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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 6, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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by building a three-unit building next to you, but some of it is inevitable. i get it, though. >> vice president koppel: commissioner moore? morei >> i see a constriction in your drawings. a-103 is being labelled as only accessible to the upper units, however, your other drawings shows it accessible to the rest. >> it's only for the top unit. the design was to keep the number of penthouses down. there is a fire department requirement on a four-story building with a roof deck, all of the units to have at least one penthouse for the fire department to get out there,
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but there's a -- there's also a requirement for any because we're above the fourth level to have two means of egress. but one of the means of egress if it's a private deck can be the retractable hatch, and that's how the design was arrived at. the design was the entire ground unit has the rear yard, and the top unit has the exclusive use of the top deck. if we did make it accessible to all units, i did talk to the fire department, you'd need both penthouses, and not a penthouse and a retractable hatch. i thought that was a combination of that. the middle unit, which is the smallest of the units, the way it was designed, has a nice size deck the way it was just
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talked about, and the bottom floor really has the exclusive use of the open level, and that they're all realistic open spaces for everybody. >> the comment i would make is the space is generally, i like the design. i think it's a good idea. i would like to have seen more communal use of the back yard and not have such a massive roof deck on top. just to form, i think the transition from the small-scale residential that is still in this transitional area of geary boulevard makes it a very large building. i'm concerned that. i would prefer a six-story building or a building that
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does not add a roof deck of this size because you're tre trending towards luxury units. >> vice president koppel: commissioner richards? >> commissioner richards: i'm not a big fan of roof decks. i've had friends that lived in top -- three full units from front to back, and they never used the roof deck. if you -- i'm open to reducing the overhaall height of the building as commissioner moor samoore said, but i'm just not open to the apartment sharing the yard. >> vice president koppel: commissioner fung? >> commissioner fung: i'm
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supportive of the unit as constituted. i think this area can support larger structures, the three units. the only suggestion is i probably am not going to suggest anything that deals with the separation between the adjacent neighbor and this building on a on windows that are parallel to the property line. however, a small suggestion would be that a six-foot-high solid screen on that side of the deck so there is no visibility between the deck and his kitchen and bathroom. >> commissioner hillis: second. >> vice president koppel: commissioner richards? >> commissioner richards: can you make the screen translucent? >> yeah. i've been doing a ton of these, and we get the same comments. we call that opaque screen.
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you tell me, 6 or 7 feet high. >> commissioner fung: accept it as amended. i didn't know i made the motion. >> vice president koppel: we'll accept that. >> clerk: all right, commissioners, there is somewhat of a motion that's been amended to include a 6-foot opaque screen for a privacy screen. >> commissioner hillis: that translucent or opaque? >> commissioner richards: opaque is fine. rich, rich, rich. [roll call] >> clerk: so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously, 5-0. >> vice president koppel: meeting adjourned. [gavel]
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>> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their business in the 49 square files of san francisco. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and right vi. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> i'm one of three owners here in san francisco and we provide mostly live music entertainment and we have food, the type of food that we have a mexican food and it's not a big menu, but we did it with love.
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like ribeye tacos and quesadillas and fries. for latinos, it brings families together and if we can bring that family to your business, you're gold. tonight we have russelling for e community. >> we have a ten-person limb elimination match. we have a full-size ring with barside food and drink. we ended up getting wrestling here with puoillo del mar. we're hope og get families to join us. we've done a drag queen bingo and we're trying to be a diverse kind of club, trying different
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things. this is a great part of town and there's a bunch of shops, a variety of stores and ethnic restaurants. there's a popular little shop that all of the kids like to hanhang out at. we have a great breakfast spot call brick fast at tiffanies. some of the older businesses are refurbished and newer businesses are coming in and it's exciting. >> we even have our own brewery for fdr, ferment, drink repeat. it's in the san francisco garden district and four beautiful muellermixer ura alsomurals. >> it's important to shop local because it's kind of like a circle of life, if you will. we hire local people. local people spend their money at our businesses and those local mean that wor people willr money as well.
