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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 3, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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camera in any of your bathrooms or bedrooms, and why is a contractor being allowed to deal with this? this image right here, this is also your navigation center. this is a very clear violation of your laws about bedding and -- and spatial. the jails that i've been in, they provide more space between individuals, so you have this problem. the other problem is the jeff kozinski reports -- >> president yee: thank you very much. okay. this concludes public comment. okay.
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madam clerk, please call the for adoption without committee reference calendar item. >> clerk: items 53 through 63 were introduced without reference to committee. a unanimous vote is required for resolutions. alternatively, a member may require a motion to go to committee. >> president yee: would any of my colleagues like to sever any items? supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: item 55. >> president yee: supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: 53. >> president yee: and i'd like to sever 56. so colleagues, can we take -- no. okay. colleagues, can we take the rest of the items minus 53, 55, and 56, same house, same call? >> clerk: roll call, mr. president. we need a roll call.
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>> president yee: roll call. >> clerk: okay. on items 54, 55, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, and 63 -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay. madam clerk, please call item 53. >> clerk: item 53 is a resolution to declare the week of november 17 through the 23, 2019 as united against hate week in the city and county of san francisco. >> president yee: supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: colleagues, november 17 through 23, which we are in right now is the united against hate
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week. it's a call for local civic action by people in every bay area county to stop the hate and implicit biases in the bay area. [inaudible] >> supervisor mandelman: the number of hate crimes committed across the united states has increased dramatically in the past several years including san francisco where hate crimes increased 61% between 2017 and 2018. with this resolution, san francisco will join berkeley and oakland in participating in united against hate week. i want to thank the organizers
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of the united against hate week and others. i'd also like to thank my cosponsors for their support. >> president yee: okay. thank you. colleagues, can we take this same -- on item 53, same house, same call? without any objection, then, it passes unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, call item number 55. >> clerk: item 55, resolution to affirm san francisco's support for asylum seeking residents fleeing gender-based persecution and decrying the federal government's ordinance
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criminalizing domestic violence. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: yes. i wanted to thank everyone for their fierce support [speaking spanish language] >> president yee: okay. colleagues, can we take this item, same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk -- where am i? please call item 56. >> clerk: item 56 is a resolution to declare november 20, 2019 world children's day in the city and to affirm the city and county's commitment to the united nations convention of the rights of children. >> president yee: colleagues, let me indulge you a little bit
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for a moment here. i believe this is the first time this body has voted on such a resolution to acknowledge the world children's day which lands on -- tomorrow, on november 20 of every year. this year marks the 30th anniversary of the united nations convention of the rights of children which provides basic human rights principles that ensures that every child is protected from violence and poverty. but beyond that, it provides this very basic notion that children deserve to have their voices heard as part of any community or governing structure. of all the united nation members, the united states is the only one to have not -- to not have ratified the convention of the rights of children. i think all of you -- i want to thank all of you for joining as cosponsor, and i guess, if i can, have -- officially have
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supervisor walton and supervisor safai join us also, for this important resolution to on call out the importance of this convention. but to also motivate to us to become what is globally known as a child friendly city. a child friendly city is a concept that is trying to challenge the realization of the rights of children in an increasingly urbanized and decentralized world. what we are also seeing is that climate change, we need to start designing cities that are environmentally resilient, and that is what child friendly cities are all about, a city designed with children and youth in mind is a city that is sustainable and safer for all residents. last year, i attended the child
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safer city conference in vienna, austria, and heard about all the wonderful things cities like san francisco were doing all over the world. but what i found so fascinating is that cities were reimagining public spaces to be playful, imagin imagi imaginative and accessible to children of all ages. can we imagine what san francisco would be like if we placed children at the center of all the decisions that we'd be making, influencing the build environment around us. imagine every city street where a children could bike and walk on their own to school without fear of being hurt in a dangerous environment. imagine every new housing unit being designed so that families
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of all types to could expand multigenerational units that accommodated children, growing teens, and parents who are care giving. imagine public space being inviting to children so they could actively and creatively explore beyond just the confines of parks and playgrounds. the possibilities are endless, but we need to make this conscious decision that child friendly city is what we aim to be. over the course of past years, we have been able -- been part of these discussions with planning to push for family friendly design guidelines fashioned around vision zero, but i want to think bigger. i want to thank our department
