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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 8, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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to -- it will have ripple effects to the well-being of the citizens. massage should be change for the health and well-being of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is david clark. i'm a small business here in the city. i am a certified massage therapist in the state of california. i am one of 100,000 people who have received the cease-and-desist letter about the health permit. like my colleagues, i was really taken back by this letter, i was very blindsided by the information that we and my
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fellow friends, hundreds of other legitimate, certified massage therapist providing wonderful service in san francisco have to dig into some savings accounts that we may or may not have for thousands of dollars of fees to pay for a health permit that we had no idea was necessary, number one, and number two, i kind of want to have a reeducation about who we are. this may be an issue for the city and for the nation as a whole, but why is the health department going after california certified massage therapists who have business licenses and who are doing business in the city. i am my only breadwinner, this is my business, this is my livelihood.
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i am asking for knowledge about that and maybe for the commissioners' reflection on what it would feel like to get a letter to say don't come to work tomorrow, no paycheque, thousands of dollars of fees for you to pay before you can go back to work, if you can go back to work. and the most expensive city in the united states. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is christine and i am a board certified massage therapist as well as a board-certified structural intervention practitioner. i am a small business owner. i have 2,000 hours of training. i only work with people who are
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in pain, injured, postoperative and this is really hard for our community and my business. i signed up -- they make $40,000 a year and six and hundred dollars is a lot to be $10,000 for a conditional use permit if you want one employee is a lot. i understand the reasons for this against human trafficking and a fully support that, but to try and regulate something that is in a legitimate industry is not fair. i signed a lease in the building that is a medical arts building and i had six years in sports injury and rehab and the first -- the full-time of 20 hours a week because our hands give out after 20 years. i'm working 305 hours a week to make it work and i was burning out. i only opted to go into private
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practice so i can save my body and i couldn't have my practice there because of the zoning. i was told i went -- i try to go above board and i go with my a.d.a. compliant people for people who are disabled, my stroke patients, all of these people who might need that accessibility and we are division two human arts professional in the state of california. we should be regulated as such, so i am also doing structural integration, which is -- i hope -- i would like to educate you about what that is. we have our own board certification and we are recognized in 11 states and for our own licensing, but i have done both. >> time. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioners, do you have any comments or questions?
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>> i will just reiterate what i said in my director's report earlier, my oral comments which is the -- we are following the instructions of our board of supervisors. my understanding is this issue is being reconsidered by that body and obviously we would follow any new rules and regulations that the board would see fit in adopting the current policy. thank you. >> item five is report back from the finance and planning committee. >> good afternoon, commissioners we met before the commission meeting. it was a very short meeting because we only have one new
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contract to consider. what it basically does is to incentivize to connect -- [indiscernible] if they leave a certain threshold, there is a monetary incentive for the health system. if -- if they don't meet the quota, they don't get the commission. i think that is how i understand it. it is a contract for -- the amount is $468,000. it is on the consent calendar
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for you. >> commissioners? >> there are no public comment? request for this item. >> this has been submitted. we will take a vote. >> thank you. item six, consent calendar. item seven is the laguna honda hospital reform plan. mr. pickens? >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm director of the san francisco health network i am here today to share with you the results of an initial and
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ongoing investigatory process and its subsequent plans for remediation and improvement that stem a forum june 28th 19th, with patient abuse of laguna honda hospital. my goal is to share with you as much information as possible, but i -- while still safeguarding the integrity of ongoing investigations by multiple agencies. during today's presentation, i will cover the following areas. our promise to san francisco, ensuring regulatory compliance, reorganizing leadership with an emphasis on quality and safety, and where do we go from here, preparing for the future. first, that is our promise. i purposely use the word promise for two reasons. first and foremost, because of laguna honda, is and has been
