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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 7, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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and preunion labour in the room. they are important stakeholders, but let's note which side we are on. >> thank you mr gonzalez. >> hi, my name is joe. i'm with the associate builders and contractors. thank you for having me here. i just want to say that all we want is for the pla to have a fair and open language and allow for all state approved apprentices as apprentices to work on it the contracts. and allow contractors to pay health and pension benefits into their employee ' owner plans to care for their families. that is all we want. thank you. >> thank you. >> am i starting? my name is tony, i was going to talk about the benefits that i've had. i've been in the union for 35 years. all we are saying is we want all workers that do our type of
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work, whether union or not to receive the same health benefits, the same pension, same benefits that we all receive. i have been out in the field and a union rep. i have seen workers being told not to sign their sheets back to report only four hours back and do a lot of stuff that they don't get the wages they are supposed to get. by us being present and their being at pla, it would help guard against this. the last time, 30 of our 60 contractors were union members who decided to go into business for themselves and they have been highly successful. i don't understand the argument of them saying that they can't succeed if there is a p.l.a. our members that have started their own businesses are doing fine. i don't understand why that wouldn't be the case. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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>> my name is marcus. i live and work in san francisco and i work for architecture. i am for the p.l.a. because we want to equalize for all of the workers and we want equal wages for all the workers. health benefits for all the workers. nonunion or union. that is it. thank you. >> thank you. >> hi my name is adam. i work for .-ellipsis i support the p.l.a. thank you. >> hello my name is eric murphy. i'm an apprentice. i am a third-generation san franciscan, and without the opportunities of membership provided to me i probably would not be able to work here. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> hello my name is serena. i am a local sex electrician third year apprentice. as one of the many, many trades women in the fields, it has been my. >> thank you. >> hello, i am here with the committee for equal rights. i received a letter from the golden gates business association calling for the legislation to refer to the business commission which has not yet had an opportunity to review or speak up in regards to this matter. >> thank you so much. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is sabrina. i am a resident of san francisco. i am a 30 year member of the union. i started out as an apprentice myself, as many of my brothers
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and sisters behind me. i serve as a business representative and compliance representative. i would like to ask you to pleas move forward, the p.l.a., to the full board for a vote. i want to make one point in my remaining few seconds. we are talking a lot about identity today and hugh is who. let me say, i love lbd as well. fifty% of the construction contractors that are on that list who are certified our union contractors. many of our own union contractors are part of the list. i think that is an important point. thank you so much for everyone in the participation of the session. it has an important piece of legislation and about city values. i support the p.l.a. and i hope you do too.
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>> ninety cents back of my work has been in san francisco. i am shocked at your court reports. a couple of members of my job could go on a work site and that is it, it will not be successful. it will not work. there is no way i could successfully do a job that way. it is wrong. you are going to put any business that goes in there thinking they can work alongside of everyone with a couple of members of their own crew and that's it, you will put them out of business and you better warn them first. plus plus. >> before the next speaker begins, i will call up a couple more speaker cards.
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%% thank you. >> thank you. i have been a small business contractor for over 20 years. i am currently teaching at the associated builders and contractors. my students are apprentices. they are -- they work for merit-based shops, and merit-based shops in the p.l.a. language are allowed to bid for work for public work. however, it is not really affordable for them to get the work with two court employees only working for them. we want you to know we are in support of the l.b.e. and we are also support the right to work.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. good morning. i am with the associated builders and contractors. i have been working for them, nonunion and nonunion workers in our organization. i feel very warm and welcome there and i think a lot of our workers are choosing this path because they do not feel the harassment in these type of work situations, and that is a choice they are making. i would urge you to look at what the market actually really looks like, and work with the l.b.e. community as you are doing, and let them grow their workforce is, and let this decision be made by workers in california and not by back not just -- not legislated. set your community and build your community. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon.
