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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 2, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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has been a huge success. for more information visit (♪) (♪) >> all right, we are going to get started. this is the regular meeting of the san francisco unified school district for may 28th, 2019. it is now a call to order. roll call, please. >> thank you, commissioner. [roll call]
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>> thank you. >> thank you. speaker cards for the regular agenda and foreclosed session are necessary if you wish to address the board of education. members of the public are reminded that an individual can complete a speaker card prior to the item being called. you can present it to the executive assistant at my right, to your left. members of the public have two minutes to address the board and/or the time as set by the vice president. importantly, according to board rules and procedures, speaker cards will not be accepted for an item already before the board deputy superintendent? >> thank you, vice president sanchez. good evening, everybody. good evening, commissioners. i am standing here for dr. matthews tonight whose youngest son, anthony, is in a
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commencement ceremony, he is graduating at san francisco state university, so we extend our congratulations to matthew's family. [applause] >> with that, i will mention a few items. this past thursday, students in the john o'connell high school helped -- health and behavioral science pathway demonstrated their e.m.s. skills, like fast stroke recognition, heart attack recognition, c.p.r., including heimlich manoeuvre, c-spine application and bleeding control to local emergency services experts including volunteers with the san francisco fire department. the health and behavioral science pathway helps students prepare for a wide range of health-related career paths in san francisco. tomorrow's -- tomorrow, 67 student musicians from the high school will rehearse as they prepare to march in the national fourth of july parade in washington this summer. the band was invited by nancy
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pelosi to represent sfusd, san francisco, in the state of california at the annual celebration in the nation's capital. this will be the first -- thank you. [applause] >> first big honor for us. that's a be the first time that the band travels out of state to perform. congratulations to the students and staff you are receiving this honor. this thursday, students will share their research on how these topics and more could impact our climate as part of grafton elementary grad and elementary school's first ever schoolwide eco- action conference. at the event, students will draft an ecological and climate change revolution, calling on the community to take action to protect the environment. they will also take the award for participating in the sfusd sustainability earth day every day challenge, and supervisor vallie brown will speak to students about the importance of protecting the environment.
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also this thursday, students at sunnyside elementary school will him -- experience hands-on learning at their first steam night and science fair. fourth and fifth grade classes will display their project board and answer questions from real scientists. the end of the year event will include science stations where students can explore his goals and fossils, use microscopes to make art, explore their sense of smell and vision, and play other science-based games. students will also participate in engineering and technology based activities such as programming robots, building with kiva planks, and building electric circuits. student artwork will be on display. the purpose of the event is to highlight the school science curriculum while engaging families and hands-on science and technology. finally, san francisco unified school district invites students , families, and staff to join our third annual fcf --
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s.f. pride contingent on june 30 th. our district has been a leader to providing lgbtq support services and inclusive curriculum for nearly 30 years. celebrate your commitment to all sfusd students and families by being part of sfusd pride contingents. you can check the district's website to find out how to register. i have one more special announcement to make. if i could invite kevin truitt, chief of our student family committee support division to come up for a very special presentation. >> thank you, deputy lee. i am the chief of student family community support, and this is the time of year where we honor and celebrate our students, and tonight is no exception. we have very, very special students in our midst who have given their -- an unbelievable amount of time to provide leadership to their school, to
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but to provide leadership on our board, and to provide leadership for the entire student advisory council. i don't know how this happens, with every year the student leadership in this district, and i have been doing this a long time, get stronger and stronger and stronger, and i'm more amazed each and every year. i really want to thank all your efforts, your time, your commitment, not just as a district, you make us look really good. this is what we put out. that's pretty good. but also, just your commitment to your education on top of it all. you are there to be the voice of your students, and i'm so proud of how you represent them. i want to call up clarice. [applause] i left my notes. [indiscernible] [applause]
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>> clarice is from lowell high school, galahad is from s.f. international, this is yours. and cassandra -- cassandra. [applause] she maybe little but she is powerful. if you open them up, now you get to show people how -- have the big reveal. [laughter] [applause]
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>> thank you so much to the board of education. it has been a pleasure to serve at this -- as this past year's student advisory council president. we have grown, learned, and worked to ensure that students are properly represented at our school district. nowhere else, i believe, there is a diverse and strong community of youth that exist, and i hope to carry with me what i have learned to my next step of education at ucla, and for the rest of my career.