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of children, youth and families, our youth council, our department of public works and rec and park for helping us move this conversation along. i also want to acknowledge parents who have come together to really galvanize around this effort. parents like serina unger who i believe made a statement today in public testimony who is an urban planner by profession but was so passionate about this idea of child friendly future, she has taken it upon herself to present this idea to many, many groups who would listen. the other aspect of the child friendly city which i believe is so incredibly incredible is the idea that children and youth should be participating in meaningful ways in decision making. i know we do a great work with the youth commission and many
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of our own districts have youth councils like in district 7. but the child friendly city pushes this further. it is about ensuring that every child, even preschool age residents, should be able to engage and provide input on what they want to see in their lived-in environments. yesterday, the youth commission voted to support our resolution and also asked for a friendly amendment which i have distributed to all of you, and i'll talk about it in a second. as a city, we have always placed the needs of communities most impacted by our environmental, racial, and economic injustice at the forefront. they are -- they are asking us to -- to really include the need -- to explicitly prioritize the need of black
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and brown communities in addition to other communities with high needs. in all my years as a parent and educator, i have never been more obsessed about a concept like this. i really hope that we as a city can pursue this idea. as a grandparent, i want san francisco to become the place that my children can grow up and establish their roots. when i see all this new development and all these millennials, i am praying that they will choose to stay here. when we lose the children, we lose the vibrancy and diversity of our community. the stakes are high. the resolution is calling on san francisco to rise to the occasion and help us become a part of this global child friendly cities movement. i think we are ready and we can
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possibly become the first in the united states. so i want to point out again it was the youth commissioners who advocated for the amendments, and i totally agreed with them. so basically, we're adding on page 5, line 16, to include the wording, "particularly marginalized black and brown children and youth." so that's my motion. could i have a second on that? thank you, supervisor peskin. without any objection, then, the motion passes, then, for the amendment. [gavel]. >> president yee: so madam clerk, what do i do? >> clerk: you can take it without objection as amended -- or same house, same call as amended. >> president yee: okay. can i have this same house, same call as amended? without objection, this item passes unanimously. [gavel].
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>> president yee: so madam clerk, i think that's the end of our agenda, but please read the in memoriams. >> clerk: today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved memorials. on behalf of supervisor mandelman, on the late jack porter, and on a motion made by the president and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors, on behalf of the late atta safai. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, that brings us to the end of our agenda. please have a safe travel. i will see you in a few weeks. madam clerk, is there any further business for today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president yee: so we are adjourned. [gavel]
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sustainability mission, even though the bikes are very minimal energy use. it still matters where the energy comes from and also part of the mission in sustainability is how we run everything, run our business. so having the lights come on with clean energy is important to us as well. we heard about cleanpowersf and learned they had commercial
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rates and signed up for that. it was super easy to sign up. our bookkeeper signed up online, it was like 15 minutes. nothing has changed, except now we have cleaner energy. it's an easy way to align your environmental proclivities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it, and it doesn't really add anything to
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>> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and
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challenges residents to do their business in the 49 square files of san francisco. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and right vi. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> i'm one of three owners here in san francisco and we provide mostly live music entertainment and we have food, the type of food that we have a mexican food and it's not a big menu, but we did it with love. like ribeye tacos and quesadillas and fries. for latinos, it brings families together and if we can bring that family to your business, you're gold. tonight we have russelling for e community. >> we have a ten-person limb
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elimination match. we have a full-size ring with barside food and drink. we ended up getting wrestling here with puoillo del mar. we're hope og get families to join us. we've done a drag queen bingo and we're trying to be a diverse kind of club, trying different things. this is a great part of town and there's a bunch of shops, a variety of stores and ethnic restaurants. there's a popular little shop that all of the kids like to hanhang out at. we have a great breakfast spot call brick fast at tiffanies. some of the older businesses are refurbished and newer businesses are coming in and it's exciting. >> we even have our own brewery
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for fdr, ferment, drink repeat. it's in the san francisco garden district and four beautiful muellermixer ura alsomurals. >> it's important to shop local because it's kind of like a circle of life, if you will. we hire local people. local people spend their money at our businesses and those local mean that wor people willr money as well. i hope people shop locally. [ ♪ ] >> one more statement. we are the one. that is our first single that we made. that is our opinion. >> i can't argue with you. >> you are responsible please do not know his exact.
