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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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kickoff pride month with all of you. we are really grateful for the excellent relationship that we have with the city and many of the agencies that we have to work with to pull this event off. it is true i am leaving after this year's event. i will be working with rec and park. i intend to volunteer for pride when i can and do as much work for the city as i can. the global pride movement has proven to be an effective and enduring agent for change. it is the modern movement san francisco has been the leader in the space as supervisor mandelman mentioned we had o our own rising. this is part of a trilogy, generations every assistance. last year was generations of
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strength. as we were putting together the plan we fixated on the word generations and that that meant and the generations of people whose shoulders we stand on and who came before us to make it what it is today. next year our theme is generations of hope. you can see how that plays out to the 50th anniversary. every year we celebrate individuals and organizations, local heroes who have done so much to give back and build the lbgq community. in addition to the grand marshalls that supervisor mandelman pointed out we have award des here. i want to acknowledge them. china silk. is china here?
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she is one of our award des, she is a san francisco native and member of the imperial court. she had grand dutches 27 and empress 39. she is a prolific fundraiser and fierce community advocated. is sampson mccormick here? he is an award-winning entertainer, one of the most celebrated voices in comedy for two decades. he is hilarious. he has headlines such venues as the historic howard theater, kennedy center, san francisco punchline, harvard unit and the first lbgq comic to perform at the smithsonian.
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i am not sure if there is a representative from lion martin. they set standards for community-based health service, and the organization is named after phyllis lion and del martin. it was founded in 1979 as a volunteer clinic providing healthcare to women, lesbians and in a safe and compassionate environment. another award de would be nia collective. they are in the house. they received this year's 10 years of service award. for more than 30 years they have been providing a safe space for lesbians of african descent to teach and learn without
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judgment. they share information through annual gatherings and partnerships with other community organizations. nia collective. [applause.] >> i don't believe he is here today, but our board selected bob haas for the freedom award. he helped to establish levy as a corporate -- levi by establishing support groups and sponsoring volunteer activities. they have provided 7 $70 million to hiv/aids non-profits around the board. they were the first fortune 500 companies to offer benefits to same-sex couples.
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[applause.] i believe that ken henderson is here from the aid foundation. they are the recipient of the pride community award this year. it is an organization dedicated to raising funds for aids, hunger programs and programs for home less youth in the bay area. through the production of quality entertainment programs. founded by two mothers who lost their only sons to aids, we honor their son's memories and helps alleviateiate suffering of other sons and daughters living with hiv/aids. finally, crystal veronica. crystal is another of our award des, a proud queer photographer
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and recipient of the pride creative award. her work is stunning and beautiful. her photography focuses on persons of color and documents folks documenting decisions about love and not compromising values for societal standards. crystal veronica. [applause.] >> i also want to acknowledge teddy witherington, pride's first executive director. he is here with us today. thank you for being here. >> having walked in your path and sat in your chair i have immense respect for you. throughout this movement we are called upon to show strength and resistance and hope.
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it is an honor to celebrate these individuals and organizations. they have risen to the calls and met the challenges head on. as your march down market street we will be joined by someone attending the very first pride. how cool is it they get to do that in san francisco? (applause). our city is an emblem of strength and beacon of home for lbgq people around the world. in a couple weeks we will have 280 contingents marching down market street and hundreds of thousands on civic center, 20 stages planned. people are working tirelessly around the clock to make this event successful and safe. thanks to the mayor and city for
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all of the support we get. i am standing up here today with our new board president, jack lane bishop. [applause.] as well as many board members. caroline wisingger is one of our board members. i would like to introduce her to you. >> i want to thank everyone for coming out. i wrote some great remarks for this event. last night i found out a couple of young comrades were victims of hate crimes at the end of the democratic convention the other day. it reminded me about those two words in our theme. generations every assistance. i work with high school students. what is the importance of the pride flag? i am one of those folk that go
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to different municipalities to fight to raise the flag. it reminds me when we fight as municipality we resist policies and institutions. our young people are learning how to resist. we have to remember the history of our resistance. it is 50 years of stone wall and it will 89th birthday of supervisor milk. we have to continue resisting. remember those still affected by violence from the community. we have to continue to protect them. thank you may or breed and the city of san francisco for continuing this tradition. i urge you to go to the communities outside of san francisco. they need your voices so they can have something like this in their city. thank you very much. [applause.]
