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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 30, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and families since then. i'm reading this on behalf of one of our staff members who cannot be here today, because he is busy serving over 2050 kids at this very moment. i've been an educator and you dependent for nearly 25 years. i do not regret a single day. i have worked for boys and girls club's at a record level for the past 10 years yet however living in the bay area and in particular san francisco, i've had to accept there are certain dream will never accomplish. i own a home, have children, have a car, and possibly retire at 65. as a clubhouse director, i have what i believe is a good salary. the cost of living in san francisco belies that belief. i am lucky to live in a rent-controlled apartment. i fall into a love and hate relationship because of the also owning a car is around the cost of renting a second room. i would need a partner making close to twice my salary before even thinking about starting a family. i applaud the
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organization trying to keep up with the cost of living. however, the cost of living in san francisco is an oozing at a rate or at some point the organization will not be able to raise enough money to pay people to work and live here in the city. our organization are committed to spending significant resources. the city needs to come fit to paying true livable wages for staff and nonprofits provide crucial services on behalf of the city and county services of san francisco. we are grateful for the things of the 3% cost increase. our frontlines half need more than that to survive. thank you for your time. hello my name is madison, i am here today on behalf of boys and girls club of san francisco. i'm going to read the following excerpt on behalf of one of our club members. nine years old, coming home from school, headed
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to the boys and girls club, shots ring out. let's build on the concrete. the street riddled with shell casings. i ran to the boys and girls club. i burst at the doors and landed in the arms of rebecca. the behavioral health specialist to get that night the club stayed open. by the time i left it was dark. the streets were blocked off. 42 shell casings were marked with evidence others. the club was always my refuge. the excerpt i just shared is not an isolated incident. our behavioral health socialist did not ask if this pump number had a diagnosed mental health condition before providing services. the time she spent with her was not considered billable client hours. in the immediate support she was able to provide was only possible due to the embedded behavioral health model that the boys and girls club divides. much of the current behavioral health funding that the city provides is extremely
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descriptive and limiting. providing embedded culturally competent trauma informed and easily accessible mental health services for youth and their families get this includes early intervention and prevention work which is a fundamental part of our youth development strategy. the city needs to provide increased flexibility with behavioral health dollars and a shift of focus to include more funding for tentative services area thank you. >> my name is david ruiz, i'm 16 years old. i am here today on behalf of the boys and girl love of san francisco. i have attended the excelsior clubhouse in district 11 or four years and i have been a member of our presidential advisory council for two years. i was really surprised to hear that the boys anger level only has one city contract to serve teens. the contract is very specialized and only reaches 125 teens. the club
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goes far beyond this contract the club serves about 2500 teens per year. with 12 locations across districts five, six, eight, nine, 10 and 11. comprehensive team programming at the boys and girls club is extremely important to me because i have been able to participate in team leadership programs like keystone. mpower to create events on projects that address relevant issues like homelessness. not only at excelsior, but the greater san francisco community as well. the club has given me many opportunities and experiences i will carry with me into adulthood. my favorite memory was my first trip to chicago. it was my first time traveling. the club's current city contract does not cover the full scope of work they do with teens like me. in order to continue this critical work we need more funding for comprehensive team programming. it is essential to invest in the youth because we are the leaders of tomorrow.