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[♪] [♪] [♪] >> i had a break when i was on a major label for my musical career. i took a seven year break. and then i came back. i worked in the library for a long time. when i started working the san francisco history centre, i noticed they had the hippie collection. i thought, if they have a hippie collection, they really need to have a punk collection as well. so i talked to the city archivist who is my boss.
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she was very interested. one of the things that i wanted to get to the library was the avengers collection. this is definitely a valuable poster. because it is petty bone. it has that weird look because it was framed. it had something acid on it and something not acid framing it. we had to bring all of this stuff that had been piling up in my life here and make sure that the important parts of it got archived. it wasn't a big stretch for them to start collecting in the area of punk. we have a lot of great photos and flyers from that area and that. that i could donate myself. from they're, i decided, you know, why not pursue other people and other bands and get them to donate as well? the historic moments in san francisco, punk history, is the sex pistols concert which was at winterland. [♪]
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it brought all of the punks on the web -- west coast to san francisco to see this show. the sex pistols played the east coast and then they play texas and a few places in the south and then they came directly to san francisco. they skipped l.a. and they skipped most of the media centres. san francisco was really the biggest show for them pick it was their biggest show ever. their tour manager was interested in managing the adventures, my band. we were asked to open to support the pistols way to that show. and the nuns were also asked to open the show. it was certainly the biggest crowd that we had ever played to. it was kind of terrifying but it did bring people all the way from vancouver, tee seattle, portland, san diego, all up and down the coast, and l.a., obviously. to san francisco to see this show. there are a lot of people who say that after they saw this show they thought they would start their own band. it was a great jumping off point for a lot of west coast punk.
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it was also, the pistols' last show. in a way, it was the end of one era of punk and the beginning of a new one. the city of san francisco didn't necessarily support punk rock. [♪] >> last, but certainly not least is a jell-o be opera. they are the punk rock candidate of the lead singer called the dead kennedys. >> if we are blaming anybody in san francisco, we will just blame the dead kennedys. >> there you go. >> we had situations where concerts were cancelled due to flyers, obscene flyers that the city was thought -- that he thought was obscene that had been put up. the city of san francisco has come around to embrace it's musicians. when they have the centennial for city hall, they brought in
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all kinds of local musicians and i got to perform at that. that was, at -- in a way, and appreciation from the city of san francisco for the musical legends. i feel like a lot of people in san francisco don't realize what resources there are at the library. we had a film series, the s.f. punk film series that i put together. it was nearly sold out every single night. people were so appreciative that someone was bringing this for them. it is free. everything in the library is free. >> it it is also a film producer who has a film coming out. maybe in 2018 about crime. what is the title of it? >> it is called san francisco first and only rock 'n' roll movie. crime, 1978. [laughter] >> when i first went to the art institute before the adventures were formed in 77, i was going to be a painter. i did not know i would turn into a punk singer. i got back into painting and i
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mostly do portraiture and figurative painting. one of the things about this job here is i discovered some great resources for images for my painting. i was looking through these mug shot books that we have here that are from the 1920s. i did a whole series of a mug shot paintings from those books. they are in the san francisco history centre's s.f. police department records. there are so many different things that the library provides for san franciscans that i feel like a lot of people are like, oh, i don't have a library card. i've never been there. they need to come down and check it out and find out what we have. the people who are hiding stuff in their sellers and wondering what to do with these old photos or old junk, whether it is hippie stuff or punk stuff, or stuffestuff from their grandpar, if they bring it here to us, we can preserve it and archive it and make it available to the
