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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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back to my original statement, you can't do this without a relationship, you can't do this without planning, you can't do that without trying to get along on a daily basis, so thank you, everybody. appreciate it. >> okay. so as we conclude, joe del asandra gave me a fact that because of this expansion, in 2018 we have more rooms booked than in the history of san francisco, so i just want to thank you, everyone, for being part of that. [applause]. >> so -- all right. so this is the time where we are going to start our topping out ceremony. the final beam is right there. it'll be hoisted in place after all of us get a chance to sign it, so we'll walk over there and sign, so please join me in signing the beam, and then,
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we'll walk across the street and watch it being hoisted up above us.
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welcome to the supervisor board of supervisors for tuesday, march 13, 2018. madame clerk, please call the roll. >> breed present. cohen present. fewer present. kim present. peskin present. ronen present. safai present. sheehy present. stefani present. tang present.
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yee present. madame president, all members are present. >> president breed: join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with with liberty and justice for all. >> president breed: thank you. madame clerk, any communications? >> clerk: none to report. >> president breed: is there a motion to approve the minutes from january 30 and february 6 as well as the february 7 land use and transportation committee meetings? moved by supervisor yee, seconded by fewer, can we take that without objection? those will be approved after public comment. madame clerk. the next item. >> clerk: the special order at 2:00 p.m. is the appearance by the honorable mayor mark
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farrell. the mayor may address the board up to five minutes before answering the question from the supervisor, president breed, the discussion shall not exceed five minutes per supervisor. you have the floor. >> thank you, president breed. good afternoon, everybody. i appreciate the time once again to address everyone during question time. and before i answer the questions posed by president breed, i want to speak briefly about our city's efforts to protect our immigrants from federal administration, who is intent on pursuing not only across our country, but here in california today, bigoted policies. today, our president traveled to san diego to discuss the absurd idea of border wall. i hope he takes time out of his schedule to meet with the hard working and law abiding immigrants here in california. i hope he meets with the
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community advocate who is leading after school and violence prevention programs for at risk youth. i hope he talks with a single parent who came to this country. i hope he listen to the aspirations of young students who believe in the greatness of the american dream. we all know he will never do that, because to do that, he would have to recognize that his disastrous immigration policies are tearing our families apart and making our communities less safe across the country and here in san francisco. he would have to recognize that people he demonizes every day has the same hopes and goals as everyone else in the country. the dream to make a better life for themselves and their family. in san francisco, we recognize that these are our neighbors, our friends, our civic leaders. they have planted their roots here, raised their children here and made their home here. and we will fight for their
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right to stay here. the next time this president visits california, i hope it's to announce comprehensive immigration reform measures that will create pathways to citizenship, something this country has needed or decades. until that time, he should not be welcome in our state or city. in san francisco, we stand by our immigrant brothers and sisters, we care about where people are going, not where they come from. every day our organizations are fighting on the front lines for the hard working immigrant families. they're working tirelessly on behalf of the communities. we appreciate everything they do. to help complement our work we're approving more funding for legal services at the state level. i want to commend the supervisor, supervisor fewer and ronen who worked so hard with my office on funding for
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immigration community here in san francisco that does the hard work every single day, day in and day out for the immigrant community. i'm proud that as a city and as a mayor's office we're partnering with the member phil ting on a plan that will pay for universal representation of every immigrant facing deportation in northern california. we're making our message loud and clear to the federal government. they can bring out the lawsuits, they can threaten our cities, and they can speak of border walls, but san francisco and california will stay strong. we will support our immigrant communities and we will do so from a place of poise, not panic. we are a sanctuary city. passion and hope. two concepts that are alien to there president and his administration. >> president breed: thank you
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for your comment. madame clerk. >> clerk: you may begin to ask your question. >> president breed: as our budget season approaches we are all formulating -- hold on just a second -- >> president breed: here we go. as our budget season approaches we are all formulating our budget priorities. there are two pieces of legislation making their way through the board of supervisors which will be critical to this year's budget. an ordinance increasing the hourly rate in the minimum compensation ordinance and an ordinance supervisor sheehy and i introduced providing for full scope legal representation to tenants facing eviction. both of these pieces of
