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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 14, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> good morning. i will call to order the board of directors catch a meeting for february 14th, 2019. >> i will note for the record that supervisor haney is joining us for his first meeting as the barge of -- board of supervisors tjpa appointed member. director haney? [roll call] >> mr chairman you do -- term and you do have a coram. item three is a communications. i am not aware of any.
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seeing then, item four. >> yes, please. >> board of directors, new or old business. >> i think if i may, if this falls under old or new business, but everybody has experience experienced of the rorschach test of the governor state of the speech. i want to talk about what it means and what we are doing. there has been lots of different reporting, and the governor does support that high-speed rail system from the transit center all the way to los angeles and anaheim. what he labelled out in his state is consistent with what we said in our 2018 business plan, which is where we are already building, we want to get that into service. he prioritized putting bakersfield into service and getting that going. at the same time, and the rest of the state, what we are doing is going through all the project development steps kept getting environmental clearance, and getting shovel-ready. that is what we are doing in
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northern california, and that is what you're doing in southern california as well. all of that continues. the third part which he also prioritizes making the investments in our book and projects, that is altercations in the north and similar projects in southern california. you will be linked over time and connected to the high-speed rail system. all of this is continuing the focus and pursuing additional funds to connect what we are already building and will we -- we will be running service on in the central valley, both here in the bay area and in southern california. i know there's a lot of drama, and i am happy to answer some questions from folks if there are any, but i hope that helps clarify what this means, what we are doing, as well as what is just what some of the priorities are going forward, in the path he laid out for us. >> okay. >> i will call your next item, item five is executive director's report. >> good morning. i do have several updates for you this morning, but before i
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do that, i would like to welcome supervisor haney to our board of directors. i look forward to working with director haney on how to best maximize the benefits of the transit center to the immediate neighborhood and its residents, and to also realize the full potential of the center and phase two to the region and especially once we reopen. to that end to, i would like to update you on our highest priority. reopening the transit center as soon as safely possible. i'm here --dash i'm happy to report we reached an important milestone since our last board meeting. first, we repaired work on sights with the removal of the hydraulic jack and system on first street, and installation of a temporary sorting system like the one we had on fremont street to. with this in place, we are getting ready for the repairs on fremont street and remediation work on first street. once a fabrication is completed, we get will arrive to the job site in march.
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as i reported last month, are an -- peer review panel gave us the go-ahead on the repair strategy. you will hear an update about the repair and remediation work from the administration from our construction manager later this morning. secondly, we received a construction schedule from a contractor showing all work to be completed by the 1st week of june. that work pertains to the work on fixing the girders on first street, fremont street, and strengthening the guarantor on fremont street. we have reached out to the san francisco fire department, the department of building inspections, and others to share our schedule so they are available with resources for oversight and inspections once we are ready to be commissioned the building. we continue our exhaustive review and to the cause of the fishers at fremont street, in full cooperation with the peer review panel. we would receive from the lab, in the next two weeks, the final
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determination of the finance element analysis which allows the panel to confirm the cause of the fishers. as you know, the independent review panel is also undertaking a review to ascertain if other areas of the transit center require further review. to date, we are not aware of any additional reviews or inspection on the building, and we stand ready to hear in june pending the confirmation they still have work to do. the chair of the peer review panel will see it later this morning. i would like to think the public for the patients and undergoing the further review and i'm happy to report the project. we will work mostly with transit operators to resume bus operations as we get ready for reopening. as we know, transit agencies provide bus service out of the temporary terminal as we provide
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operations and security. this week, early morning service began to allow critical seismic work on the transit to begin. i'm happy to report that the staff provided a seamless experience for early morning commuters, with security and additional signage to support the change. moving onto phase ii in the the downtown extension, we approved this for the transit phase ii program. the process laid out in the california environmental quality act has concluded, and we are working with the federal transit administration staff as they prepare to issue their decision, which concludes the federal impact of the process of. because of the partial government shutdown earlier this month, the process has been delayed. we hope to have a record decision soon. we know that they are working actively on it.
