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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 22, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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bigger. and one day, it will be who are we as people, and harvey will be a part of that memory. and we want that terminal. we wanted more, but we'll take the terminal and go on. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning. jordan davis again. i think this is a proud day in this city's history, and i don't think i can say much more about the naming of terminal one after harvey milk, except thank you, supervisor ronen, for this. except naming things after transgender women of color. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm happy to be here today, and thank you for your time. first of all, i'd like to echo all the sentiments before me, and i'd like to say that i
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think the renaming of terminal one in honor of supervisor milk is the embodiment of san francisco values and what we stand for, our shared history, how far we've come, but also how much farther we have to go during these times. as someone who grew up in this area and learned of supervisor milk at a young age, i was inspired by his hopes and his courage and his movement building, and i think it's so important to teach others about the work that he had done, nationally and internationally, and i think the way to do this is by naming this terminal, and i hope anden courage you to all be in favor of this legislation, and today is a good day, so thank you very much. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is allen baird. i have lived in the castro, which is now called district eight, for 86 years now.
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harvey milk and myself met together in 1973 when he opened up his camera shop on castro street. he became friends with my wife and myself, and that friendship lasted until the day he was murdered and taken away from us. i want to talk about 1996, when activist tom ammiano worked very hard along with other people to change the name of douglas school, the school i went to as a kid. i was only five years old when my mother walked me in there. it was called douglas school, named after a captain douglas. tom ammiano got a lot of support from people. of course in the audience the day that we spoke there at everett junior high school, he
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explained there's plenty of bigots in the audience. there were some of them there to speak there, but it passed, and thanks to tom ammiano and the people that worked in there on that day. those kids there now -- i live across the street from the school, they're so appreciative of everything that's been done there, and they're taught right from wrong. these kids are terrific, and they totally support the community, the day community, and every that lives in this community. i vote, naturally, for -- to change the name of the airport in the name of harvey milk. he would be so grateful for you to change that name because that name doesn't belong there. thank you very much. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. >> good morning, supervisors. alex walker, and i first want you to know i'm appearing here
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on my own time. i was a member of the airport naming advisory committee that met last year, i was appointed to that committee on my 28th birthday, a little over four years ago now, and we got to meeting last year under the wonderful leadership of john martin, and we took in presentations from the airport, and we deliberated, and we felt like terminal one was a great opportunity with the work going onto make this something organic and integrated into the design. i really want to thank supervisor ronen for taking the baton from supervisor campos with whom i worked on the milk sfo when i was on the board of the harvey milk democratic club. i was appointed to the board of the facilities naming committee four years ago, so i think it's a really fantastic opportunity if you pass this through, and then, the board passes this through to really work on cementing a great legacy for harvey, and with the arts commission, i hope there will be work going on with people in
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this room who knew harvey, and people that are not in this room that knew harvey, to make something we can really be proud of. when we were working to choose the new design, but also, it has gates that can be used for international arrivals, so there will be opportunities beyond the international arrivals in terminal one, possibly. that was communicated to airport staff, so there'll be people coming in internationally who will be able to see the exhibits about harvey. so just, i think back to myself as a 23-year-old kid, getting out of college when prop 8 passed, being so down about the world, but seeing the movie about harvey milk. it's so great to see we've come to this point today, and i'm looking forward to working with the people on the area arts commission. i can't wait to be there with you all when it comes time to be opened, and thank you very much. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much.
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next speaker, but i'd like to call up city college trustee raphael mandarin to speak. next speaker, please. thank you sk. >> hello. my name is kirk lynn, and i've been living in this wonderful city for almost 15 years now, and i'm sorry, but i'm a little up yet at wh upset at what i had heard, that an airport commissioner can hold up legislation for this long, that it had to go through three different board of supervisors. that is insane. that is completely insane and should never -- one person should never hold up lem legislation that has already been voted on multiple times.
