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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 31, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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from her. either we can do something about the principal, or something is going on. mike kids are safe at school. my daughter doesn't want to go to school. my son doesn't want to go to school because they don't feel safe in class. any time i take my kids to school in the morning, there's always a substitute teacher, and a substitute teacher can deal with it, then they sent my kids to the principal office. the principal suspends my kids for no reason. it is an ongoing situation all the time. we need some help. >> thank you. [applause] >> julie lee, maria to rideau, esmeralda sabella, chow away.
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go ahead. >> [speaking spanish]. >> voice of translator: good evening, my name is esmeralda. i'm a member and parent of the visitation valley elementary school. i have a son in the second grade i have to echo the same concerns that all the parents have
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expressed already tonight. also, we have no voice in this school. we have no voice. [speaking spanish] >> voice of translator: i am the only member of the school council. the problem that we have is i go to the once a month meeting that the principal has, and i think
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the problem that we have is we have no communication with the principal. there is no communication between the school and the parents. we don't know what's going on, and when we go, when i go to these meetings, she says to the people who are present, you will do this, you will do that, she tells everybody what to do, but we don't know what is going on. thank you. [applause] >> so i do have a lot of cards. if i called your name and i don't see you come up, i will assume you are not here. i will move onto the next card. [calling names] >> okay. i'm moving on.
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[calling names] >> please state your name. [speaking foreign language]
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>> voice of translator: good evening. i am a parent because we don't have sufficient teachers in our school. when we don't have teachers and our kids are split into different classes, and during this semester, it happened more than ten times. and it is endless. and the kids' learning gets affected and also their mental health and to their physical health gets affected, and they don't want to go to school anymore. i wonder how long this will last , and please, i need your help to have that stopped. and also, we have a petition for the letter, and i would want you to read this letter.
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[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. >> voice of translator: hello. since our school is a bilingual school and we definitely need a bilingual family liaison, without a family liaison, there is no bridge or connection between the parents in the school and a lot of time, we don't know what the information sent out to us is about.
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and we need the bilingual staff to help us and to make this equal opportunity for our kids. thank you. >> thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: hello. my name is lydia and i am the parent of a visitation valley elementary school students. i want to let you know and report something happening at our school. since august, we have nine staff
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leaving, quitting our school and i want to ask you, with the situation like that, how can our kids learn or have a very welcoming learning environment? thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i am a parent -- my kids go to
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visitation valley also, and i want to let you know about a situation of splitting classes. my kids are in one of those classes that have kids coming from other classes and during this split class, my kids complained that their study was affected and some kids were playing around or fooling around , and they couldn't -- it affected their learning quality, and i would like this situation to be stopped, and i hope you have a solution to solve this problem and find more substitutes, and have the kids in their own class. thank you. [applause] >> hello. [speaking foreign language]
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>> my name is melanie and i am a parent of a visitation valley elementary school child. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: okay. even though with a lack of teachers reported to our principal and reported to our assistant superintendent, and what their answer is, they don't have enough funds to hire more teachers. so where has all the funds gone?
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: we have reported -- after we reported to the assistant superintendent and got the same answer, and now we come to this. we plan to come to the board meeting. and we heard that the funding is allocated in november, and now they have money to hire teachers i don't know what the process is like. why it happened like that. >> thank you.