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public in the future. tuesday, r 19, meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission. i am ben bleiman and i am the commission's president. if you are a member of the public and want to speak, there are speaker forms which you can fill out which are located on the front table or you can just line up for public comment. we do ask that everybody turns off the cell phones or puts them on silent including commissioners and staff. i want to thank sfgov tv and media services for sharing this meeting with the public. we can start with a row call. >> commissioner perez. >> here. >> a president bleiman. >> here. >> commissioner lee. >> here. >> a commissioner falzon. >> here. >> we have a quorum and before we do the first order of business, i want to acknowledge that today or this week is deputy director acevedo's one-year anniversary with the entertainment commission. >> already? >> first of all, i can't believe
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it's been one year. i would have said it's been like five months because it is so quickly. and i can't remember what we did without you. so thank you for the work this year. and i can't even remember. >> i think that director wyland did an incredible job and you have brought a lot of things into order that is very much appreciated. so thank you. so the first order of business is for public comment for any item not on the regular agenda. seeing none, my cell phone says that public comment is closed. next, agenda item is number 2 which is approval of the minutes from november 5, 2019. do we have a motion to i a prove the minutes? >> an i'll raise the motion. >> second. is there any public comment on the minutes from november 5, 2019? we can vote. >> a commissioner perez.
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>> aye. >> president bleiman. >> aye. >> commissioner lee lee. >> aye. >> commissioner falzon. >> aye. >> the next item is the executive director report. >> normally i say thank you, president bleiman, but i am not sure after that intro. just kidding. good evening, commissioners. i wanted to provide a brief update about the holiday party that will be the next regularly scheduled entertainment commission evening, so that will be tuesday, december 3 at mezzanine this year. we are really looking forward to it. we have close to 700 rsvps right now but with attrition, that may be less so we encourage you to use your wonderful networks to continue to push the party
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invite out. it is free and open to the public and we want you to enjoy celebrating with all of us and just another year of entertainment in san francisco. and also in our outreach for having our inspectors go out on the weekends with these flyers that are in your binder and going to businesses directly and letting management and bartenders and other staff know they are welcome and should come to this event. so we have a little planning committee in our office, and i really want to thank katelyn and dylan for helping prepare for the party. so we're working on all of our food donations and other fun items for everybody for that evening. so again, looking very much forward to it and we are just nearing the end of the year, and it's been such a great one working with all of you. that is my update.
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if you have any questions, let me know. >> is there any public comment on the director's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. the next agenda item is report from our deputy director azevedo. >> thank you, president bleiman, and good evening, commissioners. thank you for that awesome shoutout. it's been an awesome and great first year, so i have enjoyed it very much. on the phone rsment report tonight -- on the enforcement report tonight, there is only a couple of things highlighted. on page one, royal soak a business that has a lot of complaints, but has not had live entertainment until two weekends ago when our inspector went by and they were having a live singer. so i have been working diligently to try and contact the owners. they are nonresponsive. and we are eager to try and get them a permit. i'm also working in conjunction with sfpd northern station. it just so happens that every
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time the police department happens to go by, they don't have the sound up. so we're working on it. keeping them in our purview. page two, you will see that i have highlighted delirium. delirium has a vent in the back area where the d.j. performs that is open. and all of the sound is escaping onto the street. so this has been like this for some time, but we're thinking a new neighbor moved into the area because now we're getting an uptick of complaints. so we have gone out and they're in compliance otherwise. it's just the vent. senior inspector roberts has made recommendations on how to amend the situation because it needs to be closed. so letting you know that we have a solution or at least have provided recommendations here. and then taking you to the last page, it is not highlighted -- excuse me, not the last page. on page four, it is not highlighted, but i do have an update about 26 mix.
