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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 20, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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okay, thank you. this meeting will come to order. welcome to the december 5, 2018 meeting of the rules committee. my name is supervisor safai, and to my left, supervisor catherine stefani, committee member. ms. clerk, do you have any announcements before we begin? >> clerk: yes, be sure to silence all electronic devices. speaker cards should be
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submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the december 11 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> supervisor safai: thank you, mr. clerk. please call item one. >> clerk: item number 1 is to reauthorize the workforce community advisory committee and the committee on city workforce alignment and extend their sunset date to june 30, 2019. >> supervisor safai: great. unless there's any comments from committee members, it's our honor to welcome ms. calvillo. >> item number 1 is a quick maintenance item for you of all of the advisory bodies that the board of supervisors creates. essentially, any time the board creates or reauthorizes a body, there is language inserted into the authorizing legislation,
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which would require that body to meet at least once every four months. there is a board rule that then requires the clerk of the board to review at the end of the year all the advisory bodies to determine if they have met at least once every four months, and so we've done that review, and that is essentially what's before you today. so, specifically, we are requesting that you dissolve two inactive advisory bodies, the wage theft task force, the surplus property citizens advisory committee, and to reauthorize and extend the sunset dates for two other advisory bodies, the workforce community advisory committee, and the committee on city workforce alignment. apparently, the office of economic and workforce development has requested the reauthorization and the extension of the sunset dates to june 30, 2019. >> supervisor safai: great. unless there's any questions from committee members, why
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don't we just go to -- oh, supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: not a question, maybe it's more of a request. i realize that i didn't even know these committees existed, and it would be helpful to just have a review of all these different ones that we have in the city, so that i'm aware of that they do exist and we don't recreate something else. >> you'll find through the chair to supervisor yee that every december, the rules committee clerk conducts a poll of the entire inventory of advisory bodies that the board has approved, and we submit that to the board of supervisors and post it on our website and can get that to you as soon as it is compiled, which should be in a couple of weeks. it's called "the matty act." we list all the bodies and seats
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associated with them and whether or not they are filled. you're welcome. >> supervisor safai: great, unless there's any other questions, why don't we go to public comment? any members of the public wish to speak, come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. okay, supervisor yee, can i have a motion please? >> supervisor yee: sure, i'd like to send this out to committee with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor safai: i think we can do that without objection. >> thank you. >> supervisor safai: please call item number two. >> clerk: item 2 is a motion appointing supervisor hillary ronen term ending february 10, 2023, to the metropolitan transportation commission. >> supervisor safai: great. unless there's any initial comments from committee members, any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: i'd like to make an amendment to this item. >> supervisor safai: okay. >> supervisor yee: i just wanted to -- the board of supervisors gave me discretion to appoint,
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to serve on the metropolitan transportation commission. given that the m.t.c. is submissive in selecting their next executive director and supervisor kim serves on the committee, i feel it's important we allow supervisor kim to complete her term on the metropolitan transportation commission to see this crucial process through, even as her term on the board of supervisors ends. so to that end, i'm introducing an amendment to this motion, giving consent for supervisor kim to serve out the remainder of her m.t.c. term as the designee of the board of supervisors from january 8 through february 10 of 2019. and at that time also supervisor
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ronen will serve as the metropolitan transportation commissioner for the term beginning february 11, 2019, to the end of the term, which is february 10, 2023. >> supervisor safai: okay, great. so we have a motion on the floor to amend the item. can we do that without objection? without objection. anyone want to make a final motion, supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: sure, i'd like to pass this out of committee with positive recommendation to amend. >> supervisor safai: do we need to state what it is, or is that fine? >> clerk: i believe the proposed amendment has been -- >> supervisor safai: do we need to state as amended we're appointing hillary ronen and the date of term? >> clerk: we just need to approve the motion.
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>> supervisor safai: okay, great. all right. i think we can do that without objection. please call item number 3. >> clerk: item 3 is a hearing to consider appointing seven members for indefinite term to the food security task force. there are seven seats and seven applicants. i'd like to note that becky gershon has withdrawn their application. >> supervisor safai: i'm sorry, say that again. >> clerk: becky gershon has withdrawn their application. >> supervisor safai: oh, okay. hold on one second. >> supervisor yee: which one again, i'm sorry. >> supervisor safai: becky gershon. okay. all right, so we're going to, i guess, put in our first applicant. we have five applicants today. our first applicant, is ave lambert here? if you can come forward.