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pass this now. do not delay, and let's try to make sure that a four-year delay does not happen again for naming an airport, for naming a terminal, for naming a bridge, given the fact that we have the willie brown bridge when he's still alive, and that took less than six months? really? so four years, that's insane. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. city college trustee rapha raphael mandolin. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you so much, supervisor ronen and supervisor sheehy for bringing this forward. i stand here as a former board member of the lgbt democratic club, the first lgbt democratic
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club in the country, and an elected official in one of the thousands lgbt elected officials who have been able to pursue higher office, following in harvey's foot steps. this is such an overdue moment as folks have said. thank you supervisor campos for starting us down this path so many years ago. i was just looking over the hope speech and thinking about the kids from san antonio and iowa and altoona, and who had the two options of out or suicide, and who had the option of moving to san francisco, which so many did or staying where they were and fighting. and for so many people, those are still the choices. we want to give people hope, having folks across the country and across the world going through that terminal and remembering harvey's legacy and taking hope from that will be
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so inspirational, and so thank you so much. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. okay. please, next speaker. thank you. >> my name is ruth landy. i live in beautiful bernal heights in district nine, so i first have to admit to a deep and intimate relationship with sfo. for 25 years, i lived and worked away from the city, and each summer i'd fly back and visit family and friends, and my heart would sore flying in over the golden gate or the salt flats, the fog cresting over the coastal range. there's no doubt that my attachment to the bay city deepened with each flight into sfo. i was an inspiring film maker when mayor moscone and harvey milk were shot dead on that fateful day. it's one of those days like
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9/11 that will forever be etched in my psyche. i'm here to speak in favor of the renaming of the terminal. 40 years later, his stature has only grown. i love the city and i've been stunned to see since i returned eight years ago the degree to which inequality has been taking hold and how not only our skyline but our city is increasingly associated and branded with technology and wealth, and we are that city, but we're much more than that. to the city leaders, i ask, dow recognize the extraordinary opportunity that you have at no cost to reinforce san francisco's brand as proudly tolerant and diverse, harvey milk's city, and do you have the courage to identify yourself with his message and to make history? i hope the answer to these questions is yes. symbolism matters, especially today.
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thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisors, for hearing this item today. i wanted to especially thank my supervisor, supervisor ronen, for carrying on the hard work of my former supervisor, supervisor campos in bringing this forward. i remember a rally for years ago standing on the steps of city hall with our milk sfo signs and, you know, i am a excited -- we've finally gotten somewhere thanks to your leadership, so thank both of you. we name things after politicians all the time. i hope that you supervisors someday have a school or a rec center or something here in the city or your districts named after you. but i think that this is -- this is a pretty unique moment. this is a unique opportunity to name a piece of our city that
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is truly a gateway to us from the world after an elected official who means something to lgbtq people and marginalized folks around the globe. it's an opportunity at a time when our country and our world seems increasingly dark and increasingly hopeless, to make the gateway of our city -- frankly, to make it the beacon of hope that harvey spoke about during his life and that so many people in this world have carried on the message of since his passing. it really means something to welcome young queer kids, to welcome immigrants, well come folks who don't feel they have a place anywhere else in this world to san francisco under harvey milk's name, so i hope that you will support this, and we get it done quickly, because we need a little bit of hope right now in san francisco and around this country, so thank you, supervisors. >> supervisor fewer: thank you
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very much. let me call the rest of these cards. rebecca, gwen, hiya, nick. >> my name is rebecca ralph. i want to start by thanking supervisor's ronen and sheehy for bringing this forward today and to really acknowledge the leadership of former supervisor david campos for raising this as an idea several years ago. one of the things coming later in the speaker cue, all of those who came before me, underscore, ditto. i think people have spoken very eloquently about the ongoing needs of the lgbt community here, both people who live here and people who continue to come here seeking a place of safety, a place where they can live their full, authentic lives.
