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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 24, 2018 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> thank you. this is a meeting of the recreation and parks department. would the clerk please call the roll. [roll call] >>clerk: a >>clerk: so just a few quick reminders. today is the november 15, 2018 meeting of the rec and park commission. we do welcome everyone, but we request that you turnoff any sound producing devices that could go off in the meeting. if you want to speak today, we request but we do not require that you fill out a blue card, and unless otherwise requested, a person will have -- >> three minutes --
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>>clerk: okay. three minutes for public comment on each item. if there is an item that is not on the calendar, you may speak on the item under general comment, and again under item 8. in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission nor staff will respond to public comment. last, if the fire alarms activate, you must evacuate the building in an orderly fashion using stairs. please note, elevators will return to the first floor and will not be available for use. if you need assistance from the building, please go to the closest area of refuge, by is across the haul in the men's rest room. and press the button on the
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speaker box. tell city staff that you need assistance, and they will come and assist you. item 2, announcements. >> we will not be having a meeting in january . it will be falling the day after new year's, so we'll spare people from that. i know i got some glowing reports on some rangers in golden gate park. they're kind of the unsung heros of the department, and we've had some trouble williing activitie golden gate park, and it's great that our employees are diligent in doing their job, so that's my report. >>clerk: is there any public comment on the president's
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report? please come forward. >> good afternoon, commissioners. >> good morning. >> good morning. i have also seen the great activity the rangers do, but i've also seen a who are identifying amount of tourists that are being robbed as they go into our parks, and their cars are being broken into, and after working in the tourist industry and in golden gate park, to see that type of reaction from visitors that are pretty much cherished throughout the city for their patronage, and to see the horrifying looks when their passports, their traveler's
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checks, everything they own is gone, and they only walked around still lake or they only walked around some other attraction in the park. and unfortunately, it takes a village to create that type of environment, when something we hold so dear to ourselves, which is our personal belongings and our vehicles, even when we're renting them are tragically and suddenly shattered, and the immense impact that that has on a tourist's impression of the city is astounding because tourists are usually treated pretty well in this city. people know that it's a continual business that you have to keep up, and you have to have repeat business. you can't have tourists going
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back to europe saying hey, you know, this is the first time i was in a major city, and i was just doing my normal tourist thing, and i was jacked for everything. and it's not just a one-time thing, it's -- it's a startlingly common occurrence, which i think goes to the fact that the park is being run too liberally. wheth whether -- people can go in there and live as long as they want, and when people go in there and act like that, i think we're dropping the ball.
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thank you. >> thank you. >>clerk: okay, there being no further public comment, we'll go onto the director's report. >> okay. it's the week before thanksgivin thanksgiving, so i want to say thank you to the men and women who work in our parks every day and keep them as fantastic as they are. speaking of being thankful, last thursday, this commission, along with local 261 and the recreation and park department cohosted the tenth annual william hammond awards at mclaren lodge honoring our parks workers, and we certainly are grateful for the entire work of our gardening staff and
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gardening apprentices, which has resulted in significant improvement to the quality of our landscapes and garden parks. i wanted to thank everyone for all the work they do to make the event a success. obviously, local 261, our rec and park team both on the public relations side, public affairs team, it is quite an effort, and this year's event was i think as wonderful as any. and then, we had the support of many of our elected officials, which was pretty terrific. we had emcees jane kim and supervisor rafael mandelman. we had supervisor scott wiener in attendance. mayor breed gave the workers a resolution, supervisors peskin and congress woman pelosi was
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present through their staff, so it was a great event. some serious news, as you know, the camp fire has been devastating to our neighbors to the north. for much of northern california and here in san francisco, the fire has had some pretty significant adverse effects on our air quality, so just so you know what we're doing, we work very closely with the department of public health and our department of human resources. d.p.h. has air quality protocols, our staff are on calls with d.p.h. and the department of human resources twice a day, which we're getting updates. masks are made available to all of our staff. anybody who feels uncomfortable being outside is encouraged to either be inside or to take the day off. on the recreation side of the