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if you can come forward and speak, we'll give each speaker two minutes to say their -- present themselves. that would be great. please proceed. >> good afternoon, esteemed supervisors. i'm ave lambert. i'm a farmer and a chef and have organized as an activator and innovator. my thesis was on food deserts, i'm a ninth generation californian, very tied to this land, and know the way we can change the world is through growing, cooking, and sharing of nutrient-dense food around communal tables, where we have hard conversations. i'm the program director of farming hope, where in 12 weeks we take folks with barriers to employment through the food system via culinary garden and life skills education to support them in a new career path and any community leadership they aspire to. we turn food waste donations from organic farms and food we grow into beautiful, tasty meals, while we train our folks about culturally relevant foods.
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our kitchen is on 16th and valencia. we create community by offering free meals with service and a beautiful space among friends. we are the soup kitchen turned on its head. our program works. there is a huge need for folks with these skills in the city and huge need for purpose, access to food, community, and health by those on the streets housed on g.a.s.s.i. and other limited services. in my year of the food security task force as a member of the public, i've been shocked how siloed resources for the impoverished are. creating a sheet took the better part of a year and i have time, resources, means, and education. food security is a basic human right and should not be difficult to resolve. we can produce enough food. food insecurity is a result of poverty, which is created by systemic oppression and education, health care, resource allocation and access based on class, race, gender, sexual orientation, and all forms of otherness. we have an opportunity here to address poverty at a fundamental level. we need to be fearlessly
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innovated and create cross-agency collaboration and data sharing to change the system. i want to be a voice for social justice and access on the task force so san francisco can be a model for the rest of the country. please see my resume for relevant experience with food policy council, project open hand, leah pantry and la casina. thank you for your consideration. >> supervisor safai: thank you. any questions from committee members right now? if not, we'll call you back up. thank you. our next applicant, you said becky gershon has withdrawn her application, so the next person would be jennifer siswandi. did i say that right? >> yes. >> supervisor safai: okay, great. please come forward. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jennifer siswandi, and i'm very passionate about health equity outcomes. my experiences in work and life have made me want to take action in improving health outcomes through promoting healthy food
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access, physical activity, and an overall healthy diet. i truly believe that those factors are all vital for the well being of every single human being. as someone who grew up in the tenderloin, works in the tenderloin, and still lives in the tenderloin district, i've seen firsthand how poor nutrition and lack of physical activity can affect someone's health. i spent two years working at a primary care clinic called tenderloin health services. because of the connection i constantly saw between diet, exercise, and overall health, i know i want to do more. i met patients that were extremely sick and had chronic health conditions due to a sedentary lifestyle full of high intake of junk and processed foods. i started to cofacilitate a diet and exercise class that was held weekly to tenderloin residents. we taught residents basic nutrition, where to go for food if you're homeless, how to shop at the grocery store while on a
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budget, how to prepare meals in a cramped space or without a kitchen, and the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables. one participant who i'll keep anonymous learned how to control her diet and was able to reverse her type 2 diabetes and control her sugar levels. witnessing that success made me want to take more action outside of the clinic. the tenderloin, a place that i call home, still has no full-access supermarket and about 60 corner stores. i started working as a food justice leader in 2016 with the healthy corner coalition. we work with community residents and corner store owners to increase access to healthy food. we do this through outreach at community events and working with residents about healthy food intake, hosting events where you learn how to grow at the tenderloin garden. as a perspective nurse, i believe access to healthy food
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is a basic human right and needs to be improved in the city is of san francisco. due to the community suffering that i see on a daily basis, i am eager to be a part of a process that helps heal people, and i know that starts from promoting diet and exercise. in a city -- >> supervisor safai: -- expired. if you want to finish your last sentence. >> okay. so i want to continue to use my voice to advocate for those who are usually left unseen and contribute my ideas for a citywide planning and strategy to increase healthy access for food for everybody. >> supervisor safai: thank you. and if we have any questions for you, we'll call you back up. >> okay, thank you so much. >> supervisor safai: thanks so much. we can hear from kimberly madsen. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is kim madsen. i am a registered dietitian and have been one for about 26 years. i have extensive training in the clinical arena, as well as done long-term care and i started
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working at project open hand more than 20 years, almost 20 years ago. and this is where my heart is. i really love community nutrition in san francisco. currently i'm the director of nutrition services at project open hand, as well as on the executive team and strategic planning team for the agency. project open hand offers meals to seniors, adults with disabilities, and those critically and chronically ill throughout the city. the majority of the people we serve are food insecure. i have spent many nutrition counseling hours with many clients working through and problem solving issues of food insecurity, but also the other social determinates of health, mental health, poor housing, lack of kitchen, food storage, and the like. i have worked tirelessly to make sure our services meet those particular needs of that population, so i'm well versed in food insecurity and have a
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very hands-on approach with my clients. project open hand has been part of the food insecurity task force over the years. i have personally been involved as a public member going to the community meetings for a couple years most every single month. i have always been very impressed with the caliber of the work and expertise at the table. i think the addition of my area of applied nutrition and expertise in that area with complex medical conditions would be a benefit to the task force, as well as being an employee of a food service and nutrition agency that provides so much service to the community. i am most interested really in complex medical conditions and how it relates to food insecurity and how when you have complex medical conditions, food insecurity, you become very high risk for that and when you're food insecure, your health outcomes are much poorer.