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what i do want to say -- we've also touched on the concept of hope. hope in this country is more important than ever. one of the things that we see as young people growing up in isolation, seniors moving back into isolation, they don't see people who reflect who they are, they don't see positive role models. i think immigrants are living in fear of deportation, people are living in fear of violence. our community is living in fear of discrimination. i think there are too many people who continue to live their lives in fear, and we're only continuing to see that move backwards in this country. i think san francisco continues to be a beacon of hope, i think we continue to be a beacon of progressive values that progressive people in this country hold so dear. i think renaming the terminal one in our airport in our city
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is appropriate, and continue to honor the legacy and continue to state the san francisco values of hope, of fairness, of respect for all people, so thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. >> hello. my naem is nick large. i am a graduate student studies public affairs at the university of san francisco and i'm working on my thesis that involved lgbt landmarks and political power. i also happen to work at the former location of harvey milk's former camera. i'm here to ask you to rename the sfo terminal after harvey milk. i moved here to san francisco seven years ago because i saw the city as a beacon of tolerance. the symbolic value of the city, it dramatically altered the course of my life and for that, i am grateful, but i want this city to move from tolerance into acceptance. memorization can be a powellful
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tool, and i think we should use it as such. the airport can become more than a place, more than the sum of its materiality. it can become a symbol that brings us together and invites feelings of comfort and belonging as we fly in from all over the world. it can make sure that we always remember that the lgbt civil rights movement was and is a struggle and fought by a coalition of alliances. in a world of political unrest, memorization can also be an act of subversion. as someone who works in harvey milk's former castro camera store, i've heard the powerful meaning of his story. i've seen people breakdown and cry. and here through the renaming of sfo and this terminal, i think that we can offer a beacon of hope to those who feel like they have none, and i think that power, that beacon
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has something that's immeasurable, so please, let's rename this terminal. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is heidi 34 ahogany. i'm one of the presidents of the harvey milk democratic club. i want to thank everyone for daring to dream that we could one day honor harvey milk's memory with the renaming of sfo. san francisco has long been a pillar of progress for the world. perhaps especially for the lgbtq community. milk's call to queers to come to san francisco is still being heard today, and that call has truly shaped this city that the world has grown to love. it is only right that we name part of sfo, the first place that many visitors set foot in san francisco after one of our most cherished leaders and
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visionaries and the reason that many of us are here in this room today, harvey milk. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is gwen craig. i'm always proud to say that i'm a former president of the harvey milk lgbt democratic club. and even more, i have the memory of working with harvey milk on his supervisorial campaign and on the campaign to beat proposition six in 1978. throughout those campaigns, and throughout his all too short political history in san francisco, his message was that the visibility of lesbians and day men was critically important, and i think today he
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would have amendmented that to say the visibility of lgbt people. he felt that it was important that if he be elected to the board of supervisors, to this board, that it is important not just for himself and not even just for the lgbt community of san francisco, but that it would send a message to the nation, and, in fact to the whole world, that this city was a beacon of hope, of openness, and opportunity and a city of acceptance and welcome. and so today, i believie that s visitors and new residents come back -- or come here through a terminal named for hectare view milk, and know or come to know who he was and what he did and what he represents in the history of our city, that they
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will know that we are still living up to being the city that he promised we could be. so i strongly urge that you put the name of harvey milk on that terminal. thank you very much. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. >> good morning, everybody. i'm carolina morales, and i'm here before you today as a resident of district 11 and as a queer latina immigrant who is ae been in san francisco for the last 13 years. and i'm really grateful that you are considering this item today, and i hope that you will be voting yes for naming the terminal after harvey milk, thinking of all the laine owe immigrants and immigrants come to the city looking for refuge, going through very severe
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violence. i served a lot of immigrants who had to endure rain and severe -- severe violence, and they come here really looking for refuge, and having the reminder that being day, that being a leader, that working together across movements and across issues do matter is very, very critical for the vision and the values that the city has. so please, yes to voting on harvey milk airport. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. >> good morning. moses kuret, a resident of district eight and member of the harvey milk club. i'm also liking to talk about the symbolism of things. you know, this is a symbol. renaming an airport is a symbol. it's an important symbol for san francisco to honor the work and the legacy of harvey milk.