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house, we did briefly close mission pool on saturday when air quality was in the purple, denny? i think forecast for purple, and then, we are keeping kids inside for their after school programs throughout the week. a lot of the sports leagues, both in the club sports and also the high school and middle school sports have been cancelled. practices have been cancelled for most of the week, so this is having some significant impacts, and obviously, everybody's focus is on making sure that people are safe and comfortable, particularly our most vulnerable populations. with -- with hope that things return to normal, this monday, in light of many students being off for thanksgiving week, the sfusd is out all week. we are going to keep many of our recreation sites open to make sure kids have a fun, safe place to play. hamilton, moscone, soma, and
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others will be open monday-tuesday -- oh, they're going to be open on monday, and then, the sites will be open during the normal hours on tuesday and wednesday, because monday was normally a closed day for them, but we are district attorney going to open them on monday because school was out, and then, we're going to open them on tuesday and wednesday. the safeway rink is open, and beginning on november 30, the all new winter park at civic center will welcome visitors, and i think embarcadero plaza ri rink opens with a lighting show
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tomorrow night. all kids will be able to skate for $5 before 3:30. we're really making an effort to ensure that everybody gets to enjoy this rink. more info can be found on our website, we have our craft day at the rana museums annual craft day, november 30. for more information, you can visit if you're looking for a unique, hand crafted gift this season, you can stop by the annual sharon studio's art sale on december 2. for more information, visit and then, on december 6, from
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4:00 to 8:00 p.m., we invite this commission and certainly members of the public to join us for our 89th annual tree lighting at mclaren lodge at golden gate park. featuring family friendly entertainment and of course visits from santa. and then, the conservatory of flowers will feature a unique lighting display on the building's facade and will offer free admission to the conservatory until 8:00 p.m. that is thursday, december 6, and we were going to be partnering with the san francisco police department which will be hosting a toy drive at the event. all are encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy to be given to a family in need. more information on that can be found at, and then
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onto winter registration. you can spend your winter with us. registration for winter classes begins december 16 at 10:00 a.m. on-line or at 14 registration sites around the city. as always we have a little something for everyone. log onto today to browse our catalog, and this month's video features our new by rite civic center cafe.
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>> the ice cream was good, that makes me a little hungry. i normally conclude with that, but commissioner buell, because you asked me to comment on some of the happenings, i think i sent a communication that you probably all saw. it was a -- it was a weekend
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that reminds us of the importance of our park ranger division. i think as you know, golden gate park was beset by some pretty horrible vandalism and conduct over the weekend. we had a series of arsons. our rangers were able to apprehend an individual who we know had been at least involved in some serious vandalism in the park, and may have been involved in the fires. i wanted to give a special shout out to the rangers who worked with san francisco police to apprehend him, and earlier, just a few days earlier, another ranger apprehended somebody in delores park who had actually attacked him and ran, and the ranger was actually able to apprehend him.
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it's just a general reminder that the rangers are quite critical. most of what they do is ambassadorial and critical. they have a presence in our parks that makes people feel safe and comfortable, but every now and then, they do some serious work, so we're grateful on this thanksgiving weekend to our parks rangers, as well, and that concludes the general manager's report. >> commissioner mazzola? >> yeah, so i just wanted to comment on the william hammond awards the other day as this was the first one i ever attended, and i was really impressed. i wanted to give thanks to our department and local 261 to put that on. i was very impressed with the whole thing and all the hard work that margaret did. it was a great event, and i was very, very impressed to be there, and i can't wait to see it next year.
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so thanks, tom, and everybody. that's all i wanted to say. >> thank you. >> commissioner anderson? >> yeah. did you te ditto what commissioner mazzola said. they take their jobs so seriously, they love their work, they love the park. they're incredibly expert at what they do. they're some of the best staff that i've ever encountered, and i really want to give them props, and their department heads and supervisors. >> thank you. >>clerk: is there any public comment on this item? come on up, richard. >> good morning, richards. >> i would like to speak about something that i think should be addressed, the park of safety about park rangers. it's been quite a while, when they were first starting.