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i would like to thank the board of education for offering this platform and hearing our student input. mr. lopez for his constant effort and care that goes into every week of sac's work, mr. quan for his support to our team department and district, and finally, mr. truitt who has been the most extraordinary student advocate and ally i have ever had the pleasure to work with. thank you so much and i wish the best of luck to next year's student advisory council. [applause] >> so apropos. i think this is your last meeting, student delegates. thank you so much for your service. we will miss you.
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[indiscernible] >> sorry, spee-8 -- yea, finally we are hosting a leadership celebration ceremony on friday, may 31st, to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our student leaders in the past year each student is going to receive 50 hours of community service time and an award certificate. each senior student, in addition to what we just mentioned, his going to receive leadership status for their mentorship and advocacy. thank you to all our student leaders for being great representatives of the student voice and creating a better school community. [applause] >> last board meeting, we announced announce the newstead -- student delegate who is the
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first student delegate for mission high school. this is a bittersweet moment, as this is our last board meeting, but what we are very excited to pass on the legacy. the leaders will be presenting their findings. thank you do all the students at our high school who attended our affairs, focus groups, and promoted the importance of student voice. >> at our next award banquet, the sac will be hosting their nominations for interim president and interim sac delegates. thank you to all our presented to us who are to student advocacy. thank you for all your nominations. >> our next meeting will be on may 31st at 6:00 p.m. the s.a.c. is a public council, and everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. if you like to attend, make a presentation, or like a copy of our agenda, please contact our s.a.c. supervisor, mr. salvador
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lopez barnes. thank you. [applause]. >> thank you. i transposed two of the items, so we will go back to item one, which is approval of board minutes. the regular meeting of may 14 th, 2019. we need a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> any corrections? roll call. >> thank you. [roll call] >> that is five aye. >> thank you. section b., number 4, recognitions and resolutions of commendations. deputy superintendent? >> thank you. every board meeting, we aim to make sure to start the meeting with a celebration of our sfusd community. sometimes we have awards and special commendations, sometimes we are fortunate enough to have
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students and staff here to share about the great things happening in their schools. tonight, we are bringing a new part of our meeting suggested by our board leadership. once a month, we will share a brief media clip that brings more of our students and staff to the room. since it is graduation time, we thought we would start with a brief video highlighting one of our graduating seniors. we will share one tonight and one at our next meeting. janelle hernandez is soon to be a graduate at lincoln high school. she has served as a teacher's aid and regularly helps tutor students who struggle academically. a native spanish speaker, she has volunteered with organizations like the centre for urban education, and translated brochures about sustainable agriculture into spanish. she aspires to become an app developer for people with disabilities to improve their access and mobility. she has a passion for learning
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and genuine desire to connect with the world. here's a brief video we made when she won a superintendent's 21st century award for being ready to be her best. [♪] >> i go to abraham lincoln high school. i am a student of federal policy i have been in the school district for 14 years. i took a.p. spanish because i am a native speaker. >> i teach spanish three four native speakers. [speaking spanish] >> this year, my senior year, i am taking a.p. senior classes. being a student here is being able to talk to teachers and know that teachers are listening
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>> when you see a kid that is motivated like her, it inspires you to work harder. >> i remember when i came to high school, i didn't want to speak up and go to the teachers and ask for help. they gave gave me a platform to speak. they would help me when i needed help. [indiscernible] >> thank you for trusting me. i know i had a hard time with you, but i overcame it with your help. my dream is to become an app developer and create apps absurd people with disabilities. [indiscernible] [speaking spanish]
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>> you are an example, thank you for that. >> i am a student from abraham lincoln high school, and i'm ready to do my best. [applause] >> thank you for that. we have student scholarships awards. okay, so the celebrations continue. if anybody needs a box of tissues, we have some tissues from that last video. we are really excited to have our scholarship award winners from our various organizations, teacher organizations and other administrator organizations. we are just going to call on each organization one at a time and we hope that there will be at least one representative from each organization, if you would
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just approach the microphone, and then recognize the student award winners that your group has celebrated. first up is united administrators of san francisco. [applause] >> good evening, vice president, deputy, commissioners, student delegates, staff, i'm here to represent united administrators of san francisco local three. we are here to announce this year's high school scholarship recipients. the awardees are selected by the principles for their academic achievement growth, citizenship, and financial need. the award winners are presented their awards at their school ceremony, so they are not here,
