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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 28, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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be riding the bus every day, i will still be on my bike are taking taxis, that is how i get around this city. i will continue to benefit from the good work that you all do. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] isn't that a violation against board policy for demonstration? >> we do that every time someone claps, pretty much. [laughter]. >> moving on to the director's report. >> okay. , back to the real work, and you made reference to this, madame chair, starting, unfortunately, with really devastating and sad news, which is that since the last m.t.a. board meeting, we
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have had four traffic fatalities on the streets of san francisco, four more people have lost their lives through the end of june, a total of 19 lives lost. eleven of which were pedestrians just to walk through them, and you will see -- you might hear some themes here. june 23rd at 1:30 a.m., a southbound vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed allegedly ran a red light at third and paul, striking another vehicle, which killed the driver and passenger of the other vehicle. the driver was 26 years old, and his passenger was 49 years old. we did send a rapid investigation team out there. we did find some faded crosswalks, which sins have been repainted, but clearly spee was the issue here.
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on june 24th, the next day, 3:00 a.m., a 56-year-old man was killed at california park -- california and park presidio when an eastbound driver, travelling at a high rate of speed ran a red light and struck his vehicle as he was going north on park and presidio. we also went out and repainted the lines, as well as the tow away zone, and we did put new fireside signal heads on california street. a few days later, june 27th at 2:00 a.m., a 30-year-old man was struck and killed while on foot at first and howard by vehicle making a left turn on read from howard to first. howard is one way, so the left turns are permissible, or they were, because following our investigation, we instituted a no turn on red restriction for a westbound traffic on howard. so this is another four people who lost their lives
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unnecessarily and tragically. you can see that these are all very early morning, darkness, speed are a factor. that is the primary collision factor in the majority of severe and fatal collisions. just a reminder that we need to keep focusing on getting authorization from speed enforcement. we need to continue the focus on the five on speed and our outreach efforts to get people to slow down as they make their way around the city. so then, just a quick construction, a couple of construction updates, one, with regard to the 16th street platform at the ucsf chase center, we are in the final stages of construction of the platform, and we will be doing our final closure in support of that work. just to remind you, right now we
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have two different split platforms. this is crating a single platform to serve both inbound and outbound trains right in front of the new arena site. it will enable 42 car trains to load simultaneously at large events, so that we will be able to sufficiently move people out and connect them to the rest of the munimobile system as well as other regional connections -- connectors, and eventually the trains will go into the central subway. in order to complete the construction on the platforms, it will take testing, and we will do the final track concrete and paving work. we will have the best substitution on the tee third starting on july 27th. i believe that is a saturday, and it will last approximately ten days. so one workweek, and we will have the line of services suspended during this time to facilitate the work, and then we will have the platform open, and all the new infrastructure that
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was put in place up and ready and in-service at the beginning of august, well in advance of the first chase center event in september. the final stretch there, anyone who has been down third street on the tee recently, you will see it is just about done. the other big construction project is set to begin construction this summer. this is a project that we've talked about a lot here. you legislated it some point last year. as you know, we're we are doing the construction in two segments we're starting first on the west end which is out to the zoo. overall, the construction will take about three years. the first segment will have about six months of best substitution, so bus shuttles will run for that outer part of the l to get folks into connect to the light rail. because of construction is about
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to start, tomorrow night we are having a community meeting. we want to explain what the plans are for the two phases of construction, what we are thinking about for staging, and hear any concerns about loading, parking, noise, anything like that. we realize that not everybody has an opportunity to go. we are going to propose a couple of different ways that we can do this staging, so we really are seeking input from the public, but for those who can't go, we will have an online and text in
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survey that will be open, i guess it is open, open from july 12th until the 22nd so folks can go onto our website and submit their preferences and learn about the project and some of the preferences that way, if they like. and then just one other piece of the welcome news, is i think i mentioned this at the last meeting, but this past weekend, the salesforce transit center resumes service at the bus plaza that means the five, five r., the seven, in the 38 and the 38 rr back from the temporary terminal into the plaza. i know everyone has read it and has a chance to visit the reopening of this center, and particularly, the rooftop park. so next month, hopefully, this service will be up and the bus deck will resume for all the transbay buses, including the 25 treasure island.