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i tried to bring up when they could bring in a few dogs because they have so much area to cover. that's something that i'd like to continue to keep in the interests of the commission, public safety as well as personnel safety, so if you had something like a few of them were already trained up in diagnoses, that takes quite a while. when people see themselves, i don't think they're going to be quite as ready to do any shenanigans. that's all i have to say. thank you. >>clerk: is there anyone else who would like to make public comment under, please come up. >> good morning, commissioners. yeah, after hearing the general manager's report i once again reiterate that the park rangers is important, but there is a fine balance between treating our parks like any other
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alleyway or area. they are cherished parks, and, you know, i -- riding around on dirt bikes does not really go with the whole park. you know, the full face masks, they look like antifa. there's no real correlation between you and them. and then, the a.t.v.s, too. how has that been a replacement for our fabulous equestrian police department? not in any way. when people see the horses, they immediately relax. it gives you the fact that hey, if these people are here, they're taking care of their horses, they're sensitive, then,
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the whole area is going to be calm, copacetic, and cool. now the people behind running this park system and city have decided to veto horsemanship in our parks, that has consequences, and you're seeing that. tourists being broken into, and this vandalism is because you have decided to trade a certain group of people for another certain group of people rather than having the two try to work things out, which should have been a more harmonious, better migration than to just kick them out. if you've read the news and
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you've seen the las vegas shooting, you've seen the thousand oaks shooting, i mean, country brothers are getting hit hard in this state. we're getting hit hard in our parks. we keep coming to the meetings. nothing happens, zero. and that puts a target on our back. it's like we don't matter, and that's what liberalism has done. it has treated us like a disposable class and a disposable activity in our parks. thank you. >>clerk: is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on the general manager's report? seeing none, this item is closed. we are now on item 4, general public comment, up to 15 minutes. this item will be continued to item 8, and i do have a couple of cards.
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so i have linda, and i have corrine. if you could come on up. >> good morning, commissioners. >> can i get you to speak into the mic? pull it -- yeah, there you go. thank you. >> you're welcome. hello? >> hello. >> okay. good morning, commission, how are you doing this year? >> great. >> tell us. >> great. okay. well, hopefully i, corrine, also known as fortune cookie, will bring happiness down to union square this year.
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i look forward to seeing you all down there, and baloon twisting and having fun and hopefully bringing more people down to the city as we all know that it's a stretch for downtown. so more joy down there is paramount ever so more. so i hope you all are having a good season, okay. so -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>clerk: linda? >> linda, a name i usually don't respond to, because most people call me sunshine, and it's a time for our annual visit, and once again, in rhyme, i'd say have to wish you a very happy holiday season this way.
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i'll be in union square again this year, it's true, entertaining everyone that comes to meet me, too. i believe someone told me the other day that this is the 30th year i've britened the square this way. in these times that are troubled, it's true, it's always good to have a smiling face you can recognize, too. and i'll share a brief story with you today, 'cause i think you'll be as tickled as i was when i heard it this way. last year, i had a grandfather, a father, and a son in front of me. the youngest, he was only three. the father was about 30, and the grandfather i'd say was probably up there in my numbers this way. the father said, when i was old three, you see, my dad brought me to union square to meet me.