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>> okay. moving onto the next stack of speakers. [calling names] >> thanks. [calling names]
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>> are you ready to speak? [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: hello. i have some questions here. i had a couple of doctors who went to the school and the school was good. but the teachers are now leaving why wouldn't -- why keeping the school open? there is a preschool there, but for the school, it is elementary school. we need our kids to learn. >> thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. >> okay. [speaking foreign language]
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>> voice of translator: good evening everyone. i am a parent at the visitation valley elementary school. i have to watch what doctors who
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go there. last year when i was checking homework, her homework was very organized. this year my daughter is in first grade. and in the first grade, the teacher who taught in the class left to teach another class and the experienced teacher. the teacher isn't there now. >> voice of translator: >> voice of translator: now we have a new first grade teacher. initially it was okay, but lately, when is asking my daughter has school is, she says sometimes there is no teacher and sometimes there is no homework. >> she say that i don't want to go to school. can i change to another school? and then i don't want to apply
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to another one. i don't know how i can do this. usually i apply -- [applause] >> okay. my name is angel. i am currently enrolled in an sfusd school. i am here speaking as part of the visitation valley elementary school community, and it's honestly, this situation is quite stressful because i have brothers -- i have my brother that has gone to the school, and i have my younger brother that is currently in the school who always comes home saying, i haven't learned anything. nothing is going on. there is always a substitute,
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and it's quite stressful because i encourage him to have a broader education. it is usually like at home where he is learning his staff. all we want for the school is to have a successful classroom and more interacted experiences with students and teachers. [applause] >> okay. what is up, buddy? >> i actually want to talk. at the school, all i really want is to have a better education. i am not really learning anything. most of the time kids disrupt, and i just want a better
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education. not only me, but every kid in the class. [applause] >> hi, my name is daniel. i am a dish i was a former student at visitation valley elementary school. i come home, and my brother tells me, i don't want to go to school. i'm not learning anything. it is stressful for me. i graduated from that school, but now we have a new principle that is not helping, and he is not having a good education. it is pretty stressful for me that i can have a little brother where he doesn't want to go to school no more. he wants to learn and as it is very stressful. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. [calling names]
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: hello. my daughter is in the fourth grade at the school. from this year on, i think it shows the school is very messy and disorganized, and i learned
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my daughters grade has been decreased and gone down a lot. so i am asking you to find a capable principal so that the school can be reunited and so that our kids' education will be in a better environment and increase their academic scores. >> thank you. [applause] >> hello. and i brought my family over here with me. i have -- i'm really concerned about the school that my kids go into because he doesn't want to go to school anymore. i have compared to two schools actually, three. all the people are okay.
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the principles are around. they all talk good about the principal. [speaking foreign language]
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>> voice of translator: school is supposed to be a learning environment, and from now we can see from the staff, to the students, and we are facing some serious problems of not having enough teachers. i wonder, if you can give a timeline, or a timeframe that you can solve this problem for us, otherwise i request to replace the principal. [applause] [calling names]
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: hello. i am the parent of a child and i
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want to let you know that in our school, some of the kids in third grade and their performance is like a kindergarten kid. the parents capturing a request -- okay. and the parent of this underperforming kid request the principal not to promote the kid to an upper grade, instead may be staying in the same grade. it was declined. this request was declined. [speaking foreign language] >> i don't think keeping -- stopping the kids -- stopping the kids from staying the same grade will -- it will hurt the
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kids' future performance. that is why we request the principal to let the kid not promote it. [applause] >> good evening. i am not here with the middle school, but i'm happy i got to come because i am quite tired. i am a cochair. we do not want to let tonight pass without thinking you. you are one of our greatest supporters and we are so sad to see you leave. you know, we love you and we will miss you and even though you are not here, we are sad to see you all go and we sincerely hope because it was a bit of nervousness that the group is
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coming in and we have four knew that a replacing some of the strongest supporters that we've had. so it is our sincere hope when the new board members come aboard that they will continue to support the school and support african-american achievement and families and students. thank you and good night. >> that concludes public comment for this evening. on general matters. you all are welcome to stay, but if you would like to go, this would be a good time for you. i will go back to the earlier agenda item which is section --
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okay. i will do a consent calendar. to go section c., consent calendar. can i move this to the consent calendar? >> so moved. >> we have no public comment on consent. any items that were drawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> none this evening. >> any items removed for first reading by the board? any items severed by the board of superintendent for discussion tonight? seeing then, roll call vote. [roll call] >> thank you. section d. is discussion and vote on consent calendar resolutions for separate consideration.
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there are none tonight. i will skip ahead to section k., proposals for immediate action. this is mission of rules. can i have a motion and a second on suspicion of rules? to support the parent conference room at the high school? class. >> so moved. >> second. >> we have a roll call vote. [roll call] >> can i have a motion to second formal introduction? >> so moved. >> second. we had a report from buildings and grounds committee on this resolution on november 26th. we had some public speakers
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signed up. before we do that, i will ask the commissioner to read the resolution to the record. >> in support of establishing the lisa clay parent conference room at the high school, they recognize the high school with a long history of providing excellent -- excellent economic opportunity. it is entirely sought after by economic excellence. it was founded around 1856 and has been recognized as the first public high school west of the mississippi. the communities dedicated to ensuring all of his students have access to education with a strong commitment to the development of their creativity, equity, empathy, self reflection , at a deep love of learning and whereas the lowell high school community committed itself to the proposal of main dish needing a new parent does
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naming a new parent conference room after lisa clay. she has dedicated her life to supporting students, staff and alumni in efforts to improve facilities, department grants, additional staffing, provides student scholarships and whereas lisa clay illustrated compassion for those students in need well-being focused on equity and social justice, and in her work as president of the alumni association, assisted in leading the association to millions of dollars during her tenure for the above causes while working closely with the school's principal and community. it has abided by the naming of the facility policy. therefore be it resolved that since they -- they should adopt their proposal and be named to the new parent conference room to the lisa clay parent conference room.
