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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 20, 2018 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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public choice is über and lyft. my two daughters are in college, i don't have money to pay their college fees. i sold my house last year, if you want to see the documentation, i'll show you. i cannot make the medallion payments. life is better in india, but life is worse in san francisco for taxi drivers. so, please, do the buyback program as soon as possible and front the money back to us as soon as possible, thank you so much. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> hi i'll continue with my cab driver friends, one more thing. how long this injustice is going to continue? are your punching bag because which don't have clout.
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only five or six people come and there are 400 drivers hurting day in and day out. i'm behind on two mortgages, i'm behind on the taxi loan, but you refuse to do anything. why? because i have no power, no political clout. you saw that food truck. how many families are involved with them? one or two. we have 400 families and nobody gives a damn about it. it's a question, you should question your conscience. this has to change, otherwise what is going to happen, we'll be on the streets. this is a sanctuary city, i know that. and why do cab drivers fit in? because with you guys refuse to do anything. it was not my responsibility. you sold me the me dallion on the good faith of san francisco and this is the good faith you're talking about? i'm 60 years old, keep on
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working, i only go home to sleep. and then i cover my motel with parking and come back at the morning in 6:00. do you think this is what i deserve after serving the city for 30 years? you should return my money and do something to give me a free me dallion for the compensation you cost me. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a taxi driver, same as my friends. we've known them since 1996. i'm the same, struggling. i put all my money in my medallion, i bought it for $250,000. i get kicked out from my apartment, me and my newborn
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baby. i lost three or four times in this city hall. you know, come on. $250,000 and those guys free medallions, 40,000. you know, i don't mind über and lyft serve the city. just be fair to us. we came to this country, you know, i have -- i lived -- i lost my dad when i was 15 -- 11 years old. you know, i lived hardship. and now you know, i'm suffering the same. with five children. i buy them the best whatever i have, i give them, but come on, i can't make it. we stayed with a family for almost over two weeks and i have
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papers just as a shelter. after 22 years, they do that to us? [bell ringing] i say shame. it's unacceptable. that's wrong. that's dishonest from the city to do to us that way. and we pleasing you, we have faith in you. a friend of mine, he said you're wasting your time, don't go to the city. look, there are people sleeping in the streets. if they're right, come on, you know? that's wrong, you know? we need help. we come to you. we knock on the -- [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm also a taxi driver 24 years. i expected my income would go
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up, but after you know, 18 years of driving, i invested to buy this medallion which was guaranteed by city of san francisco that i'll make money and i'm a legal cab driver. and they steal my income. but now i cannot make money and i cannot get another job. i can do something else, i'm 50 years old. i have energy, can do something else, but i cannot do anything else because i would like you guys to help us and bring our case into the agenda. and i'm sure that lot more drivers will show up. they cannot come because we're here three hours. and i have lost part of my
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income. this is a busy hour. that's why not a lot of cab drivers come to the meetings. they're so afraid they're going lose money, so all we're asking is to put our case in the agenda. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening. the issue is the same. taxi. and we're going to keep coming and keep asking. keep knocking on your door until you say yes, this is unfair practice. sfmta, and we're going to correct it. i hope and i really have a strong feeling that you guys are going to do it. you're intelligent, brave and you're not going to let down the san francisco taxi drivers who have served more than 20-30
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years. and we are getting graduated and we are graduating you to understand the taxi industry. we have heavily invested like $250,000 for us, it's a lifetime earning. that's not like something you can buy for $15,000 and put $5,000 in and then start doing the business. we should have done the same thing, we should not have invested $250,000. we need your help and we will keep coming. again and again. no matter how long the meeting goes. but today it's a little bit longer. i have to pay the parking also. and -- [bell ringing] -- i thank you for your time and i hope soon you will do something.