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you told a story about remembering to do all your homework on time, and not giving the teachers a hard time in rhyme. going to school and getting a ph.d. and now i'm an attorney from stanford, you see. i'd like you to tell my son the same thing, because i hope for him the best this way. i hope what i do brightens the city. i'll be in union square again this year. i'm glad to see the podiums are open, although we're still under bandages, and we'll do our best to make it a fabulous season. >> thank you. happy holidays. >>clerk: louis. >> thank you, commissioners, general manager. i'd just like to talk about a few things, mainly reminding the
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difference between our parks and the city is self-evident because we don't do business in our parks. we do business in the city, and when we go to our parks, we forget about business, doing, achieving, becoming, just let go of it all. but increasingly, businesses coming into our parks, hot dog stands, bike rentals, various n incursions in zones where people go to get away from that. and we've had a respite from the hectic overwhelming city because we didn't have parks that had that going on. so i'm seeing a clash of the two
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ideas here. i'm seeing the conservatory of flowers is a good business, but i'm seeing an armored truck come in there like clockwork on wednesdays, right at the time when people are getting married and coming down the stairs, and timing is everything. you wouldn't want to come down the stairs after being married and being in your parks and have a huge armored truck, running its diesel engine, and have absolutely no presence of the fact that there's a wedding going on here. somebody's dropped the ball. two events coinciding at the same time, both with different
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objectives. and i find that increasingly, areas of our parks are being rented out to where the public can't go in there. i'm not saying that only a certain class of people should be in our parks, but i'm saying maybe the people that are selling used electronics and things that come out of our parks should be setup. go in there, try to buy a used laptop. grab those people, not the homeless people, not the people that are just there, trying to get a night's sleep, but be a little bit innovative here. because i see that going on, and nothing happening. but i do see coyotes in golden gate park, and hawks catching squirrels, and a lot of other nice things, so thank you. >> thank you. >>clerk: is there anyone else who would like to make --
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richard. >> yeah. i'm trying to get the attention of biphil ginsburg, and i was thinking about india basin. i was mostly tied up about the lie owe logical oxygen deprivation there and -- biological oxygen deprivation there and everything else. i didn't have the opportunity to talk about bridging park properties. there's a part of india basin that's -- [inaudible] >> -- i'm trying to see that there's a possibility now that they would be putting in a pedestrian bridge across so people can just walk across instead of going all the way back down, we then could connect park properties, so that's
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something that i'd give allen low a little wake up call, and just see what you can think about it. it's not much. you go to some of the universities, mini golden gate bridge, but i was trying to look at the type of bridge and what worked very well at india basin, trying to connect park properties. i was looking more like the new part of the bay bridge where you have the central unit and the steel rods connecting it all up. but then, it would give it more of an attraction, and then, kayaks can still get underneath it, and hopefully -- the thing is sailing's a big, big thing in harbor city. >> thank you. >>clerk: is there anyone else who would like to make general
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public comment? okay. being none, public comment is closed. item five, the consent calendar. is there anyone who would like to make public comment on the consent calendar? richard? >> good morning again. now that everyone's here, when i looked at the consent calendar, i look at the issues we have to deal with in a place like all up in the hills, and they're going to be a new natural growth area. some of the places where i see a natural growth area, it don't last, so what i wanted to try to bring in is can you -- in the placement of natural area growths, can you go down a little deeper? because there's a probability that it's not going to make -- just like trees, they've got heavier, 60,000, 70,000, 80,000 seeds, but are you ever going to
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get a aye at sequoia? when you plant it, you've got to look at it three, possibly five years. thank you. >> thank you. >>clerk: further public comment on the consend calendar? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are now on item six, san francisco zoo. >> good morning. my name is nancy chan, and i'm the director of communications for san francisco zoo and gardens, and i will start with our little report -- here we go. veterans day, we honored veteran's over the veterans day holiday by providing free admission to military members,
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veteran's, and their families. next, we have our -- we introduced just recently a new six-minute video and sound installation created by the acclaimed san francisco artist, henry jackson, who also created a successful film about the polite of wild elephants called red ivory. this is called madagascar, island in peril. it faces an uncertain future due to its deforestation and slash and burn agriculture. this video is visually moving and transform ative. it plays in our -- in the theater in our primate center. next, the next phase of our
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grade 8 passage opens next week. we're calling it old places transforming in new spaces. visitors will be able to see the chimps in their new indoor day room which has new climbing structures and platforms. as an aside, the climbing structures are made of reclaimed douglas fir lodge which were used for 1939 transbay terminal, and these pilings were unearthed in 2008. the most exciting feature is the 70 foot long, 14 foot high passage access to the day room. this is considered phase one in the entire renovation in the area, and during that time, we will be introducing the new male chimp to the group over time. next, reindeer will land at the
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zoo for the holidays by november 17, that's this weekend, and depart by january 2. lastly, zoo lights is back as the zoo was open for the special evening event, december 14-16, 18-23, and 16-30. we'll have adult beverages in addition to hot cocoa and a fire pit, and the carousel. >> thank you. >>clerk: is there anyone who would like to make public comment on this item?