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at this time, i like to update you on the design effort for phase two. as you know, the san francisco county transportation authority gave funding for the design phase two pending an evaluation. management and delivery of phase one for the san francisco controller's office, and the review of alternative for oversight and governance model for the management and delivery of phase two by the transportation authority staff. they are currently assembling three review panels with experts from various consulting firms to provide advice and recommendations on best practices, delivery methods, and governance structure. a kickoff meeting is expected to take place in mid march. the goal is to conclude the peer review on may -- unit may. the controller's office review of the delivery of phase one is anticipated to be completed within the same timeframe.
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we want to work closely with staff from the transportation authority and the controller's office as appropriate so funding can be reinstated, and work on phase two of the downtown extension -- approval -- it will be two major milestones in advancing the delivery, funding, and construction of phase two. these two efforts will allow us to enter into a new program and capture the $1 billion in federal funding currently included in the plan b area for phase two. and infrastructure funding from the federal government. we are currently working with the public transportation association regarding the peer review for phase two. the peer review will be held as technical services and individual departments including
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executives from atlanta, rapid transit authority, denver regional transportation district and the transit district and the consultant firm lewisburg or. we have provided them with background material and the kickoff meeting is expected to take place in early march. this effort is going to be completed in four months. the scope of the review includes an evaluation of the processes and procedures implemented in phase one and a recommendation for phase two. this work will include organizational capabilities, and project delivery best practices. in regards to the pennsylvania avenue extension, as you know, we received a letter from air breed in december, communicating her support for the pennsylvania avenue extension, as a city's preliminary preferred alignment. in discussions -- on discussing the imp limitation strategy with
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stakeholders of the california high-speed rail authority, the city and county of san francisco, and the transportation authority. once discussions with stakeholders are completed, in a couple of months, upon 2% to the board the imp limitation strategy and recommended steps for moving forward. moving onto operations, we make progress without releasing efforts, in at this time, i would like to ask our manager to provide you with an update. >> good morning, directors. i am a tjpa facility manager. i'll be giving a brief update on the status of the leasing activity, and erica elliott with colliers is here to address any questions that i may not be able to answer. the information on this slide is different than what has been previously presented. it outlines a simple comparison
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of the timing of the signing of the leases between what was budgeted for this year, and actual activity. the timing of the signing of the lease triggers a few things, the payment of the first half of leasing commission, the start of design construction, and eventual occupancy, copy center his occupancy then triggers payment of the second half of the leasing commission, and the start of revenue. in general, the start of revenue was budgeted to be about 4-5 months after lease signing. as you can see, in the first quarter of the fiscal year, the actual surpassed budget, this is mostly fitness s. -- fitness s.f. momentum started to slow down. it can be said that the original projections on timing were generally optimistic, keeping in
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mind that the budget for fiscal year 18, 19 was prepared in april and may. reasons, as noted, transactions were taking longer to negotiate and complete. the net effect is eventual receipt of revenue is pushed out with regard to the impact of the closure, what we are finding is the volume of interest has slowed down, with not as many tours, and we no longer have multiple interests in multiple spaces, however, there is some activity on all the spaces with prospects for each. most importantly, we continue to completely -- complete leases post closure, of the four leases , we have signed letters of intent with the other two expected soon. as of yesterday morning, they reported a previous prospects that we thought had been lost came back and has reengaged.
