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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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simple means in ethiopia and never stops pushing himself to be better. everything he does, he does with an eye to making his mom proud. guru never gives up, he's tenacious and can overcome any obstacle. he's kind to everyone and is known for his infectious smile. gudu is an optimistic and is positive even on a bad day. he's supportive and always willing to help. he lives with an aunt and babysits the children in the house and keeps fit with his exercise. he just competed in his first spartan athlete challenge, athletics challenge, and, boy, makes me feel like i'm a sloucher here.
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so i want to congratulate gudu on this recognition and we wish you the best as you continue your excellence as a student leader at city college. you really remind us how proud we are to be a city and county of hardworking and optimistic immigrants, and i'm sure you'll follow my footsteps in terms of going to city college, to cal, where you want to go. and i hope to see you there next year. the floor is yours. >> thank you. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, i'm extremely honored and grateful for this recognition. >> please, speak directly into the microphone, thank you. >> i'm extremely grateful and honored for this recognition. i want to say thank you to city college san francisco for nominating me and president norman yee for honoring me with this special recognition. ladies and gentlemen, when i, as
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a very proud recipient who's standing here before you, but i would not have been able to do this without the inspiration i got from my colleagues and seniors, but my inspiration, however, is not limited just to them, but to my home and roots. you may know it as ethiopia, where it has been immortalized as many legends, stories, and history books. celebrating this year's black history month, we all, as we should, remember and praise the people who gave up their precious lives for me to stand here before you. even though we acknowledge we've come a long way as people, there's still work that needs to be done. finally, i really want to say thank you to my fellow student colleagues and advisers and associate student council on the campus to give me the
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opportunity to be involved in my school as a student senator and a member of the student government. and which i have strived and will continue to strive to make all students' voice heard and better the school that i am so highly appreciative for. lastly, i want to say thank you to my wonderful family, friends, and my mom, who unfortunately couldn't be here, who all have supported me tirelessly in order for me to achieve my goals. even though this might be my first recognition, this won't be my last, but this always will have a place of honor on my wall. thank you so much. [ applause ]
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>> president yee: madam clerk, i think it's past the 3:00 special item. could you call item no. 37? >> clerk: items 37 through 40 comprise the public hearing of persons interested in the determination of exemption from environmental review under the california environmental quality act issued as a categorical
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exemption by the planning department on may 10, 2018, for the proposed project at 2831-3833 pierce street to remodel a three-story, two-unit building and construct the addition of a fourth floor. item 38 is the motion to affirm the department's determination. item 39 is the motion to conditionally reverse the department's determination, and item 40 is the motion to direct the preparation of findings. >> president yee: okay. thank you. colleagues, we have before us, and if you on the determination of exemption from environmental review for the projects at 2831-2833 pierce street in district 2. for this hearing we will be considering the adequacy, accuracy, sufficiency, and completeness of the planning department's environmental review determination for the project at 2831-33 pierce
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street. without objection, we will proceed as follows, up to ten minutes for a presentation for the appellants or appellants' representative, ten minutes for the speaker in support of the views, up to ten minutes for presentation from the planning department, up to ten minutes for the project sponsor or their representative to speak, then two minutes per speaker in opposition to the appeal. and finally up to three minutes for rebuttal from the appellants or appellants' representative. colleagues, are there any objections to proceeding this way? seeing no objections, public hearing is now open. supervisor stefani, do you have any remarks you would like to share?
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>> supervisor stefani: yes, i'm sorry, president yee. i wanted to, based on some last-minute conversations, ask for a continuance, actually. i know you opened the hearing, but if we could have a continuance of this matter for one week. i'm sorry to ask it last minute. i wasn't planned to do this, but if we could have a week's continuance. >> president yee: continuance until when? >> supervisor stefani: one-week continuance. >> president yee: that's the date -- so did you want to continue this to march 5th? >> supervisor stefani: yes, please. >> president yee: is there a second? seconded by supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president yee, i am a cause for the last-minute continuance request and so i'm happy to second it and look forward to visiting with supervisor stefani and appellant and project sponsor in the intervening week.