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richard. >> i can't help but notice madagascar in peril. that's where we got the lemur now on earlier monkey pod island. i've got some great comment that people enjoy seeing the activity of the lemurs, so i see the chimp -- my throat is kind of getting raggedy. i went out there, take a good look at him, and i was -- when he was at that particular monkey island, so i thought he would probably do better inside the primate how'use, so i don't kno what's going on out there. but the lemur is doing great. >> thank you for the comment.
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>>clerk: is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you. >>clerk: we are now on item seven, the strategic plan update. >> good morning, commissioners. taylor emerson from the finance administration division where we manage all things reporting and long-term planning along with general manager and exec staff. i'm going to start today by correcting for the record that this is actually not an upper -- possible opportunity for action but rather a presentation and discussion on the progress
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assessment of our strategic plan through f.y. 18 and a look ahead at the next five years, f.y. 19-23. i always like to go back to the charter, which states that we need to have a strategic plan as of f.y. 17. you may remember, we had one before that, but the controller, i guess, started counting then, and every five years there after, we can update it or just update the purposes, goals, and objectives, but we've interpreted the language to say that every year, we take a five year look ahead, it's just good sense and what we should do, given our responsibilities. and we report annually on our
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progress even though it says we just have to do that every two years. the charter calls out a whole cycle of planning that started in september with a look at our equity metrics and see an allocation of our resources and services. we come to commission in november for the strategic plan. this year, we twice provided opportunities with prosac, who wanted more interaction, so october-november there, we've been working on a strategic plan. this is all in leading up to finding a subset of the strategic plan that will actually commence or be completed in the next two years, which is called the operational plan. so we take a long look and deeper two year look ahead. and the same thing in capital, which all culminates in february
8:40 am
with the budget. okay. so onto our progress, which i will humbly say i'm very proud of. it really is true, make a plan and work the plan. not only do we have goals, but we have specific steps, these initiatives to move us toward these goals. in the last year, we've completed 24 of the 61. another 31 were started or continued in progress, which is 95% of these things are completed or in progress. i'm going to highlight -- there's so many, i'm just going to highlight one from each strategy. strategy one, it's on demonstration every day out in front. you know, we want to develop more open space to address population growth in high-needs areas and emerging neighborhood and civic center is an emerging neighborhood and high need when it comes to open space, but the
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plaza has begun to transform into a civic center commons. we're really proud of the role the playground has played in that, and now, the birite cafe, bringing great activity to a great park, and there's more to come from that we're also a part of, right? strategy two, strengthen and promote the safety, health and well-being of san francisco's youth and seniors, expand and create programs that connect children to nature. i know that this commission is aware that san francisco is recognized along with six other cities by the national league of cities for our work in the city connecting children to nature. and in fact we're part of a citywide collaborative that has other departments and nonprofits that work every day toward this audacious goal of having every
8:42 am
child in san francisco every day connect with nature. and we're actually making ground on that, coordinating policy, integrating our work more closely. the general manager and i were working with the office of children -- was it our children -- our children, our families and working together to -- to integrate a spectrum of nature work. and we've opened a real nature playground where there are these loose elements of natural parts like pine cones and wood and rocks, and kids can play in this totally different way. there's so much science now to support that playing in nature and just being outside in a natural environment is therapeutic -- >> commissioner, that playground is actually off nicole, which you had asked me about. >> was there a question? >> no. >> no? okay. so we definitely proudly talk
8:43 am
about our ongoing work with this, and i encourage you to visit rolf nichol if you have family visiting or kids. it's a great place to play. here's the two tiers of let's play. i am so proud of the partnership's division who as of the end of f.y. 18 had raised over $11 million, but sneak peak next year, it's up to 14.5. so we are working toward these big goals and really making progress. strategy four, this is a picture of bruce lee who runs our nursery, and it might sound boring that we, you know, did a new nursery inventory database, kind of blahhed out on that, but
8:44 am