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unless we are surprised. our principal, ellen wong, from downtown high school, awarded three students $500, tori carter , ryan miller, and angelo taylor. [applause] principal eric gathers from mission high mission high school awarded $1,500 to deshawn whitfield. [applause] >> principal rosen borough from wallenberg high school awarded colette houston $1,500. [applause] >> the principal at galileo awarded $1,500 to gabriel strada [applause] >> principal barnaby pain from ruth sala school of the arts awarded $1,500 to ridge job more
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most of. mark herring from marshall high school awarded $1,500 to jay leno -- jolene weighing. [applause] >> anastasia clasped her, principal at independence high school awarded $1,500 to another student. [applause] >> lastly, principal jessica weighing from june jordan high school awarded $1,500 to cairo
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weasel. thank you, and thank you to all our award winners. [applause] >> thank you. next, we have united educators of san francisco to present their scholarship award recipients. here is elaine meriwether. >> good evening, commissioners, i'm the deputy superintendent student delegates. it gives me great pleasure to be here tonight to give out these scholarships. we did our little ceremony early because some of the students had other things that they had to go and do, but i do -- our first four scholarships are named after past presidents, so one scholarship went to jennifer maria, sarah baila, and she
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received $2,000. [applause] >> then our kit mitchell scholarship, which was also $2,000, went to jennifer homes, and she was here earlier, as well. [applause]. >> then our dennis kelly scholarship, which was $2,000, went to benjamin bennett, and i know he is here, wave your hand, benjamin. [cheers and applause] >> he is still here. >> then we have our other scholarships, like our past teachers who have dedicated a scholarship in their name, and two of those are norma mitchell hardy, and she awarded 1500 to
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angela amaya. [applause] >> and then richard harrington has a $500 scholarship that he awarded to joseph jah. [applause] >> and then we have an educational grant that we give out for $1,500, and that went to sabrina lou. [applause] >> this year, we got 113 essays for scholarships. our scholarship community had a very hard time -- our scholarship committee had a very hard time selecting the winners. we have great students in this district that work very hard, and i'm really proud of them. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much. our next set of scholarship
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awardees is presented by the lines of black school educators, and i think i see this virginia marshall coming. -- i think i see miss virginia marshall coming. more students representing. please come on up scholarship awardees. thank you. >> good evening. it is our honor each year to stand before you to let you in the public see our wonderful scholarship recipients on behalf of the san francisco alliance of black school educators. this year, we had a special -- first i want the public to know
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that this year we gave out more than $60,000. give them a round of applause. [applause] >> i want you to know that 95% of that money came from donors. we are very grateful. folks know who we are now, they know our work, and they come to my office, they come to my hallway in the morning to hand scholarship checks to our recipients. we are very pleased. many of them are first-generation college students. this year i did receive a call, you know we love -- we know that superintendent matthews lost his mom this year, she was an educator in our district for many years. i did receive a call from someone who wanted to remain anonymous at first. he gave us the first $2,000 for this scholarship. it is an honor. for a young person to go into education, i want him to come
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forward. this is a future teacher. [cheers and applause] >> i would just like to say thank you for this opportunity as a whole. if dr. matthew were here, i would like to say thank you to him as well for this whole opportunity. it would not be possible without him. i am going to university of the pacific for history. i go to wallenberg high school. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> for this scholarship, we also want to thank dr. brandon -- brent stevens who raced the first $2,000, and our deputy superintendent, and folks on the third floor who handed me the envelope one day. they helped to fund the
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scholarship for the next two years. we thank you so much. [applause] >> the rest of the young folks will tell you who they are, where they go to school and the good things that will happen to them. >> good evening, everyone. my name is darrell, i go to a high school in the excelsior district. i plan on going to san jose state and majoring in biology. [applause] >> hello, i go to mission high school,. [applause] >> my name is camille, i go to wallenberg high school, and i plan to attend george washington university pursuing premed. [cheers and applause] >> my name is charles peacock, i
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am currently at haydn be wheels, i will be attending ccsf and plan on transferring to h.b.c. you, i'm not sure yet. [cheers and applause] >> my name is eric davis, i go to galileo high school, and will be attending san francisco state university, and will be majoring in computer science. [applause] >> i don't see any other recipients are here tonight. this is a busy time of year for our young folks, and they had some other appointments. but know that we are very, very pleased. and i know you were very pleased to see these young folks. the world is in good thanks -- good hands. thank you for sharing. [applause] >> thank you so much, ms. marshall and students. the next group is from the latin american teacher's association.