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thank you very much. before the next speaker, supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much, madame clerk, i'd like to go back to the roll call for introduction and introduce a hearing request on the taxi driver taxi medallion matter. >> thank you kindly. >> clerk: next member of the public. >> i took a survey at the san jose city council and on the second survey, don roca raised his hand and admitted that he chose not to participate in the survey and it's his right and you're right not to participate in the survey, but how many, can we have hands raised listen to george when he interviewed roger stone on coast to coast a couple of days ago. can we raise a right hand, please? well, roger stone is
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appropriately named and he wrote the making of a president, stone's rules, the roar on women, the bush crime family, j.f.k. and he truly is being used by god and these are amazing days we're living in. i never, ever thought that they would be like they are. but, you know i studied prophecy and i am convinced that president trump was elected seven years after the 7th trumpet began to sound in 2009. that's what i believe. i am certain there has only been nine presidents on sabbath years, kennedy, bush and trump. the sum of 1 through 7 is 28. and he wasn't the 28th president, bush the 8th. the sum of is through 8 is 36. he wasn't the 36th president.
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isn't it strange, he's the next president, the sum of 1 through 9 is a 45. we're on the schedule for the return of jesus christ. it's been 8090 days, the time the gentiles merged with the jubilee year, that's an impossibility but it happened, so it wasn't an impossibility. the almighty is almighty and he's going to raise the dead when jesus comes back. [bell ringing] >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> can you restart his time, please? >> thank you. tom gilberty, a week ago i referenced the 2008-09 financial
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collapse, our new modern wheeler dealer by bankers as signed by president clinton, a remedy, a gusher to banks, ineffective for the long term or our society. an image, an example of how we have to bring our government back home. closer to home. sacramento. the california public utilities commission, they've given us the über debacle. one blanket over our city. rent control. nailing us down. proposition 13, just last week somebody said let's reform that. one blanket uniform coverage fix
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for the state especially in the housing crisis as by sb 827 ain't going to do it. it's the wrong way completely. i would like to recall scott wiener right here and now, mostly because he said he's going to bring another version back again and then another version back again and each version is going to give the real estate industry a step up. [bell ringing] some new way to claim the property of the cities, of your neighborhood. if your neighborhood, if the neighbors in your neighborhood can't protect, can't devise a means for progressive healthy sustainable growth, then they should lose this. they should give it away to 827. i would like to recall scott wiener completely. give him a message, thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. and before you begin, sir, are
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there any other members of the public who would like to address the board of supervisors during general public comment, now is the opportunity, please step over to your right. >> thank you, madame clerk, president breed, ladies and gentlemen and the board, i'm involuntary psychiatric outpatient for going on 11 years. and scheduled to become homeless in less than four unless i get better or submit to control. supervisor fewer referred today to the police commission as the most important agency in the city government. well, what do the police do? um, they apprehend people and jail them for a few hours. they may in the process injure them, shoot them and possibly kill them. but none of that is intentional. meanwhile, we have the equivalent of a central american death squad patrolling the city
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in the form of city wide case management community focus. these are psychiatrists out of control, being paid through your budget over a million dollars a week, well over that. these people need a commission. we need a truth and reconciliation commission actually for these people. they are doing surgery which is prohibited by the laws of the state, i refer to you penal code 2670 and welfare institution code 5723.6.6. it's never to be administrated without the consent of the patient. and no -- [bell ringing] -- california appeals court called it worse than the disease is intended to treat. i'm permanently disabled from it. i'm not able to work because of it. you have taken my property and my liberty from me. madame clerk.