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i hope people shop locally. [ ♪ ]
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>> this is the regular meeting of the small business commission and the meeting is being called to order at 2:03 p.m. the small business commission and media services and sf gov tv which can be viewed on channel 2, 78 or live streamed online. members of the public, take this opportunity to silence your phones and other devices. public comment is limited to three minutes unless otherwise established. speakers are requested but not required to state their names, completion of a speaker card will help ensure speaker names in the written record of the meeting. please place the cards in the basket to the right of the lectern. they will be called in the orreder in which they were placed in the basket. this is a sign-in sheet. sfgov tv, please show the office of small business slide. >> welcome, everybody. it is the custom to begin and
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end each with a reminder that the office of the small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco and the best place to get answers about doing business in san francisco. the office of small business should be the first stop when off question about what to do next. find us online or in person at city hall and best of all, our services are free of charge. the small business commission is the official public forum to voice your presumption of innocence and concerns about policies that effect the economic tialty of small businesses in san francisco. if you need assistance with small business matters, start here at the office of small business. first item. >> item one, call to order and roll call. commissioner adams. >> here. >> commissioner dooley is absent. >> a commissioner dwight. >> here. >> a commissioner laguana. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena.
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commissioner riley is absent. commissioner zouzounis is running late. >> mr. president, you have a quorum. >> item two. >> u a general public comment allows members of the public to comment on matters within the small business commission's jurisdiction but not on today's calendar and suggest new agenda items for the commission's future considerations. discussion item. >> do we have any members of the public who would like to comment on any item not on today's agenda? okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. next item please. >> item 3, approval of legacy business ap rications and resolutions. discussion and action item. the presenter is richard kuyylo, legacy business program manager, office of small business. >> u a welcome. >> good afternoon, president adams, commissioner, office of small business staff. richard kurylo, legacy business program manager. sfgov tv, i have a power point presentation.
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for your today are six applications for legacy business registry. the applications were reviewed to me, submitted to planning department and heard by the historic preservation commission on june 19. for each applicant, the s.b.c. has been provided a staff report, draft resolution t application, case report from planning department staff and a resolution from the h.p.c. there are copies for the public in the two public binders. item 3a is anchor brewing company. the business is a brewery founded in 1896 by a german brewer and his son-in-law otto shinkle jr. when they bought an existing brewery and named it anchor. the steamed beer derives from the 19th century when steam was a nickname for beer brewed on the west coast of american under
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conditions without ice. anchor brewing as a company survived tragedy with the owners, the 1906 earthquake and fire, prohibition, and changing tastes regarding beer in the 1950s and 60s. in 1965, fritz maytag took over the business and anchor began producing new, distinctive beers. though the terms micro brewing and craft brewing had yet to be coined, they were leading a brewing revolution in san francisco that would eventually spread across the country. after 45 years, he sold the business to keith and tony and in 2017, anchor brewing company was purchased by spaporo. on march 13 of this year, workers voted to unionize. with all legacy business applications, any news woreshy items from the path, present, and foreseeable feature are addressed in the application.