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>> what an you event. thank you to the pride team and board. thank you all. as we close, i just want to thank the bob ross foundation for the generous support to make this event happen. [applause.] and i want to thank the amazing team behind-the-scenes that work tirelessly in protocol, anthony and the team. my team at the office of transinitiatives. thank you. i would like to take a moment to recognize all of the department heads and allies who came out today and city employees. if you could raise your hands if you are with us. thank you. [applause.] all of the folks who receive support from the city. those folks here with lbg programs that work tirelessly.
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let's recognize them. [applause.] this work doesn't end here. we know mayor breed and myself and all of the electives up here and all of you will continue to do the work. we have to continue to love each other, support each other, not just in june, 360, every day of the year. it is my honor to introduce san francisco official band the gay and lesbian freedom band. please enjoy cocktails and have a great day. thank you. [applause.] ♪ ♪
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>> working with kids, they keep you young. they keep you on your tones -- on your toes. >> teaching them, at the same time, us learning from them, everything is fulfilling. >> ready? go. [♪] >> we really wanted to find a way to support women entrepreneurs in particular in san francisco. it was very important for the mayor, as well as the safety support the dreams that people want to realize, and provide them with an opportunity to receive funding to support improvements for their business so they could grow and thrive in
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their neighborhoods and in their industry. >> three, two, one! >> because i am one of the consultants for two nonprofits here for entrepreneurship, i knew about the grand through the renaissance entrepreneur center, and through the small business development center. i thought they were going to be perfect candidate because of their strong values in the community. they really give back to the neighborhood. they are from this neighborhood, and they care about the kids in the community here. >> when molly -- molly first told us about the grant because she works with small businesses. she has been a tremendous help for us here. she brought us to the attention of the grand just because a lot of things here were outdated, and need to be up-to-date and redone totally. >> hands in front. recite the creed. >> my oldest is jt, he is seven, and my youngest is ryan, he is
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almost six. it instills discipline and the boys, but they show a lot of care. we think it is great. the moves are fantastic. the women both are great teachers. >> what is the next one? >> my son goes to fd k. he has been attending for about two years now. they also have a summer program, and last summer was our first year participating in it. they took the kids everywhere around san francisco. this year, owner talking about placing them in summer camps, all he wanted to do was spend the entire summer with them. >> he has strong women in his life, so he really appreciates it. i think that carries through and i appreciate the fact that there are more strong women in the world like that. >> i met d'andrea 25 years ago,
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and we met through our interest in karate. our professor started on cortland years ago, so we grew up here at this location, we out -- he outgrew the space and he moved ten years later. he decided to reopen this location after he moved. initially, i came back to say, hey, because it might have been 15 years since i even put on a uniform. my business partner was here basically by herself, and the person she was supposed to run the studio with said great, you are here, i started new -- nursing school so you can take over. and she said wait, that is not what i am here for i was by myself before -- for a month before she came through. she was technically here as a secretary, but we insisted, just put on the uniform, and help her teach. i was struggling a little bit. and she has been here. one thing led to another and now we are co-owners. you think a lot more about
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safety after having children and i wanted to not live in fear so much, and so i just took advantage of the opportunity, and i found it very powerful to hit something, to get some relief, but also having the knowledge one you might be in a situation of how to take care of yourself. >> the self-defence class is a new thing that we are doing. we started with a group of women last year as a trial run to see how it felt. there's a difference between self-defence and doing a karate class. we didn't want them to do an actual karate class. we wanted to learn the fundamentals of how to defend yourself versus, you know, going through all the forms and techniques that we teaching a karate class and how to break that down. then i was approached by my old high school. one -- once a semester, the kids get to pick an extra curricular
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activity to take outside of the school walls. my old biology teacher is now the principle. she approached us into doing a self-defence class. the girls have been really proactive and really sweet. they step out of of the comfort zone, but they have been willing to step out and that hasn't been any pushback. it is really great. >> it is respect. you have to learn it. when we first came in, they knew us as those girls. they didn't know who we were. finally, we came enough for them to realize, okay, they are in the business now. it took a while for us to gain that respect from our peers, our male peers. >> since receiving the grant, it has ignited us even more, and put a fire underneath our butts even more. >> we were doing our summer camp and we are in a movie theatre, and we just finished watching a film and she stepped out to receive a phone call. she came in and she screamed, hey, we got the grant. and i said what?