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i would like to see a better and more streamlined connection between health care and community-based organizations that provide food to the community. right now it's very difficult, and we need to raise the awareness. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. thank you so much. we'll call you back up if we have any additional questions. the next applicant is ms. meg davidson. >> thank you, supervisors. my name is meg davidson, and i am the associate director of policy and advocacy for the san francisco marin food bank. the food bank was a founding member of the task force, and i'm thrilled to take up a seat of the task force to represent the food bank's perspective. in this role, i am responsible for facilitating collaboration with local and state government agencies and other community-based organizations to improve access to and utilization of both cal fresh and the food pantry network. i care deeply about working collaboratively and creatively to ensure our neighbors
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struggling to feed themselves and their families have access to food in a dignified way. prior to taking over leadership of our policy and advocacy team, i led the food bank's programmatic evaluation and analytics department, which afforded me the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the data underlying both the depths of need of san francisco residents, as well as the government and nonprofit response to that need. this helps position me to provide a data-driven lens to the work of the task force as we continue to push towards promoting solutions that we've evaluated and found to be effective. i also bring my experience having run a soup kitchen and food pantry serving the chronic homeless population in los angeles. this work helped inform my understanding of the complicated nature of food insecurity and hunger and prepared me to think beyond band-aid solutions, towards more systemic policy solutions. it spurred me to earn a master's degree in public policy, which has helped form my work in seeking sustainable solutions to
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food insecurity. if i'm appointed to the task force, i plan to leverage my diverse experiences in the food insecurity sector to continue to bring data-driven perspectives to decision making. i believe the task force is a model for what thoughtful, focused collaboration can do, and i hope to contribute to the next chapter of the task force's push for ending hunger and providing food for all. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you so much. again, we'll call you back up if we have any questions. now let's hear from ms. raegan sales. is that right, sales? >> pretty close. reagan sales. >> supervisor safai: please proceed. >> good afternoon. my name is raegan sales, and i'm a resident of the outer richmond. i am interested in joining the food security task force because i believe i'll provide a valuable voice for children ages zero to 5, as well as their
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families and caregivers. at children's council of san francisco, we connect thousands of families each year with childcare that meets their needs and support childcare providers to improve their quality, while advocating for early care and education. as the healthy apple program coordinator, i help child educators learn about nutrition and physical activity so that the children in their care develop healthy habits early, aiming to set them up for lifelong health before a child even enters kindergarten. in my work with educators, i learn about the obstacles they face in serving healthy, nutritious food to the children in their care. i also hear stories from them all the time about when they tried to share the information and knowledge they've learned through our program with the parents they work with, and parents relay their frustration and difficulties in regularly providing healthy food for their children. for me, food security goes beyond accessing calories. it's also ensuring people have access to affordable, healthy foods and can consistently provide nutritious meals for
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their families. i believe that by joining the food security task force, i can help facilitate mutual information sharing so we can learn more about the food security status of children's council clients and how children's council can better support families experiencing food insecurity. i was referred to the task force by a current member and director of nutrition services in w.i.c. at the department of public health. i know i can advocate for the importance of nutrition and healthy food access, as well as being a voice on behalf of san francisco's youngest residents. thank you for your consideration. >> supervisor safai: thank you so much. any -- i'm sorry, we'll call you back up if we have any questions. i think our last applicant, rita mouton-patterson. is it mouton?