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legislation serve many of the same policy goals of supporting some of our residents who have the fewest resources to remain here in san francisco. in january, i began discussing a proposal with labor organizations and other stakeholders to fund a portion of the wage increase called for in the proposed amendments to the minimum compensation ordinance of at at least an additional 50 cents above the minimum wage effective january 1, 2018 and phasing in the remainder of the proposed wage increase with new revenue sources in the coming year. at the same time, we began finalizing the costs of providing full scope legal representation to tenants facing eviction. will you commit to continuing these efforts and fund at at least a 50 cent increase above the minimum wage in the hourly rate for workers covered by the minimum compensation ordinance effective july 1, 2018, and at least half of the estimated cost
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to implement full scope legal representation for tenants facing eviction in our city, and your proposed budget for fiscal year 2018-19? and between the time that this question was submitted and today, the controller has refined their cost estimate down for the cost of legal representation for tenants. the controller currently now estimates half the cost of this program ranging anywhere between 3.1 and $3.8 million and not the 4.29 initially estimated by mohcd. >> thank you for the question, president breed. i do understand why everyone here is eager to discuss the budget and i've had discussions with many of you already. i know that everyone in the chambers cares deeply about the city and we want secure funding for initiatives we believe will help our residents, but we have only just begun our budget process in city hall. and as mayor, i'm not making any commitments to anybody at this
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time. our department submitted their budget to our office on february 21. as it stands right now, we still have a $200 million plus projected deficit for the upcoming two years. even more worrying for me, our latest five-year financial plan projects a shortfall of more than $700 million by the fiscal year 2022. the math is simple. we continue to spend more than we are taking in and that is of grave concern to me. we have a plan to responsibly budget for the next few years. and we have to do it. not only as a way to secure sound fiscal footing, but to counteract economic trends happening across the country. as most of you know, we're in the middle of an 8-year economic expansion, unprecedented time of growth for our city that is destined to end soon. we are at the whims of a volatile federal administration that makes wide ranging economic decisions by the roll of a dice.
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the administration tax reform measures attacks the affordable care act and cuts social safety net, it has resulted in national uncertainty and chaos, and chaos at the budget level. however, as unpredictable as things are right now, the current situation could be much worse. thanks to the effort of the former mayor lee and members here of the board of supervisors, the days in san francisco of reserves and budget dead locks are over. as chair of the budget and finance committee for four years, i was proud to work with mayor lee on four balanced budgets. we cut our 6-month budget deficit almost in half and more than doubled our reserves over the four years. we also included funding for long-term investments and infrastructure and projects in capital improvement efforts. our budgets were fiscally sound.
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in addition, the voters of san francisco passed pension reform of 2011 and with the support of this board of supervisors i authored proposition a and the voters of san francisco passed health care reform as well. we're on sound financial footing because of many of those decisions. moody's upgraded the bond rating, delivering the highest rating in the city's history and the highest available from the credit agencies. if we want to maintain those ratings, we must continue to practice restrained fiscal policies. i look forward to working with this board of supervisors to make that happen. we can begin to discuss priorities where we were have resources until that time and we're on secured sound financial footing, it will be premature and reckless of me to make commitments. but i look forward to working with everyone here over the upcoming months. i know that we together will come up with a budget that is
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fiscally sound, that meets the needs of every one of our residents. we have a great opportunity ahead of us and i know we will not waste it. thank you, everybody for your time. >> president breed: so the answer is no, thank you for being here today. madame clerk, next item, please. >> clerk: ordinance to waive and refund investigation fees imposed by building code for the registered with the office of cannabis. >> president breed: roll call vote. >> supervisor tang no. supervisor yee aye. supervisor breed aye. cohen aye. fewer aye. kim aye. peskin aye. ronen aye. safai aye.
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sheehy aye. stefani aye. there are 10 ayes and one no with supervisor tang in the dissent. the ordinance passed. >> item 3, ordinance to amend the public works code to establish fees for autonomous delivery device testing permits and appeals regarding such permit. >> supervisor yee: colleagues, the legislation establishing the fees for the permit process is the final step in order to implement the permit program for the test offiing of autonomous delivery service. little did i know that my discussions in march of 2017, would take me down a path with legislation being sent back to committee three times and near a year's worth of time.
