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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 6, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PST

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air and shelter. it's not a coincidence by big corporations and these corporations get away with this. you can't not let our youth get away with this. it's affecting their lives. sometimes i forget to breathe. [ laughter ]. >> there are a lot of youths that want to be a part of this and benefit their communities. be not allowing them to take this chance in their classroom, you're doing a disadvantage to them. a lot of these youth might decide to be something different and they're not saying anything because they don't have the space in the classroom. there are a lot of parents that maybe aren't ready for that for
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their kids. there are a lot of families that want their kids to be the first to go to school. we have to give them the space to think about the thinks that might affect them or they feel are wrong. that's all i have to say. thank you. [ applause ]. >> hi, i'm a parent in oakland. i wanted to speak to say that given the state law and given what's already in your handbook, no policy changes are needed for you to be a very supportive group to student strikes. within the handbook it already says it can be a justifiable personal reason. the school board previously read that and said that students have to go with their parents. if parents have to decide to say
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that my parent is sick, that's not equitable. not all parents have the same ability to figure that out. i know that there were more privileged students whose parents were able to excuse them. more most students felt that they were intimidated and not able to go. we want the students to be engaged in civic and organized ways. this is one of the biggest movements that can guarantee safety for my children and all people. we want to encourage you all not to change your existing policies, but to communicate those policies that are more fair and equitable, so that everyone has a chance to take that reason and participate in something that has such a big impact on their present and their future, so thank you.
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[ applause ]. >> we are calling for climate strikes because climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time. how can we dream of a future where we might not have it? how can we know about the climate crisis affecting many and not doing anything about it. when all climate educators teach about this, why should we sit in the class and listen to the next lecture, where we can stand up, strike, and speak up. it is our future. right now the educators hold a lot of power to our future. educators and administrators, if you care about our future, let us strike. >> what was the previous speaker's name? >> hello, my children attend san francisco community school.
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i'm also here representing mothers out front that's working to ensure a livable planet for future generations. back in 2017, sf government passed a plan for comban-frernled schools. a few days ago, italy became the first country to mandate climate change education. american kids should also be learning about the climate crisis and justice. this is an issue that will continue to affect everyone on the climate for our lifetimes. we owe it to our students to
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prepare them. omitting it from their education now is doing a great disservice. parent climate liaisons would be equitable in distributing the information if an equitable manner. additionally, we would like to see the district policies reflect the crisis by prioritizing zero-waste plan and climate-friendly services. our next youth climate strike is december 6. we would like to see the district support this by not penalizing students who take part of this engagement. we should be supporting students to understand that collective action and powerful and request drive great change.
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thank you. plurebs [ applause ]. >> hi, my name is claudia deeg and i am a public health associate at the state-wide interest group and i'm working to get lead out of our drinking water. this is a toxin that has been linked to many health issues. recent testing found lead with the drinking water at over 50% of our schools. currently we follow the federal standard allowing 15 parts per billion in the water, however, this level is extremely outdated. in 2016, the american academy of
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pediatrics made an official statement that there is no safe level of lead for kids. that is why i want you to adopt a health-based standard. many other areas have taken initiative on that issue. here in san francisco, more than 20 organizations have signed on to a letter, including the california chapter, the american academy of pediatrics, the san francisco families union, and many others. i also want to thank the councilors who have met with me to discuss this issue. i would ask you to protect the kids exposed to lead to adopt the health-based option adopted
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my doctors. >> the advisory committee reports and appointments. number one, report from the parent advisory council.
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[speaking spanish]. >> good evening, president, commissioners, superintendent, staff, delegates, and community members. i have two kids, one is at hoover middle school in seventh grade and the other is in pre-k at brian elementary school. [speaking spanish].
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>> the role of the parent of the advisory council, the p.a.c., is to inform the board of education policy discussions. due to the timing of the board of education meeting, the p.a.c. has not met since our last report to the board in october of 2019. this report includes updates on funding, the involvement fair, the alignment summit, and projects that p.a.c. members has prioritized for this year's school year.
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[speaking spanish]. >> celebrating successes. the p.a.c. is proud to announce that we have received a one-year grant in the amount of $60,000 to support the work of this council in elevating the voices to shape the school district policies. program director for education
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expressed the fond appreciation for the good work you are doing to build a local gauge of engagement in the local source of support. [speaking spanish].
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>> parent engagement at this year's involvement fair was a great success. our pacement changed from previous years. this was the community advisory committee for special communication. while this location was a bit hect hectic, it also meant that those that entered the building saw
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our tables. we wanted to express our thanks to those who made our request come to many responses. we will just have to bring more materials. we hope that the exposure to the p.a.c. and the work that we do will result in more parents attending and encourage more parents to attend in the future. [speaking spanish].