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just give them a second. if anyone is present. okay. i know -- i wasn't there, but i heard they had a fantastic scholarship dinner. we know they gave up some great scholarship, and it was a great dance party, from what i hear. there's photographic evidence. the next group is the association of chinese teachers. i'm not sure if -- okay. please come on up. any students, if you are here, please join us up here, too. thank you. >> good evening.
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my name is salima, and i'm a teacher on special assignment with the multilingual pathways department. i am a member of the association of chinese teachers, and i served on the scholarship committee. let me briefly tell you what it is. there are us -- there is a set of three rules that we employed to guide our students in the classroom to ensure a positive learning environment, and these rules are, make good choices, solve your problem, and be respectful. i'm going to use these three rules to build a narrative about our organization. some 50 years ago, a group of young chinese-americans made a good choice of becoming teachers and worked for the san francisco unified school district.
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and because of their immigration and nationality act of 1965, which lifted national origin holders, a large number of chinese immigrants came and settled in san francisco. as a result, the district was faced with an influx of chinese immigrant children that had little or no english skills. at that time, there was no bilingual support for teachers, so therefore, these chinese-american teachers had to solve their own problem. they developed lessons to teach these immigrant students, they met after school to share lessons and talk about teaching, they created a network to support each other. these teachers were also respectful of the judicial system. they joined a movement led by dr. martin luther king jr. to fight for civil rights. they developed -- they went out
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to the communities to listen to parent concerns, they helped change school district policies. in 1969, the association of chinese teachers was formally established. with a mission of ensuring education equity for all. five years later, the scholarship committee was established. that tear, they were able to fund two scholarships. over the span of 45 years, through the generosity of many community leaders and members, current and retired educators, the number of scholarships has increased. this year, at our 50th anniversary, we are able to award scholarships to 23 high school graduating seniors who
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have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to social justice. the students have worked hard and have shown self-discipline in their schools and community, and some of them are able to be here tonight. please join me in celebrating the achievements of the 2019 scholarship recipients. from balboa high school, audrey sue, from philip burton high school, patricia fong, from galileo high school, aidan you, right here. [applause] >> sherman wang and kathleen sue from john o'connell high school, victor louis, from lincoln high school, danielle lay, brian liang, eva wong, and cindy lee.
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from lowell high school, victoria lamb, danton lee, joshua park, medicine wong, michelle one, and kevin chang. from mission high school, san jiao. from ruth school of the arts, sin delay. from san francisco international high school, we have both of the scholarship recipients. [applause] >> last but not least, from marshall high school, i.v. lou, jin lou, and john wang. please give the students your round of applause for their achievements. [applause] thank you.
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>> thank you. do the students want to say a word? >> did you want to? >> all right. >> go ahead, enjoy. [laughter] >> hi, my name is aidan. i am a senior galileo high school. this year i will be attending cal poly school, studying earth space engineering. [applause] >> hi, my name is lucy, i am a senior at in san francisco international high school, and next year, i will be attending san francisco state university and studying education. [applause]. >> hi, i am galahad, i will be attending stanford university next year, and then i will see what i want to study. [laughter] [applause]
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>> congratulations, thank you very much, and congratulations for your 50th anniversaries this year. next up -- [applause]. >> next up is a filipino educators of san francisco. we will read the names of the scholarship award winners. >> good evening. my name is gerald and i am here tonight representing sfusd and an organizing group of filipino educators in the city of san francisco, previously known by the acronym '05. we are fortunate enough this year to receive donations from the community to financially award 26 students from the school of the arts. have déjà hill and abigail lou,
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from balboa high school, we have joshua cabrera, emily one, ainslie his on a dead -- ainslie sauna dad. from lincoln high school, we have kayla and ethan. [reading names] >> from mission high school, we have... [reading names]. link mac.