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>> mouton. >> supervisor safai: please proceed. >> first off i want to thank supervisor yee for supporting and backing our task force. it's very important. i would like to start from the beginning, getting involved -- actually, coming through to san francisco and being a resident of the shelter. coming from the shelter, i applied for the chef's program. after graduating chef's program from the e.c.s. i began working for zinga, a huge kitchen over there, which was beautiful. and now i sit on the board of directors for e.c.s.
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actually voting on decisions and making decisions and policies regarding the chef's program. currently i'm working with hospitality house, where most of my time i spend in the shelter, and there we feed 30 men every day, seven days a week, breakfast and lunch, which is provided by glide. glide brings the hot food in, and we actually serve that food. i volunteer also at hospitality house -- we call it the veggie day, where we pass out food to hundreds and hundreds of people. my plan, i would like to find a way to begin preventing some of the drama and hardships and insecurity, food insecurities, for our citizens. no matter where they are. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you.
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okay. why don't we go to public comment? any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: this is a great group of candidates. i have to say i'm really happy with what i heard today, and i'm so glad that we have openings for each one of you and we don't have to select from a few of you. it would have been really difficult. so, i love the diversity of where you're experiences are coming from. i don't know how you all manage to come all at once, but it's been nice to see that not every one of you are coming from one perspective. and i would say that i have to
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say to the men in san francisco, step up a little bit. where are you? don't you care about this? you should be caring about this. but is there -- is paula jones here by any chance? oh, there you are. i have a real quick question. i'm just wondering why we have all these vacancies at once. is it expansion? is that what happened? >> that's what happened. yes, we did. we had a little bit -- we always have some kind of -- people leave their jobs or things like that, but also with the reauthorization that you supported, we added additional seats because we wanted to bring in other expertise on to the task force. >> supervisor yee: fantastic, okay, that's all i wanted to hear. >> supervisor safai: great. so i guess we'll attempt to make a motion, either one of you? you want me to just call it out and you guys can improve it? >> supervisor yee: why don't we --
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>> supervisor safai: i'll just go ahead and make the motion. unless there's any additional comments from colleagues, i'll just say i also want to echo what supervisor yee said. what a great cadre of people to come forward on such an important issue. food security is something that probably is overlooked by a lot of people, but depending upon demographic, depending upon socioeconomic status, it certainly has an impact on people's lives and many ways helps to shape their future and where they are currently. so i really appreciate, supervisor yee, your leadership on this and all of you for stepping forward on such an important issue. so we'll just -- i'll make the motion to accept the nominations of ave lambert to serve on seat number 13. jennifer siswandi to serve on seat 14. kimberly madsen to serve on seat 15. meg davidson to serve on seat 16. raegan sales to serve on seat 17. and rita mouton-patterson to serve on seat 18 of the food
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security task force. with that -- >> clerk: waiver requirement for kimberly madsen. >> supervisor safai: oh, i didn't see that. great. and residency waiver for rita mouton-patterson -- wait. kimberly madsen. i'm sorry. residency waiver for kimberly madsen. can we do that without objection? congratulations. thank you, everyone. please call item number 5. >> clerk: item number 5 is a resolution approving the use of the official seal of the city and county of san francisco for the purpose of an artist publication documenting the one-month project in city hall, the unofficial department of handshakes. >> supervisor safai: great. and just so the public knows, we're not skipping 4 altogether. we just have to do a couple before 4:00, so we'll get to that shortly. folks?
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[ gavel ] excuse me, i'm sorry. just because it's a small room, everything echoes in here, even whispers. if you'd like your conversations, please take them into the hallway. thank you, everyone. so we called item no. 5. i'd like to welcome the manager of education and public programs at the arts commission galleries and kate paterson-murphy, director of communications, to present on this item. >> thank you so much. good afternoon, supervisors. so we are here, and i want to thank the clerk of the board, angela, for her assistance in helping us walk through this process. so we're here today because we have an unusual request, which is to use the city seal on an artist-produced publication that memorializes a performance art/social studies project that occurred in city hall, and i'm joined by my colleague, who can go into more detail about the particular project, but we
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understand that this -- the use of the city seal on this publication falls outside the usual protocols for the city seal, so that's why we're here today, to ask for your approval. >> supervisor safai: for one month? >> sorry, the -- >> supervisor safai: using the seal for one month? >> this is a publication from a project that took place early this year in january for one month in city hall, and so the -- >> supervisor safai: duration of a month and you're asking for the approval? >> for the publication, yeah, so that's sort of timeless, i guess. >> and the publication will not be offered for sale. it will be free, so it's not -- there's no profit being made on this. >> the intention is to distribute them to people who took part of the project early on, so collaborators in city hall and collaborators on the project itself. >> supervisor safai: great. okay. i think it's pretty straight forward. any questions from colleagues? seeing none -- >> supervisor yee: could you show me the handshake? >> hoping you would ask.