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also, being able to command market rents has not been impacted. as such, with your ego -- eager for reopening and we are confident momentum can be regained to garner multiple interest in the remaining spaces so this is a snapshot of where we are today. 47,890 square feet are laced -- leased to date. however, adding the four solid transactions that are in the pipeline as noted on the previous slide would bring us to about 50,000 square feet or 56%. also of note, at this juncture, with a completed lease, and the transactions in the pipeline, the merchandising plan that was approved in mid-2017 is holding up, which includes a mix of mostly local operators, food and services, and it is shaping up
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well. the second floor with fitness s.f. and on-site to dental thinkers will be supplemented with other services that we will soon be able to discuss, in the ground floor is a mix of coffee, quick service food, and sit down restaurants to soon be supplemented with operators who will complement the current mix. this slide is an overview of the tenant improvement timeline. the green bar represents current timing, the blue bar represents the original timing of the specific space as outlined in the merchandising plan. note that we are ahead of the original production, in many cases, such as on-site dental, and fitness s.f., and charlie's, and our on target per diem. the current plan, a notice to proceed for the landlord's work to be issued in march for
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completion in mid june. the landlord's work includes pouring slab, mechanical, any electrical work. an interesting slight -- side note is supporting this lab will cost less without the bus -- buses running, because work can be done during the day, otherwise it would be weak nights and weekends. at the board meeting next month, we hope to be able to add specificity to some of the targeted opening dates for the stories. i'm happy to take questions. >> any questions from board members? >> first, can you clarify that where we are, relative to where we hope to have been at this point is -- >> say that again. >> okay. please clarify that where we are now, verses where we expect to be at this point is a combination of two things, it is a closure, but also the original forecast we now think was too
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optimistic, and it has taken longer to negotiate, or is it just because of the closure? >> let me restate that. the negotiation of the leases is taking longer, the targeted occupants were smaller businesses, they are working hard with their banks for financing, construction costs have gone up, that has added to the length in time. that is not specifically related to the closure, that is internal to the conversations with their prospective tenant. the closure has impacted the multiple interests and activities, for example, they may have had 52 is scheduled over the course of a day, now it is maybe one or none. that is what has been impacted by the closure. >> okay. and we anticipate that to change once a facility has reopened? >> exactly. >> my other question with regard to the chart, it shows ongoing
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and upcoming work, and it shows some are ahead to, some are behind. if we were to add all the spaces, is it safe to say that we would show a bunch where all the rest were behind on? >> i have not gone back and looked at all the spaces. it is the original merchandising plan from 2017. >> but just for the spaces that you have chosen to put here, my point is, if we had put all of the spaces in the facility, it seems like it would give us a more complete picture, and one that is probably less favourable >> what we showed in the chart as a basis for executed leases. >> i understand. and you are showing some are ahead of the original plan, and some are behind the original plan, will what you are not showing as the original plan for all of the other spaces. >> we will go back to the total merchandising plan. >> that would give us a more complete picture.
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>> i will do that. >> maybe perhaps, since things are shifting, it has been two years, and things evolve. it is that now an appropriate time category is at an appropriate time to rebaseline and get a better sense of what this looks like going forward? i think we're getting questions. everything else is on track. maybe now is the moment to look at that. >> we will try to do that next month. we are waiting until we reopened an update it. what we could update it right now and update it later on. >> maybe just one thing to consider, given there's a little bit less interest and less competition for spaces while the closure is going on, being careful not to make a bad ten year deal over a few month period here, so making sure that if it means we have to wait an extra few months, when interest will kick back up after we are
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open, i would suggest we look for that, and if we are getting deals under our performer, at least it is in the tenure of 15 year scheme, three months will not matter, but the deal will still be there. >> absolutely. so far, as far as leases executed, as they are all within perform or above in their spending. >> yes, the market rate and the performer have not been impacted. >> thank you. >> i do have -- i do have one more item i would like to report on. >> go ahead. >> i wanted to announce the annual citizen's advisory committee is well underway. recruitment launched in january, and we have conducted extensive outreach, including reaching out to our database of 10,000 contracts, publishing our announcement in the neighborhood newspapers, and conducting outreach through transit partners and others. application headlines -- deadlines are february 20th. i would like to note that. i would like to say that while
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we have made significant progress to reopen the transit center, we are committed to fulfilling all of our obligations to our transit riders on the part -- public by completing the rigourous process without the review panel that will ultimately allow us to reopen the center and begin your trust and confidence. that concludes my reports. >> director risk in? >> i believe we have an item on the peer review process later. >> yes, we do. >> even though you addressed it in your report to, it would probably make sense to hold that. on the peer review, we discussed last month the idea of leaving space in that scope, should the sport eventually add phase three into the program. is not something we can do? >> that is something we will be doing. i just failed to mention those details, but we will ask them to
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do phase two as well as the potential for including the impacts of the program. >> thank you. >> yes? >> thank you. maybe to make life easy when the kickoff meeting is with the peer review, and with the consultants on the sfmta, if you just share, or the appropriate agency can share the scope of work with the directors so we can see what was being asked of the different groups, that way we don't have to ask you during your executive executive director's report. >> sure. >> any other questions from the board? okay. >> all right, i will go ahead and call you next item. item six is an update on the construction of temporary closure of the transit center. >> good morning, directors. and the construction manager with the tjpa.