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>> martial arts is a passion for us. it is passion driven. there are days where we are dead tired and the kids come and they have the biggest smiles on their faces and it is contagious. >> we have been operating this program for a little over a year all women entrepreneurs. it is an extraordinary benefit for us. we have had the mayor's office investing in our program so we can continue doing this work. it has been so impactful across a diversity of communities throughout the city. >> we hope that we are making some type of impact in these kids' lives outside of just learning karate. having self-confidence, having discipline, learning to know when it's okay to stand up for yourself versus you just being a bully in school. these are the values we want the kids to take away from this. not just, i learned how to kick and i learned how to punch. we want the kids to have more values when they walk outside of these doors.
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[♪] >> ever wonder about programs the city it working think to make san francisco the best place to work and will we bring shine to the programs and the people making them happen join us inside that edition of what's next sf sprech of market street between 6th is having a cinderella movement with the office of economic workforce development is it's fairy godmother telegraph hill engaged in the program and providing the reason to pass through the corridor and better reason to stay
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office of economic workforce development work to support the economic vital of all of san francisco we have 3 distinctions workforce and neighborhood investment i work in the tenderloin that has been the focus resulting in tax chgsz and 9 arts group totally around 2 hundred thousand square feet of office space as fits great as it's moved forward it is some of the place businesses engaged for the people that have living there for a long time and people that are coming into to work in the the item you have before you companies and the affordable housing in general people want a safe and clean community they see did changed coming is excited for every. >> oewd proits provides permits
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progress resulting in the growth of mid businesses hocking beggar has doubled in size. >> when we were just getting started we were a new business people never saturday a small business owner and been in the bike industry a long needed help in finding at space and sxug the that is a oewd and others agencies were a huge helped walked us through the process we couldn't have done it without you this is sloped to be your grand boulevard if so typically a way to get one way to the other it is supposed to be a beautiful boulevard and fellowship it is started to look like that. >> we have one goal that was the night to the neighborhood while the bigger project of
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developments as underway and also to bring bring a sense of community back to the neighborhood. >> we wanted to use the says that a a gathering space for people to have experience whether watching movies or a yoga or coming to lecture. >> that sb caliber shift on the street is awarding walking down the street and seeing people sitting outside address this building has been vacate and seeing this change is inspiringing. >> we've created a space where people walk in and have fun and it is great that as changed the neighborhood. >> oewd is oak on aortas a driver for san francisco. >> we've got to 23ri7b9 market and sun setting piano and it was
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on the street we've seen companies we say used to have to accompanying come out and recruit now they're coming to us. >> today, we learned about the office of economic workforce development and it's effort to foster community and make the buyer market street corridor something that be proud of thanks to much for watching and >> i went through a lot of struggles in my life, and i am blessed to be part of this. i am familiar with what people are going through to relate and empathy and compassion to their struggle so they can see i came out of the struggle, it gives them hope to come up and do something positive.
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♪ ♪ i am a community ambassador. we work a lot with homeless, visitors, a lot of people in the area. >> what i like doing is posting up at hotspots to let people see
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visibility. they ask you questions, ask you directions, they might have a question about what services are available. checking in, you guys. >> wellness check. we walk by to see any individual, you know may be sitting on the sidewalk, we make sure they are okay, alive. you never know. somebody might walk by and they are laying there for hours. you never know if they are alive. we let them know we are in the area and we are here to promote safety, and if they have somebody that is, you know, hanging around that they don't want to call the police on, they don't have to call the police. they can call us. we can direct them to the services they might need. >> we do the three one one to keep the city neighborhoods clean. there are people dumping, waste
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on the ground and needles on the ground. it is unsafe for children and adults to commute through the streets. when we see them we take a picture dispatch to 311. they give us a tracking number and they come later on to pick it up. we take pride. when we come back later in the day and we see the loose trash or debris is picked up it makes you feel good about what you are doing. >> it makes you feel did about escorting kids and having them feel safe walking to the play area and back. the stuff we do as ambassadors makes us feel proud to help keep the city clean, helping the residents. >> you can see the community ambassadors. i used to be on the streets. i didn't think i could become a
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community ambassador. it was too far out there for me to grab, you know. doing this job makes me feel good. because i came from where a lot of them are, homeless and on the street, i feel like i can give them hope because i was once there. i am not afraid to tell them i used to be here. i used to be like this, you know. i have compassion for people that are on the streets like the homeless and people that are caught up with their addiction because now, i feel like i can give them hope. it reminds you every day of where i used to be and where i am at now.
