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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 17, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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that i should continue to do that, instead of $119 an hour, she suggested a $4.75 an hour raise. >> chair fewer: thank you. thank you for your service. julie, come on down. >> thank you, supervisors. i'm julie tran, director of the court association's court program, and we partner with the public defender in providing this critical and important work that we all do. in 2009, i helped jeff adachi develop the summit where we are asking for funding, and there was a real crisis in the city as far as the public defender's office was concerned in 2009. and to make that crisis clear, he -- he told everyone, and it was true, that he could not do his job in the absence of additional funding. i'm in that place today.
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i cannot do my job without additional funding, and i am grateful that you all got it. i'm grateful that you are taking the lead on this because we really, really need it, and i am grateful for our justice partners, those of us who are engaged in this workday in and day out. our public defender wrote a great letter for us, the district attorney, the bar association. please share this with your colleagues. with other district supervisors, we are still educating in a very different way that had to do with 2009. please continue to educate them so we can get this fixed and continue to follow through with our education plan, the center piece of which is this raise, so thank you. >> chair fewer: thank you. next speaker, please. oh, okay. public comment is now --
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>> one quick issue, d.p.w. was saying -- i believe they were saying that they planted 2,000 trees a year or 10,000 trees a year, or they intended to, but at best, they plant about 2,000 trees a year. and also, prior to police officer chief scott's appointment and unfortunate incident occurred on haight street, a gentleman and brain cancer survivor was arrested. the individual had simply been walking his bike on the sidewalk to golden gait park. the officers provided as justification for the unlawful arrest the idea that they wanted to extend a background search for warrants across east bay. presumably -- well, the east
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b bay which only highlights their racism. there remains the remarkable ongoing pointless process of police officers who lack credibility effecting arrest so that honest arrests do not standup in court when these are on the issue of drug arrests and i was wondering if this is owing in part to adequate training and recruitment. there's also the matter of drug addicts being offered early jail release if they agree to plead guilty to felonies on potential misdemeanor charges and i'm wondering at what juncture police recruits drop out of the training process in significant numbers. a bank employee told me that it's following the ride along process, but i don't know how much she knows. i'm wondering what role if any police culture may play in the undermining retention of
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officers and department resources. are anonymous surveys taken anywhere along the process so that -- >> chair fewer: thank you very much. okay. any other public speakers? seeing none, public comment is now closed. i make a motion to move these -- i make a motion -- oh, sorry. sorry. i make a motion to move this -- to continue this item until tomorrow. a second? without objection, thanks. all right. thank you, everyone. long day, i know. >> clerk: madam chair, could you please adjourn the meeting. >> chair fewer: oh, meeting's adjourned. >> clerk: thank you.
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>> all right. let's get seated. good afternoon. and welcome to the june 11th, 2019, regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk, will you please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor brown. brown present. supervisor fewer? >> present. >> clerk: fewer present. supervisor haney. haney present. supervisor mandelman? mandelman not present. supervisor mar? mar present. supervisor present. >> present. >> clerk: supervisor ronen? >> present. >> clerk: supervisor safai. supervisor stefani?