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>> president yee: thank you. so what i'd like to do now is, if there's any public comments on the continuance, step on up if you have any. i see no public comments, so public comments is now closed. is there -- should we take roll call or can we take this same house, same call? >> clerk: same house, same call, mr. president. >> president yee: same house, same call, the motion is passed. that will bring us now to -- can you call the next items, please? >> clerk: yes, items 11 and 12, mr. president? >> president yee: yes. >> clerk: items 11 and 12 approve two contract modifications on behalf of the airport commission. item 11 modifies modification no. 4 to the airport extension and improvements program for project management supports
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services to extend the term by 555 calendar days through october 31, 2020, and to increase the contract amount by $6.3 million for a total not to exceed $16.3 million. and item 12 approves modification no. 9 for the terminal 1 center renovation project with acjv for project management support services to extend the term by four years and eight months from may 1, 2019, through december 31, 2023, and to increase the contract amount for a not to exceed $61 million. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call? without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, next item, please. >> clerk: item 13 is an emergency declaration to approve the emergency declaration of director of public works pursuant to administrative code
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to repair damaged sewer system in the vicinity of third street. >> president yee: same house, same call? without objection, adopted unanimously. please call items 14 and 15. >> clerk: items 14 and 15 called together are two resolutions from the united states department of justice grants to retroactively authorize the police department to accept and expend an $800,000 grant to improve the collection management and analysis of crime gun evidence from october 1, 2018, through september 30, 2021, and item 15 retroactively authorizes the police department to accept and expend a $61,000 grant increase to the fiscal year 2018 dna capacity enhancement and backlog reduction program grant funds for the new total of $367,000 to be used to upgrade software, purchase laboratory equipment, and provide continuing education training for dna analysts from january 1, 2019, through
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december 31, 2020. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take these same house -- supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. just my usual question either to the sponsor or the police department relative to why this is retroactive to october 1st of 2018. >> president yee: is there a representative? yes. >> good afternoon, i'm patrick wong with the san francisco police department. i'm the grants manager. the reason that it's retroactive is merely because of the start date for the grant programs. for the -- hold on. for the grant from the u.s. department of justice bureau of justice assistance, the crime investigation center, we received a notice of the award
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on october 1, and because of the timing of putting forth the grant resolution before the police commission and scheduling it for the budget and finance committee, all that took time, and the retroactive only pertains to the start date. we have not expended any funds or started on the activities of either program. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call? without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 16 is a resolution to approve amendment no. 2 to the grant agreement between the city and the san francisco marin food bank to provide the food assistance program to older adults and adults with disabilities from
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july 1, 2017, to june 30, 2022 for a new total not to exceed amount of approximately $11.3 million and to further authorize the executive director of the human services agency to execute the amendment. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items no. 17. >> clerk: item 17 is a resolution to authorize the tax collector to sell at public auction certain parcels of tax-defaulted real property. >> president yee: okay, colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 18 through 20. >> clerk: items 18 through 20 are three resolutions to reimburse future expenditures of future bonded indebtedness to submit an application and related documents to the
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california debt limit allocation committee to permit the issuance of residential mortgage revenue bonds in an aggregate principle amount for item 18 not to exceed $160 million for parcell e-2 on pier 70, 185 maryland street. item 19, not to exceed $48 million through 710-760 la playa street and item 20, not to exceed $40 million for 22, 102, and 106 south park street. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call? without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 21. >> clerk: authorize the office of cannabis on behalf of the city to apply for state grant funding under the california cannabis equity act of 2018. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection. this resolution is passed
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unanimously. next item, please. >> clerk: item 22, resolution to authorize the city to submit applications for payment programs and related authorizations by california department of resources recycling and recovery for the purpose of safely managing and reducing household hazardous waste and used motor oil and promoting opportunities for beverage containers, recycling, and litter cleanup. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, next item, please. >> clerk: item 23 is a resolution to approve and authorize a second amendment to the existing permit with another planet entertainment llc for the production of the annual outside lands music festival to extend the term for an additional ten years until 2031 and modify provisions to the permit fee, rent payments and outreach to determine the ceqa determination, and, mr. president, we added a note on the agenda that due to a pending appeal of the categorical exemption under the california