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technology was rolling out on our sidewalks. although establishing the permit program seemed to be a fairly innocuous but necessary piece of legislation, where concerns about safety and impact to public infrastructure could be addressed. it has taken nearly a year to get it to this point, but i'm proud of the effort. my office has worked with all current companies operating autonomous delivery device. including departments, police department, public works and mta and numerous community and neighborhood groups. i want to thank all my colleagues for their time and effort to put into the legislation creating the permit process which was passed by everybody on the board and signed by the mayor. today, we're at the final step with this legislation before you that establishes the fees for
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the permit program. so, before i devote on this item -- vote on this item, i would like to make a minor amendment, that i pass out the sheet to you. and this amendment is not directly related to autonomous delivery devices, but it's a cleanup language to correct the dpw code. dpw currently charges $1.23 for the nighttime fees. but the code reflects it as 1.1545. you should have a highlighted copy. i would like to amend the language to reflect the nighttime fee from $115.45, to $123. again, this is not related to
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this particular delivery device, but it's an opportunity to clean up the language for the code. and then i think deborah -- are you here? deborah from dpw -- anybody from dpw here to explain why we're doing this? >> good afternoon members of board of supervisors. public works. the fee for the night work on the permit has previously been adopted and has been updated every year per the consumer price index as directed by the controllers office. this was automatically corrected and added for the clarification in this case and it's not part of the legislation for the autonomous deliver kri devices. >> supervisor yee: any questions? >> president breed: i think there is confusion with the
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amendments in the proposed amendments. you have $115.45 as well as $123 stricken and replaced with $115.45. i think i'm trying to understand exactly what you're changing, because this is confusing the way that it is submitted. >> supervisor yee: i appreciate it's confusing because what happened, it was confusing to my office when this was put in without any explanation to my office until you just heard it right now. and so we had included the language, nighttime work permit fee for $115.45 and that when we were asked to carry this, it was to change the $123, but as the
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committee meeting, this was taken the whole thing was taken out so we're adding it back in with the original fee of $115.45 and again amending it. the confusion was that it wasn't clear to us why dpw wanted this language in there in the first place. and when it was taken out, it was taken out mainly because we didn't understand it and now we understand it and we're amending the original $115.45 to the $123 now. so the crossing out was done at the committee level. >> president breed: and just for clarity because in the original piece of legislation, the resolution we have in the board pact, it's the same resolution that you have given us as an amendment. so i think it's not -- >> supervisor yee: i'm sorry,
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the amendment is to cross out $115.45 that is here now. and amend it to be $123. >> president breed: ok. so that is not reflected in the amendment that we received and so is everyone clear on that? mr. givner, is that ok? >> deputy city attorney, so supervisor yee said when he introduced the ordinance at public works' request, the ordinance updated this nighttime permit fee from 115 to 123, that was how it was noticed in committee. a representative of public works spoke in committee and as a result of that public works comments in committee, the committee reduced the proposed fee back down to 115 from $123, supervisor yee proposed $123,
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committee reduced it to 115 and over further conversations they concluded that public works would like to actually increase it up to $123 again as supervisor yee originally proposed. so i believe the motion is to amend to increase it back up to $123. >> president breed: ok. all right, i think that's what the confusion was based on the amendment. so with that, supervisor yee has made a motion to amend to change the $115.45 to $123, is there a second seconded by supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank you, i wanted to add clarity. i think jon givner nailed it, but i was going to explain what happened in the committee and the confusion and make the motion to correct the error that i noticed that was in the amendment. but that's already been taken care of, so i wanted to at this
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time, just say thank you to supervisor yee for taking on this legislation and his interest when it comes to just kind of these bots that are going to be on the street. it's the future. so we're embarking on new territory. we need to figure out a permitting scheme, we need to figure out a fee scheme on how we're going to start to regulate and enforce regulations on autonomous vehicles that are going to be sharing the sidewalk. and this is something that is very important, particularly in a city that considers vision zero one of the most premiere pieces of policy. so just wanted to recognize erica as well as supervisor yee for their hard work on this piece of legislation. also, john kwong representing dpw, thank you for being here and offering clarification on the fee.
