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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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2018. i will remind members of the public that the commission does not tolerate any disruption or outbursts of any kind. please silence your mobile devices that may sound off during these proceedings and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, state your name for the record. take roll at this time. [roll call taken] >> we expect melgar and moore absent today. item 1, 13.1872, at 768 harrison
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street, discretionary review. at the time of publishing the agenda, it was proposed to be continued to april 19th. that discretionary review has since been withdrawn. items 2a and b, conditional use authorization and variance, proposed to continuance to may 3, 2018. and items three, divisadero street, conditional use and rear yard modification, proposed to continuance to june 21, 2018. further commissioners, under the regular calendar, items 16 for case number 2016-4490enx, large project for indefinite continuance. no other items proposed for continuance and no speaker
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cards. >> president hillis: any public comment on the items proposed for continuance? >> good afternoon, item 16287 street. background, the size of the project is changing slightly, and new plans are going to be going in as soon as tomorrow. so very soon. and we are hoping that maybe instead of an indefinite continuance we could get a date certain, maybe a month or two from now, but defer to staff. thank you. >> president hillis: additional public comments? seeing none, commissioner koppel. >> commissioner koppel: move to continue items 2a, 3a, and 16 to the dates specified. >> second. >> president hillis: thank you, commissioners.
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[roll call vote taken prak ] >> acting zoning administrator. >> continue 2b to the date specified. >> and 3b. >> 2b and 3b. >> sorry, yep. thank you. commissioners, place us under items for matter 4, consideration of adoption for the draft minutes of march ei8 d march 15. a minor amendment to march 15, that includes a submission, members of the public are entitled to commit up to 150 words and we did not include that. >> president hillis: public comment on the draft minutes? seeing none, close public
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comment. >> commissioner fong: move to approve draft minutes with addition, changes as noted. >> second. >> thank you on the motion, they have been amended. [roll call vote taken] so moved, that motion passes unanimously 5-0. places us on item 5. commissions comments and questions. >> commissioner richards: a few things i read this week, and actually trying to get the number, if you think it's more crowded here in san francisco it actually is. the census came out with a revised population, 882,000, 884,000, i think it's 886, the highest it has been i believe ever. a couple of things we had an item on our agenda two weeks ago about change in state law for
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the san francisco zoning, i understand, i saw in the news the l.a. city council voted 11-0 to oppose sp827. and an interesting article on a ballot initiative around affordable housing. i read the ballot initiative and kind of scratched my head because i don't understand, it seems to existing laws, the local law and 100% affordable housing and sp35, not producing enough affordable housing it will approve affordable housing. so, i would like staff and like ms. rogers did, tell us what the impact of the proposed ballot measure is. i don't understand it. why -- why people are spending a ton of money on something that looks like we already have covered. so -- and i think that's permissible thing we could do. >> i'm sorry, is this a state ballot measure? >> no, charter amendment to the
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city. i don't understand what the point of it is. >> ok. >> the other thing is the new york city vacancy rate, we talked about vacancy here in the new york daily news this week the fastest growing neighborhood in the new york city is not one of the five boroughs, it's actually the vacant units. they grew 35% since the last census bureau housing and vacancy survey and total 247,000 units sitting vacant. a census bureau survey, not sure, john, if that is a federal or new york city thing, but i know we talked about the vacancy report, maybe we can look into it. it shows unoccupied units have ballooned by 65,000 or 35% of new york city housing stock. total of 11% of units in new york city vacant, 11%, even with rents at record levels. so, the editorial talks about
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how they recommended the city slap a surcharge on temporary occupancy, either the person moves in full-time to the units or pay a charge or give it up, and charge to go affordable housing fund. i think that's an interesting proposition. we adopted design guidelines last week and there were a couple of things that i think we omitted and i called some folks on staff and said we talked about this prior, one of them was to provide a checklist on all projects to make sure that we understand how they comport to the design guidelines. mr. johnson said, when we did the tour, the purpose was that the -- unless there is an extraordinary circumstance, the project should comport with the design guidelines and we were not going to have stuff half in and half out that we get to about 100% on new projects. i want to make sure we revisit that or adopt it as policy or have a discussion on it so we are all clear on that. lastly, i got something from