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so i work in city hall. i have a ritual. every morning i come to work, i walk up the front stairs, and i'm greating t i'm greeting the statty ue of harvey milk. i pat him on the shoulder, and i go to work. i'm following in other people's foot steps, and i hope you consider renaming the airport. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. hello, miss johnson. >> good morning, supervisors. it's an honor to be here. first of all, supervisor sheehy is a cosponsor of this memorializing harvey, but i also want to tell you i was a native of district eight. it wasn't district eight them. i grew up in the castro, and so did my mother, father, and grandparents. i had the honor of knowing harvey before he was a supervisor, and he had the
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camera shop. i had five children, and a single parent, and he understood that kind of discrimination that i experienced and he had a great heart for that. and he encouraged me to become more involved with them, and call the san francisco day democratic club, which he was a president of. through that, i had the great opportunity of meeting bill krautz and gwen craig, and harvey got elected. harvey was billed. harry britt was elected by dianne feinstein, and i joined harry at city hall. it's an honor to be joining supervisor sheehy in my own neighborhood since 1969. thank you all for putting this forth. there was no greater man than harvey milk. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. anymore members of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is now closed. colleagues, i believe -- oh, supervisor ronen, did you --
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>> supervisor ronen: oh, no, go ahead. >> supervisor fewer: so i believe there is an amendment before us. can we take that amendment without objection? thank you very much. and then, may i have a motion, please. oh, yes. supervisor stefani. >> just quickly, i wanted to thank everybody for coming out today. completely inspired by the remarks. thank you, supervisor campos, senator leno and everybody else that was here. i've always been inspired by harvey milk, by his love, his compassion and humanity. as someone who saw my sister in her 20 kaeyears struggle to co out from a small town in a central california family. for harvey to pave the way for my sister to live the life she's living now means so much to me, so i'm honored to vote
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on this it today. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: i just want to say a few words. i think this is a day that many of us in this chamber will remember. i know this was a struggle for many years. i still don't understand why it's taken as long as it has, but i will say that one of the things that struck me the most -- i mean, there were a lot of things that struck me today that i've been inspired by, but one of the things that really sunk in was the idea that people really do come from all over the united states and all over the world to san francisco to begin anew, to have a place where they can feel safe and have a place where they feel like they can be who they truly are, and to have a man who gave his life for that cause to be named on a terminal, and for that to be a
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symbol and something that they pass under every time they come into that city, every time we come into this city, and every time we -- even if it's someone that's not partaking in that ritual in that part of their life, i think that's how important it is. and i think this is such an important day. i want to thank supervisor campos for initiating that, supervisor ronen for carrying the torch on, and senator leno for his leadership in dedicating his career for so many different causes that helped advance us to this day, and all of you that spoke, all the commissioners and all the activists and all the staff and commissioners that are here that shared your own personal sto story because it is one that we will all remember, and so i thank you. you i thank you for your
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leadership, and i'm happy to be a part of this day. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. i also want to say that san francisco has long been a place that people come to to seek a better life as it was; for my great grand father who came here in the early 1900's, or drawing people who simply want to live the life that they want to live. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: i just wanted to thank call my colleagues for supporting this measure and for everyone who came out to speak today, it was incredibly inspiring and in truest tradition, i'm wondering if we could go outside after the vote and take a picture by the bust for our amazing victory. so please join us for the celebrations, as well. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: okay.
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that's great. so can i have a motion so that he can go celebrate? >> supervisor safai: so would you like to make the motion, supervisor? >> yes. i would like to make a motion to name terminal one after harvey milk and move this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor fewer: great. we can take this without objection. thank you very much. [applause]. >> supervisor fewer: congratulations, everyone. madam clerk, can you call item number five. >> resolution retroactively -- [ inaudible ] with hls 2 and 716 sacramento as a landlord for the use by the department of public health for a period of july 1st 2018 through june 30, 2023. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. i believe we have mr. john updike from the department of real estate. >> good morning again. john updike, director of real estate.