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>> planning is well underway for the third annual advisory summit. planning erts here are being led by a former p.a.c. coordinator and the newest member of the empowerment office. she is representing advisers and
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key stakeholders, including many partner groups, this year's summit will be on saturday, january 8, 2020, and the enemy is sharing our stories. [speaking spanish] ...
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... n .
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>> the asterisk school district update. since 2014, the san francisco unified school district staff, district level group, labelled partners, and community organizations have worked collaboratively as the force with an explicit focus on the use of resources and hear from stakeholders who reflect represented youth for san francisco school district for school populations. the park has played a lead role
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to nate and lead this board since the beginning. a major part of the task force is leading the engagement to enforce the districted control and accountability plan. we're getting started on planning that process, which including developing content, developing outreach, facilitating conversations, and presenting our conversations at the regular meeting of the board of education in the spring. these are being presented jointly because we are working together to understand the voices of many in the san francisco unified district. this task force has been meeting since the start of this school year. our next meeting is this
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thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. here in this building. our meeting on thursday, december 12, will be diving into reviewing the san francisco school district data to inform our data to the rest of the year. we want to encourage folks who are interested to attend the meetings. information about the district can be found at www.sfusc.uscu.budgen. [speaking spanish]
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... n: [ please stand by ] ...
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[speaking spanish] >> one of the priorities of the members this year is student health and well-being, including food and nutrition. on october 16th, the members met with the student nutrition services to disclose ways to reach out and meet with families to share plans to expand the breakfast after the program. it is to make school breakfast more accessible so students can
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start the day with a full stomach and all of the benefits that provides. they make breakfast items available for students to take as they walk to classrooms, there by removing the barriers that get in the way of students accessing healthy foods in the morning. they have identified 51 san francisco unified schools to implement the program. those interested in supporting the district efforts to have breakfast available in the classrooms can go to sfus sfusd/breakfast to sign the pledge. [speaking spanish]
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>> this year we are interested in helping to determine the san francisco unified school district for the 2020-2021 school year. these decisions are being offered for students, parents, teachers, administrators and district staff to sample eight different dishes and evaluate on appearance, taste and texture. four sessions are scheduled around the city.
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[speaking spanish] >> the dates and locations for those stations. november 18 from 3:30 to 430 at independence high school. november 18 from 4:00 to 5:00 at the elementary school. in north beach.
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november 20 from 12:30 to 1:30 downtown high school. 693 vermont street. november 20 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. at paul revere school. [speaking spanish] >> rsvp student by november 8th to reserve your spot. space is limited.
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the chair has signed up to join us and add your voice. [speaking spanish]
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>> our next meeting is tomorrow, wednesday, november 13, 2019 from 5:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. it is the planning and assessment department to review the san francisco unified school district grade reports from transition of kindergarten through fifth grade. they will give an update on the
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committee's work so far. it is open to the public. all are welcome. food and child care are provided. if you have any questions or comments about the report, please contact us at (415)355-2201 extension 1571. or visit our website www.park >> thank you. any questions from board members?
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>> commissioner lopez. >> i was wondering about the report and how we can get it available online. >> that is a very good question. i can provide those and they can be put o on the website. i send it to everybody. that will be fine. i have minor corrections, things i learned about late. i will send a corrected version. >> i just also wanted to know. i want to make sure has a board we are sharing. there is a lot of stuff going on in the district. we are working on different initiatives, but i want to make sure we are doing a good job of sharing with you to gather input when we are considering new resolutions. also, if you are interested in
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topics, i want to make sure we are available. i wonder how we might, you know, sometimes we are working on different streams. i wanted to get thoughts from you on how we might know about your priorities and communicate about things we have priorities to make sure we include opportunities for families. >> for public record i am the coordinator for the pac. we identified the priorities in our meeting minutes. i would be happy to provide a list. i work closely with many of the projects and things happening. one of the best ways is to say, hey, if you are aware of something. we are working on this and i didn't see anything about the pac or are you aware this is
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going on? >> one question. i want to make sure i am communicating with all of the pacs. they are the different leadership groups. i would love to be able to just there are times when i want to hear from families, and it would be nice to message out to the coordinators of the drips to say, hey, we want to chime in and you know to reach out. you are not going to know projects brewing before they come before the board. there are certain once that are parent oriented. i would love broader input from parent leaders. i asked if we could put together a list of the point people for the pacs and have an e-mail group so any of us thinking about something with a direct impact on families we can make
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sure to share it out and say, hey, let them know this is what i am working on. i am open to sharing more or getting more information. >> that is definitely no problem. i believe we sent the list out earlier this fall. i can resend it to make sure you have the coordinators. >> is it possible to have a group? as we add pacs as coordinators change that gets confusing. if there is a way to kind of -- i don't know. a system to send it to one place or send it to you to make sure it goes to all of those folks. >> i will look into that any appointments to advisory committees by the board? thank you all.