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thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, i am terrel jones, i am 17 years old. i am here today on behalf of of boys and girls of san francisco. i have been a member of the [inaudible] i am part of the advisory council which has shown me how i can make an impact on the boys and girl love with my opinions and ideas you'd last year 378 teens were connected to jobs throughout the club. 100% of core seniors graduated from high school, working 49500 hours of services area - - services. [inaudible] comprehensive team programming at the boys and girls club is extremely important to me because the
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clubhouse except all youth. it has help me accept myself as a black person and part of the lgbt community. my favorite part of the club is going on college tours because i was able to ask arians going to sacramento state, and university of nevada. i can figure out what i want to do with my career. in order to continue to do this critical work, the boys and girls love of san francisco needs funding. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i just want to say thank you for taking the time to really listen to all of the needs of the city's most vulnerable resident. as you can hear from the youth that came up here to advocate for themselves and also for myself to advocate for all of the youth and families that could not come today. we are in our second week
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of summer program and we are serving over 200 youth today. even our high school youth are working and volunteering to make sure that they have internship opportunities for college. i'm here taking as a number of api counsel to support the act, but also to support the ask to support services for mental health and our academic enrichment program. to promote higher education particularly for filipino immigrants youth. our program, we have a youth program and a college prep program. although we focus mainly on academics we have found in our program is that there is a high need for mental health. we've had to do a number of suicide aviation's every year. filipino youth, in sentences, have the highest prevalence of depression. one in for of our youth seek services for depression, self-harm, suicide, and their families as
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well need support. many of them live in srl, do not have basic right i do not have adequate housing or job. i am sure many of you know that can have a toll on them being able to focus on school, and get those services. i'm really here to advocate to make sure you can help support our services for our youth and families, to make sure they can get mental health support and we can provide higher education support to all of them. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon. my name is harry, the program director of family support services. i am here to talk to you about programs and services that we provide family support services for family resource center for families experiencing personal violence, family violence, community violence and also our youth who are in this home that do not have opportunities youth around. i am here to ask for
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your support. as well as support our program for youth area thank you. >> i am jack, and i work at the family resource center. we were able to survey 100 youth and do a focus group. i wanted to relay the message to you guys so in this valley, they don't feel like they have a place to go to to do things and learn. and also they feel and safe in the neighborhood. often times they just stay home and feel isolated. it was tested that you guys can allocate funding for our youth to woody. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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>> good afternoon board of supervisors had my name is lorena, i am the family support specialist for the program, which is part of the frc's. it is home of heart and caring. our program is home to many of our latino and immigrant families get in their children. we offer families a safe and nurturing these - sorry - safe and nurturing space in which they can be a stronger and healthier family. child interactive groups, parenting classes, cultural and family event with wellness support to conventional, traditional and alternative ways to get we are requesting that you please continue supporting us, and consider including additional funding to sub worked the infrastructure. and more intensive needs of families and there are many. we need for our families to be empowered, feel
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supported, and hopeful in order to thrive despite our current harsh little on social climate. thank you. >> [inaudible] i am here to ask for your support for the city, we are resource center in the city, for the more vulnerable families of the city. we all know the situation are extreme right now. the housing crisis is a total crisis our families are surviving those families with small children. sometimes they don't have a place to go, they don't know where to find resources to find even food or support. to get the health
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services, etc. we are vital for these families right now and that is why we would like to look at those is something very valuable for the city. [inaudible] continue supporting the funding and also looking into increasing funding because we are really there for the families, and the families need us to exist for the them to get the services and support they need to have healthy families area thank you. >> hello. i came here on behalf of mary elizabeth was founded and has a history of porting women since 1914. this is a long history of contribution towards equality. and protection of
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vulnerable individuals. since 2009, providing safe housing to victims of domestic violence. which my mom and sisters were. since 2009, mary elizabeth also provide supportive services to critical homeless victims which my mom would be today, if we would not her as our children. but thanks to cash programs we have been able to keep this safe haven running. however, due to problems with budget and underfunded programs, the city keeps our unit rental rate, at one $85 per unit. that is way below the 1100 that sros have
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been charging upon programs like that. such low amount compromises our mission and prevents our population from having basic needs an example being the news program which was discontinued in 2017 after more than a decade inviting breakfast, lunch and dinner for women, with access teaching are limited. please don't reduce our funding. taking care of the most vulnerable as we exercise our civility. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors he had my name is maggie, and i am the district 3 appointee of the youth commission. i am here today to urge you to consider our budget priority asked that we presented earlier in the year. we have six parities which