11:29 am
this is the item you were all waiting for. it was a very inspirational moment. happy to be here. this was a new lease for 520 sacramento between kearny and grant. it's 9250 square feet on two floors of a three floor building. it houses our chinatown child development center. i do have representatives of the department of public health here to talk about the program if you have questions about that program. we've been in this location originally since 1996. current lease expires june 30th of this year. this new lease would be consistent with $51 persquare feet. that is consistent with the appraised value. ownership felt that was a compromised item. they felt the value was higher. we also did pursue for a short while the purchase of this property. that did not come to pass. we could not come to terms with
11:30 am
the owner over a purchase. the department is considering moving this location, joining it with other activities located at 1490 mason street, and so this gives them time to really thoughtfully put forward a proposal potentially to relocate, consolidate into a different facility that we own. it does have a renewal option available to it that would be subject further to board approval five years from now. if it's renewed that would be at 95% of fair market rent or 3% over the last year, similar so what we talked about on the last item today. any questions, the details of the transaction, happy to answer them. otherwise dph is here for program info if you need it. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. i believe we have a will you bet legislative analyst report. >> thank you, chair fewer, members of the committee. the proposed resolution would
11:31 am
renew a lease for the chinatown child development center for a term of five years with one five year option to extend. as shown in table one on page 17 of our report, the rent would be approximately 472,000 for the first year, with 3% annual raises a year. this is based on the rate of $51 persquare foot. the total cost to the city over the entire period is approximately 2.5 million. as shown in table two on page 18 of our report, and i am happy to answer any questions. thank you. is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor satisfy? >> supervisor safai: there is the opportunity to put funds together to rhenvate and
11:32 am
prepare that space. i understand they couldn't do that under the current circumstances, so i would just like to say for the record it would be important for me to dph spent sometime looking at the faezibility to upgrading the location that they actually own so that we're not in this situation in five years asking for another extension. i did express this to the director, as well. i think it's important and something that i feel strongly about when we have assets that we own, we should be accessing and utilizing those. this is an important service provided to the community -- actually. we asked for an audit of all of mental health services provided, and i know we're going to have a hearing on that, and i know there will be a piece of that, and this is a wonderful, wonderful program that's provided to this community in language cultural culturally competent, so it's a really important program. but the idea that the city's spending this money continuously on a location that you have an obstinate or unwilling property owner, then,
11:33 am
it would be wonderful to have a plan put in place to rhenvate existing space that is nearby and make that available since this is a primary function of dph. thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. any other comments? no? could i have a motion, please. >> supervisor safai: so i guess motion to approve the lease? >> supervisor fewer: great. we can take this without objection. thank you very much. madam clerk, can you please call item six. >> item six, resolution approving the domestic terminal's automated teller machine lease between bank of america and the city for a lease of two years with an option to extend and a minimum of 21,000 for the first year of the lease. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. i believe we have cathy widener here from the san francisco international airport. >> good morning. cathy widener, san francisco airport. the why the before you seeks a
11:34 am
new lease between airport and bank of america for 12 atm machines with a two year option to extend. am i responding to the -- >> supervisor fewer: it is the -- >> i thought i was doing it out of order. it has a minimum annual guaranteed rent of $211,000 or 70% of gross revenues, whichever is greater. the mag is adjusted annually by the cpi. under the five year term, the airport expects to collect the minimum annual guarantee rent, and the atm lease is the result of a competitive request for proposal process. the airport set the mag at $150,000 to encourage multiple bids, but at the end of the day, even though there were a
11:35 am
number of people who attended the preproposal conference, only bank of america bid on the proposal with a $211,000 mag. the budget analyst has reviewed the lease and recommends approval, and i would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. colleagues, any questions? seeing none, let's hear tfrom the bla. >> the airport has one option to extend the lease for an additional two years. the initial minimum annual guarantee, as the department stated is $211,000 and would increase annually by the cpi. the airport anticipates collecting at least 1,055,000 in revenue over the initial period. bampg of america was the loan bidder for this lease, and we recommend approval. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. are there any members of the
11:36 am