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we included an article from the "san francisco chronicle" about the unionizing effort and a statement from anchor brewing company which reads as follows. our employees vote and march 13 to unionize, marking a major milestone for our brewery. our priority was to ensure that all our employees were given the opportunity to vote in a secret ballot election. we fully respect the results of the vote and are committed to negotiating in good faith with the newly formed union. we look forward to strengthening our collective future with all of our employees. through the legacy application process, office of small business staff has determined that anchor brewing company does meet all three business eligibility criteria to qualify for listing on the legacy business registry. item 3b is comeix experience which is a business and comics store opened in 1989 on
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divisaredo street. it has the same location and same owner. brian is a major figure in the comic book industry writing a monthly column on thement cocomics industry and business ethics, sitting on the board of directors for the comic book legal defense fund, and co-founding comics pro, the industry's retailer trade group. the store features author events as well as two graphic novel of the month clubs, one for young readers and one for adults. in 2014, hibbs bought comics outpost and renamed it comeix experience outpost. both stores would be listed on the legacy business registry. item 3c is crusin' the castro walking tours. the business is a tour company established in 1989 by local historian trevor haley who arrived in the bay area in the
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n1972 as dorothy evelyn fonderea. a proud lesbian, she found herself submersed in the lesbian and gay people in the 1970s and 1980s. being a history buff, she received her master's degree in recreation and leisure and specialized in san francisco history and tourism. in 1989, she changed her name to trevor haley because she wanted an androgenous game and created a walking tour. upon trevor's retirement in 2005, travel industry professional and local resident kathy amandola purchased the business and continues to educate on the history of lgbtq people and the castro. this includes and encouraging others to embrace human rights. item 3d is el toreador fonda
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mexicana restaurant. the business is a mexican restaurant established in 1957 by a family on west portal avenue. in 1964, the leppy family sold the restaurant to mr. garcia who ran the business until 1980 when he sold it to epreanda and lawrence mayhem. they reinvigorated the then dark, plain restaurant. while esperanza took charge of the cooking, lawrence took over the environment with the vision to create a fun, eclectic atmosphere that would attract young and old. since lawrence's passing in 2011, esperanza has been running the restaurant with her two son who is carry on the tradition of warm, mexican hospitality. chef maria silva has been with the restaurant for 32 years.
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item 3e is hockey haven. the business is a neighborhood sports bar established in the outer richmond district in 1949 by renee trudeau. renault was a french canadian who played pro hockey for the new york rangers. when his professional hockey career came toen an end, he moved to san francisco and opened hockey haven. renee ran the bar until he became disabled in a car accident after which his wife took over the bar. in october 1989, a woman named josephine burns bought the bar and married a man hired as a bartender who ran the bar with her from the early 1990s. present bar owner erin massey started working for josephine and john in 2001 and became the manager and she shared the same passion regarding the business. 2018 the findlay's offered massey the opportunity to buy the bar and she accepted. she is only the third owner in the 70-year existence and the
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third woman to own this thriving neighborhood bar. item 3f is joe goode performance group which is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 by choreographer joe goode with the mission of promoting, understanding, compassion and tolerance o f people through the innovative use of dance and theater. joe goode performance group is on alabama street in the project arto building, an arts complex in the mission district. the organization has performed an annual home season in various san francisco venues acquiring a local following and offer dance and movement classes. they found a permanent home in 2011. from the beginning, joe's public stance as an out gay artist making work that sought to identify the commonalty of all people helped to destigmatize issues of sexuality and gender identity and use the arts a as a healing tool in the face of
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the aids epidemic. the project evolved into an affordable rental venue for san francisco's large and deeply underserved network of performing arts groups and independent performers that have no home venue. all six businesses received a positive recommendation from the historic preservation commission. after reviewing the applications and recommendation from the h.p.c., staff finds the businesses have met the three criteria to qualify for listing on the legacy business registry. there are -- sorry, that should say six draft resolutions for consideration by the small business commission. one for each of the applicants. your support of the businesses should be as a motion in favor of the resolutions. in the resolutions, please pay close attention to the core physical features or traditions that define the business. once approved by the s.b.c., the business must maintain the physical features and traditions in order to remain on the legacy