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>> from o'connell high school we have... [reading names] >> from washington high school we have [reading names] can we give it up for them one time? [applause] >> in addition to awarding our scholarship recipients, will be hosting a districtwide celebration for all filipinos graduating seniors this friday at balboa high school from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. we inviting every senior in sfusd along with their families and semi -- supporting communities to enjoy it -- join us. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. and finally, we have s.f. achievers, san francisco achievers. is anyone present from san francisco achievers?
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they give an annual set of scholarship awards. i'm not seeing anybody rise to represent san francisco achievers. that is the conclusion of the scholarship awards, so i definitely want to thank all the administrator and teacher organizations and other committees that have worked hard to support our students and last but not least, i want to congratulate all of our soon-to-be graduates will be crossing the stages next week. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. next item is section c., public comment on nonagenda items. please note that public comment is an opportunity for the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdiction. we ask that you refrain from using employee and student names if you have a complaint about a district employee, you may submit it to the employee his supervisor in accordance with
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district policy. as a reminder, board rules in california law do not allow us, the board, to respond to comments or attempt to answer questions during public comment time. if appropriate, the superintendent or deputy will ask that staff follow up with speakers. when i read your name, approach the podium. okay, we are going to move this item back a little bit, but just be prepared, these people will be speaking around the schoolyard resurfacing, but we will have a presentation first before the public comment. thank you for reminding me, judson. that public comment will wait. all right, please approach the dies and we have a presentation.
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local control accountability plan. the recommendations on the apparent advisory council -- council, and the learner advisory committee, the african-american parent advisory council, and community advisory committee for special education. welcome. thank you. >> fantastic. good evening, vice president, deputy, commissioners, and student delegates. i would like to introduce
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ourselves. where the local control accountability task force. i and the student advisory council's did advocate. >> good evening, my name is letitia, i'm the program coordinator for the african-american parent advisory council. >> good evening, i'm sharon, i coordinate the services court 19 program and share the executive advisory council. i would like to say happy national foster care month. [applause] >> good evening. my name is maggie, i am the english -- english language advisory council liaison. >> good evening, i am the chair of the community advisory committee for special education. >> good evening, my name is george or williams, i'm the coordinator for the parent advisory council. tonight's presentation is to help inform the development of
8:42 am
the district's local accountability plan, in particular, improving the mentation of strategic initiative. our presentation is called connecting the dots. it is trying to make the connection between the district strategic plans and goals, and actions that are happening on the ground in our schools. so, we convinced -- condensed a wealth of information from our stakeholder engagement, so i wanted to take a brief summary of our findings and the recommendations that we've developed. this is our sixth year of community stakeholder engagement over the six years, we have heard from over 2,000 people. we are touching upon over 100 different schools, and over 150 different conversations. >> as i mentioned, this is just a summary of what we have heard, but we would like to start with acknowledging that we know there is a ton of work that is happening, a tremendous amount of work happening across the district to help improve and increase student outcomes, in particular, close the gaps in
8:43 am
achievement, and opportunity for our students in particular. we want to really share what we heard on the ground in terms of what people see that is working, and what needs to be expanded. stakeholders really emphasize and notice a focus on e. skills development and saw there were specific interventions that were having an for focal students, and also we identify the mentation of the wonders curriculum to support english language development for students who are learning english, particularly with the other curriculum, and also emphasizing the importance of our community partnerships with our community organizations. families really underscored classroom supports for behavior management, as well as in the mentation of restorative practices, and behaviours support to serve and include our students with disabilities. they also noted that they have heard about promising practices that are actually having an impact, and families want to know how can that be expanded
8:44 am
upon so that families were aware -- are aware of what is happening. people may be sharing practices, but how are we sharing those with families? over our many conversations with our stakeholders, three things stood out the most. student placement, resources, and service interruption. as one of our high school council members said, at this point, we are just trying to stay afloat with the limited resources we are given. we practice equity at the school , but it isn't being practised on asking any sustainable way. these highlights will speak perfectly to that quote, the need for us to create a more equitable system for placing focal students throughout the year. you will hear more about that as we go through the slides. [please stand by]
8:45 am
multiple years of stakeholder
8:46 am
engagement. that has allowed us to refine our recommendations over the years. and so while the considerations for 2019, mirror what we saw previously on the slides for 2017 and 2018, we are providing you with the second half of this screen, which is some consistent considerations and requested actions within the continuing recommendations. so, for example, when we talk about providing ongoing training and monitoring of our new wonders eld curriculum, it's going to be important for schools to calendar opportunities on the wonders instructional materials and framework. but also specifically providing p.d. on the designated and integrated practices of the year. putting them on the calendar now up front, as opposed to making them an afterthought.