public wishing to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, do have a motion? >> supervisor safai: motion to approve this lease. >> recommended to the full board. >> supervisor fewer: yes. madam clerk, can you call item seven. >> item seven, item retroactively approval a lease between the united states postal service and the city -- [ inaudible ] through august 31, 2022. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. i believe + widener has another report for us. >> yes, very glamorous post office lease. cathy widener with the san francisco airport. the item before you seeks a ground lease with the united states postal service for approximately 8.61 acres of land located at the westfield
11:37 am
cargo road at the airport with an annual rent of $1.5 million and an initial five year term through august 31, 2022. the airport post office has been located at this location at the airport since 1964 on a noncompetitive basis as a governmental agency that provides a necessary public service to the airport as well as our tenants and the surrounding communities. the u.s. postal service incurs all costs and expenses related to maintaining the facilities and improvements, including streets, and parking lots that are in the lease before you. the subject plot 10-s could potentially be included in the airport's future development of a boarding area h, which is a new boarding area extension to the international terminal. the proposed lease terms allows for the flexibility for the airport to develop this site in the future if necessary while maintaining the specialized
11:38 am
postal service amenities over the next eight years. the budget analyst has reviewed and recommends approval, and i'd be happy to answer any questions. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. any questions by colleagues? no. let's hear from the budget and legislative analyst. >> the proposed resolution would retroactively approve a lease with the u.s. postal confidence in the cargo area. it would be for an initial period of five years with four options to extend five years at the airport's sole discretion. the total base rent would be 1.5 million, with an annual increase of 3%. we do recommend approval. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much. are there any members -- oh, supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: no, go ahead. >> supervisor fewer: are there
11:39 am
any members of the public that would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you. actually when i sat with the legislative analyst yesterday, we had a lot of questions about the idea this airport is planning or talking about planning on doing something with this land within the next eight to ten years but then they're asking for a 25-year lease. i don't feel comfortable approval this, at least today. i think this needs a little bit more work. i think the airport should go back and change the terms of the lease and then come back to this board after if they need additional time after ten years. so i'm not in favor of this support, and that was actually part of the conclusion that i had with the bla yesterday. they said that was a part of their concerns, as well. they weren't clear why you were asking for a 25-year lease potentially when they had discussions of doing something with the land. i mean, unless they have an answer for that today, i would ask continue this item and ask
11:40 am
the airport to do some more work on this lease. >> supervisor fewer: miss widener, can you please respond? >> absolutely. so my understanding is that the lease that's before you today is for an initial five-year term, and then any options thereafter would be at the discretion of the airport and would come to the board of supervisors for approval. the potential boarding area h is very conceptual at this point. we just are not -- it's not included in our capital plan, it's not included in our airport development plan, so it's very new. this discussion is very new. there's no plans for it, so any extension of the term before you, which is for five years, would come back to you as well as the airport commission for approval as we contemplate what we would be doing with this space. so you're not -- we're not asking for you to approve 25 years is my understanding, we're asking you to approve the initial term. >> supervisor safai: well, what i just heard from the bla was at the discretion of the airport, not at the discretion of the board. so i just want to be clear on
11:41 am
that. >> supervisor fewer: mr. givner? >> deputy city attorney jon givner. the way the resolution is currently drafted, the board would be taking a single approval action now, and the airport in its discretion could extend the lease awhen the options come up. you could amend it to today to reflect what miss widener is saying, and that would put everybody on the same page. >> supervisor fewer: would you like to do that? >> supervisor safai: yes. i'd like to make a motion to amend the resolution to say that -- add the language, at the approval of the board of supervisors, as well. >> supervisor fewer: okay. and then we can take that amendment without objection? thank you very much. seeing no members of the public. >> clerk: madam chair, would you like to recommend this to the full board as amended? >> supervisor fewer: yes, please. >> clerk: is there a motion?
11:42 am
>> supervisor fewer: yeah. it's a motion. >> supervisor fewer: yes. >> supervisor safai: yes. motion to approve to send this item to the full board as amended with positive recommendation. >> supervisor fewer: thank you, and i think be can take that without objection. madam collect, are there any other items before us today. >> clerk: there are no further items. >> supervisor fewer: therefore, this meeting is now adjourned. thank you very much. .