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>> good morning, everyone! how are you all? so, welcome. i'm with the hotel council and i want to welcome you all to our first love our city. it's the second love our city event but it's the first one that is a tourism and hospitality industry have helped organize. so today we have over 700 people here in also waiting out in the neighborhood. [applause] i'm joined by our chair of our board, mr. james lamb who is here with us today. [applause] and this event is hosted by the hotel council of sf travel but it really came together because of a lot of different people working on the event and i want to thank mayor breed and the city of san francisco and her team for partnering with us on this love our city event. so please give a big hand to
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them! [applause] we also couldn't have done it without our partnership with the public works department and larry stringer and darlene prom, fromand i want to thank all of m fork working with us. raichal gordan as well. their team has been incredible to work with. we also have, you can see the signs out here today, i'm going to call off and make sure we recognize the groups as well. each of our groups cbd. [applause] our tenderloin cbd. our fisherman warf cbe and our embarcadero and financial district group. and last but not least our soma groups. [applause] we know that you all clean up all you're long and daily around your hotels and businesses.
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and it really is a 24/7 job. we want to thank you for everything that you are doing. we also want to thank wreckology. they sponsored our t-shirts so thank you for working with us. [applause] >> a special thank you as we look out on the hyatt region see for sponsoring us with breakfast as well. thank you very much. if that was designed to bring us to work together and partner with the city and our mayor has announced in the last, since she took office, an incredible amount of programs, new funding and new resources all to help clean this city and help make this city safer. so i want to thank the mayor from our hospitality and tourism industries for making sure she's doing everything that she is doing. let's give her a big round of applause. [applause] and last but not least our partners at sf travel who have come together to work with us on
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this event as well. it's my pleasure to introduce our mayor, london breed. >> thank you! good morning, everybody! now, i will troy to be short because i would love for you all to get out there and do what you came here to do and clean up san francisco! let me just start by saying thank you. we know that we have a lot of challenges in san francisco. we have far too many people living on our streets. we have far too many challenges with housing and housing affordability. i know our small businesses are struggling. the city is finally making the kinds of investments that i hope will make a difference in your everyday lives as you work in this great city. i was born and raised here and i grew up in public housing. you know, my grandmother, when we were kids, she would make us go out and clean up. she would always say clean it up. ike like mama, why, would want to clean up.
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you know how kids are. we would should i look, it's our responsibility to keep our community clean. now here, take this bucket and put water and soap and clean up. you know, at the time as a kid you are like i don't want to do this but then, as you get older, it's just a part of who you are. i find myself doing it in my community, doing it where i used to work at the african american culture complex and really feeling good about the investment that i've made and also the example that i've set for other young people to be better stewards of san francisco. so what you all are out there are doing is not just picking up trash and erasing graffiti and painting, you all are stewards for san francisco. you are taking care of the city. you all are showing how much you love san francisco and other people when they see you doing what you are doing, they're less likely to drop that trash on the ground and actually take it to the trash can.
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it does make a difference. so i want to thank all of you and all the community business districts and the people who are out there every single day. i especially want to thank the department of public works and the many thousands of employees because they are out on the streets everyday. downtown street teams and so many other folks trying to keep san francisco clean, green and beautiful. i love our city. i know you all love this city. thank you for showing your love by taking care of san francisco today for this amazing event. have a wonderful time out there! >> thank you so much, mayor. i'd like to introduce from district 6 our supervisor matt haney who will be working with the groups as well. please help me welcome supervisor matt haney. >> thank you, thank you. how is everybody doing this morning!