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my name is chris burnett. i'm speaking in support of the city wide plm. i am an apprentice. a lot of people ask about glaser apprentices. i have put my fingerprints on a lot of projects in the city including the hospital and also the trans bay terminal project and as a three year apprentice, i fully support this legislation. i believe it is for the greater good. as locally elected legislatures, it is your duty to strive for the same. this legislation shows just that. a higher standard of living. a higher standard of middle class working families, l jobsite security. and safety. this legislation sets the bar for wage expectations and benefits that will support tens of thousands of blue-collar workers like myself and my brothers and sisters in this room. i ask that you please advance
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this policy to the full board. as sponsors of this policy i expect nothing less. >> thank you. plus plus. >> good afternoon. my name is charles. i'm a san francisco resident. i'm an electrical apprentice with the union. i support the citywide p.l.a. policy very much. without the union wages and benefits that i am provided, i wouldn't be able to take care of myself and my family. very well and i think this policy will go a long way to show the community and the city that the government really cares about their survival. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello my name is jacob. i'm an apprentice with the local six. i'm a resident of san francisco. i fully support the p.l.a. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> hello my name is christopher. i am also with ib w., local six. i do also live in san francisco, a second generation and i would like to keep that going for my kids so i can provide a better future for them. i am in support of the p.l.a. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is scott. i'm a san francisco resident. third-generation. the p.l.a. has helped me be able to live here. even though i was not college educated. i wouldn't really have the ability to go. for financial regions dose reasons and this helps me be able to support myself, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i am a business representative with the local six and i am for the p.l.a. i also love l.b.e. i want employees to retire with dignity and have health care and stand correctly. i am for the p.l.a. and looking forward to the signing day. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. my name is walter. i am born and raised in san francisco. i have been a member for six years. i am in support of the citywide p.l.a. i think it is important for the working class. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. my name is mark work i am an apprentice for a local six and a resident of the city, second generation. i am in support of the p.l.a. i think, even with the union benefits, it is hard to support living in the city and i think
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without it is next to impossible. i would like the p.l.a. to get that support to those union, or not. thank you. >> thank you. plus plus. >> good afternoon. i am an apprentice of the union and i am a resident of san francisco which we. i need to be able to support myself and my family and live in the city and go home safe every day. i make sure every dollar we are and we can spend it back to the city of the san francisco and the community and that to a tree. please forward the p.l.a. >> i'm a local six apprentice from district 11. i am for the p.l.a. in december 2016 my son was born with a genetic disorder. to this day, this disorder has
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millions of billable dollars to my health insurance in an amount that i will not be able to pay. without the wages and fantastic health benefits, his future would be bleak. this citywide p.l.a. would give our unions more of a fighting chance against a national attack on labour unions what would give nonunion san francisco construction workers and their families the same protections, wages and benefits that me and my family benefits that -- benefit from. >> thank you. before the next speaker comes up, i am going to call up more speaker cards.
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we typically don't allow applause in chambers during public comment. we need to keep up with time. i'm not as strict about those things. if people can limit it to the next speaker so people can come up and speak, that would be great. thank you. >> i am a local six apprentice. i want to say that i am in support of the p.l.a. the coalition for fair employment construction are opposed to the p.l.a. and they maintain that way because nonce contractors have to pay for pension and healthcare which is not true. they advocate against pension plans. they are financed by a right-wing brute -- group. they advocate apprenticeship programs like myself that turn us out into really becoming skilled trades people and working in the trades. i also would like to tell
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everybody, that local six is accepting applications if you would like to become unionized. we will be accepting applications tomorrow, and also july 5th. thank you. >> thank you -- thank you. >> good afternoon. i am a third-generation san francisco resident, district seven. i want to say i am in favour of the p.l.a. i fully appreciate the prevailing wages, the benefits included and on i am carrying a bunch of student lows. -- loans. i appreciate i am able to continue my education at no cost to myself. and i like all the protection and i'm able to go home safely. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is pete, i represent the national associate with the elders.
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we are the largest contracted association in the united states. fifty years old next year. i am here to talk about the contracts especially with the minority contractors. we represent a union and nonunion. as it is right now, we have a difficult time for the union contractors to win contracts in san francisco. having this type of p.l.a. will be difficult for the smaller nonunion members to partition -- participate and grow their business in the city of san francisco. there are a few things we would like to exempt the l.b.e. participation from ple ordinance. the threshold should be under 20 million. we will local hire an p.l.a. that is equity focused and we want higher court employees. >> my name is aaron. i work for a paving company. i am also the merchant association president. my family has been in san francisco since 1984. and we are very happy to be part
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of the l.b.e. program. we are a prounion contractor and we think this p.l.a. is written and it definitely means -- needs a lot more in its. i would like to talk at length with anyone about that. i hope to talk to you soon but i am opposed to the p.l.a. as it is currently written. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is nina. i am a woman contractor. i would like to say the city has created a wonderful program for us to have -- help small businesses to be successful and achieve and make a dream. the city agency has been measured and understand the 20 million dollar to graduate l.b.e. to understand that 20 million-dollar it's a threshold to be successful and to achieve american dream. i am here to suggest a plan to adapt the threshold that the obama administration used for
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all federal contracts before it can be designated as a p.l.a. contract. please amend this p.l.a. issue because when the small company grows enough to be a 25 million-dollar contract, they normally join a union. the contract will provide more labour force. >> thank you. >> i am opposed to the p.l.a. agreement. i was going to come just to say some basic things, with some individuals mention some things about safety and wages and unions and stuff. i want to address those first and i will get to my basic why i oppose this. there is already cal ocean. there is already somebody out -- overseeing safety.