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present. supervisor walton? supervisor yee? >> present. >> clerk: mr. president, we have a quorum. >> okay. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, will you please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of necker, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> all right. on behalf of the board, i would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgov tv, maya hernandez and kalina mendoza who record each of the meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. madam clerk, are there any communication? >> clerk: there are none to report, mr. president. >> colleagues, today we are approving the minutes from apri,
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2019 board meetings. and the may 8th, 2019 special meeting minutes at the budget and finance committee meeting, which constituted a quorum of the board of supervisors. are there any changes to these meeting minutes? seeing none, can i have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? motion by supervisor ronen, seconded by supervisor haney. and so without objection, these minutes will be approved after public comments. [gavel] madam clerk, would you please call the 2:00 special order. >> clerk: item number 1, we welcome the honorable mayor, london n. breed, who is present in the chamber today to engage in a policy discussion with eligible members of the board. two minutes are allotted for
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each question and the corresponding answer. public comment for this item will take place during general public. and initially the mayor may address the board for up to five minutes. >> all right. welcome, mayor breed. do you have any opening remarks? >> thank you, president yee. good afternoon, supervisors and members of the public. i know that we are all committed to strengthening and preserving communities across our city, and especially in neighborhoods, where our longtime residents have been displaced. this includes the mission district, which for years did not see any significant investment in affordable housing. as a result, the mission has struggled with displacement of its families and its latino population. in 2000, the mission was 50% latino and 43% of the households were families. in 2016, only 39% of the mission was latino and 38% were families
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we experience this as well in the f fillmore mission. they're rent-burden, paying more than 50% of their income in rent. over the last year, we have been working to reverse those trends by breaking ground on a number of housing projects with our neighborhood preference policies that will ensure people living in the neighborhood have access to affordable house, so that we don't make the same mistakes that we have in the past. earlier today, we announced another significant investment in the mission. the city will be purchasing 1515 south van ness, where we build roughly 150 affordable new housing units for families. 1515 south van ness is a great example of how we can act quickly when the opportunities
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arise, if our housing dollars have flexibility. as our discussions around housing it investments, with our bond and our eran sources continue, we must not be too prescriptive and demand set aside for one district and another. we really need to focus on developing a real housing pipeline throughout the entire city. and we need to implement policies that will let us build new, affordable housing all over san francisco for our low and middle income residents. that is what people in this city want for our government to be flexible, to be effective and to spend those dollars wisely and to build quickly. now building affordable housing isn't just about having the resources. and so, supervisors, i have heard concerns about the proposed charter amendment that i have submitted to you all for
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your review. this charter amendment is very simple. it gets rid of the bureaucracy, the bureaucracy that delays much-needed 100% affordable housing. this charter amendment will allow us to move forward with projects that are 100% affordable housing, 100% teacher housing, move forward with them without the significant delays that continue to stop housing production in san francisco. i don't understand why it's such a challenge, but the fact is we're not asking for more height, we're not asking for any changes to the laws, we're just asking to allow us to move forward with housing production with less bureaucracy. we know that san francisco is unaffordable. we know that we have not, over the years, built enough housing citywide. this is why, along with the
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housing bond, we can do more faster. and that's what the residents of the city i think are looking for in its elected leadership. i'm tired of talking about it. , i want to see the results that allows for people to move into their new homes. this is how we address what we know are challenges with homelessness. this is how we address what we know are challenges with affordability. we have to be prepared and have the courage to make the kinds of changes that will lead to the results, that the people of san francisco are counting on. thank you. >> thank you, mayor breed. madam clerk, could you please call the first topic. >> clerk: a topic was submitted by a member of the board representing district 10, supervisor walton, regarding people living in vehicles. >> okay. supervisor walton, please ask your opening question. >> thank you, madam clerk. thank you so much, madam mayor. just want to thank you for all of your work to address the
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issues around the population and commend you for all of the resources dedicated to providing houses for those in need in san francisco. as you know with the current new count of the unhoused population in san francisco, we have an increased amount of people living in their vehicles and even more so in district 10. i know you dedicated $1 million towards locating a place for people to live in vehicles and receive services. what more can we do together to address this growing number of people, live flag their vehicles, as we share the number one goal of providing housing for people who do not have it? >> so san francisco, like so many cities around the bay area not only saw an increase in the number, sadly, of people who are living -- who are homeless in san francisco, but saw an uptick in the number of people living in their vehicling last year. as we watch communities up and down the west coast struggle to address these challenges, we