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include 16-17-year-olds, the board of hazarding - - housing for traditional youth. services for children with incarcerated parent and mandatory trauma and youth cognitive development training. we have been working on these budget priorities for our entire term. please take this into consideration. thank you. >> my name is doris mom here and support of the community connectors graham, excuse me. of the sf community housing organization as the other women whose talk about this, if deals trivial in the face of many of these organizations. fortunately our ask is also fairly trivial. what the community connectors
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do, right now, i merely and these were not gotten district is provided methods and means for seniors to remain in their homes as we age. i am a recent exile from the world of work, and it has not been an easy transition. having others to discuss loss of opportunity, loss of nervous, lost a friend has been essential. the heart that each of you has back in your office that we delivered earlier today were admitted by seniors who went to a knitting class read it seems trivial. that also got people who would otherwise be sitting alone in their home in solitude out communicating with their neighbors, watching one another, making sure we get out and we get size, we get mental exercise
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and we take care of one another. i hope that helps you to see why it is important for this small amount of funding to not only keep going in the church payment - basements that are costing twice as much but also expanded to other neighborhoods get this is very close neighborhood focus group. thank you very much. hello my name is tim gallegos we had asking the board to consider ballot initiative since the training for those working within our for the homeless community. particularly the mental illness or learning disabilities. mandatory training for all employees is a must read working within or for the homeless immunity. the shelter monitor community will step up and patrol do a little more patrolling and we have to police our shoulders a little bit better, that would ensure the
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homeless are treated with dignity follow up with complaint establish a universal code of conduct or guidelines for staff working directly with the homeless ovulation. commercializing mandatory sensitivity training similar to that of a guard card boosting funding to pay workers a better wage and ensure better treatment to the clients of the shelters and more available funding. i'm proud member of the lgbt q community, currently at the navigation center. currently homeless and currently incarcerated. thank you for your time. >> hello. my name is elma davis. i am a mother of seven. we come from florida, we have been here in the area almost 2 years. when i send my son to special cool,
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he comes back with problem - child protective services situation removed from california to florida i we are look for any legal help for my son. he is 12 years old, and we just moved to san francisco so he can get a better chance, and make it out of the domestic violence problem that we have. right now we are homeless, we have been in a bunch of different offices, the v.a. is our last stop. we hope that
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sentences go is an opportunity for us, as a family to shake domestic violence problems. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for your time this afternoon. my name is bill hirsch and i'm the director of the referral panel in san francisco. i want to make a couple of points. first of all, sometimes advocates are often accused of being self-serving in these hearings. i think it is important to remember that sometimes the communities that we are speaking on behalf of do not have a voice in the budget process. that is reflected unfortunately in the document that we see this year. time and time again we do not see the priorities identified by community members reflected in the budget documents. i just want to point out 2 compelling
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need that were not addressed in the mayor's budget proposal. the first is full funding for implementing prop f, the civil right to counsel. people do not anticipate the need for an attorney. once they get an eviction notice i can assure you that becomes a compelling need. we did not see any additional funding to implement the measure how we ask your support of the proposal. the other item i would like to draw attention to is the very compelling mental health needs of long term hiv survivors there are many studies which document mental health needs of this community. there have been many public forms in san francisco which have tried to draw attention to this compelling need. we are asking for $500,000 in order to continue an initiative that the supervisors into the budget this
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past year. $500,000 to continue services that have just initiated in this current fiscal year. it would be terrible for us to do continue services which have just been launched. thank you for your time, and your consideration. >> thank you very much. >> i am caesar, when i was a youth, and i was homeless. the larkins was there for me serving younger than 18 up to 24. this shelter was healthy and safe. i am here because many of my friends are will in shelters, navigation center. unfortunately, they are not white as safe and healthy as the larkins shelter was also, the navigation centers, the intake assessed is a bit of a barrier, just to get into the navigation center. i think that is somewhat
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discriminatory. i said aren't funding doctrines services for people living in an able housing unit they must also fund sex worker services a lot of work has been introduced, i support that. want to see the graham expanded citywide. as an hiv positive person i was fortunate enough to nullify for hiv transitional housing. transitional housing should be available to all san francisco regardless of the hiv status. as i said, the adult shelter has a huge waitlist and it is not safe and can deteriorate a person's health. i'm also supporting funding inspections of the health center and conflict resolution training for staff that are working population. i am forever thankful to the department of san francisco labor standards enforcement as well as many nonprofits like st. james infirmary, larkins become
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a positive resource center for helping me become housed and to stay housed area it takes public, private and nonprofit investment to solve homelessness area speaking of public investment, we cannot wait for the public bank - we needed to launch this year. it has to happen. with the public bank we can invest in offering rental security deposit. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please area >> good afternoon. thank you for the opportunity to address you today. i represent the nonprofit supply which is one of the san francisco budget coalition in the city of sanford cisco for the last nine years i am here to reiterate my request your support to restore funding for the kid to college program. this program was funded by the city for more than eight years and has served 13,000 low income
