused on the need de students to equip them in a skill that in the past the district paid for and explore how that could be funded on a pilot bases this year. second low i am pleased to see the significant investment in world language. in vision 2025 we talk about preparing students for the next century, and the need to be
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multi link gall. the funding from the world languaging has gone to the korean program, filipino, chinese, spanish, middle school and high school programs. one program that has not benefited from peef funding is the elementary level japanese program in the seven years i have been on the board. the staff at the japanese programs at rosa parks work so hard and my understanding is most of them are part-time and they have been part-time for over 20 years. i think we need to look at whether those positions shouldn't be full-time. i support recommendations to fund the new multi link gal pathways i want to make sure the ones we had over 40 years continue to grow and are not
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stagnating. finally, you may know that out of the rules committee we have a discussion whether school performances should be free or not. it is a big issue. we heard from a lot of students and faculty members how important the arts is to their communities, to their education, really powerful testimony. this is just sort of i don't know how it will workout. there are clearly disparities. we hear from very well resourced high schools with fantastic hearts programs, productions, performances. i am concerned about the high schools we don't hear from. we don't hear from some of the larger high schools in the southeast about the programs. we are struggling with should students be charged a fee for
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performances? we have the partnership of the student advisory council doing good outreach and they are going to come up with recommendations. you know, things as simple as a $7 fee to a performance can be probative to homeless or low income, and it was brought up in one of the meetings that applies to prom and yearbook and a lot of other enrichment activities that are increasing in cost. it doesn't have to be right away, but i would like to ask the peef to think about how accessible are our sports and arts performances to all of our kids? is some some role that peef funding could have making the
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enrichment more even rather than great in one school and not existent in other schools. thank you for your tremendous contributions t to this. >> commissionerrual ton and then commissioner santos. >> i want to thank you for your commitment to the work. you spent a lot of time and effort to make sure that we are good stewarts with the peef funding. thank you, ms. fleming. a few things. one is a statement. i would love to see the day where pe teachers can be funded without having to use peef resources. to be apart of general fund. they should be considered in several parts of the district. a big part is the state. when they make us number one in
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funding per pupil. we will realize that. i wanted to make that statement. another thing i ask for this every year. wilwill we see information on hw the funds are utilized? that one third of peef funding? i would love to see the first five i don't know the whole title but the september department. forgive me. we would love to get a report on how those resources are spent. i know i could find it in the city budget. question on page 28 of the supporting material document. i notice that the teacher academy student wages resources were eliminated.
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did you mention they went in another area? >> that program is fully funded and into other line items within the program budget. >> thank you. this is not entirely related to peef. i want to comment when we get ready to talk about second readings and moving forward. this is time where we receive the information from the cuts receiving cut and penalized for doing better. of course, we don't want them to go backwards, we want them to go forward. mindful what we can do to support those. we don't want our schools to suffer from improving. this is more for the district to be mindful of that because year in and year out we talk about making sure these schools can
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stay whole to continue to be equitable in terms of achieve comment. last thing to the commissioner and mr. morey's point and thank you for coming in today. working in the work force development field, one of the biggest barriers we see to employment is ability to have a driver's license. a lot of times our young people don't have driver's license. it comes down to who can pay and who can't. who can pay for driver's education and training. if the district can create equity around that, who receives the driver's license upon graduation, we would play a pivotal role in helping support students gaining employment,
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particularly students not going straight on to higher education opportunity. i want to make sure we explore that to see what possibility is there. i don't know if the commissioner mentioned from her assessment that the conversation is about $100,000 to fund the pilot program at one or two schools and having an instructor. it is worth exploring this possibility to mention this idea to legal earlier. she stated nobody else is doing it across the state which makes it more attractive to do stuff other people aren't doing and do it right and do it well. i want to thank her forgetting me more excited about the possibilities. thank you so much for taking this serious. these are valuable resources that our residents in san francisco allow us to have, and the fact you volunteer your time
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and take this serious means a lot to us. thank you. (applause). [please stand by]
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>> and from the board, as well, and it's a lot to juggle, and so i really want to thank you and commend you. i looked at the recommendations that were made, and i agree with all of them. there are staff responses to them. the ones that really stood out to me besides, obviously, we're all concerned with this, recommendation to increase the number of social workers and nurses so that each school receives a total minimum allocation of 1.03 fte, and that's something that the principals have to juggle at the elementary level every year. the reality is some school