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environmental quality act for this amendment, this matter cannot be acted upon until the appeal is resolved. i understand a motion may be made to have this continued. >> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you, president yee. i understand an appeal has been filed for the proposed outside lands festival use permit. due to the depending appeal under ceqa for this amendment, i would like to motion to refer this matter to a later date to april 2, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. >> president yee: okay. april 2nd? >> supervisor fewer: april 2nd. >> president yee: thank you, motion is made. is there a second? seconded by supervisor safai. >> clerk: mr. president, i'll add, supervisor fewer, you are not making a 3:00 p.m. special order? >> supervisor fewer: no. >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. >> president yee: okay. without objection, this item will be continued to the meeting
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of april 2nd. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 24 is a resolution to authorize the director of public works to execute agreements with the california department of transportation pertaining to the jefferson street improvements phase ii project for the amount of approximately $6.7 million. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 25 and 26 together. >> clerk: items 25 and 26 called together are two labor management agreements for the department of human resources, two resolutions to authorize for item 25 a workers' compensation alternative dispute resolution labor management agreement with the san francisco firefighters association local 798 with an initial term of three years to commence following approval by the board and continuing
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year-to-year thereafter in one-year terms, and for item 26, to authorize a workers' compensation alternative dispute resolution with the san francisco police officers association with an initial term of three years and continuing year to year thereafter in one-year terms. >> president yee: okay, colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call? without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 27. >> clerk: item 27 is a resolution to respond to the partial federal government shutdown to affirm san francisco's solidarity with federal workers and urging the mayor and the city departments to assist those impacted by the shutdown. >> president yee: supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: yeah, we have some amendments that just got passed out. they are very simple, reflecting that the shutdown's over and that we'll be encouraging these types of actions by the city in
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future, hopefully doesn't happen, but if there are future government shutdowns. i want to move those amendments. >> president yee: okay. so there's been a motion to -- for amendments. is there a second? second by supervisor stefani. without any objection, we'll take these amendments. colleagues, can we take this same house, same call as amended? seeing no objection, the resolution as amended is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 28 and 29 together. >> clerk: items 28 and 29 are two resolutions to amend the planning code to landmark designations, 460 arguello boulevard, aka theodore roosevelt middle school as a landmark and item 29, 2728
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bryant street, sunshine school, as a landmark and affirm the ceqa determination and to make the appropriate findings. >> president yee: okay, colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, the ordinances are passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 30 is an ordinance to amend the planning code to rezone a portion of 170 valencia street from a residential transit district, r.t.o., to moderate scale transit district to establish uniform zoning for the site and determine ceqa determination and to make the appropriate findings. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. next item, please. >> clerk: item 31 is an ordinance to waive permit and inspection fees and a public works hearing for the installation of a plaque at one location on the silver avenue
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sidewalk to accept the plaque and commemorate former hillcrest elementary school student selena lamb and to affirm the ceqa determination. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 32 is an ordinance to amend section 191 of the planning code regarding the conversion of medical cannabis dispensary uses to retail cannabis uses and expand the expiration date to affirm the ceqa determination and to make the appropriate findings. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? without objection. this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call item no. 33. >> clerk: item 33 is an ordinance to amend the police code to rescind the authorization for the police department's membership with the national rifle association or nra and to terminate the
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collection of tournament fees for the nra. >> president yee: supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president yee. colleagues, the day we heard this item in committee was the one-year anniversary of the parkland shooting that killed 17 people, 14 students, and three educators. today, as this item is before the board, it is the seven-year anniversary of the killing of trayvon martin. trayvon was shot and killed while walking home from a florida convenience store. his killer was exonerated by the state's stand your ground law, which promotes a shoot-first, ask questions later mentality. the nra has promoted stand your ground laws throughout the country and is responsible for proudly promulgating this dangerous mentality that's taken many lives, including trayvon's. the nra insights domestic terrorism, as witnessed in the latest copy of the nra's magazine that features a story with the words "target practice" next to a photo of speaker nancy pelosi with gabby giffords in
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the background. as you recall, congresswoman giffords was shot in the head eight years ago last month. six people were killed that day and 13 people were wounded. before gabby was shot, proud nra member sarah palin had gabby's district on a targeted list showing it to be in the crosshairs of a gun site over her district. the ordinance before you today would rescind the police department's authority to be a member of the nra and to collect tournament fees on behalf of the nra in connection with holding firearms tournaments. i want to thank chief scott and the san francisco police department for supporting this ordinance and for not engaging with the nra for years. we all know that words matter, and i want the nra removed from our police code to avoid any possibility of legitimizing this toxic and dangerous organization. my goal really is to make the nra the pay phone of lobbyists, rarely seen, hardly necessary, and ancient history.