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this business has been on our enforcement report since may consistently. and we've responded on the weekends. they're in compliance, but i really want mission station to go out during the week because the complaints are coming in during business nights, work nights. i finally had headway and corresponded with captain there and i also spoke with the new permit officer today, officer ortiz who had me compile all of our 311 complaints. we have receive 2d 1 from the same neighbor since may. and again, every time we go out, they are in compliance. so we really need sfpd mission station to go out during the work week, and he's working on that with the night lieutenant to make that happen. i'm happy about the progress there. that's it. if you have any questions, let me know. >> can i just make sure i got that right? all the 311 calls are from one person.
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>> yes. >> okay. that should be -- we should be capable of fixing that then. when i say we i mean either department or us. >> i would agree with that. what the complaints are coming in sunday through wednesday when we don't have phone rsment out in the fields. >> exactly. -- when we don't have enforcement in the field. >> we clearly have a frustrated neighbor. >> i have been in correspondence with her. >> is she cooperative? >> absolutely, with me. she is just really irritated at 2:00 in the morning. so i have been in correspondence via email with her few months and in some of the 311 complaints it says thank you, entertainment commission, but we just need eyes on there when we are not in the field. i should have made that clear. thanks for -- >> with 311, noise complaints, do they ever get routed to the police? >> when our inspectors reallocate them, they do. >> we've also trained 311 staff
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on figuring out what noise complaints or sound complaints as i prefer to call them should come to us versus the police department and sometimes we get residential sound complaints, for example, but -- >> a like in this scenario, out of curiosity, is this being dispatched to the police as a c priority run or not even looped in? >> no, it's coming to us. and the complainant knows they can reach out to non-emergency and mission station and she has done that repetitively with no response. >> are they putting that as a c priority run? >> i don't know. >> not that we know of just because she hasn't seen any changes and she hasn't seen any police go out, am i right? >> correct. however, i did have some information unveiled with the permit officer in police incident reports that we have not been made aware of, so i am working on those because one as as recent as the 16th of
5:39 pm
november. and we have never seen a copy of that. >> okay. i'm just thinking that possibly part of the fix might be -- because with the development of 311 as excellent as it is and it really is, and we have all probably used it for a variety of issues, i'm just wondering if there is an unintended consequence here that maybe should be thought about because this is a perfect scenario. we have a resident that has called 20 times, and i understand our staff is not working. and it's not being communicated to the police, and honestly, telling people to call district station, the police aren't even allowed to dispatch out of a station. we are not allowed to do that. >> okay. >> 0123 which is the non-emergency is our dispatch. so if she is calling that number and she is requesting a unit response, well, just to wrap this up, my suggestion if you talk to her again or email her
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is to call the non-emergency next time this happens. request a unit respond and have her ask for the cab number, cad. for the call. and then we can at least backtrack it after the fact and see the exact outcome. >> okay, great. thank you. and with the situation with 311, two points. one is that we are coming up and working with 311 to come up with different filters because right now things like buskers and residential is all coming to us because it's just sound. so it needs to be piecemealed out into the appropriate party. and then secondarily, this is entertainment, and so it is correctly coming to us, but it just so happens that we're not in the field. >> i agree except that we're not staffed. this woman does deserve a response. >> i will get this information to her tomorrow. >> you got it. and then by chance, are dog complaints coming to you, too? >> say it again is this >> dog complaints, are those
5:41 pm
coming -- like barking dogs? >> no. no. >> very good. >> i wasn't sure when you said you are getting noise complaints. >> no dogs. >> that is awesome. thanks. >> and speaking of residential, i notice there is a whole bunch of complaints that seem to be somewhere around delores and 17th or something. but it sounded like they're all residential, not permitted and then use --. >> no. >> and found things quiet. >> correct. and two weekends ago there was a similar situation where it was a d.j., but it was on the roof of a home. and it was really loud and there were people in the street. but it was very much residential. and so our inspector called the non-emergency police and requested a police car come out. he stuck around for about 30 minutes, but they didn't come by. so in this case he didn't see
5:42 pm
the d.j. playing, but it sounds like someone had a house party. >> and just one other suggestion to note, it is also if you are getting involved with this and encourage them to reach out to the fire marshal if they are on rooftops. fire will shut that down. we can't. but fire can and will. >> take notes, listening audience. >> i have a question. why are we -- i mean, i understand we have the inspectors, but it seems like we're getting them all now. is that something that the department has just decided that we're going to be the screening out? >> getting all of the sound complaints? >> whether it's -- >> i think it's rooftop, residential. and there's some distinction. >> it is actually 311 has gotten a lot better over time, and it is really an annual training and to our contact at 311 to make sure all their staff who essentially is dispatch for those non-emergency complaints knows how to allocate them.