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have few successes and some dramatic failures. in october, h.s.h. conducted a survey of this population to learn more about their needs and experiences. and based on that survey, and what we learned from other communities, we have deployed -- we developed two pilot programs to reduce the number of people living in their cars and vehicles. and thanks to supervisor brown for her leadership on this effort. the first is our vehicular encampment resolution team. over multiple weeks, the hot team will go to places with high concentrations of vehicle homelessness and work to bring health care services and housing opportunities to people. and we're already doing this. for example, on duluth street, in the excelsior in supervisor safai's district, we were able to help people find housing, connect them to navigation centers, fix their r.v.s and actually in some instances connect people to relatives in
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other cities, where they could find stability. i've also, as you said, committed additional resources, including $1 million in this upcoming budget for a pilot program. to help triage and try and bring people to one location. [bell ringing] this will help us learn more about the population and the barriers to housing. and, you know, again it's -- it's easier sometimes said than done. especially when the conversations are had with individuals and the offers are made. some people may not necessarily trust it initially, but i will commend our homeless outreach team for their work and going back and trying over and over again to get people to help in the support they need. this has been a real challenge for our city as a whole. and we will continue to invest resources and do everything we can to address the issue. >> thank you. >> supervisor wallton, you may
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now ask a follow-up question, directly related to the opening question, if you have one. >> thank you. just real quick, madam mayor. are there any plans to come up with a task force just specifically dedicated? i know we have staff working on people who live in vehicles and assessing their needs. but is there going to be a more robust team dedicated to actually providing services, just for that population of unhoused folks? >> i didn't hear part of what you said, the last part. >> well -- >> the front part of what you said, are there going to be a team of what? >> a team of individuals, kind of like what we do with h.s.a. just for people dedicated to living in their vehicles? >> just so you know there is a team of folks who are a team of the ahoc team which really focus ed on people who were living in their vehicles. and so they, as i said earlier,
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they've set up a system and they'll be transitioning into what we're developing in terms of a location the pilot program and the funds dedicated to help provide the showers and the support and the resources in order to triage and address what we know is a real challenge here. so it's already happening >> it's just an extension of what we're doing with hsoc. as you know last year, sadly there were large tent encampments all over san francisco. and a very similar approach had taken place to address this issue with those living in their vehicles. and we have had some successes. but, you know, we can't let up and we have to make sure that we invest more resources and continue down this path. we are committed to doing everything that we can. and in some instances, we've been able to help transition people and some are just a little bit more challenging.
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>> so, mayor breed, do you have a follow-up question for supervisor walton? >> no. >> okay. with no follow-up question from the mayor, this concludes our mayoral discussion time. thank you, mayor breed, for joining us today. >> thank you, president yee, and thank you members of the board and the public. see ya. >> okay. this matter has been discussed and is now filed. [gavel] madam clerk, can you please read the consent agenda items 2 through 4. >> items 2 through 4, considered to be routine, if a member objects, an item may be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever any items from the consents agenda?
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seeing none, madam clerk, please call the roll. on items 2 through 4, supervisor safai? supervisor walton? >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor yee? >> aye. >> yee, aye. >> supervisor fewer? >> aye. >> fewer aye. haney aye. supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> mar aye. supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> okay. without objections, these ordinances are finally passed unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, let's go to the regular agenda. >> clerk: item 5 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to require the city to close josh powell hall by december 21st, 2021.
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let's see. madam clerk, i believe we need to call roll on this one. >> clerk: supervisor brown is on the roster, president. >> supervisor walton? >> thank you so much, supervisor yee. i just wanted to actually make a motion to add some amendments to the legislation. and so everyone does have a copy of the amendments that we are proposing. and the first one is on page 6, lines 20-22. it adds language around purpose of the work groups. and the language will state "and preserve, protect and aim to expand the role of the public sector in the direct provision of juvenile rehabilitation services, both in community-based alternatives to detention and in any rehabilitative, noninstitutional place or places of detention.
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a revision of the seats, adding two labor seats and this is on line 13. page 8, seats 10 and 11 shall be held by nonmanagement employees working in juvenile hall. page 8, lines 15 to 23, updates to seating of the work group after the addition of two labor seats. page 9, updates to total seats, members appointed by the board of supervisors to 11. and page 9, line 8 through 10, added language to the labor seats. i move that we accept these amendments. >> second. >> thank you, supervisor walton. are there any questions or comments? supervisor ronen. >> seconding. >> oh, you seconded. okay. so there's been a motion made and a second for the amendments,
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as outlined by supervisor walton. without any objections, then the amendments are passed. [gavel] i guess these amendments are substantive enough that we will have to go back to first reading on this again. we'll hear this again at our next scheduled meeting. >> clerk: roll call vote, mr. president. >> roll call, please. >> the amendments were taken without objection, supervisor. so then on the item as amended, supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani? >> no. >> supervisor walton? >> aye. >> supervisor yee? >> aye. >> supervisor brown? >> aye. >> supervisor fewer? >> aye. >> supervisor haney? >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye.