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business registry. for anchor brewing company, it is brewery. for comeix experience, it is comics bookstore. for the castro walking tours, and lgbtq castro history. for el tore a, dor, restaurant with mexican cuisine. hockey haven, bar. and for joe goode performance group, it is dance/theater. this concludes my presentation. i am happy to answer any questions and there are business representatives in attendance who would like to speak on bhaft of the applications. >> great. thank you, richard. do you want to go right into public comment? >> okay. and we have supervisor fewer here today. so we're going to let her lead this off today. public comment. >> and i first want to say before you speak that how much i appreciate what you have done for this program. i mean, it's awesome because we never heard from the richmond
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district. and now we're hearing about all these great businesses coming out of the richmond district. and you come and you present. and i just think that's great and wonderful and i want to publicly thank you for everything you have done with this program especially out in your district. >> likewise. i wish we had the same enthusiasm and response from other supervisors. >> thank you very much. >> i will say that every legacy business that you have anointed as to be part of the this program is so deeply appreciative, but they also feel a deep sense of gratitude and recognition having this. i have lived in the richmond district since i was two years old. and so i know many of the businesses personally and they are the backbone of my neighborhood and while i am supervisor, it is something you will see me in front of you many more times because there are many more small businesses that
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deserve recognition, but today i am so pleased to present to you the favorite little watering hole in the outer richmond, the hockey haven. for over 70 years this, small little bar in this sleepy area of the richmond district has been gathering community with people drowning their sorrows, toasting celebrations, holding memorials, and just building community over sometimes beer and sometimes something a little stronger. i want to say this small business, you might drive by it on balboa, but those people lived in the richmond district see it as their place. it is not fancy. it is not surveying $15 crushed or whatever they call it, mushed, whatever, cocktails. it is a place where friends gather and everyone is welcome. i know personally my husband was
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raised on first avenue and on christmas eve after the big family gathering of aunlt aunts and uncles and grandparents and children, that the guys, the six brother, would go down -- or five brothers would go down to the hockey haven for a drink and to say, glad that one is over. i think the hockey haven represents what my district is. we are a little down home and we are not fancy, but we are honest people out there and go in ant get an honest drink and have a conversation with a friend or meet a new friend. which is privately owned with a woman owner and i think that that is what i would love to replicate in my neighborhood. i how about so honored again this small watering hole on outer balboa, the hockey haven,
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the gem of my neighborhood. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> derek ramsey from supervisor brown's office. >> wow, hard to follow that. this is the favorite part of my job coming nor commission and talking about legacy businesses. my credentials are in history, and i have a great love of the history of the city. and today i am here to speak about comix experience which is in particular important to me and is a project that i really worked hard with supervisor brown to nominate. comix experience opened five months before i moved to what is today called no pa. and back then it was the western edition. and now we have new neighborhoods like divisedaro heights and it is exciting to see an organization that ironically opened on april
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fool's day in 1989. 30 years lawsuiter, still be around. serving the city and comix books has books for adults and children in the store and also book clubs when sfufd schools and are working to further literacy and make reading fun again. wait, never mind. we don't want to use again on anything. so today, 30 years later, brian and his family are running really fantastic neighborhood business that everyone in the neighborhood whether they are comic book fans or not, they still go in there and check it out. and some will find they rediscover comic books from when they were kids. and rediscover there is all kinds of new comics that we never thought of when we were reading archie or casper. so i really hope that you consider this and push through the legacy status for comix
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experience. they are a true community partner and supervisor brown is honored and proud to nominate them. >> thank you. >> percy bertch from supervisor walton's office. >> welcome. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. the district 10 office did not support this application for anchor brewing company. we have a protocol in place that we wish that all legacy businesses would respect, and we request that all legacy businesses in district 10 applicants go through our process. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. i have rick bellamy from hockey haven followed by bill powers, followed by massoud.