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over 100 years our city's collective resource that has taken care of generations of san franciscans with dignity and respect. secondly, i use the word "our" because information seared -- shared affects the lives of thousands of hours of investigation, interviews, and problem solving by numerous city and county staff, other local, state, and federal agencies and regulatory bodies. many of those individuals are here in the audience today and i would like for them to stand so we can see who they are. thank you. on june 28th of this year, maryland and breed and the president of the board and the
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health director reported directly to the community about the february 2019 discovery of the abuse issues involving patients at laguna honda. during that report, the director announced that a reform plan for laguna honda would be developed and presented within 60 days. today, we are making good on that promise. in the reform plan document that was provided, with its appendix that summarizes our california department of public health plan of corrections, you can see an overview of findings of deficiency and the cornerstone and action items and plans for improvement. many of which deal with employee misconduct and gaps in patient care, quality, and safety. while our plan has a correction and the reform plan outlined the work that needs to be done at laguna, in the near, intermediate, and long term, we at the health work -- health
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network and the department tend to make good and our promise to restore the public space and the facility of laguna honda to deliver high-quality, safe, and abuse free care to the next generations of san franciscans. it is important to note that we will continue to take employee misconduct seriously and hold individuals accountable for their actions. next, we will discuss regulatory compliance. it is important to note that upon discovery of the patient abuse in february of this year, it became evident that we needed to bring into laguna honda additional resources in the areas of quality, patient safety , and regulatory compliance. accordingly, we redeployed staff in these areas from zuckerberg san francisco general to assist laguna honda in this effort. as we previously shared with the
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commission, the california department of public health issued its statement of deficiencies, also known as a 2567. outlining specific areas will be out of compliance with state and federal compliance. prior to the receipt of the statement of deficiencies, laguna honda has remediated certain steps.
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quality management, leadership, and human resource workplace experience functions. next we will discuss leadership. these processes will be taken as part of the d.p.h. plan of corrections in the reform plan and identify deficits and executive management operations as primary contributing factors to the authorization of culture that will allow the cases of abuse and efficient regulatory practices to boast -- both occur , perpetuate and go unrecorded, where or -- or can be properly investigated under experience -- consequently, we have made changes in executive leadership at the hospital and we will continue to make more as needed to support maintaining a
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safe, high functioning institution that meets our regulatory compliance -- requirements. so what is in store for the future of laguna honda hospital? the initial discovery of the circumstances of patient abuse, quality, and safety deficiencies and the lack of regulatory compliance, we both solicited and received offerings of consultation, guidance, and expertise and recommendations from local and national experts and long-term care whose influence is reflected in the reform plan and from whom we intend to continue to involve in our ongoing operations. finally, as with the network and the d.p.h. leadership have spent time at laguna honda hospital, meeting with, listening to and talking with staff on all three
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work shifts, we recognize fully that we are still in a period of mourning, of some feeling shame and embarrassment, disbelief and acceptance of the fact that collectively we allow some of our most vulnerable patients in our care to be abused in silence going forward, we must and we will all pledge to rededicate ourselves and to hold each other accountable to creating a new east those at laguna honda. one that values safety, quality, transparency, leadership, and above all, dignity and respect. and further, we fully expect to you, the health commission to hold us accountable for ensuring that san franciscans will once again receive the best care possible at laguna and that we create a new environment at laguna honda that is grounded in the commitment to continue this
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organizational improvement and transparency in operations and reporting of themselves. we will continue to keep the health commission, the mayor, and the board of supervisors apprised of our deliberations. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have at this point. >> is there any public comment? >> i have not received any public comment requests for this item. [indiscernible] >> i would just like to emphasize what he stated with regards to -- i take this very seriously. i think that the situation with the patient abuses were horrific , unacceptable, and i have also explained how my time at the hospital has been impressed with the interim leadership and the focus on shifting our culture, moving
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from a culture of silence to a culture of safety. i think we have taken some key steps in moving that forward already. but there is still a lot of work to do in these and these are things that i am confident that we are taking the necessary steps to prevent and ensure that patients are safe. we have a lot of work to do going forward to shift the culture, to ensure the standards at laguna honda meet our standards, meet your standards as a commission. i look forward to your guidance on this draft document. i also really want to acknowledge pickens and the team they have done an incredible amount of work to ensure that all the information is coming out and to prepare a comprehensive plan going forward thank you for your work on this. i will return it to the hands of the commission. we're here to answer any questions. >> commissioners? >> thank you, roland, and thank