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students. this includes hundreds of low income rodents in district 8, and district to and thousands of low income students and three, nine, 10 and 11. as noted in the material shared, an investment of $300,000 per year from the city would provide school and hygiene applies valued at more than $800,000 every year because of the food bank model and well established supply chain. we need your support and leadership to continue the progress we have made with this grant and for the thousands of children's and families that have depended on it throughout the city for years the thank you for your time and could generation. - - - and consideration. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jacqueline jones, the executive director of next village san francisco which is an organization that helps
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seniors and district 2 and three age in place with the help of volunteers to get we also combat social isolation by having events for them. we are also a member of the budget justice coalition and this year we requested $50,000 to help us continue our work. we have, for example, a member in district 2 named marianne who weighs 67 pounds on his two week to get to the store. she did not qualify for help from the city even though she is on limited income and she hired a personal caregiver to take care of that responsibility for her. unfortunately it was $51 to have the caregiver bring her the groceries each week, the total cost of the groceries was $22. so a neighbor told her about next village and we are providing her with two volunteers who take care of those task for her, and also she now has companionship that she did not have before she had it. there is hundreds of examples of that kind of work that is being
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provided. this is a new piece of a continued of long-term care and i hope gov. newsom can can use it in his master plan. you so much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to eat. i'm the business manager [inaudible] we are advocating for the violence against women funding. i can't help to think as i sit here and listen for the last two hours, that all of the need tier on the city - i don't think we are anymore than anyone else. it's not just about money. it's really about heart that is left in the city. because, all of these people represent that heart. are we going to fund it or not? can we keep it? i know at our agent, 75% of our budget
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goes to these people who are living at wages where they cannot afford to live in the city. another 15% for occupancy. what is really left? i know we are not alone. all the agencies you collaborate with, all of the agents as you have heard the car facing the same thing. in your overall budget, are you going to focus on heart? this is the heart that you are seeing today. thank you for your time. >> thank you for your time. >> good evening, supervisors are you my name is jesse stout i live in district 6. i am here with part of the budget justice coalition. we have just heard for several hours that the city has many unfounded budget needs social services that are important to us including mental health, housing. you as the supervisors in the budget committee have made - an
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important decision to make. where will the money come from? well, we are here to propose that we can close agency bryant, cj for houses and people every day. the city administrator says it needs to close by this year in order to prevent those hundreds of people from dying in our next earth. the city jail population overall in san francisco is 25% traditional aged youth that is young people in the jail. 30% use jail mental health care services area people that need better provide for out here in the community. 40% homeless at the time of arrest. 2 in five people were arrested when they were homeless area perhaps most appallingly, 52% of our gel population is african-american, i would also like to note that 82% of san francisco's jail population today is pretrial. less than 1/5 of the people in our gel have been convicted of a crime for what they are there for. most
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people in san francisco's jail are there because they are too poor to afford their bail bond. if san francisco can provide housing, healthcare, education, mental health services for people so they did not end up in our gel, that we could save $24 million a year. $3 million on the sheriff over time at 850 bryant. i would ask you to please county jail 4 instead of failing to find any of these important services. thank you. >> good evening, supervisors get peter papadopoulos with the mission academic development agency. i'm going to highlight one item and to ask acts of it that you have in your budget proposal here and then i want to
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urge them overall action. we know in communities like commission and others we have been advocating strongly for more affordable housing and particularly - not particularly making headway on our senior affordable housing which is critical. we also know and are very aware and you have heard from folks that this is not necessarily housing that seniors can afford. many of them as it currently stands, so we would very much urge you to some part of the proposal, because we think it is going to be necessary to make a structural and longer-term change to the base of the power looking at this affordable housing as we go forward, what is that groundwork that we are looking at is it over a longer term so we know we have that playing field to look at. at the same time we do think we are going to continue to need to expand these elements of tenant-based subsidies so that
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we look at what the overall framework of a company house of functioning, and how will we be make sure that those seniors who need deeply affordable housing are going to be able to sustain those units over the longer term. lastly, we have heard so many folks today speak passionately, and eloquently about these needs we are facing. at united save the mission, and other groups would continue to encourage you, and the city, to grow what would really be a city equity framework. how do we move from a planning stage, like the office we have for a new commission? >> thank you very much area >> debbie lerman, human services network with a budget services coalition. i'm here to talk about nonprofit workers this body has passed legislation to raise the minimum wage for city
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contract employees, 1650 - - $16.50 if the city doesn't fund the cost the mandatory increase will create an unsustainable situation that will destabilize nonprofit service writers, threatening job, and program. nonprofit need to provide consistent raises for all of their workers you responded by creating working group to address wage compression and wage equity, and also by passing a resolution saying this is a priority. after analyzing the data, the working group recommended an allocation of $27 million for the mco. enough to provide a modest one dollar per hour rate to all san francisco workers at city funded nonprofit making up to $30 per hour. we appreciate that the mayor funded $3.3 million per year, and that the board is considering more. that is only 1/8 of the need.