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mission local today and apparently the oldest house in san francisco sits on hampshire street and i don't know if you have heard, the people that used to own a lot of land in the mission, last name was treat, 1855, probably one of the oldest houses in the city and it was sold recently and actually they displaced the salvadoran family there 35 years, and eviction in 2013 and they moved out and the property is listed. in the meantime, category a historical resource had a lot of work done without permit yet none came to the planning department for review and there were external changes. john, i'll leave this with you for the enforcement team. there is an enforcement act from d.b.i. point of view, but looks
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like the planning department never knew about it. it's listed today for quite a bit of money. >> commissioner koppel. >> commissioner koppel: echo the request for a little bit more information on the affordable housing measure. make sure we, especially us, clear what we are looking at and the public is looking at if we are trying to move affordable housing forward, what are we really looking at as far as this language. as far as vacancies go, wonder if we could do a small case study, not to pick on or pick out projects, i was down in the dog patch and going past the project approved, it's complete, i'm curious for that project specifically, is it fully occupied, is it half occupied, a quarter occupied? we hear on a weekly basis we
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need to move it forward faster and faster. what about the projects done, full, 100% capacity, i think it would be a good indicator where we are really at as opposed to just thinking we know where we are at. also i wanted to bring up something that came up during public comment last week. there was some comments regarding modular and factory built housing and the fact, whether it complies with local building code or not. i don't see it as a planning or land use issue but see it as inspection issue, and since we have a joint hearing with the building inspection commission hearing in two weeks, i think it would be appropriate to bring it up there and i understand we have a pretty full agenda later on with central and what not, but i think when it comes to inspections and building code issues it's a matter of persons and property safety for the residents and the neighbors. so, hopefully we can add that to
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the agenda. >> commissioner richards. >> commissioner richards: one comment on commissioner koppel's most recent comment. it's interesting, that would be something i think we could tuck into the discussion why housing is not getting built, is it construction cost, could we do modular, bring things faster, good topic to chat about. >> president hillis: agreed. we'll add that could the calendar if time permits. >> nothing further, item 6, director's announcements. >> no new announcements. >> item 7. i understand no report from the board of supervisors, and the commission did not meet yesterday. no report from the board of
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appeals either. place us under general public comment. members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public in the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission, with respect to agenda items, opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member may address the commission for up to one minute. >> president hillis: thank you. i have a number of speaker cards for general public comment. names. and if you could line up on the screen side of the room, that would be great. mr. brown. >> i would invite you to not give the oldest, the largest, and the baddest civil rights organization of this nation, only one minute. naacp is here representing a large contingency of persons, and i think that out of respect,
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because of the weightiness and the seriousness of the matter, you should not reduce us to one minute. >> president hillis: how about two minutes here, we have a full house and a full calendar after this also. ok? thank you, sir. so, reverend brown, you'll be the first speaker. james, kimberly, gwen, hal, oscar, joyce, neola, and steve, and more speaker cards. those folks, if your name is called, line up on the screen side of the room. >> mr. chairman and members of the commission, amos brown, president of the national association of advancement of colored people. i hasten to say i beg you, appeal to you, to not become inheritors of the racist spirit
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of peter burnett, the first governor of the state, who got the largest, the most far reaching anti-fugitive slave law enacted in this state in 1850 before he left office in disgrace. don't become, please, an inheritor of the spirit of justin herman, who through the design of a so-called redevelopment agency removed black people from this town to the tune of 70,000 since 1970 up until the present moment. no you were not back there, you did not pull the trigger, but when you have oversight and permit your staff members to disrespect this african american community, that through the work, the labor, the sweat, blood and tears of such persons,
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espinola jackson, as alex pitcher, and many others, came up with a plan, but your planning commission staff met in secret and thought that they were going to be the speakers for a community. we have grown up. we are no more children. we are full grown adults, self-determining, and i think it defies what san francisco claims to be about, progressive and liberal, to treat one group in such a disparaging disrespectful manner. make sure you tell that staff, stop in your tracks, stop having secret meetings, and ignoring harlan kelly and the p.u.c., be fair. should it not be democracy means everything than us.