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you dr. colfax for your presentation of the plan and for your commitment to a new laguna honda, as well as the staff there at laguna honda, and bringing in very decisive leadership in the interim until the investigation is over and whatever processes are put in place to ensure all of the changes have taken hold and the new leadership is in place. i do want to note that it will be important if all of these changes are being put into place that all of the people who have dedicated themselves to the well-being of the patients that are there at the hospital, and those that have, in fact, worked for many, many years on behalf of those patients, also feel
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supported throughout these changes. there has been a lot that has been happening throughout the network. i would want to make sure that we continue to do whatever we can as we make these improvements to support the staff, all up and down the line to do this and to support each other, and to know that the commission and the department is doing this for the well-being of the patients, but also not to -- [indiscernible]. >> thank you, commissioner. >> thank you for the presentation. the one question i have is -- [indiscernible]
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how would that be implemented in addition to these improvement plans that you are putting in place? >> thank you for asking that question. laguna was one of the first places were reintroduced trauma informed systems in the department. almost all of the staff have actually been through the trauma informed class, and as we move forward, we will make sure that we continue to utilize those principles of trauma informed to both inform what we put into place, and also how we then ruled -- roll it out in a most respectful manner that respects that we all come from situations of trauma, and how do we support that in the workplace. >> thank you for taking your part on this very serious issue. in looking at the progress in the very corrective actions that
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have been completed, is there a timeline for the remaining ones that was set by the state or otherwise for completing those, as well? >> there aren't necessarily time frames other than what we put in place, but we are dividing those remaining items into both short-term, intermediate, and long term. for example, a short-term would be to solidify the job description for the new laguna honda c.e.o. we have been working with the department of human resources to actually do a recruitment process. more long-term things are the r.f.p. listed in the plan where we will actually put out a request for proposal for an expert to actually come in, do an assessment of laguna and help inform in terms of its current state, and perhaps where it needs to go in terms of being a
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world-class, long-term care and rehab facility. in focusing on both short and intermediate and long-term, and we actually internally have documents that break out what those things are. they are just not in what you received today. >> thank you. >> yes, thank you for your report and thank you for the draft. it was a very good summary of the findings, and the work that you have thus far done. >> that credit goes to the quality team for putting that summary together. you could see it is in a format that you are familiar with. >> i think it shows that you have summed up the issues that we are all facing. i do think that the draft needs
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more of a timeline, and i think that the issue that we have before us is just as important as when we were building the building, where we followed carefully what the corrective action, in that case, the buildings, and how well we followed it. i would suggest then that one of the reporting criteria should be not just in quarterly to the board of supervisors, but that it comes to the health commission. certainly the j.c.c., on a monthly basis, appropriate he follows your everyday progress, and that in order to do that, it really requires that there be a more explicit timeline for each of the items that you are talking about, because clearly then we wouldn't be able to follow if we didn't have a timeline to see if we are going to be on target and that the timeline needs to consider not
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only the regulatory part, but the part in which we are able to take the opportunity to work with our staff and the in the thousand plus employees that we have almost all of who have done a good job, and this is an issue of which a few have blemish the work that so many of us have done in such a fine institution for all of these years. i think in addition to trauma informed, this is a good opportunity to look at our application of cultural humility at the hospital, you know, there have been a lot of discussions about how we are actually looking at culture. i think it is not near -- merely a culture of reporting, but one
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of truly cultural humility and that may be one of the course of the problems that we saw in the small opportunities of our ability to understand what is happening there. i would ask that as we move forward, that this is a good start, but that we need some timelines, we need some regular reporting done so that we are sure that we are on target, that if there are needs that we all become aware of it and we worked together with this city to ensure that we are able to respond. we may find some things that we really need some greater opportunity to actually take advantage of. although you spoke of the proposal for partnering with