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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information
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technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their showing up and dining within the
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49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 san francisco owes must of the charm to the unique characterization of each corridor has a distinction permanent our neighbors are the economic engine of the city. >> if we could a afford the lot by these we'll not to have the kind of store in the future the kids will eat from some restaurants chinatown has phobia one of the best the most unique neighborhood shopping areas of san francisco. >> chinatown is one of the
11:46 am
oldest chinatown in the state we need to be able allergies the people and that's the reason chinatown is showing more of the people will the traditional thepg. >> north beach is i know one of the last little italian community. >> one of the last neighborhood that hadn't changed a whole lot and san francisco community so strong and the sense of partnership with businesses as well and i just love north beach community old school italian comfort and love that is what italians are all about we need people to come here and shop here so we can keep this going not only us but, of course, everything else in the community
11:47 am
i think local businesses the small ones and coffee shops are unique in their own way that is the characteristic of the neighborhood i peace officer prefer it is local character you have to support them. >> really notice the port this community we really need to kind of really shop locally and support the communityly live in it is more economic for people to survive here. >> i came down to treasure island to look for a we've got a long ways to go. ring i just got married and didn't want something on line i've met artists and local business owners they need money
11:48 am
to go out and shop this is important to short them i think you get better things. >> definitely supporting the local community always good is it interesting to find things i never knew existed or see that that way. >> i think that is really great that san francisco seize the vails of small business and creates the shop & dine in the 49 to support businesses make people all the residents and visitors realize had cool things are made and produced in san . >> i just feel like this is what i was born to do when i was a little kid i would make up performances and daydream
11:49 am
it was always performing and doing something i feel if i can't do that than i can't be e me. >> i just get excited and my nickname is x usher my mom calls me i stuck out like a sore thumb for sure hey everybody i'm susan kitten on the keys from there, i working in vintage clothing and chris in the 30's and fosz and aesthetic. >> i think part of the what i did i could have put on my poa he focus on a lot of different
11:50 am
musical eras. >> shirley temple is created as ahsha safai the nation with happens and light heartenness shirley temple my biggest influence i love david boo and el john and may i west coast their flamboyant and show people (singing) can't be unhappy as a dr. murase and it is so fun it is a joyful instrument i learned more about music by playing the piano it was interesting the way i was brought up the youth taught me about music he picked up the a correspond that was so hard my first performing experience
11:51 am
happened as 3-year-old an age i did executive services and also thanks to the lord and sank in youth groups people will be powering grave over their turk i'll be playing better and better back la i worked as places where men make more money than me i was in bands i was treated as other the next thing i know i'm in grants performing for a huge protection with a few of my friends berry elect and new berry elect and can be ray was then and we kept getting invited back you are shows got better we made it to paris in 2005 a famous arc we ended up getting a months
11:52 am
residencey other than an island and he came to our show and started writing a script based on our troop of 6 american burr elect performs in france we were woman of all this angels and shapes and sizes and it was very exciting to be part of the a few lettering elect scene at the time he here he was bay area born and breed braces and with glossaries all of a sudden walking 9 red carpet in i walgreens pedestrian care. >> land for best director that was backpack in 2010 the french love this music i come back here and because of film was not
11:53 am
released in the united states nobody gave a rats ass let's say the music and berry elect and performing doesn't pay very much i definitely feel into a huge depression especially, when it ended i didn't feel kemgd to france anymore he definitely didn't feel connected to the scene i almost feel like i have to beg for tips i hey i'm from the bay area and an artist you don't make a living it changed my represent tar to appeal and the folks that are coming into the wars these days people are not listening they love the idea of having a live musician but don't really nurture it like having a potted plant if you don't warrant it it
11:54 am
dizzy sort of feel like a potted plant (laughter) i'm going to give san francisco one more year i've been here since 1981 born and raised in the bay area i know that is not for me i'll keep on trying and if the struggle becomes too hard i'll have to move on i don't know where that will be but i love here so so much i used to dab he will in substances i don't do that i'm sober and part of the being is an and sober and happy to be able to play music and perform and express myself if i make. >> few people happy of all ages i've gone my job so i have so stay is an i feel like the piano and music in general with my voice together i
11:55 am
feel really powerful and strong >> hi, in san francisco we're doing a special series called stay safe, about staying in your home after an earthquake. and today we're going to be talking about the neighborhood support center to help people find new resources when they stay in their home. ♪ ♪ >> we're here at the urban center in san francisco with sarah karlewski, deputy director of spur. we're talking about the shelter, a safe place to stay, exhibition at their center. and part of being able to shelter in place in your home is to be able to find a place
11:56 am
nearby where you can get the services that you might not have in your home. and that's what this little neighborhood support center is for. >> that's right. >> what are some of the services that might be provided in a neighborhood center like this? >> yeah. so, we think of the neighborhood support centers as really being homes away from home. so, after a major earthquake there is going to be a lot of confusion. people are going to need to try to meet up with other people. they're going to need a lot of information. so, a lot of what the neighborhood support center is going to provide is that information. basically we're going to be like a hub where people can come to get services, help, information, et cetera. what you see here on this table are a whole variety of did you ever rent things from tools, some walki-talkies.