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he further resolved that the name changes established during the 2018 and 2019 school year. further be it resolved that staff will work with the high school community to design and absolves signage for the new name, as well as a plaque commemorating the importance of the lisa clay parent conference room. >> thank you. let's see. we have a few speakers on this item. when you hear your name, make your way to the podium. [calling names] >> you will have two minutes.
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>> members of the board, superintendent matthews, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on the recommendation to name the new parent conference room after ms. miss lisa clay. the president from 1991, 22016 and board member since 1986. i have known her since one of the beginning of my ten years as principal. through the years, she has been one of the most supportive parents, alumni and friends, all three of her children are graduates of the high school. as an laa president, she chaired the executive committee meetings that oversaw the grounds committee which provides 60- $75,000 annually to support all academic and extracurricular programs. the scholarship committee which provides approximately $60,000
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of scholarships annually, for many students in need of such support. the committee which expands its annual fundraising income from 64,000 in 1991, to approximately 400,000 in 2016. through the years, lisa clay has provided millions of dollars in grants, building improvements, scholarships and staffing. what i appreciate the most is her support for the effort to assist in the recruitment and academic support for our african-american, latino, pacific islanders and filipino students and those who are on reduced lunch. we have had numerous discussions on the efforts on closing the achievement gap at increasing the diversity of the high school to this day, lisa has continue to support this effort. and closing, for her leadership and support for the students, and parents and staff and community, i highly recommend you approve the resolution of naming the parent conference
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room after lisa clay. thank you for your time and consideration. [applause] >> president cook and commissioners, first of all caps i would like to thank the members of the building and grounds committee, especially the commissioner for your support on this resolution. i will be very brief this evening. i want to -- i am very honored by your consideration of this item. i have had the privilege of working with paul chang and his predecessor during my time on the alumni board and i have also been very privileged and honored to be able to be part of the community with the alumni association in trying to do the best we can for all of the students. both my parents were teachers in the san francisco public schools and i've always been very
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committed to education. i am personally and professionally committed to the achievement and the experience of underrepresented students and students of color at the school as well as throughout the district. i am very honored by your consideration of this resolution i want to think --dash i want to recognize a couple of board members. the secretary anita in the back, also board member jury russell. i want to thank my husband and one of my sons. they had to leave due to getting ready for early tomorrow morning i appreciate your consideration. [applause]
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>> hello. i am the executive director of the alumni association. good for them. i just want to say about lisa then i will shut up. of the many things that she did during her 25 years as president to, one of the great news was during the depth of the budget crisis when schools were looking at losing a significant portion of their staffing. she ventured into the untested waters of raising money from alumni to fund faculty and staff positions. thanks to her work and the work of the pt essay, we were able to fund librarians, councillors and teachers and a lot of the moms push back on that. that is where tax dollars go. why do you want money for us to pay for teachers,. >> we want to keep the library open. we want to support kids and have class sizes that don't go through the roof. we did it. we did it happily for several
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years. luckily things have gotten better. it was lisa's leadership that got us through that. thank you. [applause] >> seeing no other public comment, any comments from commissioners on this item? >> i wanted to say i had the opportunity to serve with lisa when she was president of the alumni association board, and through her leadership style, the board really attracted board members from all different walks of life, with different backgrounds, even board members who had a really negative experience, but felt really
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committed to the alumni association. i really want to acknowledge their tremendous leadership on the board. she saved the hebrew program at the high school. the scholarship program, it really enabled a lot of the graduates to go to a four-year college. sometimes the first and their families. i want to thank her for her tremendous contribution. >> thank you. see no other comments from commissioners, -- >> thank you. [roll call] >> congratulations. [applause] >> we are back on schedule for the rest of the meeting.