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i swear to the lord i still can't see, democracy means everybody but me, through a democratic process. this community voted the southeast facility would only be a community for education, for community development and not housing. we are not determined that site to be for housing. thank you for your attention and your time. do the right thing. respect the community and make sure we do not repeat again the age old sins of disenfranchisement, disrespect, honor them the same as you do other communities in the city. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> if we can refrain from the clapping, that would be great. >> president hillis: thank you. >> steve good, the chairperson of the southeast community facilities commission. as a commissioner i'm accountable like you folks to our constituents, in our case the bayview community. mission is to ensure the
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southeast community programs reflect the local residents and the mitigation agreement with the city. for nearly six years, an open and transparent, engaging with the utilities commission, southeast commission and the community asking them what they would like to see happen with 1800 oakdale and the community said they wanted a new educational and community facility with a large green space at the 5050 evans location. thousands of surveys, thousands of doors. results were very clear the community did not want housing, they wanted a new community center. now we hear that a private developer has been working with city departments to try and derail this project without any transparent process, strictly happening behind closed doors for city departments. we have emails through a public records request that shows that solely trying to maximize their
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housing credits for below market rate housing at the site so they do not need to build below market rate housing at the indian basin project. potentially worth millions and millions to them. they have an email stated they have no intention whatsoever to actually develop the 1550 evans site but interesting in the housing credits. a site in russian hill, a former p.u.c. property that is a reservoir. at that site, the idea of below market rate housing was introduced. that wealthy neighborhood rejected the notion, instead opted for a green space in a park which is happening now. why is it different in a wealthy community that's predominantly white versus the bayview, less affluent community, the situation is not equal and the same. we demand that the planning commission move this process forward and not delay the p.u.c. southeast commissions and the community's plans to move forward. we demand you move this
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initiative forward. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioner, my name is al norman, a member of the southeast commission. and also president of the bayview merchants association. you can see, we have many people from our community here and we are working together very much to try to bring a lot of positiveness to our neighborhood like they have everywhere else in this city. in the meantime, most of the population does not want to do nothing but kick us out, saying we don't deserve to be here, move to richmond, antioch, don't deserve to be here. color of our skin is making us a very dark welcome.
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so -- we are coming here to ask you to give us a break and let us have an opportunity to have some manifest destination what we want our community to be about. main concern are our children and the education they need to receive. we are already engaging some of the large corporations around here creating career opportunities, not job opportunity, but career opportunity for some of the finest of our young who got education and continue to be educated so they can participate. and positive input from the corporations in our area that want to come and help our children get educated and career, not just a job, but career. and do positive things. thank you for listening. please move the project. we have been waiting a long
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time. we have, we are in negotiations to get a grocery store. people cannot buy groceries in the bayview because of the other stuff going on. we need to move the project to finish the negotiations for our grocery store. negotiating with grocery chains to come in and go into partnership with them for a grocery store. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you, next speaker, mr. bryan. burb >> james bryan, western region director. today we face you with a major travesty. ladies and gentlemen, when i was just a young tike, i met a young man named alex pitcher. a man that presided over this community that had impact in
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developing this community, along with leaders like espinola jackson, leaders like al norman. let me tell you this. you cannot let building walk into the bayview hunters point area and buy our properties and remove our residents by the process of gentrification based on the fact that they got more money than any of us. so, let me make this clear. the community has sat down for several years, i think dr. good said something like six, it's been more than six years. we previously had these conversations about what would be best for a community facility. we came up with this location. let me tell you this. previously when we had the first mitigation for the project at the southeast facility, let me
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tell you what they decided. they decided to put basketball courts on top, the community was up in arms. let me tell you this. this particular item will be just as up in arms as a thing for this community. this community will not let you all say the building gets to come in, buy out properties and remove our community. i want to thank you for listening to me and hope you reconsider anything that building and the other departments have decided to do without coming to this community. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, oscar james, resident 71 years. served on the joint housing committee, overseen all the government that transpired up on