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>> hi there. >> welcome. >> i am a union station agent with the local 16 and in town and i wanted to talk about the hockey haven and how much to me it's a family business. i have noticed that it's been a family business i guess the whole time. one family or another. and they have taken me as part of their family. i wanted to come up here and talk a little bit about how much it means to me. i am going to read an article dated wednesday, october 16, 1985. a hurricane article and is titled three dot journalism is out, but i am going to the second paragraph. as i jam and the brakes to avoid hitting a jaywalker on sixth street who was at least seven months pregnant, there is someone who could use a baby on board sticker. this being pedestrian, i must add that this was a woman. lots of angry male, dot, dot,
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dot, from mothers barking at me about -- and about me for needling those baby on board signs. consensus, it's too keep all the tailgaters away. i am all for that. let's all get those stickers do, dot, dot, dot. hockey haven t hockey pub has cut a teller's window into the streetside wall so bartender cans sell lottery tickets to passersby, especially, lol, little ladies, who do not wish to enter the gin joint. i just wanted to point out that if something was written by hurricane, put in the chronicle, is printed, i think that it was typically san francisco. i wanted to point that out there. say that he spent the time to actually write about it. also, for me this business is my
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living room. it's where i go after work and talking and networking with everybody in our little neck of the woods after work. # it's an institution and it should stay that way. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon, commissioner. i am bill powers. i live in the sunset and i commute over to the richmond to attend the hockey haven. hockey haven is a gem that is well run and committed to serving the neighborhood and out
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of town visitors. it is a well loved gathering place for locals at a time when there are fewer and fewer local establishments for neighbors and neighborhoods to enjoy. there is pictures on the wall, black and whites, vetter rarns passed on -- veterans passed on, but the children can still go to hockey hafrn and see pictures of their parents on the wall. hockey haven maintains the identity of balboa company along with the alive business the theater across street. as a previous speaker said, it is the kind of place we go to commiserate and my wife has had cancer and stress and urban
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legend has it that joe dimaggio and marilyn monroe and dimaggio and joe's brother had a restaurant on the corner and would tell his girlfriend at the time, i am going to see dom and go to the hockey haven and meet marilyn. whether it's true or not, who knows. urban legend, but i wholeheartedly endorse the designation of hockey haven as a legacy business. a haven for locals. very, very well run and that is my statement. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. i am massoud, the president of cass merchants. i am pleased to express the support of castro merchants for cruisin' the castro walking tours. this is an outstanding experience for the patrons. by the tour's end they have visited major local spots of interest and most importantly learned about the castro's unique and iconic history and culture from the tour's owner and longtime member of the community, kathy. we are proud that cruisin' the castros and has more than 300 current members and that has been every year for over two decades since the days of founder trevor haley.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. anymore speakers? come on up. >> hi. i am melissa lewis as a representative speaking on behalf of joe goode performance group. i am here not just as an employee, but an the company as a whole. office student of joe good ooeshgss when i moved here and since then i have attended many, many performances in the annex space, gone to classes and workshops in the the heat e and it all feels like a part of what my work there is currently.
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i think as a younger person, it does feel difficult sometimes to relate to an artist that's been making work far long time, but i really want to emphasize the work that the company is doing now to really be responsive and engaged in collaboration with a lot of independent artists working in the nearby community. there are a lot of programs outside of the company's historic dance theater work that provide access and really reliable community space that's really vital to working artists in the mission and the greater bay area. every week there are many, many hours of rehearsals, workshops, and every weekend there's at least one show that's happening in the annex. and in addition to working with artists in that way, the company
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has extended its programming to be serving, for example, the resilience project and works with local veterans to translate and hear stories and translate them into dance theater works that get performed. and there are other youth programs with high schools across the bay area that give younger people tools to express themselves. there are a f lot of different pieces and is a vital hub to a lot of great people in san francisco. >> anymore speakers? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner dwight? >> an i feel compelled to
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respond to mr. burch's comments from district 10. mayoral nominations are included in our process. there is nothing out of process by the mayor making a nomination outside of a district. although the supervisor walton has publicly expressed support for small business, most recently in the actions to ban electronic cigarettes, sadly, district 10 has been unresponsive to multiple new requests that i have personally made to have businesses added to the registry and businesses like farley's who celebrated the 30th anniversary and is very involved in the local community. the former supervisor, malia cohen was really responsive and helped us out getting this program started. i would like it if the