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that is enough for workers making up to $20 per hour, $42,000 a year. median rent on a one bedroom apartment is $44,000 year. nonprofits to cover the cost of the necessary and reasonable vertical wage structure and to pay employees who do not happen to be paid with city general fund dollars to get i challenge you, supervisors, how can sentences go depend on the nonprofit sector to provide frontline services in limit of growing recruitment and retention crisis? when will the city get serious about breaking the funding model that does not cover the cost of professional service contract? why is it okay to pay desperate wages to city employees and nonprofit workers doing the same job? >> thank you very much.
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>> good evening, supervisors. i live and work is when the mission neighborhood. i wish for the mission economic development agency. the san francisco latino parity and coalition. i'm here to urge you to support our collect of budget priorities areas typically, the expansion of integrated community model, to the proper neighborhoods which will serve 1900 students. we provide a comprehensive integrated framework of cradle to career wraparound services our model works because we actively with schools and early learning centers. your support of our proposal will provide mental health consultation support services to use, pre-k-k transition services family case management, transition to college and career, retention and reentry services get thank
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you, and we value your partnership. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisors, what is now a very, very long day. i am jordan decker. the executive director of trans hartline. we are located on the campus of san francisco's theological sanctuary. we are a safe post op recovery house folks having gender affirmation surgery. it is a very needed service area we would just like a place at the table. were not even ask for money today. coming up under the guise of the cherokee nation, the chief that i grew up under said the government will give us the money, and about 20 years they will take it away. his idea is when they take it away, we should not live on their terms, we should live on our terms. we are collaborating with the bar center, we are collaborating with the center for domestic descent nonprofits and the seminary which is now becoming
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redmond university and also we are a nonprofit helping other nonprofits. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for your patience, and your listing, and we are all tired and we are almost in homestretch. emily lee with san francisco rising. we represent low income communities of color sentences. many of whom benefit from the benefits and programs that you heard from today. they rely on them. if these programs are not funded, literally will go homeless and not get the care they need or be able to provide for their families we are part of the budget justice coalition and urge whatever you can do with the mayor to make these asks a priority. we know as our representatives inside city hall you all are working hard to make
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it stretch and to find every fund available so we can make sure our families are able to say in san francisco. you heard a lot of people testify today, a lot of young people talking about homelessness, not being able to have a safe ways to sleep at night. one of the folks we organize with san francisco are college students on all three campuses get most people are surprised to find out what time college students are also homeless. they are either couch surfing or living in their cars. [inaudible] this is an epidemic on the campus as well. homelessness affects our far-reaching all across the city. people who are full time employed, and even students. as we are working in the population to know you're doing your best to meet the needs, we are doing our best as advocates on folks
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in the community. we are excited to be going into this next week with you all strategizing and brainstorming how we can really cover everybody who deserves to be covered. thank you so much. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is emberley cross, the coordinating attorney at the restraining order clinic. i want to thank you for always being supportive of the v.a. w programs that provide - i also want to thank you for this, for setting aside an entire day to hear from your community, and to hear from your community for hours and hours on end area that is not easy for you. thank you. i know you have already heard from many of the 39 programs that we funded. i know you have always heard about domestic
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violence is a common thread in the lives of many of the of her own liberal communities who have spoken to you today. you arty know about the connections between domestic violence on homelessness, domestic violence and child care. domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking, cut across all communities and our languages, all districts, all genders, all sexual orientations, all religions, all races of it densities, everybody. again, i know you arty know that. i just want to say again, thank you for your time and thank you for always being there for domestic violence sexual assault and stalking survivors. >> thank you very much. >> my name is stephanie, i am supervising attorney at the justice and diversity fund bar association of san francisco. our agency is a member of the domestic violence consortium and
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we are trying for funded. one of the things that we - that is important to our funding is is important to our dv agencies. working incredibly hard, we are working incredibly hard together. about 22,000 phone calls are made, from the san franciscans, to the community on an annual basis. for each call, that doesn't mean that they are getting one service. for instance, i represent clients in family law matter, when it's related to domestic violence. i can't do my job without the shelters, the 24 hour hotline, the supportive services. my clients cannot fight for custody of her children if she doesn't have a place to bring her children home. finding all of us is incredibly important. i know we are asking for something that sounds like a lot. it is over 39 programs and over 27 agencies. each dollar means a huge world of difference to our clients.