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this morning, i will give, we will have a two-part presentation here. i will give the progress on the merger, remediation and repair, and then we will follow up with the progress on confirming what is the facility-wide efforts that are going, and the validation related to the rest of the building. this is to give you an idea of where we are at, i wanted to make sure that was part of its. as we look at this expanded view of the transit center, we are focusing on the area of first and fremont street. that is where the girders in red are the two that cracked over fremont street to, and the two girders over first street are the ones that have not cracked, and have no structural items. the repair for fremont street has not changed. this is the schematic we have been using to explain what the repair looks like. is a sandwich plate design, with 220 volts for each one of these.
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at these plates, and i will get into windows are showing up coming forward. what has happened since the last time i presented to the board? fremont first street remediation material is in the process of being machines right now. it has been procured, and it is right now in pennsylvania at the shop they are, and getting milled. the initial preparations have also happened at fremont street. there are some items, that is the area where the samples are taken out. some of the items had to be cleaned up, smoothed out to, all part of the plans at fremont street that the peer review has done. another thing happened during super bowl weekend. on first street, those yellow
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jocks that were temporarily in place were replaced with two steel girders to allow the right amount of load to be put into the first street to girders that allows us to do that sandwich plate installation per how the designers would like to. those have been swapped out. and then the contractor has spread their schedule as it continues to be updated. they are still holding as per what mark noted to be completed with repair -- for repair by june. here is a couple of photos, just to show the swap out at first street. steel columns are now installed, and that is all place without any impacts to the rail and all the supports that were around it most people probably didn't even notice we change that out because it was very minimal impact. also, another thing that has happened to too is as part of the quality program for this sandwich plate design, we had a sample of that same type of
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material taken. it was delivered to lpi, that is the lab in new york that has been doing all of our testing and sampling. they have delivered it, it was bent to the exact angle, and it has been machined right now to be tested for the strength, the hardness, and all the various items to make sure that any kind of bend has no issues, it is tested for stress. and we have also drilled holes, and doing a nondestructive testing with a dye penetrate for a multiple drill hole as well. what is coming next? the project team and also l.p.i. continue to finalize their analysis to be presented to the peer review panel and about two weeks. there is a meeting that was set up with the project team, all of
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their experts to ensure that their input is incorporated into the one model that will happen next week, and by the end of the month, that will be setting up a schedule to presented to the peer review. and the biggest effort has been the project wide efforts. if we are looking for the various areas in there, i have a graphic that will show what that effort looks like, but that has been continuing on to ascertain if there are any other areas in the transit center that need additional review or inspections, and i will show a graphic that shows that, if needed, what that effort means. that continues into march. materials arrive on site in march, and then the commencements of that fremont and first street remediation will happy and in march. and with the final repair and remediation for both, completed by june.