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consultants, that that be actually something potentially a lot sooner than the long-range plan because just merely catching back together where we were is probably not the answer, and perhaps one of the ways we want to do it, and it is up to the administration, is to also get expertise from other experiences that allow us to then put in place the right measures that we need in order to understand that our facility is performing and is giving our san franciscan his the best, best, as you say. >> thank you for those suggestions and recommendations. we will definitely take those to heart. we will go back and look at the rebuild timeline. i know we worked to really
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refine that for a way the commission could see progress and look to see how we can adapt that to this reform plan. i think there was a chart that really shows what we do and where we are in terms of being on track. is that what you had in mind? >> something like that. where we actually are able to understand at what levels you are. you have obviously got one already in which there are regulatory things that have to be done within a certain period of time. with some of the others including doing your hiring where you are with their community programs and so forth. if we know where you are going, we will know what to hold you accountable for. >> in terms of the r.f.p., i probably misspoke when i said it was more long-term. it is actually in the short-term the in the developed of the r.f.p., is knowing how long it takes a put it on the street
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from this proposal, reviewing the proposal, and awarding the contract. it will be a little while before that happens, but we are beginning on working developing the r.f.p. right now. >> sure. i really do think that that could be really helpful to the department if there is a way to even expedite that and get that so that you all have that expertise and advice that you can all work together. i think that will make more corrective action for us. >> agreed. [indiscernible] have there been any activities to promote -- [indiscernible] especially with the patients? >> yes. if i miss anything, i will ask the acting c.e.o. to help fill in, but there have been all of that care teams and all of the neighborhoods at laguna have
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actually had dedicated time working with patients on those units and some of the surrogate decision-making to really talk about what happened. we have also had resources from city health services to come in and work with staff both in group settings and individual sessions who are having difficulties as a result of this entire experience, and we have an open-ended commitment to supply that type of support for as long as we need it. >> thank you. >> i want to add my voice to my colleagues on the commission to indicate that what has been described in the report regarding that behavior is not reflective of the institution with its history and staff who have been dedicated to san franciscans and our most vulnerable populations. we need to recognize that is very true, as well as the
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support for line staff and patients, i have said it before, the administrative staff, the executive team, they need that support because they were traumatized just like everybody else who was acknowledged that this has occurred. i want to make sure that there are people in the honda family who get access to that very important support, and i encourage -- and are encouraged to take it. it is not an order, but you should be encouraged to take some leave to address the issues that have emerged as a result of this. and some of it will be later on. it will be ptsd, kind of, so we need to be on board and aware that that is possible. thank you for your very thorough report. >> next item. >> thank you. item h. as other business. you have the calendar in front of you. i don't have it in front of me so i can't remind you of things.
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there are two meetings that are coming up with the planning commission, one is october, and again i don't have the date in front of me. it is a thursday. you will all be discussing -- yes, thank you, in december 12 th is another day that you will be looking at the healthcare healthcare service master plan. those are the two unusual dates coming up. >> there are two items. one would be the request that we do what we can to respond to the family of brandon lee so that i don't, i don't know what the department is doing, but doing what you can to see if there is any support that can be provided to bring him and if it is possible to authorize a statement of support on behalf of the san francisco resident
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and his family, who has dedicated themselves to san francisco. the second would be with regard to the cease and desist order to the massage therapists, i'm just wondering if there is administrative relief that we can do, even though there is an ordinance that is in the hands of the board of supervisors. the department here has a role in providing some directionality , particularly given the testimony here, and i guess they report back to us in terms of what can be provided. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. item nine is reported back from the august 27th, 2019 meeting.
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i'm bringing you my last announcement that you can read off of. >> thank you. [indiscernible] >> could you craft up the document about the -- [indiscernible] >> yes, thank you. i will remind you what happened in this. this is just august 27th, i should remember. we didn't did discuss the regulatory c.e.o. report and the human resources report and we also heard an update on the expensive and very successful go live implementation. the enthusiasm that people had around it, i may note it is one of the first times i have seen an d.h.r. rollout in a hospital where people weren't enthused.