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we have section e., proposals for action. board policy. this is a supervisory personnel crap -- catastrophic leave. there is a report from the rules committee. >> thank you. this proposal was forwarded to the full board with full recommendation to the rules committee. >> general counsel. >> we are asking the board to approve board policy 4361, administrative and supervisor leave. >> any comments from the board superintendent? >> thank you. [roll call]
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>> to board rule and procedure and meeting notices, already seconded. >> this item was heard at rules committee. >> you have a designate to read the recommendation. >> we are asking the board to approve board rule and procedure 9320 meetings and notices. >> any comments from the board? roll call vote, please. >> thank you [roll call].
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>> student records was moved and seconded at a prior meeting. a report from the vice president sanchez. >> this has been heard and forwarded to the full board. >> yes, this is for three,, four and five. >> we have no public speaker signed up for this item. any comments from the board, [roll call] >> i have a quick question about this. i apologize. does this leave it up to the principal's discretion? >> we are still on three. >> hold that thought.
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>> i will retake the vote. [roll call] >> number 4, board policy 51. open campus, closed camps that it just campus and board policy. education travel contracts. this is moved and seconded in a prior meeting. a report from the vice president >> your question, this doesn't change current practice. it just codifies what we are currently doing which permits the individual administration of the high school to determine whether the campus is opened or closed. we notify parents of that in the
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family handbook. >> not right now, but could i get a list for the status of each campus is? >> we will follow up on that. the recommended action for item number 4 is a board approved board policy open campus and closed campus, and board policy 3312. educational travel contract. [roll call]. >> number 5, board policy 5148.2 this is all moved and seconded at a prior meeting. there was a report from rules committee. >> thank you. all fish is also forwarded to the full board in rules committee. >> the request is the board
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approved board policy 5148.2 before and afterschool programs. >> we have no speaker signed up for this item. comments or questions from the board? 1,001. roll call vote. >> [roll call] >> superintendent's proposal 1810 in support of the naming of the library at dr george washington carver. this is moved and seconded on october 23rd. this is a report from buildings and grounds. >> it was postponed with
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positive recommendation. >> thank you. >> as many of you know, ms. miss jones passed away earlier this year. she was a long time principal. we have a revolution tonight to name the library in support of ms. miss jones. and we have a principle here to read portions of the resolution into the record. >> only portions. >> it is a renowned school with a history of providing excellent academic opportunities to the bayview neighborhood community and across san francisco. the school has achieved three californian distinguish school awards. whereas ms. miss louise jones graduated from high school as
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valedictorian at the age of 16, and attended southern university and received her bachelor degree from san francisco state university, and heard masters degrees from u.c. berkeley and whereas they had a 43 year career with san francisco unified school district that included teachers, principles, assistant superintendents of elementary education and commissioners for the southeast community facility, and whereas they lead that cover of the village as a principal for almost 18 years under her stellar leadership, the third grade student outscored their peers in reading and meth. under her supervision, she helped the elementary staff to develop their leadership skills for this experience.
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at least nine of the staff members became principal assistance and superintendents, and dr matthews, superintendent. therefore, be it resolved that the multimedia library be renamed the multimedia library and be it further resolved that san francisco board of education accepts the proposal to rename the school library to the jones multimedia library and further it be resolved that the name change is established during a 2,018, 2019 school year. thank you for your time. [applause]
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>> any comments from the board? >> i want to say, i worked for ms. miss jones for five years at carver. i was a teacher there. at the time i was there, he heard me say many times that all students can learn and all students want to learn and the adults in the system have the responsibility for making that happen. that was her motto. that is what we believed. and she believes that we could all learn. she made it evident at school. carver was the highest performing school in the city. it was 100%, in reality, it was 100% low income. it was a little different, but we have parents changing the
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ethnicity of their children so they can attend the school. just to hear this resolution and to have the library be named after her i think is quite an honor. it is the place where she spent so much of her time and she was a dedicated believer in literacy and the importance of all children learning to read at high levels, would assess --dash especially low income children of color. i feel honored and proud to be sitting here at this resolution as it is read into the record. [please stand by]
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>> president cook: vice president sanchez? >> this was heard as a committee of the whole and forwarded to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> president cook: let's have commissioner haney read into the record. >> it's a couple pages. do you want to start? [inaudibl