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sites have needs that others don't, and if we don't fund them adequately, the students suffer, and their families, as well. the recommendation that redundant bapa, be reallocated to students, i wholeheartedly support that recommendation, as well as the stem shift, and to fully support, as was mentioned earlier, existing multilingual pathway model. so -- and then, last year, i made one big request, and i don't know if you remember it, but it was around p.e. the allocation for elementary p.e., and it's aprocepos, give that we have to fund p.e. at this point, we ought to do it really well. right now, the allocation at fte was similar to last year. we are nowhere approaching the gold standard which many other
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district doctors have in california, which is full-time p.e. or adequate p.e. at elementary sites. this is something that elementary principals, i'm sure you ha you are hearing and have been hearing in the past. elementary teachers go into the profession happily, but they don't prepare to teach p.e. they prepare for readers and writers workshop, for science, and if they can, art, but the vast majority are not compelled to follow the vast regular laces. -- regulations that we filed several years back. i want to approach that standard, which is that we don't have a model that has a p.e. credentialed person in the school, training the teachers and then ultimately leaving. that doesn't work. it hasn't worked and it will
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not work in this district. we need full-time p.e. at all of our elementary sites. so i wanted to see in future ftp recommendations, and we can start next year by rolling it out. we can start in schools that are historically, well, basically tier three schools and roll it out from there. make sure the tier three schools have p.e. instructors as their sites, so that their classroom teachers can focus on really what's the most important thing in schools. so i want to see that. i want you guys to work on that. as well, i think we should be talking about, we've been talking about a long time, teacher retention, especially teacher retention in hard to staff schools. we're talking about tier three schools. can we work on some way to support those staff members -- for example, we know that bayview schoolteachers average
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tenure is about five years, and we know that the average tenure of teachers outside of the bayview is 12 years, so that right there is a crisis that's unfolded over time, and we need to make sure that we support not just the teachers but other staff at those schools so that they will stay. and we haven't done well enough in that department, and i think we can ask the cpac to look at that, as well, to help us. so i think those are two things that we can look at going forward. and i want to call out that i'm a huge fan and other commissioners are, as well, of peer resources, and making sure peer resources are adequately funded, and i want to thank you. >> thank you for your comments. student delegate. >> understand on the p.e.u. a few years ago, and i understand the comprehensive
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recommendation that you've worked on for the past year, and i just want to say thank you to the student nominees to the cpac. william stevens. thank you for your service, and i enjoyed your presentation. >> thank you. commissioner norton, and then, commissioner haney? >> thank you. as always, i really appreciate the work of the peace cac. thank you so much for your volunteer signs. nice to see my appointees here tonight. i am just curious about -- it's somewhat hard to tell from the budget breakdown where we are increasing investments over and above the increases in the overall pot, and it would be helpful to see that kind of summary so that we could really tell where -- you know, where
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we're actually shifting investment? and i apologize if i missed that in the earlier discussion, but i'm just curious if you can talk about the decreases in stem and the wellness centers and -- like, there's a couple of informative assessments, like, why those are decreases and where we're putting those in other budgets. >> thank you, commissioner norton. on these documents, on page 5, we discussed -- sorry, page 6, we discussed some of those changes. so the shifting of the 3.0 stem administrative positions, and the remaining funding for assessments are going into the general fund. and in exchange, we're bringing in 7.5 -- approximately 7.5
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school district nurses or social workers, and that is categorized as a realignment of the investments. as you recall, multiple years of feedback has commented on those two investments, so it was an opportunity to recognize that. and secondly, the willie brown staffing for the wellness center started when it was first introduced and funded in peep. it was parked in the wellness program, however, primary the wellness staffing is managed by the ssp program, the student support professionals program, so in order to stream line management and oversight and better coordination of those -- you know, of that staff, we shifted it over to the ssp program, so it's not really a decrease to the wellness center's program. thanks. >> so are there any -- are there -- like, are there particular areas where we're
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increasing investment over and above what we -- you know, in percentage terms of what the increase and overall increase in peep is? >> so there are a couple of areas. the one area is in the african american leadership and initiative. we actually used some of the carry we're funding this year to increase the staffing to support the different programs, including the pathways of that program, so it's an increase in the baseline funding, equivalent of a 1.5. and also, we've -- we've increased the funding for the students -- support for students with incarcerated parents-homeless youth program, $200,000 was added this year out of carryover but to increase the baseline for 2019, and these are school concentration grants for schools that have a higher