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>> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> president breed: thank you, are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. madame clerk, let's go back to the item number 22 and 23. we have held the hearing and the hearing is now closed. we have a proposed amended list. would someone like to make a motion? moved by supervisor safai, second by supervisor ronen. colleagues, can we take the amendment without objection? without objection, the amendment masseses passes. on the resuolution as amended, can i do same house, same call? same house, same call? without objection the resolution as amended is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, let's go to the items for adoption without reference to committee. >> items 26 and 27 are being
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considered today for adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote can enact or you can have it severed and consider it separately. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: i'd like to sever item number 27. >> president breed: on the remaining item, item 26, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call item number 27. >> clerk: a motion to call in the rules committee pursuant to rule, the proposed ordinance. amending the administrative code to prohibit landlords from seeking rent increases on existing tenants due to increases in debt service and property tax that have resulted from a change in ownership. to hold the public hearing to consider the proposed ordinance. >> president breed: supervisor
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safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, madame president. just wanted to let everyone know, spoken with supervisor fewer. we've set a special rules committee hearing for this friday. i was just looking at the date on my calendar, may 18, 10e 30 -- 10:30 a.m. and we'll send a committee report out to the full board for the following tuesday. so we've had a significant, significant backlog based on commission hearings and pieces of legislation that have been working their way through the file. so this was i felt leek a good solution -- like a good solution to ensure we hear this in the timely fashion. we will hear this again on friday, 10:30, special rules committee, sending it out to the full board the following tuesday. i guess we would -- do we have to reject item number 27? or amend it to have a special --
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>> clerk: you can make a motion to table it. >> supervisor safai: i would make a motion to table but supervisor fewer wanted to say something first. >> supervisor fewer: thank you very much, i wanted to thank supervisor safai, the chair of the rules committee and the members of the rules committee, supervisors stefani and also yee for accommodating this special meeting to hear my ordinance. i'd like to make a motion actually to continue this item. >> supervisor safai: that's fine. >> president breed: you want to withdraw your motion? >> supervisor safai: that's fine. >> president breed: you'd like to continue it? >> supervisor fewer: yes, i'd like to continue it until the next meeting. >> president breed: ok. supervisor fewer has made a motion to continue this item one week which would be may 22,
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2018. is there a second? seconded by supervisor cohen. colleagues, can we do that without objection? this item is continued one week. madame clerk, the inmemoriams. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the followed beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor sheehy, for the late mr. phillip m. cortland and originating with supervisor cohen, but on the board of supervisors for the late former president of the commission, julius turman. >> clerk: that conclude our business for today. >> president breed: we are adjourned, thank you, colleagues.
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>> president chow: we will please come to order. the secretary will call the roll. >> [roll call] >> the second item on the agenda is the approval of the minutes of the meeting of may 1st, 2018. >> president chow: the minutes are before you for approval.
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a motion is in order. there's a second. are there corrections to the minutes? seeing no comments al those in favor of the minutes please say aye. all those opposed. the minutes have been approved. thank you. >> the director's report. >> president chow: director garcia, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i wanted to have our compliance director talk to all of you today regarding the recent breach that we had from a third party. i thought we have to send out letters that was delayed by the department of justice. they were investigating the third party. i just thought it would be good for you to hear directly from our compliance officer regarding that and the work to be done to ensure our patients are informed well. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'll give you a brief summary. december 22nd of 2017 we received -- okay.
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we received preliminary notification of a security incident from north communications which is a third-party contractor that provides medical transcription services for us. the incident involved patients from z sfg and laguna. once notified the fbi and the department of homeland security also worked with a cyber security firm to assist in their forensic investigation. we received a request from the department of justice to delay any notification. they explained that notifying any effected individuals could impede or interfere with their investigation. federal law enforcement determined that a former nuaince employee was responsible from getting the data from one of their data platform. the employee downloaded data to an external hard drive from his home computer. the hard drive was recovered by
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federal law enforcement in a secure storage area which was secured by three locks. the individual has been arrested. the u.s. attorney's office has state that had the government has no indication that this former employee either used, sold or other wise transferred the data. tests concluded that there's a low probability that the effected protected health information was compromised. there were 893d ph employees effected and the patients have been notified on friday. we also made notification to the california department of public health and because it involved over 500 patients we also notified the attorney general's office and the media. the information that was effected on the patient information was the patient name, date of birth, medical record number, date of transcription and the transcribe notes.
