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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 3, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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deal with this? this image right here, this is also your navigation center. this is a very clear violation of your laws about bedding and -- and spatial. the jails that i've been in, they provide more space between individuals, so you have this problem. the other problem is the jeff kozinski reports -- >> president yee: thank you very much. okay. this concludes public comment. okay. madam clerk, please call the for adoption without committee reference calendar item. >> clerk: items 53 through 63
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were introduced without reference to committee. a unanimous vote is required for resolutions. alternatively, a member may require a motion to go to committee. >> president yee: would any of my colleagues like to sever any items? supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: item 55. >> president yee: supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: 53. >> president yee: and i'd like to sever 56. so colleagues, can we take -- no. okay. colleagues, can we take the rest of the items minus 53, 55, and 56, same house, same call? >> clerk: roll call, mr. president. we need a roll call. >> president yee: roll call. >> clerk: okay.
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on items 54, 55, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, and 63 -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay. madam clerk, please call item 53. >> clerk: item 53 is a resolution to declare the week of november 17 through the 23, 2019 as united against hate week in the city and county of san francisco. >> president yee: supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: colleagues, november 17 through 23, which we are in right now is the united against hate week. it's a call for local civic action by people in every bay area county to stop the hate
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and implicit biases in the bay area. [inaudible] >> supervisor mandelman: the number of hate crimes committed across the united states has increased dramatically in the past several years including san francisco where hate crimes increased 61% between 2017 and 2018. with this resolution, san francisco will join berkeley and oakland in participating in united against hate week. i want to thank the organizers of the united against hate week
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and others. i'd also like to thank my cosponsors for their support. >> president yee: okay. thank you. colleagues, can we take this same -- on item 53, same house, same call? without any objection, then, it passes unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, call item number 55. >> clerk: item 55, resolution to affirm san francisco's support for asylum seeking residents fleeing gender-based persecution and decrying the federal government's ordinance criminalizing domestic violence. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: yes.
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i wanted to thank everyone for their fierce support [speaking spanish language] >> president yee: okay. colleagues, can we take this item, same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk -- where am i? please call item 56. >> clerk: item 56 is a resolution to declare november 20, 2019 world children's day in the city and to affirm the city and county's commitment to the united nations convention of the rights of children. >> president yee: colleagues, let me indulge you a little bit for a moment here. i believe this is the first time this body has voted on such a resolution to acknowledge the world children's day which lands
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on -- tomorrow, on november 20 of every year. this year marks the 30th anniversary of the united nations convention of the rights of children which provides basic human rights principles that ensures that every child is protected from violence and poverty. but beyond that, it provides this very basic notion that children deserve to have their voices heard as part of any community or governing structure. of all the united nation members, the united states is the only one to have not -- to not have ratified the convention of the rights of children. i think all of you -- i want to thank all of you for joining as cosponsor, and i guess, if i can, have -- officially have supervisor walton and supervisor safai join us also, for this important resolution to on call out the importance of this convention.
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but to also motivate to us to become what is globally known as a child friendly city. a child friendly city is a concept that is trying to challenge the realization of the rights of children in an increasingly urbanized and decentralized world. what we are also seeing is that climate change, we need to start designing cities that are environmentally resilient, and that is what child friendly cities are all about, a city designed with children and youth in mind is a city that is sustainable and safer for all residents. last year, i attended the child safer city conference in vienna, austria, and heard about all the wonderful things cities like san francisco were doing all over the world.
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but what i found so fascinating is that cities were reimagining public spaces to be playful, imagin imagi imaginative and accessible to children of all ages. can we imagine what san francisco would be like if we placed children at the center of all the decisions that we'd be making, influencing the build environment around us. imagine every city street where a children could bike and walk on their own to school without fear of being hurt in a dangerous environment. imagine every new housing unit being designed so that families of all types to could expand multigenerational units that accommodated children, growing
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teens, and parents who are care giving. imagine public space being inviting to children so they could actively and creatively explore beyond just the confines of parks and playgrounds. the possibilities are endless, but we need to make this conscious decision that child friendly city is what we aim to be. over the course of past years, we have been able -- been part of these discussions with planning to push for family friendly design guidelines fashioned around vision zero, but i want to think bigger. i want to thank our department of children, youth and families, our youth council, our department of public works and rec and park for helping us move this conversation along.