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good night. [applause] we have approval of members to the newly established world language council. can i have a motion for adoption. >> so moved. >> second. >> doctor matthews you have a designee? >> yes, the program administrator will be reading this into the record. >> good evening, i am a program administrator. the world language council was approved in 2018 by the board. under the guidance of the chief academic officer we have been recruiting members of the community and teachers to represent the languages we have programs for here in san francisco. we are to present this roster
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for approval tonight. >> we have no public comment. any comments from the board or superintendent. >> any opportunities for community. i don't know if the lists. i don't know if this is a new group. >> yes. >> if those could be included on the lest. we have so many parent advisory and student advisory committees. it would be great to always keep those in mind when we are sharing that information. it is going to the folks volunteering to support our work. thank you. >> i am excited this council is coming together. it is many years in the making. i think of the parents and students. for many years i worked with
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english proficient families this is a really important way for families and students to be involved and an opportunity to look at the future of the pathways programs at the district to solidify the vision and ultimately the implementation and success of those programs. thank you. >> seeing no other comments. roll call vote. (roll call). seven eyes. >> section e. consent calendar. >> motion. >> second. >> do we have any items
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withdrawn by the superintendent? >> no. >> any items by the board? seeing none. roll call vote. (roll call). >> that is seven eyes. >> section f -- that is seven eyes. >> section f. discussion and vote on consent calendar items severed for separate consideration. there are no items tonight. >> g. proposals for action. superintendent's proposal
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authorization to grant or in alternative deny renewal petition for kipp bayview academy. 2. superintendent's proposal. authorization for grant or in the alternative deny the renewal petition for kippsf bay academy. you have seen the staff report and agenda. >> do you want to read the recommendation into the record? >> michael davis the director of policy planning and charter school. >> thank you. we have the recommendations for the two kipp middle schools. first is the kipp bayview
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charter school. authorization to grant or deny the application pursuant to code section 47607 the kipp bay area schools submitted the petition for renew alto the school district and pursuant to 47605 the board of education received the renewal petition on september 24, 2019. the district shall comply with timelines and action as required by law and the board of education shall consider the public support and shall review all information received with respect to the recommendation and the district superintendent and staff completed the review and issued the record and recommendation to the board of education regarding the review.
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be it resolved they shall grant or deny the petition subject to the requirements set forth by law. the superintendent's proposal and board of education report for kipp bayview academy charter the staff recommends approval every pool for k -- of the approval for five years beginning july 1, 2020 and ending june 30, 2025 to serve 325 students grades 5 through 8. we have the same superintendent's proposal for the bay academy charter school with same provisions and the board of education report and recommendation is approval of renewal of the kipp bay academy charter. staff recommends approval for
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the academy charter school at 1430 scott street for five years beginning july 1, 2020 and ends june 30, 2025 to serve 388 students in grades 5 through 8. >> we have speakers that have signed up for public comment. when you hear your name called make your way to the podium. you have two minutes. ellen bray, kelly valentine. walker, evans, mendez, mark cruise, woodson, christina, el
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louise and fisher. >> goo good evening, trustees. i am ellen bray, principal of kipp san francisco bay academy. i am a resident of san francisco. i am proud of the families and students and colleagues we meet the application. since 2003 our school has had a strong commitment to the community working with the city. many of them are here tonight. i ask them to stand up. (applause). despite the rapidly changing
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landscape of the city it is a constant. student population has remained stable. 84% qualify for free and reduced lunch. 32% are english language learners. kipp's academic performance is with or higher than state schools. they are prepared for high school. over the last five years we demonstrated growth we will continue to improve. thank you for taking into account the perspectives to renew our petition. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. i am kelly valentine. i am a resident southeast san francisco. i am honored to serve as
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educator in the community in which i live. over the course of the last five years, i sat in the seat of teacher, coach, assistant principal and school leader. i am proud that the performance meets the criteria for renewal. i acknowledge we have room to grow. continuous improvement is in our dna. we are taking steps to ensure each student grows as scholar, individual and catalyst for change in our community. we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all learners. we revamped our approach to special education and a new role to provide coaching to special education teachers. we are investing in each coach receiving 100 hours of training.