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if you have any questions. >> president chow: surely. do we know the motive in which this happened or that we now have protection against whatever allowed this to happen? >> yes. they said that there was a vulnerability in their platform that -- when the individual did the unauthorized access. all of that data has been transferred to a secure -- a new secure web-based application. they have assured us this data is now secure. >> president chow: so our i.t. people, do we have oversight to see that our venders including nuiance have protected sites? >> right. during this investigation our
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i.t. director was involved with looking over forensic reports and we were in communication with them. we had extensive -- throughout the month extensive communication. >> including the president of the company. >> yes. >> president chow: so are there other venders in which we might need to be sure that they have the right types of information security that our i.t. director then should be also using this as kind of a wake up call to make sure that they also are protecting the information? >> that's a long-term responsibility that we've been engaged with, assuring that we have business agreements with each of our subcontractors and reviewing their security system. that's an on going process that we've been doing for several years now. >> president chow: commissioners, questions on this? excellent. all right. thank you for the
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information. >> thank you. >> president chow: we'll take that. >> thank you, commissioner. since that became public i wanted to make sure that you heard it directly from our compliance director. as you know, the governor jerry brown released the may revision of the state budget. this revision reflects about an $8.8 billion in higher state revenue through 2018. compared to $6.1 billion projected in january. i wanted to make some highlights that we are still working on in terms of its impact and the biggest one that you would see there is the maintaining of the administration's proposal to prohibit the use of schedule 340b, drug pricing program reimbursements effective july 1st of 2019. this also has supporting mental health. the may revision including one-time funding to help county support, identify and treat services in the mental health system and also one-time 50
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million augmentation to target funding for multidisciplinary teams to support services for homeless individuals who have mental illness. a one-time fund increase to support graduation for mental health professionals. $6.7 billion for staff to support county mental health programs and review expenditures. placing the $2 billion no place like home bond on the november ballot to accelerate the delivery of housing projects to serve the mentally ill. also in that may revision was the expanded hepatitis c clinical guide lin -- lines with an increase of $70.4 million to treatment all patients 13 and above of hepatitis c regardless of the stage except for patients with a life expectancy of less than 12 months.
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just wanted to make sure you have some of the highlights. we will be bringing you some information regarding the 340b as we learn how that impacts us financially. i'm going to leave our report to that because if there's any questions regarding other items i'll be happy to respond to them. >> president chow: commissioner loyce, you had a question? any questions to the director on her report? if not we will thank you for the report and move onto our next item. >> thank you, commissioners. item 4, general public comment and we have three requests. just to all of those commenting, you will have three minutes and i will have a timer when the buzzer goes off please know that's when your time is up. so i'll call the names. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners and president chow. i'm gale ceo of housing communication proprietorsh communication partnership. i'm hear to talk about a failure for case management and other services at richardson apartments. first i want to acknowledge the fellow commissioner on the port, how this situation might be difficult for all of you. you are here to ensure the public trust of the health commission and to ensure its add voluntary -- advocacy of the people here in san francisco as well as supporting the staff and director with their tireless work they do. we own operate these two physical locations. they are apartment complexes. for the last six years we have struggled to work in collaboration with ucsf city wide to currently with hold those services contracts. we even engage in year long
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mediation in 2013 and '14 at the request of the director. at the time of the submission for this rfp, they refused to provide services city wide, a right which we have under our operating agreement with the city and county of san francisco, section 4.9.c. we also have been allows ucf city wide to operate without a current valid mou between ourselves and the city. chs terminated for cause the mou in september of last year. no one reached out to us in september to resolve this issue. it was radio silence. it stated that any agency applying for funds under rfp8
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had to demonstrate site control to be considered. it was a threshold criteria. city wide does not have site control, mou, pay rent or a lease and they remain on site providing services at the generosity in service to our residents. i'm asking the commission today to instruct director garcia to not to enter into this new contract with city wide at this time. since chp does not consent to service which again is a right we have under the operating agreement with the city and county of san francisco we are asking that the award be reviewed and if necessary only to ensure that our residents have no disruption in services. we would entertain a one-year contract for working in collaboration with this suspect and ucsf to resolve these on going issues. thank you.