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top of that hill, also indian basin. also served as a commissioner for the model cities area that welcomed the development that was done through the joint housing and the redevelopment agency. now, indian basin was never designed for housing. it's the old wrecking yard, dumps area. what they did for indian basin was supposed to be light industrial. morgan equipment company moved from where the college is on fill street to 1550 where they are talking about, we want to put the college down, relocate the college to there. and advantageous for the college to go there, versus housing. housing was never recommended for that area. keep that in mind. it was a community's wishes, i'm the last of two, my mother-in-law, she's 100 years old, she was going to come today but had a doctor's appointment
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for her heart. she's 100 years old. and dr. espinola jackson recently passed. we were the last three that served on the redevelopment agency for the o.c.i., we were the watch dogs for the redevelopment agency, to make sure the redevelopment agency did not do what they did in western addition. do not, do not put these houses there. let the college go there where we, the community, wish to take place. thank you very much. >> president hillis: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is kimberly hill brown, i'm secretary of the san francisco public housing tenant association. i have served in many capacities in this city. i am a native of this city, born at letterman general hospital. i come from a military family,
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navy. my grandfather served in world war ii, the korean war, retired from the navy and from the san francisco shipyard and treasure island. my grandmother, a copper colored woman, the first copper colored woman to live on revere street in the bayview. my blood, my roots are rooted in san francisco. the native tribe of this area and as a bayview original resident i am here in support of 1550 3rd street. the people did their due diligence. came to the city in equity, clean hands and they followed the process that the city has forced to put for the a petition and make statements on what they would like to have on that
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corner and it is a multi-generational community center that will host the whole community. if it was not for the elders in the community, we wouldn't have southeast center. our parents, they weren't on welfare, they were not sitting around. i'm 47, will be 47 in april. and my parents and community, they went to southeast community center and learned many trades and skills and they fought to have the first extension of the san francisco city college in the southeast community college. we are here, our young people are here, our elders are here, i am here. we are here to say do not make any changes for a developer that's coming johnny come lately. can they even build affordable housing? when i worked for the san francisco housing authority,
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they did it -- and backed out because they couldn't figure out how to develop low income, mixed income housing. so, who are they to come forward now? >> your time is up. >> president hillis: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. joyce armstrong, president of the public housing tenant association. and in the words of our elder, amos brown, shame, shame, shame. shame on you. this is a blatant abuse of power on behalf of this department, o.e.w.d., and the m.o.c. mayor's office of housing and community development. they should be holding developers to be accountable and fighting for inclusionary housing, which we feel is low to moderate income for the residents of hunters view.
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for everyone not going behind the backs of the community, and the sfcf commissioners and departments for a quick payout. we say enough, enough, please move 1550 so we can have that building there for our children to come. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you very much. next speaker, please. i'll call more names. eddie, dorothy, eleanor, dana. >> good evening, my name is neola ganz, i'm with the p.h.t.a., a former housing authority commissioner. i am appalled that 1550 evans is still a conversation. to my understanding, this project has been approved. why is this project deliberately being delayed? this is not a housing issue here. to me, it's an abuse of a power
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issue. when a project goes forward all entities must plan together, right? so, all the years of work and meeting of the community on this project has been approved and every inch of space of the 1550 evans property is accounted for. all space is needed. the bayview hunters point will not give up their vision and years of hard work for johnny come lately, to add his $0.02 in on the plan. so, commissioners, doing your privatization, the residents' needs should be over the developers. it is imperative that this project move forward once and for all.
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is gwendolyn jackson fagan, the doctor of the late espinola jackson. the home that you know of my mom. i'm here to ask you please, allow my mother's legacy to live. do not allow these contractors to bury the legacy. here today we have five generation of my mother's children, some coming from college, would my family stand, please? these are my mother's children, grandchildren and great. please break so they can, they were able to come and i just wanted them, sit down, family, and then we have another community who stands along with us today. yes, community, stand, community, so we are all rising
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up together to ask you, please, let our vision continue, let it live on. do not bury my mother's legacy. she fought so hard and sweat that educational facilities, for education to continue. but i have one last start. i just was reminded of by the wastewater and solid waste. that's a state of the art plan, where we have waste and they have a state of the art. is the interest more on the waste and the people here than our people in the community? we need education, they need to continue to be able to strive. so, please, let the plan go. in my mom's name, the community name, in the lord's name, amen. ok. thank you.