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the wages, you have the davis-bacon act and all your contracts. it is just the city, really looking at their davis-bacon act and enforcing it and making sure. it is already being policed. the unions do their own recruiting and they have their guidelines that are better than the davis-bacon act. and so those issues, i think are already covered. i am kind of agreeing with the last young lady that just spoke. we have a bid on p.l.a. projects, and we cannot get a trucker to sign. >> know that is your time. i'm so sorry. thank you. i am so sorry. that is your time. we allot everyone the same amount of time. i can't let you just keep. thank you very much. next speaker.
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hello, my name is carl. i grew up in san francisco and worked in the union and started a local business. the problem would be for a small business is the threshold has to change in terms of the numbers. [applause] i mean that's not a problem. things have to change in terms of the numbers. i don't want to draw this out all day. from the other speakers, they will say whatever they have to say and i agree with them. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> before the next speaker i will call out more speaker cards.
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notice other members of the public have already made points that you would have liked to make. thank you. >> thank you board of supervisors. my name is tony. i am a regional district -- director for district 16. i'm here in support of the p.l.a. we know the p.l.a. will have a positive effect on the city of san francisco, as well as the citizens of san francisco. example, p.l.a.'s requiring certain percentages of local hire which benefits the young people coming up here in the city of san francisco. it means more spending here in the city. so that helps the economy here in san francisco. it also ensures a trade and skilled workforce to the citizens cap the young people who are able to perform the work on these projects. we know that there are
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unscrupulous contractors who bring in workers from out of town and pays them well below area standard wages. this does not benefit anyone except the contractor, and harms the workers and the economy of the great city of san francisco. with that i hope you will all support the p.l.a. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> hello. my name is corey. i'm here on behalf of of the african-american foundation. i'm also a local business in san francisco and i am opposed to this measure mainly because of the research that constantly exist that reminds us of the situation we are dealing with today. i read five disparity studies. all of those disparity studies say african-americans are at the bottom of the list.
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if they are at the bottom of the list for a significant amount of time plaque i think this issue is no longer appropriate. it is an issue of state-sponsored racial subjugation. we are in the process of comparing -- preparing a complaint. we have seen residual mistreatment communities against african-american san franciscans. what i saw in 1933 when the public works administration was -- >> thank you so much. we are also holding -- we are also holding a hearing on african-american workers with the city. the oversight committee and we encourage you to attend that meeting. the next july, i don't know the date. >> the 18th of july will be the regular scheduled meeting. >> high supervisors. my name is juliana. i am an owner and president of signage manufacturing company.
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we are union and l.b.e. i will take my minutes to talk about wage theft. a.k.a. cheating. you heard some testimonial prior to me and you will hear some more testimonial about that. i want to tell you a story to illustrate my side of the coin about wage theft. i signed my first p.l.a. job when i was 25 years old. i was nonunion. i was clueless. so after i signed a contract i was told i would have to go to a trade claimant meeting. i showed up for it. there were 15 other subs in the room and they were all men. there was a microphone on the stand at the front of the room. i was called to that mike and i was scared because i didn't know. i make science. i could be claimed by the different labour boards. my point is, do not confuse, do not conflate wage theft and cheating with jurisdictional disputes. they are different. >> did you want to finish the story?