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a great milestone there. and then my last notes is, one of the things they talked about, the great executive team that we have, what we have had a couple of holes. and one of the things that i have been very focused on is filling those holes, but also making sure that the central subway stays on a continued strong path to get to the finish line, so i am pleased to announce the appointment of someone who started yesterday as the new central subway program director. nadeem, as i said, he started yesterday, and it is his job to get the project to the finish line. this is not his first rodeo, he has more than 35 years of experience planning, designing, managing, construction of large, highly complex, domestic and international rail transit projects. he has managed projects in l.a., d.c., chicago, and i met him when he was director of program
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management for the f.d.a. office here in region nine, overseeing projects in california, arizona, nevada, and hawaii. he will be on point working with the contractors, working with the central subway project staff , but more importantly, as we get close to the finish line with transit and communications and sustainable streets and in the other agency staff, it turns from a capital project into parts of the munimobile system. nadeem started yesterday, and he relieved albert ho who graciously agreed to serve as interim central subway project director, somewhat against his will, and i assured him that it will be for a brief time, and that was 18 months ago. he stepped in when john moved on to go to caltrain, and i was talking to him earlier, albert really helped navigate this project. it was some of the most
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difficult periods in the last year and a half, and he has done so ably and professionally, probably spent too much time at the expense of his own family. i know they will be glad to be getting him back. you will, of course, stay with the project, and i'm hoping he will stay until the end of the project, but i really want to thank him. he has been on the central subway for 15 years, nearly half of his long-time it -- long tenure with the city, and really has been a steady force throughout all of this. first with john leaving, with my leaving, albert will be the steady guy to support nadeem and the rest of the agency in getting this done. i want to welcome nadeem and i want to than nadine and thank albert. that concludes my report. [applause.] i think nadine is here somewhere. if you want to come up and say a few words or wave so people know
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what you look like. >> if you could come to the microphone, please. >> thank you very much. i would like to thank ed for giving me this opportunity to serve the city. as he mentioned, transit is what i do. i took this on as a challenge, and i feel that i can help to bring this project to the finish line. thank you very much. >> thank you and welcome. with that we are now at public comment on items only on the director's report. if you have any comment you will have two minutes. >> he is the only speaker card on this topic.
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>> good afternoon. i just want to first say i remember meeting ed his first month in office. i never forget that. his door was open. once in a while i would send him e-mails and he addressed those. i only sent the e-mails on serious things. i did not try to bombard you. lately i did because there were issues from preventing cabs from serving the city and you addressed those and i will miss you for that. other cabdrivers may not because of what has happened with the cabin does industry. a lot of issues got addressed that someone else wouldn't address. tom mcguire will keep that door open. the other issue you talked about, about the serious
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accidents where people got hurt. i want you to know. it is uncalled for to happen. i have seen on the streets lyft and uber drivers trying to chase the bonuses and boosts. while you did not be say the type of driver that caused this the third street and paul accident involved a lyft driver and his passenger. it didn't happen in the taxicab. i think it is important to realize that. we are more accountable to the city than they are. the companies do not really care about making the drivers more accountable to the city. i hope when you leave, you will leave a message that you have kept the cabdrivers accountable to the city and you can hope you tried to help boost the cabin
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does industry. i appreciate you mentioning taxis as part of your presentation. thank you very much. >> any public comment on the director's report? >> thank you. i did turn-in a card. anyway, speaking specifically on this item, thank you for the deeper dive on vision zero, and it was well balanced. vision zero is very important to me not just because i am walking the streets in san francisco but now because i am riding little shared two-wheeled vehicles, bikes and scooters. it isverelvant to me -- very relevant to me especially in the morning. thank you for first and howard. i go through there a lot. difficult area. i like the forward thinking idea
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that we can have four of the two car trainings that will be stopping at this platform at the chase center. i have been to a number of these, some of these big events around the country. i want us to be able to have more people riding muni instead of clotting up downtown with single rock you pied vehicles. i -- o occupied vehicles. i plan to ride into the neighborhood. that is what i have to say on the specific report but let's keep vision zero first. i will be out there riding my bikes with my helmet on. thank you. >> any specific public comment? seeing that public comment is closed. advisory committee report. >> no one is here from the cac
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to address you today. >> we move to general public comment. that is an opportunity to comment on stuff under the opportunity matter jurisdiction of the sfmta but not on today's calendar. any other transportation related topic to address the board on you can come to the front. i think ms. boomer has cards. >> good afternoon, directors. i am howard, a member of your other advisory committee. pedestrian safety advisory committee. i hope we are going to deal with a important educational issue. the thing is to provide muni signs pedestrians yield to transit. it came to my mind with the
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melbourne trams. it says give way to trams. those go back when they were formed in 1883. they included a fine. if you obstruct the tram you might get fined. when you see the melbourne tram, if people are in front they scurry across. what happens we all know it. pedestrians just saunter and stop a bus. i have seen the l wait for me. i get off in one direction and the other is coming down. he waits. hopefully this sign will be there loan enough and the pair -- long enough and say we are going to wave muni on. when they learn how to drive it is transit first. before that we have to program the taxis and we will say transit first.