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i want to thank my fellow members, chair mandelman and supervisor walton for passing this out of committee with recommendation and to the rest of my colleagues, i urge your support. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: could i get down as co-sponsor, please? >> president yee: of course. supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: i just wanted to be added as a co-sponsor. >> president yee: supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: yeah, i'd like to be added as a co-sponsor, too, and thank supervisor stefani for her leadership on not just this ordinance, but these very important issues. thank you. >> president yee: okay, supervisor stefani, if i hadn't already indicated, i want to be a co-sponsor. i want to be co-sponsor. okay, anybody -- supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: i'd like to be added as a co-sponsor, as
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well. >> president yee: supervisor brown, supervisor fewer, supervisor peskin, supervisor mandelman. i guess there's no objection to this. so that's unanimous in terms of everybody being a co-sponsor, so without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously in first reading. madam clerk, next item, please. >> clerk: item 34 is a resolution to support california state senate bill no. 23 authored by senator scott weiner and co-authored but multiple assembly members including members david chu and phil ting to expand the definition of vehicle burglary to include any unlawful entry. >> president yee: colleagues, can we take this -- supervisor brown? >> supervisor brown: yes, thank you, president yee. i just want to thank senator weiner for bringing this bill,
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sb 23, forward and also my co-sponsor on the board of soups, supervisor stefani, supervisor stefani, mar, and walton. i just wanted to give a couple of facts about this particular sb-23. san francisco has the highest rate of property crime in the state, and in 2017 there were over 32,000 auto burglaries in san francisco. the city's property crime rate is over double the statewide average. i receive calls every week from my constituents asking what is city hall doing about the car break-in epidemic and i imagine other supervisors are getting the same kind of calls. my constituents are frustrated and want us to do something to help them get relief. what sb-23 does, it clarifies the definition of auto burglary, defines auto burglary as entering a vehicle unlawfully with the intent to commit theft.
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it also removes a wide loophole currently when a suspect auto burglar is arrested, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the vehicle was locked. problematic, often victims are unable to attend a hearing to testify. they may be tourists who have returned home, or they may be residents who cannot take time off from work or school to testify. additionally, many folks do not have the -- have comprehensive insurance or their comprehensive insurance is too expensive, so they are forced to pay out of pocket to repair their smashed windows. sb-23 does not increase penalties for anyone convicted for auto burglary. what this does is it closed the loophole, removing a barrier to provide proving the obvious, that a window was broken to gain entry to a locked vehicle. sadly, car break-ins are now
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epidemic in california cities, and we have to be smart when parking, but san franciscans and tourists shouldn't have to think twice any time we consider parking. no one should. broken glass ought to be enough to prove forced entry. that's just common sense. thank you. >> president yee: okay, thank you. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this resolution's adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 35 is an ordinance to amendment the administrative code from prohibiting police officers from questioning persons 17 years of age or younger and demand responsible adults be given access to youth while primp police officers are questioning the youth. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much, colleagues. first i want to thank everyone
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who sponsored or co-sponsored this legislation. this legislation is about protecting the rights of children and youth in the city when they come into contact with the police. it mandates all youth under 18 consult with legal representation before they can be interrogated by police or before they can waive their miranda rights. it also requires that a responsible adult, such as a parent or a caregiver, have the opportunity to be present when a young person is in police custody and being questioned or talked to by the police. i have passed around some small technical edits that the city attorney made after this item was heard in committee, as well as one important addition. we are naming this law after our beloved public defender jeff adachi. jeff worked closely with our office on this law from the very beginning, together with patty lee. among his many accomplishments, he was a champion for youth rights and juvenile justice reform and did incredibly
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important work to protect the civil liberties of our young people. therefore, on page 3 it now reads "this chapter, 96-c, shall be known as the jeff adachi youth rights ordinance." these increased protections for youth are unprecedented. if we pass this today, san francisco will have the strongest laws in the country protecting children and youth in police custody. [ please stand by ]
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>> is there a second? supervisor walton. with no objection, we will take the amendment. colleagues, can we take this ordinance as amended and pass it -- take the same house same call? okay. without objection, the ordinance as amended has passed unanimously on first reading. madame clerk, please call the
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next item. >> item 36 is a motion to appoint annmarie fortier, bunny elizabeth rosenberg and brian vanhorn, terms ending april 30th, 2020 and nina irani, april 30th, 2021, to the commission of animal control and welfare. >> okay. colleagues, can we take this item say house same call? without objection, this motion is approved unanimously. madame clerk, let's go right into roll call. >> will call for introductions. you are first up to introduce new business, supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madame clerk. i want to thank all the cosponsors for their support of the resolution i am introducing today for next week charge or adoption without community reference calendar supporting california state assembly bill 1161, which our entire legislative delegation has sponsored a simile member two,