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so what does that look like on a schedule? for breakdown one of those activities, the first item is the peer review. keep that as an ongoing activity as they will continue on. as we continue to present them to him. the design of first street to, the remediation, and also has been the final set was delivered with the final minor details last night to the peer review, and they hope to finish their review and the very short near-term, but also the permanent and fixed installation. is a fairly long bar, but includes procurement, which started back on december 19th. it is being bent and pennsylvania, they should arrive by the end of the month. it will involve the installation elements as well, with the final installation by june 1st, and that is what that small little number is showing, his june 1st at the end of that put --
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particular. as we work through that, the shoring will be removed. that will be one of the items from a public standpoint. during that time period, the shoring will be removed to the condition they were. moving onto the other areas building wide to, the reevaluation, basically it well -- once the repairs go in, you will also have a stitch back, a summer calling it, but you have to put back the ceilings, put back the fireproofing and it will continue -- we will continue to make note of it once the repairs are in. we still have to do that to get everything back to the way it was. the next item, the project team building review, that is ongoing now. i keep referencing a graphic that will be the next one that will explain what they are working on, and the peer review,
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as a way of efficiency, we have been including them, we have a very good kickoff meeting regarding the criteria, and then we will loop back with them in a couple of weeks to give them feedback on where we are at. and the last item is really the elements of if there is any need , there would be an element of going back out into the field and looking at inspections. you will be sometime by next month, and i can report that in the march presentation. here is a graphic that i was referring to that will hopefully help understand what this effort is building-wide from a structural standpoint. this is a full beating -- building structural health check, and evaluation criteria
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at the very top cactuses if -- this funnel -- if you think of it like a save, and as you work through each one of these steps, you filter out what is taking care of, or needs to go onto the next level. that is as we work through this, the evaluation criteria it was developed with the peer review panel together. focusing on items like plate thickness, corners, edges, the welding itself, plate toughness, and the sharpie numbers that you hear me reference, and tensile stress. thorton thomas will go through this area in detail, and construction submittals, they are about 60% going -- gone through. there are 15,000 shop drawings that we have referenced, between the combination of the peer review's comments, and their own, there's about 50 specific details that they are looking at throughout those 15,000 sheets, 60% through, they think they will be through the rest in about two weeks, at that point, which includes a qc and qa
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documentation. if they need any additional information such as an inspection record, a welding element, any kind of a mill that would have certain materials' properties on it, that is what we are in right now. they are about 10% into that, when they expect in the next two weeks to be mostly through that. by march 1st, we will know where we are out to, and if we need to ascertain any additional items through the sieve, if we need to go on to, if we have to or not to to, their on-site at the very bottom -- we are never -- nowhere near that stage at this point. it helps explain what we are doing from a building-wide, at a segue into turning it over to ron alameda, so he can continue on with all the items that are going on, building-wide for the review as we get to opening. thank you.
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>> good morning, directors, thank you, dennis, as usual. you gave good to, clear descriptions of the details that are involved as we worked our way through this evaluation and remediation strategy. i will be addressing some of the larger facility-wide approaches and concerns. just as a refresher, a reminder, there is actually five streams of activity that are undertaking right now. the first being reaffirming structural integrity of the building, which is what dennis had described in depth. reevaluating full of fire and life safety systems, and anticipate that will come to rest in may. the third stream of activity is the review test and inspection records, and we see that
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trajectory going into march, and on the building management system commissioning to be completed in april. and then lastly, the other stream activity is to define the reoccupancy rating strategy and this one has morphed a little bit. i have put the focus on readiness of the building, obviously there's lots of dimensions to it as to willingness and readiness to activate certain areas, whether it be operators or other activities within the building, so i want to focus on getting the building ready to reseed when all of those other things fall into place. we can stream right into the building. a little bit more detail, but not terribly deep, reaffirm instructions -- structural
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integrity as the building, as dennis had mentioned to, it is completing the engineering findings and reports, and the prp has come a long ways in terms of defining their findings. we do still have a little bit of a stream of activity around what other areas maybe of concern, and whether we need to take a deeper dive into some of the records, or get out in the field and start peeling away other parts of the building to look at. that is the big variable out there. in terms of reevaluating -- revalidating the full fire and life safety systems, we have had a number of meetings with the fire department, as well as the building department. we have had to find parameters of which to meet to recertify