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>> president chow: thank you. next, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners. thank you for taking the time to listen to our comments today. my name is christie saxton and i'm the chief programs officers at community housing partnership. i oversee the embedded services, case management, employment, clinical services at 14 of the 17 buildings. i wanted to take the time today to highlight a few of the reasons why we terminated the mou with city wide. we have attempted to collaborate and partner with them for 6 years and it has been challenging. in fact it became so difficult that the department of public health brought in a mediator to work with us for approximately a year to come up with shared working agreements and out comes. unfortunately that process did not yield the results that we had hoped for. rather there continues to be a strong lack of communication and partnership with their team. we have data from our residents, from our on site property
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management staff and our administration staff all supporting this difficult relationship. our property management teams continue to lean into myself and my teams who are not on site around how to best support the residents there, specifically around their mental health and wellness needs. residents called me to highlight their strong dissatisfaction and they additionally voiced these concerns at our annual town hall meetings. all chp staff continued to feel unwelcomed when they are there on site. an for example of city wide's refusal to partner with us is around the city's initiative to convert of the units to bro jekt-bas jekjekt -- project-based vouchers. it was to obtain space for our residents but we systemically received refusal to support this
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>> president chow: anymore public comments? >> no. >> president chow: we will take this up with the director spatially and get information back to the commission. thank you very much for your testimony. we'll move on to our next item, please. >> item 5 is the report back
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from today's community public health committee. >> the committee met at 2:30 this afternoon and we had three items on our agenda. the first item was a presentation by the community consortum to give us a historical over view, who they are as an organization and introduction of the new ceo -- somewhere i had her name. that's all right. we have her name for the record. so mark will -- >> i'm sorry. yes. >> he will put it in these minutes. one of the things that we found particularly interesting was that it has created what they call a sos van, which stands for
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service out reach within the community and it's particularly interesting because it has a piece associated with it. so the people who are homeless on the community in order to get them into care one of the ways that you can do that is by offering pet care services. so they are able to provide vet services and with that provision some people from the community have been engaged in healthcare. i thought that was a really interesting and important point to share with us. they also are award winners from the federal government in areas -- oh, dear. api received four category awards for ehr, ski and enhancing cares to neighborhood centers, ehr quality, ehr
12:40 am
reporting health center quality leaders for their recognition. ehr reporting clinical quality improvements and the quality improves for san francisco. so commissioners who were present, do you have any additional comments you want to make with regard to this? or questions. >> president chow: seeing none, you can continue. >> the second item was the syringe access disposal services which was a presentation by the community health equity and promotion branch of the department. they shared with us a strategy for addressing syringe disposal and also the fact that there will be a new contract which i will talk about in a moment that
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allows for an approach to 24/7/365 -- 12 hours a day, excuse me, go out and collect needles on the street. they will be contacted by the 311 system and actually be available to collect syringes on the street. they will have a van to do that boric. they are not and i place emphasis, not to engage people in treatment services. they are out there to do one thing and one thing only, collect used needles. they will do that job successfully i hope. there will be a staff of ten that will be working to ensure that we as well as the department of public health and our other partners in city government are able to remove as many needles as possible from the streets of san francisco. commissioners, comments or
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questions about this syringe disposal? >> president chow: commissioners? any questions on that presentation? it was quite extensive and certainly demonstrated that our city is committed to syringe access and disposal. it was a health commission initiative a number of years ago. subsequently the department has continued to work very effectively within this community. so we will be hearing an expansion of the efforts to collect needles that we have been able distribute needles. that i think is your next topic. >> that's my next item. the next item is the community moved approval for the full commission to accept -- approve a contract with the san
12:43 am
francisco aids foundation in the amount of $916,907 which they will hire staff to go out -- there's a start portion to that. they will hire the staff to go out and collect the needles of those on the streets. we agreed unanimously that this is something that's critical to the first part of the discussion we had just a moment ago. so with that commissioner chow? >> president chow: yes, will take this topic up as a separate item. unless somebody has a comment for clarification we will then have that agenda as our next item. >> yes, item 6 is request for approval of the san francisco aids foundation which to provide syringe clean up program services. >> okay. so the department will present the contract at this time. >> and approval is requested, commissioners.
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>> yes. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm tracy packer, the director of community health equity and promotion. i'm here with john milacar who oversees all of our contracts. i wanted to point out that the ceo of the san francisco aids foundation, jill, and the senior vice president of programs, laura brooks is also here to answer questions that you have. john is here. he's the expert on the contract so i'll turn it over to him. >> thank you. >> i'm not sure what to add after that excellent introduction, commissioners. pretty much said what the extent of the contract is. just to expand a little bit on the start-up piece, which is for the remainder of this fiscal year, san francisco will be hiring ten people and the efforts behind hiring ten people is job description, hiring the right step, all the hr piece does take some time there.
12:45 am
the other piece that was mentioned was the use -- was the purchase of a van. so that van will be helpful because it will be able to transport the staff to different areas oh -- of the city requested by 311 or neighbors. it will also be able to take back. this is something we don't want to use private vehicles for. also the van will be branded with the san francisco aids foundation logo on it but it will clearly indicate that this is a syringe clean up program. so it also offers the neighborhood -- offers us some visibility for this effort. it will take -- there will be sort of an armed guarding at the beginning starting july but by the end -- actually, by the end of august they expect to be fully staffed and fully operational.