8:47 am
we know if it doesn't get on the calendar now, it's not going to end up on the calendar through the school year. when we talk about training and support, making sure that the technical support is available to the site leaders in the planning process, with sscs, with other parent advisory groups. and specifically, we talked earlier about how school sites are seeing reductions this year as the cost of staff goes up. so technical expertise in helping to figure out how to deal with the staff allocations and how to work around what to do with those reduction of funding. so, moving forward, we've had new recommendations that have come out of this year's report. and our first recommendation is adequately resource and support our schools. so increasing staff stability by creating opportunities for teacher collaboration and support to meet the needs of all students. and funding co-teaching in the
8:48 am
primary grades, specifically at our tier 3 schools. identifying qualified special ed case managers at all sites. and ensuring that accurate coding are included. what we're finding now is that many staff members do -- are doing what is right for the students whether or not it's written into ieps, but because it's not written in, those minutes aren't being captured, so schools are not appropriately staffed. we also need to focus on enhancing central supports in foster care. our second recommendation is to invest resources to support students, social-emotional well-being. that is providing training. finding opportunities to infuse mental health services and
8:49 am
well-being practices, such as mindfulness, restorative practices and anti-bullying strategies. including leveraging services in the community. and as you can see, one of our teachers in the conversation said, we need built-in time for social-emotional learning, we don't even have time to get through the academics. our next recommendation is ensure equitable access for students as they're enrolled in the schools throughout the year. that looks like considering the needs of students learning english, youth and foster care, youth in transition, students receiving special ed services and students attending court and county schools. providing and looking at providing students with options to enroll in schools across the districts, including the highly requested schools. so perhaps saving seats in career one schools. i can say i talked with parents,
8:50 am
our kids who are moving back schools. i can say i talked with parents, our kids who are moving back her here. >> fantastic. our fourth and final lcap recommendation is something that has been echoed and repeated throughout our communications, which stands as to elevate student voice in policy decisions, particularly our focal student populations. there seems to be a constant call to consult students directly when making decisions and identifying priorities. with this, i feel this goes seamlessly into our next piece of presentation, which concerns the student focus engagement feedback and recommendations for the plan. we will be briefly skipping over key questions which consider the joint recommendations of the advisory, but we'll be returning to that after this piece.
8:51 am
fantastic. so as you may know, i'm the student advisory council budget advocate, but more importantly, i would like to introduce two incredibly rock star student advocates. we have zachary fienberg and jessica chin who will be joining me. their work has been vital to many efficients, including the lcap -- efforts, including the lcap itself. >> thank you so much. we would like to begin our report on a brief insight on what our engagement process looks like. running parallel to the greater community engagement, our student-centred process revolves around three actions. our student voice survey, a youth-designed survey that rolls out across 17 high schools and three county schools. beyond the surveys, our team goes out to school sites and
8:52 am
hosts lcap forums and affairs. these events allow us to bring transparency to our district decision-making process and bring to the surface historically underrepresented student communities. finally, a series of student groups in providing narrative to the data and input we receive from the thousands of students we hear from. this year, our outreach efforts saw moment in diversification - movement in diversification. allowing population to be brought to the surface, outreach is informed by students. as well as being part of guiding conversations that direct a longer student narrative process in the focus groups. thank you. >> now that we understand who we heard from in the dynamics of our work, i would like to
8:53 am
examine recommendations and needs expressed in the past and how our district has addressed them. without actions put to recommendations, we feel that it would be synonymous with not receiving student voice in the first place. you see three priorities recognized in our process and on the right, the steps the district has taken to remedy them. the disconnect and recommendations made by the student stakeholders included a desire to increase awareness of leadership infrastructure at both high and middle school levels as well as centralized. we have become pilot conversations at the middle school, as well as the development of a handbook which i hope to provide unified structure to leadership while also respecting our district's diverse and varied leaderships opportunities at every site. which is currently beginning its first feedback sessions.