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percentage of homeless youth, and these funds are to be used at the school site directly to support these students and their needs. that pretty much outlines the increases -- most of -- most or the majority of the revenue increase from this year to next is allocated to salary and benefits increases. as you know, we've been keeping up, so to speak, almost -- we've been keeping up with our salary and benefits increases with our revenue increase annually. however, there have been times when we've needed to rely on the fund balance. there is an additional $711,000 of revenue increase in the slam program area, and those investments are outlined on page 5, specifically, for each program in the slam area. so for p.e., we have investments in professional developments and substitutes for pd and also their end of
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the year student activities, such as their fourth grade 5 k run, and first tea event, and athletics is investing in equipment, maintenance and repairs, medical consultants and transportation. libraries, the investment is being dedicated to support the lowest performing schools with level libraries and other literacy development through libraries, and for vapa, the funding will be dedicated to looking at arts integration, specifically, strengthening steam programs at schools. >> thank you. >> commissioner haney? >> my turn? well, first of all, thank you to the cac. i had the honor of serving on the cac a few years ago under the reign of the vice president. of course, 'cause everybody did
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want to do a shout out, my appointee, andre, i hope you will never term out of your time on the cac and stay forever, and thank you for your service, to all of you. i have a couple things. one is just this report, and the recommendations get better every year. and i can say we've gotten more pointed and focused on the peep cac, and we're seeing the recommendations that the peep cac has made year after year. i know the form ative assessments, for example, something that we've been bringing up for years and years and years, and because of your
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incy insistance, it's been removed from the peep cac, and i just wanted to commend you for that and the way that this is presented in your recommendations for this year. in that spirit, i think there's a couple things that are new here in the -- in this proposal, one being the new investment in homeless students and support for homeless students and the concentration grants there. i just want to put it out there that it would be great if you all helped us and partnered with the district in making sure that these funds are used in a way that really serves students well, and that we grow on that program and that we're tracking it. and you know now, when something is sort of newly placed in the peep, it also gives us that great partnership with the team to make sure we are looking at how to do this as well as possible. so i just want to sort of put
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that out there, and i'm really excited obviously that it's in there. [please stand by for caption. f >> the other question i had was about translation and interpretation. you know, i think this is also something that we hear, has a great need in the district, and i'm wondering kind of how the decisions are made about what level to fund translation and
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interpretation and sort of how we assess what the level of need is and then make a decision about the amount of staffing. it looks that it's basically static or maybe goes up a little bit in this proposal, but i'm just kind of wondering more around our philosophy about how we determine what the level of need is and then make the request for that because obviously, that's an essential service in order for our families to have access to the full partnership with the district. then we mention in here somewhere about vietnamese, which made my surprised, because i wasn't aware that we were moving forward with a vietnamese program or a pilot in general. i know that our board is committed to continuing to move forward with a plan to implement an arabic and vietnamese pathway, and certainly offering it in our school nz some capacity.
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i know we have a pilot program in arabic in mission, so it would be great to have further information about that, and what our plans are, and i think that we're still kind of dissatisfied with where we stand on this because we really do want to see this happen, and the board has made that commitment, and that we're excited about the pilot program that -- in arabic, and want to see it expanded. the last thing, i hope you'll keep pushing on the social workers and nurses. it's crazy that an elementary school would have to choose to have a nurse or a social worker. at best, they are just given halftime and have to makeup the other half themselves, so that is something that maybe we can continue to look at as part of the mtss at how we can begin to fill that gap a little more
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each year, and i think within a couple years, hopefully, we'll have that at 100%. so thank you for your advocacy and your work. i echo the love for a lot of these programs, peer resources, but i'm happy to continue to support so many critical, integral parts of the education experience in san francisco public schools, and grateful for the voters and grateful for all of you. thank you. >> commissioner? >> thank you. i just want to thank the entire peef cac. >> since we're shouting everybody out, this is my appointee, and thank you all for your service to the committee, and how you continue to elevate the quality of this
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presentation year over year. and i think it speaks to having some continuity and consistency and always thinking about how to make sure that we're thinking about -- we're not only evaluating where our funds are going, but that those ideas and concepts are clear to the -- to the voters because they charged us with making these sound investments, and i want to thank you all for -- all reflect the priorities that we have as a district. i did want to hear a bit more about the -- the comments about football, and reductions in concussions. was there data on the amount of concussions that we had in football? can you share a little bit about that?