12:46 am
>> president chow: commissioners, any contractors before you on a recommendation from the community and public health committee. so just require a motion to place it before us. discussion on the contract is in order. there was no public comment on this item? >> i have not received any requests. >> president chow: okay. so commissioners proceed with your comments if any. other wise we can be prepared for the vote. so commissioners, comments? there being no comments and the presentations were quite clear therefore and the city will move forward as you approve this contract i hope. all those in favor of the contract? all those opposed. >> [roll called] >> the contract has been unanimously approved. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, commissioner. >> item 8 -- i'm sorry, item 7 is a dth policy on the
12:47 am
procurement and use of gift cards. >> good afternoon, commissioners. the item before you is for approval. it's the dph policy on the procurement and use of gift cards. dph has always used gift cards as incentives for patient and clients to meet their health needs and some of the examples are on tv they use the gift cards as an incentive for the patients to take their meds because it's a pretty argerous regime. it's also used for behavior health, health clients meet their goals. it's just maternal child and add -- health and family planning activities. while this policy is new the use of gift cards is something that we've always done. the reason why i'm coming to you today is that the city's office
12:48 am
of contract administration and the controllers offices requesting the departments actually have a written policy. this is a good thing and we wrote our policy based on the guidelines from the controller's office. so as you can see, the policy directs that only patients and clients are eligible for gift cards so city employees, contractors and other staff working on behalf of dph are not eligible for gift cards and that there's provisions in the policy but kind of one of the -- i'll just go through them very quickly. the purchase of gift cards must be approved by the cfo or a designate. gift cards must be purr -- purchased with department funds. the value may not exceed $50. we are going to be controlling the supply of gift cards. programs can purchase 12 months of gift cards but we'll only
12:49 am
distribute one month at a time. the rest we'll keep in a safe. so there are other features of the policy that are -- that is attached. so i will stop now and let you ask questions. i don't want to bore you with all the bureaucracy. >> president chow: questions? no questions on the gift cards. then a motion for approval of the policies in order. >> so moved. >> second. >> president chow: there's a second. no further discussion. then we'll proceed with the vote. >> [roll call] >> president chow: policy has been approved. thank you. >> there were no public comments for that item. we move on to item 8, the san francisco foundation lease and this is an item for approval. >> president chow: thank you.
12:50 am
mr. primo. >> good afternoon, commissioners. mark primo, capital advisers to the director's office. this item is a request to approve a lease before you as you have two packets, a brief power point and then the actual lease. it's a request to approve the lease between the san francisco general foundation and the city. it's for space at 2789 25th street which is the community health network building. let me bring this up. so 27 years ago what started out as a volunteer organization has blossomed into a foundation that's generated over $200 to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital for initiative in
12:51 am
research, education and health services. during the rebuild part of the $200 million, 141 million was generated for the purposes of focusing in on the new acute care hospital which you guys are all familiar with. so the lease is basically since we did the ucsf lease for the research facility we are now going through all the leases on campus to make sure they are up to date and has all the provisions that the city has in them. this is a lease to create that base and then we are going to come back probably in about three months to do a longer term lease, probably a 10 or 20 year lease for the foundation. these are some of the terms that are contained on page 1 of the lease that go into more detail.
12:52 am
so the 2300 square feet, it's on the second floor, there's improvements that the foundation is going to make and that's why there's adjustments to the base rent. the city is also receiving money, received $350,000 last year and is hoping to receive about $1.8 million next year to make improvements to the building for all the occupants. that's pretty much it in a nutshell unless there's questions. the ceo of the foundation is here if you have questions of her. >> president chow: commissioners, a commissioner has brought up the question of the titling because the titling on the notice says san francisco foundation lease. well, we realize that the topic is san francisco general but will this be a problem?