this is a transformative achievement already, and now, it can have a very powerful tool for tracking what is grown there, what moves out to parks, which parks. it's an ordering system, and -- and allows us to -- when a gardener -- you know, gardeners can see it remotely. it's just a huge achievement. with this database, we are now able to track not just natives but climate resilient plants that are propagated in the nursery and moved out to our parks, 12,000 last year. 12,000 hand propagated plants came out of our nursery and into our parks. i just think that is so
8:45 am
important. well, the last one i was going to talk about, with or without visuals, is -- you might have heard about our newly inr invigorated workforce development program. so much extra new learning, and coordination of the many workforce development programs we have, including the gardener apprentice. we have a mature program with san francisco state. we have workreation, which is one of the biggest workforce development programs in the city. you'll be hearing about r.p.u., and it's hosting a big conference. the first one was in 2018, and
8:46 am
it was taught by rec parks and staff, and we look forward to continuing this as an annual tradition. this is an example of one we call completed, but we're going to keep doing, and now, it's operationalized. so it's done, but it may not mean over, all right? the charter requires us -- whoops -- to -- all right. okay. make a special significant -- or separate report on our equity related progress of the -- of the -- of the 60 or so initiatives in total. 20 were equity related, and 11 of those were complete, nine were in progress. i'm just going to highlight three of these, all from play, because these are the most fun.
8:47 am
there was a movie in the park series all summer, actually several of them. one of them actually at jerry garcia amphitheater at night. it is a grease sing along, but there were lots of people having fun in john mclaren park, and we considered it a success, and there were lots of other successes at civic center park and stannion street edge. this is one that touches so many parts of our organization to develop an implemented access plan that registers more people from low-income neighborhood and increasing adapt tiff program.
8:48 am
there's a lot of goals in there, but i'm just going to take out one. we did a focused project at the sunnydale housing project this summer and did outreach and early summer enrollment. in 2015, there were six children that participated in our programs, and in 2018, 41. so it is sometimes at the microlevel that we work, and each of those 41, we know had a great time, told their friends, and will be back. this picture, by the way, is a picture of a partnership project at a local playground for that group. one more. umm...establish a baseline tracking project and partnership programs inside and out of equity zones, which sounds just like an administrative task. but not only did the
8:49 am
partnerships division raise many, many, many millions of dollars, about 65% of it this year won't -- some of them are grants that have been long-term efforts, so it's not going that's going to continue -- to be the same every year, but 64% of them were in equity zones, and i was able to figure that out this year because they established a tech database system to track all their stuff. so not only did they raise the money which made a better place to play, they inspired investment, they got a grant for 105,000 to support sports and athletics in soma neighborhoods, and this is victoria manolo drive. partnerships with the giants, warriors, lots of great success, plus they managed to implement an i.t. system. this is like a quadruple
8:50 am
accomplishment right here. all right. i just wanted to remind everyone in f.y. 16, we set a charter baseline so we could continue to track prop b and other funds and their equitiable distribution. so f.y. 17 was kind of the first year of data, and there was targets, so did we make it or not on the targets? and then, f.y. 18 provided a second year of data, the first point on a trend line. so on the right-hand side is the trend line for the number of performance indicators where we met the target. in f.y. 17, it was 18 of the 29, and in f.y. 19, it was just 19. so we made one more this year, which is an upward trend? the chart on the left is a prompt to remind me that there
8:51 am
was an error on attachment one. it was the second metric, citywide average park maintenance score. i don't know where i got those crazy low numbers because the chart on the left is the actual numbers? kudos to operations who has continued to bring up those park scores over time. it's astonishing and so impressive, their ongoing work. it not only scootches up, it scootches up every year. margaret, i will get you the attachment. looking ahead, we've actually added some performance indicators, because the city has added some questions, and it's a great source of data about customers' perceptions about our work. we've added 41 initiatives, a
8:52 am
lot of deep work in thinking about where we're going, what we need to do to get there. there's my favorite picture. out side lands, and we are moving our park set, our data analysis focus to the park rangers and i think that'll be an opportunity to show even more success stories for them. we're working on biodiversity. that's a monarch with milk weed in the back. that's a picture of margaret haywood's proposed schematic. we're going to do some really deep and sustained community work there. we're going to survey where there's a shortage or a need for dog parks, so there's some dog park, and implement a pilot times use and work on scoping the renovation of the japanese tea garden pagoda.
