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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 4, 2018 12:00pm-12:17pm PST

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committing to infrastructure for a transit first neighborhood complete streets that connect through new -- retaining and supporting pdr business and improving parks and open space for growing population. i wanted to acknowledge this has been a model for interagency coordination. i want to implemen compliment te involved. i want to recognize the neighborhood outreach and the level of involvement from the neighbors in the dogpatch neighborhood. it brings historicall historicat land uses. allows the community not only to coexist but ultimately setting them up to continue to
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thrive. please call the roll. [roll call] >> supervisor cohen: thank you. this ordinary than is passed first reading. item 36. >> clerk: recommended as amended with a new title it's a of course -- resolution to water board to update the water quality control plan.
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>> supervisor cohen: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. i said most what i needed to say yesterday in committee. i really want to thank the three co-sponsors of this resolutioner. i want to extend my appreciation to the chair of the land use committee and the members of that committee chair tang and supervisor safai for forwarding this to the full board. i want to reiterate the points i made before we vote. i want to thank the public utilities commission for coming to the table. i want to recognize and thank my staff who did a lot of diplomacy between the ngo community who has not been at the table in the recent water wars of the
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northern part of our great state. i want to say that -- an issue that is remarkably complicated. there are some facts. over the last handful of decades the fisheries have plummeted if the san joakim valley and the river. to now just a few thousand salmon. we all need to be part of that solution. none of this is easy it requires a rot of give and take. there's an urgent to the puc.
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the health of our region is at stake. it's time to turn a new page. it's time to reconsider our relations with turlock and modesto. i want to be clear that this is a resolution in support of state water boards adoption of 40% unimpaired flows and to go to table and reach a settlement which will implement these changes in a more expeditious fan. with that, i want to reiterate p.u.c for coming to the table. now let's settle this matter. >> let's call the roll please.
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[roll call] >> thank you madam clerk. next item. >> clerk: roll call for introductions. madam president, you're the first up on roll call. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much submit. [roll call]
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>> i'm asking that the board today end our meeting in memory of lisa m. jenkins 40-year san francisco resident. lisa jenkins was an inventor and entrepreneur and worked with public institutions. realizing the promise of extension of wealth in community. her experience included serving as strategic planning manager and engineering groups responsible for the governance of enterprise innovation and strategic process management. she served on the board selected corporations and organizations. one of the few women of color to do so. working to help define and execute structure for 21st century firms organized for triple bottom line impact. creating place, protecting community and expanding wealth.
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excellence in innovation has been acknowledge and sharing of 25 patents and human interface did it acquisition and predicted system. each patent present product built and executed. her passion was found in a lesson of her parent on fairness. she said, i learned early on that you must find a way to participate, to be a catalyst for change on fairness and inclusion. at the time of her passing she was pursuing executive fellowship on research and development projects completed over the last five years of her work. she's survived by her sister angela r. jenkins and active resident leader and 20-year resident of district 6. i ask that we end in her memory and thank her for her work.
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>> thank you. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: i'm joined mayor breed that will allow san francisco to pilot a conservativeship program. by implementing this new law we'll have to ensure services for mentally ill and drug addicted individuals. introduction of this ordinance allows to start a conversation a will take some time. i believe it is imperative that we move the ball forward today. everyday the san franciscan suffer in our streets and jails for untreated mental illness is one day too many. we cannot continue to allow our
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neighborhoods to serve as open mental institutions and shelters as jails. sb1045 is not a cure all. it does offer a new tool to help people suffering from severe mental illness and addiction. it give us an opportunity to take a hard look to bill on what's working and fix what's broken. we haven opportunity and obligation to disrupt the status quo. it's my hope include process over the weeks and months, we will not add this new tool but treat it as an opportunity to evaluate and strengthen in programs we use and drug addicted homeless people. the reality is that we have many innovative program and dedicated nonprofit providers working everyday to address this crisis. these programs are not at the
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scale they need to be. we don't allocate resources with the problem. we have not given this issue the consistent and unrelenting focus it requires. the fact that sb1045 are not ace woes of our mental health and drug treatment system is not excuse for inaction. we must seize every opportunity to improve conditions of those suffering mental illness. i look forward working with you to make this program a successful and effective as possible. second, as the city moves forward implementation of s sb1045, the process of conserving individual begins
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involuntary hold. i want to thank supervisor stephanie for calling for a hearing on coordination of services for individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorders. we need to know whether we currently use l.p.s. as efficiently and effectively. we need to understand why not. data shows last year they received 253 fewer referrals than in 2011. that is in 2011-2012 -- why are fewer individuals recommended for con -- i believe answering questions like these will improve our current importance to substance abuse.
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after the bla work is complete, we will be making are the full report available to members of the board and public. i will be requesting a hearing on the final report at that time and the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you madam clerk. it is with a very heavy heart that i would like to adjourn this board meeting in the memory of the 11 people who were murdered in pittsburgh together with my colleague supervisor ronen and supervisor mandelman maybe from the entire board in a anti--filled anti-semitic gun-toting rampage.
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they were all murdered on saturday morning by a neonazi in pittsburgh. it is unimaginable to me. it is the largest mass killing of jewish people in the united states of america. i want to associate myself with the resolution that supervisor stephanie will be introducing and as rabbi said, it's about love first. i held a hearing last week and thank the oversight committee for hearing the san francisco housing authority matter. they spent $29.5 million that
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they did not have. that's the bad news. compounded that audits in 2013 and 2017 showed that their fiscal house was in disorder. the good news is that it appears that the city will take over the housing authority. not just by appointing the members of its board but by actually taking over its day-to-day functions. i'm asking for a budget and legislative analyst report and will be introducing a motion to look at the structure of the city and corporation of san francisco housing authority and rest i will submit. >> thank you supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. i wanted to make a few remarks with the horrific killings at the tree of life, which was without a doubt, a heinous act
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of anti-semitism. it was clear he was targeting that synagogue because of the work they were doing to refugee. the killer posted in the immigrant aid society accusing them of bringing in invaders and worse. the extreme right has been obsessing about them and the work they've done to protect and assist refugees seeking asylum. the hatred inflamed by the current administration in washington are directed at all of us. i send my deepest sympathies to who's who loves ones. we are all in this together and we must fight back together.
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i find myself more and more speechless that after every horrific tragic mass killing that nothing seems to wake up this administration and congress to do something about the ability of assault rifles to people. i don't know what we need to wake us up. after every tragedy that is so hard to even understand, that is is heinous, nothing changes.+ i don't know what we're all supposed to do. what i do know is that we have to vote. we have to vote for representatives that don't do nothing after every single
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heinous mass murder in this country. please vote. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you fofor those words. i like to associate myself with the resolution she has