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senator weiner, and assembly member tang. rarely in politics do things move this quickly, but our legislative delegation has actually authored legislation that would extend consumer protections for the practice of balanced billing, not only at san francisco general hospital, but throughout the state of california, so i again want to thank the media for shining a light on this, and for the courageous testimony that we all heard at the government audit and oversight committee, and again yesterday across the street in the governor charge a conference room from patients who, like our president, and a number member of this body, were balanced build. i also, relative to a few more words about public defender jeff adachi, like supervisor ronen, i
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want to cite that we worked closely together on the legislation that will come before this body to check the unchecked surveillance industry, and i just wanted to -- i forgot to mention that in my earlier comments, and finally, i have introduced a request for a hearing pursuant to section 3.100 of the charter, as to the mayor's appointment of somebody named scott health board to the retirement board, and they look fuller to hearing about his qualifications and experience in front of the rules committee pursuant to florida rule to .18.3. the rest i will submit. >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor ronen? >> thank you, madame clerk. today i rise on a couple of issues. first of all, i want to
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acknowledge that supervisor walton, wherever he is, and i have been dealing with some seriously vexing issues in our district, pertains to illegal dumping. we have, based on 311 data, and also from my own experiences can speaking with constituents, a significant, significant volume of individuals and 311 calls as it pertains to illegal dumping all over district ten and 11. today, he and i are asking, and requesting the city attorney to begin drafting legislation as it pertains to construction and demolition waste. if you've -- if you recall, we had a hearing about a year and a half ago regarding the zero waste goals, in the first piece of the step we took was our mandatory recycling and composting legislation. that was supported unanimously by this body. i think i -- i think all of my
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colleagues that supported that, but part of the hearing in that conversation was about how we are going to achieve a zero waste in san francisco, and one of the last areas of concern was large refuse generators, if you recall, those large buildings that produce their less than 1% of the account holders in the city, yet they produce over 20% of the volume that we send to landfill. a second piece of that is construction and demolition waste, and so we are asking the city attorney to work, to begin drafting legislation, and working with the environment, working with supervisor walton and the mayor's office. we are very concerned about achieving our zero waste goals, and at the same time, dealing with laws that choose to dump on our streets, rather than using the appropriate channels. we believe that reforming this process, whether they are small contractors are large contractors, and having them go through a more certified process
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and oversight, we will begin to really tackle the amount of illegal dumping that happens in our respective districts, particularly district ten and 11. well at the same time, helping to achieve our environmental goals as part of the environmental agenda, or is more popularly -- popularly called today, the green agenda. and having that is the last piece of that. so we look forward to working with the city attorney on that. the second piece is, we are working on our a.d.u. legislation. we have asked for a 90 day extension. this ain't the legislation that we introduced is conforming to state law. we have some pyrite requirements that have been enabled through state legislation, and he knew to conform to that, but we want to ensure the historic preservation commission and the planning department have had an opportunity to work. we are asking for a 90 day extension on that. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor.
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supervisor stefani. >> thank you, madame clerk. as you know, they ended their service in san francisco on february 1st, 2019 period. chariot reported 3500 writers use their two busiest lives in district 1200 the morning and evening rush hour. the significant number of constituents and commuters in need of transportation. i'm calling for a hearing to islam examine the impact sufficiently it shut down on transportation in san francisco, including had chariot writers have adopted to the loss of the surface, and to explain the steps the sfmta is taken to provide transportation options to former riders and requesting the sfmta to report. earlier this month, as you know, chariot did and all of his operations, ending a key transportation service in san francisco that many people in my district have relied upon. a key take away from chariot shutdown is that it is externally difficult to privatize public transportation. it requires a subsidy that
4:39 pm
obviously they cannot afford. nonetheless, thousands of people took chariot shuttles to commute to get around the city. chariot arose because we need that was not covered by many mobile transit system or any other forms of transportation in the city. some chose chariot because it was faster than our own any mobile system. others opted for chariot is a more affordable and environmentally from the way to travel down their own cars or t.n.c. either way, chariot users benefited from the surface, and they do not have it now. we need to adapt and accommodate all our residents no longer have shuttle service yes, i did ask whether or not the current system can accommodate his thousands of users, and what steps we need to take to provide these writers transportation alternatives. we also need to learn why writers opted for chariot of their other options in the first place, and what lessons we can learn from chariot service to improve our own system. while this venture did not exceed, it demonstrated an unmatched demand from transit in san francisco, a demand that is critical to fixing congestion on the street as combating climate change.