8:53 am
so that's a look at the next two years. i'm happy to take questions or comments. >> thank you very much. commissioner harrison? >> on the thing that you have on a wood thing, is that a cart? >> we do have a mobile cart, but i think that picture was from rolf nichol playground, where we've created a play space with logs and elements and boulders. you're going to see more and more of that in the system. >> part of the moscone opening, those kids flocked to that like bear to honey. >> yes. >> yeah. >> and we have a nature arch cart that lives in the tenderloin at the tenderloin children esrack, and we've been taking out turk hide and sergeant mcawley also,
8:54 am
occasionally. >> some of the simplest things, a penn cone, gets them going. >> yeah. >> commissioner. >> this is the heart of our work. and i think the breadth and depth and quality of the work we spend now on strategic planning and then as an important subset of that, focus on equity in terms of measurement and then figure out how to appropriate, allocate resources, you're seeing the fruits of that. our strategic planning gets more and more robust, and the entire organization is involved in this process, but kudos to the staff
8:55 am
and extra special taylor. we're collecting data and measuring and evaluating data. so it's really an effort that i'm quite proud of, and then, just in case anybody's wondering about the 14 million we're raised for playgrounds, we're not quite there yet. that's the target, but we did make significant progress. i think this time last year, we had raised 5 million in private support for our playground campaign, and as we sit here today, we're at about 7.5. we keep driving. this is a partnership of the san francisco parks alliance, but raising money is hard, and with the alliance partnership and particularly with lisa's leadership, we're getting quite good at that.
8:56 am
>> commissioner harrison? >> yeah. getting back to the nursery and the work that's done there, and back in the ace age, when i started working with the park, they used to have a lot of flower beds and plantings, and most if not all of the annuals would come out of the nursery. is there some kind of plant for -- plan for annuals that come out of the nurseries and park ms. >> oh, there are thousands. i simply highlighted some of the climate resilient type. yeah, there's pansys in front there, for sure. >>clerk: is there any public comment on this item? richard? >> good morning again. i just want to try to touch upon dog play areas. it's been quite a while since -- [inaudible]
8:57 am
>> -- she was chair of the commission. is the farparks going to have another ellis towers, and parks superintendent. then you have to have the dog committees, and you have to have selection of dogs, and see which ones fit to the minimum. if that's going to happen, i think i should like to know about that type of scheduling because people always want that. i think they stopped a long time ago at about 20. i notice on the screen, they want more parks, more dog play areas. so i guess that's kind of going to have to go back to in a few years pause they haven't been around for a while. thank you. >> thank you. >>clerk: is there anyone else who would like to comment under this strategic plan? seeing none, this item is closed.
8:58 am
we are now on item 8, general public comment. if there is anyone who did not comment under item 4 and would like to comment on item 8, you can come up now. is there anyone? seeing none, this item is closed. item 9, commissioner's matters. are there any commissioner's matters? >> seeing none. >>clerk: any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 10 is new business agenda setting. commissioners? public comment? come on up. >> good morning, commissioners, general manager. just some food for thought. as far as new business, potential agenda items could be
8:59 am
trying to alleviate the congestion and noise pollution, so forth and so forth that the armored truck going into golden gate park once a week creates. and, you know, rather than going into those areas at that time that are holding a wedding reception, maybe they could just park on the street where all the buses park, instead of going down a road that says no buses. because the armored truck is really a bus. it is a bus. it's got a huge diesel engine and it's an armored vehicle. when that thing comes and parks, it's very unfriendly. they don't trust everybody, they
9:00 am
make everybody in their vicinity feel suspicious because that's the nature of the game. they're delivering valuables. [please stand by]