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>> supervisor safai: unofficial department handshake. >> we have to say the terms, as well, while we do it. we have hills and waves, strike gold, earthquake, then you slap the city back together again, strength, unity, and phoenix rising. >> supervisor safai: thank you. >> it's modelled after the city seal. all of that was inspired by that. >> supervisor safai: it's funny you do that, every monday my kids' elementary school, the principal does a new handshake with the kids. >> oh, that's wonderful. >> supervisor safai: every monday. >> maybe you can introduce this one. >> bring this home. >> the official handshake of the city now, the unofficial handshake. >> supervisor safai: is that document -- can you share one of those documents? >> you have a colored version and it's also on your call layup. >> supervisor safai: there it is. >> on one side you'll see there's photos from the actual
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handshakes and these sort of larger posters. and then it will fold down into a smaller almost postcard-sized publication. >> supervisor safai: great. okay. i'll bring this to my daniel webster. that will be exciting. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> supervisor safai: okay. any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. you'd like to comment on this item? >> i do want to comment on this item. >> supervisor safai: okay, come to the podium. >> totally different from why i'm here today. >> supervisor safai: hold on. there you go. okay. go ahead. >> i'm the elf in union square for the last 25 years. if i could get a copy of this, i'll get it started with the kids. >> supervisor safai: great. all right. any other members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. and supervisor yee, you want to make a motion? >> supervisor yee: yes. yes. is that the motion?
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>> supervisor safai: kind of earthquaky. >> supervisor yee: like to make a motion to pass this out of committee with positive recommendation. >> supervisor safai: do we have to make amendments to this legislation as it was presented? >> clerk: not that i'm aware of. >> supervisor safai: okay, great. so can we do that without objection? without objection, so ordered. great. and you're welcome, thank you so much. please call item no. 6. >> clerk: item no. 6 is an ordinance to require that candidates for local elective office file their declaration of candidacy on the same day as they file their declaration of intention to accept or solicit campaign contributions. >> supervisor safai: all righty. i think we were going to be joined by supervisor peskin. he is in g.a.o. right now. i think this is a pretty straight forward amendment. i don't think it requires much. do you have any questions, supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: i mean, i
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think i get the gist of this. have probably some minor question i would ask offline. >> supervisor safai: okay. anyone from the department of elections here? no? i think it's just about amending the -- what the candidates, their declaration of candidacy the same date as they file their declaration of intent to accept funds. i think it's something that the department of elections is already working on. right. so i think it's pretty straight forward. so any members of the public wish to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment's closed. and can we entertain a motion, supervisor stefani? [ inaudible ] >> supervisor safai: where there any amendments on this, as well? i don't believe so. >> clerk: i don't believe so. >> supervisor safai: i think this was straight forward. okay. great.
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i think we can do that without objection. without objection. thank you. i want to welcome supervisor hills from the mission-bruno heights area, supervisor ronen joining us today. thank you, supervisor ronen. i'm going to hand this over to you. this is your item. item no. 4. >> clerk: ordinance to prohibit landlords of single family homes and condominiums covered by existing eviction controls from circumventing eviction controls through rent increases. and to clarify a rent increase intended to defraud, intimidate, or coerce a tenant into vacating such a rental unit may qualify as tenant harassment. >> supervisor safai: just before you begin, supervisor, i am handing over the chair to supervisor norman yee. i have to excuse myself, so if we can make a motion to excuse me, i would appreciate it.