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supervisor in my district where i live and own a business is supportive of a program. this is a flagship program in the city as well as the united states and one that is very well received by the businesses who are grateful of the process to go through to be added to the registry in addition to the financial benefits. i have advocated that the commission should have the authority to nominate worthy businesses to circumvent some of the delays we see when we encounter the supervisor's offices who are disinterested in the program and simply don't have time. i get that we have competing agendas but to make multiple requests to an office and be ignored is something that i just find real estatingly aggravating
1:40 am
and something -- really aggravating and something that i wish we could be empowered. we can't just do it ourselves and it requires the supervisors and potentially the voters to change what was a voter initiative. the legacy business registry was approved by the voters. the supervisors have an obligation to the citizens to support the program as best they can. all businesses that are nominated by a with the outstanding job of insuring that the businesses meet that experience. >> and very disappointed and it seems to me that the supervisor is putting process ahead of outcomes. we are all living in the city
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together. we deserve a government that works together to achieve outcomes that are in all of interest and i don't think there's any doubt to anybody that is in the city the contribution that anchor steam brewery has made to the city. with the indelible mark and what i was drinking with my wife when i have proposed and i am disappointed to hear the stance that supervisor walton has taken with respect to this nomination. i have supported the supervisor on other matters. this is not what i want to hear at all. to end on a more positive note, i would like to congratulate -- well, premature to congratulate. >> you can go ahead and congratulate them.
1:42 am
>> for the nomination. >> all of nominees are wonderful businesses and i heard they spend a lot of time in comix experience with my sons and i have yet to visit hockey haven, but heaven -- haven? haven. but that sounds like a must visit. the castro is where my kids go to elementary school and you have a wonderful business there and is always a pleasure and honor to a tourism business who has survived more than six months. we are happy and honored to
1:43 am
support you. >> just one more comment and not to single out anchor brewery, but i have to say as a fan of the product that anchor is a quintessential legacy business in this city. it is one of the oldest businesses in the dog patch neighborhood and historic business and fritz maytag who was the c.e.o. for 40-some years, he was very instrumental in helping me start sf made, another very important program in the city, so anchor has played an essential role not only in being a legacy business but start programs that have benefitted manufacturing businesses in the city, and so i can't think of a company that is anymore deserving than they are and all the candidates are equally deserving. >> great.
1:44 am
>> thank you. through the president normally i don't comments but for the joe goode performance group, i was on the board for 10 years in the 90s and think it's both fitting for both cruising the castro and the joe goode performance group -- we haven't taken action yet, but being nominated for the legacy business registry in june and that have this potential for closing out our june with celebrating these two very lgbt focused organizations and want to just acknowledge that joe's work early on was very -- he stayed true to himself being a gay man and also the experience of the aids crisis -- emotional,
1:45 am
sorry. and so i am real excited that we're going to still be on the registry. soon. >> thank you. commissioner ortiz. >> i want to say i want to give a shout out to all my friends that work there at anchor brewery. the union cap now and all them. and we grew up together with free samples, so you got to give us some. and another is el toreador. we were discussing the traffic woes and no excuse and i got to get out there for the kids to get out there. >> commissioner yee-riley. >> el toreador is one of my faif favorite restaurants and i enjoy the atmosphere and decor and the friendly servers. i am happy that this is going to
1:46 am
be nominated for the legacy business. >> in keeping with the drinking theme, a couple to, too, many margarita pitcher there is and my family and i enjoy the restaurant very much. to think you are in the transportation business. >> and i wanted to give a shot out to anchor brewery and the favorite beer is the california lagger. you hit a homerun with that one. and everything you have done, i know you have opened up the tap room to a lot of community events and people and with the tours and the neighborhood groups in the area. but the big shout out is kathy
1:47 am
amondola. i knew trevor very well. when i joined castro per chants in 1996, trevor took me under her wings and i know we have a member and president of the former harvey milk board is here, and there is a connection between you. that big rainbow flag that you see at the end of market street, market goes up the hill. and that was trevor's doing. she fought. her and gilbert baker fought for that, but it was trevor's yand he was, like, we got to get a big flag up and contacted gilbert maker and the harvey milk democratic club, trevor contacted them to be a fiscal sponsor and they jumped in and we got between gilbert, harvey milk democratic club, and that flag and took over when trevor
1:48 am
retired. and there were a lot for free. the kid that comes and you want our parents to know what the community is about, you send them on kathy's tour. my parents went on that tour with trevor to learn about the castro and it changed their attitudes. and kathy's tours, every saturday i see her and give her a shout out and she always has a big crowd and they charge, but she probably gives the best neighborhood tour in the city and all over the place in the contributions to the astro merchants and sf travel, and trevor is looking down and she is very, very proud of what you have done with her business. so i just want to say thank you.