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make some noise if you love our city! [applause] >> make noise if you are ready to pick up a broom and do some cleaning today! who would have thought we could call this a cold day in san francisco. we're glad the temperature came down a little bit but it's still a beautiful day to demonstrate to everyone in our city we care and we're going to do some cleaning up. i'm the supervisor of district 6 and i want to give a special shout out to the different communities and cbds of district 6. the tenderloin where i live, soma, union square, everyone who is here, we really appreciate how much you do everyday. i see folks here from the hotel. make some noise if you are representing the hotels in our city. this is a city that is still a world-class destination. people come here from all over the world. we want to make sure that when they come here, they understand that they're going to have an incredible experience and they're going to see clean and safe streets and they're going
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to see the people of san francisco care about our community. that's what you are demonstrating today. i want to thank mayor breed for the investments shows made in making our streets cleaner. if you look out there, there's things we can do. we need more trash cans on our streets, we need more bathrooms that are open for longer hours, and we need more street cleaning and deep cleaning and so what you are doing today is not just demonstrating to your residents that you care, you are demonstrating to us, the city, that you care and we need to do more as well. let's get out there today. i'm going to be in the tenderloin and pick up a broom and i just want to say thank you all so much. have fun. let's love our city. [applause] >> thank you supervisor haney. next i'd like to introduce our partner from sf travel. we have the share and the board of sf travel with us, mr. peter
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gamez. [applause] >> wow! good morning, everyone. this is a great day for us. as many of you know i'm the board chair and this is one of the issues we've all rallied for all year. this is a special day for all of us. thank you everyone for coming out and joining the hospitality and tourism industry to love our city. together, here today, we are showing the strength of our industry and the collective passion and commitment we share for san francisco. i want to thank firstly our awesome mayor breed, i'm also a native san francisco an and i completely relate to you how we took pride in all of our neighborhoods and the importance of cleaning our streets. your leadership and commitment for cleaning our streets and keeping us safe and we're very thankful. we're proud to partner with the department of public works. the total council of san francisco and many of our community partners to do tour part to keep san francisco clean, safe, and welcoming to
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all. together, we are a gene that gives back to the city we love and we can not be more excited to work side by side to make san francisco the most wonderful destination in the world. thank you. >> last i'd like to introduce the director of public works and his team is a group we've been partnering with on this. [applause] all right! are we ready to go to work! all right! let me begin by joining all the speakers here to thank all of you for coming out to help keep our city clean. love our city everyday, right! everyday! the public works department and many city agencies do this everyday but i can tell you, your coming out means a lot to us. you are giving us the extra hands and the extra help that it needs to continue to make our
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city be the destination where people come and enjoy and people clean up and make our city the most beautiful city in the world, right. san francisco! i'll be really short. today we have over 45 different sites. some people are going to be painting poles, weeding, cleaning, some are going to be sweeping. all that is going to make a difference. the number one thing that when you leave here is, when you are out there, please, be safe. safety is a high priority. we've been having these events for over 20 years and we have not had a single incident. how do you be safe? all of you in different work teams and every work team has got someone who will be wearing a vest like me who will be showing you what to do. if you see something that you are in doubt of whether it's glass or needle or something in your mind is doubtful, just ask that person and they will deal with it appropriately and they
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will work with you. other than that, enjoy yourselves. it's a nice day. again, i'm very appreciative for everyone coming up. let's have fun! love our city everyday! [applause] >> thank you. thank you, very much. before we close out, we're going to do a group picture. stay where you are. no one move. just stay still for a minute and we'll take a group photo. >> usf donates 100-120 pounds of food a night. for the four semesters we have been running here, usf has donated about 18,000 pounds of
11:43 pm
food to the food recovery network. ♪ ♪ >> i'm maggie. >> i'm nick. >> we're coe-chairs of the national led organization. what food recovery does is recover and redistribute food that would go wasted and redistributing to people in the community. >> the moment that i became really engaged in the cause of fighting food waste was when i had just taken the food from the usf cafeteria and i saw four
11:44 pm
pans full size full of food perfectly fine to be eaten and made the day before and that would have gone into the trash that night if we didn't recover it the next day. i want to fight food waste because it hurts the economy, it's one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world. if it was a nation, it would be the third largest nation behind china and the united states. america wastes about 40% of the food we create every year, $160 billion worth and that's made up in the higher cost of food for consumers. no matter where you view the line, you should be engaged with the issue of food waste. ♪ ♪
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>> access edible food that we have throughout our lunch program in our center, i go ahead and collect it and i'll cool it down and every night i prep it up and the next day i'll heat it and ready for delivery. it's really natural for me, i love it, i'm passionate about it and it's just been great. i believe it's such a blessing to have the opportunity to actually feed people every day. no food should go wasted. there's someone who wants to eat, we have food, it's definitely hand in hand and it shouldn't be looked at as work or a task, we're feeding people and it really means so much to
11:46 pm
me. i come to work and they're like nora do you want this, do you want that? and it's so great and everyone is truly involved. every day, every night after every period of food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, i mean, people just throw it away. they don't even think twice about it and i think as a whole, as a community, as any community, if people just put a little effort, we could really help each other out. that's how it should be. that's what food is about basically. >> an organization that meets is the san francisco knight ministry we work with tuesday and thursday's. ♪
11:47 pm
♪ by the power ♪ of your name >> i have faith to move mountains because i believe in jesus. >> i believe it's helpful to offer food to people because as you know, there's so much homelessness in san francisco and california and the united states. i really believe that food is important as well as our faith. >> the san francisco knight ministry has been around for 54 years. the core of the ministry, a group of ordain ministers, we go out in the middle of the night every single night of the year, so for 54 years we have never
11:48 pm
missed a night. i know it's difficult to believe maybe in the united states but a lot of our people will say this is the first meal they've had in two days. i really believe it is a time between life or death because i mean, we could be here and have church, but, you know, i don't know how much we could feed or how many we could feed and this way over 100 people get fed every single thursday out here. it's not solely the food, i tell you, believe me. they're extremely grateful. >> it's super awesome how welcoming they are. after one or two times they're like i recognize you. how are you doing, how is school? i have never been in the city, it's overwhelming. you get to know people and
11:49 pm
through the music and the food, you get to know people. >> we never know what impact we're going to have on folks. if you just practice love and kindness, it's a labor of love and that's what the food recovery network is and this is a huge -- i believe they salvage our mission. >> to me the most important part is it's about food waste and feeding people. the food recovery network national slogan is finding ways to feed people. it's property to bring the scientific and human element into the situation.