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i also want to acknowledge parents who have come together to really galvanize around this effort. parents like serina unger who i believe made a statement today in public testimony who is an urban planner by profession but was so passionate about this idea of child friendly future, she has taken it upon herself to present this idea to many, many groups who would listen. the other aspect of the child friendly city which i believe is so incredibly incredible is the idea that children and youth should be participating in meaningful ways in decision making. i know we do a great work with the youth commission and many of our own districts have youth councils like in district 7. but the child friendly city pushes this further.
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it is about ensuring that every child, even preschool age residents, should be able to engage and provide input on what they want to see in their lived-in environments. yesterday, the youth commission voted to support our resolution and also asked for a friendly amendment which i have distributed to all of you, and i'll talk about it in a second. as a city, we have always placed the needs of communities most impacted by our environmental, racial, and economic injustice at the forefront. they are -- they are asking us to -- to really include the need -- to explicitly prioritize the need of black and brown communities in addition to other communities with high needs. in all my years as a parent and educator, i have never been more obsessed about a concept
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like this. i really hope that we as a city can pursue this idea. as a grandparent, i want san francisco to become the place that my children can grow up and establish their roots. when i see all this new development and all these millennials, i am praying that they will choose to stay here. when we lose the children, we lose the vibrancy and diversity of our community. the stakes are high. the resolution is calling on san francisco to rise to the occasion and help us become a part of this global child friendly cities movement. i think we are ready and we can possibly become the first in the united states. so i want to point out again it was the youth commissioners who advocated for the amendments, and i totally agreed with them.
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so basically, we're adding on page 5, line 16, to include the wording, "particularly marginalized black and brown children and youth." so that's my motion. could i have a second on that? thank you, supervisor peskin. without any objection, then, the motion passes, then, for the amendment. [gavel]. >> president yee: so madam clerk, what do i do? >> clerk: you can take it without objection as amended -- or same house, same call as amended. >> president yee: okay. can i have this same house, same call as amended? without objection, this item passes unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: so madam clerk, i think that's the end of our agenda, but please read
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the in memoriams. >> clerk: today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved memorials. on behalf of supervisor mandelman, on the late jack porter, and on a motion made by the president and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors, on behalf of the late atta safai. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, that brings us to the end of our agenda. please have a safe travel. i will see you in a few weeks. madam clerk, is there any further business for today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president yee: so we are adjourned. [gavel]
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>> the bicycle coalition was giving away 33 bicycles so i applied. i was happy to receive one of them. >> the community bike build program is the san francisco coalition's way of spreading the joy of biking and freedom of biking to residents who may not
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have access to affordable transportation. the city has an ordinance that we worked with them on back in 2014 that requires city agency goes to give organizations like the san francisco bicycle organization a chance to take bicycles abandoned and put them to good use or find new homes for them. the partnerships with organizations generally with organizations that are working with low income individuals or families or people who are transportation dependent. we ask them to identify individuals who would greatly benefit from a bicycle. we make a list of people and their heights to match them to a bicycle that would suit their lifestyle and age and height. >> bicycle i received has impacted my life so greatly. it is not only a form of recreation. it is also a means of getting
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connected with the community through bike rides and it is also just a feeling of freedom. i really appreciate it. i am very thankful. >> we teach a class. they have to attend a one hour class. things like how to change lanes, how to make a left turn, right turn, how to ride around cars. after that class, then we would give everyone a test chance -- chance to test ride. >> we are giving them as a way to get around the city. >> just the joy of like seeing people test drive the bicycles in the small area, there is no real word. i guess enjoyable is a word i could use. that doesn't describe the kind
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of warm feelings you feel in your heart giving someone that sense of freedom and maybe they haven't ridden a bike in years. these folks are older than the normal crowd of people we give bicycles away to. take my picture on my bike. that was a great experience. there were smiles all around. the recipients, myself, supervisor, everyone was happy to be a part of this joyous occasion. at the end we normally do a group ride to see people ride off with these huge smiles on their faces is a great experience. >> if someone is interested in volunteering, we have a special section on the website sf you can sign up for both events. we have given away 855 bicycles,
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376 last year. we are growing each and every year. i hope to top that 376 this year. we frequently do events in bayview. the spaces are for people to come and work on their own bikes or learn skills and give them access to something that they may not have had access to. >> for me this is a fun way to get outside and be active. most of the time the kids will be in the house. this is a fun way to do something. >> you get fresh air and you don't just stay in the house all day. iit is a good way to exercise. >> the bicycle coalition has a bicycle program for every community in san francisco. it is connecting the young, older community. it is a wonderful outlet for the
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community to come together to have some good clean fun. it has opened to many doors to the young people that will usually might not have a bicycle. i have seen them and they are thankful and i am thankful for this program.. >> good to have you here. welcome. i am the s.f.o. airport director. thank you all for being here. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thanks so much. you know, it's a pleasure to welcome everyone here today. this is such an important day and we're so excited to celebrate this unveiling and recognition and commemoration of our late mayor. we're so pleased to have the