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>> will come back on? okay. i'm asserting that l.b.e. is not paying ten dollars an hour when they should be paying 7820. they maybe paying 76.25 an hour instead of 78.20. they maybe a dollar or two difference. they are honestly, most of the time, and you can check with ols e., these are jurisdictional issues. the contractors have a case opened up against them so there will be a case filed against us but they are often often times cap jurisdictional disputes. the label of cheat, it should not be put together with l.b.e. >> thank you. >> good afternoon members of the committee. as we raise in our may 7th letter, we have serious concerns that a low threshold will lead to disastrous consequences for
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mbe and businesses. we urge you to set the thresholds high. we also urge you to consider a total l.b.e. exemption from p.l.a. coverage. was a damage is done, it is harder to fix. starting with a higher threshold, seeing how things are going, and then lowering it is a much better way to go. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is rachel mcintyre. i'm an owner of a certified women owned l.b.e. in the city of san francisco for the past six years. the proposed ordinance would be prohibitive to end l.b.e. ' ability to participate in public works projects in san francisco. most of these businesses cannot be sustained, especially in the early years solely by public works projects. and what this ordinance does is it would force their hand to participate or become a
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signatory to unions which they may not be in a financial position to do yet. and so, i believe that l.b.e.'s should be made exempt from the city wide p.l.a. ordinance so they businesses have an opportunity to be nurtured and grow and consistently with what the city of san francisco has always believed in, and purported. >> thank you. [applause] >> hello. my name is dorothy. i'm a resident of san francisco. we would like to have 100% l.b.e. exemption from the p.l.a. ordinance. we would also like a trade union to open up their membership and document to the city how they are recruiting long-term local residents who are women cap who are people of colour back and who are immigrants. we would also like that to be
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documented for the city to have. i am for the l.b.e. it works for me. thank you. [applause] '. >> hello supervisors. i am a local women-owned business. i'm certified l.b.e. i've been doing business for 17 years. construction trucking. i work on the local road. with this p.l.a., it will severely hinder my ability to continue to work and provide trucking to contractors. ultimately, i think this will make me shut my doris and i will no longer be able to have a business in the city. i oppose. thank you i am a small business woman owned company. i provide trucking services on many city projects, and i oppose the p.l.a. 's.
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>> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am a small business and a resident in san francisco. i oppose the p.l.a. i've been doing business here for 25 years. it has only gotten harder for me. the legislature written in the p.l.a. enters my ability to work in multiple markets. it will affect my business greatly. i will no longer be able to track if the p.l.a. is mandatory citywide. we cannot find the suppliers that will work with us on these projects. >> thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. i am the president of the coalition for economic equity. the coalition has been around for almost 35 years. we operate on a consensus of our member organizations. over the years, we've come
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together to address various legislation before the city, before the board of supervisors. in 1984, we came together to work with the city and coming together with the ordinance to provide opportunities for mbe and w. mbe staff that had been discriminated against in the past. we came together for amendments to 14 b. we come together again to address the legislation which will have an adverse impact on mbe and wbe in the city. the threshold is not which below as proposed. we think it should be 20 milli 20 million. we have circulated a draft amendment for the legislation in which -- >> thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you supervisors good afternoon.
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too too -- recently last year retired from working 34 years for the human rights commission and contract compliance and contract monitoring division. over this 34 years i looked very carefully at the words and straight off, i'm sorry to say, i have to disagree with you supervisors. project labour agreement, ok? s.f.o. is a project. we will do the water bond measure and we will do the sewer bond measure. this is a blanket -- i don't see the word project. this does not apply. it is unfair. i would ask our supervisors to look carefully at that is what we could be subject to a lawsuit and also carefully looking -- creating a broken ladder rather than creating a bridge for success. [applause] >> thank you.
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thank you. >> hello my name is tyler. i'm part of abc north cal. i'm in the electrical apprenticeship. it is a state and federally recognized apprenticeship. if this san francisco project labour agreement is passed, apprentices like myself will not be able to work on this county and local projects due to the language in section five that was specifically excluding us. we strongly urge you to not pass the p.l.a., to allow all local residents equal opportunity to work on these taxpayer-funded projects. thank you. [applause] >> hello.
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i'm a nonunion apprentice. i currently work in san francisco. contrary to popular belief, i actually am from this city. i actually went to school right up there at gray's cathedral. i've been through and through this city. a lot of us are necessarily coming from out of town. we are here. given the language in policy for the p.l.a., a lot of us are not going to be able to work and we will, likely be doomed to residential work. everybody here, everybody here is talking about making money. and having a living wage. but if you work in residential, you will not make it. i would definitely urge you to keep that in mind. >> thank you. before the next speaker, i will call up more speaker cards.