4:40 pm
i would like to thank clear me robredo her leadership following the closure. she initiated -- initiated the city drive program to expedite the process. this program will help address operator shortage, improve transit service across the city, and connect people with jobs. i look for to hearing from the sfmta as to how we can accommodate these writers and improve upon our public transportation service. i'm also introducing a resolution today in support of sv 281, introduced by senator scott weiner that would ban gun shows at the cow palace, and create a joint powers authority to oversee the area. 182017, you had the highest number of gun deaths in the last 20 years. america has a gun homicide right mac 25 times higher of its pure nations, and over 100 lives are lost every day. mass shootings have become so commonplace that they are sometimes not even mentioned by the media get just last week in hamilton, some thought there was a gun, and it caused pandemonium quickly our nation traumatized by gun violence. afraid a mask shooting may occur
4:41 pm
at a production of hamilton because why not, they had occurred in movie theaters, places of worship, concerts, bars, make clubs, college campuses, high schools, and even elementary schools. a california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet we experience an unacceptable amount of gun violence and must do everything we can to turn the tide against this image of -- epidemic. on five -- five previous occasions for the california legislature has attempted to ban the cow palace gun shows. the most recent being lesser in 2018 which governor brown vetoed. and on twitter previous occasions, the legislator attempted to ban gun shows a statewide. i'm absolutely thrilled that senator weiner introduced s.b. 281, van -- banning the sales of guns and a musician at -- ammunition at the cow palace. the governing bodies of san francisco, daily city, and san mateo county have voiced their opposition to gun shows, being held at the cow palace fairgrounds. in san francisco, specifically, does not allow gunshots to exist
4:42 pm
within its communities. i'm introducing this resolution, supporting sv 281. this bill is another step towards ending violence in california and america, i'm saving thousands of lives every year. i would like to thank supervisors brown, supervisor ronen and walton for their sponsorship in support of this resolution. lastly, i also want to thank senator weiner and a family members for co-authoring this legislation. after years of effort, i hope this bill becomes law with this miniature -- signature of governor newsome. finally, i would like to close the meeting in memory of john penny -- john connie. i'm sorry. of the left member of our community. also known as mr. san francisco. he passed away peacefully in his sleep on thursday, february 7th. he was born in the heart of san
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francisco charge admission district. he attended st. john's school at sacred heart cathedral prep. he developed a love for all things san francisco. he was very proud of his irish heritage and loved to entertain with his renditions of irish poems and songs. he was passionate about his city i could always be found telling stories of growing up in san francisco to anyone who would listen. he was a lifelong fan of the giants, 40 niners, and warriors, and was incredibly proud of his mr. san francisco nickname. his life predeceased him into thousand and six. they met at st. john's grammar school, and were married 53 years. the greatest passion in life was the left they have for their children. john touch of children are grateful to his companion, dianne, for the love and happiness he brought to him the last several years. he retired at the age of 85,
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just six weeks before his passing. he worked in the financial district for over 65 years. several of those as my -- with my father-in-law. the stories of being around her on the stock exchange are legendary. he was 48 years so there when he passed, and his primary purpose in life was to stay sober and help another alcoholic. this was the cornerstone of his life. his greatest passion was helping others and to show them that being sober really isn't such a bad thing. the lives he touched through the commitment of countless -- are countless any measurable. this friendship helps -- friendships helped him stay sober for so long, and he was forever grateful. he will always be remembered for his compassion, selflessness and generosity. this summer, he stopped by my campaign headquarters with a check, flowers, and doughnuts. i know i wrote eight thank you note, we never got to think him in person. if you're listening, thank you. so many will keep coming back because of you. he had the ability to make you feel like you are the only
4:45 pm
person in the room because he genuinely cared. he had a zest for life that was contagious, and with his sparkling blue eyes, he was always able to find humor in every situation. one of his favorite sayings was ask yourself three questions, was a kind, was it truthful, was it necessary. if you couldn't say yes to all three questions, you shouldn't have said what you did. john judge and life will be celebrated as a memorial mass in daily city on monday, march 4th at 11:00 am. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all those who knew and loved him. there were many, including me. thank you. >> thank you, thank you supervisor. supervisor walton, please. >> thank you so much, madame clerk, i know we have had a chance to honor our amazing public defender, jeff adachi, but i want to put it on the record, in memoriam during this meeting, and i also want to thank my colleagues so much for
4:46 pm