5:43 pm
and so we just need to get back on the education game with this. because sometimes they are better than others. and they have our map of permitted venn use and they have the master calendar of events and they have the tools to be able to respond properly and allocate to the right agency, but probably just need another training from us. >> a caller isn't necessarily going to know if it is coming from a residential party or a permitted venue. >> i just wondering if there is another way to -- seems like we're bogged down with -- >> the other thing is that you don't have to be a caller to be a 311 complainant. you can submit online. >> in the app. >> that is the other reason why often times we'll get these complaints and they're not anything that we have jurisdiction over and we have to re-allocate and unfortunately, since we are re-allocating not right away, those could
5:44 pm
potentially go unanswered unless someone figured out they need to call non-emergency. >> i know what we're getting into the weeds here a little bit, but so everyone knows with the 311 app, they can actually submit photos. and that might be helpful for our inspectors since if they are coming to you, if they did take photos, giver something with the inspectors to follow-up with. just a thought. >> okay. >> all right. thank you very much. is there any public comment on the deputy director's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. and our next item agenda, sorry, is number 5, hearing possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. i will ask the deputy director to introduce the consent cal der. >> we have two permits on
5:45 pm
tonight's consent agenda. both are for limited live performance permits, accessory use. they both had tons of support. no opposition. and neither had police district conditions. happy to answer any questions if you have them. >> is there any public comment on the consent agenda? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and we will vote on the consent agenda as one item. >> and apologize. and to approve the consent agenda with the good neighbor policy. and the motion. one more time. >> commissioner perez. >> commissioner thomas. >> president bleiman. commissioner lee. commissioner falzon.
5:46 pm
>> yai yai. the consent agenda has been approved. congratulations. follow up with the deputy director at your earliest convenience. thank you, commissioner perez, for making us motion it as well. that was huge. it would have had to come back otherwise. the next item is the regular agenda, and i will have deputy director azevedo introduce that as well. >> the nl o permit on the -- excuse me. let's start over. the only permits on the regular agenda and the mechanical amusement and device permits and at 2636 and westwood is a new music bar in the marina district and is the first to have a mechanical bull. the application is to host live d.j. performances and the mad permit is for the mechanical bull. the owner has done extensive soundproofing including building
5:47 pm
a roof over the alley to dampen sound bleed, resurfacing the entire roof, installing fans to prevent the doors being open and installing sound dampening fabric behind the speakers. this application includes the use of two outdoor speakers on the patio. if you are in your file are four letters of support, two of which were submitted by tenant who is live directly above westwood. a letter distributed to the four neighboring residential units, and correspondence between the owner and neighbor who was previously concerned but is now in support of westwood's application. the applicant collected 350 signatures from supporting patrons. in your file is one letter of concern submitted to the planning department and shared with me months ago, and otherwise there was no opposition. northern station approve this is permit with no added conditions, and here to tell you more is the owner kingston wu.