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family here of ed. thank you, anita, to have you here, ed's wife. ed's daughters tania and rihanna, welcome to both of you, and natasha, the granddaughter, is also here, welcome. pansie for being here, thank you for being here. 94 years young and she traveled from seattle to be with us today along with other members of the family. i understand ed's brothers and sister are here, edmond and manny, welcome and thank you for being here. it is a real honor for me to be here as well as the airport director and to celebrate this wonderful commemoration of our late mayor ed lee and his life
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time and legacy. such an important place to have this commemoration. this is an appropriate dedication to our late mayor, as he was such a driving force in connecting our city to the rest of the world for business as well as cultural enrichment. he was so supportive and proud of our efforts to create such an amazing passenger experience and create the standard of a world-class airport. he would say he wanted everyone to feel like you were walking through a five-star hotel lobby when you travel through our airport. i think we achieved that vision. with a coalition of asian-pacific community organizations, the airport coalition wanted to honor the mayor and formed a special advisory naming committee. their job was to review the various proposals befitting of the honor that was proposed of our late mayor. i have to say it was a truly
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engaged and collaborative process. the committee came up with a unanimous recommendation to the airport commission, which also received unanimous approval for the airport commission which received permission from the departure hall in his honor. [ applause ]. >> you know, there was community involvement in this and we created a special advisory panel, including anita and members of the committee that were helping guide the implementation of the various elements of what this honoring of our late mayor would be, including the wood wall which we will get to see a little later on, including this mural behind me, which in the future will be replaced with a plaque, as well as a statue and a video about ed and how important he was to the city and county of san
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francisco. it will be this lasting commemoration in our airport of the extraordinary significance our late mayor ed lee had on the city and county of san francisco. with that, i thank you all for being here today. it is my pleasure to introduce the 45th mayor of san francisco, who served out the remaining term of mayor lee and who we all congratulate on her victory to a full four-year term as our mayor, welcome, mayor london breed. >> mayor breed: thank you, ivar. i'm really excited to be here today, especially with members of the lee family, members of our airport commission, and people that i served with on the board of supervisors when ed was our mayor, president of the board of superviseors, thank yo,
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supervisor yee, for being here. when mayor lee was mayor, we were like his kids. we really were. we would go into his office. we would ask for things all of the time. in most instances, he was almost always so supportive. he cared about this city. he cared about the people of this city. he cared about doing good things for san francisco. when i first sat down with him as supervisor and told him that public housing was my priority, of course we bonded over our shared experience of growing up in public housing. he said, yes, we will work to make the condition of residents and public housing better. i will tell you since i've been mayor, we've been going to a lot of those public housing developments where the promises
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of our city have been fulfilled and the conditions have changed significantly. it's because of his leadership and his work and his love and care for people. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: his work for our public school system and our children, his work for public safety and for making sure that we are a city that focuses on making the right decisions, especially for future generations. you know, most mayors wouldn't say this, but since i've been mayor, i am really a beneficiary of all of his hard work. so when i go and i do those ribbon cuttings. when i go and we're saving
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buildings that mayor lee put in motion with funding and support, i know it's because of his hard work that we're able to make people's lives better. i only wish, i only wish that he was able to be here with us to see what an amazing job he did for the people of san francisco. [ applause ]]. >> mayor breed: so many of his friends are here, people who worked and served with him, people who loved and supported him. again, i want to thank the lee family for just your continued support of san francisco, your continued involvement in the things that we do to improve the lives of people in san
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francisco. this is at least legacy. i along with other emerging, elected officials, we are part of his legacy. the work that we did together in san francisco has really transformed our city and put us on the right path to continue to improve san francisco so it is fitting, as we dedicate the international airport to mayor lee to just also remind ourselves of the work that he did, but as the first chinese-american mayor in san francisco's history, the man was like a rock star. he was like a rock star. [ applause ]. >> mayor breed: now, ed didn't need a lot of attention, but i didn't let him not get the attention he needed. i remember when we went to
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china, we went to beijing and shanghai, and so many people with their cameras and everything else and just -- i mean, you would have thought that it was beyonce and j.z. it was mayor lee getting love and to smile like it wasn't a big deal. i would tell him to soak it up and not get excited. that was his personality. he didn't need the attention or the fame. he was about the work. he was about the results. he was about the people. as we honor him here today, it is only fitting because he was an international figure, that when people come to this city, the first thing they see is mayor ed lee greeting them. when people leave this city, they can see the same thing. it's the impression that they
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get, and that is that he was an important figure for the city and county of san francisco, so much so that he is acknowledged in such a significant way. thank you all for being here. thank you all to a lot of the airport workers that are here, the family, the people from the african and chinese communities, people who have come from far and wide to honor someone who was really -- such an incredible figure and incredible inspiration, and has done a lot to set our city on the right path. so it is only fitting that we honor him in this way today at the san francisco international airport. his legacy will continue to live on through us. thank you.