your participation in honoring our young people, and the contributions of black people into they charge at meeting. i truly appreciate you all for stepping up and participating. i want to thank my amazing team for reaching out to your amazing team to make this happen today, and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor walton. supervisor yee? >> thank you. today, i am asking for a hearing, public works safety hearing on their street cleaning truck operations. colleagues, today i will be introducing this hearing on the safety improvement plans for the department of public works street cleaning truck operations, requesting the department of public works to report to my office. we have in working with director new roux and his staff to prepare for this hearing, which
4:47 pm
is an opportunity for the department to present their safety improvement plans in response to the in b.c. investigative report, which aired last week. i also am introducing, along with supervisor mar and fewer legislation to address the growing need for child care facilities in san francisco. we have 23,000 infants and toddlers in -- and nearly 20,000 preschoolers in the city. eighty 5% of the children ages zero to that what luck, do not have licensed care, had around 50% of the children ages zero to five have an unmet need. there are over 2,000 families who are on a waitlist to receive care. while the passage five early care and education for all last
4:48 pm
june, it meant an unprecedented level of investment to eliminate the waiting list, and to expand access to our middle income families. we are still awaiting court decisions. at this point in time, we have a long ways to go in order to provide the services for the growing demand. we certainly need to do more to support the childcare educators who are barely getting a living wage despite the significance of their work. we all know how expensive it is to seek quality early care seen -- and education for young children. it can cost more then a renter even college tuition. but what has become more apparent is it is also exceedingly difficult for child care facilities to operate, because of the hot real estate market, many childcare facilities are at risk of displacement and are unable to
4:49 pm
find new spaces. we are hearing stories from long time childcare providers who are uncertain about their future. what does a child care site closure mean? not only for the educators, staff, and students, but their families. inc. -- an entire neighborhood will lose licensed lots that may never be replaced. losing a childcare facility leaves a gaping hole in the community. we are already falling behind in terms of existing needs. therefore we need to stabilize the existing licensed facilities if we ever want to serve all the families we seek -- who seek childcare. in order for us to better understand how to support these facilities and how best to encourage the licensed childcare spaces, we are proposing an 18
4:50 pm
month interim control that would require a conditional use authorization if any existing childcare facilities is changed to another use. as san francisco grows, we will need more childcare spaces to accommodate existing unmet needs, and the projected growth in our young child population. i will now turn it over to supervisor mar to share his remarks on this ordinance. would you like to say anything? >> yes. thank you for using this legislation. i am really committed to cosponsoring it and working with you on exploring solutions to
4:51 pm
the threats to our existing childcare and preschool facilities and i would just add that for me, this is really important because there are a couple of childcare preschool facilities in my district teen district four, the sunset district, that right now are under threat because they are housed in properties that have been put on the market for sale, and one of these schools in particular has been serving the community in the sunset and citywide for over 30 years. it was really the first on san francisco -- it was the first by legal preschool. it really -- and they have been at that same location throughout -- throughout the past 13 years. in my communications with the school, they have struggled, they have rdb looking for another site in the neighborhood for about a year now and haven't been able to find that. this is the tip of the iceberg
4:52 pm
of a problem that we are seeing for our existing childcare and preschool facilities threatened due to the development in san francisco. >> chair peskin: thank you, supervisor mar. i want to add that it was only two years ago that we almost lost one in my district for when a facility was going to be close down because it was going to be redeveloped. and then i also know that in district six, there is another facility that might be under threat. because again, because of the sales, so we really need this moratorium to figure out how best to move forward, and i also want to thank supervisor peskin for introducing the resolution to support a.v. 1611. i think this is an important move.
4:53 pm
we are listening to so many other folks that have been impacted by this so-called balanced billing, and san francisco is not alone in this. we need to do something about that. i want to also echo, joining and appreciating us in layman david to, and senator weiner, and also assemblyman phil taking. the rest i submit. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor brown. >> thank you. today i will introduce legislation with mayor brayden my colleagues to establish a new one-year pilot to leave the dvi department of building inspection fees for 100% affordable housing, and accessory dwelling units known as a.d.u. it is not news. we need more housing, especially affordable housing. we need more choices for people who live and work here and want to stay here.