11:50 pm
i'm nicole and lindsey, i like the fresh air. when we sign up, it's always so gratifying. we want to be here. so i'm very excite ied to be here today. >> your volunteerism is appreciated most definitely. >> last year we were able to do 6,000 hours volunteering. without that we can't survive. volunteering is really important because we can't do this. it's important to
11:51 pm
understand and a concept of learning how to take care of this park. we have almost a 160 acres in the district 10 area. >> it's fun to come out here. >> we have a park. it's better to take some of the stuff off the fences so people can look at the park. >> the street, every time, our friends. >> i think everybody should give back. we are very fortunate. we are successful with the company and it's time to give back. it's a great place for us. the weather is nice. no rain. beautiful san
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francisco. >> it's a great way to be able to have fun and give back and walk away with a great feeling. for more opportunities we have volunteering every single day of the week. get in touch with the parks and recreation center so come streets. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i wanted to wish you a best wishes and congratulations the community has shifted a lot of when i was growing up in the 60s and 50's a good portion of
11:53 pm
chicano-american chinese-american lived in north beach a nob hill community. >> as part the immigrant family is some of the recreation centers are making people have the ability to get together and meet 0 other people if communities in the 60s a 70s and 80s and 90s saw a move to the richmond the sunset district and more recently out to the excelsior the avenue community as well as the ensuring u bayview so chinese family living all over the city and when he grape it was in this area. >> we're united. >> and growing up in the area that was a big part of the my leave you know playing basketball and mycy took band
11:54 pm
lessons and grew up. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> allergies welcome to the community fair it kicks off three weeks of celebrations for the year and let's keep everybody safe and celebrate the biggest parade outside of china on february 11th go best wishes and congratulations and 3, 2, 1
11:55 pm
happy enough is enough. >> i grew up volley ball education and in media professional contrary as an educator he work with all skids whether or not caucasian hispanic and i african-american cumber a lot of arrest binge kids my philosophy to work with all kids but being here and griping in the chinese community being a chinese-american is important going to american school during the day but went to chinese school that is community is important working with all the kids and having them exposed to all culture it is important to me. >> it is a mask evening. >> i'd like to thank you a you all to celebrate an installation of the days here in the asian art museum. >> one time has become so many
11:56 pm
things in the past two centuries because of the different did i licks the immigration officer didn't understand it became no standard chinese marine or cantonese sproupgs it became so many different sounds this is convenient for the immigration officer this okay your family name so this tells the generations of immigrants where they come from and also many stories behind it too. >> and what a better way to celebrate the enough is enough nuru with the light nothing is more important at an the hope the energy we.
11:57 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> relative to the current administration it is, it is touching very worrisome for our immigrant frames you know and some of the stability in the country and i know how this new president is doing you know immigration as well as immigrants (fireworks) later than you think new year the largest holiday no asia and china those of us when my grandparents came over in the 19 hundreds and celebrated in
11:58 pm
the united states chinese nuru is traditional with a lot of meani meaning. >> good afternoon my name is carmen chu assessor-recorder i want to wish everything a happy new year thank you for joining us i want to say. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm proud to be a native san franciscan i grew up in the chinatown, north beach community port commission important to come back and work with those that live in the community that
11:59 pm
i grew up in and that that very, very important to give back to continue to work with the community and hope e help those who may not be as capable in
12:00 am
>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for thursday, june 13th, 2019. i will remind members of the public the commission does not tolerate our burst. silence your mobile devices during these proceedings. when speaking before the commission, if you care to state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll at this time. [ roll call ] >> first there were no items closed