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>> commissioners, there is a link to data within the staff response, the peef cac recs. i will just read a bit of the staff response and the cac can chime in. we, the staff will continue to work together to find safety measures or modify activities to reduce concussions or head injuries. we continue to say please review the charts that are linked, and then, the staff response continues to outline all of the safety protocols and procedures that the athletics department has implemented. >> and i'll just end by echoing commissioner walsh's comments for schools being penalized for
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improving, and for when schools move from tier three to tier two, a focus on how peef can reduce the impact of those changes over time would be, i think a -- really useful to see and to think through, and we get it every year, and it's always the schools that we really want to see improve the most. so this thing's really counter intuitive that that's still a policy with us, but hopefully, peef can also be thinking about how we fill that gap. >> thank you. any other comments from commissioners? so i want to just extend my thanks, as well. i unfortunately can't thank anybody in particular on the peef cac because i am the guilty one that has no longer two appointees on the peef cac since francis, your chair,
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moved on, and carlene took a job in l.a., so thank you very much to my appointees for that. but i will be sure to appoint someone -- two people before as you guys start to work on the next cycle of peef funding. every time i see these reports, i'm just astounded by the privilege and opportunity that we have as a school district to have 73 additional -- 73 million additional dollars to help us support our schools thanks to the voters of san francisco. we talk about this whenever we travel or people ask us how we're able to get the kinds of programming that we have, and there was a time when we may not have had, you know, general curriculum, but we had sports, libraries, art, and music. and it's just amazing to me that we've been given this gift, which is actually programming that should be part of standard state funding,
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instead of us feeling like, you know, this is something we have to go and ask for from our voters. but i'm often just really -- i oftentimes don't have many comments on this because i i kn -- i know that the work you've put into this is thoughtful and unique, and the voices on the committee are being heard or represented when you're putting this budget together has been done very intentionally. so i really appreciate all that you've done in that. but it was really interesting, the whole concussion piece. you know, it's a very timely topic, and one that we've not really talked about as a board, and so i appreciate that you brought that forward as something that we should be a lot more thoughtful around. the one -- the one area that i think for me that i'd like to see us consider is just around
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the school safety piece. so, you know, we -- we've now invested in somebody who is our -- i don't know, what's paul's formal title? emergency services director or -- >> swat teamly liaison. >> yeah, he's, like, prevent all from coming to our schools. he's been an incredible addition to our staff, and for us to now know what's missing from our schools, whether it's emergency supplies or how we handle, you know, upset parents that come to school sites and make threats, it's so important to our schools, especially during this time. and so as -- you know, i don't think it's something that we'll obviously be able to put into our budget this year, but i'd really like for us to bring that up in the next round of thinking is what is it that we can do around -- around safety for our school sites, whether it's the education piece of it
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or even the facilities piece of it, because it really runs the gamut. you know, and i've seen some really amazing technology where you can lock schools from a computer that's, you know, managed by the school secretary. and so you know, there are some things that i think could be really beneficial that help to keep our kids, teachers and families safe. so this is an action item -- no? no, this is a discussion. this is our first reading. so if there are no other questions or comments, is there anything more that you want to share before we close this item? >> not specifically. i will say that we are coming back for second reading, and we'll present responses to your comments and questions in writing and present to you the
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budget. if there are any changes, we'll highlight those for you at second reading. thank you. >> okay. terrific. so again, thank you for all of the members of the peef cac for your time, your energy, and your commitment to helping us work through the budget and to make san francisco unified an amazing school district with the support of these dollars, so i want to just, again, thank you for your service, and we'll see you in a couple of weeks when we -- oh, one week. that's right. we're doing back to back. so we'll see you next week when we approve your budget. okay. thank you. good night. all right. let me see where we are. our next item -- our next site is section i, consent calendar items removed at previous meeting. there are none tonight. section j is the introduction of proposals and assignment to
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committee. we have none tonight. section k, our proposals for immediate action and suspension of rules. there are none tonight. board members reports on our standing committee, so report from the joint ad hoc for city college and the school district. we had as a cochair, i'll report back that we had a really great conversation with ab-19. as you know, the governor approved ab-19, so the california college promise will be -- will be coming into effect for all sfusd students who are on a track will have tuition paid for by the state and can attend city college for free. and so because it's a promise program, it's putting our kids on a track to ensure a degree or a certificate, and that was really exciting. the high school program
8:44 am