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>> it is now my pleasure to introduce a former president of the board of supervisors. he worked with mayor lee on many issues. a warm welcome for california state assembly member, david chu. >> good morning, san francisco. this is a san francisco day. i was thinking of how to start my thoughts, and maybe i would start with the following which is i am going to be short because he was and i am. thank you all for being a part of the community of san francisco and so many of the community leaders who led to this day, to this wonderful naming dedication. of course we want to salute anita and your family for your
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family, your sacrifice, and your love. all of us have countless memories of the mayor, and i'm going to relay just a few quick ones. it was exactly ten years ago to the day that i was in this international terminal with then-supervisor chu and mar. the three of us were the first chinese supervisors to serve together. we were heading on a good-will trip to southern china. we were joined by members of the chinese chamber, some of who are here. what was historic about that event for me ten years later is that we were joined by one incredibly competent, selfless, humble, and smiling city administrator, ed lee. i remember on that trip, those of us who were elected officials, we were new to our roles. we observed him as he interacted
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with our diplomatic counterparts, as he brought good will from this city, as he fosters economic and social ties with other parts of the world. that is the ed lee that became mayor that we honor and respect today. a second memory involving this very airport. the first week the current occupant of the white house was inaugurated. he issued an executive order that said that airports were about to become the site of his new walls to keep out refugees. i'm going to quote something that mayor lee said because he was always so mild minored, but not on that day. as the son of chinese immigrants, i am disgusted by the president's executive order to target muslim communities, to ban immigrants from entering the united states. these actions are a direct
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betrayal of our american values. we were also proud of him on that day because for our former mayor, it is important for him to lead a city where love trumps hate, where civility trumps rudeness. mayor lee stood for everything that is good about compassion and tolerance for all of our diverse communities. [ applause ]. >> let me end with my final memory of mayor lee, as anita knows. you and your husband like to make fun of me for not having a kid. i regret that my son lucas will not get to know uncle ed lee. what i can tell you is because of this photograph, because of this naming decision, we will have millions of kids from
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around the world, from china, from asia, from africa, from latin american and europe who will come through these halls and say i'm the child of immigrants, but maybe some day i can run a city. i am the son of a cook and a se seamstress, but maybe some day i can run a city. mayor lee has given us hope in our future. that is why we are here today and that is why it is wonderful to be part of our san francisco community. thank you so much and god speed. >> and now my pleasure to
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welcome up a district 4 supervisor turned supervisor by mayor lee. please welcome carmen chu. >> hello, everybody. so happy to be here with all of you and to see this day come forward. so many people who are here today from all different parts of mayor ed lee's life, his family, the community who loved him, and of course the city's family who adored him and saw him as a mentor for many of us. i think the trip that we took was spoken about. when you travel with him, just like in relationships, they say it really reveals someone's true character. can you travel well together, were they fussy, were they hard to get along with, and so on. i have a memory of mayor ed lee on that trip.
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on that trip we were walking through these beautiful gardens where you can see the scenery around. i see our mayor who wasn't mayor at the time, who was a city administrator, and he was looking at the trash can. he was looking at the trash can to understand whether the design of the trash can was something that we should mimic and bring back here to san francisco. so i think revealing the character that was our mayor and i think the family knows this too for all the times he brought you out to do cleanups, our mayor cared about the details to run the city and run it well and he did so with every part of his life. he could have been doing something different, but he was looking at a trash can.