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there is a few in view of the taxi and the taxi will wait. that will be part of that. i hope we can get there. we have one in memphis. there is a trolley. pedestrians yield to trolleys. you can do signs like this. you can't tell cars. you can tell pedestrians and drivers will see the signs wherever they are driving around. they will say it is good if i wait and let transit go by. thank you very much. >> those standing next to the door, it is a fire hazard to block the door. >> step away from the button there. if you can move. there are seats i in the front. >> vice chair, thank you again.
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for the record as i speak on miscellaneous items. it has been awhile now since we have made some changes to fares. thank you for keeping my fare the same. it costs me $1.25 for my two hour clipper e ticket as well as on muni mobile. really good change from 90 minutes. i am getting some more for my money. that is a very good thing, and i like having the smoothness on the buses where we don't have those tear off paper transfers. everybody is on the same sheet of music and getting the two hours for the money. continue the work with clipper and the app. we are doing well with that. i think it is time to move away from these paper scratchoff
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tickets. those are good for lotteries. i think it is time to move beyond that. we don't need to have scratchoff lottery tickets in this modern day and age. that is good work. continue our focus on the subway. as i said. i had a good ride on the subway last week where trains were going one after another very smoothly, we need that focus on our turnarounds. precision and dedication to being able to turn the trains and the subway so i can experience that. i ride it often. thank you. >> good afternoon, directors. this board passed the ordinance
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about a month ago. right after that there was coverage in the chronicle. they picked up on the list of corridors that was in that. the staff report didn't stay what they were going to do. they assumed these were all going to get protected bike lanes. they ran the article with different maps of the different quarters there. it included the quarter right in front of my house in the tenderloin. i would love to have a bike lane in front of my house. we have a big shortage of bike lanes in that part of town. soon we will have a mile and-a-half or so. this is great. then the m.t.a. reached to the chronicle to say, no, these are bike quarters except california and leaven worth. those are pedestrian only.
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item two in the consent calendar you are asking the state for money for the hide street project. there is something there in the stipulations and resolution about promoting bicycling. i would urge you with both of these projects don't make another taylor street or another sixth street. build the bike lanes in the tenderloin where we need them, the most debs neighbor -- dense neighborhood in the state of california. people will say it is too hilly. there are hills. people live there. we need to get around on bikes. i urge you to consider that and bring bike lanes to the tenderloin please. >> that is that right is cool.
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>> next speaker, please. >> barry toronto. i will talk fast. i have a lot to cover. you don't neat for a month. i need to shout out to phil. there are bad things he has done. he put a cabstand on hyde below north of beach. it is new. it is working fantastic. we need nor like those. if you can give him permission tto expedites the tax lanes it will help. the credit union is not going to reknew the loans. they require balloon payment to the drives. the next point they have issued so many medallions through the credit union to yellow cab that
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it is useless to be a purchase cab as well as a push 78 cab because of the fact they are still waiting a long time because those with loans have to wait longer because of the cabs the credit union gets to include among the purchase cabs working the airport. there was a report you did not hold a hearing. watch the hearing that took place at the land use committee. watch that online. supervisor fewer was fantastic. she made great comments and kay torn was pulled to the carpet based on her comments. watch it or hold your own hearing about the report that came out a month and a half ago. >> town send street is one lane. you need traffic control. it is gridlock everywhere on
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taylor and town send. the center. they took away our ability to cue up in front of the convention. >> i will call director. >> thank you. apologies to the speakers who are waiting in line. we wanted to come by. >> i am director of workforce development and the office of economic and work force development. we are on the way out the building and we heard there was a chance to say thank you for everything you have done for the community, for workers, work force development. throughout your career, i remember meeting you 10 years ago you were the first department head to give us the time of day looking for stronger
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local hiring. you had the road bond in 2009. you looked at the law and participated in every conversation that led to this landmark local hire ordinance in fall of 2010. you never looked down. you invested in city build. you consistently worked hard to deliver economic opportunity for workers and small business. your legacy will out live you and all of us. we are i think beyond construction grateful for your versus and city drive. the directors should know his vision to partner up and commit your team and resources to work with us with the chariot workers laid out to recruit more drivers and get a record number of classes for drivers. iit is a permanent program to gt
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free training. thank you for your buy in for your support for that. thank you and we are always going to be friends. we are available wherever you go. thank you for everything you have done. on behalf of our department director who bears a resemblance to one of your directors who is a big fan as well. >> thank you. with that director i somewhere to direct you to go down stairs. >> good luck, ed. >> we will continue with tub puc -- public comment. >> good afternoon. i would like to express my opposition to naming the china subway station after rose pack.