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[inaudible] >> commissioner haney: you start. i can start. whereas families should have a right to predictability, and simplicity while going through the student process. and whereas student assignment alone does not create quality school but has a roll in creating diverse learning environments where all students have flourish and provide positive roles in sfusd. whereas sfusd believes that students are best served in environments that are racially and socioeconomically integrated. --reverse the predicted power of demographics and academic achievement, and whereas in 2008, the board of education recognized that the student
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assignment system was not meeting sfusd's longtime goals of reducing racial isolation and improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. and whereas in 2008, the board of education recognized the student assignment at the time was often time-consuming, and difficult to understand, and whereas the board of education initiated a process in 2008 which established demographic priorities, and will ultimately kicking off the enrollment period for the 11-12 school year. for families across the city. diversity is often shrunk by a school's location. even families who are happy with their children's schools want more predictability in the
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enrollment process. families want sfusd to provide clear and accessible information that will help them choose a school that is a good fit for their child. families want to participate in the enrollment process but many encounter significant time, language and process barriers. [inaudible] >> -- zones, local schools with choice, and local schools with restricted choice. and whereas, at the time, the desired hope was that the lottery, combined with local school preference and academic diversity preference would lead to more integrated schools, more equity and greater simplicity and predictability. and whereas the new policy which is mostly unchanged was intended to minimize the number of racially isolated schools, decrease the number of under enrolled schools and make equitiable access to
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opportunities independent of on time participation in the student assignment system. whereas the three goals of sfusd's current adopted student assignment policy are reduce the trend of racial isolation and underserved students in the same school, provide equitiable access to the range of opportunities offered to students, provide transparency as every stage of the process. whereas policy 5101 which established the current assignment goals, facilitate student diversity, work in alignment with other district initiatives, support strategic use of limited resources, provide equitiable access, create robusten rollments as -- robust enrollments as all schools, offer families a degree of predictability, minimize the degree of effort families must invest, permit the efficient use of school facilities and being cost effective, and whereas the
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current school assignment system has thus far not significantly reversed the trend of racial isolation and the concentration of historically underserved students in the same schools. and whereas the number of schools with more than 60% of a single race or ethnicity declined fr declined to 22 from 68 schools since 2011. at the same time, nine schools have seen an increase in the percent of latinx students, and 60% is no longer a reasonable threshold for determining that racial concentration at schools. and -- anybody else want to
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take this up? >> whereas sfusd is one of the only potentially the sole major urban district with an all choice lottery base system. the large majority of urban school systems in california and around the country provide for a neighborhood school based assignment to an elementary school while others have controlled choice with citywide options. controlled choice within zones or individualized control choice based on a family's address. and whereas sfusd's choice system has increased inequity and has not provided equitiable access to a range of opportunities, meaningful ability to choose and inequitiablely distributed it. and whereas choice systems are limit index their ability to reverse the trend of racial isolation, and the concentration of underserved students in the same school because the applicant pools for schools are racially opportunities, and all families
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do not have the same opportunities to select schools and submit choices. and whereas analysis has concluded that the currently system exacerbates racial isolation, and whereas despite the fact that transparency is one of the primary goals of the current system, this continues to be widespread concerns about transparency. and whereas the student assignment system was revised in order to offer families a degree of predictability and create community, since then we have seen a vast growth -- [inaudible] -- and whereas there continue to be serious concerns with the effectiveness and fair innocence of the cftip preference which has not been an effective way to select appropriate schools and whereas despite significant changes to neighborhood demograchks over
11:59 am
the last -- demographics last ten years there have been no changes to the individual attendance areas other than small changes to two areas and whereas families attending schools far from their homes increase congestion, increases tardiness and whereas in 2016, the school district did a simulation of a neighborhood model that showed fewer racially isolated schools than our current assignment system and the size of ethnic majorities is smaller under the neighborhood model. this simulation did not include more intentionally drawn lines to enhance diversity. >> whereas in this simulation, the average sbac proefficiency score is higher at most psychologicals and the average distance is lower and whereas there continues to be a mismatch where students live
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and schools are located, and whereas given the mismatch between where students live and where our schools with located it is not physically possible for every child to enroll in their attendance area school with current attendance area school capacities and whereas sfusd has a significant number of citywide schools or strands obvious language based and whereas in san diego unified, lob, elk grove, capistrano, a student can enroll in their base school without a school choice process. and whereas school districts across the country have had success withdrawing intentionally diverse attendance areas zones to maximize integration within attendance zones and whereas berkeley unified school districts are drawn into three


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