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thank you for your support in the past. you guys have been incredibly supportive of our domestic violence community. thank you for that. >> good evening. my name is gloria. executive director. i'm here collectively, also one of the agencies funded under violence against women and the department of status of women. we do get funding to support housing. through the housing grant we are able to ensure that at least 16 asian immigrant women who are survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence are able to ensure that they have a stable and safe housing for at least two years. ants, we've heard many stories
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about how housing can be difficult in the city of san francisco. for all of these women to make sure that they have safe housing, many of them have been able to move forward with getting education trying to find part-time jobs, and also have, as a result, the support, we also have many stories that we can share. most recent, in may, survivor of human trafficking, she graduated in a degree. it's just an inspiring story that continues to inspire myself, my staff, depending on what we do, and also thank you for giving us this opportunity to be able to continue this work. i would like to collectively ask you to fund $1.3 million that we are asking for. thank you.
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good evening. [inaudible] i'm asking you to support the full budget, because it represents the needs of everyone in attendance, who are in need of counseling and support, but to look in the community in san francisco is underserved and under resourced and lacking support. the overall number of filipinos the time by nearly 10% from 2,000-2013 and continue to decline. sustained work in the community, we see most latinos are being forced out of their longtime homes because of market rate developments causing evictions buying out landlord estimates and security issues due to
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neglect. [inaudible] several housing issues faced by filipinos in the city. the city has 10,000 limited english speaking residents over one in four filipinos has limited english capacity. since 2014, the filipino language has been a requested language for the city. interpretations and translations are easily accessible. [inaudible] our filipino community needs more language accessible counselors. now we only have one filipino counselor. >> thank you very much.
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>> good evening supervisors. thank you for staying here tonight. my name is gabriel medina. the coordinator for the san francisco parity coalition. i want to thank you for taking the time to listen to community about all of the different needs. several leads, our coalition formed in 2016 to respond a two-pronged threat, hardship that has befallen the community - filipino community in san francisco to displacement and the refugee crisis we have is a great century city here in california. currently our organizations we represent over 21, serving 900 employees and 80,000 constituent served per year. just asking that you support our prioritize collective impact budget. in this budget you will see, san
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francisco has done a great job funding legal defense for our asylum-seekers, california has an 820,000 case backlog. we have dph has seen an increase in refugees that are going to the emergency room getting medical care through insurance. we've also seen asylum-seekers of the california border doubled from 2,017-2018. when these asylum-seekers are looking for services and waiting for their cases, looking for justice. they need these essential social services area we also have an education ask that helps us to support newly arrived youth. we also have sustaining - which is under threat which has been commercial free regarded worldwide as one of the most cultural events. please support
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our ask at our sustainability for our buildings - >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. i know it has been a long day. i came here earlier and cannot get answer i went back to work in return. i feel it is important for me to tell you how we feel, how i feel as an executive director of the homeless prenatal program. the importance of passing the budget justice budgets. i am also here to speak on behalf of family resource centers. 30 years ago when i founded the homeless prenatal program, families were the fastest growing subset of the population. they continue to grow today. more and more families are coming in to family resource centers seeking services. through the 26th
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family resource centers, we serve 15,000 children, youth and caregivers annually. as you all know, studies have shown, the early years are critical to children's cognitive brain development and call - and poverty can have a long-term adverse effect. ranging from decreased rates of high school completion to increased rates in chronic diseases like heart disease. family resources provide early intervention to families struggling with poverty and homelessness thus making it a lasting impact on the public health, and well-being of our community. given the wealth and disparities in in san francisco, as well as the political climate, family resource centers divide a critical service. family resource centers are embedded in the community. they are trusted, valued places for people to go. they understand family needs, and challenges, as well as their strength and
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resilience. in order to break this intergenerational cycle of poverty, and family homelessness we must go upstream. invest in pregnant moms and families with young children. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is lorenzo, i am a community organizer [inaudible] i have been organizing for the past 10 years. i am also a resident of tenderloin. things i would urge for you to support, one is like the 24 hour pitstop. we know it is so important for us to have this in our neighborhood like in the tenderloins how to market.