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it is the direct violation of m.t.a. policy. as known her involvement with the station was substantial and it makes sense to dedicate it. one question is what sort of impact does that legacy have on the people? the chinese communist party was evidently which she criticized the 1989 massacre. the atrocities committed and her greatest agenda. this would remind the many people of chinatown who came here for better reassurance of rights. the pain and problems. it would be unpleasant.
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please hold your ground and the purpose of the board is to serve the public, not political power. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> . >> good afternoon, board of directors. i am professional teacher. as you have notified very vocal against the naming of the subway station after rose back. many of you do not know her that well. last week they told us she was surprised to tell us it as well supported at the federal level. it surprised me, too. in 1999 after the chinese party the u.s. congress condemned the
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persecution. in 20 2002 it was urging china o stop the persecution. in 2004 it was resolution 304 to condemn the extended persecution to the united states. in 2016, house again unanimously passed resolution 343 to express concern regarding the systematic state sanctioned organ harvesting in china. all congressional offices in bay area voted these. the congress women and the congressman were co-sponsors. congresswoman nancy pelosi attended to voice her support. in san francisco city officers
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treat it as a group to be abated. why? because people like rose pack have been spreading misinformation about this practice. i urge you to have an open mind and meet yourself to find out the truth. thank you. >> i want to remind the public this is about items of the m.t.a. it is nice to learn more about this, that is not our preview as a body. that is not our goal. direct your comments specifically to the issue that would be great. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am marie. please allow me to continue. i heard you.
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it is related to the subway station naming. rose pack is the chinese chamber of commerce to defend. the chinese new year parade organized the chamber of commerce she blocked the group from marching on. later she was out of the parade and they were never allowed back in. the persecution in china was so brutal, tens of thousands were thrown into labor camps and prisons and many died. this coming saturday is the 20th
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year anniversary. as of today 4300 practitioners are known to have died of torture. those are the people with the name and address they may only be the tip of the iceberg. the investigators concluded as many as 62000 people died in china. thank you. >> i will remind you. we are thes -- we have the human rights commission to talk about these issues. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, directors. i am barbara ting. last month an international tribunal in london delivered final judgment in china.
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they ruled as much it has been committed for years in china and the major thought. the ruling also said the practice is often matched wickedness with the killings committed in the last century. members include english bear barristers who let the esteemed professionals in medical, legal and human rights fields. none of these were practitioners. it took 20 years to be recognized. one reason they are people who work hard for chinese communist to cover things up and mute the voices so people won't know the truth. when history turns over the page
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and the details got exposed, people will find the part rose pack played in this brutal persecution. now san francisco is honoring the name. please think hard about it before you make the decision. thank you for listening. >> again, if we can limit your comments to focusing specifically on the station naming without explaining the religion or organ harvesting. we don't have jurisdiction over those things. really focus on the transportation aspects. >> good afternoon.
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i am linda. all we know is that freedom is america first. it is bipartisan support. every president stands behind it. you are condemning the persecution. they are trying to honor rose pack to carry out the persecution. please think about that. i would like to share with you that. the annual report ever report rt
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time in 20 years the first victim group among medical persecuted by the chinese community party. after 20 years the u.s. government recognized the severity and made it a priority of this issue. it also talks about the state operated crime of harvesting organs for profit. thank you. >> speaker about transportation topics. >> good afternoon, directors. i am joyce. i am the person who is producing the summary of the petitions to name the subway station after
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rose peck. i went to the streets in san francisco to ask people to sign petitions. we only approaches those in san francisco. in two months we have collected 10,328 signatures. 25 persons from district three. district six and 11 has 1500 signatures. this is the petitions that we somewhere collected. we have more than 1200 pages. virtually provided there is a home address and most provided phone number, too. there is a petition that can be
1:39 am
verified by you. i want you to know that none of those volunteers was paid. i also want you to know that the response is tremendous and people know about this matter now and we will continue this effort until it is revoked. please listen to the words of people. stop this nonsense and let us go back to our jobs and stop wasting public resources on this matter and more. >> rebecca new, alan zing,
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michelle yang. >> i am here to oppose the naming of the center of the subway station after rose peck. ir would suggest something to observe. since may 4th there were seven public comment sections. more than 80 people expressed opposition to the subway station naming. not a single person to support showed up. if they care about the naming, why don't this take off and come to city hall to express it. this ratio of 80 versus zero is a good indicator of the true voice of the community. similar is happening here at this meeting. we have to ask who is behind the
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idea after all? people in the community? or the political interest behind the politicians. i don't have an answer, but i'm sure you will be able to tell. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. many of us took time off to come to the m.t.a. meeting to speak against naming the station after rose peck. 70 came to this meeting to share why we object to it. she was a bully, she was could betro versial -- controversial and attacked the religious groups. she conducted many illegal activities when she was alive. she does not deserve the honor of the station.