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's. >> first of all i know from hands-on demonstrated experience it is true and correct that a lot of city contractors and contractors from outside of the city, when they do working san francisco, a lot of employees are not residents of san francisco. as far as monitoring the employment of females, making sure they get the same amount of hours when they claim to be working on these sights, all you have to do is do a two week monthly accounting of the
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payroll of the contractor. and one more thing, when you get these contracts, i recommend not only all you board of supervisors, but especially you london breed, when you grant these contracts, developer knows how long it takes to complete a job. and you should put a protection clause in the contract and give it that if the job is not completed, any additional funds that is needed to complete the job is to come out of the pocket of the developer, not the city. the trans bay tube is a good example. millions of extra dollars is being spent on making that building. [applause] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is rodney. i am a lifelong resident of the city and county of san francisco and a small business owner in the bayview hunter's point community. this workforce is for me too. it is for all of us. there are a few things i would like to state that i hurried and
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i hope you heard. we want a 100% l.b.e. exemption from the ordinance. number 2, we want a p.l.a. that is equity for kit -- focused, equity driven. that is the only way we will get ahead. and last week which lastly we want the ability to bring our court employees on just like the other ones do. that is what makes us a viable here. and if you can take that and work with that and work with us to make this happen, then we have a cohesive plan here together and we can stay here together. thank you again. [applause] >> good evening. i came here to tell you, i'm a world war veteran, disabled veteran. when i came to san francisco after being overseas 31 months, the only city that would give black people a fair chance, how
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dare anybody come in here and say anything negative about the work that's been done in this city to make people equal. it makes no difference if you are gay or straight. and i just want all of you to know, to understand most of these young people are groups. what i came out of service, the plumber's union, and that local child talked about how they would not let black people come in the front door, and even in oakland. [applause] even in oakland today, black people cannot belong to the electrical worker's union. [applause] >> when i started it was three
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minutes and now it is two minutes. next week it will be 30 seconds. hold up, i'm not worried about it. queen bee will take the throne. queen bee will change anything for people that look like me. ladies and gentlemen, my name is ace and i am on the case. i am here testifying and saying what all our folks are saying. what they are really saying. this is the most racist city in the united states. i have been everywhere so i can say that. i had the luxury to travel over the world. what i'm saying is this is a new era, hold up, we ain't got no time for air as. we have no time for errors. people who look like me, everybody else has been recognized and identified. but we have been left behind in the city by the bay. let me just say this. i'm not preaching, but i'm here to tell you one thing.
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[applause] >> thank you groups thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. i will be quick. i hate to follow someone like a spear gun not quite as colourful as that. however, i am on the board. both of those organizations come up 100% for this. i've been working for good jobs for people for the last 40 years in san francisco. first with my union, now with the labor council and now working on good jobs for all. i want to tell you that the way to ensure there is good benefits and good wages for everyone is through this kind of a project. the p.l.a. two examples i have, one of my neighbours happens to be a chinese brazilian person and they are a new start rising out
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in the electricians. she fell in love with one of her coworkers who happens to be african-american and they might be getting married to. so she is a second year apprentice. [applause] >> thank you. thank you supervisors. i am also a past commissioner on the small business commission. as you all know, the commission was voted on by the voters to hear the voice of small busine business, and my request is really simple. but this gets cent to the small business commission for consideration. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> hello. i just finished my apprenticeship with local 38.
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i'm a third-year, third-generation san franciscan and i think the p.l.a. should be passed through, not only to protect the wages of workers, but the grant more opportunities for deserving people such as myself. passing the p.l.a. meets all apprentices would be union guaranteeing better quality work and that schooling and training that is provided for the union. we are in a position to take advantage of the opportunity. i think we should. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> my name is lamar. i may bayview rave -- resident. i'm a local 38 plumber apprentice as well. i am a graduate of city build cycle six. the p.l.a. should be passed because it does help a lot with white cake keeping our apprentices and journeymen from san francisco that went through the training of our apprenticeships y. k. you guys spend money on our education so why not use the apprenticeship
7:42 am
-- the apprentices that you guys trained and i think the p.l.a. is real important. i think, for me personally and speaking for use, it changed my life a lot. i'm not into you none of the things that i used to be in. and i just think for a lot of the younger youth looking up to a guy like me. y. k. y. k. >> i think that for guys like me, a lot of us, if you give us a chance to speak to some of the younger people. >> thank you. [applause] before the next speaker, i'm not strict about these rules but we really have to limit the applause. thank you. >> good afternoon.