11:57 am
this helps people know what is going on in their neighborhood. over here you have a whole variety of water and canned goods. we're really hoping that people will stock up for themselves at least for the first 72 hours if not more. i know that i have a ton of canned food and other sorts of things such as water within my own home. and everybody should, but there's going to come a time where people are going to end up running out and needing more. so, that's what we've got right here. >> so, this neighborhood support center, this doesn't look to be a major city sponsored fully stocked space. it can be a small commercial space, even somebody's garage as long as they have the information, a guide of information, who to call for what, communications equipment, some power, have a generator. >> that's right. >> thinking of lights and charge your cell phones and so on. and probably be operated by volunteers. >> volunteers, maybe members of nert could help out, people who live in the neighborhood that
11:58 am
have some building skill could be helpful. so, if there is a structural engineer living nearby or even an architect, they could really help people kind of understand what has happened to their homes and what sort of repairs might be needed. >> here we are with some of the things that you might find in a neighborhood support center. one thing we learned from hurricane katrina, people really rely on their portable electronics and their phone. we say here's a charging station tied up to the generation. the essential coffeepot. >> yes. >> maybe a computer, you can check your e-mail with. >> yes. we have our charging station here. and then over here you can see we've got a whole variety of things, including the all-important different tags. so, lawrence, do you want to talk a little about the tags? >> sure. people want to know what do these tags mean. is my building safe or unsafe. these are the city owe initial tags. staying in your home doesn't
11:59 am
require that you get a tag. it just means that you use common sense and maybe get help from people who might be around who can help you evaluate whether it's a safe place to stay. >> you might want to know because regular city services are disrupted, you might want to know when trash pick up is, if you need to get clean water, et cetera. also in the neighborhood support center, that kind of information would be available and we've got a little of that up here. >> trash pick up resumes regular schedule on wednesday. >> that's right. >> please mark your human waste. >> that's right. >> so, this is kind of an information center, communication center, also a center that hopefully will show people how to relate to their neighboring communities, what else is happening city-wide. and, of course, this is sort of the ubiquitous form of communication. my cat is missing, call me. >> exactly, because a lot of times, even if you do have a cell phone, and people do if you're really trying to save some of your precious energy
12:00 pm
minutes, et cetera, or it's not working as well as it normally does, it is helpful to have a message board that you can get information to other people. and, so, that's what we're showing here. you can see people are going to be looking for their pets. they're going to be looking for rides. people are going to need to be sharing resources a much as they possibly can. another thing that you can see here is they're going to need to be fair tools and some of the things that people are going to need in order to be able to stay safer within their homes. so, we're just showing sort of a gesture to that with all these different tools here. but then also tarps, people are going to need to cover their windows if their windows are cracked, if their roofs are broken. so, ideally, the city would be able to know where all these neighborhood centers are and help deliver some of these supplies. >> they could come from a neighbor, maybe not. thank you so much for allowing us to come in