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during the medical staff report, the committee approved the following, a new psychiatric department chief, and standard procedures for genetic counsellors. r.n. medicine refill, ob/gyn in pediatric village list, and it was in closed session where we then discussed the reports. >> thank you. any questions from commissioners the next item, please. >> i believe there was something brief to say. >> dr. colfax? >> i just wanted to also acknowledge the commission because of the leadership role that -- dr. alice chen, who
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knows the chief medical officer of the department. we weren't able to share this in writing for various reasons, but she is moving on from the department to be deputy director of health policy and chief medical officer at state and it is an amazing opportunity for her, at a huge honor for us to have her go work at the state level. i just want to acknowledge dr. chen's leadership and her many contributions to the health department. she has mentored many people in the department, and we will miss her very much, would just to really congratulate her. if i may be so bold, absolutely if the commission would be willing to determine her on her. thank you. >> we would do that and say yes to this secretary that we create a document that honours her as she leaves the department. i would foot -- i will forward you the e-mail where the full title of her new position is explained. >> the next item is consideration for closed session >> i would like to move for a
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closed session. >> second. >> all those in favor signified by saying aye. >> aye. >> thank you, everyone who is not involved in the closed session. have a lov >> move to go back into open session. >> second. >> all in favor? >> i -- aye. >> motion to disclose or not disclose? >> second. >> all those in favor? >> aye. >> motion to adjourn in honor of alice chen. >> motion to adjourn in honor of alice chen's service to the department of public health and the city of san francisco. >> second. >> all those in favor say aye. >> aye. >> thank you. >> we are adjourned.
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>> san francisco and oakland are challenging each other in a battle for the bay. >> two cities. >> one bay. >> san francisco versus oakland. are you ready to get in on the action? >> i'm london breed. >> and i am oakland mayor libby schaff. >> who will have the cleanest city? >> we will protect our bay by making our neighborhoods shine. >> join us on september 21st as a battle for the bay. >> which city has more volunteer
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spirit? which city can clean more neighborhoods? the city with the most volunteers wins. sign-up to be a bay protector and a neighborhood cleaner. go to battle fo. >> shop and dine the 49 challenges residents to do they're shopping with the 49ers of san francisco by supporting the services within the feigned we help san francisco remain unique and successful and rib rant where will you shop the shop and dine the 49 i'm e jonl i provide sweets square feet potpie and peach cobbler and i started my business this is my baby i started out of high home and he would back for friends and
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coworkers they'll tell you hoa you need to open up a shop at the time he move forward book to the bayview and i thinks the t line was up i need have a shop on third street i live in bayview and i wanted to have my shop here in bayview a quality dessert shot shop in my neighborhood in any business is different everybody is in small banishes there are homemade recess pesz and ingredients from scratch we shop local because we have someone that is here in your city or your neighborhood that is provide you with is service with quality ingredients and quality products and need to be know that person the person behind the products it is not like okay. who
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>> hello, everyone. welcome to the bayview bistro. [cheers and applause] i am san francisco mayor london breed, and i have to tell you, first of all, when it is hot in san francisco, it is hot in the bayview. [laughter] i mean, really hot. on a regular basis in the bayview, and potrero hill neighborhood and the mission, we know that those are the hotspots in san francisco. i just came from the sunset and it is hot in the sunset. i knew it was going to be even hotter in the bayview. i'm really excited to be here today because nothing brings the community together like food, and here is an incredible opportunity to really not only enjoyed the delicious food provided by some amazing vendors , but this is also an opportunity for the community to come together. when i was growing up in san
11:41 pm
francisco, we had food houses. remember? we could go to somebody's house and buy some nachos or some chicken or some banana pudding, but times have changed. we don't have the grandmothers and the folks who are the ones that were taking care of the community the same way that we do now. things have changed. the community has changed a lot. we know the bayview hunter's point community has a thriving african-american population here , a community filled with love and excitement, and the need for us to come together for occasions like this. especially because we know that as there is a lot of work that is happening in the bayview hunter's point community, there are a lawsuit -- also a lot of people working in this community , a lot of people living in this community. having amazing food options for and by the people of this communities critical to the success, the long-term success