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>> president hillis: thank you. thank you. >> yes, sir? >> president hillis: thank you. all right. >> good afternoon, commission president and fellow commissioners, mr. ryan. linda vidaka richardson, former san francisco planning commissioner. i used to be where you are. i used my time when i was here to look after the most neglected place in the city and county of san francisco history, the bayview hunters point. for 18 and a half years yours truly and all the people here, day in, day out, we worked with the planning community department, all the city agencies, all original agencies, all federal agencies, the san francisco development agency. we put together one of the kind of a planning document during
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your 100 year anniversary i was invited, prominently displayed for the bayview master plan. a jewel. two and a half years ago, same people, got together following the process, talking about the community center. bayview is for justice. san francisco wastewater sewage is processed in the bayview. for how long now? for decades on end. when people of this community have been breathing odors, pollution, we got to get us a community and put a plan together. that's why we are here today. why is it when people in the bayview put together something, working with everyone, at the end of the day, it can be usurped. that's why we are where we are today. we do not want any housing because that site is not even
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zoned for housing. also bear in mind, 90% of the housing in bayview hunters point in the city and county built in the bayview, we are pro development, we want housing but let us have a community center with multi-purpose use, where they can have education institutions. >> thank you. >> and i hope that -- you will bear with us, so please, we'll be back and hope that we don't have to litigate this matter. thank you. >> president hillis: next speaker, please. >> my name is eddie zang, long time community activist and commissioner of the southeast facility commission. through myself and commissioner's attention a whole bunch of disturbing emails communicating through the
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planning staff and the o.uwd and the mayor's office, including in derailing our plans and community plans to build 1550 evans as a community center and i want to submit this to the commission chair, for the emails that we have. and the emails includes, detailing the plans of the 1550 evans which the commission and the community adamantly rejects so there is no transparency between the planning department, because they have never had any contact with the commission, or commission members and the subcommittee. so, this is unacceptable. because if we have a city and county that designated the southeast due to litigation to support the needs of the
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community, yet the city and county and the developers and l planning commission for that matter, if you are not standing aside, circumventing the system, that comes into question. so, why is that happening, right? who is the planning commission or the mayor working for? is it not for the people? not for the people in the bayview? not for the people in san francisco? or is it just facility for a small packet of people, the developers. all right? so, i will submit to you to review this document, to really focus on the needs and the wants from the community because all the process that we came together month after month, year after year, to survey the community, to get the best use of that faith in partnership with p.u.c., i think the planning commission and the mayor's office should honor that. thank you very much. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> dorothy kelly, a resident of the bayview and part of the hunters view resident council. 1550 is public land that should stay in the people's hands. we are losing large pieces of the neighborhood for wealthy developers who turn a profit on the backs of our community. this is a racist land grab and the bayview will end up getting the short end of the stick. you have greedy white developers working with white-led city departments purposely undermining the self-determination of our black and brown community. we have seen this before in the neighborhood, and we know how it turns out. the community usually loses. it has to end. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you, miss kelly. next speaker, please.
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>> how you doing? the land at 1550 evans is a site, new southeast community center. site and the new city center 40-year-old agreement with the city and county of san francisco, specifically the sfpuc, the big six. bayview leaders, dr. espinola jackson, cheryl jones, alex pitcher, and other, advocated and in short, the facilities would develop for work force childcare education opportunities and open green space in our community. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. welcome. >> hi. i'm here to talk about former
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bayview president and a current member, a concerned member of the community but he's directly working, and he works with personal benefits. michael has long profited off his relationship with bill inc. and even directly asked for the support to derail this project. so, please, let's move forward. please. thank you. >> president hillis: all right. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is laurel windsler. i spoke to you several weeks ago about the san francisco flower relocation, i'm a floral designer in san francisco with my own business. marketing at the flower market since 1988, 30 years. and one of the specific aspects i want to address with you today is the misrepresentation of fact
8:41 pm
that you've been receiving from the developers in this matter regarding how the vendors at the flower markets feel about the proposed relocation to piers 19 and 23. i have here a survey that was done of market tenants and 78% of the market square footage, which represents roughly 70% of the vendors, are opposed to the temporary move to piers 19 and 23 on the grounds that it will be unworkable. 12% of the square footage of the market which is seven vendors approved of the move, and four were undecided. we just received this information, we'll be happy to get you copies in the days going forward. this is information that will not be presented to you by the vendors because they are limited and being able to speak out on
8:42 pm
this issue, by the tri party agreement that was signed with killroy. so, we are here to say this concerns us greatly, if our vendors think it's not workable, we are not going to be able to get the product we need to do our jobs, to keep our businesses alive, not to mention what it's going to do to their businesses. so, we urge you to require killroy to locate us to 2000 marin street, in the tri party agreement, still acceptable to all the vendors and all the other stakeholders in this issue. thank you very much. >> president hillis: thank you. and yolanda, coredelia, charles, kimberly, joanne, sylvia. >> dana delorea, thank you for working with the developer and making the process a win-win for
8:43 pm
everybody with the flower market. there is a couple of different points i wanted to touch on once again. that the flower market is a huge plus for the city. having it up and functional is something that brings in good publicity, good business. the legacy businesses that are in that location should have the ability to return and for zoning, if you can please ensure that when you are making the decisions regarding zoning, if you can ensure that the businesses will be able to return to support the diversity of the businesses and the business owners. my primary concern with the piers has to do with safety and crossing over the promenade. there are several areas where people are walking, there's motor, not motor bikes, but the pedal bikes for tourists and other traffic that crosses over that walkway out of the promenade. we are going to be doing a test
8:44 pm
on that, so hopefully i'll have better information for you next time i see you. i'll pass my time to the next person on this issue. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you, next speaker, please. >> hello, nice to be here today in support of the flower market. my name is claire marie johnston. i've, my business is flowers claire marie. i brought you guys some flowers a few weeks ago and had my business since 1988, and i care deeply about the flower market and the community. and bottom line, it's not going to work down at the piers for many reason, we'll send you paperwork on. killroy has not been abiding by the agreements. they have not been working with the vendors, so, we have formed a coalition to try to support the flower market, been in san francisco over 100 years. and this serves not only, you know, expensive hotels, but down to the people that come in to work at the flower market.