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>> supervisor ronen? >> aye. >> there are ten ayes, one no with supervisor safai in the dissent. >> okay. so the ordinance will continue as amended at our next meeting. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> we'll mark that in the minutes, first reading as amended. item 6 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to allow applications for mills act contracts for historic properties to be filled concurrently with applications for designation of the same properties and to affirm the determination. >> roll call, please. >> on item 6. supervisor safai? >> aye. >> supervisor stefani? >> aye. >> supervisor walton? >> aye. >> supervisor yee? >> aye. >> supervisor brown? >> aye. >> supervisor fewer? >> aye. >> supervisor haney?
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>> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> mar. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes >> this ordinance passes unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> item 7 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to change the office of sexual harassment from a department directly under the human rights commission to -- directly under the executive director, of the human rights commission and to modify the appointment process for the director of the office. >> colleagues, shall we take this same call? without objection, this ordinance has finally passed unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, next item, please. [shouting]
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[gavel] >> we will now take -- we will now take a recess. thank you very much. >> outer loop. before we went on recess, did we call the next item yet? >> clerk: item 8. item 8 was referred without recommendation from the rules committee. it's an ordinance to amend the health cord to authorize procedures for the appointment of a conservator for a person with serious mental illness and substance use disorder and to designate the city attorney to institute judicial proceedings to establish housing conservatorship and amending the administrative code to establish the housing conservatorship working group to conduct an
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evaluation of the housing conservatorship program. >> okay. can we take this same call? >> roll call, mr. president. >> roll call, please. >> clerk: on item, supervisor safia. supervisor stefani? >> aye. >> supervisor walton? >> no. >> supervisor yee? >> aye. >> supervisor brown? >> aye. >> supervisor fewer? >> aye. >> supervisor haney? >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen? >> there are 10 ayes with 1 no with supervisor ronen in the dissent. >> okay. this ordinance is finally passed by a 10-1 vote. [gavel] madam clerk, please call items 9 and 10 together. >> 9 and 10 comprise the -- for
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the city and county of san francisco. item 9 is the resolution to -- doing business as the san francisco examiner, to be the official newspaper of the city for all official advertising for fiscal year 2019 through '20. and item 10 is the outreach advertising which designates the small business exchanger the s.f. bayview, the el reportero, sing tao daily, the bay area reporter, jazmine blue media, doing business as the resolution to also appoints the marina times for the marina neighbors age potrero view. >> okay, madam clerk, call the roll. >> clerk: on items 9 and 10, supervisor safia? >> aye. >> supervisor stefani? >> aye.
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>> supervisor walton? >> aye. >> supervisor yee? >> aye. >> supervisor brown? >> supervisor fewer? >> aye. >> supervisor haney? >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen? >> aye. there are 11 ayes. >> okay. these resolutions are adopted unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 11 is a resolution to authorize the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute a professional services agreement with mountain tunnel improvements construction management services, forgive me, with aecom technical services for mountain tunnel improvement construction management services and to provide these services for a proposed project for a total not to exceed amount of $24.5 million, a duration of eight years through 2027. >> colleagues, can we take this
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same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 12 is -- -- instituto familiar de la raza and the department of public health for behavioral health services to increase the agreement amount for an amount not to exceed $28.8 million and to extend the term by five years for a total agreement of juul 1st, 2018 through june 30th, 2025. >> colleagues, can we take the same house in call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] >> clerk: item 13. is resolution to approve the first amendment to the agreement between the department of public health and the regents of the university of california for behavioral health services to increase the amount for a total amount not to exceed $49.2 million and to extended contract by three and one half
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years for a total term of july 1st, 2018. >> supervisor haney? thank you. i was the one "no" vote in the budget committee. i had some concerns about the performance metrics and making sure that we had adequate data and really a clear sense of the outcomes and the efficacy of the program. so i voted against this. since then i have had the opportunity to speak with u.c.f.f. and they provided me with extensive information about outcomes and measure bees, including re-admission, case loads step-down. but we are still going to be working together with supervisor mandelman and supervisor fewer on looking more broadly at our behavioral health services contract and how we evaluate them and bring them forward. but i will be supporting this item today. >> thank you, supervisor haney.