4:54 pm
we need this for working people, for people getting back on their feet, young people just starting out, for growing families, our multicultural and generational families, and for our seniors who maybe ready to downsize but want to stay in their neighborhoods, close to families and friends. 100% affordable housing projects are absolutely essential to ensure san francisco remains a city for san franciscans of all income levels. not just the rich. by lowering costs and streamlining the process, this legislation supports the construction of these important projects. a.d.u.s are another simple, creative, cost effective solution for expanding our housing supply, especially for studios and one bedrooms. a.d.u. his have been found to be a good match for the housing needs and preferences of many single households, which make up a significant and growing percentage of all san francisco households, nearly 40% today.
4:55 pm
these are all san franciscans of all ages. we hope and expect the fees waived will make a real difference for small property owners who typically personally finance the cost of a.d.u. his, construction. we need them to help us build the housing we all need. i'm excited about unlocking this potential and looking forward to continuing my work with supervisor mar and all of you to encourage more san francisco's to help build new affordable housing. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor fewer. >> thank you very much. today, i introduce a hearing with supervisor hilary ronen on the policies and protocols within the san francisco police department governing the public relief -- release a private citizen information, particularly during an active investigation. i am outraged at what appears to be leaked information to the press surrounding the tragic death of our friend and colleague, jeff adachi, but i
4:56 pm
have to say, my frustration about this issue extends far beyond this particular case. we have seen an increasing practice of particular stations posting mugshots of arrestees on social media. a year ago, in early 2018, of police department opened an investigation into whether a former p.o.a. president had broken state law by using an individual rap sheet as a prop during a public community forum, although i'm not aware of the results of that investigation. all of this contributed, has contributed to pressing questions for me and my colleagues, what are the departmental general orders governing the release of private information? who has access to sensitive private information? what is a protocol for what information can be made public and by whom? what is the accountability mechanism within the department if staff are found to have released private information in violation of departmental
4:57 pm
general orders are in violation of state law? and how is the police department ensuring that improper conduct with regards to the release of private information is prevented in the future? this is not just an issue with high-profile cases, what this is an issue about public trust, and whether members of the public can trust that they and their loved ones are not being exposed and an unwarranted invasion of privacy or confidential information. whether as a suspect, victim, or informant. in addition to supervisor ronen, i would like to thank the other cosponsors of this hearing. supervisors mar, brown, yee, peskin, haney, mantle men and walton. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor haney? >> thank you. i am introducing a resolution today in support of the california state assembly bill 362, which would create a
4:58 pm
three-year pilot program allowing san francisco to implement an overdose prevention program to the operation of safe injection sites, creating a safe injection sight in the city is a holistic approach by tackling the opioid crisis, by proactively engaging in highly vulnerable and difficult to reach populations with compassion and treatment options. this is very similar to the bill that passed last year that was unfortunately vetoed by governor brown, we are hoping for a different result this year, because of the particular impact that this will have on san francisco, it is important that, again, the city and county takes a proactive approach in helping to ensure that this bill is passed and signed. thank you to the leadership of senator scott weiner and a simile members for tackling such an important issue. as you all know, there are an
4:59 pm
estimated 22,000 people who inject drugs in san francisco, and drug injection is responsible for approximately 100 deaths each year at the bottom. it is a leading cause of accidental death in california. all of the evidence that is out there, from the examples and from the research suggests that safe injection sites can both save lives and save money. there are other cities across the country that are considering similar approaches, and san francisco has been a leader in this. i want to also thank and commend mayor breed for coming out in support of this approach, and i hope that it not only passes the legislature this time, that that it is signed into law, and that we are able to move forward this bold and proactive approach. the rest i submit.
5:00 pm
>> thank you, supervisor yee had. >> thank you. today i am introducing the resolution that is a product of the powerful and steadfast efficacy of amazing climate justice activists, in particular, i want to thank some folks who worked closely with my all it -- office in crafting this resolution. we are declaring an emergency because simply put katherine his normal time to waste. san francisco, like the rest of california, a suffering impacts of climate change in the form of droughts, air pollution, extreme heats, and lowland flooding. earlier today, at a press conference we did, i stated some pretty scary projections. 8 feet of sea level rise over the next 100 years, and we know that even at 3 feet, the ferry building will be flooding twice daily. the embarcadero, mission bay and marina will all be at risk. already we are