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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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coverage. >> president yee: okay. mr. wright. >> i've already demonstrated to you several times how to solve this housing problem. sfgov. here's an 87-unit apt complex in -- apartment complex in emoryville. by the same response, this company in emoryville that's responsible for this 87-apartment building complex made gavin newsom a guest at the building and he sat up there and still tried to criticize and said he would fine them $600,000 if they didn't build on time. we should fine him. i've done that, and i've done better than that by showing you an apartment complex that's
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being built in emoryville for $56 million, a 144 z-unit building that's better than the complex i just showed you. in fact, the 144-unit complex for $56 million, three-story building, with the $1 billion that newsom says he's giving to the homeless, you could build nine. and with the other billion, you could build a 27-story apartment unit complex right next to each other. you've got 11 districts, and if you build this type of apartment building complex in each and every one of your districts, that's a total of 22,174 units for low-income
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bracket that you claim each and every one of you help. you sound like a hypocrite when you say you want to build affordable housing, yet you don't move on. >> president yee: thank you, mr. wright. next speaker? >> clerk: sfgtv, please. >> and began speaking about the signs that would occur right before he returned. so what that shows us is the destruction of jerusalem shadowed the day before itself. this is quite interesting. as mentioned last week, there were precisely 84 seven-year cycles between the two destructions of jerusalem. there's 84 months in a cycle,
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and the exile itself in babylon, it said that. as jesus spoke before the high priest, and he asked him, he said are you the son of god, he said i am. i'm christ, the son of god, the son of man. he was obviously saying to him daniel, chapter 7, where the son of god, the son of man comes in the clouds of heaven. psalm 2 was well aware of these scriptures. says yes, ye be happy, and beware of the wrath.
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jesus said you are going to see me coming in the clouds of heaven seated at the right hand of god. he had to see that in the sense that jerusalem was destroyed. he gave that in a parable about a king. he said the king was roth and he sent forth his army --
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i want to extend the invitation to everyone, foz on the community, and every union member to attend the closing party tomorrow evening, once again 6:00 p.m. it is free, local 34 hall, just to the east of the ballpark, 801 second street. i wanted to report that my information, the last negro in san francisco, which i consider a brilliant film, it's last run is at 9:15 p.m. on thursday evening. for anyone who has not seen it, i personally think it was a
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brilliant piece of filmmaking. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, sfgovtv i have graphics if you could bring them in close. please. this is a picture my mom, with her aunt and her hair is just like diane feinstein. she was supposed to look just like her. look sort of like her. [laughter] here's a person that used to write me, mohammed ali, love is the net that catches hearts like fish. used to write me letters in the old days. i thought it would show you those two things.
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good luck to you, supervisors and city. hope you're doing great all your selves. so soon you will be on vacation, spending some of your wealth. believe it or not, you'll be walking on air. you never thought you could feel so free fly in a way, on the wing and a prayer, who could it be? itchy for three weeks. just like the rise of a new city day, it hit you from out of the blue. breaking you out of the district spell you've been in, making all
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of your city wishes come true. believe it or not, you are walking on air. single ♪ ♪ you never thought you could feel so free. single ♪ ♪ flying away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be? >> thank you. next speaker, please. [applause] >> that was a beautiful rendition, sir, thank you. good afternoon board of supervisors. i am here to let you all know that i support supervisor waltons vision zero action plan. i know it's going to help us create the changes we need in our community. as a grandmother, as a cancer survivor, still going through chemo.
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i just started. i understand the importance of the entire family, and how it is important from the eldest, to the youngest, that we impact them by assisting them with whatever they need. whether it be housing. whether it be homelessness. all of these issues that will move forward with the vision zero plan, are important issues. we need to support it. while we all sit around, and we all talk about how we want to see a change. let's be the change that we want to see. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [applause] >> good afternoon supervisors. i, too, support the zero vision plan from supervisor walton. i have been here all my life, 66 years. i grew up in the fillmore, lived
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in the richmond, lived in the sunset, lived off ocean avenue. and now i am a resident of bayview for the last ten years. i have seen different communities evolve. i have never seen a community without help. that is what i have seen the last ten years, in the bayview. i don't want to just speak on the bayview, but because i have been there for ten years, like i said i've seen so much of the city. the bayview has lost its toe. without some type of plan, some type of honesty -- when i first came to bayview, they were talking about rebuilding the bayview, doing this i saw the community, they wanted to believe in something. yet, without hope, you have nothing. this supervisor has come with a vision. it's not just this one district. true, we have had violence, in the asian community.