1:49 am
do we have a motion? >> move to approve all the legacy business no, ma'am niece. >> seconded. >> motion by commissioner dwight to approve all six resolutions to be added to the legacy business registry and seconded by commissioner laguana. roll call vote. >> motion passes 6-0 with one absent. >> great. congratulations. next item please. >> item four, board of supervisors file number 190-417, environmental code, check out bag charge, recyclable or compostable precheck out bags and to raise the amendment
1:50 am
stores must charge from 10 cents to 25 cents to require that precheck out bags be provided to customers before they reach the point of sale and affirming the determination under the environmental quality act and legislative aide to supervisor brown and the department of environment. and -- yeah. >> supervisor brown desperately wanted to be here to speak on this subject and i will say a little bit more about why she was so interested and passionate about being here. she currently is in land use committee to work on getting the small business streamlined there and thank you for the unanimous support for that legislation. we are sort of doing our best to keep it in tact as possible in
1:51 am
the face of some opposition to important changes there. as an update, we should know more and i will be running back downstairs to continue to support her in that hear. but wanted to be here to say a little bit about why we brought this legislation forward and why so important to supervisor brown and the city. very quickly, supervisor brown first came to work at city hall to work on environmental issues and street violence. those were her two passions as an activist more than 10 years ago when she first came into the building. she with respect to the environment, she was particularly passionate about climate change and plastic and environmental pollution. she came to work for then supervisor ross and together they did some of the very earliest work on clean power sf and climate based initiatives as
1:52 am
well as on plastic bags and addressing the issue of plastic bags. they also passed the first plastic bag charge which is really one half of the legislation that we're considering here today. we are looking at increasing that fee back in 2012, 2014 -- forgive me, i don't have my notes in front of me, but the idea there was that these create incredible cost to the environment. to help sort of build awareness among consumers about the degradation and pollution that comes from plastic bags, we wanted to put a fee into place and it had great effect by all accounts. i think the department of the environment will speak more directly to that. but since that time we have seen a number of other -- 12 different local jurisdictions in the bay area pass their own
1:53 am
charges and keep, so a dime is paid to the per chant. the per chant uses it to support -- the merchant uses it to support its work. so a number of these other jurisdictions have higher fees than us because time passes and things become -- the value of money changes and so they're now charges of a quarter in santa cruz and a number of other jurisdictions and started a dime when they first passed their legislation and what we have seen is by making that change, increasing the amount of the charge, we see another very significant bump in consumer awareness and the number of people bringing reusable bags into the shop. so we avoid this plastic bag pollution. something on the order of 90 plus percent of plastic bags never make it into recycling and just straight up waste or into the oceans or environment.