12:53 am
the notice to the public actually reads it as san francisco foundation. >> it's a clerical error and the materials were all posted online. it should not interfere with it. >> president chow: the materials were posted online. >> i apologize. that's a human error on my part. >> president chow: as long as the public understanding it's in regards to san francisco general foundation. the material is posted. is that okay then? okay. commissioner sanchez. >> commissioner sanchez: i would just asked a quick note to this just to state that initially this was part of the volunteers program in the ere -- early 90s and then it was brought together with the director at that time, dr. sandy hernandez and george gronova and george klein who wanted to work together with their friends and volunteers at general to focus
12:54 am
on patient needs because they were so concerned about a crisis going on and the nature of our patients and so forth. they signed off on that. it was to provide quality services as much as we could volunteer to give at that point. it's astounding that there's now been 10 or 15 revisions as the foundation has grown. initially we were given free space in the hospital along with some other research units at ucsf in the hospital have grown or whatever. i just want to state that it has really been a significant part of the san francisco general hospital. it remains the san francisco general hospital foundation. it impacts and works collaboratively with our director of public health, our public health programs, our community clinic et cetera. it's astounding the amount of trustees we have who are new, some are three and four generations, five generations. all are committed to the quality
12:55 am
and the excellent directors we've had to really make sure that the focus is on patient care, research and as so defined. we needed a home port and this is a home port. that was the only plan for others. i had some cousins who worked there years and years ago. they were the finest cabinet makers in the city at that point. anyway. so it's really grown and this is really a demonstration of the fact that the city and general hospital is committed to continue the providing resources and services and philanthropy to our unique patient population and unique outstanding staff and faculty at the general. so i would move that this be accepted by the commission. >> president chow: thank you. is there a second to that? okay. so questions in regards to -- there's no question of the value
12:56 am
of san francisco general hospital foundation to our mission for all these years and our thanks to that. so i understood that we need the lease in order for them to proceed with the renovations in order to be able to contract with the contractors, et cetera, right, because other wise they can't do that. it then says and that sounds like a matter of good faith, that after this later we are going to create a longer lease? >> correct. >> president chow: rather than having it added as this or is there a reason that we are, you know, not providing a longer lease at this time? >> so, yeah, there's a reason. in order to do the construction and to abate some of the hazardous materials the fastest way to do this without going across the street to the board of supervisors and spending another six to eight months, the fastest way administratively is
12:57 am
to do the one year, get it fixed and then come back and do the longer term year. that would allow us to do all the work that we need to do, temporarily relocate the foundation and bring them back after they do their work. >> president chow: okay. that was a question of mine because i would think that we had wanted like commissioner sanchez said to be able to be sure the foundation feels comfortable that we want them here and that we want to assist them in the work that they do so valuably for our hospital. commissioner guillermo. >> commissioner guillermo: if the lease is not sufficient to have everything done, what's plan b? >> so there's a plan b and a plan c.
12:58 am
plan b it can be extended on a month to month basis and we can do that with a letter that's atta attached to the base lease. so there's a way to extend the time if we need to. >> president chow: commissioner guillermo, you want to follow up a question to that i can see. >> commissioner guillermo: well, i think i'm still trying to understand, you know, how business gets conducted sometimes in terms of the things coming to this commission and things going to the board of supervisors i guess. that to me was the question. >> okay. so basically it's the lease of one year or less. it can be approved by anybody such as a commission. when it gets over a year certainly when it gets to five or ten the charter has to go over to the board of supervisors for their approval. part of the problem over the past 30 years, space was allocated perhaps without leases
12:59 am
and maybe with handshakes and so what director garcia is trying to do with greg wagner is to go through systemically and make sure that the city as well as the tenants are adequately covered for any kind of liability. >> commissioner guillermo: i just -- >> i just wanted to emphasize this is the first of many leases that may come there. it's just as stated. in working with the city attorney we found lots of decisions on space and we really needed to make those official. at the parallel process we will continue to prepare for the longer term lease as well. so we'll be working on that. >> thank you. >> i wanted to see if our ceo of the -- wanted to come and make a few comments. >> please do. >> first of all, thank you to all of the commissioners for your incredible support. it's wonderful to know that we are going to have a former
1:00 am
permanent home. we are dedicated to the next many years of supporting the hospital in all of its endeavors but particularly to help advance its primary strategic initiative to be the most excellent public hospital in our nation. that is our goal. so we sincerely appreciate your support. >> president chow: thank you. >> any questions? >> president chow: any questions to our -- >> i wondered if amanda if you could talk a little bit about your renovation. >> absolutely. so we our grown, our staff over the last several years so we don't have adequate enough meeting space. the board of committee and board at large is bidding out -- building out additional meeting space and making sure we have enough cubicle and private office space for our team and have a space to clab