11:42 pm
and stability of the bayview hunter's point community. i cited eight. [cheers and applause] >> if you're from hunter's point and you don't know harold, you are not from hunter's point. we have sold bowl... [cheers and applause] and we have yes, putting. with all things sweet. so today is really about making sure that we support them and we support what they are trying to do here for the community. there are a lot of folks who are going to be working on the sewage plants and other projects we just broke ground on one of the public safety buildings that is not too far from here, so i was just thinking to myself, what was that building that we
11:43 pm
just broke ground on, the forensic building and some other something, the traffic company. thank you. anyway, we were breaking ground over there and i said i wonder where all these workers are going to eat. where are the restaurants? so we have café envy, we have other places here and we want to make sure that, you know, we know that there are places to go to to eat in the bayview hunter 's point, places to hang out in the community and our goal is to do everything we can to make the right investments so that this community continues to thrive. i want to thank all of you for being here today to support these incredible businesses and thank you to harland kelley kelly with the public utilities commission for having the foresight to know that it is not just about rebuilding and investing in our infrastructure and making sure that the communities part of these projects, it is also about investing in other things that
11:44 pm
play a critical role to support this amazing community. with that, another amazing supporter of the bayview hunter 's point community who used to be your supervisor and is now public utilities commission are, ladies and gentlemen, sophie maxwell. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. what a day. what an amazing day in san francisco. any time it is warm, i mean, i never get to wear sleeveless clothes. i'm always scared to death because i feel the wind will come up any minute. but i can relax. we can relax and be warm in this beautiful space. i'm really proud to be a commissioner. thank you so much. i thought it, but it is a great thing because the p.u.c. is sponsoring this. these are the kinds of things that san francisco public utilities commission is doing. they're doing it because they feel they have a responsibility to san franciscans and to people
11:45 pm
in this community. it is a place where we can connect, where we can laugh, where we can talk about issues and politics, and 45 and kentucky and everything else. we can talk here and this is a good thing. we don't have any banks to wait in line anymore. you are in the bank used to talk to people about things, that is gone. walgreens, used to meet people at walgreens, well, that is gone , and so we have this and this is where we will connect. i want to thank all of you and i want to thank our partners. i want to think people who have a vision, you understand that, yes, while you are building in the programs, while you are building the sewage plant, there were other things. there are other places and people around you, and that these people have come to the conclusion that is part of their responsibility to help us live and thrive in this community. i want to thank the p.u.c. and i
11:46 pm
want to thank all of those people who helped make this possible. and now i get introduced one of my most favorite people. one of my most favorite people, that is shamann walton because he will make sure that this continues and it will be bigger and better. shamann walton, supervisor shamann walton. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, supervisor maxwell good afternoon, everybody. welcome to bayview, and as our mayor said, and we always let everyone know, where the sun is always shining in bayview, california. this is an exciting time. is a look around and see a lot of our business owners up and down the third streetcar door, and one of our main focuses is to make sure we have a vibrant corridor where businesses get to thrive, not only for folks in the community, because we want to make sure we have a place to go like supervisor maxwell explained, so we can talk, we can spend time with our families right here in our own community,
11:47 pm
but we also want to make bayview a destination place. we want folks to come from all over san francisco, from all over the bay area to enjoy the culture, to enjoy the businesses , to enjoy the food that we have right here in our own community. so as we look at our own businesses activating space outside and an atmosphere like this, that is an exciting thing for us. that is something that we should all be celebrating and be excited about. i want to thank everyone for coming over today and spending time to get to know our business owners who i will introduce in a minute, but i also want to talk about the public, private community partnership. as you know, the sewer system improvement program is coming. there's going to be lots of construction, lots of change in our community, and community benefits were something that we fought hard to make sure happened for our community. working with the p.u.c., working with the joint venture partners, we got the resources to make
11:48 pm