8:45 pm
it's a really broad industry, and it would be a great loss to the city to lose this market. there's only -- it's the best flower market in san francisco, even martha stewart said that. we just want to know we can get your support to get killroy to honor the agreement they signed to get the flower market moved to 2000 marin street. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is eleanor gerbersif, a born and raised san francisco resident, and i own wall flower design. here to oppose the temporary move. i purchase my wholesale flowers at least three times a week
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early in the morning. the tenants of the flower market are multi-generational working class businesses and the move to piers 19 and 23 could potentially mean the loss of some of those businesses for a multitude of reasons. first off, the traffic scenario with the embarcadero would add commute time to everybody's commute. it would make it very difficult for some of the delivery trucks to deliver flowers, which would diminish the total capacity of our flower market to provide flowers to its customers. and additionally, since both tenants, staff and customers would need to pay for parking, that would represent a hardship. for some of the staff who quite frankly don't make a lot of money and have free parking at
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the current site. so, we are asking that we, that you urge killroy to honor its commitment to move us to 2000 marin street, which was the only location that was agreed upon by all parties. and lastly, i just want to say that it would appear that the comments for today so far have been about the fight for the soul of this city, and so thank you for hearing me. >> president hillis: thank you, next speaker please. and if there are others in the room who would like to speak, line up on the screen side of the room. >> and also persons in the overflow room, you should make your way up if you want to speak under public comment, general public comment. >> good afternoon, my name is sylvia burges and i have a floral design business in the
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bayview. i have been in the flower business 35 years and dealt with people all over the world as well as in our community. we have hosted many, many events, all of these have been produced by and large with the help of the flower market. and part of makes our laborious job easier is to get in and out of a venue. the flower market has access from 280, 101, quite easily. going down to the embarcadero, quite frankly, is going to be a traffic nightmare. killroy, the developer, actually did a, some sort of a test and a traffic test to see how long things would take. and it's another half an hour's worth of time for the truckers who deliver all of the flowers
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to the vendors that we need to access. we got a letter from cal flowers, one of the biggest truckers and delivery companies for flowers and we, i think, have forwarded this to you but we are going to forward again, and the letter is, i represent the california association of flower growers and shippers. cal flowers. the association's california members are comprised of flower growers, flower shippers, specialty, nonornamental growers, manufacturers of floral hard goods, packaging company, etc., etc. they have associate members in 47 states. he's -- his letter says i'm writing to update you on all of our position -- to update you all on our position in this ongoing matter. we understand that the proposed temporary relocation to piers 19 and 23 -- pardon?
8:50 pm
>> president hillis: that's your time, thank you. you can submit that in writing also. >> we will do that. appreciate your help. >> president hillis: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is joanne abernathy, i was born and raised in the bayview district. i used to be next door to alex pitcher and introduced to espinola jackson, i used to go to the meetings with her all the time and i know some of these meetings we went into, there are some things that y'all are doing, i don't know who's doing it, did not pass when she was living and when she's gone, it passed. because nobody can show y'all that paperwork but god is good, i found some paperwork that y'all are going to want to see.