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providing teachers with data-driven coaching based on best practices. to support emotional health we are working with a program to promote school success for trauma impacted students. we have dedicated a wing to the school building to student services. i cannot wait to see what students accomplish. i invite you to come see the students and teachers in action in kipp bayview academy. thank you. [applause] >> i aigood evening to all of te honorable members of the board. i am doctor walker, pastor of
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the true hope church of christ located in bayview. also one of the founding members of the corporation where we built over 600 low income housing in san francisco. along with that we are concerned about various communities especially we are concerned about education. when you look at the latinos, african-americans and pacific islands, they are not really coming up to the standard of education in the city. this board has put out information about that. kipp has been the constant in our community. over 16 years these middle
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schools have been the center of community support. the school has worked with thousands of students and families on their journey to high school and in our community. one last point because of-time is that the staff said to the envelope, stick with me and we will go places together. if the board of education will stick with kipp. we can all go someplace. the country is divided by the president of this united states. i believe the board has the ability and will do that this afternoon. thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening, president cook
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and fellow commissioners and superintendent. it is great to see you all. i am here. doctor walker said everything we wanted to say today. the decision that you are about to make today has implications not only for the san francisco bay region, it has implications for the state of california. why do i say that? i say that because the governor of california a couple of weeks ago got you together and says let's try to collaborate and find solutions. i have spent decades supporting the san francisco unified school district. i also yours truly helped to establish a pilot program to
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enhance and to bridge the disparity in education. that program is rolled out in about six or seven schools. i need to come back to get a report on that. we believe in the diversity of education. it is not us versus them. you are problem solvers. when you get off your podium you see us on the streets. kipp with the bayview area have performed. now you have confident parents. they are looking at the bigger picture offeducation. that is why we appointed you. the superintendent has given his recommendation. let us respect you and we will continue to work today.
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god bless you all. (applause). >> good evening, commissioners. we submitted a letter to you last month. i am joyce armstrong, proud president of the public housing tenant association representing more than 5,000 residents under our jurisdiction. >> good evening, i am representing the housing commissioner. >> good evening, commissioners. i am with the public housing tenant association phta. we represent over 6,000 families throughout san francisco. i am here to speak about kippsf and bayview.
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these middle schools have been the centers of communities and i support the schools working with students demographically similar to the neighboring public schools lieu identified learning differences. kipp counselors help them on the journeys to high school and adulthood. education is central to all pathway of stabilization and health and happiness. i would like to say thank you for considering the renewal of kipp charters. >> . >> thank you very much.
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[applause] >> good evening. i am a proud parent of three successful children of san francisco unionfied school district. i have come to many of these meetings. i attended them for support for kipp, and then i presented my progress for my girls. i am here to share our success story by presenting these issues. it features our success story. kipp has been the best thing to happen to my girls. it helped them become organized, determined and inspired. definitely problem solvers to
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pursue their life in their life what they went. 2019 has been a busy year for the girls and i, both graduating with honors. lana graduated with a masters in science and biology and aaron graduated from a kipp connection high school. [applause] >> we just planned that you will consider keeping kipp open because it really worked. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. i am a seventh grade student at kipp. i am speaking for the students
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in the audience and can't make it. it is special to me. there are so many reasons. the main one is that teachers really care about making sure everyone in the class learns. that makes me feel like they care about me. the teachers always give us extra help. when a student doesn't help they can go to re-teach. a teacher stays after school to teach students what they don't understand. for example equations. students can go there to redo work. a teacher helped me adding and subtracting. i have learned it and mastered it. teachers help in learns to prior ties if you know what you need to work. i am thankful for the extra work we do. in conclusion i know my teachers want me to succeed. that makes me feel like home.
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please vote yes to keep my school open. thank you. (applause). >> i don't know why i let her go ahead. good evening. i am andrea evans, san francisco resident and mom. for over 25 years human rights and civil rights h he o attorne. i am working on a partnership to cut chronic homelessness in half by 2022. i am here tonight because many years ago i was privileged to serve on the founds board of kipp bayview academy. i think i have been to every single renewal hearing since
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kipp opened in 1973. i remember conversations with families in hunter point who asked us to open the school in 2003. they entrusted the education of the children to us. they have checked our performance, rightfully so. they had big treatments for their children and many of those dreams have come true. we know we are not perfect and have a lot to learn. we believe in continuous learning. we are grateful for the partnership of families, community and alumni who have gone on working in the bay area contributing to their own communities. we would not be here without that support. we must do more to strengthen our partnership. we work would to promote our
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common desire to ensure educational success for all kids in san francisco. on behalf of our entire community i urge you to renew the charter petitions for kipp bayview and kipp bay. >> i am the parent of a student at kipp bayview and alumni student in college that went through kipp bayview. when i spoke to my daughter she wanted me to share that what kipp did for her because of the strong work ethic they instill in their students. she thought it was going to be hard. what she found because of what they teach you at kipp, it is easy. i asked her what she struggles
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with. she is passing with 80%. my son is 12 years old. he came reading third grade level and in a year he caught up to the rest of his class. we need these schools. thank you. (applause). [speaking spanish] >> good evening board, staff, students, parents. i am here tonight to support my daughter, theresa lopez. [speaking spanish]