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but just to in a nutshell, what we're doing is increasing the fee from $115.45 to $123, that motion has been made, it's a good thing and moving in the right direction and, colleagues, i hope you join supervisor yee and i in supporting this legislation as amended. thank you. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor cohen. colleagues, can we take the amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes. on the item as amended, please call the roll. tang aye. yee aye. breed aye. cohen aye. fewer aye. kim aye. peskin aye. ronen aye. safai aye. sheehy aye. stefani aye. there are 11 ayes. the
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>> president breed:s ordinance as amended passes unanimously on the first reading. item 4 is ordinance to appropriate 2.83 million of sutter stockton garage operating to the municipal transportation agency, the operating fund for the sutter stockton garage parking management operations in fiscal year 2017-18. item 7 is the resolution to authorize the director of transportation to execute a lease termination agreement between the city and county of san francisco and the uptown parking corporation for the sutter stockton garage. >> president breed: colleagues, can we take those, same house same call? those items pass unanimously. please call item 5 and 6 together. >> item 5 is ordinance amending the annual salary ordinance for 2017-18 and 2018-19 to reflect
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the addition of seven new positions at the office of the public defender for supporting immigration unit expansion to defend immigrants from deportation. ordinance appropriating 441,000 from state and federal contingency reserve to the office of public defender to expand the immigration unit and to fund legal representation and rapid response social services in fiscal year, 2017-18. >> president breed: supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much, president breed. colleagues, i can't express how appreciative i am in advance of your support to increase the resources for immigration defense and rapid response. our immigrant communities have faced unprecedented attacks since trump entered office. when he first entered office, we didn't know what the presidency would mean for immigrants in the united states, we didn't know
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what he would do, but now we know. the ice sweeps across california led to the arrest of 232 people now facing deportation proceedings, half of whom have no prior criminal record. it's understood these arrests send a message to cities like ours, but i'm proud to live in san francisco where we put our money where our values are and take actions to ensure representation and due process for the immigrant communities. i know that we tackle funding issues like this through the regular budget process, but i believe that the urgency of this -- warranted a supplemental and current fiscal year. and i appreciate my colleagues on the budget committee, supervisors cohen and stefani for their support on the issue. i would like to thank supervisor ionin for dedicated partnership on the legislation and to mayor mark farrell for his strong support and leadership. supervisors sheehy, peskin, kim and yee. colleagues, considering the
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urgency of this motion, i hope we can support these items today. i would like to thank chelsea and carlina for all their hard work on this issue. and in support of our immigrant communities all the time. thank you very much. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, i wanted to thank supervisor fewer for taking the lead on the legislation and being such a fierce champion for the immigrant community since you joined the board a little over a year ago. thank you for your leadership, supervisor fewer and your staff, chelsea. i've been working in the immigrant rights movement for the past 15 years and never have i seen the president of the united states specifically attack san francisco or any city
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in this country because he disagrees with policy that our city has toward immigrants. just in the past few months, president trump has revoked temporary protective status for 50,000 immigrants. he's eliminated daca, impacting a million dreamers. he's tripled the number of immigration officers through immigrati immigration customs enforcement. he's conducted raids. he's issued i-9 audits on 77 bay area employers, the equivalent of administrative raid. he's announced plans for courthouse arrests. he's planned massive raids in sanctuary cities with the goal of arrests and detaining 1500 immigrants. he just recently arrested 150 immigrants in two days after the mayor of oakland warned of
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potential deportation in her city. they released a statement declaring there will be another 864 arrests in the san francisco bay area in the coming weeks and just this morning, we learned that ice spokesman james schwab resigned because he was asked to lie about data regarding targeted raids in northern california. this type of attack on the immigrant community is unprecedented. and the only way we can meaningfully fight back is to make sure that anyone caught up in a raid has legal representation. and so that is what we're voting on today. i hope this will be a unanimous vote and i'm very grateful for everyone's leadership in getting this going. i do want to disclose to my colleagues and the public that my husband is the lead attorney in the immigration unit at the public defenders office in san
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francisco. i have checked with the city attorney and there is no conflict in me voting on the item and working on the item since there is no financial benefit to my family. >> president breed: colleagues, same house same call? without objection, the items pass unanimously. madame clerk, let's go to item 8. >> clerk: ordinance to amend the planning code to designate 2117-2123 market street, the new era hall, as a landmark under article 10 to make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: same house, same call. the ordinance passes unanimously. next item. >> clerk: item 9 referred without recommendation from the land use committee. it's ordinance to amend the planning code to designate the wall located at the intersection
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of diamond heights and clipper street as a landmark. and to make the appropriate findings. >> president breed: supervisor sheehy. >> supervisor sheehy: i would like to ask this item be continued until the next meeting. i know from colleagues in committee there was concern over who is responsible for this particular piece of property. and we have determined that the department of public works is responsible, but there is due diligence they need to do before we move this item forward, so i would appreciate a vote to continue. >> president breed: supervisor sheehy has made a motion to continue the item to the meeting of march 20, 2017, seconded by supervisor safai, can we take that without objection? this item will be continued. our 2:30 when indications, the first is -- when indications, the first given by supervisor fewer.