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it has expanded over the last few years. i don't want to get into politics. but, san francisco is a city that has heart. i grew up here, it has always had heart. at 11-point, i was homeless. at one point, i was a drug addict. i have been clean now for 21 years, because of what the city has done and gave me a shot. i just want to say, if we give someone a shot, we can change something. they have to have hope. thank you. >> hi, i am laura, one of the hair workers. a resolution was introduced last week. i just want to thank you all ahead of time, in advance for the voting. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is lisa rasmussen, i am a registered vet tech. i just wanted to thank you again
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for introducing this resolution in support of us. hopefully, you will take us a little more seriously. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. it is a joy to be here. i am a supporter of supervisor waltons vision zero plan. i do represent 1500 more voters here in san francisco. we are very happy that supervisor walton has sat down and taken out time, to be concerned about district ten. it is sad to say that i have lived in the city, for 35 years, and i have buried 126 young men that died to nonviolence, in our city. we are happy today to support the supervisor plan, because we
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feel it is going to work. we do need more police officers, on the streets. we do need more community ambassadors on the streets. we do need more mental health. all of these things will help our district and at san francisco. we salute the board of supervisors and supervisor walton for having concerns about the homicides that is killing us in america. i know this plan -- trying to
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run them -- i really do hope that when the board votes, that we get a unanimous 11% vote. so far, we have ten, and we would love 11. that makes me very happy. thank you again for supporting this, workers rights are everybody's rights. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am a resident of local ten, these are a few things that i have been thinking about. a lot of our seniors in bayview feel it is unsafe on the buses a day or night. we should have more bus monitors on buses, to ensure the safety
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for our elders father was the community -- -- in the community. also, illegal dumping in the community. you find a lot of abandoned cars in the community, also dumping garbage and all sorts of debris. streets with no lighting are prime locations for shooting, and drug use. people are using these cars for shelter. this is dangerous for the community. dead-end streets need to have lighting. years ago i noticed a lot of hauling companies, driving through the neighborhood and dumping their garbage on dead-end streets where there are no lights. when you come out in the morning and find nothing but trash and garbage, running all up and down the middle of the streets. a lot of these streets mean more lighting and protection for the community, the residence. thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i am just a concerned citizen. i just wanted to share something police have identified hotspots for many years here in san francisco. and we haven't been able to address these areas. we need dedicated community's plan coordinators, or a coordinator that will bring resources together to create a plan that has been discussed here. please keep in mind that graduation rates for african-american students and latino students are in the lowest it has been in san francisco. low education attainment with future poverty, and the data suggests that students in san francisco unified school district will have difficulty improving economic for their
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families. bayview mission had the highest number of underperforming schools and with these suggested statistics we are feeding the pipeline of violence to an equitable education and poverty. i would like to thank supervisor walton, for his leadership, with district ten in addressing violence and encourage the entire board to support his efforts working towards making san francisco a safer place to live in. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> get afternoon -- good afternoon, we support the vision for zero action plan. communities are impacted by displacement, poverty, education, performance, homelessness and pollution. they have continued to exchange these homicides. we need to bring together our elders that have changed their lives, to get to the roundtable and address the violence.
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we need a safety plan that will bring resources together. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i just want to start off by congratulating come the district and supervisor that is always present in his community. i see this man at the grocery store. i see impact dmv. i find him everywhere, always present. i did come to support him today, the reason why it is so dear to me is because i have seven kids. most of them are. [inaudible] i have my son here with me today, he's 21. believe it or not i haven't slept since 93, when my first son was born because i worry about my kids coming home at night. getting on the bus, being able
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to get on the bus to come home, for a very long time i had to find a part-time job due to the fact of safety issues, writing on the 23, the 54 and the 44 and bayview hunters point. the buses stop about 3:00 a.m. i had to literally take my kids to school. i literally pick them up every day. i had a job that allowed me to do so. when my son was in willie brown elementary, he witnessed a shooting on the bus. he was only in seventh grade. nobody should have to endure that. nobody should have to see that. my 26-year-old, and when i say i think god every day that my son made it to two -- 26. it is a blessing. kids in our neighborhood do not make it to 25, 21. i just want to say i am in full support of this, and please bring more services to mental health, housing, anything that
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can help support our young youth so they can be our next generation to help our existing grandkids and our kids. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i jump right in, good afternoon. i'm going to try how to learn this overhead projector. i don't need to be real long-winded. i just want you all to be aware of some things that may be of importance to you. when i have been down here, i have been identifying myself as patricia farrell. that is my christian name. my legal name is. [inaudible] it was given to me in atlanta georgia. i have 23 years in atlanta georgia. this is where i get that twang.