3:34 pm
>> supervisor yee: make a motion to excuse chair safai. >> supervisor safai: great. without objection. thank you. >> supervisor yee: without objection. >> supervisor safai: thank you, everyone. >> supervisor ronen: chair -- >> clerk: i have a presidential memo appointing supervisor ronen in place of supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: supervisor ronen is a voting member -- >> supervisor yee: you're already excused, sir. >> supervisor safai: all right. >> supervisor ronen: chair yee. >> supervisor yee: chair yee now. so we need to make a motion to have supervisor -- >> clerk: no need to make a motion. we do have a presidential memo. >> supervisor yee: okay, thank you. continue. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much, colleagues, for considering this item. in july i introduced legislation to end the egregious tactic that
3:35 pm
landlords are using to force out long-term tenants of single-family homes. we put it on pause soon after introduction with fingers crossed for the success of proposition 10, and the repeal of the state cost the hawkens law. i'm moving it forward now with the co-sponsorship with supervisors fewer and peskin. one story gained national attention in 2015 when a tenant in bruno heights came home one day to find a notice that her rent was being more than quadrupled from $2,145 a month to $8,900. a similar story hit the press in 2017, again, a massive rent increase issued to a family living in a single-family house in the sunset. but these high profile cases are not unique. i hear from tenant attorneys that the city has experienced 50 or so cases like this every single year. sometimes tenants fight, but with the san francisco rent
3:36 pm
ordinance silent on rent increases, increases that hide an intent to evict, more often tenants anticipate defeat, get worn down, and leave. [ please stand by ]
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>> we see landlords removing a unit to claim the building is a single-family home, or giving a renter in formal notice of their planning to sell or move in. what i am proposing does not conflict with state costa hawkins. san francisco has eviction protections in place, and they apply to all tenants covered in the rent ordinance including single-family homes. the amendments to the san francisco rent ordinance that i am introducing make it clear that using an excessive rent increase to circumvent san francisco's evictions protection is unlawful in a form of tenant -- and a form of tenant harassment subject to enforcement and damages. which renters all over the city are terrified of losing their whole house and, we can't afford to leave any gaps in our protections. we know most landlords follow the rules, but for those who don't, we are putting you on alert that san francisco is serious about enforcing our just
3:38 pm
because cause eviction control. i hope you will join me in supporting this legislation. >> okay. thank you. any questions? okay. i will have some comments later. right now i want to see if there any public comments. you can come on up and line up over here. i want to see how many people want to make public comment. okay. you have two minutes. come on up. >> thank you, supervisors. my name is sarah and i'm the director of housing rights committee. it is a citywide organization that sees over 5,000 tenants a year. this is a law that will affect very few tenants and very few landlords. this is going to affect only those who are harassing their tenants, who have decided that they want to raise the rent because they can't illegally
3:39 pm
evict the tenant for no reason because it is retaliation. it is harassment, because a tenant stood up for their rights or for their neighbors'. as speculators are buying up single-family homes, as neighbourhoods are devastated by the foreclosure crisis and are gobbled up by people trying to make a quick buck, is huge landlords are buying up groups of buildings knowing that these tenants have very little protections under state law, this law isn't enough to protect tenants who are receiving rent increases of hundreds of thousands of dollars. we see tenants receive 200-dollar rent -- 200% rent increases in single-family homes this does nothing to do that. what this does do is it stops obscene rent increases when these increases are only to get around just cause eviction protections.
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we see these cases come through our clinic, and unless the landlord is harassing the tenant , unless the tenant -- the landlord is trying to get the tenant out of the unit, this won't affect them. so we will probably hear sob stories from landlords who say that they want to be able to raise the rent. i'm sad that this law doesn't actually stop that. instead it would just protect horrible, outrageous situations. >> hello, supervisors. my name is kyle. i am -- i rent a single-family home in bernal heights. approximately a year ago, i came home one day to sign a three day notice taped to my door. no real warning. i found out that a web of real
3:41 pm
estate companies had bought the home i was renting for the past eight or nine years at the auction on city hall steps. they immediately sued me to try and get me to leave. i worked with -- there are resources in san francisco to help answer these lawsuits. i worked with the edc, the defence collaboration to answer these lawsuits. eventually after months, because they knew they had no case, they dropped it. during all those months, they gave me no instructions to pay rent, and immediately after they dropped the suit, they showed joe shared a three date equipped notice where i had to pay several months of back due rent. fortunately i put the money aside. but it was more than $10,000 that they demanded within three days. it is nothing more than harassment. shortly after i paid that, they doubled my rent and i've been paying that ever since.