8:51 pm
but i did not bring it today, not the right time in general comments. but there is a housing petition going around put out by a man named alex, i'm not going to embarrass myself and say his last name, but name is alex, and works for the indian basin neighborhood house. and this petition, it hurted my feelings to even know somebody is going to put a petition out without asking the community, and espinola's family, if you put the petition about southeast college, or southeast center. that, i mean, that really hurt me because we have these pictures up there, we know, i know for fact, i was if he funeral when the city got up there and said they were going to give it to them. they were going to give her the keys to the city. i still don't know if she got
8:52 pm
that. so, it's a disgrace to hear this man named alex is putting the paper saying they want to build housing on 1550 and something else with the southeast. and then not letting the community know, not informing the family, who knows? this conversation you are having behind closed doors that we are not informed about. we need to be informed first before you make any moves on our community. >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> president hillis: thank you. >> i only heard one beep, i heard three on some of them. >> president hillis: there were two. thank you. next speaker, please. you'll hear a little beep after, when 30 seconds is remaining. >> my name is mr. moore, iron workers union, a couple calls to action for you guys. first off, the planning commission should direct the planning department to move ahead with the current plans for the southeast community center at 1550 evans and stop all the
8:53 pm
unnecessary delays. second, the planning commission should investigate the head and the collusion with building inc. and other departments for overriding public projects without community consent. and third, ethics commission should look and take appropriate action, power to the people. [please stand by]
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
generations that are here and believing that out of a mountain of despair, there is a stone of hope, and that hope is that you will listen to our leaders, you'll listen to our children, you will listen to the generations sitting before you. we have helped build this city. we are going to stay in this city as long as we can. we will not go away. >> president hillis: thank you very much. next speaker, please.
8:56 pm
>> hi. laura clark, mb action. i ran over because i heard -- you know, we all watch sf gov tv if you're totally insane, i so had some concern about the -- [ inaudible ] >> -- and i would encourage in the future all conditions have an analysis put forward by the planning commission. i think that's reasonable. i would encourage it would include things that are often not included, such as things that are having to do with ceqa. it is very difficult to measure what never comes before this board. why was the rfp for the mcdonald's site shorter than the allowable zoning? how did that decision get made and why was that decision made? i would like to see an
8:57 pm
analysisen come pass that kind of loss because that is what our ballot initiative is really trying to capture. our ballot initiative is trying to say what are the things that are never even proposed because they know how much of a battle it's going to be before they get that subsidized affordable housing built? an analysis should also say what is the actual amount of money that it costs to organize all of the community meetings? what is the amount of money that it costs in staff time for all of that outreach, what is the amount of additional fees that incurs to subsidized affordable housing developers and wie're talking about government money that is used for affordable and then is lost in the analysis and the fees project. i would love for the analysis to include these loveable knowns where are currently unknown unknowns. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you. next speaker, please.
8:58 pm
>> commissioners, my name is kirk grimes. i am the president for the branch institute san francisco. i'm also a bay resident and i live in the city and county of san francisco. i think by now, you all know that the bayview has a history with the southeast facility. i also think that by now, by the show of people in this room, and what you've recently heard, that you also know that the 1550 site is a site that the san francisco publici utilities commission has led a transparent process to inform and engage the community on what the needs are. i think by now you also know that this has come to fore. it's come to our attention that build inc wants to do something different. this process was ignored. our community was not included.
8:59 pm
i think some people have mentioned a petition, but i think what we've been hearing today, and i'm sure you would agree, that the current plan for the new center of the 1550 evans represents a collaboration of self-determination of a neighborhood that has suffered and worked to overcome impacts through the city's placement of a sewer treatment plant. have any of you ever been out there? it also represents to the city and county of san francisco, the puc's 40-year commitment of an old legal mitigation agreement. i'll be brief in saying that for my last 30 seconds, by supporting build the inc's effort the city of san francisco is prioritizing interests of a private developer over that is of a community. thank you. >> president hillis: thank you, mr. grimsman. ne -- mr. grimes. next speaker, please.
9:00 pm
>> hi. steven boss with mission mb. got two things. one, the issues, well, around 1550, i'd like to point out that sb-827 would help mitigate these kinds of issues. it would allow new construction to happen in wealthy exclusionary areas that have traditionally not allowed apartment buildings to be built, and it would be very good for social justice to allow, or rather, i'll even say force the rich neighborhoods to build more, to absorb that gentrification and displacement pressure. second comment is about 1266 hampshire street. i live very close to this. it is supposedly the oldest residential building in san francisco. built