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can we take this same house, same call? this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] policeman, please call the next item. >> improve and authorize the director of the mayor's office of housing and community development to execute documents relating to loans for the acquisition, rehabilitation or permanent financing of six project sites located at 1201 pull e-street, 462 green street, 4830 mission street, 3280, 17th street and 65 woodward street, pursuant to the small sites permanent and preservation. the seismic safety program for a total loan amount not to exceed $48.6348 and to confirm the department determination. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. okay. [gavel]
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madam clerk, this brings us to 2:30. can we call the 2:30 item, please. >> clerk: yes, mr. president. we have four supervisors who are going to present commendations, supervisor brown, supervisor mar, supervisor ronen and supervisor mandelman. >> fantastic. >> supervisor brown, please present your commendation. >> thank you, president yee. today, sadly in a lot of ways for a lot of us that have problems with our computers at work, we're honoring today alvin moses. he served in the city and the county for more than 30 years. oh, excuse me. my phone is talking to me. about alvin. it needs alvin. [laughter] first job with the city, alvin worked at the fire department for the materials and supplies as a supervisor. he joined the board of
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supervisors in december 1996. i think that's when i started rattling the chains at city hall. so alvin was here. our faithful colleague and adviser for more than 22 years. over those 22 years, alvin reliably supported and safeguarded our information system infrastructure and provided technical support to our department. if not for alvin, we would not be here today. we'd probably still be at our computers grumbling in our offices. i know i've been there a lot doing that. and alvin comes in and i am not very happy, grumbling. he says could you please move aside and let me work on your computer. yes, i will. and he easily does it and happily walks away, which always amazes me. we -- so today actually with -- with great pleasure, and also some sadness, i would like to
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commend alvin for all of his work and wish him well in his retirement. i also want to congratulate him on his full-time commitment and now his new primary job as being a husband, a father, and a family man. alvin, please come on up. [applause] >> before alvin speaks, there's a few supervisors who would like to ask some comments also. supervisor ronen, you're up. >> yes. alvin, i can't even imagine coming to city hall every day and you being gone. you were one of the first people to train me on our computer system, about eight and a half, nine years ago when i was a legislative aide. and seeing you ever since has been a comfort and brought joy to, no matter how stressful the
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day was, because you have that air about you, where you are just calm and stable and know how to fix things. [laughter] and for those of us that are nutty in these halls, stressed out, making deals, trying to figure things out, your calm presence has always just brought me a lot of joy. and i really want to thank you for that. i want to thank you for your commitment, for your stability, for being there, for fixing everything. you absolutely deserve this time with your family. i'm going to miss hearing about your family and your kids and your grandchildren. and it's so fun to hear your stories. but congratulations. thank you for everything you've given to the city and county and to us. >> thank you. >> supervisor stefani. >> thank you, president yee. alvin, i am so sad to see you go. when i started here in january of 2007, you were right there making sure i knew how to use the computer here.