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since people want to get up here and talk about their genealogy, and who they are, i am 11th generation united states citizen, on my mother side. that is one generation before the pilgrims. all i am trying to do is gain the ability to have my u.s. department of treasury federal funds returned to myself in my bank account. it took me probably over 30 years to work those 40 quarters, it is not easy to do because i have suffered from a mental illness that is now classified as ptsd. i know the reason why i have it. i just want to share this letter from dish, that is funded,
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because i ask people -- all i need is one sentence on one piece of paper. i need to get my u.s. department of treasury funds back, then i can decide where i want to live. i was placed in 2014 -- i don't want to be a professional hobo. i need my money. >> thank you. >> if anyone is interested in what is really going on with people making he will be paid -- >> thank you, ma'am. next speaker, please. >> i just want you all to know, i'm just putting a bug in your ear right now. >> thank you, ma'am. >> were going to see what happens on the second, if i get my money or if i have to take hundred $10 to the eviction
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judge. next speaker, please. -- . >> next speaker, please. >> people around here putting their hands on people need to stop it. i had brain surgery last year. three weeks in acoma. trying to get my money back. >> i want to say goodbye to tony chaplin, 25 years plus in the police department. he was the interim chief. he stopped the killing. he did a good job. thank you. on the television, i saw two lovely women walking down a corridor that did more for my spirit for the democratic party.
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it was nancy pelosi a -- with cortez. if they can get it together, we have a little bit more hope for the future. can the city give a 10% increase at to all of its workers? i doubt it. i don't think we should be able to allow a 10% rent increase for the people that are renting in our study. a little bit of sadness when the supreme court was asking president trump for another better, dressed way, to exercise so they could vote for the citizen box on the census. the state of our supreme court is lacking. global warming, down at the border we have these people crossing trying to come into the u.s.
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families are giving themselves up for asylum. they are not the army of hoodlums and drug addicts that are coming into our city. this is the future of our world. what are we going to do with refugees from global climate? are we going to give them guns, treat them with guns, bullets on walls, or basically are we going to share resources and do the best we can? a navigation center, and a safe injection site. they go together. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> greeting president, my supervisor and all supervisors who are present. i am a san francisco resident born and raised in bayview. i'm here today asking support for our supervisor zero vision plan. i am here today asking support
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for more foster homes, group homes, low housing, more services to support families. we have many families with children who are sleeping in the cars, campers and tents. they go to the public places to clean up, and continue with our day. they are sending their children to school, going to work. we need more affordable housing that states extremely low income on local preference. we need more services when sally or john come home from jail. sally or john needs services to stay home and stay out of jail. mama and daddy needs services to support now that their child is home and the sister and brother needs services, so the families can become a whole. one other support we need is more local foster homes, and
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group homes to take care of our youth, with love and the vision for the child to reunite with their parents. i like to share a true story of a little girl who was placed in a foster home outside of san francisco. so far, more than a few times -- >> thank you, ma'am. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i come here, my name is albert chang,. [inaudible] our business strictly depends on tourists. [inaudible]
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>> thank you, next speaker, please.
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>> i am a resident come on jackson street, san francisco. i don't speak english. i would prefer to use the name of chinatown station, and not confusing by adding to it.
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also, she acted illegally obtaining a income housing unit. we are true low income family units waiting. speak foz -- we wish this board will consider your decision on this matter. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. [inaudible] >> ma'am, can you speak into the microphone? >> okay.