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we did not come here to say this subjectively. we have evidence to back up everything we say. we don't know how you take it. do you have doubts? if you do, i understand. you don't know us. many things you heard for the first time. your decision is very important and it will impact the chinatown for decades to come. if you still think about voting for the naming we would like to request a sit down meeting to share with you our evidence and you have a chance to ask us your questions. you can raise your doubts. supervisosupervisors passing ths equal chance. we want you to be well informed to make the right decision for the city and the community. please honor this request of ours and our right to the secretary for such a meeting if possible. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. any more speakers? rose peck bullied a lot of people. we know religious freedom is the cornerstone of united states. 300 years ago the pilgrims took the mayflower to protect religious freedom. therefore american history started. also, afterwards democracy was driving upon such basis. to put rose peck's name under
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mines the core value of the united states. we hope it helps the community to safeguard this precious value that we all cherish and not to name the station after rose peck. thank you very much. >> i am president of save muni here to introduce our organization to those who don't know about us. save muni has been an active organization in san francisco pressing for better transit for more than a decade. we started back in 2008 with a couple of meetings in jane morrison's living room. from that we grew into a community meeting at the women's building in san francisco. that started our organization
1:45 am
save muni. we are firmly in favor of improving transit in san francisco. we are an independent organization, sometimes we have supported the m.t.a. and sometimes opposed. for example, we have been big supporters of the red lanes which help speed buses and make trip times shorter. we were one of the first organizations to advocate for all door boarding and the m.t.a. adopted that. it is a good one. some fare loss but a good recommendation. our organization contains members who have been very active in either working with the muni or consulting with the muni or serving on advisory groups that have been developed by the m.t.a. i urge you to take a look on the our website.
1:46 am
www. save we meet the third monday of every month at the northern police station. stop by or contact me first. feel free to stop by and participate in our discussions. thank you. >> next speaker. >> herbert weaner. i wish to voice my concern about the constitution of the muni task force. basically from what my understanding is that it consists of people who have favorable attitudes towards muni and supported some decisions of muni which i considered to be flawed and many considered to be flawed. basically, what you are doing is restricting critical attitudes and opinions.
1:47 am
critical addtudes and opinions are needed to save muni with a ugly profile in the public as the "san francisco examiner" noted. i encourage you to include groups and individuals that are loyal critics of muni to have a decent report. otherwise you are going to have a self contained report, you are going to continue with the same attitudes and opinions and you are heading for a collision course. i think it is very important that m.t.a. task force include everyone, and also really get public opinion because too many of these committees are self containing. you are on a collision course. this is the same thing that got the united states in trouble with viet nam. all reports are favorable from the front but the newspaper reporters knew differently. you have paid the price enough.
1:48 am
>> good evening. i am jack shane. i am an incoming freshman at uc berkeley. i oppose the naming of the subway station after rose peck. by trying to follow the principals of compassion and tolerance i strive to be a better person. despite this, the chinese government launched persecution. we experienced hate and rejection from other asian americans. in a nation with respect towards
1:49 am
individuals where i call my home. i view the actions as disgusting not only because of the religious discrimination but for her audacity of committing them in the united states. this can consolidate the president for further bias commitments. my story of discrimination is one of thousands that the chinese government is held accountable for. by supporting rose pack corrupts the constitution. i hope you will defy the chinese government to protect the lives of your citizens from reliving the dark past and embracer social chas change for the futu.