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such a joy to see in the hall, such great demeanor. such a sweet man and i'm really going to miss you. i wish you the best in your retirement. and thank you for everything that you've done, not just for us here, but for the entire city and county of san francisco. >> thank you. >> supervisor fewer. >> thank you, president yee. yes, alvin, i just wanted to take this opportunity to personally say thank you for all your service. and i think what especially i like about you, not only you're a great computer knowledge, you're always such a nice person. always upbeat, always so pleasant to be around. you know, there's a lot of unpleasant people at city hall. and not my colleagues, though, of course, guys. but i just wanted to say, i
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think that you're -- when i see you in my office, it's -- as my colleagues have said, you're always calm, but so kind. and, you know, to offer me passwords that i can remember, for example. but also i just wanted to take this opportunity to say personally to you, i am wishing you much joy, much love, light, good health and good luck throughout your long retirement, alvin. >> thank you. >> i'd like to invite our madam clerk to make a few comments. >> thank you, mr. president. as we know, there's a lot of professional staff in the clerk's office, who deserve a lot of praise. but no one more than you today, alvin moses. mrs. moses here today with you? hello, mrs. moses, we want to thank you for the time you've allowed alvin to spend working in our office. he has the deepest respect of a lot of the clerk staff, who are actually here in the chamber
1:39 am
today. there isn't anything you couldn't do, alvin. whenever you would cuff your chin and say, "don't worry, that's why i'm here." [laughter] so we would all instantaneously have a lot of confidence that you knew the path forward, even though it looked like it was a simple fix for a solution. i bet john knows it wasn't always the easiest option. it was probably what was best for the department. pretty difficult. you implemented it, nevertheless. you can put aside all of the computers and just know that you've trained up nav, you've got the best colleague in john, who are probably going to miss you the most. but we're all going to miss you. and you're a very calm presence, you're a professional, your style. i mean, you were the dean of all of us in the clerk's office. and when i was a legislative aide as well, you were also the
1:40 am
dean from the clerk's office on the i.t. team. so thank you so much for all of your assistance and we will definitely miss you. your job is done. you now need to shed the employee, you know, current employee of the city and county. be that retiree, you're going to receive all of your next assignments from mrs. moses. >> yeah. >> [laughter] we look forward to your future. and we invite you back. this will always be a home for you. i very much appreciate the last 23 years getting to work with you. so thank you, sir. we will miss you. >> thank you. [applause] >> and i just want to add my congratulations to you, in terms of being able to move on with your life and actually enjoy your life now. [laughter] and now i have to say that when
1:41 am
something happens, as everybody else has mentioned, something happens with our computers, in the office, you know, we really, all four of us, my three staff and myself, we go into panic attack. and it's the craziest thing, you know, when people do go in panic attacks. it lasts for a long time. but as soon as you walk through the door, it's amazing how things just almost instantaneously, we calm down. because we know it's going to be fixed. and i thank you for your service. >> thank you. [applause] >> the operative word in this situation are just two, thank you. i started my journey with the city and county of san francisco in 1988, with the san francisco
1:42 am
fire department, as was mentioned as a material and supply supervisor. then i transitioned to the office of contract administration or purchasing, as it was known then. from there in 1988, some 23 years ago, i was privileged to become -- let's see an i.t. administrator for the board of supervisors. and the reason why i say thank you is simply this. it has been my privilege to work with a group of people, dedicated with the proposition of serving the city and county of san francisco audits citizen -- and its citizenry. so the congratulations not only goes to me, but it also goes to the board of supervisors, it goes to, let's see, the office of the clerk of the board and the person of angela, it goes to operations, goes to, let's see, the legislative section, going to administration, because you have made, let's see, my tenure here not only doable, but also
1:43 am
enjoyable. so thank you. [applause] >> alvin, i would like if you can honor us and come into our sinner circle. and we would love to take a photo of you.
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>> one, two, three. [applause] >> make a speech about it. >> okay. i'd like to invite supervisor mar to offer his commendation. >> thank you, president yee.
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today i'm pleased to present a very special commendation to nick anderson, who is a sunset district resident, who is tremendous act of bravery was recently recognized by the carnegie hero fund commission. nick, would you please come up front. since 1904, the carnegie medals, like this right here, have been awarded to community members who risk their lives, to extraordinary degree, while saving the lives of others. and i'm so proud that nick, who is a san francisco resident and a sunset neighbor, was one of 19 individuals from throughout the u.s. in canada recently awarded carnegie medals for their acts of heroism. in may 2017, nick, along with his girlfriend tracy spears, who is also here today, saved five people from a burning vehicle, when they stopped at the scene
1:46 am
of an accident in mendocino county. six people were inside a pickup truck that collided with an s.u.v. on highway 101 in the early morning hours. fire broke out at the front ends of both vehicles. with another man's help, nick pried open one of the truck's rear doors and free a 7-year-old boy from his seat and removed a 22-month-old girl from her safety seat. handing her off to another person. as nick moved around the truck to reach the passenger side, he heard someone moaning from inside the covered bed. he reached through the cover's rear window and lifted the injured man through it, lowering him to the road. he then entered twice more to remove two women in the truck, as flames licked the front windshield. the fire rapidly spread and engulfed both vehicles. tragically neither driver survived. so on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors and the carnegie hero fund
1:47 am
commission, i'm truly honored to recognize nick anderson for your courageous and quick-thinking actions that saved the lives of five others. thank you so much, nick. [applause] [ please stand by ]
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>> supervisor ronen: -- and worked in a financial aid office as a work-study student. after his a.a., he transferred to ucsf. meanwhile, he continued his work in the financial aid office and was eventually promoted to academic counselor.