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i have a radio from a chinatown merchant. she is very busy, she can't make it. she want me to play this for her. thank you. >> next speaker, please. [inaudible]
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>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, i am from the chinatown merchants association. dear supervisors, please support the position that the central
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subway should be named as a chinatown if they follow their policy of geographical location for naming a public transit for the following reasons. three years ago the board of supervisors. [inaudible] and it was rejected. this led the mta to considerable research and decide on policy that the public stop should only be for geographical location only. therefore, the name should be rejected. number two, the board of supervisors adopted chinatown rose pack resolution without community input nor knowledge of the above mta policy. number three, widespread support of over 10,000 signatures have been at selected from around san francisco to support chinatown the board of super tight visors and mta have been led to believe this is only one segregated group, this is not true. also, the largest chinatown organization, in chinatown, supports chinatown only.
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perjured herself in order to acquire abm unit, this is an two a legal offense. i repeat, there was never a community meeting and on this issue. ask of the and individuals. you will see for yourselves, most, if not all of them, want chinatown only. i want you to know, mta had a meeting and all of the merchants that i surveyed, rose her hand and said chinatown only. a lot of them work seven days a week, they don't have time to come to this meeting. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you for making it to speak for chinatown. i've been living in chinatown for 30 years. [inaudible]
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for everybody, it is easy to understand it. if they come to chinatown, they see that chinatown station. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i want to show you guys a video about the chinatown station. i want to show you guys a video about it. [♪ music playing ]
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>> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm here to air the video
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given by a merchant, from easy travel. he cannot come to this meeting, he was too busy. >> i support chinatown station. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please.
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>> i am here on behalf of the owner of the chinatown hair salon. he cannot come today. [video playing] i support chinatown station only because it represents all chinese. this is what i want to say. >> thank you.
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>> this video is also from chinatown. the owner could not be here. i am glad to play for her. [video playing]
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>> next speaker, please. >> hello board of supervisors. today i am here to speak on behalf of of eight chinatown business owners. like thousands of san francisco residents against -- most of them cannot be here today because i have to take care of their own business. i bring their letters here, and let their voice to be heard and let supervisors to stop push rose pack naming. as you can see the letters written by workshop owners. crown plaza hotel managing partner, and the fortune cookie owner.
8:41 pm
[inaudible] all of these owners do not want chinatown station attached to rose pack. first, rose pack had an f.b.i. file on her because she committed illegal actions to acquiring a bmr unit. second, she has defied a judge's order. also, she had intimidated many and made threats. a lot of people have lived in her fear for many years. please listen to the public's voice, please do not push naming after rose pack.
8:42 pm
-- rose pak next speaker, please. >> good afternoon everyone. i am from the good content printing shop. [video playing] [speaking native language] i'm a business owner in chinatown. we wish chinatown to be known all over the world. i don't know why naming it rose
8:43 pm
pak, we just want to name to be chinatown. [video playing] [speaking native language] if you talk about the history of rose pak, you cover your ears. whenever she opens up her mouth that is all dirty work. how can we name the station after her name? i represent good content contained shop. >> thank you.
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>> good evening board of supervisors. i am the owner of a chinatown restaurant. i support the name chinatown station only. [inaudible] just go to chinatown station i go one block, and find my restaurant. a lot of people come from mexico, china, and they say let's go to china -- chinatown station instead of saying -- [inaudible] i own a restaurant and i am off
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chinatown station. it is easy, it is a symbol. you go to chinatown, go to chinatown station. simple. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. we are against rose pak. she had a bad name. we do not want her name on it. thank you. >> good afternoon everybody. i am playing this radio from chinatown, chinese medicine doctor.
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[video playing] thank you. >> good afternoon. i come from san francisco. i come to your meeting, a lot of
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my friends, they support chinatown station. now, i show you a video of one of them. [video playing] >> excuse me, sir. you are not allowed to translate a video, the speaker's time is allotted for the speaker themselves. if that individual would like to translate the video, she is more than welcome to. but this is not your time to speak. >> next speaker, please.
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[speaking native language] >> my english is not very good. sorry. [speaking native language] >> she is the owner of a trading company, i does not have time to come up here. they asked me to come here to play this video for him.
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[video playing]
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everybody says no rose pak. i hope every supervisor to think about why. nobody likes it. chinatown only. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is alan, i live in on bernal heights. i just want to share with you what we went through the last couple of days. we know how the merchants feel about that, and the resident which had persuaded to come forth. very difficult. if they walk away, they have to find a replacement. it is very difficult. they really want to do it. they want to speak out. they ask us to record their word, then play it here.