5:48 pm
>> good evening, commissioners. i can kind of re-go over some of the items that katelyn brought up, but if there is any questions in particular that you would like me to answer, i would be happy to do that. i want to say that we are a country music themed restaurant and bar opening up in the marina. i know that we have often described as a bar, but i think that we have fabulous food. as a matter of fact, our chef spent 10 years working at mission kitchen as an sous chef over there and we deliver a great meal and ample spirits if the customers ask for it. we're open wednesday through sunday. and wednesday through friday we open in the evening from 5:00 to close. and saturday and sunday we do a great brunch and open at 10:00 in the morning and go until whenever the crowd dies out. and we do have a mechanical bull and we run that really tightly. we have separate insurance for that. we have separate workmen's comp for that and ample waivers and
5:49 pm
cameras positioned on top of the bull. what we want to do is offer live music to our guests on wednesday nights, hiring local artists. we've thinking about bringing in some bigger acts as well if we can get the right kind of support behind it. and then on fridays and saturday nights, we would like to do country music, d.j.s, and we stick really with the theme and that is the genera of muse that i can we play throughout. the rest of the time we have a jukebox that's got all other generas of music restricted so that only country music plays. happy to answer any other questions you might have. >> just a comment as a country music fan. i object to the description of them in one of these letters from one of your neighbors, but otherwise -- >> thank you. >> i had no idea you were a country music fan. >> yes.
5:50 pm
>> that is pretty cool. a professional sound system installed by a professional a.v. team. i don't know how to divy it up. we spent nearly $80,000 on a combination of internet, phone, and sound system. i would say it's the little teardrop speakers that kind of like -- that most restaurants use throughout the entire place. and where the stage is, where we would like to have large music, we have larger speakers that project outward to lombard street. the residences in the area are kind of behind us. the speakers projects outwards. they brought up a neighbor that had concerns about the sound to their unit, and what we have done is that neighbor actually
5:51 pm
was a musician and so he came on in and a number of what we were catching up on stuff and had recommended and already implemented in terms of sound frequencies and carry the low-end frequencies and the sound system is sophisticated enough that we were able to squash all the below 250 hertz frequencies so that low-end doesn't transmit. as a result, we have been able to sway him from someone who was concerned about the programming to someone that is more in support of it. >> you know when you go to live performer, live band, either you pipe everything through your system or they will bring their own speakers. >> it is actually very good that you mention that. we have -- the bands that we can afford to kind of bring on board tend to be the smaller acts and stuff like that, so we can dictate to them that we prefer them to use our system.
5:52 pm
now, whether that happens or not is up in the air, but i think that we've put that out there as our request. simultaneously, we have an in house sound guy that we use that is able to control things even if they do use their own system. so that's someone that we hire for these events. >> so you have no problems if they are too loud to tell them -- >> we don't have any problem. it's not toby keith playing in a venue -- >> and above the act. >> well, walk out the door on you. >> and there are contingency plans and i want to know if you have any. >> i guess in that regard i don't have a contingency plan other than the sound person on site every single time there is an event. that is our event and then also timing wise, 8:00 to 10:00 is kind of when we want to do the live music. and nothing after that. >> and you don't have a map here in your application, but do you have a patio? >> we don't have a patio.
5:53 pm
>> not in the back. >> a lot of lombard places have patios. no outside speakers or any doors that might leak through. >> we were in -- i don't know how to describe it. there is an entrance and exit that are street facing and we modified that. the two speakers face lom ward street and angle toward the sidewalk to play country music tunes to people who might by and draw them inside the venue, but no other patio to speak of. those are the patio speakers, i guess, because the building is inset a little bit from the street. >> the speakers outside are adjustable, right? >> yes, and they are a separate zone than the rest of the speakers, so we have six zones inside the space. and we can turn them on and off
5:54 pm
or adjust each zone accidentally of one another. >> okay. all right. >> hi. thanks for coming in. >> sure. >> congratulations to your business. >> glad to see that you have about 11 pages of signatures. so about 170 maybe people who signed the petition. do you know if these are mainly patrons or people in the neighborhood? >> that is a good question. those are people that have walked inside the venue and we have asked them to be so kind to support live music in the venue. those are the patrons and i understand that could be a little bit skewed because clearly customers that walked in wouldn't have the opportunity to sign the petition. what we have separately done which i hope we did this correctly is we wrote a notice and then what we did is if you look on google maps, i submitted to katelyn and not sure if it got around to the rest of the commissioners, for every single residential unit that surrounded our building, and there was
5:55 pm
basically one to the right of it, companied depending on how you are facing and kind of three in the rear, general in the rear area. we posted a notice at their front entrance and took pictures of the notices and shared them. we posted the notice saying this is what we're programming and doing over here. these are the steps that we have tried to do to address the sound bleed. if you have any issues, please write us at our main info line. and happy to set up a meeting and speak to them, and so this date, only that one individual that we addressed earlier has been in contact with us. and no one has emailed us separately about any sound issues. >> right. i am glad you took the steps to do that. i am impressed that the direct neighbor above you have supported you, so that says a lot. >> thank you. >> and i think that's all. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> all right. i don't have any questions here.