1:52 am
because jorge had become an expert in financial aid and was beloved by students, he was chosen to become the dean of the financial office. jorge became the dean of the mission campus when it opened. recognizing the challenges and addressing the educational needs of the community and seeing the need to consolidate the classes into one location, jorge helped organize a group of community leaders, teachers, and classified staff who worked for 34 years of building a permanent home in the mission. in august 2007, the dream became a reality and jorge was the dean. over the 12 years he was the dean, he realized that most students worked so he made sure
1:53 am
that resources are always available to assist students through the process of getting educated, whether that meant getting certificates, transferring to university or just building skills. the mission campus serves a majority of minorities, but the majority of the students are latinx. jorge and his wife, whom he met at city college, raised their family in san francisco. his son, his daughter, and their six-year-old granddaughter are here to
1:54 am
celebrate their dad and grandfather, plus many colleagues from city colleague are here to cheer him on as he begins what will certainly be a remarkable next chapter. jorge, i cannot thank you enough for believe in the transformative power of education. thank you for touching the lives of thousands of student throughout the course of your career. thanks to your dedication and vision, city college in the mission campus will continue to provide amazing education opportunities for every who passes through its doors. you have shown the way, and you have forged the path even through your retirement, thank you so much. [applause] >> president yee: supervisor mandelman, would you like to say a few words?
1:55 am
>> supervisor mandelman: yeah, just a very few. i had the opportunity to work with jorge when i was on the city college board of trustees. i just want to thank for your extraordinary work for all those years, but particularly through the tumult of the accreditation crisis. you a you were an anchor for the institution and, college made it through. [applause] >> president yee: okay. all yours. >> about 45 years ago, i was almost homeless. i knew that education was the door for the american dream. city college had been that door for me. it's always nice to work in a place that you enjoy working and doing something that you love to do, and let me tell you, education works.
1:56 am
like me, there are thousands of people that can tell you about how city college have changed their lives. i want to thank you, all the supervisors, for your support to city college of san francisco, for your support to free city. this is just an amazing city, and without city college, it wouldn't be the same. thank you to all san franciscans for giving me the opportunity to live in this beautiful city and work at city college. thank you. [applause]
1:57 am
>> president yee: okay. supervisor mandelman, please present your commendation. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, president yee. george ridgely, come on up. we need to honor you. today, i am honored to recognize a queer community leader and a person who for many years has put on one of the city's biggest and best celebration, george ridgely, the execute director of san francisco pride. george took the helm of san francisco pride in 2014 and in
1:58 am
july, he will be producing his sixth and unfortunately final pride. on june 29 and 30, pride will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots with a rally in civic center as well as a parade on market street. putting a parade on for 1 million street is hard work, but george makes it look easy. he has led the festival through some of the our community's biggest highs and lows, from celebration in 2014 to mourning in the wake of the pulse night club massacre in 2018. before joining pride, george
1:59 am
spent 11 years producing another iconic, and he ran his own production company where he managed the production of the lgbt's soiree. he's been also involved with the castro street fair. as i mentioned, this san francisco pride will be george's last at the helm, but he won't be going far. he'll be going to the city.
2:00 am
on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors, i want to thank george for your tremendous service to pride and the lgbt in san francisco. george ridgely, everyone. give him some applause. and now if you'd like to say a few words. >> thank you, supervisor. it's an honor to be here today. it's a privilege to do the job i do, so to get a thank you from the board of supervisors is pretty spectacular. i could never believe when i was a little kid in maryland that i would be running the biggest pride event in san francisco if not the world. i'm gradef