8:51 pm
in front of me, this stat, 10,300 names collected by july 15. we will send the clerk the online version of that. all of them are residents of san francisco. you can check them, you can audit them. it has a phone number, or address, or both. i want you to know, this is not an ongoing issue. just a small portion of the people do not like this idea. chinatown businesses, many many people do not like this idea. please think it over. do not do the wrong thing. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> today at 3:37 p.m., i
8:52 pm
understand stefani is the one, the supervisor over here. okay. let's go back to, you are always decayed it as i told you before, where's your compassion? [inaudible] i am telling you rose pak is not deserved to put her name over
8:53 pm
there, because she was gang related. >> if you want the truth, come to me. [inaudible] don't let her spirits influence you all. be a well-educated supervisor chinatown is the proper name.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> your time is concluded, sir. your time is concluded, sir. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon fellow american citizens. my name is kathleen wells, i am an entrepreneur and i am the american government. i exercise my united states constitution rights, and all other rights. i have a copy of the united states constitution with bill of
8:55 pm
rights in my possession right now. i exercise my right to collect my funds, and i demand my funds from a united states constitutional demand. in the amount of $8,250,000, $5 billion on the 110 trillion purchasing power scientifically. an executive branches of our government, during years tran11-2016 and with this government body on july 16, 2019. i demand that the city of san francisco provide a recent auditing report, accompanied with bank statements on account numbers being used by the city. the last time i gave a public comment, i was talking about what has happened with the federal reserve, and its dictatorial practices and how it has caused the current homelessness problem, which i see. you know, i have lived here from 1985-1996. i moved to new york city, that i
8:56 pm
move back recently in in january of 2019, i am completely shocked at how many homeless american citizens there are in your streets. it is unacceptable. expert authority, thomas jefferson wrote to albert gallatin, "if the american people ever allow central banks to control, then the inflation and deflation and manipulations will deprive the people of their property, until their children wake-up homeless, on the continent their fathers conquered". my background is american monetary history, and policy, and the constitution of light. i will be happy to help thank you very much for your attention. >> next speaker, please. [singing] single ♪ ♪ america, america, i want my
8:57 pm
money back. [laughter] people are telling their genealogy today. i say yeah,, warehouse local six. i was in that union for a couple of years. >> next speaker, please. step up, please. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. i am from the medallion holders, not the union, but one of the medallion holders. we do support chinatown, and like the u.s. speaker said, there is a lot of homelessness and by san francisco city, not helping the taxi drivers they are basically trying to create
8:58 pm
more homeless people. please be kind to all of the taxi medallion buyers, and please buy those medallions back and give the money back to those medallion buyers so they can rebuild their lives. also, all of the time and money they have lost, san francisco said he basically owes them for their loss of income. i would suggest to please by all of the medallions back, and also refund the loss of income that they have incurred on them, because san francisco is supporting uber and lyft. they are driving and making money on the city of san francisco streets. please help the medallion buyers. thank you.
8:59 pm
>> i have not seen a homeless person today, for the first time in memory. regarding the need waste program. good money is chasing bad litter in the win. i'm facilitating a dirty habit. you do not hand out cigarettes, you should not have a purely toxic program. given the recent spate of public fumes that have ended in tragic fatalities, i am imagining you are, as i am, against senseless acts of violence. i believe it is worth supporting the roll of media in general which far too often repeat grotesque mischaracterization, outright melissa lies and inflammatory rhetoric. immigrant families are being kidnapped, separated and taken to concentration camps, where
9:00 pm
women are told to drink water from toilets, children are locked in cages, left to sleep on cold hard concrete and said to be dying in the immigration authorities custody with u.s. border agents being vilified as fascist and nazis. unfortunately, such slander has vulgar attempts to my emotional manipulation or the commonplace tactics of character disordered individuals and borderline personalities. it comes as no surprise, given the reckless insight to violence , with the wolf tickets sold, dog whistles blown respectively. eventually a misguided lone wolf does show up and allegedly armed in front of an emigration facility, rifle in hand, attempting to detonate a propane tank, having set nearby cars and buildings of flame. is it any wonder, when uniform mexican soldiers