1:51 pm
we have thousands of homeless neighbors, and 60% of them are found in the street. we know they would be like seven pitstops that would be set up. only one would be actually 24 hours. we know that it's not enough. we hope that you can find for more 24 hour pitstop. this is what we need for help, and you know, human dignity. i have been organizing and fighting, [inaudible] we were able to successfully prevent them from
1:52 pm
being affected from the housing. the only sustainable thing to do is to convert that into nonprofit ownerships. it should be owned and no big part of the nonprofit housing. i hope you will be able to support like funding more for acquisition of rent control bidding and market areas. >> thank you very much. >> good evening. i am sarah short. community housing partnership is a housing provider. we support the budget justice coalition asked, and this is why. our residents are folks in poverty and people trying to get up out of poverty. we do a lot of work to support them to get there. all of these
1:53 pm
budget items, as requested by these community groups do that work helping people to address their pressing issues, and needs. hopefully rise up out of poverty and be self sufficient members of our community. behavioral health services, treatment services, all of the housing programs that we very much support and not only do our residents a benefit from the low income san franciscans across the board benefit from. particularly, we are also a member of the treatment on demand coalition, and within the e raff funding there are
1:54 pm
specific asks around increasing treatment programs. we very much support that. we are also a nonprofit, and we are trying to make sure that our workers, too, are provided with the same types of support so they are not left out of the picture. as a member of the supportive housing network providers, as well as the human service network. they are also very concerned about the minimum compensation ordinance. we do not see it as a nonprofit issue. >> thank you, sarah. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. i am here on behalf of san francisco pretrial diversion project. my request is based on a pending decision by federal judge. initially they were going to eliminate the bell schedule. once they realized they
1:55 pm
illuminate the bell schedule, they discovered that people that normally would have been able to bail out would not have been able to build out. as a result requiring the city and county to process releases within eight hours. our agency is going to be in a position where we have to go from our current operations from 6 am until 4 pm. a 24/7 operation of process and releases so we can meet federal requirements to get people out of jail as quickly as possible. it is a great outcome in many ways, because increasing days and means more work on our end. an increase of processing incident reports. we are all going to have to connect and meet this requirement as judgment is passed on. meet this
1:56 pm
requirement, and having us staffing so we can operate 24/7 to process bookings as they come into county jail. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is andrew, i am a member of the budget justice coalition. i am asking for your full support of the asks as they represent the needs of everyone, such as tenants living in rent control buildings. as we celebrate with your leadership, or we should thank you, we are need holding up the capacity of neighborhoods, districts to be able to compete and purchase rent control buildings and take them out of the hands of speculators and profit driven vultures. though we already have a few nonprofits doing said acquisitions, we still need more so that neighborhoods and districts are equipped with this kind of work. dealing with landlords selling their buildings takes a lot of labor. we need to be able to respond.
1:57 pm
with that, i urge you to support capacity building for project manager dedicated to the stock market so we can build our neighborhood services. we hope to be able to develop and provide this for all of these for in the future. thank you for your time, and please support the full budget coalition asked. >> any other public comment? seeing none further comment. now closed. i want to thank the public that came out and waited their turn to speak, to share with us their opinion about how our public money should be spent. i think today, i think i can speak for my colleagues that we all learned a lot today. some of the testimony we heard was heartbreaking. what we did here, overall, is that the community has many needs. anyway, thank you very much we will continue this until wednesday. wednesday's meeting of the
1:58 pm
budget and finance committee. any comments or questions? seeing none. make your motions to continue this? do we have any other - thank you very much. thank you very much to the budget department on the controller. and also, especially, thank you so much to the clerk's office and all of your staff for having this go so smoothly. we could not have done it without you. do we have anything else? >> no other items. >> this meeting is
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
>> good morning, everyone. this meeting will come to order. this is the june 26th, 2019 special meeting of the budget and finance committee. i am chair of the budget and finance committee. i would like to thank carmen and lawrence from san francisco government t.v. for broadcasting this meeting, madame clerk, are there any announcements? >> silence all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copy of any documents should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear in the july 9th, board of supervisors