office -- actually, don't recall what the high school -- what was the -- where's matt? high school programs office, was that our dual enrollment? >> yeah. >> we think it was the dual enrollment, but you should -- is that right? thank you, kevin. a tremendous increase in dual enrollment, and so that was really exciting. and then, our early college models overview, so there is an opportunity for us to do a -- or actually, no, that's not it. the early college models overview, that was -- kevin, that was the dual enrollment. >> yeah. >> yeah. and then 1515 evans avenue, we have an opportunity through the puc to create a model out of their site at 1550 evans, and
8:45 am
so we had a discussion about a feeder model that would include sfusd, city college, and san francisco state. so there is a proposal that is getting drafted to submit to the puc, who will help to provide the facilities, but there's a lot of work that still needs to get done on that. so stay tuned on that. could we get a report from the rules committee, commissioner sanchez? >> thank you. okay. so rule committee met last night, actually. we had a healthy conversation that lasted about three hours. it was wonderful. we discussed board policy 6145 regarding extracurricular and cocurricular activities. following a presentation of the student advisory council, and public relations for the student advisory council. the fac will assist in
8:46 am
surveying as commissioner merase referenced earlier will assist in surveying high schools for ticket prices for students and nonstudents with information used to provide a fiscal analysis to engage and pin a conversation. they will present their results at another meeting and we will go from there. we also walked through and discussed a vast number of legislative bills that are just making their way through the state assembly and senate. notably amongst bills that deal with the progress of english language learners, ethnics studies, transitional kindergarten for kids who just turned four years old, school safety surrounding bullying,
8:47 am
directing funds dearrivrived f cannabis for school suspension, and undocumented students. we forwarded to the board a host of policies. 6020, parental involvement, 6145, the original 6145, positive. 7310, facility naming, positive. 3513.5, drug and alcohol free schools with a positive recommendation. 3100 surrounding budget positive. 6145.5, equal student access organizations, positive, and 4126, temporary coaches athletics, positive. and that's it, unless i'm missing anything, council. thank you very much. that was a lot, but it was fun. >> thank you, commissioner
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sanchez. any other standing committees that had meetings this last week? let's see...what else do we have? the information policy -- board delegates to membership organizations, commissioner merase? >> yes, i want to announce that csba has announced proposals for workshops. the deadline is april 10th. the conference itself is november 29 to december 1 at monday coney west. i will send around a link, and i hope that all -- moscone wes will send around a link, and i hope that all commissioners will volunteer to lead a council. i want to thank the lafayette
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and sunset communities for including me in their read aloud day on march 2nd, always a highlight. got to visit my daughter's first grade teacher's classroom. my daughter's now in college. i wanted to congratulate the ulloa community for their title one national distinguished school celebration. i'm going to send the program around from that. just amazing student performances, and i learned thing about the national distinguished school title. it's not something they apply for, they're just picked, so that's quite a significant achievement. want to really thank kevin truitt and his team for the hsu strings children's center orientation, fantastic, amazing. i really encourage my colleagues to go visit, it's at
8:50 am
the leola havert section entce. it's really intended to target services to families of young children to prevent problems later. it's a really -- it's a multitiered early intervention and supports program just getting off the ground, modelled after apple valley. really, really very exciting and very encouraging. my next announcement is that the ad hoc committee on student assignment will meet on thursday, may 3rd. >> thank you. vice president cooke? >> thank you. i just wanted to briefly acknowledge the leadership of the african american educators
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alliance for the incredible bike issue month event. we all cancelled the meeting actually to participate. we had 1400 african american students that were on the honor roll. we can clap for that. [applause]. >> the event was really well run, so i wanted to acknowledge all of the coordination and the hard work that went into this year's event. and to thank all of the school sites that welcomed me to their campuses last friday, daniel webster elementary, star king brian elementary school, and june juniper serra, and also acknowledge john muir for the african american read aloud last february . >> are there other
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announcements? so i want to thank all of the school site council members that came out on saturday for our school planning retreat. i hope it was a fruitful day, and we'll start seeing some budgets that reflect your community and your community's needs. i want to thank ignite, an organization that prepares young girls in high school and in college to go into politics and commissioner merase and i had the opportunity to host a table to meet with young women all over the bay area, and actually, some other places. i met with a woman from chicago that was interested in coming to the bay area. i also wanted to just announce the annual mayor's youth jobs plus event. it's our youth resource fair. we'll be hiring on the spot, and there'll be lots of other employers that will be at this event. it'll be on saturday, march the 17th at the hilton hotel,
8:53 am
located at 333 o'farrell from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. any other announcements? commissioner norton. >> i just wanted to say the -- [ inaudible ] we're going to start it at 5:00 p.m. >> thank you. budget and business? >> yeah. we are going to be meeting next wednesday, the 14th, at 4:00 p.m. >> thank you. rules? >> we will be meeting monday, april 2nd, at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you. and we are still working on securing a date for buildings and grounds and services. i think the 21st is what we're working towards, but at an earlier time, so look at out that. item m is other informational items.