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>> supervisor fewer: today, it is my honor to present commendation. please come up to the podium. i'm honoring the clock family because as residents they have stepped up to the plate by being a certified nerd, neighborhood emergency response family. they have taken on the responsibility of becoming trained citizen first responders through this innovative neighbor helping neighbor approach. nurt volunteers undergoing training, is more impressive for an entire family. the contribution is this month, this month is disaster preparedness month. we face not only the threat of emergencies like earthquakes and
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fires, but also tsunamis in the outer avenue. volunteers like the clock family bring critical awareness to the importance of being prepared and i know will inspire more neighbors to take responsibility. for those interested in learning more this month, our office along with dem, nert will be hosted workshop saturday, march 24. to anna, christopher and bing, thank you for setting such a strong example for other families in the richmond district. we are most prepared for emergencies not only when we work with of the city department, but when neighbors like you step up to create a network of fellow volunteers all working together for a common cause to make sure we're prepared for whatever comes our way. thank you for your incredible contribution to our community. i'd like to invite you to say a few words.
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[applause] >> it's a great program. speaking from the perspective of volunteer. it's allowed me to meet a lot of great people in the community. and really enjoyed networking with people and learning how to be prepared in case of emergency. >> thank you. i'm looking forward to working with the district to have a lot more first aid, training and everything for everyone. and chris started when he was only 10, so it's never too early to start your little ones. >> of course, he's a young man now, i shouldn't say he's little, but he started at age 10. >> that's great. >> thank you for saying that. thank you, again. [applause]
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>> president breed: thank you, both for being here today, and congratulations. now, we will have our next commendation for today given by supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, i want to call up the [speaking foreign language] it is such a fitting day after just having unanimously passed the ordinance to ensure legal representation for immigrants that i am honoring.
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[speaking spanish] today, i would like to honor the members of a group that is near and dear to my heart, the women's collective, a program of delores street community services. [speaking spanish] i worked alongside the powerful women before working in city hall. it's a worker run collective whose mission is connect immigrant women to employment opportunities and develop their leadership skills to engage in social change.
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[speaking spanish] >> the women i'm honoring today have led and won many campaigns to improve working conditions for domestic workers and also organized to expand immigrant rights. [speaking spanish] >> thank you for your commitment to empower immigrant latinos through these campaigns. [speaking spanish]
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[applause] >> [speaking spanish] >> i want to thank the board of
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supervisors and supervisor ronen for all the work you do to support us and i want to thank you for honoring these women, i call them our heroes, because they really do the important work in the community, even after they work very hard cleaning homes, taking care of children, taking care of the elderly and they still, after all of that hard labor during the day, they come and organize, they have the strength, the time and the commitment to do the work that is necessary. >> [speaking spanish] >> we have about 23 member
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leaders who are part of different committees who do all the hard labor to continue to organize, to better the conditions of our lives to make sure we have a better quality of life as workers. >> [speaking spanish] >> translator: i want to also send greetings and powerful hellos to sacramento who could not be here because they're
5:42 pm
organizing at the state level for better conditions. and at the same time, want to send greetings to the women who were not able to take time off of work and are right now taking care of chish, taking care of elderly, cleaning homes, powerful thanks to them. and say, greetings and thank you again to these powerful women who do the hard labor, fighting really, really hard to win for all of us better conditions and liberation for everybody. [applause]
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>> president breed: thank you all again for being here today and congratulations on all your hard work. with that, we're going to return to our agenda and head to committee reports. >> clerk: item 10 considered by the budget and finance subcommittee at a regular meeting on thursday, march 8 and was forwarded as a committee report. it is a resolution to authorize the department of homelessness for the no place like home 2017 technical assistance grant to support the application for no place like home funds from the state of california. >> president breed: can we take this item, same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted
5:44 pm
unanimously. >> clerk: item 11 cared by the land use committee at a regular meeting monday march 12, forwarded as a committee report, a resolution to authorize the director of real estate to file a declaration of restrictions with the assessor recorder against the property designated as assessor parcel block number 2643, known as the twin peeks open space for the department of park and rec and providing that the use restrictions contained will be covenants, conditions and restrictions on the use of the property until june 30, 2033. >> president breed: the resolution is adopted unanimously. let's go to roll call for introductions. >> first member to introduce new business is supervisor tang. >> supervisor tang: today i have a resolution regarding support for health resolution 669 restricting the first use of
5:45 pm
nuclear weapons act 2017, this was brought to attention by one of our residents working with a group called beyond the bomb. eric. and i think he will be here today if not already to speak on this item, so i'll let him during public comment make remarks about this. and so with that, i submit. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: last year, i heard two hearings on a current needs and gaps in services for our city's older gap. where one hearing focused on the rapidly decreasing supply of care facilities for the elderly, rcfes for older adults. made hearings made it clear that affordable housing while a city-wide issue, is a particularly urgent issue for older adults who often live alone on fixed incomes and have more significant medical expenses due to a greater age
5:46 pm
related health issues. while the cause of this crisis are complex, i believe there are solutions available to us. among some of the causes, the rcfes can be expensive to operate and this has caused many family-owned rcfes to close in recent years. hospitals also have been closing their facilities for skilled nursing beds, even with the rcfe facilities that remain open, the monthly cost a senior would have to pay to live there is often at least $4500 a month. half of san francisco older adults live on less than 300% of federal poverty level which is equal to $2900 a month.
5:47 pm
social security reimbursement as well as patch funding for the rce services have been stagnate and very limited. too many of our older adults have been relocated out of the county, hours away from family and loved ones and experience what we call relocation shock upon being handed an eviction notice or told there aren't enough boarding care homes left in san francisco that is affordable. that is why i'm calling for the department of public health, the department of aging, adult services and housing and community development along with community stakeholders such as community based organizations serving older adults, board and care operators and postacute care professionals to form a working group to build upon the work of the postacute chair
5:48 pm
collaborative forked in 2017 and the postacute care project report that was published and was heard at a hearing in february 2016. the purpose is to bring in not only leaders from the city departments and private hospitals, but also a diverse group of community stakeholders to work together in the collaborative community based approach to find short and long-term solutions in identifying incentives and opportunities to retain and build a more sustainable supply of affordable quality rcfes to help our older adults stay in san francisco, in their communities, and near their loved ones. our city's older adults cannot wait one more day for us to act and start finding solutions in their housing needs. i look forward to partnering
5:49 pm
with the various stakeholders in our office. we'll be in touch shortly to form the working group before the summer. the rest i submit. >> president breed: >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you, colleagues, i'm declaring a resolution to declare arbor week. it celebrates importance of care and maintenance of the urban forests and educates residents on how to keep trees strong, healthy and beautiful. city employees come together during arbor week to plant trees in the neighborhoods in san francisco. each year, san francisco public works plants a signature tree dedicated to a community, cultural or signature leader and
5:50 pm
this year the signature tree will be dedicated to edwin ma lee, whose death was mourned not only by san francisco, but across the nation and worldwide. the signature tree was replaced in 2018, will serve as a living tribute to mayor lee for generations to come. in celebration of arbor week, a fair will be held in my district at washington high school from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. this saturday, march 17. which i will be attending. community clean team volunteers and friends of urban forest will plant approximately 200 trees. this is also dear to my heart and personal for me. my father-in-law founded friends of the urban forest and i married into a family of arborists.