1:54 am
americans are using something like 100 billion plastic bags annually. these are new plastic bags every year. i mean, that's a lot of plastic bags. so you can imagine the type of waste we are seeing. as a city surrounded by water and both our oceans and our bay, we know this sort of impacts on the waterways and the environment particularly intimately. so just to speak to the legislation, the other piece of the legislation now is first of its kind as far as we know in the country to take on plastic bags in the produce aisle and primarily the produce bags that we use to slow loose bulk items and jalapenos and loose leaves and there are alternatives and we have bet earn alternatives than the single use disposable plastic bags. because of the traditional check out back, plastic bags were never use and you better believe
1:55 am
these sort of produce bags mainly make it into our waste stream and into the environment. and so we're excited about the opportunity to take that challenge on and continue supervisor brown's work on this issue. and just as a final note, just last month a study, peer reviewed study, has shown the connection between plastics and climate change. this is petroleum industry is only growing the amount of plastic which is a waste stream of our oil industry and growing that sector of the market. and they're looking to increase by another 75% the amount of plastic they produce in this country. and in between now and 2030 and this is a booming market and we're headed in exactly the wrong direction in terms of how we're producing plastics. given sort of our challenges of the climate change and this sort
1:56 am
of environmental waste. we have done our best to think carefully about the small business community and to talk with folks and the first we -- regina was probably the first meeting and really wanted to make sure that we were taking the lessons from the first piece of legislation on the bag charge and taking the best practices and continuing to do that so we've, again, proposed to leave the charge in the hand of the merchants. and we're also very focused on the department will speak to this on outreach and getting outreach into the right sort of merchant communities and also doing a lot of consumer education and awareness. both in the press and sort of traditional marketing exercise. so that people don't show up to the register and take an extra three or five minutes asking the merchant about, what do you mean, it is a quarter. it's a dime. we will do our best to avoid
1:57 am
that scenario and to make sure that the changes don't have impacts on communities and minority language communities. so that is our commitment and we're also i would say working on a reusable bag giveaway campaign which we are really excited about to support the outreach efforts both into the merchant communities and to consumers hoping to give something on the order of 10,000 or more reusable bags away to people. these are bags they will keep and continue to use. so i'll stick around for questions. but i want to turn it over to the department. >> i have a quick question. >> please. you have >> where have you been the last few years? i don't know anybody who doesn't use their own bags. like, i went to the diamond heights safeway and there was not one person in the checkout line that -- everybody was bringing their own bags. >> yes. >> why do we need this legislation? i mean, i love the supervisor. i think what she is -- i think
1:58 am
what this stuff with requiring businesses to have cash businesses, love it, love it, love it. i don't like this. >> okay. >> and 25 cents, this is san francisco. there is a lot of people who 25 cents it won't be a big thing to them. where i worry about is low and poor income people who do bring a bag, for whatever reason, and if they forget, a quarter is a quarter and four quarters is a dollar. and sorry, just with my banker, and this is what -- the way you just spoke to me about this law is like, in san francisco we're not paying attention. and i think in san francisco because of vallie and ross and that legislation that they passed five years ago, i think it's in everybody's mindset that you bring a bag to check out. i mean, even when i go shopping in downtown in the big stores, i bring my own bag.
1:59 am
i think -- and i almost feel like we're being punished for doing the right thing. and i just -- this is how i feel. and like i said, i like everything you do, but on this one, and the way it was just described, i am not doing my job, and in fact, looking in the back of the car and i have a stack of bags. my company gave out -- you said 10,000 bags. my company has given out more than 100,000 bags in this town at street fairs and whatever. all right. so this is -- i am just trying to comprehend all this in my mind because this is keeping me awake for the last week. it's like, why are we doing this? because we are environmentally correct in this town. and we are doing the right thing. so why are we being punished? >> thank you, commissioner. i'm sorry that this has kept you up the past week. >> i appreciate it. >> and the quick answer to your question is, i would say we wish you -- we wish everyone in san
2:00 am
francisco were as conscientious as you and your company. unfortunately, that's not the case. and i think the department can speak more directly to some of what we are seeing, but we have seen slippage in the sort of usage or rather, an increase in the amount of plastic bags that are coming back into our businesses. the state passed legislation and unfortunately left a loophole wherein thicker plastic bags were allowed to come back in. and i think awareness also. and here we are seven years later and five years later, and people and that dime is sort of -- the people who are going to sort of catch on because of a dime, they've caught on at this point. like you, they are bringing the reusable bags. so we saw great success in the first iteration. and we believe that there's still a significant number of san francisco residents who are not doing as you are and bringing sa