8:54 am
there are none tonight. item n is a memorial adjournment, and we're going to do it next week. okay. so we have none tonight. so at this time, we're going to take public comment for those who've submitted speaker cards for closed session items before we go into closed session. there will be a total of five minutes for public comment, and we have several speakers that are here regarding nick wo. just as a reminder, we're asking that you not use employee names, and you have a little time to organize yourselves in terms of the amount of time that you have to speak. so there's a total of five minutes prior to closed session, so i'm going to read off some names, and come on up, and we will start the timer.
8:55 am
so just be mindful of all of the other folks that want to speak because again, you're in a short -- you have a small window of time. so marsha madison, valerie kirk, johanna vonne chen, john kote, marry spaulding, cridi singh, mora merjam, jetta welsh, and cindy vonne neal. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. okay. you have nine speakers, and you have five minutes. so come on up, and we'll start the timer.
8:56 am
yeah. i think you guys were organizing how you're going to do this, because as soon as the timer starts, we're going to get you guys rocking and rolling, but let's get started. >> just a quick clarification. you referenced nine speakers for five minutes? >> correct. >> and five minutes total. >> correct. >> for nine speakers on a variety of perspectives. >> correct. >> is there a possibility of some further clarification on how to allocate, given multiple perspectives? >> well, we actually -- this is the typical time that we provide for closed session comments. >> okay. >> so we're allowing this to happen in an open session so that it's heard by more people
8:57 am
than to do it in a closed session where no one would hear what your comments are, so it will be five minutes open or five minutes closed. we've also received comments from many of you, and i'm sure there's a lot of repetition, so i would just suggest that you use your time wisely. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i thought the superintendent was going to say something. i apologize. if i may, out of respect for the multiple perspectives that want to be delivered, may we ask for simply one minute, and you can literally start your phone timer so that we can all have the opportunity to share a very expedited, abbreviated version of what we would like to say? i'm just saying that in honor of the different perspectives that are here and want to keep an open heart and open mind, if you're open to it. >> so you're asking for an
8:58 am
extra minute. >> one minute just to confer with my fellow community members off the record. >> oh, i see. so gather and -- quickly and -- >> okay. thank you. >> and get organized. >> thank you very much. >> yeah.
8:59 am
>> and at this time while we're waiting, we're going to excuse our student delegates. miss madison, are you ready? >> yes, sir. >> okay. let's start the five minutes. >> yes. and i am looking at your timer. >> right. >> that's right. so we have organized ourselves in an effort to show collaboration across multiple perspectives. we are going to split our time into 2.5-minutes each. i'm going to speak for approximately one minute and 30 seconds. i know many of you as colleagues. i am marsha madison, parent of a first grader, and the bottom line that i would like to express to you tonight, and
9:00 am
many of my friends from our school who are here, we have students, we have students who are up well past their bedtime right now. we have teachers who need to be ready to teach tomorrow morning spanning all of our grade levels. i want to emphasize spanning all of our grade levels, including our special day class here tonight, showing their support of principal sarah van belzer. we urge you to not only renew the contract of sarah, but retain her at our school. her instructional leadership is impeccable, and we need her to continue to shine a light on the discrepancies that we've seen in our achievement rates at our school. she's doing something that hasn't been done before, and s