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i don't know who these people are. i've never spoken to them. i've only ever received legal notices taped to my door as communication. that is my story. thank you. >> good afternoon and thank you, supervisors. i am a tenant attorney and i run a law school connected housing clinic in the city and i see so many cases of tenants in this situation that was described earlier by supervisor ronan. i wanted to talk about one particular story about my clients. to have the most sweetest people you'd want to have his clients. they lived on a house at 541 lisbon street, a single-family residence. they were contacted by their landlord at the end of january, 2017, the landlord said she was giving them six days notice and she wanted them to move out because she was selling the house. the clinic intervened and informs the landlord that is not
3:43 pm
a just cause. the very next day she said she is giving them a six day notice. and then she fraudulently altered the lease to make it say she didn't have to give relocation payment. were explained to her that that was not the law and that our clients who are both elderly and one of them was challenged by mist as a -sized liver cancer were challenged. she withdrew her notice and raise the rent to $4,300. this is a very small excelsior home with a long-term deferred maintenance. it was not worth $4,300. it out was a 100% rent increase. our clients how to various options but at that point they saw no choice and they terminated their tenants -- the tenth -- the tendency. they were able to main in the bay area but that is far away from the medical care that our clients needed. this is just one example of one many -- one of many sad stories in that situation could be ended with this legislation. thank you for your time.
3:44 pm
>> good afternoon, supervisors. as we know, prop ten was rejected by the voters in california and a lots of the san francisco voters, 48% -- no, that is a lot of renters included that have rejected prop ten. the single-family house owners need flexibility and the californians know that. it is a very good source of affordable housing. the way that the supervisors in san francisco have been going about with the housing shortage is by clobbering the owners, the very people who are providing housing that we desperately need by doing these laws, you are just discouraging more of the housing providers to leave the rental market.
3:45 pm
i am a single-family home owner and i can't have my property expanded to, but because of these laws, i'm afraid -- i will not want to expand my property to include rental. and my dad has dementia. i was going to move him into my house and rent out his house to get income. but because of these laws, we didn't want to do that. both the renters and the owners miss out on the renters don't get a place to live, and we don't get the income. please do not pass any more of these laws. it is circumventing the state law and that is not right. thank you. >> any other public comments, please come up.
3:46 pm
if you will be making public comment, please come up further. >> go ahead. >> hello. my name is linda and i think over the past few months, you've heard a bit of my story. i'm here to bring this into reality of what's going on in real life. i'm sorry, on march 30th of this year, i came home to find a note taped to my door, a change of terms of tendency. i had lived in a two unit building that was rented to me 13 years earlier. i had rent control for all of the 13 years. all of a sudden, it magically became a single-family home. i was given a 200 and 30% rent increase which amounted to about
3:47 pm
$3,200 a month. i am the master tenant. formerly i had two understandings of tenants and we all decided to pay. what this doesn't explain is the day of the landlord decides it is a single-family home, that is the way the city views it. we had to pay or leave. so we paid to. almost $16,000 for the next five and a half months. seven and a half months later, because you get 60 days before it get -- goes into effect, there was a rent board board hearing. this was in the end of june. on october 5th, we got a determination handed down by a.l.j., michael jay berg that it was not subjects to rent control
3:48 pm
limitations or that it was subject to rent-controlled limitations and it was not a single-family home. that was october 15th. we are ready to throw a party and celebrate because we wouldn't be homeless. on october 15th, my landlord's sun came unannounced, note 24-hour notice, know nothing and went in through the other unit, and broke into my garage forcefully. trying to dismantle the door. he came to my front door and said, i need to get in or i am taking that damn door down. >> i said that's not going to happen. two days later, they came and said we need to do some repairs facts -- downstairs. as i stood there watching, they dismantled the door and lied to me it's saying it was never on the hinges. i have pictures of all the hinges lying on the floor. when will this stop?
3:49 pm
the rent board says that we can't get a summary petition. i just found out last night. in order to attach this to the other case, we have to start all over again. my housemates don't want to pay this time around. you are looking at a person a january 1st would be homeless when are we going to do something equally i am a senior. [indiscernible] >> thank you. next. >> my name is victoria wong. i am from district three. i'm here to tell you that prop
3:50 pm
ten has been defeated. it means our voters don't want to recognize single-family homes because those houses are the main source of affordable housing. it is an extreme and subjective regulation. it is harassment. it scare his mom and pop owners to withdraw single-family homes from rental markets. please don't use this. please leave single-family homes alone. respect voters' choices on no prop ten. thank you. >> okay. any other public comments?