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those areas that were interrupted or disrupted by the activities around the girders. again, most of the systems are operational as we speak, and functioning, and are speaking to us as to what is going on with the building. in terms of review of test and inspections, the last time, we are looking at everything, whether related or not and that includes rifling through the history of concrete placement, over 34,000 test cylinders were taken. there are 34 cylinders that have had conversations or issues around some, and we have one remaining that is looking for a certificate of acceptance, some
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paperwork that needs to get in hand. we saw e-mail traffic the other day nudging the responsible party to fulfil that obligation, and on the soil test and all has been reviewed. in general, ends then, again, is mentioned last month, reviewing the fields condition reports, as well as the noncompliance reports. again, it was 4600 ncr and fcr. we have about 129 active right now. and more than half of those are on the topic of commissioning. that is reflective, that is the most active thing going on right now. so there is a few architectural and mechanical f.c.r. that still need to be buttoned up by way of paperwork, and one structural item that would be in the
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compliance for the girder itself. and we will be continuing this process again as we progress through feature -- future activities, or additional work that may have to happen. in terms of the building management system commissioning, this is a refresher of what i mentioned last month. the prefunctional checks -- checklist status, all the systems are complete, or near complete. hvc is underway as we speak towards finishing up their commissioning. the functioning performance testing, it is really two stages. the contractors perform their functioning test based on the road map that is established by the prefunctional test. the contractors are near
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complete in doing their own validation, and then the commissioning agent comes on board, and witnesses that test again, and that activity in terms of witnessing test for h.v.c. will begin next week. most of the electrical is complete. the outstanding piece for electrical is lighting and d.m.c. s., and that will be occurring through next month. beyond that, it is also the closeout documentation that is part of the commissioning process, making sure we have all the warranties, on the operating manuals, and the appropriate vesting in place. we are knee-deep into that. there's about 317 submitted items, and we are expecting about 542 more items to come
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across for the records. that rolls us into normal operations, and continual -- just to continue operations that will, again, inform us through the alarms, and/or indicators on what is the health of the building in general. in terms of a schedule, really hasn't changed much. some of the mechanical activities, a few line items bumped into next week, for the most part, we are holding our own, completing up, and then the lighting to follow through february with bmc s. going into march, and then again, we have the areas that are adjacent to the repair area, which we have placed for april right now, but that is dependent on progress of
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the repair, and whether there is additional areas to explore in the fields. that brings asked, lastly, to the readiness. again, we have met with the fire department, the building department, on site inspectors, and building commissioning agents, and have the parameters set to walk through the final acceptance once all the areas are stitched back, and for that matter, there's a lot of areas that are not affected by the repair, so there is opportunity out there to activate if other operational elements supported for zones or floors to be activated incrementally, not unlike what we did with the original opening where you recall were called the bus plaza opened first, some of the tenant
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spaces were opened, so there's opportunities they are, but again, the unknown, or unidentified issues that we are trying to tease out will inform us on whether those opportunities come to fruition. we expect to have clarity on those unknowns better so we can have a little bit more of a granular schedule next month that will give a little bit more detail as to how we are going to open this -- or be ready to open no later than june, and michael is to free and clear other areas well before then, but again, there is these unknowns, on identified issues that may or may not drag us out.
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with that, i can take some questions. >> any questions? >> just a comment to think staff. this is an excellent presentation, and is exactly what i was looking for in the form of a wider luck and verification of the facilities. good job. thank you. >> thank you. >> ron, great presentation, and with the team here could you take a moment to talk about the overlap between the tenant improvement work and the facility readiness, and so how you are isolating different components. if there's a contractor working on a t.i., versus what you are doing to get the building ready, to be able to keep them separate , because they are -- they are in the same building, but they are separate courses of activity going on. take a moment. ideally, if some of these spaces
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, the tenant improvement work can be taking advantage of the opportunity to not do off our work, at a lower cost to, on the building is reopened, in this building will be reopened, some of these tenant spaces could be ready to open at the same time. >> yes. you are right, and again, it is a big footprint. three city blocks, there's a lot of zones, different floors, and as i mentioned, a lot of the systems are in place and functional, and just fine, it is just a question of their proximity to the structural elements that aren't being addressed right now, and the question work about what might else be out there, but you are right, there's lots of opportunities, some of which we have already taken advantage of, tenant improvements are progressing as we speak, and the security operations center is functional way at the west end, and the loading dock is functional.