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i am a 38 apprentice. my mom is a plumber as well for the last 25 years. that is my sister sherrell. i agree with the p.l.a. equally quality for everybody. equal pay. fairness for women, like i said. i have four sisters and a mom. equality for everybody. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. >> please if we can give members of the public an opportunity to speak when they are at the mic i would really appreciate. i don't like to constrict people and their ability to be enthusiastic, but if it starts to interfere with public comment i will ask that people start raising their hands and their fingers as we do at other committee meetings. thank you. >> thank you. afternoon. i'm here on behalf of nonprofit that advocates for renewable energy at that benefits low income communities. we strongly support the use of
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the project labor agreements. they create middle-class jobs and ensure it labor harmony and have enabled progressive social benefits and workforce development policies. other cities including seattle and los angeles have utilized mandatory project labor agreements to ensure social benefits for the communities. such as providing an entryway to the trades to provide contractors to assist local residents to commence apprenticeships. likewise, san francisco should encourage partnerships between developers get unions and job training centre is to identify the populations that could benefit from this policy. we would like to thank city administrators for their help with the l.b.e.'s and the mandatory hiring ordinance as well. >> thank you very much. >> good day supervisors. i'm here on behalf of the council of asian american business associations. i've been a certified l.b.e. for the past three decades. the council had objected to the
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legislation in the form in which it was introduced because of the concerns that would undermine other city policies favouring the incubation and development of local business enterprises. l.b.e.'s are the employers of first resort and language minority communities. as you work through the legislation at craftier amendments, we would also suggest that you empower the office, the contract monitoring division to maintain a workforce data, particularly on the unions that are a signatory to the p.l.a. to assure that they journey person ranks reflect the population and demographics of the city.
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>> we are a community-based organization with 49 years of history serving low income, limited english -- english proficient individuals. a lot of our work has informed local hiring laws and practices add created and participated in workforce pipelines that san francisco has invested and, and these are practices ways to address inequity and job access for dissident -- disadvantaged and marginalized communities. and also to be able to ensure that these good policies are community driven and they have been put in place and be able to address systemic inequity so san francisco jobs can remain accessible to all workers. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> i am one of the first groups to be certified as an l.b.e. in the eighties. we are looking for an l.b.e. exemption. we want 100% l.b.e. exemption from the p.l.a. ordinance. and the threshold, we want at least a 10 million-dollar threshold. the obama administration and the city controller recommended a threshold of at least 20-25 million in order to protect small, minority and women contractors. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. i'm with the san francisco chamber of commerce. i want to thank the supervisors for their work to get this legislation right. the chamber of commerce just commerce has historically supported these agreements in san francisco on the major projects. we believe the boston harbor decision makes a lot of sense when you need to deliver major projects on time and on budget. however, this proposal will
7:48 am
conflict with other important city priorities, and that is financial and contracting leg apps to many local minority and women owned businesses. as the controller stated in his report, the p.l.a. should be designed to not conflict with any existing city ordinances such as preferences for local business, and resident workers. we urge you to make amendments to carve out l.b.e.'s ad women in minority owned businesses and we urge you to listen to the department and the contract staff that you have to ensure that this does not -- >> thank you. [applause] >> i'm the president of .-ellipsis i believe it should increase the number, the threshold to 20 million or more.
7:49 am
and provide for and an migration strategy where you can have african-americans come back into the unions as apprentices so that it can grow their expertise and support your family tear in the city. that is the gap that we have now. we have a lot of people who live in the city but are not african-americans. and the migration has decimated the community. this could be another incentive to create an end migration strategy where you bring in apprentices to the neighbourhood unions, to help boost the population. i am now going to call up a
7:50 am
number of names. thank you for having me. i represent my family. thank you for doing the program that you have been doing. my sons went to the program. they are apprentices. right now they have work at night fully support this installation. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. i also want to make announcements to members of the public that are in the overflow room. you are welcome to come into the main chamber and to speak at public comment. >> supervisors cap thank you. i had some prepared remarks after watching the number of people that came into the room, he came to my realization that i needed to change my remarks.