5:56 pm
i appreciate you coming in. i know the former venue used to have a lot of live music. chris went and did away with that with stock and trade. >> you know him. >> bringing it back, it is great down there and need for country in san francisco. i do encourage you to continue to work with us as issues arise. i think there can be sometimes an attitude that we need to just be told what we want to hear, and i am not saying you are doing this, but i say similar things to everyone and people go off and do their own thing, but i think that everyone finds that when we actually work together on things that our office is extraordinarily helpful and open and help resolve issues and that our dual mission to regulate night life and help promote it is actually very realistic. i just want to continue to keep that conversation going as issues do arise. i am excited about this spot and
5:57 pm
we're happy for you. i don't have any further questions. you can take a seat. thank you very much. is there any public comment on this agenda item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and we're going to vote on this, we definitely need a motion this time. >> i will make a motion to approve. >> with conditions. -- with staff conditions. >> i will second. >> commissioner perez. >> aye. >> a commissioner thomas. >> aye. >> president bleiman. >> aye. >> a commissioner lee. >> aye. >> a commissioner falzon. >> an aye. >> congratulations. you have been approved. please follow up with the deputy director at your earliest convenience. appreciate it. have a good day. >> good luck. all right. next agenda item is i believe number six.
5:58 pm
discussion and possible action on discussion around the mission statement. am i correct on that? >> it is to discussion and possible action, so that you have the ability tonight to vote on taking this mission, vision, value statement as is for us to then publish and use within our channels and use on our new website page that is going to go up in the next little bit here. or you can take a moment now to discuss amongst yourselves how you want to edit it and then adopt that is what we want. and just so you know, since vice president caminong is very dedicated to wordsmithing and making sure that our messaging is on point, i talked to her about this and she made her edits so what you are seeing also includes that. i am happy -- how about i read them. >> yes. >> i will read them into the microphone so everybody out
5:59 pm
there listening and for you all. okay. so the proposed mission statement -- and these are all from the retreat. the entertainment commission supports a thriving entertainment and night life culture that balances the needs of the city's entertainment community, its audiences, and its neighbors across all district neighborhoods. okay. proposed vision statement. san francisco's entertainment community is world class, diverse, equitable, robust, responsible, and inclusive. and finally, our value statement, and we had a whole bunch of values list sod this is the only one that katelyn and i with the help of vice president caminong really doctored. so this is the san francisco entertainment commission values transparency, communication, and honesty, a sense of belonging and sanctuary for all, and entertain. which we know that is kind of a
6:00 pm
catchy ending and if you don't like it, but i just thought it was cute. take it or leave it. ready, go. >> i like these. i think we put a fair amount of time into them at the retreat. and i appreciate the edits. and i don't have any objection to moving these forward. unless there is conversation, i would be happy to make a motion. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed on this agenda item. >> i would like to make a motion we accept the proposed mission, vision, and value statement as drafted. >> second. >> commissioner perez. >> aye. >> a commissioner thomas. >> aye. >> president bleiman. >> aye. >> a commissioner lee. >> aye. >> cos