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conceivably, once the repair is in and the shoring is out, the bus plaza could activate as early as april or may. tjpa is building out their space , they could maybe be the first to rival in terms of tenant his, as early as april or may, and again, the park is pretty well stitched together and about to be validated completely. and many areas of the bus deck are restitched together so we need to explore those opportunities, but the big unknown is how wide and how far this look of other elements will take us, but in terms of what is known and defined, we have a strong strategy to advance
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through the couple months, and be in a good position well before or after the 1st week of june. >> following up on that last comment, with the work today, had there been any indications that there are other errors that merit further investigations, i know the work is done in progress, but what are the team finding so far? >> no new findings, no new concerns, there's been a lot of focus in the area, again. they studied the load path, and they did do the testing and the bolts in the area. there are no new, tangible, articulated issues out there, but again, we are slow walking through all the records to understand if anything was left behind, or if anything is a tickler to look for, and take another look at. >> and the building systems, and
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commissioning, anything that suggests there's an issue that we need to dive deeper? i understand it is a work in progress. >> there are elements in the building, parts where we are already in their. >> you throughout a lot of data throughout the presentation, you talked about a june date for things to be done and maybe april may for all the validation work, we need to have those paths cleared up before we are ready for a full reopening, and there maybe pieces ready to go before that, and given we are still waiting on some of the pieces on the validation to see if there's anything we need to do, is a correct to think about it, as at least past june, early june, that we are talking about for early reopening, but we don't know exactly when yet, is at the right way to conceptualize it?
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>> i think the real variable is how much more do we need to look at, and what is the trajectory of reactivating areas, and that will be different for new tenants versus reoccupying the park, and reengaging some of those activities. the trajectory of reanimating the buses on the bus stack floor, m.t.a. versus a.c. transit, maybe different. those variables need to -- we will be informed on when we will really be opened, and that is why i am focused on what are the elements to secure occupancy readiness so we are not the barrier, and so we are focused on making sure everything is being addressed in the most expeditious and thorough fashion possible. >> okay. thank you.
9:48 pm
>> thank you. i also want to echo and express my appreciation for this presentation. i know i am not as technically inclined as my fellow board members, but i was able to follow and appreciate that you pick what i realized is this is really good, but i don't have a sense of -- i know we are tracking the cost and the reduction in your costs and expenses, but when will you daylight the budget-specific -- budget specific to this remediation, and what is going on with all the consultants that are on board to, the peer review, we have seen pieces of it. >> you are right, and we have worked together for many years, and that is a strong driver. and how the cash flows work. i think that focus will start engaging next month, once we have the schedule, and we have
9:49 pm
the repair behind us, and we have a clear understanding from the lab and the peer review, all the elements and drivers to what got us where we are. i think there is an item later in the agenda that speaks to some of the past implications on the oversight. we fully intend to, once we understand that, i put it as we will be reconciling the account and accountability starting next month. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you for the presentation, it definitely gives a path and some timelines that we have to meet and hopefully get our station open. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. call you next item. item seven, citizen's advisory committee update.