sure that this space was activated, that our businesses were going to be able to thrive because of all of the opportunities that are on the way to this community, and we want to continue to be supportive of all of that. i want to thank our joint venture partners and thank the p.u.c., i want to thank the office of economic and workforce development, i want to thank larry mcquillan for his hard work on this corridor. [applause] we pushed larry very hard. i want to thank andrea baker consulting for all of her work on activating this space. [cheers and applause] she has been working hard to make sure that we have places like this in our community. if you look at -- this is really towards the front of the gateway into bayview, and if you continue up the corridor, we have another space like all good pizza. all these places are right here that are community assets and we all have to remember to patronize. i don't want to just see you all here today as we have this
11:49 pm
opening ceremony, i want to see you supporting harold, supporting nema, supporting? asia on a daily basis, on a weekly basis consistently. that peace is important. we need you here every day and not just for a ribbon-cutting in the grand opening ceremonies. with that said, i do have the pleasure and the honor of introducing the stars of bayview bistro, first will hear from nema romney, a san francisco native. they have a food truck with a latin twist and then we will hear from harold big h. and then we will hear from mr. johnson, a san francisco native and owner of yes, putting -- putting -- putting -- pudding
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we want to make it easier for small businesses to thrive in san francisco, especially along the corridor here in district ten. with that said, i want to bring up nema romney. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, everyone. i first want to say thank you for coming. out -- i wrote a script, so have patience with me. my name is nema romney, i have been a native of san francisco all my life. i would first like to thank our mayor for taking out her busy schedule to come down and support us. [applause] in no specific order, i also like to thank the p.u.c., oewd, brown and cobb -- caldwell, black and fitch, salt wash, jacob engineering, and emerson. last but never least, i would like to thank andrea baker and peugeot, without their
11:51 pm
opportunity a would not be standing here today. [applause] i opened so bull october 27th, 2017 with the joys and dreams of becoming a business owner. i have bounced around san francisco because of the permit process that san francisco has in place. so when andrea reached out to me , i could not resist. my grandmother has lived in -- i have lived in bayview all my life. have patience. so the decision to be part of bayview was not hard to make at all. we are facing our challenges, but with the support and the help of our community, as well as bayview with big h., i hope we have high hopes that high dreams of how far this space can go. again, i like to thank our mayor , i'm like to thank everyone for coming out, and i see my son back there in the back.
11:52 pm
love you so much. thank you for coming to support your mom, as well. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everyone. my name is harold. i own big h. barbecue. born and raised in san francisco , bayview. i have been kicking for a long time with my grandfather, my mom , it's been a beautiful thing i want to thank you all for coming out and supporting us. bayview bistro got me out here and it has been a beautiful thing. getting my foot in the door, trying to move up and go farther places to support my family a little bit better. i wouldn't be able to do it without you all here. miss mayor, thank you so much. i appreciate it. [applause] >> hello.
11:53 pm
i own a desert business where i create a variety of putting desserts. it all started with banana pudding but has evolved into everything. stop by my booth to learn more about my business. i would like to thank andrea baker for giving me this opportunity to grow my business here. being here will allow me to serve customers, gain more customers and just gain the experience that i need to own and operate a business. thank you. thank you to the mayor for coming out and supporting, and thank you to bayview for their continued support. [cheers and applause] >> all right. it is time to eat, people. [laughter] it is time to order up the barbecue and the desserts and everything in between. make sure, as was said earlier, that you not only show up today
11:54 pm
for the opening, but you continue to come back and support these incredible entrepreneurs who are part of the fabric of what makes the bayview hunter's point such a special community in our great city. thank you for being here today. enjoy yourselves. [cheers and applause] >> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse.
11:55 pm
we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an individual they've helped me figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48
11:56 pm
thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a
11:57 pm
portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla. >> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
(roll call). >> mr. chair, with have a quorum. please be advised the ringing of any cell phones electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. microphone set on vibrate and we respectfully request they be turned off. item 4, approval of the minutes for august 4 meeting, mr. chair, i have not received an indication that a member of the public wishes to comment. >> any comments, the hours from the august 20th meeting? board members, if there's a motion to