3:51 pm
>> good afternoon, supervisors. please don't push -- please don't put any extremely law on single-family homes. i am 86 years old, and i want to let my children and great grandchildren live in the city. there is harassment. i will not lend my house to tenants. i will be one of thousands of homeowners to restore my house from rental markets. it is not a solution.
3:52 pm
i don't have wrinkle -- rental income. and tenants have no housing supply. that's why i say it is very bad for the homeowner and the tenant his. so i hope that supervisors do the best for people. thank you. >> next. >> excuse me, supervisor, i am not a certified interpretative -- interpreter, but i can translate for her. [speaking foreign language] >> dear supervisors. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: please do not apply the subjective
3:53 pm
rules and laws into single-family homes. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: tenants have so many laws to protect them. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: we do not want the abusive tenants, we are not talking about all tenants, but the abusive tenants who abuse the regulations and attack the landlord his. [speaking foreign language] >> we are human as well. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: we are at mom and pop owners. we worked very hard to make our living and to save enough money to buy our property. [speaking foreign language]
3:54 pm
>> voice of translator: please do not look for any laws that strangle landlords, especially mom and pop property owners. [speaking foreign language] >> we should look for solutions that supply more houses in the city because a lot of homeowners do not -- can't even afford to pay property taxes monthly based on their ssi or retirement. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: the retirement funds have not been raised for years. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: by the property tax has been increased every time there is funding needed. property tax will be raised. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: as more property owners will become homeless eventually if they can't afford their mortgage
3:55 pm
payment or property tax. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: please protect all people of san francisco, but not one-sided tenants only. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comments on this item? will anyone else be meat -- anyone else who wants to make public comments, please line up now or the person back there will be the last one. go ahead. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm from the san francisco coalition for good neighbourhoods. we have been going to the public hearings and trying to share our point of view. we understand their hardships were tenants. we should know that we also have hardships from the landlord his side. there are so many harassment cases that apply to the homeowners, especially small property owners. when we have contracts, this is
3:56 pm
the beauty of western countries. the law that applies to all tenants and landlords. this law has been written. the country has been signed by all adults. they know when to move in and they know when to move out based on circumstances. if they want to take the property back, they should not even get relocation fees because that's how the contract has been written, but the law has been interfered interfered with especially in san francisco. it has been extremely -- they have been applying loss a small property owners. that has been scaring all the people especially those who want to get a little bit of savings, especially retirement elderly his. i hear a lot of sad stories on the tenant side, but have you heard a lot of cases that have been settled through extreme, expensive lawsuits, and the landlords have been mentally, physically devastated by all this disastrous solution?
3:57 pm
the law has been applied to all the tenant side and we would like you to look into the situation that single-family homes should not have any harassment. the harassment can be very subjective. i would say that you are privy today. what you say that i imply you were not pretty yesterday. that is subjective. what i meant is you are much prettier today than yesterday. again, this is something we should not apply. single-family homes, please leave it alone. the housing would be more stable single-family homes have reached the market price already. i don't see a lot of landlords who will triple their current rent. no one can afford to pay those rents. please, this is the kind of subjective law that should be eliminated or at least keep the
3:58 pm
single-family alone and we should respect what has been defeated. >> may i, please? >> of course,. >> thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: good afternoon, supervisors. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i'm here to attend the public hearing to address my comments to mr norman yee. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i would like to talk about the lease contract. [speaking foreign language]
3:59 pm
>> voice of translator: i'm 65 years old and i am a mom and pop property owner. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i am disabled. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: my income has been very limited. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i have a son and grandchildren. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: if i have to rely on my retirement funds, i can't even survive. i can't even pay my property tax [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i understand children have tenants as well and they will get old like everybody else.
4:00 pm
>> voice of translator: we have our own hardship, not only tenants. >> voice of translator: when you put regulation -- recollections, you should look over all the situations on both sides. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: we want to rent our units out because we want to make a living , as well as to provide housing to tenants. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: we have contracts and leases. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: in black and white, we will say when is the lease commenced and when they terminate it? [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: we should not waste our time to debate this all over again and ag