9:50 pm
>> good morning, chair new route, directors, and eight special congratulations to matt haney on being elected and sworn in as a supervisor of district six. my name is bruce, i i'm the chair of the tjpa citizen's advisory committee. my comments today are focusing the following areas. first, governor knew some's comments regarding high-speed rail from the state of the state address was of concern, not only regards to high-speed rail, but any impacts they might have on the downtown extension. of course, however, clarifications from the governor's office received over the past 48 hours, and what we have heard this morning from director lipkin, along with quotes from yesterday's chronicle article, from sfcta commission chair peskin, in that
9:51 pm
article, a quoted, our responsibility has always been connecting santa clara county to downtown san francisco by bringing caltrain to the transbay terminal, and we will continue to do that with zeal, and from state senator scott weiner, high-speed rail is going to happen, and it will connect san francisco to los angeles. we are very reassuring that this work will continue to move forward. in regards to the staff report, as executive director -- as executive director mentioned, the review period was completed on january 7th of 2019, and now that government offices have reopened, we look forward to the rods being issued in a timely manner. we did, on tuesday night at our c. a.c. meeting, we received an update, a detailed update from the sfcta on the progress of the review of the alternate -- the alternative oversight and governance models for the management and delivery of the
9:52 pm
d.t.x., in addition to his previously scoped task to advise on the properly delivered -- delivery methods on resolution 1902. we were pleased to hear of the approach. three teams, 15 experts, and alternates looking at best practices, delivery methods, and governance and oversight. with that said, we are disappointed to hear that the target date for completion of this work is now targeted for the end of may, instead of the original target date which we were hoping was early may. we encourage this work to move forward with a sense of urgency to ensure the completion of these deliverables by this new target date. in addition, we requested regular updates at our meetings, and recommended that these updates be provided at our tjpa board, and the sfcta commission meetings as well. we also request the status report on the work being
9:53 pm
conducted by the controller's office. we were also pleased to hear that contact has been made to initiate a best practice review, and the lessons learned that can be used for phase two, and that this work will start in early march. we recommend, and are hopeful this review moves along forward with a sense of urgency so that the deliverables of each of these studies, the controller's office can be presented at the same time, outlining conclusions, and recommended next steps. next, we continue to encourage a project team to bring the pennsylvania avenue extension to the board at an appropriate time to incorporate that phase is as part of the tjpa program. without step work on scoping can begin, and once completed, environmental work can commence. we encouraged encourage this to move forward expeditiously, as many stakeholder groups would
9:54 pm
like to see the -- see these phases integrated as soon as possible for a variety of reasons. as we heard this morning, it was shared there is interest for the remaining retail space is still not under contract, although not at the same level as before the shutdown of the center. this is understandable, but we have confidence that a heightened level of interest will be renewed once there is more clarity on when the center will reopen. with that said, we look forward to seeing updated plans outlining refinements to costs of the transit center, along with revised revenue projections. we know this is of interest to all stakeholders, and of specific interest to them might -- major transit operator his big wave asked questions regarding the opportunity to reopen the center and in phases, which i will discuss for -- in further detail later in this update. on the last item at the meeting,
9:55 pm
was an update on the transit center, and we too thanks for the project team for the comprehensive update, and we are pleased to hear that repairs are now targeted for completion by june 1st. we did provide some feedback. first, add additional detail and clarity into the schedule to show when the various elements of repairs will be repeat completed. for example, forging steel, other elements of production, and installation readiness, and the actual installation. additional refinement regarding the inspection work of the drawings, and other critical design elements of the building, that will be done to ensure there are no other items requiring additional inspection or repair. lastly, the last item we discussed, resulted in a unanimous recommendation from the c. a.c., and that is to reopen as much of the center as soon as possible based on the opinions of experts,
9:56 pm
recommendations of the project team, and of course, board approval pick specifically referring to the salesforce park, rooftop park, the food trucks, and other pop-ups as appropriate. these amenities were so successful prior to the closure, and with a comprehensive communications plan, we believe that this will start the process of rebuilding community, neighborhood, and passenger confidence in the center. thank you for the opportunity to provide this update, i am happy to answer any questions. >> any questions from board members? thank you for your reports. >> i will call you next and. item eight is public comments. an opportunity for members of the public to address the authority on matters that are not on the calendar. have mr jim patrick. -- we have mr jim patrick. [please stand by]
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
>> that comes under the motion of mutual aid, so i don't believe we're able to say we're fully secured in a worst case
9:59 pm
situation. maybe if we had an umbrella. do you see the problem here? we just can't cover it all. an example is on the east cut -- west cut district, we have a real estate person representing this district. we should have a security person trying to bring security together all around. in the worst case scenario, i think we have a problem. >> clerk: okay. that includes members of the public that wanted to comment.
10:00 pm
>> okay. [agenda item read] [agenda item read] [agenda item read]. >> second. >> clerk: the first and second. [roll call] >> clerk: that's seven ayes, and