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the mayor that i knew and the one that all of us came to love came from humble beginnings, someone who has struggles in the family, who didn't have very much, where you saw your own family struggle with the language, and where somehow, some way, you became a lawyer who advocated for civil rights to make sure that injustices were not something that could be tolerated in our community, to be someone who cared about how we run our city for the benefit of the public, he became the mayor. one of my proudest moments as a daughter of immigrants was walking down the hall in the rotunda after selecting ed lee to be our mayor. that was probably one of the best votes i ever made as a supervisor. if there was one thing i could
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have left behind as a legacy would be that i selected and supported that san francisco had our first chinese mayor. [ applause ]. >> as we're gathered here today to watch this unveiling and to see all of this, i think it brings us hope and pride, david spoke about this earlier, all of the people who will come through the san francisco international airport, all of the people who will look up and say who was this person and how was this person relevant to san francisco, and say i'm walking through this place, an international city, a place that sets the world's trends and to know that this man not only moved san francisco forward, but that he is a man who enexpires so many generations to come. my parents cooked in restaurants
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and they're proud that we have a voice and we can stand up and fight for the injustices and see that when people are attacked in our community, we can stand up. it doesn't matter in you're chinese or latin american or another other background, i can't tell you how meaningful this is to have his remembrance at the international terminal. thank you. [ applause ]. >> next we have someone who worked with mayor lee on housing policy issues. now as our very own airport commissioner, malcolm young. [ applause ]. >> first of all, i need to apologize to assembly member chu. i think i laughed a little too
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loud at your short jokes -- mayor lee's short jokes. and then carmen nudged me as well. thank you for that. when the press asked me about why i was so adamant about seeing this terminal named after mayor lee, i gave a response that in a city that was home to the chinese exclusion act, it is fitting that this gateway be named of a chinese-american civil rights advocate, someone who devoted his entire career to breaking down barriers. in that context, i want to point out the naming of this terminal is incredibly ironic and important. if you ask me without the press around in a quieter moment why i was so adamant about this, i want to give a much simpler answer. ed becoming mayor made me proud to be an asian-american.
11:42 pm
in a city and state where asian-americans had a long and unrecognized role of building, ed lee becoming mayor was important and this is a point we continue to mirror as a community. i wasn't surprised when there was so much unity from our community when we first started organizing the committee and the campaign to bring this after mayor lee. the commissioner said the airport damn well name the terminal after ed, because i've never seen so many people who don't like each other in the same room pushing for the same thing.
11:43 pm
and maybe to put it in terms that our elected officials and advocates can understand better, this naming campaign got the president of the community residents association out staples it got the head of the realtors out for an entire year. i got asked the question, when is that ever going to happen again? thank you, ed. ed is not the only person that we need to thank, but we love that you're here and this is amazing. i want to talk a little bit about the effort that it took to get us here. this was a 13-month campaign and it was led from and came from the chinese american community. i want to say thank you to all of the supporters who came on board to push for this. i want to call out some individuals and groups in particular, and i know we will do that more later. there were some folks who
11:44 pm
stepped-up. first and foremost i want to acknowledge annie chung. annie was on the naming committee. annie was the moral compass of this effort, but also i want to thank you for stepping out early. your leadership in this community and this effort really i think lent the credibility that we needed to make sure that this is something that everybody got behind. thank you so much, annie. annie just got back from hong kong yesterday, so we're glad you're here. i want to call out and thank guretta louis. i want to thank you for getting this rolling. when she called us, we thought she was inviting us for a free lunch. it turns out she was setting out our work plan for the next 13 months. i also want to acknowledge walter wong. i know that losing ed was very
11:45 pm
important. your leadership also lent an incredible amount of effort to this and we want to thank you. your leadership to the chinese chamber of commerce, so many leaders from these organizations were there every step of the way. i see ringo in the back. pitman, eddie, everybody who showed up at hearing after hearing. and the same is true for our ccba president. don't take that kind of commitment lightly or for granted. thank you so much. the ed lee democratic club. you guys gave the best testimony, but you also had the best stickers hands down when we were in the testimony room. many of you worked hard with and for ed during his years as mayor
11:46 pm