7:51 am
our brothers and sisters have provided labor to our contracting union, it is critical for our continued success. having labor supplied to us as an l.b.e. is critical. i find it ironic and sad that so many people of colour that are apprentices are in this room and not working. that should set off a big alarm. we work together to make sure we have a good good p.l.a. without l.b.e.s. without them you have no local higher. that program collapses. we carry the load when it comes to carrying l.b.e.s and local higher. never forget that. we employ people. they supply people. we drive the engine that makes it go. thank you. [applause] >> hello. i am the president of bacon plumbing. located in san francisco in the bayview area.
7:52 am
my son is a plumber in local 38. currently in the process of starting our second generation of a family business. the p.l.a. agreement has created so many opportunities for us to capitalize and continue our success in this city. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisors. we have been in business for 40 years and i have been involved for 20. i'm also resident of san francisco. my father was an immigrant of the city with nothing in his pocket. through hard work and a business on clement street was able to show me the values of hard work and working towards a common goal. i am an l.b.e. ad i am a plumbing contractor in san francisco. i don't think the the three are mutually exclusive. i think we can, and i think you've started the process. it is a positive process.
7:53 am
no one should be excluded but i think there are guidelines that need to be followed. there are loopholes in the ordinances that the city has right now. i think this helps solve its. please forward the work you are doing and we appreciate the work that you do. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. i am with the sheet metal local one '04. i'm a journeyman i came into the trade in 1985. it was difficult for women to get into the business but that is no longer the case. we have continuing educations for those that wish to come into the union with a much support like myself. i am here to help others to get into that union and stay viable. we also have one of the biggest benefits of all. with some of the greatest -- we have complete packages, both for allowing one to live a comfortable lifestyle. i happen to live in the
7:54 am
district. because of the union wage, i'm able to live in a viable supportive community. as well as we have nice schools. i give my full support for the p.l.a. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is stephen. i am an apprentice in the sheet metal workers local union. i am a san francisco resident and also a graduate of the city academy. we do -- we need citywide p.l.a.'s. and to help families like mine to continue living in san francisco. please support the p.l.a. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. i am an apprentice in the sheet
7:55 am
metal worker local 104. i am a san francisco resident and a registered voter. and also a graduate of city view. we need a citywide p.l.a. to make sure that the city goes to apprentices like me and have families like mine to continue living in san francisco. a citywide p.l.a. will also help train a new generation. >> thank you. >> hello. i am an apprentice in the sheet metal worker local 104. i'm a san francisco resident. and a registered voter. and also a graduate of the city view academy. we need citywide p.l.a. to make
7:56 am
sure that city workers go to apprentices like me and help families like mine with community living in san francisco. in addition, citywide p.l.a. will give responsible union conjecture, when bidding against nonunion. please stand with workers for a citywide p.l.a. thank you. >> thank you. standby mac
7:57 am
1400 by mac null
7:58 am
[applause] [applause] >> thank you. >> the comments made earlier by charlie walker are completely false. i've invited him down to our apprenticeship program to see our diversity. he's never taken a step toward that. he's uninvited at this point. with that said, we've moved considerably to address the l.b.e.s. we moved bigtime. we've listened. that's why we've been having these meetings. at least a lot of pushback coming from the lbs, coming from staff, coming from other people
7:59 am
with personal vendetta's against the union trade. it's just antiunion sentiment. we're here to protect the workers, union and non-union workers. we're going to do that. >> thank you. >> honorable supervisors, alex lanesburg. i want to be quick. there's a bunch of information and misinformation. it's on there. i'm sorry this isn't bigger. my computer died. there were numbers being thrown around about apprentices and diversity. i want to share facts. the blue line is ibw local 6. the orange line is sbc. another bad contractor. >> they cannot match the
8:00 am
apprenticeship numbers of lb6. number one. when we take a look at graduation rates, again, we don't see these guys coming anywhere close to what we do. when we take a look at total enrollment over the past 16 years, over northern california, over the entire northern california -- >> it's okay if he can just finish this last slide. >> this is the last slide. local apprentices, blue line, light blue line, women. gold, abc. again, 40 times the number of apprentices done in these union programs. the abc is another bad contractor. >> thank you, mr. lanesburg. [applause] >> good morning, supervisors. mayor