8:54 am
our students also noticed a separation between the priority of resources and site-decision-making and they need to improve our district's connections with service providers in which our district has taken the steps to construct feedback, while naming schools to better support the needs of the stakeholders. i hope that these trends of identifying students needs and tackling them can continue with the new and consistent recommendations identified this year. >> which brings us to the feedback we received in this year's lcap student engagement. these are the recommendations. much like the community-based lcap process, there exists a section of recommendations that still merit addressing. as well as recommendations that are echoed in the community and student feedback. and finally, two recommendations
8:55 am
our students have chosen to highlight. strengthening of accountable and open communications between both students and administrators, something which is novel to this year's feedback. there exists close alignment with the community and student recommendations. specifically two very key notes, which are the continued need to invest in resources such as wellness and beacon centers. for the students social-emotional health. the requested action to consult students directly when making decisions and identifying priorities. the importance of this, i wish to stress. these are two very key recommendations that seem to resonate across every stakeholder in our district. finally, two new student recommendations, which were derived from the district outreach and conversations. addressing or improving access to credit recovery programs. to allow for students who may
8:56 am
require additional supports to not have academic renewal be an unforgiving process. secondly, a disconnect in multiple conversations regarding rights and resources. where students are in many cases unsure or uninformed of what resources and support our sites can offer, making the further education of student rights a growing priority. >> thank you so much, jessica. with these recommendations in mind and looking back at the diverse engagement i've had the pleasure to conduct with great students and powerful voices, i would like to close this piece with actions, requested of the greater district. these including a student-led approach of outreach and informing of student rights, especially those relating to title ix. and connection between our district students and our credit
8:57 am
recovery to can take the steps that our students are supported and creates a community where every student can walk across the stage with the help from the district they deserve. and finally reiteration 2 and 4, so we can continue serving an healthy and engaged population. i would love to give an incredible thank you to our students, allies and presenters. jessica and zack. and thank you so much, commissioners and board, for your consideration and presence in hearing the 2019 joint recommendations. i would love to invite the lcap back to review our key questions. >> okay. key questions and concerns about san francisco unified school district priorities and budget process. how do we ensure seats and help for foster youth populations at highly requested school all year? how are we meeting the technology needs and supporting the keyboarding skills of
8:58 am
students to prepare and access them on the lcap aspect, all computer based assessment. how is san francisco school district documenting and sharing practice that demonstrate results for our students across and within schools? how are students' interest and input at wellness centers going to inform the funding of mental health resources at sites? and how do we ensure staff receives adequate training and trauma-informed practice? finally, on behalf of the many stakeholders in san francisco unified school district who share their ideas, questions and concerns, thank you for your considerations. so our next step is that local control accountability plan task
8:59 am
force will share findings, feedback and recommendations with schools and community organizations that holds conversations. so district leaders of board of education, we are await your response. thank you. >> i don't have any speaker cards on this item. so, commissioners? >> hi. thank you so much for that amazing presentation. so i was wondering what efforts were made in this process to ensure the inclusion of students learning english and newcomer students? >> sure, thank you so much. if anything, i feel it might be appropriate to present our student presenters up who have been an integral part of each step of the presentation.
9:00 am
hi, thank you for that question. i can answer that on behalf of the students. to ensure the inclusion of students, we have rolled out three languages that provide the survey in three languages, which are arabic, spanish and chinese. and through these three languages of the survey, we have put them in highly concentrated schools that have english learners and newcomers. so how that works is that their voices would be able to be heard and they would be acknowledged and properly represented. >> why do you think it's important that student engagement piece is centred and directed by students? >> i believe that it is important forde