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he is pruning trees and so i also, having married into this family, am a tree lover. planting and caring for trees contributes to a sustainable environment for future generations and makes our city more livable. happy arbor week, everyone. >> supervisor peskin: today, i have two in memoriam, the first for a beloved and community leader, high school parent, david bush nell, who designed the waldorf, the first solar powered school. as the cofounder in principle for 50 architects with over 25 years of experience, david's work has been recognized with regional and international awards, practicing in san francisco, new york, seattle and switzerland, he was responsible
5:52 pm
for the design and construction of a variety of projects, ranging from large scale commercial to small scale interior, including educational, institutional buildings. recent projects include the child development center in a private residence. i ask that we adjourn today's board meeting in his memory and offer our sincere condolences to his wife and two daughters. i'd like to adjourn today's board meeting in the memory of kenneth fong, who passed away on march 6, at the age of 71. and express our condolences to his widow and his daughter and the rest i will submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: colleagues, today i'm calling for a hearing on pge practices that are
5:53 pm
impeding our ability as a city to bring clean power to city funded projects. san francisco has been producing 1 100 gas free power. our hydro electric system powers schools, public housing and more and is helping us keeping our air clean meeting our zero emission goals. unfortunately, our public electricity delivery depends on pg&e structure. lately, we've suffered costly delays. equipment in design demands that has been presented late, requirement that seemingly have no technical or engineering rationale and that adds significant costs. the park, the renovations of randall museum, rehabilitation and construction projects,
5:54 pm
including several in my district and even the navigation center on the central waterfront have all been delayed to their shenanigans. some of these delays have put at risk outside financing that some projects have been forced to contract for power from pg&e instead of utilizing the city owned clean power. they estimate that city projects that had to forego city power to accept pg&e azerbaijaned -- as a provider has led to costs. i want to hear from pg&e to understand the practices and the regulation. i want to hear from city agencies about their performance, how stalled projects and the impact of the
5:55 pm
capital and long-term operating costs of these power source decisions. with the pipeline of affordable housing and planned renovations at city pools, we cannot afford further delays without justification. the city produces inexpensive clean power and we have an obligation to use this on city projects, we cannot let pg&e stand in our way. the rest i submit. >> supervisor sheehy: thank you, so first i'd like to call for hearing on staffing of radiologists and ultrasound technicians at san francisco general hospital. there is a pervasive short staffing crisis for the radiology department. this impacts parity care due to
5:56 pm
wait times. the following number of patients were waiting for scans, ct, 125. ultrasound 810. mri 235. the number of days that patients wait from far beyond industry standards. for example, abdomen ct, the wait time is 21 days. mri 13 days. and carotid doer 21 days. all these scans for for patients with serious medical needs that need to be diagnosed. i'm asking father hearing on that matter. and i'm also in me more cram for jennifer gonzales, 32 years old. she and her unborn child were murdered during the pathway veteran home shooting on friday, march 9, 2018 in yountville, california.
5:57 pm
she was the cousin of long time democratic leader, alexis gonzalez. jennifer graduated with honors and dedicated her life to serving veterans who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. should we turn to san jose state university to help establish the veteran resource center and worked with veterans all over the bay area as a psychologist for the department of veterans affairs, san francisco bureau. she survived by her grieving husband, t.j., her father michael and loving extended family and friends. our condolences go to her family and friends. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: submit. >> president breed: there are no other names on the roster. please read public comment.
5:58 pm
>> at this time, the public may address the entire board for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board, to include the mayoral question from district 5, the minutes from january 30, february 6 and the february 5 minutes. you may also comment on items 14 and 15, the items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. pursuant to the board rules, direct to the board as a whole, not individual supervisors and not the audience. those using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the time to testify. and if you want to display on the overhead, please clearly state that, and remove the document. first speaker, please. >> andrew. political leaders should truth and missions to establish foundation of the way in
5:59 pm
developing of all politics for prosperity. [inaudible] on the safe soul of -- people are able to from world tragedies. as well as stopping the turmoil of the world. we can strengthen civil justice as well as leading to national unity of the people with human civilization and progress. the works of kindness shall bring a strong and wealthy nation. with the missions of mercy and love, we can guarantee our people with a safe course in life. with righteousness in spirit shall lead the universe onto the stage of forever peace and harmony. the nation will be blessed.
6:00 pm
when people abide by virtues and picking the right path and doing the right things for the common good. national unity shall come to be in realization. when they treat holiness and moreality as being important, take mercy, we shall be able to enjoy the prosperity of a strong and wealthy nation. thank you. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> this demonstration is going to show the city and the state of california the best way to assist in the federal court system. as it stands right now, the federal court system says that aliens as a group generally do not have the right to counsel as a government expense and administrative