and that came out when you gave your public testimony. thank you. also to our grassroots leaders to the community associations. our non-profit community leaders from a.p.i. council. your coming out really showed that this campaign was something special to real people and not just us political types or quoks out the there and i thought that was meaningful. jan sey, you came out, wayne lee. the sisters of cities communities, you came out. you clearly relished ed's relishment. that will be my only bad joke. individual friends of ed lee came out. you guys were really amazing and you were there all the time. ed's city family was incredibly helpful, the johnsons who aren't
11:47 pm
here. those who are here. cava and steve is here. also, i just want to really give a thank you to the numerous airport staff who were cheering us from the sidelines and figuring out how to make this happen really effectively and expeditiously. this is meant as a complement. you guys sound like a bunch of ed lee bureaucrats. i want to thank jason shaminard. i think everybody got to know your name because you sent out so many e-mails and you got to know this well. kimson wong. when we started this campaign,
11:48 pm
you were running r.n.g. lounge and you let us meet there. thank you so much for your support along the way. bill lee who is here. bill has always been a leader in this community. we want to thank the mayor's family. you being there at our community meetings was really wind behind our backs and thank you so much for motivating us. i'm going to end on a bit of a personal note. not so many people know that i was head of the asian-american association. president chu was president 25 years before me. [ laughter ]. >> you know, i was planning for my installation dinner and i thought long and hard about who i wanted to be keynote speaker. one answer emerged which was the one person whose career i wanted to capture as a person i wanted
11:49 pm
to emulate and it was ed lee. he was a community-based civil rights leader who went on to serve this city. and he exemplified the service that i wanted to impress on my fellow colleagues. when i got to work for mayor lee early on in his administration, it really was with great pride that i did so. i want to say it's with pride that when i come to the international terminal from now on i can say to myself or my wife that i got to work for that guy. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thanks, commissioner. it is our pleasure to have such a wonderful showing and the family and we're so appreciative
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of everyone being here. with that, we want to welcome representing the family. if you would come on up daughter tonia speaking on behalf of the family. [ applause ]. >> hello, everyone. this is truly such an incredible honor. on behalf of my mom, anita lee, and the entire lee family, many of which are here today, we would like to thank mayor london breed, the airport director, members of the airport commission, and of course the wonderful community who pushed this initiative forward and who were really the heart of this amazing dedication today. thank you so much. this dedication, like many have
11:51 pm
said, feels quite fitting. you know, people have talked about how as a first chinese american mayor, how significant that is in the place where in 1882 there was the exclusion act and now his name is on the international airport. my mom and dad raised my sister and i to be global citizens and to appreciate the interconnectedness of us all. you know, i also know that when my dad was mayor, he helped us strengthen so many international relationships with the city. all the times he was on those trips, he would text us about the things he was experiencing. this international terminal is such a beautiful and a significant kind of place, whether it's travellers about to embark on an exciting adventure or a place to reunite with your
11:52 pm
loved ones or a place for those returning home, this is a place of coming and going that centers human connection and human possibility. what an amazing honor to have the departures hall of this international terminal dedicated to my father who was the son of chinese immigrants and who truly believed in our ability to raise each other up and to raise new heights. i will quos with a quote of my dad's "live your life boldly and keep the door open for others." dad's "live your life boldly and keep the door open for others." >> that concludes our speaking portion. i do want to recognize so many important people. all of you are important. i want to call all of you out. the board of supervisors, norman yee. thank you for being here.
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mayor wayne lee. our airport commissions and vice president, linda cradon, commissioner young, and our president couldn't make it today, but sends his well wishes to everyone. members of the board of equalization, leah cone. former airport commissioner karol lito. the t.s.a. director for s.f.o., fred lau. police chief bill scott. and former fire chief joanne
11:54 pm
hays white. thank you for being here and steve cava. thank you for coming. do we have some department heads, phil ginsburg, office of civic engagement, adrienne pawn. thank you for being here. wonderful to have you all here. so with that, what we want to do is move to the center of the terminal and do the unveiling by the mayor.
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>> clerk: this is a regular meeting of the small business commission held on tuesday, november 12, 2019. the meeting is being called to order on 2:04 p.m. the meeting can be viewed on sfgovtv 2, channel 78, or members of the public, please take the opportunity to silence your cell phone or electronic devices. public comment is limited to two minutes unless otherwise stat stated during the meeting. please place speaker cards in the basket to the right of the lectern. speaker cards will be collected in the order in which they were placed in the basket. additionally, there is a sign in sheet on the front