1:50 am
>> deer supervisors. i am maggie. i would like to share a story when i collect signatures for the petition against naming the central subway station. one day an elder chinese lady passed by and told me she already signed this petition with somebody else, but after awhile she came back and said she was extremely mad about rose peck. how could she collect signatures by herself? i gave her a blank petition and my phone number. a few weeks later she did send back the petition with 10 signatures on the form. whenever i see elder women stand out against something i know it must be a serious issue. chinese elder women are the most
1:51 am
silent group who choose to compromise and endure. when they stand out it must be something that seriously touches the bottom line of our community. i urge the board of supervisors to help the chinese grandma. this may be the only petition she has collected for all of her lifetime. her message is simple, not to name the subway station after rose peck. thank you very much for liste listening. >> marmarry mcguire, taxi drive. i am another casualty of the taxis. it is folding as a result of the
1:52 am
policies you adopted on october 16th. you were supposed to rehear that in three months regarding the impact of the policies, and that hasn't happened yet. that would be interesting and informative if you held that hearing. also, i want to thank phillip for the cab stand at beach and hyde. it is working well. i have gotten fares from there. that is successful so far. however,we have been promised cab fares at alca taz and golden gate bridge. that is where the tourists are. we get a ticket. we are not allowed to wait there. we are routinely chased away from events and places where tourists are. even when there are temporary
1:53 am
stands we get chased away because of the miscommunication with the police and your agency. i want to address alcatraz. i know it is portside. we were told there would be a cabstands there. there are hustlers out there. they are the club of limseeps and the bike -- limousines. they hustle the tourists. do you need a taxi they say to unsuspecting people and they escort them to their unlicensed him months. -- limos. that shouldn't be supported by you. on the bikes and scooters. >> okay.
1:54 am
i am a taxi driver for 25 years. i just want to address the uber problem. it is like 50,000 driving in the city of san francisco coming from all over the place. they don't live here. they do not know how to drive. they are the worst drivers in the world. if you don't believe me, i will take you riding in my cab and you can watch what they do. it is unbelievable. two days ago i am going down mason street in the left lane crossing center. i was stalled. i was going to change lane to move to the next lane. upcoming the van up the street in the wrong direction, stops at center at the light. i jump out and i am yelling make a left. you are going the wrong way. the people in the van were looking at me like i was crazy.
1:55 am
i said you have got to turn. we are going to have a big crash. finally they turned. i see this all of the time going wrong way on the one way streets in san francisco. nobody is controlling them. the crashing four and five cars on the freeway. i see one uber car involved in it. i can pick them out. most of the cars on the road are uber and lyft. they honk at me to go faster. i go slower. i wait for the pedestrian to cross the street they are calling me names. i get the finger sign. i want to ask if that is their age or iq. they are yelling at everybody. they think because they are in a
1:56 am
hurry we should worry about that. it is not my problem if they are in a hurry. they need to slow down. we have too many scooters and pedestrians. >> hello. martincmartin.i oppose naming ty station after ms. pack. she was a bully and the way she was talking to people was like i couldn't believe it. second reason she lied on her application in 2002. application for first time home buyer program in the city. she owned two houses and she bought the third one through the city in the first time home
1:57 am
buyer programming. i think it is a felony. >> when i was listening to the report with the fatalities, make sure the next director is going to try to retake control on the city. >> this is not on the agenda, sir. >> one of the reasons for the traffic t problem. the city lost control of the streets to the state of california. i hope this is going to change with the new director. thank you very much. >> any general public comment? it is closed. now to the consent calendar. >> these are routine unless a member of the public or the board wishes to sever and consider it separately. i have received a request that 10.2v and w and 10.3 be severed.
1:58 am
>> we will be moving 10. v, w and 10.3. >> motion to approve remaining calendar. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> 10 point 2v and w has to do with parking on iowa street east from 23rd to 25th and putting in parking meters. any members of the public? >> this is not really a taxi issue. there is a cab company at the
1:59 am
train station on 22nd street. i am concerned why they are addressing issues all the way to 25th it doesn't make sense at all what is going on over there. my question is about putting meters in. that does not make sense to put meters in over there. there are no real businesses there. they are storage units and there is a cab company lot up there. it doesn't make sense to put meters three block the train station. i will address you at the same time. is there a way to make a time limit on the no turn on red. after a time it doesn't make sense to isn't there late at night because this is financial district. it does not make sense to force
2:00 am
us to it is there. the cabs use bush to kearney a lot. if you get the green at pine. i want to ask if you do no turn on red that is not all of the time but that is only restricted hours like 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. like you do on franklin street. i believe ellis you have restricted hours. you can't make the turn on red up until after 7:00 you can make the turn on red. after 8:00 at geary. i appreciate it. >> we already voted on u, unfortunately.